BjornT_mwhudson, al-maisan: sourcecode/lazr-js has been removed from devel. rocketfuel-get in devel will remove the lazr-js from sourcecode/, so if you use the to link the db-devel lazr-js branch to the devel one, it won't work.00:06
thumperBjornT_: shouldn't you be sleeping?00:07
BjornT_thumper: probably. but doing sports late in the evening usually causes me to fall asleep late.00:09
thumperBjornT_: what sport?00:09
wgrantBjornT_: You have an exaggerated definition of 'late'.00:09
BjornT_thumper: floorball00:10
thumperBjornT_: what is floorball?00:10
thumperBjornT_: indoor football?00:10
BjornT_thumper: more like indor http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Floorball00:10
BjornT_more like indoor hockey, but without ice and skates00:11
thumperBjornT_: so roller hockey for those that can't skate?00:11
BjornT_thumper: yeah, something like that :)00:12
thumperspm: ping00:15
al-maisanBjornT_: thanks for the explanation re. sourcecode/lazr-js removal.00:16
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thumpermwhudson: do you know where the fix needs to go for https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad-code/+bug/372506  ?04:07
mupBug #372506: Don't log OOPSes when people try to delete a directory <codehosting-ssh> <oops> <Launchpad Bazaar Integration:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/372506>04:07
mwhudsonthumper: lp.codehosting.sftp probably04:08
thumpermwhudson: want to take this one?04:08
mwhudsoncatch the error in remove or unlink or whatever the method is and error nicely04:08
mwhudsonthumper: yeah, sure04:08
thumpermwhudson: ta04:08
* mwhudson_ has probably stopped rebooting his modem for now04:20
* thumper whacks up a branch for review04:34
thumpermwhudson: I don't expect you to do it at 5:30pm04:34
thumpermwhudson: even though it is smallish04:34
mwhudson_thumper: i don't see it04:36
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thumpermwhudson: I'm still typing the cover letter :)04:36
mwhudsonah ok04:37
thumperemail sent, should flow through the system in 2 minutes04:38
thumpermwhudson: it is there now04:41
* thumper EODs04:41
mwhudsonthumper: eurgh04:55
stubhas anyone elses gpg-agent crapped out today or yesterday?05:41
* stub wonders how gpg-agent got uninstalled05:44
henningeHi everybody!07:07
henningeIs there a way to see a log of sql queries issued by a request on launchpad.dev?07:08
henningeLike the statement log I see in an OOPS report?07:09
henningestub: ^ would you know the answer?07:13
henningewgrant: ^ ?07:13
henningeBjornT_: ^ ?07:14
spm_henninge: there's a switch in postgres somewhere....07:18
henningeHi spm_, I was about to ping you next ... ;)07:18
lifelesshenninge: easiest way is to turn on verbose logging07:18
lifelessin pg07:18
henningelifeless: how?07:18
spm_henninge: http://archives.free.net.ph/message/20030820.033440.c8363e0d.en.html ?? maybe.07:18
wgranthenninge: It's probably turned on for you.07:18
wgranthenninge: It was only turned off in lp-database-setup last week.07:19
wgranthenninge: It's not in the postgres log?07:19
wgrant(log_statement='all' is the relevant postgres switch)07:20
lifelesswas pushed to 5 weeks back07:21
lifelessmtaylor pulled from it07:21
lifelesswhere did my content go??!07:21
wgrantHe pulled it alllll awaaaay.07:22
BjornT_henninge: see lib/canonical/launchpad/pagetests/basics/user-requested-oops.txt07:22
henningeBjornT_, lifeless, spm_: Thanks. Yes, it is logging for me. I just didn't think about the fact that postgres is not in the LP tree ...07:24
henningewgrant: ^07:24
lifelessspm_: mwhudson: any ideas?07:24
spm_henninge: LIES!!! EVERYTHING!!! is in the LP tree.07:24
lifelessmtaylor: I see a repo there...07:25
wgrantWin. First 3.0 source package in LP.07:25
spm_lifeless: "This branch has not been pushed to yet." ?07:25
lifelessspm_: mtaylor branched from it 5 weeks back07:25
lifelessspm_: and had a copy on his disk, so it most definitely *was* pushed to - and mirrored07:25
spm_impressive. that sounds like something's zotted it.07:26
lifelessthats why I'm concerned07:26
* spm_ has a look at crowberry's disk.07:26
lifelessmtaylor: I'm going to push up to build2, so I don't trash the evidence07:26
mtaylorlifeless: k. works for me07:26
lifelessmtaylor: a thought, perhaps I sent you a bundle instead?07:29
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lifelessdrizzle is pushing up to build2 now, but will be a while - it can't stack.07:29
mtaylorlifeless: hrm. perhaps that's what you did07:30
spm_spm@crowberry:~$ bzr log --short -r -10..-1 /srv/bazaar.launchpad.net/push-branches/00/03/be/1707:30
spm_bzr: ERROR: Not a branch: "/home/robertc/source/drizzle/autorundeps/".07:30
spm_lifeless: ^^07:30
lifelessspm_: ><07:31
