Riddellenough testing for one day00:52
Riddellmore tomorrow00:52
* ScottK is gonna do some testing. The existing KNE install on the netbook is about to die.02:48
ScottK(reinstall will also be ext3 for the final one because some of the file corruption reports have scared me off ext4.)02:48
dtchenyeah, I'm currently grabbing the Kubuntu alt amd64 for maco, whose / (ext4) died02:53
dtcheninterestingly enough, my online ext3 -> ext4 has been rock-solid02:54
shtylman1 day!!!!!!!!!! woooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!04:10
* ScottK is doing the last ISO test for Kubuntu Netbook.04:12
* rgreening is nursing a thrown out back04:12
ScottKPlease don't ever use the words rgreening and nursing in the same sentence again.  Ever!04:13
* rgreening has sore nipps04:13
dtchennot even with hot karaoke action?04:14
rgreeningonly a couple of more weeks to karoke redux04:14
rgreeningthis time more booze is required04:14
ScottKFor us.04:19
macoy'all have fun with that karaoke05:15
macoi was so confused when i logged in. "a stacking window manager! what is going on?! oh..right...kwin...need to install xmonad"05:19
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MamarokRiddell: check markey's dent of a few minutes ago:08:17
Mamarok"Why on earth do some distros limit the maximum number of open files to 1024 by default? You can't even build Qt from source with that."08:17
markeyFedora does it, and Kubuntu too08:18
Mamarok"Additionally, this will make random programs behave strangely and crash. We've got an Amarok bug report purely caused by this limit."08:18
markeyresulted in this bug report for amarok:08:18
ubottuKDE bug 211026 in general "Random "too many open files" crashes" [Crash,Resolved: invalid]08:18
markeyI find that pretty serious08:18
markeyand unnecessary too08:18
Tm_TMamarok: I build Qt just fine, but I do have -j108:18
markeywhy not 10,000 maximum by default?08:19
markeymodern computers often need more than 102408:19
MamarokTm_T: which makes it even worse, so you can't use the full capacity of your computer08:19
Mamarokwe are not in the 80ies anymore :)08:19
Tm_TMamarok: well, build time with -j1 and -j2 isn't different enough here to be bothered08:20
markeyso anyway, there are other situations where this can happen to you too08:20
Tm_Tmarkey: I know, just saying (:08:21
Tm_TI agree that kind of limit seems weird, what's the purpose?08:21
markeyI've no idea08:21
markeymy guess: security or performance concerns08:22
markeyboth are bogus08:22
Tm_Tor "noone need more than that"08:22
markeyor that...08:22
markeywho knows when this limit was created, maybe 5 years ago08:22
Tm_T"if you do, don't do that"08:22
Tm_Tmarkey: how about back in early 90's08:22
Tm_Tsounds more like it to me08:24
Mamarokmarkey: is this limitation in Debian, too?08:33
Tm_Twhere is this limitation anyway?08:35
markeyMamarok: don't know08:36
markeyTm_T: in /etc/security/limits.conf08:37
markeyI've changed mine to:08:38
markey*                soft     nofile          1638408:38
markey*                hard     nofile          1638408:38
markeyworks nicely08:38
Mamarokmarkey: I will file a bug on launchpad about that, then08:42
Tm_Tmarkey: thanks08:50
Tm_Tmarkey: hmm, where it's defaults come? I don't have that kind of lines here08:52
Tm_Tmarkey: only commented examples08:52
Mamarokholy crap, how do I report a bug on launchpad? I go to bugs.launchpad.net, and there is nowhere a possibility to file a bug, wtf?08:53
Tm_Tif the default value is hardcoded in some sources, and there's no patch related to it, upstream?08:54
MamarokRiddell: how on earth do I file a bug on launchpad? There is not even an option for it on bugs.launchpad.net, no button to report a new bug, nowhere08:55
Mamarok(I am using edge btw)08:55
jussi01Mamarok: https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu08:57
jussi01then click the report a bug on the right.08:57
macodidnt they get rid of the "report a bug" button?08:57
jussi01Mamarok: but using ubuntu-bug <package> is much easier08:57
macoon the basis that you ought to use ubuntu-bug?08:57
jussi01maco: still there on mine..08:57
markeyTm_T: dunno, I had to google that too08:58
markeyforgot the details08:58
Mamarokjussi01: this is silly, why on earth is there no button to file a bug on that page? seriously08:58
markeyaha, Ramon Cahenzli just dented this:08:59
jussi01Mamarok: no idea08:59
markey"I agree, we've had completely weird and obscure MySQL problems because of 1024 file limit. Now it's set to 2 million."08:59
Mamarokjussi01: that link you gave me, if you click on "Report a bug, you are redirected to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs08:59
markeyso this issue is pretty common08:59
jussi01Mamarok: o.O09:00
