the_dark_warrioIs someone experiencing a bug with fullscreen blender and compiz? Gnome panels are still on top of blender00:01
the_dark_warriochanging to metacity fixes the bug00:01
dmattbenjamin_: i try it on my jaunty00:01
PlughI'm over at a different computer in case Roey comes back soon and I don't answer him right away.00:01
PlughRoey, how did it go?00:02
RoeyPlugh: wellll so I booted it,00:02
Roeyit dropped me to busybox00:02
RoeyI did modproibe md-raid400:02
Roeyls /dev/mapper00:02
dmattbenjamin_: it works for me, try again these two commands00:02
RoeyPlugh: only saw 'control'..  so I did find /lib/modules -inam "*dm*" and found no such driver anyway00:03
dmattbenjamin_: sudo apt-get install update-manager00:03
RoeyPlugh: and the builting modprobe of ash doesn't tell you anything if it can't find the module.00:03
RoeyPlugh: so basically I jsut saw 'control' in that directory.00:04
benjamin_dmatt: it's already at its newest version00:04
RoeyPlugh: and modprobe -l showed no dm driver loaded00:04
dmattbenjamin_sudo update-manager -d00:04
benjamin_dmatt: yes! an upgrade button00:05
dmattbenjamin_: congratz00:05
dmattread release notes before upgrade00:06
mzzif all you want is an upgrade button I'm sure we can throw you a script that displays one00:06
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PlughRoey, ok. I think it comes down to the system not realizing you have drives in raid configuration00:08
tagI have a Lenovo T400 and a dock, I had some trouble with the ATI card so I disabled it at the bios and am now using the integrated Intel Mobile 4 Series....for some reason, I can't seem to get the dock's DVI port to register a monitor, though00:08
RoeyPlugh: yessss00:08
RoeyPlugh: (sorry just want to tear my hair out at this point ;)00:08
tagxrandr lists a "DP1" which, I'm not sure whether that's a DVI or not00:08
tagand shows no monitor connected, although one is00:08
xrandri do not :)00:08
tagThe VGA port on the dock works fine, though.00:08
RoeyPlugh: oih.....00:08
Roeycan I pm you for a sec?00:08
PlughRoey, no need to do that. Its a bit of a pain but fixable.00:08
Roeyit'd make it a little easier to converse without all these messages flying between ours00:09
PlughBtw, it took me about a half dozen boots to figure out the name change for my raid drives00:09
Roeywow :)00:09
knarfixhi, does songbird work on karmic?00:12
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scott_ino2anyone here have experience with a logitech 9000 webcam?00:16
scott_ino2it's horribly out of focus00:17
scott_ino2anyone her have experience with a logitech 9000 webcam00:18
raffertyhi all... Thinkpad audio issue - headphones work but speakers do not. Same issue with Jaunty and most other distros, but works in Win 7. Any help??00:19
dmattscott_ino2: try to turn it to focus00:19
scott_ino2dmatt, k let me check00:19
StevenXhow do i upgrade to karmic koala00:20
StevenXdont' care if it's not final version00:20
FlynsarmySound doesn't appear to be configured correctly in karmic RC...when pidgin makes its message received sound the first part of it gets squished so it plays alot faster...sounds really weird. common issue?00:20
scott_ino2dmatt, nope doesn't turn at all00:20
dmattscott_ino2: manual?00:21
SchneeSchwarzStevenX: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/KarmicUpgrades00:21
raffertyStevenX, go to Applications > Software > Upgrade on top right.00:21
StevenXty SchneeSchwarz00:21
scott_ino2dmatt, no manual focus is what im getting at.. if you're referring to the manual id on't thnk that's gonna help00:22
scott_ino2dmatt, ive found a ubuntu thread about fixing it i think... but it's written for jaunty so i don't know if it'll work00:23
FlynsarmyAnyone having sound issues on karmic?00:23
dmattscott_ino2: i think it is mechanical thing... but I might be wrong of course00:23
scott_ino2using libwebcam from the quickcam team you can adjust the focus00:24
scott_ino2but if i have to run that everytime just to use it im not gonna be too happy00:24
dmattscott_ino2: shouldn't it stay fixed if you focus it once?00:25
scott_ino2ummm well im certainly hoping so haha00:25
scott_ino2im gonna give it a shot00:25
scott_ino2might have to force a few things though00:25
NerveClaspHello! I have a problem with add/remove, Ubuntu Soft Center applets! add/remove sais "ImportError: No module named gconf" and USC sais "ImportError: No module named pygtk" what can be done?00:27
NerveClaspalso gksu --desktop /usr/share/applications/computer-janitor-gtk.desktop computer-janitor-gtk sais ImportError: No module named computerjanitorapp00:28
NerveClaspwhat is wrong?00:29
outside_Hey guys00:30
outside_I have a bit of a problem00:30
outside_ATI Drivers don't work00:30
Jeruvy!enter | outside00:30
FlynsarmySound doesn't appear to be configured correctly in karmic RC...when pidgin makes its message received sound the first part of it gets squished so it plays alot faster...sounds really weird. common issue?00:30
ubottuoutside: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!00:30
mzzNerveClasp: ls -l $(which python)00:30
outside_I believe I read the only solution is to downgrade X11, what are the plans to fix this?  I have no 3d acceleration.00:31
NerveClaspmzz:  2.100:31
fool__is it out yet ?00:31
mzzNerveClasp: what?00:31
mzzNerveClasp: do you mean you have python 2.1 installed? How did you manage that?00:32
NerveClasplrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 9 2009-10-13 23:51 /usr/bin/python -> python2.600:32
outside_Can anyone assist me with downgrading X11 so I can get an actual graphics driver working?00:32
NerveClaspmzz: what do you mean?00:32
mzzNerveClasp: you're telling me a bunch of python stuff fails with mysterious ImportErrors. I asked you to run "ls -l $(which python)". What was the output of that command?00:33
mzzNerveClasp: please don't say "2.1" if "2.1" does not occur anywhere in the output, it's confusing :)00:33
NerveClaspmzz: lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 9 2009-10-13 23:51 /usr/bin/python -> python2.600:33
mzzNerveClasp: (especially if "2.6" does occur, and the relevant part I'm looking for is "2.something" :)00:34
NerveClaspmzz: oh, sorry=)00:34
mzzNerveClasp: python -c 'import sys;print "\n".join(sys.path)'|pastebinit00:34
khazilfor some reason I had to rebuild gst-mixer and gnome-applets/mixer00:34
NerveClaspmmz: http://pastebin.com/f673135c100:37
* mzz frowns00:38
mzzNerveClasp: /usr/lib/pymodules/python2.6/ is suspiciously absent from that list. Let me figure out how that normally gets added00:39
scott_ino2alright im getting this error i think im missing some development packages: CMake Error: your CXX compiler: "CMAKE_CXX_COMPILER-NOTFOUND" was not found.   Please set CMAKE_CXX_COMPILER to a valid compiler path or name.00:40
mzzNerveClasp: does /usr/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/python-support.pth exist (should be a symlink) and what's in it?00:40
mzzscott_ino2: apt-get install build-essential might help00:41
scott_ino2yeah that's what i was looking for00:41
scott_ino2mzz, yeah we're good now00:42
NerveClaspmzz: It does exist but it is empty00:43
CServicemzz prt00:45
mzzNerveClasp: wild guess: sudo update-python-modules00:45
dodddummythe taskbar not taking mouse clicks properly is driving me insane00:46
mzzCService: just ask in here if you have a question00:46
mzz"prt" triggered a ParseError which was ignored00:47
NerveClaspmzz: it's still the same((00:47
CServicemzz: give me a root or a shell00:47
mzzNerveClasp: any interesting output from that command?00:47
klabezoplease help me if i update my ubuntu from 9.04 to 9.10 is there some applications will not work or will want to be update ?00:48
* mzz isn't going to go outside to dig out a tree root right no00:48
mzznow, even00:48
Roeymy stock install doesn't seem to be loading dm_raid1 on startup, and then complains about not being able to find /.00:49
Roeyhow can I fix this?00:49
NerveClaspmzz: from "sudo update-python-modules"? no.. from "/usr/bin/gnome-app-install" > "Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/bin/gnome-app-install", line 27, in <module>  from AppInstall.activation import main  File "/usr/share/gnome-app-install/AppInstall/activation.py", line 20, in <module>  import gconf  ImportError: No module named gconf"00:50
mzzNerveClasp: just checking: /usr/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/python-support.pth is a symlink to ../../pymodules/python2.6/.path which exists but is empty?00:50
mzzNerveClasp: afaict update-python-modules should've written that file, but you might need to force things a bit if it got confused00:51
mzzNerveClasp: can you pastebin "sudo update-python-modules -v"?00:51
NerveClaspmzz: done00:52
NerveClaspmzz: still the same((00:53
mzzNerveClasp: define "done"00:54
mzzthere should've been output now00:54
NerveClaspmzz: about /usr/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/python-support.pth > I doubleclick on that link, and an empty document appeares in gedit00:55
ebbis there a count down somewhere ?00:55
NerveClaspmzz: done with sudo update-python-modules -v00:55
mzzNerveClasp: so I'm assuming that didn't fix it, but I'm also assuming there's output00:55
mzzthat output interests me :)00:56
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NerveClaspmzz: no output.. just a new blinking cursor00:56
* mzz frowns00:56
* Roey lifts mzz's frown into a smile00:57
Roeywhat's up?00:57
matt_screen resolution is 800x600 maximum.  do i need a video driver?00:57
mzzNerveClasp: ok, sudo update-python-modules -pv00:58
ubuntuLoverwhy aren't there are there any Linux viruses?00:58
mzzmatt_: either that or a bigger screen, probably :P00:58
mzzubuntuLover: because nobody likes linux enough to write a virus for it00:58
ubuntuLoverI hope you're being sarcastic, have you read my name? :-p00:59
MightyTweek!virus | ubuntuLover00:59
ubottuubuntuLover: A/V software is available, however read this to understand why Linux does not have a virus problem: http://librenix.com/?inode=2100:59
NerveClaspmzz: hooooray!!! thank you! It worked))00:59
outside_Great news everybody00:59
outside_the newest driver from AMD fixes the issue00:59
outside_I am downloading it as we speak00:59
outside_You should expect to get lots of complaints about it next week...so..if you see it..tell em to upgrade to the -10 driver for AMD01:00
Veinorwhoever runs ubottu needs to change A/V to AV01:00
Veinorbecause A/V is audiovisual, not antivirus :P01:00
Veinorer, audio/video. you get my point.01:01
matt_where can i find drivers for my laptop?01:01
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outside_matt_: Driver for ATI?01:01
ubuntuLoverI asked because I can't sleep with a stupid cough and was wondering if there's some sort of analogy what Linux does to prevent viruses that I aren't doing01:01
mzzmatt_: pastebin /var/log/Xorg.0.log and possibly also lspci|grep -i vga?01:02
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com (or !pastebinit for CLI) | For pasting !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin Please give us the URLs for your posts!01:03
outside_I like how you guys have bots to say common messages to people =)01:04
ubuntuLoveryep, I'm not doing anything that Linux does to prevent viruses... all my cell are apparently writable and with unlimited priveleges... where's the system admin when you need one?01:06
MightyTweekubuntuLover: Maybe you're not washing your hands often enough. That's kinda like running applications as root... sort of...01:06
ubuntuLoverMightyTweek, that's a fair point. But I thought that having a healthy organic vegetarian diet and vitamin supplements would make up for that.01:07
matt_screw you ubuntu clipboard!01:08
ubuntuLoverthat's like installing the best anti-virus out there01:08
Roeyhi again01:10
matt_mzz, http://paste.ubuntu.com/303216/01:10
MightyTweekubuntuLover: I would say that is true... but remember, even the best anti-virus can only defend against things it knows about, and for the human immune system, that's by being exposed to them (or being vaccinated). The human immune system does not yet have the capability to download updates from a centralized server :)01:10
Roeycan anyone help me understand why GRUB dumps me to a busybox hll?  http://pastebin.com/m1fba2c0e  <-- contains the output of 'blkid' and the contents of grub.cfg01:10
RoeyPLEASE I've been sitting here for two days on this.01:10
ubuntuLoverMightyTweek: Ah I like the "yet" :)01:11
mzzmatt_: ah, virtualbox. I missed that in the problem description.01:11
matt_mzz, sorry i didnt say01:12
mzzmatt_: iirc "sudo apt-get install virtualbox-ose-guest-utils" followed by a reboot will help01:12
ubuntuLoverMightyTweek: Yes, but at least were equipped with an immune sistem that reacts to emotions, so I hope the gigle at your message killed at least a few thousands of these buggers!01:12
matt_sweet, thanks bro01:12
mzz(or manually modprobing the modules, the reboot is for lazy people :)01:12
ScuniziIf I install 9.10 64 bit with it's own home and then change the /home to my older seperate 8.10 install then do a update, upgrade dist-upgrade will all the packages be brought up to the level of 64bit 9.10?01:12
matt_mzz, that would be me!01:13
CShadowRunHas anyone noticed that nautilus shows you a Floppy Drive option, when you don't physically have a Floppy drive in the machine?01:13
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scott_ino2CShadowRun, i don't have this shown01:14
MightyTweekubuntuLover: I hear the feature is coming in the next release ;)01:14
stpereCShadowRun: probably some BIOS gone rogue01:14
CShadowRunguess so01:14
ubuntuLoverI liked the Linux virus link... very informative and ends in a tone somewhat challenging and encouraging! Hmmm...01:14
ubuntuLoverthanks ubottu01:15
mzzubuntuLover: imho it's not as much more secure as it is a bit more diverse and with a small enough userbase that it hasn't been thoroughly attacked yet01:16
mzzthe "cannot write to system binaries" one is partially moot for an effectively single-user machine, for example: a slightly more clever virus could dump lots of fun infected stuff in ~/bin and add that to your $PATH if it's not there yet. For bonus points it can hack up your gnome/kde menu to run those binaries.01:17
ubuntuLovermzz, yes that was my first thought and also as teh article mentions that it's difficult to hide a virus in an Open Source environment :)01:17
PlughHm... I'm running 9.10 on a desktop and on a laptop. On my desktop the default gdm login screen shows my user name as an option that can be selected but I don't see a list of any users on the gdm login screen on the laptop.01:18
mzzubuntuLover: if you go and run arbitrary downloaded stuff you're really not as much more secure as some people seem to believe.01:19
ubuntuLovermzz, maybe my cells are being way too secretive and no sharing enough... and since the cells reflect the behaviour of the organism... omg... I'm too selfish! that is the problem!01:19
ubuntuLovermzz, yeah I agree01:19
ubuntuLovermzz, I knew I should have donated to that charity :(01:20
ubuntuLoverthe final version is comming out tomorrow, how excited ar eyou guys on a scale from 0-10 ?01:21
richardcavell_ubuntuLover: I'd say 901:22
richardcavell_especially because it has better support for hardware01:22
ubuntuLoveryeah and the new packages manager sounds like a beauty!01:23
ubuntuLoverDoes anyone here use Ubuntu One yet?01:25
Scuniziis there a grub cleanup utility in 9.10? looking to do a 9.10 install alongside my 8.10 & windows.. after testing I'll delete the 8.10 partitions and redo the reference for /home from the 9.10 install to the one left from the 8.10 install.. so I'd like to remove the grub references.. (I know I can do it manually)01:25
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xrandrubuntuLover: 9.10 out of 1001:26
xrandrand it goes out as stable tomorrow?01:26
mzzScunizi: update-grub should do the trick01:26
ScuniziubuntuLover: I've tried but there has been server problems01:26
ubuntuLoverxrandr: ah! I see what you did there :-p01:26
Scunizimzz: thanks.. also wondering if after redoing the reference location for /home.. if I do a update, upgrade, dist-upgrade will the packages be upgraded?01:27
mzzScunizi: I don't understand what /home and apt-get have to do with each other01:28
ubuntuLoverScunizi:Oh Ok. I asked because I can't think of one practical thing I'd use it for. And also I'm concerned about privacy when personal files are stored on some random webserver.01:28
khazilyou can just use the same partition for /home01:28
mzzScunizi: /home just has your settings and documents, apt-get shouldn't touchit.01:29
Scunizimzz: well.. if I install 9.10 64 bit with it's own /home and then change the fstab reference for /home to the location of my "deleted" 8.10 /home partiton (still containing my 32 programs)  will it upgrade the programs?01:29
* xrandr wonders how well ubuntu-server runs NIS01:29
mzzScunizi: you should be able to reuse your 8.10 /home, although I wouldn't boot into 8.10 using a /home 9.10 has touched (upgrading should work, downgrading may confuse some apps)01:29
Roeyhey do I need the alternate disk to install to raid1 if I already have the partitions set up?01:29
mzzScunizi: I don't follow. What are your programs doing on your /home?01:30
Scunizimzz: ok.. some of the .<package.conf> files may bork things..01:30
MurielGodoiHi guys... I set a proxy on Network Proxy at work, but when I arrived at home I remove the proxy but the system keep searching tor the proxy01:30
MurielGodoiIs there a bug?01:30
mzzMurielGodoi: you might have to log out and back in01:30
Scunizimzz: gotcha.. programs live elsewhere but the configs for a user some live in /home .. right?01:30
MurielGodoimzz:  I already restart my notebook twice01:31
mzzScunizi: yep (with exceptions for things you installed outside of package manager control, of course)01:31
mzzMurielGodoi: not sure what happened then01:31
Scunizimzz: so going from 8.10 32bit to 9.10 64 bit might present some problems with those files..01:32
mzzMurielGodoi: (but I don't use any proxies other than an apt-specific one, so I wouldn't have noticed any bugs)01:32
mzzScunizi: it mostly shouldn't01:32
MurielGodoimzz: The wierd thing is that when I set a new proxy and set apply to entire system, I'm not requested to type su passwords01:32
mzzMurielGodoi: the rules for when policykit and friends need my password are a complete mystery tome01:33
Scunizimzz: ok.. just wondering.. my previous upgrades using the upgrade tool in synaptic have ended with a system that is not the same as a fresh install.. lots of niggley little issues that aren't show stoppers but seem to get fixed with a fresh install..01:33
CShadowRunHmm, This laptop (Acer aspire one) Has a Home Key, which is "Mod4" according to keyboard shortcuts. Problem is i can't bind it on it's own, i can only bind it with another key (Mod4+L, for example)01:33
CShadowRunHow do i just bind Mod4 in the keyboard shortcuts dialog?01:33
khazilubuntuone-client-applet is running but there... is no applet01:34
MurielGodoimzz: lol... thanks01:34
Scunizikhazil: try logging into www.one.ubuntu.com and transfering one file directly.. see if the servers will allow you.. there were issues yesterday01:34
khazilhmm... I just noticed a link in Places01:35
mzzCShadowRun: you'd have to convince it it's not a modifier first (should be an xkb way to do that)01:35
CShadowRunsounds fun01:35
mzzwonder why it's getting the layout wrong though, it's not like aspire one is that rare01:36
CShadowRunmzz i just read a bug report saying it was to fix other generic keyboards01:37
ubuntuLoverwell, the cough has settled so I'm heading to bed... any XKCD fans? http://xkcd.com/528/01:40
CShadowRuncan't seem to find a solution for it though, which kinda sucks :(01:41
CShadowRunnot having home key go to unr menu ftl01:41
m0r0nIf I upgrade to the RC01:42
m0r0nand the RC isn't what is released, will ubuntu just update it for me?01:42
khazilduh, I know what I was doing wrong. I killed the Notification Area!01:44
tiger2wanderI have add a desktop account then I removed it but it is not remove from login form :(01:46
tiger2wanderHow can I remove it from login form?01:46
tiger2wanderanybody have an idea?01:46
darrendm0r0n: yes01:49
CShadowRuntiger2wander, how did you remove it?01:49
m0r0ndarrend: Will my programs stay the same, or will it all be gone and I have to start from scratch01:53
ebbdoes anyone know how many hours till the new release is officail ?01:54
GiantTalkingCowNo idea... isn't it due out in two more days, or have I gotten the date wrong?01:55
* arand *sighs*01:55
hanasakiwhy is empathy replacing  pidgin? what's the history?01:57
arandebb: Release date is 29th, so expect it out by the 30th, there's never a defined hour for the release, and it's normally late on the day of the date...01:57
ebbarand: thanks :)01:58
arandhanasaki: better back-end, more potential...01:58
GiantTalkingCowLong story short: the Pidgin devs don't want to add certain features that most users feel would be useful, like a resizable text entry space. Yes, I know it sounds ridiculous, but that's one thing that sparked the fork.01:58
tiger2wanderCShadowRun:: I add and remove it using "user and group manager" tool in system menu01:58
hanasakiarand:  I cannot get empathy to work past my http firewall.. can it?01:58
cxoI did an upgrade from 9.04 and I've lost most of my icons. The ones that sit besides text on buttons and menus02:00
CShadowRuncxo they get disabled by default now to make the menus faster02:00
CShadowRunyou can re-enable them in system > preferences > appearance someplace, i think02:00
CShadowRunyea, in the interface tab, top tickbox.02:01
cxoah back to normal02:01
arandhanasaki: does pidgin? which protocol?02:01
cxothat was weird, dont disable them , it looks like a fault02:01
hanasakiarand:  yes.   for irc, gtalk and yahoo and aol and msn all over http02:01
arandcxo: design desicion :(02:02
CShadowRuncxo agree'd. It'd be better if they removed the space for the icons to appear when they was switched off (That way it'd look less like a bug, and save space too!)02:02
cxoindent the text properly if you remove the picture, cos now it looks like there was meant to be something there, but now its missing02:02
cxooh yeah, we said the same thing02:02
cxoi bet that would be a simple patch to gtk even02:03
arandindeed, maybe it could be done, but as it is now it just looks unprofessional, a shame when the new theme is pretty nice otherwise...02:03
cxoso is gnome -2.28 much slower than, to stop loading silly things like icons?02:04
CShadowRungnome devs just like to do random stupid things from time to time ;)02:04
cxo^than whatever came with 9.0402:04
arandno icons was simply an upstream decision..02:04
cxoso why cant  the ubuntu desktop team re-enable it when they build the debs02:05
cxoisnt thats what a "distro" is for, to sanitise and present oss to the end user02:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 407621 in libgnome "(design decision) Icons missing from context menu , dialogue buttons , firefox bookmark favicons, system menu" [Wishlist,Confirmed]02:06
arandubuntu choose to follow suit02:06
cxomaybe they are just trying to make 2.28 look bad so people like 3.0 even more02:09
CShadowRunoooor...maybe this guy is a gnome dev, http://www.bash.org/?475302:10
arandhmm, eye of the beholder, I guess...02:10
cxo"People never like change for sure, but one of our goals for 3.0 a cleaner and02:10
cxomore well balanced interface. This is one of the steps, and I hope it will turn02:10
cxoout as the better choice in the en"02:10
CShadowRunhaha, i'm not saying they shouldn't remove the icons (Hey, that's a design decision, fair enough if i don't get what i want)02:10
CShadowRunBut the fact that they don't indent the text properly makes it just plain wrong and horrible02:10
bjsnidermenus and submenus have been removed for gnome 302:11
CShadowRun(Also, since when did gnome become lightweight?)02:11
bjsniderso it doesn't matter02:11
cxo3.0 is going to be cleaner and more balanced? cleaner than what? Gnome has always been as colourful as bleach02:11
cxoit doesnt need to get cleaner02:11
bjsniderthere won't be any menus to look at02:11
cxogod, Linus' gnome stereotype is coming true02:12
CShadowRunwhat did he say? :P02:12
bjsniderlinus uses gnome02:12
CShadowRunmy retort to linus would be "sure, call me when KDE gets any multi screen support"02:14
arandHmm, yea, but I think he switched over in the four-phail cycle..02:14
cxoThe sad thing is, its true, Its the same damn argument Windows fanbois use when fighting Macs02:14
CShadowRun(It has twinview, and has recently obtained xinerama support *clap*)02:15
CShadowRunfunctionality vs feature overload02:15
bjsniderlinus uses gnome, as kde4 didn't work02:15
CShadowRunyea, KDE4 didn't work for me either02:15
bjsniderlinus is now relatively happy with gnome02:15
CShadowRuni'm _ok_ with gnome, theres this one bug that's been about for 7 years02:15
cxoI hate kde4 for killing amarok02:15
CShadowRunone day...they will fix it02:15
CShadowRunon that day, i will have a party02:15
cxoAmarok1x was the best02:15
jacobwhat Linus uses should not influence a decision on a desktop environment choice. the end.02:16
bjsniderjacob, i'm going to tell him you said that. he'll send someone over to talk to you02:16
cxoIts not. I said his description of gnome is coming true02:16
jacobbjsnider: go right ahead02:17
arandgnome bothers me, but I've probed KDE now and then... Not to my liking...02:17
bjsnidergnome bothers you?02:17
snagaxfce :)02:18
MacOS_Userhello everyon e02:19
MacOS_Usereveryone even02:19
cxohell, i'd use blackbox if it didn't mean I'd have gtk libs on my system anyway02:19
MacOS_UserExcuse me man, but I am considering to use Ubuntu the 09.10 Karma release, and I am curious, this fellow Unbutto in the other channel seemed to think it was highly unstable, can someone tell me the real deal on it, man.02:20
arandhmm, yea, but I don't know if I'd be happier with openbox or the like...02:20
arandAlthough, I'm actually pretty hopeful of gnome-shell...02:20
jacobMacOS_User: It will be released in about two days; wait until then and give it a shot :)02:21
CShadowRunMacOS_User, Yea, no point in going through all the trouble with the beta, might aswell wait for release02:21
CShadowRunthat said, it's certainly not unstable anymore, I'm running it on pretty much every machine in the house atm02:21
CShadowRunUNR 9.10 is kickass...the new UI looks sick :D02:21
MacOS_Userwell is the beta that bad, and how can something 2 days from release be that bad? Or do you expect the release to be bad too?02:21
jacob(with the exception of the upstart fun last month, the entire karmic cycle was pretty stable for me :D)02:22
CShadowRunMacOS_User, it's not that bad, we just can't say to you it will work, because it's still beta.02:22
jacobRC, actually.02:22
CShadowRunthe release will be good :)02:22
CShadowRunoh, we are at RC now nice02:22
jacobas of last week ;)02:22
MacOS_Userok, but if you are warning me not to use it 2 days b4 release, its not going to improve much in 2 days...02:22
MacOS_UserI appreciate the honesty, I will stay with CentOS then for now.02:23
RedLAnceMy system is rather sluggish after upgrading to 9.10...and known issues?02:23
CShadowRunMacOS_User, your obviously not getting it02:23
MacOS_Userok, I am listening02:23
CShadowRunWhen did anyone warn you not to use it?02:23
SikEnCidehow do i get shockwave to update on karmic ?02:23
arandMacOS_User: unstable in what way?02:23
jacobMacOS_User: we're saying that while it could work perfectly, there is no guarantee since it's not officially available yet. :)02:23
cxoMacOS_User, you can get a nice clean install disc if you wait an extra couple of days, nothing else really02:23
SikEnCidei tried playen some cheesey game online and it says i need a newer version of shockwave.. cant find it on adobe's site for linux02:23
cxothe images have likely been already made02:24
jacobSikEnCide: there is no shockwave for Linux. do you mean Flash?02:24
CShadowRunSikEnCide, there is no shockwave for linux :(02:24
khazilshockwave is dead02:24
SikEnCideit says shockwave02:24
* cxo is a shockwave02:24
khazilit very well could be, because it's cheap and some peopel still use it02:24
CShadowRuni'll shock ur wave02:24
SikEnCidei have flash and its up to date02:24
om26erMacOS_User: install this http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/20091027/karmic-desktop-i386.iso and again update tomorrow you will be using karmic koala stable02:24
jacobSikEnCide: then I'm afraid you're stuck.. shockwave is dead (isn't it?)02:24
MacOS_Userwhat your saying doesnt make any sense, how can something be beta 2 days from release? I mean, 2 days before release it'd be RC quality no?02:24
SikEnCideoh well it doesnt matter02:24
CShadowRunMacOS_User, it is RC quality, i was just behind the times02:24
* CShadowRun missed that news flash :P02:25
devinis 9.10 safe to upgrade to or is it better to download an iso and start from scratch?02:25
CShadowRundevin, i upgraded to it like 2 weeks ago, all went well02:25
arandMacOS_User: What kind of "unstable" are you referring to?02:25
om26erdevin: i prefer clean install02:25
CShadowRunapart from a few minor bugs (all of which have been fixed now)02:25
RedLAncedevin, I upgraded and now my system is sluggish02:25
MacOS_UserI am confused, I am used to working in a Full Lifecycle Development software engineering environment, beta means one thing, GA means another, RC something else, alpha something else....I am nervous about using it because it is not RC 2 days b4 release, but beta.02:26
devinugh me no likey sluggishness02:26
jacobdevin: I'd think so, but officially, upgrade at your own risk until release ;)02:26
khazilit's actually possible to wrap up a shockwave player in Wine and use nspluginwrapper02:26
CShadowRunMacOS_User, IT IS RC02:26
CShadowRunjeez, this really doesn't sink in lol02:26
om26erRedLAnce: its fine here'02:26
jacobit's been RC as of the 22nd02:26
cxoThis is the Bazaar, You are looking for the Cathedral02:26
MacOS_UserSo it's just that the website was not updated or something? and it still says beta you mean?02:26
MacOS_UserI read that book02:27
jacobkhazil: it's possible, haven't heard of anyone doing so though.02:27
packet-sentI have an elonex web book which ran fine under jaunty, the only issue was I had to define panel size in xorg, also I had no 3d acceleration due the fact that the chipset is via and required openchrome drivers......... after an upgrade to karmic the display is not working at all, it only runs if I edit xorg and change driver to vesa....safe graphic mode gives me a blank screen also02:27
MacOS_Userbut Bazaar or Cathedral terminology is the same02:27
jacobMacOS_User: that's a good point.. website is not up-to-date.02:27
CShadowRunMacOS_User, http://releases.ubuntu.com/releases/9.10/ubuntu-9.10-rc-desktop-i386.iso02:27
CShadowRunsee, rc :)02:27
om26erMacOS_User: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/20091027/karmic-desktop-i386.iso02:27
jacobor "beta" is a more markety term vs "RC"02:27
CShadowRunMacOS_User, that said, you'd be better off with om26er's link since it's the daily02:28
MacOS_Userok, I am going to check those sites. If it is RC, so be it I believe you02:28
CShadowRunhehe :)02:28
CShadowRunYup it's RC, and most people are having no trouble now02:28
RoeyDo I need the alternate disk to install to raid1 if I already have the partitions set up?02:28
MacOS_UserI am just saying the website said beta, and it made me nervous to recommend it to someone02:28
CShadowRunand i'm loving karmic, it's a very very nice upgrade :D02:28
ubottuUbuntu releases a new version every 6 months. Each version is supported for 18 months to 5 years. More info at http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/releases & http://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeBasedReleases02:28
MacOS_Userhas anyone tested karma under VirtualBox?02:29
CShadowRunMacOS_User, if in doubt, just install 9.04 and then upgrade in 2 days, upgrading is easy02:29
arandhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/KarmicReleaseSchedule there it is02:29
om26erMacOS_User: tthey don't have time to update that. but the link they provide is for RC02:29
CShadowRunMacOS_User, i'm running Karmic right now on 2 pc's and a netbook02:29
MacOS_Userok, thats all someone had to say.02:29
arandMacOS_User: I've run it for a long while.02:29
CShadowRunand the netbook is soooooooo swet :P02:29
MacOS_UserI believe you02:29
MacOS_UserI am just saying, people READ the website, if it is out of date, dont get mad cause people believe what it says.02:30
thiebaudeCShadowRun, and i did a fresh install a few hours ago02:30
CShadowRunMacOS_User, yea, i didn't realize that was what was going on, sorry02:30
MacOS_Userits ok02:30
jacobMacOS_User: click on that banner though, and you get this: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/910overview02:30
thiebaudejust dl the daily cd02:30
jacobwhich mentions the release candidate02:30
arandUbuntu is only in "RC" status for 7 days, so I can see why they still call it "beta" (Which is a rather general term... Just look at all the google "betas"...)02:31
MacOS_Useryou guys don't get it, I didnt click on any banner, despite what "I might get" because I'd have zero interest in Beta software. so once I saw that, I was like ok, its still beta. forget it for now.02:31
cxoDude! Linux is a perpetual BETA02:32
om26erMacOS_User: the site also says release in one day02:32
MacOS_Useryes, and people have contractual reasons for doing things that do not always make sense.02:32
MacOS_Userok, I give up. you people are nuts, you say its beta and your bad cause people believe your site.02:33
thiebaudeMacOS_User, if you use the daily cd then its a rc02:33
om26erMacOS_User: defination of beta :preliminary or testing stage of a software or hardware product;02:34
MacOS_Userwhy would you want to beat someone up for taking your website at face value? I guess I am supposed to know that in the Linux world Beta means GA, and perhaps Microsoft really means beta when they say GA, whatever02:34
MacOS_Userforget it, I am back to MacOS. when they release it - it just works.02:34
eboyjrHello. Is the Ubuntu keyserver down or something?02:34
MacOS_Usernone of this nonsense.02:35
MacOS_Usergood day02:35
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about atitude02:35
CShadowRunhehe, Mac's are funny02:35
cxoso funny02:35
thiebaudetoo expensive anyway02:35
CShadowRunthiebaude, but that's part of why they are funny02:35
arandI think actually ubuntu's use of beta - RC makes far more sense, RC is something that may actually be the final release, not just another long phase in developments...02:36
cxoThey're continuously in some sort of adolescence with pubescent facial hair and skater shoes02:36
MacOS_Usersome people are willing to pay when faced with this sort of attitude and disceptiveness and condescension.02:36
MacOS_UserI was asking a real question02:36
cxoWhats the question again?02:36
om26erMacOS_User: and those people are called MacOS_User02:36
MacOS_Useryou all treated me like I was lame cause I asked a serious and reasonable question02:36
cxodude, you are not lame02:37
om26erMacOS_User: a question that don't even matter02:37
MacOS_Userit does someone who might use the OS FOR EVERYDAY USAGE.02:37
thiebaudeMacOS_User, what is your question?02:37
CShadowRunMacOS_User, hey, i apologized for the confusion :)02:38
MacOS_UserI asked how it was possible that Karma could still be in a beta state if it was 2 days from release? I was trying find out if the release date was going to be moved, as it appeared not to be RC02:38