lifelessspm_: bzr info on that?07:31
mtaylorlifeless: http://paste.ubuntu.com/279365/plain/07:31
mtaylorlifeless: that's what you gave me07:31
lifelessls .bzr07:31
lifelessmtaylor: yeah I gave you a merge directive.07:31
lifelessso false alarm methinks on the lp losing data07:31
mtaylork. well, I've got it now then07:32
spm_lifeless: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/303414/07:32
* mtaylor wags finger at lifeless for pastebinning a merge directive instead of pushing a branch ... but gets over it just as quickly07:32
lifelessmtaylor: hey, drizzle isn't tiny ya know07:32
lifelessspm_: cat .bzr/branch/format07:32
mtaylorlifeless: wouldn't have been a problem if we had gotten around to --2a yet.07:33
lifelessmtaylor: hint. hint.07:33
lifelessmtaylor: J F D I07:33
spm_lifeless: Bazaar-NG Branch Reference Format 107:33
mtaylorlifeless: I sent the initial "o hai all ya'll upgrade" email07:33
lifelessspm_: I pushed a checkout. \o/07:33
lifelessmtaylor: you're mising the word 'now' ;)07:33
spm_lifeless: I'm gathering that's officially a "Bad Thing(™)"07:34
lifelessspm_: its a bug that I keep meaning to track down07:34
lifelessits a bad thing, yes.07:34
lifelessits like a symlik07:34
spm_heh. sounds like you have extra incentive now then huh? :-P07:34
lifelessspm_: nope, not really - 5 weeks ago occurnce != fresh07:35
* spm_ waves away unimportant minor facts07:35
adeuringgood morning08:23
stubhenninge: There is an environment variable you can set I think08:52
henningestub: thanks, I found the log.08:52
stubhenninge: LP_DEBUG_SQL and LP_DEBUG_SQL_EXTRA08:53
henningestub: that outputs to stdout?08:53
stubhenninge: Or stderr - its in lib/canonical/launchpad/webapp/adapter.py08:53
henningestderr is fine08:54
mrevellGuten morgen!09:12
henningeGuten Morgen mrevell!09:19
mrevellhallo henninge :)09:20
jmlmrevell, henninge: Good morning!09:22
mrevellyo jml09:22
henningeHallo jml!09:23
maxbI was trying to run tests on the python-migration branch last night, and they seemed broken :-/09:23
henningeand a smile for Mr Re-VELL :)09:23
maxbDoes anyone know about the huge amounts of "warning: Not importing ... missing __init__" ?09:23
jmlmaxb, I'm ensaddened.09:23
jmlmaxb, yes, I do a little.09:24
jmlmaxb, Python generates this error internally. It's a false warning.09:24
jmlmaxb, it's caused by lazr.foo being a bit weird.09:24
maxbHmm. I thought I saw it trigger at least one "unclean stderr" -> fail09:25
jmlmaxb, yes, that's a real problem.09:25
maxbLife would be so much simpler if zope/lazr hadn't gone for namespace packages, when Python doesn't really support them :-/09:27
jtvhi henninge!09:34
henningeHallo jtv! ;)09:34
jtvhenninge: working on message-sharing memory footprint... forgot I'm also supposed to OCR.09:35
henningejtv: working on the +templates page time out - almost done.09:36
jtvhenninge: cool... what are you doing to fix it?09:36
henningejtv: getting SourcePacakgeName in the same query as POTemplate for POTemplateSubSet09:37
jmlmaxb, yes :)09:37
jtvhenninge: so a prejoin?09:37
henningejtv: actually, I have always meant to ask what exactly that is.09:37
henningea prejoin09:37
BjornT_mthaddon: could you please disable edge updates? it seems like current trunk is a bit broken, so i want to make sure edge doesn't get updated until it's fixed.09:38
henningejtv: It's a join in "using", is that it?09:38
mthaddonBjornT_: already disabled09:38
jtvhenninge: you add a join to your query, even though you're not actually using it right there.  But you're pre-seeding the cache with those objects so you don't end up fetching them one by one later.09:38
henningejtv: exactly09:38
jtvhenninge: in sqlobject we had a parameter with that exact name, though in Storm what you usually do is fetch tuples of objects.09:39
henningejtv: what made is difficult was that the POTemplateSubSet code did not distinguish bewtween the productseries and the distroseries case.09:39
maxbI'm not in a position to make a branch and MP for it now, but it appears that the build is currently broken (for me, anyway), because lazr-js hasn't been removed from sourcecode/Makefile09:40
henningeand this only applies to the latter, of course.09:40
jtvhenninge: that's no problem for a left join though!09:40
henningejtv: seriously?09:40
henningejtv: I could just left join SourcePackageName all the time and it doesn't cost me anything?09:41
jtvhenninge: seriously... if you add an outer join on POTemplate.sourcepackagename, then you'll just get a bunch of nulls instead of SourcePackageName rows in the case where it's null.09:41
henningejtv: no performance penalty?09:41
henningeafter all, I am trying to solve a performance problem09:42
jtvhenninge: I can't guarantee that it'll never cost you anything, but I'd say that it's _probably_ not an issue.09:42
