pjammerinstall baby00:00
pjammertill i'm a man!00:00
PenguinoDid you download the RC?00:00
pjammerthat's a no jack00:01
PenguinoLol wut XD00:01
pjammersomething called Janty jiving00:01
pjammerjaunty jackalope00:01
pjammersomething like that.00:01
pjammeroh it is jaunty jackalope00:01
pjammerthe dream Penguino if i may call you that, is to get compiz rockin!00:02
pjammerpIII and compiz sweet.00:02
PenguinoJaunty mate?00:03
PenguinoBut Karmic is coming in 3 days00:03
pjammeri have little patience00:03
pjammerKarma Kameleon it should have been called.00:04
pjammermissed opportunity00:04
zyxwvutsrah ha!00:05
zyxwvutsrFreenode has everything00:06
pjammer97%... anticipation00:10
zyxwvutsrhello. I'm trying to get xubuntu 9.04 installed on an old(ish) laptop, a Compaq Armada M300: 256MB RAM, 5GB HDD P3. It hangs at "Setting kernel variables (/etc/sysct1.d/10-network-security.conf) Segmentation fault"00:18
zyxwvutsr"i%p1%dG Segmentation fault"00:18
zyxwvutsrany ideas?00:18
pjammerlol, what a room, me too, but not for the seg fault.. haven't got there yet. and i'm on a presario00:19
steahi, i have a friend's pentium 3 laptop with 128mb ram and 10gb hard drive - she needs to just connect to the net, check e-mail and load up old MS-Word documents and have the abilitiy to create new ones. will xubuntu be the best choice in this situation?00:25
PenguinoYes, but I suggest using OpenOffice instead of Abiword00:26
PenguinoWell, I don't know Abiword00:27
PenguinoI don't know if Abiword supports docx format00:27
steaPenguino - is abiword what comes bundled with xubuntu?00:27
steainstead of openoffice?00:27
steaah i see -00:33
pjammerzyxwvutsr: Seg faults are usually Kernal failures i think00:43
pjammeri fixed my problem... stupid xorg.conf not set right.00:43
pjammeri have to find the right driver for this. i just get a blank xorg.conf.... nothing fancy in it at all.00:44
zyxwvutsryes, well, I wasn't expecting a kernel failure during installation00:46
pjammersometimes it happens. maybe faulty download?00:47
zyxwvutsrprobably not00:48
zyxwvutsrthis is the third or fourth distro I've tried to get on this machine00:49
pjammerPenguino: is there no WPA in this deal?00:49
PenguinoUh, no idea00:49
pjammeri get WEP but no wpa00:50
pjammerok now i go watch madmen. at least it works.00:50
pjammerbefore i go... how do i find out what real driver i should use?00:51
pjammeri'm using VESA to get it going00:51
pjammerit == computer00:51
pjammerug... this trident driver is going to give me the poops01:16
Guest5890bjr a tous02:00
Bwyardi need some help02:42
Bwyardhelp please02:45
Bwyard_hello anyone here02:47
kris_Hi. Is there an lpia install cd for xubuntu. I want to put jaunty on my netbook.03:24
kris_And kde/gnome are too bloated for a netbook, IMHO.03:25
kromaranyone else has the problem that videos and pictures are blue with 9.10?04:50
_Techie_kromar i had the same issue with a persistant USB of 9.0405:03
_Techie_i believe it may have been related to the video card not detecting properly05:03
_Techie_*sigh* why do i never notice them leaving05:04
cdoublejjmy osunds and internet connections are greyed out how do i get it to let me use them07:34
cdoublejjdoes it have any thing to do with auto log in?07:34
cdoublejjplugged in antother card now it works07:35
cdoublejjwill fwcutter work on xubuntu07:49
LinuxShopI want to support thunar from samba protocol08:22
LinuxShopwhich package I install?08:22
LinuxShopsorry for my bad English08:22
ubottufusesmb is a tool that allows easy access to shared folders (smb) on a network.  Links with more info: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FuseSmb08:23
cdoublejjooohh thanks08:25
rich__Thinking of upgrade 9.04 -> 9.10RC. My usual way is apt-get distupgrade, then change jaunty for karmic in /etc/apt/sources.list, then apt-get update, then apt-get dist-upgrade. Sound ok?10:08
Sysithat isn't method i've heard10:09
rich__yeah, (k)ubuntu always tells you to use a GUI, but everytime (I've been a user since 2006?) it crashes horribly. I've found apt-get much safer!10:10
Sysibut it can be done differently with apt10:10
rich__Can anyone suggest how to upgrade 9.04 to 9.10 from the commandline?10:11
knome_work!upgrade | rich__10:13
ubotturich__: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading10:13
Sysisudo do-release-upgrade10:14
rich__ubottu: these suggest a GUI: gksudo update-manager -d10:15
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)10:15
knome_workrich__: see Sysi's message10:16
knome_workso are people already waiting for xubuntu 9.10?10:18
knome_workor are you already running karmic?10:18
nicklas_im waiting for kubuntu :-)10:18
knome_worknicklas_: why kubuntu? and why #xubuntu in that case?10:19
nicklas_im actually a xubuntu user, but have discovered that its not for me anymore10:19
nicklas_so im gonna go kubuntu :-P10:19
rich__I've moved from kubuntu (3.x == brilliant && 4.x == awful) to xubuntu. I've been amazed at how good it is. Simple, fast, and surprisingly flexible. thought I'd miss konqueror (but that's gone anyway in kde 4) but thunar's got some good custom tricks10:19
