zzz2009I am setting up a server, the system has 4 500Gb drives, I am thinking of setting them up as a raid 0 which should give me about 2Tb of disk.00:39
zzz2009I was thinking of partioning: 100mB ext2 - /boot, 100Gb ext4 - /root, 100Gb ext4 - /var, 1Tb ext4 -/home00:39
zzz2009Is his a reasonable setup, for a mail/samba/apache server?00:39
zzz2009There are no local users.00:39
zzz2009possible global shared space,00:39
debio264I just installed slapd on Karmic and I have no idea what the admin password is00:39
debio264dpkg-reconfigure slapd doesn't set it anymore, it would seem00:39
yann2zzz2009, no, it is not :)00:40
debio264so I'm not sure how I should procede00:40
yann2with the raid0, the first disk failure would make you lose all your data00:40
yann2use raid5 at least, raid10 if you care about performance00:40
zzz2009OK, but it gives me the largest sapce + best speed00:41
zzz2009sapce = space00:41
yann2just be aware that you lose one disk, you lose everything, and disks tend to fail regularly ;)00:43
zzz2009raid5 gives me about 500-600Mb which leaves me wondering00:43
yann2? no it will give you 1.5TB00:43
zzz2009how soon an upgrade will be needed?00:43
yann2why would you want 100GB for /root ?00:43
zzz2009I am missing something, when I tried to setup a raid 5 I wound up with about 550Gb,00:44
yann2with 4 disks in raid 5, you would lose one disk :)00:45
zzz2009sorry /roo should be just /, I was typing what i was thinking not what i meant.00:46
zzz2009/roo = /root , I need to learn to type00:46
yann2the rest seems fine, just dont put it in raid 0 ;)00:46
yann2I wouldnt use raid5 neither if the mailserver is going to be used a lot though00:47
yann2depends on your usage I guess00:47
yann2gotta go, good night!00:47
zzz2009thanks yann200:47
zzz2009f not raid 5 what then00:50
yann2but you need hardware that supports it (not sure you can do a soft raid 10?) and you would have only 1TB all together00:51
qman__you can do soft raid 1000:53
qman__but raid 5 performs pretty well, only really high traffic servers will need more performance than that00:59
qman__it depends entirely on the level of activity you expect00:59
qman__number of users, number of emails, files on the samba share, etc...00:59
ninnypantsI had wemin 1.45 installed on my server using port 10000 and I unstalled it but when I try to install 1.49 it says that port 10000 is already in use why  is this?01:07
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twbRAID5 has better read and worse write speed than RAID10, I heard.01:28
twbninnypants: we don't support webmin here, sorry.01:28
twbninnypants: it would be reasonable to assume that something is already using that port.  ss or netstat will tell you what it is.01:28
JanCif you want remote admin over HTTP for your site, install AjaxTerm behind SSL with server + client keys  ;-)01:29
twbjavascript isn't http, grumble01:36
twbDo those web-based terminal emulators just do a normal socks5 tunnel over 443?01:37
twb(Or whatever; I've yet to find a box that I couldn't do ssh/putty -oPort=443 twb@foo.edu from.01:38
twbI'm forced to deploy webmin at work because of our retarded business model, where the customer pretends they can administer their own server.  AFAICT all they really need is a way to add and remove users, which could surely be done better by configuring libpam-ldap correctly or something.01:39
twbThey also make me install ubuntu-desktop on servers, because "they're used to Microsoft SBS, so we need a GUI on the server in case they connect a monitor to it"01:40
twbSo these boxes are sitting here starting mDNS and shit like that when they boot, sigh...01:40
ninnypantstwb: the feedback that net stat gives is udp        0      0 *:10000                 *:*                                 13040/perl01:41
JanCtwb: if you break things with something like AjaxTerm, at least you can be sure it's your own fault, webmin will do that without your help  ;)01:41
twbninnypants: which says that a perl process (PID 13040) is using it.01:41
twbJanC: I *really* do not need to be convinced that webmin is utterly, utterly the wrong thing.01:41
twbIf you want a giggle, run lintian on the deb sometime01:41
twbI think they manually build it with ar and tar01:41
JanCtwb: in reality, checkinstall probably...?01:42
JanCanyway, webmin breaks Debian/Ubuntu, so don't use it01:44
twbwebmin breaks other systems, too01:46
JanCI have no experience with that  ;)01:46
twbAre you a chef/puppet fan?  At one point, we considered writing a web UI for it, i.e. basically it looks like webmin, but it writes manifests.01:46
twbBut we didn't have the budget for it01:46
ninnypantswhat is a good one to use then?01:52
twbThere are no good web administration tools01:53
twbOfficially Ubuntu recommends e-box, but I'm unimpressed with it01:53
ninnypantsis there a decent one that handles mysql?01:57
StrangeCharmusing the karmic server RC, after attempting an install with encrypted lvm (and an unencrypted /boot in a normal partition), grub tells me 'error: no such disk'. what have i done wrong?01:59
twb"decent" and "mysql" don't belong in the same sentence02:00
twbStrangeCharm: boot a live CD and reinstall grub02:00
twbStrangeCharm: you can also ask #grub, but tell them you're using grub legacy (I assume 9.10 still doesn't use grub2).02:00
StrangeCharmtwb, is there a live environment on the server disk?02:01
StrangeCharmactually, i seem to recall that 9.10 did use grub202:01
twbI think there is; issue "rescue" at the boot: prompt.02:01
twbPersonally I tend not to use d-i for rescue purposes.02:02
StrangeCharmtwb, looks like grub2 is default: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/910overview#GRUB%202%20by%20default02:02
twbI have had the most luck with the CentOS 4 and 5 live CDs, since they have LVM and md RAID support pre-installed, as well as openssh-server (though it doesn't start by default).02:02
twbOK, good to know.02:02
StrangeCharmis there a command i can give grub to ask it to boot a cd, or should i just reboot?02:03
twbYou need to rebot02:04
twbPersonally I am completely fed up with grub02:04
twbNowadays I deploy extlinux where I can02:04
StrangeCharmwhat's extlinux got over grub?02:05
twbStrangeCharm: it works in some md RAID failure modes that grub completely shits itself for02:06
twbBecause extlinux doesn't write an internal table of disks -- it just bootstraps the disk it booted from.02:06
