Pici!away > gh0zt_afk01:45
IdleOnecan we get someone to stop all the man dick and man rape comments ?02:41
IdleOneguess not02:43
ubottuIdleOne called the ops in #ubuntu (Xarver)02:46
Flannelelky_work: What's that for? (I don't see anything he said in the log)03:22
elkyFlannel, search for "man rape" and "man dick"03:24
elkyunless you're ok with rape being trivialised and all that jazz, rape culture style.03:25
FlannelOh, I was looking at NiteSnow for some reason.03:25
elkyi'm just responding to idleone's concern above. i was off getting lunch when it happened.03:25
Flannelelky: No need to get defensive, I just had the wrong person for some reason.03:27
elkyyou dont have the stuff idleone said in scrollback?03:30
FlannelI did.  I just /lastlogged something funky and got NiteSnow, who said two things that weren't out of place.03:37
FlannelI just got back to my keyboard from stuff, so I was playing catchup and wondered what I missed.03:37
naliothw/ 103:51
naliothbleh ( iahte lag )03:53
FlannelOh bother on the banlist being full04:54
BigUrsisSorry to be a bother, but can someone keep an eye out for arquebus, nightshade, in uot?05:22
BigUrsismainly nightshade for language in uot?05:27
elkytourists from planet club. joy.05:33
geniiAnyone object if I edit !eeepc to mention #ubuntu-eeepc and #eeepc ?16:26
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about eepc16:28
ubottuInformation about installing Ubuntu on an Asus EeePC can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EeePC16:28
Tm_Tgenii: please do16:28
ubottuInformation about installing Ubuntu on an Asus EeePC can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EeePC . The Ubuntu EeePC Channel is #ubuntu-eeepc , The main Eeepc discussion channel is #eeepc16:31
geniiAcceptable ?16:31
Tm_Tthough, why not "main Eeepc discussion in #eeepc" or similar16:32
geniiOK, also just noticed I need to uppercase second mention of EeePC16:33
ubottuInformation about installing Ubuntu on an Asus EeePC can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EeePC . The Ubuntu EeePC Channel is #ubuntu-eeepc , main EeePC discussion in #eeepc16:34
Picilots of karmic stuff today17:16
Piciprobably should get u-r-p going17:16
Seeker`can I get added to the access list in #u-r-p?18:08
ubottuIn ubottu, nightshade said: !awesomeness is Nightshade is the most awesome of all dudes!  He kicks ass!!!18:41
Picino comment.18:41
ubottuIn ubottu, nightshade said: !forget mp318:42
ubottuawesomeness is Ubuntu!18:43
ubottuawesomeness has no aliases - added by genii on 2009-10-27 18:43:1618:43
PiciI see.18:43
* genii sips18:47
ikoniakrummlauf: hi, thanks for joining20:55
krummlaufyeah what is it20:55
ikoniakrummlauf: I've asked you to come in here to talk about your interaction in #ubuntu20:55
krummlaufim listening20:55
ikoniakrummlauf: are you aware of the guidelines of using the channel ?20:55
ikoniaok, so that sounds like a good place to start20:55
ubottuThe guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines20:55
ikoniakrummlauf: if you're going to use that channel, have a quick read through those, it may prevent you getting into any issues with the channel operators20:56
ikoniayou where not really interacting well with the channel, and your comments where starting to cause a distruption (hence why you where removed)20:56
ikoniaa quick read through those guidelines may help you interact easier in future20:56
krummlaufWhen helping: be helpful << id like a little more attention paid to this one20:57
krummlaufi noticed you didnt castigate the other users for being counter productive in their interactions20:57
ikoniakrummlauf: if you read the scroll back I did - and they stopped20:57
krummlaufwhy dont you invite that Xs3s3 fellow in here and lecture him about the....fine20:57
ikoniaI stopped the person name calling and also sent a private message to another user20:57
krummlaufok thats fine, i agree20:58
ikoniait's not a lecuture, it's a request that may help you use the channel better20:58
krummlaufi just want to use a working streamer that isnt totem20:59
ikoniathanks for coming in21:00
ikoniagreat, well, if you have no more questions you're welcome to leave the channel and return to #ubuntu21:00
krummlaufcan i stay here21:00
krummlaufi feel warm and comfortable here21:00
ikoniathis channel has a no-idle policy so that we can help people when they come in and need it21:00
ikoniacheck the /topic21:00
krummlaufso why did you invite me here in the first place21:01
krummlaufkinda backwards huh?21:01
ikoniaso that I could talk to you about your behaviour without disruptintg the channel21:01
ikoniakrummlauf: anything else you need/want from the operator team ?21:03
krummlaufmake this OS work for something21:03
ikoniawhat's up ?21:03
ikoniasorry - that's not the topic of this channel, #ubuntu is for support21:03
