asacok i think i got it sdkpath was a complete mess00:07
asacuploaded asac200:07
asac4 more minutes to know ;)00:07
asachmm seems will take a bit longer :/00:13
asacsomeone pushed a batch to builders00:13
micahgok, I have to reboot in a minute00:13
* asac waits00:21
micahgasac: I just got clobbered by overeager xid caching00:21
asacits going ahead00:21
asacnow compiling00:21
asaclets hope it doesn fail late00:21
asacthats the full debdiff00:24
asacthe SetSDKPath part is probably not needed after i set the env in debian/rules00:24
asacbut SetSDKPath was used in a lots of more patches ... which means that whoever did that, did clearly not understand what to do00:24
asacmicahg: you got the XiD warnings?00:25
asacany bad consequence ;)00:25
micahgate up > 3GB on home00:25
asacthats really bad00:27
* asac takes a big note to remove that warning asap00:27
asachelix still building00:27
asacgood sign i guess00:27
asacunfortauntely i cant remember if lpia failed00:28
micahgI thought it was cause by something besides ff00:28
asachave to check that before being too happy ;)00:28
asacmicahg: its just a warning that was added to latest gtk versions00:28
asacthe same code path probably existed before00:28
asacbut cluttering .xsession-errors by this amount is insane00:28
asacand we couldnt identify any correlation of this to crashes00:28
asacSuccessfully built  on meitnerium (virtual)00:31
asac \o/00:31
asacwhat a hackfest ;)00:31
asacnow ... does it work at all ;)?00:31
micahgggod q00:32
asacgood amd64 and i386 is bulding too now00:32
asacso we can test00:32
* asac crosses fingers00:32
asacany idea how to test that ;)?00:32
micahgtry helix content ?00:33
asacdunno where to find ;)00:33
asachmm. maybe the wiki has that00:34
asacno example site :(00:34
asacthat ?00:36
micahgwell, old version was broke00:37
micahglet's hope the new version works00:38
asacok installing ;)00:48
asacso thats in about:plugins00:49
asacnow checking tes00:49
* BUGabundo /usr/local/bin/xfcre76 BUGabundo | tee /dev/sleep00:50
asacmm only rpm suffix00:50
asacBUGabundo: swq00:50
BUGabundoguud night00:50
asacmicahg: uploaded00:54
micahgasac: it's  broke00:55
micahgcore dump00:55
asacnot for me ;)00:55
asacwhat did you try?00:55
asaci have no idea what to test besides checking about:config00:56
micahgactually just launching the player fails00:56
asac.ram ... we need rpm files00:56
asacthat plugin only deals with rpm00:56
asaci think thats a wrapper plugin00:56
asacwhich also requires a realplayer install in the back00:56
asacwhich i then raps if someone specifies the real player plugin mimetype00:56
asacseems to be something on top of normal realaudio streams00:56
asacbut thats just what i got from a quick look ;)00:57
asacyeah so you need the realplayer package too00:58
micahgit works00:58
micahgrealplayer is the proprietary version00:59
asacthat thing is really real?00:59
micahgIt has the real log00:59
asacno that is flash00:59
asacno that is flash00:59
micahgit seems like it's all fglash01:03
asachow unfortunate that rpm is a confliciting suffix with redhat packages ;)01:03
micahgall I see are ram files01:05
asacme too01:05
asacasked in identi.ca twitter01:06
asaclets check01:06
asacno answer yet01:07
asacnot good01:07
asacwell... assume tahts the best we could still do for karmic ;)01:09
asaci wouldnt think it should be more broken than it was when it worked with ffox 3.001:09
=== ]reed[ is now known as [reed]
dtchenasac: WRT the sqlite3 staging for karmic-security in the PPA, is there a test case (or set of) that I should run? Should I be using the one mentioned in the bugzilla report?04:44
=== dpm-afk is now known as dpm
asacdtchen: oh coool. you found it? ... so yeah. i think for firefox the best you can get is "normal" use09:36
asacand "test in bugzilla"09:36
asaci am not so sure about what else to test to be sure that it doesnt introduce regressions in other apps09:36
micahgasac: I found another FTBFS if you want to fix it before release09:39
asacmicahg: ?09:39
