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happyaronamachu: hi09:54
amachupersia: elky: lifeless: Hello09:54
happyaronfreeflying: ping09:54
amachuhappyaron: hi09:55
persiaHey amachu09:55
amachupersia: hello!09:56
amachupersia: CC results have come?09:56
persiaamachu, Which results?09:56
freeflyinghappyaron: hi09:57
amachulifeless: Hello09:57
amachuand TheMuso: hi09:57
amachuelky: are you there?09:58
TheMusoHey amachu.10:00
amachupersia: TheMuso: lifeless: we four are here..10:00
amachuwondering what elky is now!10:01
amachushall we start then..10:01
persiawe're quorate, so we could.10:01
amachulet elky join, as she awakes ;-)10:01
amachuIndus: Hi10:02
TheMusoThe first candidate has a incorrect wiki page link.10:02
amachusorry, indus & ddorda appear not to be here10:03
amachuhappyaron: Hi10:03
happyaronamachu: hi10:03
happyaronI'm here, :)10:03
lifelessamachu: happyaron noted to me that the wiki page didn't have an accurate schedule a few days back10:03
amachulifeless: yes. I was lazy enough to change it today only..10:04
lifelessamachu: if I can suggest, change it at the end of a meeting ;)10:04
persiaI suspect that's why we have so few participants.10:04
amachuwill do it immediately here after, with a stamp that we meet second & fourth tuesday10:04
amachupersia: can be a reason..10:05
amachuhappyaron: Please go ahead, explaining your contributions to Ubuntu10:05
happyaronI have been an Ubuntu user and contributor since Feisty10:06
happyaronand my major contribution is in localization field10:06
happyaronI am now taking the lead of Ubuntu Simplified Chinese translators as well as Launchpad Simplified Chinese translators teams10:07
happyaronwhat's more, I've been part of Ubuntu Translations Coordinators now10:07
persiahappyaron, In your wiki page, you say you're working towards providing a better environment for translators.  Could you expand on that?10:08
happyaronpersia: yes10:08
happyaronThis could be explained in two fields, my LoCo and the universe one10:09
happyaronfor my LoCo, I am reorganizing zh_CN team, help on setting up a more organized team10:09
happyaronI have made it a circle of contributors who are willing to help, and help them know more about doing such work10:10
happyaronthe organization will be expand to much more than a Launchpad team, who have the privilege to fix things for language pack10:11
happyaronI am working on make more and more people available for upstream work10:11
happyaronwriting the new set of documentation is part of my work10:11
happyaronas you can see a list on my LoCo wiki http://wiki.ubuntu.org.cn/User:Happyaron10:12
happyaron(in Chinese)10:12
happyaronFor the worldwide, I am working with other members of U-T-C team, and have just begun10:12
happyaronnow I am focus on fonts and other user experience problems especially for CJK users10:13
happyaronwho need special care due to the special character10:13
amachuhappyaron: say about your packaging experience10:14
happyaronNow I am the maintainer of gmchess for Debian10:15
happyaronit is a Chinese chess game, or rather Xiangqi10:15
happyaronI work with Li Daobing, whose a Debian Developer, and he told me the resources to fix all kinds of issues10:16
happyaronfreeflying helped me when I just get started and I should thank him, too.10:16
happyaronI am now preparing to pack ubuntu-tweak for Lucid10:17
happyaronthis package is an excellent tool to tweak, which is written in python10:17
amachuhappyaron: are there people here to support your membership?10:17
happyaronamachu: yes, dpm and freeflying is here10:18
happyaronlidaobing wasn't, :)10:18
dpmhi, yes, I'd like to support happyaron's application10:18
amachudpm: freeflying: yours comments on happyaron10:18
freeflyingamachu: yes, I support his application10:18
dpmhe's been a very active member of the Ubuntu Translations Coordinators team, basically taking care that translations for all Ubuntu users are in good shape10:19
dpmhe's quickly learned the procedures in the team, and at the same time has adapted to changes (the team is relativley new)10:20
dpmI meant10:20
amachudpm: thank you10:20
freeflyingamachu: I've witnessed nearlu all his contribution to FLOSS, back from the time he just started10:20
amachupersia: lifeless: TheMuso: shall we take voting now?10:22
freeflyingamachu: he has great passion10:22
amachufreeflying: thank you10:22
persiaI'm ready.10:22
TheMusoamachu: I think so.10:22
amachuI would give +1 considering contributions to translations, packaging supported by testimonials at the wiki as well as here..10:23
TheMuso+1 as well, great work.10:24
persiaI'm very much in favour.  Lot's of good work, strong support.10:24
amachuand lifeless?10:26
elkyoh. it's tuesday. whoops. here now10:26
elkylooks good +110:26
amachuthat a surprise vote, all of a sudden :-D10:26
happyaronthank you all, :P10:27
amachuhappyaron: War welcome10:27
amachuhappyaron: Warm welcome10:27
happyaronamachu: thanks!10:27
freeflyinghappyaron: congrats10:27
lifelessamachu: sorry I've been missing meetings10:27
happyaronfreeflying: :)10:27
dpmhappyaron, congratulations!10:27
lifelessamachu: its an awkward time, middle of the evening, so I lose track.10:27
happyarondpm: thanks for your support!10:27
zirodayhappyaron: yay!10:27
happyaronziroday: yeah!10:27