twbThis is extremely useful when e.g. sda is dead and the BIOS "helpfully" renames sdb to sda, so that if the MBR on sdb tries to bootstrap (hd1), it will fail because there's only an (hd0) now.02:07
ScottK9.10 uses grub2 for new installs, but not upgrades.02:08
maxagazhow to apt-delete the cache ?02:09
StrangeCharmthis si a fresh install02:09
StrangeCharmtwb, what's a command for installing grub2?02:12
smoserkirkland, i put the euca2ools build up in my ppa now, but haven't tested it yet.02:13
ScottKStrangeCharm: If it's a fresh install of karmic, you have grub2.02:14
StrangeCharmScottK, agreed, but it's not booting, so i want to make changes such that it will02:15
ScottKRight, but that's nothing to do with installing02:15
StrangeCharmScottK, twb's instructions were to reinstall grub. do you recommend a different course of action?02:17
ScottKI see. I missed that.02:18
ScottKNo, I don't have any specific recommendations as I haven't had to troublshoot it yet.02:18
zulsmoser: go to bed :)02:23
twbStrangeCharm: you need to mount / and /boot (e.g. /mnt/target and /mnt/target/boot) and then say grub-install --root-directory /mnt/target02:31
twbIf you're lucky, grub-install will work02:31
twbIf not, you have to run grub by hand and piss about02:31
StrangeCharmthough, that is made difficult by the fact that / requires lvm and dm-crypt, which you've said are not installed02:32
paul_whippIs it sensible to use AWS/Ubuntu server to host websites?02:32
twbStrangeCharm: you'd need to anna-install them or whatever, then02:33
twbStrangeCharm: although d-i might be smart enough to do that on its own02:33
StrangeCharmanna-install? d-i?02:34
twbdebian-installer (d-i) is the technology the Ubuntu server install CD is based on.02:34
twbanna-install is d-i's equivalent of apt-get install.02:34
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StrangeCharmtwb, i take it that you won't be able to give me info about fixing grub?02:55
twbStrangeCharm: what more information do you need?02:56
StrangeCharmwell, i'm at a grub rescue prompt. i think i know why it isn't booting: it's looking at the wring disk. i want to tell it to load the grub config from the right disk, then try booting with that.02:58
twbAsk #grub02:59
twbI can't be arsed going through that now02:59
erichammondpaul_whipp: Yes, Ubuntu is an excellent choice for running web sites on AWS/EC2.03:13
erichammond(or anywhere else for that matter)03:14
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smosergood night all.03:54
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foohm, ubuntu desktop 8.10 is hanging during the load up screen. I'm trying to boot for disk. gah, *looks for newer disk*04:34
foohm, can't seem to find one04:34
fooany tips?04:35
ScottKfoo: 8.10 or 9.10?04:35
fooit's older04:35
fooI figured it'd still work, this is a p4 box04:35
foo(and I don't have something newer lying around, apparently)04:35
JanCyou can download everything newer for free ;)04:36
fooI know, it's time :)04:38
foobut I might do that if I can't get this working04:38
* foo tries an auditor cd04:38
ScottKfoo: 8.10 is about your worst choice.  Use 8.04 (the LTS release) or 9.04.04:40
fooauditor seems to be working04:40
* foo waits to run dd if=/dev/urandom of=/dev/hda04:40
foothat will completely wipe the drive, I hope04:40
twbGiven a server with timezone data on it, how do I dump what *it* believes are the data for a particular timezone?04:47
twbAh, zdump.  Thanks, google and wiki.debian.org!04:47
edulacomadrejahi everyone!, i need some help with heartbeat...06:01
edulacomadrejathe linux-ha channel is dead or something06:01
fahadsadahHave an Ubuntu Server box, with remctl-client08:08
fahadsadahThis box already has Kerberos configured.08:08
fahadsadahIt does not have rDNS.08:09
fahadsadahTo fix this, it is in a VPN.08:09
fahadsadahWith the KDC.08:09
fahadsadahWhich has rDNS.08:09
fahadsadahThe KDCs VPN broke.08:09
fahadsadahSo, I added to /etc/hosts on the client box, kdc.ip.address.here kerberos08:10
fahadsadah(so, basically, no rDNS for my box)08:10
fahadsadahremctl: GSS-API error initializing context: Unspecified GSS failure.  Minor code may provide more information, Server not found in Kerberos database08:10
simplexiofahadsadah: kerberos dosent know any server named "kerberos" , try edit hosts file and add full domain name08:14
simplexionot that i know its the problem, its my best quess based on information given08:14
fahadsadahThe FQDN is in there too.08:14
fahadsadahAlso, server not found in Kerberos database usually refers to the KDC not finding a machine account for my box.08:15
fahadsadahThere is one, and I can successfully kinit/kadmin as it with /etc/krb5.keytab08:15
simplexioso something changes between configurations, which caues that kerberos server dosent regonize client anymore08:18
fahadsadahThanks, I'll have to look into this further.08:18
kaushalI have questions about https://help.ubuntu.com/8.10/serverguide/C/samba-ldap.html08:29
kaushalcan i seek help here ?08:29
Lunar_Lampkaushal: it's probably best to just ask.08:30
Lunar_Lamp(though I'll say straight away that I am far from an LDAP expert, so probably won't be able to  help you)08:30
kaushalLunar_Lamp: when i run smbldap-populate08:34
kaushali get http://paste.ubuntu.com/302630/08:34
kaushalI have ldap server running on the same server as samba server08:34
kaushalldapsearch -x -H ldaps://localhost returns fine for me08:35
alvinI can't find the link to the rss feeds that track changes in Hardy and Karmic. Is there anyone who has it?08:40
maxagazhow to display the hardware spec of my server ?09:09
maxagazlike the System Monitor tool in desktop ubuntu09:09
uvirtbotNew bug: #461746 in eucalyptus (main) "discover-nodes fails on scp'ing keys" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/46174609:12
alvinmaxagaz: $ sudo lshw09:14
StrangeCharmi think that grub is looking at the wrong disk to read its config (&c) from, from a live environment that can mount /boot, on the right disk, what changes should i make to get it to look at the right disk/partition?09:59
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StrangeCharmafter a fresh install of the karmic RC, with several, distinct encrypted disks, i'm encountring a problem decrypting them at boot: when prompted for the passphrase for the disk that contains /, all goes well, but when prompted for the phrase for md0_crypt, the message "* Reloading /etc/samba/smb.conf smdb only" appears on the same line, before I am able to completely enter the phrase. why is this happenning? how can I stop i11:41
