phixfoul_owl: you will then need to write this in /etc/network/interfaces in the format that that file expects to get it working after a reboot00:00
phixfoul_owl: yes00:00
phixfoul_owl: the ip address of eth0 and wlan0 should be nothing (set to
SeaPhorfoul_owl, btw,, i have one of those Belkin routers,, as soon as i get another i'm gonna use the Belkin for batting practice until there's nothing left to beat00:00
vigoNow I need assistance. I want to try this RedNotebook on Hardy. but it says I have to update or change some Repositories settings, http://digitaldump.wordpress.com/2009/05/15/ubuntu-repository/..or I can download the .deb from a link on that page, I think the Repository change is the way to go, am I correct?00:00
foul_owlseaphor: word. wrt54g  is where its at00:01
eidoSirTopHat, man echo .... not much that i can think of, maybe if you wrote a script and want to display output on where it is at to the person00:01
ncfi1013i just installed the new version of firefox and i cant get any torrents to open in ktorrent when i click on a torrent link. ive already checked to see if it is already set up to do that and it is. is there something im missing? is the new firefox in its beta? got any tips, suggestions, pointers?00:01
mrweslinksys with Tomato and QoS is killer00:01
phixmrwes: I prefer a Ubuntu box, just to keep within topic though :P00:01
ktzkkE: ipppd: 子进程 post-installation script 返回了错误号 12700:02
alejandrois there a way to rebuild the fstab in ubuntu?00:02
phixalejandro: sudo nano /etc/fstab00:02
ktzkkwhat can i do?00:02
mrwesphix, wouldn't argue with that :)00:02
phixmrwes: :)00:02
mrwesphix, although my linksys never hiccups00:02
loshajhattara: you can look in /var/log e.g. messages and see if any errors were logged. See also smartmontools to access the disk's SMART data. http://gsmartcontrol.berlios.de/home/index.php/en/About00:02
alejandroI resized a windows partition then created a new one outside the local ubuntu installation00:02
phixktzkk: curl up in a ball and rock00:03
alejandronow I try to mount the new partition but I dont have write permissions to it00:03
phixmrwes: yeah, my only experience with linksys is with the SPA3202 or something, ATA, it is a POS!00:03
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mrwesalejandro, check the permissions to the mount point for the partition00:04
phixUbuntu running asterisk with a digium card is the best :)00:04
phixGo Ubuntu!00:04
alejandroits being mounted by hal00:04
foul_owlalright, im gonna give this a try00:04
jhattaralosha, found this line in the messages a bit after the last time i remember accessing the files on the drive: http://pastebin.com/d4ca4820300:04
foul_owlcheers all!00:04
loshaphix: I have a WRTG54v3 running tomato firmware that's rock solid. Never had much luck with Belkin stuff...00:04
foul_owlphix: thanks for help00:04
foul_owleido: you too!00:04
phixfoul_owl: any time00:04
steaHi, I need some help : I have a neighbor's Pentium 3 with 128mb ram and 10gb hard drive - it just needs a new OS that can connect to the net via ethernet for e-mail. I looked at the new ubuntu requirments and it doesn't seem that this laptop will handle it - is it still possible or can somebody please give me a link for an alternate?00:05
mrweslosha, I'm with you brutha!00:05
phixlosha: I have nor never will touch anything Belkin related, not even rebranded stuff00:05
mrwesstea, try puppy linux00:05
vigostea: try Alternate or Xubuntu?00:06
mrwesstea, you can have that box up and running in 5 minutes00:06
phixmrwes: NO!!! Ubuntu!!!00:06
mrwesphix, I wouldn't put Xbuntu on that box00:06
eidostea, or you can try damn small linux00:06
vigo!alternate | stea00:06
ubottustea: The Alternate CD is a classic text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can also be used as an upgrade CD.  Look for the link on the Ubuntu download page - See also !minimal00:06
steamrwes puppy linux is your recommendation? or as others suggested alternate cd00:06
mrwesstea, puppy is ~100mb and will run completely in RAM00:07
eidostea, puppy or damn small linux would be my suggestions00:07
mrwesstea, can you boot from the CD drive on that box?00:07
piotruscześć! Ziomale z Polski!!!00:07
piotrustu Wasz Bananos:):)00:07
steamrwes - yes it's an old dell inspiron 400000:07
phixstea: I have Xubuntu running on a P3 500 - 700MHz, 192Mb RAM, 20Gb HDD00:07
loshajhattara: that's a bad sign. You tried to read a disk block and couldn't, so the drive reallocated (i.e. moved) it to a spare sector elsewhere on the disk. That could be a one-off, or the beginning of total drive failure. Next step is to look at the SMART data. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/S.M.A.R.T.00:08
steafrom the year 2000 :)00:08
mrwesstea, you're good to go then -- you can stop by #puppylinux for help00:08
steai think - it's my neighbor's - she's freaking out that her windows 2000 bonked on her and needs to connect online for work00:08
jhattaralosha, installing smartmontools as we speak00:08
StevethepirateHmm, although probably the wrong place to ask, anyone here have an idea how to retrieve metadata from a http audio stream?00:08
Stevethepirate[in python]00:09
piotrusco słychac?00:09
piotrushello ello!00:09
SirTopHatemacs or nano00:09
xerxeswhat's up...can I get a little help with some ubuntu?00:09
mrwes!ask | xerxes00:09
ubottuxerxes: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:09
ultamatthey all, is there a channel for java/swing related questions on ubuntu?00:09
eidostea, your biggest hurdle is going to be your window manager phix is suggesting xfce which is a good choice, damn small linux uses fluxbox and puppy uses something small too but cannot recall00:09
nicklas_looks like kubuntu 9.10 will be really good, just wondering if you can use just konqueror, or if you will need firefox00:10
mrweseido, jwm for puppy00:10
mrweseido, Joe's Window Manager00:10
vigostea: I have to agree with arwes on that, puppy or dyne:obolic or dam small linux are good, but I would try the Alternate , just cause I'm too geeky for this shirt.00:10
xerxesok...bit of a long story but ill sum it up as much as possible00:10
J1mmyW1remanok, I'm on ubuntu 9.10 moblin remix on a asus eee pc00:10
J1mmyW1remanand just have to say I'm lovin it00:10
loshajhattara: check out GSmartControl too. It's by far the easiest way to do access the smart data. http://reformedmusings.wordpress.com/2009/01/10/monitor-your-hard-drives-in-ubuntu-810-intrepid/00:10
supermatthewso question, ISPConfig won't let random people create websites without me knowing like ehcp?00:11
TermanaJ1mmyW1reman: Why not tell the Karmic room that? #ubuntu+100:11
steaof these, which one will work the easiest? :) i've installed the live ubuntu cd before on my laptop - but never tried the alternate - my background is sub-par basic at the least - i'm just trying to help this person out with something fast so she can get her work done00:11
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J1mmyW1remanok cool this was just the room that opened up default from the chat00:11
=== Tehfoe is now known as Darkfoe
Termanastea - why not try running the default live CD and seeing if it works fast enough before going to alternatives?00:12
xerxesi tried to install arch linux a while ago and the install got fudged up somehow because my cdrom drive wasnt working, so i said screw it and I bought a new drive. instead of trying to install arch linux i tried to install ubuntu...problems insued00:12
dorkfaceHi all.  what would be the best channel to ask questions about setting up RAID?00:12
eidoJ1mmyW1reman, this is ubuntus main irc channel00:12
coz_dorkface,   try  ##linux00:12
J1mmyW1remanok thanx bai00:12
Termanastea - you don't even have to install it, just see how it runs.00:12
coz_jimmy51_home,  your leaving just as you arrived?00:12
dorkfacecoz_: ty00:13
GENTanytime i use any bitorrent application or play second life my brother complains of lag on his xbox (the bar drops to red )is there something that i can do so that i will not be constantly be bitched at by brother00:13
supermatthewis there a channel on Freenode thats for random chat00:13
steaTermana - yeah that's right i forgot about that00:13
coz_dorkface,  no problem they should have a more overall  troubleshooting  experience00:13
steabut will 130mb still run on regular ubuntu Termana?00:13
sagaciGENT: limit your bandwidth00:13
sagaciGENT: do you use transmission00:13
xerxesI put the cd in the drive and It actually tries to load arch linux not ubuntu00:14
ultamattMy java/swing application won't terminate correctly, is this a ubuntu specific problem, or my crappy code? http://utilitybase.com/paste/2099200:14
mrwesGENT, you need a quality of service on your router00:14
GENTno i use deluge but i could use tramamisioun if that would fix the problem00:14
supermatthewstop using dialup?00:14
xerxesi have the bios set to load from cd00:14
xerxesbut no dice00:14
eidostea, if you try a full ubuntu cd i would try like phix said xubuntu, which uses xfce00:14
sagaciGENT: just go to preferences and limit your download and upload kb/s00:14
xerxesany isea?00:14
GENTno i have to use dial up because i live in a rural area00:14
supermatthewGENT: on a side note, setup QoS on you router, most new ones make it easy to do it00:14
GENTsupermatthew, what will that do00:15
supermatthewwait you really do use dialup?00:15
steaeido - it says on xubuntu : CDs require 128MB RAM to run, or 192MB RAM to install. / her's only has 130mb ram00:15
Termanastea - I don't know weather 130mb of ram will run Ubuntu. But it can't do any harm to try. If it works it works, if not, then you know it hasn't worked, move on to the alternatives.00:15
GENTsupermatthew, yes i use embarck00:15
TermanaI run Ubuntu on 512mb of RAM quite fine00:16
xerxesso who's the gugu in here lol00:16
GENTsorry embarq00:16
steaappreciate all the advice here peeps - but Termana - 512mb ram isn't 128mb ram :)00:16
eidostea, grab puppy or damn small linux00:16
Termanastea - yeah I know. Still, I think its worth at least trying, like I said, does no harm to try.00:16
loshaxerxes: we tend to specialize in different areas. Ask your question and see who answers...00:16
GENTsupermatthew, http://www.centurylink.com/00:17
supermatthewdoesn't look like dialup00:17
supermatthewbut anyways00:17
loshaGENT: there's always the obvious, easy solution: do your downloading when your bro isn't using his xbox...00:18
ultamattdoes anybody know of a java help forum?00:18
jhattaralosha, thanks for the help, i'll have to continue diagonosing it at another time00:18
eidostea, damn small  linux will run on 32 mb ram00:18
loshajhattara: understood. Good luck...00:18
GENTlosha, that is imposable due to my schedule00:18
TermanaGENT - why not try limiting your download speed?00:18
supermatthewGent: QoS basicly tells the router, if it sees a packet for this kind of connection, forward it first, or last, or somthing like that00:18
GENTTermana, to what perfered settings00:19
JPSmanHow do I disable the middle click paste feature of Gedit?00:19
TermanaGENT - I don't know but if your looking for an app to do it, I think there is one called pyshaper00:19
loshaGENT: downloads can pretty much run unattended. Start it before you go to bed and then turn it off in the morning or something...00:19
LjLJPSman: that's not a feature of gedit, it's a feature of all X apps.00:19
supermatthewGent: so if you setup QoS to prioritse his Xbox connections, then he shoudln't experince slow downs when you download00:19
GENTlosha, ah but he arives home before i do00:19
supermatthewnote the word  shoudln't00:20
supermatthewin the case of my DSL router, QoS has no affect00:20
assoguerozen_sxkde3.5.10 can be used in ubuntu actually?00:20
loshaGENT: some clients you can arrange for them to start & shut off depending on time of day. Didn't azureus have a plugin for that?00:20
LjLassoguerozen_sx: no. the last version that can use it is Hardy.00:20
GENTazures is a peace of bloted shit00:20
LjL!langauge | GENT00:21
ubottuGENT: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.00:21
assoguerozen_sxim looking for some ppa or smthg00:21
GENTsorry , but on a side not it is00:21
JPSmanHow do I disable the middle click paste feature?00:21
TermanaGENT - I still think you should try limiting your speed with something like pyshaper. Really, its the only way because your trying to use more bandwidth than you have available.00:21
LjL!kde3 | assoguerozen_sx00:21
ubottuassoguerozen_sx: Kubuntu 8.04 ships with KDE3 and full support. Jaunty does not include KDE3 but a remix install CD can be obtained at  https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Kde3/Jaunty . This is not officially supported. Support, instructions and ways to contribute can be found on the wiki page00:21
loshaGENT: There are other clients with similar functionality I believe,...00:21
eidoGENT, you are correct :P ahh java00:21
mrwesGENT, install a real torrent client -- rtorrent :)00:21
LjLJPSman: to my knowledge, you don't, short of disabling middle click entirely, but i'm not sure.00:22
xerxes37072is there any reason why my comp would try load a preexisting install of archlinux instead of running my ubuntu install cd?00:22
kristian_i converted a .bin/.cue to a .iso file, by following the instructions given here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ManageDiscImages. however it gives no instruction on how to mount a .iso file. could someone help a poor soul. :-)00:22
LjL!mountiso | kristian_00:22
ubottukristian_: To mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.00:22
supermatthewi thihk that the guy who makes utorrent should make a linix verson just for ubuntu00:22
kristian_LjL: thanks! :-)00:22
loshaxerxes37072: if the cd can't be read, the system will probably default to booting from the hard drive. Also, the bios may be set to prefer the hard drive...00:22
xerxes37072i heard that super matthew00:23
JPSmanLjL: its not under System->Preferences->Mouse or System->Preferences->Keyboard Shorcut00:23
supermatthewthen call it "µtorrent for µbuntu"00:23
xerxes37072right...but I set the bios to boot from cd00:23
RoeyI have a tricky situation:   I have /dev/md0 (which is /dev/sd{a,b}1) that's this puny 100 MiB partition at the start of my partition table.  I want to boot off of /, which has its own /boot;  / is on /dev/md1 (that is, /dev/sd{a,b}2).  How do I do this neatly?00:23
loshasupermatthew: very few windows developers care about producing linux versions of anything...00:23
bigdavejokereverytime I open open office it opens the document in a workspace I can't access00:23
TermanaIf you can't access the workspace, how do you know its there?00:24
loshaxerxes37072: then maybe your cd is bad...00:24
supermatthewwait if i ran µtorrent through an uppercaseafier, it would write MTORRENT?00:24
LEE20hey all00:24
xerxes37072i checked the md5sum as per the website00:24
LEE20question could i install ubuntu on a different drive00:24
xerxes37072and it all apears go for launch00:24
bigdavejokerTermana: it shows up in the botom window   next to my primary workspace  and I can see the open office icon00:24
LEE20i got 2 drives00:24
bigdavejokerbut it won't let me drag the program into my primary workspace00:24
xerxes37072and burned the disc immage00:24
Termanabigdavejoker - so you can go into the next workspace?00:25
quimkaosi'm getting an error configuring screens with nvidia settings:00:25
quimkaosVALIDATION ERROR:  Data incomplete in file /etc/X11/xorg.conf.00:25
quimkaosUndefined Device "(null)" referenced by Screen "Default Screen".00:25
LEE20instead of the windows one00:25
bigdavejokernope I click it and nothing happens00:25
LjLJPSman: there are some (dubiou) instructions around on google; however, they pertain to previous versions of ubuntu, since they involve modifing xorg.conf, and i believe that's not the way input devices are managed anymore.00:25
quimkaosdoes anyone knows what is this00:25
bigdavejokerTermana: ctrl f2 doesn't seem to work either00:25
JPSmanLjL: do you know if its an X thing, or a Gnome thing or an Ubuntu thing?00:25
Termanabigdavejoker: what about when you press Ctrl + Alt + Right Arrow ?00:25
loshaxerxes37072: got something else e.g. windows cd so you can check if boot-from-cd works in general?00:25
LjLJPSman: X00:25
bigdavejokerTermana:  no change either00:25
xerxes37072losha: ill try that00:26
Guest54006I am in need of assistance if anyone is willing to help00:26
losha!ask| Guest5400600:26
ubottuGuest54006: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:26
JPSmanLjL: thanks :O)   The damn feature has gotten me in trouble while writing code ya know?00:26
LEE20hi could i install ubuntu on a different drive.instead of windows one00:26
LEE20and how should i do it00:26
drpckenwhats the best way to remote into my ubuntu box?  currently using a vnc client with remote desktop enabled on ubuntu, but no password because i can't restart without not being able to connect00:26
LjLJPSman: actually i can't quite see why it would be so bad00:26
ncfi1013i just installed the new version of firefox and i cant get any torrents to open in ktorrent when i click on a torrent link. ive already checked to see if it is already set up to do that and it is. is there something im missing? is the new firefox in its beta? got any tips, suggestions, pointers?00:27
Guest54006Youtube videos will not show up and play for me.  I have just installed ubuntu, and am very new to this!00:27
Termanabigdavejoker: Do you have compiz on?00:27
ubottuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash00:27
LjLLEE20: the installer will let you pick the drive to install on. just pay close attention to the instructions give by the installer00:27
malos...)Not Win 7 though....()00:27
bigdavejokerTermana:  not sure00:27
loshaGuest54006: see above ubottu msg re: flash00:28
LEE20so when the computer starts it will give me the option to pick what operating system i pick00:28
LEE20i just dont want it on windows 07...00:28
Termanabigdavejoker: try this, press Alt + F2 and then type in (without quotes) "metacity --replace" and then try switching workspaces00:29
LEE20i got enough room on the other driver.is it going to cause any problems00:29
rasstari find the kubuntu desktop to be so much better than ubuntu00:29
NiteSnowIt uses kde :|00:29
loshaLEE20: what LjL said. And you know what? back up your existing windows system in case you mess everything up....00:29
offsensehow to update from ubuntu beta to final release????00:29
NiteSnowthat's the only differnce00:29
LEE20yeah last time i did that i did...00:30
ultamattHow can I access the ##java channel? I keep getting this error over pidgin:00:30
ultamattYou need to be identified to join that channel00:30
rasstarwell kde desktop is so much better00:30
Guest54006since I used wubi to install onto an already made partition, there will be no overflow of files from my ubuntu partition to my windows partition will there?00:30
LEE20if i have them side by side..can i allocate how much room i can give to ubuntu00:30
bigdavejokerTerman: will give it a try computer acting up a bit so thanks in advance in case I get disconnected00:30
Guest11006Hello, I want to start and xsession over SSH so that I can login through vnc. How can I do that?00:31
=== Guest11006 is now known as DYnamo__
TermanaNo problem bigdavejoker - hopefully it solves it :P00:31
DYnamo__Hello, I want to start and xsession over SSH so that I can login through vnc. How can I do that?00:31
ziomusDo you guys know any good programs to work wiyh pictures. Modify them and stuff?00:31
Termanaziomus: GIMP?00:31
drpckenDYnamo__,  i'm trying to do pretty much the same thing00:32
drpckeni can remote in no problem, but if I restart ubuntu I have to log in manually before I can log in remotely.  not sure what I need to do00:32
bigdavejokerTermana:  that did it thanks I'm going to go look up metacity  so I can figure out why it worked00:32
xerxes37072any idea what "pxe-e61: media test failure" would indicate on the start up screen00:33
loshaDYnamo__: something like: tightvncserver :100:33
eidoziomus, gimp is like a photoshop replacement   inkscape is for vector graphics00:33
Guest54006after installing the flash, youtube still does not work, I just get a black portion where the video should be and no play/pause bar along with no sound00:33
drpckenlosha, how would we get it to start when the ubuntu box boots, but before anyone logs in?00:33
ziomusCan u work with gimp. Cause i want to print the picture the same size of the cover plastic case00:33
ToyotaI'll soon find out00:33
LEE20could someone assist me in setting up ubuntu..iam live cd now00:34
Termanabigdavejoker: No problem. Metacity is the default composition manager. It was a bug in the compiz coposition manager that wouldn't allow workspaces to be accessed00:34
eidoziomus, both have irc channels too #gimp and #inkscape00:34
ziomusLike u know they have in blackbuster00:34
bob1guest54006 restart the computer.00:34
Guest54006am I guest54006?00:34
a|3xubuntu is so f* unstable, its unbelievable00:35
xerxes37072yes you are guest00:35
steabottom line guys n' gals - has anyone been able to run regular ubuntu w/ ~130mb ram?00:35
Guest54006sorry for confusion, my name showing up here is "john"00:35
hipitihopI'm running HMDI audio and each time I reboot I need to go into the mixer and re-enable one of the switches.... how can I get things to stick across reboots?00:35
loshadrpcken: DYnamo__: you could launch it from /etc/rc.local which runs once at boot time. Note you need some config to get tightvncserver running e.g. at least a password and xstartup file in ~/.vnc00:35
tioxCan somebody help me? I'm dead in the water here.00:35
loshaa|3x: stop running beta code. 8.04 LTS is rock steady...00:35
tioxI'm still on the same problem, and I feel like killing my modem developer.00:35
krummlaufok kde crashed on me00:36
a|3xlosha, why do they give you 9 by default on the site00:36
krummlaufsup wif dat?00:36
LEE20if i install them side by side could i use the slider00:36
=== gh0zt is now known as svpn
loshaa|3x: because all developers are optimists. If *I* ruled the world, 8.04 would be the default install....00:36
eidoziomus, looks like there is Koverartist and Cdcover for making DVD covers although I have never used either00:37
tioxI have an Atheros AR8138 modem, and the developer had made it so I need rpm to build the drivers with.00:37
ziomusbut not on dvd00:37
eidoziomus, if you want to join the gimp channell type "/join #gimp" without quotes00:37
matelotQ: sound from Browser not coming from USB speaker but laptop speaker - how to fix ?00:37
a|3xlosha, 8.04 doesn't have wpa working by default which is so gay00:37
s1gmab3tahey guys, trying to setup my home SSH server, i am following https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/serverguide/C/openssh-server.html00:37
ziomusIts just where u put dvd/cd in it00:37
s1gmab3tai am at the step where ive made my key and use ssh-copy-id to send it to my laptop00:38
tioxUbuntu doesn't do rpm, damn it. Is there a way to force it> I'm running a Windows machine and I wanna make sure I can get online with the live CD before I make the switch fully.00:38
s1gmab3tabut i get ssh: connect to host msxmini port 22: Connection refused00:38
s1gmab3tawhere msxmini is the name of my laptop00:38
eidoziomus, Koverartist and Cdcover00:38
loshaa|3x: please don't use that term pejoratively00:39
a|3xlosha, sorry00:39
s1gmab3taanyone know what i can do to fix it?00:39
LEE20is 120gig enough for ubuntu00:39
ks3s1gmab3ta: That's only required if you want to be able to login without entering a password00:39
s1gmab3taaaaaaaaand i do00:39
loshaa|3x: if it's true about wpa, please submit a bug report. It would be nice if *one* ubuntu release worked relatively well...00:39
ussers1gmab3ta, try connecting by ip instead of a hostname00:40
ks3s1gmab3ta: It requires SSH to be up and running on your laptop as well00:40
bluntz_alien will handle rpm00:40
s1gmab3taks3: a ssh server?00:40
ultamatt_please god could somebody tell me why am i still getting this error trying to change to the ##java channel? You need to be identified to join that channel00:40
krummlaufkde crashed did u herd me00:40
usserks3, no it doesnt00:40
ks3s1gmab3ta: If you have the key password protected, email it to yourself or copy it to a USB key00:40
ultamatt_I registered my nick and I'm still getting it!!!00:40
tioxOkay, can I get the ailen library from archive.ubuntu.com?00:41
tioxAnd install locally?00:41
drpckenwhat would in rc.local to start the remote desktop service before a user logs in?00:41
ks3usser: Perhaps I'm misreading the ssh-copy-id man page, but it specifically states "ssh-copy-id  is  a script that uses ssh to log into a remote machine"00:41
loshaultamatt_: according to my 'whois', you are not an 'identified user00:41
s1gmab3taks3: what do i do with it on the lappy00:41
ks3s1gmab3ta: Copy it to ~/.ssh/id_dsa (presuming it's a DSA key, not RSA)00:42
ultamatt_>nickserv< register <mypw> ultamatt@gmail.com00:42
ultamatt_-NickServ- You are already logged in as ultamatt_.00:42
ultamatt_that's what I just got00:42
s1gmab3taks3: then do i have to do anything locally?00:42
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about wacom00:43
ultamatt_Can anyone please help me?00:44
loshaultamatt_: after registering, you also have to identify: /msg nickserv identify PASSWORD00:44
losha 00:44
MenZaultamatt_: This is not the channel for that; see #freenode.00:45
s1gmab3taks3: it says something about adding it to .ssh/authorized_keys00:45
ks3s1gmab3ta: If you've got the key generated on your laptop, you just need to copy the id_dsa.pub file to ~/.ssh/authorized_keys on the server... sorry if I was confused a bit... I was thinking you had generated the keys on the server side :)00:45
s1gmab3taoh no00:45
s1gmab3tai generated the key on the serve00:45
ultamatt_AHA! that did it, thanks @losha00:46
s1gmab3tais authorized_keys a folder?00:46
xerxes37072any archlinux users in the house?00:46
LjLxerxes37072: try #archlinux00:46
ks3s1gmab3ta: Nope, .ssh is a folder, authorized_keys is just a text file with all the keys you want to be able to authenticate them00:46
s1gmab3taks3: so i just write the path to the file i generated00:46
steaeido - would you think that 8.04 would run on this machine? i was reading that that might possibly work00:46
steaeido what i saw from puppy linux/ damn small linux, she wouldn't be saving stuff on the physical hard drive?00:47
eidostea, might but 8.04 still uses gnome, plus you want the latest updates00:47
ks3s1gmab3ta: Also, permissions on authorized_keys should be 0600... and as I think usser was getting at, ssh-copy-id should work as long as SSH is working on your server, so there may be an issue with your setup00:47
HelsinkiiiIs there a way I can change which visual effects i want, and which i don't00:47
ziomusEido wut was the program name again. I gotta write it down00:48
Helsinkiiii want to keep everything except for the floppy windows thing00:48
loshastea: you could try, but you're better off with a distro designed for tiny memory usage...00:48
[B]randonhow come apt-get full-upgrade didnt work?00:48
eidostea, http://www.damnsmalllinux.org/wiki/index.php/Installing_to_the_Hard_Disk00:48
s1gmab3taso sudo chmod 0600 authorizedkeys?00:48
[B]randonhow come apt-get full-upgrade didnt work?00:48
eidoziomus, Koverartist or Cdcover00:49
stealosha - is there a distro that has openoffice already bundled in there by any chance? basically needs that to work with reading old ms word files and creating new documents and firefox for a browser00:49
OerHeks[B]randon , it will work, wait 3 days00:49
ks3s1gmab3ta: If it's in /root, yes. If it's in your own user folder, don't need the sudo (and don't forget the _ in authorized_keys :)00:49
ziomusThank u sir00:49
eidoziomus, Koverartist is going to need kde stuff if  you are not already running kde00:49
[B]randonOerHeks, for what?00:49
loshastea: sorry, dunno offhand. Start googling....00:49
ziomusWuts kde?00:50
s1gmab3taks3:  i got lazy about the _ but yeah i see what yo umean00:50
=== sshc_ is now known as sshc
zetheroo1hi there.... anyone have the latest karmic downloaded? ... I am in Australia and would be over the moon is someone wanted to send me a CD of it ...00:50
OerHeks[B]randon, 29th Ubuntu 9.10 comes out, then you can upgrade as you like00:50
kinja-sheep!shipit | zetheroo100:50
ubottuzetheroo1: shipit is a service that sends free Ubuntu and Kubuntu CDs. See http://shipit.ubuntu.com/ and http://shipit.kubuntu.org - Shipit will send Jaunty (9.04) CDs00:50
_CommandeR_anyone would recommend a good screen recorder ?00:51
jhb1608I have a webcam problem00:51
loshastea: perhaps pupply linux, if the constant puppy theme doesn't make you vomit...00:51
jhb1608I posted a forum message00:51
usser_CommandeR_, gtk-recordmydesktop00:51
rattwhat time is it ?00:51
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about tim00:51
_CommandeR_usser, well it not working right, choppy audio00:51
ubottuInformation about using and setting your computer's clock on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuTime - See https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/serverguide/C/NTP.html for information on usage of the Network Time Protocol (NTP)00:51
zetheroo1kinja-sheep: do they ship karmic?00:52
rattin croatia is 03:0000:52
usser_CommandeR_, try lowering resolution at which you record00:52
jhb1608could I post the forum link?00:52
kinja-sheepzetheroo1: They will.00:52
ziomusWhich program u prefer edio00:52
_CommandeR_usser, tried to lower quality would not help..00:52
* Edson` ordered his Karmic Koala CD yesterday00:52
HelsinkiiiIs there a way I can change which visual effects i want, and which i don't00:52
HelsinkiiiIs there a way I can change which visual effects i want, and which i don't00:52
usser_CommandeR_, try istanbul even i find gtk-recordmydesktop better00:52
s1gmab3tayeah now im getting connection refused from my lappy when i try to ssh to my desky00:52
RoeyI have a tricky situation:   I have /dev/md0 (which is /dev/sd{a,b}1) that's this puny 100 MiB partition at the start of my partition table.  I want to boot off of /, which has its own /boot;  / is on /dev/md1 (that is, /dev/sd{a,b}2).  How do I do this neatly?00:52
ziomusThe covers are dvd single library case00:52
s1gmab3taill figure it out thanks though00:52
ks3s1gmab3ta: No prob00:53
jhb1608Do there is a way to get my webcam (The code here: ID 046d:08b0 Logitech, Inc. QuickCam 3000 Pro [pwc]) to work in Flash so I can do webcam shows?00:53
jhb1608my webcam works in other program but not in flash00:53
conb123Hiya i am using ntfsresize to make my windows ntfs partition smaller but is it true that the new partition i create in the free space has to be 200mb larger than the original ntfs partition?00:53
eidostea, openoffice is a big monster and you could/will find yourself swapping.  damn small linux and puppy both have some light weight editors on them by default i would see if those work for you first00:54
delifoxnoob here00:55
usserstea, try abiword for something more lightweight00:55
quimkaosHelsinkiii: get Compiz configuration settings manager00:55
delifoxhelp with a problem i might have caused??00:55
jhb1608Do there is a way to get my webcam (The code here: ID 046d:08b0 Logitech, Inc. QuickCam 3000 Pro [pwc]) to work in Flash so I can do webcam shows? my webcam works in other program but not in flash...00:55
steareally thanks for all of your input - i just downloaded the regular live cd 8.04 - we'll see how it runs for right now - usser - i think abiword comes with xubuntu00:55
conb123delifox: ok so what is it?00:55
kermitif i heavily load my iwlagn module it needs to be reloaded frequently, does any one else have that problem?00:55
zetheroo1kinja-sheep: well they only send you the final release ... I want to get my hands on the latest beta00:55
delifox:) conb123: thanks00:56
JPSmanwell, I just found my first major beef with using Ubuntu.  There is no way of disabling middle click paste without disableing middle click all together.  Is it possible to rewrite the code and recompile X and install it altogether?00:56
delifoxi hooked my phone up to ubuntu and it seems to have flashed it00:56
kinja-sheepzetheroo1: The final release will be finally released in 3 days.00:56
delifoxdunno what to do00:56
usserdelifox, flashed it?00:57
delifoxit is a sony ericsson w580i00:57
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about isitoutyet00:57
zetheroo1kinja-sheep: oh ... that soon? ... wow time flies00:57
delifoxyea seems to have00:57
kristian_i used this:  sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> to mount an image, how do i unmount it? :-)00:57
delifoxnot booting00:57
conb123delifox: When you say flashed it do you mean it has changed the flash files, operating system files and such?00:57
usserkristian_, sudo umount <mountpoint>00:57
steai forgot if the live cd install has an automatic install where i don't have to set up swap or partitions00:57
kristian_usser: thanks!:-)00:57
delifoxahhh i'm lost00:58
delifoxthe phone wont boot00:58
delifoxi took it to a shop and he want 15 for it00:58
jhb1608Do there is a way to get my webcam (The code here: ID 046d:08b0 Logitech, Inc. QuickCam 3000 Pro [pwc]) to work in Flash so I can do webcam shows? my webcam works in other program but not in flash...00:58
delifox conb123:00:58
=== Nothing is now known as Somethingelse
conb123delifox: there is no reason ubuntu would do that, i mean ubuntu wouldn't even have the permissions to do that00:58
conb123delifox: flash files aren't really accesible unless you have modified the phone in some way00:59
ziomusIs there a way to install itunes on ubuntu00:59
DYnamo__losha: you still there?00:59
delifox conb123: well i tried to connect and something happened00:59
conb123ziomus: yeah wine00:59
loshaDYnamo__: I am. What's up?00:59
ziomusCause i want to upgrade it00:59
conb123ziomus: sudo apt-get install wine00:59
ziomusI got wine workin01:00
DYnamo__losha: I thought that ubuntu already comes with remote desktop turned on01:00
delifox conb123:the phone has been unlocked in the past but worked fine till yeaterday01:00
jhb1608Do there is a way to get my webcam (The code here: ID 046d:08b0 Logitech, Inc. QuickCam 3000 Pro [pwc]) to work in Flash so I can do webcam shows? my webcam works in other program but not in flash...01:00
ctmjrdelifox: did you try removing the battery and then replacing it01:00
ziomusSo the newest release of itunes wine will support?01:00
fvwhello , i use meld to compare folder but it too slow and can't save session.Have better tools to do this?01:00
conb123ziomus: So then wine the itunes exe file, with something like 'wine itunes.exe'01:00
delifox conb123:tried all the things i could01:00
conb123delifox: no idea then mate sorry01:00
delifox conb123:even got new dcu-60 cable01:00
loshaDYnamo__: I thought there's one which is part of gnome that you can enable. I would hope it's not enabled by default though...01:01
delifox conb123: thanks, anyone else01:01
JPSmanwhich revision of X11 does 9.04 use?01:01
DYnamo__losha: i did this: gconftool-2 -s -t bool /desktop/gnome/remote_access/enabled true01:01
ziomusOkay. Just download the newest itunes of itunes website right?01:01
conb123ziomus: Yep01:01
conb123ziomus: then you can right click, choose open with and wine should be there01:01
ziomusOkay it will work right01:01
DYnamo__losha: and this: gconftool-2 -s -t bool /desktop/gnome/remote_access/prompt_enabled false01:02
ziomusYea. I was just wondering it its worth to install it01:02
conb123ziomus: well check the compatibility page of winehq http://appdb.winehq.org01:02
loshaDYnamo__: I don't run gnome myself so I can't test what you did, sorry. Maybe someone else knows...01:02
ziomusVause yesterday i was told to install virtual box in order to install ituned01:03
endrihow can i permanently export a variable01:03
conb123ziomus: no there is no need really01:03
lstarnesendri: put it in your ~/.bashrc or ~/.profile01:03
delifoxanyone elcse care to help me with my problem... sony ericsson w580 not booting. seems to have been flashed by accident. i'm using edbuntu gnome?01:03
endriin particula i want to export the PATH variable01:03
RoeyI have a tricky situation:   I have /dev/md0 (which is /dev/sd{a,b}1) that's this puny 100 MiB partition at the start of my partition table.  I want to boot off of /, which has its own /boot;  / is on /dev/md1 (that is, /dev/sd{a,b}2).  How do I do this neatly?01:04
jordanP1337I want to dual boot windows xp for gaming, but have to use a usb drive to install. I have my copy of xp in iso form but cannot figure out howto prep my usb drive in order to make it bootable.01:04
=== fetusbub1le is now known as fetusbubble
ziomusJust install the newest of the itunes website and it will work thnx man01:04
conb123ziomus: ah actually my mistake the appdb shows a bronze to garbage rating for itunes01:04
conb123ziomus: you might be better off going down the virtualbox route if you really want itunes01:05
ziomusSo it wont work;/01:05
conb123ziomus: chances are it won't no01:05
ziomusHow can i set up the virtualbox01:05
socks4anonanyone know where a good source of pre done bashrc scripts are with screen shots?01:05