micahgon the test archive rebuild09:39
micahgotherwise, I'll try to fix it after release09:40
asaci thought i fixed that earlier this cycle09:41
micahgit's just a rebuild, hasn't been touched since intrepid09:41
micahgdidn't even build in intrepid09:42
asacit has build deps on iceape09:42
asacthat says all i guess09:43
micahgwe have iceape09:43
asacwe have?09:43
asacno sign of it since guty09:43
micahgwell, we have a dev package for it09:44
asacah you probably have seamonkey-dev09:44
micahgthat must be it09:44
micahgit's a stub package09:44
micahgok, I have to go to sleep09:45
micahgjust figure I'd mention it in case you want to do it in the next 2 hours09:45
micahgotherwise, I'll do it for the next release09:46
asacxul 1.9 might still get out ;)10:46
* asac hopes10:46
asac_empathyempathy for the world ;)11:27
asacback to irssi ;)11:53
CobaltHello. I'm using Firefox 3.5.x from the Ubuntu daily build PPA. However, it defaults to using Qt rather than GTK. I've seen no options to choose one over the other, there are no real indications on the web either. Also, there does not appear to be any different packages for one or the other. I have installed the gnome-support .debs, to no avail. Any pointers please?12:59
CobaltSorry, if I appear to be cross-posting, I was just informed of the existence of this channel.12:59
av`Cobalt, how do you know it's using Qt?13:08
Cobaltav`: My Qt apps look the same as Firefox. My GTK apps render their widgets differently. Also, different font rendering.13:09
av`I never had this problem and I use firefox since ages13:11
av`Cobalt, asac should be able to help you13:11
av`I'm leaving13:11
CobaltOkay. I'll hang around in the channel, and ask again later.13:11
av`great :)13:11
asacCobalt: not sure what you mean with Qt13:20
asacffox uses gtk13:20
Cobaltasac: I'm looking for a screenshot I made when I first used Shiretoko. Gimme a minute.13:20
eagles0513875hey asac13:21
asachi eagles051387513:21
eagles0513875how goes things13:22
eagles0513875im sure your swamped finishing up stuff for release13:22
asaci stopped working directly13:22
asacdo planning for lucis and ISO testing13:22
Cobaltasac: http://www.pastehere.com/PasteImages/mqednt.jpg13:25
asacwhats the problem with that?13:26
asaclooks normal to me13:26
Cobaltasac: Look at the menu bar. The rendering on the Firefox (maximised) window is different from Shiretoko and VLC. VLC definitely uses Qt, and Shiretoko looks pretty much the same.13:26
eagles0513875asac: let me know when i can begin helping you guys wiht lucid work :)13:27
eagles0513875will work on stuff for lucid happen after uds13:27
asacCobalt: maybe you are using the gtk-qt widget engine13:27
asacbut from the looks of it i cant tell13:28
asacthat screen does not ahve any real widget13:28
asacthat would allow to cmprae13:28
Cobaltasac: No, the opposite. I'm using the patch they made for Qt to use GTK settings. I'm on Hardy, by the way.13:28
Cobaltasac: And I made sure that gtk-qt engine is not installed, because they said the two weren't compatible.13:28
asacso yeah13:28
asacso qt looks like gtk then13:28
asacimo all is fine there13:29
asacwould need real side-by-side comparison of buttons etc. also you could change qt theme13:29
asacand see if vlc changes while ffox stays13:29
CobaltWell, there is no big difference, but it does look different. It's just that Qt's font rendering is somewhat slightly less pretty than GTK at this point, and I was just wondering what was going on. It's nothing major. But I still want to know kinda thing.13:29
Cobaltasac: Let me change the Qt themes.13:30
asacyeah. but for me it looks ok. good to know that qt apps now adapt so nicely to gtk desktops13:32
asacin the past it usually was only the other way around13:32
Cobaltasac: It's a bit of a mix and match. Font rendering is still aberrant. Widgets look like GTK's. Would there be any reason why the menu bar and other dialog fonts would not follow GTK's settings?13:36
Cobaltasac: http://pastehere.com/PasteImages/ypmslu.jpg13:37
asacfont problems exist13:37