knome_worknicklas_: okay. are you willing to tell me what lead you into that thinking and why you decided kubuntu is for you then`?10:20
knome_workrich__: nice to hear. want to tell me things that you like better in xubuntu?10:20
knome_workrich__: also, if there was something that didn't really work in kubuntu (apart from kde4)10:21
nicklas_flexible, integrated10:21
nicklas_xubuntu just lacks some major features i want10:21
knome_worknicklas_: can you be more verbose on those features?10:21
nicklas_its fast and all, but i dont want it anymore :-P10:22
knome_worknicklas_: also, do you need flexibility in tweaking the looks, the configuration or what?10:22
nicklas_menu editor, dependencies10:22
knome_worknicklas_: and what do you mean with integrated10:22
knome_worknicklas_: yeah, it's a shame xfce 4.8 doesn't have a menu editor. which dependencies are you talking about?10:22
knome_work!hi | cedron10:22
ubottucedron: Hi! Welcome to #xubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines. Enjoy your stay!10:22
nicklas_kde, integrated theme and wallpaper10:23
knome_worknicklas_: which xubuntu have you used?10:23
knome_workcedron: ? :)10:23
nicklas_9.04 of course :-)10:23
cedroni switched to xubuntu from other distro because i own p310:24
knome_worknicklas_: okay. 9.10 will look more integrated than 9.04, though i have to admit there is some glitches10:24
knome_workcedron: okay.10:24
cedronis it better to use lxde?10:24
knome_workcedron: it might be a bit faster, but it isn't as featureful10:25
cedrona bit faster only? hmmm10:26
knome_workcedron: well, it depends. i haven't really tested lxde10:26
cedronthey say it's ok to install lxde on top of xubuntu and remove xfce afterwards...10:28
knome_workcedron: it is. you can do that.10:28
cdoublejjis there any way to optimize xubuntu10:31
cedronokay, maybe it's worth testing for other than installing ubuntu distros with packaged lxde10:31
cdoublejjalso is there a way to see if it hasn't found or install a generic driver for hardware componets like the gfx10:32
knome_workcdoublejj: what kind of optimization you mean?10:32
cdoublejji have a laptop with an old s310:32
knome_workcdoublejj: applications -> system -> hardware drivers10:32
cdoublejjthats is10:32
knome_workcedron: yeah, testing is easy10:32
cdoublejjso if i have any probs it'll say driver not found10:33
knome_workcdoublejj: do you have problems?10:33
rich__knome_work: disklikes of kde: too much bloat in name of "integration". I used to love Kmail, but now that's a whole suite of programs (kontact, korganiser...). dolphin sucks: hides the useful information. konqueror (FM) uses dolphin widget so no better. compositor slow. file progress thing quirky/unclear.10:33
knome_workrich__: okay. thanks :)10:33
cdoublejjno i just wondered10:33
knome_workcdoublejj: if you need any propietary drivers, jockey (hardware drivers) will tell you about it10:34
cdoublejji have just done some wine optimization i'm gonna try out some games10:34
knome_workcdoublejj: xfce is kind of optimized already10:34
cdoublejjlast time itried dark stone it ran horribly10:34
cdoublejjand it doesn't take squat to run it10:34
knome_workcdoublejj: i personally don't know about that much, but you could search the forums or google.10:34
cdoublejjso now maybe these wine tricks will help10:34
knome_workcdoublejj: have you checked wine appdb and the games status?10:34
cdoublejjlook what i found10:34
cdoublejji have on older laptop a toshiba 2805-s20210:35
cdoublejjso naturaly i all i could really care about are games like starcraft or fallout10:35
cdoublejjbut, i think it takes some grunt to run starcraft10:35
cdoublejji think windows is faster than linux10:36
knome_workcdoublejj: yes, emulating takes recources10:36
cdoublejjxp would be about equal to ubuntu10:36
cdoublejjwine isn;t an emulator10:36
knome_workcdoublejj: if you would run windows+wine+starcraft, it would be slower than xubuntu+wine+starcraft10:36
cdoublejjthats what wine stands for10:36
knome_workcdoublejj: yes, but it *IS* an emulator10:36
cdoublejjwell they should stop claiming likewise then10:37
knome_workcdoublejj: lame == lame is not an mp3 encoder, but that's what it definitely is10:37
cdoublejjsome times it is better to stick with windows10:37
knome_workcdoublejj: yes, it might be.10:37
cedronyeah sometimes10:37
cdoublejjhell i wonder if should have tried run win 98 with an xp compatibility layer10:38
cedronstick with infections as well XD10:38
cdoublejjthatd be fast10:38
knome_workif you want to play a lot and don't have a powerful machine, you maybe want windows10:38
cdoublejjit's jsut an older laptop10:38
cdoublejji have about 5 toshiba 2800-2805 models10:38
cdoublejji have real quad core for gaming10:38
cdoublejjand a bunch of other computers10:38
cdoublejjand real one with ubuntu too10:39
cdoublejjit has an amd 64 bit cpu10:39
knome_worki only have machines running xubuntu10:39
cdoublejji like windows too10:39
cdoublejjhow ever i have been getting a growing hatred of macs10:39
