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memenodeWake up.00:43
memenodeI'm kinda bummed by the fact that they polished GNOME-buntu so much it's tempting just looking at screenshots.. whereas in that respect kubuntu still feels kinda behind :S00:45
memenodeubuntu looks almost like OSX..00:45
Roeycomputers are frustrating00:46
RoeyI've been trying to install kubuntu on mine for the past two -days-.00:46
memenodewhat does it do?00:47
Roeyit doesn't load the raid drivers and then complains it can't find /00:47
Roeyand  no one seems to be able to help :P00:47
carpii_onboard raid ?00:47
memenodefewer people use raid :S00:48
Roeydm_raid1 driver.00:48
carpii_does gnome look much different from it did in 8.04?  The screenshots dont look polished much to me00:49
Roeyit's all pos ;)00:50
Roeykde >> gnome ;)00:50
carpii_well i use kde atm00:50
carpii_its not without its problems00:50
memenodecarpii_: well that's the nature of GNOME.. everything's incremental, but feels like careful perfecting..00:54
memenodemost notable in karmic is the tray area00:54
carpii_heh ok. just by what you said earlier, it sounded like it had had a sudden revamp on the gui00:54
memenodewith those gray small icons which make it look very clean00:54
memenodehonestly, I like KDE4 better in terms of functionality, and compared to KDE3.x it's much closer to GNOME in terms of polished look and ease..00:55
memenodebut I wish it would go even further :)00:55
carpii_i hate kde 4.x.  I had to go back to 3.500:56
memenodealso.. added effort and funding on the kubuntu project could help.. I don't think they spend as much effort on it as they do on gnome00:56
carpii_but im hoping to try it again, because that was a while ago00:56
memenodewhich did you try?00:56
carpii_it was 4.1 i think00:57
carpii_but ignoring the bugs, i just didnt like the whole plasma concept, and the vista-like start menu00:57
memenodeah, I think 4.3 is really the first one you could call solid..00:57
carpii_seemed like a step backwards to me :(00:57
memenodewell it can be switched to classic..00:57
carpii_hm, interesting00:58
carpii_i didnt know that00:58
carpii_oh, the start menu you mean00:58
carpii_rather than the plasma/desktop thing00:58
memenodeand plasma, well you can't turn it off as it's integral to it now, but you can configure it to make it more similar to KDE3 I think..00:59
carpii_ok, ill have another play with it00:59
memenodelike, putting folder view on the entire desktop so you have normal desktop icons00:59
carpii_yeah that was my main grumble00:59
carpii_i use my desktop as a graphical wiki/dumping ground ;D01:00
memenodewho doesn't :D01:00
carpii_heh well, ive seen windows laptops which are 2 year old and still only have the My Computer icon and nothing else ;D01:00
memenodetho I started kinda getting used to the folder view widget idea... it at least restraints all the icons to an area and lets you scroll then :)01:00
reagleBRKLN/j #kde01:04
memenodeWhy? Anything fun going on there?01:04
morecrowAmarok is kinda terrible. I have to fight with it just to add new files to my "local collection"01:26
morecrowAs far as linux programs go, its clunkyness is on par with iTunes, is there a better KDE player? I kinda miss Banshee at ths point01:27
morecrowway too much information and options and just shit spewed everywhere01:28
Roeyhey do I need the alternate disk to install to raid1 if I already have the partitions set up?01:29
majorjakeso will i get slapped for asking newb questions in here?01:39
RoeyDo I need the alternate disk to install to raid1 if I already have the partitions set up?01:39
majorjakeis it possible to setup an image to boot from USB but to use system memory for everything?01:42
JJman6has anyone setup a USB 3G modem in Kubuntu?01:49
JJman6can  anyone tell me how to get vendorid & productid of a device!  Is there a log or a cmd i can run?01:53
lordedenhas anyone gotten tinychat to work with usb webcams?01:59
geniiJJman6: lspci -nn02:17
JJman6for a USB device?02:18
genii(for pci devices)02:18
geniiJJman6: lsusb -v02:18
JJman6what if that device isn't mounting properly  ;-)02:18
geniilsusb/lspci doesn't know about mounting02:19
JJman6can i just output that -v info for a specific device.  the output is quite lengthy02:22
geniiJJman6: Not with that command02:23
JJman6genii,  I had a udev rule created to do some stuff for this USB 3G device.  and i think the rule was assigning the idVendor:idProduct (for a older model)  i tried removing that rule and reattaching my device and running the lsusb -v cmd to see if i can get an accurate id.  but to no    avail it seems to still be using hte rule02:31
JJman6How can i be sure that the output i'm now seeing is not being influenced by the rule or something else.02:32
vsrinathi have installed sun jdk 6, java plugin for firefox does not work02:45
rasstaranyone tried kubuntu netbook remix02:49
RoeyDo I need the alternate disk to install to raid1 if I already have the partitions set up?  I'm using Karmic 9.1003:11
vsrinathfirefox applet doesn't load03:12
Roeyseems like my kernel isn't loading raid drivers... grub times out and then dumps me to a busybox shell... I do ls /dev/md* and don't see anything there, so I can only assume that the raid drivers are not loaded.  Yet they are (dm_raid* is loaded according to modprobe).  Yet the kernel panics and decides it can't find / (which is on /de/vmd1)03:15
Roeywhat's going on here, anyone have an idea?03:17
Roeyhttp://pastebin.com/f6efcbf2c  <-- contains output of 'blkid' and contents of /boot/grub/grub.cfg03:17
jpedroza1Hello. Is there a way to have GTK apps use the font settings for KDE in 9.04?03:33
jpedroza1My fonts in Firefox, Thunderbird and Pidgin are really large for menys and window titles.03:33
aleksey_всем привет03:40
aleksey_кто сказет как называется прога, через которую можно запустить винду, типа вертуальная машина03:40
ubottuПожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke03:41
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gorgonzolahello. anyone knows when or if we will have plasma-network-manager back?03:46
Ninadhi guys03:55
JJmanNinad: if your using ubuntu you'll want to stick to the #ubuntu channel.   us lowely KDE ppl this channel is pretty dead03:59
Ninadactually i am Windows user04:00
NinadI am new to Linux04:00
Bwyardim sortof new too04:00
Bwyardjust started last friday04:00
NinadI want to learn it in order to get good job in my country bcos very few people know about Kubuntu04:00
Ninadin my country04:00
JJmanKubuntu  rox.  i love it.  I prefer it over Ubuntu personally.04:01
NinadIt is prevented from Viruses04:02
Ninadisnt it?04:02
Ninadcan we use .exe files in it?04:02
JJmanLinux is less prone then windows to virus attacks if thats what you mean.  but you can still get virus's04:02
Ninadyeah i know04:02
JJmannately no.  .exe files  are a Winblows (i mean windows) based extension.  But you can run some windows based programs through a linux tool called Wine04:03
Ninadbut very few viruses are meant for04:03
Ninadactually i ddint know about IRC04:04
Ninadi am new on irc also04:04
JJmanI'm playing poker through Wine right now  ;-)04:04
JJmancause they don't hav ea linux based client so i am forced to run the windows client in linux04:04
Ninadmy friend told me that  irc is a good channel through which i can solve my problems04:04
JJmanIt has its moments.  its kinda hit or miss04:05
JJmanBut yes overall it can be a great support tool.  I use it frequently for such04:05
JJmanBut when u get into more  advanced things it becomes harder to get help04:05
Ninadbut thanks to IRC i can solve my  problems whenever i get them04:06
JJmani wish that were true04:07
JJmanI'm stuck on a problem for days and days often even with the help of IRC04:07
Ninadwhat about your exp. with Linux04:07
Ninadu didnt get help from IRC?04:08
JJmanI am now04:09
JJmanOriginally i didn't04:09
JJmanall my early experience was learnt the hard way.04:09
Ninadyeah , Big Problems gives Sweet Fruits04:09
NinadJJMAN are you there?04:12
JJmanyes.  playing poker04:12
Ninadi would Like to tell you about my site04:13
NinadI have made04:13
JJmanuhh ok04:14
JJmanwhats that have to do with linux04:14
Ninadactually it is uploaded on Linux server04:15
Ninadleave it04:15
JJmani built many linux servers and websites04:15
Ninadit was nice chatting with YOU04:15
JJmanyea.  I'm a Web Dev.04:16
Ninadhow much it costs you?04:16
Ninadweb dev?04:16
Ninaddev means GOD?04:16
JJmanto build servers?  nothing  Linux is free04:16
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JJmanlol.  no04:16
JJmanWeb Developer04:16
Ninadin hindu dev means GOD04:17
Ninadu r a developer04:17
JJmansome dev's think they are gods04:17
Ninadthats nice04:17
JJmani c04:17
Ninadactually they are GODs of Servers04:17
JJmanYea,  PHP, MySQL, CSS & linux admin are my specialties04:18
Ninadhow do you get that?04:18
NinadI would love to specialize  in Linux04:18
JJmanuh school, practice i guess.  I'm not working for any companies right now.  I'm helping build 1 or 2 companies tho.04:19
JJmanso I'm poor  ;-)04:19
JJmanthe #ubuntu-server channel is helpful if your setting up server related stuff04:19
Ninadso nice of you04:20
NinadI am new to Linux04:20
Ninadhow do I start04:21
Ninadcan you guide me?04:21
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JJmanwell whats your experience04:21
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JJmani came from Windows (used to work for Microsoft actually 8-(04:21
JJmanbut i hate them now04:22
JJmanso i've completely switched over to Linux full time04:22
Ninadthey dont give us freedom04:22
JJmanHere's a good resource for you that i'd suggest.  Its been an invaluable learning tool for me in addition to IRC.04:23
Ninadwhere you from?04:23
Ninadwhich country?04:23
JJmaninstall miroTV   and there's a bunch of linux related podcast/screencasts you can watch learn from04:24
Ninadohh great04:24
Ninadlet me check04:24
JJmanI'm from the US.  but i'm living in the Philippines at the moment temporarily for a few months04:24
JJmanconsidering relocating over here because the cost of living os so much smalleer here.  and my women is here04:24
JJmanwoman (not women)  ;-)04:25
Ninadonly one woman04:26
JJmanin this country yes  ;-)04:26
JJmanu install MiroTV yet?04:27
Ninadhow manny you have04:27
Ninadi am searching for MiroTV04:27
JJmanits a secret  ;-)04:27
Ninadis it there in package installer?04:27
JJmanor u can do a sudo apt-get install miro from cmd line04:28
Ninadtell me the commands04:28
JJmanthat is the cmd04:29
JJmansudo apt-get install miro04:29
JJmanhaving lunch now be back shortly04:29
Ninadits not04:29
Ninadgetting miro package04:30
JJmando you know what the terminal is04:30
NinadI know04:30
Ninadwhere do we type commands to get output from them04:30
NinadIts Like DOS04:30
Ninadis Microsoft04:30
JJmanopen up your terminal04:31
Ninadyeah I did04:32
JJmanits a little different name then KDE's  which is what i use.  i forget04:32
JJmannow type:  sudo apt-get install miro04:32
Ninadubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo apt-get install miro04:33
NinadReading package lists... Done04:33
NinadBuilding dependency tree04:33
NinadReading state information... Done04:33
FloodBotK2Ninad: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:33
NinadE: Couldn't find package miro04:33
JJmanhmmm  i thought it was part of repo's  i'm sure it is tahts how i installed it.04:34
JJmanopen your synaptics package manager and search for 'miro'04:34
Ninadi have done04:35
Ninadi didnt get anything04:35
FloodBotK2Ninad: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:35
docgnomeI'm trying to install the nvidia driver via the hardware drivers app but when i select it and click activate nothing happens04:35
JJmanwhat version u using04:35
Ninadubuntu 9.0404:36
JJmanok i guess you'll have to DL it from their site:  http://www.getmiro.com/download/04:37
Ninadlet me see it04:38
JJmanok my bad i guess i added it to the repo's thats why i had it already04:38
JJmanthe instructions on their dl page will tell u how to install it04:38
docgnomeany ideas what i can try to get this thing workin? it's broken for me in both 9.04 and 9.1004:43
JJmanits probably going to stay broken since i don't know what a 'thing' is04:43
docgnomeJJman: the driver install app04:45
docgnomejust does nothing when i try to activate the nvidia driver i need04:45
JJmannever used it.  so i can't help04:45
NinadOhh jjman04:46
Ninadi am not getting it04:46
NinadI ddi whatever the instructions told me to do04:46
JJmanNinad:  can u be more specific.  what was the problem.  what errors are u having04:47
Ninadlet me tell04:48
NinadOpen Synaptic Package Manager04:49
NinadOpen the repositories window04:49
FloodBotK2Ninad: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:49
NinadSelect the "Third Party" tab, then click the add button04:49
JJmanYou can't paste a bunch of lines in here.  u need to use pastebin.com  or something.  the floodbot will kick u04:49
JJmanjust pm me it'll be easier that way04:50
NinadI am not getting add source button04:51
docgnomeok well how do i "activate" the nvidia driver after installing it from apt? i understand that touching the xorg.conf in ubuntu is a cardinal sin04:52
JJmansays who04:52
JJmani touch it all the time04:53
nevyndocgnome: it should justwork[TM]04:53
docgnomethat's just what i've been told04:53
docgnomenevyn: yeah so i'm told. problem is that's a load of crap -_-04:53