BjornT_mthaddon: could you add a comment saying that it shouldn't be enabled before bug 462502 is fixed?09:42
mupBug #462502: Javascript broken when devmode is turned off <Launchpad Foundations:In Progress by bjornt> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/462502>09:42
henningejtv: hm, that could make the code a lot simpler, of course.09:42
jtvhenninge: 'xacly09:42
jtvhenninge: I'd suggest that you ask a losa to run some explains to check this.09:43
henningejtv: woa, I remember stuart showing that at the epic. But that was about a year ago ...09:44
jtvhenninge: get a sample query that times out; do 2 "explain analyze" runs on it and record the second time; then compare to another "explain analyze" run that has the left join added.09:44
henningequite exactly, actually.09:44
henningejtv: ah, that is not the problem case09:44
jtvwhat isn't?09:45
henningejtv: I'd be concerned about productseries +template pages09:45
henningebut they are not timing out09:45
henningeconcerned, because they don't need the sourcepackagename09:45
henningejtv: but maybe that's the answer09:46
jtvthe sourcepackagename lookup is going to be quite fast in cases where the fk is always null, I suspect :)09:46
henningejtv: since product series pages don't get that long, there is no performance issue anyway.09:46
jtvhenninge: stub just pointed out the "precache" wrapper for result sets.  Lets you do something close to the classic prejoin, but without having to retrieve tuples that you only need one object out of.09:53
henningejtv: sounds interesting, I have some code going into exactly that.09:54
henningejtv: do you have an example?09:54
jtvhenninge: looking it up now...09:54
jtvhenninge: lib/lp/services/database/precache.py09:55
jtvexample is in the docstring.09:55
henningejtv: cheers09:56
thumpermwhudson: night all09:59
deryckMorning, all.10:02
jtvhi deryck10:02
henningestub, jtv: Are you sure that precache works as described in the doc string???10:22
jtvhenninge: see the XXX at the top of the file :)10:22
henningejtv: yup, timeout gone. https://translations.staging.launchpad.net/ubuntu/karmic/+templates10:43
jtvhenninge: \o/10:43
jtvdid you get the precache working for this?10:43
henningejtv: but that is not using precache yet. Actually, it is failing.10:44
henningefailing tests10:44
henningejtv: I got it to work for this page but I am currently running lp.translations tests on it and I already saw a failure.10:44
henningejtv: btw, ordering of the +templates page is next because when it gets that long, it is really useless the way it is now.10:45
henningejtv: POTemplateSubSet had an ordering (id,path) ...10:45
jtvoh, how useful (!)10:46
henningejtv: I already got rid of the path part, os now it's only id.10:46
henningejtv: I think sourcepackagename.name, potemplate.name sounds sensible10:47
jtvhenninge: quite10:47
jtvhmm... still seeing timeout on that staging page. :(10:47
henningejtv: I don't10:49
jtvworked for me this time too11:04
jmlallenap, hi11:22
allenapjml: Hi.11:23
jmlallenap, how's it going with the build eng stuff? love, joy and peace or fire, plague and the sword?11:24
allenapjml: It's okay, but it's mostly task switching and wtfing :)11:24
jmlallenap, task switching :\11:25
henningejtv: I fixed precache, btw.11:27
jmlallenap, nothing would thrill me more than to have a chance to shoot the breeze about this stuff, so please feel free to call me if you want a teddy bear / rubber duck / cardboard cutout...11:27
henningejtv: it's in this patch: http://paste.ubuntu.com/303512/11:27
allenapjml: That would be cool. I'm a bit afk and back today because t'other half is ill and there's no one else to look after the kids, but I should have time and my thoughts in order this afternoon.11:29
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jtvhenninge: stub just asked if you were going to add a test too, and you did.  Good show!  :)11:30
jmlallenap, cool. that'd be great.11:30
henningejtv: no, the test was there already. I just extended it for the case that came up in our test suite.11:30
jtvhenninge: yes, just heard the same here.  :-)11:32
henningestub, jtv: I think I can remove that part of the XXX, then.11:32
henningejtv: btw, are you with stub?11:32
jtvhenninge: no, we're just friends11:33
jtvhenninge: yes, we're working on the message-sharing migration footprint issue.11:34
jtvstub: how's that doing btw?  :-)11:34
henningestub: Is the renaming of precache still an issue? That is the only thing left from the XXX (and the bug) that would need doing. If we won't rename it, I'll remove the XXX completely.11:36
jtvI vote keep the name-changing part.  :-)11:36
