ukevhi, does the contact replication work now?00:08
statikukev, we still are fixing a bug on the server where users oauth tokens aren't set up  correctly - doesn't affect data, we'll be running a script to fix it tomorrow i think00:16
statikand then contact replication will work for everyone, not just some people00:16
ukevok that sounds very good :)00:16
ukevanother issue... the firefox freez with bindwood still exists00:17
ukevis the dev here or should I update the bug?00:17
jcastroukev: I followed the instructions in the bug and mine doesn't freeze anymore00:17
ukevhm... I deleted my complete couchdb files and killed all couchdb processes00:18
jcastroI just now did a reinstall of a laptop and have not had freezes yet00:19
jcastrothough it's not syncing with anything, probably the same reason contacts aren't syncing00:19
ukevmaybe you haven't anough bookmarks to trigger the freeze?00:19
jcastroI have added like 1000:20
ukevor you have (had) another bug than me00:20
jcastromaybe I should try that00:20
ukevI have more than 200..00:20
urbanapeukev, I think a new version just went in.00:22
ukevI have 0.4.2-0ubuntu100:22
urbanape0.4.2-0ubuntu2 is the latest, I think00:22
ukevin proposed?00:22
urbanapelet me check my email00:23
jcastro0.4.2-0ubuntu2 is what I have00:23
ukevoh you are right...00:24
jcastroukev: it just hit my mirror like an hour ago00:24
ukevyes, I must have updated 1 minute before the new version... :(00:24
urbanapeukev, do you have livemarks?00:28
urbanape(RSS feeds, &c)00:28
ukevahm, I did not use that, maybe it was default added?00:29
ukevI will look00:29
urbanapethe default profiles installed in Ubuntu have at least one livemarks folder (Latest Headlines)00:30
urbanape200 bookmarks will have a noticeable lag at startup, and probably when it pulls the bookmarks. The next major version of Bindwood will be tracking the CouchDB's _changes feed, and will be *way* less intensive00:31
ukevyes there is one00:31
ukevnext major version of bindwood will be in ubuntu 10.04?00:32
urbanapeif you've synced before 0.4.2-0ubuntu1, the livemarks are probably present in CouchDB, and they'll continue to be a PITA for you afterwards. The easiest solution is to blow away (again) your bookmarks db in Couch and let Bindwood repopulate. It will skip the livemarks folder altogether now.00:32
urbanapeukev, yes, and also available through our PPA in the meanwhile00:32
urbanapeOnce karmic lands I'm going to devote some serious time to cleaning up Bindwood. I've got a branch started for the _changes feeds and better handling of startup pushing.00:33
urbanapebut it was just too much invasive work to land before karmic launch.00:33
ukevyes I understand... ppa is ok, but I don't think, that the startup lag will be to much at the moment00:34
ukevok... to be safe... deleting the bookmarks db in the desktop couch should be enough?00:35
urbanapeI'd like to use you as a guinea pig (muahahahaha). Definitely let me know if you notice any horrible lags when it does the pull.00:35
urbanapeukev, should be enough, yes. On restart, Firefox will just push its bookmarks again (ignoring the livemarks, this time).00:35
urbanapeyou can stop desktop couch, move aside the actual bookmarks db file and restart Firefox.00:36
ukevno... its no problem... I have a backup of the bookmarks as file... I delete the db :)00:36
urbanapeThat should restart desktop couch, recreate the bookmarks db, and sync, blah blah, but you'd had a backup of the bookmarks Couch DB (if you wanted a zillion copies of your latest headlines)00:36
urbanapeI kinda hate that that's the easy solution.00:37
ukevok great, firefox starts now with bindwood00:37
urbanapewe noodled on some solutions to help users who were already afflicted with livemark syndrome, but again, none of them would have landed before karmic launch.00:37
ukevoh no... that was to early...00:38
urbanapeuh oh.00:38
ukevconsumes 4 Gig ram at the moment... increasing00:38
ukevhm... stays at 4 gig, thats something new :)00:39
ukevbut firefox UI is dead..00:39
ukevbindwood has added 45 bookmarks to the db00:40
ukev48... seems to work00:40
ukevbut what is consuming so much of my ram and why?00:40
urbanapebut 4GB. that's kinda staggering00:40