loshadelifox: I googled ' sony ericsson w580 not booting' and it looks like plenty of people have that problem, so I suspect conb123 is right and it's nothing to to with Ubuntu. Is it under warranty....01:06
ziomusSo i would have to install windows thru vb?01:06
endriwhats the difference between bashrc and profile?01:06
lstarnesendri: only bash uses bashrc01:07
delifoxlosha: I have been to the phone shop and he confirmed this01:07
lstarnesendri: all shells (including sh, ash, bash, ksh, and zsh) use .profile01:07
eidowhats is everyones take on songbird, my gf was going to get me a touch for bday but if it is too much trouble with songbird i'll pass01:07
conb123ziomus: I mean it's worth a shot of course, there is no harm in trying, but the ratings don't look good on the wine site01:07
Zemmyis there a GUI for formating a second HDD?01:07
ziomusIs there a simple tutorial for newbies like me01:07
conb123Zemmy: Gparted?01:07
Zemmyits formatted NTFS currently01:07
loshasocks4anon: there are a million books on bash. Not to mention http://bashscripts.org/forum/]01:08
=== nameiner__ is now known as nameiner
delifoxlosha: the way the do it is with a tool called the DreamBox SE, can linux do the same?01:08
endriso if i have both of them bashrc and .profile will be executed?01:08
lstarnesendri: yes01:08
conb123ziomus: Ermmm i suppose this could do http://mikesubuntu.blogspot.com/2007/10/itunes-great-with-wine-yep-its-true.html01:08
jordanP1337I want to dual boot windows xp for gaming, but have to use a usb drive to install. I have my copy of xp in iso form but cannot figure out howto prep my usb drive in order to make it bootable.01:08
conb123Zemmy: Yeah just do sudo apt-get install gparted ntfsprogs01:08
Zemmyduh, there it is01:08
freevryheidhowto grab ext4 image?01:09
_CommandeR_usser, tried RMD and Istanbul, Istanbul freezes when recording sound01:10
ninnypantsis there a way to see what is running on a specific port?01:10
socks4anonlosha: ty01:10
lstarnesninnypants: sudo netstat -alp | grep port-number01:11
Zemmyok, suggestions please. ext3 or ext4?01:12
loshadelifox: there's *something* out there. See http://walkmans.wordpress.com/2007/09/05/ubuntu-system-on-sony-ericsson/ Since I'd rather die than own a sony-ericcson phone, that's about all I know about it...01:12
lstarnesZemmy: which version of ubuntu are you using?01:12
delifoxlosha: nice. lol01:13
icerootZemmy: #ubuntu+101:13
lstarnesZemmy: ext3 should be sufficient, but ext4 should be reasonably stable in 9.1001:13
freevryheidhow would one backup an image of ext4 partition?01:14
IdleOne!backup | freevryheid01:14
ubottufreevryheid: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning01:14
UdontKnowfreevryheid: dump?01:14
Guest1hello ppl01:15
freevryheid... from win partition?01:15
Guest1I request information on how to resolve a ceratin problem01:15
mattgyver[L]freevryheid, if you want a pure dump you could do a dd if=/dev/sdX of=/location/for/image.img , or just use a utility such as clonezilla01:15
Guest1I find it impossible to view YouTube videos01:16
quimkaoswth no inkspace in 9.10?01:16
Guest1I've tried configuring Firefox01:16
Piciquimkaos : Please join #ubuntu+1 for Karmic/9.10 support/discussion.01:16
Guest1Does anyone know how to fix this01:16
_CommandeR_anyone would recommend a good screen recorder ?01:16
trismGuest1: did you install the flashplugin-nonfree package?01:16
delifoxyea me01:16
ninnypantsfreevryheid: I got this response does it mean that perl is running on this port?01:16
ninnypantsudp        0      0 *:10000                 *:*                                 13040/perl01:16
=== gh0zt is now known as panikkk
Guest1Let me investigate...01:16
ctmjr!flash > Guest101:16
ubottuGuest1, please see my private message01:16
ultamatt_how do I upgrade the java package I'm using? perhaps sudo apt-get update java?01:17
Guest1Does shockwave count...01:17
Guest1person who is aiding me in this problem01:17
trismGuest1: sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree01:18
musikgoat!tap | Guest101:18
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about tap01:18
Guest1trism: nonfree?01:18
musikgoat!tab | Guest01:18
ubottuGuest: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.01:18
lstarnesGuest1: not open-source01:18
=== Xoop is now known as XStatik
lstarnesGuest1: it's still free in price01:18
Guest1trism: requires purchase then01:18
binMonkeyhi, guys.  i locked a bunch of packages using synaptic but when i try to update with aptitude, aptitude wants to upgrade those locked packages.  did i do something wrong?  how can i use aptitude without upgrading those packages?01:18
PiciGuest1: No. non-free refers that to the fact that it is not open source01:19
panikkki just tried an install to usb but when i rebooted my laptop now the hard drive says grub rescue.. any idea how i can get my partitions back?01:20
Guest1trism: Your suggestion seems to have worked01:20
panikkki definitely installed onto sdb (usb key) so i dunno why grub is even on the HD01:20
jordanP1337I want to dual boot windows xp for gaming, but have to use a usb drive to install. I have my copy of xp in iso form but cannot figure out howto prep my usb drive in order to make it bootable.01:21
Guest1Well the suggestion did not work01:21
ordinarydothello everyone, everybody here got nautilus bug that crashing the nautilus when you go to my computer or network??01:21
techqbertI just set up an ubuntu server with pptpd and an iphone client. nmap finds both but neither can ping eachother and the iphone can't reach ubuntu's http server. anybody know what's up01:22
AmphoterikAnyone here familiar with ushare streaming to an xbox?01:23
jhb1608I have a webcam problems01:23
quimkaosme too01:23
jhb1608well in Flash, other programs works fine01:23
jhb1608but not in Flash webstreaming sites01:23
socks4anonIs there a good program to encrypt single files with passwords in linux?01:23
jhb1608use rar socks4anon01:24
poseidon:( I already can't wait for ubuntu 10.1001:24
poseidonI want gnome 301:24
jhb1608and unrar01:24
socks4anoni knew you would say that :P01:24
socks4anonwell isnt rar haxable?01:24
jhb1608good question.01:24
socks4anonI think its exploitable..01:25
socks4anonI just want to be able to open like a passwords list and type in a password edit save exit ect..01:25
DecessusTechnically, given the time with someone with the proper skills, anything is hackable/exploitable.01:25
jhb1608I am in ubuntu forums. the people didn't help answer my questions anyways01:25
socks4anonyeah but i think there are script kiddy tools for rar01:25
socks4anonis ok ill google around a bit less someone else has an idea01:26
jhb1608I am in ubuntu forums. the people didn't help answer my questions anyways...01:26
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about chrome01:26
SJrGoogle Chrome on Ubuntu?01:26
socks4anonwhy do people like chrome?01:27
ctmjrsocks4anon: look into gpg or gpg201:27
socks4anongoogle sux :P https://ssl.scroogle.com :) encrypted packets r betta :P01:27
amber2I am not good with computers but I need help with my wireless connection01:27
cmwslwcan someone with virtualbox do me a favor?01:27
matelotQ: Jaunty - Sound from Browser NOT using USB speaker but from laptop, help m?01:27
ubottuAudio (Ogg, MP3...) players: Audacious, Banshee, Beep Media Player, Listen, Quod Libet, Rhythmbox, Exaile, XMMS2 (GTK/Gnome based) and Amarok, JuK (Qt/KDE based).  Video players: Totem, Xine, MPlayer, VLC, Kaffeine - See also !codecs01:27
socks4anonctmjr: ill check it01:28
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about gstreamer01:28
amber2can someone help me with my wireless connection?01:28
cmwslwi accidentally deleted /usr/src/vboxnetflt-2.2.4/linux/VBoxNetFlt-linux.c, and i can't rebuild for the kernel now01:28
cmwslwi can't find the file anywhere, and i'd rather not reinstall01:28
jhb1608you'll have to if you can't find it01:29
navap!ask | amber2 01:29
ubottuamber2 : Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)01:29
cmwslwjhb1608: not if someone can send it to me01:29
HelpMeis there a bug with vpn on ubuntu 9.04 ?01:30
kisukedoes anyone know if there is a channel on totem specifly?01:30
jhb1608I wonder how much features ubuntu will fix on....01:30
amber2I can not connect to my wireless router, I could before but now it will not connect for the last week?01:31
Donavan01has anyone in here used rox-filer for there desktop manager?01:31
jhb1608lol xdemo01:31
AmphoterikHow do I find channels for support on other linux software? Is there a master channel listing?01:31
* nameiner is away: Gone away for now01:31
jhb1608wow people ask questions, but no one answers?01:32
tplackHi everybody01:32
jordanP1337I want to dual boot windows xp for gaming, but have to use a usb drive to install. I have my copy of xp in iso form but cannot figure out howto prep my usb drive in order to make it bootable.01:32
tplackI like ubuntu because its freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :)01:32
jhb1608but ubuntu have less support on gaming and certain hardwares.01:32
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socks4anonubuntu plays plenty of games.. besides... some of the best gaming is consoles now, most of your mmo's are portable to wine.01:34
socks4anonlinux = more stable and more secure.01:34
jhb1608I have the ID 046d:08b0 Logitech, Inc. QuickCam 3000 Pro [pwc], it works in other programs, but not on flash webcam streaming sites, Why?01:34
jordanP1337can anyone help me at all?01:35
jhb1608same here01:36
amber2can anyone help me?01:36
Zach_the_Lizard_amber2: possibly01:36
ctmjrjordanP1337: you might have better luck asking in ##windows01:36
socks4anonright click encrypt lol01:36
a_anyone know anything about linphone?01:37
socks4anon<- newble cake01:37
amber2I can not connect to my wireless router and do not know what to do?01:37
jhb1608I have the ID 046d:08b0 Logitech, Inc. QuickCam 3000 Pro [pwc], it works in other programs, but not on flash webcam streaming sites, Why?01:37
Zach_the_Lizard_amber2: what sort of wireless card do you have?01:37
Moon_Doggyhey i just started up and my task bars are gone /\ top and \/ bottom01:38
Moon_Doggybut i have icons01:38
jhb1608I have the ID 046d:08b0 Logitech, Inc. QuickCam 3000 Pro [pwc], it works in other programs, but not on flash webcam streaming sites, Why?01:39
trism!panels | Moon_Doggy01:40
ubottuMoon_Doggy: To reset the panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »01:40
Moon_Doggyoh did i mention thats its xubuntu01:40
trismMoon_Doggy: yeah that would be different01:41
jhb1608I have the ID 046d:08b0 Logitech, Inc. QuickCam 3000 Pro [pwc], it works in other programs, but not on flash webcam streaming sites, Why?01:42
ChogyDanjhb1608: hmm, maybe you ahve to enable the cam in flash?01:42
pinklerosewhere i can add computer to ubuntuone?01:43
jhb1608did many time01:43
jhb1608won't show up in the camera list01:43
jhb1608even tried gstreamer-properties01:43
=== jw is now known as Guest27932
ChogyDanjhb1608: it works in gst-props?01:44
=== panikkk is now known as gh0zt_afk
* gh0zt_afk is away: Gone away for now01:44
jhb1608the list I see is the camera, and the test passed01:44
jhb1608but not in Flash....01:44
=== Guest27932 is now known as johnwilmes
AmphoterikHas anyone here setup ushare streaming to xbox?01:46
LjL!away > gh0zt_afk    (gh0zt_afk, see the private message from ubottu)01:46
PiciLjL: already did that elsewhere01:46
marenostrumHello are Ubuntu One servers down at the moment or is there something wrong on my side? Is there anybody who can connect at the moment? (I just installed the client and couldn't connect even as a "first time" to register my machine)01:46
jhb1608I have the ID 046d:08b0 Logitech, Inc. QuickCam 3000 Pro [pwc], it works in other programs, but not on flash webcam streaming sites, Why?01:47
LjLPici: well, the reason i do it in here is to show others that it's been done, you know.01:47
socks4anonquestion about pgp typically if you encrypt a file should you delete the one it leave behind save the pgp file for later open it make changes and re-encrypt?01:47
PiciLjL: Plus he'll get two, maybe it'll make him turn it off then.01:47
pinklerosewhere i can find 'add computer' button for ubuntu one?01:47
kernel<Amphoterik> what problem for streaming? audio or video?01:47
Picipinklerose: Probably best to ask in the ubuntuone support channel: #ubuntuone01:47
jhb1608I have the ID 046d:08b0 Logitech, Inc. QuickCam 3000 Pro [pwc], it works in other programs, but not on flash webcam streaming sites, Why?01:47
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AmphoterikAlso, how do I direct a comment at someone like you just did kernel?01:48
=== johnwilmes_ is now known as johnwilmes__
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* panikkk is back.01:48
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jhb1608I have the ID 046d:08b0 Logitech, Inc. QuickCam 3000 Pro [pwc], it works in other programs, but not on flash webcam streaming sites, Why?01:48
kernel<Amphoterik> what about memory setting? not a lot?01:49
Amphoterikkernel, not sure I understand the question. I have 4gb of RAM in this system.01:49
jhb1608I have the ID 046d:08b0 Logitech, Inc. QuickCam 3000 Pro [pwc], it works in other programs, but not on flash webcam streaming sites, Why?01:49
kernel<Amphoterik> 4 Giga is enough, i mean for running vbox. try to adjust 2 Giga.01:50
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Amphoterikim not running vbox. I am running ushare01:51
kerneloh sorry, my bad english. or I need glasses. lol01:52
Amphoterikheh, its ok01:52
Amphoterikare you familiar with ushar?01:53
jhb1608I have the ID 046d:08b0 Logitech, Inc. QuickCam 3000 Pro [pwc], it works in other programs, but not on flash webcam streaming sites, Why?01:53
kernel<Amphoterik> no, i'm not.01:53
Amphoterikok, thank you anyway01:54
jhb1608I have the ID 046d:08b0 Logitech, Inc. QuickCam 3000 Pro [pwc], it works in other programs, but not on flash webcam streaming sites, Why?01:54
kisuke1does an one know how to get the you tube function in totem to work? i can search but when i try to play i get a generic gstreamer error01:54
Geekneeusjhb1608: In the flash properties, does it display a V4l device?01:54
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loshasocks4anon: I like to leave backup files around when I edit encrypted files, but of course it's a mistake to leave around the original unencrypted file around on disk...01:55
Geekneeusjhb1608: Which applications does your cam work with?01:55
Guest5890hi all01:55
jhb1608cheese, camorama, skype, etc.01:55
jhb1608but when I'm in the webstreaming site in firefox, not working01:55
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socks4anonyeah just wish that was automated like open the pgp file and edit save and it gets re-encrypted.01:56
Geekneeusjhb1608: I'm checking to see if your cam is supported by a driver.01:57
jhb1608Geekneeus: I tried everything to get it to work, but it won't.01:57
loshasocks4anon: a good editor should offer integration with pgp. Emacs does. Dunno about the others....01:58
user01is there a command to see if i have a DMA compatible hard drive?01:58
socks4anonok is emacs much different from notepad?01:58
StrangeCharmafter attempting an install with encrypted lvm (and an unencrypted /boot in a normal partition), grub tells me 'error: no such disk'. what have i done wrong?01:58
socks4anoni like gedit so far01:59
techqbertI just set up an ubuntu server with pptpd and an iphone client. nmap finds both but neither can ping eachother and the iphone can't reach ubuntu's http server. anybody know what's up01:59
AbujamraStrangeCharm, i think that you need to label it...01:59
Abujamrayou know, with fstab...01:59
AbujamraT option01:59
Abujamra82 or 8301:59
socks4anonill check it.01:59
loshasocks4anon: emacs is fully programmable (in lisp). Not really suitable for beginners, sorry...01:59
bugscrashPessoal , estou ficando louco ja com o Ubuntu. Algumas coisas estao parando de funcionar. Alguem pode me dizer como fazer aparecer  o Ambiente de Rede?01:59
Geekneeusjhb1608: Are you currently using gspca?01:59
Abujamraor even try to: mkfs.ext3 /hda/dev?01:59
jhb1608no never heard of it02:00
socks4anonI'm not sure if I am a beginner or not02:00
losha!br | bugscrash02:00
ubottubugscrash: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Obrigado.02:00
socks4anonin ways i am02:00
Abujamrabugscrash,  o que rolou irmão?02:00
Geekneeusjhb1608: ok, do you have any idea what you're using?02:00
Geekneeusjhb1608: did it install automatically?02:00
socks4anonother ways im not been messing with linux for like 8 years but I still dont know certain basics02:00
jhb1608Logitech, Inc. QuickCam 3000 Pro [pwc] and yes02:00
StrangeCharmAbujamra, i'm not sure what you're talking about. in the past, the installer has taken care of that sort of thing. what are you recommending that i should do, or have done?02:00
Abujamrado you boot in any partition?02:01
bugscrash<Abujamra> Cara, ontem eu compartilhei algumas pastas aki, dai la no network aparecia a rede linux, com as pastas. E ate consegui transferir uns arquivos de duas maquinas linux, agora ela nem aparece02:01
Abujamrajust for CLI?02:01
bugscrash<Abujamra> Agora soh aparece Windows Network e eu nem tenho computadores windows.02:01
Geekneeusjhb1608: When I had a problem with flash an my webcam I used this here http://linuxtv.org/hg/~jfrancois/gspca/02:02
Geekneeusjhb1608: but your cam has to be supported02:02
jhb1608I'm not sure on gspca02:03
jhb1608how do I install it?02:03
Geekneeusjhb1608: You download the bz/gz/zip file on the bottom left02:03
gwizHi everyone, I'll try not to be a pest, as I'm new to Ubuntu / an this mirc channel02:04
mfpb221Hi... can anyone tell me why my 9.04 install is only taking me to the memtest and offering no other boot options? I'm no good at figuring out if menu.lst has the right options or if this install is even valid.... if anyone can help I'd really appreciate it. Thanks.02:04
Geekneeusjhb1608: it's on the menu02:04
jhb1608ok now what?02:04
jhb1608cd Desktop02:05
jhb1608that then switch to the directory right?02:05
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jhb1608then what, Geekneeus?02:06
gwizI love how they give out your ip and isp in here, wow02:06
Geekneeusjhb1608: you need to extract and compile it02:06
gwizextract and compile?02:06
jhb1608I already extracted it02:06
b3rz3rk3rgwiz, you mean the internet right?02:06
panikkkget a cloak02:06
tsunamiI am trying to scp to my linux server but am having problems with permissions as my user doesn't have access to that dir...02:07
tsunamiany help?02:07
sakekasihow r u02:07
Tohuw1gwiz: Use a proxy then? A halfway decent firewall should protect you regardless02:07
firdau5I am fine02:07
gwizic, don't know how to use a proxy, can ya help me with that?02:07
Geekneeusjhb1608: use the terminal to cd to the directory you extracted to, then type "make" then type "sudo make install" then type "sudo init 6"02:07
ubottuThe official ubuntu support channel is #ubuntu. Also see http://ubuntu.com/support and http://ubuntuforums.org02:07
Geekneeusjhb1608: "sudo init 6" will reboot your computer02:07
jhb1608ok that is what I need to make sure]02:07
maxagazhow to free disk space on my disk ?02:07
gwizwhy not just download the iso burn it, and do a fresh install?02:08
panikkkyou don't need a proxy, just ask the ops for a cloak02:08
Geekneeusmaxagaz: Delete files02:08
gwizresize your par02:08
gwizyeah delete files you don't need02:08
gwizwhat he/she said02:08
Zoharokm i heard a ubuntu dev got a 5 second bootup... how?02:08
mb_again_add more disk space and connect at a mount point02:08
sakekasikarmic is really pro02:08
maxagazGeekneeus, why not deleting the apt cache ?02:08
sakekasijust wanted to say02:08
Geekneeusmaxagaz: You can also download UbuntuTweak and it'll clear your cache and old kernels02:08
gwizmine is that fast02:08
sakekasiGUD JOB GUYS02:08
FloodBot3sakekasi: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:08
gwizok so how do I set up a proxy, and wont' that pretty much slow my internet connection down?02:09
jhb1608it is working Geekneeus02:09
gwizI take it you can't download torrents if you proxy?02:09
Geekneeusmaxagaz: You can also use bleachbit, to clear files, FSlint, etc02:09
jhb1608waiting for the command make to done executing02:10
Geekneeusjhb1608: By working, I assume you mean it's compiling?02:10
Zoharim assuming a ssd was the culprit02:10
jhb1608yes Geekneeus02:10
mb_again_gwiz: a proxy can improve or worsen your connection. If latency is an issue it might hurt. If bandwidth is an issue and you go to the same places repeatedly it may help02:10
Geekneeusjhb1608: It'll take about 5-10 minutes usually, depending on the speed of your computer02:10
gwizk, how do I set up a proxy then?02:10
jhb1608I'm a patient man02:10
gwizis this simple or hard?02:10
gwizif it's hard I'll consort the boards02:11
Geekneeusgwiz: What do you want to set up a proxy for?02:11
mfpb221anyone able to help me with this install issue?? gparted says 9.04 is there (and so does the live cd installer) but i'm not sure if the boot directory is all there.... and i just get stuck in memtest whenever i restart...02:11
panikkkwhat kind of proxy, why do you need one?02:11
gwizdo I need to?02:11
Geekneeusgwiz: There's many different types of proxies, just saying proxy isn't clear02:11
mb_again_gwiz : man squid to set up your own. Your ISP may have one you can just use (my personal experience has been bad on that)02:11
gwizif someone hacks me, I'll just reinstall, NO BIGGY!02:11
iarphey, how do i change my password, it says "Bad: password too simple", private server so not overly worried about it being to simple02:11
panikkkgwiz: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#cloaks02:11
gwizif they can get past my 16 character password who cares eh?02:12
Geekneeusgwiz: A proxy will not prevent someone from "hacking" you02:12
gwizso why proxy?02:12
Jeruvyiarp: where does it say this?  If your talking about your user account on your own machine, feel free to disregard and continue.02:12
Geekneeusqwiz: Some proxies aren't just to hide your true i.p they have many features02:12
gwizlike hiding your online activities etc?02:13
iarpJeruvy: well i type in passwd then my current password and then it asks for my new one but gives me the Bad: error02:13
Zohari heard a ubuntu dev got a 5 second bootup, thats insane... but i couldnt find out how he did it02:13
Geekneeusqwiz: hide from who?02:13
panikkkor to trick you into thinking you have a safe proxy, meanwhile the proxy owner hacks you02:13
gwizok, I'm game, should I read the boards to learn how to set up a proxie, or can you guys help me with that?02:13
gwizdoh o.O02:13
Jeruvyiarp: where is it telling you this?02:14
gwizmalicious people Geekneeus02:14
Geekneeusgwiz: That's clearly up to you. If you ask correctly for help and research what you want before asking perhaps somebody would be happy to help02:14
iarpin my terminal, i forgot to add this is ubuntu server02:14
gwizwell I'm new to ubuntu 100% been on this like 4 days02:14
Zoharwith coreboot and a ssd, do you think i could get ubuntu to bootup in 2 or 3 seconds?02:14
Geekneeusqwiz: It's not really that likely anybody is going to target you02:14
gwizhad to reinstall like 3 times now, cause I went to update and ubuntu just died on me :(02:14
gwizeverything keeps locking up when I use the update manager, any reason why?02:15
murlidhari got errors while doing apt-get autoremove .......some dependency issues and i am not able to solve it ...... http://paste2.org/p/48579302:15
Zohargwiz, that sucks :D,  keep at it02:15
ChogyDangwiz: can you use a terminal?02:15
gwizI'm NEW NEW to ubuntu hehe02:15
brianVwhich package is gnome-keyboard-properties in?02:15
ChogyDanmurlidhar: sudo apt-get install -f02:15
gwizI know how to use windows shell02:15
Geekneeushmm, I see gwiz. Good luck02:15
gwizlike dos but nothing in ubuntu02:15
murlidharChogyDan: i tried ....u can see it in the pastebin02:16
Jeruvyiarp: you may want to review this documentation: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/jaunty/en/man1/passwd.1.html02:16
gwizI probably need to read the ubuntu bible :/02:16
panikkkgwiz: you have a lot of ports open, you should close those02:16
ChogyDanmurlidhar: sorry, I can't find it02:16
gwizI love ubuntu, it beats windows 9 ways to sunday!02:17
gwizthis is day 4 on it...02:17
ChogyDanbrianV: gnome-control-center02:17
murlidharChogyDan: oops ....wait02:17
ChogyDangwiz: do you know how to open a terminal?02:17
gwizI will only miss my games, but I know when I get good enough I'll be able to play on ubuntu again with my games02:17
brianVChogyDan: hmm... I just realized it has a dependency on Pulseaudio, which frigs up WINE02:17
gwizsorry ChogyDan I do not02:17
mzawieskaany1 know good program to creat dvd single library case02:17
brianVChogyDan: so when I removed pulse, it removed the control center02:17
gwizI know how to open it, but not use it02:17
ChogyDangwiz: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade02:18
Picimzawieska: If you're asking about labels, I've heard good things about glabels02:18
gwizit won't crash me?02:18
mfpb221last time i'm asking.... please... if someone knows why a perfectly good iso seems to not be putting together my boot directory correctly no matter how many times i reinstall and reinstall please let me know. thanks.02:18
murlidharChogyDan: http://pastebin.ca/164459902:18
gwiztype sudo apt-get update?02:18
mzawieskaI want to create picture lable on dvd cover02:18
gwizcause I cannot handle reinstalling ubuntu for the 4th time now!02:18
ChogyDangwiz: everything I said exactly02:19
mzawieskai want to set up the same format as my dvd single library case is02:19
gwizbut first update?02:19
extorIs there an app that can give me a birdseye view of which deamon(such as ssh or httpd) is started once I enter runlevel 2,3 etc etc?02:19
extorso that I can pick which daemons to run in whichever runlevels02:19
ChogyDanmurlidhar: try: sudo apt-get remove libtorrent-rasterbar502:20
Helsinkiiiwhen i ran ubuntu janitor it deleted my Skype, why is that?02:20
Jeruvymurlidhar: if you're trying to remove packages you shouldn't then try to install them :)02:21
tyler_d2extor: why not just edit the symlinks from within your /etc/rclevel.d?02:21
murlidharChogyDan: tried ..it refuses to remove it saying unmet dependencies02:21
murlidharJeruvy: i was testing an application : )02:21
ChogyDanmurlidhar: maybe: dpkg --remove libtorrent-rasterbar5 --force-depends02:21
mzawieskacan u do it in gimp?02:22
mzawieskacreate labels for dvd cases02:22
Jeruvymurlidhar: you may want to try purge, then update, then autoremove02:23
Billiardmzawieska: you could do it in gimp02:23
vigogwiz: Still here?02:23
mzawieskaany idea how?02:23
brian__what is a good start menu alternative  other than the ones that come with gnome02:24
jhb1608I'm back Geekneeus02:24
Billiardmzawieska: make a new image, design it, print it?02:24
jhb1608now testing02:24
mzawieskai dont know what size is the dvd lable02:24
mzawieskait says dvd single library case02:24
thedude42brian__, do you meana theme with a different menu layout?02:25
mzawieskablack 10 pack no specific02:25
murlidharChogyDan: i tried doesn't help02:25
ChogyDanmurlidhar: did it work?02:25
murlidharJeruvy: err.. i am not able to purge it...02:25
murlidharChogyDan: nopes02:25
jhb1608still same thing, Geekneeus02:25
Geekneeusjhb1608: If that doesn't work, you could try http://www.swift-tools.net/Flashcam/02:25
ChogyDanmurlidhar: what is the error?02:25
brian__thedude42, no just a differant app or applet kinda like how kde has lancealot02:26
Geekneeusjhb1608: did you reboot?02:26
Billiardmzawieska: you can google the size of a dvd case just as easy as i can02:26
=== tyler_d2 is now known as tyler_d
brian__gimmie was kinda cool but it went under and not worked on anymore02:26
Geekneeusjhb1608: ok, try that link above see if that works for you, and do a search in synaptic for v4l see if there's anything there02:26
murlidharChogyDan: dpkg - warning: ignoring request to remove --force-depends which isn't installed.02:27
Geekneeusjhb1608: my cam worked fine from installation of the GSPCA drivers02:27
ChogyDanmurlidhar: oops, maybe its: sudo dpkg --remove --force-depends the_package02:27
=== richard is now known as Guest27493
Geekneeusjhb1608: in flash and on vlc, cheese, amsn02:27
tyler_dmy wireless dies after my machine comes back from sleeping (laptop toshiba satellite A20)02:27
jhb1608I'll try your method02:27
krkellycan anyone help me remote into my buddy's desktop?02:28
murlidharChogyDan: i know..it needed superused privilages so i did sudo !!02:28
Geekneeusjhb1608: I smashed my cam with a hammer.02:28
brian__ok you know how if you highlight some txt then middle click a area you want to paste it too it will paste my mouse has 4 buttons so there is no middle cllick  is there a way to change the paste middle click function to say button 2 or 302:28
Geekneeusjhb1608: heh, didn't need it anymore :)02:28
ChogyDanmurlidhar: does it give the same error?02:28
Billiardmzawieska: hello?02:28
jhb1608I do need it, I'm deaf, I use my webcam to communicate with people with my sign language02:28
mzawieska11 x 1/2" For the DVD case  its this so 1102:28
Geekneeusjhb1608: Too much time on msn, not enough time studying. So I changed around02:29
Geekneeusjhb1608: What's wrong with typing?02:29
Italian_Plumber1karmic will be released at noon GMT, right?02:29
mzawieskawhen i manage custom size02:29
murlidharChogyDan: sudo dpkg --purge --force-depends libtorrent-rasterbar502:29
ChogyDanmurlidhar: yes, same error?02:30
mzawieskapaper size so width is 11 and 1,2" is height?02:30
murlidharChogyDan: i tried this and got it worked ......let me check if it now solves the dependency issue02:30
jhb1608I see libv4l but none of v4l02:30
krkellycan anyone help me remote into my buddy's desktop?02:30
ChogyDanmurlidhar: fyi, the forcedepends was in the wrong place02:30
Billiardthe dvd case is not 11 x 1/2, lol02:30
=== ferret__ is now known as ferret_
trismItalian_Plumber1: it's never really an exact time02:30
XarverI got raped.02:31
almoxarifekrkelly: what's not happening?02:31
Geekneeusjhb1608: I believe I had v4l-conf gspca-source dov4l installed02:32
murlidharChogyDan: http://www.pastie.org/67111702:32
jhb1608aha that02:32
jhb1608ok I'll install02:32
vigdaviesHi there. I'm looking to get some help please in using samba for Ubuntu 9.0402:32
krkellywell he's using the remote desktop client on kubuntu02:32
Geekneeusjhb1608: It was a while ago, you also need to be sure that flash can use your webcam02:32
krkellyand it's telling him to give me his private IP02:32
XarverIs there a manual entry for dick? For example the command "man dick"02:32
Geekneeusjhb1608: it has limits on devices that it supports02:32
Billiardvigdavies: whats the issue?02:33
ChogyDanmurlidhar: you can remove qbittorrent with the same dpkg command02:33
krkellybut obviously, that's not going to help me get into his machine02:33
almoxarifeyou two on the same network?02:33
almoxarifeis he behind a firewall?02:33
krkellywell, on a router02:33
krkellyso i guess02:33
GeekneeusXarver: This is a Ubuntu support channel02:34
jhb1608jason@jason-desktop:~/Desktop/flashcam-1.3$ make install02:34
jhb1608install -d /usr/local/flashcam02:34
jhb1608install: cannot change permissions of `/usr/local/flashcam': No such file or directory02:34
jhb1608make: *** [install] Error 102:34
FloodBot3jhb1608: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:34
Geekneeusjhb1608: sudo make install02:34
jhb1608I know floodbot02:34
XarverGeekneeus: Ubuntu is linux. Does Ubuntu have "man dick"?02:34
almoxarifeif he is firewalled this won't work, but what you need is his public ip02:34
jhb1608got it02:34
GeekneeusXarver: You're on ignore02:34
krkellyhow can i get his public IP?02:34
jhb1608now what next?02:34
ChogyDanmurlidhar: but you need to run sudo apt-get install -f again02:34
vigdaviesBilliard: hi, and thanks for responding. Ok, I can see my network on my Ubuntu box, and just to let  you know my Ubuntu box is the samba server. I have one Windows XP client of a laptop. Both machines can ping each other no problem. I can't see my Windows XP machine from mu Ubuntu box, and I can't see the Ubuntu machine from the Windows XP laptop. Files on my Windows XP machine are shared.02:34
almoxarifehe gives it to you02:34
murlidharChogyDan: http://www.pastie.org/671119 :)02:35
krkellyhaha...  how can he get that?  (sorry, noob here)02:35
murlidharChogyDan: thanks a lot ....02:35
XarverNo one can hear me?02:35
ChogyDanmurlidhar: great, take care02:35
XarverHm I'm really looking for a man dick command02:35
Geekneeusjhb1608: You will need to read through the website, it has been a long while since I've had a cam02:35
almoxarifekrkelly: then you enter his public ip and port into your logon02:35
pepeemy system hangs constantly, and I now know that the RAM is non-ECC02:36
alazyworkaholicNautilus is screwed. Ever since I started using ext4 Nautilus doesn't refresh properly. The 'in progress wheel' or whatever it's called in the top right corner keeps going & going... I know there are more files in the folder than I can see from ls in terminal. Anyone know what's going on?02:36
jhb1608oh ok I already readed it02:36
pepeemay that be the cause?02:36
jhb1608sorry makingf sure there is osmething else to ask02:36
vigdaviesBilliard: are you there ?02:36
Billiardvigdavies: yes02:36
krkellyalmoxarife: how can he get his public IP for me?02:36
XarverNo man dick?02:36
XarverWhy am I on ignore?02:36
thedude42alazyworkaholic, sounds like an ext4 sync problem02:37
Geekneeusjhb1608: You don't need to apologise, I just don't know everything :P02:37
vigdaviesBilliard: I sent you a msg in the above.02:37
brian__how do i open the gconf prefeance app02:37
pepeesystem: mobo ECS a740gm-m ,  amd 3800+ x2, 2GB corsair non-ECC :( , 80GB hdd (may be failing too but I really don't know)02:37
Billiardvigdavies: can you go on pm?02:37
alazyworkaholicthedude42: thanks for replying, can you imagine a possible solution?02:37
Geekneeusbrian__: gfconf-editor?02:37
almoxarifekrkelly: he must know what his internet provider has decided to give him for an ip?02:37
Geekneeusbrian__: gconf-editor02:37
kristian_where do i find the md5sum of ubuntu 9.04 desktop x86? it's not here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM02:37
alazyworkaholicthedude42: but if it's an ext4 problem, why does ls in terminal show the correct files?02:38
brian__Geekneeus, yes thats it thanks02:38
almoxarifekrkelly: can he come here and chat?02:38
krkellyalmoxarife: i don't think he does?  can he get it by logging into the router?02:38
bughunter2kristian_: http://releases.ubuntu.com/9.04/MD5SUMS02:38
thedude42alazyworkaholic, from what I have read over the last couple months there are a few tweaks that folks have reccomended people use with ext4 on account of how many applications do file operations, but that's all google fu...02:38
XarverMAN DICK02:38
krkellyalmoxarife: i'll try to get him in here (he's an even worse noob than me)02:38
almoxarifekrkelly: he could02:38
vigdaviesBilliard: I tried sending you a pm and it didn't take it.02:38
meoblast001Xarver: you might want to man man02:38
tvlhi. i'm having trouble getting the nvidia 173 driver to expose the two screens as two separate resolutions after a reinstall. before, i could detect the two as separate "rectangles", but now xrandr and a haskell program is recognizing it only as one wide screen instead of a main + a VGA02:38
kristian_bughunter2: thanks02:39
T3Kn0hehehe huge IRC room!02:39
tvl(in a dual monitor setup)02:39
bughunter2yw :)02:39
meoblast001Xarver: or, you could look online for the manual entry for "dick"02:39
Billiardvigdavies: ok, try smbclient -L //ipofxpmachine02:39
vigdaviesBilliard: its taking it now.02:39
Xarver meoblast001: I've tried that but I really need a "man dick"02:39
pepee"No existe entrada de manual para dick"02:39
mzawieskaany1 know how to install the newest itunes on ubuntu02:39
T3Kn0wow, figured i'd give IRC a go cause im bored, everyone is still immature as hell, and still chock full of noobs.02:39
meoblast001mzawieska: not possible, and i also don't recommend it02:40
T3Kn0itunes on ubuntu?02:40
thedude42alazyworkaholic, right, ls and nautalis like use different methods to gather the file information, that is, nautalis probably doesn't use the same code as ls02:40
mzawieskaso how can i upgrade my iphone?02:40
Xarverpepee: No man dick? I hope not.02:40
meoblast001iTunes is proprietary software with a platform dependence to Windows and Mac OS X02:40
pepeemzawieska, wine? virtual machine?02:40
T3Kn0people are noobs!02:40
i_is_brokehttp://pastebin.com/d6fed101 where would i look to make this setting?02:40
T3Kn0new room02:41
meoblast001if Apple would be so kind to relicense it under a free software license, such as the GPL or LGPL, it would be ported to Ubuntu, but sadly, that is not the case02:41
XarverIs there a man rape command at least??? I need help here!02:41
mzawieskameob said that he doesnt recommend installin itunes on ubuntu02:41
mzawieskayea i know its a option to install itunes on wine02:41
pepeeXarver, google that02:41
mzawieskabut it will work good and stable or it will crahs?02:41
pepeemzawieska, no idea02:42