asacbut is unrelatred to qt13:37
asacits a bug in fffox/cairo interaction13:37
asacbug 37976113:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 379761 in fontconfig "MASTER - FF 3.5 font hinting does not honour gnome-settings" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/37976113:38
asacCobalt: ^^13:38
asacthat one13:38
CobaltFair enough. They just looked the same, that why I jumped to that particular conclusion. Thanks, I'll look that up.13:38
asacno problem13:38
asacbetter ask too much than not asking13:38
asacand me not noticing at all13:39
asac(we had that in the past too)13:39
CobaltSome devs get bugged. :D I tried looking for it on Google, and launchpad, but the search terms I was using weren't giving me anything relevant, and it was difficult narrowing things down.13:40
CobaltThanks again. :)13:40
Cobaltasac: Thanks again, I applied both workarounds, messing with /etc/fonts had some minimal changes, changing the hinting style in .fonts.conf did the trick. :)14:22
CobaltSorry. Thanks, and bye for now. :)14:24
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jcastrohey asac, on amd64 why do we use nspluggin wrapper?16:09
asacbecause thats the only viable solution available16:11
asac64-bit is not final and as such we have no way to keep up any kind of security support16:12
asacalso we have not stable URL for that because we must not put that in the partner repo16:12
asacif you read all the bugs you will notice that 64-bit isnt really the cure for everything16:13
asacmost folks think it is, but there are loads of users in the bug that say its crashing more often and then go back to our -installer16:13
asacin the bugs16:13
asacbut even if 64-bit would be same quality as 32-bit i wouldnt go for it until we can provide proper support16:14
dtchenthe 64-bit bear is...a bear.16:23
dtchenit requires at least twice the maintenance, but it's the only kludge possible currently ;(16:23
asacfor me nspluginwrapper works well16:24
asacsometimes with compiz you get mouse clicks getting dropped16:24
asacand maybe it sometimes crashes the wrapper16:24
asacbut usually i can use all sites ;)16:25
jcastroasac: ok I was just wondering, thanks16:46
asacjcastro: so the empathy crash is compoletely gone for you?16:47
jcastroI can actually use it now16:48
dtchennspluginwrapper is another good stress test16:50
dtchenit reliably exposes bugs in video and audio stacks16:50
asacdtchen: because of the many crashes while pushing streams to audio stack?16:57
dtchenasac: well, it requires tight alignment between the host's stack and ia32-libs17:01
dtchenbut yes, conceivably if that alignment is perfect, it's a good measure of the host's latency processing17:01
dtchenand that's all sorts of pain -- hardware, linux, alsa-lib, pulse, alsa-plugins, ..,.17:02
micahg asac, flash on hardy seems broken17:25
asacmicahg: in what way?17:28
micahgwell, for sure the d/l link for the backports is broke17:28
micahgI need to check -updates17:29
micahgno, -updates is still working17:31
micahgI guess backports isn't officially supported, right?17:32
asacnot sure what is in -backports17:32
asaci definitly didnt put anything there17:32
asacah yeah17:33
asacfolks eagerly moved to amd6417:33
asacto 64-bit17:33
asacand then we backed that out17:33
asacor something17:33
asaci think someone let something in, which shouldnt have been in17:34
asaccould be it was not 64-bit ...17:34
micahgbug 23513517:34
ubottuLaunchpad bug 235135 in flashplugin-nonfree "[MASTER] Please backport flashplugin-nonfree version 10 beta and asound-plugins from Intrepid so we can drop libflashsupport and the crashes it causes" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/23513517:34
asacbut we did something similar for a 64-bit upload at some point17:34
asacdont we have flash 10 now?17:34
asacok so its void ;)17:34
asaci just cant remember the full story ;)17:35
asacmaybe a bit later today now that this bucket was reopened in my brain17:35
micahgbut I guess because of SRU, it can't be released to Hardy which had 9?17:35