persialifeless, Would later be better for you?  I thought we selected this time to not be so late that far east.10:28
lifelesspersia: no, basically if I have time to relax after work its likely to end up with me relaxed :)10:28
persiaheh.  Makes sense.10:29
amachulifeless: thats ok. Lets see if could have two different times once Zheng joins..10:29
persiaRegarding that, did we get a response from the CC?  I don't remember a clear one.10:29
lifelesswith 2 year term I think10:30
TheMusoDo we not have another candidate?10:30
lifelessTheMuso: 2 awols, I thought10:30
persiaSo, what's outstanding to add freeflying to the board?10:31
amachuFollowing a mail from Daniel Holbach dated 07 Oct, there is consensus over it10:31
amachupersia: i will add him to launchpad team & mailing list, send a mail to CC and Ubuntu News Team10:32
amachupersia: hope that completes the job of inclusion10:33
amachuany comments?10:34
persiaI don't think we can add to the team.  I think CC needs to do it (based on https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-membership-board-asia-oceania/+members)10:34
TheMusonothing from me10:37
amachupersia: Yes. I will make it the request..10:38
persiaamachu, OK.  Sounds good to me then.10:38
amachuelky: lifeless: any thing else to discuss?10:39
amachufine then..10:40
amachuthank you all for participating.10:40
amachuhappyaron: Welcoming you again. Keep up the great work.10:41
amachuOur next meeting will be on 10 Nov 09, likely with Zheng on team :-)10:42
happyaronamachu: thanks, !10:42
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MootBotMeeting started at 07:59. The chair is NCommander.13:00
MootBotCommands Available: [TOPIC], [IDEA], [ACTION], [AGREED], [LINK], [VOTE]13:00
NCommandermorning plars GrueMaster StevenK lool davidm paulliu dyfet ogra JamieBennett113:01
dyfetneed coffee13:01
* StevenK shores13:01
* plars is here13:02
GrueMasterdyfet: I see your coffee, and raise you 20oz.13:02
* NCommander raises StevenK shores with snores13:02
* NCommander has a pot freshly brewed13:02
NCommander[link] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MobileTeam/Meeting/2009/2009102713:02
MootBotLINK received:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MobileTeam/Meeting/2009/2009102713:02
NCommander[link] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MobileTeam/Roadmap13:03
MootBotLINK received:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MobileTeam/Roadmap13:03
NCommanderwho's here?13:04
NCommander[topic] Action Item Review13:04
MootBotNew Topic:  Action Item Review13:04
NCommander[topic] paulliu to close remaining moblin sync bugs for karmic13:04
MootBotNew Topic:  paulliu to close remaining moblin sync bugs for karmic13:04
StevenKI believe they have all been closed13:05
NCommander[topic] ogra to file a bug for dhclient not working properly with the FEC driver in d-i13:05
MootBotNew Topic:  ogra to file a bug for dhclient not working properly with the FEC driver in d-i13:05
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NCommanderogra, ping?13:06
* ogra was bitten by DST change13:06
JamieBennettogra: me too!13:07
* NCommander wonders when we change the clocks in the states13:07
ogramy gcal apparently too :/13:07
sorenNCommander: This weekend.13:07
plarsin the US, we postponed DST change until next week (just so we wouldn't interfere with Ubuntu release week of course!)13:07
* NCommander makes a mental note to set the clocks forward.13:07
plarsNCommander: then you'll be two hours off13:07
* NCommander coughs13:08
* ogra wonders why gcal still shows it at 15:00 13:08
* NCommander drinks his coffee and whistles slowly13:08
NCommanderogra, probably hasn't been upgraded for DST13:08
NCommanderogra, so about that bug :-)?13:08
ograerr, i suck ... missed that13:08
NCommander[action] ogra to file a bug for dhclient not working properly with the FEC driver in d-i13:09
MootBotACTION received:  ogra to file a bug for dhclient not working properly with the FEC driver in d-i13:09
NCommander[topic] GrueMaster and plars to test suspend/resume on babbage and report results13:09
MootBotNew Topic:  GrueMaster and plars to test suspend/resume on babbage and report results13:09
plarsbug #45665913:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 456659 in linux-fsl-imx51 "suspend/resume failure on imx51" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45665913:09
GrueMasterSimple, it doesn't work.13:09
NCommanderIs there a bug for Dove as well?13:10
plarsNCommander: yes13:10
plarsbug #45368213:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 453682 in linux-mvl-dove "late resume failure on dove" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45368213:10
plarsalso, hibernate does not seem to be supported on either... could just need to be turned on in the kernel config, but I haven't had time to confirm that13:10
plarshopefully one of the kernel guys will beat me to it13:10
paulliuStevenK: yes. all bugs are closed.13:11
NCommander[action] dyfet to test recent banshee release and report to the banshee bug13:11
MootBotACTION received:  dyfet to test recent banshee release and report to the banshee bug13:11
dyfetHad same issue13:12
dyfetNoted in bug :)13:12
NCommander[topic] Specification Review13:12