cdoublejji have used a mac laptop before and liked it10:39
cdoublejjit's their adds on that make me mad10:40
cdoublejjsome chick gives mac her box of stuff10:40
knome_workthere is good things in mac10:40
cdoublejjaftershe switched from windows10:40
knome_workbut also bad things, and i don't really care about apple and their actions10:40
cdoublejjit sohuld have show mac throwing stuff out of the box casue i know for a fact mac can not run .exe10:40
knome_worki also got box from a chic10:41
knome_workoh, wait (!)10:41
cdoublejjdid you get dumped ?10:41
knome_workno, i'm married to her :P10:41
cdoublejjhaha nice!10:41
cdoublejji wish i had a women by my side10:42
knome_workmaybe you will someday :)10:42
cedronoh.. what sober.. :-D10:42
cdoublejjgtk pod is a pain in the but,10:42
cdoublejjbecasue it won't let you browse network shared files10:43
knome_workcdoublejj: hmm.10:43
cdoublejji keep all my files on my windows machine cause i have the most room on it.10:43
knome_workcdoublejj: that's why you should use rockbox on your ipod ;)10:43
cdoublejji'v heard ofthat and ipod linux10:44
knome_worki have installed rockbox on one older ipod10:44
cdoublejjjust thoguht it would be cool to sync music to the pod with linux10:44
cdoublejjcept e mum complains it's to slow10:44
knome_worksome other apps than gtkpod can do that10:44
cdoublejjmight have to let her keep my nice laptop10:44
knome_workyour mum?!10:44
cdoublejjand get mea real laptop10:44
cdoublejjyeah i got an ubuntu power laptop liek the one i've been talking about10:45
cdoublejjmight run xubuntu on it to to speed it up10:45
sally2hi friends10:47
knome_work!hi | sally210:47
ubottusally2: Hi! Welcome to #xubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines. Enjoy your stay!10:47
cdoublejjoohhh didn't think about having to find wifi drivers for windows10:47
cdoublejjall i ahve to do is run the ol b43 fwcutter in buntu10:47
knome_workcdoublejj: hehe ;) ubuntu saves you from lot of trouble10:47
cdoublejjyes it does10:47
cdoublejjand no anti virus either10:47
sally2total newbie here....im trying to install Carrier (funpidgin) on ubuntu but i dont know how to install a tar.gz....ive only used the add/remove package manager10:47
sally2i mean xubuntu*10:48
cdoublejji thought tar gz wasl ikea zip and you have to open it10:48
sally2i extracted the tar.gz file...10:48
cdoublejjwell thats all i can offer10:48
sally2im not sure what to do next to actually install the program10:48
knome_worksally2: yeah, it's a source package?10:48
knome_worksally2: you need to open terminal10:48
knome_worksally2: then browse to the directory you unpackaged the stuff10:49
knome_worksally2: then *usually*: ./configure10:49
cdoublejjnow that i think of it linux has come a long ways since a few years ago10:49
knome_worksally2: after that, make, which builds the code10:49
sally2my mistake its actually a tar.bz2 file10:49
cdoublejjyou'd still be hard pressed to run dial up on it thogh like people pc or netzero10:49
knome_worksally2: and after that 'sudo make install', which installs the file in your system10:49
knome_worksally2: doesn't matter.10:49
knome_worksally2: i suppose it's a source packge. bz2/gz are just compression methods10:50
sally2im surprised its this difficult to install a program that isnt in the package manager10:50
ubottuYou can easily fetch a package's source with apt-get. See: http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/apt-howto/ch-sourcehandling.en.html10:50
knome_worksally2: you might find a ubuntu package (.deb) for the app10:50
ubottuCompiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)10:50
knome_worksally2: see the last link10:50
cdoublejjyeah sally2 what you have is the code for the program not the installer wich how it is sometimes10:51
sally2you would think Carrier would have instal instructions or something10:51
cdoublejjboy i hope fallout 1 or 2 runs well after this10:51
sally2they are sort of popular10:51
sally2i get the feeling people are just supposed to know how to do it10:51
knome_worksally2: ubuntu of course tries to include anything our users might want to use in the repositories. but it takes work to include those and keep them up to date10:51
sally2ive never used terminal...not sure if i know how to browse to the correct file ! haha10:52
knome_worksally2: there's a bug filed which says carrier should be packaged for ubuntu10:52
sally2thats cool....Carrier is way better than pidigin10:52
knome_worksally2: i use bitlbee for instant messaging.10:53
knome_worksally2: if you unpackaded the files in a directory in your Desktop, then: cd ~/Desktop/dir_in_desktop10:54
sally2i need something that can manage my AIM friends and IRC friends together with tabs...im also looking for a program that has web cam support10:54
knome_worksally2: you need to install the package build-essential to be able to build stuff10:54
sally2i thought i wasnt gonna have to use terminal!!10:55
knome_workbut you need the build-essential pkg10:55
sally2this is 2009!10:55
