MethsIf I have two post-head commits in a branch but I only want to include one in my merge proposeal can I do this?01:23
beunoMeths, no, but you can branch to a new branch01:32
MethsOkay, thanks.01:33
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idnarman, I don't understand how Launchpad decides that certain bugs have a similar summary to the one I typed in03:12
idnarit suggested like 10 bugs which don't even have a single word in common with my new bug description03:12
spividnar: maybe those bugs have duplicates that do, though?03:14
idnarthis project has private bugs by default, does that perhaps have something to do with it?03:15
rockstaridnar, I find that the bug suggestion thing doesn't work very well most of the time, but the times it works, it's awesome.03:15
mwhudsonidnar: it does a pg fulltext search in the summary and description03:16
mwhudsonand maybe the comments too, come to think of it03:16
mwhudsonit always suggests 10 so if you don't have many it does scrape the barrel a bit03:16
idnaroh, okay, that might explain it03:16
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spm_MTecknology: just doing your teams (plural !!!) removal now, sure you didn't miss any? ;-)07:45
MTecknologyspm_: :P07:45
MTecknologyspm_: I'm pretty sure07:46
MTecknologyspm_: long long story.......07:46
MTecknologySorry for the pleasureful time07:46
spm_I think I can guess07:46
spm_is cool07:46
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MTecknologyspm_: short answer is... that individual is no longer around ;)07:47
pooliecan anyone else reproduce firefox display corruption viewing https://edge.launchpad.net/bzr/+download07:47
lifelesspoolie: it may be your video driver07:48
lifelesspoolie: have you updated to latest karmic?07:48
poolieit looks like it07:48
poolieno, this is jaunty07:48
pooliei haven't seen it anywhere else though07:48
lifelessare you using xorg-edgers or anything like that?07:48
pooliejust jautny07:49
lifelessunder the 1.1rc1 heading there is an odd area07:49
lifelesslots of horizontal thin lines, but not /corrupt/07:49
lifelessand its a \very/ long page07:49
lifelesswith about 80% empty space07:50
lifelessI'd file a bug for sure07:50
spm_fwiw, +1 to lifeless's observations here. karmic.07:50
pooliein https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad-registry/+bug/41974207:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 419742 in launchpad-registry "downloads page should include some data about the releases" [High,Fix committed]07:51
lifelesspoolie: that looks like the intel corruption bug07:55
lifelesspoolie: its on xserver-video-intel, and is forwarded upstream07:56
pooliei doubt it, this machine has an nvidia card07:56
lifelessthe page length problem is rather different I fear07:56
lifelesspoolie: well, it looks like it :)07:56
lifelessit may be that the root cause is higher up the stack07:56
pooliethe page looks too long because of the large unfoldy sections for the news file07:56
lifelesspoolie: its empty for most of it for me07:57
lifelessblank/white vertical space07:57
poolieunfold all the "release info" bits and it will look appropriate07:57
lifelessthat seems unusual07:58
pooliealso, the help opening in an iframe(?) seems gratuituous07:58
lifelessthats a 3.0 thing I believe07:58
geserlifeless, poolie: I see that the +download page is mostly white. Till "1.1 release" it's ok, but after that the page is broken: for 1.1rc1 the table has only the lines but no content, for 1.0release I see only the links for the files but no table and after several white pages down, I find a broken tables for 1.0rc3 till 1.0rc1. Don't know if something else follows it besides many, many white pages08:24
geseropera seems to deal better with that page than firefox08:30
geserbtw: did someone try to run that page through a validator? the w3c one lists 1864 errors :(08:32
lifelessgeser: file a bug :)08:32
sorengeser: File 1864 bugs.08:46
lifelessgeser: I meant on the page being nuts, not the w3c errors specifically08:55
aa_what is the easiest way to request removal of a project from launghpad please?09:44
lifelessa question on answers.launchpad.net/launchpad09:45
lifelessnote that launchpad can have projects that are just references to something hosted elsewhere - those aren't really suitable to be removed09:45
lifelessbut i there is something that you were experimenting with that shouldn't be kept it will be deleted no problems09:45
[1]JagsLivehi guys how do i install a wireless module from backports please, i've added backports repo already11:21