simplexioi think you can still insert pass11:44
StrangeCharmsimplexio, typing the phrase afterwards seems to have no effect11:47
StrangeCharmthat is, the system does not move on, it just keeps waiting11:51
sorenttx: bug 46182911:53
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 461829 in eucalyptus "Disallowed command //usr/share/eucalyptus/populate_arp.pl" [Undecided,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/46182911:53
sorenttx: Do you know the effect of that?11:53
sorenttx: It's hard to set the importance when I don't understand the impact.11:53
soren(Doing triage for stuff from today as well, since we're cutting it close enough w.r.t. the release)11:54
StrangeCharmsoren: are there a lot of bugs still being reported from the rc?11:55
sorenStrangeCharm: Sure.11:55
StrangeCharmsoren, would you say that the rc is gererally buggy, or bug-free?11:56
sorenStrangeCharm: Buggy. Just like every other piece of software ever released.11:56
simplexioStrangeCharm: try hit ctrl+c, maybe it gives you question again11:57
StrangeCharmsoren, i wasn't looking for an absolute statement. more: something relative, and useful11:57
simplexiothose encrypted installations are little exotic installs11:57
sorenStrangeCharm: I cannot give you anything relevant and useful in the form of a binary answer.11:58
sorenStrangeCharm: Sorry.11:58
sorenStrangeCharm: Some things are working quite well. Others not quite as well.11:58
simplexioStrangeCharm: you can get aroud it using key file on all other crypted partition exept root partition, just but files on root behind pass11:59
sorenStrangeCharm: If I understood why you were asking, perhaps I could give a more useful response.11:59
simplexiooff course then dont forget root partition passphrase11:59
StrangeCharmsoren, what about the question stated thus: i am experiencing a problem. given my experience that ubuntu generally 'just works' should i expect that it's an actual bug, or that i'm doing something wrong?12:00
simplexiokarmic for somereason couldnt mount all my partition on upgrade, so i think there is some work to do12:00
sorenStrangeCharm: I don't know. What's the problem?12:00
StrangeCharmsimplexio, putting keyfiles on the root partition sounds great, it'd be much more convenient only to have to enter one phrase. how do i do that?12:00
simplexioStrangeCharm: google "dmcrypt use keyfile" , i use passpharse only on home dir12:01
StrangeCharmsoren, at boot, for the second encrypted partition that's being mounted, after being prompted for the passphrase, another message comes up (related to smb) and i can't enter the passphrase12:01
sorenStrangeCharm: "Can't enter" how?12:02
uvirtbotNew bug: #461829 in eucalyptus (main) "Disallowed command //usr/share/eucalyptus/populate_arp.pl" [Undecided,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/46182912:02
StrangeCharmsoren, typing the phrase at that point hs no effect12:03
sorenStrangeCharm: Are you sure? Perhaps it just doesn't echo anything. Try typing your password and hitting return, ignoring the fact that there is no feedback.12:04
StrangeCharmsimplexio, are d-mcrypt keyfiles supported by the installer? i only recalled being able to choose 'passphrase' and 'random' for the key options.12:04
elyezerwhen trying to send an email from another computer to my email (postfix) server I get this message: THIS SERVER IS TO BE USED WITH AUTHENTICATION (#5.7.1)> #SMTP#12:04
elyezerin the return email with the error,what could be?12:04
StrangeCharmsoren, how long after that point should i wait for something to happen?12:04
elyezerlocally I can send and receive12:04
sorenStrangeCharm: Not long.12:05
sorenStrangeCharm: Wait a few seconds and see .12:05
StrangeCharmsoren, nothing happens for a few minutes12:06
sorenStrangeCharm: Then it's probably a bug.12:06
StrangeCharmsoren, where do i report it?12:07
simplexioStrangeCharm: um.. you can do it by hand12:07
sorenStrangeCharm: Launchpad. Probably against cryptsetup.12:07
simplexioStrangeCharm: lets see if i still have link to howto12:07
sorenStrangeCharm: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cryptsetup/+filebug12:08
sorenStrangeCharm: Oops, sorry.12:08
kworkis it safe to restart udev ?12:08
sorenStrangeCharm: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cryptsetup/+filebug12:08
kworkudevd for some reason takes 100% of cpu12:08
kworki wonder is it safe to restart it from init ?12:08
simplexioStrangeCharm: what mountpoints you have crypt ?12:09
simplexioStrangeCharm: i have / and home on crypted partitions. so at start i just insert / pass, and then manually mount /home after it12:09
simplexioso my setup isnt automatic, but it works12:10
StrangeCharmsimplexio, [ sawp, /, /tmp] on the disk i can enter the phrase for, [/var /var/log /var/mail and /home] on another disk, and [/data] on the disk on which i'm getting interrupted12:10
StrangeCharmsimplexio, well, you could automate it with a small script12:11
simplexioStrangeCharm: i have 9.04, and it has "bug" that i dosent bring my raid5 setup up correctly so thats reason why i do it manually12:12
simplexiothere is probably some fix, but no time or intres to fix it12:13
simplexio 12:22
StrangeCharmsimplexio, is the raid encrypted?12:22
StrangeCharmsimplexio, which bit isn't getting mounted right?12:23
* soren lunches12:29
StrangeCharmare any of the encryption methods in the installer suitable for automatic decryption based on keyfiles?12:31
uvirtbotNew bug: #460842 in samba (main) "package samba-common 2:3.3.2-1ubuntu3.2 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/46084212:36
StrangeCharmis it possible to to move a mount point (like /var) to another disk, after intallation?12:39
bogeyd6StrangeCharm yes it is12:48
bogeyd6StrangeCharm https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MoveMountpointHowto12:49
StrangeCharmhow can i (indeed, can i) reconfigure an existing dm-crypt partition that is currently mounted with a passphrase, so that it is instead mounted with a keyfile?12:57
brewmasteI'm setting up a high availability cluster with 2 load balancers (1 being a failover) and 2 webservers. How many or what type of SSL certs do I need to buy to let people connect with https?12:57
sorenkirkland: A while ago, you mentioned something in #ubuntu-devel about Richard Hughes had found a solution to "the encrypted-swap/hibernate" problem.. Do you have a bug reference for that? It sounds very interesting.12:58
kirklandsoren: yeah, on sec...12:58
sorenkirkland: Cool, thanks.12:58