knome_worksally2: you are trying to install software from sources10:56
knome_worksally2: it's easier than it could be.10:56
cdoublejjwow if did this right i will ahve latest version of wine10:56
sally2i just clicked that last link about compiling software hopefully thatll do the trick10:56
knome_workcdoublejj: :)10:56
cdoublejjand it looks liek the fallout has gone up on compatibility10:56
knome_worksally2: yeah, that should include any information you need10:56
cdoublejjwich means it runs better10:56
knome_workcdoublejj: good to hear. :)10:56
cdoublejjthnk you to killap for releasing those patches10:57
sally2do you think xubuntu runs better than gOS on a low end laptop?10:57
cdoublejjhe hex edited fallout.exe10:57
rich__knome_work: and Sysi: sudo do-release-upgrade says "No new release found"10:57
sally2yeah gos....Green OS....based on linux....it has wine preinstalled....walmart was selling pc's with gOS on em for 200 bucks10:58
knome_workrich__: sudo do-release-upgrade -d10:58
knome_workrich__: 9.10 is released the day after tomorrow, so it's still developmet10:58
knome_worksally2: i don't know gOS. if it's a thin client OS, it's not really comparable10:58
sally2i was wondering how i might go about dual booting xubuntu and gos10:59
knome_worksally2: i don't know if that would be very useful10:59
rich__knome_work: ooh, that's working!10:59
knome_worksally2: from what i looked at gOS, i suppose xubuntu would be faster10:59
knome_workrich__: of course, i'm batman10:59
knome_workoops, i spoiled myself ;P11:00
gRntHi all I have a question I am new to xubuntu (and love it) I am currently using terminal to try and install rtorrent and am getting the following error http://paste.ubuntu.com/302686/ (PS I don't know why its complaing about ssl I have it installed) however I think I need to edit pkg?11:00
gRntI'm still rather new and have been looking at google but its been to no avail.11:01
sally2just get Ktorrent from the package manager11:01
knome_workgRnt: when you compile stuff, you need to have the -dev packages.11:01
knome_worksally2: it would install a *lot* of dependencies in xubuntu11:01
gRntknome, can I simply sudo apt-get install pkg-dev ?11:01
knome_workgRnt: if you only need a simple torrent client, you can use transmission11:01
sally2really?? thats what i did but i still havent even ued it on this computer....11:02
knome_workgRnt: no, i mean openssl-dev11:02
sally2i guess im probably wasting some space11:02
knome_worksally2: yup, probably11:02
knome_worksally2: you should use gtk (or gnome) apps with xubuntu, if possible to avoid masses of dependencies11:02
gRntWell this is more of a learning experience than anything knome_work I also like the look of the wtorrent webui, I need to learn some how as I would like to move to a server install at some point, so far so good its just google sometimes fails me.11:02
knome_work!build | gRnt11:02
ubottugRnt: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)11:02
knome_workgRnt: have you read that package?11:03
gRntno I shall go there now thankyou11:03
knome_workno problem11:03
gRntE: Couldn't find package openssl-dev11:03
gRnt just FYI11:03
cdoublejjsome stuff runs faster in wine that buntu11:03
cdoublejjlike kega emulator runs faster in wine than a native buntu sega emulator11:04
sally2i have another question....i had ubuntu originally....jaunty....and then i ran some command i read online and now when i boot up the laptop i have the option of loading gnome or xfce  windows manager....i always click xfce....and it runs pretty well....but am i getting the real xubuntu experience?11:04
knome_workgRnt: it might be openssl3-dev or something like that. search for it :)11:05
sally2or would it run faster if i got an actual xubuntu cd and installed it from that11:05
knome_worksally2: no, it doesn't affec that much.11:06
knome_worksally2: if you want to remove all the ubuntu (as in ubnutu gnome) stuff, follow this:11:06
knome_work!purexfce | sally211:06
ubottusally2: If you want to remove all !KDE and !Gnome packages and have a default !Xubuntu system follow the instructions here « http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purexfce »11:06
sally2i should rpobably do that becuase im on a real low end laptop and ubuntu never ran too smoothly on this11:07
sally2you sure are helpful knome...do you work for ubuntu?11:07
knome_worksally2: yeah, but as i said, it doesn't affect that much.11:07
knome_worksally2: no, i'm not paid, but i am a volunteer and work as the xubuntu marketing lead, currently11:08
sally2how many hours do you volunteer weekly would you say?11:08
knome_worksally2: depends on the week, but up to 40 hours11:08
knome_worksally2: average maybe 7-10 hours per week11:09
sally2thats pretty cool...is your career computer oriented?11:09
knome_worksally2: but of course it's not only just doing that. i might be at irc and give user support, like now, whenever somebody needs it11:10
knome_worksally2: i'm studying social service stuff, but i have an IT company11:10
sally2where you ever a windows user?11:11