asaci think there are other issues17:35
asacmaybe it was konqueror exploding or something17:36
micahgwell, it was a beta back then17:36
micahgwell, here's the current problem, the URL in the old backports package is broke, so do I just tell the user to install the version from -updates which is a later version anyways, or open a hardy backports task to fix the link to point to the latest flash 9 or both?17:38
asacmicahg: isnt the -backports version lower than what is in -updates?17:38
asacwhy would useres still bump into that package?17:38
micahgyes and no, the ubuntu version is higher, but it serves a lower flash version17:39
asacoh shit17:39
asacwhat a mess17:39
* asac is slow today17:39
micahgyep :)17:39
micahgapparently no one caught it when the security update was done last year17:39
asacok so we need to update flash with the same version approach as the backport package17:39
asacbut still with 917:39
asac    updates, security (multiverse)   12 weeks ago17:40
asacthats 12 weeks17:40
asacnot a year17:40
micahgok, should I prepare something tonight?17:40
micahgoh really17:40
micahgI thought adobe dropped flash917:40
asacthey still support it17:40
asacsecurity wise17:40
asacotherwise we wouldnt hav gotten that update i guess ;)17:40
micahgwow, yeah, so 3 months ago17:40
asactogether with the flash 10 updates17:41
asacso yes. target the bug that complains about that brokenness to hardy and mark it as hardy-updates17:42
asacits high17:42
micahgshould hardy-updates or backports?17:42
asacand then preparte the debdiffs and let me know17:42
asacmicahg: no. hardy-updates ... and -security17:42
asacotherwise we will have to update -backports forever17:42
micahgso we're going to bump the -updates version in the same manner as the backports so 10...really917:42
micahggot it17:42
asacthat should be higher and then we can just keep it17:43
asacand make a FAT note in the changelog why thats needed etc.17:43
asacmicahg: target it for hardy-security (not hardy-updates)17:43
micahg:( no hardy-updates milestone17:43
asacwe will push it through -proposed to -updates and -security17:43
asacmicahg: there probably is a 8.04.217:43
asacor something17:43
asacyeah ... that then17:44
asacthx for spotting this ;)17:45
asacthat was clearly a heroic act ;)17:46
micahgnp, the user had a 404 :)17:46
micahgugh, now I have to go to work17:46
asactake care17:46
asaci will be out too17:46
asactry to come back later17:46
asaclike 5 hours17:46
micahgwe don't have a branch for flash do we?17:46
asacbut maybe i crash ;)17:46
asacjust debdiff17:46
micahgok, got it, you should have it in the morning17:47
asacmicahg: thx17:47
=== asac_ is now known as asac
yoasifhey guys19:14
yoasifi am using karmic and my firefox consistently segfaults -- the statically built one from mozilla works fine as does swiftfox... any ideas?19:15
micahgyoasif: what video card?19:33
yoasifnvidia geforce 900019:35
micahgah, are you using the nvidia drivers?19:36
yoasifmicahg, yes19:41
av`asac, around?19:42
micahgyoasif: can you try the nv or noveau drivers?19:43
yoasifmicahg, probably, but they don't work that well for my hardware19:43
micahgI've seen quite a few reports lately about crashes with the nvidia drivers and firefox19:44
yoasifmicahg, it's kind of a major problem heh19:44
yoasifsurprised that it's not getting any attention19:44
yoasifor is it?19:44
micahgwell, it will now19:44
av`micahg, and what about #45585219:44
micahgbug 45585219:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 455852 in firefox-3.5 "Flash hangs on any cbc.ca/video site" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45585219:44
yoasifmicahg, what can i do to help?19:44
av`micahg, that is a big website for canadian users (like youtube)19:45
av`and flash doesnt work19:45
av`since jaunty19:45
micahgav`: the site worked for me19:45
av`try playing a video19:45
micahgav`: I did19:45
micahgand flash works for me19:45
micahgav`: which video card?19:46
micahgor rather driver19:46