jussi01thats stupid09:00
Mamarokyeah, totally, that makes launchpad useless if one can't even file a bug09:00
* jussi01 doesnt get it.09:01
jussi01WHo made the decision?09:01
jussi01and why ?09:01
macobugsquad or qa or something09:01
macoto get better quality bug reports09:01
jussi01How do I then file a bug in launchpad? or the community?09:02
davmor2jussi01: they didn't get rid of the button because new users wouldn't know how to file.09:02
davmor2jussi01: read the page it links to it tells you09:02
Mamarokmaco: well, tell me how on earth I am supposed to use Launchpad then if all I get are redirects to help pages? Tah is what I call a broken tool09:02
markeyyou only imagine bugs. they don't exist :)09:02
macoyou can tell it not to redirect you...09:02
macothey only redirect on /ubuntu/...09:03
macoanything else it works09:03
jussi01If for some reason you cannot file a bug through the Apport tool you can file one via Launchpad. When doing so please ensure that you have determined which package it should be filed against. Read 'finding the right package' for guidance or use Launchpad's package search feature. To file a bug against a specific package use a url similar to the following, http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/PACKAGENAME/+filebug?no-redirect, where09:03
jussi01 PACKAGENAME is the name of the source package about which you want to file the bug. In the event that you want to request a piece of software be packaged for Ubuntu please follow the instructions in the wiki. To report a bug when you don't know the package name https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+filebug/?no-redirect09:03
Mamarokdavmor2: well, can you give me a direct link for opening a bug report? It is a bad security bug for all Ubuntu related systems09:03
davmor2Mamarok: ^09:03
jussi01but still, the fact that its not discoverable is not user friendly at all. why doesnt it just warn, say you should be ussing apport?09:04
davmor2Mamarok: can you not use ubuntu-bug?09:04
davmor2jussi01: because we need to get new users away from doing it the bad way09:04
davmor2jussi01: you may give good bug reports with all relevant info etc however joe public give this doesn't work fix it09:05
macogrr i cnat find the how-to-redirect in my email09:05
Mamarokdavmor2: well, I never did, always used Launchpad, and hell I know how to file a good bug report, no need to hold hands, here, I am not a noob, somebody should tell Launchpad that this is a serious problem if not even edge testers can file reports without silly redirects09:06
macodavmor2: (hypothetical) if my system crashes and cant get online, and i want to report this from my windows machine...09:06
Mamarokdavmor2: not against you, just that limitation drives me mad09:06
jussi01davmor2: so, you think its better to have a bug reporting website with no (finadable) bug reporting ability?09:06
Mamarokbrillaint, now I got a oops09:07
davmor2Mamarok, jussi01, maco: Right first off I agree with you guys, however you are all technical people with an understanding of the system.  The idea initial was to stop all manual report but it was argued then that, that would be a bad thing.  It was also a need to promote apport/ubuntu-bug as a way to report bugs.  The apport hooks pulling in log files etc that the devs need to fix the issue at hand.   Personally I 09:12
davmor2I did like someone's idea of making it karma based09:12
Mamarokdavmor2: well, since I am a beta tester and a member of a bug suqad I should be allowed to file bugs without silly restrictions09:13
Mamarokand I disabled aport because it simply runs wild on Kubuntu for non-crashes and distracts me from working09:13
davmor2Mamarok: you still can just add a bookmark with the ?no-redirect09:13
Mamarokalso, it's hardly filing useful reports, from what I have experienced so far, most of the time it ends in a no-report.09:14
Mamarokdavmor2: well, now that I know of I sure will, but this is stupid nontheless, there are quite a lot of non-noobs who seem to not know that, see the discussion we just had09:14
davmor2Mamarok: again take it up with the powers that be I have no control over it :(09:14
Mamarokand seriously, aport is useless for KDE09:15
Mamarokso, whom do I subscribe for that report? I found at least 20 reports all linked to that apparently09:19
Mamarokand I actually didn't file a new one, but added my comment to one of the existing ones09:19
Mamarokhm, subscribing Riddell might be a good idea, he can send that further up, is Sebastien Bacher still the default Gnome guy?09:21
jussi01apport on kde is a night mare... 20,000 little windows...09:21
Mamarokguess why I disabled it, its totally useless09:22