knome_workyeah, something like until 5 years ago11:11
knome_worki also have been a DOS user ;)11:12
sally2im 23....been using windows since i was 12....we had macs before that when i was a kid11:12
sally2some time in 2008 i started experimenting with ubuntu11:12
knome_worki'm 23 also, i've been using computer since i was 511:12
sally2my mom was a computer programmer in the 60s....back when an ibm computer was a whole building11:13
sally2so i had computers from the day i was born11:13
sally2she was all about macs though11:13
knome_workhehe, well back then it made a difference whether you had mac or pc11:13
knome_worknow the hardware is basically the same11:13
sally2what country are you in>11:14
sally2hey thats pretty cool....im actually a guy i just thought id get more help if i came in here pretending to be a girl11:14
=== sally2 is now known as nick
knome_workhaha :)11:15
knome_workdoesn't really matter11:15
nickthis is my real name11:15
nickoh someone else already registered the nick "nick"11:15
=== nick is now known as Guest84845
cdoublejjhow do you do this in xubuntu11:15
=== Guest84845 is now known as nick2009
nick2009so how come youre so into xubuntu over ubuntu? the only reason i came to xubuntu is cause i have weak computers11:16
cdoublejjsame here11:16
knome_worknick2009: right-click on desktop and select desktop properties/settings or something11:16
cdoublejjusing on a weak laptop11:16
=== nick2009 is now known as nick2012
knome_worknick2009: i was first using ubuntu, but gnome was so bloated and kept breaking so i switched to xubuntu11:17
nick2012i hate bloated software11:17
cdoublejji like gnome11:17
knome_worki have a good enough pc, but i still like xubuntu11:17
cdoublejjis not having gnome why xubuntu is faster?11:17
knome_workxfce is more configurable11:17
nick2012yeah dude thats why its faster11:17
knome_workand you can actually be productive11:17
nick2012its that compiz program in ubuntu11:17
knome_workcdoublejj: that's the biggest reason11:18
knome_workcdoublejj: there is also some other app choices that make xubuntu faster11:18
cdoublejjlike flux box?11:18
cdoublejjoh wiat would flux box make xubuntu faster?11:18
nick2012i tell people ubuntu is better for higher end computers....its a modern os like vista....good if you have over 4gigs of memory11:18
nick2012xubuntu is fast but if thats all you care about why dont you use Damn Small Linux knome_work11:19
knome_workcdoublejj: yes, but it has way less features.11:20
knome_worknick2012: the "fastness" doesn't really make so much difference with a fast pc11:20
knome_workcdoublejj: fluxbox doesn't have panels by default, you need to use a paneling software11:21
nick2012whats the best program to use for web chat?11:21
cdoublejjso then you might as well keep what ya have then11:21
nick2012ive read amsn can do web chat11:21
knome_worknick2012: hmm?11:21
knome_workright.. i don't really know11:21
knome_worki use webchat with whatever browser i have11:21
knome_worki usually irc with irssi which i run on a server11:21
knome_work== knome11:21
knome_workbut i can't access that now11:22
nick2012can you do web chat over irc?11:22
gRntknome_work, seems I needed two dev packages, guess I might have to write them down if I want to move to a server install though haha....configure and make done! on we go11:22
nick2012my girlfriend wants to have web chats with her friends on yahoo and msn11:22
knome_workgRnt: great to hear:) good luck11:22
knome_worknick2012: right, you mean instant messaging11:22
knome_worknick2012: i think pidgin is quite good for that, if you need a gui11:22
nick2012oh yeah not web chat i m ean video chat11:23
nick2012i dont know why i said that11:23
knome_workahh, video chat11:23
knome_worki think amsn is the only one supporting video chat on linux atm11:23
nick2012what if i install yahoo messenger under wine?11:23
nick2012will its video chat work?11:23
knome_worknick2012: i suppose that would work as well11:23
knome_worki need to go now11:23
nick2012it wouldntneed drivers or something installed?11:23
knome_worksee you later!11:23
nick2012ok man thanks for the help11:24
nick2012i got like 50 questions answered out of that guy11:24
nick2012pretty cool11:24
rich__max resolution dropped to 1280x1024 (was 1600x1200) since upgrade to 9.10 RC1. Any ideas?13:06
=== rr72 is now known as rr73
rich__max resolution dropped to 1280x1024 (was 1600x1200) since upgrade to 9.10 RC1. Any ideas?14:44
likemindeadTry "dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg" rich__14:51
likemindeadOh, and add a sudo to that. ;-)14:52
rich__likeminded: did nothing. I'll restart and see if it just magically fixed it...14:58
likemindeadYes, you have to reboot.14:59
likemindeadOr restart X, anyhow.14:59
=== cody-somerville_ is now known as cody-somerville
goobergood morning (or whatever it is where you are) - I'm having some trouble with a new Xubuntu installation and would like some help, please...15:21
gooberthe installation goes off with no trouble, but as soon as I run the updates, the next bootup ends with a blank screen and a cursor - no icons, no toolbars, no background...15:23