ukevit's interesting... bindwood add a bookmark, wait for 5-8 seconds and add the next one...00:41
urbanapewe should probably batch push the bookmarks, although even 200 PUT requests in rapid sequence shouldn't be a problem for either Firefox or Couch.00:41
ukevyes, what do you do at the moment?00:42
ukevcheck if each one exists?00:42
urbanapeyeah, basically.00:42
ukev49... :(00:43
urbanapeholy cow.00:43
ukevbut the good news are... it does not consume more memory00:43
urbanapeheh. how much do you have?00:43
ukev8 gig00:43
urbanapewell, that's a small blessing00:44
ukevoh... there were not expensive, I buyd 6 gigs for 50 euro 3 weeks ago...00:44
ukevbut back on topic... firefox use 100% of one of my cores00:45
urbanapeare you running it in debug mode?00:45
ukevno, not that I know ;)00:45
ukevstill ui freez00:47
urbanapeyou do so by launching it from the command line: $ BINDWOOD_DEBUG=1 firefox &00:47
urbanapeman, that's horrible.00:47
ukevI will now kill firefox and test something00:47
urbanapeprobably wouldn't help in this case, as you still have to be able to get to the error console to see any of the diagnostics.00:47
urbanapeI think I'm gonna make the next major version write out a logfile or something.00:47
ukevthat would be great :)00:50
ukevok, now I have all bookmarks in the db00:53
ukevI removed the db and all bookmarks from firefox, restarted it and activate bindwood00:54
ukevafter that I imported all my bookmarks from the backup file... it takes 12 seconds to add all bookmark in the desktop couch00:54
ukevthere are 213 documents now00:55
urbanapeand how's the responsiveness?00:56
ukevgood... no issues00:56
urbanapewhen it pulls, it reschedules itself 30sec in the future. I imagine if it were stalling, you'd know pretty soon. And repeatedly.00:57
ukevhm maybe... I have a lot of tabs open at startup, can that be an issue?00:58
ukevok... it's not a lot... only 20, but for some people thats much00:58
ukevbecause firefox is loading the tabs and starting up bindwood sync...00:58
ukevI will now try to restart firefox00:59
ukevok, same again... firefox consumes memory and cpu00:59
urbanapeas much and as long?01:00
ukevas much as before..01:01
ukevok I closed all tabs... but same again01:02
ukevI really can not image why it needs so much ram01:03
urbanapeyeah, I've not noticed the RAM usage, but I have noticed a small lag at startup. I've only got a tenth the bookmarks that you have, though.01:04
ukevyeah but that mean 20MB for each bookmark... for a saving a little bit text..01:06
urbanapeyeah, that's no good.01:06
ukevwhats your data structure?01:06
urbanapewe turn each firefox bookmark record into a very simple JSON document and PUT that in Couch.01:07
ukevdo you put that in couch seriell or parallel?01:09
ukevso a document is created... stored... deleted... or kept in ram?01:10
urbanapeprocess is like this: at startup, we collect all the local bookmarks and iterate over them, checking to see if they're already in Couch, and if not, PUTting them there.01:11
urbanapeThen we poll Couch for new info.01:11
urbanapeWe also register event handlers for bookmark notifications (additions, modifications, and deletions) and propagate those back to Couch as needed.01:11
ukevdo you use lazy initialization for the iterator?01:12
urbanapeno, I suspect the problem is that we use a depth-first recursive search over our bookmarks folders: toolbar folder, bookmarks menu folder, and unfiled bookmarks folder.01:13
urbanapethose keep the folder objects open until they've finished the entire tree, so there's probably more open than needed.01:13
ukevhm ok... but do you mean a bfs search would be faster?01:14
urbanapebatching or queuing would probably make it a bit more streamlined and less greedy.01:14
ukevhm ok01:14
urbanapeyeah, deal with immediate bookmarks, and queue up peer level folders, then pop the next folder off, doing the same thing.01:14
ukevah.. and I have all my bookmarks in the toolbar folder01:14
urbanapebut in folders, right?01:15
urbanapedo you have nested folders?01:15
urbanapeor, like 10 folders with 20 bookmarks each01:15
ukevno, I have some folder up to 5 sub folders01:16
ukevhm ok... the cpu problem accurs much before the ram problem01:16
ukevyou need not so much bookmarks for a small oder bigger lag but you need much more to notice the ram problem01:17