krummlaufwell i need some21:03
ikoniaso if there are no operator issues you need to discuss you're welcome to leave the channel and return to #ubuntu21:03
ikoniaI think he will continue to be an issue21:04
ubottuguntbert called the ops in #ubuntu (krummlauf is at it again)21:12
ikoniaI knew he would be an issue21:12
ubottuchaos2fu called the ops in #ubuntu ()21:12
ubottuerUSUL called the ops in #ubuntu (Root-Sac)21:15
nikowas our belgium guy21:16
ikoniayes hit other channels too, I was about to nudge pricey as he hit gentoo and debian, but your active too :)21:16
Priceyugh not in them21:16
ikoniaPricey: excess flood got him, but as he's joined #freenode I thought it worth nudging you, but niko is active too21:17
Priceyikonia: Thanks, we'll look into it.21:17
ikoniaahh the best nick of the day arrives21:17
ikoniaPricey: ahh bang on cue ;)21:18
Priceyikonia: hm?21:18
Seeker`Picipod: ?#21:18
ikoniaPricey: as soon as I said that he hit #freenod (nal delt with )21:18
PriceyAh, my eyes were elsewhere.21:19
ikoniajust ammused me as I hit enter to you, he also hit enter21:19
PicipodSeeker`: ahoy21:19
Seeker`on an ipod?21:19
ikoniaPricey: what client ?21:20
ikoniaPricey: sorry- not you21:20
ikoniaPicipod: what client ?21:20
Picipodikonia: rooms21:20
ikoniaI'll have a look at that21:20
PicipodI dont remember if it was free or npt, but it couldnt have been too much since i did buy it21:21
topyliPicipod's two cents :(21:30
PicipodHi. How can we help you today?21:40
Seeker`is it out yet?21:40
ubottuNo! It's not out yet!21:41
ikoniakrummlauf: you have been forwarded to this channel and banned from the #ubuntu channel again due to your outburst less than 60 seconds after leaving this channel earlier21:41
ikoniaduk: you have been forwarded to this channel from #ubuntu due to your ident of "Fuckoff" to gain access to #ubuntu please change your ident to something non-offensive21:42
ikoniaduk: your irc name of "Fuckofmoron" will also need to be changed to gain access to #ubuntu21:42
duksry ppl21:42
dukthis is serbian word for butterfly21:43
ikoniano it's not21:43
dukyes it is21:43
ikonia"fuck off" is the serbian word for butterfly ?21:43
ikoniano it's not21:43
dukthis has no connections with fuck off21:44
ikoniaok - do you want to disscuss this normally ? or do you want to mess around ?21:44
dukand yes, it is21:44
Seeker`he is talking about your ident, not your nickname21:44
dukI haven't made any problems21:44
dukneither one21:44
ikoniaduk: ok - I'll make this clear21:45
ikonia"fuck off" and "fuckoffmoron" will need to be changed to gain access to #ubuntu21:45
dukno problem..21:45
dukI have just one question21:45
dukhow do I remove servers from autoconnect?21:46
ikoniathat will depend on your client21:46
Seeker`this channel isn't for support21:46
ikoniathe client you use will have a support channel you can ask in21:46
dukif someone can help me with xchat..21:46
ikoniajoin #xchat21:46
dukok, tnx :)21:46
dukand sry for ident..21:46
dukthis is just for one gay who made me problems on another server21:47
dukhe TOed my channels..21:47
ikoniathat attitude is not appropriate21:47
ikoniaduk: I'm not interested in your reasons21:47
ikoniaduk: if you have no other business in this channel please leave21:47
dukI didn't even want to come..21:48
ikonia!idle | krummlauf21:48
ubottukrummlauf: Please keep in mind that this channel is for operator/abuse questions only; we ask you to part when you have no further business here in order to keep track of users with pending inquiries.21:48
FlannelWhat a lovely fellow21:48
ikoniahe is a "butter fly"21:48
ikoniaanyone with +o in here please be aware of krummlauf idling21:53
ikoniahe was a problem in #ubuntu and forwarded here21:53
Tm_Tkrummlauf: hi how can we help you?21:55
ikoniathank you21:59
pleia2jpds: ubot4 will need to be restarted again (linode is doing some reboots, -us-pa server was among them)22:14
* pleia2 didn't learn about this until *after* the reboot, grumble22:14
krummlaufi said hail satan in caps in main channel on accident22:27
Seeker`how do you manage to do that by accident?22:27
krummlaufi was unaware i was in the channel at the time, being negligent22:34
=== mnepton is now known as mneptok
krummlauf+ im using xchat, and im new to the format and you cant see all your windows simultaneously, so i thought i was in another channel then i was when i entered the msg see?22:57
geniikrummlauf: The op who banned you is currently not around. Return here later if you wish to speak to them regarding your current ban in #ubuntu23:03
ubottuSlart called the ops in #ubuntu (javi123654, minabesa)23:33
Flannelikonia: Yeah.23:35
Flannelikonia: Someone got punchy when someone was speaking spanish (and asking how to join #ubuntu-es)23:35
ikoniayup, just checking in, ljl seems on top23:35

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