neversfeldeagateau: I do not know what and when, but something seem to have fixed the problem with no wireless connection after suspend. I cannot reproduce this problem at the moment.09:41
agateauneversfelde: let's hope it last for 6 months :)09:42
SputMamarok: funnily enough, Gentoo has that limit too (seems to be the default?), and we can compile Qt and anything else without problems O_o10:29
SputI've never seen "too many open files"10:30
markeySput: just a matter of luck10:37
markeyobviously it can happen in a lot of situations10:38
markeydepending on your use case10:38
Sputmarkey: yeah... but nevertheless strange, after all we're constantly compiling stuffs10:38
markeye.g. if you do a mass copy with KIO, some functions currently don't queue it correctly10:39
markeyso you can easily end up with 500 files at the same time10:39
markeyjust for that operation10:39
markeyplus MySQL, strigi, etc pp10:39
neversfeldeMamarok: I agree, it should really be possible to file a bug report in an easy way10:40
ewoernerhi, is there a ppa for qt 4.6 already?11:53
delightI have a little prob with the battery-plasmoid on my laptop not beeing able to adjust the brightness of the screen since karmic ... on jaunty with kde 4.3.2 it was working good ... what package is this plasmoid in ? I would like to fill a bug about it11:55
Lex79JontheEchidna: I sent a message to kgmailnotier author. The result is that Kgmailnotifier is not affect by changes in Gmail, it uses a completly different approach, it checks new email by downloading an atom file for the account. The only problem is not works if kwallet is disabled.11:55
sebasdelight: can you try with solid-powermanagement and see if that works?11:56
sebasdelight: I'm the developer of that plasmoid11:56
Lex79ewoerner: not for now :)11:56
sebasdelight: solid-powermanagement brightness set 5011:57
sebasfor example11:57
Riddellewoerner: qt 4.6 tech preview is in ~kubuntu-ppa experimental but not yet beta11:59
delighthello sebas: i know you are the developer ... good to see you here ... saw you in the ?ubunconf? 2008 ;) ... unfortunatly the command has no effect on my laptop Dell Latitude D830 since karmic12:00
sebasdelight: then the applet is probably fine12:01
delightof course i can still adjust with the laptop function buttton12:01
sebasyou'll want to look at DBus / kernel level12:01
sebasthe layering is: plasmoid -> Solid -> HAL -> Kernel, top to bottom12:02
Riddelldebfx: this might be your area ^^12:02
sebasdelight: ah, didn't catch that nickname then12:02
delightsebas: i see ... so the problem is at a different place ... I got the gnome desktop additionaly on my laptop *which i don't use* ... i can try there to to make sure its some hardware/dbus/kernel problem12:02
sebaswe probably need irc with photos or something12:02
sebasyes, trying gnome powermanager would make sense12:02
delightsebas: I'm not that often on IRC but I liked your talk about your vision of kde ... and I'm realy impressed on how it evoluated ... really the best desktop available to date and its getting even better ;)12:04
sebasglad it resonates :)12:04
delightjust for the record it was ubucon 2007 in Krefeld but thats ok ;) ... I came across a nice article on the web the other day and i was impressed of the work the OpenSuse ppl invested into integrating firefox nicely ... even if its not for me no Suse fan ... I think thats something  that would be really great in the kubuntu distribution ... maybe for karmic+1 http://linuxcrunch.com/content/opensuse-112-perfect-kde-distribution12:10
delightpoint 8- KDE/Firefox integration12:10
Riddelldelight: I think debfx had packages of that in his PPA12:38
seaLnesince yesterdays updates kdm dosen't start on boot, i just get the first part of the kde startup splash (pic of disk) and it dosen't do anything after that (a manual restart of kdm fixes it but needed on each boot) i remember this occured a while back but was then fixed, can anyone remember what was causing it i can't seem to find the bug #12:39
RiddellseaLne: the image with the disk is ksplashx which should get killed when kdm starts, or you should be able to just click on it to make it go away?13:05
seaLnejust updating another machine to see if it does it, and it doesn't hmm13:07
JontheEchidnaanybody wanna take care of bug 460984?13:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 460984 in language-pack-kde-nl "KMail Dutch: translator's e-mail in application" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/46098413:10
seaLneRiddell: hmm just rebooted the laptop that was having the problem and it booted fine this time, was around 7th oct that i had the problem before for a few days, weird13:13
ScottKDo we have the draft release notes up somewhere?13:13