kirklandsoren: I don't want to over sell this ....12:59
sorentoo late :)12:59
kirklandsoren: he simply patched gnome *not* to offer to hibernate, if encrypted swap was detected12:59
kirklandsoren: http://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=2319612:59
uvirtbotFreedesktop bug 23196 in DeviceKit-power "Do not offer hibernate with encrypted swap" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]12:59
sorendid we merge that?13:00
kirklandsoren: not for karmic, i don't think, pitti thought it was a little too invasive13:00
kirklandsoren: we'll have it for lucid, of course13:00
kirklandsoren: and as far as the *real* problem goes, I think kees or jdstrand or mdeslaur might take a look at getting hibernate working with encrypted swap for lucid, perhaps13:00
kirklandsoren: i'm trying to lean on them about it, at least13:01
sorenkirkland: I'm not sure how that would work?13:01
kirklandsoren: there's a few propositions13:01
kirklandsoren: currently, we're randomly generating a swap key every boot (at least in the default enc swap setup, if you enc home)13:01
sorenkirkland: right.13:01
kirklandsoren: we could opportunistically wrap that random key when you login, in PAM13:02
kirklandsoren: and store the wrapped key in LUKS13:02
kirklandsoren: we could do that for at least a couple of users13:02
sorenI thought about that, but how would that work for resume?13:02
kirklandsoren: allowing any one of the valid, logged in users this boot to resume from hibernate13:02
kirklandsoren: we'd need to teach initramfs to obtain that password, and unwrap the LUKS contents13:03
kirklandsoren: there will necessarily be a password prompt on resume13:03
sorenkirkland: You don't know if there's anything to resume before you decrypt it, so you have to always ask for the passphrase..13:03
kirklandsoren: hmm, on cold boot?13:04
sorenUnless of course you store a bit on the root filesystem saying that there's stuff to be resumed.13:04
sorenkirkland: Yes.13:04
kirklandsoren: right, that's the presumption13:04
fooubuntu server 7.04 is hanging on usbhid: v2.6:USB HID core driver, any ideas?13:04
foo(during an install)13:04
sorenIt doesn't have to be in the initramfs, though, but I see what you mean.13:04
kirklandfoo: 7.04?  really?13:04
fookirkland: yup13:04
sorenfoo: Noone will care.13:04
kirklandfoo: not sure, but 7.04 has been unsupported for a few years now13:04
sorenfoo: 7.04 went out of support almost a year ago.13:04
fooI've been doing some googling and tried with parameter irqpoll but that didn't to help13:05
sorenfoo: Don't use 7.04.13:05
fooerr, I mean't 8.0413:05
foomy bad13:05
kirklandsoren: yeah, one of the key design goals is *not* to prompt for any password on boot13:05
fooerr, I mean 9.0413:05
kirklandsoren: push that auth all the way back to GDM (or PAM as the case is)13:05
fooheh, wow... I think I even wrote it wrong on the CD13:05
fooAny thoughts? Google-fu is failing me13:06
sorenkirkland: In a perfect world, we'd collect login credentials early enough to be able to use it for this, and then cache them and pass them to gdm.13:06
sorenkirkland: In that case, there'd be no problem prompting for the password.13:07
kirklandsoren: hmm, interesting13:07
sorenkirkland: We already ask users for their password. What we want to avoid is asking *twice*.13:07
kirklandsoren: in the encrypted LVM setup you mean?13:08
sorenIt would require being able to fire up X with a login screen without a rw filesystem.13:08
soren...but that's hardly on-topic for this channel :913:11
soren":)", even.13:11
kirklandsoren: heh, yeah13:11
kirklandsoren: well, solving the encrypted swap hibernation problem is something i hope gets fixed for lucid13:12
kirklandsoren: though i can't imagine i'll have time to work on it13:12
sorenkirkland: Nah.13:12
foogah, I can't seem to find anything helpful on google. it looks like others have been having this problem, though13:16
garymc[TK]D-Fender : What format have the ring tones got to be in and how do i add them?13:18
sorengarymc: I'm going to guess you're in the wrong channel.13:18
garymcyeah good guess . sorry13:19
sorengarymc: No worries.13:25
zulsoren: fyi i fixed the opennebuela ftbfs last night13:31
sorenzul: I saw. Thanks.13:31
foowell, making progress. Now ubuntu server 9.04 is hanging during install on input: AT Translated Set 2 keyboard as /devices/platform/i8042/serio0/input/input1. this is shocking13:34
ttxsoren: about the populate_arp thing, I've no clue13:36
sorenttx: I'll defer to nurmi for an analysis.13:36
sorenI guess he'll turn up in a few hours.13:36
sorenI'm not sure what to do with the importance right now, though.13:37
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ttxsoren: by the way, duting triage day, you're supposed to triage bugs submitted yesterday, not necessarily the ones from today :)13:38
soren11:54:24 < soren> (Doing triage for stuff from today as well, since we're cutting it close enough w.r.t. the release)13:39
ttxsoren: cool, less work for me tomorrow :P13:39
sorenIn return you get to answer questions from me today :)13:39
sorenkirkland: can you triage bug 455901, please?13:42
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 455901 in kvm "guest with vcpus>1 hangs; >1 guest at a time, hangs one of them; hard hang -- must virsh destroy.  thanks." [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45590113:43
sorenkirkland: You're in a better position than I to ask for better feedback and such.13:43
kirklandsoren: sure... can you move it over to qemu-kvm rather than kvm?13:43
kirklandsoren: i marked it low, since the easy workaround is to use =1 cpu13:45
kirklandsoren: and it's filed against jaunty/kvm-84; i suggest you ask them to test this against karmic/qemu-kvm-0.1113:46
sorenkirkland: Good call.13:47
kirklandsoren: i can do that, if you'd rather me do it13:48
sorenkirkland: Nah, I'll do it.13:49
* soren decides he needs gummy bears13:52
soren...and coffee.13:52
smoserfor anyone who didn't see amazon's announcement today, you can now get14:00
smoserinstance type with 34GB and one with 68GB of memory for $1.20 and $2.40 / hour14:00
=== bogeyd6_ is now known as bogeyd6
kirklandsmoser: how many processors?14:00
kirklandsmoser: url?14:00
smoser4 and 8 cpu14:01
smoserbut those are all fuzzy14:01
smoserthey're measured in "EC2 Compute Units"14:01
ttx"Quadruple Extra Large", sounds like mcDonald advertising14:01
smoserdouble secret probation14:02
smoserthats erichammond's blog entry about it. he has /proc/cpuinfo for one of them.14:02