CShadowRunYou now what the state of development is, that said if you want to be part of any pre-release software, you should expect complications02:38
MacOS_Useryes CShadowRun you did, I am referring to the other people here that went attitudal on me02:38
thiebaudeit is already RC02:38
CShadowRunIf it was Mac, theres no way you'd get hand of a pre-release :)02:38
thiebaudethursday will be final02:38
MacOS_UserI agree02:38
CShadowRuncalm down, wait a couple days, grab the release, your all set02:38
* CShadowRun wanders off to sleep02:39
MacOS_UserYes, I understand now --- I didnt understand at first how something goes to GA from Beta and no RC, now I realize the site is mistating the status.02:39
m0r0nHow do I upgrade to the RC without reformatting?02:39
MacOS_Usergood day yall02:39
cxom0r0n, update-manager -d02:39
thiebaudethat was hard,lol02:40
cxoI think using OSX makes people agitated02:40
cxoIt must be the super proprietary "ecosystem"02:40
eboyjrI use OSX at my school for some things it is pretty frustrating sometimes02:40
m0r0ncxo: I'm on 32bit, I want 64, how do I do that so I upgrade to 6402:40
thiebaudecxo, yea, paying for those updates02:40
arandI think people get agitated over OSX users...02:40
bjsniderm0r0n, you must clean install the amd64 spin02:41
m0r0nbjsnider: Bah. Alright thanks02:41
arandm0r0n: that will require a reinstall unfortunately02:41
cxom0r0n, thats complicated, you are better of re-installing02:41
RedLAnceI got an iMac with System 9 on it to show my kids how bad it is. :)02:41
bjsnideryou guys stop calling him a moron02:41
cxoMy first experience with computers was with Finder (Apple) on an LC202:42
khazilthe apple interface guidelines is probably all i don't really like about OSX. some people are religiously opposed to Qt/Gtk/Tk02:42
thiebaudewhich irc channel has the release party?02:42
cxoI think GTK's philosophy is pretty similar to that of OSX02:42
arandHmm, I guess there are ways to transfer arch, but I think the complication would be far far greater than a reinstall02:42
arandWell, at least ubuntu's02:43
cxoyeah, you would need to cross compile glibc and friends, then cross compile the kernel02:43
cxolets not forget building the cross compiler too02:43
eboyjrOr download apt packages that are already built amd64?02:43
cxoi dont think dpkg would let you clobber the system, but i guess a deb pro could do it02:44
cxobut at one point or the other you are going to kill libc,02:44
cxoheh would make a good final exam for a linux class :)02:44
eboyjrLike you would maybe first download and boot from a 64-bit kernel? You can still run 32bit stuff with the 64bit kernel right?02:44
cxobut you need some sort of basic 32bit userspace02:45
arandSABFDL even states that ubuntu is heading for OSX's type of "aestethics"...02:46
arandsomething wich I find worrying... But then again, I find a lot of sabdfl's stuff worrying..02:46
* eboyjr googles SABFDL02:47
ubottuMark "sabdfl" Shuttleworth is our favourite cosmonaut, the founder of Canonical and the primary driver behind Ubuntu. You can find pieces of his thinking at http://www.markshuttleworth.com02:47
eboyjrAha funny...02:48
om26erwubi dont work on windows 7 y02:53
arandI think you can use compability mode and get it working02:54
Cyrano_DeIs there a netbook hardware list for 9.10 similar to the one for 9.04?02:54
om26erCyrano_De: which netbook are you using02:55
arandBut it's indeed a big timing fail for karmic wubi not to work with w7...02:55
Cyrano_Deom26er: I am not right now.  I am waiting to buy what works best.02:56
Cyrano_Deom26er: That is the way I buy my laptops02:56
om26erCyrano_De: that's great02:56
habananyhelp, deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/ubuntu-mozilla-security/ppa/ubuntu karmic main02:56
habananydeb-src http://ppa.launchpad.net/ubuntu-mozilla-security/ppa/ubuntu karmic main02:56
habananywhich one to select?02:57
Cyrano_Deom26er: That is one of the main reasons I have stuck with Dell.  I can customize the laptop right down to the WiFi chip and LCD resolution.02:57
om26erCyrano_De: have you read this https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport/Machines/Netbooks02:57
arandhabanany: one is the binary packages, on is the source code, use both.02:57
om26erCyrano_De: Asus Eee PC 1005HA is bug free02:58
habananywhat do i need the code for? sorry I'm newby02:58
habananydo i select distro or pool?02:59
habananyit's so complacated to install minefield03:00
arandhabanany: I'm not sure you do need the source code, if you want you could just add the deb if you like I think...03:01
arandhabanany: what where?03:01
om26er1Cyrano_De: go disconnected03:02
arandfirefox minefield?03:02
habananyhere arand http://ppa.launchpad.net/ubuntu-mozilla-security/ppa/ubuntu/03:02
om26er1how about this ppa:ubuntu-mozilla-security/ppa03:03
arandhabanany: are you on karmic?03:03
Cyrano_Deom26er1: Yeah, that was the list for 9.04 I was talking about.  I was hoping someone might have started one for 9.10.03:04
arandAlso, is this really the ppa you're after? Are you after untested _security_ updates03:04
dtchenerr, they aren't untested03:05
habananyyeah arand , karmic03:05
dtchenplease be careful with phrasing03:05
om26er1Cyrano_De: most of the bugs listed are now fixed03:05
dtchenthey're staging for distro-security but hardly untested03:05
arandhabanany: "You can update your system with unsupported packages from this untrusted PPA by adding ppa:ubuntu-mozilla-security/ppa  to your system's Software Sources"03:05
om26er1Cyrano_De: Asus Eee PC 1005HA is for karmix03:06
habananyi know that arand but...03:06
habananyone that i get to the PPA page i have two choices...03:06
habananyone is dist and the other one is pool...03:07
habananywhich one do you recommend...?03:07
habananyor do i have to download both?03:07
habananyarand ^^^^^^^^^^^^^03:08
dtchenhabanany: dist is not a choice03:08
dtchenhabanany: the debs are always in pool/03:08
habananythanks dtchen03:09
habananythanks arand03:09
habananythanks everybody03:09
habananyone more question, am I debian?03:09
habananydont laugh , I'm newbe03:10
arandhabanany: ubuntu uses deb(ian) packages03:10
ekontsevoywhy is frequency applet asking me for my password all of a sudden?03:10
ekontsevoyI don't think that's normal, is this new?03:10
habananythis is geting more complacated..03:11
habananynow i have a bunch of letter?03:11
RoeyDo I need the alternate disk to install to raid1 if I already have the partitions set up?  I'm using Karmic 9.1003:11
habananyplease , help03:11
dtchenRoey: if you ever have doubts, use the alt03:12
arandhabanany: that is not the place to add the software.03:12
habananyPPA led me to that page, i'm just following the links03:13
arandhabanany: Just add the "ppa:*" line to third part software sources and you should be good to go, no need to do anthing else.03:13
habananywhere do i get that PPA line bro?03:13
habananycan u send me the link please?03:14
arandhabanany: ppa:ubuntu-mozilla-security/ppa is the line03:14
habananyhow do i add it?03:14
om26er1add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-mozilla-security/ppa03:15
om26er1habanany: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-mozilla-security/ppa03:15
habananythrough command line?03:15
Roeyseems like my kernel isn't loading raid drivers... grub times out and then dumps me to a busybox shell... I do ls /dev/md* and don't see anything there, so I can only assume that the raid drivers are not loaded.  Yet they are (dm_raid* is loaded according to modprobe).  Yet the kernel panics and decides it can't find / (which is on /de/vmd1)03:15
om26er1habanany: yes03:15
om26er1habanany: then sudo apt-get update03:15
habananyhold on03:16
arandhabanany: open the "software sources" in system>administartion menu switch to "other-" tab and add this.03:16
habananycommand not found03:16
arandhabanany: you can do it through command line if you want03:16
om26er1habanany: are you really using karmic03:17
habananyi got it03:17
habananynow is requestin key?03:17
habananydo i use the key from the launchpad?03:18
om26er1habanany: it will do everything automatically03:18
arandhabanany: this key is to verify the software is from the correct source, it is not necessary to use it03:18
arandom26er1: I don't think it will add the key automatically...03:19
habananyupdating. wow03:19
habananythank u guys03:20
habananyhow long takes to lern all this guys?03:20
habananyyou are genius03:20
habananynow what03:21
habananyi dont see minefield?03:21
arandhabanany: if you want the key to stop it from complaining, look at "Signing key" and "what's this?" on https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-mozilla-security/+archive/ppa to add the verification to your system.03:21
om26er1arand: this does sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-mozilla-security/ppa03:21
habananyi guess now i have to install03:22
eboyjrThe keyserver is down though I believe03:22
eboyjrRight now03:22
eboyjrnvm :P03:22
eboyjrIt was 10 mins ago03:22
om26er1arand: and also in karmic if you add source to software sources it adds the key it self03:22
arandhabanany: Again, what version of firefox are you trying to install03:22
habananyshould i download mar or tar ?03:23
om26er1habanany: sudo apt-get dist-upgrade03:23
habananycomplete mar or tar?03:23
arandhabanany: Again, what version of firefox are you trying to install?03:24
habananyminefield  arand03:25
arandhabanany: so that would be the daily build of 3.7?03:25
habananyyeah 3.703:25
arandhabanany: then you want this ppa instead :/ https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-mozilla-daily/+archive/ppa03:25
om26er1habanany: 3.7 is alpha\03:26
habananyso brother that PPA that u gave is not valid?03:26
arandhabanany: then to install it you go to synaptic package manager and install the package called "firefox-3.7"03:26
arandhabanany: you gave me the ppa I told you how to install it...03:27
habananyoh yeah that's right03:27
habananyi took that PPA from minefield i guess< iforgot now03:28
habananyso what do i do in synaptic now?03:28
habananyI know how to get to sypnatic but what then?03:29
arandhabanany: should you want to remove a ppa just go to software sources and remove it, along with the authentification key if you added that as well...03:29
habananywas not that the right one?03:29
arandhabanany: have you added the new mozilla-daily ppa?03:29
habananyi just added one , the one that i sent u before03:30
arandhabanany: The ppa you just added will supply untested security updates to current releases. It will not supply post 3.5 stuff...03:31
habananyok, then i deleted03:31
habananyhold on please, step by step03:32
ntsasngHi all03:32
ntsasngI'm using ubuntu 9.1003:32
arandhabanany: This ppa will enable installing untested, possibly unstable daily builds of the recent firefox development version: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-mozilla-daily/+archive/ppa03:32
om26er1habanany: the daily ppa provides firefox 3.5.5, 3.6beta 3.7alpha03:32
ntsasngcan i install amarok-kde403:32
habananyhow do i get to software source?03:32
habananyi got it03:34
mzzapt-get source whatever03:34
ntsasngI'm using ubuntu 9.1003:35
arandmzz: not what we're looking for, --software sources03:35
habananyok, i removed already PPA03:35
ntsasngcan i install amarok 203:35
vigoKarmic | ntsasng03:36
ntsasngvigo: yes, karmic03:37
vigo!Karmic | ntsasng03:37
ubottuntsasng: Karmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic is still NOT stable and MAY break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+103:37
arandhabanany: now in the software sources, add the mozilla-daily ppa...03:37
mzzoh, those03:37
habananyarand can u get me the link03:38
vigontsasng: How are you liking it?03:38
habananyto the PPA03:38
habananyI'm getting hungry03:38
ntsasngvigo: because it is good music management03:39
arandhabanany: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-mozilla-daily/+archive/ppa ...and the line to add is ppa:ubuntu-mozilla-daily/ppa03:39
vigontsasng: Are your interests in Multimedia? or casual performance?03:40
evilaimOk, might be a bit late to submit a bug...03:41
ntsasngvigo: not necessarily03:42
evilaimEverytime I reboot my system, I login and visual effects are set to "none" and when I enable it all my compiz settings are back to defaults...03:42
evilaimgetting very annoying03:42
evilaim9.10 beta x64 ext403:42
ntsasngvigo: I'm Vietnamese03:42
ntsasngI speak English not very well03:43
habananyhey arand is tha  ^^^^^^^^^^03:43
vigontsasng: Due ho, ( I think) has been 17 years,03:44
habananysoftware source dont allowe me to add?03:44
arandhabanany: in the "other software" tab in software sources click add, paste zilla QA Companion (QAC) is a new tool that was created after discussions between the QA team and community about how to make it easier for anyone to get involved with the Mozilla project and help us test Firefox.03:44
arandOOps sorry...03:45
vigontsasng: You are doing very well with English.03:45
habananyarand , i'm in the other software but cant copy03:45
ntsasngvigo: I dont think so03:46
arandhabanany: in the "other software" tab in software sources click add, paste "ppa:ubuntu-mozilla-daily/ppa" and you're good to go..03:46
habananyI paste the line but the add button remaind shadow03:46
habananyI clicked add ...03:47
ntsasngvigo: I speak English a little03:47
habananyI paste the line..03:47
vigontsasng: What version of Ubuntu are you on now?03:47
habananybut  is not comming through03:47
ntsasngI'm using ubuntu 9.10 karmic03:47
ntsasngvigo: I'm using ubuntu 9.10 karmic03:47
arandhabanany: check if there is a space at the beginning?03:47
habananyno space at the begining , no space at the end03:48
ntsasngvigo: are you using ubuntu 9.10 too03:48
ntsasngvigo: :)03:48
habananycheck the line for me please http://ppa.launchpad.net/ubuntu-mozilla-daily/ppa/ubuntu03:49
habananyarand ^^^^^^^03:49
vigontsasng: Are you liking or enjoying it, wait a moment, we are taking up channel space here, PM me.03:49
arandhabanany: is that what you're trying to add?03:49
habananythat's what iget from the link you gave me03:50
arandhabanany: in the "other software" tab in software sources click add, paste "ppa:ubuntu-mozilla-daily/ppa".03:50
ntsasngvigo: Okie03:50
ntsasngvigo: where are you from?03:50
vigontsasng: I am from US, I have traveled a bit.03:51
LSD|Ninjais empathy reporting "network error" on gtalk for anyone else?03:51
habananyhow about the " ?03:51
ntsasngwhere you traveled?03:52
arandhabanany: are you adding "ppa:ubuntu-mozilla-daily/ppa" (no quotes) or something else?03:52
habananyok no quotes03:52
habananynow what?03:52
habananycomplete mar or rar ?03:52
arandadd it, close it, refresh when prompted, start synaptic.03:53
habananyone question arand, why launchpad say to do it like this >>>>> How do I use software from a PPA?03:54
habananyTo start installing and using software from a Personal Package Archive, you first need to tell Ubuntu where to find the PPA and how to verify the authenticity of its software.03:54
habananyAdding the PPA to Ubuntu03:54
habananyStep 1: Copy the first line from the apt sources.list entries section of the PPA overview page. For example:03:54
habananydeb http://ppa.launchpad.net/awn-testing/ubuntu jaunty main03:54
habananyStep 2: On your Ubuntu computer, open System > Administration > Software Sources.03:54
habananyStep 3: Click the Third Party Software tab.03:54
habananyScreen shot of the top tabs in the Software Sources app03:54
habananyStep 4: Click the Add button.03:54
habananyStep 5: Paste the line you copied in step 1 and click the Add Source button.03:54
habananyStep 6: Now copy the second line from the apt sources.list entries section of the PPA overview page and paste it in just as you did in steps 4 and 5.03:54
habananyWhen prompted, reload the software sources information. Don't worry if you see a warning about unverified software sources; we're going to fix that next.03:54
habananyTelling Ubuntu how to authenticate the PPA03:54
habananyNow Ubuntu knows about the PPA. It also needs to know how to check the software hasn't been tampered with since Launchpad built it.03:54
habananyNote: This is not an endorsement of any of the software in PPAs. You must make sure you trust the PPA owner before installing their software.03:54
habananyStep 1: On the PPA's overview page you'll see the PPA's OpenPGP key id. It'll look something like this: 1024/12345678. Copy it, or make a note of, the portion after the slash, e.g: 12345678.03:54
habananyStep 2: Open your terminal and enter:03:55
habananysudo apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys 1234567803:55
habananyReplace 12345678 with the key id you copied in step 1.03:55
habananyStep 3: Finally, tell Ubuntu to re-load the details of each software archive it knows about:03:55
habananysudo apt-get update03:55
habananyYou're now ready to install software from the PPA!03:55
habananyRead more about Personal Package Archives in our help wiki.03:55
habananysorry brother03:55
habananywas a mistake03:55
arandhabanany: please don't spam the channel03:55
habananysorry arand03:55
habananywas by mistake03:55
habananysorry everybody03:55
arandhabanany: that is one way to do it, the way I showed is a new method for karmic, which should be simpler...03:56
habananythanks bro03:56
habananyi'm going to synaptic03:56
arandhabanany: now in synaptic, install the package named firefox-3.703:56
habananyi got 3.7 dev and 3.7  bug?03:57
habananysorry, 3.7 dbg03:58
habananyI have also gnome and one more03:58
habananyso which one do i select?03:58
habananyarand please ^^^^^^ bro03:59
arandhabanany: firefox-3.703:59
habananybro there is no 3.7 alone, there is 3.7 dev  , 3.7 dbg , 3.7 gnome and so on04:00
habananyi go with dev04:00
arandhabanany: not dev not dbg only firefox-3.704:01
urthmoverI have installed another OS over my karmic installation.....expecting to boot to a grub prompt and find /boot/grub/stage1  then setup hd(blah,blah)    now I realize that karmic is using grub2   how do I resolve this?04:01
habananyoh , now i saw it04:02
habanany was hiden04:02
habananyhow about firefox web developer?04:03
habananyarand ^^^^^^04:03
habananyoh no, forget it04:05
arandthank you04:06
Jordan_U_urthmover: http://grub.enbug.org/Grub2LiveCdInstallGuide04:06
urthmoverawesome thanks Jordan_U_04:06
habananyarand download files packages only04:06
Jordan_U_urthmover: np04:06
habananypackages file only or not ?04:07
habananyarand ^^^^^04:07
habananysynaptic is asking me for shessmark04:08
arandhabanany: just apply, no specific options.04:08
habananyi have the answer04:08
habanany thank u for your patient brother04:09
arandNow, minefield should show up in the main menu...04:10
habananythank u bro , kisses04:11
habananyand it runs side by side with firefox04:12
habananyand this is wire, it opens same tabs as tabs open in firefox04:13
cwillu_at_workanyone see mvo around lately?04:14
habananyare u reading me arand ?04:14
habananyi lke that, i guess has the same profile04:14
arandI'm off to bed now, it may have cloned the profile to a new copy for 3.7, I have no idea...04:16
habananyhey brother arand, i live in new york city, do u think i go to school to study linux i get a job?04:16
habananybrother arand left, anybody answer this question?04:17
coordinadorim trying to install karmic in msi wind u10004:18
Barridusanyone know how to set hte default power profile for karmic to "on demand" instead of "performance"?04:18
coordinadorBarridus, i dont know, sorry04:18
coordinadorwell im trying to install karmic in msi wind u100 and i got black screen with spinner mouse pointer04:19
vigocoordinator: Did the CD/DVD checksum out ok?04:20
coordinadorvigo, yes04:20
coordinadorand look here http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1295761  is happening to other people too04:20
cdm10Lovely. First time I boot up Karmic, Palimpsest tells me my drive is failing.04:21
vigoThen it is most probably a hardware issue.04:21
cdm10vigo: not blaming karmic :)04:22
cdm10it's just that jaunty didn't have anything to warn me about it04:22
cdm10sure, I checked the SMART data every once in a while04:22
freevryheidBarridus - tried the cpu frequency thingy04:22
cdm10but as soon as I boot up Karmic, BAM, I get a nice red warning.04:22
cdm10nearly 1,000 bad sectors.04:22
cdm10liking this.04:22
Barridusfreevryheid, i have the panel applet.  but my selection is not retained between sessions04:23
=== dabossbv1 is now known as dabossbv
Barridusi want my laptop to be on demand at all times unless i say otherwise04:23
Barridushardy and intrepid was this way by default04:23
freevryheidyep - same here04:23
vigocdm10: and others, is this on Launchpad?04:24
cdm10vigo: er, not complaining about karmic. Just complaining about life, really.04:25
Barridusfreevryheid, it says midway through this link that installing powernowd fixes it (powernowd was part of the default install in older ubuntus but not now) https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/34335404:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 343354 in linux "ondemand governor should be used by default" [Low,Fix released]04:26
vigocdm10: Okee dokee, complaints are only pathways to the solutions, that is not Google-fu, that is vogo-shweigh.04:26
Barridusi just installed it, brb with results for you04:26
cdm10the solution, unfortunately, involves a credit card and newegg04:27
almoxarifedoes karmic recognize  wireless 'n' ?04:28
freevryheidI'm looking to upgrade to Karmic but hesitant because of Hardy problems with ATI video card - actually I'm currently using the old Intrepid ATI drivers and have frozen all X updates. Will the Karmic update mess this up?04:28
vigofreevryheid: we really will not know until some takes that leap and tests it,04:30
vigoI think it will04:30
cdm10now, what on earth is .local/share/Trash/expunged?04:30
cdm10it appears to be stuff I EMPTIED from the trash.04:31
cdm10that didn't quite go away.04:31
vigoBut no guarantee, no warranty, use at your own risk and ability, and please make a backup of any data that you feel is needed.04:31
freevryheidBarridus - it work?04:33
Barridusfreevryheid, nope :X04:33
docgnomeI'm trying to install the nvidia driver via the hardware drivers app but when i select it and click activate nothing happens04:37
docgnomei've actually had this same problem on both 9.04 and now 9.1004:37
almoxarifeis there a karmic effect akin to windows 'aero'??04:39
khazilalmoxarife: if you have a good enough graphics card, you can max out Compiz effects04:40
ubottuCompiz (compositing window manager), for a howto see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager and more help #compiz04:40
almoxarifeI just want a graphical projection of what I have running04:41
ubottuBeryl has been merged with Compiz to form Compiz-Fusion.  New Beryl installs are discouraged. See also !compiz04:42
docgnomeany ideas what i can try to get this thing workin?04:42
vigoalmoxarife: Have you looked at the DocBar or such stuff?04:45
patdk-laphmm, I totally don't get why karmic boots so much slower than jaunty on my system04:46
patdk-lapjaunty was clocking in at 36seconds04:46
patdk-lapkarmic is at 8204:46
vigoI guess04:47
patdk-lapremoved sreadahead and reinstalled readahead-list and it's down to 58 seconds04:47
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about dockbar04:47
=== SnakDoc_ is now known as SnakDoc
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about docbar04:47
vigoalmoxarife: It is called something else,let me look04:47
vigoMight be Cairo Dock, but I recall seeing another one.04:53
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about cairo04:53
gsevilhello, I connect my Windows Mobile PPC to ubuntu 9.10 via USB, it shows that eth1 connect via RNDIS04:54
gsevilhow can I use this ?04:54
vigoalmoxarife: Try Awn Doc?04:57
almoxarifeI figured it out, compiz setup on ubuntu tweaks did it04:58
almoxarifeubuntu tweaks has a lot of good stuff in it, I am impressed04:59
vigoalmoxarife: I am also, it was kinda buggy for me a few weeks ago.05:00
vigoStuff all crumpled up in the Dock, was getting silly.05:01
vigoThat is why I report the stuff or user input to Launchpad, I guess.05:02
Guest54113hello. i just upgraded to 9.10 and there is a weird sound coming out every 10 seconds.05:08
cdm10Oh, that? That's an undocumented feature.05:09
Guest54113so im not the only one experiencing this problem?05:09
cdm10Guest54113: I actually haven't experienced it -- I'm not an expert on sound problems, but I can try to help you out with it. does it change depending on the volume setting?05:09
almoxarifesound coming from?05:10
Guest54113i hear them from speakers05:10
gsevilI connect my ppc and it show a new device sudo ttyUSB0, how can I use this?05:10
Guest54113i tried muting, but it still does it05:10
almoxarifemuted what?05:10
Guest54113mute the speakers05:10
almoxarifeyour cell phone by your machine?05:11
Guest54113lol no.05:11
vigoOk, generator or refrigerator05:12
gsevilalmoxarife: you ask me?05:12
Guest54113no, just my huge homemade x-ray machine05:12
vigoGood one05:12
almoxarifeno, I won't :)05:12
Guest54113well it stop doing that sound now, but im sure it'll start again when i reboot05:12
Guest54113have you heard a similar case like this before?05:12
almoxarifelets hope not05:13
vigoGuest54113: Are the cables shielded?05:13
almoxarifeI have, when I kept my cell phone next to the laptop05:13
cdm10GSM devices are especially nasty05:13
Guest54113cables? im using an hp laptop05:13
vigohad to ask05:13
almoxarifethat's it, it's the hp, get rid of it05:13
vigoDo phones or ear plugs give the same static?05:15
almoxarifecyclic noise coming from speakers usually means that you are near the teleport site for the reptilian alien invasion05:15
wgrantGuest54113: What sort of sound? A sort of quiet staticy crunch?05:15
Guest54113well i find the hp i have very compatible with 9.04, but it's a different issue now.05:15
vigoI am liking the Alien Invasion assessment.05:16
almoxarifeGuest54113: I have to agree with you too05:16
Guest54113no, it's like a loud spark sound that comes every 10 seconds, normally on start up and then it stops.05:16
AhadielGuest54113, can you pastebin your /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf?05:16
AhadielGuest54113, I had the exact same issue as you on my HP Laptop.05:17
almoxarifeGuest54113: that's pulse audio being nasty05:17
almoxarifedo what I did, make alsa the default sound05:17
wgrantalmoxarife: Uh, not necessarily.05:17
wgrantIt could be ALSA powering up and down the amp.05:17
Ahadielalmoxarife, You just need to disable power_save05:17
wgrantThat's the normal reason for that.05:18
wgrantWhat Ahadiel said.05:18
Guest54113umm how do i past that alsa-base.conf? what's to write in terminal?05:18
wgrantFile a bug ('ubuntu-bug alsa-base'), and then disable power_save for a workaround.05:18
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com (or !pastebinit for CLI) | For pasting !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin Please give us the URLs for your posts!05:18
almoxarifeI don't have the issue anymore, alsa sound is my default05:18
AhadielGuest54113, Well, I guess you don't have to do that05:19
Ahadielmichael@michael-laptop:~$ cat /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf | grep power05:19
Ahadieloptions snd-hda-intel power_save=0 power_save_controller=N05:19
Guest54113so what do i do? what's the solution05:19
AhadielGuest54113, Just edit that file and change power_save=whatever to 005:19
wgrantalmoxarife: Working around PulseAudio is not a solution.05:19
almoxarifeworking around? I am content with alsa, I have been since 8.405:20
wgrantalmoxarife: Perhaps. But don't go around recommending that people switch it off because it exposes ALSA bugs.05:20
almoxarifehttp://idyllictux.wordpress.com/2009/04/21/ubuntu-904-jaunty-keeping-the-beast-pulseaudio-at-bay/ <-- insight on how its done in jaunty, no, I don't know how it would turn out if you did it in karmic05:21
almoxarifewgrant: I suppose some like pulse and others like alsa, it's a choice, and choices are good05:22
Guest54113it won't let me edit. what's the command in terminal to edit it?05:22
Guest54113sudo edit /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf    ??05:22
wgrantalmoxarife: But recommending a non-default choice for no good reason is not a good thing.05:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 449272 in compiz "Invest applet drop down leaves a shadow on desktop" [Undecided,Confirmed]05:23
AhadielGuest54113, sudo nano /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf05:23
darthanubisguess no one cares about this bug05:23
Ahadielor gedit/vim/etc05:23
wgrantdarthanubis: We have tens out thousands of bugs.05:23
vigoI love VIM05:23
chibihogoshinoi did the system update and it locked up i then rebooted and did a apt-get upgrade .. it ran through that no errors and now when i book the screen flashes and x dosnt load ..05:24
vigoupdate, then upgrade05:24
darthanubiswgrant, yes, we do......05:24
Guest54113how do i save the file? it opened inside terminal05:24
vigoThere is a method to that05:24
chibihogoshinoi did that05:24
AhadielGuest54113, I believe it's Ctrl+O to save05:24
chibihogoshinogdm cant find any screens05:25
Guest54113BOOM! did it.05:26
vigochibihogoshino: On the restart did you repeat the Update/Upgrade?05:26
chibihogoshinoand the hd lite keeps flashing with the screen  i cant type cus the keys are not working correctly05:26
AhadielGuest54113, Now the next time you reboot, you shouldn't hear anymore crackling.05:26
chibihogoshinoit dosnt do anything.. it says its all updated05:26
Guest54113okidoo! a million + 1 thanks dudes05:26
wgrantGuest54113: Please make sure you file a bug, so we can get this fixed by default ('ubuntu-bug alsa-base' should do it)05:26
Guest54113okidoo im on it05:27
chibihogoshinoi havent any any problems till i did the update too..05:27
almoxarifewhat's the freenode net gateway closest to WA?05:28
Guest54113ive also got another question. im used to screen space so i had both my panels resized to 18 by resizing application fonts to size 8. now since i upgraded, my top panel is sized 18 but appears to be size 23 (default) and the bottom panel is fine (size 18).05:29
Jordan_U_Guest54113: You can change the size by right clicking and choosing properties05:30
Guest54113any ideas where i could look into to fix this?05:30
vigochibihogoshino> all I can say to that is BETA, every system cashes, BETA crashes faster and with more reliability.05:31
Guest54113the icons on the top are bigger than those of the bottom panel05:31
chibihogoshinoso far 904 is faster and more stable05:31
Jordan_U_vigo: At this point 9.10 is about as stable as it is going to get05:32
chibihogoshinowow..  and its out in 2 days..05:32
chibihogoshinoi hope it gets better05:32
vigochibihogoshino> That is why we choose to run buggy,BETA systems, so that they can improve by our finding the bugs and squishing them like jelly filled donuts.05:33
Jordan_U_chibihogoshino: Can you pastebin your /var/log/Xorg.0.log05:33
chibihogoshinoi cant get to it..05:33
chibihogoshinoi dont think05:33
Jordan_U_chibihogoshino: You can either use a LiveCD or boot into recovery mode or switch to a tty when X fails to start05:34
vigoAnd then the little train said, " I think I can, I think I can!"05:34
Jordan_U_chibihogoshino: You can use pastebin without a browser using "pastebinit /var/log/Xorg.0.log" from a terminal05:35
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. Ubuntu pastebin is at  http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from  command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic05:35
chibihogoshinoyeah.  its on this hd and im running on a second partition with 904 and the 910 is on ext405:36
chibihogoshinoshoud it auto mount it ?05:36
Jordan_U_chibihogoshino: 9.04 can mount ext405:36
chibihogoshinoahh.. ok.05:36
chibihogoshinodidnt think it could.05:37
Jordan_U_chibihogoshino: It won't auto mount it, but you can get to it via Places > Computer or mount it manually05:37
chibihogoshinothe screen flashes before x starts to load tho05:37
vigoI am running this test on the LVM , is righteous so far.05:37
chibihogoshinohow long should the post be retained ?05:40
vigoa century at least05:41
chibihogoshinoi think it might be from when i updated the video card drivers .. i installed the beta intel drivers ..05:43
vigoNo FGLRX?05:45
chibihogoshinohow would i check that ?05:45
chibihogoshinovigo here is the past bin http://pastebin.com/m6963dbda05:46
Jordan_U_chibihogoshino: If you installed beta intel drivers you should definitely remove them since you are having problems with X starting05:49
chibihogoshinoi didnt till i did the upgrade tho..05:49
Jordan_U_chibihogoshino: Where did you install them from?05:49
chibihogoshinointels ppa site05:49
vigochibihogoshino: That looks very wrong/05:49
Jordan_U_chibihogoshino: Link to the exact ppa? ( there are many X driver ppa's, more than one intel specific )05:50
chibihogoshinoi got the drivers from here  deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/ubuntu-x-swat/x-updates/ubuntu karmic main05:50
vigoPPA is suspect at the least.05:50
chibihogoshinooh.. wait let me make shur05:51
chibihogoshinothis is the one05:53
chibihogoshinodeb http://ppa.launchpad.net/sarvatt/xorg-testing/ubuntu karmic main05:53
Jordan_U_chibihogoshino: You can't use two X ppas at once05:53
Jordan_U_chibihogoshino: That is why you are having ABI conflicts05:53
almoxarifeok, I got to ask, as anyone managed to use the volume applet in karmic with alsa as the default sound?05:54
vigoI agree with jordan_U_ on that one05:54
chibihogoshinoi dont know how to go back to the older one05:54
vigoFresh install, then fetch the correct one?05:55
chibihogoshinoi was kinda trying to avoid that05:56
vigoCould purge the suspect one05:56
chibihogoshinoi can boot ok if i use the debug05:56
chibihogoshinoi just dont know why it messes up before x loads05:57
vigoThat is not clean and would not help in the dev part.05:57
chibihogoshinodo they load the video drivers and x really early now ?05:57
Jordan_U_chibihogoshino: Yes05:57
chibihogoshinoahhh.. ok.05:57
bullgard4In what file do I need to add a line "PAGER=most" in order to become effective?05:59
Jordan_U_chibihogoshino: run "sudo ppa-purge ppa:ubuntu-x-swat/x-updates" and "sudo ppa-purge -p xorg-testing sarvatt"05:59
Jordan_U_bullgard4: ~/.profile05:59
vigoDang, that is brilliant jordan_U_05:59
coz_hey guys   I notice pulseaudio is a little moreintegrated and when I disable pulseaudio in favor of my compiled alsa driver   I lose  mouse over preview for audio files....any solution?06:00
Jordan_U_coz_: You can't use gnome sounds without an enlightenment sound daemon replacement... and you really don't want to use ESD :)06:01
coz_Jordan_U_,  mm this is a bit bad then06:01
Jordan_U_coz_: You know that pulseaudio doesn't replace alsa, you can use your compiled driver with pulseaudio06:02
coz_Jordan_U_,  yes I do that now however I have to allow pulsaudio to load in order for mouse over previews  which I really dont want06:03
coordinadorJordan_U_, i thought that alsa, oss, pulseaudo was sound servers, and pulseaudio replaces alsa... i am wrong?06:03
coz_I mean I really dont want pulseaudio to load06:03
coordinadorteach me pls06:03
Jordan_U_coordinador: You are wrong, pulseaudio runs on top of alsa / oss06:03
chibihogoshinook i need to reboot..06:04
Jordan_U_coz_: Out of curiosity, why not?06:04
coordinadoroh i see06:04