MootBotNew Topic:  Specification Review13:12
ograNCommander, where is the new rolling action i added13:12
ogra(sponsoring feedback)13:12
NCommanderogra, oh, *grumble*. I must have missed that when I wrote the minutes13:12
* NCommander makes it appear13:12
NCommander[action] Sponsoring feedback13:13
MootBotACTION received:  Sponsoring feedback13:13
NCommander[topic] Sponsoring feedback13:13
MootBotNew Topic:  Sponsoring feedback13:13
* ogra fixed bug 401039 with a sponsoring upload13:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 401039 in xf86-input-evtouch "Add support for TouchPack family touchscreens (Clevo TN120 series tablets / ASUS eeeTOP and other devices)" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40103913:13
StevenKRight, NCommander is doing all the sponsoring13:13
ograanyone else who did some sponsoring this week ?13:14
ograbad bad ... we suck13:14
NCommanderI did some work with apw on fixing bcmlwl on 2.6.32 kernels, but that wasn't sponsoring as it usually counts :-/13:14
ograi would say we only count sponsoring if it results in an upload you do13:15
NCommanderAnyone want to say anything else on this topic before I move on?13:15
ograwe need to get better here13:15
ogra(which is why i added the topic)13:15
NCommander[topic] Specification Review13:16
MootBotNew Topic:  Specification Review13:16
NCommanderI think the only spec that still marked incomplete is lsb compliance, so I don't think we need to spend too much time on this13:17
NCommanderGrueMaster, anything to report?13:17
GrueMasterI am almost finished testing RC.  Just need the manual bits.13:17
ograerr, what about the new specs :)13:17
GrueMasterFor LSB13:17
NCommanderogra, TBH, I rather save that for next week once we're past release13:18
NCommanderand ****, door, brb13:18
NCommander[topic] UNR Status13:18
MootBotNew Topic:  UNR Status13:18
ograNCommander, not sure but i think there should be blueprints registered for the ones we want on the schedule prior release13:18
ogradavidm may correct me if thats not needed this round though13:18
ogralast time we definately had to have blueprints for the schedule the week before release13:19
plarsI haven't tested it yet, but supposedly Bug #447886 was fixed for unr13:19
ubottuLaunchpad bug 447886 in netbook-remix-launcher "On startup Gnome Keyring asks for password in the background" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44788613:19
NCommanderogra, I'll do a New Specification Discussion towards the end though13:19
plarsJamieBennett: did you happen to look at it?13:19
JamieBennettplars: It is (I've tested)13:20
ograNCommander, ok13:20
* NCommander loves packages being delivered at 9:2013:20
plarsthat's good news13:20
JamieBennettIndeed, took a little work yesterday but its done now13:20
plarsI found a particularly nasty bug about oem install when testing isos last night, but it turned out not to be UNR specific13:20
plarsit will be one of the bugs that's triggering a respin for today though, so there should be new images to test in the near future13:21
NCommanderAnything have anything else to add before I go to UMR status?13:24
NCommander[topic] UMR Status13:25
MootBotNew Topic:  UMR Status13:25
JamieBennettwhy is it that pidgin always dies during a meeting :(13:25
paulliuI've tested most of the bugs today. Most of them are not reproducible by myself. And those are not really major problem so things are good now.13:25
paulliuAbout UMR compliance, I've check the report again.13:26
ograJamieBennett, probably because pidgin knows that it sucks for IRC ? :)13:26
paulliuOn library part, it seems we need to keep old version of library to make the compliance. But it's really annoying to do that.13:26
plarsa lot of moblin-remix bugs got fixed in the latest downgrade13:26
paulliuplars: yes. Mutter downgrade fixed a lot of bugs.13:26
GrueMasterMoblin compliance for RC looks great (to me).  Only 133 failures out of 70106 tests.13:26
JamieBennettogra: Indeed I keep going back to irssi but I just can't get on with it13:27
ograxchat ++ :)13:27
paulliuGrueMaster: ok. I just thought we need to make that 0 failures for compliance..:)13:27
StevenKirssi ++++++++++13:27
GrueMasterCompared with 165/70084 the week prior.13:27
paulliuSo the status is good now. Thanks.13:27
StevenKThat's 0.1% of all tests failing13:27
plarsGrueMaster: were comparison results ever posted for upstream moblin?13:27
GrueMasterpaulliu: I don't think we can achieve 0 failures.  Some of these are LSB tests that fail on the regular LSB test suite as well.13:28
paulliuGrueMaster: Yes.13:28
GrueMasterplars: not yet.  Time and platforms were an issue.  Hope to do them soon.13:28
NCommanderGrueMaster, do these same failures show up on the reference implementation from Intel?13:28
GrueMasterNCommander: ^^^13:29
GrueMasterI haven't had time or a spare platform to run the Intel image.13:29
NCommanderGrueMaster, right, sorry13:29
NCommander[topic] New Specification Discussion13:30
MootBotNew Topic:  New Specification Discussion13:30
GrueMasterMy son is going to be working on getting another 32bit system online this week for LSB testing in my rack, freeing up one of my D945GCLF systems for side by side comparisons.13:30
ograNCommander, no armel status ?13:31
loolHey folks; missed the beginning of the meeting13:32