seeleScottK: are you going to Fudruckers saturday for MD loco?13:32
RiddellScottK: claydoh said he as working on the announcement last night but got called away and will start again this afternoon13:33
ScottKRiddell: OK.  I got some stuff for agateau to add.13:33
ScottKseele: Not sure yet.  Elizabeth has ballet starting at 1 and Victoria (the 18 year old) is home from school with a fever today, so who knows what the weekend will bring.13:34
seeleScottK: kk let me know13:36
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agateauScottK: I already added some pics to the announcement13:42
ScottKagateau: Ah.   Good to know.  I want to make sure we get it right for the final.13:43
agateauScottK: I would like to create a separate wiki page to explain how to configure indicator support in KDE apps,13:43
ScottKagateau: I think that's a good idea.13:43
agateauScottK: any idea what the best place for this would be?13:43
ScottKagateau: No, I suck a wiki namespace.13:44
agateauScottK: ok, I'm going to improvise then :)13:44
ScottKw.k.o/Kubuntu/KarmicConfigureIndicator maybe13:44
ScottKagateau: ^^13:44
agateauScottK: sounds good, thanks13:48
RiddellScottK: I'd like to rewrite the Netbook wiki page today to make it user focused if that makes sense13:56
ScottKRiddell: Yes.  Please.13:56
RiddellScottK: and we should ponder about a Dot story too13:56
ScottKRiddell: Sounds reasonable.13:56
ScottKI had a minion that promised some docs on the wiki.  He seems to have vanished unfortunately.13:57
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mcasis anyone testing kubuntu desktop i386 entire disk?14:24
mcasok i'll do it now14:25
Riddellmcas: yes please14:27
mcasRiddell: should i start the live session and click install or can i use "installation" from the boot menu14:31
Riddellmcas: do a full live session if you can14:35
RiddellI'll do the install only option14:35
mcasi think i can do some more tests after this14:36
agateauScottK: Riddell: Wiki page about Message Indicator: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/KarmicKoala/ConfigureIndicators14:38
agateauIf you want to proof-read14:38
agateau(was a bit too lazy to add screenshot for all apps...)14:38
seeleagateau: do you know if there is any mechanism set up to gather feedback regarding notifications?14:57
agateauseele: not that I know of :/14:58
ScottKagateau: Do you have a moment for a gwenview question?14:58
agateauScottK: about to enter the daily phone call :/14:58
agateauScottK: will ping you back14:58
ScottKagateau: Thanks.14:58
* mcas takes kubuntu desktop i386 manual partitioning 15:00
Sputagateau: do you have a status update for a libindicate-qt that doesn't depend on gtk?15:00
agateauSput: no :/15:02
ScottKagateau: Maybe a good question for the phone call?15:02
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agateauScottK: i am afraid not15:02
ScottKOh well.15:02
agateaubut do ping dbarth or tedg about this15:02
ScottKdavidbarth: Ping ^^^15:04
ScottKdpm: Quassel just switched (in git for their next release) from Qt ts files to gettext for translations.  Once Lucid is open and I've uploaded a quassel that provides po files, is there a way we can get them into Launchpad early so translators can get an early shot at it?15:04
agateauScottK: he is in the same phone call as me atm :)15:05
ScottKMaybe he multi-tasks15:05
seeleScottK: just got confirmation from Justin about Fudruckers, but I think we'll be there closer to 1.. you should stop by after you drop Elizabeth off at ballet15:10
ScottKseele: OK.  We'll see how that goes.15:11
markeyanyone know some guy called Chipzz?15:22
markeyok the guy is just a random idiot15:33
markeynot an ubuntu developer, thank $god15:33
Tm_Tmarkey: nownow...15:34
markeyno worth my time15:34
markey1995 called, it wants its IdiotZZ back15:35
Tm_Tmarkey: please, that's not helping15:35
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JontheEchidnaScottK: jockey is a KDE app, just not an official KDE app15:43
JontheEchidnait's been like that for the KDE apps we've made since the beginning15:49
davidbarthagateau: now, that we're finished with this call, do you have any hints about the bug?15:50
agateaudavidbarth: the plasma bug you mentioned?15:51
agateaudavidbarth: difficult to tell with that few information, I asked the reporter to add which application was closed15:51
EagleScreenupdate-notifier -d and -u are crashing with seg fault15:59
EagleScreenin jaunty16:00
EagleScreensorry, update-notifier-kde -d and -u16:00
EagleScreentomorrow 9.10 is released and update-notifier-kde in 9.04 is crashing16:03
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EagleScreenwhy have you chnaged kaffeine by dragon in the last hour for karmic?16:24