av`micahg, http://www.cbc.ca/video/#/Shows/ID=130996760119:46
av`this works for you?19:46
micahgit's loading19:47
micahghold on19:47
yoasifmicahg, what bug number is the one with nvidia + firefox19:47
yoasifso i can subscribe to it19:48
micahgit's not working19:48
micahgbut other sites are19:48
av`but some canadian users complained badly about this19:48
micahgyoutube and hulu work19:48
av`and said this could be a stopper for karic19:48
av`* karmic19:48
av`don't know why it doesnt work19:48
micahgav`: I took the ca video bug19:49
micahgI'll look into it this week19:49
av`great, let me or asac know the progress on it19:50
av`so we can ask an SRU for both jaunty and karmic19:50
micahgyoasif: I don't have one yet19:50
micahgav`: well, it'll probably be an upstream fix in any case, so SRUs should happen automatically assuming we can land on 1.9.1 branch for FF19:51
av`yeah, it should be fixed somewhen19:51
av`in the near future19:52
yoasifi was wondering if i should do a reinstall, but i guess it won't even help19:52
yoasifi guess ill start tracking the LL repos when they open up19:52
micahgyoasif: are you on IRC usually?19:52
yoasifmicahg, yes19:52
micahgok, if I remember, I'll ping you when I have a master bug for it19:52
yoasifill set this chan as autojoin19:52
micahgor else, come back in 2 days and ping me :)19:53
yoasifhaha sounds good19:53
micahgworst case, I'll get to it sat night19:53
yoasifSRU for karmic though?19:53
yoasifi think it deserves it19:53
yoasifmajor app19:53
micahgwell, probably upstream ff again19:53
yoasifweird, the statically built one works fine19:53
yoasiffor me19:53
micahgso, if the patch is clean and/or we can land on 1.9.1 branch, it'll go into karmic19:53
yoasiffrom mozilla.org19:53
micahgwell then, maybe it's one of the other libraries19:54
micahgcan't say SRU before I know what the issue is :)19:54
micahgasac: are you ready for 3.0.15 and 3.5.4?20:05
micahgasac: shipping wed oct 2820:05
ftamicahg, was my pbuilder script useful for you?21:25
micahgfta: I haven't had time to try it yet21:28
micahgjust had a hard deadline thrown at me21:28
micahgso I won't be able to do too much before the weekend21:28
ftawork? school?21:29
micahgproject is taking too long21:29
ftadtchen, any progress with sdl?21:35
dtchenfta: no, sorry. Work has higher priority.21:36
ftau too :) ok21:37
ftaBUGabundo, do you know if it's possible to commit/collapse/merge vbox snapshots?21:59
ftait's getting too big too fast21:59
BUGabundohumm compress the disk virtual images?22:00
BUGabundoor really the snapshots?22:00
BUGabundonever tried with snapshots22:00
BUGabundobut you can delete unused ones22:00
BUGabundoUntrusted packages could compromise your system's security.22:03
BUGabundoYou should only proceed with the installation if you are certain that22:03
BUGabundothis is what you want to do.22:03
BUGabundo  gwibber22:03
BUGabundoany one knows what's this is ??22:03
BUGabundoMItM attack while LP is down or something ?22:04
ftaBUGabundo, i started with a 30GB VM, made a snapshot after the initial install, it quickly grew to 10GB, then i made another snapshot once everything was installed and configured. so i now have 30+10+7=47GB, but inside the guest, my 30G are not even half full22:15
BUGabundonot my domain22:17
BUGabundoI could ask around22:17
BUGabundobut then again so can you22:17
ftaBUGabundo, http://forums.virtualbox.org/viewtopic.php?t=229  it's confusing not only for me apparently22:33
BUGabundoI bet22:34
ftatried "discard a snapshot"22:47
BUGabundoand ?22:47
ftait says "Discarding a hard drive 'foo.vdi' ...(2/2)"22:47
BUGabundomake a snapshot of the all thing before doing it22:48
ftaTime remaining is increasing, 1 sec per sec :P22:48
ftalooks more like a clock to me22:48
fta 23:50:32 up 3 days, 22:42,  5 users,  load average: 5.98, 3.91, 1.9522:50
BUGabundohope that's a quad core :)22:52
ftanope, dual22:52
BUGabundoai ai22:52
ftaok, done22:52
ftalooks ok, booting now to confirm22:52
ftagood, it worked22:54

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