plarshi lool13:32
ograyay for DST change :)13:32
NCommanderogra, we haven't one before, but probably a good idea13:32
NCommander[topic] armel image status13:32
MootBotNew Topic:  armel image status13:32
ograimx51 live looks good ...13:32
loolMay I respectfullly suggest that you drop the Specification review stuff until post UDS?  You can ping people to remind them of writing specifications though13:32
ograapart from the syspend/hibernate issues13:32
plarsthere are some important bugs on armel I'd like to bring up13:32
plarsthe hibernate and suspend resusme ones of course that we discussed earlier13:33
NCommanderdove live looks good based on test results13:33
plarsalso bug 45850113:33
ubottuLaunchpad bug 458501 in gnome-screensaver "screensaver hangs on unlock, eats cpu" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45850113:33
ogralool, i only asked for it because we might have to have registered for scheduling13:33
loolOn a similar note, Sponsoring isn't really something we should be spending time on at this time of the cycle IMHO13:33
lool(So probably something which is not worth discussing in the last two weeks before release)13:33
lool(The list of topics for the meeting were meant to track deliverables and bugs through the cycle for e.g. alpha releases etc.)13:34
NCommanderlool, fair enough.13:34
* ogra thinks its valuable to report sponsoring status at any time 13:34
loolOn ARM, I found Dove Y1 install to be quite unstable too, like NCommander13:35
loologra: Most items in the sponsoring queue are not compatible with final freeze13:35
GrueMasterAm I the only one with working audio on Dove Y1?13:35
NCommanderlool, plars's Y1 was stable though. I'll be investigating this today.13:35
loolI am also very worried with the babbage 2.0 issue13:35
NCommanderGrueMaster, with yesterday's daily, did yo have any stability issues with your Y1?13:35
ogralool, though still i did a sponsoring upload to universe last week13:35
loolThat it doesn't come up after install13:35
plarsGrueMaster: afaik, yes... I still haven't got audio working13:36
GrueMasterHaven't tested Dove this week yet.13:36
ogralool, is there a bug for it ?13:36
loolI let it run overnight and gdm created so many temp files that it ran out of inodes in the /var/run tmpfs13:36
* ogra hasnt seen one13:36
loologra: No; JamieBennett and I see it, but we don't know what's happening13:36
ograsounds definately weird13:36
loolI couldn't diagnose it enough before leaving and had issues getting a screen to work _at all_ here13:36
GrueMasterogra: Bug #45163513:36
ubottuLaunchpad bug 451635 in alsa-driver "Sound not working on dove Y1 board" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45163513:36
lool(I'm using the sprint's screens and they didn't work with 2.0 and 2.5 boards!!)13:36
ograboot with "text"13:37
loolI had to borrow another screen which does indeed work13:37
loolThere are also clock issues on 2.013:37
loolPerhaps even on 2.513:37
ogralool, tried to boot with a video= cmdline ?13:37
loolWhat I think we need to do now for Babbage / Dove is identifying the rough spots of the install and making sure our installation instructions cover them and provide workarounds13:37
loologra: I did, and it didn't help13:37
ogramight be that the EDID fallback to 1024x768 doesnt work on B213:38
loologra: video=mxcfb=1024x768@60,bpp=16 to be precise13:38
ogravery weird13:38
=== lamont` is now known as lamont
ogranot sure bpp=16 will be respected13:38
loolI suspect the EDID support exposes the hardware bug on 2.0/2.5 more or less badly13:38
loologra: What's the correct arg?13:38
ograjust video=mxcfb=1024x768@60 i think13:38
JamieBennettogra: My install boots to GDM then the screen goes blank. A press of the enter key brings it back.13:38
loolI found it reading the driver's source code; I'm relatively confident it should be13:38
ograi have to look it up after the meeting13:39
loologra: I was specifically interested in using bpp=16 since that was a recent change in the kernel13:39
ograJamieBennett, sounds like DPMS13:39
loolJamieBennett: Oh you can _stay_ on the gdm screen?13:39
loolYou're lucky; I dont see anything at all13:39
JamieBennettBoot to GDM, 1/2 second and the screen goes blank. Press enter key its all back for good13:40
loolNCommander: Did you update the bootrom version for dove install?13:40
NCommanderlool, not yet, that was on my TODO for today.13:40
loolJamieBennett: Wow that's not at all what I've been seeing13:40
JamieBennettlool: strange13:41
loolNCommander: So I was quite unhappy to discover that the uboot update -- which is more or less required -- itself requires a TFTP server; so far I did everything without and am a bit sad that we require people to have another Ubuntu computer to install Dove boards     :-/13:41
loolI checked out the Uboot code but there's a cascade of subtle defines and runtime computations for the Uboot NAND/SPI NOR addresses and size and alignment and crazy shit which makes anything but "bubt" unpractical13:42
NCommanderlool, there's a known method for doing a NAND reflash without bubt, but its a bit hit or miss I found13:43
NCommanderlool, we could add a sbubt command somewhat easily though if desirable.13:43