meoblast001mzawieska: back before i became a free software purist, i noticed it did crash, and did not work well02:42
mzawieskai just need ur guys advice02:42
XarverI get gay pron. I need a Linux command here.02:42
mzawieskayea thats what i heard02:42
IdleOne!ot | Xarver02:42
ubottuXarver: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!02:42
pepeejust try it, or ask for someone who have an ipod02:42
mzawieskaso what do you recommend?02:42
meoblast001mzawieska: other than virtual machines, there's 1 solution02:43
partypantsAnyone know a good tone generator? I just need to play a single note continuously. I searched around and found one, but it wouldn't compile.02:43
pepeemzawieska, a virtual machine may do the job02:43
meoblast001mzawieska: let me get it for you02:43
Xarver IdleOne: What? What did I do? How about a man penis command?02:43
mzawieskathank you guys02:43
pepeepartypants, your cellphone?02:43
mzawieskai need like good and simple guide02:43
mzawieskacause i am newbie :<02:43
pepee!google ipod ubuntu02:44
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:44
partypantsI'm looking for a pure tone.02:44
meoblast001mzawieska: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone in short, jailbreak the iPod/iPhone, and you will then have full control over it02:44
mzawieskai will have to install through vb windows xp right?02:44
meoblast001mzawieska: well, to an extent02:44
meoblast001you'll have enough control to install SSH02:44
mzawieskamy iphone is already jailbroken :)02:44
jhb1608jason@jason-desktop:~$ flashcam -qD02:44
jhb1608No video loopback devices found.02:44
jhb1608As root, start video loopback driver with:02:44
jhb1608# modprobe vloopback pipes=102:44
jhb1608Nothing to do, exiting.02:44
FloodBot3jhb1608: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:44
Xarver mzawieska: WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU NEED VB02:44
partypantsI also tried lmms, but all the instruments have too many effects on them.02:44
bughunter2Xarver: VB -> VirtualBox02:44
bughunter2! Visual Basic02:44
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about Visual Basic02:44
pepeemzawieska, or just install linux on it02:44
mzawieskamine iphone have software 2,2102:45
mzawieskai want to upgrade it to the newest one now02:45
Xarver I still need a man dick command02:45
bughunter2Xarver: go write one =)02:45
IdleOnemzawieska: check apples website02:45
jhb1608lol Xarver02:45
meoblast001mzawieska: then do this, install SSH onto it, and you can then send music to it over the network02:45
meoblast001Xarver: hold on, i might be able to assist you02:45
brian__ii dunno why but i cannot get  my keybinding to launch the terminal      , under command would i just type terminal or run terminal02:45
meoblast001Xarver: check /usr/share/man02:45
mzawieskashh i will google it02:46
mzawieskathank you guys02:46
XarverThe dick is under some sort of protection... It won't let me chmod a+x it either...02:46
mzawieskaso ssh is the best idea right ?02:46
OmletteMy Jaunty installation refuses to play DVDs. I've installed all the libdvdcss2, medibuntu, etc codecs, yet the disk just spins in the drive. The DVD drive doesn't even mount. Can anyone help? :)02:46
IdleOne!ops | Xarver02:46
ubottuXarver: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky,  imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, Madpilot, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso,  PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!02:46
partypantssudo dick?02:46
meoblast001mzawieska: you won't be able to update it, but at last you can transfer files (music, photos, etc) to it02:47
jhb1608lol partypants02:47
timmmmAnyone know how to set the level for the line in port in 9.10 pulseaudio?02:47
pepee sudo apt-get install dick ...02:47
pepeewell, no one will help me :(02:47
mzawieskai did once ssh02:47
mzawieskawhen i was crackin the bitesms02:48
partypantspeepee, what do you need?02:48
pepeehaving system hangs, unknown cause02:48
partypantsjust complete lock up?02:48
pepeewill cite myself02:48
partypantstest your memory yet?02:48
pepeemy system hangs constantly, and I now know that the RAM is non-ECC02:48
pepeeparanoid_ndroid, i did that02:49
partypantsdid you run a memory test?02:49
nutterpcif it hangs randomly, get urself memtest86, run that for about an hour or so02:49
pepeeand memtest said no problems02:49
pepeesystem: mobo ECS a740gm-m ,  amd 3800+ x2, 2GB corsair non-ECC :( , 80GB hdd (may be failing too but I really don't know)02:49
nutterpcthat will help rule out memory02:49
nutterpcrandom hangs is caused by numerous things02:50
partypantsthere is no pattern to the hanging?02:50
nutterpcnormally hangs, random, are caused by power/memory02:50
partypantsi'm asking peepee02:50
nutterpcoh good god, never ever belch after drinking an ice cold can of coke02:51
jhb1608Geekneeus: I installed what you told me02:51
pepeepartypants, it hangs when on high load02:51
jhb1608those l4v stuff02:51
pepeenot VERY high02:51
nutterpchigh load02:51
brian__none of my keybindings seem to be workin, is it possible compiz or some other app could be not letting me use keybindings to start apps02:51
pepeeI was thinking it is the video driver, but the boys at #radeon told me that there's is something strange in the logs02:52
partypantswhat OS?02:52
ChogyDanpepee: could be over heating02:52
nutterpchave u tried to see if it does this under any other OS?02:52
pepeeubuntu, now karmic02:52
=== panikkk is now known as gh0zt_afk
pepeebut i had jaunty, and it was the same02:52
nutterpcdid it do it under windows?02:52
partypantsChogyDan could be right02:52
Decessusif it's overheating, just replace the thermal compound with arctic silver02:52
soreaubrian__: Where are you setting the keybindings that are not working?02:53
pepeefor example: it hangs after ~ of playing "crack-attack"02:53
ChogyDanpepee: sudo apt-get install sensors-applet   then add it to your top panel bar thing02:53
brian__in conf edit and  keyboard shortcuts in prefs02:53
pepeenutterpc, I don't have windows installed02:53
nutterpcpartypants, me thinks get pepee to install something like gkrellm, system monitor, may help narrow down a bit easier02:53
brian__soreau, in gconf and keyboard shortcuts02:54
pepeeChogyDan, I installed that package02:54
pepeeand some other02:54
nutterpcgkrellm pepee is what i recommend, works well02:54
Decessuspepee, Yes, monitor your gpu temps or does the linux drivers have the crash recovery? (I've never used ati under linux)02:54
pepeeit shows ~30 or 35 ºC at hangs02:54
soreaubrian__: Does it change if you set effects to None is gnome-appearance-properties?02:54
StrangeCharmis the a manual for grub2 that will help me get out of the grub rescue prompt, given that i (think that i) know what's going on?02:55
pepeeother problems are, for example: the browsers crashes when i'm scrolling02:55
Decessuspepee, maybe a bad install?02:55
pepeeor the X simplly restarts when I have many apps running02:55
partypantsJust install windows 7, you won't have any more problems.02:55
pepeeDecessus, maybe02:55
pepeepartypants, haha02:56
pepeeso I'm thinking to do a clean install02:56
pepeebut I'll loose my configs :(02:56
brian__soreau, it didnt seem to02:56
partypantsI'm thinking it's not software02:56
partypantsIt sounds like a hardware problem02:56
DecessusI had a bad install where nautilus would not open my trash directory, so try a reinstall02:57
nutterpcpepee, is your harddrive old?02:57
pepeepartypants, maybe too, but is really strange02:57
partypantswhy not just but from a live cd and see if it crashes02:57
Decessuspepee, also run an HDD test02:57
pepeenutterpc, 2006, hitachi deskstar ATA 80GB02:57
soreaubrian__: Didnt seem to? If thats a no, then its not a compiz issue02:57
partypantsoh noes02:57
partypantsnot a deatyhstar02:57
nutterpcI'm starting to think you have what sounds like platter smack'02:58
Decessusdeskstar :(02:58
brian__soreau,  ok well darn02:58
nutterpcyou may be getting head failure pepee02:58
pepeebut it's running fine02:58
partypantsno its crashing02:58
nutterpcdo one thing for me pepee02:58
vockI'm having problems with ssh: I can connect to ssh localhost but when I try to connect otherwise i get "ssh: connect to host vock.thruhere.net port 50022: Connection refused". my sshd_config is here.http://www.pastebin.org/4856502:58
Decessuspepee, some failures will seem to run fine with somethings, but not with others02:58
nutterpcis your case open pepee ?02:58
jhb1608how do I view the V4L configuration?02:58
pepeesmartctl doesn't show anything strange (or that's what I suppose)02:59
pepeenutterpc, no02:59
nutterpcI need you to "listen" to your hdd, or have the case open in some way so you can02:59
nutterpcsee if you can hear any strange noises02:59
rickasaurusmine whispers voices to me02:59
pepeenutterpc, I configured the HDD to stay silently02:59
partypantsclicking' etc...02:59
pepeehitachi's ever do clicks03:00
nutterpcpepee, try it mate, this will help narrow down if it is head failure on your hard driver03:00
Decessuspepee, even in a silent mode you can hear small clicking, popping, whining, grinding, etc03:00
pepeeok, thanks03:00
partypantsjust burn UBCD and run a drive diagnostic03:00
Decessusif the drive is failing03:00
pepeethat what other ppl told me too, maybe is the HDD03:01
pepeethanks guys03:01
nutterpcpepee, also, if the drive is "clicking", I suggest backing up your data ASAP, as you will have an imminent hdd failure03:01
partypantsprolly the drive or something overheating03:01
pepeeohh, forgot a detail03:01
disappearednghow do I check the current version of couchdb in the repos?03:01
mQQshIs there anyone here who would be able to help me with booting from the BackTrack 4 live cd?03:02
mzawieskawhen i am printing the labels03:02
mzawieskamy printer gives me error spl-c error please use the proper drive03:02
nutterpcpartypants, the fun of technical support hey =P03:02
mzawieskaposition 0x0 (0)03:02
pepeethanks so much, ppl03:03
mzawieskaplease use the proper driver03:03
nutterpcpepee, try once u get the hdd stuff sorted, getting yourself a can of coke or somethin03:04
nutterpcto relax03:04
=== MasterJimmy is now known as Psinetic
pepeehaha ok I will03:04
mzawieskacan some1 explain to me what i suppose to do03:04
partypantsDon't drink caffiene its bad 4 u03:04
nutterpcfor me will be a beer03:04
nutterpcpartypants, u would hate what i ordered the other day then03:04
PsineticI'm running ubuntu 9.04. I have had aMSN installed for months now without ever having a problem. Now everytime I open aMSN it just closes on me with no warning. I ran it with terminal and this is the error I recieved: http://pastebin.com/m4052089503:05
mzawieskamy printer gives me thign error spl-c error please use the proper driver03:05
nutterpccaffeinated lollypops :P03:05
partypantstriple red bull shot03:05
partypantsoh lol03:05
DecessusNah, coffee/monster ;)03:05
nutterpcmonster is crap03:05
partypantshavent tried that one03:05
mikejetWhat projects will allow me to have a combined dhcp-server for my LAN, which is also a DNS server that knows about the dhcp mappings?03:05
nutterpcRockstar is better03:05
partypantsit's really sweet03:05
krammer__will gparted partition my hdd03:05
Psineticanyone know about this problem?03:05
nutterpcRockstar in the purple can is the best one03:05
Decessusnutterpc, nah, I drink low carb it's all my b12 ;)03:06
partypantsso anyone know how i can play a certain note continuously03:06
BilliardPsinetic: try deleting your aMSN config?03:06
partypantstone generator or something?03:06
DecessusNah, don't need sugar buzz03:06
Psineticbilliard, how?03:06
nutterpclo carb 0_o lol :P03:06
BilliardPsinetic: it might be located in ~/.amsn idk03:06
dukzGuys, when I'm doing an apt-get update, it always pauses on a certain line, resolving an IP that I don't think is part of my sources list, it says XX% [Connecting to XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX (XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX)] and pauses there. Anybody experienced this?03:06
DecessusHey, even a nerd has to realize when he's had too much sugar03:07
nutterpcyou want a good one Decessus ?03:07
Psineticnutterpc, Decessus, partypants, #ubuntu-offtopic please03:07
mzawieskaSPL-C ERROR - Please use proper driver03:07
mzawieska     POSITION : 0x0 (0)03:07
mzawieska     SYSTEM : src/xl_image03:07
mzawieska     LINE : 60603:07
mzawieska     VERSION : SPL-c 5.35 11-20-200703:07
FloodBot3mzawieska: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:07
partypantsis asking about the tonegenerator off topic too?03:07
mzawieskaplease any help?03:07
scunizidukz: if you have a gui open synaptic package manager and change your repo.. you can even have synaptic look for the fastest one for your location.03:07
nutterpcoff to continue debuggin03:07
=== gh0zt_afk is now known as panikkk
Psinetictalking about carbs and energy drinks has little to do with ubuntu troubleshooting :P03:08
partypantsVery true, just wasn't sure if I should ask this somewhere else.03:08
=== ganadist__ is now known as ganadist
krammer__will gparted partition my hdd03:09
dukzscunizi: I already did. I've been changing it a lot, but there's always this one that can't get through, and it's always resolving on the same subnet here in china, 125.39.113.XX03:09
almoxarifescunizi: finding the repo with the fastest ping is not the same as finding the repo with the fastest d/l speed, from my experience anyway03:09
dukzall the packages are all good, so it gets stuck on 99%03:09
dukzlet me pastebin it03:09
scunizidukz: might be some sort of state blocking?03:10
scunizialmoxarife: true but it's a place to start.. espicially when you're inside of chine03:10
Billiardkrammer__: if you ask it nicely03:10
partypantsIs there a better channel to talk specifically about audio related apps?03:11
alazyworkaholicI have a problem with the optical drive. If a second user had logged in before me & is still active in the background I'm not able to eject the dvd (whether or not I put it in after I've logged in) unless i type sudo eject. That can't be the way it's supposed to work.03:11
binMonkeyhi, guys.  i locked a bunch of packages using synaptic but when i try to update with aptitude, aptitude wants to upgrade those locked packages.  did i do something wrong?  how can i use aptitude without upgrading those packages?03:11
dukzscunizi: the box i have at home doesn't have this problem... so I don't think it is...03:12
Billiardalazyworkaholic: paste the single fstab line for your discdrive03:13
partypantsThere has got to be a decent tone generator app out there. Anyone know what it is?03:13
scunizidukz: there is a way to reconfigure the dpkg system.. but someone else will have to come up with the cli command... sorry03:13
Deihmosin kubuntu it has a nice search utility similiar to windows vista. Is it possible to add such a feature in ubuntu?03:14
dukzthe pastebin is a before and after, the first one is where it pauses, it tries to get from a specific ip on our isp, but the apt error says cannot get from the ubuntu apt source... so it's kind of weird that it tries to grab from a different IP from what it actually resolves.03:14
DaZDeihmos: beagle03:14
alazyworkaholicBilliard: (it's not a problem at this moment if that matters) /dev/scd0       /media/cdrom0   udf,iso9660 user,noauto,exec,utf8 0       003:15
almoxarifedukz: do you need the source right now to finish what you are doing?03:15
=== aleX-xx is now known as alex
Billiardalazyworkaholic: you could try changing "user" to "users" in that line03:15
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit03:16
alazyworkaholicBilliard: seriously? that's it? great. Thanks.03:16
Billiardalazyworkaholic: might work03:16
alazyworkaholicBilliard: I guess that would make all users "owners" of the cd?03:17
=== necr0tik is now known as peterhu
alazyworkaholicWhy isn't that default?03:17
Billiardalazyworkaholic: it should make it so one user can mount and another can unmount i think03:17
partypantsIn case anyone else ever needs to generate a tone, audacity does it.03:17
Billiardalazyworkaholic: rather than the same user needing to mount and unmount it03:17
uvacav_anyone know if there is any sort of minimalist todo program that integrates with gnome panel as an applet03:17
dukzalmoxarife: Yeah, i'm trying to build netatalk, and am actually having problems with libpam0g-dev, coz it's being reffered to by a libpam-runtime03:18
=== trucMuche is now known as Guest71560
dukzi have no freakin idea how to fix this. wahaha I didn't have problems with this on the x86 box that i pretty much did the same thing.03:18
dukzmy internet is not stable...03:19
almoxarifedukz: I was going to say just that03:20
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit03:20
dukzplease paste replies to me recently...03:20
alazyworkaholicAnyone know how closely fglrx from repository follows ati's monthly fglrx release?03:20
=== panikkk is now known as gh0zt_afk
almoxarifedukz: I think your issues with repo's have more to do with your internet connection overall than it does with ubuntu servers, perhaps?03:21
rajabis there a real solution for firefox 3.5.2 crashing issues with full screen? ANyone? i tried everything :( its annoying03:21
dukzalmoxarife: yeah, I guess so. Anyway, i'll forget about that03:21
domtarIf mount says that my hard drive has a bad superblock, does that mean the hard drive is broken?03:21
=== Guest71560 is now known as trucMuche
dukzi have another problem with installing a package referred to by another package03:21
almoxariferajab: there is, its called going back to 3.0xxxxx worked for me :)03:22
dukzPackage libpam0g-dev is not available, but is referred to by another package. However the following packages replace it: libpam-runtime03:22
mzawieskaguys i need help I am trying to print the label and i am getting this msg  SPL-c Error please use the proper driver03:22
mzawieskacan you guys help me out..03:22
rajabalmoxarife lol but 3.0.xxxx is SO slow compared to 3.5.103:22
dukzwhen i try to build-dep for netatalk, it asks for libpam0g-dev, but I get the message above that libpam-runtime replaces it, and it's already installed03:22
almoxariferajab: slow and working03:23
dukzhow do I build my package without the libpam0g-dev?03:23
Deihmosis there a way to add search to the start menu or whatever you call it. The way kubuntu does it03:23
jhb1608how do I view the V4L configuration?03:24
domtarIf mount says that my hard drive has a bad superblock, does that mean the hard drive is broken?03:24
techqbertI just set up an ubuntu server with pptpd and an iphone client. nmap finds both but neither can ping eachother and the iphone can't reach ubuntu's http server. anybody know what's up03:24
wtanyone here know if it's common to stop getting update notifications after updating to Kubuntu Karmic?03:25
Deihmosis there a way to add search to the start menu or whatever you call it. The way kubuntu does it03:25
xiaohuin c++, in a class, do you need to protect your constants ^...03:25
jhb1608how do I view the V4L configuration?03:25
wtdoes the iphone have a route to the ubuntu machine?03:25
jhb1608how do I view the V4L configuration?03:25
almoxariferajab: I finally had enough of the memory hogging that I am trying to get used to opera, only glich to opera is no simple adblock03:25
etyrnali installed Gnome one Ubuntu Server 9...  how do i make it boot  up  in the terminal/console mode?03:25
wtxiaohu: what do you mean?03:25
vockany ideas why you would get a connection refused in ssh when for sure the port is opened on the firewall and in iptables, and it's a fresh install of openssh-server? (no changes to sshd_config)03:26
jhb1608no vock03:26
xiaohuLike, if my class are made for a division and my operand 2 = a constant03:26
wtvock: try netstat -lntp to see if the server is really running and what ip address it's listening on03:26
etyrnali changed my mind, i do not want to see gnome every time i start up...  i'd like to enable it only when i want it -- how do i do that?03:26
xiaohuI need to make a if in my class to see if my constant == 0 ^03:27
rajab<almoxarife> yeah ill try opera again after a year.. :)(03:27
wtxiaohu: I think you are asking if you should use the protected keyword on a constant03:27
wtthat depends on how the constant is used03:27
xiaohuYes =)03:27
alazyworkaholicAnyone know how closely fglrx from repository follows ati's monthly fglrx release?03:27
=== gh0zt_afk is now known as panikkk
xiaohuthanks WT =)03:27
wtif you would need the constant from users of your class, it would need to be public03:28
jacobhello all03:28
=== jacob is now known as Guest90379
Guest90379assist needed03:28
xiaohuso it become object protected ^03:28
vockwt: netstat shows something listening on the right port, just listed as tcp03:28
Guest90379ubuntu will not recogonize my second harddrive, how do i know if it is shot? or, how can i mount it?03:28
wtvock: try that command as root03:29
wtvock: it will tell you what pid and the name of the app that's bound to the port03:29
wtGuest90379: try it in another machine?03:29
xiaohuneed to go to sleep =)03:29
ZzZhello, anyone updated to Karmic yet?03:29
xiaohuGood night ubuntu community !!03:30
wtZzZ: I have03:30
wtZzZ: I am sure lots of others have by now03:30
DaZGuest90379: sudo fdisk -l03:30
ZzZwt, any perfomance issues?03:30
vockwt: sshd listening on on the right port and ::, shouldn't it be listening on my router ip?03:30
wtZzZ: it's much faster than jaunty03:30
wtvock: you're jumping ahead03:31
ZzZwt, i have a problem dont know why, but sometimes video is much slower with compiz than in jaunty03:31
vockwt: sorry,03:31
wtvock: are you trying to connect from a different network03:31
almoxarifeno, no, no performance issues with karmic, :)03:31
wtvock: np03:31
vockwt: at the moment just the same network, just to get it running, eventually I will want outside from the network03:31
wtZzZ: that may have something to do with the KMS03:31
wtvock: don't worry about your router yet then03:31
ZzZwt, what is kms?03:31
wtZzZ: Kernel Mode Switching03:32
wtvock: can you ping your ssh box from the client?03:32
mysoogalhow to install themes on ubuntu ?03:32
vockwt: yep03:32
wtdo you have nmap on the client?03:32
mysoogalwhat do i need to instal themes ?03:32
ZzZwt, how did u update? manager -d?03:32
almoxarifemysoogal: you need the theme first03:32
mysoogalit says always says something that its not fully installed03:33
wtZzZ: yes03:33
wtZzZ: what kind of video card do you have?03:33
ZzZwt, same here..03:33
mysoogalIntel !!!!! yahoo03:33
ZzZwt, its integrated nvidia on hp laptop03:33
chalcedonydoes anyone use a2ps or another commandline printer driver? i can't get mine to print in portrait with a reasonable sized font.. it's landscape.03:33
wtZzZ: I noticed that my intel 810 and my Radeon 4850 bother were much better after the upgrade03:34
wtZzZ: nVidia probably doesn't use KMS since it's a proprietary driver03:34
jhb1608how do I view the V4L configuration?03:34
ZzZwt, i noticed that too right away, but all of a sudden now its bogging down03:34
ZzZwt, i thought they were saying perfomance increase in karmic for nvidia03:35
wtZzZ: it's possible that it's not using the proprietary driver, but I can't help you there03:35
aryis possible to install 9.10 remix edition or is it only livecd?03:35
wtI don't have nVidia for that reason03:35
mzawieskacan any1 help me :/03:35
bastidrazor!changethemes > mysoogal03:35
ubottumysoogal, please see my private message03:35
Guest22112hi im booting in to ssh i think it ask me for my logon info but its looks like termial and i wand my desktop back03:36
ZzZwt, what do u have?03:36
wtvock: try "nmap -sV hostname" from the client03:36
jhb1608how do I view the V4L configuration?03:36
ZzZmzawieska, what do u need03:36
mysoogalthanks whoever pm mee03:36
BilliardGuest22112:  ssh is command line03:36
wtvock: I meant "nmap -sV -P0 -p22 hostname" from the client03:36
vockwt: two seconds, installing nmap03:37
wtZzZ: Radeon 4850 and Intel 810 on my older laptop03:37
mzawieskaspl-c error please use the proper driver03:37
=== ninnypants1 is now known as ninnypants
mzawieskathis what my printer prints out03:37
mzawieskawhen i want to print the label that i created in koverartist03:37
mysoogalgreat i was talking to a freaking BOT i thought was a real person helping meeee03:37
wtvock: btw, in the netstat output indicates that it is listening on all ips on local interfaces03:37
ZzZwt, ok, thanks03:37
aryis possible to install 9.10 remix or is only live?03:38
vockwt: oh, okay03:38
wtZzZ: my wife has an intel 3100 video that works pretty well03:38
mysoogalyou can install it while ur in live CD03:38
jhb1608which webcam that are supported in 9.10?03:38
mysoogal9.10 ? ubuntu updated ? i miss something i only test new 9.0403:39
vockwt: I'm getting script engine failures, one sec03:39
ZzZmzawieska, did u install your printer properly?03:39
jhb1608mysoogal, ubuntu will upgrade in like 3-4 days03:39
jhb1608to 9.1003:39
wtvock: that's no fun03:39
mzawieskai didnt install anything03:40
mzawieskait was there when i installed ubuntu03:40
kris_Hi. Does Ubuntu still provide distributions that are built for lpia, or are they only x86 now?03:40
mysoogalgreat i hope not more of intel drivers get listed ! then my screen would go black i cant read anymore !03:40
VXxedIs anyone available that can help me with my laptop fan issue?  I have it fully documented here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=130073303:40
wtZzZ: do you know what I mean by "proprietary driver"?03:40
mysoogalnot open source drivers03:40
jhb1608 which webcam that are supported in 9.10? or at least 9.04?03:41
ZzZwt, the ones from nonfree?03:41
mzawieskahow can i installed my printer drivers?03:41
ZzZmzawieska, what printer model do u have?03:41
wtZzZ: yeah, but it means that the source isn't available03:41
jhb1608which webcam that are supported in 9.10? or at least 9.04?03:41
mysoogalfind your printer driver and visit ubuntu forums03:41
=== jeremy is now known as Guest58097
ZzZwt, i know that03:41
jhb1608I did and they didn't help me03:41
jhb1608ubuntu forums don't help03:41
jhb1608so I'm here03:42
ZzZwt, maybe i should go to nvidia's site and install them that way is that what you mean?03:42
wtZzZ: Ok, I just wanted to make sure I wasn't confusing you. :)03:42
mzawieskaSamsung CLP-315W03:42
mysoogallogictek supported03:42
wtZzZ: I don't know what to do with nVidia...I don't follow them at all.03:42
jhb1608yes but why did it won't work here?03:42
=== physicspackage_ is now known as physicspackage
mysoogalhey JNB16 here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras03:42
jhb1608mysoogal, my webcam won't work in flash specifically03:42
wtZzZ: other than the minimal information I see in other docs I read03:43
almoxarifeyeap, logitec usb works for me too03:43
mzawieskaZZZ when i go to system administraction printers its showing CLP 310 Series03:43
ZzZwt, ok thanks a ton, will dig03:43
wtZzZ: good luck03:43
mzawieskaso i know its not installed properly right03:43
mzawieskacause its 31003:43
ZzZmzawieska, what does it say on the printer itself/03:43
ZzZwt, :)03:43
jhb1608well almoxarife, it won't work on flash.03:43
wtvock: anything happening for you?03:43
webbb82has anyone in here used advanced gnome menu   , i just installed it and it has zero apps in it03:44
jhb1608if I do the webstream of myself, it won't show up03:44
mzawieskathe name on the printer says samsung CLP-315W03:44
vockwt: can I pm you for one sec?03:44
mzawieskahow can i install the proper drivers ? ZZZ03:44
ZzZmzawieska, which ubuntu do u have?03:44
=== hoho` is now known as hoho0
jhb1608I will upgrade from 9.04 to 9.10 soon03:45
jhb1608but I'll wait03:45
jhb1608but I need to get on supported hardware information first!03:45
jhb1608because I say so03:46
mysoogalwhere is the room for bash script ?03:46
ZzZmzawieska, interesting.. it should work right out of the box03:46
Billiardmysoogal: #bash03:46
mysoogaloh thanks i forgot how to join ! :D03:46
jhb1608lol 1,363 people don't talk but only few people od talk03:46
mysoogaleverybody wanking to britney haha03:47
hoho0jhb1608 u started using ubuntu?03:47
mzawieskaZZZ its printing this msg SPL-C error please use the proper drivers03:47
jhb1608no it is not new to me03:47
mzawieskaposition 0x0 (0)03:47
mzawieskasystem src/xl_image03:47
mzawieskaline 60603:47
mysoogalim new to ubuntu yesterday i learn how to use wget ! and didnt know top was cool03:47
mzawieskaversion spl_c 5.35 11-2--200703:48
kris_Hi. Does Ubuntu still provide distributions that are built for lpia, or are they only x86 now?03:48
kris_All the links to the lpia live cd's seem to be gone, now.03:48
kris_Yesterday, they were up. :-)03:49
jhb1608What hardware that are supported in Ubuntu 9.04?03:49
FeasibilityStudyjhb1608: Google is yo friend03:49
bastidrazor!hardware > jhb160803:49
ubottujhb1608, please see my private message03:49
kassahis there a Python Plugin to X-Chat2 to make it listen to NetworkManager?03:49
kassahdoesn't really need to be python...03:50
jhb1608FeasibilityStudy:  Google sometimes don't give you right information.03:50
SledgerHow do i install from source using Makefile03:50
FeasibilityStudySledger: Google is God03:50
FeasibilityStudyI mean jhb160803:50
Sledgeri trired03:50
jhb1608Google don't give you accurate information.03:50
bastidrazorSledger: once you 'make' the makefile you would probably sudo make install03:50
jhb1608Google don't give you accurate information. So therefore, Google is heaven AND hell.03:50
bastidrazor!source > Sledger03:50
ubottuSledger, please see my private message03:50
krammer_I am using gparted and want to partition the hdd im at add partition what should the moutn point be need help please03:51
bastidrazorSledger: actually type /msg ubottu compile03:51
Sledgerit is for Tetrinet.03:51
Sledger ./configure --prefix=/usr/local'03:51
Billiardkrammer_: the mount point for your root filesystem should be /03:51
mysoogaltaskil remove brians03:52
marcoHi. I've just installed cheese application. it detects my webcam but the screen is completly green. is there a solution?03:52
hansinHas anyone seen when using Compiz where windows and dialog boxes will *almost* disappear (get to like 90-95% transparent)? I know this isn't normal behavior.03:52
hansinNot sure what is the trigger.03:52
mysoogalvlc player can do that also totem03:53
bloodIve just partitioned my hard drive sdb1,2 5 (1.ext3) (2.expaneded) (5.swap) however it will not show up as a filesystem can any1 help03:53
mysoogalmy screen always dims when i play video on vlc03:53
hansinAnd once they get in this transparent state that stay on top postion in the Z level. They dont fall behind other windows even if these are "focused".03:53
mysoogalhave to use fn key + up key to bring normal brightness03:53
krammer_Billiard, file system type ?03:53
Billiardkrammer_: ext303:53
thegreyspotHello! I wanted to know how can I enable amd Quietncool? in ubuntu 9.10?Or how can I at least check?03:54
uvacav_is there a way to make certain programs disappear when minimized (instead of minimizing to bottom panel) and reappear when an icon in gnome-panel is clicked... (I think this is done with empathy and evolution in 9.10)03:54
krammer_Billiard,  fill up all space which i want 50 gig03:54
Billiardkrammer_: what?03:55
krammer_im at additional size options03:55
Sledgerroot@joey-desktop:/usr/local#  ./configure --prefix=/usr/local03:55
Sledgerbash: ./configure: No such file or directory03:55
DaZSledger: don't configure as root03:55
jhb1608aha then my webcam don't support on here.03:56
krammer_fixed size/fill all space up to mb/ fill to maximum allowable size03:56
thegreyspotHello! I wanted to know how can I enable amd Quietncool? in ubuntu 9.10?Or how can I at least check?03:56
Billiardkrammer_: i dont know, you will have to choose the size you want03:56
krammer_i want 50 gigs so would i check fixed size03:57
Billiardkrammer_: probably03:57
krammer_Billiard, one more left please what is force to primary partition03:58
^mNotIntelligenthey all !03:59
Billiardkrammer_: not sure, i havent done an install in a long time, i would have to see it03:59
mQQshHey everyone.. im trying to boot from the back track live cd. When I get to the OS menu no matter what option I choose it starts everything up then when its finished it just hangs there waiting for me to input something with root@bt:~#.. do i have to enter something to boot up?03:59
januszealmQQsh it is booted up, it's just not loading the GUI for some reason. Try startx03:59
cdoublejjhow much lighter is xubuntu than ubuntu?03:59
mQQshjanuszeal: cool ill give it a try thanks04:00
DaZmQQsh: it's booted04:00
cdoublejji'm thinking i'll give it a try04:00
januszealmQQsh np04:00
thegreyspotcdoublejj since you dont have to reinstall an os to try it i would definitely do it04:00
thegreyspotIt is much lighter04:00
zzzzzZZZZzzzSup #ubuntu04:00
mootsup #ubuntu04:01
=== zzzzzZZZZzzz is now known as zzzzzZZZZzzz[m3n
cdoublejjmuch lighter was what i was looking for04:01
cdoublejji similar model laptops04:01
thegreyspot:) you found it04:01
cdoublejji'll give it the benefit of the doubt and try it on the slightly faster one04:01
thegreyspotof course you can go lighter04:01
sweetandyanyone excited for the new release?04:01
marcohi. each time i try to opne tvtime it stops working. I'm using ubuntu 9.1004:01
cdoublejji heard you can replace the front end with something lighter04:01
januszealim looking to get a laptop to put ubuntu on, i've got OS X now, but i want to give linux a try. any good ones to look for?04:02
januszealand anything i can do about getting a refund for win 7? :p04:02
Guest27493I'm trying to install something and I keep getting this: polkit-auth: AuthorizationAlreadyExists: An authorization for uid 1001 for the action org.freedesktop.hal.power-management.shutdown-multiple-sessions with constraint '' already exists04:02
Guest27493can someone please help?04:02
cdoublejjon ebay i go for the cheaper deals04:02
januszealcdoublejj talking to me?04:02
cdoublejjthe 2805 model toshibas are good for internet04:02
^mNotIntelligentsweetandy, i guess everyone is  excited04:02
cdoublejjyes i am04:02
sweetandyjanuszeal: Most OEMs are contractually obligated to keep Windows on the hardware for purchase. Ask them and they will usually decline.04:02
cdoublejjlook for auctions around 60 bucks04:02
mQQshjanuszeal worked perfect thanks04:03
januszealcdoublejj im looking for something specificly that I won't have to much around hardware much04:03
januszealmQQsh glad i could help04:03
januszealcdoublejj muck*04:03
cdoublejjsomething fast?04:03
januszealsweetandy i figured :(04:03
cdoublejjjust install ubuntu on it before it boots to windows04:03
januszealcdoublejj not amazingly, just something i can irc, IM, web browse, etc04:03
cdoublejjor soemthing04:03
arquebusGuest27493- installing from deb, source or aptitude?04:03
cdoublejjif thats it04:04
FloodBot1cdoublejj: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:04
thegreyspotHow do you turn on AMD quiet and cool in ubuntu?04:04
infidi have sshd running on a computer on my local network and can't ssh to it from another computer. what could be the cause of this? i can ping the computer, but ssh'ing to it just timesout04:04
DaZinfid: /etc/hosts.allow04:04
januszealinfid from the same net you cant ssh? also /etc/hosts.allow04:05
cdoublejjkinda of a rip off for that price04:05
Ahadielthegreyspot, Isn't that done via the BIOS?04:05
SeaPhorinfid, you were able to before and now not?04:06
thegreyspotAhadiel: hmm ur right, maybe i mean how do i make it lower clock speeds when it needs too. My cpu sounds really loud right now :)04:06
Ahadielthegreyspot, Have a look at cpufrequtils04:07
infidseaphor not before, i just installed sshd on that computer. i can however sshd into my other computer just fine04:07
ZzZlater all04:07
infidi'll check /etc/hosts.allow thanks04:07
=== Tohuw1 is now known as Tohuw
thegreyspotahadiel: sorry where?04:07
januszealdKaine_: sup04:07
SeaPhorinfid, did u do /etc/init.d sshd start?04:07
Ahadielthegreyspot, sudo apt-get install cpufrequtils04:07
infidseaphor yeah sshd is def running on that computer04:08
infidseaphor i can even ssh to localhost on it04:08
thegreyspotAhadiel does it have a gui?04:08
Ahadielthegreyspot, once you have that installed, you can check your CPU's frequency with 'cpufreq-info'04:08
Ahadielthegreyspot, it doesn't need one04:08
Ahadielthegreyspot, it changes depending on your cpu load04:08
thegreyspotahadiel:  hardware limits: 1.15 GHz - 2.30 GHz04:09
thegreyspot does that sound right then?04:09
SeaPhordid you see above about the /etc/hosts.allow ?04:09
Ahadielthegreyspot, Are you setting your limits manually?04:09
Ahadielthegreyspot, default settings should suffice04:09
thegreyspotahadiel how would i do that?04:10
=== clayton is now known as Guest25190
Ahadielthegreyspot, oh, you were reading from cpufreq-info04:10
gwizThanks again ChogyDan, the update went well, no crash, YAY!04:10
thegreyspotAhadiel maybe my room is just to hot right now :)04:10
Ahadielthegreyspot, What's the current frequency?04:10
ysarhello from athens04:10
gwizhelloz athens from USA04:10
ysarhi gwiz04:10
Ahadielthegreyspot, and what governer under "current policy"?04:10
gwizhi ysaer04:11
gwizerrr ysar*04:11