yuriylast hour? wasn't that done a couple weeks ago?16:28
ScottKEagleScreen: It was done just around the beta time.16:30
ScottKKaffeine is still in main and supported, just not installed by default.16:30
EagleScreeni am curious, why dragon in place of kaffeine?16:31
debfxreally strange: when I boot with nomodeset, the brightness keys are handled just fine without powerdevil ...16:32
RiddellScottK: do we want netbook edition linked from http://www.kubuntu.org/getkubuntu/download in place of Kubuntu 8.04 ?16:35
ScottKRiddell: Sounds good to me.16:35
JontheEchidnaEagleScreen: quality concerns, it's still in prereleases16:36
JontheEchidnadragon is known to be stable and do what it does well16:36
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smarterJontheEchidna: Is it just me or does it still starts with a ridiculously small window from time to time?16:50
JontheEchidnaI've not had that happen to me for a while16:50
JontheEchidnaand I have been watching Doctor Who with it since Monday :x16:51
* JontheEchidna can't wait for the November special16:51
Riddellthere's a special in November?16:52
JontheEchidnayeah, "Waters of Mars"16:53
Riddellmaybe I should have renewed my tv licence after all16:53
davmor2Riddell: surely that is what the t'interweb is for16:53
Riddelldavmor2: ah I see you took notice of what I always said to you when you claimed that a cable tv connection is a necessity :)16:55
MamarokRiddell: did you see that discussion in #u-devel about the open files limitation? we strongly suspect that being the problem of quite a few KDE apps crashes, and in Amarok16:55
Mamarokbasically all apps that use a database can be affected by that16:55
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RiddellScottK: how's this? https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Netbook17:15
Mamarokwhen is that exact release time tomorrow? I have the /topic for #kubuntu ready17:16
RiddellMamarok: did briefly see the open files limitation discussion, it's not something I was even aware of existing17:17
RiddellMamarok: they usually don't give a time to allow for any flexibility they might need, but it tends to be midday UTC17:18
Mamarokneither was I, it's markey who found out17:18
Mamarokok, so I can push that /topic when it's time :)17:19
Mamarokand he has a fix for it, and since it's in the system I added that comment in one of the 20+ bugs that seem to be open for that problem17:19
Mamarokbut apprently keybuk prefers to stay in the nineties :(17:20
markeyRiddell: I think it would make sense to change the defaults for kubuntu, either to 4096 or 16384. this only requires adding two lines to /etc/security/limits.conf17:21
markeyfor the user however it's hard to change this17:21
markeymost don't even know what has bitten them17:21
Riddellmarkey: it's not really something kubuntu can change without the rest of ubuntu doing it, we can try and convince them at UDS of course17:22
markeypersonally I don't care if gnomes crashes or not, they can set it to 16 for all I care17:22
markey"640kb should be enough for anybody"...17:22
markeyotoh, gnome users also run kde applications, and thus it might affect us anyway17:23
markeyso yes, changing it for all of ubuntu would be better17:23
Riddellmarkey: isn't keybuk's argument that this is only a soft limit and applications can ignore it if they want to?17:23
markeysee, that's the same argument as Ted Tso had with Ext4: "Your apps are buggy. Rewrite them all."17:24
markeyas it turned out, this attitude wasn't really so good17:24
markeyTorvalds set him right17:24
Mamarokmarkey: and as soon as they use strigi or something similar they will run into problems17:24
Mamaroksince there is a strigi frontend for Gnome17:25
MamarokRiddell: the problem is that many apps run into that problem, not only Amarok, and its easier to fix in the system than rewrite many apps17:26
markeymyself, I couldn't even build Qt without increasing the limit17:26
Mamarokeven cron has the problem, so not even desktop related17:26
markeyI think that's pretty good evidence that it's not adequate any more17:26
ScottKRiddell: Re: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Netbook - Yes.  Very nice.  Thanks.17:27
Riddellmaco: ^^17:27
macoRiddell: thanks!17:28
ScottKmaco: You did that?17:29
Riddellshe requested it17:30
ScottKmaco: Good idea.17:32
macoim writing a "hey! check out karmic! its cool!" blog post for geeksaresexy.net17:33
macoand kne only had a "here's the developer roadmap" page17:33
markeyKarmic really is good17:35
* markey enjoys it17:35
Riddellthanks markey :)17:36
markeyoh btw, today I heard from a user that it crashed while upgrading from 9.04 to 9.1017:36
markeyMamarok also had a crash issue with the installer, iirc17:36