ukevI deleted ~30 bookmarks... restart firefox .... delete 30 bookmarks and so on... the ram problem was gnone after deleting 40-60 bookmarks from my 20001:18
ukevbut firefox was still freezy... until I deleted ~150 bookmarks... that I started after a log of 20 seconds01:19
ukev^than it started after a lag of 20 seconds ... should that be... sorry01:19
urbanapeman. Thanks for your patience in this.01:20
ukevbut all deleted bookmarks are still in the couch and now I have a folder called "Desktop Couch" in my bookmarks menu in firefox which have really a lot of entrys01:20
urbanapewe have to propagate the deletions back to Couch, so that any other previously-synced computer knows to delete their local copy of the bookmark.01:21
urbanapeare the ones in the Desktop Couch folder the ones you've just deleted?01:22
ukevyes it looks like... but not all01:24
ukevvery curios01:24
urbanapehave you had your desktop couch replicated to the u1 servers?01:24
ukevI don't know how to check this..01:24
urbanapeSince I don't have it set up, either, neither am I.01:25
urbanapeI guess by trying to go to http://couchdb.one.ubuntu.com/ ?01:25
urbanapebut I'm not sure.01:25
ukevOh, I didn't notice this url ;)01:25
ukevso I gues I have not replicated to the u1 servers :)01:26
ukevguess^^... its to late in time01:26
urbanapeYeah, I don't think going to the base of that URL isn't the right address. I think each user has some sub-path that's theirs.01:26
ukevyes, that sounds logically01:27
ukevbut for now... I really need to go to bad... If you have any idea or something to test, please let me know and I will help you.. you can contact my through https://launchpad.net/~ukev01:29
urbanapethanks so much. We'll get it squared away. If not by launch, then soon after.01:31
ukevthanks for your work... I really hope that in some day I can have my own sync server and have all in sync... ;)01:32
pinklerosei have just upgrade jaunty to karmic and want to use ubuntuone01:48
pinklerosebut cant find 'add computer' button01:49
pinklerosewhere it should be?01:49
dobeypinklerose: you were already using it on jaunty?02:01
pinklerosekarmic upgraded from jaunty02:02
dobeyright, but were you using ubuntuone on jaunty?02:02
dobeythen a firefox window should pop up when you open Applications->Internet->Ubuntu One the first time02:05
pinklerosei read about it but nothing happen at first time02:07
pinklerosetry reinstall and nothing02:07
pinklerosewhere is location of config in home?02:08
dobeyand you didn't get an error?02:09
pinklerosefound in .config, anywhere else?02:09
dobeyyou're not using networkmanager?02:11
pinkleroseno, wicd02:11
pinkleroseshould be NM?02:11
dobeythat appears to be the issue, yes, unfortunately02:19
pinklerosei'll try whith this02:20
pinkleroseworks with network manager02:24
pinklerosealso should work without nm02:24
dobeyyes it should02:26
dobeywicd etc.. really should provide the NetworkManager dbus interface too (as it's meant to be a standard interface for getting connection status and such)02:27
marenostrumHello! Ubuntu 9.04 here. Are Ubuntu One servers down at the moment or is there something wrong on my side? Is there anybody who can connect at the moment? (I just installed the client and couldn't connect even as a "first time" to register my machine) Ican't even "report a problem" via client because its not connected.02:36
dobeythe client doesn't need to be connected for 'report a problem' to work02:37
marenostrumbut it does't respond when I click "report a problem"02:38
marenostrumit responds nothing but its there02:38
dobeyyou don't get a dialog saying that it's collecting information?02:38
marenostrumthere is a x on it meaning its idle I tyhink02:39
dobeythat means the applet is disconnected02:39
dobeybut "report a problem" just runs "ubuntu-bug ubuntuone-client"02:39
marenostrumwhen i click on it and click connect, nothing happens.02:40
dobeyso it should open an apport dialog that lets you report a problem, and attaches useful logs and such for you02:40
pinklerosetnx for help02:41
pinklerosec ya02:41
marenostrumit doesn't do anything. Do you advice me to reinstall or report a bug or....?02:41