elijahwrightthose instance types are totally yummy.  the relational database service isn't bad either.   definitely good for a lot of biz uses.14:02
smoseryeah, the mysql is also cool.14:03
smoserand price also went down for the other types.14:04
smoser8.5 cents per hour now for small14:04
* kirkland needs to update his ec2-cost scripts14:04
smosereverything went down by 15%14:04
smoserfor linux14:04
ttxsmoser: is there an APi to query costs, so that kirkland doesn't need to update ec2-cost ?14:04
smoseri dont think so, but dont know for sure.14:05
elijahwrighti'm pretty sure that there's not an API to calculate cost.14:07
elijahwright[someone writing a REST service to *do* that would be kinda cool, though...]14:07
smoseri think that rsync doesn't end up doing all that well with the compressed sparse tar files.14:18
smoserin regard to14:18
smoserrsync -aP uec-images.ubuntu.com::uec-images/karmic/20091027.1/karmic-uec-*.tar.gz .14:18
sorensmoser: How do you compress them?14:27
sorensmoser: "tar cvzSf" or some such?14:27
sorengzip wants --rsyncable in order for the compressed data to be... well, rsyncable.14:28
sorenI don't know how to pass that from tar.14:28
smosersoren, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/%7Eubuntu-on-ec2/vmbuilder/automated-ec2-builds/annotate/head%3A/build-ec2-image calls tar. passes --use-compress-program=gzip-rsyncable14:30
smosergzip-rsyncable is http://bazaar.launchpad.net/%7Eubuntu-on-ec2/vmbuilder/automated-ec2-builds/annotate/head%3A/gzip-rsyncable14:30
smoseri think its just that the images are so dense. there is some speed up, but rsync for the amd64 just averaged 290.49kB/s for me.14:31
smosera lftp with pget would do as well or better than that on this link14:32
zulNafallo: ping!14:43
Nafallozul: pong14:43
sorensmoser: Hm... Interesting experiment:14:44
zulNafallo: which version of apache are you referring to for bug #46069214:44
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 460692 in apache2 "Missing dependency for apache2 init script" [Low,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/46069214:44
sorensmoser: Have you tried rsyncing the uncompressed image instead? Passing -z to rsync?14:44
Nafallozul: the server is running hardy, I checked that it still exist on karmic, so at least hardy to karmic I would assume :-/14:44
zulNafallo: thanks14:45
Nafallozul: does my "fix" seem sensible?14:46
smoserttx, your bug 461301 comments really stink. we'll have to look at that in more depth shortly.14:47
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 461301 in eucalyptus "euca-run-instances unnecessarily encodes user data (dup-of: 461156)" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/46130114:47
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 461156 in euca2ools "User data is not base64 decoded before being presented to the instance" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/46115614:47
zulNafallo: yeah its probably easier to add the depends though ;)14:47
Nafallozul: sure, and it would also make me less happy because it's a lot more ugly.14:49
ttxsmoser: yes, there might be something fishy there14:49
zulNafallo: yeah I know it would make me less happy as well ill look at it again in lucid14:50
Nafallozul: oki14:50
zulNafallo: obvouilsy its not going to get fixed for karmic ;)14:53
Nafallozul: bah. coward ;-)14:54
zulNafallo: good for an sru though14:54
Nafallozul: want to keep track of that for me? :-)14:54
zulNafallo: oh I will dont worry14:55
Nafalloawesome. thanks.14:55
uvirtbotNew bug: #461987 in antlr3 (main) "Enable testsuite (and fix resulting failures)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/46198714:56
uvirtbotNew bug: #462000 in libvirt (main) "apparmor disallows qemu+tcp:// connections" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/46200015:06
uvirtbotNew bug: #447113 in mysql-dfsg-5.0 (main) "[jaunty] Mysql server -5.0 5.1.30really5.0.75-0ubuntu10.2 failed to install." [Low,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44711315:17
uvirtbotNew bug: #415676 in nis (main) "nis fails to start" [Low,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/41567615:23
uvirtbotNew bug: #377216 in amavisd-new (universe) "amavisd-new fails to block viruses with backup scanner (clamscan)" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/37721615:27
uvirtbotNew bug: #393647 in multipath-tools (main) "package kpartx 0.4.8-14ubuntu2 failed to install/upgrade: " [Low,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39364715:27
ttxkirkland: did you have time to review the releasenote-potential euca bugs ?15:33
acalvoanyone could suggest a good ticketing system supported by ubuntu (and with LDAP, if possible)?15:38
acalvoI've been looking at osTicket, and is quite simple but there is no support for ubuntu15:38
* soren calls it a day15:39
acalvooh, soren, hi15:40
ttxzul: bug 44973515:50
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 449735 in samba "[karmic] Long SMB share names invisible" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44973515:50
TeTeTwhen starting the karmic image from UEC, it hangs waiting for /dev/sda2. see http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/302878/15:50
ttxzul: could you verify that against your proposed 3.4.2 and forward upstream if you can reproduce ?15:50
kirklandttx: i did not have time to15:50
zulttx: sure15:51
TeTeTany idea if that happens all the time or just in my cloud?15:51
TeTeTsoren + smoser ^15:51
ttxkirkland: do you think you'll have more time today ?15:52
ttxor should I handle them ?15:52
kirklandttx: probably better if you handle them.  i have a hard stop today15:54
kirklandttx: and i'm testing the uec images15:54
smoserTeTeT, it will do that, yes.15:55
kirklandttx: i spent yesterday verifying smoser's fixes, and tracking down a kvm issue that will need to be sru'd15:55
smoseryou started with m1.small ?15:55
ttxkirkland: ok -- we can add more tomorrow anyway15:55
TeTeTsmoser: yes, the default. Shall I use a different container?15:55
smoserTeTeT, it shouldn't hang terribly long though, right ?15:55
TeTeTsmoser: well, for me it doesn't get out of this state at all15:56
TeTeTsmoser: last instance I terminated after 15 minutes. I can leave this running for some more time15:56
azteechacalvo: in looking over osTicket summary, doesn't look like it matters what serverOS you are running. the only prerequisites are php mysql, and a server running apache. are you referring to there being no download for a ubuntu based server?15:56