coz_Jordan_U_,  it is useless for my pro sound card  but I still want to have mouse over previews06:04
Jordan_U_coz_: What makes it useless?06:04
coz_Jordan_U_,  pulseaudio doesnt work with my sound card  as far as I know06:05
coz_Jordan_U_,  so for me it is useless06:05
vigoESD was maintained as part of the GNOME project, but as of April 2009, all ESD modules in Gnome have been ported to libcanberra for event sounds or GStreamer/PulseAudio for everything else.[1]06:05
Jordan_U_coz_: That's odd, pulseaudio shouldn't be hardware specific since it uses alsa06:06
Jordan_U_coz_: What happened when you tried to use pulseaudo before you removed it?06:06
coz_Jordan_U_,  I havent removed it however    there is no sound with my card  using pulseaudio at all06:07
coz_Jordan_U_,  I am sure I might possibly find a way to have pulseaudio work with it  I just generally prefer compiling my driver and disabling pulseaudio  but I can google around :)06:08
bullgard4Jordan_U_: On a Ubuntu 8.04.3 computer I did not insert a line "PAGER=most" in ~/.profile and still the 'man <command-name>' command is executed using the 'most' pager. ~/.bash_profile or ~/.bash_login do not exist either. So your answer cannot be true. Can you comment.06:09
Jordan_U_bullgard4: You need to export PAGER as well06:10
Jordan_U_bullgard4: What did you do on 8.04 ?06:10
Jordan_U_bullgard4: There may be another way, with update-alternatives maybe, but "export PAGER=most" should do it06:11
bullgard4Jordan_U_: I forgot what I did in 8.04. But I got what I wanted: When calling a manpage, it will be displayed by the 'most' pager.06:11
Jordan_U_bullgard4: adding "export PAGER=most" should do that ( you will need to log out and back in, or run "bash -l" for the change to take effect )06:12
vigoThere is a package for that in 8.04 and up,,,Man stuff06:13
Jordan_U_bullgard4: Adding it to ~/.profile that is06:13
Guest40597i can't remove icons from menus. in preferences, interface icons is deselected. Yet they are still in menus06:13
bullgard4Jordan_U_: I will give it a try.06:13
Jordan_U_bullgard4: You can also do "sudo update-alternatives --config pager"06:14
Jordan_U_bullgard4: That will change it for all users06:14
coz_ok looks like this all has to be done manually  with pro soundcards in particular layla24  and compiling is much quicker  but stil not being able ti disable pulseaudio without losing mouse over previews is an issue for me  ...I will keep looking though06:15
Guest40597i can't take off the icons from menus. i deselected the "Show icons in menus" option from preferences yet icons are still apparent06:15
Jordan_U_coz_: Looks like I might have been wrong, libcanberra can use alsa directely06:16
coz_Jordan_U_,  thats good news  but apparenlty I am a dunce not knowing how to do that :)06:17
freddohi all06:17
Jordan_U_coz_: I don't know how to do it either :)06:17
chibihogoshinoi dont have the command  ppa-purge06:18
coz_Jordan_U_,   well  in my opinion ..this inclusion of pulseaudio in general will not work well with pro audio set ups very well   limiting the scope of  uses for some  studios   but  perhpas it will get better ? maybe :)06:18
Jordan_U_coz_: Pro studios are probably going to be using Ubuntu Studio, which comes with jackd instead of pulseaudio06:19
Guest40597 i can't take off the icons from menus. i deselected the "Show icons in menus" option from preferences yet icons are still apparent.     How do i and wear do i report this bug??? which section?06:20
coz_Jordan_U_,  yeah maybe  but even then  pro cards need specific drivers to run them apparenlty only possible with compiled alsa drivers   but since I have experience with only a few pro cards  I cant say for sure06:20
coz_looks like I might give ubuntu studio a once over  :)06:20
chibihogoshinoand i do a install without formating the drive ?06:20
Jordan_U_coz_: Drivers are completely separate from sound servers06:20
coz_Jordan_U_,  understood.... but for jack to work  the driver needs to be there for the card   but I will take a look at ubuntu studio...and if I like I will siwtch to that :)06:21
Jordan_U_chibihogoshino: You can install it with this .deb: https://launchpad.net/~xorg-edgers/+archive/ppa/+files/ppa-purge_0.2.5_all.deb06:22
Jordan_U_coz_: But that still has nothing to do with whether pulseaudio is used, a card without drivers won't work without pulse either :)06:23
coz_Jordan_U_,  right understood... but with pulseaudio removed I am most likely going to get mouse over preview for audio in ubuntu studio  than in regular ubuntu  dont you think ?06:24
Jordan_U_coz_: I'm not sure what you mean06:24
Guest40597 i can't take off the icons from menus. i deselected the "Show icons in menus" option from preferences yet icons are still apparent.     How do i and wear do i report this bug??? which section?06:25
RussellAlananyone excited for final release? lol06:26
coz_Jordan_U_,  well... as it stands on ubuntu... with my compiles driver  I can only get mouse over previews of audio files so long as pulseaudio loads.... I have not found a way to do that on karmic  with just alsa driver...although it worked fine in jaunty... if I find the solution for disabling pulseaudio in karmic and have mouse over previews work I can live with that but ... I need to google this to see if there is an option06:26
almoxarifeI want to see what has been placed in the swap file, and also if I have 3gig of ram but use virtualbox should I have a bigger swap file than the 320meg I have now?06:33
almoxarifeI want to know what processes swapped out to swap file?06:41
almoxarifeI want my volume applet to work with alsa as default sound?06:41
almoxarifeis 'mint' ubuntu with another gui?06:43
coz_almoxarife,  it is a dervitive version06:43
almoxarifeis anyone home?06:43
coz_almoxarife,    here is the mint website   http://www.linuxmint.com/06:43
almoxarifeit as a nice front end06:44
cdm10i'm running an install, and my system is stuck on "Creating user..." which appears to be skippable. However, the skip button does nothing.06:44
almoxarifecdm10: sounds bad :)06:44
cdm10almoxarife: oh yes :)06:44
coz_cdm10,  live cd?  did you by change run the check disk usitility before booting into the live cd?06:44
coz_by chance rather06:45
cdm10coz_: hmmm... that would have been a smart idea, wouldn't it.06:45
cdm10i did run a successful install on another machine with this exact disc, though.06:45
cdm10and everything else is working fine06:45
cdm10in fact, the hard drive appears to be crunching away06:45
coz_cdm10,  mm  that makes a difference  but i would still check the cd  once on that system to be sure06:45
wgrantcdm10: You chose to encrypt your home directory, didn't you?06:46
cdm10wgrant: ...yep.06:46
wgrantcdm10: It's currently 0ing out your swap partition.06:46
cdm10wgrant: worked fine on my other machine :)06:46
cdm10i see.06:46
wgrant(yes, this should be communicated betteR)06:46
cdm10wgrant: was just thinking that :)06:46
cdm10my failing hard drive is really enjoying this.06:47
wgrant(when you choose to encrypt your home, it will also encrypt swap, and before doing that it will zero it, to be safe).06:47
cdm10done with that step.06:47
cdm10now -- what key does it encrypt the swap with?06:48
cdm10because obviously swap is up and running before I log in...06:48
cdm10or is it?06:48
cdm10i shall investigate.06:48
wgrantIt's randomly generated on bootup.06:48
cdm10i see.06:49
wgrantWhich means you can no longer hibernate.06:49
wgrantWell, you can hibernate, but you can't resume.06:49
cdm10...would be nice if it had told me that06:49
cdm10haha :)06:49
wgrantIt would be.06:49
cdm10couldn't they have some sort of system hibernation passphrase?06:49
cdm10oh well, I never really used hibernate anyway06:49
wgrantIt is expected that resuming from a hibernated swap partition will be possible in 10.04.06:49
cdm10in fact, hibernate takes so long on my laptop (around 5 minutes...) that I've given up on it.06:50
wgrantIt just takes a bit of work, given that the key obviously can't be stored unencrypted...06:50
cdm10When hibernate kicks in when my battery is low, by the time it finishes hibernating, my laptop's usually already dead.06:50
wgrantHeh, yes.06:50
wgrantAll that disk activity...06:50
cdm10not even that... it should NOT take 5 minutes to hibernate a system06:50
cdm10or even 1 minute06:50
JesperHansenlo. On a mousepad when I tap with 1 finger, then its left click. When I tap with 2 fingers, then its middle click. When I tap with 3 fingers then its right click... For some reason in Karmic 2 and 3 finger function has been turn around. How to fix this?06:51
cdm10okay, maybe 1 minute. (i crunched some numbers)06:51
cdm10this seems to be the first ubuntu release that does not include all the English language packs..06:52
cdm10if you're online at installtime, it downloads them then, otherwise it bugs you upon first boot.06:52
wgrantcdm10: That's improved in the final release.06:53
wgrantcdm10: The missing stuff is pretty much just GIMP help, which is massive.06:53
cdm10wgrant: ah, ok.06:53
wgrantBut it shouldn't do the stupid long downloady thing at the end for English post-RC.06:53
cdm10i'm impressed that Ubuntu's managed to stick to a CD-sized release06:54
wgrantJesperHansen: Running 'synclient TapButton2=2 TapButton3=3' will fix it for your current session.06:54
wgrantJesperHansen: You can run it on startup in System->Preferences->Startup Applicaitons06:54
kahrytanWhats the default text editor for Kubuntu?06:54
cdm10..now, will the nagging messages at usplash about the encrypted swap be around for final release?06:56
wgrantcdm10: The one that flashes up for a second saying it can't be mounted?06:56
cdm10wgrant: yep, that's the one :)06:56
cdm10several seconds, for me :(06:56
wgrantcdm10: I believe so :(06:56
cdm10...this kinda stuff is why they didn't have encryption in the livecd installer for jaunty :(06:57
wgrantWell, it's not surprising that there are glitches. The startup process was pretty well redesigned, and indeed the thing that does all the mounting is completely new.06:57
kahrytanOr is there an easier tool to add NTFS partitions i to fstab nstead of adding them manually?06:58
cdm10wgrant: this is true.06:58
cdm10I used to use Truecrypt, I'm quite happy with only having to enter one password now, and not worrying about handling multiple filesystems06:58
cdm10although this new system IS a bit less straightforward in my mind, and far less secure in some ways.06:58
wgrantBut it should also be faster.06:59
cdm10i doubt it06:59
wgrantAnd it is secure for the primary case, where you laptop is stolen.06:59
kahrytanWhat is best tool to add ntfs partitions to fstab?06:59
wgrantkahrytan: A text editor.06:59
cdm10kahrytan: your text editor of choice06:59
cdm10nooo! I was so happy when I saw my beloved Broadcom B43 driver appear on the livecd, but when installed, my only option is STA, which has not worked as well for me.07:00
wgrantcdm10: None of the applications or their static data are encrypted.07:00
kahrytanI said tool. not test editor07:00
kahrytana text editor isnt a tool.07:00
wgrantA text editor is a most useful tool.07:00
cdm10wgrant: I know -- when I ran Truecrypt, I only encrypted a private directory within my home for things like emails and stuff.07:00
wgrantUseful and ubiquitous.07:01
cdm10wgrant: and Truecrypt is surprisingly fast -- it now takes advantage of multicore.07:01
kahrytanText editor is NOT  tool.07:01
cemcis it just me or are the icons in the GNOME System menu not showing?07:01
cdm10cemc: it's a "design decision"07:01
cdm10cemc: makes things look "cleaner"07:01
wgrant(so says GNOME)07:02
cdm10...you're kidding me.07:02
cdm10wgrant: yes.07:02
coz_cemc,  go to system/preference/appearance and the Interface tab07:02
cdm10dammit. Downstairs to the ethernet for me.07:02
kahrytanso again, What is the best tool to configure fstab with fstab without manually doing it07:02
coz_cemc,  then click show icons in menus07:02
cdm10WHY was I able to run wireless in the livecd but not in the installed version without DOWNLOADING a driver from the INTERNET?07:02
cdm10I feel like I'm on Windows.07:02
wgrantcdm10: File a bug!07:02
coz_cemc,  it is one of many design decisions that are not quite thought out well07:02
JesperHansenwgrant: thx. I wanna kick whoever in the nuts who thought it would be a good idea to reverse them07:02
cemccoz_: hehe, that helped07:02
cdm10wgrant: ...as soon as I have a connection. *grumbles*07:03
cemcbut it's strange that some icons were there before07:03
cemclike in the Application menu07:03
cdm10ugh. It's copying Apple and MS.07:03
wgrantcemc: Icons representing objects remain.07:03
cdm10buttons like "close," etc. don't have icons any more, and look very bare07:03
cdm10not to mention making things harder for people who have trouble reading07:03
wgrantRight. That is one thing I strongly object to.07:04
cemcme doesn't like it either, at first glance :)07:04
cemcI seem to have another problem, maybe it's related07:04
coz_cemc,  its a bad design decision07:04
cemcsay I have a couple of xterms open, and I have the tabs in the taskbar for every xterm07:05
cemcin some cases I can't seem to click on them07:05
cemcto select the specific window07:05
coz_cemc,  are you using compiz by chance?07:05
cemcme no like compiz either ;)07:06
coz_cemc,  ah ok07:06
cemcit seems like when I change workspaces,07:06
cemcthen it happens07:06
cemclike: switch to workspace 1 (with keyboard shortcut), open 3 terminals, switch to workspace 2, then switch back and try to click one of the taskbar tabs. nothing happens, it doesn't "click"07:07
cemcnot always but fairly often to notice07:08
coz_cemc,  mm maybe it is effecting the terminal on the other workspace   are the terminal set to sticky?07:09
cemcthe other workspace is empty, nothing open there. it's not sticky07:09
coz_cemc,  maybe right click the title bar and set to Always on visible workspace07:10
coordinadorI cant stand the wait until the 10.04 repositories are available!!!! :D:D:D07:11
syn-ackNext month07:11
syn-ackAfter UDS.07:11
almoxarifeI got a really good question, lets suppose that I have an old toshiba with a restore to XP partition that does just that, clean re-install of xp, which is good, but I want to install that partition into a virtual machine, cause I don't have another way of getting a xp install.........07:12
coordinadorwhat is UDS?07:12
syn-ackcoordinador, The Ubuntu Developer Summit07:12
cdm10__I am now plugged into ethernet. Waiting for updates to complete. Then i get to install wireless drivers.07:13
coordinadorsyn-ack, is there decided what will be the next release?07:14
cemccoz_: that's no good :) I don't want them to show up on every workspace, that's why I have workspaces, to keep stuff separated07:15
coz_cemc,  understood07:15
cemcwhen I'm on the first workspace, I see only those windows and those tabs on the taskbar07:16
coordinadorim installing ubuntu 9.04 in a 2gb microsd , will i have a problem with that?07:16
=== _newbie_ is now known as RussellAlan
coordinadoroops, bad channel07:16
cemcwhen I switch workspaces the taskbar has only the tabs on the current workspace07:16
almoxarifecemc: you can fix that07:17
kahrytanHow do you 'avivate' a gpu driver since activate button does not work?07:19
kahrytanHow do you 'activate' a gpu driver since activate button does not work? i click it and nothing happens07:19
cemcalmoxarife: I know there is an option for it, but I like it this way ;)07:20
coz_kahrytan,  which video card do you have?07:22
coordinadorsomebody has an msi wind here?07:22
coz_kahrytan, mm  darn I am the last person you want to talk with about ati  however  what does   lspci | grep -i vga  spit out?07:23
kahrytanoh i got it07:23
coz_ok cool07:23
kahrytanATI works better on my system then nvidia driver07:23
coz_kahrytan,  what was the issue?07:24
kahrytandidnt select it07:24
coz_kahrytan,  ah yes the old "didnt select" excuse  lol07:24
kahrytanYet another none critical bug in kubuntu... activate button should be greyed out until something is selected07:25
cdm10_UGH. No wireless happening over here. Anyone running Broadcom on Karmic?07:25
volanteso anyone noticed the problem where you try to install karmic from cdrom and it boots the live image instead of the installer?07:32
cwalshGreetings, I'm having some issues with mounting a filesystem in 9.1007:36
cwalshIt worked well before, then I installed a new drive and it refuses the mount the partition to my home directory07:36
cwalshOther partitions on the same hd are working fine, just this one will not mount, saying "mount: /dev/sda7 already mounted or /home/user/ busy"07:37
cwalshrefuses to let me mount it anywhere, and it is not already mounted somewhere07:37
Jordan_U_Am I missing something or were only 63 of the hundred paper cuts fixed?07:38
Jordan_U_cwalsh: Can you mount to other direcries, like /mnt ?07:41
cwalshnot that partition, no07:41
Jordan_U_cwalsh: Can you pastebin the output of "mount" with no other options?07:41
syn-ackJordan_U_, The rest were probably upstream issues07:42
syn-ackThings *they* themselves couldnt do07:42
Jordan_U_syn-ack: Doesn't that make it not a papercut?07:42
syn-ackCome to think about it07:42
syn-ackyeah thats a good point07:43
cwalshbut my /var/www partition that is /dev/sda6 and working fine07:43
cwalshone sec07:43
cwalshI'm on my netbook, so I'll have to retype it up07:43
cwalsh(problem is with my desktop)07:43
Jordan_U_syn-ack: I thought 100 papercuts were supposed to be fixed by the time 9.10 released07:43
syn-ackYou're thinking right...07:43
syn-ackI dont know how to answer that now...07:43
Jordan_U_Maybe they'll fix the other 37 bugs tomorrow...07:44
syn-ackJordan_U_, I know that I saved a buch of money on my car insurance by switching to gieco?07:45
Jordan_U_Or hopefully I am missing something on https://launchpad.net/hundredpapercuts07:45
syn-ackIs that an acceptable answer? :P07:45
dmattcoordinador: my wife has MSI wind07:46
i_is_brokewell have i missed anything important today??? been busy with grandkids all day ..havent even done updates yet.07:46
julien__hi , i see ebox 1.3.6 on deselect but apt-get installs 1.3.5 any help?07:46
dmattcoordinador: but I take care of it :)07:46
syn-ackJordan_U_, No, I'm right...07:46
syn-acktake this for example: https://bugs.launchpad.net/hundredpapercuts/+bug/46240407:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 462404 in ubuntu "Adding new start up applications are very hard" [Undecided,New]07:46
syn-ackJordan_U_, They cant really do that on their own... that really is more of a Gnome issue07:47
coordinadordmatt, which ubuntu version has?07:47
coordinadori have issues with wifi07:47
coordinadori can see the networks but i cant connect to it07:48
dmattcoordinador: kubuntu jaunty now07:48
coordinadorim using ubuntu jaunty07:48
coordinadoris there a problem with the drivers or so?07:48
syn-ackwhich card?07:48
julien__any apt-get experts?07:49
coordinadorsyn-ack, how can i check that?07:49
dmattcoordinador: no problems here, but you might have different wifi card in it07:49
syn-ackcoordinador, lspci | grep net07:49
coordinadorsyn-ack, if this question wasnt for me , then im sorry07:49
cwalshGah, I borked the permissions in my home directory when I was trying to test07:49
cwalshI'll have the output of mount in a sec07:49
coordinadoroh ill check the command07:49
dmattcoordinador: check the sticker on the bottom, the type is specified there (look for RF module) - we have Ralink RT2700E07:50
coordinadori get " realtek semiconductor co. ltd. RTL8101E/RTL8102E PCI Express Fast ethernet controller (rev 02)"07:50
coordinadordmatt, rtl8187SE07:51
julien__?? pls07:52
dupondjetomorrow is the day :P07:52
dmattcoordinador: looks different :) try to google it with like "ubuntu wifi problem rtl8187SE"07:52
coordinadori will , thank07:52
syn-ackcoordinador, Honestly, I have the Atheros chipset and when I was running Jaunty there were some things my card couldnt do very well but when I upgraded my kernel along with the rest of the system, it pretty much solved it. So only knowing a vague description doesnt really do much for a fix07:52
dmattcoordinador: and give karmic livecd chance, it might have improved07:53
coordinadordmatt, i try firstly karmic beta but the X didn started correctly, only black screen with spinner cursor at the center07:54
coordinadori tried a few hours ago07:54
Echo_of_Silencequestion : whats new in karmic?07:55
dmattcoordinador: i am going to try now. which type you have? ours is Wind U10007:55
syn-ackEcho_of_Silence, Too much to list. Read the changelog07:56
coordinadordmatt, is the same :)07:56
Echo_of_Silencesyn-ack, i dont understand it...lol new to ubuntu07:56
Echo_of_Silencesyn-ack, so basicaly i'm wondering if i can now vid- chat with windows supported aim07:57
dmattcoordinador: it is (slowly) coming up, I am on karmic RC and do have correct display08:03
coordinadori tried with karmic beta and didnt work08:04
coordinadordmatt, is the installation process or you have it installed already?08:04
dmattcoordinador: no, it is only livecd now08:05
coordinadorthats weird08:05
dmattcoordinador: intel 945GME rev 03 graphics08:06
coordinadordmatt, what argument do you give to grep?08:07
dmattjust lspci|grep VGA08:08
dmattcoordinador: lspci alone is enough, it is not very long08:08
coordinadorIntel Corporation Mobile 945GME Express Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 03)08:10
dmattcoordinador: but i see different problem... I changed brightness with Fn keys and it continues to randomly change it, sort of like somebody continuously plays with it08:11
dmattvery unpleasant08:11
mickepHi, how do I cleanly disable the greeter sound in GDM? I read the bug reports about removing the .wav which I do not want. Also disale "Gnome login sound" in Startup Applications does not make a difference. I already disabled the system sounds in the Sound preference dialog.08:11
coordinadordmatt, it happened to me in a dell inspiron 6400 with ubuntu 9.04 or may be 8.10, similar videocard08:12
dmattcoordinador: that brightness thing or not booting X?08:13
coordinadordmatt, brightness08:14
dmattcoordinador: how did you solve it?08:14
dmattcoordinador: filed a bug for it?08:15
coordinadordmatt, it fixed only upgrading08:17
cwalshJordan_U_, I somehow disconnected08:17
cwalshdid I miss any suggestions from you?08:17
coordinadoroh god its 5.18am08:18
coordinadorsee you08:19
=== Brainy|phpBB is now known as ckwalsh
ckwalshUgh.  Stupid connection08:19
ckwalshwhat in the world?08:27
ckwalshIt suddenly mounted itself08:28
ckwalshAh, I think I figured it out08:29
ckwalshDoes Karmic handle the 30 mount drive check in the background rather than during startup?08:29
almoxarifemounted itself? sounds reptilian aliens08:29
ckwalshLike jaunty and previous versions did?08:30
ckwalshThat would explain why it refused to mount, since it actually was busy, and why it suddenly was mounted unexpectedly08:30
mickepckwalsh: sounds very unlikely to me (without knowing it)08:34
chunknutsIs there a bug with the RC of Xubuntu?08:43
mikebeechamhi guys...I've recently upgraded to Karmic...I cant see a way to remove the volume applet from the notification panel...is there a way as yet?08:45
chunknutshmmm. never tried08:47
topylimikebeecham, remove gnome-volume-control-applet from the list of startup applications of your session08:51
* topyli wonders why it is a notification area icon in the first place08:51
Jordan_U_topyli: Because the icon changes when the colume changes I would guess08:52
=== arrrgh is now known as Light-
topyliwell if you really really want to rationalize it at any cost :)08:52
kahrytanWho knows how to change default boot option in grub2 regardless of how many kernels installed>?08:53
Jordan_U_kahrytan: sudo grub-set-default "title" where title is the title of the menu entry you want to be the default08:53
kahrytanJordan_U_,  and where do i find that without using menu at boot?08:54
mikebeechamtopyli: thanks mate08:54
Jordan_U_kahrytan: Look in /boot/grub/grub.cfg or run: sudo grep menuentry /boot/grub/grub.cfg | grep -o '".*"'08:57
kahrytanuh, Can i edit the title?08:58
Jordan_U_kahrytan: What do you want it to be?09:00
kahrytananything than what it is09:01
mikebeechamI understand that this is not the channel for reporting bugs, but is there a link where I can do so?09:02
indusmikebeecham: report a bug with command ubuntu-bug -p package09:02
topylimikebeecham, best way is to select "report a problem" from your application's 'help' menu is there is one09:03
mikebeechamIndus..sorry mate, I've not been using linux that long...what you just type....went straight over my head :D09:03
topylior what indus said09:03
indusmikebeecham: suppose09:04
Jordan_U_kahrytan: Since they are automatically generated you can either add one manual menu entry or change how the titles are generated, what exactly do you want to do?09:05
indusmikebeecham: ther eis a problem with rhythmbox, you open a terminal and type ubuntu-bug -p rhythmbox and wait and watch09:05
kahrytanJordan_U_,  It's the Windows entry. it's to complicated.09:05
kahrytanJordan_U_,  It shouldn't say "Windows  (loader) (on /dev/sda1)"09:06
Jordan_U_kahrytan: Copy the windows menu entry from your /boot/grub/grub.cfg to /etc/grub.d/40_custom and change the title to whatever you want09:10
kahrytanJordan_U_,  then?09:12
Jordan_U_kahrytan: Run update-grub and the new entry will be added to your /boot/grub/grub.cfg09:12
kahrytanbut wont remove old one09:13
Jordan_U_kahrytan: If you want to remove the old one then "sudo rmmod /etc/grub.d/30_os-prober"09:14
Jordan_U_kahrytan: Sorry, meant rm, not rmmod09:14
* Jordan_U_ should probably go to sleep09:15
kahrytanthat removes the Windows detector?09:16
mikebeechamnot indus very perceptive that it's Rhythmbox (of sorts), the notification panel that appears when a new track is being played is VERY small!09:16
Jordan_U_kahrytan: Yes09:16
mikebeechamdont why I typed 'not' indus??09:16
indusmikebeecham: i just gave an example, you file bug against the package you have problem with09:16
kahrytanJordan_U_,  gotta be better09:16
mikebeechamgood guess :D09:16
indusmikebeecham: lol it really is rhythmbox? hihihii09:16
Jordan_U_kahrytan: You can also just disable it with "sudo chmod -x /etc/grub.d/30_os-prober"09:17
kahrytanJordan_U_,  How do i tell it to use different name?09:17
Jordan_U_kahrytan: Add the manual menu entry to /etc/grub.d/40_custom09:18
kahrytanBut doesnt change how prober names it during update therefore is not an option09:18
CoUrPsECan karmic be network installed/09:19
Jordan_U_kahrytan: The prober won't be run, the static menu entry will be added every update09:19
mikebeechamindus: yessir...rhytmnbox09:19
kahrytanJordan_U_,  How do I get the prober to name the entry CORRECTLY?09:20
kahrytani dont care about custom entries09:20
indusmikebeecham: iam not sure if this is a rb problem or problem with notify osd but file it anyway, someone will change the package later09:20
Jordan_U_kahrytan: What do you want it to name the entry?09:20
kahrytanJordan_U_,  just the title.09:20
mikebeechamindus: done mate....and thanks for the heads up09:20
CoUrPsECan karmic be network installed?09:20
Jordan_U_kahrytan: The title being?09:20
mikebeechamapart from that...loving Karmic09:21
kahrytanHow hard is to get something named by the actual name of the OS instead of crap added to it09:21
indusmikebeecham: welcome09:21
induskahrytan: you can name it anything if you edit some grub file ,now changed in karmic so cant advice09:22
Jordan_U_kahrytan: Try asking in #grub09:24
kahrytanuh no.09:24
topylikahrytan, this really seems to mean a lot to you. looks like karmic is relatively bug-free by now :)09:25
mikebeechamoh wow...now Karmix has given me two of every SMB share I have from the Mac downstairs...not sure if that's a good thing or not09:25
kahrytanJordan_U_, and set-default didnt even work09:27
Jordan_U_kahrytan: How did it not work?09:27
kahrytanthe entry doesnt mention default09:28
Jordan_U_kahrytan: What entry?09:28
kahrytanJordan_U_,  try to remember the conversation. its annoying to repeat. Windows.09:29
Jordan_U_kahrytan: Why should the menu entry mention default?09:29
kahrytanJordan_U_, Grub2 needs to default to Windows so when computer turns on, it boots windows so I can record tv programs since mythtv is piece of crap.09:29
Jordan_U_kahrytan: The default is stored in /boot/grub/grubenv, where are you looking?09:30
kahrytani should have just stayed with grub109:31
Jordan_U_kahrytan: "gksudo gedit /etc/grub.d/30_os-prober" and remove "(on ${DEVICE})"09:33
Jordan_U_kahrytan: There is probably a better way but I need sleep, you should really ask in #grub09:33
kahrytanJordan_U_,  that works.09:37
kahrytanJordan_U_,  i coppied line and use comment to back it up09:38
jorisHi I have a weird cdrom issue after upgrade to karmic09:41
kahrytanSo How do you set default in grub2?09:41
eagles0513875utterly strange09:42
Lazykahrytan: if i remember correctly it is set in /etc/default/grub or something like that09:42
jorisCan someone help me troubleshoot?09:42
eagles0513875i havent logged on to my linux partition on my laptop for some time due to wifi not working and now its working just fine09:42
kahrytanLazy,  this is karmic  help and not jaunty09:43
Lazykahrytan: yeah?09:43
=== tazz is now known as gaurav
kahrytanSo How do you set default in grub2?09:44
Lazyok ichecked, there is GRUB_DEFAULT=0 in /etc/default/grub09:45
Lazyi would believe that this is the the default value09:45
eagles0513875Lazy: and kahrytan refer to this link09:46
ubottuGRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto09:46
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub209:46
eagles0513875the 2nd one09:46
eagles0513875grub2 isnt like grub you dont edit the menu.lst any more09:46
Lazyi know09:46
Lazywhere did i say that you have to edit menu.lst?09:47
Lazyand from your link "The files primarily responsible for the content of grub.cfg are /etc/default/grub and individual script files located in /etc/grub.d/"09:47
kahrytanIs it possible to move Windows entry to the top of grub2 menu?09:48
Lazykahrytan: i think you have to rename the files in /etc/grub.d09:48
om26erkahrytan, why mister anderson why?09:48
mickepkahrytan: I'd go with Lazy's tip of editing /etc/default/grub and change the GRUB_DEFAULT.09:48
kahrytanom26er,  because it has to default to Windows09:49
mickepkahrytan: change the default via Lazy's tip.09:49
om26erkahrytan, great09:49
mahitikahrytan: as you edit the file ,so shall it look09:50
hipitihopcan someone please shed some light on the following error from dmesg from dmesg and please help me shed some light on the problem http://paste.ubuntu.com/303444/09:51
kahrytanmahiti,  thats to much configuring. Why cant linux be more like Windows and just work right?09:51
om26erkahrytan, why can't windows be free of cost09:51
ubottuFor discussion on Microsoft software, or help with same, please visit ##windows. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and /msg ubottu equivalents09:52
kahrytanjussi01,  jumping the gun arent we09:53
jussi01kahrytan: nope. om26er asked an open quesion which invites debate and a long answer. I advised, through the bot where that kind of question should be asked.09:54
mickepkahrytan: you are the one asking for help (that people inhere provide for free), so if I were you I'd change my attitude a bit.09:54
om26erjussi01, actually i critisized him09:55
om26erjussi01, he asked why linux can't be like windows and i said why windows can't be free09:56
jussi01om26er: Its rather a moot point, as this channel is about support for the development release of Ubuntu. all other chatter should be moved elsewhere.09:56
kahrytanI really need to setup Windows entry to be default entry no matter how many kernels are installed.09:56
om26erlike jussi0109:56
jussi01kahrytan: and youve been given advice on how to do that09:57
kahrytanjussi01,  and no i havent09:57
kahrytanjussi01,  editing things like set default="0" wont work when kernels are installed09:57
indus_windows also has something similar to grub, if you know what to do09:58
indus_hipitihop: what is the error here? dmesg says lots of stuff09:58
jussi01kahrytan: ok, Ill take your word for it, since I have studied grub2. However, if you dont find support here, there are forums and of course google.09:58
kahrytanset default="0" is the entry number. If a new kernel is installed, entry number for Windows is changed09:59
kahrytantherefore is not the proper way of doing it09:59
kahrytangrub-set-default command doesnt work. tried it10:00
om26erkahrytan, why you care. ser default=0 and install this http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v2.6.31.5/linux-image-2.6.31-02063105-generic_2.6.31-02063105_i386.deb and then remove old kernel and enjoy10:00
fcuk112does anyone else have low sound volume in karmic?10:00
om26erfcuk112, i have 200% sound in karmic10:01
kahrytanom26er,  you dont listen do you10:01
phakodtchen: you closed my slmodem/pulseaudio bug, but I still have the problem10:02
om26eri install karmic and when i change the volume of my mic it don't work in empathy until i reinstall. **mic works in sound recorder10:02
kahrytanI really need to setup Windows entry to be default entry no matter how many kernels are installed.  set default=0 IS NOT THE ANSWER10:03
om26eruntil i reinstall karmic koala10:03
om26erkahrytan, read this page it might help **might10:04
kahrytanjussi01, no i havent. if i had, i wouldnt be here and frustrated10:04
kahrytanom26er,  that page is useless. doesnt help10:05
kahrytanDoes grub legacy work with ext4?10:06
jussi01kahrytan: abusing people isnt goign to get you problem solved. Have you looked to see if grub2 has a mailing list, or a forum of its own?10:06
kahrytanDoes grub legacy work with ext4? Since no one here can help with permanent default setup.10:06
indusjussi01: i dont think he abused anyone ,unless evidence says otherwise10:07
AlienPenguinkahrytan, not sure about ubuntu, but yes10:07
indusfrustrated user is a whole other thing though10:07
eagles0513875i thought the reason for ext 4 is for the size of hard drives such as 1tb hd and higher10:08
eagles0513875someone feel free to correct me if that assumption is wrong10:08
induseagles0513875: mine is 80 gb and i use ext410:08
jussi01kahrytan: I just googled, and it didnt take me long to find the answer on the forums : # GRUB_DEFAULT="xxxx" - An exact menu entry, including the quotation symbols, may also be used. In this case, location in the menu will not matter. Example: GRUB_DEFAULT="Ubuntu, Linux 2.6.31-9-generic"10:08
alankilathere's more to ext4 than that. It's just an improvement in filesystem technology.10:08
eagles0513875same with my duel boot10:08
eagles0513875alankila: what exactly if you dont mind me askin10:09
=== zniavre_ is now known as zniavre
alankilaeagles0513875: there's a wikipedia page about ext4.10:09
eagles0513875will take a look at that thanks alankila :)10:09
eagles0513875anyone on kubuntu here10:10
kahrytanjussi01,  Hello? GRUB_DEFAULT=0    * Sets the default menu entry by menu position.10:10
jussi01kahrytan: yes10:10
kahrytanjussi01,  if another kernel, the menu position CHANGES10:10
om26ereagles0513875, actually ext4 is really patches and bit upgrade to ext310:10
jussi01kahrytan: read again?10:10
kahrytanjussi01,  that NOT ....NOT  THE SOLUTION10:10
jussi01kahrytan: I just googled, and it didnt take me long to find the answer on the forums : # GRUB_DEFAULT="xxxx" - An exact menu entry, including the quotation symbols, may also be used. In this case, location in the menu will not matter. Example: GRUB_DEFAULT="Ubuntu, Linux 2.6.31-9-generic"10:11
eagles0513875om26er: i also ready it had something to do with hdd size as well10:11