dobeymarenostrum: does running "xdg-open http://ubuntuone.com/" work (open your browser with that page)?02:42
marenostrumone moment02:42
marenostrumyes yhat code opened firefox with ubuntu one page02:44
dobeywhat happens if you run "ubuntu-bug ubuntuone-client" ?02:44
marenostrumException RuntimeError: 'maximum recursion depth exceeded while calling a Python object' in <type 'exceptions.AttributeError'> ignored02:45
marenostrumException RuntimeError: 'maximum recursion depth exceeded in __subclasscheck__' in <type 'exceptions.AttributeError'> ignored02:45
marenostrumCould not import module, is a package upgrade in progress? Error: cannot import name walk02:45
dobeythat's interesting02:46
dobeybut explains why "report a problem" doesn't work02:46
dobeymarenostrum: can you look in ~/.cache/ubuntuone/log/oauth-login.log and paste the contents in http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/ and paste the url it gives you back, here?02:52
marenostrumok. wait some minutes please02:53
marenostrumdobey: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/302496/02:57
dobeymarenostrum: i think there is a larger general problem with your system and python03:01
dobeymarenostrum: i've never seen anything like that before with ubuntuone :)03:01
marenostrumI can wait 2 days for a fresh install of 9.10 but if i can be helpful for developers...03:02
marenostrum... i am ready.03:02
dobeymarenostrum: well, given that apport is broken too, and you've got this very weird error from apparently twisted, i'd say something is broken with one or more python modules on your system03:02
marenostrumif there's nothing useful for developers from this issue that is not important for me. 9.10 will be here in 2 days.03:04
marenostrumif you want to learn something more... please don't hesitate to ask.03:04
dobeyi'd like to understand what broke, but i've really no idea what to tell you to lok at next03:05
marenostrumso... may I leave?03:05
dobeyoutside of go through all the python packages installed in your system, and do "dpkg-reconfigure $packagename" for each one03:06
marenostrumthanks, i will try it.03:06
marenostrumdobey: May I leave now or you want me to be around here?03:07
dobeyi'd start with python-twisted-core03:08
dobeyyou don't need to stick around if you don't want to03:08
marenostrumThank you very much for your efforts.03:08
dobeyi'm about to go to sleep myself :)03:08
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Ian_Corneif i use nautilus to put a file in my ubuntu one dir, it works and syncs, if i try to upload via the site, i get an internal error09:29
aquariusIan_Corne, some people have been experiencing this -- the team are working on it as we speak09:30
Ian_Cornehow does the "shared with me" folder work?09:33
aquariusYou can share any folder in your Ubuntu One folder with other users. If another user shares a folder of files with you, then those shared files appear in your "Shared With Me".09:42
Ian_Cornehow do i share a folder with someone?09:43
aquariusright-click on it and say "Share on Ubuntu One"09:44
Ian_Corneon the website then?09:45
aquariusNo, in Nautilus09:45
aquariusyou can also share on the website; select a folder, and then click Share on the right hand side09:45
Ian_Cornedon't see that option09:46
aquariusoops, sorry "Sharing" at the top09:46
Ian_Corneah it has to be a folder?09:46
aquariusYep. You can't share an individual file; you have to share a folder.09:46
aquarius(YOu can of course put that single file in a folder on its own and then share the folder)09:46
Ian_Corneatm i have no way to get the applet to show itself again09:46
aquariusYou don't need to show the applet?09:47
Ian_CorneI do to get to the website, didn't bookmark it09:47
Ian_Corneah it's one.ubuntu :)09:48
aquariuswe tried to call it something memorable :)09:48
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newM41n1hi guys12:34
newM41n1is it possible to use Ubuntu one as a SVN?12:34
tekniconewM41n1, you may want to use launchpad and bazaar for that :-)12:35
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thisfrednewM41n1: nothing stopping you from putting an svn repository in your Ubuntu One folder, but it'll only be an online backup, you won't be able to acces it as such online13:04