loolI guess that leaves people who cant use a second computer with the only option of typing uboot commands manually; it would be great to do a uboot upgrade command from memory instead13:43
NCommander(serial bubt)13:43
loolNCommander: We'd have to provide tools for the host side as well, and it again means two Ubuntu computers13:44
loolNCommander: But a mbubt would be fine; we would just tell people to tftpdownload + mbubt, or USB load + mbubt, or serial load + mbubt...13:44
GrueMasterConsidering that to do anything in uboot requires a serial connection to a separate system, isn't this whole argument moot?13:45
loolI think I did upgrade the bootrom from an USB stick fine though13:45
* NCommander agrees with GrueMaster 13:45
loolGrueMaster: Entering commands can be done from e.g. hyperterminal13:45
NCommanderlool, I could write an entire automatic update system for uboot via boot.scr13:45
NCommanderlool, and I can run TFTP server on Windows as well13:45
GrueMasterlool: do you honestly thing Ubuntu is the only OS with tftp support?13:45
loolGrueMaster: I was sad to hear that, but a lot of companies working on ARM devices run Windows for development13:45
loolGrueMaster: I honestly dont see us providing support for TFTP server instructions on windows...13:46
persiatftp servers are usually one of the first servers available in an OS.  Lots of old-style fixed-line telephones can run them even :)13:46
GrueMasterWe don't need to.  Only what to put on their tftp server, not what os to run on it.13:46
* NCommander believes the current instructions are written in that mindset13:46
ograGrueMaster, the point is that we failed if you *have* to use a serial console13:46
ograwhich you e.g. dont have to do with the babbage images13:47
loolWell we're discussing uboot upgrades anyway13:47
NCommanderogra, yes, but to upgrade u-boot in flash to a version that's acceptable requires a serial console13:47
loolNCommander: I think providing rom + uboot upgrade USB sticks would rock13:47
GrueMasterI.e. "Setup a tftp server according to the instructions for your desktop OS..."13:47
NCommanderlool, the problem is theres no sane way to provide feedback that the upgrade is complete13:47
loolNCommander: LEDs?13:48
ograuboot doesnt know when a write finished ?13:48
loolAnyway, we're getting a bit far from release stuff13:48
* NCommander fires a back on topic cannon13:48
loolMy concern was: installing ubuntu on dove requires a step which requires setting up a tftp server, and that should be fixed13:48
NCommander[action] lool and NCommander to discuss u-boot upgrades off-channel and report back13:48
MootBotACTION received:  lool and NCommander to discuss u-boot upgrades off-channel and report back13:48
loolI'm happy with uboot upgrade usb sticks or with a new mbubt command or any other similar solution13:49
loolSo do we have a finite list of things we need to cover in installation instructions?13:49
NCommanderso as far as release, how are things looking for armel overall?13:49
GrueMasterHey, just got a notification that this meeting is to start in 10 minutes.  Gotta love DST.13:49
NCommanderGrueMaster, odd, mine came on time this morning O_o;13:50
ograsame here13:50
loolNote: this meeting is likely to run a bit late as to allow us to cover release matters fully13:50
* ogra just got it now+13:50
plarsNCommander: well, there were the bugs I mentioned earlier, that are still pretty high, and in addition, sata on imx51 and sound on dove are still broken13:50
GrueMasterAnyone know what's going on with bug #43196313:50
NCommanderlool, we'll have to move to #ubuntu-mobile, there's another meeting after us.13:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 431963 in linux-fsl-imx51 "io/fs errors when launching gdm on imx51 with sata" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/43196313:50
ograGrueMaster, nothing apart from FSL being on it13:51
* ogra hasnt heard back more13:51
loolNCommander: I dont see it on the fridge calendar; which one is it?13:51
plarsTB meeting I think is normally right after us13:51
NCommanderlool, oh, whoops, TB isn't meeting this week13:51
loolGrueMaster: It's not going to be fixed for release; it's targeted as a SRU candidate13:51
StevenKTB is every 2 weeks13:51
NCommanderso we're fine here13:51
GrueMasterI figured that.  Just wanted to make sure someone was on it.13:51
plarsGrueMaster: until then, any testing you do on imx51 should be to something other than sata13:52
loologra: I'm not quite sure FSL cares for it still13:52
loologra: They got the word that we're past kernel freeze now13:52
loologra: Would be good if you'd stay on top of it so that they provide a SRU able fix13:52
ogrado they know that we still fix critical bugs post release ?13:52
loologra: You were on the call with me last week and I mentionned that we wanted to still get help from them to fix this bug post release13:53
loologra: I mentionned the first two weeks after release as the time where we should focus on it13:53
ograi'll try to provide them more info and dig down to the actual trigger thats spawned by gnome-session post release13:53
lool(They objected that they could not continue working on karmic forever, asking for a deadline)13:53
GrueMasterDo we have a 2.6.28 kernel I can test to see if the sata problem goes away?13:53
loologra: A smaller testcase would indeed help13:53