stubI expect we need a better name since I couldn't remember what it was called earlier. I can't think of a better name though.11:36
stubFeel free to rename it if you want - there are only two or three callsites at the moment.11:36
henningeso "prejoin" is not good?11:36
stubI suspect that was what I intended to call it, but then a brain fade made me type 'precache'11:37
henningestub: I hope you are feeling better now ... ;)11:39
stub$ make harness11:43
stub>>> import gc11:43
stub>>> len(gc.get_objects())11:43
stubAnd a memory footprint of 480MB11:43
stubJust for loading all our libraries and processing that zcml. Sheesh.11:44
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jmlstub, to quote _Anchorman_, that's not a small number.11:50
jmloh wow12:03
jmlpython 2.5 has datetime.strptime12:03
jmlO Happy Day!12:04
jtvhenninge: that's for cases such as KDE where translations get uploaded as part of one package, but need to be imported in another.12:15
jtvI always forget the details of how it works.12:16
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maxbbarry: Do you know what the last known state of the python-migration branch is? Because it doesn't work for me. (1) apport_python_hook fails the clean_modules test, (2) warning, not importing lazr, missing __init__.py breaks things looking for clean stderr12:46
sinzuiEdwinGrubbs: are you ready for the stand-up call?13:34
sinzuimaxb: barry is not online today13:34
EdwinGrubbssinzui: yes13:34
maxbgary_poster:  Do you know what the last known state of the python-migration branch is? Because it doesn't work for me. (1) apport_python_hook fails the clean_modules test, (2) warning, not importing lazr, missing __init__.py breaks things looking for clean stderr13:34
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BjornT_rockstar, abentley: can you confirm bug 462628 and bug 462632? if they are valid, they need to be dealt with now.13:52
mupBug #462628: Commenting on merge proposals is broken <Launchpad Bazaar Integration:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/462628>13:52
mupBug #462632: Edit commit message on a merge proposal is broken <Launchpad Bazaar Integration:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/462632>13:52
abentleyBjornT_: chasing13:54
abentleyBjornT_: I can confirm that inline commenting on merge proposals is broken.13:58
sinzuireviewers meeting is 2 minutes in #launchpad-meeting13:58
deryckabentley, BjornT_ -- that commenting is likely broken by my recent branch landing.  I need to get a lazr-js branch landed (if I can now) and both MP comments and commits need updating so the xhtml representation is utf-8 encoded.14:00
BjornT_abentley: ok. i'd suggest that you talk to the losas and make sure edge doesn't get updated until this is resolved (and the fix is in stable)14:00
deryckI commented on the encoding bit on thumper's MP for commit message branch.14:01
abentleyderyck: That looks like the cause of the commit message issue, but not the comment issue.14:01
* deryck looks closer at bug14:02
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deryckabentley, yeah, I can't tell much from the Windmill traceback, sorry.14:03
BjornT_deryck: you can land your lazr-js branch. no you can even land the lazr-js branch first (well, in the future), so that lp won't break.14:03
abentleylosa: can we please disable edge updates-- we have a significant regression we don't want to show users.14:03
mthaddonabentley: it's already been disabled14:03
abentleymthaddon: Cool.14:03
deryckBjornT_, right, I should have landed the lazr-js first, but thought with your work and edge updates being disabled I could beat the rush and get it landed.14:05
deryckBjornT_, didn't think about having to read up on the new way of doing lazr-js branches ;)14:05
gary_postermaxb: did you see https://dev.launchpad.net/PythonMigrationStatus and Barry's email?  per those documents, https://code.launchpad.net/~launchpad-dev/launchpad/ztk-2.5 is the primary one we care about now.  Moreover, there will be bit rot, because we can't land it until after the upcoming LP release (again, described in Barry's email).  Dealing with the bit rot and landing that will be my job then (i.e., in about 1.5 weeks)14:41
maxbright, so I should essentially consider python-migration to be obsolete and "spliced out" of the merge flow?14:42
maxbUnless there's non-zope stuff that's already landed into ztk-2.5 instead of python-migration already, my problems will still apply there14:43
maxbOh, so there are.14:44
* maxb marks python-migration as Abandoned, and updates wiki and retargets MP14:44
gary_postermaxb: thank you14:45
maxbWhere has the release schedule gone these days?14:49
maxbabentley: asdf to you too :-p15:07
abentleySorry about that.15:07
maxbgrr. The Launchpad Moinmoin CSS has broken strikethrough support.15:29