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=== pfibiger changed the topic of #ubuntuone to: Ubuntu One is now available and faster than ever. | https://one.ubuntu.com | https://launchpad.net/ubuntuone | Current Beta Client Revno is 269, Protocol Revno is 73 | Release 1.1.0 (client) 1.0 (protocol)
jblountMEETING BEGINS!14:00
jblountHi Desktop+ development team! I'd love to hear what you've been working on and what you plan to work on going forward. Please respond with "me" if you are here for the meeting:14:00
jblountaquarius: That was a bad paste, I promise you were included :)14:01
CardinalFangThat's a bad way to learn you're fired.14:01
aquariusCardinalFang, I was just checking that I'm still in the staff directory ;)14:01
jblountteknico: Go for it :)14:04
teknicoDONE: landed the couch-contacs-db-gone-missing branch, which improves logging for the contacts web UI and for CouchDb database handling (#458446); worked with thisfred and statik on creation of user CouchDb contacts databases from the web UI if not already there, in the web-creates-missing-contacts-dbs branch (#458446)14:04
teknicoTODO: integrate the client-side code needed by delete buttons on repeatable sections of the contacts edit form (#439093)14:04
teknicoBLOCK: none14:04
tekniconext: aquarius14:04
aquarius⚀ DONE: various small couchish things; test third-level cookies work14:05
aquarius⚁ TODO: help thisfred work out why sometimes newly added tokens don't end up in couchdb, causing badarg error responses from u1couch; look at oauth-enabling twisted; make tomboy first-sync experience nicer; start work on desktopcouch developer docs14:05
aquarius⚂ BLOCKED:14:05
aquarius⚃ BUG COUNT:https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/~sil/+assignedbugs?field.tag=ubuntuone-karmic - 0 (!!)14:05
aquariusurbanape, bring that beat back14:05
urbanapeDONE: Got Bindwood bug #461371 done and out the door.14:05
urbanapeTODO: Hit up some web ui bugs. On-call reviewing.14:05
urbanapeBLOCK: None14:05
urbanapejblount: HAMMERTIME14:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 461371 in bindwood "Typo prevents Bindwood from propagating change notifications" [Critical,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/46137114:05
jblountDONE: Landed 9 bug branch of copy changes and tweaks, melted brain, resolved home connection issues14:05
jblountTODO: Sort through bugs to find next actions, setup ie7/8 VMs for the pain of css debugging in those browsers, pat pfibiger on the back during rollout14:05
jblountBLOCKED: Nope14:05
jblountCardinalFang: j0!14:05
CardinalFangDONE: Finished log scanner.  Published branch on LP +junk.  Set up cron.  Thought about cool ideas for Lucid.  /me jumps the gun.14:06
CardinalFangTODO: Find out about "no-error" error in u1couch.  Eyeball replication to see if it's hung on my machine.14:06
CardinalFangBLOCKED: Nein.14:06
CardinalFangvds\d, hey14:06
vds1DONE:proposed branch for #458170 investagated and proposed a branch for upload problems, investigating cookie problems14:07
vds1TODO: everything is needed for the release ;)14:07
vds1BLOCKED: nope14:07
vds1dobey vai!14:07
dobey☺ DONE: Better OAuth process errors in client, Fixed #399805 on server14:07
dobey☹ TODO: Fix NM dependency, Fix my mail filters14:07
dobey☹ BLCK: None.14:07
aquariusdobey, are you fixing the NM dependency by just saying "if there's no NM, assume they're online", or something cleverer?14:08
jblountEOM (if you want it)14:09
dobeyaquarius: something like that14:10
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rodrigo_hmm, oh, the standup 1 hour earlier?14:33
rodrigo_I guess you haven't moved to winter time yet?14:33
jblountrodrigo_: No, sorry. We talked about it yesterday and came up with the conclusion to stick to UTC. You can paste as you're read though :)14:34
rodrigo_• DONE: Fixed removal of CouchDB addressbook UI options (bug #454248). Evo-couchdb bug fixing14:35
rodrigo_• TODO: Talk to Ara about writing mago tests for evo-couchdb. Conflict resolver tool in pair tool. Look at becoming a MOTU (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopers). openSUSE/Fedora packaging with aquarius. API documentation for couchdb-glib. Make sandy's snowy test suite work with our server (http://git.gnome.org/cgit/snowy/tree/api/tests.py). Discuss with jdo and aquarius about oauth token per app, not per machine? Tomboy shouldn't 14:35