ogralool, well, deadline is two weeks post release then13:53
loolGrueMaster, ogra: (post release) feel free to run gnome-session --debug from a xterm session and see what's exactly hanging the board13:54
loolor SATA IO13:54
loologra: Yup, that's what I told them (roughly)13:54
loolSo are there other release worthy ARM bugs to cover?13:55
loolWhat I see we need to cover:13:55
loolBabbage 2.0 display stability issues13:55
plarslool: we discussed the suspend/resume and lack of hibernate support earlier13:55
loolSATA IO errors13:55
ogrababbage hibernate support is missing, seems like a config option in the kernel isnt on, thats surely also SRU worthy13:55
plarsalso, on dove only, gnome-screensaver hangs if you lock/unlock the session13:55
loolplars: Do you think it needs to be covered in release note like material>13:55
GrueMasterDoes anyone else see the babbage 2.5 screen wrap the top few lines to the bottom?13:56
NCommanderlool, probably looking at why we're seeing Y1 instability and plars isn't.13:56
loolI dont have access to a dove board to look at gnome-screensaver13:56
ogra(and suspend not finishing needs debugging on imx51)13:56
looldyfet: Can you look into this today?13:56
plarsNCommander: oh, others are seeing it too?  I thought you suspected something was up with your board last night13:56
dyfetI can yes13:56
ograGrueMaster, nope13:56
plarsit's bug #45850113:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 458501 in gnome-screensaver "screensaver hangs on unlock, eats cpu" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45850113:57
NCommanderplars, lool seeing issues with his Y113:57
GrueMasterPfft.  Figures.13:57
loolplars: I have the feeling we didn't pay much attention to suspend/resume/hibernate so far; I think these are worth trying to fix, but dont need to be explicitely emphasized for release13:57
plarsNCommander: specifics?13:57
NCommanderplars, can't complete installation, board ust completely hangs with the counter stopping13:57
loolplars: I'm thinking more of things preventing installation, or preventing normal first time use of Ubuntu13:57
loolThings which would massively confuse folks basically13:57
ogralool, they should  be release noted though13:57
looldyfet: Cool, assigned to you then13:57
plarsyes, I did 3 installs on dove last night with no hang13:57
ogra(the suspend/hibernate issues)13:57
plarsI did see the cpu_idle and double-bit errors, but those have not caused me any identifiable problems13:58
loologra: Ok; well could you please care for that with slangasek then?13:58
ograi will13:58
NCommanderplars, what u-boot/BootROM?13:58
plarsNCommander: don't have it handy, I'll get you that in a bit13:59
plarsNCommander: it's the one you gave me a couple of weeks ago13:59
NCommanderplars, so not BootROM 2.04 :-/13:59
plarsNCommander: uboot-SPI-Y1-1GB_10142009.bin was the filename if that helps13:59
loolplars: Was the install really slow?14:00
NCommanderyeah, thats based off u-boot 4.3.014:00
loolplars: On dove14:00
plarslool: yes14:00
loolplars: Probably that should be release noted14:00
plarslool: possibly so, it doesn't ever actually appear to hang for me though14:00
loolplars: Does it slow down, or is it constant speed?14:00
loolplars: Does it take like 1 hour?14:01
plarslool: I haven't timed it.  The progress bar does seem to go a bit faster at the beginning, but I'm not sure that's an accurate way to say "it's getting slower as it goes"14:01
loolI guess my question is: does the user see progress all the time, or shall we warn that there is a known bug14:01
plarslool: the user sees progress all the time, there are no huge gaps, or anything that makes it look like the system has hung during the install14:02
loolOk; then we probably do not need to release note it14:02
loolSo I have this list for ARM stuff: http://paste.ubuntu.com/302806/14:03
ogralool, suspend/hibernate on dove ?14:04
loolOh I have bug #461812 which I need to cover too14:04
plarslool: suspend/resume and hibernate.... right what he said14:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 461812 in ubiquity "Can't select London timezone" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/46181214:04
lool(Need to set the time on Babbage 2.x before install)14:04
lool(for offline install)14:04
loolWhat's status of hibernate on dove?14:04
plarslool: same as on imx51, appears to not be supported14:05
plarscould just be kernel config14:05
ogravery likely config14:05
loolplars: And resume just doens't work on babbage?14:05
plarslool: no way I can see to resume on babbage14:05
plarsit seems to see that the pwr button was pressed, but doesn't do anything with it14:06
plarson dove14:06
plarsit tries to resume14:06
* ogra sees "CONFIG_USB_SUSPEND is not set" on imx5114:06
plarsbut the system slows to a crawl14:06
loolplars: That is fine14:06
ogramight be the blocking factor for suspend14:06
loolplars: thanks14:06
loolDid you guys try networkless installs on dove and babbage boards?14:06
ograworked fine here when i tried last time on babbage14:07
plarslool: I couldn't get to imx51 testing last night, GrueMaster said he was going to though.  On dove I did networkless install and it worked14:07
ograbut thats a while ago, i'll try one today or tomorrow14:07