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maxbgary_poster: Do you suppose you could pre-emptively add the ztk-2.5 new things to lp-source-dependencies at some point?16:06
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gary_postermaxb: my default inclination is to keep them out until I prepare the merge.  I'm probably pretty easy to convince otherwise though.  Why do you want to have them added early?  (One example of a winning argument that need no further explanation is "because I'm going to be keeping the bit-rot away and this would be convenient.")16:09
maxbI figured I'd try my hand at resolving some of the "Bustimications" - that _might_ evolve into keeping pace with devel :-)16:10
gary_posterok fair enough.16:12
gary_posterI'll do that today.16:12
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al-maisanMould somebody please help me with create_initialized_view() usage? I am adding unit tests (http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/303650/, line 62-63) and the setUp() method fails with: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/303651/16:39
gary_postermaxb: rev 87 of lp-source-dependencies has new ztk deps16:41
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allenapjml: Are you around for a bit? If so, do you fancy having a chat?17:22
jmlallenap, I am. I'm on a call now though. I'll ping you when I'm off.17:23
allenapjml: Cool.17:23
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jmlallenap, ping!17:26
allenapjml: pong17:27
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allenapjml: Or a mobile, if someone has sold you one yet. I have near infinite free credit for mobile-to-mobile calls.17:29
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mrevellI'm gonna head off before Xchat craps out again. Night all18:12
thumperderyck: can I have a very quick call with you after the TL call?18:24
deryckthumper, I have a quick chat with BjornT_ and then we can.18:25
thumperderyck: or I could talk to you in 1.5h18:25
thumperas it is breakfast time here :)18:26
deryckthumper, I have to be EOD in 1.5 hour with family responsibilities today. anytime before 1.5 hour from now.18:27
thumperderyck: how long is the BjornT_ likely to take?18:27
deryckthumper, 5 mins, tops.  He has to go, too.18:28
thumperI'll wait18:28
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mwhudsongood morning18:39
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BjornT_deryck: so, what's up?18:43
thumpermwhudson: early start?18:43
deryckBjornT_, so I submitted a branch to lazr-js trunk via pqm.  Saw it playing there.  Then lunched, then it's finished in pqm....18:43
deryckBjornT_, but no sign of it in lazr-js trunk, no email saying success or failure.18:44
deryckBjornT_, where can I look to work out what happened?18:44
mwhudsonthumper: yeah, emma is off to a meeting today, left at 6:3018:44
thumperderyck: I'd say chase a losa for the pqm logs18:45
BjornT_deryck: yeah, what thumper said. you might be able to look at the logs yourself. they might be on devpad18:46
thumperderyck: wild stab in the dark, but there was speed and connectivity issues at some stage yesterday18:46
thumperderyck: perhaps the push failed?18:46
BjornT_yeah, we have seen buildbot fail pulling a few times lately18:46
deryckthumper, BjornT_, ok, I can try the submit again, and then chase a lose if no luck.  Or look for logs on devpad.  Thanks, guys.18:47
thumperderyck: I'd look at the logs first18:47
deryckthumper, ok18:48
deryckthumper, shall we do a call now?18:48
thumperderyck: it may be that your branch has landed on the pqm copy already18:48
thumperderyck: yep18:48
deryckBjornT_, thanks for the chat time!18:48
deryckthumper, on skype?18:49
thumperderyck: I'm trying to get skype to give me sound18:49
BjornT_deryck: "different rich-root support"18:49
BjornT_deryck: in patch.1256740771.log18:49
deryckah, suck.18:50
deryckI know what I did.18:50
deryckgot a repo doesn't support 2a format, and couldn't tell, so I went one format back in the help text and forgot to ask :)18:50
thumperwe should upgrade lazr-js to 2a18:50
deryckindeed we should18:50
mwhudsoni love the way all the launchpad developers answer "What’s more important? Principle or pragmatism?" by bashing the question19:38
intellectronicayeah, i'm still waiting for someone to just make a simple choice, a one word answer19:40
intellectronicaof course, by not answering the questionaire i gave up the opportunity to do that myself :-/19:40
rockstarmwhudson, :)19:40
flacosteintellectronica: yeah, i should have answered 'Five pounds of flax'19:48
flacostekfogel: do you have a LWN subscribtion? did you look at http://lwn.net/Articles/359013?19:50