rodrigo_• BLOCKED: no14:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 454248 in evolution-couchdb "CouchDB options list is not destroyed in new address book dialog when changing type from CouchDB to something else" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45424814:35
rodrigo_hmm, so, UTC doesn't change, right? I'll be in UTC+1 until spring, right?14:36
dobeyUTC is always UTC, yeah14:37
jblountrodrigo_: Exactly. Until someone leads us on another path, CardinalFang suggested that and it seems like a pretty reasonable idea.14:39
rodrigo_it's bad for me though, just in the middle of my cooking/lunching time14:39
rodrigo_but I guess I can just paste it for someone to paste it at the meeting14:39
rodrigo_or just leave the food cooking for a minute and come and paste it :D14:40
aquariusI keep meaning to write an xchat script that does it for me ;)14:40
rodrigo_aquarius: cool, will help you :)14:40
aquariusrodrigo_, it does rather defeat the point of a standup, though :)14:43
thisfred /makeupshitIdidyesterdayandmakeitsoundgood14:43
rodrigo_aquarius: heh14:43
dobeyrodrigo_: which bike did you order?14:44
rodrigo_dobey: yamaha teneré -> http://www.bikez.com/motorcycles/yamaha_xt660z_tenere_2008.php14:45
dobeyrodrigo_: cool14:46
rodrigo_yeah, that's why I'm anxious to get it :)14:47
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dobeyis anyone in here having issues with the client due to NetworkManager?17:24
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CardinalFangaquarius, thisfred, review?  https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~cmiller/desktopcouch/log-no-secrets-bug460974/+merge/1404719:09
thisfredCardinalFang: just saw that, I'm on it!19:11
thisfredI will proceed, and continue, to rock the mike19:11
thisfredhehe, I like the HiddenHiddenHidden. On the server I unimaginatively replaced all the secrets with '*****'19:13
thisfredbut then I would have named the branch setec-astronomy ;)19:14
CardinalFangGood name.19:22
thisfredyou have my +119:25
thisfredI have a weakness for Sneakers, even though it's not a particularly good movie19:25
dobeynay, it is an awesome movie19:26
CardinalFangIt is among the least egregious movies about spies and cracking.19:27
thisfredok, what the heck, I'll stop my snobbery. I like that movie, period.19:27
thisfredmaybe netflix has it streaming. I noticed they have Strange Brew. :D19:28
thisfredNow if only I didn't have to force my wife to boot into windows to watch them...19:28
dobeythisfred: go buy one of those players that supports netflix19:29
dobeylike the roko box or whatever it is19:29
thisfreddobey: yeah, I'm thinking about a tivo19:29
dobeyor one of the bluray players19:29
dobeyor a tivo19:29
dobeyi have an xbox 36019:29
dobeyi wish the streaming netflix had better audio though19:29
dobeyall the audio tracks (even for the streaming HD movies) are just stereo :(19:30
dobeyno dolby at all19:30
thisfredstill, I would like netflix streaming to my laptop as well19:30
trothigarHi, Is the contact syncing implemented totally now?19:30
dobeythisfred: yeah. i think i read somewhere that they're working on a solution for linux19:31
thisfreddobey: I have no problem with that, I am no audiophile and have nothing remotely dolby in my house. The tv has internal speakers, and I have ok speakers on my laptop for music but nothing fancy19:31
dobeythisfred: well i have a $500 yamaha 7.1 receiver19:32
dobeyso i'd prefer to have some nice sound :)19:32
dobeyespecially come friday19:32
thisfredwhat's friday?19:32
thisfredthe bon jovi documentary? :P19:33
dobeyhouse closing19:33
thisfredoh coool!19:33
thisfredso it's pretty certain? or could it fall through still?19:33
dobey== i can actually hear (feel) movies how they were meant to be heard (felt)19:33
dobeythisfred: i just did the final walkthrough19:34
thisfredawesome, congrats man19:34
dobeyand thankfully i don't have to buy a refridgerator (or a lawnmower!)19:35
thisfredsince it's on the north pole?19:38
dobeynope, they're leaving the fridge, and a couple lawnmowers19:43
patcitodoes syncing notes and contacts work with kubuntu and ubuntu one? I mean knotes19:51