gooberI had installed Xubuntu on this same machine before, and it updated with no problems, but I was reinstalling everything so that I could give the computer away15:23
gooberany ideas?  Thanks15:24
gooberalso, I'm pretty mucha  noob15:24
TheSheepgoober: press alt+f2 and type 'xfce4-panel'15:25
juggleHi ... i'm a newbie in c++ ...can the 'for' loop be used with string in c++?,if yes...What's the c++ version of the following python loop http://dpaste.com/112676/15:25
gooberwriting this down - I'm typing from a live CD on same machine because I couldn't boot15:26
gooberthanks, TheSheep - what next?15:27
TheSheepjuggle: maybe ask on a c++ channel?15:28
juggleTheSheep,ok..i have resolved the problem ..thx15:31
gooberTheSheep:  were there any steps to follow, or will that command either bring up a desktop or get me to an obvious place to resolve it?15:35
gooberI'll have to reboot to try it15:36
gooberlooks like you stepped away.  I'll reboot and see what that command get me - thanks, TheSheep15:42
rich__likeminded: hmm, just the same...15:48
gooberTheSheep: back at my installed desktop, thanks!  Is "xfce4-panel" something other than the default desktop environment?  I don't seem able to change the wallpaper, etc.  If not, what command will get me back to the default so I can see if that works now? thanks16:09
nicklas_soon time18:20
=== danopia` is now known as danopia
charlie-tcaAnyone testing the release images, new images are available now for xubuntu18:48
mandrewhello ppl does xubuntu 9.10 have the same hardware suport as ubuntu 9.10?19:47
nicklas_you mean 9.04 ?19:48
nicklas_forget it19:48
nicklas_i read wrong19:48
mandrewhehe np19:49
nicklas_what kind of hardware you mean?19:49
nicklas_it uses the same network manager right?19:49
mandrewi have 2 netbooks and i tried xubuntu and now ubuntu but i cant get the w-an to work19:49
mandrewi have upgraded the beta on one netbook and the w-lan just works out of the box19:50
mandrewthe ubuntu 9.10 beta19:50
nicklas_mandrew: they have probably updated it so it works in 9.1019:51
mandrewupgarded from beta 419:51
nicklas_mandrew: so then all is good right?19:51
mandrewno now on the netbook i installed it on now19:51
mandrewit just dont work19:51
mandrewcant even see the w-lan card :(19:52
nicklas_that might now be because of ubuntu, the hardware may be different19:52
mandrewi love how trhe new xubuntu looks19:56
=== rr73 is now known as rrmm
mandrewanyone thats know anything about compaq mini 730e?19:59
rrmmmandrew~ I had something similiar, buntu would automaticly see my phone as a modem but then it stopped all of a sudden, thought it was an upgrade but windows doesn't see it either20:04
rrmmok not similiar at really20:04
mandrewi just want this crap machine to work lol20:04
rrmmguess that hardware may be faulty sometimes?20:05
mandrewdont know20:05
mandrewwho do i list the hardware in the terminal?20:05
mandrewim a noob at ubuntu20:05
rrmmhow you mean?20:05
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com (or !pastebinit for CLI) | For pasting !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin Please give us the URLs for your posts!20:06
rrmmPenguino~ LOVE the name20:07
mandrewrrmm how do i find the w-lan in the terminal?20:11
Penguinorrmm: Heh, thanks :D20:12
rrmmmine waws found in lshe20:14
rrmmi mean lshw20:15
mandrewit could be a broadcom or a msi20:18
mandrewvendor marvell technology group Ltd20:18
rrmmmsi is a maker of books I think20:18
rrmmbooks as in computers rofl20:19
rrmmwait msi is m/b producer20:19
rrmmok off to go visit grandma, good luck w/ your networks20:19
rrmmmainboard, motherboard20:19
mandrewok tnx20:19
seek3rhello. quick question. Anybody know the system requirements for xubuntu. specifically, what I really wanna know is is there a version i can run on a system with only 64 megs of ram?21:16
charlie-tca64 MB is not going to work21:16
Sysilubuntu might work21:16
charlie-tcaThe GUI won't run21:16
Sysior what it was21:16
seek3rI thought as much. i was kind of hoping an earlier version, with the alternate installer might do it.21:17
Sysixubuntu don't work very propably21:17
seek3rlubuntu? whats that/21:17
Sysiwith lxde21:17
Sysivery lightweight but pretty good21:17
charlie-tcaThe earliest version was 6.06, but it needed 128MB, as far as I recall21:17
Sysior crungchbang21:17
charlie-tcaPuppy linux would work21:17
charlie-tcacrunchbang should21:18
Sysimerely lubuntu21:18
seek3rpuppy? think I could squeeze a gui into that as well?21:18
seek3rsetting up old system for kids, they wouldnt do well with CLI only.21:18
Sysicrunchbang propably would do21:19
charlie-tcaThey were playing with 64MB with a gui, I think21:19
seek3rwell, yeah, i did win98 and win95 with that, but was wanting linux to avoid all the malware issues that are sure to pop up.21:20
seek3r(also dont have a legal install for those either)21:20
Sysithat's pretty good and lightweight21:21
charlie-tcatake a look at lubuntu21:21
Sysii had it for a while21:21