kfogelflacoste: I don't have a subscription.  let me see19:51
kfogelflacoste: oh, it's paywalled19:51
mwhudsonflacoste: i pasted a free link into my warthogs mail19:51
mwhudsonkfogel: ^^19:52
kfogelmwhudson: thx19:52
jmlISTR I answered "principle"19:53
jmland then talked and talked and talked19:54
intellectronicajml: that's encouraging19:54
jmlintellectronica, "Five pounds of flax" would have been a better answer.19:55
intellectronicaanyway, is it not five tons?19:55
mwhudsonjml: hello19:56
mwhudsonjml: i wanted to talk to you about something, i wonder what it was19:56
intellectronicaor are you just being pragmatic?19:56
mwhudsonjml: oh yes, maybe it was https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad-code/+bug/45099819:56
mupBug #450998: branch puller can try to pull the same branch twice at once <Launchpad Bazaar Integration:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/450998>19:56
jmlmwhudson, I'd love to. I'm going to talk to lifeless first though.19:58
mwhudsonjml: ok19:58
mwhudsonit's not really week 2 still is it?19:59
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flacosteintellectronica: : it is 5 tons!20:00
intellectronicaactually, according to google it's 3 pounds in the original zen story, and 5 tons in the principa discordia, so i guess that's a hybrid answer20:02
flacosteright, i mixed it up :-)20:02
kfogelmwhudson, flacoste: responded20:03
kfogelmwhudson, flacoste: I mean "responded on warthogs", not publicly (and see warthogs response for why)20:03
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flacostekfogel: note that this will not paywalled in one week20:05
kfogelflacoste: yes, but by then it'll be old news :-)20:05
kfogelflacoste: not completely joking -- one effect of paywalls is to fracture the audience and reduce feedback effects.20:05
flacostei never thought of it that way, but that's an interesting point20:06
intellectronicaare we in testfix mode?20:07
intellectronicaoh yes we are20:08
abentleyintellectronica: Just hit out of space on the builder.20:08
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thumperrockstar: don't see you on line20:57
thumperrockstar: on skype that is20:57
rockstarthumper, I didn't leave it up.  One sec.20:58
rockstarthumper, you aren't picking up.21:00
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rockstarbarry, are we having a meeting this week.21:08
abentleyrockstar: sinzui ran this morning's meeting because barry is unavailable.21:12
sinzuithanks for the reminder21:12
rockstarsinzui, no problem.21:13
Ursinhahi gary_poster :) do you have a moment to take a look in an oops, please?21:30
gary_postersure, Ursinha21:30
Ursinhagary_poster, I have an oops, https://lp-oops.canonical.com/oops.py/?oopsid=OOPS-1389H324721:30
Ursinhathis one happened yesterday21:31
Ursinhaabout 40 occurrences21:31
gary_posterUrsinha: and is new?21:31
gary_poster(there's some recent work on that page, possibly CP)21:32
Ursinhalooking for a bug, I found another bug that references https://lp-oops.canonical.com/oops.py/?oopsid=OOPS-1396L287221:33
Ursinhagary_poster, I just can't find the bug # again :/ still looking21:35
sinzuiWorking in blueprints is a deep well of sadness.21:35
Ursinhagary_poster, well, my question is if these two are related21:35
sinzuiI am writing so many basic tests for existing features so that I can 1 attribute21:35
gary_posterUrsinha, I believe they are unrelated.  Let me look at one more thing.21:37
Ursinhasure gary_poster21:37
gary_posterUrsinha: no they are unrelated except in the basic mechanism of the problem.  For the ResetPasswordView, next_url is an @property that does not have a setter defined, and yet _cancel in the superclass BaseTokenView tries to set next_url.  Boom.  That's a Foundations bug.  If you could create the bug, I'll assign it to myself and fix it tomorrow.  Now I'm looking at the other one.21:42
gary_posterUrsinha: eh, without looking at the code, that's a bugs issue21:43
gary_posterThey are trying to do the same thing, but the only similarity is the kind of error in our code.21:43
Ursinhagary_poster, I see.21:43
Ursinhagary_poster, I found bug 54387, is it related to the resetpassword one?21:44
mupBug #54387: Race condition in reset password workflow leads to an oops. <oops> <Launchpad Foundations:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/54387>21:44
gary_posterUrsinha, no, the new OOPS is simpler and unrelated other than being in the same vague area of code21:45
Ursinhagary_poster, all right, filing a bug..21:46
gary_posterthank you21:46
jmlmwhudson, hi21:48
mwhudsonjml: hi21:53
jmlmwhudson, you wanted to talk about a bug?21:53
mwhudsonjml: only if it's not too late for you21:53
mwhudsonjml: it's the "pull a branch twice at once" bug21:54