om26erjussi01, and kahrytan so your fight is not over yet10:11
om26ereagles0513875, yes10:11
jussi01kahrytan: so do you understand now?10:12
om26ereagles0513875, i have heard that btrfs is a neext generation filesystem and might come to ubuntu after Lucid Lynx **might10:12
eagles0513875nice what is it exactly10:12
om26ereagles0513875, its still in very early development but heavy development10:13
Light-om26er, does it out-perform ext4?10:13
jussi01om26er: eagles0513875 much as Im sure its an interesting discussion, it really is straying away from ubuntu karmic support10:13
eagles0513875sry jussi0110:13
om26erLight-, its full of features10:14
dmatteagles0513875: i am on kubuntu10:14
Light-so? features usually mean bloat. if it's slower than ext4, I doubt it will be too popular10:14
eagles0513875dmatt: what is your take on the plasma-widget-network-manager and wifi10:14
kahrytanjussi01,  lets try that but where to do it10:15
jussi01kahrytan: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=119527510:15
jussi01kahrytan: /etc/default/grub10:15
dmatteagles0513875: does work for me, but i tested it only on unencrypted network10:16
eagles0513875its been up and down for me10:16
eagles0513875now its working and i havent updated in about 2 weeks10:16
jussi01eagles0513875: do you ahve a support question?10:16
eagles0513875just trying to see if anyone else as a working plasma-widget-network-manager working on a wpa2 encrypted network10:17
eagles0513875dmatt: may i pm you10:17
dmatteagles0513875: yes10:17
fire_can someone help me?10:18
jussi01!ask | fire_10:18
ubottufire_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)10:18
mickepHi, how do I cleanly disable the greeter sound in GDM? I read the bug reports about removing the .wav which I do not want. Also disale "Gnome login sound" in Startup Applications does not make a difference. I already disabled the system sounds in the Sound preference dialog.10:19
fire_I can't see videos, I have installer ffmpeg, I can hear them but can't see them, the window apears transparent, not white, not black. I have installed my nvidia drivers and they work good with compiz and everything10:20
kasimonHi. Has anyone managed to enable ~/.xsession on karmic. I tried https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=589544#c7 without success.10:20
ubottuGnome bug 589544 in general "The new gdm doesn't give an option to use .xsession" [Normal,Resolved: notgnome]10:20
joaopintomickep, the new gdm does not have a configuration interface, renaming the .was maybe your only option10:23
joaopintoops, .wav10:23
mickepjoaopinto: ok, since it is bug-reported I'll do that and wait for a fix. I have a feeling that this has to be done fast, since many people have their laptops on conferences and similar places where you don't want any sound.10:25
kahrytanNow grub2 is configured... there wouldnt be a way to install multiple packages at once in software center would it?10:25
joaopintomickep, since there is a simple workaround is unlikely that there will be a fix for the current release10:26
mickepjoaopinto: I'm not sure. To actually remove the file might lead to problems if you want that file playing at another occation.10:27
joaopintoit is a minor problem, not a bug but the lack of the feature, and there is a simple workaround,10:28
joaopintomickep, what is the file pathname ?10:28
hipitihopindus_: sorry back now.... see bottom of tge log ... "Out of memory: kill process...."  what is causing this, it is a 2gb machine with 1.3 free prior to running this thing10:29
kahrytanis there gui tool to edit fstab?10:29
joaopintohipitihop, what are you running ?10:29
hipitihopjoaopinto: afaik it is mtd which is a DVD import in Mythbuntu10:32
mickepjoaopinto: it is an ogg file in /usr/share/sounds/ubuntu/stereo, not sure which one, most likely "system-ready.ogg"10:32
mickep(which actually points to dialog-question.ogg)10:33
kasimonAnyone? I think it is a serious regression and has completely disabled my working environmenet.10:36
gRntHi all I am looking for a package someone in the ubuntu channel was able to help me out and said it existed but my current repo's don't see it10:42
gRntgRnt: libkadm55 (source: krb5): MIT Kerberos administration runtime libraries. In component main, is optional. Version 1.6.dfsg.4~beta1-5ubuntu2 (jaunty), package size 147 kB, installed size 400 kB [21:10] <jrib> gRnt: what version of ubuntu are you using exactly?   That package exists in the latest ubuntu10:42
joaopintokasimon, the "serious" is arguable :)10:42
gRntis there a way to fix that?10:42
joaopintogRnt, that package is not available on karmic, maybe it was renamed to libkadm5srv6 ?10:44
indus_hipitihop: hello10:44
joaopintokasimon, search for a bug report on launchpad, if is not there report it10:44
gRntjoaopinto: I tried that and it didn't find it, I'll try again incase I typoed, could I add the jaunty repo to my sources.list and get it from there? or does that not work10:44
joaopintogRnt, NO, you can't10:45
gRntwow okies :s10:45
gRntsorry still learning, going backwards is bad?10:45
joaopintoyou can't mix different versions repositories :P10:45
indus_hipitihop: sorry dont know about this error10:45
joaopintomixing different versions is bad10:45
gRntjoaopinto: after all of that must have typoed it, as it is already up to date!10:46
gRntOn with the tutorial! thanks10:46
kasimonjoaopinto: it's already there (https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/karmic/+source/gdm/+bug/398300), but doesn't have a solution.10:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 398300 in gdm "The new gdm doesn't give an option to use .xsession" [Low,Triaged]10:50
joaopintokasimon, have you tried to create a /usr/share/xsessions/xsession.desktop file with the described contents ?10:53
kasimonjoaopinto: yes, but gnome is started nevertheless.10:55
joaopintohum, I assume that by adding a xsessions entry you get a new session type option on GDM, right ?10:55
kasimonyes, that part works. I also checked ~/.xsession is executable (my favourite mistake)10:56
ActionParsnip2yo yo yo10:59
gRntArgh, scrolled down past a few major steps in the tutorial, CLI is a very hard thing to get used to!11:00
joaopintokasimon, that's odd :\11:01
kasimonjoaopinto: yes, really. And I don't know how to debug X session startup.11:02
richardcavellokay, guys, what's the countdown now?11:03
Termana2 days?11:04
joaopintokasimon, you need to hack around /etc/X11/Xsession11:06
dtchenphako: it's very likely a dupe anyhow11:06
kasimonjoaopinto: do you have any details? I'm currently creating a debug session that only outputs the environment to /tmp11:07
joaopintokasimon, adding a set -v on /etc/X11/Xsession might help11:09
joaopintokasimon, I assume you checked .xsession-errors11:09
kasimonjoaopinto: yes, i did. I'll try that11:10
DinkNot sure how to file this but the only way for me to have gdm/gnome start on tty7 and have other working terminals is to remove splash from the kernel line. Known bug ?11:11
joaopintoDink, it's know, only with some graphical cards, there should be a bug already reported about it, search on launchpad11:12
Dinksearch under x11, xserver-xorg, usplash,xsplash,gdm ?11:13
joaopintoit's usplash related11:14
Dinkcool thanks will look11:14
joaopintoDink, you have the latest updates installed, right ?11:15
joaopintothat problem was fixed for some cases some weeks ago11:15
joaopintook :\11:15
Dinklegacy ati card, might be why11:16
DinkIts not a big issue to me, I usually like to boot to term anyways so I can manually mount my encrypted drives then I start up gdm. Like hiding the fact that my fs are encrypted.11:18
DinkWasn't sure if it was reported or not11:18
Dinkobrigado e tem um bom dia11:21
* Dink goes back to lurking 11:21
kasimonjoaopinto: no time now to work on the xsession issue. If I find out something about it, I'll add it to the launchpad bug.11:27
kasimonjoaopinto: thanks for the hints.11:27
joaopintokasimon, ok, if i get some time i will also check it out, thanks11:27
alankilawhoops, just ran out of memory while developing...11:29
ebbim excited ... yeh im sad :/11:32
JimmioYay Karmic! :D11:32
=== rconan is now known as IRConan
ebbactualy not that sad , it would be sad to say queue outside at midnight to get it11:44
zetheroo1 day to go ... ohhhh yeah11:50
zetherooany changes going to take place in the next 24 hours?11:50
ebbless then 24 hours?11:50
ebbit was 1 day to go yesterday11:51
zetheroowhat time does the canonical clock go by?11:51
dtchenthere's no set time11:52
dtchenwe go through this same question every release11:52
zetherooyeah  ... I know ...11:52
joaopintochanges on the last 24h would be bad :P11:52
dtchenthe only change has been to ubiquity, uploaded to karmic-updates, for a respin of i386 disks11:52
zetherooits just fun to bring it up every time ...11:52
ebbrelease day is a specail day that can be up to 48 hours :)11:52
zetherooits a like Christmas and New Years all in one11:53
xevilanyone have the problem of the akonadi server failing to start?  possible solution?11:53
zetherooso its probably just fine to upgrade already to Karmic .. ay?11:53
ebbmeybe they want to release it exactly every half year so they take in to account leap years11:53
dtchenzetheroo: karmic is final in the repository already.11:54
dtchenagain, only the i386 disks are being respun11:54
Dr_WillisYea - there really shouldent be any updates this late in the game.11:54
zetheroooh ok11:54
Dr_WillisI tend to update/upgrade a day or 2 befor release.. then wait a week after reelase to update/upgrade again. :) to miss the servers gettting hammered  on the days after release11:55
zetheroohas anyone here done an update from Jaunty to Karmic? ... and if so.. how did that go? ... any glitches?11:55
Dr_Williszetheroo:  theres been people in here with issues.. and many with no issues..11:55
ebbcould download from the torrent :)11:55
delightzetheroo: i did this twice on beta time already11:55
ebbim going for the torrent11:56
Dr_Willisebb:  i tend to get the torrents  to get the cd's if i want them on release day. :) the speeds are amazing at that time.. but i wait on upgrading.11:56
xevilthe only issue I had was the akonadi server crash...11:56
zetheroois the final release up for torrenting ?11:56
Lazyzetheroo: i had issue with openoffice dependencies but otherwise there were no problems when i upgraded to beta11:56
Lazyzetheroo: i think the openoffice dependencies are now fixed11:57
=== dtchen changed the topic of #ubuntu+1 to: Welcome to the Ubuntu Karmic Koala (9.10) discussion channel | Karmic is nearly released, but asking "when" delays it another day! | Schedule https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KarmicReleaseSchedule | Please join #ubuntu for all other support questions | RC Released: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/910overview | This channel is not a replacement for filing bugs
zetherooDr_Willis: so on release day the ISO downloads are better than now?11:57
delightzetheroo: one time it worked great the other time it crashed could not boot anymore.so i took my live cd booted mounted the old root made an chroot and run the rest of the installation with dpkg --configure -a11:57
zetherooLazy: ok ... desktop or laptop?11:57
Dr_Williszetheroo:  for torrents on release day. they are amazing fast.11:57
Lazyzetheroo: desktop11:58
Dr_Williszetheroo:  for 9.04 i was able to get the whole cd in about 10 min via torrent11:58
zetheroodelight: I see ..11:58
zetherooDr_Willis: ok11:58
eagles0513875Dr_Willis: why not just download and install the rc and update it11:58
zetherooLazy: right11:58
Dr_Williseagles0513875:  thats what i often do.. and all my machines are done that way now.. but i also get the torrents for the release. so i have the released isos to burn :)11:59
Dr_Willisand of course i help seed them :P11:59
eagles0513875Dr_Willis: normally i wait till after release day to download it11:59
Dr_WillisI got a usb flash drive with grub2 setup now where i can boot the iso files also.11:59
Dr_Williswithin an hr or 2 of release.. the torrents will be very fast. :011:59
eagles0513875Dr_Willis: seems like for not using my duel boot plasma nm seems to be working with wifi again O_o which is nice12:00
ebbIm gonna keep my torrent on =]12:01
ebbim at university so fast connection12:01
Dr_WillisThey need to work out a way to torrent the updates :)12:01
Dr_Willisbut i got an apt-cache-ng server on this lan. so i just got to get the updates once for the whole lan12:02
zetherooDr_Willis: torrenting updates would be awesome12:02
LazyDr_Willis: there is package apt-p2p but that kinda sucks12:02
Dr_Williszetheroo:  its doable/ but if no one is shareing.. then it wont gain much :(12:02
zetherooDr_Willis: I was using apt-cacher for a while and then apt-proxy as well ... it worked for a while and then flatlined12:03
Lazyit does not support ipv6 and there were some other annoying little things when i tried it with jaunty12:03
Dr_Willisusing apt-cacher-ng right now12:03
zetherooDr_Willis: what is the -ng bit?12:03
Dr_Willison a 3 pc home lan - it works well12:03
Dr_Willis'next generation'12:04
Dr_Willisi think :)12:04
Dr_Willis!info apt-cacher-ng12:04
RamunasMhello folks, I was trying to install 9.10, and it seems the installer is not showing my first hdd, I have 2. And it seems there's a bug about this, with status fix comitted, so what does that mean for me?12:04
zetheroois there a gui for it yet/12:04
ubottuapt-cacher-ng (source: apt-cacher-ng): Caching proxy for distribution of software packages. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.4-1 (karmic), package size 277 kB, installed size 756 kB12:04
Dr_Willisyou dont need a gui for it. :) it has a web interface12:04
om26er_RamunasM, no its not12:04
Dr_Willisnot that you do much with the interface...12:04
zetherooDr_Willis: it does? ... is that a new thing ?12:04
om26er_RamunasM, i have two hard drives and they both are detected well12:04
Dr_Williszetheroo:  no idea. ive only started using it12:05
pmatulisRamunasM: bug #?12:05
Lazy!info apt-p2p12:05
ubottuapt-p2p (source: apt-p2p): apt helper for peer-to-peer downloads of Debian packages. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.1.5 (karmic), package size 107 kB, installed size 624 kB12:05
zetherooDr_Willis: oh ok ... sounds good  though ... i was having to set it all up in the terminal etc ...12:05
RamunasMmy problem is the same: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=130307112:05
RamunasMits just that I tried 32bit build12:06
om26er_Dr_Willis, are you a real doctor or Ubuntu Doctor?12:06
Dr_Williszetheroo:  add one line to the apt system configs on the clients to point them to the server.. and thats about it.. :)  if i recall right12:06
* Dr_Willis is a Witch Doctor.12:06
eagles0513875this is interesting has the default button to get to the list of installed kernels changed since jaunty from f2 to f12 O_o12:06
* Dr_Willis puts the lime in the coconut and drinks it right up.12:06
zetherooDr_Willis: gosh ... that's simple .... maybe i'll try to set it up again ...12:06
RoeyI'm having trouble booting... I get dumped to a busybox shell after the kernel claims it can't find /   (and this is off a stock install)12:07
zetherooDr_Willis: is there a good how-to you can point me to12:07
Roeyof karmic12:07
Roeyhey Dr_Willis!12:07
eagles0513875Roey: when you say install or waht ever make sure you try turn of acpi and all that some times that helps12:07
Roeyacpi. ok.12:08
Roeyin the linux boot line, right?12:08
Dr_Williszetheroo:  i found some on google/forums - some of them are 'wrong' and want you to edit the source.list i think.. thats not needed.12:08
eagles0513875no hit f6 then hit space to toggle it off12:08
Dr_Willisapt-cacher-ng guide.12:08
Roeywhat does that have to do with the system not finding /   (acpi being off)12:08
zetherooDr_Willis: oh ok ... thanks12:09
RamunasMpmatulis, om26er_  maybe its related to something like this one: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gparted/+bug/6086812:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 60868 in gparted "gparted does not detect sdb" [High,Fix released]12:09
RamunasMas its shown on fdisk -l12:09
Dr_WillisI dident have to do the inscrtuctions at 2.2 on that guide. i recall12:09
RoeyDr_Willis:  could you help me with this issue?  I have the output of 'blkid' and the contents of my grub.cfg in http://pastebin.com/f6efcbf2c12:11
Dr_WillisRoey:  and what are you trying to do?12:12
RoeyDr_Willis: boot.12:13
RoeyI installed Karmic, and now I get dumped to a busybox/ash shell as the kernel panics because it cannot find /12:13
coz_Roey,  is this dropping to  initramfs?12:14
Dr_WillisIve never used any sort of raid setup. what drive is your / drive?  and wheres th boot stuff at?12:14
zetherooDr_Willis: I am kinda stuck at step 2 - hehe12:14
c_kornwill the release isos differ from these dailys ? http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily/current/12:15
IRConanc_korn: only a little, you can download them and rsync up to the release I think12:16
Dr_Williszetheroo:  all i did I think was set up the cacher line/file in /etc/apt/apt.conf.d12:16
Dr_Williswillis@cow:/etc/apt/apt.conf.d$ pastebinit  01proxy12:16
Dr_Williscat 01proxy12:17
Dr_WillisAcquire::http::Proxy "http://localhost:3142";12:17
Dr_WillisOn the 'server' then on the clients i changed localhost to be th eright ip#12:17
gRntHi all I have been following a tutorial here http://www.wtorrent-project.org/trac/wiki/DebianInstall to install wtorrent with rtorrent anyway everything has gone smoothly, Installed all the packages required, and everything till now has been fine, when I try and run rtorrent as suggested in the tutorial the terminal throws me the following error rtorrent: error while loading shared libraries: libtorrent.so.11: cannot open shared o12:17
Italian_Plumber1I have a question about the torrents for karmic's install CDs.12:17
eagles0513875hey Dr_Willis question for ya has the button to pull up grub menul list changed from grub to grub 212:17
Italian_Plumber1Grnt: I have rtorrent installed.  Did you compile it yourself?12:18
Dr_Williseagles0513875:  what button? Ive never noticed a grub menu list..12:18
Dr_WillisI got my grub menu to always show.   i unhide it12:18
eagles0513875in janunty it used to be f2 to pull it up12:18
eagles0513875im running karmic in a vm and it seems it only happens when i hit f1212:18
gRntItalian_Plumber1:  followed the tutorial in the link above to ensure I got it right so I guess so? Installed via subversion just changed the release numbers on libtorrent and rtorrent to suit current releases12:18
Dr_Williseagles0513875:  i Thought one used the escape key. :) but i always make my grub menu unhidden.. so ive neer tried F12 or F212:19
zetherooDr_Willis: so you created that file 01proxy12:19
Italian_Plumber1ah... I installed it with "sudo apt-get install rtorrent"12:19
Dr_Williszetheroo:  yes12:19
eagles0513875ohhh wait it could be escape key12:19
Italian_Plumber1I don't do much self-compiling.12:19
renatomefidfanyone know if canonica uploaded the 9.10(final) and did not publish the link?12:19
eagles0513875but for some reason on my vmware fusion vm on osx it seems to be f1212:19
zetherooand I would use the same line in my server machine? Acquire::http::Proxy "http://localhost:3142";12:19
Roeycoz_: yes exactly12:19
zetheroo Dr_Willis: ^^12:20
eagles0513875renatomefidf: nothing else is gonna be released till release day except for the RC which is out12:20
Dr_Williszetheroo:  installed the apt-cacher-ng on my main server. and used that file... and same file on every client. only chanbgd the  localhost12:20
Dr_Williszetheroo:  id think so.12:20
Roeycoz_: it is dropping to initramfs12:20
coz_Roey,  ok  after it drops to initramfs  wait about 3 seconds then type   exit12:20
Roeywhat's the rationale behind this?12:20
zetherooDr_Willis: do i have to install the package on the clients as well?12:20
eagles0513875how do i unhide it Dr_Willis12:20
Italian_Plumber1and I use rtorrent on hardy....12:20
Dr_Williszetheroo:  No.12:20
coz_Roey,  it will boot  then you will have to edit  /etc/default/grub and insert   rootdelay=40 and I will upload an example of that12:20
hernadfor example on launchpad I have found that one bug is resolved with eclipse 3.5.1 ubuntu7 but these packages doesn't exists on http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/universe/e/eclipse/12:21
Roeybut it tells me "Gave up waiting for root device"12:21
Dr_Williseagles0513875:   i edit the /etc/default/grub file and  set a delay to show th emenu12:21
zetherooDr_Willis: ok ... so just create the file on the clients and change localhost to the server's IP12:21
coz_Roey,  try it again12:21
Roeycoz_: so that means that  my system will delay in forty seconds booting up?12:21
RamunasMeagles0513875: is the 27th day build newer than the RC?12:21
coz_Roey,  no not quite  I have to do the same here because of my scsi drives12:21
eagles0513875RamunasM: rc if im not mistaken is always a new daily build12:22
Roeycoz_: I have a softraid1 btw12:22
Dr_Williszetheroo:  thats what i did. and about all i did i recall.. buti never use synaptic. so  not sure ifyou have to do what they suggest for synaptic.. OR if that guide is just a little old12:22
eagles0513875hernad: probably the other servers have or are in the process of getting mirrored12:22
coz_Roey,  ok that may be the issue  let me upload this file hold on12:22
Roeycoz_:  thanks12:22
zetherooDr_Willis: ok ... I'll give it a whirl ...12:22
hernadten days ?12:22
hernadand which is the primary one ?12:22
eagles0513875the canonical ones setup the package manager to use the main server12:23
c_kornIRConan: fine, will do that.12:23
eagles0513875hernad: before you do that type apt-cache policy eclipse on the command line for me and pastebin the out put please12:23
Italian_Plumber1are torrents for the karmic install CD (final release) available now, or will they be "released" along with the direct downloads from the mirrors?12:23
IRConanItalian_Plumber1: they'll be released with the direct downloads12:23
IRConanthey don't know the hash yet :P12:23
Italian_Plumber1well that's what I thought.12:24
hernadbringout@desk-c2:~$ sudo apt-cache policy eclipse12:24
Italian_Plumber1so if I go get the torrent now, I'm getting the beta version12:24
hernad  Instalirano:3.5.1-0ubuntu612:24
hernad  Kandidat 3.5.1-0ubuntu612:24
hernad  Verziona lista12:24
hernad *** 3.5.1-0ubuntu6 012:24
hernad        500 http://archive.sigma-com.net karmic/universe Packages12:24
hernad        500 http://archive.ubuntu.com karmic/universe Packages12:24
hernad        100 /var/lib/dpkg/status12:24
eagles0513875!pastebin | hernad12:24
hernadbut this is my mirrored12:24
ubottuhernad: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. Ubuntu pastebin is at  http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from  command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic12:24
eagles0513875hernad: run sudo apt-get update12:24
IRConanItalian_Plumber1: you could get the isos of the dailies and just get the changes by torrent on thursday12:24
eagles0513875then run apt-cache policy eclipse again and tell me if the version is the same or not12:24
Italian_Plumber1hmm good idea IRConan... I never thought of that...12:25
coz_Roey,  here is the screenshot   http://www.picpaste.com/Screenshot-grub__-etc-default__-_gedit.png   and here is the file   http://www.speedyshare.com/256548469.html12:25
IRConanItalian_Plumber1: saves server load on thursday which can only be a good thing12:25
Cantcmeits wednesday 11:25pm here! hehe12:25
eagles0513875hernad: what sudo apt-get update does is updates the list of whats in the repositories12:25
IRConanCantcme: don't expect a midnight release...12:25
Cantcmehaha yeh i know :D12:25
coz_Roey,  make sure you have the quote marks properly places   then when you finish editing that file  open a terminal and run   sudo update-grub12:25
Italian_Plumber1but wouldn't bit torrent only retrieve the new bits of the file, and not "erase" the old bits?12:26
courpseIn desperate need of some help, :/12:26
eagles0513875hernad: run apt-cache policy eclipse again and let me know if its the same version or not12:26
eagles0513875courpse: just ask your question and if someone knows they will help you12:26
courpseI was upgrading to Karmic from Jaunty, 16 mins lef, my comp is frooze.12:26
courpseI can boot from a Jaunty live CD.12:27
hernadapt-cache policy is the same ubuntu612:27
IRConanCantcme: for one thing because you are the very first timezone for which it becomes the 29th... it'll probably be the 30th for you by the time they release12:27
Roeycoz_: I'm having trouble downloading it (I get "protocol died unexpectedly" and I have trouble with wget as well)12:27
Roeycoz_: can you put it up on pastebin.com?12:27
hernadit is expected12:27
courpseIs there anyway i can boot from liveCD, and apply a upgrade to the hdd?12:27
coz_Roey,  sure hold on12:27
Roeycoz_: also, I'musing grub212:27
CantcmeIRConan: yeh im expecting it to be the 30th here or close to12:27
hernadon every server i have looked up eclipse ubuntu6 is the last one12:27
eagles0513875hernad: if you want the latest and greatest then you could always install it from the eclipse.org website12:28
coz_Roey,  right this is for grub2  and here is the pastebin   http://pastebin.com/m3607644012:28
Roeycoz_: thanks, one moment while I apply these12:28
coz_Roey,   so in terminal   sudo gedit /etc/default/grub12:28
IRConanhernad: eclipse distribution from the website is good... it's a java app so it doesn't even need installing really12:28
Roeycoz_: oh..../etc/default/grub...ok12:29
hernadyou don't get my point, my primary question question is: are there changes on karmic repositories in last 10 days12:29
coz_Roey,   then carefully place that   rootdelay=40 just as I have it12:29
RamunasMcourpse: why would you want to do that?12:29
coz_Roey,  then save the file  and in the terminal    sudo update-grub12:29
coz_Roey,  then reboot and see if it is to your likeing12:29
hernadregarding eclipse, I have got ubuntu7 eclipse from launchpad manually downloading deb by deb12:29
IRConanhernad: there will be some...12:29
courpseRamunasM, To try and save my os.12:29
joaopintohernad, yes there are12:29
joaopintolatest eclipse on karmic is 3.5.1+repack~1-0ubuntu112:30
Roeycoz_: ok12:30
coz_Roey,  let me know12:30
hernadand what  is in your sources.list ? which server ?12:30
joaopintohernad, gb.archive.ubuntu.com, but this is not a recent change, so must servers should be updated at this time12:30
Roeycoz_: two questions:  (1) is the vga= necessary (i.e. it was not in my line apparently), and (2) what does update-grub do?12:31
RamunasMcourpse: if its not booting, I don't think its going to upgrade12:31
IRConanhernad: that's the one on packages.ubuntu.com definitive answer12:31
om26erthe date here is 28th oct karmic will release tomorrow?12:31
vega-does eclipse in ubuntu nowadays have a real maintainer or did someone "just package it"  and that's it ... historically support has not been very good (no updates in many years)12:31
om26eror after 6  hours?12:31
joaopintoom26er, yes, but don't ask for the specific time, there is no time12:31
courpseRamunasM, So you think theres no chance of upgrading to a different source?12:31
eagles0513875vega-: check out the website12:31
coz_Roey,  if the vga is not there already then no I dont think it is necessary and the update-grub updates the grub.cgf file which is the file read for the grub menu  etc12:31
vega-eagles0513875: which web site?12:31
eagles0513875vega-: eclipse.org im using it in my java class12:31
RamunasMcourpse: I'm no expert, so don't trust my word12:31
courpseRamunasM, I can get to a console, with no network.12:32
joaopintovega-, there is specific maintainer on the Debian sence, there was smeone working on it hard to make sure it was updated on this release12:32
vega-eagles0513875: err, read my question...12:32
courpseMaybe download all packs from upgrade, then boot to that console, and install them from there.,12:32
RamunasMcourpse: in that case, you could get the alternate install cd12:32
om26erjoaopinto, this was the answer of my first question or second?12:32
eagles0513875! info eclipse12:32
vega-joaopinto: hmm ok12:32
eagles0513875!info eclipse12:32
ubottueclipse (source: eclipse): Extensible Tool Platform and Java IDE. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.5.1+repack~1-0ubuntu1 (karmic), package size 7 kB, installed size 72 kB12:32
RamunasMcourpse: and use it to try to upgrade I guess12:32
joaopintoom26er, there is no specific time for the release12:32
courpseI have no blank disks.12:33
om26erjoaopinto, what's the time there12:33
eagles0513875karmic seems to have the latest version of eclipse12:33
om26eryour time12:33
Italian_Plumber1hmm... that reminds me... I need to go get some12:33
joaopintoom26er, the time is not relevant for the release, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr12:33
courpseI'd waqit tell i had some, but i need some processes up and running 5 mins ago, :/12:33
joaopintoit will be out somewhere on the next 48h12:33
RamunasMcourpse: you don't actually have to burn it, you can just mount the ISO from the terminal?12:33
RamunasMif you have a way to download the ISO to the machine that is12:33
vega-eagles0513875: yes, and my question was and still is "does it have a real, active maintainer in ubuntu", because if not, it's better to use the eclipse.org version directly12:34
hernadIt seems my provider redirected all *.archive.ubuntu.com to it's local server !?12:34
courpseRamunasM, uhhuh!12:34
courpseRamunasM, Smart thinking!12:34
eagles0513875hernad: ouchie :(12:34
courpseI'll download it to hdd via liveCD.12:34
Roeycoz_: can I pm you for a sec?12:34
coz_Roey,  sure12:35
Roeycoz_: I ran update-grub and goit errors12:35
zetherooDr_Willis: so ... sudo apt-get update worked on the client ... but sudo apt-get upgrade said there was nothing new to fetch ... and I know that the server is more updated than the client12:35
eagles0513875vega-: sry mis read that :( but you do alot like me if its an old version in the repos i usually go to the source site and either compile from source or package they have12:35
hernadyes it is :(12:35
eagles0513875zetheroo: you trying to upgrade from jaunty12:35
Dr_Williszetheroo:  no idea on that. I update/upgrade/dist-upgrade on every box basically the same12:35
eagles0513875!upgrade | zetheroo12:35
ubottuzetheroo: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading12:35
zetherooeagles0513875: no .... thanks12:35
eagles0513875zetheroo: try instead of upgrade dist-upgrade12:36
zetherooeagles0513875: I am not trying to upgrade to Karmic :)12:36
vega-eagles0513875: what i'm looking for it it has proper support nowadays in ubuntu, we have used the eclipse.org packages directly now for a few years but of course it would be better/easier to use the ubuntu-packaged ones12:36
vega-but if the support is as before, then best to use the eclipse.org version..12:37
eagles0513875vega-: i hear ya.12:37
courpseIs there a iso for karmic?12:37
joaopintocourpse, is not out yet12:37
eagles0513875Dr_Willis: what do i change to unhide grub menu cuz grub_time out is set to 1012:37
Dr_Willisseveral diffrent isos for 9.10  ;) but the final is not out yet.12:37
courpseI really need one, :/12:38
Dr_Williseagles0513875:   You DID rerun 'update-grub' after changing the file?12:38
RamunasMcourpse: I assume you want this: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily/current/12:38
Dr_Williseagles0513875:   pastebinit  /etc/default/grub12:38
Dr_Willischeckout mine.12:38
eagles0513875Dr_Willis: i didnt change anything seems like the time out default is 1012:38
courpseRamunasM, Again, your the man,12:38
Dr_Williseagles0513875:  Not what what keys you are hitting to do what exactly then really..  I always see my grub menu for 10 sec with that config12:39
Dr_Willisunless its some other setting causien it to hide12:39
eagles0513875Dr_Willis: this time i hit esc on my vm on vbox then f12 on vmware fusion it seemss12:39
Dr_Willisperhaps the   #GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT=012:39
eagles0513875Dr_Willis: what should i change that 212:41
Dr_WillisI got it commented out. :) it has NO setting.. thus its NOT hidden.12:41
Dr_Willisthat may of been what i changed to force it to unhide - i dont rember.12:42
Dr_Willisi edited it a few weeks back12:42
eagles0513875ahhh ok12:43
Dr_Williscompare my pastebin'd file to yours12:43
stsmif i install  the 9.10 beta, will i be abel to update?12:46
stsmto the actual release12:46
Italian_Plumber1how many daily builds are left before the final release?  One?  Two?  Is there a set time they normally come out?12:46
stsmok so im guessing its best to install the beta at this point?12:46
stsmneed to install a new system12:46
zetheroo1Dr_Willis: i think I know what i missed ... step 4 ... :)12:46
zetheroo1Dr_Willis: did you throw all that in your terminal as well?12:47
joaopintoItalian_Plumber1, unless there is a major issue the current daily should be final12:49
zetheroo1oops ... Firefox can't establish a connection to the server at
joaopintothis is the time for mirror propagation, not for fixes :P12:49
zetheroo1oh duh ...12:49
zetheroo1gosh its getting late ...12:49
Italian_Plumber1so chances are that the current torrent hash(es) will be the finals?  Very nice.12:49
switchgirlhi anyone having issues with streaming sound (trying to watch bbc news it shows the picture not the sound)12:50
stsmItalian_Plumber1: is your name Mario or Louigi maybe? :p12:50
switchgirlI'm in karmic12:50
switchgirlI tried rebooting12:50
coz_oooo  italian jokes?12:50
eagles0513875switchgirl: i have no audio what so ever12:50
stsmcoz_: not disrespectful12:51
Italian_Plumber1no, David (handle comes from "My boss is an Italian Plumber", as a parody of "My boss is a Jewish carpenter")12:51
eagles0513875then again im duelbooting on a mac switchgirl12:51
coz_stsm,  ok   because I am one "big" italian lol12:51
stsmcoz_: jsut made me think of mario bros on the old NES lol12:51
coz_stsm,   :)12:51
Italian_Plumber1well yes, the "Italian Plumber" is a reference to Mario, of Mario Brothers fame12:51
coz_stsm,  actually it was kind of clever :)12:51
DaiItalian_Plumber1: you're a sick man, stomping all over mushrooms and flying turtle-duck...  things.  you should be ashamed of yourself!12:52
RamunasMwish me luck, going to try installing again12:52
Daiokay, not really, but meh.12:52
ubottu#ubuntu+1 handles support for the development version of Ubuntu.  Please join #ubuntu for all other Ubuntu support.  Chat in #ubuntu-offtopic.12:52
RoeyItalian_Plumber1: score+1 :)12:52
stsmswitchgirl: is that just flash or actual streaming?12:53
stsmmy dog is one big italian too btw coz_ :p (around 90 kilos)12:54
gnomefreakstsm: join #ubuntu-offtopic to continue non support topics12:54
stsmgnomefreak: ill just /ignore you and shutup :)12:56
gnomefreakstsm: ignoring me wont help any.12:57
stsmthe part about me shutting up will help more then enough (im gonna do that from now)12:59
BluesKajG'Day all13:00
zetheroo1Dr_Willis: did the import and still nothing ...13:00
RanDom33something happenned to my wireless card, it no longer shows the "essids" in the drop down menu. The last thing that I did was assinged the interface a static ip address by editing /etc/network/interfaces . It was working just fine after /etc/init.d/networking restart, I wake up this morning and it will not work.13:00
joaopintoRanakah, once you add the card to the interfaces, it will not be managed byt networkmanager13:01