TohuwIs there some hidden setting (in gconf or elsewhere) to force mouse sensitivity and acceleration to even lower values? I have a very high-resolution mouse, and it is too sensitive in Ubuntu even at the lowest settings allowed in gnome-mouse-properties04:11
ysarin how many days it will be ready ubuntu 9.10 ?04:11
thegreyspotAhadiel:  urrent policy: frequency should be within 1.15 GHz and 2.30 GHz.04:11
thegreyspot                  The governor "ondemand" may decide which speed to use04:11
thegreyspot                  within this range.04:11
thegreyspotis that what you mean?04:11
FloodBot1thegreyspot: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:11
gwizI'm new to Ubuntu and I have an announcement to make, bill gates just lost a customer!04:11
gwizno more calls to india, YAY!04:12
Ahadielthegreyspot, Yes. It's probably @ 2.3ghz right now because you're doing something that's using a lot of the CPU.04:12
Tohuw!offtopic | gwiz04:12
ubottugwiz: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!04:12
dKaine_ 04:12
dKaine_ Ÿžœ›š™˜—–•”“’‘ŽŒ‹Š‰ˆ‡†…„ƒ‚€؀؁؂؃04:12
FloodBot1dKaine_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:12
ysargwiz bill gates need cakes and eggs in his face04:12
SeaPhorheh, you go gwiz04:12
thegreyspotAhadiel Ok but it is variating the speed then ?04:12
^mNotIntelligent!pb | dKaine_04:12
ubottudKaine_: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. Ubuntu pastebin is at  http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from  command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic04:12
Ahadielthegreyspot, yes.04:12
gwizum, what is the topic of this room?04:12
thegreyspotAhadiel thank you04:13
gwizhow do I find the list of rooms?04:13
ubottuKarmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic is still NOT stable and MAY break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+104:13
Ahadielthegreyspot, Not a problem.04:13
SeaPhor!topic | gwiz04:13
ubottugwiz: Please read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic04:13
^mNotIntelligentgwiz, no topics yet04:13
jordanP1337I want to dual boot windows xp for gaming, but have to use a usb drive to install. I have my copy of xp in iso form but cannot figure out howto prep my usb drive in order to make it bootable.04:14
porter1gwiz, you can try /list for all channels, you'll be waiting a while though04:14
ysarwhat is the diference of ubuntu and Xubuntu ?04:14
Guest25190.ge feather04:14
porter1ysar, the destop environment. One is Xfce and one is Gnome04:14
Xcellwoohoo.. ive got 9.10 kickin butt...thanks canonical04:14
ysarthe best xfce or Gnome?04:15
gwizI did Porter, nothing happened that's how much lag I got :/04:15
SeaPhor!best | ysar04:15
ubottuysar: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.04:15
porter1ysar, for beginners, I recommend Gnome04:15
porter1Not to say Xfce isn't intuitive, it's just less-supported by major app writers, and doesn't really see much of a performance improvement.04:16
ysarporter1 i am using linux many years but first time i choose to install ubuntu most of times i was use kde04:16
DaZxfce is as simple as gnome :f04:16
ysarone positive have ubuntu is the multilanguange keyboard04:17
porter1ysar, you can also try kubuntu if you want to stick with KDE04:17
foohm, what's the name of a disk shredding program?04:17
ysari dont like it so much04:17
porter1Same here.04:17
ysari see gnome is nice04:17
SeaPhorfoo, dd04:17
Ahadielfoo, afaik I think you can just use dd04:17
* porter1 waits for the KDE people to come and attack him04:18
ysarand finaly ubuntu have many nice options04:18
porter1ysar, just sick with Gnome then.04:18
eyebeeI use gnome on netbook; kde on laptop04:18
* DaZ impales porter104:18
ysarno i need my health04:18
wtI use KDE...always.04:18
* Blank__ was thinking about kde but opted against it considering this laptop is quite old04:18
wtwell...except on the cell phone :)04:18
eyebeerunning karmic UNR RC here now on AA104:19
SeaPhorfoo, dd= In the most basic sense, the DD command is used for copying in the UNIX environment. For simplicity, we will consider 'copy' to mean 'to duplicate exactly. More here- http://www.crazytrain.com/dd.html, or (#2) Heres some helpful sites for using dd command and other computer Forensics- http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-newbie-8/learn-the-dd-command-362506/04:19
eyebeeworks well04:19
fooSeaPhor: hm, that'll shred everything? I forgot about that. dd if=/dev/null of=/dev/hda or something, eh?04:19
porter1foo, careful :)04:20
fooporter1: I want to destroy these disks, they're from work... sensitive data04:20
fooprefrontal: :)04:20
porter1OK, just quadruple check with yourself and others just in case :)04:20
SeaPhorfoo, be very carefull04:20
porter1And also make sure the disk name is correct04:21
SeaPhorfoo, read the full articles04:21
fooporter1 / SeaPhor :) thanks.04:21
foook /me grabs 'em04:21
ysarwhen i put the ubuntu install disk 9.04 to my hp laptop the laptop's fan stop working and the laptop overheat04:21
=== maximo is now known as Maximo
loshafoo: take a hammer to them, then burn them...04:21
porter1ysar, which laptop model?04:21
ysarhold on04:21
jordanP1337I want to dual boot windows xp for gaming, but have to use a usb drive to install. I have my copy of xp in iso form but cannot figure out howto prep my usb drive in order to make it bootable.04:21
DaZjordanP1337: #windows04:22
=== gh0zt is now known as gh0zt_afk
SeaPhorfoo, that's one of those cmds that,,, "you say do and it does it!" no turning back if you put in wrong path04:22
DaZor  was it ##windows ;f04:22
porter1ysar, if that's happening, you really need to get in contact with the laptop team04:22
jordanP1337DaZ: its not a windows issue, they pointed me back here04:22
=== sarthor_ is now known as sarthor
=== gh0zt_afk is now known as gh0zt
DaZjordanP1337: installing windows from the usb drive certainly isn't ubuntu issue04:23
eyebeejordanP1337: I had windows on machine already04:23
* foo smacks losha 04:23
foolosha: I still want to use the drives :)04:23
=== dabossbv1 is now known as dabossbv
jordanP1337DaZ: but using ubuntu to prep the drive is, correct?04:23
ysarhp pavilion dv6750ev04:23
fooSeaPhor: I don't want any of the data on any of the drives in this box, it's ok :) thanks04:23
ubottuHi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines. Enjoy your stay!04:23
sarthorHI, my pppoe server says, pppoe: read (asyncReadFromPPP): Session 1: Input/output error , only one login is able to be login, each other ID gave this error, While the login/passwod are correct, HELP04:23
eyebeeput jordanP1337 I used live CD or USB drive to prep the drive for dual boot. it resizes partitions and sets up grub to replace windwos MBR04:24
loshafoo: oh, in that case, DBAN http://www.dban.org/04:24
Caiquecomo coloco uam barra tipo essa http://www.vivaolinux.com.br/screenshots/viewshot.php?codigo=14500&shot=desktop_wesley.jpg04:24
Maximohow is the new Ubuntu?04:24
jordanP1337eyebee: alright, ill look into the live usb solution, thanks04:24
eyebeejordanP1337: done it on a netbook and a desktop this very week04:25
jordanP1337eyebee: you used a linux live usb over a windows system?04:25
IdleOne!br | Caique04:26
ubottuCaique: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Obrigado.04:26
eyebeejordanP1337: 160GB drive in netbook. I resized windows partition down to about 70GB, and used the rest for linux04:26
CaiqueIdleOne, sim04:26
eniaChi kiddies :D04:26
Caiqueubottu, la niguem ajuda mano04:26
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)04:26
Caiqueubottu, ke diser ajuda mas estao off04:26
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)04:26
eyebeeyes jordanP1337 this netbook came with XP installed04:26
jordanP1337eyebee: ok, but the issue is that i have to make the usb bootable, as in i have to screw around with the MBR04:27
=== Tohuw1 is now known as Tohuw
IdleOneCaique: aqui se abla in ingles solamente04:27
eyebeejordanP1337: I made a bootable USB04:27
eyebeejordanP try this: http://lifehacker.com/5042630/unetbootin-creates-usb+bootable-linux-the-easy-way04:28
foohm, ubuntu desktop 8.10 is hanging during the load up screen. I'm trying to boot for disk. gah, *looks for newer disk*04:29
eyebeejordanP put the Ubuntu img on that, it will install grub and take care of MBR for you04:29
eyebeejordanP1337: try this: http://lifehacker.com/5042630/unetbootin-creates-usb+bootable-linux-the-easy-way04:30
marcohi. sound is too low and i cannot find the audio mixer. where ist it. using 9.1004:31
jhb1608how do I reset the panels?04:32
bastid_raZor!panels | jhb160804:32
ubottujhb1608: To reset the panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »04:32
sync350!alsamixer | marco04:33
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about alsamixer04:33
nightshadeis there any software that will decorate the virtual terminals (alt + 1-6)04:34
d9500marco: if by audio mixer you mean volume control, it is by default in the top right corner of the upper gnome panel, in a fresh ubuntu install. It looks like a little triangle with three lines, increasing in size from left to right.04:34
sync350hm, well, marco, try running alsamixer04:34
nightshadelike on gentoo04:34
=== Ignatius is now known as HashTable
=== HashTable is now known as Ignatius
foohm, ubuntu desktop 8.10 is hanging during the load up screen. I'm trying to boot for disk. gah, *looks for newer disk*04:35
d9500marco: if you want a more advanced and configurable control you can run sudo aptitude install gnome-alsamixer, then you should see an entry for "GNOME Alsa Mixer under applications-->sound and video04:35
fooany tips?04:35
SeaPhorfoo, why 8.10?04:35
fooSeaPhor: it's a p4 box, it's all I have laying around atm04:36
=== jhb1608 is now known as fsck1
=== sarthor_ is now known as sarthor
SeaPhorfoo, then use 8.04,, 8.10 was,, well.. not good imo04:36
knoppiesfoo, Im running 9.04 on an old P4, as long as I dont go overboard with compiz, its fine04:36
sarthorHI, my pppoe server says, pppoe: read (asyncReadFromPPP): Session 1: Input/output error , only one login is able to be login, each other ID gave this error, While the login/passwod are correct, HELP04:36
fooknoppies: I'm using it as a server04:37
knoppiesfoo, kk. my bad04:37
freemywrldHello, I installed 9.10 RC the other day and everything works fine except certain websites in FF 3.5 cause my system to hard freeze04:37
kevdogWhen is 9.10 being released?04:37
fsck1good question kevdog04:38
sync350I think it's 2 days now.04:38
knoppieskevdog, you should find that on the ubuntu website im sure. I heared on the 29th04:38
fooknoppies: np04:38
=== fsck1 is now known as foosck
knoppiesfreemywrld, could it be a FF addon?04:38
sync350yep, ubuntu.com confirms that it's 2 days04:38
knoppiesthanks sync35004:39
freemywrldThe only things installed are Flash, Java, and Ad Block Plus04:39
kevdogObviously Im a day behind you guys -- so Oct 29?04:39
freemywrldThis is a brand new clean install04:39
knoppiesfreemywrld, if you using gnash for your flash player, then uninstall it.04:39
sync350kevdog, yessir04:39
* kevdog I'm excited -- Thanks04:39
freemywrldhmm.. I don't think I'm using gnash but I can check04:40
freemywrldIn about:plugins I show Shockwave Flash and FutureSplash Player04:40
fooscknever heard of futuresplash player04:41
freemywrldMe neither04:41
freemywrldI didn't manually install it'04:41
foosckah ok04:41
freemywrldmaybe it came with the system or is part of Adobe's flash player for linux?04:41
kevdogOff topic a bit -- but I'm finding X-Chat not as sexy as Chatzilla for my IRC client04:41
foosckwow same here!04:41
foosckI have futuresplash player too04:42
foosckkevdog, then use pidgin04:42
kevdogfoosck:  That is the least sexiest of all IMO04:42
=== gh0zt is now known as zuggy
freemywrldI'm not sure if the freezing is random or not.  Crashed first on Pandora and then today it froze on Facebook04:42
=== zuggy is now known as zuggyca
foosckthen use something text-only irc program or something04:42
knoppieskevdock, I thought you could get chatzilla for ubuntu, cant you?04:43
fooscklol mirc is good but I'd need better video card04:43
cfeddechatzilla is a firefox plugin.  it does work with firefox on ubuntu04:43
Random832better video card for what?04:43
cfeddelast time I checked.04:43
kevdogknoppies: You can -- but I guess I was offering my unsolicited opinion.  But what the hell do I know!04:44
tsrkHow do I move a logical partition outside the extended partition (so it turns into a primary partition)?04:44
Random832("need a better video card" for an irc program = does not compute)04:44
zuggycais there a way to force vino-server to start without logging in?04:44
foosckRandom832, I need better video card for everything, I want to turn on compiz but I don't have a videocard lol04:45
Random832zuggyca, are you sure you need vino for what you're doing?04:45
knoppieszuggyca, I would also like to know, but Im more interested in getting tightvnc to work.04:45
Random832if you just need remote vnc login, you could just have gdm run an Xvnc04:45
knoppiesfoosck, you should try organise one then.04:45
Random832that just won't tie to the console04:46
zuggycai need to remote desktop to my ubuntu desktop from windows without having to log in the ubuntu user04:46
foosckI am gonna to get one, but have ot figure out on drivers04:46
loshatsrk: I've never seen that done. As far as I know, the best you can do is create a primary and copy the contents from the logical partition, then delete the logical partition...04:46
Random832zuggyca, do you need it to be the same session as on the ubuntu's physical screen?04:46
foosck!supported hardware04:46
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)04:46
=== tommy is now known as Guest43263
Guest43263i need some help with my sony vaio VGN-AR390E04:46
zuggycaRandom832: no04:46
tsrklosha, alright, i'll do that, thanks04:46
Random832worth looking at anyway04:47
knoppiesRandom832, if I do want to be on the same session as ubuntu's physical screen, then how should I go about it? I was thinking tightvnc, but havnt managed to get it to work yet.04:47
foosckubottu, well you are intelligent.04:47
dandamanquestion: how do i copy a  folder from a SSH onto a folder in my hard drive?04:48
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)04:48
fooSeaPhor / Ahadiel: alright, dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/hda is working it's magic. thanks04:48
Guest43263where should i go for help when trying to install drivers for my sony vaio that are meant for vista?04:48
foosckubottu, you are.04:48
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about you are.04:48
Random832knoppies, i don't know - you could always just log in and start a vnc client locally when you want it on the physical screen04:48
d9500foosck: figure out drivers? that depends on what you're looking for. open source driver support "out of the box"? top performance?04:48
foosckout of the box04:48
Random832then you don't necessarily have the ability to do 3d/video stuff that's too intensive for vnc04:48
foosckno no I don't do vnc04:49
knoppiesthanks Random83204:49
sarthorHI, my pppoe server says, pppoe: read (asyncReadFromPPP): Session 1: Input/output error , only one login is able to be login, each other ID gave this error, While the login/passwod are correct, HELP04:49
knoppiesfoosck, think that was directed at me04:49
anarki2004anyone here know anything about "Error 18" inside GRUB?04:49
foosckoh sorry04:49
dandamanhow do i copy a  folder from a SSH onto a folder in my hard drive? whats the command? if its cp, i dont know how to do it :( also i'm inside the ssh04:49
TomTom21Hey guys i need help installing drivers for my laptop04:50
kevdogdandaman:  I use sftp which is much like an ftp session.04:50
sync350dandaman: is there an ftp service running?  As far as I know, there's not really a direct way to download files/folders through just ssh.04:50
jahnkeanaterhow do i get my rear speakers working04:50
dandamanahh ok, ill install that then04:50
loshadandaman: can't you use scp ?04:50
nrcainCan I just dd regular Linux install ISOs to a USB drive and install from there?04:50
dandamanlosha: don't know how, and i thought that copies from hard drive to ssh04:50
dandamannot the other way around04:51
bastid_raZordandaman: scp .. be on the host machine and type scp folder/ user@destination:/folder/04:51
kevdogIMO scp is a poor mans sftp04:51
SeaPhorTomTom21, what drivers?04:51
anarki2004i just installed ubuntu alongside windows on the same HDD. Now grub can't boot properly and I can't boot the computer without going live04:51
knoppiesnrcain, I dont think you would be able to mount the ISO.04:51
knoppiesnrcain, wait, nvm.04:51
jahnkeanaterunder volume control i dont have a suround mode04:51
knoppiesnrcain, not sure.04:51
TomTom21for a sony vaio VGN-AR390E graphics card and camera04:51
d9500foosck: if you don't want to install any proprietary video card drivers, then intel has a history of providing open source drivers in linux (wait till karmic though to buy a motherboard w/ an intel card, there were some regressions in jaunty w/ intel drivers b/c they were reworking the architecture.) also, amd/ati has recently been improving their 2d/3d acceleration, by helping develop the open source "radeon" driver, but that one does not have 3d accel04:52
d9500eration for the r500-600 series of cards as of kernel 2.6.31. you would need to upgrade to 2.6.32, which is still an rc at this point04:52
anarki2004by live I mean using a live boot04:52
SeaPhorTomTom21, have you googled it?04:52
jahnkeanaterdoes any one have 4 channel speakers on ubuntu04:52
d9500foosck: at least, I think that's correct. phoronix.com regularly provides updates on amd's card support. might want to check that site to be sure04:52
SeaPhorTomTom21, in a terminal type lshw -C video04:53
TomTom21yea but when i tried the new update 185 for my graphics card it would crash my GPU and i had to reinstall ubuntu. also i tried installing the camera but it failed saying i needed vista04:54
X7have no sound not sure why everything is pc speaker04:54
bastid_raZorSeaPhor: lshw should be run with sudo04:54
anarki20041300 people....one of you knows....04:54
X7 04:55
SeaPhorbastid_raZor, yes- i agree....04:55
TomTom21SeaPhor, I did now what?04:55
LasthionI have a question for someone im new to ubuntu and im trying to start the game gearhead but i cant find out where the exe file or what ever it is is at any help would be very nice04:56
=== bob is now known as Guest7141
sarthorHI, my pppoe server says, pppoe: read (asyncReadFromPPP): Session 1: Input/output error , only one login is able to be login, each other ID gave this error, While the login/passwod are correct, HELP04:56
SeaPhorTomTom21, how did it "crash my GPU" ?04:56
BilliardLasthion: after you install it from the package manager, it should be in your programs manu under games or something similar04:56
dandamanhow do i use scp to copy an entire directory?04:57
Lasthioni looked it not04:57
dandamanor...how can i copy a directory from an ssh into my local hd?04:57
Lasthioni tried alt f2-ing the name but nothing04:57
Steildandaman: look into SFTP04:57
bastid_raZorscp -r04:57
JeruvyLasthion: if you open a terminal, and type 'gearhead' does that work?04:57
Lasthionnot sure yet04:58
xenon_karmichow to turn off desktop effects ? i turn them off and they again appear on rebooting.04:58
TomTom21SeaPhor, well it cam to a black screen can't exactly what it said something to extent of GPU cant process or something sorry I wasnt the one that installed the drivers my uncle did while i was at school04:58
TomTom21exactly remember*04:58
Lasthionty sir it did04:58
foosckwow cool I like that gearhead04:59
SeaPhorTomTom21, so it was working ok before?04:59
kevdogdandaman: You can use sftp just like ssh:  sftp <user>@<host>04:59
Harrison_Bergeroi would like to complain if thats ok?  I have ubuntu and windows on same LAN04:59
TomTom21SeaPhor, after I reinstalled ubuntu it did it wouldnt load...also i had to install in safe graphics mode05:00
TomTom21Seaphor, even before i tried installing the driver05:00
Harrison_Bergerowhen i do large file transfers from Ubuntu to windows XP i get connection timeout....BUT from XP to XP works beautifully....what gives?05:00
sarthorHarrison_Bergero, use Windows05:01
Harrison_Bergeroright now im moving 40GB from laptop XP to XP in cellar....15minutes into the transfer and sill NO timeout05:01
mzuverinkin sound juicer the variable bitrat is set at 6 which I believe if I understood my googleing 6 results in aprox quality of 13, now 0 would be 320 am I understanding this correctly05:01
SeaPhorTomTom21, wait,,,, you tried to install a driver,, not just the one from the Hardware-Restricted drivers?05:01
Harrison_Bergeroi have files id like to move off Ubuntu as well....how to work around this problem?05:01
Harrison_Bergerough...what just happened?05:02
eyebeeHarrison_Bergero: using wi-fi on ubuntu?05:02
rockstarremlol owned05:02
Harrison_Bergeroeyebee...no its all cabled05:02
Harrison_Bergerough...again, what just happened?05:02
coordinador:O netsplit05:02
TermanaThat was a nice netsplit05:02
Harrison_Bergeroeyebee_...no its all cabled05:03
ganjanautquick question: why isn't there a package for python-2.6?05:03
TomTom21SeaPhor, dont think so the drivers i tried installing were not activated and still arent05:03
dragon2777so is there an easy simple way to change the ubuntu logo on the main menu05:04
Harrison_BergeroLet me ask a question in general.....do most of your file transfers from Ubuntu to windows timeout?  Is it a hard drive, datacable, CAT5 problem on my end or is this crossplatform issue?05:04
dragon2777i never had a timeout problem05:05
eyebee_Harrison_Bergero: I know there was a driver issue when transferring large files but thought it only affected wi-fi05:05
IdleOneno issues here either05:05
TomTom21Harrison_Bergero, why not use an external HDD?05:05
eyebee_Harrison_Bergero: I know there was a driver issue when transferring large files but thought it only affected wi-fi05:05
max3anyone know what the foreign language room here on irc.ubuntu.com is?????????????05:05
IdleOnemax3: what language?05:05
KorHi, does someone know how to use -- magicrescue -- ?05:05
max3IdleOne: there was one i used to frequent where people spoke all sorts of languages05:05
Harrison_Bergerook, since the majority do not have timeout issues transferring large files from ubuntu to windows i can only assume its a hardware issue on my LAN/PC05:06
max3IdleOne: something like #foreignlanguages05:06
SeaPhorTomTom21, ok, so you "tried" to install a downloaded driver?05:06
dragon2777it also might be a setting issue05:06
IdleOnemax3: not sure, try that one or maybe check the channel list on freenode.net05:06
dragon2777or firewall05:06
macomax3: #linguistics or ##linguistics (i forget how man #) ...but its a little offtopic for this channel to ask that here05:06
Harrison_BergeroTomTom21....this is a one time deal.  After this no more file transfers.  Not worth buying an external drive.05:06
ganjanautis it notoriously buggy?05:06
ShapeShifter499I installed itunes via wine and I want to get rid of it for a version most known to work (version 7+ or 8  ) how do I do this??05:06
almoxarifeyeah, #babel wasn't it?05:06
max3maco:  aha there we go05:06
eyebee_Harrison_Bergero: there was an issue with hanging when transferring large files/heavy traffic05:07
eyebee_on some systems05:07
Jeruvy Harrison_Bergero: check out launchpad.net for any bug reports, then see if it's hardware related.  There have been some bugs that may shed some light on it.05:07
Harrison_Bergeroeyebee....can zou point me in the right direction?05:07
foosckI'll go ot launchpad.net05:07
TomTom21SeaPhor, correct it downloaded then i tried to install but it didn't work after I reset it worked when i was still running it but anything that had to do with my driver didnt work such as Halo:CE05:08
eyebee_Harrison_Bergero: checkout http://ubuntu.com in the community - don't have exact url here on netbook right now05:08
mzuverinkprior to the mass dis/reconnect I asked 0 has better VBR parameters, sound suicer is set at 6, which google tells me it is around 120-130, I'd like higher quality like 256 VBR would changing make the adjustment, am I understanding this correctly05:08
ctmjrShapeShifter499: wine should have an uninstall for it05:08
dragon2777has dual monitor support gotten any better in 9.04 i want to install it on my desktop but the previous versions were iffy i have dual 23" monitors and a nvidea 960005:08
=== loot_ is now known as Guest28241
ShapeShifter499ctmjr: didn't work05:08
boojitdragon2777: works much better for me than in past incarnations05:08
dragon2777so it is worth it to try and instlall i assume the live disk will let me see if it works05:09
Harrison_Bergerohmm, mostly DC++ connection timeout and wireless issues.05:09
ganjanauti guess no one knows... i can't figure out why.  2.6 seems pretty stable05:09
ShapeShifter499ctmjr: at the end of the itunes un-installer it said it was installed not un-installed05:09
ganjanautonly bugfixes are being added05:09
boojitdragon2777: well you'll have to get the nvidia binary driver installed05:09
boojitdragon2777: and that requires a reboot, so it takes a tiny bit of doing with the live cd, but yeah.05:10
SeaPhorTomTom21, hrm, i've never had that problem unless i tried some other driver first or envy,,,05:10
Harrison_Bergerohey....how can i tell if samba is already installed?05:10
dragon2777boojit: that should show up in restricted drivers right05:10
domoHarrison_Bergero: sudo apt-get install samba05:10
boojitdragon2777: yepp05:10
LuisMatosHi there, im new to ubuntu and trying to use the add/remove applications. it came up with an error that says "E: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem. E: _cache->open() failed, please report." Could somebody help me??05:10
Harrison_Bergerofrom the standard installation i was able to go to the network tab and find the windows machine05:10
dragon2777hmm i tihink i will give it a try thanks05:11
ctmjrShapeShifter499: look in ~/.wine and delete it (not .wine but itunes)05:11
TomTom21SeaPhor, werid...though my computer used to have vista on it before it crashed...this is a hand me down one of those you can fix it you can have it05:11
Th_DoctorLuisMatos: type that in the terminal and hit enter.05:12
ShapeShifter499ctmjr: what files/folders?  there are folders everywhere named itunes in the wine folder05:12
LuisMatosth_doctor: type "dpkg --configure -a" ?05:13
Th_DoctorLuisMatos: Yes. Or just copy and paste and hit enter.05:13
Th_DoctorLuisMatos: You might need to start it with sudo05:13
Th_DoctorLuisMatos: begin with sudo05:14
SeaPhorwell TomTom21 if you really want to make a project of it,,, join my channel cause alot will be off-topic here, and i'm sure we can help there\05:14
ctmjrShapeShifter499: weel if it was mine i would delete every file and dir that is named itunes in .wine05:14
leo_I want to install kernel-source-2.6.8, but it says it has no installation candidate. Please help.05:15
Th_DoctorShapeShifter499: Why do you want Itunes. Can't you use gtkpod?05:15
TomTom21SeaPhor, im new to ubuntu as well how do i join?05:15
ShapeShifter499ctmjr: ok.... after that what about any registry entries?05:15
SirisianIf I have like 7 kernels. Can I just go into /boot and remove the ones I don't need then just run update-grub to refresh menu.lst. Is there anything else I should be aware of?05:16
Harrison_Bergerook tech question.  When i do a file transfer across the cabled LAN is the following taking place:  "which makes use of https and apt-transport-https"05:16
macoSirisian: uninstall them05:16
ShapeShifter499Th_Doctor: Its because I can.....05:16
Sirisianmaco, using the package manager interface?05:17
macoSirisian: yep05:17
ShapeShifter499Th_Doctor: and its also the challenge of trying to get windows apps/games I use to run, running again with wine05:17
Sirisianmaco, so remove the headers along with the image. That's the normal method?05:17
macoSirisian: yeah05:18
Sirisianthank you05:18
zuggycaRandom832: thanks for article about xvnc server, I think I'll buy a kvm instead :P05:18
zuggycai'll break my system otherwise05:19
Sirisianmaco, would I mark them for removal or complete removal?05:19
macoSirisian: i usually just go with removal05:19
macoSirisian: i dont think they put any config files anywhere thatd require purging... (command line term is "purge" synaptic term is "complete removal" ...means it removes configuration files too)05:19
ctmjrShapeShifter499: i do not no to much about wine if it will over write the registry entries when you install the ver of itunes you want i would get rid of them just to be sure05:20
LuisMatosTh_Doctor: ok i just did, now it says "Setting up java-common (0.28ubuntu3) ..."05:20
Th_DoctorLuisMatos: Let it run and if necessary answer yes when asked.05:22
ShapeShifter499ctmjr: I can just redo my wine dir.05:22
kevdogzuggyca: Do you really need vnc or could you just tunnel an x session?05:22
Th_DoctorShapeShifter499: Which version of Itunes were you trying to set up. I think the latest that worked was 7.7.05:22
sarthorHI, my pppoe server says, pppoe: read (asyncReadFromPPP): Session 1: Input/output error , only one login is able to be login, each other ID gave this error, While the login/passwod are correct, HELP05:22
domohey im using 9.10.. testing it out.. samba is broken? when copying files over to a share (fresh install of ubuntu server...) it fails with too many files are currently in use05:23
Th_DoctorShapeShifter499: I know 8 will let you sync with the Iphone but I don't think it will run on 9.04.05:23
domothe same copy works on 9.0405:23
boojitkevdog: if you try that over anything slower than a lan connection performance is really abysmal, at least in my experience05:23
domoso its def. 9.1005:23
Harrison_BergeroWOW...found exactly my problem:  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/37268505:23
ShapeShifter499Th_Doctor: I was going with the newest itunes 9+ but its a bust so I want something like 7 or above05:23
Harrison_Bergerocan someone have a look and give me a suggestion as to how to proceed?05:24
kevdogboojit: FreeNX server is one alternative -- but you tell me you have found running rxvt remotely is slow?05:24
Th_DoctorShapeShifter499: The last one I know that worked was 7.7, but I don't think you can find it anymore.05:24
ravenhi - GPODDER gives me "sqlite3.OperationalError: unable to open database file" - can i repair that?05:24
bazhangdomo, karmic support in #ubuntu+105:24
ShapeShifter499Th_Doctor: will 8.0 work?05:24
Harrison_Bergerowhats funny about the reported bug, i was going to do the same thing, swap patch cable and router first05:24
Harrison_Bergeroi guess logic is the universal language05:25
Th_DoctorShapeShifter499: I was just on the forums and it seems it won't.05:25
Harrison_Bergerosaved me some time05:25
ShapeShifter499Th_Doctor: If I use it I will only need it for my ipod nano 2nd gen05:25
ShapeShifter499Th_Doctor: oh and my ipod shuffle05:26
Th_DoctorShapeShifter499: The search I used had several links and they said you couldn't install beyond 7.7.05:26
Harrison_Bergerook, other than fixing a problem i cant really find where to begin.  Let me try another solution.  Other than copy/paste from Ubuntu to windows across the LAN, what are my alternatives to do a file transfer?05:26
boojitkevdog: i'm just saying that tunnelling X11 over ssh is damn slow in my experience unless you're on a LAN, that's all.05:27
Th_DoctorHarrison_Bergero: How about a USB drive.05:27
Harrison_Bergeroexternal HD was already suggested05:27
kevdogHarrison_Bergero: ssh(via sftp), ftp05:27
Harrison_Bergeroftp!  forgot about that, thanks05:27
ShapeShifter499Th_Doctor: I'll take a crack at it, brb05:27
Th_DoctorHarrison_Bergero: External Hard Drive is much more expensive than USB stick.05:27
kevdogHarrison_Bergero: Well then sftp (which is really ssh then)05:28
Th_DoctorShapeShifter499: Good luck. If you get it to work, post it in the forums.05:28
Harrison_Bergerokevdog, what windows program would i need?05:28
Harrison_Bergerogeneric ftp server?05:28
boojitHarrison_Bergero: also look at rsync over ssh tunnel -- that's how I move files around05:29
JeruvyHarrison_Bergero: can you confirm the problem in the bug?  If it only happens going from linux -> windows?  If so I'd look at the windows event viewer for any messages.05:29
ShapeShifter499Th_Doctor: I know, I did a test on itunes 8.1, look for a person with the name lance, thats me05:29
Th_DoctorHarrison_Bergero: What are you trying to transfer? Could you use Google Docs?05:29
boojitand it rocks the house off the socks ass05:29
kevdogHarrison_Bergero: Two things you need -- you need to install openssh-server on the ubuntu machine -- and for the windows client -- winscp.  You can get fancy with ssh keys and such, or just use passwords if you want05:29
ShapeShifter499Th_Doctor: look in the appdb for wine05:29
Harrison_BergeroTh_doctor....40GB altogether05:29
Th_DoctorShapeShifter499: OK.05:29
emanuxhow to shred recursively?05:30
emanuxi have this command but it seems it is not working05:30
ravenhi - GPODDER gives me "sqlite3.OperationalError: unable to open database file" - can i repair that?05:30
infidseaphor /etc/hosts.allow says sshd: ALL  but it also says other things like 'ALL : PARANOID : DENY'05:30
Harrison_Bergerolet me do my homework on this, bbl05:30
emanuxfind -type f -execdir shred -v -n 10 -z -u '{}' \;05:30
Th_DoctorHarrison_Bergero: Well eventually you need to do a backup, so maybe now is the time for an extenal hard drive.05:30
emanux error writing at offset 0: Operation not supported05:30
LuisMatosTh_Doctor. thank you for your help05:31
Th_DoctorLuisMatos: NP05:31
ShapeShifter499Th_Doctor: http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=17774&iTestingId=44529 was my test for itunes05:31
Th_DoctorShapeShifter499: Thanks.05:31
kevdogHarrison_Bergero: Once you get the openssh-server installed (sudo aptitude install openssh-server), you can do rsync/unison for backups if you really want to get fancy (which really aren't that fancy)05:32
SerbThugheya all. Anyone using vmware?05:32
boojitSerbThug: yeah05:32
SerbThugboojit: since when it's not free?05:33
Harrison_Bergerokevdog in synaptic package manager is ssh-krb5 the server im looking for?05:33
kevdogHarrison_Bergero: You need to transfer 40 GB?05:33
Harrison_Bergerokevdog...it a one time deal05:33
boojitSerbThug: since i've been using it which has been a damn long time. You talking vmware workstation?05:33
Tehedrahow do i check what modules i have installed via ssh?05:33
SerbThugvmware server05:33
boojitSerbThug: I don't ever recall it being free.05:34
Harrison_Bergerokevdog...im just a bit disappointed that connection timeout issue...seems a glaring one to me05:34
bastid_raZorTehedra: lsmod05:34
kevdogHarrison_Bergero: Its openssh-server -- and 40GB?  Are they a bunch of different files -- a dropped network connection could be an issue05:34
Harrison_Bergerokevdog...i like ubuntu now that ive gotten my feet wet05:34
boojitSerbThug: sure you're not thinking of something like Xen?05:34
bastid_raZorTehedra: lsmod | more   ..is probably easier to see it all and press enter to continue05:35
boojit(if you're looking for free, that is)05:35
Harrison_Bergerokevdog...see thats the thing....my laptop with XP has been transferring this whole time....25minutes and still going05:35
kevdogHarrison_Bergero: 40GB is a lot to transfer over any network --05:35
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SerbThugboojit: I wanted vmware 'cause I read somewhere that it's possible to boot existing win install in linux05:35
Harrison_Bergerokevdog....let me back up a second...even when i do a smaller file, say 700mb, it will sometimes,  not all the time give a "connection timeout"05:35
SerbThugin VM05:35
Th_DoctorHarrison_Bergero: Harrison_Bergero Carbonite is free for 30 days. You could backup there and then download to the other computer.05:35
kevdogHarrison_Bergero: I hope you do error checking on that transferred material -- md5 or sha1 or something.  A lot of potential for errors05:35
kevdogCarbonite doesn't support linux05:36
Harrison_Bergerokevdog....error checking across a wired LAN?05:36
Th_Doctorkevdog: Bummer.05:36
Tehedrammm im trying to figure out what version of php i installed, i swore i installed php 5.305:36
Tehedrabut for some reason phpinfo is showing that i installed 5.205:36
Harrison_Bergerokevdog...the longest CAT5 is 10m long.05:36
Jeruvykevdog: UbuntuOne does :)05:36
Th_Doctorkevdog: Doesn't Ubuntu have a free online backup?05:36
kevdogHarrison_Bergero: yes -- what are you using -- samba?05:37
Harrison_Bergeroi could understand it if i was going 100m across lots of EM interference...but this is straight through the floor and into the cellar05:37
kevdogTh_Doctor: free online backup of 40Gb?05:37
Whitorcat5 can go a lot further than 10m05:37
kevdogHarrison_Bergero: A bunch of small files?05:37
ravenhi - GPODDER gives me "sqlite3.OperationalError: unable to open database file" - can i repair that?05:38
Th_Doctorkevdog: Just a question, I still think his best solution would be an external hard drive. Eventually he should need a backup anyway.05:38