jmlmwhudson, sure.21:54
Ursinhagary_poster, bug 46292321:56
mupBug #462923: AttributeError in +resetpassword <oops> <Launchpad Foundations:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/462923>21:56
gary_posterUrsinha: thank you!  triaged and assigned.21:57
Ursinhagary_poster, thank you very very much21:57
Ursinhagary_poster, considering you'll fix soon, can I target that bug to the 3.1.10 milestone?22:08
gary_poster:-) sure22:08
Ursinhagary_poster, thank you :)22:08
gary_posterUrsinha: I can only improve a few aspects of my managing habits at a time--milestones will have to come in a later revision of my software. ;-)22:09
Ursinhagary_poster, hahahaha :)22:09
gary_posternight all22:16
thumpermwhudson: about that vocabulary branch...22:21
mwhudsonthumper: ah yes22:22
mwhudsonthumper: i didn't get a mail about your comment :/22:25
thumpermwhudson: I bet it got filtered22:26
thumperabentley: bug 462628, is this the one you have just fixed?22:27
mupBug #462628: Commenting on merge proposals is broken <Launchpad Bazaar Integration:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/462628>22:27
mwhudsonthumper: i guess i'll just settle for making you put in a new bug report and an XXX22:29
thumpermwhudson: what for?22:30
thumpermwhudson: why is it an issue there22:30
mwhudsonthumper: the problem is your fix is both too narrow and too broad22:30
thumpermwhudson: so just right then22:30
mwhudsontoo narrow: it won't help other callers of getByUrl, for example the merge proposal handling code22:30
mwhudsontoo broad: it will mask bugs in getByUrl22:30
mwhudsonthumper: sadly, more than one axis22:31
thumpermwhudson: I don't get the to narrow bit22:31
mwhudsonthumper: it would be far better if getByUrl raised a predictable set of exceptions22:31
thumpermwhudson: it is a predictable set, just about 10 different ones22:31
thumpermwhudson: I could name them all22:31
thumpermwhudson: I just didn't think it was worth it22:32
mwhudsonthumper: if you send in a merge proposal somehow that says "target_branch = lp:", it looks very much like the mail handler will oops22:32
thumpermwhudson: and they don't have a common base class22:32
thumpermwhudson: most likely22:32
mwhudsonthumper: maybe getByUrl itself should catch them and re raise?  there are basically three answers: 1) a branch 2) not found 3) wtf are you on about22:33
mwhudson200 OK, 404 Not Found, 400 Bad Request in http terms22:33
thumpermwhudson: you are suggesting having getByUrl only raise one type of Bad Request error?22:34
mwhudsonthumper: yeah, i think so22:34
mwhudson(it returns None rather than raising NotFoundError, I take it?)22:34
thumperBranch if found, none if valid name but not found, and WTF if bad input22:35
mwhudsoni see it returns None when passed an invalid URI :/22:35
thumpermwhudson: we can change that22:36
mwhudsonthumper: so perhaps to be consistent, getByLPPath errors should be masked too22:36
thumperso much for a simple branch22:37
mwhudsonsorry :/22:37
mwhudsonthumper: i'd be happier about just sticking the try:except: around getByLPPath22:37
mwhudsonin getByUrl22:37
mwhudsonthumper: replied on the mp22:41
thumpermwhudson: ok ta22:41
Ursinhahey sinzui, do you know what's https://lp-oops.canonical.com/oops.py/?oopsid=OOPS-1396EA105 about?22:42
mwhudsonthumper: maybe i didn't get the email before because i hadn't claimed the review22:42
mwhudson(i have now)22:42
thumpermwhudson: yes, but the email would have been sent to the list22:42
mwhudsonthumper: i'm not subscribed to the list any more22:42
sinzuiUrsinha: intellectronica has a fix for that already approved to land22:42
thumpermwhudson: ah ha, that'll be why22:42
Ursinhasinzui, great, is there a bug for that?22:43
sinzuiUrsinha: the subscribe/unsubscribe link is fails for anonymous users22:43
sinzuiUrsinha:  bug #46274222:44
mupBug #462742: OOPS getting a project index page as an anonymous user <oops> <Launchpad Registry:In Progress by intellectronica> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/462742>22:44
* Ursinha stabs launchpad search22:44
thumpermwhudson: so are you suggesting changing the except clause in branchlookup.py:231 to be Exception? m22:45
thumpermwhudson: or a list of exceptions raisable ?22:45
mwhudsonthumper: list of exceptions raisable22:45
mwhudsonthumper: consider that part optional though22:45
thumperI think a list is fine22:45
thumpermwhudson: it is except (A, B, C): isn't it?22:47
mwhudsonthumper: yes22:48
Ursinhathanks sinzui :)22:51
* thumper afk for lunch and class23:18
intellectronicahow come we're still in testfix mode? waterfall looks green23:29
elmowgrant: around?23:29
wgrantelmo: I am.23:30
elmowgrant: how familiar are you with buildd-manager?23:30
wgrantelmo: Far too...23:30
