hyperairanyone here i can talk to about mesa's build system and 64-bit issues?14:03
hyperairbryce_: ping14:41
jcristautalking about mesa's build system. hah.14:41
hyperairheh yes i am =p14:43
hyperairit's miserable and annoying by the way14:43
tormodhyperair: I think you already talked a lot about it in #ubuntu-devel, maybe you can file a bug and sum up what is needed?14:43
hyperairtormod: actually i think i'll use an existing bug.14:44
tormodeven better14:44
hyperairbut yeah i'll sum it up with a debdiff as well soon14:44
tormodeven better yet :)14:44
apwtseliot, this dell 10v touchpad detect does not seem to take every time you boot, more like 4 out of 514:44
hyperairand an upstream patch.14:44
tseliotapw: what do you mean? And can I see a log?14:46
tormodhyperair: then it can't get better :)14:46
hyperairheh =)14:46
hyperairi should have looked at this earlier though =\14:46
apwtseliot, all i know is that sometimes i boot the boundary and 90pixel or less thing don't get applied ... i can apply them by hand successfully14:47
apwtseliot, i am not the only one seeing the same 14:47
tseliotapw: maybe Hal fails to apply your settings?14:48
apwtseliot, perhaps ... /me knows nothing :)14:48
apwi report it to you having watched scott beat the crap out of his machine for it :)14:48
tseliotapw: maybe try reinstalling the synaptics package? It could be that the fdi cache was corrupted14:49
tseliotoh and reboot, just to be sure14:50
apwtseliot, its random when it does it, ie not all the boots14:50
tormodapw, blame upstart ;)14:51
apwhe'll love you for that14:51
tseliotapw: it sound like a Hal bug. You might want to ask pitti about this14:51
apwtseliot, thanks14:51
tseliotthanks for reporting the problem14:51
=== ripps_ is now known as ripps
* hyperair notes that mesa has some real huge lintian issues15:40
hyperairjcristau: you should have asked faster, i lost my logs already =.=15:48
hyperairlemme re-lintian it15:48
jcristauit should have a couple warnings, but nothing "huge"15:49
hyperairlots of nice Es15:50
jcristauthat's fine15:51
jcristauit's not lots of Es, it's one E15:51
hyperairi'm quite sure i saw more than one15:54
hyperairoh well15:54
jcristauit's the same, once for each lib15:55
* hyperair thinks dpkg/apt should gain some real multiarch support15:57
* hyperair pulls out hair after the third compilation of mesa that failed to do what was needed16:54
hyperairgood lord. there has to be a reason why mesa's debian/rules is so bloody cluttered.16:57
jcristauwhat the hell are you trying to do?16:57
hyperairoh i was trying to pass an environment variable into make17:13
hyperairfirst i exported, then i realized make doesn't honour exported variables =.=17:14
hyperairfirst compilation.17:14
hyperairso i passed it into one of the $(MAKE)s, but got the wrong one instead17:14
hyperairinstall instead of build17:14
* hyperair facepalms17:14
hyperairso after loads of digging, i finally found the build one17:14
* hyperair gapes at lzma's memory usage17:16
hyperair400M to compress a deb. woo17:16
bryce_tjaalton, I went ahead and posted about the scheduling conflicts we've had with X in ubuntu to xorg-devel@19:40
bryce_tjaalton, so far looks like I'm being ignored as usual ;-)19:40
tjaaltonbryce_: yeah I noticed.. we'll see if someone responds :)19:44
micahgare there any known issues with GTK apps and nvidia drivers in karmic?19:55
micahghi seb12820:15
seb128hey micahg20:15
micahgseb128: do you know anything about GTK problems in karmic with nvidia chipsets?20:15
micahgor rather the proprietary drivers?20:15
seb128what sort of issue do you get?20:16
micahgwell, people keep reporting sefaults and crashes with our firefox in karmic20:16
micahgbut the mozilla version seems to work fine20:16
micahgthat's why I was wondering if our GTK apps are having issues20:16
seb128our gtk has no distro change20:17
seb128and I don't think mozilla has a gtk copy20:17
seb128could be some cairo changes though20:17
seb128do you have a bug example?20:17
micahgi'll have to find one20:17
seb128upstream mozilla has a cairo copy I think20:18
seb128we use the system one in ubuntu, so they might have changed their copy to fix issues20:18
seb128not sure though, asac would be a better person to ping about that20:18
micahgbug 45759420:19
ubottuBug 457594 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/457594 is private20:19
seb128micahg, the stracktrace on this bug is not really useful20:21
seb128the other bug mentioned is a crash due to flash though20:22
micahgbug 45285620:22
ubottuBug 452856 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/452856 is private20:22
kervelhi, i'm running ubuntu-x-swat on karmic and i'm running into http://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=2473420:23
ubottuFreedesktop bug 24734 in Drivers/DRI/i915 "Changes in Mesa prevent Gnome desktop (with Compiz) from starting normaly" [Critical,Resolved: fixed]20:23
kerveli wonder if the guys running the ppa know it is broken and needs update20:24
Duke`tormod is following the bug20:27
tormodit is fixed in the PPA already, for Jaunty20:28
tormodx-updates for karmic will be fixed in a few hours20:29
* hyperair wonders if cross-compiling 32-bit mesa on 64-bit arches is a good idea -- as in have lib32mesa* rather than bundling everything in a huge ia32-libs package20:33
seb128micahg, those bugs seem to indicate xulrunner issues20:35
seb128the stacktraces are not really useful though20:35
micahgok, I'll chat with asac about it then20:35
micahgI was just wondering if anyone knew of any major issue20:35
micahgI still have to go through all the bugs and see if there are any commonalities20:36
bryce_wow, #xorg-devel is thick with ubu-hate.21:55
tjaaltonbryce_: the cloud reference? nothing ubu-related except in the first comment, I think22:04
bryce_tjaalton, there was also some stuff about gdm/upstart last night22:05
tjaaltonseems like aaronp has issues with karmic :)22:08
tjaaltonnot being able to start gdm if you come from the recovery shell is a bug though22:08
bryce_tjaalton, could you check that there's an appropriate bug filed about that against gdm?22:15
bryce_I targeted+milestoned the gdm/upstart blinking issue22:16
tjaaltonit is filed already22:18
tjaaltonI'll check which one it was22:18
bryce_might be worth milestoning too22:18
tjaaltontriaged too.. the upstart job "checks kernel command-line for inhibitors"22:19
tjaaltonand that's a bit silly22:19
tjaaltonbug 43693622:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 436936 in kdebase-workspace "gdm upstart job checks /proc/cmdline for single user mode, won't dtrt on post-boot runlevel change" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/43693622:21
tjaaltonwould karmic-updates be the correct milestone?22:25

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