JJmansometimes u need to edit it to do what u want04:53
docgnomenevyn: it might "just work" if the stupid jocky-kde panel thing worked04:53
Ninadhey jjman04:54
Ninadcan you give me ur ID?04:54
docgnomeJJman: yeah i'm trying to avoid doing anything that would cause breakage for another user. i understood that messing with xorg.conf can/will break all the display related configs04:54
NinadI will ask you as soon as i get difficulties04:54
JJmandocgnome: thats why youalways make a backup copy or it before you make any changes!  Rule #104:55
JJmanback it up04:55
docgnomeugh. gee thanks.04:56
JJmanRule #2 :  back it up again04:56
efirminohello peoples05:00
docgnomeis there a way to generate an xorg.conf. i don't appear to have one05:09
JJmanXorg -configure05:12
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wtdocgnome: you shouldn't need one05:18
wtdocgnome: unless something is wrong05:18
docgnomewt: so everyone says05:19
docgnomebut i can't activate the nvidia driver05:19
wtoh...yeah, you might need it for that05:20
wtI don't know anything about nvidia05:20
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wtI don't buy their products05:20
postfuturistHas anyone else noticed how 'screen' in Kubuntu has a bunch of stuff at the bottom of the screen that doesn't exist in regular Ubuntu?05:21
wtno, I have my own screen config05:22
wtI have the tabs showing on the bottom05:22
docgnomeit's not my ox05:23
docgnomeit's someone elses that im trying to crap kubuntu onto05:23
wt"crap kubuntu onto"?05:23
wtIs that a really offensive way to say "install"?05:24
docgnomenot crap05:24
FloodBotK2docgnome: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:24
docgnomeFloodBotK2: bite me05:24
docgnomehow do i kill x so that it won't come back up again05:24
docgnomei need to take it down to i can use Xorg -configure05:25
wtdocgnome: you use kubuntu?05:25
docgnomeon this box yeah05:25
wtservice kdm stop05:25
wtas root05:25
wtI doubt hat X -configure will work without post editing for nVidia05:26
postfuturistnothing shows up for 'screen' in regular Ubuntu, no tabs or anything05:26
wtpostfuturist: I have mine configured to do so05:26
docgnomeyeah it has nvidia in there already05:27
wthardstatus alwayslastline '%{= bw}%-w%{= bR}[%n %t]%{= bw}%+w'05:27
wtthat's the import part of my screen config05:27
wtWhat does emr mean?05:37
eatThisAndDieguys how do i see what version of the target package will be installed?05:55
eatThisAndDiei was told that apt-show-version can be used for this,05:55
eatThisAndDiebut i have no idea hwo that wors05:55
jussi01eatThisAndDie: apt-cache policy <package>06:11
eatThisAndDiejussi, how would i select a particular version to install then?06:16
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jussi01CheapSexAndBooze: please change your nick to something family friendly. thanks07:02
CheapSexAndBoozeis that why nobody will talk to me07:02
jussi01CheapSexAndBooze: If you dont, I need to remove you from the channel, so please do it :)07:03
wtjussi01: thank you07:03
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kniggitthere you fucking happy07:04
kniggitwhy will nobody talk to me07:04
jussi01!language | kniggit07:05
ubottukniggit: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.07:05
jussi01kniggit: I am talking to you...07:05
kniggitwhats wrong with sex and booze of the cheap variety07:06
wtWhat is up with people tonight?07:06
jussi01!o4o | kniggit07:07
ubottukniggit: Some topics are controversial and often end in negativity. Take care on subjects like war, race, religion, politics, gender, sexuality, drugs, potentially illegal activities and suicide. The topics are not banned; stating your position is ok, but trolling, baiting, hostility or repetition are not. If you are asked to stop, do so politely. Disputes to !appeals, please adhere to !Freenode Policy and the !CodeOfConduct07:07
kniggitwhat the *uck07:07
wtjussi01: thank you07:08
wtwhat is with people?07:08
wtDo they really have nothing better to do?07:08
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lun4ticDoes anyone know a KDE client or Kioslave for the mercurial version controll system?07:25
lun4ticgoogle only found some gnome stuff07:25
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wtI'm about to head to bed...Do you have a quick one?07:41
lukyes please07:41
wtmake it quick...it's almost 01:00 here. :)07:41
luki would to know if i install windows xp in a virtualmachine, and i'll install scanner driver, the scanner will work?07:42
wtthat probably depends on the emulation software07:43
wtI can say that I don't know07:43
luki'm using virtualbox3.007:43
lukah ok thanks :)07:43
wtIf it's a USB scanner, the virtualbox would have to support the gues OS binding to the USB device....or it would have to support an emulated scanner07:44
wtI would think that option 1 is more likely07:44
wtanywho, g'nite07:44
lukgood night :)07:45
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rethushi there. I wan't to change from suse to kubuntu. I'm not shiure, should i use 64bit, or 32bit? And is a migration from suse 32bit different as a normal migration to kubuntu?08:06
rethusnot many traffic here for 253 users08:15
dmattrethus: 64 is ok and supports more than 3GB RAM by default, what do you want to migrate?08:17
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rethusmy kdee 4.1.2 data08:17
rethusso, maybe i upgrad before to 4.2 and than migrate08:18
dmattyou will have 4.3.2 in karmic which is going to be released today08:18
rethusdmatt, yes, i will have it, but first, i wan't to upgrade till newest version that suse let me do... cause suse not realy everytime up-to-date08:20
dmattrethus: thats major differenece to 4.1.x, kde setting probably won't be compatible across major upgrades08:20
rethushow did i upgrade in best way?08:21
dmattrethus: maybe try it on testing partition first... backup old home, install karmic, than copy data from old home and setup KDE the way you like it from scrqatch08:22
dmattrethus: data I mean documents 'n stuff, not KDE settings08:23
rethuswhats karmic? New realease? I have some days before loaded 9.04 jaunty08:23
macoyes its coming out thursday08:23
rethusbut is this stable?08:23
rethusi'm not living on the edge08:23
dmattkubuntu 9.10 is about to be released08:24
macoyep yep new stable release thursday08:24
rethus:) nice thing08:24
macothey're making the cd images now08:24
macomy roommate just tested a handful08:24
dmattrethus: if not, better go for jaunty, it is much more ironed and you can still upgrade from 4.2 to 4.3, just check kubuntu.org for instructions08:25
rethusyes, thats one big reason, i change to kubuntu... the nice clean dist-upgrade08:25
rethusdebian-like, but newer repos as debian08:26
dmattrethus: test liveCD first to insure your hw is compatible08:26
rethusi have no exotic hardware08:26
rethusbut thanks for this hint, i'll try it08:26
dmattrethus: i am not sure it always be nice clean dist-upgrade, if you stay with official repos it should work reasonably well08:28
bigbrovaranyone experiencing this bug on karmic? https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/447844 inability to use more than one sound device at a time08:29
rethusdmatt: so thanks for your tipps. I have a old P3 here, so i'll try to make a copy to this machine, and want to test the migration. If i know how, i will upgrade my real-system08:31
rethusdmatt: but agani, what should i use? 64bit or 32bit08:32
rethusare there differents in filesystem (now i have ext3, maybe want migrate to ext4)08:32
dmattrethus: what is the target syste,?08:32
rethusis ext3 32bit and ext3 64bit the same?08:32
rethustarget i wan't to use the new ext408:32
rethusand target ist kubuntu jaunty08:33
dmattrethus: ext3 or ext4 has actually nothing to do with 32 or 6408:33
rethusmeans the bit are only the handling of cpu?08:33
dmattrethus: I mean specs of target system, because you cannot put 64 on P308:33
rethusdmatt: jes, i know. Its an old machine... there i only want to test the migration from kde suse to kde kubuntu08:34
rethusor does the config-files of 32 and 64 different?08:34
rethusi think not?!08:34
dmattrethus: i don't think so, should be same08:35
rethusbut what the realy plus for 64bit ?08:35
rethusmy machine iss amd 64 3000+08:36
dmattrethus: some multimedia stuff runs faster08:36
rethus"not" x208:36
kzcYop all08:37
dmattrethus: http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=616&num=108:38
dmattrethus: 64 does >3GB of memory with standard kernel08:39
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rethusbut seems the differences are not so big08:41
rethusdoes all software on linux able at 64bit?08:41
rethusor more on 32bit?08:41
dmattrethus: everything should be fine, it has much improved last 2-3 years08:42
dmattrethus: i'm always installing 64, if possible08:42
rethusi've read, ther are 64 bit filesystems out there... which one would it be for linux08:49
dmattrethus: don't know, ext4 is fairly new and advanced08:51
rethusok, thanks08:53
robinp_i just read that NTFS is actually a 64-bit file system, so I wouldn't be surprised if some of the *nix ones are 64 already anyhow08:55
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Yunquebuenos dias09:19
dobrikak ste09:33
fire_con anyone help me?10:17
awayguy_so android works on htc touch?10:18
danisahnehi all10:20
danisahnei just use debian atm and want to upgrade to kubuntu10:21
danisahnei have an envy24ht soundcard using optical output10:21
danisahnei just only got it working with oss10:21
danisahnenot with alsa10:21
danisahneis it possible? sb. has experience?10:22
danisahnei just tested it with the kubuntu and ubuntu live cd with the ubuntu one it works with the digital output with kubuntu not10:24
danisahnebut normally it has to work without a problem or?10:24
danisahnethat should work i think10:25
danisahneno one has ever used digital output with kubuntu?10:25
Jimbo717I'm trying out the Kubuntu RC (I'm a Gnome user usually), I've installed several new wallpapers using the "Get new wallpapers" function, but I have no idea where the pictures have been saved. They don't appear to be in usr/share/wallpaper which seems to be the default folder for wallpapers. Am I being an idiot here or is this install wallpaper feature supposed to hide the pictures from me as part of a sadistic test.10:25
Jimbo717arg paste fail10:25
danisahnetry kvirc10:25
h5any1 got an idea why amarok is playing mp3s from /home but no audio on the other hdd's ?10:26
danisahnethe best iu think10:26
danisahneh5: kde3 or kde4?10:26
danisahnewill have a look one second10:27
danisahnei dont know if its possible to have your collection on different folders10:28
danisahnei just can add one10:28
h5noo ,..just drag&drop from dolphin10:28
danisahneah ok sry but never used :/10:29
h5but collection on different folders should also work10:29
danisahneyes work :)10:30
danisahneanybody has digital output running?10:31
danisahneor is the use of a .asoundrc a problem?10:32
danisahneperhaps the person who could help me is sleeping ;)10:33
dmattdanisahne: do you have any errors or something? how does it "not work"?10:40
dmattdanisahne: (i do not have digital output, it is just strange it doesn't work only in kubuntu)... tried to change sound settings?10:40
danisahneyes but cant change the sound device order10:41
danisahneunder settings->multimedia10:41
danisahneno button or to stupid to find :)10:43
dmattjust choose one and on the bottom there are prefer, defer and test buttons (at least in jaunty)10:44
danisahneill be back :)10:45
=== devnull is now known as Guest23584
danisahne_dmatt: back just swithed on laptop so i can try out on my ws11:07
=== Bou is now known as Bou_lunch
ewoernerare there any ppa packages for qt 4.6?11:26
delightqt 4.6 will be used in kde4.4 as far as I know11:26
ewoerneryeah, i know11:28
ewoerneri need qt packages for development11:28
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network). If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »11:34
andreahoj, mohl by mi nekdo poradit, proc kdyz dam alt-tab a chci vyvolat jedno z oken, tak to musim potvrdit klikem (kdysi mi stacilo pustit alt-tab s mysi nad tim oknem)?11:39
dmattdanisahne_: i'm back to computer too11:48
delightI have a little prob with the battery-plasmoid not beeing able to adjust the brightness of the screen since karmic ... on jaunty with kde 4.3.2 it was working good ... what package is this plasmoid in ? I would like to fill a bug about it11:48
dmattewoerner: ask in #kubuntu-devel11:49
delightdmatt: thnx11:49
dmattdelight: my answer was to ewoerner question11:50
delighti see11:50
dmattdelight: concernign your problem, i'm not sure it is actualy plasmoid problem11:50
delightno i just wanted to know what the package name is so i can fill a bug about it (of course with my configuration etc.)11:51
dmattdelight: sorry but i don't know which package it should be11:52
ewoernerdmatt: thanks, will do11:53
delightdmatt: thank you anyways ... i will try to find out what the package is that contains the battery-monitor-plasmoid11:53
Luggageanyone use the program OpenFTD?11:59
Tm_TLuggage: not me, why asking?12:00
Luggagejust thought i'd throw it out there maybe get lucky and find someone online live with same experience as me to help me out ;)12:06
Luggagewhile surfing forums looking for help :)12:07
Tm_TLuggage: what's the problem? someone might know how to help anyway12:08
Tm_T!someone | Luggage12:08