elmoit's SNAFU on production23:30
elmoand I'm epically failing to debug it23:30
wgrantEw. What's it saying?23:30
wgrantIt can be really really really obscure when it fails.23:31
elmowgrant: it's not saying anything23:31
elmoit's only schedulding builds to gold23:31
elmoit's ignoring every other buildd23:31
elmoeven though they're marked as active and ok23:31
wgrantA month ago it was scheduling builds to everywhere *except* gold.23:31
wgrantLet's see...23:32
elmohttp://paste.ubuntu.com/303891/ <-- log is just that23:32
wgrantelmo: A restart doesn't help, I suppose?23:32
wgrantYup, I love that verbose logging.23:32
Ursinhakfogel, hi :)23:32
wgrantMight be best to flip the logging up higher.23:33
* wgrant tries to remember how.23:33
wgrant'cause all the buildds look fine...23:33
mwhudsonprobably pass -v when you run it23:33
mwhudsonhm, maybe not23:33
wgrantIt's hardcoded.23:33
wgrantelmo: You'll have to hack lib/lp/builddmaster/manager.py, in _setupLogger. s/INFO/DEBUG/23:34
wgrantSomething like that.23:34
wgrantSo, that should convince it to actually tell you what it's doing each cycle.23:37
wgrantelmo: Giving you anything useful?23:40
elmosorry, got distracted, trying now23:40
elmoalso, p.s. die twisted logging scheme, DIE DIE DIE DIE23:41
mwhudsonall our (code's) twisted stuff logs via stdlib logging23:41
wgrantSo does buildd-manager.23:41
elmo2009-10-28 23:42:31+0000 [-] Considering rothera23:42
elmo2009-10-28 23:42:31+0000 [-] Builder is not available, ignored.23:42
elmoOH REALLY23:42
elmohow about, not23:42
wgrantrothera unavailable. That's nice.23:42
* wgrant checks the code.23:43
wgrantThat's fine.23:44
wgrantA builder must be IDLE to be available.23:44
elmooh, bad example23:45
elmoit says it about all of them23:45
wgrantHow about you pastebin an entire cycle, if there're no private builds around.23:45
elmounfortunately there are23:45
elmo2009-10-28 23:45:07+0000 [-] Considering mercury23:46
elmo2009-10-28 23:45:07+0000 [-] Builder is not available, ignored.23:46
elmobetter example23:46
wgrantLet's see...23:46
elmo2009-10-28 23:46:07+0000 [-] Checking zirconium23:46
elmo2009-10-28 23:46:07+0000 [-] Checking mercury23:46
elmo2009-10-28 23:46:07+0000 [-] Checking rhenium23:46
elmosorry, I should pastebin more23:46
elmoanyway, that last part is interesting23:46
elmobecause it doesn't do:23:46
elmo2009-10-28 23:46:07+0000 [-] Adding DistroArchSeries ubuntu/hardy/amd6423:46
elmowhich it does fgor gold23:46
wgrantArgh, buildergroup. die die die23:47
wgrantThose three 'Checking ' lines are contiguous?23:47
elmoI bet the freaking slave died23:48
wgrantOn all of them?23:48
wgrantThat seems unlikely.23:48
elmomaybe not23:49
elmowgrant: oh, sorry, context23:49
elmowgrant: is that we fucked up the networking earlier and dropped the majority of the buildds off net for ~5 minutes23:49
elmoduring which time cesium wouldn't have been able to contact them23:49
wgrantBut that should have just marked them un-OK.23:49
elmoright, which we undid23:49
elmobut it's certainly related23:49
elmoas f.e. gold is in the DC that wasn't dropped off net23:50
wgrantWhat if you bounce the lp-buildd on one of them?23:50
elmosure, trying23:50
wgrantThere's not too much state on the master side.23:50
elmook, that didn't help23:51
wgrantI can't think why slaves would have died from that, though...23:51
elmoI bounced palmer, no luck23:51
wgrantI was hoping only the virt builders would be dead...23:51
wgrantHmm hmm hmmmmmmm.23:53
wgrantIt looks like it is still actually scanning properly?23:53
wgranteg. rothera's build log is updating a bit.23:53
wgrantYeah, so it's just the dispatching...23:54
elmothe buildds that didn't drop off net are fine and building and uploading23:54
elmogod I really badly needs a TAGS-ified LP tree23:55
wgrantAh, didn't know the uploading bit worked as well. So it's not really really sick.23:55
elmogrep is sooooooooooooooo slow23:55
wgrantelmo: This is why you need lots of RAM.23:55
mwhudsonelmo: make TAGS works23:55
mwhudsoni think23:55
wgrantAnd to grep through just lib/lp/buildmaster and lib/lp/soyuz.23:55
elmomwhudson: yeah, but I'm looking at code on production ;-)23:55
mwhudsonelmo: i see :)23:55
elmoand besides my team give me grief whenever I install a real editor on the servers23:56
wgrantelmo: All the lines you pasted here so far look normal.23:56
elmowgrant: yeah23:56
wgrantAnd the buildds are certainly OK in the DB.23:56
=== Ursinha is now known as Ursinha-afk
wgrantelmo: There are no attempts to dispatch?23:58
elmowgrant: to the working buildds? yes23:58
wgrantIt will fail really strangely if, for example, the builders can't talk to librarian or ppa.launchpad.net23:58
elmosee e.g. gold's history23:58

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