Riddelladvice on that is always "send us the logs" /var/log/syslog , /var/log/dist-upgrade and /var/log/installer17:40
dpmScottK, sorry for the delay in replying, I was busy with some other stuff and then had a call. Re: Quassel upload, if the package generates a pot file on build, it will be imported as soon as you upload it. Being the first time it is imported, we'll need to do a one time review. We'll see it on the imports queue and act on it, but just to make sure, simply ping me when you upload it and I can then have a look at it straight away17:41
Mamarokyep, Karmic is great, love it, very fast17:41
ScottKdpm: OK.  Thanks.17:41
Mamarokbut I still have X server issues with my Radeon card, hope we soon get the latest Radeon drivers, those seem to be perfect now, 3D and all17:41
Mamarokthe fglrx driver is suboptimal17:42
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RiddellScottK: http://gb.releases.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/karmic/ currently says we have a "Netbook live CD", which seems confusing since netbooks don't have CDs.  Does "Netbook live USB Image" seem less confusing?17:53
ScottKRiddell: It does.17:54
ScottKIIRC I asked slangasek about changing that and it was non-trivial, but I may misremember.17:54
markeyI've heard the very latest Radeon drivers (from git) are excellent. apparently they solve all issues17:54
markeymight be worth offering a PPA for that17:54
JontheEchidnahrm, new rekonq prerelease is looking pretty interesting17:58
RiddellJontheEchidna: and comes with a handy PPA :)18:01
JontheEchidnaoh yeah, it does18:01
* JontheEchidna terminates local build18:01
* jussi01 wants...18:01
JontheEchidnaadd to software-properties-kde, will grab all the gpg infos18:02
JontheEchidnapretty sweet18:02
Riddelldaily packages too18:04
JontheEchidnamight be worth considering for 10.04 since it has KDE integration, and the same rendering capabilities as arora18:05
Riddellseems to be missing a menu bar18:06
JontheEchidnaapparenlty it's intentional18:07
Riddelland not entirely daft, but probably screws over accessibility18:07
JontheEchidnawhoa, sweet plasma-esque theming for the homepage18:08
JontheEchidnalooks sorta like the empty-tab page for chrome18:08
Mamarokhm, we seem to run again into sound trouble because of pulseaudio, see #kubuntu18:08
RiddellI can't work out how to get back to that start page18:09
jussi01pulse is of the devil.18:10
JontheEchidnaRiddell: opening a new tab should do it18:10
Mamarokjussi01: the problem is that is is not configured for use with KDE and screws up everything, and I really have better things to do than debug users who installed that stuff, unless they really pay me for, and even then, I would probably only do this when starving, which I am still very far away18:11
JontheEchidnarekonq's config dialog seems to be unecessaryily using a tree view, blegh18:12
jussi01Mamarok: I repeat, pulse is of the devil.18:13
JontheEchidnasetFaceType(KPageDialog::Tree); <- eww18:15
Mamaroknah, it's just horribly bad code and badly configured if not configured at all and the dev is a self-conscious arrogant a******18:15
MamarokI know, I met that chap in Gran Canaria, really not recommendable18:15
MamarokI mean, if on every release we have the same problem again and again it is getting really annoying18:20
JontheEchidnait's not like we can stop gnome from using it, which is where the problems come from18:21
davmor2hey Mamarok did you make it :P18:22
ScottKI don't have it, but it's on the kid's computer due to some educational thing I installed.  I can't say there have been any problems.18:22
Mamarokdavmor2: make it? you mean reporting that bug?18:22
davmor2no pulse :D18:23
davmor2Mamarok: just being sarky18:24
Mamarokdavmor2: well, I avoid it like a bad disease or a smelly dog, indeed18:25
davmor2Mamarok: I find it's much better than it was.  But then I've never really had any major issues with it like some have18:26
Mamarokwell, apparently it is still the same old badly configured stuff, see #kubuntu18:27
MamarokI am sick of it, really, I have spent all the time when people started with Jaunty debugging broken sound because of that, it is a PITA, there I said that bad word18:28
davmor2Mamarok: no the bad word of the day is respin18:29
JontheEchidnaaah, much better: http://imagebin.ca/view/rdEMSnjf.html18:30
Mamarokdavmor2: Bespin you mean?18:30
Mamaroknever ever mentoin that in the amarok channel they might as well kill you18:31
davmor2Mamarok: No respin the thing they do to the iso's I'm trying to test18:31
RiddellJontheEchidna: you just couldn't help coding could you?18:31
JontheEchidnaI'd wish they'd capitalize things too, sorta unprofessional looking with rekonq all lowercase18:35