smoserTeTeT, hm... you see that in console-output i guess ?15:57
TeTeTsmoser: yes15:57
smoserits related to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/karmic/+source/ec2-init/+bug/45885015:57
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 458850 in ec2-init "UEC images do not mount ephemeral disk on /mnt at boot" [High,Fix released]15:57
acalvoazteech: when installing osTicket, you need to tweak some configurations to match ubuntu's base config15:57
acalvoit's not a major problem15:57
smoserTeTeT, can you euca-get-console-output $iid | pastebin ?15:57
acalvobut I really like to install packages that are supported by ubuntu15:57
smosererr.. pastebinit15:57
acalvoso, every time there a bug fix a minor update, I can run apt-get upgrade and get rid of problems15:58
smoserTeTeT, and is this 32 or 64 bit instance?15:58
TeTeTsmoser: 32 bit15:58
zulttx: i can reproduce it15:58
ttxon 3.4.2 ?15:58
smoserso 32 bit c1.small, right?15:58
ttxzul: i don't think that bug is upstream yet15:59
TeTeTsmoser: yes, though how do I see if it's a 32/64 bit image?15:59
ttxzul: they have https://bugzilla.samba.org/show_bug.cgi?id=682915:59
uvirtbotbugzilla.samba.org bug 6829 in Client Tools "smbclient does not show special characters properly" [Blocker,Resolved: fixed]15:59
zulttx: creating a share called thisisreallyreallylongshare doesnt get displayed15:59
ttxbut that's about special chars in the share comment field15:59
zulttx: it will be in a couple of momments :)15:59
azteechacalvo: understood. prefer that myself. but, from brief looking over the wiki and forum, there are others who are having to mod as well.15:59
smoserTeTeT,$ euca-describe-images emi-247011C015:59
smoserIMAGE   emi-247011C0    i-20091027105900/karmic-uec-i386.img.manifest.xml      admin    available       public  i386    machine15:59
smoser 15:59
ttxzul: make sure it's clear from description that its a client issue16:00
zulttx: I will16:00
acalvoazteech: I know, but since, I usually ask here for advice, and then make a choice16:00
ttxif they consider 6829 critical for 3.4.3, I'm pretty sure yours should raise that game16:00
TeTeTsmoser: ok, so it's 64bit, sorry for the confusion. The get-console-output is still the same as in pastebin http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/302878/16:01
zulttx: can you link bug 6829 to the samba bug in launchpad that has the russian character one is not being displayed properly16:01
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 6829 in sysvinit "halt and reboot should not be installed under the Hurd" [Unknown,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/682916:01
ttxzul sure16:01
zulstupid uvirtbot trix are for kids16:01
smoserTeTeT, can i see 'euca-describe-instances i-3B23075F' output16:02
smoserand then 'euca-describe-availability-zones verbose' also16:03
TeTeTsmoser: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/30288116:03
TeTeTsmoser: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/30288316:03
* ttx adds "do not upgrade samba" to his LTS good resolutions16:04
smoserTeTeT, what image is this ?16:06
smoseri cannot reproduce it on the 20091027.1 build16:06
TeTeTsmoser: it comes from the UEC image store16:07
zulttx: samba bug 685216:07
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 6852 in mozilla "Mozilla eats bookmarks on ENOSPC" [Unknown,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/685216:07
* zul kick launchpad16:08
TeTeTsmoser: Ubuntu 9.10 Release Candidate for i386 (argh) 2009102216:08
uvirtbotbugzilla.samba.org bug 6852 in Client Tools "Shares with more than 12 characters in the share name are not being displayed." [Normal,New]16:08
zulttx: this would be a good situation to package a samba daily git tree in a ppa16:09
smoserTeTeT, thank you. well, either way, i'd really appreciate it if i could see this not on RC, but on this current build.  there were changes to mountall, and other changes also that could definitely have fixed this.16:09
smoserand i cannot reproduce with current "release candidate" :)16:10
TeTeTsmoser: ok, I can d/l the current build and try again. what's the original d/l url? cdimage.ubuntu.com?16:10
zulsmoser: i see the ssh keys in the console ;)16:10
smoserTeTeT, http://uec-images.ubuntu.com/karmic/20091027.1/16:11
smoserthere are instructions on how to download and register with your cloud at16:11
smoserzul, what tests are you running ?16:21
smoseri'll avoid duplicate effort16:21
zulsmoser: i did the single test for ec2 us. im going to finish that off after lunch but we want duplicate effort16:22
smoseri will do eu-west-1 region16:23
smoserdoing the 4 tests there (amd64,i386 / single,multiple)16:23
smoserttx, kirkland i've run the 20091027.1 on UEC, but i dont see any other results there. you guys running too ?16:24
ttxsmoser: I've competed both tsets16:24
smoserttx, apparently i cant read16:25
smoseror reload or something16:25
smoserthanks. i hadn't put my result on the amd64 and thought that i had, thus was expecting > 116:25
smoser(there are now 2 on both)16:26
zulsmoser: acked16:27
zulttx: ours is a dupe of 682916:34
ttxzul: interesting16:35
ttxzul: didn't look that way16:35
zulttx: volker said it *shrug*16:35
ttxhe knows better than we do.16:37
quikoneIs this the right place to ask server/networking questions?16:40
TeTeTsmoser: there's another problem in my UEC now, can't start any more instances.16:40
TeTeTquikone: just ask16:42
smoserTeTeT, well, based on your availability-zones verbose output (http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/302883) you can only run 2 instances at once16:43
TeTeTsmoser: I terminated all instances, it's a different problem. I haven't been able to reproduce it reliably, but I get timeouts from walrus when it happens16:43
quikoneI have removed network manager in favor of network administrator, since then I cannot access my websites locally or remotely.  Any ideas on how to resolve16:44
smoserTeTeT, kirkland or ttx are probably more help with that.16:44
TeTeTsmoser: the instance is in pending all the time. Restarting the NC sometimes helps16:45
smoserbut please do make sure you're running the most recent stuff. i know that there were arbitrary (low) timeouts in some cases previously.16:45
TeTeTsmoser: I've updated everything, it's yesterdays image plus updates on the front end and NC16:46
Reepicheepquikone: did you change IP addresses?16:47