charlie-tcaand they will have some other ideas, too21:21
seek3rI am looking at it now..21:22
seek3rwith 64 megs, it will have to be featherweight. :)21:23
Sysiit flew with 512 :P21:23
seek3rI wish I had that for this, but all i got on hand that will fit the machine is a single 64meg stick :(21:26
seek3rwasnt trying to spend any on this project. tryin to clean out my junk bins, ya know. :)21:26
Sysithat should work, it isn't lot added to openbox21:27
Sysians it runs on very little21:27
seek3rI guess I am gonna try lxde on a debian core. Think I will stick it in a virtual machine with 64 megs first, see what happens.21:30
Sysiif i remember right, my friens have openbox with 32meg21:31
Sysiworks pretty well21:31
Sysiit is rough21:35
Sysibut it should run21:35
Sysiapps just are different..21:35
seek3ryeah, I expect it to be rough, at the very least.21:37
Bwyardcan someone help me21:37
ubottuHi! Welcome to #xubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines. Enjoy your stay!21:38
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)21:38
Bwyardwell somehow i managd to turn off my wireless in xubuntu21:38
Bwyardand well im not good enough with terminals to get it working21:39
Bwyardi installed something call wicd21:39
Bwyardthen i uninstalled it and now i network manager doesnt start up any more21:39
Bwyardso basically i need to know how to setup wireless in the terminal21:41
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs21:42
charlie-tcaI don't know enough myself, but that might help you21:42
Bwyardwell i tried using the manuals that come with xubuntu but one of the command sis missing i think21:43
knomeBwyard, alt+f2 -> nm-applet21:43
Bwyardso thats all i have to do21:43
Bwyardthank you i will try it right now21:43
knomeBwyard, that will start up network manager, if it's installed21:43
* charlie-tca waves at knome 21:44
knomehello charlie-tca :)21:44
charlie-tcatesting again21:44
* charlie-tca is not sure him quitting is a good sign ...21:45
Sysimaybe he don't have multitasking21:45
Sysithat exist surprisingly often..21:46
charlie-tcait's true. I haven't had a chance to test karmic on the PII yet.21:47
knomecharlie-tca, i've been running karmic on my production machine since beta21:47
charlie-tcaIt has issues with tasking in general sometimes21:47
charlie-tcaI ran it since alpha221:48
knomeyeah, you're mad ;)21:48
charlie-tcabut then again, I had to reinstall twice21:48
charlie-tcaI think I called it "fun"21:48
knomei'm still on an installation of 6.06 (iirc) with all upgrades to karmic21:48
charlie-tcaI have my 6.06 upgraded to 8.04 server here. I upgraded it direct, and will upgrade to 10.04 next21:49
knomecharlie-tca, that eek was quite mouseish :)21:49
charlie-tcathen I will probably have to clean it up with a fresh install21:50
charlie-tcaYeah, it's just a little scary to think about all those upgrades.21:50
knomei've broken my system badly in one upgrade and a few times with something else than upgrades21:50
knomebut been able to fix it21:50
charlie-tcaI broke karmic bad, enough to reinstall it on this machine. At least I had /home backed up21:51
charlie-tcaTeach me to put alpha versions on the machine I depend on all the time21:52
charlie-tcaOh, no it didn't. I had to reinstall twice because i broke it again21:53
Sysii started from beta21:54
Sysistill works \o/21:54
charlie-tcabeta is much safer.21:54
Sysii need that netbook for schoolwork21:55
charlie-tcaI would NOT recommend starting from any alpha version if you really need the machine21:55
charlie-tcaOTOH, I do have 4 systems here.21:55
knomecharlie-tca, OTOH, shops are usually open 7 days a week ;)21:55
Sysii have 4 too :)21:56
charlie-tcaTrue, also21:56
charlie-tcaI just keep things backed up on another system21:56
charlie-tcaexept that airplane ticket information21:56
Sysibut when i uodate this i need external drive21:56
Bwyardit was nm -applet right?21:57
Bwyardwell that didnt work21:57
Sysiwith space?21:57
Sysiit won't21:57
Bwyardwith and without21:58
charlie-tcaProbably got uninstalled when wicd installed21:59
Bwyardwhat was the site that i was given with the documentation on wireless21:59
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs21:59
Bwyardwell how do i reinstall it21:59
Bwyardok i think i found the install file22:02
Bwyardis this it22:02
charlie-tcasudo apt-get network-manager22:03
Bwyardonly problem with that is i dont have interent22:03
charlie-tcasudo apt-get network-manager-gnome22:03
Bwyardb/c i dont have an internet manager22:03
Bwyardmy internet doesnt work in xubuntu once i uninstalled wice22:03
Bwyardonly in vista22:03
Bwyardwhich is what im using right now22:04
Bwyardwell imma gonna try this22:04
Bwyardif it doesnt work ill be back22:04
Bwyardthank you btw22:04
charlie-tcaI don't know if the NetworkManager from gnome.org will include both files22:04
charlie-tcatry it22:05
Bwyardok ill try it22:05
Bwyardwait what do u mena two files22:05
charlie-tcaYou need network-manager and network-manager-gnome22:05
Bwyardoh ok well i will see what happens22:05