RiddellJontheEchidna: I presume the tiny URL bar is a bug18:36
JontheEchidnatiny url bar?18:36
RiddellJontheEchidna: using the daily one I have a url bar only a few cm long and lots of space on the right of the toolbar18:37
JontheEchidnaI'm not seeing that bug. Maybe I'm lucky18:38
markeypulse is of the devil indeed. or more precise: of juicy-lipped poettering18:43
markeythank your canonical bosses for playing his game18:44
JontheEchidnaIf rekonq had adblock and awesomebar... <318:44
markeyChromium Daily build rock, but I guess you've already tried them18:45
JontheEchidnaya, I like Chromium very much18:45
markeyit's the first new browser that got me excited in about 10 years18:45
markeya breeze to use18:45
JontheEchidnaif the fonts weren't so... GTK.. I'd be totally, totally in love18:45
markeyyes, but the font issue is being fixed (partly fixed already)18:46
markeyand GTK.. yeah, agreed18:46
markeytoo bad18:46
JontheEchidnayeah, I noticed a bit of improvement in the fonts recently18:46
JontheEchidnastill a bit spindly and not as nice as my Qt font setup18:46
rgreeningRiddell: any reason we do not enable google gadget support in kde workspace?18:46
JontheEchidnargreening: google-gadgets fails MIR for not having a stable API :(18:47
ScottKrgreening: It's in Universe18:47
Riddellas they say18:47
rgreeninghmm... oh, so the deps for it are in universe, which is why... ah. ok18:48
rgreeningI was reading this.... http://maketecheasier.com/integrate-google-gadgets-with-plasma-in-kubuntu/2009/05/1818:48
rgreeningad was curious.18:48
ScottKIt should just take a rebuild18:48
rgreeningcause it was available since kde 4.218:49
rgreeningoh well...18:49
RiddellI briefly looked into making it a separate package but didn't manage18:49
Riddellit's probably do-able though18:49
* Riddell hopes claydoh turns up soon18:49
rgreeningRiddell: can you add for Lucid as a todo. someone will tackle it then18:49
ScottKProbably less imporant than Samba GUI/integration.18:49
JontheEchidnaone could always use google gadgets apart from plasma18:50
rgreeningthe integration blows outside plasma18:50
rgreening(or so I hear)18:50
* JontheEchidna has never tried18:50
rgreeninggoogle calander plasma applet crashes plasma here...18:56
rgreeninganyone else can confimr?18:56
JontheEchidnajust add it?18:57
rgreeningyeah. just adding crashes it18:58
JontheEchidnaworks for me (tm)18:59
JontheEchidnadoes plasma-desktop go down hard, or does the applet itself just throw a python error?19:00
rgreeninghard and wet19:02
* rgreening thinks that was prob too much19:02
Simedoes pulseaudio work yet?19:02
JontheEchidnastrange, scripted applets shouldn't make plasma crash unless it's a libplasma bug or some other nastiness occurs19:03
davmor2rgreening: do you need to integrate google gadgets don't you have enough of your own to play with :P19:03
ScottKCrash is always a bug.19:03
rgreeningits probably something messed up on my system19:04
rgreeningI'll have to try on another19:04
SimeI can imagine that there are times when a crashed applet can crash plasma too.19:06
markey(warning, the article is not very good)19:33
markeyjust stumbled upon it with google alerts19:33
Tm_Tmarkey: bah, bit too much hate for my taste, there's some points perhaps but, meh19:46
markeyyep, it's not a great article19:51
rgreeninghe's a kde3 lover, and not wanting to change...19:51
rgreeningthats all19:51
* Sput doesn't get why people like deprecated software19:58
SimeRiddell: desktop upgrade last night was a bit rough; laptop upgrade went a lot smoother although the openchrome driver isn't work correctly(!)20:32
Quintasanoh hi20:51
RiddellSime: what's openchrome?20:54
SimeRiddell: VIA chip gfx driver.20:55
Riddelloh, an obscure one20:55
RiddellSime: what happened with upgrade last night?20:55
SimeRiddell: looked like a few network problems are first; then it work; then kdesudo crashed and froze the upgrader.20:55
SimeRiddell: I killed the upgrader and told dpkg to configure all.20:56
SimeRiddell: and then manually fixed grub.20:56
Riddellhow's the announce text going?21:00
ScottKclaydoh: Got a link?21:00
* ScottK wants to work on it.21:00
claydohScottK: actually using a pencil and paper as I was away from the 'net, just getting the page set up atm21:01
ScottKclaydoh: How primative.  OK.  Ping me when ready please.21:02
* claydoh hates working at work instead of the important stuffs :)21:02
JontheEchidnawow, lotta people in #kubuntu21:18
Tm_Tis not!21:19
a|wenoh yeah, the channel is swarming21:20
JontheEchidnanice photo guide21:21
MamarokJontheEchidna: funny enough, a lot of people idle there and only start talking when somebody answers21:22