Reepicheephave you restarted the web server?16:47
quikoneNot recently, although I have restarted networking16:48
Reepicheepnot reboot .. but just restart the web server (apache, lighttpd, ..)16:48
smoserTeTeT, thank you.  ttx, kirkland, you have any thoughts on that problem?16:48
quikoneNo Ihave not16:48
Reepicheepit may be binded to the incorrect IP16:49
Reepicheepalso double check firewall rules if you set rules to the old IP address16:49
quikoneokay. I will restart.  just apace2?  Or more?16:49
Reepicheepjust apache should be fine16:50
quikoneThis could be it;  (98)Address already in use: make_sock: could not bind to address
quikoneno listening sockets available, shutting down16:51
Reepicheepquikone: "netstat -tapn | grep LISTEN" will show you what is listening on what ports and by what processes16:53
quikoneI don't see apache2 listening anywhere??16:56
Reepicheepquikone: make sure it's running.  Check the logs to make sure it isn't erroring on startup16:57
Reepicheeplike maybe it is trying to bond to the old IP which doesn't exist anymore16:57
quikoneThat would be my guess, how do I get back to the config files16:58
ttxsmoser: no time sorry16:58
ttxTeTeT: doesn't ring a bell16:59
TeTeTttx: it's fine. now the cloud stopped working completely. I'm calling it a day and see what tomorrow brings16:59
mathiazkirkland: hey - question about kvm - which files is used for the bios?17:02
ninjahIs ebox worth using?17:03
mathiazkirkland: I'd like to replace the bios with one the gpxe version - so that I don't need to chainload the boot loader17:03
alvinninjah: eBox looks nice, but in my personal opinion, it is not finished yet. It's also very Windows-minded. (no NFS for example)17:05
ninjahalvin: Hmm... I was a fan of webmin for some things. I was told to switch to ebox.17:06
alvinninjah: I never used webmin. I will probably test out eBox again in the future, but now, it just can't do the things I want.17:07
alvin(like NFS, and ldap address book)17:08
* alvin is going home17:08
DrNick_i'm not a fan of ebox17:08
DrNick_i vaguely remember trying it, and it installing a whole bunch of junk with it.  i wouldn't say it is any better than webmin (which i dont find that amazing either :p)17:10
ninjahDrNick_ I thought webmin was cool. Easy way to allow someone to configure a box if they don't know Linux17:14
DrNick_yeah its not bad17:14
flagg0204didnt care for ebox myself, nor webmin for that matter.  but it does have it place for allowing novices to work with some of the more complex elements of linux17:17
jjohansensmoser have you gotten a chance to do any testing on those EC2 test kernels yet?17:23
mrchrisadamsi appreciate the irony of asking this in a ubuntu server channel, but... what's GUI equivalent to fdisk/partman in stock ubuntu?17:23
ninjahhaha... Don't know if I've ever seen a GUI partition tool17:24
smoserjjohansen, :-(17:24
jjohansenwell we are all busy, its not like I have manage to get it uploaded to eu region either17:25
smosermrchrisadams, gparted ?17:25
mrchrisadamssmoser: I'm using ubuntu jaunty17:29
mrchrisadamssystem > administration  > (should it be here?)17:29
smosermrchrisadams, maybe i'm missing something: http://packages.ubuntu.com/jaunty/gparted17:29
smoseryou might need to 'apt-get install gparted'17:30
smoseri dont know where it'd show up. i'd just run it from command line.17:30
DrNick_there is gparted yes, but that requires X11 installed.  you could try 'cfdisk' instead of strait 'fdisk' - it provides a menu driven interface - very easy in my experience17:34
jsalisburyI performed an apt-get dist-upgrade to get to the RC.  Is there a way to force another upgrade even if I'm already at the RC?17:36
DrNick_aside from that though, i normally use lvm for all my volume management, so most drives i stick in a server don't have a partition table as such17:36
jsalisburyI want to see if this caused the issue specified in Bug #455625.  However as expected, re-running apt-get dist-upgrade says 0 packages to upgrade.17:36
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 455625 in eucalyptus "Eucalyptus Loses Public IP Address" [Medium,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45562517:36
DrNick_even with one disk, lvm makes sense17:37
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smosermathiaz, zul better late than never, bzr pull lp:~smoser/+junk/ec2-test18:09
=== Claw_ is now known as Claw6
kirklandScottK: ping18:30
=== bogeyd6- is now known as bogeyd6
bdmurrayzul: wrt bug 458637 should samba be able to access windows 7 shares?18:37
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 458637 in samba "samba has many issues" [Low,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45863718:37
zulbdmurray: it should18:38
bdmurrayzul: I've seen a couple of other reports regarding that specific issue.  Should I retitle that bug and make them dupes or do something else?18:39
zulretitle the bug and make them dupes18:39
zulwe'll probably have to do an SRU for it18:40
acalvoanyone know how can I reset/recover the admin password of a LDAP tree (not the config tree though)18:49
ahasenackacalvo: you mean the password of the rootdn dn?18:50
ahasenackacalvo: just change it in slapd.conf or, if using slapd.d, in a file inside that directory (I don't remember which one, but shouldn't be hard to find)18:51
ahasenackacalvo: it's the rootpw entry18:51
ahasenackacalvo: but, if there is no rootpw entry, then it means that rootdn has an entry in the directory itself18:51
acalvommm I'm gonna check it18:51
ahasenackacalvo: and the password should be reset in that entry18:51
ahasenackacalvo: I suppose you could add a rootpw temporarily in that case18:51
uvirtbotNew bug: #461907 in samba (main) "Ubuntu 9.10 won't connect to Windows 7 shared folders (dup-of: 458637)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/46190718:52
bventura_anyone know how to enable mysql warning logging on ubuntu?  I've tried setting 'log-warnings = 2' in my.cnf and it does not seem to work18:56
uvirtbotNew bug: #462140 in eucalyptus (main) "maximum 61 "running" instances, others shutting down" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/46214019:01
CooshIs there anyway to see who is logged onto a pptp vpn in ubuntu? (aparantly logwtmp is broken ?)19:04
uvirtbotNew bug: #462155 in php5 (main) "PEAR package installation silently fails" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/46215519:07
uvirtbotNew bug: #462169 in samba (main) "nmbd dies " [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/46216919:32