GrueMasterI tested Live.  Stoped after install when rebooting into the sata bug.  Will resume with usb sata controller today.14:07
plarsso the workaround for bug 457536 seems to be working14:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 457536 in ubuntu-meta "Dove install will fail without network access" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45753614:08
loologra: So you had one relatively recent networkless install of babbage?14:08
loolI wont keep that on my radar then, feel free to test one or the other14:08
ogratwo weeks ago or so14:08
loolDo we have general armel bugs which we didn't cover and should?14:08
plarsmy battery on my babbage appears to be dead :(14:08
ogratried a voltmeter ?14:09
loolplars: I would recommend measuring voltage and checking whether you can find hardware to replace it14:09
loolplars: Do you feel like you would be able to solder it out and replace it with a one you'd shop for?14:09
plarslool: voltage is 014:09
lools/a one/one14:09
loolplars: I think I agree your battery is dead14:10
ograeven with power attached to the board ?14:10
ograyou should see at least some charge power14:10
plarslool: going to try to get it out of there when I have time... for right now, I'm only running it powered14:10
ograeven if the battery doesnt charge14:10
loolplars: If you feel you need advice on hardware or help on replacing the battery, can you bring it up with FSL or ogra/davidm to bring up to FSL?14:11
plarsit would be good if we could at least get a recommended battery from FSL to replace it with14:11
* ogra was actually planning to ask for battery specs next call14:11
ograwe dont know what to use to replace them14:11
loolplars: Agreed; in fact, I think you're relatively local, right?  So I guess you could perhaps even get them to replace it for you if they don't mind14:12
plarsright, I'd feel a lot more comfortable getting that from them rather than guessing14:12
plarslool: yes, they are just down in austin, not too far14:12
loolplars: Sounds worth raising with them14:12
loolOk; no other generic ARM bugs?14:12
loolJamieBennett: Your 2.0 doens't keep the time, right?14:12
JamieBennettlool: Right14:13
loolOk; I need to release note that14:13
loolNCommander: I think we covered ARM stuff14:13
loolJust FYI, the images wont get new langpacks14:13
ogralool, you said software center would be slow for you on babbage14:13
NCommander[topic] Any Other Business14:13
MootBotNew Topic:  Any Other Business14:13
plarsWe are expecting a respin across the board at some point today.  Any testing you can do on UNR, moblin-remix, imx51, or Dove, would be greatly appreciated.  And please document your results at http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com14:13
ogralool, why is that ?14:13
lool(We have a buggy germinate on cocoplum and it's too late to fix)14:13
GrueMasterI think we can close bug #417009.  I was able to load Oo.o yesterday on the live image.14:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 417009 in openoffice.org "all openoffice apps die in 'com::sun::star::ucb::InteractiveAugmentedIOException' on armel in karmic" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/41700914:14
loolGrueMaster: No the original bug is there; we only have a workaround in place14:14
plarsGrueMaster: iirc, that may just be a workaround for the time being14:14
ograGrueMaster, its was badly worked around14:14
lool(In general, I think it's best if you only close bug when the root cause is fixed, not when a workaround is applied)14:15
loolIf in doubt, split in two14:15
NCommanderlool, +114:15
ograwe should have a special "hacked around" status for these :)14:15
plarsogra: agree, sometimes it's hard to tell14:15
GrueMasterI didn't know the current resolution was temporary.  I'm just looking at the list.14:15
ograit will be permanent for karmic i think ...14:15
ograits just not the proper one14:16
ograduct taped ...14:16
loolI'd like to go back to moblin remix and UNR14:16
loolAre there things to cover in the release notes for these?14:16
* StevenK looks for matchsticks14:16
StevenK(It's 1:15am)14:17
loolThe only open release targeted bugs on UNR was this escaping issue for webfavs14:17
NCommander[topic] UNR status14:17
MootBotNew Topic:  UNR status14:17
loolBut it's been deferred to SRU14:17
loolAnd I dont think it's worth release noting14:17
* ogra hands StevenK broomsticks14:17
GrueMasterGames folder still overlaps bottom of window in UNR.  Need to release note for (hopefully) sru fix.14:17
StevenKogra: The matchsticks are to hold my eyes open14:18
loolplars: Do you see any major bumps in moblin remix installation or first time usage which should be covered?14:18
plarsthere are a handful of people seeing indicator applet disappear on upgrades to unr karmic14:18
ograStevenK, i know :)14:18
plarsmight be worth release noting how to work around this problem if you see it14:18
ograplars, indicator applet or indicator session ?14:18
plarsI don't have a good feel for how much of a problem to expect this to be.  I know of 3 cases of it happening, but I've been unable to reproduce it myself14:18
* ogra just saw someone complaining about -session missing on the ubuntu-users ML14:19
plarsindicator-applet-session - the gnome applet in the upper right hand corner that lets you shutdown14:19