Harrison_BergeroWhitor...the question was about error correction...i thought a 10m run was short enough not to warrant hashing05:38
Harrison_Bergerokevdog....no 700mb or larger files05:38
surgyin gimp i have copied and pasted a green image on top of my image..... now it wont let me paint in anything else but shades and hues of green! how do i fix this?05:38
Whitorjeez I trust it for a few hundred feet at least05:38
SerbThugboojit: you aware of any other workaround?05:38
surgycat5e is goto for 600m right?05:39
Th_Doctorsurgy: Double click the color icon and choose.05:39
Whitornope cat5e is still 100m05:39
kevdogHarrison_Bergero: If its a one time thing -- wants wrong with ftp?  No encryption payload -- so really fast -- ssh is great -- however the embedded encryption is what slows it down -- with ftp no encryption so much faster!!!05:39
surgyTh_Doctor, i did that it just chanegs the hue or shade of green instead of the entire color, no matetr what color is in the box05:39
Whitorsame w/ 6 ... just higher frequency tolerant05:39
Jeruvysurgy: is your picture still showing RGB, or did it change to index?05:39
surgyJeruvy, how do i tell?05:40
kevdogHarrison_Bergero: You need a lightweight free windows ftp server?05:40
boojitSerbThug: i've never tried to do what you're doing but I would suspect it's going to be a bit difficult. It depends if you plan on running your windows install natively again after you get it running as a guest OS under VMWare.05:40
Th_Doctorsurgy: What if you make a new layer?05:40
zuggycakevdog: i need a quality session, the standard remote desktop with vnc is useless05:40
boojitSerbThug: because your windows install will require all the drivers for the virtualized hardware rather than the hardware of your actual machine.05:40
SerbThugboojit: nope, I only need windows once or twice in a month, so I won't use it natively05:41
surgyTh_Doctor, doesnt seam to do anything, same green problem05:41
kevdogzuggyca: FreeNX05:41
Jeruvysurgy: select - mode.  that should tell you whats selected05:41
kevdogHarrison_Bergero: Give me a second -- I know a great one but I forget the name of it -- but it rocks and is very good for simple stuff -- I need to find it!!!05:41
boojitSerbThug: but I don't want to say more because I've never done it. My experience with vmware is mostly running vmware workstation, both on windows hosts and linux hosts.05:41
SerbThugboojit: actually, I need it only for IE7 and IE8 (Web testing)05:41
SerbThugie4linux does not wfm05:42
surgyits indexed05:42
boojitSerbThug: yeah, i hear you. Well VMWare workstation will do what you want for that but if i were doing it i would start with a clean install rather than try to get my old install of XP working with it.05:42
zuggycakevdog: thanks i'll check it out in the morning05:42
Jeruvysurgy: change it to rgb05:42
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chsaedawg1Is there a way to repair a mouse driver?05:43
Harrison_Bergerook, openssh-server installed.  what now?05:45
kevdogHarrison_Bergero: Cerberus FTP server -- its great -- it must have turned shareware recently b/c I've been using it for years when it was free -- there is a 30 day free trial -- too bad its not free05:45
kevdogHarrison_Bergero:  OK -- now for the windows client -- download winscp -- its free: http://winscp.net/eng/index.php05:46
* kevdog thinks to myself -- Damn cerberus ftp server software -- pain in my ass!!!!05:47
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Harrison_Bergerokevdog....right with you...let me remote into the windows machine05:51
zeusHow can I install multiple applications at the same time using Ubuntu Software Center?05:51
knoppieszeus, do you mean synaptic package manager?05:52
elgrantenedorubuntu es ?05:52
elgrantenedorhola soy de argentina hablo castellano05:53
kevdogHarrison_Bergero: Booting what?05:53
zeusNo, I mean how can I have the same features that were in Add/Remove, but in Software Center?05:54
zeusSuch as sorting programs by their star rating.05:54
Harrison_Bergerokevdog...just had to login into the windows machine, downloading ftp program now05:54
knoppieszeus, not sure.05:54
kevdogHarrison_Bergero: What are you trying to do?05:55
Harrison_Bergerokevdog...im downloading a copy of winscp 4.1.905:56
zeusIs there a way to install Add/Remove, replacing the new Software Center?05:56
kevdogHarrison_Bergero: Its ssh (sftp) and not ftp -- big difference05:57
Tehedramagic_quotes_gpc, how can i make sure this is disabled in php?05:58
Harrison_Bergerokevdog, yes the selected default protocol is sftp05:58
Tehedraim assuming its in an ini file somewhere05:58
kevdogHarrison_Bergero: This is all being done on a LAN behind a router?05:59
kevdogHarrison_Bergero: Ok good -- you don't have to worry about securing the system technically -- i'd just use username and passwords then05:59
kevdogHarrison_Bergero: Or changing the port number for example06:00
kevdogIs the new service command up and running in karmic?  For example sudo service ssh start  ???06:01
Harrison_Bergerokevdog....ok installed06:01
Harrison_Bergerokevdog....both winscp and openssh-server06:02
kevdogHarrison_Bergero:  Ok -- so start winscp and see if you can log into your ubuntu box06:02
Harrison_Bergerokevdog....this may sound like windowspeak...but where in ubuntu do i find my computername?06:03
kevdogHarrison_Bergero: The interface is a little bit clumsy for just the login screen b/c it uses putty as a frontend for authentication -- the rest of the program is simple to use06:03
kevdogHarrison_Bergero: Just use your LAN IP address for the server -- 192.168.x.x  Whatever it is06:03
knoppiesHarrison_Bergero, You can use netscan on your windows PC to find the IP of your ubuntu box06:04
knoppiesso if it changes with DHCP you dont have to keep going to check on it.06:05
Harrison_Bergerokevdog...im in06:05
isola73dsh33phello guys06:05
kevdogHarrison_Bergero: Its dual pane correct?06:05
edulacomadrejai know that this question belongs to #linux-ha or some server admins channel but... i need help with heartbeat06:06
Harrison_Bergerokevdog....but the files i want to transfer are on another partition not listed06:06
edulacomadrejaheartbeat anyone?06:06
kevdogHB: partition on what computer?06:07
knoppiesedulacomadreja, never heared of it, but have you searched the forums?06:07
kevdogHarrison_Bergero: Partition on what computer?06:07
edulacomadrejaknoppies: yes, i'm using it already, it's just some silly issue06:07
knoppiesedulacomadreja, I meant, have you checked the ubuntu forums for what you were gonna ask here. but if you have then nvm. Sorry i can't help.06:08
kevdogHarrison_Bergero: Can't you just change to the partition -- or have you mounted the partition on the ubuntu box and set it up with a directory structure06:08
Harrison_Bergerokevdog...where in the right column of winscp showing the ubuntu directories would the partition be found?  root?06:08
dukzI'm back... been with this for 2 hours now. Need help on this build dependency error... http://pastebin.ca/164475206:09
isola73dsh33pguys, how to solve my headphone jack problem?06:09
dukzI did not get this on my two previous machines, but am having one now. Please help.06:09
edulacomadrejaknoppies: thanks man, the right channel for this is #linux-ha but there is no body06:09
Harrison_Bergerokevdog...mounted with tab on desktop....ah gotcha06:09
kevdogHarrison_Bergero: I have no idea how you set up your partitions or hard drives?06:09
isola73dsh33pguys, how to solve headphone jack problem in ubuntu?06:10
kevdogno idea06:10
knoppiesisola73dsh33p, What problem?06:10
Harrison_Bergerook...i mounted after winscp connected...let me reconnect to see if it will show then06:10
ravengerhow can i install nokia pcsuite in ubuntu06:10
xeerFresh install of Karmic with some productivity add-ons and the most recent update. After the required restart I can no longer get to the desktop.06:10
xeerOn startup I get thrown to a busybox shell06:10
isola73dsh33pmy headphone won't work06:11
kevdogxeer: bad news -- busybox or just a shell06:11
knoppiesisola73dsh33p, nvm. I gtg. sorry,06:11
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kevdogxeer: sudo gdm start perhaps06:11
isola73dsh33powh, its ok06:11
xeerkevdog:  it's busybox.06:11
isola73dsh33pso, anyone knows how?06:11
ravengerplz some one help me06:11
Termanakevdog - don't you mean "sudo service gdm start", anyway?06:11
ravengerhow can i install nokia pcsuite in ubuntu06:11
xeerI can access the file system from a livecd06:11
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kevdogTermana: gdm isn't a service is it?  Last time I checked it just started gnome06:12
xeerTermana, kevdog: busybox doesn't have the service program, it just has basic functionality06:12
Harrison_Bergerokevdog...um, the icon to access the partition is on the desktop, BUT it doesnt show up in winscp06:12
Harrison_Bergerokevdog...somehow im doing this backwards...im using VNC to get into the windows machine remotely to use winscp to get back into ubuntu06:13
kevdogHarrison_Bergero:  You haven't told me anything -- it sounds like the partition isn't mounted or if it is you don't know where its mounted at.06:13
Termanakevdog - Its how I start up gnome, sudo service gdm start.06:13
Termanaxeer - Have you tried going to a virtual terminal?06:13
kevdogTermana: Hmm things have changed h06:13
kevdogHarrison_Bergero: Why?  Just go to the windows box06:14
Termanaxeer: Like pressing Ctrl + alt + F106:14
kevdogHarrison_Bergero: Or I guess you could install the openssh server on the windows machine -- however this would entail a cygwin (or similar type program) installation06:14
xeerTermana:  I don't think you follow. The new ubuntu logo (two tone white on black) disappears real quick and then I get a blank screen. When I press a key I'm at a busybox shell.06:14
Harrison_Bergerokevdog...found it..../media/disk06:14
isola73dsh33pguys, how to check my sound card's name?06:15
xeerThe only terminal that works is the first one06:15
xeerthe rest just have the flashing underscore06:15
kevdogHarrison_Bergero: Cool -- Now drag and drop from within the interface06:15
Termanaxeer - what version of Ubuntu are you on?06:15
kevdogxeer: From within the grub menu -- can you just choose to boot to a terminal shell and not start x?06:16
Termanaxeer - try this06:16
xeerThis is what was dumped to my screen.. mount: mounting /dev/disk/by-uuid/... on /root failed: Invalid argument06:16
xeermount: mounting /sys on /root/sys failed: Invalid argument, etc. etc..06:16
Termanaxeer: Boot a live cd, mount your / at for example /media/root, then do06:16
Termanasudo chroot /media/root06:17
Termanasudo aptitude reinstall ubuntu-minimal06:17
xeerthen, Target filesystem doesn't have /sbin/init.06:17
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ZykoticK9isola73dsh33p, you can try "lspci | grep -i audio" in a terminal - hope it helps06:17
kevdogHarrison_Bergero:  Progress update b/c I'm about to hit the sack!!!!06:17
Termanaxeer - try what I said, and do the two commands06:18
* kevdog is getting sleepy 06:18
Harrison_Bergerokevdog...copying....but geeze...3 hrs for 14gb?06:19
Harrison_Bergerokevdog...why did my XP laptop copy 40gb in 30 minuts?06:19
Termanaxeer - you probably did an upgrade install of Karmic correct?06:20
kevdogHarrison_Bergero: You're doing an encrypted file transfer -- that's the problem -- you have a lot of overhead for the encryption process.  Simple ftp would have been easier since no encryption is used for speed reasons06:20
ravengeris there some one who can solve my problem06:20
kevdogravenger: What are you talking about06:20
Whittravenger, its possible, you'd have to tell us your problems06:20
ravengeri wan to install nokia pc suite in ubuntu06:20
Harrison_Bergerokevdog...ah..im going to break it off and select ftp as protocl06:20
Termana!patience | ravenger06:20
ubotturavenger: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search  https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.06:20
kevdogHarrison_Bergero:  Yea -- but you don't have an ftp server installed :)06:21
ravengerubottu: thank you06:21
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)06:21
ubottuFTP clients: Nautilus (Places -> Connect to server), gFTP, FileZilla (for !GNOME); Konqueror, Kasablanca, KFTPGrabber (for !KDE); FireFTP (for Firefox); ftp, lftp (for !cli) - See also !FTPd06:21
Whittravenger, have a look at Wammu, it is suppose to do the same thing, doesn't support my phone unfortuantly06:21
ubottuFTP servers: ftpd, proftpd, pure-ftpd, twoftpd, vsftpd, MuddleFTPd, wzdftpd - Graphical front-ends: PureAdmin, GProftpd (for GNOME), KcmPureftpd (for !KDE) - See also !FTP06:21
kevdogAnyone on easiest ftp daemon to setup?06:22
ravengerubottu: i had tried that also but there r some error messages06:22
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:22
Harrison_Bergerokevdog...openssh-server...doesnt that also have an option between sftp and ftp?06:22
kevdogFreakin' body!!!!06:22
kevdogFreakin -- bott!!!06:23
ravengerubottu: SORRY i am saying only a gui error not a code error06:23
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:23
soreauravenger: You basically have two or three options for linux: 1) Install the target OS in a VM then install the program you want in that environment 2) Find a native linux alternative program 3) If it is a windows program, you might be able to get it working in wine06:23
kevdogHarrison_Bergero: winscp acts as an ftp and sftp client -- but you only have an ssh server installed06:23
boojitman, i stay about as far away from FTP as i possibly can. kevdog, Harrison_Bergero: I know you've already gone over this, but why aren't you just using SAMBA if on a lan and trying to easily move files from a win box to a linux box?06:23
boojitnot to rehash old hash, but that seems like the obvious solution and it's so easy to set up -- integrated into gnome and all.06:24
Harrison_Bergeroboojit...other way around....im moving files from linux to windows and keep getting  a connection timeout06:24
boojitusing samba?06:24
michal__keep gettin 'Error opening directory '/usr/share/gvfs/remote-volume-monitors'..whenever i try to mount a usb drive..was fine yesterday06:24
ravengersoreau: i had used the wine but its cannot install the pc suite it seems06:25
Harrison_Bergeroboojit...no just network tab copy/paste06:25
kevdogbonjit: I'm passing this one off to you -- I can see gettting this far was hard enough -- getting samba to work would be great and all -- but that is a much more difficult thing to get up and running IMO06:25
boojitok so -- you can browse to a windows network share from ubuntu w/o installing anything or anything06:26
boojitthen just authenticate and move files to/fro in either direction.06:27
boojitbut i'm guessing you are trying that and not having luck or something?06:27
kevdogboojit: Good luck and thanks!!! :006:27
kevdogUsually with samba webmin is a very good friend of mine :)06:28
Harrison_Bergerokevdog...thanks again06:28
boojitso Harrison_Bergero...did what I say make sense?06:28
Harrison_Bergeroboojit...yeah, i can see the windows machine and sometimes copy a file without problems06:29
MrPiracyi am having problems with my NVIDIA drivers ... somehow i installed it and i had to add it to /etc/rc.local (chmod 666 /dev/nvidia*). isn't there a way to make it permanent without the use in this file?06:29
Harrison_Bergeroboojit...most of the time i get a "connection timeout" error06:29
TermanaMrPiracy theres your problem right there06:29
TermanaMrPiracy: You set it to 666 - nothings bound to work with those numbers :P j/k06:30
Harrison_Bergeroboojit....on the same LAN with another pc with windows copy-paste to target windows machine goes flawlessly06:30
boojitHarrison_Bergero: have you tried doing the same thing but with a windows boot, just to make sure that your network connectivity isn't the issue?06:30
MrPiracyTermana: it acctually works, but some random times i will have to reboot because this file wasn't read/processed06:30
michal__'volume(ext4) listed in /etc/fstab is refusing to mount' ???06:30
Harrison_Bergeroboojit...the only thing i havent tried is swapping the CAT5 cable on the ubuntu machine06:31
boojitwell what i would do is set up a ping going to the windows box, then start trying to repro the issue. See if you start getting RTOs when the connection times out06:31
boojitif you do, the problem is probably network related.06:31
Harrison_Bergeroboojit...ok, ping from terminal?06:31
boojityeah so bring up term, ping the ip of the windows box. Then open up the windows network share, start the file copy, try to repro the issue, and then pay attention to what the ping window is doing during all of this.06:32
coordinadorsomebody knows06:32
coordinadoraweonaOS ?06:32
boojitHarrison_Bergero: in my experience, copying stuff from a Windows network share to/fro an ubuntu machine works absolutely flawlessly. And it has forever.06:33
bRUChi all06:33
MrPiracyso, is there a way to make this command  (chmod 666 /dev/nvidia*) good for all sessions not just the current one?06:33
BilliardMrPiracy: yes you can create a udev rule06:34
=== ShapeShifter499_ is now known as ShapeShifter499
Harrison_Bergeroboojit..wow, that timedout immediately06:34
MrPiracyBilliard: any directions on how to do it?06:34
Harrison_Bergeroboojit..so its a network issue?06:34
boojitso your ping is not returning at all, or is it spotty?06:34
BilliardMrPiracy: i can help you in pm06:34
boojitwell it might be that you have windows firewall on and you are firewalling IMCP packets06:34
cdoublejjthats weird xubuntu install won't let my type anything in the login info creation boxes06:35
boojitwhich is the default, IIRC06:35
Harrison_Bergeroboojit..didnt even get that far.  Just attempted to copy a file across the network and got the "connection timeout" error06:35
boojitHarrison_Bergero: so did you start the ping?06:35
boojitand if so what did it do?06:35
teolicyHi. A week or so ago I downloaded 9.10's beta iso. I'm leaving today for a long trip, and want to prepare a bootable USB stick with the latest 9.10 (I know release is in 2 days, but my flight is in 12 hours...). Is the iso being regularly updated? Should I bother re-downloading it?06:36
jitenderhello dear all06:36
OmniCitadelOk when I am watching hulu (via linux hulu desktop) it plays just fine in window mode and full screen mode up until I have been watching a full 15 minute segment then when in full screen mode it freezes, however if it is a 10 minute segment or 5 minute segment it is just fine... I am thinking it is a client issue but just wanted to ping you all and see if this smells the same as something you have heard about before06:36
Flannelteolicy: The RC is a few days old06:36
jitenderany bady know cron backup command06:36
WhittOmniCitadel, is your screensaver trying to come on then?06:36
OmniCitadelI should clairify that it is when it goes to a commercial break that causes it06:36
Harrison_Bergeroboojit..ping is fine06:37
OmniCitadelwhitt: no its directly at the commercial break06:37
jitendercommand for backup through cron06:37
teolicyFlannel: Aye, cheers.06:37
boojitok so you have the ping cooking while you attempt to access the windows network folder from ubuntu, correct?06:37
Harrison_Bergeroboojit..ping flucutated a bit but then level off06:37
=== root is now known as Guest43566
boojitcan you pastebin the output please06:37
TermanaOmniCitadel: Smells like burnt toast06:37
jitenderany body will help me06:38
OmniCitadelTermana: i do not understand the reference06:38
jitendercron backup command06:38
TermanaOmniCitadel: No reference. You just asked if it smells like anything we've smelt before.06:39
boojitjitender: we can't help people that don't make any sense. You have just asked for a "cron backup command" -- you may as well asked for "a computer program of some sort"06:39
kermitdoes anyone's touchpad not work as well when the humidity is low?06:39
kermiti think its because my skin is dry06:39
=== dryg is now known as DryGrain
Harrison_Bergerokermit...i have that problem sometimes....yeah dry skin06:40
jitendertell me that is possible06:40
boojitok so what happens when you just open up a file folder window and put something like smb://the.winbox.ipaddy/C$ in the location bar06:41
coordinadorTermana, do you know the operating system named aweonaOS?06:41
boojit(that was for Harrison_Bergero by the way)06:41
jitenderBoojit,help for schedule backup of ubuntu system throug crontab06:42
Termanacoordinador: Not really, why?06:42
AndorinHoo boy... I must have made an edit to my xorg.conf that I wasn't supposed to, because now when I boot Ubuntu, the screen goes black right before the login screen and doesn't respond to anything. Help?06:43
coordinadorTermana, just asking, thanks06:43
boojitjitender: what do you want help with? using cron? backing up your machine to tape? To a USB drive? to another computer on the network?06:43
Harrison_Bergeroboojit....it just goes to that location on the windows box06:43
jitenderto another computer06:44
boojitHarrison_Bergero: ok so that works. And you can traverse the windows directory tree06:44
jitenderand in my own computer06:44
boojitHarrison_Bergero: ok so that is good. So but as soon as you start transferring a file from the win box to the linux box, you get connection timed out?06:44
Harrison_Bergeroboojit...other way.  From linux to windows06:45
AndorinCan I just boot from a live CD and fix my xorg.conf?06:45
boojitok so it works in one direction but not the other?06:45
Harrison_Bergerowell, i havent tried sending from windows to linux06:45
domohow do i install a specific version of a package?06:45
boojitHarrison_Bergero: try that. Send something 10MB or more06:45
Harrison_Bergerolet me remote VNC into windows and try it06:45
boojitHarrison_Bergero: no need to do that06:46
michal__i cant mount my usb drive...........'volume(ext4) listed in /etc/fstab is refusing to mount'06:46
boojitHarrison_Bergero: just stay on the ubuntu box, go to a windows folder and copy a file from the win box to the linux box06:46
boojitHarrison_Bergero: it still smells like network connectivity to me.06:47
AndorinCan I fix my xorg.conf by booting from a live CD?06:47
boojitjitender: do you already have a backup command and just need to know how to automate it with cron? or do you know how to use cron and just need help with a backup solution? or both?06:48
Harrison_Bergeroboojit...albeit a bit slower....8.2MB/s instead of 9.506:48
jitenderboth i need06:48
=== kb is now known as Guest24294
Harrison_Bergeroboojit...done.  700mb copied without incident from windows to linux06:48
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution06:49
boojitjitender: ok you need to start with man cron. Start playing around with getting cron to work. Next, check out man rsync and then look here (one second i will find the link)06:49
boojitok Harrison_Bergero: before we go any further, replace your network cable on your ubuntu box AND plug into a different port on your switch06:49
boojitand see if that fixes it06:49
boojiti have a hunch it might06:49
mb_again_Andorin : may help - If you set a resolution inappropriate for your monitor in the Screen Resolution GUI tool, you can reset it by running rm ~/.config/monitors.xml from a terminal.06:49
Harrison_Bergeroboojit...k...take a moment to get through the cable jungle06:50
mb_again_andorin: from the page referred to by the bot above06:50
boojitjitender: http://www.mikerubel.org/computers/rsync_snapshots/06:50
Andorinmb_again_: Not the issue. I made an edit to xorg.conf that isn't flying and now my computer won't boot. Screen goes black right before the login.06:50
Sturmehis there any way to 'specially' apply for a single cd from shipit if you are being blocked due to high demand and having previously ordered cd's?06:50
mb_again_andorin: xorg should not stop the computer from booting. if you do control-alt-f3 do you get a text window?06:51
psychuilhi guys06:51
Harrison_Bergeroboojit....attempting second copy with known good CAT506:52
mb_again_hang on06:52
Harrison_Bergeroboojit...and different port on router06:52
boojitjitender: start with cron, just do something like "touch /var/tmp/somefile" and get cron to touch that file every minute or so, or whatever you want.06:52
boojitHarrison_Bergero: cool06:52
boojitjitender: start with cron, just do something like "touch /var/tmp/somefile" and get cron to touch that file every minute or so, or whatever you want.06:53
Andorinmb_again_: No. Forgot to nickalert.06:53
Harrison_Bergeroboojit...thats odd....same slower transfer rate...im maxing out 8.8 instead of the normal 9.506:53
Sturmehi'll take that as a no06:53
=== spy is now known as Guest83740
Harrison_Bergeroboojit...ill be a monkey's uncle06:53
Harrison_Bergeroboojit....it worked06:53
boojitok, well, that's just one test. Try it a few more times see if it is consistent06:53
Stumpiehello, I am trying to buy some mini ITX systems for our computer science lab, Dose the new ubuntu 9.10 work with ION graphics adapters by Nvidia?06:53
psychuilhow do i open another server connection?06:54
boojitHarrison_Bergero: 8.8/9.5 whats? Kbps?06:54
Andorinmb_again_: I've just fixed it via live CD. It wasn't that the computer wouldn't boot, per se, but I couldn't login or even access the command line.06:54
Harrison_Bergeroboojit Mb/s06:54
boojithm. seems slow doesn't it? 100Mbps switch?06:55
Seventoesis there a list of commands available at a "grub rescue>" prompt?06:55
jitenderi have already installed Gadmin- Rsync -GUI Application , so tell me through this .06:55
Harrison_Bergeroboojit...going for the big transfer so i can be done with this...37 files 14gb total06:55
boojitHarrison_Bergero: k06:55
zaoulIs there anyway I can change my default shell If I do not have root access?06:56
Stumpie!nvidia ION06:56
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about nvidia ION06:56
Harrison_Bergeroboojit...7.3Mb/s transfer....what is the "normal" speed for a 100mbit connection06:56
jacomeintjesHey Guys, I need some help with command line VLC on Ubuntu Server 9.04?06:56
oliver3zaoul, in your .bashrc add exec <path to shell> at the end06:56
Seventoesi can't seem to get rid of grub.. i tried dd if=/dev/null of=/dev/hda bs=446 count=106:56
zaoulzaoul: that is assuming bash is my default shell?06:56
michal__i cant mount my usb drive...........'volume(ext4) listed in /etc/fstab is refusing to mount'06:56
zaouloliver3: that is assuming bash is my default shell?06:57
Harrison_Bergeroboojit...going to take a little more than 40 minutes...going to bed.  Thanks for all your help.  Ill let you know how it went tomorrow06:57
zaoulk.. thanks.. some idiot admin over here set it as tcsh06:57
jacomeintjesI'm running VLC 0.9.406:57
psychuilhow do i switch between langs?06:57
jacomeintjesI don't have much experience with the command line interface06:58
boojitHarrison_Bergero: righto. jitender: what's up06:58
oliver3so guys... when enabling the fglrx driver from the GUI... it just stalls at 0%...06:58
Snicksiejacomeintjes, what's the exact problem? what do you wanna do with the cli? ;)06:59
jacomeintjesFor a start I just want to test the following: Encode and Stream from a WinPC to the Ubuntu Server and then play the stream from here06:59
jitenderu pls guide me06:59
Harrison_Bergeroboojit...NOOOOO...it just crashed06:59
jacomeintjesI've done this for a long time now between Win PC's using the GUI07:00
boojitHarrison_Bergero: hm.07:00
boojitHarrison_Bergero: connection timed out?07:00
jacomeintjesBut going the CLI now is my challenge07:00
Harrison_Bergeroboojit....wait, it told it to skip over and its continuing...HA07:00
psychuilAnyone? How can i switch between typing languages?07:00
GreenDelta2hey, how can i use the built in vpn client of ubuntu? when i click on networkconnections and then on vpn i see the client but i cant do anything. (like adding profiles and so on)07:00
Harrison_Bergeroboojit....could this be a harddrive problem?07:00
Harrison_Bergeroboojit...dropped down to 6.MB/s07:01
SnicksieGreenDelta2, are you 'auted' on the network-screen? ;)07:01
boojitHarrison_Bergero: on your windows box? well if that was the case it would happen when you tried to copy win->win07:01
GreenDelta2Snicksie: no? how do i do?07:02
Harrison_Bergeroboojit...win to win with same CAT5 cable that im using now i copied 40GB without incident...no errors07:02
boojitHarrison_Bergero: so as long as you are completely sure that network copying win->win is solid then doesn't seem like the problem shoudl be the HDD on your windows box.07:02
Harrison_Bergeroboojit....timed out again07:02
Harrison_Bergerotold it to skip over07:03
SnicksieGreenDelta2, hm, my fault. that was an old version :$ but have you installed all things needed for vpn? ;)07:03
Harrison_Bergeroand again...another time out07:03
boojitHarrison_Bergero: yeah that doesn't feel right.07:03
GreenDelta2Snicksie: these are?07:03
Harrison_Bergerothere must be something wrong here on ubuntu end....hard drive-data cable-controller...what do zou thing?07:04
luckymuraliHi to all07:04
luckymuraliI am using Ubuntu server 9.04\07:04
luckymuralii m having some problem07:04
Harrison_Bergeroboojit..the odd thing about it all is i can copy from windows to ubuntu but not the other way around07:04
Harrison_Bergeroboojit...before i go swapping out hardware id like to address that07:05
boojitHarrison_Bergero: yeah that's why it feels network related07:05
boojitHarrison_Bergero: as soon as the network load goes up, you have problems. When the load is down everything looks ok.07:05
luckymuralieven im not doing any process 2 of my processeor is showing 100% usage07:05
boojitIt could be something else, as you say, but if feels network-ey to me.07:05
luckymuraliwhy it is hapenning07:05
SnicksieGreenDelta2, network-manager-pptp network-manager-vpnc network-manager-openvpn ; depends which kind of vpn-server it is ;)07:05
luckymuraliplease tell me07:05
Harrison_Bergeroboojit...i use bittorrent, let run for days without problems.  Dont have this issue07:06
DaZluckymurali: botnet07:06
Harrison_Bergeroboojit...timed out again....told it to skip over07:06
luckymuraliDaZ: what is that???07:06
boojitHarrison_Bergero: yeah but that's still an order of magnitude less network traffic than copying over the lan, because you're limited by your broadband connection07:06
kenyon!monitoring > luckymurali07:07
ubottuluckymurali, please see my private message07:07
boojitHarrison_Bergero: ok i would try a couple of things. I would probably take that other windows box, the one that you copy successfully with, and boot that on an ubuntu live CD, see if you can copy reliably there.07:07
Harrison_Bergeroboojit...well yeah...lots of smaller connections as opposed to one connection with more load07:07
boojitHarrison_Bergero: yeah and an order of magnitude less load, don't forget.07:08
Harrison_Bergeroboojit....that will have to wait....the suns already up!07:08
Harrison_Bergeroboojit...i need a trained monkey to keep skipping over each time a timeout occurs07:09
boojityeah well keep testing it out, try copying to/fro USB drives to isolate your drive hypothesis.07:09
minderaserI'm rather stuck trying to restore my home directory if anyone is able to help. (explanation follows)07:10
boojitkeep swapping out network stuff to see if you can isolate it. I mean, it could be your switch. Could be the network adapter in the ubuntu box. I really doubt it is the fault of the windows networking layer in Ubuntu -- i use that all the time, no issues.07:10
minderaserI was changing partitions around, and thought I could could just backup my /home/me directory to a USB and restore from there. I made a tarball of it, changed partitions around, unpacked the tarball, used find with touch to make all the dates current, and tried to cp them all to /home/me and voi-la! But, no matter what, some files/directories refuse to be overwritten (notably .profile and .mozilla) even as root. Hmmm...07:10
=== Andorin is now known as AndorinKato
luckymuralibut no process taking 100% of cpu07:11
boojitlater Harrison_Bergero07:11
luckymuralii paste the process list07:11
=== AndorinKato is now known as Andorin
minderaserhrrmmm... maybe not the best explanation :/07:11
Harrison_Bergeroboojit...i just did a dumbshit....how do i undelete a folder...its not in the wastebasket?07:12
luckymuralican you please tell me which process is taking more of my cpu??07:12
Snicksieminderaser, perhaps you'd better overwrite it in livecd-modus? perhaps it's because that directories and files are used? dunno ;)07:13
boojituh. So you deleted a folder on the windows network drive by accident? how did you delete it? pressing delete?07:13
boojityeah, i don't think deleted network folders go to the recycler. I'm not really sure.07:13
Harrison_Bergeroboojit...i deleted in ubuntu...i wanted to delete the incomplete copied folder off windows and did it here by mistake07:14
Harrison_Bergeroits not in the wastebasket!07:14
minderaserSnicksie: That's a good thought, similar to one I had, so I tried it in cp them over in recovery mode at a root prompt and no dice.07:14
boojitok so you were on the ubuntu side and deleted a windows folder? or an ubuntu folder?07:14
Snicksieminderaser, so that didn't work? ;)07:14
minderaserSnicksie: I'm assuming that more-or-less rules out the "in use" idea, right?07:15
Harrison_Bergeroon unbuntu and deleted an ubuntu folder07:15
jedcluckymurali, you cn type top into a terminal and it will show you which processes are using the most cpu07:15
minderaserSnicksie: nope, no luck that way either07:15
Snicksieboojit, sometimes you can find a .Trash-1000 folder, perhaps it's there? ;)07:15
OzTrOuThi all :)07:15
boojitHarrison_Bergero: by pressing "delete" or "shift-delete"?07:15
Harrison_Bergeroboojit....rightmouse and selecting delete in the menu07:16
boojitHarrison_Bergero: should be in your trash then.07:16
boojiti think07:16
domohahaha ^07:17
Harrison_Bergeroboojit...getting tired...i must have highlighted and the hit the "delete" key07:17
boojitwait there is no delete on the context menu.07:17
psychuilWhy can't i install monodev?07:17
boojitif you hit the delete key it would be in your trash. If you hit shift-delete then it is gone.07:17
Harrison_Bergeroboojit..right.  I must have highlighted the folder and then hit the "delete" key on the keyboard07:18
Harrison_Bergeroboojit...definately did not hit shift delete07:18
psychuilIt tells me "cannot find package 'monodevelop'"07:18
boojitHarrison_Bergero: if you just hit delete, then it should be in trash07:18
Snicksiepsychuil, do you mean installing 'monodevelop' ? ;)07:19
psychuilya, but i cba to write the whole name :P07:20
=== kb is now known as Guest18099
ActionParsnippsychuil: you can tab complete package names07:21
zortecDoes anyone have the P6NGM2 (MS-7518) motherboard with the nVidia GeForce 7050/610i chipset.  I am trying to find a manual on the video card to see what resolutions it can support.  Any ideas?07:21
boojitok i'm out. Later Harrison_Bergero. hope you find your stuff.07:21
zortecMuch appreciated if you can point me to where there is a manual.07:21
indusActionParsnip: hello good day07:21
Albn99Hello. I am trying to figure out how to make the mouse position on the screen not "stick" as I move the thing around. Any ideas?07:22
psychuilOk, so how do i install monodevelop? (btw, tab didn't work)07:22
infidxi have 3 computers on my local network and sshd running on two of them (/var/run/sshd.pid has a PID on both). Anyway i'm able to log into one computer but not the other with ssh infid@computername. the /etc/hosts.allow and /etc/sshd_config files are exactly the same. any ideas?07:22
ActionParsniphi indus07:22
Snicksiepsychuil, sudo apt-get install monodevelop07:22
ActionParsnip!info monodevelop07:22
ubottumonodevelop (source: monodevelop): Development Environment for GNOME. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0+dfsg-2ubuntu1 (jaunty), package size 4085 kB, installed size 13292 kB07:22
MajeI'm having issues getting my wifi card working on a terminal without Ubuntu...it's an Intel WiFi 5100 which according to Intel is included in the kernel, but the wifi card doesn't initialize on boot, anyone able to point me in the right direction?07:22
zortecpsychuil: Most applications are installed through a package manager or from the cli using sudo apt-get appname07:22
ActionParsnipits in the universe repo07:22
ActionParsnipsudo apt-get install monodevelop07:22
MajeI'm just curious as to why Ubuntu supports it from-the-box when the kernel is "supposed" to do the same, what am I missing here?07:23
zortecAre there manuals available from nvidia's website on graphic cards? I haven't found any07:23
TheKrohow do I find out what the proxy settings are for an application I launch from the menu (adobe air claims it uses the "current desktop environment's proxy settings"...07:23
psychuilE: Couldn't find package monodevelop07:23
zortecI checked MSI and they didn't have any info on that particular video chipset07:23
zaoulHow could I make a key modifier so that when I say, hold alt and scroll... it will scroll horizontally? I am using xfce.07:23
induszortec: what kind of manuals?07:23
psychuilActionParsnip: it doesn't lovve me :\07:23
induszortec: check the manufacturer site07:23