Ranakahsorry but Ranakah is not RanDom3313:02
RanDom33joaopinto, can i set it up some way through that network manager with a static ip address?13:02
Omar87Hi all.13:02
RanDom33joaopinto, how can i reverse the damage I did?13:03
joaopintoRanDom33, you should, network manager allows to setup static ips13:03
joaopintoRanakah, just remove the config from etc/network/interfaces13:03
Omar87I'm just wondering, why does Ubuntu only a partial upgrade only?13:03
RanDom33joaopinto, alright, one second, am going to delete the config file and then reboot.. correct?13:03
joaopintoyup, restarting networkmanager should be sufficient13:04
Dr_Williszetheroo1:  i never did the import. i just let the things download as needed13:04
joaopintoOmar87, are you already running karmic ?13:04
Omar87joaopinto, yes.13:04
=== kklimond- is now known as kklimonda
joaopintoOmar87, so that message is expected in certain upgrade stages13:04
Omar87joaopinto, and it's already working like magic with me. :)13:05
Omar87joaopinto, I see.13:05
Omar87joaopinto, thanks a lot. :)13:06
joaopintoyw :)13:06
RanDom33joaopinto, that worked, now i need to find someway to setup static ip address of with that network manager.13:08
RanDom33joaopinto, i deleted that conf file i wrote13:08
kklimondaRanDom33, you can create custom connections in nm13:08
CShadowRunUhh, this is really dumb...in 9.10 you can't bind the super key to open a menu13:09
CShadowRunIt's treated like a modifier now so you can't bind it on it's own13:09
CShadowRundriving me nuts.13:09
PiciIt is a modifier, and thats not really new behavior.13:10
CShadowRunwell, windows seems to be able to handle it :P13:10
CShadowRunit worked in 9.04 apparently13:10
RanDom33kklimonda, im not showing an option for that... only "create new connection" which then asks for essid and key . no options for dhcp or static..etc13:10
CShadowRun(Windows has plenty of shortcuts using the windows key on it's own, through using it as a modifier)13:10
Pici(linux is not windows)13:11
CShadowRunno but you'd think that there would be no problem binding a damned key to do what it's supposed to :(13:11
CShadowRunbeen trying for like 6 hours now and it's frustrating me.13:11
PiciCShadowRun: You can file a bug if you think it should behave differently, but I think thats the intended operation.  I could be wrong of course.13:12
wzssyqawhere have the Torrent of 910's dvd13:12
RanDom33kklimonda, is there a custom connection setting that im missing? so far I have not found one.13:12
CShadowRunNo point, i have to ship this laptop out today, so i'll never get to make that work for the user13:12
CShadowRunWhich is really annoying, baring in mind this laptop has a nice home symbol on the windows key, it's supposed to be used to show the home menu :(13:12
om26eri say rupert, karmic can't get more final than 20091028 cd13:13
PiciCShadowRun: You're shipping a computer to a customer with a pre-release version of an OS?13:13
CShadowRunPici, to a family friend, and it's RC, with 1 day left to go. Theres no point in not doing it13:14
CShadowRunAlso, the customer specifically wanted features that was only available in karmic.13:14
CShadowRunwell, family friend not customer :P13:14
RanDom33I am not seeing an option to setup a custom connection in Karmic. I need to setup a static IP address. Am I missing something?13:14
CShadowRunRanakah, right click on the network icon, edit connections, select the connection, edit.13:15
CShadowRunRanDom33, *13:15
Piciom26er: That is not correct. Please stop spreading false information.13:15
RanDom33CShadowRun, thank you13:15
BluesKajRanDom33, have you considered wicd , it can be configured to use static IP13:15
JimmioAlright... where did the decrypt file thing go? I need to decrypt my old files from 9.04. I have the public and private key.13:15
BluesKaj!info wicd | RanDom3313:16
ubottuRanDom33: wicd (source: wicd): wired and wireless network manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.6.1-3ubuntu1 (karmic), package size 415 kB, installed size 2464 kB13:16
Ranakahomg :D13:16
BluesKajRanDom33, add this to your sources.list 'deb http://apt.wicd.net karmic extras'13:17
wzssyqaubottu: Torrent13:17
ubottuTorrent clients: Transmission (GTK and terminal-based), Deluge-Torrent, Freeloader, BitStormLite, BitTornado-GUI (GTK), KTorrent (KDE), QTorrent (Qt), Azureus (Java), TorrentFlux (web-based), bittornado, rTorrent, cTorrent, bittorrent, aria2 (terminal-based) - FAQ: http://www.bittorrent.com/FAQ.html - See also !P2P13:17
Piciwzssyqa: 9.10 is not released yet, so theres not a torrent available for it.13:18
JimmioHow do I get my old key back as my personal key..?13:18
wzssyqaPici: o ,do you known where have an mirrors?13:18
preecheris updating 9.04 to 9.10 beta as good as waiting for tomorrow's release? i figure things will be bottlenecked with most dloading tomorrow13:18
hipitihopI discovered the following in dmesg is this a serious sata hdd issue ? http://paste.ubuntu.com/303552/13:18
Piciwzssyqa: The same mirrors that have the normal releases will have the karmic release when its ready.13:19
RoeyDO I NEED AN ALTERNATE CD if I a installing to an /existing/ raid setup?13:19
RanDom33BluesKaj, i will look into that as well... thank you13:20
wzssyqaPici: what i means is mirror of dvd iso13:20
Picipreecher: It will, but keep in mind that there is limited support at the moment and there is always the possibility that a bug will be discovered. Also, some install bugs are still being ironed out.13:20
RanDom33I figured out the "address, netmask and gateway.. but how do i know what to put in the dns blank"13:20
Piciwzssyqa: If they have a mirror of the jaunty dvd iso, chances are they'll mirror the karmic one too.13:20
RanDom33DNS blank... and search domains..13:20
wzssyqaPici: but i don't know13:21
Piciwzssyqa: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/13:21
stardust1985Hi, I downloaded the karmic final i386 desktop iso and created bootable flash by Unetbootin from my provider's pool directory but when I tried to boot it failed with squashfs error. But netbook version worked well13:21
wzssyqaPici: i am downloading from there.it is so slow13:22
BluesKajRanDom33, is your router provided by your ISP ?13:22
RamunasMI'm back, installer still can't see one of my hdd's, though fdisk -l lists it just fine, any ideas?13:22
stardust1985112 mirrors are synced :)13:22
RanDom33BluesKaj, the router isnt, the modem is13:22
ActionParsnip2RamunasM: you need to mount the partition13:23
BluesKajRanDom33, if so let the modem auto set the dns13:23
RamunasMActionParsnip2: where to?13:23
ActionParsnip2RamunasM: anywhere you like, as long as its not in /proc13:24
RanDom33BluesKaj, im going to try wicd, maybe it wont ask for the dns, network manager was requiring it in the blank13:24
ActionParsnip2RamunasM: most people make an empty folder in /media and use that13:24
hipitihopIs this a smartd problem ? http://paste.ubuntu.com/303552/13:24
aubrewhen's the earliest I can download the Karmic server iso?13:24
domjohnsonIsn't Karmic server already here?13:24
brianskiwhat apt mirrors should i use to upgrade to rc?13:25
aubreI just see the RC on the server13:26
BluesKajRanDom33, I use opendns rather than the one my ISP uses , you can try that instead : first is ,then second is
ActionParsnip2brianski: the ones yu have now13:26
ActionParsnip2BluesKaj: opendns ones then ;)13:26
RanDom33BluesKaj, thanks, i will add those to the fields.13:26
BluesKajRanDom33, ok13:27
RamunasMActionParsnip2: not helping it seems, I mounted in on /mnt/, installer still can't see it13:27
ActionParsnip2RamunasM: strange13:27
ActionParsnip2BluesKaj: install dnsmasq and you can run your own DNS server, makes name resolutions way quicker13:28
brianskiActionParsnip2: if i do that i can only get a partial upgrade ?13:28
brianskis/jaunty/karmic/ i mean13:28
ActionParsnip2brianski: gotcha13:28
ActionParsnip2brianski: well the rc and the beta use the same repos13:29
brianskideb http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ karmic  ?13:29
RamunasMActionParsnip2: could it be because I have swap partition on that HDD?13:29
courpseWhere can i find a torrent for latest cdimage?13:29
wzssyqaPici: i found one here http://tw.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-dvd-releases/releases/karmic/rc/13:30
BluesKajActionParsnip2, dnsmasq eh ..how does it work with an ISP provided router ?13:30
ActionParsnip2RamunasM: dont think so, unless you want to wipe the drive clean, then you'll have to use swapoff to deactivate the partition and you can then format it, you will need it unmounted to do this13:30
ActionParsnip2BluesKaj: you set as your first name server, if dnsmasq doesnt know, it will ask the web then learn the IP, next request it will already know the IP so will not need to query the web13:31
wzssyqaPici: now 7times fast13:31
RanDom33BluesKaj, it authenticates then once it tries to establish its association it disconnects13:31
RamunasMActionParsnip2: hm, so any other ideas? It works just fine when mounted, I mean I can browse it and etc.13:31
RanDom33BluesKaj, i put the ip addresses in the DNS1 and DNS2 blanks, do i need something in "DNS domain & Search domain"13:32
ActionParsnip2RamunasM: thats good but if you want to install to it, it needs to be unmounted.13:32
domjohnsonBe back soon!13:32
JimmioHey all. Seems I didn't export my private key before installing Ubuntu 9.10... How do I decrypt my files?13:34
NukeadorHi there13:35
NukeadorWhich is the default font family in Ubuntu 9.10? I saw some screenshots and it looks better13:35
RanDom33i can connect to the router... it authenticates, but then it disconnects when it tries to associate13:36
RamunasManyone lse have any ideas? The installer seems to see both hdd, but only shows partitions from the SATA one, not IDE13:36
RanDom33BluesKaj, do i need to put something in the "DNS domain blank.. and the Search domain blank"13:39
BluesKajRanDom33, I don't but your situation is different13:39
BluesKajActionParsnip2, this is a bit beyond my scope now , can you help us with RanDom33 question.13:39
RanDom33BluesKaj, thank you13:40
Dr_WillisHmmm I hope hes not looking for the ide drive on /dev/hd## when it should be on /dev/sd##13:40
RanDom33ActionParsnip2, i am trying to setup a static ip address on my wireless interface. I have since setup wicd. I set ip to, netmask to
RanDom33ActionParsnip2, set gateway to, and clicked "use global dns servers" no entries in dns domain or search domain, put in the DNS1 blank, and in the dns2 blank13:42
ActionParsnip2RanDom33: if you want static I, you can use /etc/network/interfaces13:42
melterif i started with the oldest ubuntu version i could find (4.10?) and kept doing dist upgrades, would i eventually have a fully updated and functional computer?13:42
RanDom33ActionParsnip2, that is what I had it setup as, however I wanted the ability to have drop down menu as well13:43
RanDom33ActionParsnip2, i just deleted my conf in there, and installed wicd13:43
SwedeMikemelter: supposedly yes, but it wont be the same as doing a fresh install with the latest version.13:43
melterSwedeMike: it'd be an interesting experiment :)13:44
jdumelter: there would be some cruft and it would not include developments like grub, ext413:44
joaopintoit will be painful :P13:44
jdumelter: I did that between 6.08 and 8.04 on one computer, before I decided it was best just to keep a separate /home and reinstall over /13:45
surishello, how i can enable dual screen? drivers was installed for both video cards by koala installation, but only one monitor shows in Display preferences.13:52
ubottuInformation about dual-head on linux can be found on http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/DualHead - See also !Xinerama13:55
RamunasMcan anyone explain this: http://img260.imageshack.us/img260/43/screenshotbv.png ?13:55
fixxxermetMy desktop is 9.04.  I have a local apt-mirror mirroring 9.04 and 9.10 main, restricted, universe and multiverse.  Can I upgrade to 9.10 using my local mirror?13:56
fixxxermetNot mirroring src13:56
ActionParsnip2RamunasM: is there a refresh button in gparted?13:57
RamunasMActionParsnip2: yup, tried it. The installer uses gparted I assume, and can't see the partitions either13:57
RamunasMso I'm stuck on this live cd13:57
iktwru 9.10 party chan13:58
om26erfixxxermet, yes13:59
Piciikt: #ubuntu-release-party13:59
iktI have nfi why it doesn't show up in chan search13:59
courpseHow do i execute a install disk from inside CLI?13:59
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution14:01
Guest56719i see how to `officially` upgrade from 8.04 & 9.04, but I'm on 8.10 - how do i do that?14:01
PiciGuest56719: Upgrade to 9.04 first14:02
Guest56719Pici: I see, that seems a pain in the a*** - but hey14:03
SandGorgoni'm having frequent problems in Karmic of my external USB mouse locking up - dmesg doesnt show anything interesting. I did not have this problem in any distro since 8.04. Anyway of debugging this ?14:03
kaddihi, I just noticed my sound in skype has vanished. How can I get it back?14:03
RamunasManyone has any ideas why gparted doesn't want to see my partitions? Or a way to figure why its not seeing it?14:03
RamunasMhm, when I start gparted from terminal I get: "Can't have overlapping partitions."14:04
bjsniderhere's a couple of gnome-shell observations:14:04
RamunasMany ideas what does that mean14:04
bjsniderwindows never need to be minimized when you use gnome-shell14:04
nitrofuranohi there!14:05
bjsniderwhen you're in "overview mode", the screensaver is delayed, but immediately takes over when you return to viewing one desktop port14:05
nitrofuranoi updated to Karmic, which seems to come with xsplash on boot - this is not bad, but it lacks configurability for people don't want it running14:06
RamunasMis there a way to install karmic without using gparted for partitioning?14:06
nitrofuranoi renamed /usr/bin/xsplash to /usr/bin/xsplash_ - but i think i think i will get xsplash back again in the next update - how can i disable xplash from settings?14:07
courpseHello, i need to know how to start an install for alternative CD iso in tty.14:07
joaopintoRamunasM, you can just create the partitions manually using fdisk/mkfs14:13
courpseIs there anyway of starting a update from tty* from a mounted iso?14:14
RamunasMcourpse: I assume you need to add the cd to the sources.list and do dist-upgrade?14:15
RamunasMjoaopinto: the partitions are already there, but gparted(and installer) just can't see them14:15
joaopintoRamunasM, can you list them with fdisk -l from the terminal ?14:15
RamunasMjoaopinto: yup14:16
=== ChanServ changed the topic of #ubuntu+1 to: Welcome to the Ubuntu Karmic Koala (9.10) discussion channel | Karmic is nearly released, but asking "when" delays it another day! | Schedule https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KarmicReleaseSchedule | Please join #ubuntu for all other support questions | RC Released: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/910overview | This channel is not a replacement for filing bugs | Await the release in #ubuntu-release-party
joaopintoso it's an installer bug, please make sure you report it at launchpad14:17
courpseEvery time i try to do something, it says readonly file system.14:17
RamunasMjoaopinto: http://img260.imageshack.us/img260/43/screenshotbv.png14:17
RamunasMsure, got a link?14:17
joaopintoRanakah, from the livecd: ubuntu-bug ubiquity14:18
joaopintoassuming you have an internet connection14:18
joaopintoRamunasM, you might need the alternate cd, since that uses a different installer14:18
RamunasMjoaopinto: but this is weird, it works just fine if I use my SATA hdd, but this one is regular IDE14:19
joaopintoRamunasM, that is odd :\14:20
joaopintoactually it is more likely to be a bug on ligparted14:20
joaopintoops, ibparted14:20
joaopintoerm lib14:20
RamunasMjoaopinto: when I start gparted from terminal I get: "Can't have overlapping partitions."14:21
RamunasMjoaopinto: so it could be something wrong at my side? But nothing changed since my last install14:21
RamunasMand I still have a working 8.10 setup on it14:21
joaopintoRamunasM, try the text mode: parted14:21
joaopintosudo parted14:21
courpseRamunasM, I get erro saying read only file system, how do i get to a real bash tty, and now a maintaince shell that doesnt allow me to write files?14:22
hikenboothello can anyone tell me if the ubuntu+1 alternatives cd contains the same quick boot features of the desktop version14:22
joaopintohikenboot, the quick boot "feature" is the regular install, both desktop and alternate cds will provide that if you do a regular install14:23
Omar87Hi all.14:23
kaddii'm trying to get skype to work on karmic.. it says: bt_audio_service_open: connect() failed: Connection refused (111) all the time and skype does no longer record what I say14:23
mzzhikenboot: the installed system will be equivalent. I don't understand what "quick boot features" you want the installer itself to have.14:23
joaopintokaddi, that error is not related to the problem per si, unless you are using a BT device14:23
kaddiI'm not...14:23
joaopintokaddi, if you disabled the bluetooth service you need to apt-get purge bluez-alsa14:24
RamunasMjoaopinto: I believe its not list, but print actually, and its says the same, overlapping partitions14:24
hikenbootsorry didnt mean the installer i meant after i install it on a raid/lvm setup and install the desktop will the desktop boot as quickly as if i had installed it with the desktop cd?14:24
joaopintoRamunasM, ok, so something is wrong with your partition config...14:24
kaddijoaopinto: what else could I try... I'm running it with padsp that gives me at least some sound, even though it's distorted14:24
joaopintohikenboot, the results of installing from alternate or desktop are exactly the same14:24
hikenbootok thanks joaopinto14:25
joaopintokaddi, have you checked the sound settings, set the input device, and you see the level changing as you speak ?14:25
joaopintoI mean, the system sound settings, not skype14:25
Omar87I had this problem while trying to upgrade my 9.10 install: "Could not download the upgrades" and here are the details: http://pastebin.ca/164650014:25
cxoHow do you tell X not to load up when you boot up?14:25
Omar87What's the matter?14:25
cxoLike runlevel 3 on redhat?14:25
cxonetwork + multi-user + no gui14:25
RamunasMjoaopinto: got any ideas? http://img260.imageshack.us/img260/43/screenshotbv.png I have a swap partition, Windows partition, 7gb root partition and 60gb for /home14:26
RamunasMis there anything obviously wrong with my setup14:26
mzzcxo: that's one thing that I'm not sure how to do in the new upstart-enabled world. I suspect you could mess around with the "start on" rules in /etc/init/gdm.conf though.14:27
duffydackRamunasM, isnt extended supposed to start at sda4 and all logical sda5+ afterwards?14:28
duffydackRamunasM, thats the only thing i see, tho i`m not nerd14:28
kaddijoaopinto: where do I check that. I only have something called "multimedia" in my systemsettings. I can set the different devices, but I see no place where I could see the input level of my mic14:29
duffydackRamunasM, ah yes, swap is overlapping your extended14:29
RamunasMduffydack: so I should remove swap?14:29
joaopintoduffydack, can't the swap be contained on the extended, like te other parts do ?14:30
duffydackRamunasM, id just redo it myself, sda1 linux /  then extended and fill with logicals.14:31
duffydackjoaopinto, as I i`m not a nerd enough....no idea.14:31
joaopintohe has an extended wihc contains both the swap and /14:31
dmattRamunasM: swap could be placed in extended, no problem14:31
joaopintoI am not sure that is invalid14:31
joaopintoRamunasM, even if you fix it you should file a bug report, and attach the fdisk output, it seems valid to me14:32
RamunasMjoaopinto: / is sda114:32
dmattRamunasM: delete and recreate those partitions, sometjhing went wrong when you created it (what tool did you use for it, anyway?)14:32
joaopintooh, so you have another linux part, /home ?14:33
RamunasMyes, the sda5 is /home14:33
joaopintodmatt, I don't see anything wrong on that setup :)14:33
ebbis it just me or do other ppl keep refreshing the ubuntu hp ?14:33
RamunasMdmatt: I used gparted, when I installed 8.1014:33
joaopintohe has a primary /, and an extended containing /home and swap14:33
duffydack"extended" there is the extended part of the disk and I didnt think you could make primary partitions in in, only logical14:34
thiebaudeebb, what is hp?14:34
joaopintoduffydack, isn't swap a logical partition ?14:34
joaopintoi mean, it can be14:35
mattgyverIm already on an ext4 fs on 9.04, when i upgrade to 9.10 are there any other items (aside from grub2) that will not be setup during the upgrade process which I must do manually?14:36
mercutio22I can't interact with flash since the latest update. I mean... I can't play or pause, select videos etc14:36
thiebaudeebb, no problem here14:36
dmattRamunasM, joaopinto sorry I made mistake, it is OK14:36
ebboh i cant help refreshing every 5 mins14:36
RamunasMso, you see anything else wrong?14:36
mercutio22is there a fix already?14:36
duffydackjoaopinto, well I dunno.. Ive always understood logicals start at #5 and #4 is the extended part they live in14:36
joaopintomattgyver, nope, grub2 is the only corner case, afaik14:36
duffydackjoaopinto, but Ive never tried to do anything complicated with partition setup.. just a basic / /home and swap14:37
mattgyverthanks joaopinto14:37
duffydackjoaopinto, / primary (sda1) -extended- (sda4) and /home logical (sda5) swap (sda6)  for ex.14:38
duffydackjoaopinto, /home and swap filling up extended14:39
jpichei've been using karmic for a while, but recently re-installed with it, and now don't have a gui for services anymore. is there something I missed, or is anyone else seeing this?14:39
duffydackI try and keep things as simple for myself as posiible :)14:39
dmattRamunasM: do you have old livecd for ubuntu 8.10, where you did partitioning - try if it steal recognises it correctly14:39
dmattomg, steal =still14:40
RamunasMdmatt: I still have 8.10 installed14:40
RamunasMso I guess I could boot into it and check14:40
dmattRajasun: if it works, then there is a change on side of gparted, if not than something is worng with actual partition data on disk14:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 462666 in ubiquity "Installer can't see my partitions" [Undecided,New]14:42
RamunasMdmatt: wrong person, but yes ;]14:42
dmattRamunasM: tab completion, you know...14:43
RamunasMokay, rebooting into my regular 8.10 setup14:44
UbeeOn the release date, will I receive a email asking me to upgrade to Karmic Koala from Jaunty Jackolobe?14:44
UbeeWill the upgrade be a multi-step process or can I upgrade easily in a few steps?14:45
PiciUbee: It'll be as simple as going into the update-manager and clicking on a button, then you'll just need to wait for it to download and install the updates.14:46
* mzz was going to reply "yes"14:46
UbeeI will not need to have a disc? It will update smoothly and quickly?14:47
PiciUbee: As long as you have an internet connection.14:47
UbeeFrom your viewpoint, how will Karmic Koala be different from Jaunty Jackalobe?14:48
joaopintoit will be a long update :P14:48
Ubeea long update?14:48
Ubeejaopinto why?14:49
PiciThe download will take a long time on release day since everyone is trying to get it at once.14:49
Ubeepici, I understand now. Will it be released at a certain time?14:50
ebbThe torrent will be better download14:50
PiciUbee: Nope, its out when its done.14:50
RamunasMit seems it my setup after all14:50
RamunasMgparted on 8.10 is not working either14:50
cowgardenhi, how comes my windows drive changed its name when i updated? (have to read in my music library again)14:50
cowgardenand does anyone know how to set the mouse speed/acceleration beyond limits?14:51
cowgarden(limits of the gui)14:52
BluesKajRamunasM, download the GParted live cd iso and burn it , then you can partition at will outside the OS14:52
mzzcowgarden: the xinput commandline tool can probably do that14:53
mzzcowgarden: (although if you do it that way you have to arrange for that to run on login)14:53
cowgardenRamunasM, ubuntu live CD should have gparted too (that way you have a usefull live CD later on and did not waste the CD somehow)14:53
dmattRamunasM: backup and create it from the scratch (you can have the same structure of patitions...)14:53
cowgardenmzz, ok, sounds possible :) does it replace the current settings or is that what is set by the gui, too?14:54
RamunasMgood thing I have a TB drive on sata ;]14:54
mzzcowgarden: I'm not entirely sure how the new xinput properties and the old core mouse acceleration interact, or which the gui sets14:54
BluesKajcowgarden, does iot have the latest GParted version , the one that can format a partition to ext4 ?14:54
Scotchyhi, why does karmic almost freeze when using swap ?14:55
mzztrick question! it doesn't14:55
Scotchyeverything becomes sooo slow it isn't even possible to move the mouse correctly14:55
cowgardenBluesKaj, since the new ubuntu supports ext4 by default its gparted should do so too. however it might not be the latest version.14:55
mzzScotchy: if you're doing a single task that needs more ram than you physically have it'll be really slow, but that isn't new14:55
cowgardenBluesKaj, but I'm no expert ;)14:56
FlynsarmyAnyone else experiencing the message received sound in pidgin getting screwed up in karmic?14:57
jeanschHi, i have a question about ecryptfs: can 'root' user mount my crypted home directory without my passphrase ?14:58
BluesKajcowgarden, having a separateGParted live cd is very useful , no need to have whole OS on it14:58
harikumarwhen 9.10 is released, is it possible to change from beta without reinstalling the os?14:59
cowgardenBluesKaj, hm, maybe you are right, I'd just enjoy ubuntu *plus* gparted more14:59
joaopinto!final | harikumar14:59
ubottuharikumar: If you installed a Alpha/Beta/RC version of Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala) and have been keeping it up to date, then you are already running the latest version of Karmic. To make sure, type « sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade » in a console.14:59
harikumarhow to get a console14:59
joaopintoharikumar, open a terminal ?15:00
joaopintoyou can also go to the graphical update manager15:00
joaopintoSystem -> Admin -> Update manager15:00
RamunasMif you don't know how to open terminal, why are you running test versions?15:00
=== yacc__ is now known as yacc
BluesKajRamunasM, let's not get judgemental here.15:01
RamunasMwill try, sorry :)15:01
PlughI think I've run across a minor bug with 9.10 beta. When I boot either my laptop or desktop that have Windows in partition 1 formatted to NTFS, the system always complains on system start that it can't find fsck.ntfs15:02
jeanschi have my answer, for thoses interested, the home can be automaticaly mount on login because pam use the password to unlock the ecryptfs passphrase15:04
BluesKajPlugh, can you mount NTFS in Linux ?15:07
PlughBluesKaj: Sure you can. I do it all the time.15:08
mzzsure, but ntfs-3g doesn't install a fsck.ntfs15:08
BluesKajyeah, I'm asking you if you can15:08
Mandrewhow do i find computers on the network running OSX?15:09
joaopintoI had the same issue, there is no fsck.ntfs15:09
mzzI haven't seen that complaint though, and I do have an ntfs partition15:09
mzzis your ntfs listed in fstab or something?15:09
joaopintomzz, it is , the problem is during mountall15:09
mzzah, that makes sense, mine isn't15:09
FlynsarmyWhy does amixer set 'Master' 75% unmute no longer work in karmic?15:10
PlughBluesKaj: Yes. My system still mounts my windows partition on boot and I have no problem accessing the partition from Ubuntu15:10
mzzoh, do you have 0 for the 5th and 6th field in fstab for that partition?15:10
PlughBlues, it is just complaining that the fsck.ntfs program isn't found15:11
mzzFlynsarmy: probably because pulse is controlling (resetting) the alsa volume15:11
* BluesKaj wonders why would a file system check be necessary every bootup15:13
Plughwell... that would be another issue but its something that Fedora has done for a long time and it seems to be part of Ubuntu as well.15:13
DonaldShimodahi anybody cannot use flashplayer?15:13
bjsniderflash works perfectly here15:14
DonaldShimodabuttons or actions dont work in flashplayer for me, anybody else?15:14
RomDno problem here15:14
DonaldShimodabjsnider, ok...15:14
mzzDonaldShimoda: heard someone else mention the same, but it mysteriously went away again15:14
DonaldShimodacan please tell me wich version do you have installed?15:14
DonaldShimodamzz, ok thanks for the info15:14
bjsniderlatest on x6415:15
DonaldShimodaim on 64 bits btw15:15
BluesKajDonaldShimoda, what browser?15:15
DonaldShimodabjsnider, he, latest fro wich repo, i think mediubuntu repo is the problem15:15
bjsniderjust dropped the plugin into /usr/lib/Mozilla/plugins15:15
bjsnideror whatever15:15
DonaldShimodaBluesKaj, firefox 3.515:15
DonaldShimodabjsnider, i really prefer keep clean my install15:15
bjsnidermedibuntu? what does that have to do with anything?15:15
mzzI should be running (32 bits ubuntu) through flashplugin-installer15:15
bjsniderDonaldShimoda, just install the ubuntu-restricted-extras package and you'll be fine15:16
DonaldShimodabjsnider, are you nervous? calm down, i think flash player download from medibuntu15:16
DonaldShimodabjsnider, if i dont install it i dont have flasher... so ...15:16
PlughDonaldShimoda: How free of 32 bit stuff is your install? I've tried to use 64-bit versions of a Linux system and usually ran in to a problem when I want to keep it 100% free of 32-bit packages15:16
DonaldShimodaPlugh, i dont install nothing 32 bits15:17
* Dr_Willis laughs at the topic...15:17
bjsnideryes i'm nervous. jj arbams wants to kill me after i successfully lobbied paramount to stop making star trek movies15:18
DonaldShimodabjsnider, lol15:18
PlughDonaldShimoda: ok. Once I get the latest Ubuntu running fully on my machine in 32-bit I will try a 64 bit version of it later on.15:18
RomDdoes anyone know how I can run a script on startup? I tried adding "./scripts/autostart.sh" to the startup applications, but it doesn't seem to work.15:18
Dr_Willisive been using 64bit ubuntu for some time now on 3 machunes. with very few issues15:19
Dr_WillisRomD:  what is the script supposed to do? You proberly want to use the FULL path not ./whatever/ for starters15:19
DonaldShimodame too15:19
BluesKajDonaldShimoda,  also install ia32-libs , otherwise you will have probs ...I run 64 bit karmic and flash and java work fine15:19
=== Guest96296 is now known as ProN00b
PlughDr_Willis: the usual problems I have are with flash, adobe reader, and real audio player programs not available for 64-bit.15:20
DonaldShimodaBluesKaj, alreadyn installed15:20
RomDright Dr_Willis, I don't know why I added the dot there. should be "/scripts/autostart.sh". do I need to add "sh" in front of it?15:20
DonaldShimodaBluesKaj, the toruble is flash dont get ANY click of my mouse! very weird...15:20
Dr_WillisI have had very few issues with flash, java, or adobe reader. -  and ive not needed realplayer in years. :)15:20
=== ProN00b is now known as Joda
Dr_WillisRomD:  if the script is executable and starts with #!/bin/sh   No you wouldent need to15:20
RomDit is15:21
RomDI'll try thanks Dr_Willis15:21
=== Joda is now known as JodaX
BluesKajDonaldShimoda, like bjsnider said install ubuntu-restricted-extras package as well15:21
DonaldShimodaBluesKaj, already installed....15:21
Dr_WillisDonaldShimoda:  ive heard of that issue here lately also..   but not really experienced it.15:22
om26er_this song is dedicated to Karmic Koala  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eBeAP8EZ9Lc15:22
DonaldShimodathe only thing dont working is clicks15:22
BluesKajfancy nmouse ?15:22
PlughDr_Willis: It wouldn't surprise me to learn that Ubuntu has figured out how to do it right. I was totally impressed with how well (and how easily) it installed on my laptop. I mainly use real player for some Internet radio stations.15:22
DonaldShimodaBluesKaj, good theory, but it work on the system15:23
Dr_WillisOnly time i hear Realplayer mentioned these days  - is people trying to watch baseball it seems. :)15:23
Dr_Willisall the realplayer vidoes ive found/downloaded ive managed to play in vlc/mplayer15:24
PlughI don't use real player for video15:24
BluesKajPlugh, VLC handle internet radio very well too , better than all others so far that i've used ...haven't done realplayer tho...I have an aversion to it after my windows experiences "15:24
Dr_WillisIm actually suprised anyone still uses real player..15:26
Dr_WillisThe company was such a 'big name' for so long.. now itss just a 'oh yea i rember them...'15:26
DonaldShimodai cant see pflash animations... but dont have installed the package flashplayer-nonfree!15:26
DonaldShimodaso, i installed and work now!15:27
sfearsi'm having some trouble with ndiswrapper & restricted drivers manager.   Will anyone try and help me find some info?  ndiswrapper & pcmcia drivers are installed but i still have nothing15:29
kn100is ubuntu one working yet?15:29
legend2440kn100: not for me15:30
RomDI can't edit startup application entries after adding them. I change something, hit save and it shows the updated entry. after closing and reopening the update is gone. can anyone confirm this?15:30
kn100the online part of it works perfectly15:31
BluesKajRomD, did you click apply :)15:31
RomDBluesKaj: where?15:32
BluesKajdunno, you on gnome ?15:32
RomDI open the "startup applications preferences"15:32
RomDclick edit on an entry, change it, click save, close the app, open it again and the changes are gone15:33
RomDI have to remove the entry and add a new one to get it permanently saved15:33
jpicheanyone else missing a "Services" admin gui?15:35
Dr_WillisI dident notice there was one...15:35
beniaminoi've just upgraded to karmic, and my root partition is not mounted during boot. i get dropped to a busybox shell. the error is 'gave up waiting for root device' but the device itself seems to be ok (/dev/sda1). the problem seems to be that theres no symlink in /dev/disks/by-uuid for the root partition. can i just create that symlink myself?15:35
bjsniderjpiche, that was removed15:35
Dr_WillisServices are getting moved slowly to Upstart. some are still handled by the SYSV type system15:35
bjsniderthat gui tool no longer applies15:35
jpichei see15:35
jpicheso.... anyone know how to have apache2 not start by default then?15:36
Dr_Willisedit its /etc/init/whatever file - if its handled by upstart15:36
jpicheupdate-rc.d apache2 remove seems to fail, and a gui would be nice for that15:36
Dr_Willisupdate-rc.d is for the sysv system . not upstart15:36
om26er_Dr_Willis, you really don't rest man. i always see you here helping people. great job.15:37
Dr_Willisone file in /etc/init  proberly handles it all15:37
jpicheah, okay. thanks15:37
bjsniderom26er_, he's an android programmed by canonical15:37
* Dr_Willis is just looking for a nice fembot to compile kernels with.15:37
=== Aranel_ is now known as Aranel
om26er_talking about android. android 2.0 is out15:38
legend2440!cookie | Dr_Willis do bots eat cookies?15:39
ubottuDr_Willis do bots eat cookies?: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!15:39
ubottuYum! Err, I mean, APT!15:39
om26er_how is ubottu speaking15:39
bjsniderubottu is actually lisa lampanelli15:40
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)15:40
bjsnidershe likes to hang around here15:40
om26er_nautilus should also show video previews in it15:43