ochosi hi everyone. i'm using xfce4.6.1 with a vertical panel and i'm wondering whether there's a way to remove the 5px empty border around my orage-clock. anyone here who knows something about this? here's a screenshot to illustrate what i'm talking about: http://img2.imageshack.us/img2/7483/oragepanel.png22:13
charlie-tcaIf that is the orage clock, right click and unclick "show frame" ?22:15
Bwyardit didnt work but thats because i dont have network-tools installed22:18
Bwyardit popped up with an error saying it wanst installed when i tried to install network manager22:18
charlie-tcaochosi: sorry, right-click, left-click properties, unclick "show frame" ?22:19
charlie-tcaBwyard: no more ideas22:20
ochosicharlie-tca, unfortunately not... the funny thing is that neither the frame nor the "set width" option makes any difference22:21
Bwyardwell thanks anyways22:22
charlie-tcamake sure set width has a check mark. I screwed that up once.22:22
charlie-tcaalso, if the font is too big, it ignores me22:22
ochosihm, well, yes, the set width checkbox is checked. font size also doesn't seem to make a difference...22:23
charlie-tcaAsk in #xfce?22:24
mandrewi would like to thank all good people here who helped me today22:30
knomemandrew, for all the people; no problem. we hope you enjoy xubuntu22:31
mandrewthe new xubuntu 9.10 rc is realy nice looking22:32
knomemandrew, good to hear22:32
mandrewto bad i have a broadcom w-lan card22:32
mandrewi got help to set it up but under ubuntu 9.10 rc and now its working so i have to stick with the ubuntu cuz i dont think i can set it up again on my own22:35
knomemandrew, you can install the package xubuntu-desktop and then use xfce22:37
mandrewit would be nice it canonical could get broadcom w-lan cards set up to work out of the box but hey i got a OS for free thats a miracle22:37
mandrewok how do i do that?22:37
knomego to synaptic and select+install 'xubuntu-desktop'22:38
knomeor run 'sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop' from terminal22:38
mandrewis it that easy?22:38
knomethen when you get to the login screen, select xfce session instead of gnome session22:38
knomeyes, it is22:38
mandrewit brings tears to my eyes22:38
mandrewman do i love this OS22:39
mandrewi dont understand why no one told me about this before if i only had known i would never spent all these years with windows22:40
knomelinux has come a long way in the last years22:41
mandrewi have no log in window how do a change that?22:43
charlie-tcaHit enter22:44
charlie-tcaIt'll ask for passwors22:44
mandrewon boot up?22:44
charlie-tcaIt should be a screen with a name on it22:44
knomecharlie-tca, i think he means he has autologin, thus no gdm showing up22:44
mandrewi have set it up to log me in with no password :P22:45
charlie-tcaI can't find how to auto-login with upstart22:45
mandrewits when you install it22:45
charlie-tcaI don't want it then. I want to tturn it off and on22:46
knomemandrew, i think you need to run 'sudo gdmsetup' and change that setting for a while, then log out and select xfce session from gdm22:47
mandrewok or mabye log in and out would fix that22:48
mandrewthen i get that window22:48
mandrewi found how to solve the problem22:49
knomemandrew, great22:49
mandrewits in /sys/admin/ logg inscreen22:50
mandrewor some like it cuz i dont have english as main language22:50
mandrewlove it22:52
mandrewthank you22:53
mandrewso i can do this with kubuntu, gobuntu etc etc22:53
mandrewand get them desktops too?22:54
knomemandrew, kubuntu-desktop, i don't know about gobuntu22:57
mandrewthat is so cool22:58
mandrewlove it this is so sweeeeet23:00
Bwyardhwo do i eject a cd in xubuntu it wont let me23:00
BwyardFailed to eject "/org/freedesktop/Hal/devices/storage_model_DVD__RW_GSA_T40N".23:01
knomeBwyard, try 'eject -T' from terminal23:01
knomemandrew, :)23:01
BwyardGiven device "/org/freedesktop/Hal/devices/storage_model_DVD__RW_GSA_T40N" is not a volume or drive.23:01
Bwyardit worked when i did sudo23:02
Bwyardanybody can help me with fluxbox23:06
knome!fluxbox | Bwyard23:07
ubottuBwyard: fluxbox is a lightweight and responsive window manager for GNU/Linux. For how to set it up and more information see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fluxbox23:07
Sysihmm, is there #fluxubuntu ?23:07
knomeSysi, that would be fluxbuntu, but i don't know if they have an irc channel23:07
ubottufluxbuntu is a LPAE-standard compliant, Ubuntu-based derivative that maintains the goal of running on a wide range of mobile devices and computers (low-end & high-end). It is lightweight, swift and efficient. | Support Channel: #fluxbuntu on freenode | Homepage: http://fluxbuntu.org/23:08
Sysithey should23:08
knomeyeah, and i should have infinite free beer23:08
Sysibut that's the great truth of ubottu :)23:09
mandrewok good night ppl of the free OS :P23:09
knomenight mandrew23:09
Sysihmm, from neighbour country23:11
ron_ois it me or is xubuntu really been extra stable lately?23:51

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