ayramaammmm... in this channel speak english :S someone have a channel from Ubuntu in Spanish???07:23
zortecindus: I am trying to find a manual on the NVIDIA MCP 73U chipset07:24
ActionParsnippsychuil: check you have universe repos enabled07:24
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.07:24
induszortec: hmm nvidia have it as a pdf on the site i believe so07:24
psychuili have no idea how to do that :\07:24
TheKroayram: #ubuntu-es07:24
zortecindus: Yeah I'm having trouble finding where they have pdf files on the site07:24
induszortec: if you can locate the chipset on the site that is07:24
MajePara espanol...#ubuntu-es07:24
luckymuraliplease take a look on my process07:24
induszortec: its on the left block somewhere07:25
zortecindus: I haven't had any luck in tracking down that particular chipset07:25
n-namedi'm having problems with autossh on boot, i have it in a few locations but it doesn't work. It works when I type the command manually. Has anyone got this to work?07:25
ayramBye :)07:25
ayrammuchas gracias07:25
minderaserI'm stuck trying to overwrite some config files in /home on a new install from a backup I made prior to the new install. Anyone have ideas why they won't write over the current ones?07:25
ActionParsnipminderaser: try: sudo chown -R $USER:$USER /home/$USER07:26
Majepsychuil: system->administration->software sources will allow you to choose what repos you use07:26
zortecSearching for that chipset doesn't even come up on NVIDIA's website07:26
n-namedi have the autossh command in both rc.local and gdm/Init/Default07:27
cdoublejjwhy when i click on the network icon in xubuntu the options are greyed out?07:27
psychuilMaje, i'm a complete n00b, can you please elaborate abit more?07:27
Snicksiecdoublejj, isn't there an option to 'auth'? ;)07:27
induszortec: where is this chipset used?07:28
zortecOk, I found a networking guide but I haven't seen a user manual or pdf on that chipset07:28
minderaserActionParsnip: not quite sure I follow you there, but I wasn't very detailed in my explanation either.07:28
zortecindus: Not sure I understand the question07:28
induszortec: is this on a motherboard?07:28
n-nameddoes anyone have any tips to help me debug this?07:28
ActionParsnipminderaser: you should be the owner of every file in your home directory07:28
n-namedi have no idea where to start. apparently nobody online has gotten this working either (i searched the forums)07:28
zorteczortec: ah. yes, part of the MSI mainboard07:28
minderaserActionParsnip: I have a tarball of my previous /home/me, unpack it, chown it, even touch all the files to make the date current, and STILL some files won't get overwritten07:29
ActionParsnipminderaser: files in backups are usually automatically made the owner of root so you will most likely need to take the power back07:29
Majepsychuil: The xxx->yyy->zzz thing tells you about menus. Under your system menu (as in applications, places, system) you might see administration, and then software sources07:29
cdoublejjwireless network bcm431807:29
cdoublejjwireless network microsfot bcm43xg07:29
cdoublejjvpn connections07:29
cdoublejjconnect to hidden wirless07:29
cdoublejjcreate new network07:29
FloodBot2cdoublejj: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:29
cdoublejjthats all i got07:29
ActionParsnipminderaser: then you'll need to check the    ls -al   of the file, see whats going on07:29
zortecindus: I have d/l the motherboard manual, but it does not have much about the chipset so that is why I have been at nvidia's site07:29
ActionParsnipcdoublejj: dont do that, it scrolls the channel07:30
minderaserActionParsnip: well, that's the problem right there (I think we're on the same page now)07:30
cdoublejjso how do i authorize this stuff?07:30
minderaserActionParsnip: for the most part, files have correct ownership and current timestamp, but SOME just refuse to be updated07:30
cdoublejjeven sounds is greyed out07:30
zaouln-named: maybe make the script in /etc/init.d/ and see if services-admin will read it?07:30
zaoulkinda weird rc.local does not work07:30
n-namedzaoul: i put it in /etc/init.d/rc.local07:31
minderaserActionParsnip: I've even tried to do it from a root shell in recovery mode and they STILL won't get current timestamps07:31
n-namedit is really odd07:31
zaouln-named: what is the syntax you have in it?07:31
zortecindus: This is all the information I have07:31
zortecindus: http://pastebin.com/d35f827507:31
zortecI am trying to locate a pdf document to find out more about that chipset07:32
ActionParsnipminderaser: timestamp isnt too critical, its the ownerships and the write access on the files07:32
ActionParsnipminderaser: could try: sudo chmod -R o+w /home/$USER07:32
induszortec: hmm so what problem do u have wit h it07:33
induszortec: i think google is showing lots of stuff on it07:33
induszortec: none of those good?07:33
zortecindus: the problem I have is what I find out the supported resolutions of that chipset since I am looking at upgrading the monitor07:33
n-namedzaoul   autossh -i /home/n/.ssh/id_rsa -f -N -L localhost:24800:other-host:24800 other-host &07:33
zortecindus: so I need to find out what monitors I can buy with that chipset07:34
zaouln-named: ..weird07:34
zaoulIm not exactly sure what controls what scripts start up in ubuntu.. apartently there is no chkconfig07:35
n-namedi've tried throwing it in a few locations for giggles07:35
minderaserActionParsnip: I follow what you're saying. 2 reasons I mention the timestamps: 1) I was researching this a bit and read that some files will not allow being overwritten with an older version, so I touch -ed them all to make them all more current. 2) It shows that the files in /home/me have NOT been overwritten07:35
n-namedi.e.: /etc/rc.local /etc/init.d/rc.local07:35
ActionParsnipminderaser: are they writable?07:35
minderaserActionParsnip: good thought, let me look into that07:36
ActionParsnipminderaser: is there some form of archive bit on them (or can exist on files)07:36
zortecindus: I can't find the technical specs on that chipset07:36
n-namedis there a way i can debug it? see the error or anything?07:36
induszortec: hmm do you think some monitors wont work with it?07:36
zortecindus: it's possible if I get one with a super high res07:36
zaouln-named: /var/log/messages maybe07:36
zortecindus: so would rather not take my chances07:36
induszortec: unlikely07:37
induszortec: its old chipset right?07:37
n-namedzaoul: there is no var/log/messages.. :)07:37
minderaserActionParsnip: writing perms look ok07:37
zortecindus: hmm. but still, nvidia should provide info on the chipset, no?07:37
ActionParsnipminderaser: you could covery all bases with: sudo chmod -R 750 /home/$USER07:37
induszortec: yeah07:37
steven_When I install Xubuntu on VirtualBox what version of Linux do I install it as? Xubuntu is not lasted as an option.  Do I choose other Linux or Ubuntu 64-bit?07:37
minderaserActionParsnip: I don't know what you're talking about with archive bits though07:37
zaouln-named: eww.. check you have a syslog07:37
zortecsteven_: You can be safe just using 2.4 linux kernel07:37
zaouln-named: that should be a default service in the distro07:38
ActionParsnipminderaser: are the files readable? If they are you could copy one to make a "new" version and delete the old07:38
steven_Why not 2.6?07:38
n-namedi have system.log07:38
n-namednot messages07:38
zortecsteven_: 2.6... sorry the highest one that is supported in VBox07:38
n-namedoh, wait n/m07:38
steven_k, thnx07:38
n-namedwrong box..07:38
minderaserActionParsnip: yes, readable, writable (at least to owner)07:39
zortecindus: sure I can do trial and error, but I know it supports vga and dvi... what I want to know is the max res supported by nvidia geforce 7050/nforce 610i chipset07:39
n-namedzortec: i see when it successfuly starts, when i run it myself07:39
induszortec: wait07:39
ActionParsnipminderaser: good enough, try copying a known bad file and then try to edit the new file07:39
n-namedalthough there is no mention of any error when i don't run it07:39
n-namedwhen it should be run but isn't07:40
minderaserActionParsnip: I fail to see how doing a chown will help anything, because it will only affect the files that were generated on the install, not the backup ones I want to have there07:40
induszortec: geforce 7050 basically07:40
zortecn-named: I think another user was helping you07:40
zortecn-named: was not paying attention to your issue07:40
n-namedi mean zaoul, my mistake07:40
ActionParsnipminderaser: if they ar eare in /home/$USER they will be affected07:40
zortecindus: yeah, basically07:40
zortecindus: is there a pdf available on the 7050?07:41
n-namedzaoul: ah, i see that it starts07:41
n-namedbut then the process doesn't exist anymore after i log in07:41
zortecn-named I suggest you add & to keep it running in the bg07:42
zaouln-named: any logs for ...what was the app again?07:42
zortecn-named: or use the fg and bg commands to put processes in the foreground and background07:42
n-namedi have an & zortec07:42
n-namedzaoul: i see this in messages07:42
n-namedssh child pid is 292307:43
induszortec: interestingly ther isnt any for the 705007:43
n-namedbut then when i check, the process isn't there07:43
induszortec: need to report to nvidia this07:43
n-namedso i think it starts or attempts to, but then gets killed07:43
zortecindus: what do you mean there isn't any? that is odd...07:43
induszortec: got it07:44
zaouln-named: any log of that /var/log/ssh... ?07:44
zaoulfirst step is getting some debug info07:44
induszortec: http://www.nvidia.com/object/IO_35712.html07:44
zaoulanything ...  under /var/log/07:44
induszortec: i suggest you go to MSI website, and check it07:44
minderaserActionParsnip: update...and this makes no sense to me. I did "cp -p .profile" from my restore file to /home/$USER and now it looks fine. Why didn't it work when I did "cp -pr /restore/me/* /home/me" I wonder?07:44
zaoulthat could be related07:44
induszortec: iam sure it will be there07:44
n-namedi grep'd for ssh07:44
n-nameddon't see anything rleated07:44
n-namedsnot sure why it's getting killed..07:45
zaoulhell you could grep ..07:45
n-namedah, here07:45
zortecindus: but where do you find resolution in that?07:45
ActionParsnipminderaser: hmmm strange, not sure myself07:45
n-namedssh exited prematurely with status 255; autossh exiting07:45
zaoulgrep -r ssh /var/log07:45
ekontsevoyhow do I uninstall a package which I installed from a deb file?07:45
n-namedin user.log07:46
minderaserActionParsnip: I guess I can go through and find each individual file that's not current timestamp and do that, but gaaaawwwd what a pain. The cp -rp * SHOULD work07:46
ActionParsnipminderaser: totally, bt of al ballache, maybe you could script it07:46
induszortec: got it wait07:47
minderaserActionParsnip: I'm not at all proficient with scripting, not at all. You can see I _somewhat_ know my way around a Linux system, but I don't script at all07:47
n-namedi think i know what it is07:47
oliver3Is it possible to use OSSv4 on Ubuntu... without resorting to hair pulling?07:48
n-namedi'm using hostname instead of @hostname07:48
n-namedand it gets run as root, which will fail07:48
minderaserActionParsnip: but, hey, thanks for all your help!!07:48
induszortec: cant find res but what monitor are you talking abbout?07:48
n-namedit's t;rying to log in as root...07:48
induszortec: best is manufacturer page but it should support upto 1900 and above easy07:48
zortecindus: yeah that is what I was trying to find07:48
ActionParsnipminderaser: you got some gold at least :)07:49
n-namednope that's not it07:49
induszortec: K9NGM3 board?07:49
minderaserActionParsnip: ???07:49
jitenderActionParsnip, pls help me for type the command in crontab file for backup schedule07:49
cdoublejj>will fwcutter work on xubuntu07:49
ActionParsnip!cron | jitender07:50
ubottujitender: cron is a way to schedule execution of software/scripts. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CronHowto  -  There is also a decent Howto at http://www.tech-geeks.org/contrib/mdrone/cron&crontab-howto.htm07:50
induszortec: it has single link DVI support so be careful07:50
zortecindus: MS-751807:50
induszortec: Blazing-fast RAMDAC supports display with high, ergonomic refresh rates up to and including 1920x1440@75Hz.07:51
induszortec: http://www.nvidia.com/object/mobo_gpu_features_benefits.html#gf7nf507:51
zortecindus: P6NGM2-L07:51
minderaserActionParsnip: I'm going to reboot into recovery mode and try to beat the hell out of this with the sledgehammer of root and see what I can do. See you around07:51
induszortec: so dont expect 1080p res07:52
PerryArmstronghey can anyone help me... i have been asked by my department head to host the department website in the server along with the college website. Already the department website has been hosted and i need to shift it from there to our college server. I have been given a choice of using either fedora or install another server of my choice and host the site in it... I want to know how i can do this..07:52
induszortec: its integrated so what u expect07:52
induszortec: but check with MSI for specifics07:52
zortecindus: where did you find that? I see the 705007:52
zortecindus: but not the 610i on there07:52
satyai cant see video on ubuntu07:52
ActionParsnipsatya: turn your monitor on07:53
induszortec: 610 is the southbridge for media storage and communications , nothing to do with display07:53
zortecindus: where do you see the res?07:54
induszortec: its mentioned keep reading07:54
satyai m not joking,,,in ubuntu9.04,,,i cant see videos in youtube07:54
induszortec: http://www.nvidia.com/object/mobo_gpu_features_benefits.html#gf7nf507:55
obiwan_hi please anybody knows about gpl licensing?07:55
ActionParsnipsatya: thats better, you gave more info07:55
endrii have a italian keyboard and sice i updated i dont know why every time i have to make  do setxkb it. and the login console works well07:55
indussee u later07:55
hanasakiI turn on advanced visual effects and it works fine.. however when I next login they are no longer on.  how can I save this setting?07:55
ActionParsnipsatya: you should have said that first rather than the extremely vague first line you gave07:55
endrihow can i make X loag the italian key map07:55
ActionParsnipsatya: have you installed flash?07:55
zebastiani'm on lxde, how can i get nautilus to be the default file manager07:55
porkpiehow do I search for text in a file using grep .... need to search through multiple folders07:56
zebastiani am on ubuntu but logged on lxde, however i want nautilus to be the default file manager07:56
zortecindus: ok I see it now07:56
ActionParsnipsatya: can you tab complete my name at the start of lines so i am alerted when you address me07:56
ActionParsnipsatya: see how my text to you is highlighted, thats NOT an accident07:56
satyaok action07:57
ActionParsnipsatya: after you type action, press tab07:57
satyaActionParsnip: ok07:57
steven_How do I reformat or delete all of the stuff on a cd in Ubuntu?  As silly as it sounds it will not let me07:57
ActionParsnipsatya: can you please use http://pastebin.com    to give the output of: dpkg -l | grep flash; dpkg -l | grep gnash; dpkg -l | grep swf07:57
ActionParsnipsatya: much better, makes it less confusing in a channel ofnearly 1400 users ;)07:58
satyaActionParsnip: ty07:58
ActionParsnipsatya: once you give me the output of that command in a pastebin, I can advise07:59
sam_any one will tell me how i find a unix shell from ubuntu-9.0408:00
kenyon!terminal > sam_08:02
ubottusam_, please see my private message08:02
chilli0Hello , is there anyway to turn up the bass on ubuntu ?08:04
Bodsdachilli0: one of the bars in 'alsamixer' might be bass, not sure though08:04
chilli0Bodsda:  Where can i get to alsamixer?08:05
Bodsdachilli0: run the command 'alsamixer' without quotes from the terminal08:06
chilli0Bodsda:  Is there a gui one?08:06
cdoublejjhow do i gain admin in xubuntu?08:06
Bodsdadunno, why would you want a gui one when alsamixer is just as good08:06
Bodsdacdoublejj: I would assume through sudo08:06
tstebutI'd like to easy change timer frequency on a non debian vm, in order to make it less greedy with the host CPU08:06
George_Ecdoublejj use the sudo command08:06
chilli0Bodsda:  Im in that , but it all looks like volue controlls.08:06
tstebut...host's ubuntu server Jaunty08:07
cdoublejjfor general porpouses i told it to install gstreamer plugins and it said it couldn't open the file when i tried to play the movie08:07
Bodsdachilli0: hehm like I said, 'not sure though'08:07
ubuntunewbiehi , anyone know how to update ubuntu kernel using command line at terminal ?08:07
ubuntunewbiethank you08:07
chilli0okie thanks anyway Bodsda08:07
sam_Bodsda :use this alsamixer -Dhw08:07
Bodsdasam_: care to explain what that does? looks no different to me08:08
sam_hey plz tell me about unix08:08
Bodsdasam_: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unix08:08
George_Esam_ what do u want 2 know08:08
sam_badsda : i will pop up the alsamixer on terminal08:09
kenyonubuntunewbie: sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude full-upgrade08:09
sam_gorge_E how i open unix shell on ubuntu08:09
kenyonsam_: ubottu already told you08:10
frogzooanyone having difficulties logging in to gmail?08:10
George_Eits called terminal and it's in the applications menu08:10
ubuntunewbiekenyon: how do I check my kernel version on terminal ?08:10
kenyonubuntunewbie: uname -a08:11
bigmack83_im trying to install the java ee 5 jdk for ubuntu 64 bit, but when trying to run the bin file i get this error: error while loading shared libraries: libstdc++.so.5: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory08:11
sam_oh thanks  gorge_e08:11
ubuntunewbiekenyon: oh , thanks what is sudo aptitude full-upgrade ? is it upgrade my version of ubuntu ?08:11
Morwindanyone here successfully compiled Conspire?08:11
ubuntunewbiekenyon: I am using ubuntu 8.0408:11
sam_can you tell me how i program on it08:11
bigmack83_but i already have the libstdc++6 package installed and libstdc++5 says unknown package. anyone familiar with this?08:11
Bodsdafrogzoo: its working fine for me08:11
kenyonubuntunewbie: it upgrades packages, but not your ubuntu version08:12
George_Ebigmack83_ u need to set the library search path08:12
=== m4v_ is now known as m4v
bigmack83_im trying to install the jdk so i can run eclipse08:12
kenyonbigmack83_: how did you install the jdk?08:12
frogzooBodsda: k, thx08:12
bigmack83_George_E, set search path?08:12
Bodsdabigmack83_: just install eclipse from the repo's, it should grab all the dependencies for you08:13
George_Eu can run eclipse by downloading its package08:13
bigmack83_kenyon, i downloaded the bin file from the site and ran: ./java....bin08:13
iceroothow to find a filename recursiv in a specific location on the shell?08:13
kenyonbigmack83_: you don't need to do that08:13
Billiardiceroot: the find command08:13
bigmack83_Bodsda, i tried that too. when it installed it never didn anything when i tried to launch it08:13
Bodsdaiceroot: ls -R /some/path | grep filename08:13
icerootBilliard: ah ok, i was trying grep08:13
kenyonbigmack83_: get the eclipse tarball from eclipse.org and extract it in your home directory, and run it from there08:14
George_EOr get the DEB...08:14
bigmack83_KennethP, well i had the sun-java6-jdk from the repos installed but trying to run eclipse still didnt work som im still trying to figure this out08:14
bigmack83_kenyon, i tried that too. the executable bin file just did nothing08:15
sam_George_E : i have a problem with audio08:15
kenyonthe eclipse ubuntu package was way out of date last I looked08:15
George_Esam_ what?08:15
sam_when i on my pc its noise like ,(a bomb)08:15
bigmack83_KennethP, it was a little out of date yea bat was still up on the major version08:16
George_Esam_ when? all the time?08:16
=== JoeSomebody2 is now known as JoeSomebody
bigmack83_KennethP, sorry wrong person08:16
kenyoniceroot: use the find command, not ls -R | grep08:16
sam_its just started 7 days ago08:16
bigmack83_kenyon, eclipse in repos is on 3.508:16
kenyonbigmack83_: so use that08:17
George_Esam_ you probably need to get drivers for your soundcard...08:17
jitendercommands r not so clear in https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CronHowto link08:17
George_Emine worked out of the box08:17
sam_but i can hear all the music and songs08:17
sam_i think i have a problem with alasha mix08:18
bigmack83_kenyon, i tried. but after installing it, running it just did nothing. even after restarting. in the cli there was no feedback. just waiting for it to start and quits08:18
George_Esam_ can you describe the sound a bit more?08:18
=== daya is now known as helloworld
ubuntunewbiekenyon: Do you know how to fix ubutu if the kernel is corrupted ?08:18
jitenderany body will help me for cron schedule backup command08:19
kenyonubuntunewbie: define "kernel is corrupted"08:19
morpheusshello guys08:19
sam_yes....  its sound like shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.sh08:19
morpheussunable to install grub on usb stick http://pastie.org/67131308:19
morpheussgrub-probe: error: Cannot find a GRUB drive for /dev/sda1.08:20
George_Esam_ k. your speakers volume is too high08:20
George_Eturn the sound on your programs up08:20
jitender any body can help me for cron schedule backup command08:20
ubuntunewbiekenyon: yesterday my ubuntu crash so I press reset button then , I can't boot to ubuntu .I choose recovery and things get worst .whne I boot all the chracter are in square unreadable http://img76.imageshack.us/i/screenshot1ye7.png.08:20
Billiardjitender: sure08:21
kenyon!ask | jitender08:21
ubottujitender: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)08:21
sam_yes you can say that ... past 7 days ago i dint have the problem08:21
bigmack83_just tried installing eclipse from the repos again and its the same problem. it just doesnt start08:21
sam_why now08:21
kenyonubuntunewbie: 404 - Not Found08:21
George_Ewhat do u mean?08:21
jitenderschedule backup command for cron file08:22
George_Ejitender how often?08:22
Billiardjitender: you need to say what you want specificly, what part are you having trouble with08:22
jitenderi want to know the command format of crontab file08:23
chazcoIs there any way to post a comment to a launchpad bug without registering>08:23
MorwindI'm trying to compile something but it's complaining about me lacking GTK and/or its dependencies. How would I go about installing those?08:23
kenyonjitender: you were alread given https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CronHowto . see also man 5 crontab08:23
ubuntunewbiekenyon: sorry http://img48.imageshack.us/i/screenshotml0.png08:24
George_Emanually doing it is over my head08:24
frogzoommm - suddenly firefox won't log me in to any of my sites...08:24
kenyonubuntunewbie: 404 - Not Found08:24
jitenderi am unable to find the command in the given link08:24
morpheussMorwind, try installing GTk libraries08:24
George_Efrogzoo did u try reseting your cookies?08:24
kenyonjitender: what is "the command"?08:25
morpheussthrough synaptic or apt-get08:25
ubuntunewbiekenyon:  http://img48.imageshack.us/img48/9766/screenshotml0.png try again08:25
frogzooGeorge_E: no, worth a go you think?08:25
jitenderyou write the crontab backup command08:25
George_Efrogzoo maybe. it has worked on other browsers08:26
ubuntunewbiekenyon: this one work http://img48.imageshack.us/img48/9766/screenshotml0.png08:26
frogzooGeorge_E: you gave me a pointer in the right direction though - cleared cache - bingo - thanks so much08:26
zak_hi is there any command  to see if my connection  is encrypted or not ?08:27
ubuntunewbiekenyon: all character are in square , I can't read anything at all08:27
kenyonubuntunewbie: I see it. I know it has nothing to do with the kernel, but I don't know how to fix that.08:27
Billiardjitender: there many options, there is not just one crontab entry that will work exactly how everyone wants, you need to be more specific, exactly what do you want to backup, to where, how often08:27
George_Efrogzoo anytime :)08:27
ubuntunewbiekenyon: uhm... so anyway to understand what cause of the problem ?08:28
morpheussGeorge_E, http://pastie.org/671313 any idea ?08:28
zak_hi is there any command  to see if my connection  is encrypted or not ?08:28
kenyonubuntunewbie: looks like some kind of problem with the fonts08:28
kenyonzak_: no08:28
ubuntunewbiekenyon: anyway to fix it ?08:28
jitenderi want to take backup my /home/jitender account to my /media08:28
kenyonjitender: use rsync08:29
George_Emorpheuss sorry. i cant go to links. im using a mobile irc client.08:29
jitenderprovide full command of rsync08:29
SpiceManman rsync08:29
ubuntunewbiekenyon: I did modified the font to segoe UI fonts , how t oreset it to be default?08:29
morpheussanyways thanks George_E :)08:30
speedhunt3rhelp, I accidentally wrote over my /etc/hosts file instead of just appending to it, and now its gone... is there a way to have the system re-generated it?08:31
SpiceManspeedhunt3r: depends on your fs08:32
speedhunt3rSpiceMan, whats my fs?08:32
tstebutI'd like to easy change timer frequency on a non debian vm, in order to make it less greedy with the host CPU08:32
tstebutCan somebody help ?08:33
SpiceManspeedhunt3r: file system08:33
aboSamoor_I am starting to use evolution to notify me for new emails as empathy does not do that ! once I close the evolution window it quit ! and it is not any more checking my inbox !08:33
speedhunt3rSpiceMan, its ext308:33
kenyonspeedhunt3r: here you go http://paste.pocoo.org/show/147224/08:33
speedhunt3rkenyon, ty08:35
morpheusskenyon, http://pastie.org/67131308:37
sam_Gorge_e: hello mr. gorge08:37
sam_plz tell how i connect my blutooth dongle with my phone08:38
sam_when ever i tried to do so ..... system tels me resource is busy08:39
Temujin2does ubuntu's installation iso give you the option to run as a live cd?08:39
paweldpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'sudo dpkg --configure -a'08:40
pawelany1 know hot to deal with that08:40
paweldpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'sudo dpkg --configure -a'08:41
pawelhow to deal with that08:41
Temujin2you're never going to 'get' English, so stop trying to correct yourself08:41
icerootTemujin2: yes but not the alternate and server-cd08:41
pawelwhen i try to install anything i get the error dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'sudo dpkg --configure -a'08:42
pawelwhat is that08:42
Temujin2it's flooding08:42
icerootpawel: and hwta happend if running the command?08:42
afancyHi, how to exclude all of the .svn folder, i use the following command, but it doesn work. tar czf myprogram.tar.gz src lib --exclude =./../.svn08:43
pawelin terminal when i try to type this manually i cant enter he password08:43
icerootpawel: why you cant?08:43
paweli type the 'sudo dpkg --configure -a' and then it asks me for password and i cant write a number/letter08:44
Temujin2it doesn't show up08:45
Flannelpawel: You're entering the password, it just won't show anything as you type.  That's normal.08:45
babbioi can't delete some files on my external hard disk....i have these error http://codepad.org/CRXE2gbK please help me08:47
pawelProcessing 2 added doc-base file(s)...08:47
pawelRegistering documents with scrollkeeper...08:47
pawelah it worked08:47
pawelbut what now08:47
FloodBot2pawel: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:48
vtec_hello how do i uninstall kde completely from my computer? I've gone to synaptic and marked for complete removal but I still have all of the K apps and I don't want them anymore08:48
DJones!puregnome | vtec_08:51
ubottuvtec_: If you want to remove all !KDE packages, type « sudo apt-get remove kdelibs4c2 kdelibs5-data && sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop » into a !terminal08:51
DJonesvtec_: That should leave you with a basic gnome desktop08:52
ubottuIf you want to remove all !KDE packages, type « sudo apt-get remove kdelibs4c2 kdelibs5-data && sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop » into a !terminal08:52
vtec_sudo apt-get remove kdelibs4c2 kdelibs5-data && sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop08:52
vtec_So I just type that?08:52
cdoublejjso can i setup wine the same exact way for xubuntu as i would ubuntu?08:53
DJonesvtec_: Its not something I've done myself, but thats how I read ubottu's message08:53
vtec_DJones: will that remove all my desktop settings I have at the moment?08:53
DJonesvtec_: I'm not sure about that, I'm sure somebody else in the channel will know the answer though, it might just take a bit of time for somebody who knows to come into the channel08:54
vtec_alright DJones I appreciate it mate08:54
vtec_Guess there is only one way to find out08:55
DJonesvtec_: No prob's, i wish i could help more, i've just not tried that myself, so don't want to say it'll do exactly what you want without being certain08:55
=== profipimp_ is now known as tPl0ch
vtec_DJones: looking at the terminal it is removing everything I needed removed08:56
vtec_now I don't know what's going to happen with the ubuntu-desktop command08:56
SpiceManit just removes the kade libraries08:56
vtec_The following NEW packages will be installed:08:57
vtec_  gnome-orca libgnome-speech7 ubuntu-desktop08:57
vtec_Shall I say no and leave it as it is?08:57
ubuntunewbie2kenyon: I did modified the font to segoe UI fonts , how to reset it to be default arial and Sans using command line ?08:57
iceroothow to extract the ramdisk (linux26.bin)  gunzip linux26.bin is not working. file is telling me its a gzip-file08:58
securityadminwhy wont my 8.04 read my ext4 file system and how can i get it to do so08:59
vtec_DJones: The command worked great and removed everything, nothing changed in my Ubuntu Desktop, all went well.08:59
Dayofswordsso, two days left?08:59
overmachtsecurityadmin: sorry i don't hear that.09:00
vtec_Quick question, what is the difference bewteen Add/Remove and Synaptic?09:01
securityadmin8.04 installs with a ext3 file system but i have another version of linux and some files i need on it but i used a ext4 file system on the one09:01
vtec_What is a linux shell? Basically a command?09:02
Blizzerandvtec_ : Nothing much ,09:02
indusvtec_: synaptic is a more advanced vresion with more control over packages etc09:02
zirodayvtec_: Synaptic lists every application (including libraries and *-dev packages) whilst Add/Remove only lists applications. If you're not sure use Add/Remove09:02
securityadminsynaptic is a more advance version of add/ remove09:02
ubottusynaptic is Ubuntu's Graphical Package Manager. For a good howto see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticHowto09:02
overmachtsecurityadmin: ext4 must be you have choose it. not auto.09:02
LinxAnybody running linux4one on an acer aspire one? Could do with a little tech.09:02
vtec_Ahhh I see09:02
vtec_Thankyou all very much09:02
indusvtec_: add/remove sucks anyway09:02
zirodayvtec_: as for the linux shell, its similar to the windows or mac shell, its a command line :)09:02
icerootLinx: what is linux4one?09:02
BlizzerandLinx : Use #linux09:02
vtec_I understand09:02
indusvtec_: synaptic is great really, so many options to mess with, you can spend hours just reading about packages :)09:03
securityadmini know but i wana access it and it says that it can't mount it09:03
LinxIt's a hardware-ready version for the netbook.09:03
icerootLinx: but no ubuntu?09:03
LinxIt's a version of ubuntu09:03
vtec_Indus: well said haha, thanks mate09:03
iceroot!who | Linx09:03
ubottuLinx: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)09:03
zirodayLinx: unfortunately we don't support ubuntu derivatives here, sorry.09:04
securityadminhow do i access the partition i need stuff off of it09:04
Linxubottu: Cheers, chief, but as i was talking to two in particular, that seemed a bit redundant... Im sure they coped.09:04
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)09:04
securityadminis there a patch that i can download or driver09:04
LinxZiroday: cheers anyway.09:04
Plasma2000Hello Everybody. I'm an absolute beginner with Linux and wanted to create a bootable USB stick with the current CD image of ubuntu on it from Windows. Here (https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick) they say that the usb creator is in the root of the CD, but it isn't (at least not in the available i386 32bit isos). Am I searching for that tool in the wrong place?09:04
zirodayPlasma2000: did you download the latest version of ubuntu?09:05
securityadminreally all you have to do is copy the cd files to the usb stick09:05
Bruchey wsup all09:05
securityadminthe auto run will take over09:05
indusPlasma2000: to create it from windows you use a software called unetbootin09:05
indussecurityadmin: that is totally wrong09:05
securityadminthat is how i did it in windows09:06
Plasma2000@ziroday: yes, not only that one, but also the currently available beta and the older 8.x available for download - all of them not containing the usb creator tool.09:06
securityadminnot bootable of course09:06
zirodayPlasma2000: hmm they should, give me a second09:06
DJonesvtec_: Great, glad to hear its worked09:06
indus!unetbootin | Plasma200009:06
ubottuPlasma2000: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent09:06
ApplerHey all09:06
securityadmincan any one help me mount my ext4 file system on this ext3 system09:07
Applervtec_ : Was that a laugh09:07
indusziroday: the usb creator tool is present on the cd?09:07
overmachtsecurityadmin: sorry, i don't have any glue. so far i'm not have trouble with that.09:07
zirodayindus: it should be09:07
vtec_Appler, what?09:07
zirodayPlasma2000: try running wubi.exe, does it give you the option to use the usb creator?09:07
securityadminhow do i check the log09:07
Applervtec_ : Never mind09:08
indusziroday: hmm i dont think thats how you install it09:08
securityadminwhen it tells me that it can't mount where is that stored09:08
Plasma2000@indus + ubottu: thanks for the links and tools names: will have a looka lso to them - i just was surprised by the help stating that the usb creator should be on the cd, but at least I can't see it in the root (also the search doesn't find it)09:08
indusPlasma2000: so suppose the usb creator is in the root? (whatever that means) , how exactly do u use it to burn to usb?09:09
securityadminany one in the room that can help me mount a ext4 file system on a ext 3 installed linus09:09
shell_how to setting dsplay09:09
Bruchi shell\09:10
Plasma2000@ziroday: unfortunately it just offers 'demo', 'install inside windows' and 'quit'09:10
zirodayPlasma2000: yep I'm looking through it now and for the life of me can't find it either. unetbootin should do the trick, ubottu had some other useful links :)09:10
indusPlasma2000: just do this, go to unetbootin site and download it, then burn to usb from windows xp09:10
indusPlasma2000: it lets you download any linux distro automatic09:10
zirodayPlasma2000: or see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick#UNetbootin%20%28Windows%20or%20Linux%2909:11
shell_وين العرب09:11
Plasma2000@indus: according to the ubuntu help it's an applicatino that prepares and copies the ubuntu cd contents to the usb drive and makes it bootable09:11
ziroday!arabic | shell_09:11
ubottushell_: For Arabic language support, please : /join #ubuntu-arabic : للحصول على الدعم باللغة العربية09:11
indusPlasma2000: i would try unetbootin try ziroday's link09:11
Plasma2000@ziroday, indus, ubottu: thanks a lot for your help :)09:12
securityadminCan any one help me mount a ext4 filesystem on a ext3 version of ubuntu09:13
PerryArmstronghey can anyone help me...i heard that we can create websites and put in make it public....my department head has asked me to do this for my department site and also for the college website. Can anyone tell me how this can be made possible09:13
indusPlasma2000: i think its wrongly mentioned it comes on cd, i havent seen it09:13
PerryArmstronghey can anyone help me...i heard that we can create websites and put in our own servers make it public....my department head has asked me to do this for my department site and also for the college website. Can anyone tell me how this can be made possible09:14
zirodayPerryArmstrong: erm well you need somewhere to host the website for one09:14
indusPlasma2000: i also recommend using an empty usb to create it, i have had issues booting otherwise09:14
securityadminCan any one help me mount a ext4 file system on a ext3 version of ubuntu09:14
sentenciai have a problem with nx machine, i can log via ssh but i cant via nx, it says authentication failed09:14
PerryArmstrongziroday; i heard that w can put it in our own server09:14
sentenciai have changed the sshd port by some reason09:14
sentenciai have changed the port on server.cfg and node.cfg09:14
Plasma2000@indus: not only the ubuntu help mentiones it's on the ubuntu cdm but also wikipedia (at least the german one) - this is somehow confusing..09:15
sentenciashould i change it in somewhere else?09:15
indusPlasma2000: which version of live cd u downloaded?09:15
zirodayPerryArmstrong: erm well your server will need a webserver, and you will obviously need a domain09:15
Brucis ubuntu good09:15
indusPlasma2000: wait i have a few 9.04 cd's here, ill check it out 1 sec09:15