om26er_karmic can release in 3 hours15:43
om26er_or 20 hours15:43
Dr_Willissee topic. every time someone aks.. it gets delayed a day15:44
ubottuPlease remember that #ubuntu, #kubuntu, #xubuntu, and #edubuntu are support channels.  To countdown to Karmic release and then party once it happens, join #ubuntu-release-party - For in-person parties, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/JauntyReleaseParties15:44
Pici!party =~ s/Jaunty/Karmic/15:45
ubottuI'll remember that Pici15:45
legend2440whats the next releases codename?  lumpy llama?15:46
ubottuLucid Lynx is the codename for Ubuntu 10.04, due April 2010 - See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l02bhwofEqw for announcement video.15:46
RamunasMlucid will have lynx as a primary browser? :P15:47
Out_Coldlynx lol15:49
Out_Coldi actually prefer links over linx15:49
=== Tohuw1 is now known as Tohuw
chazcoUbuntu 9.10 fixes many bugs for me (finally)... one more can be fixed by modifying an fdi file... can I submit the change anywhere so others can benefit?15:52
chazcoWould prefer not the have to join launchpad if possible15:52
Kazagistarkarmic has updated to the newest eclipse version, very cool... where exactly am I supposed to extract a plugin that is released in zip file format only?15:53
kn100chazco; what is the bug?15:53
chazcokn100 - The evtouch package causes a total system freeze with some touch screens. A bug exists but is marked as fixed...15:53
kn100chazco; what bug is this?15:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 368135 in xf86-input-evtouch "X crashes after a few minutes or seconds (Jaunty)" [Undecided,Fix released]15:54
chazcoI'm going to try a full reinstall soon (probably on the final release) - i'll find out if it's been fixed using some other method then i guess15:55
chazcoAt any rate, aside from the poor login process 9.10 looks like a great upgrade :)15:56
montamerhi, how is ext4 support in Karmic?? .... Im planning to install a fresh copy of karmic ..... before i had to reinstall jaunty on ext3 from ext4 as i had very frequent crashes with jaunty on ext415:56
kn100montamer; afaik the 'crash on empty bin' bug was fixed in jaunty so i suppose it probably carried over to karmic15:57
tj83__so after tomorrow, we gonna start talking about Lucid Lynx in here?15:57
leaf-sheeptj83__: You can find out tomorrow.15:57
tj83__lol leaf-sheep15:58
=== HighBit_ is now known as HighBit
ukevhi, netzworkmanager-openvpn does not connect, anyone where it works in karmic?15:58
=== Tohuw1 is now known as Tohuw
beniaminowow, karmic is the first ubuntu to really bork my system15:58
montamer@kn100 so is ext4 still problematic?? ....15:58
kn100montamer; well, I have been running ext4 for nearly a year now, and ever since that bug was fixed its been plain sailing15:59
joaopintobeniamino, and your question is ?15:59
* tj83__ doesnt think he will stick with ext4 just yet. personal opinion, seen too many problems through and up to release15:59
beniaminojoaopinto: my quesiton was above -- no-one answered it16:00
leaf-sheepUbuntu is thrilling on the bleeding edge. If you fear problems, you should be using Hardy on ext3. Otherwise, take a leap of faith. ext4 works great for me.16:00
beniaminoi've just upgraded to karmic, and my root partition is not mounted during boot. i get dropped to a busybox shell. the error is 'gave up waiting for root device' but the device itself seems to be ok (/dev/sda1). the problem seems to be that theres no symlink in /dev/disks/by-uuid for the root partition. can i just create that symlink myself?16:00
ukevI get this error when trying to connect  to a vpn: http://pastebin.ca/164660916:00
montamer@kn100  k ... its time to move to ext4 then :) ... i hope i wont face any problems like in jaunty16:02
kn100montamer; good luck :D16:02
joaopintobeniamino, no, /dev is recreated by the kernel at each boot16:02
bullgard4Can I hope that Karmic final release will include SeaMonkey 2.0?  http://www.seamonkey-project.org/releases/#2.016:03
beniaminodo you know why udev would fail to create a symlink for a particular partiion?16:03
leaf-sheep!info seamonkey karmic | bullgard416:06
bigbrovar on kubuntu  karmic  its either i make a skype call or listen to music i cant do both at the same time. Hope this is fixed b4 final release16:06
ubottubullgard4: seamonkey (source: seamonkey): The Seamonkey Internet Suite. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.1.17+nobinonly-0ubuntu1 (karmic), package size 24 kB, installed size 88 kB16:06
leaf-sheepbigbrovar: The final release is tomorrow. You only can hope... or you only can try and figure out how to fix the issue right now.16:08
vega-i have this prob in karmic: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/karmic/+source/ubiquity/+bug/408292 any ideas on how to fix it? /etc/default/console-setup is correct but still keyb layout resets to US16:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 408292 in ubiquity "Keyboard layout setting did not take effect in installed system (dup-of: 421212)" [Medium,Confirmed]16:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 421212 in gnome-settings-daemon "gdm ignores keyboard layout selection for variants" [High,Fix released]16:08
bullgard4leaf-sheep:   hm. What information do you want to convey?16:08
leaf-sheepbullgard4: What do you mean? The version in Karmic is 1.1.17 for Seamonkey.16:09
bullgard4leaf-sheep: Thank you, sir.16:09
RamunasMthis chan is better than TV, loads of action, no ads, and loads of new info :)16:11
bigbrovarleaf-sheep> that is really encouraging I mean why would anyone fcking release a software with this type of bug? is kubuntu really meant for the *average user*16:11
joaopintobigbrovar, you understand that the problem is specific to skype, and you should be complaining to them instead, right ?16:12
om26erbigbrovar, do you think yourself as an average user?16:12
om26erbigbrovar, think your self as advance user man16:12
bigbrovarjoaopinto> unfortunately its not just skype man .. vlc, amarok,gmpc flash videos, are affected ..16:13
bigbrovaru can only use one sound device at a time16:13
joaopintobigbrovar, so please search for bug reports on launchpad, I am not aware of such a serious bug affecting Kubuntu in general16:13
bigbrovarits a known bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/44784416:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 447844 in pulseaudio "kubuntu Karmic can't output sound at the same time" [Undecided,Confirmed]16:13
rippsbigbrovar: I don't use kde, does it use pulseaudio?16:14
beniaminois there a channel where people who understand udev/the boot process in ubuntu hang out?16:14
rippsit sounds like your experiencing a limitation with alsa that was fixed with pulse16:14
CShadowRunAnyone here who knows how to use xmodmap?16:14
bigbrovarits a slap on kubuntu users that such a serious bug is confirmed, but unassigned and undecided16:14
bigbrovarripps: kubuntu doesnt ship pulse audio16:15
rippsCShadowRun: have you tried `man xmodmap`?16:15
CShadowRunyea, and i've read tutorials, i can't figure out what file i'm supposed to edit to apply my changes, or even how to make said changes16:15
CShadowRuni've been going at it for about a day now and this laptop is going back to it's owner in an hour16:16
joaopintobigbrovar, you may be right but this is not the proper place to address such concerns, this is a support channel ;)16:16
CShadowRunso if nobody can help me with it, it's not going to get fixed16:16
CShadowRunblank file16:16
RomDyes it is, so you should add some lines16:17
CShadowRunso i need to bind keycode 133 to something that's actually usable16:17
bigbrovarjoaopinto> yeah i was hoping that one here has a work around16:17
RomDkeycode 133 = Escape16:17
RomDfor example16:17
yofel_beniamino: what's your question? Maybe we can help. (Some of the devs are here too)16:17
bigbrovarjoaopinto> might be better if a kubuntu+1 channel is created16:18
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
drs305CShadowRun: If you need to get the codes, run "xev" in a terminal. It will show the code for any key you type while the cursor is in the "xev" box.16:19
RomDCShadowRun: if it helps, here's my xmodmap file: http://pastebin.com/med11bb016:19
CShadowRunyea, i have the keycode for the key from xev, it's 13316:19
CShadowRuni've done keycode 133 = Super_L16:19
rippsbigbrovar: there's nothing wrong with kubuntu, the problem is with alsa and your soundcard. This issue is well known and is why pulseaudio was created in the first place. kde used to use arts, but I'm pretty sure that pulseaudio works with kde4.16:19
beniaminoyofel_: question was above :-( i upgraded to karmic, and now my root partition isn't recognised. i get dropped to busybox with 'gave up waiting for root device'. and when i look in /dev/disk/by-uuid, there is no symlink for the root drive. so it seems that the symlink is not being created. i can mount the root device within busybox, so it doesn't seem corrupt16:19
CShadowRunand then relogged, and loaded the xmodmap file16:20
CShadowRunbut it's still not bindable in keyboard shortcuts16:20
RomDyou have to to "clear Mod4" and then "add Mod4 = Super_L Hyper_L"16:20
RomDtake a look at my file16:20
CShadowRunoh nice :)16:20
RomDif you change the modifiers you have to clean them, to the binding and add them again16:21
amgarchIn9what is the shortcut to minimize a window? Is there any?16:21
RomDto = do16:21
joaopintobeniamino, have you searched launchpad.net for bug reports ?16:21
courpseWhen installing off the alternative CD, i keep getting an error was returned while trying to install the kernel into the target system, kernel-package `linux-generic`16:21
drs305CShadowRun: If you just have one key to designate, you can put it in a script in Startup Applications. This is the line in my script:  xmodmap -e 'keycode 82=Tab'16:21
courpseAny ideas?16:22
=== yofel is now known as yofel_
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
beniaminojoaopinto: yeah, there is a similar report here: http://www.mail-archive.com/ubuntu-bugs@lists.ubuntu.com/msg1785467.html16:22
RomDamgarchIn9: peferences -> keyboard shortcuts or use compiz16:22
beniaminobut that solution doesn't work for me16:22
bigbrovarripps> dude there is nothing wrong with my soundcard mate, its same i used on jaunty (which worked without a problem) (also i use a dell ubuntu with all open standard hardware) this bug was introduced by an update during the release cycle16:22
joaopintobeniamino, did you disable GRUB_DISABLE_LINUX_UUID ?16:22
jmcantrellare there any issues with using ext4 and luks?16:23
RomDI'm always getting 3 to 6 amixer zombies. does anyone know how to fix this? http://img3.imageshack.us/img3/8701/amixer.jpg16:23
joaopintoripps, no, the problem is not related with alsa at all, please read the bug report16:23
bigbrovarripps> there is defo some things not right in kubuntu for this problem in the first place no point blaming my hardware16:23
courpseWhen installing off the alternative CD, i keep getting an error was returned while trying to install the kernel into the target system, kernel-package `linux-generic`16:23
CShadowRunRomD, i loaded your file, keycode 133 is still unbound16:23
RomDCShadowRun: that's strange, works fine for me. have you tried "xmodmap ~/.Xmodmap" ?16:24
joaopintobeniamino, if you are using GRUB_DISABLE_LINUX_UUID, the problem can't be UUID related16:24
CShadowRunyea, still unboundi16:24
CShadowRuni'll paste the output from xev16:24
freenoseI installed lates RC, doesn't hal was deprecated?16:24
beniaminojoaopinto: i think i didn't have the correct syntax for GRUB_DISABLE.. i just tried again with root=/dev/sda1 and GRUB_DISABLE...=true and now i have a login screent16:25
yofelfreenose: yes, but there are still some things left (like X I think) that need it16:25
CShadowRunRomD http://pastebin.com/mf58691916:26
freenoseyofel: ah ok16:26
joaopintobeniamino, great, still if you have the time search for a bug report on launchpad and try to follow it up, you have a work around, not a fix ;)16:26
rippsjoaopinto: your talking about 447844? yeah, from what I can tell is that pulse isn't working so kde is falling back alsa-based xine backend.16:26
beniaminojoaopinto: yeah, i will do16:26
CShadowRunRomD, that's with your .Xmodmap loaded16:26
beniaminofor the moment, i'll edit grub's config but i will also follow up on the bug16:27
RomDCShadowRun: your key is bound to iso_level3_shift which is alt_gr16:27
joaopintoripps, PA is not used on kubuntu, by default16:27
CShadowRuni see16:27
dmattbigbrovar: i had exactly the same problem with jaunty. fixed it by setting all outputs to PulseAudio16:28
RomDCShadowRun: what does your xmodmap look like16:28
CShadowRunit should be bound to Super_L16:28
CShadowRunexactly the same as yours, i copy pasted it.16:28
RomDumm, yeah that was supposed to be an example. my keys are totally different to yours16:28
CShadowRunoh right16:28
* CShadowRun fixes16:28
CShadowRuni just need to leave add mod4 = Super_L Hyper_L i think16:29
CShadowRunbecause by default the key is bound to mod416:29
Anathema2I've tried 9.04 on my laptop (Acer Travelmate 5530) but I had issues where my Atheros AR5B91 would lock up for up to a minute at a time, and minimising or maximising windows had a noticible delay too (Radeon Mobility 3400 HD), don't suppose anyone has experience of those pieces of hardware in Karmic? (I use W7 now but I *want* to like Linux)16:29
bigbrovardmatt> pulse audio was one of the reason i left gnome in the first place.  like i said i never encountered this on jaunty .. sigh!16:30
joaopintoPA will get to KDE someday :P you need to go somewhere :P16:31
rippsjoaopinto: alsa has limitation with most hardware where it can only play several streams, that's why esd, arts, jack, and pulse were created. I believe arts was removed in 9.04, so I don't know what you were using jaunty.16:32
CShadowRunRomD  my file now says clear Mod4, keycode 133 = Super_L, add Mod4 = Super_L Hyper_L16:32
CShadowRunno dice :(16:32
joaopintoripps, erm, i don't have any problem, I was just clarifying bigbrovar's problem16:32
Nukeadorhi there16:32
mbeierlAnathema2: try the livecd...16:32
rippsbigbrovar: alsa has limitation with most hardware where it can only play several streams, that's why esd, arts, jack, and pulse were created. I believe arts was removed in 9.04, so I don't know what you were using jaunty.16:33
bigbrovarripps> joaopinto> that is what phonon is for mate16:33
NukeadorI'm getting low volume since I updated to karmic, and the new volume control said it's set to 100%, any ideas how to increase it?16:33
Anathema2mbeierl: well, there were no GPU related issues when I tried it for 9.04 :|16:33
rippsbigbrovar: phonon uses relies on a backend to play music. In this case, it's using alsa, when it should be using something else.16:34
mbeierlAnathema2: the livecd worked but the install behaved differently?16:34
CShadowRunaha, figured out what's going on here16:34
ukevI get this error when trying to connect  to a vpn: http://pastebin.ca/164660916:34
CShadowRunI need a key that's spare, that's not a modifier key16:34
CShadowRunTo bind to the home button on my laptop16:34
NukeadorI'm getting low volume since I updated to karmic, and the new volume control said it's set to 100%, any ideas how to increase it?16:34
Anathema2mbeierl: yes16:34
CShadowRunsince gnome keyboard shortcuts is stupid and won't let you bind super on it's own to menu.16:34
courpseWhen installing off the alternative CD, i keep getting an error was returned while trying to install the kernel into the target system, kernel-package `linux-generic`16:35
mbeierlNukeador: Right click on the volume control applet and go to preferences.  There's a slider that allows you to go higher then 100% at the top.  try that16:36
bigbrovarripps> u know this is the very thing a user used not be bothered about .. i dont need a have a phd to get somethign as basic as sound to work right on my system. am not eveb talking about complete things here.. just ability to play sound mate16:36
thopiekarif a device that is listed in lsusb it doesn't mean that the kernel-module is loaded right?16:36
mbeierlAnathema2: I've heard that before.  where the livecd seems to do things that the install doesn't somehow...16:36
thopiekarI installed all kernel-modules-* packages except of -alsa and I can't find wlan networks in networkmanager with:16:37
thopiekarBus 002 Device 005: ID 148f:2570 Ralink Technology, Corp. 802.11g WiFi16:37
bigbrovarripps> my experience with PA on gnome has not been encouraging to say the least at least on kde skype works OOTB and as i said earlier i never had this issue on jaunty (and not even with kubuntu karmic beta)16:37
rippsbigbrovar: unfortunely, sound is one of the things that has been notorious problematic in most linux distrobutions. Pulse was designed to tie up some things, but alsa is just so damned buggy and inconsitent that it's a nightmare for developers to fix.16:37
Nukeadormbeierl, yes I tried that, it's all to the right.16:38
CShadowRunRomD i've got it rebinding, i just need a key to bind now that's unused on the keyboard :)16:38
rippsbigbrovar: things break in linux, we're trying to help, and it seems that someone filed a bug report, but unfortunetly this bug either only showed up recently or hadn't been reported until now.16:38
CShadowRunor maybe a way to bind it to a key combo, like super + D16:39
Nukeadormbeierl, I would like to control all the sliders like the previous volume manager16:39
bigmack83_i want to lock a user into their home folder, while being able to follow any links in the folder as well. is there a simple way to set this up? im not worried about command access, i dont mind them having access to normal commands16:39
mbeierlNukeador: holy jumpin' man!  I just about had a heart attack.  I accidentally left mine turned up and got an audible notification of you having said my nick :)16:39
mbeierlNukeador: ya, I hear you.  I haven't found that applet yet...16:39
David-Tbigmack83_: 'locking' a user in to their home folder whilst letting them follow links out of their home folder, and running commands outside of their home folder doesn't seem to involve much "locking"16:40
joaopintobigmack83_, you would need to use schroot or apparmor, however that would be extremely complex for a desktop setup16:40
CShadowRunArrrrrgh, after all that, i got it working in xev.16:40
CShadowRunAnd, keyboard shortcuts doesn't notice the change.16:41
joaopintoyou shouldn't be concerned about users running unpreviliged commands, unless you just want to provide a specific service, on that case you don't provide shell acess at all :)16:41
bigmack83_David-T, well i dont mind them having access to basic commands, but the links only go to a few of the web root files for their sites folders16:42
bigmack83_joaopinto, well its not for my desktop, it would be on a server installation16:42
bigbrovarripps> its really just frustrating even the bug report dont seem to be getting much attention its one of anyone its still marked as undecided ..  its the pain many kubuntu users have to go thru .. wireless effed up, bluetooth effed up, now sound :(16:43
rippsbigbrovar: you can try some other kde channels, maybe they might know somehthing... try #kde16:44
joaopintobigmack83_, check apparmor, you could setup an apparmored ssh profile16:44
David-Tbigmack83_: there are options, but they are complicated.16:45
David-Tand you need to know exactly what you're trying to get out of it...16:45
courpseNo one had problems installing karmic with kernel install errors?16:45
Nukeadormbeierl, I have just installed gnome-alsa-control and was able to increase the Master F :D16:46
bigbrovarripps> know them well there would send me back to (k)ubuntu but i will try16:46
mbeierlNukeador: interesting...16:46
mbeierlNukeador: what package provides that?16:47
rippsbigbrovar: sorry, I've told everything I know on the issue, Fedora uses pulse with their kde, the fact that ubuntu doesn't just confuses me.16:47
Nukeadormbeierl, i went to the software center and search for control under sound category16:48
CShadowRunOh well, owner arrived to pick up that laptop, had to send it off with a non-working home key :(16:48
bigmack83_joaopinto David-T well the basic commands would mostly just be things like using git and other basic commands. they should be able to use commands related to managing a java server (resin) and other than that everything should be browser based.16:48
mbeierlNukeador: interesting.  It does not show up in an aptitude search or cmd-not-found suggestion16:48
Nukeadormbeierl, let me search for the package name16:49
Nukeadormbeierl, gnome-alsamixer16:49
mbeierlok, that's there, thanks16:50
Nukeadorsee you guys16:50
q__mzz, my sensitivity control for the mouse is reversed (lower sensitivity = faster mouse !?)16:50
=== AaronMT__ is now known as AaronMT
bigbrovarripps> it shouldnt mate (its hard to to think ubuntu hate kde :( ) but thanks for helping out mate really appreciate16:56
AzaThtis it an feature or an bug that "dd if=/dev/zero of=file bs=3GB count=1" creates an 2.1GB large file?16:56
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=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
AzaThtnah, later17:01
q__can anyone check if his sensitivity control for the mouse is reversed, too? (lower sensitivity = faster mouse !?)17:02
q__(might have happened due to the update to karmic)17:03
XDevHaldAnyone know how to automatically set the nick on irssi upon startup without having to change it all the time?17:03
sam007can anyone tell me wheter the wlan chipset ralin rt2680 driver problem coressponded in Bug #339891 (https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/network-manager/+bug/339891) is fixed with the new 9.10 release? it would be very nice to know17:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 339891 in linux "[Jaunty] wireless rt2860 not connecting to WPA" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/33989117:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 339891 in linux "[Jaunty] wireless rt2860 not connecting to WPA" [Undecided,Fix released]17:05
RamunasMhey, I finally managed to install karmic, but now grub is telling me: Error 217:06
RamunasMand there seems to be no menu.lst file17:06
yofelsam007: I've got a rt2860 in my EeePC 1000H and it works fine in Kubuntu Karmic17:06
RamunasMso what do I do with this new grub?17:06
yofel(with WPA2-PSK)17:07
sam007yofel thank you17:07
yofel!grub2 | RamunasM17:07
ubottuRamunasM: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub217:07
RamunasMyofel: got any suggestions how to fix error 2?17:09
mesualIs anyone else here having wireless problems with a RT2860 Ralink Wi-Fi card?17:10
mesualSuch as unstable and slow connections or packet loss?17:10
drs305RamunasM:  Here is the community doc on Grub 2 https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub217:11
drs305RamunasM: There is a section on booting from the menu or from the grub2 rescue prompt.17:11
WazzzaaaAre there many diffs between the Karmic release candidate, and the official release?17:19
GebAn atheros wireless card in 9.10 should be using the ath5k driver, yes?17:19
patdk-lapWazzzaaa, yep17:19
bjsniderGeb, or ath9k if it's a wireless-n device17:20
Wazzzaaapatdk-lap: But when you install the latest updates tomorrow (on the RC) it is the same patdk-lap ?17:20
GebMy wireless card isn't working, and the ath5k driver is blacklisted.17:20
q__can anyone check if his sensitivity control for the mouse is reversed, too? (lower sensitivity = faster mouse !?)17:20
RamunasMsorry, I had to leave, so again, what do I do if after install I get grub error 217:20
patdk-lapWazzzaaa, if you install the updates, yes17:20
mesualpatdk-lap: What are the differences, then?17:20
Wazzzaaaok, thnx17:20
patdk-lapmesual, heh? how would I know :) that is what a changelog is for :)17:21
cdm10Does anyone have Broadcom wireless in here?17:21
bjsniderthere are very few differences between the rc and the final releases17:21
mesualpatdk-lap: Surely the only difference is slightly updated packages?17:21
bjsniderGeb, blacklisted?17:21
mesualSlightly more bugs fixed.17:21
patdk-lapmesual, probably, I just seen package after package updated since I upgraded friday17:21
cdm10...that's funny. Wireless wasn't working yesterday. Now it is. Never mind -- don't need help :)17:22
TohuwI'm having an issue with my Toshiba e-Studio connected to my Ubuntu 9.10 system via IPP. Test pages print fine, but any job submitted goes through the queue, succeeding silently, but never actually submits to printer. I've verified this by checking logs on the printer itself via the Web interface. Any ideas?17:22
GebI have a file blacklist-ath_pci.conf in /etc/modprobe.d/ that just has the one entry for ath5k17:22
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub217:22
GebI didn't know whether it was supposed to be there17:22
TohuwGeb: yes, the atheros pci module has been blacklisted intentionally17:23
RamunasManyone? Why the grub is not working right out of the box anyway?17:24
bjsniderGeb, what happens if you manually modprobe ath5k?17:24
musicalgeniusdoes this support ati radeon 7k?17:24
Tohuw!doesntwork | RamunasM17:24
bjsniderdoes what support it?17:24
ubottuRamunasM: Doesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.17:24
musicalgeniusubuntu 9.10 lol17:25
Tohuwmusicalgenius: have you tried using modelines?17:25
bjsnidermusicalgenius, you have to use the radeon driver, but yes17:25
musicalgeniuswhat are modelines?17:25
RamunasMTohuw: I already wrote what's wrong, it throws me error 217:25
TohuwHe's having an issue with refresh rates17:25
Gebbjsnider: the wireless card is detected and starts working17:25
bjsniderwhat a shock17:25
Tohuw!modeline | musicalgenius17:25
ubottumusicalgenius: A Modeline is a config line in the X server configuration file that gives info about a connected display and how to drive it at a specified display resolution. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/XFree86_Modeline for more details. Here are 2 links to generate modelines which fit your monitor: http://bohne-lang.de/spec/linux/modeline/ and http://xtiming.sourceforge.net/cgi-bin/xtiming.pl17:25
musicalgeniuscompiz seems to be working tho i think17:26
RamunasMupdate-grub tells me grub-probe: error: cannot find a device for /.17:26
TohuwGeb: remove the blacklist then :) (or just comment it out)17:26
bjsniderRamunasM, did you upgrade or clean install?17:26
RamunasMbjsnider: clean install17:26
RamunasMreformatted whole hdd17:26
dpjust installed Karmic, and now fonts within KDE specific apps are super tiny; seems to be related to DPI; any ideas where to start?17:26
Gebok then, thanks17:26
bjsniderTohuw, i don't think that would work17:27
Tohuwdp: nvidia or ati card?17:27
dpTohuw: nvidia17:27
Tohuwbjsnider: why not? you can specify a refresh rate in a modeline17:27
bjsniderTohuw, different problem. i mean the ath5k issue17:27
Tohuwbjsnider: oh, sorry!17:28
Tohuwbjsnider: same question then :)17:28
bjsnideri don't think it's really blacklisted17:28
dpwait... it suddenly stopped being an issue... wtf17:28
Tohuwdp: run kdesu nvidia-settings and hunt around, you may find what you're looking for. If not, check KDE's display settings, which I don't remember because I haven't used KDE for any length of time since 3.417:29
dpTohuw: but I'm running through xubuntu17:29
bjsnidernobody uses kde anymore17:29
yofelbjsnider: you don't seem to notice us ^^17:30
musicalgeniusdo i just run modeline stuff in terminal?17:30
arandKubuntu seems rather uncommon at least...17:30
Tohuwdp: same steps then. you may need to actually install kde's settings controls, or just edit whatever files they edit17:30
Tohuwmusicalgenius: it goes in your xorg.conf17:31
bjsniderwell maybe people use kde through mandriva or opensuse17:31
arandBut I've heard it said that for nice kde, kubuntu might not be the right thing to go for...17:31
RamunasMany other suggestions what to do with my grub problem?17:31
TohuwI gave up on KDE when 4.0 was released officially with no resizable task bar, unreadable clock, misplaced widgets, buggy file manager, and extremely over-complicated settings for plasma17:32
arandRamunasM: Mind repeating the problem? (just got here)17:33
bjsniderTohuw, other than that, it's perfect...17:33
Tohuwbjsnider: :)17:33
RamunasMarand: sure,I just installed karmic, rebooted, and instead of booting to my new system I got Grub Error 217:33
musicalgeniuswheres xorg.conf?17:33
yofelarand: the sticky issue that I have with kubuntu are the broken translations, but that's not a big problem for me17:33
RamunasMarand: now I'm on the live cd, any ideas how to fix it?17:33
bjsnidermusicalgenius, if you need it you must create it17:34
musicalgeniusin /etc/x11 right?17:34
bjsniderarand, it can't find root, which might be the numbering problem (0,2 instead of 0,3 or whatever)17:35
musicalgeniusso thats a yes?17:35
bjsnidermusicalgenius, affirmative17:35
RamunasMbjsnider: is that related to my grub problem?17:36
bjsniderRamunasM, yes17:36
arandRamunasM: so what's the partition configuration?17:36
arandRamunasM: and did grub just install to mbr as per default?17:37
RamunasMarand: guess so, didn't change anything related to grub17:37
RamunasMarand: http://pastebin.com/d7497587717:37
RamunasM/dev/sdb1 is the one it should boot from17:38
bjsniderso that's 1,1 if i understand correctly17:39
RamunasMnot 0,1?17:40
bjsniderwhat do you use the 1tb drive for?17:40
RamunasMI'm no good at grub, so excuse me17:40
RamunasMfor storage, its not system related17:40
bjsnider0,1 would be first drive, first partition17:40
RamunasMsdb1 is /, sdb5 is /home17:40
bjsnideryou've got drive 2, partition 117:40
RamunasMso, how do I tell that to grub/17:41
bjsniderfirst find out what it is trying to boot from now17:41
RamunasMbjsnider: hd(1,1)17:42
RamunasMon old grub, I would just push e, and edit the number, no idea what to do now17:43
bjsniderRamunasM, pastebin your /boot/grub/grub.cfg17:43
julien__hi i added ppa but apt-get wont install from them :(17:43
localnnuser__RamunasM: sudo apt-get install grub -y && sudo update-grub && sudo grub-install /dev/sda && sudo apt-get autoremove --purge && sudo apt-get clean17:44
RamunasMbjsnider: http://pastebin.com/d6809bbdf17:44
benstehi, using empathy I always get this weird error: "There was an error receiving this message.  Either you and 250818008 have different encodings selected, or 250818008 has a buggy client.)"17:45
julien__any help?17:45
benstethis causes that ä ü ö and some other german letters aren't displayed as sutch17:45
joaopintobenste, search launchpad for a bug report17:45
joaopintoor file one17:45
bjsniderRamunasM, pastebin your /etc/fstab file17:46
joaopintoempathy is not very stable yet17:46
RamunasMbjsnider: the one from the installed system, right.17:46
bjsniderof course17:46
benstejoaopinto: just thought there would be someone who directly know about it17:48
RamunasMbjsnider: ^^^17:49
mrwesJaunty boot time was pretty snappy -- anyone else noticing it has doubled with Karmic?17:51
IndyGunFreakis there a way to install a package, and all packages that are used to install the file, get downloaded as .deb files somewhere, so i can send them to someone w/o an internet connection?17:52
IndyGunFreakhmm, forgot abut that.17:52
RamunasMbjsnider: so, got any thoughts?17:53
Beastmodesome of u already got karmic?17:53
mrweso/ I do Beastmode17:53
RamunasMBeastmode: I do, I just can't boot into it17:53
joaopintoBeastmode, most of us here17:53
Beastmodesorry just reading some messages there that refer to boot time of karmic17:53
mrwesI always leech the RC before the frenzy begins17:53
Beastmodei thought it wasnt released though17:53
Beastmodei've only had linux for about 3 weeks17:54
mrwesRelease Candidate it17:54
joaopintoBeastmode, it was not officcially released yet17:54
bjsniderRamunasM, i notice a difference in the drive/partition numbers17:54
mrweswell it certainly doesn't boot as fast as Jaunty -- will see if that is corrected17:54
bjsniderRamunasM, mine says 0,517:54
bjsniderRamunasM, but i have root on the first partition of the first drive17:55
Beastmodeoh so is there any official documentation yet for karmic like there was for jaunty? that was great because i followed it to install jaunty. would be nice if there is one like that for Karmic17:55
bjsnideri wonder if yours would boot if your entry said 1,517:55
RamunasMbjsnider: and how do I change it?17:55
bjsniderRamunasM, the files are in /etc/grub.d17:56
RamunasMbjsnider: and what do I do with those?17:57
mrweshrmm...no fstab anymore aye?17:57
vega-Beastmode: you mean upgrade documentation?17:57
bjsniderRamunasM, it should actually find your root automatically. i wonder if your kernel is broken somehow17:57
mrwesoh there it is17:58
vega-speaking of fstab, is there a new place for putting nfs mounts in nowadays? i get some complaints on karmic that network is not available when they are in fstab17:58
Beastmodevega, just the normal official documentation page like there was for jaunty. Im just looking for anything to read about karmic17:58
bjsniderRamunasM, what happens if you run update-grub as root on the installed karmic?17:58
vega-Beastmode: that probably gets released when official release comes17:59
Beastmodevega: cool17:59
RamunasMbjsnider: I chrooted into it, if that is okay17:59
RamunasMbjsnider: grub-probe: error: cannot find a device for /.17:59
RamunasMhere's what it gives me17:59
vega-Beastmode: basic info about karmic is here: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/910overview18:00
Beastmodein the meantime anybody know a better irc client than xchat? and also a better usenet reader than klibido? is there something like newsleecher for linux?18:00
julien__please i need help18:00
Beastmodethanks vega18:00
RamunasMjulien__: just ask?18:00
julien__hi i added ppa but apt-get wont install from them :(18:00
julien__deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/ebox/1.3/ubuntu karmic main18:01
bjsniderRamunasM, what if you do grub-probe -t device /18:01
mrwesjulien__, did you do a sudo apt-get update?18:02
RamunasMbjsnider: same thing18:02
julien__yes manytimes18:02
bjsniderRamunasM, p0astebin the contents of /boot/grub/device.map18:02
unimatrixis there an easy way to disable pulseaudio in karmic yet?18:02
bjsnideryou'd have to remove it i suppose18:03
unimatrixhow about just make alsa apps bypass it?18:03
Beastmodeif i upgrade to 9.10, will my documents and files get deleted? Ill back them up anyways but just in case.18:03
RamunasMbjsnider: no such file18:03
unimatrixBeastmode, your files will stay untouched, however you will still be using ext3 and grub won't get upgraded either18:04
bjsniderRamunasM, run grub --device-map18:04
bjsniderprobably as root18:04
Beastmodeunimatrix, so installing from a cd would be the best for me then if i want the new features?18:04
mesualBeastmode: Your machine will stay fully operational, though.18:04
unimatrixBeastmode, yes18:05
RamunasMbjsnider: it complains that grub is not installed, should I try to apt-get it?18:05
unimatrixBeastmode, but in that case you definitely should backup your files18:05
mesualBeastmode: 99.99% of users won't get any extra utility from upgrading to GRUB2.18:05
enycmore likely a new problem from grub2 instead ;-)18:05
* RamunasM hi5's enyc18:05
unimatrixi've noticed it loaded a lot faster18:05
enycsolong as you can boot, and update kernel, and boot,  i mean.. it doesn't matter18:05
mesualBeastmode: You might notice slightly better performance with ext4, though.18:06
julien__mrwes ??18:06
* enyc lo4's RamunasM18:06