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ahasenackhey guys, I'm getting this error when trying to attach a file to an existing bug after having filled in the text box with some comments:13:52
ahasenackRequest-URI Too Large13:52
ahasenackThe requested URL's length exceeds the capacity limit for this server.13:53
ahasenackI had to first post the comment, then attach the file13:53
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Knut-HBHi, I have a question. As I know, it is possible to download PO-files for offline translation with a program like Poedit. I also know that I receive an e-mail with a temporary link when requesting a po-download. My question would be, if there is a way to receive a permanent link to a po-file?14:36
henningeKnut-HB: Not from rosetta, no.14:37
Knut-HBhenninge: thanks for the answer14:38
henningeKnut-HB: Couldn't you use a PPA for that?14:41
* henninge has never set-up a PPA.14:41
Knut-HBhenninge: A PPA where a po-file from a different project is loaded into and updated? Is this possible?14:43
henningeKnut-HB: as I said, no idea. I just know that a ppa is a place where you can put files to distribute them to users.14:45
Knut-HBhenninge: Ah, sorry. Didn't read that.14:46
sorenI'm kind of confused. I thought the idea of expiring bugs was that they'd disappear from the list of bugs.15:42
sorenInstead, there's just a note at the top saying "This bug report was marked for expiration 148 days ago.".15:43
sorenSo looking at the bug list, I even have to open it before I see that it's expired?15:43
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kirklandi lost some code that was overwritten by a package in a ppa16:27
kirklandis there any way of retrieving this?16:27
kirklandit was pretty recent16:28
kirklandnevermind, i found it16:30
kikokirkland, you can retrieve old package versions usually16:30
kikoif you have the package name we can help find it16:30
kirklandkiko: thanks, yeah, i just found it in the build log16:30
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mathiazrockstar: hi - I'm trying to update bug description but I always get Entity-body was not a well-formed JSON document.17:02
mathiazrockstar: is there another way to update a bug description?17:02
rockstarmathiaz, hi.17:03
rockstarmathiaz, can you show me the bug.  I bet I know what's going on.17:03
kikomathiaz, you can stuck /+edit after the bug and you get a regular form, btw17:03
mathiazrockstar: bug 45890417:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 458904 in eucalyptus "When installing a node, euca_find_cluster fails to locate the cluster controller if instances are running" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45890417:03
rockstarmathiaz, what kiko said.17:03
mathiazkiko: awesome!17:04
rockstarmathiaz, hm, what browser are you using.  It just worked fine for me.17:04
mathiazrockstar: tried with firefox and epiphany17:04
rockstarmathiaz, sad.  I just made it work with firefox.17:04
mathiazrockstar: I saw a bug that mentioned the use of AdBlock Plus17:05
mathiazrockstar: which is the case for me in firefox -17:05
rockstarmathiaz, that would still be odd.17:05
mathiazrockstar: tried with epiphany just to make sure17:05
mathiazrockstar: and still failing17:05
* rockstar scurries off to install Adblock Plus17:06
mathiazrockstar: anyway - kiko gave me a workaround17:06
mathiazrockstar: the release of ubuntu can keep moving on!17:06
rockstarmathiaz, :)17:07
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kikorockstar, are you able to handle https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/rosetta/+question/87219 I wonder?18:33
rockstarkiko, if I can't, I'll chase it.18:34
rockstarkiko, no problem.18:34
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smoseris there any way to see tags in https://code.launchpad.net/~smoser/ubuntu-on-ec2/ami-pages18:53
smoserah, i see now. you can see them at http://bazaar.launchpad.net/%7Esmoser/ubuntu-on-ec2/ami-pages/changes18:55
slavik_hello, I have a question about the launchpad.net login/register procedure...19:09
slavik_who can I bug about this?19:10
beunoslavik_, ask away19:10
slavik_ok, thx in advance for the help19:11
slavik_I m trying to register on launchpad using my email address19:11
slavik_when I use the register box I m getting the message:19:11
slavik_The email address kristof.jaubin@gmail.com is already registered in the Launchpad Login Service (used by the Ubuntu shop and other OpenID sites). Please use the same email and password to log into Launchpad.19:11