securityadminPerryArmstrong my recomindation is wiki on creating a web server09:15
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securityadminand use Ubuntu as the server09:16
Plasma2000@indus: 9.04, 8.04.3 and 9.10-rc09:16
PerryArmstrongziroday, securityadmin; yes i am planning to have a webserver...09:16
dehsetiwahsethello ppl09:17
dehsetiwahsethow are you09:17
securityadminwikipedia on how to create one and use Ubuntu server edition to create it09:17
zirodayPlasma2000: found it! Take a look at http://people.canonical.com/~evand/usb-creator/karmic/09:17
Bruchey deh09:18
securityadminthen all the team has to do is click links on the company page to get there09:18
indusPlasma2000: its incorrect, i just checked its not there09:18
indusPlasma2000: i go edit the wiki09:19
koolheadhey indus09:19
zirodayindus: please don't, I believe it will be there for karmic onwards.09:19
securityadmincuts out the mess and cost of getting dns09:19
ubuntunewbie2kenyon: I did modified the font to segoe UI fonts , how to reset it to be default arial and Sans using command line ?09:19
Bruchey indus09:19
indusok hi to all09:19
ubuntunewbie2Anyone know how to fix font ? I did modified the font to segoe UI fonts , how to reset it to be default arial and Sans using command line ?09:19
indusgood day09:19
securityadmini really need help mounting a ext4 file system any one help please09:20
PerryArmstrongziroday; we already hosted it in somewhere...i was asked to install a webserver and host it in it09:20
Plasma2000@ziroday: thanks! - will try it immediately :)09:20
indusziroday: well, karmic isnt out yet, and what do you mean i believe?09:20
zirodayPerryArmstrong: okay, well do you have a commercial internet connection with a static IP and port forwarding enabled, or is the server directly connected to the internet and not through a router?09:20
Plasma2000@indus: ok - will for sure help those coming from Windows wanting to have a look at ubuntu from usb09:20
indusziroday: its wrong info and we should correct it09:21
zirodayindus: you do whatever you want to.09:21
PerryArmstrongziroday; directly connected to the internet09:21
securityadminsame concept put links in the company's web page and use login credits to access09:21
pixie_piecan anyone tell me... is ubuntu 4.3 BSD Unix?09:21
indusziroday: iam just removing the line 'available on cd' it isnt09:21
zirodayPerryArmstrong: right, and do you have a commercial internet connection with a static IP?09:21
PerryArmstrongziroday; what difference does this make?09:21
securityadminyour ip changes if you don't09:22
securityadminhave static09:22
pixie_piewhat i'm really wanting to know is if ubuntu supports the _POSIX_SAVED_IDS feature09:22
PerryArmstrongziroday; what does commercial internet connection mean?09:22
securityadminthen following links and typing in adresses don't stay constint09:22
securityadminstatic IP high up loads09:22
zirodayPerryArmstrong: well its usually against consumer internet plans terms and conditions to host a webserver. Secondly dynamic IP's make it very difficult to host content, as your IP address is always moving09:22
indusbruc did you solve your problem from yesterday?09:23
securityadminwell not always but it can09:23
securityadminthere are ways around it though09:23
securityadminjust gets more complicated09:23
sentenciasomeone can give me a clue about my problem?09:24
napsterIs there any fully functional app that can generate instrument sounds...?09:24
zirodaynapster: jokosher?09:24
securityadminbut trust me wikipedia the webserver and it will get you started09:24
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poyntzhow do you disable messages poping up in writer on compiz?09:25
Bruchey indus09:25
Brucglad u asked....09:25
indusBruc hey09:25
securityadminwell looks like just like every time i try and use you people for help you help every one else but me i wonder why i even try any more09:25
PerryArmstrongziroday, securityadmin; i dont know much about this static and dynamic IP...i want to learn more about it...and also if not in the college server i can put it at home...i am directly connected to the internet09:25
poyntzas in, the comment boxes that tell you what document you're in, etc.09:25
Bruci got a seperate drive to just install ubuntu..that how much i like it hehe09:25
indusbruc good for you :)09:26
Bruceverytime i install windows on the drive something happens...09:26
Brucsame drive i mean09:26
zirodayPerryArmstrong: the issue is with a dynamic IP address your IP address is constantly changing, therefore your DNS records will constantly be wrong and people won't be able to connect to your server09:27
Brucanyways hard driver are cheap this days..09:27
PerryArmstrongziroday, securityadmin; and i like to do this on an ubuntuserver...people usually go for a fedora server saying that it has more security...but i am used to ubuntu09:27
PerryArmstrongziroday; then how can i get a static IP??09:27
zirodayPerryArmstrong: you usually get a static IP through a commercial internet connection09:28
PerryArmstrongziroday; you mean a service provider right??09:28
zirodayPerryArmstrong: hosting a server by yourself is very, very complicated. I recommend you look into shared hosting or a VPS instead.09:28
Bruchey robin09:28
=== robin is now known as Guest21034
zirodayPerryArmstrong: yes09:28
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richardcavellWhen Karmic is final-release, will it be the case that this IRC channel will no longer recommend that users install Jaunty?09:29
PerryArmstrongziroday; whats that?09:30
zizo_any one there09:31
civcivHello, I need some help about emulating a network .exe file.09:31
zirodayPerryArmstrong: what's what?09:31
PerryArmstrongziroday; shared hosting or VPN??09:31
civcivHow am I supposed to enter the address of the network file to wine? any idea?09:32
FiReSTaRTrichardcavell: this channel will stop supporting jaunty and will switch to supporting karmic.. there might be a legacy support channel but i don't know about it because i keep updating to fresher versions (mostly to get better hardware support)09:32
zirodayPerryArmstrong: shared hosting is where you pay monthly for some space on a web server and host your content. A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a virtual server which acts as if you completely control it but the actual machine is split into different virtual machines. Both of these options have assorted monthly costs09:33
zirodayFiReSTaRT: this channel supports all versions of Ubuntu that are not at their end of life (see !eol)09:33
richardcavellFiReSTaRT: I think this channel will still support Jaunty09:33
zirodayrichardcavell: so yes, we will still support jaunty :)09:33
FiReSTaRTziroday: thanks for the correction richardcavell, sorry about the misunderstanding09:33
richardcavellI'm not doubting that Jaunty will still be supported... I'm asking whether Jaunty will be no longer recommended09:34
zirodayrichardcavell: recommended for what?09:34
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FiReSTaRTziroday: it's just that this channel is pretty tight on excluding the upcoming releases so i figured it would also go the other way lol09:34
richardcavellI maintain some instructions for installing Jaunty on Intel-based Macs.  I'm wondering whether my instructions should be deprecated once Karmic is released09:34
PerryArmstrongziroday; okk but we already have hosted our department site in a hosting service but our department head has asked us to this as an assignment so that we can learn how these things work09:35
PerryArmstrongziroday; it was actually my request and he accepted it...09:35
zirodayPerryArmstrong: right, and most web servers are not hosted on home connections, anyway this has long gone past being ubuntu support so feel free to join me in #ubuntu-offtopic and continue discussing your options09:36
FiReSTaRTrichardcavell: in any case, keep the jaunty instructions.. some people just don't have the nerve to upgrade.. my uncle's a perfect example.. i put jaunty on his desktop machine and had i not extended my european trip, i would have had him keep jaunty for about a year09:36
zirodayrichardcavell: I would have a seperate karmic section if the instructions have changed, but if not sure I would ask the wiki team09:36
satyai cant see video in youtube,,somebody help me09:37
FiReSTaRTsatya: you need flash09:37
richardcavellziroday: the wiki team are a bit hit and miss09:37
prasaddo u have flash installed09:37
richardcavellI was able to thoroughly edit my instructions because I practised installing on my own Mac09:37
richardcavellKarmic supports Macs a fair bit better than Jaunty09:37
FiReSTaRTsatya: system, administration, synaptic package manager... type flashplugin into the search box, check the box next to flashplugin-nonfree, click on mark for installation, click on apply and once it's installed you'll be able to watch u2b vids09:38
richardcavellkernel mode setting, Intel GMA drivers, hotkeys09:38
th1_does anyone know why karmic updates suddenly are broken w.r.t. authentication? I don't want to install 100 unsigned packages..09:38
EvaLuaTei will appearantly have to reinstall windows, as i need it to run some programs that i need at school. If i install it on the same drive with ubuntu (because it appearantly won't install on a external hdd) it will most probably overwrite the mbr. So, my question, is there any possibility, after the installation of windows, to modify the mbr, so that I can dual boot windows and ubuntu, without rein09:38
EvaLuaTestalling ubuntu?09:38
satyaFiReSTaRT: thanks:)09:39
FiReSTaRTEvaLuaTe: why don't you just run windoze under virtualization.. that's what i did when i needed to run ESRI for school09:39
th1_EvaLuaTe, boot from the Ubuntu CD09:39
veekramany1 here09:39
FiReSTaRTsatya: yqw... i'm assuming it works now? ;)09:39
DJones!grub | EvaLuaTe09:39
ubottuEvaLuaTe: GRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto09:39
EvaLuaTeFiReSTaRT: i need to run some graphical applications that appearantly won't run under virtualbox...09:40
FiReSTaRTEvaLuaTe: before you decide on a dual-boot config, try virtualization.. google virtual box... that's how i ran windows (as long as you can dedicate enough ram)09:40
EvaLuaTeDJones: thanks, i'll check that :)09:40
poyntzBruc: hey mate, did you say you wanted to know how to turn off tooltips?09:40
poyntzBruc: I found out how to do it -http://geekybits.blogspot.com/2007/07/ubuntu-tip-turning-off-tooltips.html09:40
FiReSTaRTEvaLuaTe: i was able to dedicate 2 gigs and still have almost 2 gigs for ubuntu which almost never runs more than 1 gig09:40
poyntzgood luck09:40
poyntzanyhow, i'm out. ciao09:40
zetheroo1has anyone here upgraded from Jaunty to Karmic already?09:40
EvaLuaTeFiReSTaRT: ram is not an issue, the graphical part is the problem09:40
th1_zetheroo1, yes more than 2 months ago :)09:41
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baratahow is ubuntu now?09:41
induszetheroo1: i have09:41
zetheroo1th1_: how is it going?09:41
induszetheroo1: is good09:41
th1_its going really well now09:41
zetheroo1indus: on laptop or desktop?09:41
th1_except suddenly today it can't verify update signatures on the updates..09:41
th1_zetheroo1, I have it on a desktop and on a netbook (Eee 1000HE)09:41
FiReSTaRTEvaLuaTe: ahh ok.. in that case i'd just use supergrub disk to destroy the mbr for the windows box, boot into ubuntu, install grub2 and it'll support everything09:41
induszetheroo1: desktop, nvidia graphics , AMD chipset board09:42
induszetheroo1: cd rom drive doesnt work, hasnt worked since intrepid09:42
FiReSTaRTEvaLuaTe: the previous instruction was for AFTER the windows install's overwriting of the mbr09:42
th1_zetheroo1, I don't have problem with my DVD+-RW drive09:42
=== shady is now known as Shady
zetheroo1th1_ , indus, so its pretty stable ... anything not good?09:42
th1_zetheroo1, nothing major the last couple of weeks09:43
zetheroo1th1_: is there issues with optical drives?09:43
induszetheroo1: all good09:43
induszetheroo1: no , its a problem specific to my mobo09:43
zetheroo1indus: oh ok09:43
th1_zetheroo1, not for me I was just saying it because indus said so09:43
zetheroo1indus: any reasons that one should upgrade ? any enhancements to speak of?09:44
zetheroo1th1_: ^^09:44
induszetheroo1: ya its all fine now, sound with pulseaudio also nice according to people09:44
th1_newer firefox, nicer default theme, etc.. :)09:44
th1_there are lots of smallish things09:44
FiReSTaRTEvaLuaTe: i was doing one dual-boot configuration... grub legacy would make windoze unbootable.. doing fixmbr/fixboot would make ubuntu unbootable... so what i did was boot ubuntu, sudo apt-get install grub-pc and voila.. but hang on i'll dig up the instructions that i used09:44
induszetheroo1: its super fast boot, ultra fast shutdown , but otherwise has ext4 file system, disk utility for HDD status, newer packges, empathy as default IM which sucks but anyways09:45
th1_zetheroo1, you don't get ext4 features if you upgrade from jaunty though09:45
th1_unless you re-format your disks09:45
induszetheroo1: a new choco window border , theme tweaks09:45
FiReSTaRTEvaLuaTe: http://www.howtoforge.com/how-to-install-grub-2-on-ubuntu-9.04 but i do have one warning for you so wait for the next message09:45
induszetheroo1: nothing spectacular, that will probably come in 10.0409:46
zetheroo1th1_ , indus: I am already using ext409:46
th1_well also what indus said: faster boot09:46
th1_but I don't boot that often that it bothers me09:46
th1_but the splash screen is nicer :)09:46
zetheroo1th1_ , indus: yeah I could always do with a faster boot - ha09:46
zetheroo1th1_ , indus: so is empathy worse than pidgin?09:47
induszetheroo1: bah its a useless ffeature really, 1 min  saved in a day is nothing really09:47
FiReSTaRTEvaLuaTe: both systems were on hd1 (bios settings), but the upgrade-from-grub-legacy script installs grub to hd0 by default.. so i needed to dig it up (it's in /usr/sbin) and edit the hd0 to hd1 (this may be an unnecessary step, but check your menu.lst file to make sure)09:47
th1_dunno I only use pidgin :)09:47
induszetheroo1: its personal choice but i hate it09:47
induszetheroo1: its ugly09:47
zetheroo1th1_ , indus: I recall trying out empathy a while back and went straight back to pidgin09:47
induszetheroo1: try it, though, voice/video over msn is promised in future09:47
zetheroo1th1_ , indus: any idea why the switch?09:48
induszetheroo1: iam going back to pidgin too in a day or so09:48
EvaLuaTeFiReSTaRT: ok, thank you very much :)09:48
th1_zetheroo1, pidgin is still supported fine09:48
FiReSTaRTEvaLuaTe: if your linux is already under hd0,0 or hd0,1 or hd0,whatever, you don't need to edit the script.. if it's under hd1,whatever or hd2,whatever (who knows what sort of a hardware configuration you have), you will need to edit to suit09:48
induszetheroo1: just a canonical decision09:48
zirodayindus: voice and video chat for MSN works in empathy, you just need to use the empathy PPA09:48
zirodayindus: and it was *not* a canonical decision09:48
indusziroday: it doesnt, i have tried09:48
indusziroday: with the ppa09:48
zirodayindus: it does, I have tried.09:48
zetheroo1ziroday: oh that is a nice feature09:48
indusziroday: doessnt for me.09:49
th1_zetheroo1, probably because of the name - ubuntu admins are suckers for "cozy" names ;) and pidgin = flying rat so ....09:49
EvaLuaTeFiReSTaRT: i guess my system is actually under sda. Or is that just how ubuntu sees it?09:49
zetheroo1th1_: hehe ... flying rat? ...09:49
jitendercan't able to run the rsync command09:49
FiReSTaRTEvaLuaTe: i know.. grub sees it differently09:49
indusziroday: its not perfect, doesnt work for all, thats why it will only make it in in the next release09:49
th1_zetheroo1, just my derogatory term for pigeons ;)09:49
EvaLuaTeFiReSTaRT: ohh, ok09:49
zetheroo1ziroday: do you know of any issues in Jaunty to do with webcam support ... mine was working about 2 kernel updates ago - ha09:49
FiReSTaRTEvaLuaTe: hang on a sec, i'll dig up a way to find out by using the grub console :)09:50
zirodayzetheroo1: nope, sorry09:50
indusziroday: i was excited when someone said it works from ppa, but it didnt for me,  what am i missing'09:50
FiReSTaRTEvaLuaTe: i'm not a grub master but i've gone through enough torture to know a couple of things :P09:50
zetheroo1th1_: ah ... I like racing pidgeons though ...09:50
jitenderi want to run rsync command09:50
zirodayindus: I have no idea, sorry.09:50
th1_zetheroo1, the Skype on my eee works no worse or better than with Jaunty09:50
zetheroo1ziroday: ok no worries09:50
indusziroday: so video/voicce perfectly working for u?09:50
th1_which is not particularly well but I think it's down to skype not the webcam or driver09:50
zirodayindus: yes.09:50
indusziroday: whats ur msn ? :)09:51
zetheroo1th1_: well this is definitely something on a kernel level for me ... or drivers ...09:51
EvaLuaTeFiReSTaRT: here's something i found in the menu.lst file: root        (hd0,0), so it seems it's on hd009:51
indusziroday: i tried it and it showed the icon etc, but the user on other end didnt see my call09:51
FiReSTaRTEvaLuaTe: open the terminal and follow the first 2 instructions from this page http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=224351 (sudo grub, find /boot/grub/stage1)09:51
zetheroo1th1_: it was working 100% about 2 kernel updates ago ... and then broke09:51
EvaLuaTeFiReSTaRT: ok, i'll restart now to install windows. If i run into problems i'll log back in here and ask for help :) thanks a lot for now09:51
FiReSTaRTEvaLuaTe: do it my way just in case... i wouldn't rely on menu.lst09:51
FiReSTaRTEvaLuaTe: hang on09:51
zirodayindus: I'd rather not09:51
harri_i'm trying to run something on a remote machine over ssh. Appending -display :0.0 doesn't work, export DISPLAY=:0.0 doesn't work. How can i find the current display on the remote machine?09:52
th1_zetheroo1, it works in other webcam apps but in skype it doesn't show the preview and then if fullscreening it sometimes stops video completely09:52
__ironveekram: hi09:52
th1_but skype for linux is so sucky buggy POS09:52
zetheroo1th1_: oh right, well for me its broke everywhere... super dark picture09:52
indusziroday: was kidding09:52
th1_zetheroo1, it might be fixed in karmic then, the kernel is much newer09:52
jitenderany body can help me to run rsync command for backup09:53
zetheroo1does anyone know how to manually brighten the webcam image? ... I heard there was a file somewhere where you could up the brightness etc ...09:53
induszetheroo1: install xawtv and adjust09:53
induszetheroo1: wont save on reboot though09:53
zetheroo1th1_: yeah well it seems to me that newer kernels can mean good or bad things ... the jury is still out on this one09:54
zetheroo1indus: oh ok09:54
farciarz84I would like to write CV (resume) on ubuntu. Would you reccomend me some nice tool that will make this task easy and the effects pleasant? Thx in advance09:54
th1_zetheroo1, you can try burning a liveCD or usb stick with latest karmic and see if it works when you boot from that09:54
jitenderhelp me budys09:54
zirodayfarciarz84: Lyx or OpenOffice Word09:54
FiReSTaRTEvaLuaTe: good luck and i wish you about 1% of the time investment that i had to put in to get a dual-boot setup going ;)09:54
farciarz84ziroday: some sample?09:54
farciarz84Lyx ~ latex?09:55
FiReSTaRTEvaLuaTe: and our thanks go out to very helpful people on #grub who saved my uncle's computer from getting thrown out the window out of sheer rage ;)09:55
indusjitender: did you read the link i gave you yesterday?09:55
jitenderany body take his backup09:55
zirodayfarciarz84: I don't have any handy sorry09:55
ubuntunewbie2Anyone know how to fix font ? I did modified the font to segoe UI fonts , how to reset it to be default arial and Sans using command line ?09:55
jitenderbut unable to run the commands09:55
ubuntunewbie2Thank you09:55
jitenderi want full steps09:56
harri_i'm trying to run something on a remote machine over ssh. Appending -display :0.0 doesn't work, export DISPLAY=:0.0 doesn't work. How can i find the current display on the remote machine?09:56
FiReSTaRTEvaLuaTe: by the way if you don't wanna waste a cd, you can always use the autosupergrub disk and install it from the windows box.. if you give me a second i'll dig up those two links :P09:56
th1_harri_, if you use "ssh -X user@host" it shoudl set it automatically unless X tunelling is disabled09:57
th1_harri_, check /etc/ssh/sshd_config and see if X11Forwarding is "yes"09:57
th1_(on the target computer)09:57
indusjitender: dont expect full steps here09:58
th1_if not, make it so and sudo /etc/init.d/ssh restart09:58
indusjitender: google for it and you have to help yourself09:58
indusjitender: you havent even mentioned what problem you faced when running rsync09:58
StrangeCharmi think that grub is looking at the wrong disk to read its config (&c) from, from a live environment that can mount /boot, on the right disk, what changes should i make to get it to look at the right disk/partition?09:58
th1_StrangeCharm, grub1 or grub2?09:59
FiReSTaRTEvaLuaTe: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto <-- general grub how to, http://www.supergrubdisk.org/wiki/AutoSuperGrubDisk <-- to get the autosupergrubdisk (for some reason it worked for me while the unetwhatever disk didn't work)09:59
StrangeCharmth1_, grub209:59
th1_StrangeCharm, check /boot/grub/device.map10:00
harri_th1_, I don't wan 't to tunnel anything..  I want to run a remote app on a remote computer on its local display10:00
induszetheroo1: i forgot to say, it uses grub2 now which is more difficult10:00
StrangeCharmth1_, i'm looking at device.map, but i'm not sure what the correct changes are. i don't know what this file is meant to do.10:01
th1_harri_, ok I see, is the user you're logged in as on ssh also logged into the local X session ?10:01
FiReSTaRTEvaLuaTe: ok time for me to tcb, so good luck with your dualboot setup... ciao :)10:01
th1_StrangeCharm, it's supposed to map the Linux devices to the BIOS/GRUB devices10:01
ubuntunewbie2Anyone know how to fix font ? I did modified the font to segoe UI fonts , how to reset it to be default arial and Sans using command line ? I am having problem http://img48.imageshack.us/img48/9766/screenshotml0.png PLease10:01
harri_th1_, yup10:01
hnoDo anyone know how to most easily download a ubuntu deb package, preferablu using apt or similar?10:02
kosharihno apt-get10:02
th1_harri_, ps ax | grep X should give you a display number10:02
hnokoshari: I only want to download the package, not install it.10:02
StrangeCharmth1_, i know which disk /boot is on, but i don't know which disk grub is reading from10:03
jitenderwhen i run rsync its show failed in terminal10:03
kosharihno: installing is "apt-get package install"10:03
th1_StrangeCharm, it should read it from the same where it read the MBR from10:03
invitingdopemanhow do i get aircrack10:03
StrangeCharmth1_, i don't know which that is either10:04
th1_StrangeCharm, try booting from a GRUB2 bootable USB key and examine what is what10:04
hnokoshari: I know.. just can't figure out how to get apt-get to download without messing with system package status.10:05
StrangeCharmth1_, a grub2 bootable usb key? how would i determine what's going on?10:05
th1_the grub2 command line is like a shell10:06
kosharihno how does the -d switch mess with the package list?10:06
th1_you can ls files and stuff10:06
hnokoshari: That checks if the pacage is already installed and skips download..10:06
hnokoshari: Plust that it needs to run as root..10:07
StrangeCharmth1_, i can already get the grub rescue environment on this box. surely i can get from there to wherever i need to be?10:07
kosharihno if its already there it will be in the apt cache, so you should be able to copy it from there10:07
th1_StrangeCharm, if you can then you are fine.. then you can ls (hd0) etc10:07
Sdaroshi there I am trying to install google earth to my ubuntu box but the download link does not function, address is here http://earth.google.com/intl/en/ do I have to install something for it to function?10:07
th1_and figure out what its trying to do from that10:07
hnokoshari: And if it's not? (it isn't)10:08
koshariSdaros why dont you get google earth from medibuntu10:08
wWaleshow many colors can the gimp color picker tool distinguish between?10:08
Sdaroskoshari: didn't know about that, is that from add remove programs10:08
kosharihno you could manually download it through the ubuntu site,10:09
ubottumedibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org10:09
Sdarosthank you very much for the tip, let me check10:10
hnokoshari: I know, but that's a mess. Need something I can script.10:10
kosharihno aptcacher ng may be something to check out10:11
StrangeCharmth1_, ls gives me 'unknown filesystem' on every disk i ask for10:11
th1_StrangeCharm, what does plain "ls" give?10:11
NET||abusehave to say i'm a little bit dissapointed with synaptic, i get the updates list on my laptop, and i want to read what's happening in the updates, but i'm on x64, and the changes textarea just says "Failed to detect distribution"10:11
NET||abuseit's rather frustrating..10:11
aimtrainerHi! How do I find out the /dev/??? for my dvd-burner? Thanks10:12
StrangeCharmth1_, (hd0) (hd0,1) (hd1) (hd1,1) (fd0)10:12
NET||abuseaimtrainer, if it's internal device it'l likely already mounted..10:13
th1_StrangeCharm, does it say "unknown filesystem" for all of those (ignore fd0, that's the floppy)?10:13
indusaimtrainer: ls -l /dev/sd*10:13
zer0xaimtrainer: sudo lshw | grep -i dvd10:13
StrangeCharmth1_, yes, is says that for all of those10:13
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NET||abuseaimtrainer, otherwise,, just type "mount" into command line,, it'll be listed.10:14
th1_StrangeCharm, check if /boot/grub/ has the GRUB file system modules you need (e.g. ext2.mod)10:14
aimtrainerit is mounted10:14
aimtrainerbut I need the /dev/... to buirn in console10:14
indusaimtrainer: ya in a terminal type mount10:14
NET||abuseok, just hitting mount on the command line will show you the device location and the mount point.. so you should be able to determine it fro that.10:14
indusaimtrainer:wil be in last lines /dev/scd0 or something10:14
StrangeCharmth1_, how would ls be working if it didn't?10:15
aimtrainerok thanks you guys10:15
ActionParsnipyo yo yo10:15
zer0xyo :D10:15
th1_StrangeCharm, it says unknown file system hence its not finding the file system10:15
th1_StrangeCharm, try "lsmod" and "insmod ext2"10:15
eevar2are there usb-stick-images with the alternate x86-64 installer?10:15
induseevar2: no but you can burn it to a usb10:15
ActionParsnipeevar2: you can use a tool to put the alternate iso on a usb stick10:15
bourkehi, flash seems to be lagging a lot for me in firefox, but no in opera.. has anyone found this issue?10:16
aimtrainerindus, it's /dev/sr0 can that be right?10:16
indusbourke: its  a issue with ff and flash,10:16
indusaimtrainer: ya can be10:16
ActionParsnipeevar2: http://www.pendrivelinux.com/usb-ubuntu-904-persistent-install-windows/    just use the alternate10:16
Temujin2does ubuntu have a hdd corruption checker/ fixer program?10:16
bourkeindus: is it to do with a recent update, because I dont remember it happening before..10:16
StrangeCharmth1_, lsmod gives unknown command. insmod ext2 gives no error10:16
eevar2ActionParsnip: thanks10:16
indusaimtrainer: navigate to it and see whats in it10:16
aimtraineralright thanks again10:16
ActionParsnipTemujin2: it has fsck10:16
pietrubensgood morning10:16
zer0xaimtrainer: oops, sudo lshw | grep -A5 -B5 -i dvd10:16
Temujin2is it a gui?10:16
indusaimtrainer: ya correct in my machine too its sr010:16
indusaimtrainer: enjoy10:17
induszer0x: easier with mount command :)10:17
StrangeCharmth1_, and after insmod ext2, i still get unknown filesystems10:17
ActionParsnipTemujin2: no, you may be able to call it from gparted though, why so afraid of command line10:17
zer0xindus: true, but if there was nothing mounted :D10:17
induszer0x: hmm10:17
Temujin2i haven't got time for it10:17
ActionParsnipTemujin2: to fsck the partition or disk needs to be unmounted10:18
th1_StrangeCharm, what file systems would you expect to find on (hd0,1) and (hd1,1) respectively?10:18
zer0xindus: lshw FTW :D10:18
Temujin2ActionParsnip, i'm going to be running ubuntu off a cd10:18
induszer0x: yeah but that A5 B5 what does it do?10:18
ActionParsnipTemujin2: once you learn the one command to check an fs, you can use it on multiple systems10:18
ActionParsnipTemujin2: the cd has a terminal10:18
=== farooq is now known as sache
zer0xindus: after and before 5 lines from match :D10:18
ActionParsnipTemujin2: this will help: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SystemAdministration/Fsck10:19
induszer0x: lol ok thanks10:19
StrangeCharmth1_, i'm not completely sure which disk is which, but i'd expect to find dm-crypt on 1,1 and ext4 on 0,110:19
pietrubens(note: i'm an absolute beginner) my problem: recently installed ubuntu 8.10 dual boot with vista, however, in ubuntu the internet would not work. I tried to read in on a few forums, but did not come across one that resolved my problem. I tried to install the 9.10 beta then hoping that there would be no more problem. However, when installing it seemed that only 2 possibilities were possible: installing on the whole hard10:20
Temujin2do you know if feather linux has fsck?10:20
StrangeCharmth1_, either way, if it can't read any filesystems at all, then wherre is it reading ls from?10:20
ActionParsnipTemujin2: should do10:22
zer0xindus: I am trying to find a nice reliable way of doing it..10:23
zer0xindus: other than piping lshw | less10:24
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ubuntunewbie2Anyone know how to fix font ? I did modified the font to segoe UI fonts , how to reset it to be default arial and Sans using command line ? I am having problem http://img48.imageshack.us/img48/9766/screenshotml0.png PLease help\10:25
th1_StrangeCharm, ls is already built into its shell10:25
zer0xindus: lol, wodim --devices10:26
roffeI just saw a video where the "places" and "system" tabs where in the application menu. How do I change that?10:26
th1_StrangeCharm, but it is still weird10:26
StrangeCharmth1_, i don't think so: previously (before making changes with a livecd) i had to manually specify a prefix to get ls, but it still gave me unknown filesystem when looking at that same disk10:27
prkos1Where in Karmic are the additional options that were under Login Window in jaunty? Specifically I need Security, allow TCP connections to Xserver10:29
ubottuKarmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic is still NOT stable and MAY break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+110:30
infiddoes jaunty use metacity or compiz by default?10:31
th1_StrangeCharm, well then I dunno, maybe a grub bug?10:33
theadminhuh. I seem to receive a signal from wireless network "test". WTF?10:33
StrangeCharmth1_, are there known to be any bugs in grub?10:34
timmillwoodthinking of making the switch to ubuntu. Wondering what laptop you'd recommend?10:34
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jribtimmillwood: I would just find some nice ones you like and then search for issues with ubuntu.  But dell and systm76 sell laptops with ubuntu10:35
potwakknarf: hello10:35
jribtimmillwood: system76*10:35
timmillwoodjrib: thanks.10:36
knarfanyone with a dell latitude c610 running karmic?10:36
jribknarf: two things: 1) Just ask your question.  2) karmic questions in #ubuntu+1 please10:36
ActionParsnip!anyone | knarf10:36
ubottuknarf: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?10:36
GreenDelta21hey there. i try to compile a gcc cross compiler following this tut: http://did.mat.uni-bayreuth.de/~matthias/veranstaltungen/ws2004/mindstorms/doc/brickos-howto.html and at the last make of part 2.2 i get this errror "/usr/include/bits/fcntl2.h:51: error: call to '__open_missing_mode' declared with attribute error: open with O_CREAT in second argument needs 3 arguments" someone has an idea what to do now? im not sooo familiar with c+10:37
timmillwoodshame system76 is US based.10:37
lirrHi, I want to port a simple linux gtk application on windows. What do I need in order to compile it ?10:38
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jriblirr: gtk works on windows if that's your question10:39
theadminlirr: MinGW and GTK libraries10:39
ActionParsniplirr: gimp needs gtk10:40
ActionParsniplirr: under windows you install it before gimp10:40
lirrtheadmin, mingw and the whole gtk package ?10:41
lirrBut what if i want my application to be standalone, do I only need the gtk runtime after ?10:41
slowbuntuwhats up people10:41
theadminlirr: Well, no, there is some GTK installer, windows-specific. Not really much into microsoft stuff, sorry.10:41
slowbuntuwho knows how to hack a wpa/psk personnal wireless key10:41
theadminslowbuntu:... Why do people think Linux is a hacking tool!?10:42
b3rz3rk3rtheadmin, movies10:42
slowbuntuits not10:42
slowbuntujust in a competition with a friend10:42
th1_slowbuntu, its really easy you just take a guess and type it in and if its wrong, then you do it again untill you guess it ....10:43
Temujin2i need help mounting from console10:43
Temujin2how do i find the name of my mount?10:43
slowbuntuth1 thats gonna take for ever10:43
th1_Temujin2, cat /etc/fstab10:43
Temujin2ok, how am i supposed to know which one is a hard drive?10:44
Temujin2i can see which is a cdrom and a floppy drive (although i don't have a floppy drive)10:45
th1_Temujin2, if it's called something like /dev/sdaX or /dev/hdaX it's probably a hard drive10:45
th1_or you can write df -h10:45
Temujin2it's not listed10:46
Temujin2i can feel the drive working, but there's something wrong with it10:46
th1_you can write cat /proc/partitions10:46
ranjann any body can help me in confagring an network on virtual box :::: i hve installed it on ubuntu 9.04 in which i have installed xp  and now i want to share internet  conectivety with this two macine .... so can any body can help me .......10:46
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icerootranjan: #vbox10:47
ranjaniceroot ::  ya i installed virtual box10:48
icerootranjan: also have a look at the vbox manpage "nat" and "network-bridge" and decide what you need10:48
slowbuntuany body has an ebook on solaris or redhat? something like a manual10:48
icerootranjan: and help you will get in #vbox   the freenode-channel of virtualbox10:48
jribslowbuntu: that's not really an ubuntu question...10:49
icerootslowbuntu: #redhat  #solaris10:49
slowbuntuno body the ubuntu question i asked10:50
ranjanthanks :: iceroot10:50
icerootslowbuntu: that was no ubuntu-question about hacking a wlan10:50
slowbuntuthanks for the correction teacher10:51
icerootslowbuntu: np10:51
slowbuntuwhat might an ubuntu look like10:51
icerootslowbuntu: please use your brain10:51
slowbuntuok good insult wont u say10:52
jribslowbuntu: if you have an ubuntu-related support question, please ask it so we can help you.  Otherwise, take other topics elsewhere.  Thanks!10:53
Teclysis there anyone here who can help me with basic kdevelop stuff? or is that best suited for another chatroom10:53
jribTeclys: just ask your question and find out10:53
theadmin_awayslowbuntu: Well, uh, it uses GNOME so looks pretty much like any other GNOME os... Teclys: Kdevelop is an KDE thing, ask in #kde10:54
slowbuntutheadmin_away how do i get to kde10:55
=== theadmin_away is now known as theadmin
ActionParsniptheres #kdevelop too10:55
theadminslowbuntu: You need to install Kubuntu or type this in terminal: "sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop"10:55
slowbuntutheadmin hope it wont disturb my ubuntu desktop10:56
theadminslowbuntu: It won't, it'll just install KDE and it's apps.10:56
zer0xslowbuntu: you get to choose the windowmanager for your session at the login prompt10:57
theadminslowbuntu: Note that it's quite big so you need a good connection to install it.10:59
zer0xtheadmin: or a lot of patience :DD10:59
slowbuntuyeah i see 551 mb10:59
TidersHas anybody installed shaiya sucessfully?11:00
MadMaxeCo is gaming.  !gameinfo for more info.11:04
theadminso, why exactly did they remove upgrade manager notification icon? I managed to get it back and everything works fine, so WHY.11:04
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about gameinfo11:04
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InDaLivingRoomhi guys! i have just attached my multimedia pc to an lg 37lc55 tv and i dont get to hear any sound from the ati 4670 graphics adapter any ideas please?11:05
zer0xInDaLivingRoom: is that audio over HDMI?11:06
Guest96203I'm back from the game!11:07
zer0xInDaLivingRoom1: is that audio over HDMI?11:07
InDaLivingRoom1zer0x: well it is supposed to be but i dont get any11:08
zer0xInDaLivingRoom1: have you installed the fglrx driver from restricted drivers?11:08
InDaLivingRoom1xer0x sure!11:08
cybichello everybody - i deleted the volume icon from the panel... how can i restore it... where can i find it? :(11:09
zer0xInDaLivingRoom1: you are using the DVI to HDMI converter that came with your graphics card?11:09
InDaLivingRoom1cybic: right mouse on the panel then add to pannel there gnome volume contorl11:09