ubottuLuggage: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?12:08
Luggageit installed gnome stuff as a dependency and on next start it booted gnome desktop instead of kubuntu desktop, got kubuntu desktop back normally by choosing kde in login screen but would like to rid the gnome files it installed, gnome-desktop doesnt appear installed in synaptic so I'm not sure how to clean out the files safely (very new to linux)12:08
Luggagebecause im thinking maybe some openftd specific knowledge might be required ? :)12:09
ubottuIf you want to remove all !Gnome packages and have a default !Kubuntu system follow the instructions here « https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PureKDE »12:09
* Luggage follows link12:10
Tm_TLuggage: not in that issue, no12:10
Luggagethanks ubottu12:10
Luggageis it just me or is the linux community much more friendly and responsive (and willing to just talk) ?12:10
Tm_TLuggage: well, atleast in Ubuntu community it's main point to help each other in best way we can, I think12:11
Luggagewell going to check out the link :)12:11
LuggageI noticed other "support" communities and such being very unfriendly, no negative experience yet dealing with linux though, very nice :)12:12
Luggage(im only 2 days old in linux terms, apart from using a backtrack live cd as a tool fixing pc's)12:13
Luggage-.- okay blind, can just check exactly what openftd supposedly depends on checking the history window of synaptic12:24
newbieI  m new to ubuntu, I have installed kubuntu 6.06 on my PC and want to upgrade it to the latest but when i run command #apt-get dist-upgrade  nothing happens12:30
newbieany solution ???12:31
jussi01newbie: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HardyUpgrades12:32
Luggagedon you need to use super user for apt-get sudo apt-get dist-upgrade?12:33
Tm_TLuggage: sudo does the trick12:33
Luggagesorry just a noob but trying to help anyways :)12:34
Tm_TLuggage: heh, it wasn't that simple this time in newbies case12:34
Luggagecan you save a dependency tree of an app to a file somehow? to cross check with what got installed the day i installed openftd (installing lots and checking stuff out)12:36
newbieActually i m using KUBUNTU no ubunut and that link was for ubuntu not kubuntu12:36
jussi01newbie: there are commanline bits in there if you need it12:36
Luggageopenftd was a mistake feels like one of those "free" windows apps that come bloated with toolbar this browser app that.12:36
newbiejussi01: i used #apt-get dist-upgrade but was unable to upgrade my OS12:37
jussi01newbie: thats incorrect. theres a kubuntu bit just under the ubuntu part.12:37
jussi01newbie: please read the whole page until you get to the kubuntu upgrade part12:37
jussi01Luggage: whats the package name do you know?12:39
* jussi01 is trying to figure out what openftd is12:39
Luggageopenftd but you need to add the openftd repository12:39
Luggageopenftd is an interface to check out the (windows) ftd database on linux12:40
Luggageit's a dutch community about usenet12:40
jussi01Luggage: in any case: "apt-cache depends <packagename>" (no sudo) should do it.12:40
Luggagethey list what gets posted on usenet, comment if its virus free etc.12:40
Luggagea pirate bay-ish thing but for usenet sorta lol :)12:41
Luggageftd on windows is quite good but openftd irks me, maybe if I wasn so new to linux, but it installed a browser, mail client etc as dependencies and that reminds me of the type of windows apps that come loaded with toolbars and crap12:43
Luggageand thanks for the apt-get answer :)12:43
jussi01Luggage: which browser?12:43
Luggagelet me check I think it needs it to use its rendering engine in the app (the data is presented with html inside the app)12:45
Luggageevolution mail client12:46
Luggagedidn ask for either specifically12:47
Luggagenautilus gnomeś file manager12:47
=== radek is now known as Guest44420
Luggagethink im better off removing openftd + dependencies ? autoremove was it?12:48
noaXesshi all12:48
Luggagehello noaxess12:48
noaXesshow can i enable dual monitor settings over system settings?12:48
Luggageno clue :)12:49
Luggagekickoff -> computer -> settings -> display?12:50
Luggagehang around someone will surely be able to help, just not me *blush*12:50
noaXessLuggage: that i have found.. but there is no option for multiple monitors.. but my test notebook has a external vga.. hm..12:54
Luggageim just new to linux myself.12:54
Luggageyou will probably need to do some command line work and for that I can not really help much yet12:55
noaXessok.. so.. if i can help you :)12:55
Bou_lunchnoaXess: what brand is your graphic card?12:55
=== Bou_lunch is now known as Bou
noaXessBou: 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS] 661/741/760 PCI/AGP or 662/761Gx PCIE VGA Display Adapter12:56
Boui'll be no help then, sorry :)12:56
noaXessBou: i think it's just an external connector.. not really xinerama or twinview conpatible.. old acer notebook12:57
BounoaXess: though, i have a multiple monitors entrance in the display settings12:57
noaXessif i start the notebook with connected external monitor then only the external comes up12:57
Luggagenoaxess: just googling a bit http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-488185.html12:57
Luggagedunno what exactly the problem is but the ubuntu forums are great12:57
Luggageabout dual monitor support http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=221174 worth checking out perhaps12:59
BluesKajG'Day all13:00
Luggagehi blue13:00
BluesKajhi Luggage13:01
noaXesshi BluesKaj.. was up? t'day13:03
newbieWhen i open adept manager full upgrade and safe upgrade options are disabled13:05
BluesKajhey noaXess, not much so far , jut having my morning coffee..how about you ?13:05
noaXessBluesKaj: how.. morning coffeee, long time ago :).. it's 14:00; 2:00 pm here :)13:06
noaXessso .. need noon coffee..13:06
BluesKajnewbie, try the konsole , sudo aptitude update , then sudo aptitude safe-upgrade13:06
Luggageif I installed an app with a lot of dependencies (inc a lot of stuff I really didn ask for, (browser, mail client, gnome desktop.....) and want to remove it and all the dependencies it installed $sudo apt-get autoremove [package] is the way to do it?13:08
BluesKajnoaXess, it's 9:08 AM here in Ontario Canada13:08
BluesKajhi kaddy13:08
newbieBluesKaj: got that, actually all the repositories were disabled now enabled them . .13:09
newbieworking :)13:09
noaXessBluesKaj: so.. then another day working on os systems :)13:09
BluesKajnewbie, yeah , that helps :)13:09
laboratorioGood morning13:10
BluesKajnoaXess, well , linux/kubuntu is like a hobby for me ..I'm retired so I work for wifey now :)13:11
BluesKajgood morning laboratorio13:11
noaXesshey laboratorio13:12
noaXessBluesKaj: wifey?13:12
BluesKajyeah wifey=wife , she's the boss :)13:12
laboratorioI dont speak inglish13:13
laboratorioVous parlez français?13:13
laboratorioOu portugues?13:13
Luggageno et no :(13:13
BluesKaj!fr | laboratorio13:13
ubottulaboratorio: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr13:13
BluesKaj!pt | laboratorio13:14
ubottulaboratorio: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.13:14
=== basti2 is now known as basti
dmattnoaXess: still interested in dual monitors?13:18
noaXessdmatt: yes.. but it works now :)13:18
noaXessnever used it on that old acer notebook.. and now it work..13:18
dmattnoaXess: lucky day for you, isn't it?13:19
alfierehi to all13:19
noaXessdmatt: jep.. :)13:20
KingOfDos|lapey dudes13:29
KingOfDos|lapgo fix mplayer13:29
KingOfDos|lapResolving for AF_INET6...13:29
KingOfDos|lapCouldn't resolve name for AF_INET6:
KingOfDos|lapConnecting to server[]: 80...13:29
FloodBotK2KingOfDos|lap: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.13:29
KingOfDos|lapWTF is the thing doing with AF_INET6?13:29
KingOfDos|lapit's an freaking IPv4 host13:29
PiciKingOfDos|lap: Please calm down.13:29
PiciKingOfDos|lap: If you think this is a bug then it should be logged into launchpad.13:30
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs - Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots13:30
KingOfDos|lapi've got no clue if it's an bug13:30
KingOfDos|lapi'm not an developer13:30
KingOfDos|lapso won't care ;)13:30
KingOfDos|lap</user perspective>13:34
KingOfDos|lapit's that i've got an launchpad acc, but still13:34
KingOfDos|lapmplayer is always crappy, the same as flash13:34
KingOfDos|lapso why should i report bugs? because everybody knows that it's crap?13:35
PiciKingOfDos|lap: Thats a very poor attitude to take. If no one reports an issue, how would the developers know that the issue exists?13:36
=== KingOfDos|lap is now known as KingOfDos
KingOfDosPici: i'd understand that. because i'm an webdeveloper. but i'd try to say that not everybody knows how that things work ;)13:37
KingOfDosbut it's also an poor attitude of the linux community, to think "always" that someone has the knowledge to submit an bug13:38
KingOfDosand i'm saying that from an general user viewpoint, not my own viewpoint (because i've got some clue left in my brains) ;)13:38
Luggagewith consumers it's usually the complaining that tells support there is a bug, they ask error code, you give error code, they know where to look for it. no knowledge by user required (commercial company anyway, used to work for ms support)13:39
KingOfDosindeed, but with the linux community. most people expect that everyone is an developer13:41
PiciKingOfDos: I made an assumption since you came in here with what looks like output from debugging the problem.13:41
=== dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk
KingOfDosPici: i know a bit howto debug stuff. but i was talkin in "general" linux ;)13:42
KingOfDosin my case i'd just can drop it into launchpad13:42
Luggageso im guessing there is no way of easily and neatly retroactively removing an app and its zillion dependencies if you didn install it with aptitude? damned lol13:43
dmattLuggage: remove the package and then remove dependencies with sudo apt-get autoremove13:45
noaXessok... what is preffered app for playing a swf file?..13:47
Luggagewhat i thought untill i was reading some forum posts bout problems with autoremove, scared me off :)13:50
Luggagealready had to install kubuntu twice in the past 2 days since i got it due to botching up trying to get nvidia drivers running lol13:50
Luggagein websites?13:50
Luggagei get the flash plugin from adobe for mozilla browsers through apt-get13:51
Luggageadobe is the comany who makes flash since they bought macromedia so i prefer their plugin13:52
Luggagepackage name is flashplugin-installer if you use netscape or mozilla browsers (firefox e.g.)13:53
lem__hi...I downloaded the13:53
lem__I downloaded de RC13:53
lem__will i be able to fully upgrade by means of the updates?13:54
Luggagequestion on my mind is why you didnt wait 1 more day and just get karmic then :)13:55
lem__i just culdn't13:55
Luggagebut yes think so, judging by the guides on ubuntu forums and such on how to upgrade the previous versions to this one e.g.13:55
Luggage(this one, mine being the last final jaunty i believe?)13:56
Luggagesorry new to this myself13:56
lem__I downloaded the netbook remix13:56
lem__it's wonderfull13:56
Luggagewell if you mean updating to karmic koala, karmic koala isn out yet today13:57
Luggage1 day left to release accoring to kubuntu.org13:57
Luggageso thats why you cant update to it yet13:57
Luggageam i making any sense? lol :) im really not sure :p13:57
Tm_Tlem__: yes RC will update nicely13:58
Tm_Tor, atleast should13:58
laboratorioHo yes13:59
=== me is now known as Guest56719
lem__no I meant i dow:)14:00
lem__the netbook remix works fine14:00
lem__execpt for the widgets14:00
lem__sometimes they have a life of their own14:00
FloodBotK2lem__: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.14:00
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=== dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates
dobrinqkoi ot bulgaria ima li?14:27
pavelludiqaz sum bg14:32
michoteHi I'm new to KDE and on Kamic RC. Is there any chance in Kmail to put the signature into a template? E.g.: Forwarded...Signature %QOUTE14:37
dobrime 214:38
noaXessare there other tools to play a swf file? i tried gnash.. it works.. but is alpha.. vlc won't.. yes, firefox do it.. but.. :)14:38
ubottuKarmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic is still NOT stable and MAY break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1 - Await the release in #ubuntu-release-party14:38
michoteI know. I'm not new to Ubuntu! Just to KDE.14:39
ubottuOfficial channel logs can be found at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ - For LoCo channels, http://logs.ubuntu-eu.org/freenode/14:41
michoteI found nothing about this. I can put the signature above or under the template in kmail but I really like the %CURSER Tag and Yould like to use it above my signature. Any help?14:42
=== ChanServ changed the topic of #kubuntu to: Official Kubuntu support | Karmic support in #ubuntu+1 only, RC out: http://www.kubuntu.org/news/9.10-rc | Pre-order Karmic Koala CDs: https://shipit.kubuntu.org/ | FAQ: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/FAQ | KDE 4.3.2 backports PPA http://www.kubuntu.org/new/kde-4.3.2 | Pastes: http://paste.ubuntu.com | Chat in #kubuntu-offtopic | Please respect the Ubuntu IRC guidelines: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/IrcGuidelines | Await Karmic's ...