Beastmodewhat function is ext for? sorry i dont know anything about linux. Grub i believe is the boot manager which is not necessary for me as I only have ubuntu installed18:06
bjsniderRamunasM, no, i must be looking at outdated info18:07
mesualBeastmode: ext3 and ext4 are file systems.18:07
mesualBeastmode: Just like NTFS or FAT18:07
mesualBeastmode: If GRUB1 works, don't worry about upgrading to GRUB2, especially if you're just using Ubuntu.18:08
mesualBeastmode: There won't be any benefits to you.18:08
bjsniderRamunasM, you really don't have a device.map file?18:09
bjsniderRamunasM, alright, make one18:09
holsteinhey guys18:09
unimatrixso no way to bypass pulseaudio?18:09
RamunasMbjsnider: really18:09
holsteinim running ubuntu studio karmic18:09
Beastmodemesual: but is that a option? because if i want to use ext4 then I have to install from cd which will install new grub.18:09
holsteinim getting a Bus error18:09
vega-Beastmode: grub is used even if you only have linux18:09
holsteinseems to be triggered by launching JAMin18:09
bjsniderRami'll tell you what to put in it, but make a /boot/grub/device.map file18:10
bjsniderRamunasM,  ^^18:10
Beastmodevega: yea i notice the message when i start my laptop saying "Grub is loading"18:10
Beastmodethats how i figured it was a bootloader18:10
julien__man i use apt since 1995 never has this issue !18:10
RamunasMbjsnider: okay, ready18:10
vega-Beastmode: you can upgrade from ext3 -> ext4 but iirc that won't give you as much performance gain as installintg ext4 from scratch18:11
julien__any ideas?18:11
bjsniderRamunasM, http://pastebin.com/m71fbd56618:12
bjsniderRamunasM, afterwards, run update-grub again18:12
Beastmodei got no problem installing from scratch. I only use ubuntu because I want to learn. If i mess up. I can always pick your guys brains18:13
RamunasMbjsnider: same thing :/18:13
bjsniderBeastmode, that would hurt, and cause brain damage18:13
vega-Beastmode: installing from scratch is no problem, especially if you have /home on a separate partition18:15
vega-Beastmode: which is very recommended18:15
Beastmodevega: oh i dont have that though18:15
BeastmodeI only have 1 partition18:15
Beastmodei had followed one of the setup guides which didn't really reccomend partitioning18:16
bjsniderRamunasM, try grub-install18:16
RamunasMbjsnider: it wants a device parameter, should I give /dev/sdb?18:17
RamunasMbjsnider: oh well, still no go18:17
RamunasMbjsnider: grub-probe: error: cannot find a device for /boot/grub.18:18
RamunasMbjsnider: can I just get old grub or something?18:18
adaranis anyone else missing evolution? it was shown as "deprecated" software during the upgrade and now i can't reinstall it18:18
bjsniderRamunasM, you can reinstall from scratch again. it would be faster than this nonsense. obviously something got fouled up during your initial run18:19
vega-Beastmode: i understand that it's done so that newbies don't get confused but imho it should be the standard ..18:19
vega-i'd create a 10 GB / (leaving some room for future updates) and the rest for home, then all your user settings and files would be preserved on clean installs18:20
Beastmodevega: so you reccomend creating partitions then when i install karmic from a new cd?18:20
Beastmodevega: I only have a 60gb hdd on my laptop (its 4 years old), how much would be good for /home?18:20
RamunasMbjsnider: okay, will do that now18:21
ShikakuKarmic has a semi-random critical bug, where sometimes (about 1/5th) X does not display at all as if the monitor was turned off, and the keyboard and power button do not work at all (I tried doing ctrl+alt+F1 and ctrl+alt+delete to do a restart but nothing happened) when booting up and resuming from hibernate.  This occurs when the login screen is supposed to appear, so it seems it could be...18:21
Shikaku...an X issue or a gdm issue.18:21
vega-Beastmode:  oh and swap of course18:22
yofelBeastmode: home is where your user profile is at, so it should be rather large on a desktop18:22
vega-Beastmode: well everything that gets left over from the / (root) partition18:22
ShikakuI was wondering if this was a known issue, because this never happened to me with Jaunty and I freshed installed Karmic.18:23
vega-Beastmode: which would be something 50gb in your case, depends on how big you make /18:23
drs305RamunasM: I suggest you visit this site. It tells you how to install grub2 from the livecd, how to go back to grub, and a lot more.   https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2   Section 11.18:23
Beastmodeaah ok. so 10gb for the install. I thought the /home was the install. thats why i was confused. thanks for clearing that out  yofel18:24
Beastmodeyea 50 gb is fine for me18:24
vega-Beastmode: my / on 9.10 uses 3 gb18:24
Beastmodei only use the laptop for school18:24
patdk-lapmine is using 6gigs18:24
vega-so if you are tight on disk space then probably something like 5-6 for /18:24
patdk-lapI haven't had a / go >10g so :)18:25
Beastmodeno no, 10 is no big deal.18:25
vega-hmm ok, so maybe more like 6-818:25
Beastmodei cant have 50 gigs of ppt presentations and .doc's18:25
vega-swap size (a partition in linux) depends on your ram size18:25
patdk-lapthe only thing to watch for if / gets full, is to clean the apt cache18:25
nicklas_if i install the kubuntu 9.10 rc today, will it turn stable tomorrow, and become exactly like if i had installed it from scratch?18:25
RamunasMvega-: btw, do I really need swap partition?18:25
RamunasMI have 1.8gig of ram18:26
patdk-lapRamunasM, if you want to hibernate18:26
RamunasMI don't18:26
vega-RamunasM: well hibernate doesn't work without one for instance18:26
patdk-lapwell, up to you then18:26
Beastmodeok im gonna put karmic on download18:26
* patdk-lap can't hibernate :)18:26
om26erlatest karmic cd yet http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/20091028.4/karmic-desktop-i386.iso18:26
Piciom26er: so?18:27
vega-yep, won't probably differ a lot from final release18:27
nicklas_om26er: the 64 bit isnt released yet?18:27
Berzerker-patdk-lap, same, hibernate doesn't work for me either.18:27
PiciNone of them are released yet.18:27
perscitusBTW people. Karmic has a bootup time of 52 seconds.18:27
om26erand now the website says coming soon not one day left18:27
patdk-lapwell, it does work18:28
patdk-lapbut with a randomly encrypted swap, it doesn't18:28
vega-perscitus: fixed boot time? :) doesn't that depend on the system..18:28
Piciperscitus: First boot may be slow.18:28
Beastmodevega: ill probably wait till tommorrow so i dont have to run lots of updates right away18:28
perscitusPici.->  More like about 6th time.18:28
patdk-lapperscitus, karmic boots for me in 92seconds, jaunty did it in 38 :)18:28
vega-Beastmode: you probably will get 1-2 updates, i'd recommend downloading today because servers will be stuck tomorrow18:28
Berzerker-patdk-lap, are you in ubuntu+1?18:28
Berzerker-oh wait this is ubuntu+118:29
Berzerker-lulz nvm18:29
Beastmodei usually grab from usenet18:29
Berzerker-patdk-lap, how do I tell if my swap is randomly encrypted18:29
om26erBeastmode, download the final build that is gonna release in some upcoming hours18:29
patdk-lapI did a crapload of customizing, and got karmic down to 60seconds18:29
patdk-lapberzerker, look in /etc/crypttab18:29
PiciLast time I checked my boot was about 20 seconds.18:29
perscitusPici.->  and I started countdown from Grub Loading...[stopped when screen loaded] Restarted when pressed enter. [stopped at login load] Restarted at Enter from login18:29
Berzerker-patdk-lap, what about it18:30
=== SnakDoc_ is now known as SnakDoc
patdk-lapwell, is your swap listed in there?18:30
Berzerker-just a line with # <target name>18:30
patdk-lapthen it's not18:30
Berzerker-but my hibernate still doesn't work lol18:30
q__karmic does not feel faster for me either18:30
perscitusPici.->  And I did 1 One-Thousand count.18:30
Piciperscitus: I used bootchart18:30
holsteinhey there folks... im getting 'Bus error' when JAMin crashes in ubuntu studio18:30
om26erpeople does speed really matter. when you get best of linux out of ubuntu18:31
perscitusq__.->  i'm with you on that. It's the same18:31
patdk-lapberzerker, you probably have a messed up /etc/initramfs-tools/conf.d/resume file18:31
om26er**boot spped18:31
patdk-lapom26er, when I boot my laptop 6+ times a day, yes18:31
Beastmodeom26er: ok18:31
RamunasMbjsnider: it seems the setup tried to install grub to hd(0,0) by default, now I set it to /dev/sdb, is that a good idea?18:31
Berzerker-patdk-lap, how do I fix it?18:32
perscitusom26er.->  For me, yeah. Comparing boot time to Windows.18:32
om26erpatdk-lap, does it take an hour to start?18:32
patdk-lapom26er, 92seconds :)18:32
patdk-lapjaunty was 3818:32
om26erperscitus, and now from where windows come in here.18:32
yofelpatdk-lap: use !bootchart to find out why18:32
perscituspatdk-lap.-> How fast from Hibernate?18:32
patdk-lapberzerker, make sure, RESUME=(your swap drive here)18:32
patdk-lapyofel, I did18:32
om26eryofel, boot chart?18:33
patdk-lapsreadahead was useless, switched to readahead-list and got it down to 60seconds18:33
om26eryofel, where can i get it18:33
q__om26er, for me karmic does bring nothing good :) (appart form the new audio mixer perhaps, but I had trouble with my soundcard first)18:33
perscitusom26er.->  huh?18:33
yofel!bootchart | om26er18:33
ubottubootchart charts your machine at boot time, to install >> sudo apt-get install bootchart << the graphic is in /var/log/bootchart after the next reboot18:33
ubottuom26er: please see above18:33
Berzerker-patdk-lap, I have RESUME-UUID=18:33
patdk-lapwell, make sure the UUID is correct18:33
Beastmodeill probably try out some new apps befroe i do clean install again for karmic18:33
Berzerker-and a long sequence hex number18:33
perscitusDoes bootchartr count grub load?18:33
Berzerker-how do I tell what the swap hex number is18:33
Beastmodeanyone got any reccomendations for better irc client than xchat?18:33
patdk-laplook in /dev/disk/by-uuid to verify18:33
RamunasMBeastmode: irssi18:34
Shikakuchatzilla in firefox?  :S18:34
Beastmodeok Ramunas18:34
dAlfa89_Can you enable logging with Irssi?18:34
q__perscitus, no18:34
perscitusBeastmode.->  Whats wrong with it18:34
RamunasMdAlfa89_: sure18:34
Beastmodeanything for a usenet reader like newsleecher? sorry osalt doesnt ahve this listed. I use klibido and it always crashes. Pan is not bad though18:34
perscitusq__.-> if bootchart doesnt count grub load then it's not accurate18:35
Beastmodeperscitus: i cant see who the ops are18:35
Lain_13hi there, I'm using beta version of karmic and have 1 problem right now18:35
PolarinaWhen will 9.10 be released? Don't say tomorrow, I'd like to know when tomorrow (or how many hours left).18:35
Berzerker-no one knows18:35
Beastmodeperscitus: also there is no time tags on messages18:35
PiciPolarina: When its done.18:35
q__perscitus, its accurate for the time from grub to login, there is no other way for software18:35
PiciPolarina, Karmic will be released some time during the 29th, i.e: there is no exact time. You can await the announcement in #ubuntu-release-party18:35
perscitusBeastmode.->  there are no ops highlighted now.18:35
Lain_13I want to reinstall whole xorg server because I partially broke it using xorg-edgers repo18:35
furunoit's 1:35 A.M. here (GMT+7) and I'm still *patiently* waiting18:35
Lain_13yep, it was stupid idea )18:36
furunoespecially after I've clean install my boot drive with 718:36
Berzerker-patdk-lap, I have 2, how do I know which one18:36
om26erfuruno, where do you live?18:36
PolarinaPici: What's the first possible time? Sometime now? After midnight UTC?18:36
nicklas_this is hard, i want to wait til tomorrow, just to be sure, but i still i wanna install today18:36
BeastmodePerscitus: found time stamps, lol thats my fault for not looking18:36
patdk-lapberzerker your swap one, swapon -s18:36
om26erhere its 12.35A.M18:36
PiciPolarina: Anytime when its still the 29th somewhere on earth.18:36
perscitusBeastmode.->  Chanserv has green dot next to it in user list. thats in op mode.18:36
Lain_13on this moment I've removed this source of packages and all cached packages18:36
om26erfuruno, india?18:36
Berzerker-patdk-lap, they're just numbers, how do I know which UUID my swap is?18:36
patdk-lapls -la /dev/disk/by-uuid18:37
PolarinaPici: Ok.18:37
patdk-lapswapon -s18:37
nicklas_this is hard, i want to wait til tomorrow, just to be sure, but i still i wanna install today18:37
perscitusBerzerker.->  Better.... use command sudo blkid18:37
Lain_13but when I try to execute: sudo apt-get --reinstall install xserver-xorg-core18:37
abbYay, I finally got virtualbox+windows7 working with my weird "Windows-only-USB-Device-de-Jure" so goooodbye dual boot!  Hello extra 20gigs of HDD space...lol18:37
patdk-lapor that, never used blkid :)18:37
Lain_13it shows: Reinstallation of xserver-xorg-core is not possible, it cannot be downloaded.18:37
Beastmodeperscitus: what about +v's?18:37
perscitusBerzerker.->  try mine. it's better18:38
Berzerker-wow I don't even have swap listed18:38
RomDI want to report a bug. could anyone confirm it before I do the reporting? open "startup applications", uncheck any entry, close the dialog, open it again. the change you made wasn't saved.18:38
Lain_13how to resolve this problem?18:38
patdk-lapberzerker are you using a swap file? instead of partition? hibernat only works on partitions18:38
RamunasMabb: got multicore cpu?18:38
perscitusBeastmode.->  Voice is yellow18:38
yofelRomD: gnome, kde or xfce?18:38
Berzerker-patdk-lap, I had ubuntu automatically configure the partitions, and I used to have swap, my hibernate used to work, stopped working after a daily build update.18:38
perscituspatdk-lap.->  ever try blkid?18:39
Beastmodeperscitus: ok18:39
Berzerker-patdk-lap, swapon-s lists nothing18:39
Berzerker-swapon -s*18:39
RomDsorry I meant gnome-session-properties18:39
patdk-lapperscitus, never needed to :)18:39
Beastmodeperscitus: anyway to get the +v or @ to appear when users type messages?18:39
flan_suseI cannot seem to find out if the Ubuntu 9.10 alternate installation disc will allow you to install Ubuntu to an encrypted root (/) partition.18:39
perscituspatdk-lap.->  better then  -ls /devdisk18:39
patdk-lapls is always installed though :)18:40
perscituspatdk-lap.->  so is blkid18:40
flan_suseWill this option be available for Ubuntu 9.10 alternate install? (Encrypted root partition.)18:40
RomDyofel: anything? or do have have a different desktop environment?18:40
yofelRomD: I use Kde, sry18:41
perscituspatdk-lap.->  try it18:41
perscituspatdk-lap.->  blkid,  though requires sudo,  shows you sda, uuid,  fs type, and label in neat format18:42
om26erdownloading release torrent is the only way that we don't put load on the servers and made them mad.18:42
tgpraveenbug  #41914318:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 419143 in evince "Printing from evince (and perhaps other GTK apps) to PostScript printers is broken" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/41914318:43
perscitusRomD.->  This channel is  Kubuntu and ubuntu RC support.18:43
RomDperscitus: this is happening in karmic rc18:43
Lain_13ok, I will ask my question in other way: why xserver-xorg marked in synaptic by ubuntu logo and xserver-xorg-core isn't marked by this logo?18:44
PiciAny-official-buntu RC support.18:44
Lain_13and resolved as installed locally x(18:44
RamunasMthe install is done18:46
RamunasMwish me luck, going to try and boot into my new system18:46
domjohnsonok, RamunasM18:46
domjohnsonGood luck!18:46
domjohnsonhello Myxb!18:47
perscitusWicked cool. i can remove bluetooth packages more easily now.18:49
q__my bootchart makes broken pngs (0byte)... might be this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gcj-4.4/+bug/455017 but svg does not seem to work for me either18:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 455017 in gcj-4.4 "bootchart dies with stack trace in 9.10" [Undecided,New]18:49
perscitusHow do i switch compiz to emerald?18:51
darthanubisperscitus, need to learn what compiz is first18:52
ubottuemerald is an obsolete window decorator for compiz. It's unsupported and unmaintained, making issues with it very hard to diagnose and fix. There are no known, supported alternatives.18:53
perscitusdarthanubis.->  I know what is18:53
holsteinhello... any ideas what 'Bus error could mean when JAMin crashes??18:53
darthanubiswell then you'd know you don't SWITCH compiz to emerald18:53
perscitusdarthanubis.->  welcome to ignore for being rude.18:54
darthanubisholstein, only what google would tell me18:54
darthanubisperscitus, thx, it is an honor18:54
vega-perscitus: how could you switch from c -> e if e is just an addon/part of compiz? ie. emerald NEEDS compiz ..18:55
vega-what's rude about stating that?18:55
darthanubisvega-, he does not want to hear that18:55
perscitusdarthanubis.->  BTW, i know emerald just does the title bars.  therefore. the question was correct18:55
darthanubisthe question was NEVER correct18:56
darthanubisbut please, continue to wallow in ignorance18:56
perscitusvega-.->  The question is How do i SWITCH compiz [using metacity] to emerald18:56
joaopintoperscitus, you already got the answer :)18:57
balorOn an Eeepc "Atheros AR8121/AR8113/AR8114 PCI-E" my wireless hasn't worked since 2.6.31-12. What to modprobe?18:57
om26erthis page was just updating http://releases.ubuntu.com/18:58
perscitusHow do i SWITCH compiz [using metacity] to emerald18:58
PiciEmerald is not longer supported.18:59
dsyncdQuestion:  I'm attempting installing 9.10 rc.  When I reach the partitioning section (I clicked on manually partition), I don't see all my hard drives.  In gparted and disk utility, I can see them all fine.  Is this a known issue?18:59
om26erkarmic koala is releasing in next 15min and i can challenge that18:59
Pici!emerald | perscitus18:59
ubottuperscitus: emerald is an obsolete window decorator for compiz. It's unsupported and unmaintained, making issues with it very hard to diagnose and fix. There are no known, supported alternatives.18:59
perscitusHow do i SWITCH compiz [using metacity] to emerald19:00
tonyyarussoom26er: Pages will update all the time, but it's not ready until it's announced.19:00
tonyyarusso(And claiming otherwise won't be allowed)19:00
darthanubis!repeat | perscitus19:00
ubottuperscitus: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search  https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.19:00
perscitusThe next person who calls !emerald i will call ops.19:00
Piciperscitus: And why would you do that?19:01
perscitusPici.->  its not the answer19:01
darthanubisgood luck with that, if you bothered to look there are no OPS here19:01
duffydackperscitus, I use fusion-icon19:01
q__can i force bootchart to use sun java instead of gij?19:01
Picidarthanubis: Ops dont op-up until needed.19:01
JackDdarthanubis: Chanserv can be used19:02
Polarinaom26er: That file is set to 0.19:02
Piciom26er: This is your last warning. You've been asked numerous times to stop already.19:02
darthanubisPici, I've been around long time, I know this. He does not.19:02
perscitusPici.->  I don't care if some other op thinks emerald is obsolete. So is metacity. so is Gnome if you really get down to it. !emerald is matter of personal opinion.19:03
holsteinthank darthanubis... would you mind sharing what you found on google with me relating to karmic, JAMin, and 'BUs error'19:03
Piciperscitus: No, thats the developer perspective on that application.19:04
darthanubisholstein, sorry buddy, I have not done the search for you yet...19:04
darthanubisPici, I envy your charitable spirit19:04
om26erPici, ok kick me .19:05
darthanubisom26er, why troll to begin with?19:06
Piciom26er: I'd rather not have to.19:06
perscitusPici.->  and yet i dont care19:06
darthanubisperscitus, so your a troll?19:07
darthanubisthat explains it19:07
bobdylani cannot find the different between UNR and Ubuntu moblin :(19:09
TohuwHowdy. I'm having a CUPS issue with  a Toshiba eStudio 520 (using Toshiba's driver). I can connect to it through its self-hosted SMB share or IPP, but either way I have the same problem: anything I print passes the queue successfully but doesn't actually hit the printer. The logs on the printer do not show the job was ever received. Other (Windows) computers can print to it just fine. I used to be able to, but ever since a tech came out and worked on it, I hav19:10
om26erbobdylan, ubuntu netbook remix is desighned and developed by canonical19:10
om26erbobdylan, ubuntu moblin remix is based on moblin environment by intel over ubuntu base19:10
=== stephen_ is now known as kubuntuser
om26erbobdylan, ubuntu moblin remix is buggy and it will only be a developers release with karmic19:11
perscitusbobdylan.-> Netbook Remix is crummy release and ubuntu Moblin is Moblin interface with Ubuntu underneath19:11
om26erbobdylan, ubuntu netbook remix is much stable19:11
Amaranthperscitus: To use emerald in Ubuntu you have to start it manually every time you restart compiz and if it breaks you get to keep both pieces19:11
darthanubisbobdylan, don't feed our pet trolls19:11
holsteinwell, it looks like the 'Bus error' for me is a gnome issue19:12
perscitusAmaranth.->  its better then using ugly metacity19:12
holsteinit doesnt happen under LXDE19:12
Amaranthperscitus: Upstream barely even patches emerald to keep it working with new versions of compiz (and it won't work at all from compiz 0.9 on) and we support it even less in Ubuntu19:12
perscitusom26er.-> last time i used netbook remix, The interface every other click. its less stable then Moblin19:12
Amaranthperscitus: But if it works for you use it. If it doesn't work you're out of luck because it won't be getting fixed.19:13
om26erperscitus, i used ubuntu moblin remix for the last 45days and it is full of bugs you can't even imagine19:13
perscitusAmaranth.->  then bring in transparent title bars19:13
perscitusom26er.->  but it's interface doesnt crash19:14
om26erperscitus, yes now it don't but before 4days it crashed and crashed hard19:15
om26erperscitus, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mutter/+bug/45517319:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 455173 in ubuntu-moblin-remix "mutter crashed with SIGSEGV in meta_compositor_sync_stack()" [High,Fix released]19:15
Amaranthperscitus: I've been trying to figure out how to do that, actually19:16
om26erperscitus, here are some prominent bugs that are not fixed and they are really important https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-moblin-remix/+bugs19:17
AmaranthRight now you can make metacity decorations translucent but it does the entire decoration instead of just the background19:17
AmaranthDon't know if the metacity theme system will let us do anything else19:17
bobdylanok thank you for both of you.. im now using unr karmic. it is much better than the previous release. only i cannot find the desktop switcher by default, i need to install it by myself and also i found that java on karmic makes internet browser going to freeze. hope that someday they can fix it. cause unr is really a good OS for my netbook19:17
beanI can't connect to AIM using empathy. :) it doesn't try to connect and just say Network Error19:17
Amaranthom26er: Only 20 bugs? Looks ready to ship to me :)19:18
om26erAmaranth, notifications don't come up19:18
Amaranthom26er: compare to https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/compiz19:18
perscitusAmaranth.->  making windows transparent or just titlebar?19:19
om26erAmaranth, it is gonna be just a developers release?19:19
Amaranthperscitus: Titlebar, you can make windows transparent no matter what decoration you use19:19
Amaranthom26er: Eh? Jaunty had even more bugs open for compiz (almost 500)19:20
Amaranthom26er: We don't fix all the bugs before releasing, that would be impossible19:20
om26erAmaranth, the bugs are all about moblin user experience and i thought  ubuntu moblin remix was moblin experience19:20
bjsniderthat's ok, you don't need compiz with gnome-shell19:20
bjsnidercompiz is over19:20
q__bean, does not sound like an AIM specific error, but you could try ICQ and use it like AIM. i think it is the same. (but I don't really know)19:21
Amaranthom26er: Oh, I don't know much about the moblin stuff but I know Dell is telling people it's not for regular users yet19:21
om26erbjsnider, now the tie is for mutter19:21
Amaranthbjsnider: Except gnome-shell is crazy :)19:21
bjsniderom26er, yes, it's all mutter now.19:22
AmaranthAnd mutter is slower and buggier than compiz even19:22
beanq__: you're right, ICQ worked just fine, huh19:22
bjsniderworks great here19:22
om26erit will become better19:22
bjsnidernot slower at all19:22
q__bean, :)19:22
Amaranthbjsnider: What video card?19:22
RamunasMYAY, it works \o/19:22
TecnoBratbjsnider: just came in the middle of that ... gnome-shell is a replacement for compiz?19:22
bjsniderAmaranth, it starts with "n"...19:22
jmadginhi there! I've just come over from a convo with videolan channel, they told me you guys may be able to help! since i upgradfrom 9.04 to 9.10 my avi's dont seem to work in movie player or vlc. I checked the readout from vlc diagnostic and it said the encoder couldnt be found. I checked the encoder in synaptic and its there?19:23
bjsniderTecnoBrat, affirmative19:23
om26ergnome-shell is also a replcaement for gnome-panels and metacity pal19:23
AmaranthTecnoBrat: gnome-shell/mutter is a replacement for metacity and gnome-panel but it forces compiz out too19:23
q__can someone tell me how to switch back to sun java 6? I want a bootchart19:23
Amaranthbjsnider: You have resources to spare on that hardware so of course it doesn't seem slower19:23
jmadgincan anyone help? im tearing my hair out19:23
bjsniderAmaranth, hahaha19:23
om26ermutter still show window shadows and some fading effects and that can be improved like tranparency19:24
q__jmadgin, maybe you should just reinstall both (removing both completely before)19:24
AmaranthIt'll take at least 2 years for mutter to work as well as compiz as a compositor19:24
TecnoBratinteresting ....19:24
TecnoBratI might have to try it19:24
AmaranthOpenGL compositing is hard :/19:24
om26ercompiz was not good for me in jaunty but in karmic its at its best19:24
bjsniderAmaranth, works great here so far after a few days of use19:24
perscitusAmaranth.->  i though metacity wasnt worked on  anymore?19:25
Amaranthoh, and gnome-shell has almost no features and you can't configure it :P19:25
jmadginq ive tried uninstall and reinstall19:25
jmadginmakes no difference19:25
q__jmadgin, hm, I don't know...19:25
Amaranthperscitus: metacity is in maintenance mode, bug fixes only19:25
bjsniderAmaranth, this is just a preview19:25
om26erAmaranth, gnome-shell is preview version you know that19:25
TecnoBratAmaranth: what is missing?19:25
Amaranthom26er: I also know their plans19:25
om26erAmaranth, and you know that meant you know that..19:26
jmadginthe sound works but i just get a blank screen as i would if there was something wrong with the video codec19:26
AmaranthIf your workflow doesn't match how gnome-shell works right now don't expect it to get better for you19:26
perscitusAmaranth.->  So, Gnome will continue to lag behind KDE4 development?19:26
TecnoBratjmadgin: tried purging and reinstalling?19:26
Amaranthperscitus: metacity is being replaced by mutter/gnome-shell19:26
om26ergnome is better than kde for using point of view19:27
perscitusAmaranth.->  whats that19:27
RamunasMbjsnider: thanks for your help, its fine now ;]19:27
TecnoBratthats all a matter of perspecive (KDE vs Gnome)19:27
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about gnome-shell19:27
bjsniderRamunasM, reinstalling worked?19:27
Amaranth!info gnome-shell19:27
ubottugnome-shell (source: gnome-shell): redefines user interactions with the GNOME desktop. In component universe, is extra. Version 2.28.0-0ubuntu2 (karmic), package size 309 kB, installed size 1428 kB19:27
perscitusom26er.->  KDE 4.3 GUi is better but windows are still bit clunky. Gnome GUI but gtk look is polished.19:27
Amaranthperscitus: http://live.gnome.org/GnomeShell19:28
om26erperscitus, and gnome apps?19:28
=== billybigrigger is now known as billybigrig
bjsniderAmaranth, weren't you in the gnome-shell channel yesterday?19:29
Amaranthbjsnider: I'm there now19:29
om26erAmaranth, you never told gnome-shell plans?19:29
bjsniderwhy are you in there if you have such a problem with it?19:29
Amaranthbjsnider: To keep up-to-date on what they're working on19:29
perscituseww yuck gnome-shell. thats bad.19:29
Amaranthbjsnider: Some of the ideas are interesting I just don't agree with the philosophy19:30
bobdylanhow good is ubuntu derivative? i read on wikipedia there's a lot of ubuntu based os, like linux mint, crunchbang etc?19:30
tagIs there an extension API for gnome-shell?  It seems slick, but it's totally unusuable for a person like myself.19:30
RamunasMbjsnider: yes, either that, or that I selected to install grub on /dev/sdb19:30
tagAmaranth: what "philosophy" is that?19:30
bjsnidercompiz is a huge bulky mess full of useless crap plugins19:30
bjsniderRamunasM, ah, that might explain it19:30
tagbjsnider: the cool thing about compiz, is they're plugins, you can shut them off.19:30
Amaranthtag: Basically "our way or the highway"19:31
xeerI don't care WHEN it's released. I just want it to work better then it is right now.19:31
bjsniderAmaranth, you don't like that they're dumping the old system19:31
Amaranthtag: I was actually told I should use XFCE is I don't like how they're doing it19:31
tagWell, the current system isn't going away, right?  gnome-shell appears to be a parallel effort.19:31
AmaranthI mean, I do have commit access to xfce git but I'm also a GNOME module maintainer so I'm torn19:32
bjsnideryes it is19:32
tagit is going away?19:32
Amaranthtag: gnome-panel is going to be effectively unmaintained within a year19:32
erwan_hoI there19:32
bjsniderit is being replaced by gnome-shell19:32
tagWell now I'm pissed off too.19:32
bjsnideryou must use it or thugs will beat you up19:32
xeera shell is nothing more then a window manager and a few panels.19:32
erwan_hoanyone for helping me. I need the "hexdump -n 4 /dev/<yourdisk>" of a karmic19:32
om26ergnome3 will open one instance of an app as in windows719:32
KamilionHi. I'm trying to install ubuntu-virt-manager in karmic and it's asking me something about a postfix configuration, which one do I pick?19:33
tagor as in mac-os19:33
bjsnideri say for the old way go and use xfce. that's a perfect solution19:33
Amaranthom26er: Nah, it'll just treat all the windows as one app just like docky does right now19:33
om26erAmaranth, i read it a month ago and it was like a news on the internet19:33
xeerkarmic should not use ext4 until the maintainers can ensure it works properly. right now it's a pile of shit19:34
Kamilionerwan_ho: just a sec...19:34
erwan_hothx Kamilion19:34
xeerJBD fails at boot, mounts are broken.. wtf?19:34
tagI sort of liked how in gnome, to date, I've been able to choose not to choose their window manager.  I've never liked sawfish/metacity/etc.  And I don't like gnome shell's window management and I won't unless I can bend it to my will through extensions.  I appreciate the concept of gnome-shell but I'm pretty un-stoked on the existing system going unmaintained.19:35
om26erpreviously ubuntu required 384mb of ram for live cd now in karmic is it 256mb?19:35
Kamiliondisk or partition?19:35
tonyyarussoI doubt that's the fault of ext4 xeer - it's been rather heavily tested just fine19:35
erwan_hoKamilion: disk please19:35
Kamilion0000000 4ceb d09019:35
tagAmaranth: You can always fork gnome.19:35
erwan_hothx a lot19:35
bjsnidertag, the existing system is old junk19:35
Amaranthtag: haha, GoneME19:35
xeertonyyarusso:  ext4 and karmic. ext4 worked great for me on the previous ubuntu19:36
KamilionI'm trying to install ubuntu-virt-manager in karmic and it's asking me something about a postfix configuration, which one do I pick?19:36
* erwan_ho wonder if someday, ubuntu will put HDT on their iso ;)19:36
Kamilionerwan_ho: eh, I just use http://netboot.me/19:36
om26erAmaranth, gnome team will release gnome-shell and ubuntu and other distros will add their own api's mean change things as they wan't19:36
tonyyarussoxeer: More likely things are broken because you're running a pre-release.19:37
* om26er says that was a Question19:37
erwan_hoAmaranth: http://hdt-project.org Hardware Detection Tool19:37
Amaranthom26er: afaik no one on the Ubuntu side knows what to do19:37
erwan_hoalready on some other distro & boot kernel org19:37
Amaranthom26er: They don't seem particularly fond of gnome-shell but that could change and, really, what else can they do?19:37
erwan_hoKamilion: oh it's on it \o/19:37
erwan_hodidn't knew that19:38
tagbjsnider: Everything is crap...software developers are lazy fuckers and write horrible software with horrible documentation.  I don't see why that means I shouldn't be able to rock my own window manager and continue to use evolution and keep it integrated with my clock widget.19:38
ubottuPlease remember that all Ubuntu IRC channels share the same attitude of providing friendly and polite interaction with all users of all ages and cultures. Basically, this means no foul language and no abuse towards others.19:38
bjsnidergnome-shell is not such a radical change that it will put users off. it's more having to give up compiz19:38
xeerscrew you tag, not all of us are like that19:38
om26ertag, or you can go to hell19:38
Kamilionerwan_ho: as well as the 'current' netinstaller for karmic. No need to keep downloading Alpha/Beta/RC/Final ISOs...19:38
xeerhorrible documentation, yes. but if you don't know how to develop software then why are you bother reading it?19:38
Amaranthbjsnider: And users who can't do OpenGL compositing can use what, exactly?19:38
KamilionA mac?19:39
Amaranthbjsnider: That's the biggest hurdle in any distro shipping gnome-shell by default19:39
bjsniderthat's funny. i guess tag isn't fond of software developers19:39
tagOh my, what a cantankerous bunch.  ext4 is crap, this is crap, that is crap, the current system is crap, but my own software isn't?  Isn't that atypical enough such comments should be taken in jest?19:39
* tonyyarusso can't do compositing on most of his machines19:39
Amaranthbjsnider: about half our users are not going to be able to run gnome-shell on first boot19:39
raffertyhi all, I am receiving "Stopping job because the scheduler could not execute the backend" when printing to PDF. Print Error (stdin)... any help?19:39
bjsniderAmaranth, complain to the guys writing the graphics drivers19:39
Amaranthbjsnider: ha19:40
tonyyarussobjsnider: Uh, we've been doing that for decades.19:40
tagbjsnider: Naturally, I am a software developer, so I deal with it first hand on a daily basis.19:40
erwan_hothx for your help guys19:40
om26ertag, so u think development is easy. how about you add audio call to yahoo in empathy?19:40
bjsnidertag, are you a lazy bleeper?19:40
tagI prefer to just not use empathy because it seems immature.19:40
tagbjsnider: I try really hard not to be, but just like everyone else I've created my fair share of messes. :-)19:41
om26erempathy 2.6.30 should not focus on new features but should focus on stability.19:42
bjsniderAmaranth, do you honestly think there will be no answer to the compositing problem between now and april?19:42
Amaranthbjsnider: Actually october19:42
xeerim at an initramfs prompt, what can I input to get karmic to finish booting?19:42
tonyyarussoThe only solution to the compositing problem is obsolescense - eventually enough of the non-working cards will be in the trash.19:42