dobeynote syncing only works with tomboy (or anything that implements the snowy protocol, but i think that's only tomboy right now)19:52
dobeyi'm not sure what the status of the akonadi desktopcouch connection bits19:52
dobeyrodrigo_: do you know about that?19:53
rtaggerIs there any ticket that complains about Tomboy notes sync being not identical copy (i.e. linefeeds are lost and online version does not support links between notes) ?19:53
dobeyrtagger: not sure. i haven't heard anything about it myself19:56
rtaggerdobey, ok, then I'll prepare a ticket, could not find one in launchpad with various keywords19:57
joshuahooverrtagger: there is a bug for the newlines not saving properly but i don't think there is one for the notes not supporting links20:03
trothigardobey, do you know how complete contact syncing is?20:17
dobeytrothigar: afaik it should work fine now. there was a fix that should have gotten pushed to production this morning20:17
trothigardobey, hm it still doesn't work for me20:20
dobeyjoshuahoover: ^ you know?20:21
joshuahooverdobey, trothigar: i think we may still be applying the last fix on this...i'm checking20:21
rodrigo_patcito: akonadi should support contacts in desktopcouch, but not sure about the status, sorry20:22
rodrigo_patcito: about knotes, AFAIK it does not implement the syncing protocol, so no, it won't work, only tomboy20:22
joshuahooverdobey, trothigar: we still haven't applied the last fix for contacts sync to work for all users...should be coming shortly20:22
trothigarjoshuahoover, dobey ty20:22
patcitorodrigo_: ok, thanks for the info, I was hoping to sync my knotes with ubuntuone, I guess I'll have to wait for Lucid Lynx20:24
* rtagger finally got to the point to test data wipe...20:28
rodrigo_patcito: or use tomboy :-)20:28
* rodrigo_ -> dinner20:28
patcitorodrigo_: can tomboy import knotes notes?20:29
rtaggerguys, this is really happening20:38
rtaggerjust got cancel_download_and_delete_on_server call in syncdaemon.log while trying to sync the test machine20:38
rtaggerthis is a follow-up to yesterday's discussion on data wipe20:39
rtaggerI performed the following actions:20:40
rtagger1. created many files in u1 folder on computer called buzz. 2. Got all of them synced (totalling 132.5 Mb). 3. Set up a u1-vm machine. 4. Added it as u1 client. 5. Started syncing. 6. Interrupted sync via proper system reboot. 7. logged in back and started syncing again. 8. My web interface has just displayed that I got 131.6 Mb of files.20:46
dobeyrtagger: can you please document that on the bug you filed?20:47
rtaggerdobey, not yet filed, I am trying to get more dramatic results. and check whether it is related to spontaneous process killing or it can be reproduced by shutting down syncdaemon properly20:49
rtaggerdobey, OMG! It does wipe it even when syncdaemon is properly shut down20:52
dobeyrtagger: please file a bug :)20:54
rtaggerdobey, bug #46223021:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 462230 in ubuntuone-client "Files are removed from server after sync is interrupted and resumed later" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/46223021:15
rtaggerdobey, If there is anything else I can provide I will be glad to help21:16
dobeyrtagger: not my specific territory, but having it documented in a bug is much better than pasting it in irc, when you know it's a real issue :)21:17
dobeyjoshuahoover: ^^ new bug for you to triage :)21:17
joshuahooverdobey: ah yes21:18
jblountmattgriffin: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~jblount/ubuntuone-servers/oh-hai-mortimer/+merge/1405421:18
* dobey sends jblount down the street21:18
mattgriffinjblount: i think lp's down right now21:19
joshuahooverrtagger: thank you for the bug report! this is very helpful as we should be able to reproduce this and then fix it :)21:20
jblountmattgriffin: Yikes! Are you getting an error or is it just not working there?21:20
rtaggerdobey, yep, I know, it took a while to make my u1 account fresh and brand new, free from any left-overs so when I finally reproduced the problem I decided to run in circles, scream and shout a little bit over IRC before creating a proper trouble ticket :)21:22

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