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=== ChanServ changed the topic of #kubuntu to: Official Kubuntu support | Karmic support in #ubuntu+1 only, RC out: http://www.kubuntu.org/news/9.10-rc | Pre-order Karmic Koala CDs: https://shipit.kubuntu.org/ | FAQ: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/FAQ | KDE 4.3.2 backports PPA http://www.kubuntu.org/new/kde-4.3.2 | Pastes: http://paste.ubuntu.com | Chat in #kubuntu-offtopic | IRC guidelines: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/IrcGuidelines | Party in #ubuntu-release-party
alfieresomeone of italy?14:53
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)14:53
ubottuDaca doriti ajutor sau doriti sa discutati despre Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Xubuntu, intrati pe #ubuntu-ro14:57
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ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about swf15:22
ubottuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash15:22
ubottuAn open source flash replacement.  It is still beta software. For current status or for more info http://www.gnu.org/software/gnash/15:22
noaXessdoes anybody know another tool then gnash to play a swf file?15:24
sfearsis there an official channel for 9.10?15:25
noaXessBluesKaj: vlc won't play a swf..15:25
BluesKajyes ubuntu+115:26
noaXesshave vlc 1.0.2 and it won't :(15:26
BluesKajnoaXess, odd, flash plays on my setup15:26
tennisI installed xubuntu and everything works great except that the fan will not stop running.  This does not occur when I operate XP.  I have researced the forums and noticed others with the same problem but yet a solution was not provided.  I am brand new to Linux (2 Days) so please don't blow me away here.  Thanks for your help.15:26
noaXessBluesKaj: hm.. with vlc? special lib installed?15:26
=== subito is now known as babalu
BluesKajnoaXess, got a URL or link so i can verify ?15:27
noaXessBluesKaj: ok.. wait15:28
BluesKajtennis, open system settings / advanced /desktop search , and uncheck nepomuk semantic desktop...it's a bug , but i haven't reported it.15:30
Shockratesi would like to open systemsettings->aboutme as a admin using the konsole15:32
Shockrateswhat command do i need15:32
Shockrates(opening a gui i mean)15:32
noaXessBluesKaj: got it?15:32
noaXessBluesKaj: in firefox it works.. but want run it with a layer.. in vlc it won't in gnash i can't hide the menubar15:33
BluesKajnoaXess, hang on , I15:34
BluesKajI'm doing a wget15:35
ugurhi all how will i be able to upgrade my kubuntu jaunty to kubuntu karmic tomorrow?15:35
=== Aranel_ is now known as Aranel
BluesKajnoaXess, hmm, won't play here either ...seems odd to me15:37
tennisblueskaj - where do i find the systems settings in order to uncheck nepomuk, etc.?  Peace!15:39
noaXessBluesKaj: so.. :) what?15:40
BluesKajugur, best is to use update mangaer , launch : update-manager -d in the terminal15:40
BluesKajtennis, look in the kmenu15:41
ugurit is not installed should i install it?15:41
Shockrateskde doesnt support gksudo command?15:41
PiciBluesKaj: Thats *only* to upgrade to the development release. -d should not be used otherweise.15:41
BluesKajugur, yes install it15:41
uguruse kdesudo instead15:42
ShockratesThe program 'gksudo' is currently not installed.  You can install it by typing:15:42
Shockratessudo apt-get install gksu15:42
Shockratesok how can i open system settings --> about me?15:43
BluesKajPici, oops sorry sudo update-manager in the terminal or kdesudo update-manager in the run box15:43
Shockrateskdesudo ....15:43
tennisBluesKaj - I'm 2 days into this so bare w/me.  where is the kmenu15:43
BluesKajShockrates, this is kde /kubuntu15:44
Shockratesi use kubuntu15:44
uguryes i think i shouldn't install some unKDE application just to upgrade15:44
Shockratesi need to open this gui  (system settings ->about me) using the kdesudo command in terminal15:44
BluesKajgksu is for gnome desktop users  kde uses kdesudo15:44
Shockratesi didnt know15:45
Shockratesok kdesudo and then what? whats the name of the gui (about me)15:45
Shockratesor system settings15:45
Shockratesin general15:45
BluesKajtennis , do you see a stylized blue "K"  icon , prolly on the left hand side of your panel15:46
PiciShouldn't those tools prompt you for root access if they need to change things that your user doesnt have access to?15:46
ugurThere is an option called dist-upgrade in apt-get command | Will it work tomorrow so that i upgrade my jaunty to karmic without any problem?15:46
BluesKajtennis, it's where the start button is in windows15:47
Piciugur: No. dist-upgrade is not for installing new releases.15:47
Shockratescan someone tell me15:47
Shockrateshow to open system settings gui from konsole15:47
tennisBluesKay - no i do not see a K icon15:48
ugurPici: Also there is an option upgrade which one should i use?15:48
BouShockrates: systemsettings15:48
Bouin one word15:48
babaluis it possible to upgrade from kubuntu 9.04 32bit to kubuntu 9.10 64bit?15:49
ShockratesBou: ok if i want to open about me directly via konsole?15:50
Shockratesi type what15:50
sfears_i've downloaded rss-glx but the screen savers are not showing up in the desktop/screen saver system settings panel... does anyone have an idea how to load them?15:50
Piciugur: I believe its update-notifier-kde -c15:50
sfears_update-notifier-kde -d updates to karmic15:51
BouShockrates: not sure you can achieve this from command line easily15:51
Shockratesok thanks Bou15:52
ugurPici: it is still the same update notifier which tells of packages only15:53
Piciugur: Well its not released yet, so its not going to offer an upgrade yet.15:54
ugurPici: i see thanks. I will try it tomorrow then15:55
tennisI just installed x does anyone know where i locate system settings15:55
tennisI wrote that wrong... where is system settings for xubuntu15:58
BluesKajnoaXess, you can also convert swfs to avis using: ffmpeg -i file.swf file.avi with the name of your file substituted for file.16:00
noaXessBluesKaj: i tried but get this: [swf @ 0x9ec5ac0]Compressed SWF format not supported16:02
noaXessbergsee.swf: I/O error occurred16:02
noaXessUsually that means that input file is truncated and/or corrupted.16:02
BluesKajnoaXess, install libswfdec-0.8-016:04
bigbrovaron !kubuntu  #karmic  its either i make a skype call or listen to music i cant do both at the same time. Hope this is fixed b4 final release16:04
bigbrovarbigbrovar  - 3 mins ago - choqoK16:04
Picibigbrovar: karmic support is still in #ubuntu+1 until it is released.16:04
bigbrovaropps :d16:04
noaXessBluesKaj: same error after installing libswfdec-0.8-016:05
bigbrovaron kubuntu  karmic  its either i make a skype call or listen to music i cant do both at the same time. Hope this is fixed b4 final release16:05
bigbrovardamn! tabs on konversation that was meant for ubuntu+1 sorry guys16:06
BluesKajnoaXess, yeah ..strange16:07
noaXessBluesKaj: same problem if you try ffmpeg?16:07
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Vollmondcan someone help me with a problem with Amarok?16:31
dfreyVollmond: What is the problem?16:32
tennishas anyone ever had an issue with their fan running constantly with Kubuntu?  w/ XP the fan works fine.  any ideas here?16:32
VollmondI added an album to my library. Worked without any problem. But after I listened a few times to it and closed Amarok the album wasn't there anymore. Not completly. There only was one song of it in Amarok Library, even though the files haven't been moved or deleted. When I delete the folder and the files, rip the album again and put it into the directory it's shown again in Amarok. But again after some time only one song is shown in Amarok16:36
Vollmond.Tried this a few times, but it's always the same: listening to the album, closing Amarok and the album isn't shown in Amarok anymore.16:36
VollmondI've got this problem only with one single album. Every other album works without any kind of problem.16:37
ubottumedibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org16:37
VollmondSo this is a bit weirred..16:37
Vollmondwon't help I think. Every other album works fine even though it's ripped in the same format and even with the same software16:38
Vollmondtried if it maybe works, when I rip the album as mp3 instead of flac16:39
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Vollmondbut as mp3 it's the same problem as it is in flac16:39
Vollmondsomeone has any idea why amarok does this?16:41
MamarokVollmond: what Amarok version?16:44
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MamarokVollmond: there are some database problems in this version, a full rescan might help16:45
Vollmondok, I will try this16:46
MamarokVollmond: also, you should upgrade to Amarok 2.2 ASAP, it will ship in Karmic, there have been a lot of fixes16:46
marcini got kubuntu 9.1016:47
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dpjust upgraded to Karmic; using Kopete, the font sizes within are *really* small.  this is also affecting kwallet, which implies a KDE specific problem.  where should I look to fix this?17:05
Tm_Tdp: Kopete chat window?17:06
dpTm_T: no, main window17:07
dpwell, lemme check if chat window is affected17:07
Tm_Tdp: hmmm, Kopete settings, or, systemsettings -> search for font17:07
dpyeah, chat window is affected.  not where sent messages are displayed though17:08
dpTm_T: I'm actually running Kopete under xubuntu; where would I find systemsettings?17:08
Tm_Tdp: then see systemsettings17:08
Tm_Tdp: it's binary called, err, "systemsettings"17:08
Tm_Tdp: if it's not installed, package is named "systemsettings" (:17:09
Tm_T!info systemsettings17:10
ubottusystemsettings (source: kdebase-workspace): KDE 4 System Settings. In component main, is optional. Version 4:4.2.2-0ubuntu2 (jaunty), package size 178 kB, installed size 1084 kB17:10
Tm_Tdp: also, karmic in #ubuntu+1 (just noticed you talked about karmic)17:10
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dpok.  thanks.  will try out systemsettings once I can get it installed17:11
dpTm_T: is there anything commandline that will allow me to do that?  systemsettings is also crazily small with the fonts17:16
dpor if you happen to know which sets of icons I need to click on17:17
Tm_Tdp: you can try this in commandline: kcmshell4 fonts17:19
dpalso unreadable :(  do you know of a screenshot of that screen?17:20
dpactually, I just tried changing my resolution to 800x600 so that I could read it; it was still super small.  wouldn't that be a DPI setting or something going crazy?17:21
Tm_Tdp: yes, prolly that17:21
Tm_Tdp: KDE/Qt uses DPI your X.Org is telling by default17:22
Tm_Tdp: whereas GNOME-way is to force it, dunno if this is followed in XFCE too17:22
dpI don't have anything in xorg.conf specifying DPI :(17:23
Tm_Tdp: there isn't, it's calculated based on display telling its size and then how many pixels you're having17:23
dpI wonder if this is related to the nvidia problem I'm also having17:25
Tm_Tcould be17:25
Tm_Tdp: but really, karmic issues in #ubuntu+1 (:17:25
dpalrighty.  thanks17:26
MamarokTm_T: be preapred for tomorrow, though :)17:27
alex___hi all17:44
alex___need help with sound on Karmic 9.1017:45
Coyote7hey everyone17:45
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Coyote7alex___: please, tell us in what can we help you17:46
alex___may be anybody can to configure my system in a good order17:46
Mamarokalex___: make sure you use the phonon-backend-xine and check if nothing is muted in KMix or one of the apps17:47
Mamarokelse you need to tell us the exact problem17:48
alex___no sound17:48
alex___after upgrade from 9.04 to 9.1017:48