loolYeah, my problem is with how it happens exactly; I kind of suspect desktop-switcher before upgrading or something like that14:19
ograplars, right14:19
plarsit's not that the package didn't install, it's just that it's not running for them14:19
loolI'll cover these with slangasek; the fact that we don't understand who gets the problem or how it appears makes it a bit hard to word14:20
plarsbug 461115 is the bug on it14:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 461115 in netbook-launcher "indicator session applet missing after upgrade to Karmic with UNR" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/46111514:20
lool"You might or might not miss the shutdown/session menu after an upgrade; in case it goes missing..."14:20
loolOk; thanks14:21
loolI'll check it out with slangasek I think14:21
loolAny other UNR issues?14:21
loolJamieBennett: You tested the keyring binaries from the archvie as well?14:21
JamieBennettlool: Yes, works a treat :)14:21
plarsyes, he mentioned that they were working earlier14:21
loolAny other bits for Moblin?14:22
loolStevenK: Happy with our Moblin / UNR?14:22
StevenKlool: I am, for the most part14:22
plarsa lot of stuff got fixed with the mutter version change14:22
StevenKConcerned about the -session bug14:22
plarsone thing of interest... though I can't find the bug on it14:22
JamieBennettlool: although why you have to unlock the keyring every time you boot to access the network is another issue14:22
plarsis that you have to hunt for the installer14:23
paulliulool: Most bugs are seems not important. Or we already know that issue but still waiting the upstream.14:23
loolStevenK: Which one is that?14:23
plarsit isn't in the favorites that get displayed on the main screen14:23
loolStevenK: indicator-session?14:23
plarsmight be worth a release note14:23
loolpaulliu: Thanks14:23
StevenKlool: The one that we just talked about14:23
loolOh I know14:23
StevenKplars: Yeah, I tried to fix it, and failed14:23
loolHow to launch the installer in moblin remix should be release noted14:23
plarsinterestingly enough, the software center *did* get added there :)14:23
plarslool: right14:23
GrueMasterGames folder still overlaps bottom of window in UNR.  Need to release note for (hopefully) sru fix.14:24
GrueMasterThere used to be a bug filed on this, but I'm not seeing it now.14:24
plarsGrueMaster: don't think that one warrants a release note probably14:24
loolI noted that one down, even if I have to decide with slangasek whether it's release note worthy14:24
davmor2GrueMaster: there still is a bug on it14:24
plarsGrueMaster: it's bug 44582914:24
ubottuLaunchpad bug 445829 in netbook-launcher "Text on "Games" menu is outside of window" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44582914:24
loolI feel like it's an obvious bug and it doesn't block you from installation or normal usage too much14:25
* plars has mad bugfinding skills today14:25
loolplars: Impressive :)14:25
loolOk; do we need to discuss anything else for release?14:25
NCommanderthe launchpad-foo is strong with this one14:25
loolPerhaps someone should give some testing to random images like alternates and netboots for arm/unr if they feel like it14:26
loolNot needed, just nice to have if you're bored14:26
plarsnot just that, but all of them14:26
plarsand *please* log your results on iso.qa.ubuntu.com14:26
* JamieBennett is downloading the iMX51 image now14:26
loolAlso please add a comment when you "fail" an image14:26
loolWell sometimes the bug link is enough14:26
loolBut consider adding a comment when it helps clarifying breakage14:27
loolOk; I guess we're about to adjourn14:27
loolDo put some ice in the freezer14:27
loolTo cool the champagne on thursday  ;-)14:27
looldyfet: Assigned 458501 to you14:28
GrueMasterChampagne?  I'm going for the hard stuff.14:28
loolNCommander: thanks for chairing14:28
NCommanderlool, np14:28
NCommanderdid we do ABO?14:28
loolFolks I wont be at the meeting next week (traveling) and might not attend regularly future meetings, but if you invite me explicitely to discuss a topic or just ping me during the meeting, I shall be able to comment14:28
StevenKNot, ABO14:29
NCommander[topic] Any Other Business14:29
MootBotNew Topic:  Any Other Business14:29
loolAnd I wont be there Friday (leave)14:29
loolAnd I'll go walk my dog Sunday14:29
* GrueMaster sits in frustration, watching his dls modem reset continuously through the meeting.14:30
ograyour dog ?14:30
NCommanderI might be swapping Friday out14:30
loolWell I dont have a dog, but couldn't think of something representing personal stuff nobody cares about better  :)14:30
NCommanderSo I may beMIA unless I'm needed due to an unforseen issue with release :-)14:30
davmor2lool: is it a yellowdog :D14:30
loolStevenK, paulliu: Good night guys14:30
* StevenK goes to find a bed14:30
paulliulool: Thank you.14:30
MootBotMeeting finished at 09:30.14:31
ogralool, well, as long as you dont go buying cigarettes and never return ...14:31
loologra: I will go buying cigarettes in the foundations team next week though14:31
lool(And will never return  ;-)14:31
ograbut we wont let you off the hook easily :)14:31
ograwe'll still bother you :P14:31
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