alkisg!info ldm-ubuntu-theme07:12
ubottuPackage ldm-ubuntu-theme does not exist in jaunty07:12
alkisg!info ldm-ubuntu-themes07:12
ubottuldm-ubuntu-themes (source: ldm): Themes for the LTSP Display Manager. In component main, is optional. Version 2:2.0.38-0ubuntu5 (jaunty), package size 967 kB, installed size 1164 kB07:12
alkisg!info ldm-edubuntu-theme07:12
ubottuPackage ldm-edubuntu-theme does not exist in jaunty07:12
alkisg!info ldm-edubuntu-themes07:12
ubottuPackage ldm-edubuntu-themes does not exist in jaunty07:12
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sbalneavMorning all14:24
highvolt1gemorning sbalneav14:26
sbalneavhighvolt1ge: I have committed with LaserJock that I will take on the CD image work within edubuntu.14:28
sbalneavAs well, I'll have to become a motu, so that will have to happen this cycle.14:29
highvolt1gesbalneav: wow, that's great14:29
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Ahmuck-Sranyone seen abicolab?16:33
Ahmuck-Sri assume it's similar to golem ?16:43
sbalneavI'm not familiar with golem.  This appears to be a web site, while a golem is a 7 foot tall monster made of clay who kills on command.  So at first look, no, I'd say they're not similar. :)16:44
sbalneavBut I suspect my classical education is doing me dirt here :)16:45
ograi think the golem part is referring to the fact that you need a written piece of paper to make it kill16:45
ograso it must be a collaboratively multi controlled 7 foot tall clay monster i think16:46
ograhooking into a text editor so you can write the commands :)16:47
sbalneavNext, someone will want gobby-golem.16:47
sbalneavthen we'll ALL be in trouble.16:47
Ahmuck-Srah yes, gobby16:50
ograwell, as long as you dont send it to UDS :)16:50
sbalneavRight, save that for GDS16:51
sbalneavAhmuck-Sr: Were these answers helpful to you? :)16:51
sbalneavWe aim to please, or at least to entertain :)16:52
Ahmuck-Srthough, through gobby you could have a collaborative golem, killing processes, etc.16:52
Ahmuck-Sractually, it might be a neat "hack" tool of sorts.   The Golem16:53
sbalneavKilling user.... processes.  Riiiiiiight. :)16:53
Ahmuck-Srsee, now i want a gobby golem16:54
Ahmuck-Sryou've talked me into it16:54
ograwrite one16:54
ograots free software after all :)16:55
Ahmuck-Sri can't right now, i'm practicing my moaning16:55
Ahmuck-Srtrying to get just that right kind of gobby-golem moan16:55
ograbetter get some clay and start working on it :)16:56
Ahmuck-Srhey, someone want to post to Edubuntu a Halloween Fools' Joke, and annouse the new collabartive editor, gobby-gollem?16:56
Ahmuck-Srslashdot would work as well i suppose16:57
Ahmuck-Sror the onion16:57
ograthe onion ?16:57
ogragolems in layers ?16:58
ogralike babooshka puppets ?16:58
ograi'd say thats rather something for advanced clay workers16:58
* Ahmuck-Sr toddles off to do something constructive16:58
Ahmuck-Srhttp://linux.wareseeker.com/Miscellaneous/gollem-h3-1.0.3.zip/340678 - ack, to late17:00

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