Mamarokalex___: no sound in which application?17:48
alex___i know i have a ALC883 chip17:49
alex___at any application17:49
alex___should i place lspci or lsmod listing here?17:50
Mamarokalex___: how do you know you have no sound? What application did you try to play sound with?17:50
alex___vlc banshee songbird amarok17:51
Mamarokand no sound in all of them?17:51
bigbrovarMamarok> could alex___ and i be having the same problem17:51
alex___it seems like no sound driver being on kernel17:52
Mamarokbigbrovar: just wait a second, will you, I am not even through with all the questions17:52
Mamarokalex___: please go to the systemsettings -> Multimedia and thell me if you see your soundcard there, and whyt backend is shown in the backend tab17:52
daevskiokay. what the hell with the nvidia tiny font bug? -- Anyone have any advice?17:53
daevskiI increase all fonts, but it only helps with certain things. All the notifications are still small, as well as the Hardware Drivers text...17:55
daevskiand the font is pixelated and terrible.17:56
Mamarokalex___: ? still around? have you seen my question?17:56
daevskiIn gnome it's only a login screen issue.17:56
alex___ yes, still find this app17:57
alex___i have a russian interface here17:57
Mamarokalex___: in the menu -> Systemsettings -> Multimedia17:57
Mamaroktheer you see your soundcard and then there is an additional tab that tells you which backend is in use17:57
alex___i can see pulseaudio only17:58
Mamarokalex___: you are not supposed to have pulseaudio if you use a simple Kubuntu installation, but I guess since you installed Banshee it was dragged in :(17:59
Mamarokso you actually don't even see your sound card?17:59
alex___yes, i can see it17:59
Mamaroknot good at all, I wonder what is missing18:00
alex___may be i have to install oss18:00
Mamarokalex___: did you install Kubuntu first and then the other apps or did you isntall Gnome first and then KDE?18:00
bigbrovarMamarok> so by default phonon uses xine for sound mixing18:01
alex___yes, at first time it was a gnome18:01
Mamarokalex___: well, that might be the problem then, since KDE doesn't use pulseaudio I guess it is not configured correctly18:01
alex___sorry i have to quit for one hour, see you18:01
Mamarokalex___: you need to have the following apps isntalled for sound in KDE: phonon, phonon-backend-xine and libxine1-ffmpeg, and of course alsa18:02
Mamarokok, see you later18:02
Mamarokbigbrovar: phonon configures alsa for sound and sends it to the backend which is libxine, yes18:03
bigbrovarMamarok> ok cus some dudes at ubuntu irc said i would need to have pulse audio installed (yuk) since phonon cant do sound mixing and usually rely on something else for that and in the absence of PA it uses alsa18:05
Mamarokand since pulseaudio is not supposed to be used in Kubuntu, it is not configured correctly, so either get rid of it or find somebody to lead you through the configuration which is a bit a hassle and apparently takes some time, there are quite a few instructions around online, but expect 30 minutes+ work in tweaking.18:05
bigbrovarhence my problem18:05
Mamarokbigbrovar: well, if you use Gnome yes, but not in KDE, and the guys in #ubuntu are alomost only Gnome users, they don' know KDE18:05
Mamarokand of course you can do sound mixing with alsa, you don't need pulseaudio for that at all18:06
bigbrovarwell its actually #ubuntu+1 which is suppose to be the official channel for karmic ubuntu and kubuntu18:06
Mamarokbigbrovar: you should have asked for a KDE specific help there, then18:07
Mamarokunless you use Gnome but then I can't help18:07
Mamarokbigbrovar: or ask in the KDE forums or on kubuntuforums.net18:07
bigbrovarMamarok> i will thanks (btw which distro do u use)18:08
MamarokKubuntu 9.10 rc and final tomorrow :)18:08
Mamarokbut there was nothing changed in the default sound settings, it apparently only gets problematic if you install pulse18:09
bigbrovarMamarok> u obviously dont have same problem as me18:09
Mamarokwell, I never used pulseaudio. Do you have any asound.conf file in your home folder?18:10
bigbrovarlibasound2-plugins any idea what this is18:10
bigbrovari have it installed ( am checking my system now for pulse related packages)18:11
alex___i'm here again18:11
alex___well, at first i have a gnome and just tried kde18:12
Mamarokbigbrovar: no, in your home folder, do you have a file called asoundconf or asound.conf?18:12
alex___but i haven't sound at gnome too18:12
bigbrovarMamarok> no i dont have asound.conf in my home dir18:12
Mamarokalex___: no sound in gnome neither? Did that soundcard ever work in Ubuntu?18:12
alex___so, in 8.04, 8.10 and 9.04 sound was great18:13
Mamarokbigbrovar: ok, was my last guess. You ca remove everything called pulsesometing, except libpulse0, but that shouldn't disturb18:13
Mamarokalex___: did you check for phonon, phonon-backend-xine and libxine1-ffmpeg?18:14
alex___i'm at gnome right now. is it ok to check phonon?18:15
bigbrovari only have libpulse0 libasound2-plugins libao2 when i searched for pulse on packagekit18:15
Mamarokalex___: well, I don't know Gnome, either you need help for KDE or you ask in #ubuntu for Gnome help, sorry18:16
bigbrovarMamarok>  i only have libpulse0 libasound2-plugins libao2 when i searched for pulse on packagekit18:17
Mamarokbigbrovar: in the systemsettings, is pulseaudio still on top? Else push it down and check if the xine backend is there and you have the apps I just mentionned earlier, including libxine1-ffmpeg18:17
alex___wait a sec, i'll switch to kde18:17
bigbrovarMamarok> libxine1-ffmpeg is installed and xine is backend no pulse18:18
Mamarokok, then you should be able to test the soundcard in that settings window18:20
bigbrovari can sound works if i use only one app18:20
alex___i'm here18:20
bigbrovarMamarok> like am using mpd now which mean no other sound app works, amarok,vlc,skype18:21
Mamarokbigbrovar: but mpd doesn't use phonon, only Amarok and Dragonplayer do18:21
bigbrovarMamarok> same happens when am using vlc .. or amarok no other app would work18:21
Mamarokskype I don't know and don't use, sorry18:21
Mamarokand VLC uses alsa directly IIRC18:22
Mamarokbigbrovar: and you did check if your Kmix settings are all correct, nothing muted there18:22
bigbrovarMamarok> well i dont know about all this details mate all i know is all this apps were happy and no issue too recent updates in karmic18:22
Mamarokbigbrovar: recent as of today?18:23
bigbrovar Mamarok> nope all seem fine no muted config this is a bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pulseaudio/+bug/44784418:24
BluesKajMamarok, VLC doesn't need PA , alsa and vlc make good dance partners :)18:24
MamarokBluesKaj: I know18:24
bigbrovarMamarok>  well i just noticed this like last week (cant remember exactly) just know its wasnt always this way18:25
Mamarokbigbrovar: but you did add pulseaudio, didn't you?18:25
BluesKajI had to throw out that comment18:26
MamarokBluesKaj: :)18:26
bigbrovarMamarok>  at first i thought it was a mpd problem (spent 12 hours fixing a problem which doesnt exist) then when skype wont play i tot it was a skype problem had to downgrade .. then i tot it was an amarok problem and stopped using amarok all together .. until yesterday when i connected the problem18:26
Mamarokbigbrovar: so it is sine several days already IIUC18:27
bigbrovarMamarok> naa i never installed PA its clean kubuntu install (PA chased me from gnome)18:27
bigbrovar Mamarok> did you check the link to the bug report i posted ? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pulseaudio/+bug/44784418:29
BluesKajbigbrovar, unfortunately the default skype app for kubunty needs PA for audio , but I heard mention of a version that will run with alsa : skype_static-
bigbrovarMamarok> that exactly is the problem am having18:29
Mamarokok, then I really don't know, did you try with a new user? if it works there then you have a config somewhere that causes problem, so maybe moving ~/.kde/ and restarting KDE could help18:29
bigbrovarBluesKaj>  I know am using the version in jaunty which works fine18:29
Mamarokbigbrovar: as I said, I don't use Skype, so I can't tell18:30
bigbrovarBluesKaj> infact using the latest beta of skype but with my .skype dir from jaunty works very fine18:30
BluesKajok good , dunno if it will on karmic , if you upgrade18:30
alex___sorry - what is 'dunno' means?18:31
bigbrovarMamarok> the bug report is not about skype skype is just a victum of the bug just like vlc, amarok etc18:31
Mamarokalex___: it measn *don't know*18:31
Mamarokbigbrovar: keep it English so everybody understands, please :)18:31
* Mamarok needs food and some rest18:32
* BluesKaj is guilty as well18:32
alex___oh no, keep it way you like :)18:32
bigbrovarMamarok sorry :)18:32
daevskiAnyone know an nvidia tiny fonts fix?18:33
Mamarokdaevski: not realy, no, sorry18:34
daevskiyou think that would be a top bug for them to fix. (or is it nvidia's fault?)18:35
alex___ok, can we to continue with my soundcard battle?18:35
Mamarokdaevski: I don't even know which bug you are talking about, has it been reported to launchpad?18:36
daevskiMamarok -- it was at one point. hold a sec.18:36
Mamarokalex___: go on, did you check if you have these applications installed I told you earlier? phonon, phonon-backend-xine and libxine1-ffmpeg?18:37
alex___i have a phonon18:37
Mamarokdaevski: so it is an old bug? I doubt that it would not be fixed by now then18:37
Mamarokdaevski: which nvidia driver do you have? 185?18:38
daevskiMamarok: well with the version 185 nvidia driver that is recommended, it makes all fonts unlegible.18:38
bigbrovarMamarok> hey i took a screenshot of my kmix config maybe u can help check if there is anything out of place http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2669/4053660678_3b293c527f_o_d.jpg18:38
Mamarokdaevski: and you have the default system fonts and basic desktop style?18:39
alex___... as well as i have phonon-backend-xine and libxine1-ffmpeg too18:39
daevskiMamarok: yeah. as soon as I do nvidia driver install, and restart they are tiny. Adjusting all font sizes only fixes certain aspects of it. notifications and some apps are still tiny.18:40
Mamarokbigbrovar: hm, I don't like to download stuff, can't you upload this ti imageshack.us or imagebin.ca?18:40
Mamarokdaevski: and since when is this so?18:40
bigbrovarMamarok> http://www.flickr.com/photos/bigbrovar2/4053660678/sizes/o/18:41
bigbrovarMamarok> got that :)18:41
daevskiMamarok: since 9.04 for me. I just installed 9.10 to test it out and it's still the same. I've reverted back to gnome because it's only an login screen issue there. (which I fixed with a xml tweak)18:41
Mamarokbigbrovar: you should eventually activate all the channels, else you can't see if nothing is muted :)18:41
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Mamarokdaevski: tried with a different user? just to make sure it's not a configuration issue18:42
bigbrovarMamarok> ok (didnt have to go thru all this with jaunty sigh!)18:42
Mamarokbigbrovar: well, we need to check all things out just to be sure18:43
bigbrovarMamarok> (nods)18:43
daevskiMamarok: I'm not sure what you mean by different user. it is a fresh install with only a driver install.18:43
Mamarokdaevski: and this is the driver from the Kubuntu repos, not from Nvidia, right?18:44
daevskiMamarok: Correct.18:44
Mamarokdaevski: well, fresh install can still have the old configuration if you don't change /home on a different partition18:44
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Mamarokhi schestowitz :)18:45
daevskiMamarok: True, but it was a blank partition, with / and /home all on clean partition. .... there is a ubuntu (gdm) install on the same drive, but not linked at all.18:45