InDaLivingRoom1zer0x: aye11:09
cybicInDaLivingRoom, there is no volume control there11:10
InDaLivingRoom1cybic: spare the gnome its only volume control11:10
zer0xInDaLivingRoom1: umm, mine just worked, I was very impressed.. I assume you have checked for muted outputs?11:10
cybicInDaLivingRoom, nope - no Volume Control11:10
Guest96203eCo is gaming.  !gameinfo for more info.11:11
InDaLivingRoom1zer0x: nope i lied its an extra cable that i bought and that has a dvi plug on one side  and a hdi one on the other11:11
cybicInDaLivingRoom, could you please click with the right mouse on your icon and tell me exactly what's there written into properties?11:11
InDaLivingRoom1zer0x: do you suspect that is a cable issue?11:11
Guest96203I'm back from the game!11:11
zer0xInDaLivingRoom1: ah, that is probably your problem.. I think the converter that comes with the graphics card has some extra feature..11:12
cybicInDaLivingRoom, thx... got it11:12
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InDaLivingRoom1cybic: np11:12
zer0xInDaLivingRoom1: I use that converted and an HDMI-HDMI cable with no problems11:12
cybicit's not here in Ubuntu 9.10 - but i could write it in manually11:12
zer0xInDaLivingRoom1: *converter11:12
InDaLivingRoom1zer0x: you gotta be kiddn me...11:12
InDaLivingRoom1cybic it sure is11:12
zer0xInDaLivingRoom1: I'm pretty sure :(11:12
InDaLivingRoom1zer0x: well you brought me one step further, thanks alot for that:)11:13
cybicInDaLivingRoom, not here!11:13
zer0xInDaLivingRoom1: np, good luck :D11:13
InDaLivingRoom1cybic: dunno what you did buddy but that is a default built in11:13
MaxSidMaxSid is gaming.  !gameinfo for more info.11:13
cybicInDaLivingRoom, rightclick>add to panel>Volume Control not here!11:13
InDaLivingRoom1zer0x: naah lick s got nothing to do with it its all about expertise:D11:13
zer0xInDaLivingRoom1: hehe xD11:14
MaxSidI'm back from the game!11:14
InDaLivingRoom1cybic: quite esoteric i have to say...11:14
InDaLivingRoom1cybic: inthat case hit add application or add launcher and put gnome-volume-control in there11:14
cybicInDaLivingRoom, so did i - but it's not the same as it was before :( after clicking on this icon, there is no popup with volume - but a new window opens where i can change the volume settings...11:16
cybicInDaLivingRoom, could you please click with the right mouse onto your icon and tell me what's in the properties?11:16
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MaxSidMaxSid is gaming.  !gameinfo for more info.11:17
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about gameinfo11:18
MaxSidI'm back from the game!11:18
jribMaxSid: yeah, please turn that off....11:18
sivel27hello all11:18
invitingdopemanhey bXi how do you change your name11:19
invitingdopemanheywhats up sivel2711:19
=== MadMax is now known as MaxSid
cybiccould anyone just click with the right mousebutton on the volume icon in the pannel and tell me what's written in the properties?11:19
invitingdopemanive never been able too right click anything11:19
sivel27is it possible to "alias" a dyndns entry in /etc/hosts?11:19
sivel27is it possible to "alias" a dyndns entry in /etc/hosts?11:20
jribsivel27: well what do you mean by that exactly? and why?11:20
sivel27for example:   lalaal@dyndns.org   lalaal?11:20
jribsivel27: no11:21
meowbuntuhi all hows it hanging11:21
invitingdopemanlimp and to the left11:21
cybicehm... it's realy not difficult :-D could anyone just click with the right mousebutton on the volume icon in the pannel and tell me what's written in the properties please?11:22
invitingdopemanhow do i auto identify without using a fucking website for details11:23
invitingdopemanive been trying to figure this out for weeks11:23
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meowbuntuwhen i tryed this command which installes openbox on ubuntu "sudo apt-get install openbox openbox-themes feh nitrogren obmenu obconf lxappearance" it gives this error "E: Couldn't find package nitrogren"11:23
bazhangmeowbuntu, nitrogen ?11:24
meowbuntuinidentify what give more infomation so anyone can provide help for you11:24
MikeBartonHello fellow Ubuntuers11:24
MikeBartonHow are we today?11:24
bazhangmeowbuntu, looks like a typo11:24
invitingdopemanwad up mike11:24
MikeBartonhey man :)11:24
invitingdopemanim doing great how about you11:25
MikeBartonwas wondering if anybody feels like giving me a helping hand with ubuntu server edition...11:25
cybicloooooooooooooooooooooool - so 1416 chatters are too busy to click on the volume icon to help out? great :-D11:25
ActionParsnip!ask | MikeBarton11:25
ubottuMikeBarton: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)11:25
MikeBartonoh im great 2 thx11:25
invitingdopemanmine says sound preferences11:26
invitingdopemanyour welcome were you from11:26
invitingdopemancybic mine says sound preferences11:27
Teclysmine says mute and then sound preferences11:27
tarelerulzWhat is good converter for video and audio with a gui ?11:27
ActionParsniptarelerulz: handbrake and winff11:28
indusguys whats teh channel for political debates?11:28
MikeBartonwell here goes, thing is ive been told ubuntu is rather easy, now from experience it has been! Ive been using it as my personal server for quite some time now, but here is the problem, everything works, but im getting to the point that i have to replace the main HDD if I dont want to lose anything. What is the easyest, fastest, and most efficient way to do this so that a week later the server can be running as good as new again? (assuming i buy a 11:28
ActionParsniptarelerulz: you should really look into mencoder and ffmpeg though11:28
^mNotIntelligenthi all11:28
ActionParsnip!backup | MikeBarton11:28
ubottuMikeBarton: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning11:28
ActionParsnipindus: i'd head to #ubuntu-offtopic11:28
ActionParsnipindus: or maybe #politics11:29
indusActionParsnip: aah no, ubuntu folks are nice people, i need serious discussion, also region specific, ubuntu is western11:29
meowbuntubazhang, its a copy from this tutoral i dont think its a typo. http://forums.linuxmint.com/viewtopic.php?f=42&t=3455411:29
meowbuntubazhang, the tutoral is related to ubuntu not linux mint11:30
MikeBartonwell ive made a backup with webmin... i know horrible way to go, but rsync made the server crash... couldnt figure out what folders to exclude, i figured I needed everything. Will placing a backup image onto a new HDD be enough?11:30
bazhangmeowbuntu, there is no such package neogren in the repos11:30
chiiiiiz_88I want to locate a file (.doc extension) containing a string. How shall I proceed in command line?11:30
meowbuntuah its nitrogen11:30
bazhangmeowbuntu, whoops I mean nitrogen , for changing wallpapers11:31
=== dtcrshr is now known as datacrusher
ActionParsnipchiiiiiz_88: sudo find / -iname "*.doc"11:31
meowbuntusudo apt-get install openbox openbox-themes feh nitrogren obmenu obconf lxappearance11:31
invitingdopemanman i cant wait till the bug free 9.10 is out gosh takes for ever upgradeing my old ass pc11:31
shadowdxswhere dud you save the file chiz_88?11:31
MikeBartonubottu thx for the links i will read them!11:31
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)11:31
chiiiiiz_88ActionParsnip: the string I am looking for is in the file, not in its name11:31
chiiiiiz_88I knew this command11:31
meowbuntubazhang, is it ok to ignore that then11:32
shadowdxsopen the file in somthing eles b/s open offces11:32
MikeBartonthx action parsnip11:32
ActionParsnipchiiiiiz_88: sudo find / -iname "*.doc" -exec grep {} "somestring to find here" \;11:32
erUSULchiiiiiz_88: use antiword to turn every doc in txt and grep the output ?11:32
MikeBartoni will read the links11:32
bazhangmeowbuntu, you want a wallpaper utility? the package name for that is nitrogen not nitrogren11:32
erUSULActionParsnip: i doubt grep can handle a doc file11:32
ActionParsniperUSUL: bah11:33
shadowdxsActionParsnip is right for what google says11:33
ActionParsniperUSUL: if you look most of the text is pretty plain, just gets surrounded by extra MS rubbish11:33
chiiiiiz_88erUSUL: never heard about antiword. Does it also work if the doc file contains a spreadsheet?11:33
meowbuntubazhang, its a typo i will let the creator know11:33
erUSULchiiiiiz_88: sudo find / -iname "*.doc" -exec antiword '{}' | grep "somestring to find here" \;11:34
riker2000how can I use an rpm database together with a dpkg database11:35
chiiiiiz_88ok!! I try that, thanks11:35
ubottusbackup is a tool to create complete and/or incremental backups (which can be scheduled to be automatic, and can be done over a network). It is available in !Universe11:35
ubottuTo replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude  --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » - See also !automate11:35
erUSULActionParsnip: the it ccould work... i was under the impression that doc file where somehow compressed or encoded11:35
riker2000Hi people!11:36
Kingsy101hey guys I was thinking about upgrading ubuntu to 9.04 from 8.10 today, however I remember having problems with it.. is there anything you should do before upgrading? or is there a special way of doing it?11:36
ActionParsniperUSUL: not hugely last i looked, ive not looked at 07 files yet but if you open one in gedit etc you can see most of the words11:36
Kingsy101last time I had it installed it just crashed randomly11:36
MikeBartonok thanks guys will try some new things!! good day to all!!11:37
erUSULActionParsnip: ok; i stand correctd ;)11:37
riker2000I am trying to install fsecure client security for linux and it is forces the installation as an rpm packed so I can't use alien to convert it as I don't get the rpm file. It assumes an rpm database. I have installed rpm but it is still not working.11:37
riker2000can anyone help or point to some place where i can get help11:37
erUSULActionParsnip: still you reversed the order of parameters in the grep call :P11:37
ActionParsniperUSUL: unfortunately i'm not sure all the text will be visiible so false negatives may occur so your little extra bit is handy11:38
=== sal is now known as Guest59131
chiiiiiz_88erUSUL: it returns errors "grep: no file or folder of that kind " (translated from french)11:38
ActionParsniperUSUL: that too, but your bash is waaay better than mine11:38
chiiiiiz_88erUSUL: "find: missing parameter for "-exec"11:38
erUSULchiiiiiz_88: you installed antiword ?11:39
chiiiiiz_88yes I did11:39
chiiiiiz_88i am not that noob11:39
erUSULchiiiiiz_88: we all make silly mitakes sometimes11:39
chiiiiiz_88I know, me first11:39
conb123Hiya does anyone know how i can remove all of the kde programs without removing the desktop environment itself11:40
bazhangconb123, you want kde4 with only gtk apps?11:41
StrangeCharmafter a fresh install of the karmic RC, with several, distinct encrypted disks, i'm encountring a problem decrypting them at boot: when prompted for the passphrase for the disk that contains /, all goes well, but when prompted for the phrase for md0_crypt, the message "* Reloading /etc/samba/smb.conf smdb only" appears on the same line, before I am able to completely enter the phrase. why is this happenning? how can I stop it?11:41
conb123bazhang: Well yeah, i originally installed gnome ubuntu and then kde over the top but all the kde programs make my menus cluttered11:41
riker2000I am trying to install fsecure client security for linux and it is forces the installation as an rpm packed so I can't use alien to convert it as I don't get the rpm file. It assumes an rpm database. I have installed rpm but it is still not working.11:42
ActionParsnipconb123: then either uninstall them, or use alacarte / kmenuedit   to remove them11:42
riker2000can anyone help or point to some place where i can get help?11:42
bazhangconb123, not sure there is a method for that; you can edit the apps menu to hide them, and manually uninstall the ones you don't want though11:42
InDaLivingRoomi got this annoying problem that i have to reset my graphics settings after every reboot on ubuntu as the settings are always being set to something that i had set an eternity ago, how can i fix this? it is an ati 4670 btw...11:42
Jorichello there11:42
conb123Actionparsnip: Yes i suppose i could just remove them all for the menus11:42
erUSULchiiiiiz_88: maybe find do not like the pipe in the exec call11:42
Jorici have a problem with risen + 9800 gt on wine what nvidia drivers are best?11:42
Jorici have black textures and such11:43
cperrin88Hi, I'm trying to translate strings in PHP via gettext and I have the problem that only locales like "de_DE.utf8" but not just "de" or even "de_DE" work11:43
ActionParsnipconb123: its the problem with installing the metapackage if youo just want the desktop11:43
ActionParsnipconb123: like if people just want xfce desktop I dont advise they install xubuntu-desktop   its massive, you can install xfce4 get the desktop but not so many of the apps which keeps things nice and neat11:44
dujshi'm new here,hello everybody!11:48
kubuntuserhi dujsh11:49
conb123Also i wanted to know if there is anyway to export compiz settings because sometimes my desktop switches back to none on desktop effects and when i switch back to extra my customised settings are gone11:50
cybicok - found a solution! it's NOT gnome-volume-control (and it's 100% NOT in the add to panel menu!!!) it's just "notification area" applet for the panel!11:51
cybicanyway - thank you very much for trying to help me...11:51
cristi_is there an appropriate channel to ask for help recovering data from a broken flashstick using jaunty?11:55
Halitechcristi_, try testdisk or photorec11:56
Halitechcristi_, is the drive seen when you plug it in?11:56
MixMixcristi_: how is it broken?11:56
darkpeterhello !11:56
erUSULcristi_: depends on how broken he flashstick is ... can you make a image of it using dd ?11:56
darkpeterhow r u there ?11:56
darkpeteranyone can say me where i can found the xorg.conf in ubuntu 9.10 ??11:57
erUSULdarkpeter: /etc/X11/xorg.conf11:57
FuzzYspo0Nhey - anyone ever have issues with samba and cron reporting NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE, but works normally in terminal?11:57
erUSULdarkpeter: but it is not mandatory so it may be not there11:57
darkpeternope :( there is not this file in 9.10 :(11:57
Halitechdarkpeter, normally its /etc/X11/xrg.conf but its not used much anymore as everything is automatically configured11:57
DaZbadly automagically configured11:58
Halitechdarkpeter, /etc/X11/xorg.conf and /etc/x11/xorg.conf are not the same, which did you look for?11:59
darkpeteri just want to have 1280x1024 and i just have 1024x768 :(11:59
FuzzYspo0Nlol, what11:59
cristi_i do have a dd image of the drive. it used to be fat32 though it seems that the partition table is completely gone.11:59
Halitechdarkpeter, what video card?12:00
darkpeterintel graphics 212:00
darkpeterdirect rendering is Ok12:00
Halitechcristi_, what does sudo fdisk -l show? use pastebin to show us12:00
erUSULcristi_: you can use photorec from testdisk package to recover the files within (it can work on the image to be extra safe)12:00
erUSULcristi_: testdisk itself can be used to restore the partition table on the device12:01
erUSULcristi_: http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/PhotoRec http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk12:02
baderahmedis there a tutorial to learn php senior?12:02
meowbuntuanyone here know the terminal command for what os i am running12:02
erUSULcristi_: the website is pretty good it has step by step how tos for both tools12:02
erUSUL!info testdisk | cristi_12:02
ubottucristi_: testdisk (source: testdisk): Partition scanner and disk recovery tool. In component universe, is optional. Version 6.10-1 (jaunty), package size 1451 kB, installed size 4532 kB12:02
bazhangmeowbuntu, lsb_release -a12:02
darkpeterhalitech : any idea ?12:03
zer0xdarkpeter: you can force a resolution by adding the modeline to xorg.conf..12:03
darkpeterzer0x : where is the xorg.conf in 9.10 ?12:04
zer0xdarkpeter: you'll need to create an xorg.conf by switching to a virtual console, sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop, sudo X -configure12:04
Halitechdarkpeter, not sure, I know in 9.04 there were some issues but if there is no xorg.conf I'm not sure where to point you12:04
cristi_Halitech: I don't think fdisk will give me anything..... http://paste.ubuntu.com/302718/12:04
icerootdarkpeter: /etc/X11/xorg.conf and in #ubuntu+112:04
jet_hey everyone, im sort of new to configuring and installing "dohickeys" with ubuntu/linux im stuck as to know what kind of video capture card i have, im trying to set up zoneminder to catch the thieves who sneak into my bedroom12:04
zer0xdarkpeter: this will create xorg.conf.new in the current folder, you then copy that to /etc/X11/xorg.conf12:04
cristi_erUSUL: thanks, those tools look quite powerful, i will give it a read...12:04
baderahmedis there a tutorial to learn php senior?12:05
darkpeterzr0x : i will try !12:05
MixMixjet_: lspci -v12:05
Halitechcristi_, it should if its seeing the drive12:05
icerootbaderahmed: #php, google, php.net12:05
zer0xdarkpeter: then you can use gtf to generate a modeline, and insert it into xorg.conf12:05
cristi_Halitech: it reads "sdb: unknown partition table" when detecting the device12:05
Halitechcristi_, I've seen that before, could just mean its using raw mode and doesn't have an actual partition12:06
cristi_Halitech: therefore, http://paste.ubuntu.com/302722/12:06
jet_MixMix: im not sure....12:07
=== raid1 is now known as raid0
cristi_Halitech: it used to be a fat32, until i attempted to copy a 1.5GB file to it. after umounting it, i plugged it into a different box and ... nothing. no partition.12:08
Halitechcristi_, nope, thats not what I usually see, can partition editor see it and if it does, what does it say about it?12:08
jet_MixMix: would you like to read the wiki and catch up to where im at? i cant really explain my actions in technical speak12:08
cristi_Halitech: I also looked and the mbr using some hex tools and it seems completely f*ckd/ zeroed...12:09
MixMixjet_: ok, give the link12:09
indusis it ok to use the f word by putting stars in it12:09
E3bhello all... I have a problem in Ubuntu.. when network is down, gnome panel is freezing, when unplug the network cable, the same problem until I'm plug it back in.. someone know that problem?12:09
Halitechcristi_, not good, try testdisk or photorec, hopefully one of them will recover the data for you12:09
MixMixDoes anyone know what the Hardware Drivers program is named when I do ps -ef ?12:09
domjohnsonWhat would i use to make a leaflet in ubutnu?12:09
icerootindus: it is ok using the brain :)12:09
cristi_Halitech: will do... thanks!12:10
indusiceroot: mmm?12:10
icerootindus: respong to your question about the f-word12:10
erUSULMixMix: jockey-gtk in ubuntu12:10
m41n1is it possible to mount an svn in Ubuntu One?12:10
MixMixerUSUL: thanks12:10
indusiceroot: hmm somehow i didnt get it12:10
domjohnsonF word = Fill Gates12:10
indushi all12:10
MixMixjet_: how far are you in the guide?12:10
domjohnsonHello indus12:10
indushi to whoever you are12:11
jet_i need to configure bttv kernel12:11
indusiam looking for world [peace12:11
cristi_Halitech: it's worth noting that i bought two of these drives and the first one went after about 5 writes. this one lasted maybe 10. DO NOT ever buy a-data flash12:11
DigitalKiwiindus: why don't you try it and see if an op bans you? ;D12:11
indusubuntu-offtopic has a solution12:11
VaranIs it possible to get a list of packages that I have installed ... you can use 'dpkg --get-selections' but this list is very long .. is there a way to view a shorter list that is more meaning full?12:12
indusDigitalKiwi: lol ok12:12
Halitechcristi_, thanks for the heads up, I won't :)12:12
indusDigitalKiwi: some ops dont like me here, so i dont bother12:12
E3bhello all.. I have problem with gnone-panel , when network is down, gnome panel is freezing until network is back... someone can help me please? (Ubuntu 9.04)12:12
MixMixjet_: how much of the configuration did you do?12:12
icerootindus: can you move the offtopic to #ubuntu-offtopic and use this chat only for support related things?12:12
icerootindus: thank you12:12
|Petrus|hi guys12:12
indusiceroot: you an op then12:13
indusiceroot: nothing personal12:13
jet_MixMix everything was going fine, until i got a missing picture12:13
jet_now im confused, just a little ndereducated12:13
MixMixjet_: did you change your card type in gedit?12:13
|Petrus|jet...what type of video card do you have?12:14
jet_MixMix: no i did not. dont know what to change it to!12:14
zer0xVaran: dpkg -l ?12:14
jet_its set to dev/video012:15
Prenticehi I'm having trouble with Ubuntu reading my memory stick can anyone help?12:15
MixMixjet_: you must find out your type of card. Try typing lspci -v into a terminal. It needs to match a card at http://www.zoneminder.com/wiki/index.php/Supported_hardware12:15
MixMixPrentice: does it mount?12:16
ltspadminafter click on unlock (in users settings) password popup did not come in ubuntu 8.0412:16
PrenticeMixMix: It was working fine until I clicked unmount...12:16
m41n1Guys, do you know if you can use Ubuntu One to mount a SVN?12:16
MixMixPrentice: you need to mount it again to use it. Try plugging it out and back in if you want12:16
E3bhello all.. I have problem with gnone-panel , when network is down, gnome panel is freezing until network is back... someone can help me please? (Ubuntu 9.04)12:17
ltspadminafter click on unlock (in users settings) password popup shoud come but its not come in ubuntu 8.0412:17
zealiodhow can i read what 802.11q tag is being passed from a switch to my lan port on incoming packets?12:17
jet_MixMix: stay tuned, im reading12:17
PrenticeMixMix: I've done that nothing shows...12:18
ltspadminafter click on unlock (in users settings) password popup shoud come but its not come in ubuntu 8.0412:18
OzzyHi all, can someone remind me the boot parameters i need for grub to boot into ubuntu with ACPI?12:18
ltspadminafter click on unlock (in users settings) password popup shoud come but its not come in ubuntu 8.04 because of that i cannot create an user12:18
cdoublejjhow do you force quit an app12:19
MixMixPrentice: is the hardware ok? Does it work on another computer? Does a light come on?12:19
indusjet_: just for information, doing a dpkg-reconfigure <pacakage> will help12:19
indusjet_: assuming you are having troubles with somevideo device12:19
PrenticeMixMix: the light flashes and it works fine on my windows pc12:19
Halitechcdoublejj, killall -9 <packagename> or xkill if its a gui app and showing12:19
indusOzzy: acpi=on12:19
cdoublejji killed it12:19
E3bsomeone please?12:19
indusOzzy: its on by default anyway12:19
elian1Someone speaks in Spanish? I need to connect my gmail account in pidgin. I'm new to this (*)12:19
m41n1hi guys, do you know if you can use Ubuntu One as SVN?12:20
FiReSTaRTcdoublejj: open system monitor, and find the process id (PID) number on the list, open terminal, kill -9 pid (if the pid = 9642, you do kill -9 9642)12:20
indusE3b: ask your question12:20
Halitech!es | elian112:20
E3bhello all.. I have problem with gnone-panel , when network is down, gnome panel is freezing until network is back... someone can help me please? (Ubuntu 9.04)12:20
ubottuelian1: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.12:20
MixMixPrentice: try mount -a12:20
PrenticeMixMix: sudo or not?12:20
ltspadminafter click on unlock (in users settings) password popup shoud come but its not come in ubuntu 8.04 because of that i cannot create an user12:20
MixMixPrentice: not sudo should work fine12:20
elian1Thanks.. =)12:20
Ozzyindus: It can't be, because when I boot up it drops to a busybox shell saying it can't find my root device12:20
=== gerald is now known as Guest78744
PrenticeMixMix: I did it without sudo and it needed root so I did with sudo nothing has happened12:21
=== m41n1 is now known as newM41n1
=== bushwakko_ is now known as bushwakko
newM41n1hi guys, do you know if you can use Ubuntu One as SVN?12:22
MixMixPrentice: if you type mount on its own does it show up?12:22
PrenticenewM41n1: repeat12:22
PrenticeMixMix: what do you mean12:22
newM41n1sorry, i thought i was logged out12:22
MixMixPrentice: type mount12:22
Varanzer0x: I mean more like a tool that only shows only the things that I have explicitly installed.12:23
zer0xVaran: dpkg -l will list only installed packages, the list wil be very long on a desktop install :D12:24
PrenticeMixMix: Ok typed mount in terminal12:24
zer0xVaran: dpkg -l | wc -l gives 1718 packages on my current install12:25
PrenticeMixMix: u there?12:25
zer0xVaran: ah, you mean what you have installed manually since the initial install?... umm, not sure12:26
HalitechVaran, you can use synaptic and view the history to see what you have installed by date but not sure of a way to list it as a text file12:26
Prenticehey, I'm having problems with my memory stick it was loading fine but I clicked unmount and now I can't see it12:27
jet_the guide im using is severley lacking in expanations for things that just dont automatically work12:27
ltcabralhey im trying to build an rpm in ubuntu but the following line is giving me problems: install -dv rpm/{BUILD,RPMS/noarch,SOURCES,SPECS,SRPMS}   it creates a dir '{BUILD,RPMS' and a file 'SOURCES' instead... how can i fix that?12:27
CoUrPsEHow can i debug why an application is not booting?12:27
grawityCoUrPsE: Is it a GUI application?12:28
CoUrPsENope, mysqld.12:28
HalitechCoUrPsE, start it from the terminal and see what error messages it gives12:28
Prenticehey, I'm having problems with my memory stick it was loading fine but I clicked unmount and now I can't see it12:28
PrenticeHalitech: #terminal12:28
grawityCoUrPsE: Check syslog (/var/log/syslog)12:28
CoUrPsEit says, Starting mysql database server mysqld [fail]12:28
grawityCoUrPsE: Also, I think mysql has its own logs in /var/log/ ...12:29
FloodBot2Prentice: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.12:29
* grawity sighs.12:29
CoUrPsEgrawity, Yeah, does, but for some reason its logs are empty.12:29
psypher12Good morning everyone12:29
Prenticehey, I'm having problems with my memory stick it was loading fine but I clicked unmount and now I can't see it12:30
Shockrates_does anyone know which browser is faster for linux? arora, firefox or opera12:30
psypher12Could someone check to see if they can view my web server from their side?12:30
leepingHey there, I have a directory which contains more than 1,000,000 files that were erroneously generated overnight -- now I'm having a lot of trouble deleting this directory, "rm" has been running for about 10 minutes with no freeing up of space.  After you're all done laughing, please let me know if there's a faster way to delete this folder. :) Thanks12:30
ltspadminhow to creat an user12:30
psypher12Could someone check to see if they can view my web server from their side?12:30
vgePrentice: is it lsited in the "mount" list?12:30
grawityCoUrPsE: Some daemons can be started directly (/usr/bin/mysqld), without an initscript. Try mysqld --help, check if it has a 'verbose' option. Of course, you'll need to try it as mysqld's user (sudo -u mysql -i)12:30
leepingnever mind - "rm" just finished =P12:30
ltspadminhow to creat an user in ltsp12:30
Prenticevge: no12:30
leepingThe answer would be good for future reference though12:30
Halitechvge, whats the addy?12:30
psypher12Could someone check to see if they can view my web server from their side? I can send a link12:30
ltspadminhow to creat an user in ltsp if unlock option is not work....12:31
vgeHalitech: addy?12:31
Halitechvge, sorry, eyes aren't working, that was for psypher1212:31
psypher12Here is the url : http://novasphere.no-ip.biz:8080/12:31
grawityleeping: There's a limit on how fast can disks spin... 'rm' must remove each and every file entry from the directory. Which obviously takes time.12:31
grawitypsypher12: "Xenon Server Online!"12:31
vgePrentice: have your tried reentering it?12:31
VaranHalitech: Thanks thats very usefull12:31
leepinggrawity, so you're saying there's no faster way than "rm"?12:31
Prenticevge: what do you mean by that?12:32
psypher12let me know if its visible. and how fast its able to render the page12:32
ltspadminhow to create an user in ubuntu - ltsp if unlock option is not work....12:32
vgePrentice: remove it and put it back in? :)12:32
HalitechVaran, not the option you were looking for I know but at least you can view it ... might be a log file in /var/log you can look at as well12:32
VaranWould be nice to have an app that shoulds the roots of the dependency tree12:32
grawitypsypher12: http://validator.w3.org/check?uri=http%3A%2F%2Fnovasphere.no-ip.biz%3A8080%2F&charset=%28detect+automatically%29&doctype=Inline&group=012:32
tj83__is there a ubuntu server channel?12:32
Varanhmm owke12:32
vgePrentice: if it's not listed then it's not mounted and you can take it out12:33
Prenticevge: ye loads of times12:33
sipiortj83__: #ubuntu-server, iirc, but you can ask questions here as well12:33
grawitypsypher12: It works, it's quite fast, but the page is _really_ far away from being valid HTML...12:33
indusOzzy: which cd is this? 9.04?12:33
Prenticevge: I've taken it out but it doesn't show when I plug it back in12:33
psypher12I dont care if its valid lol12:33
HalitechVaran, /var/log/apt/term.log12:33
ltcabralhey im trying to build an rpm in ubuntu but the following line is giving me problems: install -dv rpm/{BUILD,RPMS/noarch,SOURCES,SPECS,SRPMS}   it creates a dir '{BUILD,RPMS' and a file 'SOURCES' instead... how can i fix that?12:33
grawitypsypher12: Well, some do. Many browsers do too.12:33
psypher12I just want to validate if the server is online and responding well as I am hosting from home12:33
psypher12I have my web app I am gonna upload soon12:34
tj83__sipior, how well does virtualization work with ubuntu server as a host? is this even possible without the GUI?12:34
darkpeteranyone know how to force a screen resolution in 9.10 ?? i've create a xorg.conf but the system does not take this one12:34
psypher12Thanks for checking anyways!12:34
Picidarkpeter: 9.10 is not supported in this channel until it is released, please continue to use #ubuntu+1 until that time.12:34
darkpeterkk sorry !12:34
psypher12Where are you located ( geographically) grawity?12:34
Prenticevge: I've taken it out and back in again12:35
HalitechVaran, looks like its a log file of the actual install process so may not be much help to you12:35
psypher12Just wanting to assess the response time from your location12:35
sipiortj83__: been a while since i've used virtualisation under ubuntu server. try asking the channel at large for a proper picture.12:35
ltspadminhow to create an user in ubuntu - ltsp if unlock option is not work....12:35
Totenkopftj83__: We run vmware on ubuntu server with great success12:36
CoUrPsEStill nothing.12:36
zvacetShockrates_: I prefer Opera over Firefox and never tried arora try and see12:36
vgePrentice: donno if i can help you further, if it don't show up in mount list it's not automounting which is not right :/12:36
sipiortj83__: it is certainly possible without the gui, however :-) (otherwise it would be pretty much useless)12:37
icerootltspadmin: useradd username12:37
vgePrentice: which you already knew :/12:37
tj83__Totenkopf, what is the exact vmware product you use? vmware-server? your doing in a client/server fashion? My goal is to run multiple CLI servers for the purpose of learning.12:37
ltspadminbut from gnome12:37
MixMix5Prentice: try restarting ubuntu12:37
dhiaeldeenhow can i make ubuntu run most of the videos , i want codecs ...12:37
lulikaI am trying to upgrade from 8.04 to 9.04 (server). sudo do-release-upgrade says "No new release found". Also, by using "update-manager -d" only gives me the option to update to 8.10. Please help :)12:37
ActionParsnip!codecs | dhiaeldeen12:37
ubottudhiaeldeen: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats12:37
iceroot!user | ltspadmin12:37
ubottultspadmin: To add new users to your Ubuntu system, follow the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddUsersHowto - For administrative privileges, users need to be made members of the group "admin" - See !sudo12:37
Totenkopftj83__: We are using vmware-server, yes... the 2.0.x series has a web interface included, from which you can then launch a console if need be12:38
HalitechPrentice, I had some issues the other day that were similiar to what you are describing, from what I gathered hald was acting up but restarting just hald didn nothing, rebooted and everything was fine again12:38
icerootlulika: you have to go through all releases12:38
bob1dhiaeldeen just use synaptic12:38
lulikaiceroot: oh, okay12:38
icerootlulika: or wait until 10.04 which is also an LTS and can be upgraded directly12:38
ltspadminyes but when i click..it should ask a password ..but i didnt get it..12:38
bob1dhiaeldeen or auto codec search12:38
iceroot!who | ltspadmin12:38
indusi dont understand why people still have issues with codecs.Didnt hardy make playing all formats auto12:38
ubottultspadmin: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)12:38
=== gh0zt_afk is now known as zuggyca
icerootindus: no of course not (licence)12:39
Dr_Willisindus:  not really.. I still have issues in 9.10 and totem auto-gettting codecs12:39
ltspadminubottu :- yes but when i click..it should ask a password ..but i didnt get it..12:39
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)12:39
indusiceroot: not about that, but it offers auto downloads for all things12:39
dhiaeldeenwhen i enter synaptic  , how can i dld vlc ?12:39
icerootindus:  not for all12:39
dhiaeldeeni can't find it.12:39
tj83__Totenkopf, ah, i see, I was a bit confused, with normal desktop virtualization the environment is delivered there on the host machine. I was trying to make sense of how it was to be delivered , and vmware server seemed like the only possible solution. If someone were to just use basic virtual box or someting it wouldnt work as there was not xserver right?12:39
grawity!info vlc12:39
ubottuvlc (source: vlc): multimedia player and streamer. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 0.9.9a-2ubuntu1 (jaunty), package size 1652 kB, installed size 3660 kB12:39
indusDr_Willis: exactly which codecs? i play avi.mpeg2 and all other crazy formats12:39
icerootdhiaeldeen: sudo apt-get install vlc12:39
indusincluding h 26412:40
lulikaiceroot: do i need to reboot in between12:40
Totenkopftj83__: No, virtualbox also now includes tools for use on a headless server12:40
bob1hdhiaeldeen try using a terminal12:40
zvacetlulika:  if you have separate home partition just install new version on top of old one to create separate home see http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/separatehome12:40
icerootlulika: for what?12:40
darkpeteranyone can help me ??12:40
icerootlulika: ah for the upgrades? yes12:40
lulikaiceroot: between 8.10 and 9.0412:40
iceroot!ask | darkpeter12:40
ubottudarkpeter: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)12:40
indusdarkpeter: ill try help12:41
DexterLBI want to make S-Video work. I have an ATI Radeon 9600xt. I need the fglrx driver. But if I install it X doesn't start12:41
icerootlulika: there a not few moments you have to reboot but a kernel-upgrade is one reason12:41
dhiaeldeenterminal = sudo apt-get install vlc12:41
bob1dhiaeldeen: jep12:41
dhiaeldeengives error12:41
tj83__Totenkopf, i was not aware of that. I still think vmware-server is probably the best product for me to use. agree?12:41
darkpeteri've got that : resolution max in menu => 1024x768 but my screen can do 1280x102412:41
dhiaeldeenjep = ?12:41
indusalso hald init stuff etc12:41
Totenkopftj83__: In that scenario, yes12:41
zer0xdarkpeter: did you make that xorg.conf?12:41
bob1dhiaeldeen: what error ?12:41
darkpeteri've make a xorg.conf but not take in consideration12:42
dhiaeldeenE: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?12:42
darkpeteryep Zer0x12:42
tj83__Totenkopf, sipior thanks for all the help12:42
DexterLBaticonfig says "no suitable adapter found"12:42
bob1dhiaeldeen: typ sudo apt-get install vlx12:42
zvacetdhiaeldeen: system<admin<software sources and see if youm have all repos open12:42
bob1dhiaeldeen: vlc12:42
zer0xdarkpeter: ok, so now you need to generate a modeline using 'gtf' then insert that into the monitor sections in xorg.conf12:42
HalitechDexterLB, what version of Ubuntu?12:42
Dr_Willisindus:  i dont rember. totem tryies to play it.. asks to dowload somthing.. it does. then i get audio but not video,, and then i rember to go install vlc or mplayer and then dump totem - thats  How it normally plays out when i do new installs.12:42
testi_MonoDevelop doesn't underline compile errors. How can I achieve that?12:43
indusDr_Willis: maybe its an old habit, totem is really good at getting codecs12:43
fooUbuntu server 9.04 seems to be hanging during install with no error. I go to "instal system" and it just hangs there with a blinking cursor, any ideas? Before it threw an error, but I fixed it with noapic.12:43
dhiaeldeensame error12:43
DexterLBI'm now downloading the linux x86 driver for this card from the official ati site12:43