quikoneIs there documentation somewhere to have multiple nics online and configured at the same time.  It seems that if one is up the other goes down.19:33
billybigriggerhey all19:36
billybigriggeranyone alive?19:36
uvirtbotNew bug: #462172 in samba (main) "samba "Too many files are currently in use."" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/46217219:41
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smosernekro_, ping regarding 46115620:05
nekro_smoser: I am unable to reproduce the problem. Eucalyptus should handle safe as well as unsafe b64 encoding in the latest upstream.20:10
smoserit absolutely reproduces with current karmic versions20:11
nekro_smoser: I don't know what to tell you.20:11
smoseryou see the stack trace? it looks at least reasonable that it would fail there.20:11
smoserin the code i'm looking at20:12
nekro_smoser: yep. there was an issue at some point. Not sure which revno it was fixed in (a while ago so not sure why you see in with the latest karmic)20:12
smoserwhere do i get upstream revision control from ?20:14
nekro_smoser: lp:eucalyptus/1.620:14
nagappanhi cr320:14
nagappancr3, I'm here :)20:15
cr3can someone recommend documentation about running two dhcp servers on the same network? is it even possible without wrecking havok?20:15
cr3nagappan: cool, now we wait for the gods to answer. I can be the virgin we offer as a sacrifice20:15
nagappancr3, :D20:17
_rubencr3: with which goal in mind? dhcpd supports clustering20:18
cr3_ruben: personally, I'm just curious. nagappan has another use case where he would like one dhcp server to offer static addresses and another dynamic addresses20:20
smoserkirkland, can you reproduce that bug ?  It is as easy as removing 2 lines in euca-run-instances, and then running: ec2-run-instances -k mykey --user-data " << FOO >" ${EMI}20:20
smosernekro_, note, that you have to have patch/fixed euca-run-instances to not double encode data20:21
_rubencr3 / nagappan : how would each dhcp server know whether or not to respond to a request?20:24
calziferhi, i'm trying to run xvfb with jdownloader on my homeserver without x, but how can i connect on the xvfb ?20:24
nagappan_ruben, First DHCP server has to serve based on MAC address20:24
_rubenand i dont see why you cant use a single dhcp server which hands out both static and dynamic leases (since that's what i do at work)20:25
guntbertnagappan: don't use 2 dhcp servers if possible - they tend to get in each other's way20:26
nekro_smoser: I see. yeah I had an older version installed. I can reproduce it now, thanks.20:27
nagappanguntbert, okay20:31
nagappanguntbert, cr3 suggested me to write static ip in /etc/network/interfaces, let me try that out, this is our test system in VMware, after a batch of test is completed, we do reimaging (using Clonezilla)20:32
nagappanguntbert, I have set of scripts which run on each host, probably I can populate the data20:33
cr3nagappan: just to make sure, if you hard code the static IP address in /etc/network/interfaces, you won't need the second dhcp server on the network, right?20:33
nagappancr3, we need it for reimaging by Clonezilla20:34
guntbertnagappan: sorry, I didn't follow - just jumped on the sentence with two dhcp servers - and of course it is possible to have one server to disk out fixed addresses and random ones20:34
cr3nagappan: so hard coding the static IP address might only solve one of your problems but, as suggested by guntbert, you probably shouldn't be running 2 dhcp servers. could you perhaps isolate both networks by vlan or something?20:35
smoseryou could run 2 dhcp servers on one network, but you just want to make sure that for every MAC that the one is going to answer on , the other is going to ignore20:36
qman__yeah, things like clonezilla should generally be done on an isolated network20:36
smoserand vice versa. otherwise you're asking for confusion.20:36
cr3nagappan: if I may speculate, is the problem that you have one dhcp server managed by people outside your team and you need another dhcp server managed by your team for other purposes?20:36
nekro_smoser: I have confirmed that euca-run-instances --user-data works against amazon. I am adding this as an upstream task to fix20:38
cr3qman__: nagappan seems to have two nics per machine, so it should be feasible to isolate cloning to one physical network and the rest to the other more general network20:38
nagappancr3, sure20:38
smosernekro_, it is fairly high priority as a karmic-updates... user-data is generally broken without it20:39
nagappancr3, second dhcp server maintained by our techops team20:39
nagappancr3, fist dhcp server maintained by me, with Clonezilla setup20:39
cr3nagappan: aha! so there's probably a lot of overhead to implementing smoser's approach where you'd have to ask the techops team to specifically ignore each mac address you intend to server statically from your own dhcp server20:40
smoseri suspected that cr3 was correct.  it'd definitely be a pain to coordinate20:41
cr3nagappan: instead, you're probably better off isolating both networks, just using vlans if you happen to have that luxury or physically otherwise. then, both dhcp servers will not conflict with each other20:41
smoseri have done this before, but in a network where the "official" server only responded to known macs20:41
smoserso my dhcp server was free to respond to known macs that the first didn't know about20:42
bventura_anyone know how to enable mysql warning logging on ubuntu?  I've tried setting 'log-warnings = 2' in my.cnf and it does not seem to work20:42
nagappancr3, sure20:43
zulmathiaz: do you have a suggestion for a fix for 462169?21:13
mathiazbug 46216921:13
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 462169 in samba "nmbd dies " [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/46216921:13
mathiazzul: nope - not really21:13
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fbc-mxWhat command would you use to tell ubuntu server to ping all the distros and use the closest one? Like the desktop does.21:27
_rubenping doesnt relate to download speed at all21:29
fbc-mx_ruben, ok, then whatever wat the desktop determines it can I get the server version to?21:31
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fbc-mx_ruben, ok then how to I get the server to use the closest distro is there some automated way of doing it like the desktop does?21:33
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