bigbrovarMamarok> http://www.flickr.com/photos/bigbrovar2/4052941545/sizes/o/18:46
Mamarokdaevski: ok, jzust to make sure. And you never got any comments on that bug report?18:46
bigbrovarMamarok> I left things as i met them because I didnt want to do something am not sure of18:47
Mamarokbigbrovar: see that pic for yourself, you have quite a few muted channels there :)18:47
daevskiMamarok: I didn't write the bug, but reading through the comments before, they had not resolved it yet. Let me see if I can find it...18:48
Mamarokdaevski: you should subscribe to it to get the notifications18:48
daevskiMamarok: Okay. good enough thank you. I'm going to research more, just thought I'd see if anyone knew anything in here.18:49
Mamarokdaevski: sorry I couldn't help18:49
fireflyhi everyone18:50
fireflyuh could someone help me enable the 3d card on my laptop?18:51
bigbrovarMamarok> umuting everything doesnt help  .. (sigh! u know IMHO no one should ever waste a huge part of his life fixing audio problems not in 2009) time to go get some fresh air probably get laid thanks very much18:52
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fireflyok how on earth do i install "java runtime environment" so i can use it in firefox?19:13
kubuntuserfirefly: open a konsole and type "sudo apt-get install kubuntu-restricted-extras[enter]" (no quotes)19:14
kubuntuserfirefly: it will also install other stuff, but none of it is bad :-)19:14
fireflycool* it's going19:15
fireflyalso how do i enable my 3d card? i've been trying to get compiz fusion to run for the last couple of days19:18
fireflywaoh. some errors came up in the middle of the java install and then the crash handler came up19:18
avihayhow do I upgrade to 9.10 tomorrow, and replace knetworkmanager with wicd, without knetworkmanager ever runing?19:19
fireflygot d/c for a sec.19:19
avihayfirefly: what gfx card?19:20
kubuntuserfirefly: first of all, I would use the restricted drivers manager to get the driver for the card.19:20
kubuntuserfirefly: second, compiz is much better for gnome. I would use the kde composite effects.19:20
fireflyi know it's and ATI card but don't know what the model # is19:21
fireflyok. how do i enable kde composite effects?19:21
kubuntuserfirefly: first you need the right driver.19:21
avihaykubuntuser: compiz doesn't integrate well with kubuntu, but it's a heck of a lot faster19:21
kubuntuserfirefly: open the restricted drivers manager19:21
kubuntuseravihay: I would not know, the first thing I do is disable this stuff19:22
fireflyhow do i open the restricted drivers manager?19:22
kubuntuseravihay: nothing could make me give up kwin. It is so much better than compiz19:22
avihaywell, driver issues (intel card) force me to disable it aswell, doesn't mean I don't dedicate some time to check it out19:22
kubuntuserfirefly: I believe it is under kmenu -> applications -> system -> restricted driver manager19:23
fireflyi'm in apps-> system... but theres no "restricted driver manger"19:24
fireflytheres a "hardware drivers" icon there19:24
carpii_open Hardware Drivers Manager19:24
kubuntuserfirefly: click that :-)19:24
kubuntuserfirefly: sorry about that. I do not use these tools often19:25
firefly"no proprietry drivers in use on this system"19:25
kubuntuserfirefly: does it say there are any to install?19:25
fireflyati/amd propriety fglrx graphics driver19:25
kubuntuserfirefly: then install it lol19:26
fireflyok i clicked the activate button it says downloading and installing driver.19:26
fireflyit says i need to restart the computer to acitvate this driver. brb19:27
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Guest89003hi all, i currently run the kubuntu rc 9.10 can i upgrade to the full thing when it is released tomorrow or should i do a new install19:30
=== Guest89003 is now known as patrick
kubuntuserpatrick: you can do either19:30
avihaykubuntuser: I gave up on kwin on my old computer at home. openbox is doing a good job at reducing the memory footprint of the DE, so that I'm not constantly runing from swap19:31
patrickok thanks19:31
kubuntuserpatrick: however, do NOT upgrade tomorrow19:31
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Guest13226any reason?19:31
kubuntuserserver is DDo19:31
Guest13226sorry name switched19:31
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fireflyok so how do i enable kde composite effects now?19:32
kubuntuserGuest13226: when a new release comes out, you can not use your computer when you start upgrading19:32
avihaykubuntuser: and the price to pay is that the k-menu doesn't automaticly focuse on the searchbox19:33
kubuntuserfirefly: go to system settings -> desktop19:33
Guest13226i'll do a clean install instead in the next few days19:33
Guest13226thanks for your advice19:34
kubuntuserGuest13226: you welcome :-). I like to be on the cutting edge so I am running 9.10 now19:34
Guest13226me as well but rc19:34
kubuntuserGuest13226: wait... you are running the rc?19:34
fireflyok i'm there19:35
kubuntuserGuest13226: then there is no need to upgrade19:35
kubuntuserfirefly: look for "compositing effects"19:35
kubuntuserGuest13226: karmic rc is karmic19:35
Guest13226ah ok so nothing new or changed will be added19:35
fireflycan't see any "compoiting effects"19:36
fireflyI've selected the enable desktop effects checkbox19:36
Guest13226do need to get used to kde though been always using gnome :)19:36
kubuntuserfirefly: now click apply19:37
fireflythe tabs in there are: general, screen edges, all effects and advanced.19:37
fireflyooh wait there a "compositing type" in advanced. it's set to openGL19:37
kubuntuserfirefly: just click enable effects19:37
fireflyi've clicked apply and my desktop screen flashsed a couple of times19:37
kubuntuserfirefly: I never know the exact names :-).19:38
fireflyok my windows are now transparent when i drag them.19:38
Guest13226you got latest 3ddrivers for your card installed19:38
fireflywhat else can i do with these effects?19:38
kubuntuserGuest13226: I walked him through that already19:38
fireflyis there a way to make the taskbar transparent?19:38
Guest13226kubuntuser: ok sorry19:38
kubuntuserGuest13226: np19:38
kubuntuserfirefly: explore yourself :-P19:39
fireflyah ok there are plugins in the all effects tab19:39
fireflyjust one last thing: how so i get that desktop "cube"?19:40
kubuntuserfirefly: you just found the effects tab. What more can I tell you?19:40
fireflyoh is it in there somewhere. cool19:41
fireflyi'll just check all of the plugins19:41
Guest13226btw if you get a key combo to activate a special effect which keys is meta?19:41
Guest13226like meta+Ctrl+F1219:42
fireflyi think the windows key is the meta or super key19:42
fireflythanks for the help guys. i got more done in the last five mins than the last two days19:42
kubuntuserI think alt is meta. I know super key is alway windows19:42
kubuntuserfirefly: np :-)19:42
fireflyhey guise, instead of telling people to type stuff into konsole and check particular options in some unknown windows...19:43
fireflywhy not script the common things people ask for...19:43
fireflyand then people can just download an icon of that script and double click it?19:44
fireflyi think you could get a lot more windows people to convert if linux changed the install process into a "double click" this icon...19:45
fireflyinstead of first enable multiverse repositories, search for program, type whatever line into konsole.19:46
=== patrick is now known as Guest6834
Guest6834lol pressed super key + Ctrl+F12 to enable a plugin and got moved to console19:46
kubuntuserfirefly: huh?19:46
kubuntuserfirefly: konsole commands are just an easier way to eliminate variables when helping someone over irc19:47
Mamarokfirefly: and you already can do that with the Ubuntu Software Center19:47
kubuntuserfirefly: there is a way to do this stuff in the gui, but it is easier to give people commands since it is a simple copy and paste19:47
fireflyyeah i guess19:48
Mamarokbut since this is a suport channel doing things in a terminal at leasts gives an output that helps finding problems19:48
kubuntuserfirefly: not to mention that they did script alot of stuff. The hardware manager used to not exist19:48
fireflylinux could really use something like "ninite"19:48
kubuntuserfirefly: do you know how complicated it was for average people to install video drivers before that? It required ALOT of konsole work19:48
kubuntuserfirefly: and google work :-)19:49
Guest6834kubuntuser: do you maybe know how i can change my name in here and get it registered19:49
kubuntuser!register > Guest683419:49
ubottuGuest6834, please see my private message19:49
* kubuntuser loves ubottu19:49
=== Guest6834 is now known as PatrickT
fireflywell as long as it's getting easier slowly.19:50
kubuntuserfirefly: not that slow :-)19:50
fireflyat least with linux there is real progress19:50
BouMamarok: do you know if there is a package of qt4.6 for kubuntu? (something like kde-qt) ?19:50
kubuntuserI used to neeed to install a windows wireless driver to get it to work19:50
PatrickTkubuntuser: thanks19:50
fireflyas opposed to windows. where you buy the new winodws to run the VM of the old windows so you can run your DOS applications :P19:51
kubuntuserPatrickT: np19:51
mkpaahow many hours to karmic on repositories?19:51
kubuntusermkpaa: what do you mean?19:52
mkpaain other words, when will final karmic be available19:53
Picimkpaa, Karmic will be released some time during the 29th, i.e: there is no exact time. You can await the announcement in #ubuntu-release-party19:53
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fireflyk guise tanks for the help. i'm off to find me some linux walls.19:54
PatrickTkubuntuser: can i ask you another question :)19:55
kubuntuserPatrickT: of course19:56
PatrickTwhenever i now connect qith quassel to this channel i need to identify myself can this be automated19:57
kubuntuserPatrickT: I do not know how to do that. I do not like quassel I use konversation, xchat, or irssi19:57
PatrickTok in any of those is it possible?19:57
kubuntuserI would suggest konversation. It is the old kde irc client19:58
PatrickTkubuntuser: doing it now :)19:59
PatrickTkubuntuser: brb login in with konvers19:59
patrickTkubuntuser: ok back20:02
patrickTkubuntuser: can you tell me how to set it up in konversation20:02
patrickTi seen the identities and also service and password but for service i aint sure what to fill in20:03
kubuntuserpatrickT: are you still here?20:06
patrickTkubuntuser: yes reading the manual :)20:06
kubuntuserin service you put nickserv in password you put your pass20:06
patrickTok gonna try now20:07
=== Zgezl is now known as Guest98043
patrickTwhoohoo worked20:08
MamarokBou: no, since Qt 4.6 is not even released yet, so most unlikely20:08
kubuntuserpatrickT: cool :-)20:08
patrickTkubuntuser: thanks again :)20:08
kubuntuserpatrickT: np :-)20:09
patrickTi do like linux20:12
kubuntuserpatrickT: as do I :-)20:12
patrickTif the gaming industry becomes more active in linux it would be even better20:13
kubuntuserI don't play many games. But that is more likely because I am too lazy to reboot into windows20:13
kubuntuserand every time I do, it starts freezing because it wants more ram20:14
patrickTi am just so tired of windows20:14
patrickTbeen using linux on and off for last few years but decided now to do everything i can in linux20:14
kubuntuserpatrickT: I started using it when I was 8 (I am now 16). I started using it because dad had cool free games with a penguin (no joke)20:15
patrickTkubuntuser: hehehe you ever played pingus20:16