Mamarokthen suddenly you have 3 or 4 who want you to help at the same time21:22
Mamarokclaydoh: hi :)21:23
MamarokI have seen that your dear friend is back in the users ML...21:23
Mamarokactually, our dear friend21:23
claydohMamarok: hi i am finally popular after 43 years :)21:23
claydohMamarok: yes, one post i approved21:24
claydohharmless, attempting to be helpful, but incorrectly21:25
a|wenanyone know why we have been rebuilding i386 iso's like madmen today?21:25
claydohMamarok: no one seems to have responded or noticed him publicly21:25
Tm_Tclaydoh: who?21:26
dtchena|wen: last-minute ubiquity update21:26
dtchena|wen: updates* rather21:26
claydohTm_T: steven vollum21:26
Tm_Tclaydoh: ah, erm21:27
dtchen(thank goodness for zsync!)21:27
a|wendtchen: anything in particular to look for in that regard when testing?21:27
* a|wen still waits impatiently for i386 desktop21:27
dtchena|wen: well, ubiquity crashing or failing to complete; let me pull the bugs21:29
dtchena|wen: #462462, #46269221:29
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a|wendtchen: thx ... so nothing in particular to keep an eye on as long as it finishes21:32
dtchena|wen: well, those are the ones I know of; there may be more critical cases21:33
a|wenof course ... i'll keep my eyes open in general when testing21:35
claydohScottK: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/KarmicKoala/Final/Kubuntu21:56
claydohScottK: I seem to have , um, deleted an image KNE_u_i_300x175.jpeg21:57
Riddellthe first screenshot should be updated, that one still has the opensocial plasmoid and compositing is off22:02
Riddellan image of something social from the start would be nice22:02
Riddellthe packagekit image is old too, it doesn't list the packages now22:03
yuriywow really drilling home the technical preview bit huh22:04
claydohRiddell: yeah, working on some of that22:04
yuriy"Written by our very own elite Kubuntu developers, OpenOffice 3.1.1 introduces KDE integration" makse it sound like we wrote OO.o22:05
smarterand it should be KDE4 integration, since previous versions had KDE3 integration22:08
slacker_nllol @ topic22:27
shtylman++ @ topic :)22:29
ScottKWell shtylman brings the average up.  Compensates for my participation.22:31
shtylmanhaha... we still love you ScottK ;p22:33
shtylmanwhy is it so hard to get a wired network connection logo right?22:45
dtchenwe're all barbies, duh22:45
yuriyshtylman: indeed. this one is at least a little better than the disconnected one that was there before22:47
shtylmanthis one looks like a popsicle22:48
shtylmanwhen the computer rebooted from the update ... I was like... oh...what is this new logo22:49
shtylmansadly dissapointed when I discovered it was the network logo22:49
ScottKWell it's still better than using the same icon as disconnected.23:04
JontheEchidnayay, bug 458398 got fixed23:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 458398 in usplash "usplash does not start in "pulsate" mode" [Low,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45839823:05
Riddellclaydoh: are you making any more changes or should I move it to kubuntu.org?23:31
ScottKRiddell: Let me go throught it first, please.23:33
a|wenisn't the correct language-packs supposed to be installed, when you choose them in the installer?23:33
ScottKRiddell: The KNE image vanished and there's a "add image" comment further down.23:35
RiddellI wasn't planning on just a copy+paste, I'd actually review it too :)23:39
Blizzzhas someone screenshots (in englisch) of user date input in the installer? Or know what the text on the radion buttons at the bottom is? I'm doing up German Wiki and it happens that the strings are too long23:40
RiddellBlizzz: it asks if you want to use a password to login, login automatically or use a password to decrypt an encrypted home directory23:42
Riddellthose aren't the exact strings of course23:42
RiddellBlizzz: but that sounds like a bad bug, please do report it23:42
BlizzzRiddell: the meaning is enough, thanks. i will report it subsequently23:43
a|wenRiddell: should language packs be installed by ubiquity (when choosing languages not on the cd) or is update-notifier-kde responsible for that post-install?23:47
ScottKRiddell: I added some stuff on known issues.23:47
ScottKRiddell: I also added a spot to link to the official Ubuntu release notes for other issues.23:48
* ScottK is done.23:48
BlizzzRiddell: choosing the last option makes the home dir to be encrypted automatically, right?23:48
Riddella|wen: ubiquity should do that if there's an internet connection23:50
a|wenBlizzz: yes23:50
Blizzza|wen: ty23:50
a|wenRiddell: thx ... hmm, strange; didn't happen for danish, so trying some other language now23:51

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