slavik_when I go to Forgotten Password19:11
slavik_and I type the same email address, the system tells me:19:12
beunothis seems to be a common problem19:12
slavik_Your account details have not been found. Please check your subscription email address and try again.19:12
beunosinzui, flacoste, do you guys remember how to work around it?19:12
kikobeuno, I JUST wrote an email about this19:12
kikoit pisses me off19:12
kikoslavik_, can you try using19:12
slavik_... register with a different email?19:12
kikoand seeing if that works for you?19:12
slavik_will do19:13
slavik_I notice the "random question" which isnt on the "official" register page19:13
kikoit won't work19:14
slavik_kiko: same problem19:14
kikoflacoste, why isn't edge update?19:14
kikoslavik_, did you actually forget your password?19:14
kikoflacoste, +d19:14
sinzuiI do not understand the issues fully. I think this means the user has a single signon account, but has not actually registered (created a profile) on launchpad19:14
flacostekiko: security fix19:14
kikoflacoste, huh?19:14
flacostekiko: and tons of other cowboy all of this week19:14
slavik_I *may* have registered when the site launched... so not sure, sorry...19:14
kikoslavik_, okay, no problem. can you try doing this:19:15
kikoslavik_, a) going to login.launchpad.net and saying you forgot your password19:15
kikoslavik_, b) checking your email and recovering it19:15
kikoslavik_, c) then using the credentials on launchpad.net/+login again19:15
kikothis DRIVES ME CRAZY19:15
kikoflacoste, @#(!@#()@!!@#(*)*!#@()*!@19:15
slavik_ok, trying that kiko19:15
sinzuiI say we tear out the launchpad SSO.19:15
kikoI say whatever19:16
kikofix the @#!@#*@_)#*! problem19:16
sinzuikiko: This will be more fun in a few weeks when there are two SSO19:16
kikowhich has been happening for weeks19:16
slavik_ok... it says it sent me an email... thats already *some* progress :)19:16
kikoslavik_, sorry, this is a royal mess to avoid using proper english19:16
slavik_kiko, thx a lot! worked like a charm, i m logged in now! :)19:18
kikoslavik_, you're welcome!19:19
kikowhere is this flacoste character now19:19
slavik_says I m member since 2009/10/28 tho... on my personal page19:19
kikoslavik_, it's because you probably never logged in to /launchpad/ itself before19:19
kikoonly to shipit19:19
kiko(or whatever)19:19
slavik_I used shipit before.. 2006 or something :)19:19
kikoslavik_, launchpad.net is where all the action is though19:21
slavik_thats why I want to participate :)19:21
slavik_and after browsing the site.. i know what lacoste looks like :)19:24
kikohe looks like somebody in trouble real soon!!19:25
slavik_I can imagine users who can't find their way onto irc to be stuck...19:27
lfaraonederyck: hey, I added the line to my etc hosts file, however it gets stuck at "connecting" when I try to access the page. (also when I wget Connecting to launchpad.dev||:443...19:36
lfaraone*(also when I wget to https://launchpad.dev/sugarlabs)19:36
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kikolfaraone, what are you trying to do?20:38
kikolfaraone, oh I see20:38
kikolfaraone, telnet launchpad.net 80?20:38
lfaraonekiko: lol.20:38
lfaraonekiko: deryck emailed me telling me he had set up a ec2 instance where he did a test import of the sugarlabs XML.20:39
kikomaybe it is down now20:39
maxbI thought you had to whitelist IP addresses allowed to connect to individual ec2 instances?20:40
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lfaraonekiko: I only tried it an hr after he sent the mail.20:50
kikomaxb, could be that, actually20:51
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pooliehi kiko21:24
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lifelessmaxb: you can wildcard ports on ec222:28
lifelessmaxb: e.g. to open 22 to the world, or 8022:28
tfogalHi all.  I'm trying to setup a PPA which has nightly `development builds' for my package.  I can't seem to find a good value for the `distroseries' part of the changelog; ideally, I want some sort of meta name that means "whatever the current unstable/in-development release is"22:32
tfogalOtherwise I'll have to manually hack my script every time a new ubuntu release occurs... ideas?22:32
wgranttfogal: there is no magic value, but you could easily use launchpadlib to determine it.22:40
tfogalwgrant: Not quite as easy as I was hoping, but looks hackable.  Thanks!22:44
poolieflacoste: would "epic" imply it's 2 weeks long?22:47
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