patrickTkubuntuser: loved that game20:16
patrickTbut cool20:16
kubuntuserpatrickT: nm20:16
kubuntuserI have played that20:16
kubuntuserActually, that looks close to the game that made me switch :-)20:17
patrickTit is good fun20:17
kubuntuserBut right now my new toy is google wave20:17
patrickTyeah google wave is cool20:18
patrickThas it been released yet?20:18
patrickTor developers20:18
kubuntuserpatrickT: you need an invite20:18
patrickTwe got it for work to have a play with20:18
patrickTwe develop software20:18
patrickTthats why i know about it20:18
KartiHi all, any bots for Firewall and default setup? Many thanks20:19
patrickTbut havent done much wih it yet20:19
kubuntuserpatrickT: I am more of a hacker then a programmer20:19
patrickTi aint a programmer anymore :)20:19
kubuntuserpatrickT: I have made a few programs, but I mostly hack current programs together.20:19
kubuntuserKarti: what do you mean?20:19
patrickTkubuntuser: ok20:19
patrickTkubuntuser: still not sure if kde is my flavour to go with20:20
patrickTkubuntuser: always used gnome20:20
Kartikubuntuser: Just wanted to see if a firewall was active by default or wether it was my wife that disconnected the network drive :)20:20
kubuntuserpatrickT: I am used to keeping many conversations going at once in the same chan which is why I always say your name at the beginning of each line20:20
patrickTkubuntuser: i did as well :)20:21
kubuntuserKarti: what firewall? the ubuntu firewall is off by default20:21
Kartikubuntuser: No probs....can then assume that it is the connection.  Cheers kubuntuser :)20:21
patrickTKarti: give the wife a hugh lol20:22
KartipatrickT: I blame the work laptops!!20:22
patrickTKarti: lol20:22
patrickTKarti: kubuntuser: anyway gys gotta go nice talking anyway20:23
KartipatrickT: Bye :020:23
ubottuAu revoir!20:23
=== jannis is now known as Maybe
PappawagnerPappaWagner: Hi I'm new to IRC and just started running Kubuntu Netbook with Plasma. Can anybody point me in the best direktion for documentation for the Plasma-environment? Tnx in advance ;-)20:42
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about plasma20:42
kubuntuserPappawagner: for programming or using plasma?20:42
ByronPappawagner: How is it? I'm on a netbook as well and wonder what its like.20:43
PappawagnerUsing! I love it and even if it's a Beta everything runs really good one my AcerOne20:43
Pete_RHi! How can I enable romanian diacritics on my standart laptop keyboard?20:43
kubuntuserPete_R: go to system settings --> region and language20:44
kubuntuserPete_R: there must be something there to do what you want20:44
PappawagnerByron: I haven't had any trouble and i'm quite new to Linux < 1 year20:44
ByronI came across an old CD I made of music I backed up from my old laptop (1999) and can't play any of the tracks due to license or something of the sort. Any idea how I can get that audio back? FYI: I can't download what I don't recall. They are labeled as 'Track #'20:45
ByronPappawagner: I'm also on an AAO.20:45
Pete_Rkubuntuuser: I've aded and set the language to romanian, but still when I change the keyboard layout I can't write diacritics20:46
PappawagnerByron: I used my ols Sony (now my daugthers) burned the iso to DVD and created an USB-startup, everything worked immidiately, even printing wich I've had BIg trouble with Linpus.20:47
kubuntuserPete_R: I am the wrong person to ask then. I do not even know what that means20:47
SquarcHey, I was wondering, what does the picture have to do with Kubuntu 9.10 on http://www.kubuntu.org/news/9.10-rc20:48
apparleAt what time is 9.10 karmic koala releasing?20:48
ByronPappawagner: Right now, I the only thing I know not to work out of the box is the onboard mic (ok if I plug one in, which isn't the point), the VGA output and bluetooth.20:48
Pete_Rkubuntuser: an example - when I switch to romanian layout, instead of "[" I should type a diacritic, but i can't20:49
Byronapparle: This Friday, October 30... maybe Saturday, October 31. I can't recall right now, but its one of those 2 dates.20:50
PappawagnerByron: I can only recommend you to test, it wil cost you a DVD and the use of an USB-stick, I user a ¤Gb but I think anything above 2 gb is ok.20:51
SquarcByron: I thought it was to be released tomorow ?20:51
Squarccause thats what the banner at the site says20:51
ByronPappawagner: you used a __?__ GB20:52
Benedichtyeah, banner says it realeases tomrrow20:52
ByronSquarc: I recall it being in the 30s, but I guess the date was pushed.20:52
Benedichtis this wrong?20:52
ubottuUbuntu releases a new version every 6 months. Each version is supported for 18 months to 5 years. More info at http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/releases & http://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeBasedReleases20:53
Pappawagnerkubuntuser: It's for using it. Want to try out the functionallity but not by trial end error,. I'm one of those who try to RTFM first ;-)20:54
kubuntuserPappawagner: for using what?20:54
PappawagnerByron: Sorry, fingers slipped, a 4 Gb20:55
PappawagnerKubuntuser: Plasma desktop in the Kubuntu Netbook edition20:56
ubottuUbuntu releases a new version every 6 months. Each version is supported for 18 months to 5 years. More info at http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/releases & http://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeBasedReleases20:56
kubuntuserPappawagner: oh, were you asking about using or programming?20:56
minifigI am running KDE in LInux Mint 7 and when i install me video drivers all I can get is 640x480 or 320x240 screen resolution.  Non-drivers and I get better.  Any way to fix that?20:56
PappawagnerKubuntuser: Using20:57
seige36hello all20:57
minifigLInux makes things so much harder than they need to be, in my opinion.20:57
kubuntuserPappawagner: I do not think such docs exist. If you want to have them, you need to make them ;-)20:57
Squarcminifig: I think starting with linux is hard, but once you understand most of it, it rocks !20:58
kubuntuserminifig: it is more complicated in linux because we do not have support from the manufacturers20:58
seige36can someone help me with xmodmap? im trying to use the windows key to bring up the k menu, i can do that until i reboot then i have to run my script again20:58
Squarcminifig: also, I think you shouldn't be on the kubuntu channel for linux mint/kde support20:58
somekoolcan I find out what were the compilation argument of a compiled .deb packages?20:58
minifigWhat room do I need to join?20:58
tmrolandhow do i completely remove and uninstall the whole kubuntu and get a clean and pure gnome ubuntu ?20:59
ByronDoes anyone know how to read/play audio tracks that are protected by windows drm? I have cleverly named them 'track #' so I don't know their track titles.20:59
Squarcminifig: try #kde20:59
minifigThank you.20:59
Squarcnp :)20:59
kubuntusertmroland: 2 questions. 1. why are you doing this 2. You can just do a clean install20:59
Byrontmroland: sudo apt-get remove --purge kubuntu-desktop && sudo apt-get install gnome-desktop20:59
kubuntusertmroland: one question one statement :-)21:00
PappawagnerKubuntuser: OK, thanx but I think I'm a bit to new to do that right now.21:00
SquarcIs it actually possible to install a package but not perform the "uninstall" of existing packages21:00
kubuntuserPappawagner: of course. However, what I would do is just use if for a few days, then check the pr for "features"21:00
tmrolandByron : does that command remove all k* packages and qt/kde dependencies ?21:00
kubuntuserPappawagner: it is probably self explanitory for most things to use it. The advanced stuff you can learn over time21:01
Byrontmroland: I believe so, but you can always choose "n" if the packages to be removed should actually remain.21:01
Squarcfor instance, I need pususpender, which is in the pulseaudio-tools (meta) package... but the problem now is, that that package uninstalls libobby-0.4.1 and libnet6-1.3-0 ... which are required for gobby ( a collaborative text editor that has NOTHING to do with pulseaudio-tools :o )... I have no clue why it does uninstall those packages, because that makes my editor fail... :s21:02
Byrontmroland: If you want to keep the apps, and just have the Gnome interface, install gnome-desktop and be sure to use GDM for the login. That's all there really is to it.21:03
Pappawagnerkubuntuser: Oh it is and I'm doing it! But sice I'm "newbie" I don't want to ruin a good and well running installation even if I now can reinstall it quite fast.21:03
kubuntuserPappawagner: ok. I would just jump into it. But that is because I am weird. I do not have a netbook though :-\21:04
kubuntuserPappawagner: it is pretty much exactly like the desktop version except it handles windows a little differently to maximize efficient use of space21:05
ralph_Hellow all, can someone help me?, I want to record the sound of my desktop (online radio) but the recoder app like audacity and QArecord don't record anything?21:12
ralph_ps. i'm on 9.1021:12
Vi0L0hello there21:13
ralph_hi VioLO21:13
Squarcralph_: this sounds (har har) more like a problem with the program you are using... did you try opening the stream with VLC and them use the stream/save option ?21:13
Vi0L0are there any kde3 packages for ububtu? community packages for example or something like that :)21:14
ralph_can try that but it's a flash streaming21:14
Squarcralph_: because that works fine for me (recoring .pls(mp3) streams)21:14
Squarcralph_: ahh like that...21:14
Squarcvlc can handle .swf files I thought21:15
JontheEchidna!kde3 | Vi0L021:15
ubottuVi0L0: Kubuntu 8.04 ships with KDE3 and full support. Jaunty does not include KDE3 but a remix install CD can be obtained at  https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Kde3/Jaunty . This is not officially supported. Support, instructions and ways to contribute can be found on the wiki page21:15
ralph_in the past i did this with Krecord but that app also record nothing21:15
Squarcso all you have to do is figure out the url of the flash file thats loaded, then open that in vlc21:15
Vi0L0thanks JontheEchidna21:15
JontheEchidnano prob21:15
Squarcyes, you know that app don't you ?21:17
ralph_opps... staring vlc is not woring if you type it here ant not inside the Alt+f2 box lol21:17
Squarchehe :p21:17
somekoolhow do I find out what were the compil flags used for a compiled ubuntu packages?21:18
ByronIs there a meta package for the netbook version of Karmic?21:21
ralph_ok I have VLC installed and found the url, but can find the record option inside VLC... help21:21
agneseitalian channel for kubuntu?21:23
Byron!it | agnese21:24
ubottuagnese: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)21:24
agneseByron Thanku so much ^^21:24
ByronNot a problem, agnese21:25
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about drm21:25
ubottudma is Direct Memory Access/Addressing. It makes hardware transfer data faster, and is almost always enabled in Ubuntu 6.06. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DMA21:25
ByronI forgot the term to what I'm trying to do. I'm trying to get my old media to be playable so I can find out the songs and get them anew on the desktop.21:26
ralph_Ok found it... advanced layout and records are found inside te home dir21:26
Tecumsehwhy vlc?21:29
ralph_... can't believe it i did it again...21:30
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Tecumsehah, you tried to start vlc through krunner21:31
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ByronIs there an app to help with creating PHP pages?21:33
ralph_php...Quanta maybe21:37
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ralph_Is there a reason Why i can't record audio anymore with audacity or any other record tool (on kde 3 it was not a problem)21:40
Shockratesmy laptop subwoofer has no sound. can someone help?21:51
Shockratesi am using kubuntu karmic x6421:52
Shockrateson acer laptop21:52
Shockratesi need some pro on this one21:53
Shockrateswake up 289 user and 1 bot21:57
trijntjeis firefox isntalled by default in kubuntu?22:05
stephen_trijntje: no22:05
stephen_trijntje: you need to go to the package manager22:05
trijntjestephen_, Thanks a lot, I just needed to know that22:06
ralph_You can install Firefox from the menu, >internet>install firefox22:06
rasstaranyoen find kybuntu slower than ubuntu22:06
stephen_ralph_: that only exists in the new (not released) version22:06
ralph_o ok22:06
ralph_thats true22:07
ralph_Is there no root needed for update installation on 9.10?? i was not prompted22:08
Tecumsehthere should be, but did you perform other admin tasks before the update to 9.10?22:08
stephen_ralph_: it may have saved it22:08
Tecumsehsudo remembers the given password for 15 minutes22:09
ralph_that will be it... I think, well I did not enter a WW this sesion...22:09
ralph_maybe a one time thing? (saving) i did type a ww in the past22:10
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Tecumsehit will not save the password from longer than 15 minutes22:13
Tecumsehyou did not disable sudo altogether did you?22:13
seige36hey all bad anyone want to help me with this error? keysym in remove modifier list 'Super_L'22:14
ralph_I don't knw how to do that ;)22:14
Tecumsehthat's the dangerous thing about it ralph_, a lot of people don't know how but they follow a guide on the internet that lists commands to enter. That way you can do unintended harm to your system without knowing what you did22:15
ralph_can i check?22:15
ralph_on the console i have a $ NOT A #22:16
Tecumsehok, that is one thing that's good22:17
Tecumsehyou can read this on sudo use: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo22:17
ralph_still the packagemanage updates without prompting....22:17
ralph_(after manual selecting the updates22:18
Tecumsehyou can reset the password timeout by using: sudo -k22:18
seige36hey all bad anyone want to help me with this error? .xmodmaprc:1:  bad keysym in remove modifier list 'Super_L', no corresponding keycodes22:18
ralph_ok... konsole >sudo -k >starting packagemanager >install a app... no prompt22:19
Tecumsehsorry seige36, I don't have a clue what you are doing and what that error is for22:20
Tecumsehralph_: your packagemanager doesn't prompt for the password, then we'll have to look what kdesudo does22:20
ralph_it promps when i want to edit the sources22:21
seige36tecumseh im trying to use my win key to open kmenu, i can get it to work when i run the script m anually but when i reboot i cant get the script to run22:21
ralph_ok i follow22:21
Tecumsehseige36: what I ment is that I don't know how to help you because I don't know how to solve your problem. Hopefully someone else here can22:22
ralph_can this be a feature on the new 9.10 edition?? there is a option to update the system in the background without notification22:22
avihayseige36: can you show me your script?22:23
avihayI need something for languge shifting22:23
ralph_ps. i use the Kpackagekit pakagemanager22:23
seige36avihay the one im trying to run is my sh script which runs the .xmodmaprc mod file which actually changes the key, xmodmap is the one having the problem22:23
seige36remove mod4 = Super_L    then the new line is: keysym Super_L = F1422:24
Tecumsehralph_: did you use kpackagekit before to install packages?22:24
ralph_Yep all the time22:24
Tecumsehdid you by any chance check the save passwords and uncheck only for this session?22:25
seige36avihay i am following this guide: http://secretmicrobe.org/kde-41-open-the-menu-with-the-windows-key22:25
ralph_that can be the case22:25
ralph_I think that is not really save to do... but I think i did that22:26
seige36avihay im going to the store ill be back in a bit, hope youre still here22:26
ralph_can i undo that22:26
TecumsehI'm looking for that, the default is to safe the password and not ask again ever22:27
ralph_I think thats not a save option...22:27
ralph_but if its normal It's fine  for now...22:28
ralph_I have other problems also... flash hangs the system after 15 min. or so (not a question for suport, just a frustraion i type here ;) )22:29
ralph_thanks for helping, I go to sleep itś already late here.22:30
Tecumsehyour welcome22:30
TecumsehI'll be off to bed also. cya22:30
rasstardoes ubuntu have an integrated desktop search like kubuntu?22:31
x-caliburcan someone help me on configuring my mic for skype, my mic works, but not in skype :(22:33
Luggageevening everyone22:33
x-caliburhi there....22:33
rasstari don't understand why kbuntu has this lame package manager compared to ubuntu22:34
rasstari thought they would have the same software22:34
x-caliburis there anyone who can help me on a skype issue?22:35
Luggageyou can use the one ubuntu uses too22:35
Luggageor any of the others you like22:35
x-caliburmy mic is working in kubuntu22:35
x-caliburbut not in skype :s22:35
Luggageyou can use the 'lame' manager to get synaptic e.g.22:35
Luggageor use the konsole apt-get to get synergy either way works22:36
Luggage(not sure synergy is what ubuntu uses, but itś my prefered one)22:36
Luggagesynergy.. i mean synaptic -.-22:37
Luggageif you don't want to install synaptic using kubuntuś pack manager open konsole type: sudo apt-get install synaptic22:38
mfraz74have you tried messing around with the settings in skype?22:39
x-calibur@mfraz74 yes, didnt work :(22:39
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Guest779Hello al here in #kubuntu. Quick question. Does anyone know if it's possible to configure volume stepping in KDE4?22:43
Luggagemaybe what is it? ;) -.-22:44
Guest779Luggage: Volume step is basically how fast or slow the volume control goes each time the "Volume down" key combo is pressed. I know you could change it in Gconf and xfce4-settings-editor. But I have yet to find out how in KDE4.22:45
rasstarcan you update the daily builds?22:47
=== stephen_ is now known as kubuntuser
Half-Lefthmm, seem to be hitting a kdm bug in kubuntu KK22:56
Tm_THalf-Left: +1 (;22:57
Half-Leftgah, so many damn channels22:57
=== Guest779 is now known as Scyer
ByronDoes anyone know where I can find a replacement motherboard that has the same specs as my current?23:01
Luggagehazards a guess, in a computer shop?23:02
Luggagesorry couldn't resist, what motherboard is it for example23:04
Luggageyou gave zero info to help anyone to try and answer the question :)23:04
ByronLuggage: It's an Abit VT7. Socket 47823:05
Luggageitś not too old yet23:06
Luggagemaybe do a google for it + shop, store etc23:07
Luggagecheck ebay for a second hand23:07
LuggageI'd check but i'm guessing you aren looking for a store in Holland :)23:07
ByronI've had the mobo for 5 years. After trying to figure out why video freezes and LAN randomly dies, I find out that PCI1, PCI5, AGP and LAN share the same IRQ. I have removed the cards I had on those slots, and added a NIC.23:14
ByronLAN still drops and I get the occassional freeze. I'm just blaming the mobo and want something I can just port over.23:14
seige36avihay hey still there?23:19
seige36alright where was i23:20
avihaythe problem you have is that you want to have the script run automaticaly at startup?23:20
seige36but its giving me that error23:22
seige36when i start it manually or not23:23
avihayso there is a problem with the script23:24
seige36it was working before though23:24
Shockratesguys i have an hdmi overscan problem23:26
Shockratesis there a tool to stretch the screen of the tv manually?23:26
seige36avihey so any way around this? can i use something other than "Super_L"?23:26
Shockratesnvidia had this tool fo windows23:26
seige36shocki believe there is a script in xorg.conf but i dont remember what it is23:27
=== Guest971 is now known as keke
kekewhen is 9.10 release date?23:39
Luggageor is it delayed23:40
Luggagesaid 1 day left on the site yesterday23:40
kekeyes now it says soon23:40
Luggagewell your answer is.....23:40
Luggagei guess ;)23:40
kekeill just install the rc23:41
Luggageyou can update it when 9.10 is out23:41
Luggage(judging by the guides to update previous releases to 9.0423:42
jonah1980hey can someone please help. i have a 1tb hard drive and another arriving tmrw. and i'm trying to back it up so that i can set up a raid and reinstall the new kubuntu and then restore the backup to the new 2tb raid23:47
WerenerdHowdy all, real quick question. I have a drive dedicated to my media (video, music, pictures) that is currently ext3. I will be doing a fresh install of Kubuntu when 9.10 comes out. Would there be any benefit to converting that drive to ext4?23:47
jonah1980but i only have an external 500gb drive to backup to23:47
jonah1980i hoped compression would make this possible.23:48
Luggage2tb to 500gb23:48
jonah1980but when i've formatted the drive to ext3 or ext2 i can't seem to create any folders or use the usb disk drive23:48
jonah19801tb to 500gb, ready to then put back onto a 2tb new raid23:48
Luggagethats a lot of compression to ask for especially with some stuff which is highly compressed by itself already (divx/xvid media e.g.)23:48
jonah1980Luggage: oh no, so it probably won't fit?23:49
WerenerdI don't think you can compress anything that much.23:49
Luggageyou can try23:49
jonah1980Luggage: but why when i right click in dolphin is "create new" blanked out in my newly formatted external?23:49
Luggagemaybe source material reaches that compression rate, but unless he's a graphic artist I don think itś that type of raw data weŕe talking about :)23:50
Luggagewhat did you use to format it with? (im very new to linux myself)23:50
Luggageif it's ntfs i don't know if that works  (though I can access my ntfs partitions just fine in kubuntu)23:51
jonah1980Luggage: i did it in KDE partition manager23:51
Luggageright click the drive icon and check the permissions in properties23:52
Luggagecheck the write permissions23:53
rasstaris there an integrated desktop search in ubuntu?23:54
seige36would anyone mind helping me with xmodmaprc?23:54
Luggagesearch: in your kickoff launcher23:55
rasstarreferring to ubuntu23:55
Luggageah, well say that cause your on the kubuntu channel but still i guess gnome has a "start menu" app too?23:56
rasstari see the search in kubuntu but kubuntu seems to be really buggy23:56
seige36kubuntu i guess is23:56
Luggagewell gnome or kde desktop is more or less the only difference between kubuntu and ubuntu the underlying os is the same23:56
Luggagei have no problems in kde 4.x23:56
ByronI moved to a new HDD and only copying things I need from the old drive. Is the ~/.mozilla-thunderbird directory all I need for my emails?23:57
rasstarit has some bugs and it doesn't have the new software center. don't know why23:57
seige36luggage do you have any experience with xmodmap?23:57
Luggageno sorry seige3623:57
Luggageim a noob23:57
seige36as a m i23:58
seige36i just wanna use my win key to bring up the kde menu23:59
Luggagedon even see xmodmap in my package manager23:59
rasstari don't understand why kubuntu has that crappy package manager while ubuntu has that nice one23:59
Luggageah there it is, part of x11-xserver-utils pack23:59
Byronseige36: Can't you change the current bindings so the menu comes up with the win key rather than ALT+F1?23:59
Luggageyou can use any package manager you want23:59

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