Amaranthbjsnider: Can't have GNOME 3.0 without GTK+ 3.0 and they plan on doing another GTK+ 2.x first so they can properly deprecate stuff they don't want to have in 3.019:42
bjsniderAmaranth, because we cannot see one now doesn't mean one won't present itself19:43
Amaranthbjsnider: and Ubuntu wouldn't have 3.0 in lucid anyway19:43
om26erlucid lynx is gnonna be LTS so they might not wanna give gnome-shell in it ?19:43
xeerwhat's the point to karmic. lucid seems to be the more important one19:43
bjsniderAmaranth, there's always a new gnome before a new ubuntu release19:43
Amaranthbjsnider: Unless the next GNOME is 2.30 we're sticking with 2.28 for lucid19:44
tonyyarussoxeer: if that's your view, why are you here?  ;)19:44
xeertonyyarusso:  because karmic is not working! it drops me to a busybox shell on every restart19:44
NaviRetlavHi , I have problem with my ubuntu 9.10 , After boot I see white ubuntu logo and afther that I have black screen + blinking caps lock led.  2hours ago all was perfect.  auth.log is almost empty( no logs from last broken boot sequence ) . Who have idea how to help me ?19:44
AmaranthNaviRetlav: Sounds like a kernel panic when it tries to start X19:44
bjsniderAmaranth, does gnome not  operate on 6 month release cycles?19:44
tonyyarussoxeer: so just wait for Lucid?  Contradictory statements...19:45
om26eri think they won't pack a long term solution release with some immature gnome-shell19:45
Amaranthbjsnider: It does but we're not shipping 3.0 in an LTS even if it is released in time19:45
KamilionNote: Linux runs on everything from MCUs smaller than a SDMicro to full on 4096 processor mainframes. Do you really expect that code written to support devices on one side of the spectrum will work well on devices on the other side? ;)19:45
bjsniderAmaranth, oh, i see your point now19:45
Amaranthbjsnider: Just like we won't have compiz 0.9 even if it ships in time because it's just too different and new19:45
bjsniderAmaranth, i'm assuming it will be available through another means like a ppa19:45
om26erbjsnider, http://live.gnome.org/TwoPointTwentyseven/19:46
xeertonyyarusso:  yes I plan on skipping karmic if I could ever get my system to boot. Unfortuantly I can't just drop it cold turkey since ext4 doesn't work on intrepid19:46
om26ersee the schedule19:46
NaviRetlavAmaranth: where I should have any bug logs if auth.log is empty ?19:46
xeerfile recovery is important!19:46
Amaranthbjsnider: Only if I get unlazy and upload packages to the PPA :)19:46
bjsniderAmaranth, oh, i guess you're a lazy ******** too19:46
xeerI'm sure that's a feature people would be welcomed to see. "Recover files" in their boot manager19:46
xeeroh but wait, that would steal money from those freelance computer hackers19:47
KamilionCan't steal what isn't there.19:47
bjsniderAmaranth, what is the gnome-devs solution to the compositing problem?19:47
KamilionWe're all broke anyway. ;)19:47
ubuntuLoverV3hi peeps, how do I install grub (not grub2) on the MBR of a karmic installation?19:48
NaviRetlavanyone can help me ?19:48
om26erNaviRetlav, just come and ask the question19:49
Amaranthbjsnider: "get an intel card"19:49
Amaranthbjsnider: or hopefully soon "get an ati card"19:49
ubuntuLoverV3also how do I see the list of users in the XChat IRC client?!19:49
bjsniderAmaranth, well, that's a good point'19:49
om26eris xserver-xorg-video-nv open-source nvidia driver?19:50
Amaranthbjsnider: I'm surprised you'd say that since you are an nvidia user19:50
Amaranthbjsnider: Your use case is actually one of the broken ones for gnome-shell19:50
bjsniderom26er, yes, but so is nouveau, which is better19:50
NaviRetlavom26er: I asked , maybe you know where I can find any bugs log if I have black screen with karnel panic , after white ubuntu logo ?19:51
om26erbjsnider, they should give it out of box19:51
bjsniderAmaranth, broken? not at all. it works spectacularly well here. i love it19:51
bjsniderway better than compiz19:51
om26erNaviRetlav, i don't know19:51
xeeris it possible to tell the karmic livecd to not touch my disk drives..?19:51
bjsniderit's not just bling for bling's sake19:51
tonyyarussoAmaranth: quite a few new ATI cards work, yes?  Is there a list of known-goods?19:52
om26erxeer, so where are you gonna install it19:52
Amaranthbjsnider: I meant how do you get gnome-shell on first boot19:52
Amaranthbjsnider: and the features we have enabled by default in Ubuntu are not bling for bling's sake :)19:52
xeerom26er:  I'm not. im using it to recover the files on my karmic workstation. fresh install that doesn't work!19:52
tonyyarussoxeer: try a live CD?  Or would you rather just complain about it?19:53
Amaranthbjsnider: but if you disagree you can change which plugins are used and it'll work completely differently19:53
bjsniderAmaranth, just put a startup command in there: gnome-shell --replace19:53
xeerI guess I jumped the gun by downloading karmic few days prior to release. who would have known it would be THIS BUGGY19:53
Amaranthbjsnider: How do you run gnome-shell with no nvidia driver?19:53
Amaranthbjsnider: You seem to be intentionally got getting the point now19:53
xeertonyyarusso:  ahem. I just asked a question about the livecd. that's what I'm using to recover the filesystem19:53
bjsniderAmaranth, i have the nvidia driver19:53
Amaranthbjsnider: Not on first boot you don't19:53
tagbjsnider: What are your gripes about compiz, except for the fruity and lame default plugins, the effort that was wasted on crap like wobbly windows, and the rats-nest of extensions?19:53
bjsniderAmaranth, oh, i see your point. you mean the very first time i run the distro19:53
tonyyarussoxeer: okay...the answer is "you can't not touch them and get data off them - that makes no sense"19:54
Amaranthtag: Do you have anything constructive to say about _anything_?19:54
om26erwhy don't ubuntu give nvida driver out of box19:54
xeertonyyarusso:  okay since I don't follow I can't offer a response19:54
bjsnidertag, other than that, it sucks19:54
Amaranthom26er: legal and "moral" reasons19:54
drs305xeer: Just choose "Try without Installing" to get you to the Desktop. It won't write anything to your partitions that way.19:54
xeerthe one good thing I saw from karmic was support for 2560x1600 right out of the box19:55
tonyyarussoxeer: what do you mean by "not touch"?19:55
om26erAmaranth, open-source driver19:55
tagAmaranth: I already plugged compiz, I like it, because I can bend it to my will.  It didn't do what I wanted (flyable directional focus control) so I added it.  Same reasons I avidly used pekwm for years...only, compiz is prettier.19:55
ikt<tag> bjsnider: What are your gripes about compiz, except for the fruity and lame default plugins, the effort that was wasted on crap like wobbly windows, and the rats-nest of extensions? <- I've put that in my forum sig19:55
bjsniderAmaranth, i'm not sure what would happen if i tried that. would it go to a virtual console or something?19:55
xeerdrs305:  that option does not function. I am presented with a buxybox shell. Like I said all flavors of karmic seem to be buggy19:55
Amaranthom26er: the open source driver is installed by default but it gives no hardware acceleration so does not help you run gnome-shell19:55
GodfatherofEireAnybody know how to change the gdm theme? (I accidentally switched it installing blubuntu, and cant get it back)19:56
xeertonyyarusso:  the livecd is droping to a busybox shell and the log on my display says it was failing to mount the drive (ext4)19:56
om26erAmaranth, if for some reason nvidia requests ubuntu to give their driver in ubuntu. then will ubuntu do that or still there are some policies?19:56
TecnoBratanyone ever had an issue updating to 9.10 where it gets stuck Setting up xulrunner-1.9.119:56
drs305xeer: That's a problem with the CD then I would suspect. Have you run the "check CD" option when the CD runs?19:56
tonyyarussoxeer: did you check the integrity of the disk?19:56
tagAmaranth: I'm a bit anxious about this gnome-shell business, because I tried it and I didn't see a way to change the way it behaves...part of what turned me on to X11 back in the X11R6 days was if I didn't like something, it was pretty easy to just replace that bit (re: window manager being separate from desktop environment being separate from file management, et al)19:56
Amaranthom26er: nvidia would love us to ship the driver by default but the kernel community would probably send us a cease and desist letter19:57
tonyyarussoxeer: if none of that works, you can use a jaunty CD19:57
xeerdrs305:  yes, it passes. I also used this cd to install the system, that worked greated until I downloaded the new karmic updates and restarted. now nothing but BUSYBOX!19:57
tonyyarussoxeer: what architecture is this?19:57
Amaranthom26er: distributing the nvidia driver pre-installed is sort of illegal19:58
xeertonyyarusso:  amd6419:58
om26erAmaranth, if if the owner (nvidia) don't have a problem?19:58
Amaranthom26er: the kernel guys have the problem and nvidia has no say in it19:58
bjsniderom26er, the gpl is the problem19:58
xeerthe integrity check takes it to the white on black ubuntu loading screen, which is more then the actual "run cd without installing" option did.19:59
bjsnidernvidia's driver violates the gpl19:59
Jordan_U_xeer: Can you try holding shift at boot and pressing 'e' to edit the kernel parameters replacing root=UUID=3e472d59-442e-47de-a1af-f3c274b1f94d with root=/dev/sda1 ( or whatever your root partition is ) ?19:59
bjsniderwhich makes it incompatible with the linux kernel19:59
om26erbjsnider, but if nvidia opens its source code although it won't. then there is no problem na?19:59
Amaranthbjsnider, om26er: Clarification: The way nvidia (and Ubuntu) currently ship the driver is a legal gray area but installing it by default is a definite violation20:00
tonyyarussobjsnider: um, violating the GPL and being incompatible with the GPL are completely different things.20:00
xeerJordan_U_:  thanks I'll have to try that. it was saying it couldn't mount the drive with the UUID so I'll try your option20:00
q__could someone render me a bootchart? my java does not work and the online renderer is broken/down20:00
bjsniderom26er, that will happen in the year 406720:00
Amaranthom26er: nvidia has (recently) said that will never happen20:00
syn-ackbjsnider, Prove to me that it violates the GPL20:00
xeernvidia for windows, ati for linux. period.20:00
GodfatherofEireEr. Guys? My xorg.conf is missing.20:01
om26erAmaranth, but intel really support open source ?20:01
syn-ackGod, so many people don't understand the difference between tainting and etc20:01
Amaranthom26er: yes20:01
yofelGodfatherofEire: karmic has no xorg.conf by default20:01
xeerGodfatherofEire:  no, it is just using defaults20:01
Jordan_U_xeer: If that works then you are probably experiencing https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/46244020:01
q__xeer, hear way to many complains about ATI20:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 462440 in linux "initramfs fails to find root filesystem by UUID since 2.6.31-12-generic" [Undecided,New]20:01
thiebaudethe GPL also says if you need it for your system to work then you can use it20:01
om26erand ATI? do they?20:01
AmaranthGodfatherofEire: we don't have one by default20:01
bjsnidersyn-ack, the driver is closed, and its source cannot be redistributed modified, which violates the erms of the gpl20:01
GodfatherofEireyofel, well, that explains it20:01
Amaranthom26er: yes and no20:01
syn-ackbjsnider, that does NOT violate the GPL20:01
tonyyarussobjsnider: That's not a violation.20:01
Amaranthsyn-ack: The GPL does not prevent you personally from tainting your kernel running the nvidia driver but it does prevent us from shipping it precompiled and installed20:02
syn-ackbjsnider, Before you go preaching be sure you know what you're talking about20:02
syn-ackAmaranth, Absolutely20:02
bjsnidersyn-ack, who's preaching?20:02
thiebaudesyn-ack, did you see that part in the GPL what is was saying?20:02
perscitusWicked cool. Vacuum effect in compiz. I can pretend it's blackhole effect20:02
Amaranthsyn-ack: That's why I said what we do now is a legal gray area20:02
ubuntuLoverV3is the boot sector the same as the MBR?20:02
NaviRetlavQuestion: how to start u9.10 without ati graphic driver ? ( I can login , only x is not working )20:02
syn-ackAmaranth, sure, that much goes without saying.. :/ Been like that since the being of time (TM) :/20:03
q__perscitus, there is new stuff in compiz? wehee *searching for shovel and bucket*20:03
om26erAmaranth, but ubuntu can give nouveau?20:04
syn-ackbjsnider, as long as its not Derived Work (ie built on something that IS GPL) youre fine20:04
syn-ackbjsnider, and since both the nVidia AND ATi Drivers work from within wrappers, its apparently ok20:04
GodfatherofEireAnybody know how to change the gdm theme? (I accidentally switched it installing blubuntu, and cant get it back) And also, how can I get ctrl+alt+backspace back?20:04
bjsnidersyn-ack, if you're looking for a RMS-fanatic or gpl fanatic, that ain't me20:05
dupondjehow can I debug Nautilus ?20:05
syn-ackbjsnider, Dont take this the wrong way, but thats exactly the impression I get.20:05
ArsinAre the windows key's disabled? I can't seem to get my binds to work20:05
yofeldupondje: err... in what way? You could just attach gdb to the process to debug it...20:05
bjsnidersyn-ack, i was actually answer a question earlier about why the nvidia driver can't be included in the kernel20:05
syn-ackbjsnider, shit dude, I'm sorry20:06
Jordan_U_Arsin: Please, they are super keys ( that's obviously a cape not a window )20:06
bjsnideri was not preaching to anybody20:06
dupondjeyofel: in the code there are g_debug messages etc, but where to see the messages ?20:06
syn-ackbjsnider, it still doesnt violate the GPL its just... emcumbered... yeah thats the word.20:06
jussi01syn-ack: mind the language please20:07
Jordan_U_dupondje: Install nautilus-dbg ?20:07
TecnoBratAnyone use conky with 9.10?20:07
ubuntuLoverV3hi guys, does anyone here remember the boot problem I am having?20:07
bjsnidersyn-ack, i find the legalistic mumbo-jumbo RMS uses dull and boring and worngheaded. IP is a political problem, not a question of the license used20:07
dupondjeJordan_U_: that are debug symbols .. but will not bring those debug messages on my screen I bet :p20:07
perscitusArsin.->  I'm sorry to say that Ubuntu doesnt make use of Windows key by default20:08
ubuntuLoverV3mzz, dmatt are you here?20:08
TecnoBratmy conky display has a weird shadow around it :P20:08
syn-ackbjsnider, See, thats where I differ.. I love the legal aspects of it20:08
Jordan_U_Arsin: You should still be able to bind actions to it though20:08
jussi01ubuntuLoverV3: perhaps you can tell us again?20:08
TecnoBratand its also sitting ontop instead of behind floating on the desktop20:08
bjsnidersyn-ack, ugh, whatever floats your boat20:08
ArsinJordan_U_: Hmm.. it's not reading it when I try to set up a bind20:08
bjsnidersyn-ack, are you a lawyer?20:08
ubottu#ubuntu+1 handles support for the development version of Ubuntu.  Please join #ubuntu for all other Ubuntu support.  Chat in #ubuntu-offtopic.20:09
syn-ackbjsnider, PoliSci Major. :D20:09
Jordan_U_Arsin: Does it register in xev?20:09
ArsinJordan_U_: xev is?20:09
ubuntuLoverV3jussi01, oh man it's too long a story and you guys will suggest things that mzz and dmatt already tried by the time I finish telling you I'll be bed time20:09
jussi01ubuntuLoverV3: perhaps you cna give me the basics at least.20:10
Jordan_U_Arsin: It's a simple application that brings up a window and prints to stdout any X events that window recieves, like key press / release20:10
xeerhttp://pastebin.com/d748b59b8 this is the current issue I am facing with karmic20:10
q__could someone render me a bootchart? my java does not work and the online renderer is broken/down20:11
ubuntuLoverV3but in short, new Karmic instalation on single boot laptop, installed grub2 but won't but, gets stuck on a black screen with blinking cursor before it gets to grub220:11
ubuntuLoverV3so I don't think it's an MBR/grub/partition table issue20:11
ArsinJordan_U_: It reads it20:11
xeerubuntuLoverV3:  seems the be a problem going around20:11
Jordan_U_Arsin: What application isn't recognising it?20:12
ubuntuLoverV3I am searching and someone said either the HDD is fried, which it's not because I can munt Karmic from the Live CD20:12
ArsinSystem>Prefs>Keyboard Shortcuts20:12
ubuntuLoverV3or, weak power supply!!20:12
ubuntuLoverV3the laptops battery died and I'm using t with power supply only, could that be it?20:13
xeerI'd think not..20:13
ArsinJordan_U_: Infact, Super Ctrl and Alt are not able to be binded there20:13
q__ubuntuLoverV3, stored it empty? to much heat over the time?20:13
ubuntuLoverV3xeer, yeah I'm running out of ideas20:14
ubuntuLoverV3q__, yes it does overheat, it's a crap unbranded laptop, good spec when I bought it but creap hardware20:14
bjsniderubuntuLoverV3, did you try reinstalling?20:15
ubuntuLoverV3yeah, this the third different ubuntu version I tried, they all install fine just won't boot20:15
ubuntuLoverV3oh I have to say that it ran ubuntu 6.xx for over a year when I first got the laptop, but the boot topped working during an upgrade! and since it has not worked except via LiveCD20:17
ubuntuLoverV3it's been about 2 years now20:17
bjsniderubuntuLoverV3, have you considered throwing it out?20:18
ubuntuLoverV3I stored it for a while but now I'd like ot get it working as a secondary machine20:18
bjsniderit sounds like garbage20:18
ubuntuLoverV3bjsnider, nope :) I'm very frugal. But I have considered buying another harddrive20:18
bjsnideri wonder if it would work with a different hard drive20:18
ubuntuLoverV3bjsnider, I'll throw it out if you send me a replacement ;)20:19
Jordan_U_ubuntuLoverV3: If your problem is that grub won't load from the hard drive, but you can access the hard drive fine via liveCD you can try installing grub to a CD and have it load the /boot/grub/grub.cfg from the hard drive20:20
ubuntuLoverV3Jordan_U_, YES, in fact I did that on a USBpen for a while but was hopping there was a fix!20:21
xeerI unplugged the hard drive, and look at that.. the livecd works now.20:22
Jordan_U_ubuntuLoverV3: You could ask in #grub, but they will only support GRUB2 ( but it's one of the few channels where the people giving support are actually the developers so they are very knowlageable )20:22
ubuntuLoverV3oh thank, what's the channel name?20:23
Jordan_U_ubuntuLoverV3: #grub20:23
ubuntuLoverV3not grub2 ?20:23
perscitushow do you move panel now?20:24
Jordan_U_ubuntuLoverV3: No, there is only one grub channel and it only supports GRUB220:24
tgpraveen!info empathy20:24
ubottuempathy (source: empathy): High-level library and user-interface for Telepathy. In component main, is optional. Version 2.28.1-1ubuntu1 (karmic), package size 115 kB, installed size 452 kB20:24
perscitustgpraveen.-> its not real telepathy20:25
tgpraveenperscitus: ??20:25
tgpraveeni know its the empathy client using telepathy framework20:25
perscitustgpraveen.-> and i said its not real telepathy20:25
tgpraveenperscitus: what do u mean by "real" telepathy?20:26
cankoy /part20:26
perscitustgpraveen.->  use a dictionary20:26
GodfatherofEireAny ideas why Ctrl Alt F7 is causing a kernel panic (I think) when I try to exit the tty console?20:28
dupondjepfft trying to get the damn g_debug shown :p20:28
perscitustgpraveen.->  figure it out yet20:29
yofelperscitus: even if you're talking about telepathy and not telepathy, I think in *this* channel we can just got with tgpraveen's interpretation :P20:31
alexis_hi! it is possible to edit directly /boot/config-2.6.31-14-generic to enable a feature to (try) to make work my dvb tuner?20:35
alexis_I saw on linux tv kiwi's that: Some "broken" devices where sold with cold id: 0547:2235 . You will need to enable CONFIG_DVB_USB_DIBUSB_MB_FAULTY in the kernel .config to catch those.20:36
alexis_(before, in hardy -k2.6.24*- juste adding the firmware in /lib/firmware, it was enough20:37
ChogyDanhmmm, anyone running karmic UNR right now?20:39
BerzerkerChogyDan: yes20:41
Berzerkerare there any mirrors for karmic moblin remix? the one off ubuntu.com is really slow20:41
ChogyDanBerzerker: would you like to test a bug?  sudo shutdown now  isn't working for me20:41
Berzerkercan't right now20:42
tgpraveen1yay! just installed karmic and my boot time is down about 1 min20:42
tgpraveen1its only around 1:10 now20:42
tgpraveen1from switch on to desktop20:42
tgpraveen1and mine is a p4 system20:43
syn-ackmine is 20 seconds20:43
alexis_sudo shutdown -h now20:43
ChogyDanalexis_: ah! ok20:43
alexis_or -r to restart20:43
ChogyDanalexis_: I think I got confused because there is a : sudo reboot20:44
ArsinMy internet is extremely slow is this happening to anyone else? Yesterday in 9.04 it was fine20:44
tgpraveen1Arsin: i doubt it has more to do with ISP than with ubuntu20:44
apparleAt what time is 9.10 karmic koala releasing?20:45
Lint01Why do we have this PoS 'Ubuntu Software Center' in default install?20:45
Berzerkeryou mean the amazing ubuntu software center?20:46
Berzerkerbecause it's amazing20:46
apparledAlfa89_: Here it is already 29th20:46
Lint01USC interface designers must be flogged20:47
dAlfa89_Fine, released on the 29th20:47
dAlfa89_But still, expect it to be released at some point in the day20:47
tgpraveen1in some timezone20:48
dAlfa89_Light-, had that pointed out ¬.¬ ^20:48
apparleAnyone know how many hours to ago.... approx20:48
chazcoHow easy is it to change back to GDM or to customise xsplash?20:48
Light-apparle, if its anything like last time, about 1420:48
apparleokk thanks20:49
ArsinI can't seem to watch videos on the internet, ie http://gizmodo.com/5391819/high-res-video-of-ares-i+x-launch?autoplay=true?skyline=true&s=i20:50
ArsinNo player is coming up20:50
villemvsound suddenly started working with kde20:50
villemvI didn't check what apt-get brought be - anyone aware what they fixed?20:51
domjohnsonSo, Karmic will be released later today?20:51
kristian2don't know20:51
domjohnsonWhat time is it in Ubuntu mean Time?20:51
kristian2in the past they took their time20:51
villemvthey still got till friday :-)20:51
kristian2they have time, till the last time zone turns to friday20:52
villemvif they do it today, you could say the sound issue was "saved by the bell"20:52
domjohnsonI'll just wait til' Monday or whatever20:52
kristian2but i think that gmt is the ubuntu time, becuae the quarter is in london und parts of africa also have the gmt20:52
domjohnsonIn which case, its only the 28th in GMT20:53
kristian2yes it is20:53
LinuxGuy2009Hey guys I have the 9.10 RC installed and when the official release happens tomorrow do I just need to check to see if the final MD5Sum matches the the one I get from the RC image to see if there were any last minute changes added so I know if i can just burn the RC image or if I need to download a final image? Sound about right or is it pretty much guaranteed that I will need to download the final image?20:53
Anathema220:53 GMT atm20:53
kristian2download the final image20:54
kristian2i think they will put it here as soon it will be released20:55
tonyyarussoLinuxGuy2009: I can tell you right now the RC image is likely not the final, since the images have changed since then multiple times.20:56
villemvyeah, and tons of updates keep coming daily20:56
LinuxGuy2009tonyyarusso: Oh ok thank you that was just the bit of info I wanted to verify.20:56
syn-ackI'm already running Karmic so its not really that big a deal20:56
syn-ackjust a quick apt-get update and I'll be happy20:56
chazcoWith 9.04 the RC was the final... guessing since the RC for 9.10 is a bit iffy still it probably wont be. That and the 200+ updates currently going on after install20:57
villemvI imagine most ppl on this channel would be running karmic ;-)20:57
syn-ackThen I dont see what the big deal is. :P20:57
tonyyarussoRemember folks, some people are still trying to get support here, so please take the speculation and whatnot to #ubuntu-release-party.20:58
chazcoStill trying to customise xsplash and fix the touchscreen, otherwise it's all good :)20:59
narretgrezhello, after upgrading to karmic koala, internet has become really slow20:59
narretgrezis this normal?20:59
ubuntuLoverV3how can I find out the manufactorer of my hard drive?20:59
narretgrezlike after i try to go to a new url, it freezes up sometimes for like 5-6 seconds20:59
LinuxGuy2009So Ill just need to do a system update to have the final release installed correct? Then just download and burn the ISO with no need to have to reinstall a fresh copy or should I anyways?20:59
narretgrezor even up to 10 seconds20:59
narretgrezactually, i'm not sure if it's an issue with firefox or the internet21:00
narretgrezbut the cpu isn't spiking in firefox21:00
villemvbad internet won't peak your browser21:00
villemvlate here21:00
Guest1Karmic has not been released yet correct?21:00
villemvnarretgrez: how about other browsers21:00
tonyyarussoLinuxGuy2009: If everything looks good, you can just do the upgrade.  If you experience issues after that, a fresh install may help.21:01
narretgrezvillemv: i haven't tried any other browser yet. what other browsers are available?21:01
tonyyarussoGuest1: No.21:01
LinuxGuy2009Guest1: Tommorow21:01
villemvarora, epiphany, w3m...21:01
tonyyarussoGuest1: This channel will cease to exist once it does.  Await announcement and party in #ubuntu-release-party21:01
Guest1Then why are there ISO releases21:01
chazcoIs the splash screen supposed to display after login for a bit?21:01
villemvchazco: yes21:01
tonyyarussoGuest1: There have been ISO images since like June - they just aren't final.21:01
chazcoAh ok, thanks villemv21:02
LinuxGuy2009tonyyarusso: Thank you.21:02
jemarktomorrow is the final...21:02
Guest1tonyyarusso: so the ISOs are development versions21:02
tonyyarussoGuest1: correct21:02
Guest1thank you21:02
jemarkbut i guess if you update the latest daily, you have the final ;)21:02
villemvincidentally, nvidia performance with kde is *amazing* on karmic21:03
villemvw/ binary drivers21:03
tonyyarussoYes, you can download a daily image and then tomorrow use rsync/zsync to only download the small amount of updates needed, if any.21:03
villemvI feel like moving around my windows all the time21:03
alankilahmm, so they finally fixed whatever was ailing KDE4... I saw it sometime soon after Jaunty was released and it felt pretty slow then21:04
BUGabundonight o/21:04
BUGabundo14h to launch :))21:04
villemvalankila: well, for nvidia anyway21:04
* BUGabundo is happy feet21:04
villemvsupposedly intel too, but on my office intel chip it's still clunky. but so is gnome21:05
villemvbut now, nvidia rocks more than anything rocked before, anywhere21:05
RamunasMany of you use ubuntu one?21:05
* villemv is on the hyperbole21:05
villemvRamunasM: ask the actual question ;-)21:06
villemvas opposed to "any 'nano' gurus in the house?"21:06
LaneyAre the nvidia drivers on Karmic any good?21:06
RamunasMvillemv: how do I add my computer to my account?21:06
villemvLaney: YES21:06
villemvRamunasM: it should happen automatically21:06
LaneyI want to get some new quiet graphics21:06
villemvwhen you use the applet on new computer21:07
Laneywhich will let me play l4d and tf2 on windows but also work on Karmic21:07
Laneyany recommendations?21:07
villemvfor karmic, I'd say nvidia something21:07
villemvsince the new "glorious" ati drivers are not in karmic yet, iirc21:07
bjsniderwhat new ati drivers?21:08
villemvif I've read my phoronix correctly21:08
* Laney shrugs21:08
RamunasMvillemv: well, no go with that21:08
villemvthe open source ones written against ati's specs21:08
LaneyI'm using -ati right now21:08
Laneyworks well enough21:08
BluesKajanyone on karmic able to play the video here ?  http://www.nasa.gov/#21:08
Laneyjust want to make my PC silent and the x1950 I have now is pretty loud21:08
villemvLaney: all the compositing stuff is working well then?21:09
bjsniderwhich open source ati drivers written against ati's specs?21:09
Laneycompiz is fine21:09
Laneybjsnider: yes21:09
villemvbjsnider: hold on21:09
LaneyI am watching a flight test21:09
bjsniderit is difficult to keep track of their many drivers21:09
bpgoldsbI've got the ubuntu karmic alternate release rc.  I'm PXE booting off of the image on the cd.  I PXE boot fine.  However, during the 'Download Installer Components' section, I get 'No kernel modules found.  This is probably due to a mismatch between the kernel used by this version of the installer and the version in the archive'.  Anyone know anything about this21:09
LaneyBluesKaj: yes, even21:10
Laneybjsnider: -ati works fine21:10
villemvthe ones they talk about here, for example: http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=fedora_r600_3d&num=121:10
Laney-fglrx dropped support for this card, but luckily the Free one is good enough now21:10
Laneywasn't for <=Jaunty21:10
BluesKajLaney, what plugin do we need , any idea , looks like quicktime and wma21:11
Laneyit's using the totem plugin21:12
bjsniderBluesKaj, that might work with the fluendo codecs installed21:14
BluesKajtotem isn't aplugin , it's a player21:14
nameinerI installed amarok under ubuntu and tried to activate the multimedia keys of my laptop. They don't work. They work fine in other applications though. What can I do?21:14
BluesKajok, thanks bjsnider , I'll check it out21:15
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scott_ino2anyone know of a way to tweak compiz to make it faster for slower hardware?21:17
rohanwhen :P21:19
=== Jordan_U_ is now known as Jordan_U
arandscott_ino2: there are some quality setting in the general section in compizconfig...21:20
scott_ino2yeah im having a look around21:20
scott_ino2it's hard to tell the naming structure of these things21:21
scott_ino2since minimize effect is turned off, yet the standard minimize/maximize effect does something21:21
ArsinVideos on Veoh aren't working any help?21:22
cdm10Hmm. The new Devicekit-Power thingy has some drawbacks. For one thing, it doesn't display "Provides x minutes of power" any more, and seems to base remaining times on BIOS-reported remaining times, which are quite volatile and quite a bit less accurate than g-p-m's older formula.21:24
arandscott_ino2: since that is defined in animations I think... There is a reason why compizconfig isn't shipped per default...21:25
scott_ino2arand, yeah... just playing around with it, i don't really want compiz but i don't want uglyness either so im trying to adjust it for a good mix21:26
scott_ino2no worries21:26
scott_ino2arand, only problem i have is maximizing is slow21:28
Cahandamn, Karmic still seems to have the bug where my wifi card will randomly lock up21:29
awozniakDelvien: how do you re-enable ctrl-alt-backspace in Karmic?21:30
Delvienawozniak: system> pref > keyboard > layouts > layout options, the option is in there.21:30
Delvienawozniak: find it ?21:31
awozniakyep, ty21:31
Delviennp :)21:31
awozniakDelvien: yep, ty21:31
Delvienkk im out of this channel, have fun folks21:31
ArsinMy sound isn't working in 9.04 it did but not now21:32
hggdhArsin: if you are running 9.04, this is the wrong channel: we deal exclusively with 9.10 (until tomorrow)21:33
hggdhplease try #ubuntu21:33
Berzerkeranyone here using karmic moblin remix?21:34
Cahanis there no sound configurer in xubuntu?21:34
nztalwhat are some of the more modern internet chipsets supported under karmic ?21:35
nztalerr intel motherboard chipsets21:35
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cdm10nztal: most Intel chipsets are fully supported, I believe -- Intel has a very good record of open-source compatibility.21:36
villemvtoo bad some intel chips work very slow still21:37
villemveven if they are supported21:37
arandhggdh: Arsin: No, I think this is the right channel... if your issues are in karmic as you stated.21:38
* yofel throws a side note to GME500 into the room...21:38
hggdharand, indeed, this is why I said "if you are running 9.04 (...)"21:39
sourcemakerin karmic... akonadi crashs...21:41
sourcemakeris this a known problem?21:41
Berzerkernztal: X58 and P55 are both supporte.21:42
Cahanwhen I get a pidgin notification in the top right hand screen and move the mouse to click it (in order that it brings Pidgin to the forefront and lets me read the new message) the notification disappears when my mouse is over it, is this intended behaviour?21:43
mMezquitalehey is it the 29th yet???  at what time zone will karmic be officially released???21:44
dAlfa89_Cahan, yes, you can't actually click that type of notification, there is a Pidgin plugin that opens "Toaster" popups at the bottom-left that you can click on, if you prefer21:45
Cahanthat's terrible usability :|21:45
dAlfa89_They're only intended to notify, it uses the libnotify engine thing, just like Rhythmbox21:46
Lint01what the hell is difference?21:46
yofelmMezquitale: there is no fixed release time, it will be released sometime on the 29th.21:47
Lint01how can I change the login screen in kk?21:47
Cahanthe average users conceptual model of a notification pop-up is that when they click it it provides more information / takes them to whatever program generated it21:47
shinkaI have a problem with the Ubuntu Software Center. I tried to install "Inkscape", but the progress is stuck at 72% "Applying change". I cannot install any new program and there's no X at the right of the progress bar to cancel it. Funny fact; Inkscape seem to have been downloaded and installed properly.21:49
Arsinarand: hggdh: Ya it is 9.1021:51
holsteindid /etc/udev/rules.d/40-permissions.rules get move?21:52
holsteinim trying to get a firewire audio device working21:52
holsteinget my permissions persitent21:52
shinkaNobody has an idea (it's quite an annoying problem) ?21:55
holsteinsorry shinka, i havent checked out the new software center yet21:55
buckyikonia sucked a fart from my ass and swallowed it21:55
holsteinso you can launch inkscape shinka?21:56
shinkaholstein: yes21:57
holsteinmight just be a little glitch21:57
holsteinlots of changes happening21:57
shinkaYep, but now I'm trying to install new programs and I can't ;)21:57
awozniakAre there any known bugs with 9.10 beta around CIFS and file names being mangled?21:57
holsteinhave you killed the software center shinka?21:58
holsteinor is it still just hanging from before?21:58
shinkaholstein: I can close the software center, but when I open it again it still say inscape is "in progress", all other programs I try to download are "waiting". There's no X to kill the process specifically for inkscape.21:59
ArsinMy sound isn't working in 9.04 it did but not now in 9.1022:00
holsteini usually track down and kill with htop22:00
holsteinyou could try that i guess22:00
holsteinhave you rebooted shinka?22:01
holsteini know its not windows, but that might be the path of least resistance22:01
shinkaNo. I'll try that.22:01
shinkaBut if it doesn't work, you think I could kill the process with htop ?22:01
holsteinyou could poke around in there and see what shows up in htop22:02
shinkaI'll try that. Thank you.22:02
holsteini not sure exactly why its hung up22:02
holsteindrag Arsin22:04
holsteinSO your sound did work with 9.04, and not now with 9.10?22:04
Arsinholstein: What? drag?22:04
Arsinholstein: Yes22:04
nxnn14anyone know why when I shutdown instead of seeing the usplash graphic the screen is full of like different colored pinstripes22:05
Arsinholstein: I didn't install anything either22:05
holsteinOH, so its not working from the live CD then22:05
Arsinholstein: I meant, in 9.04 I didn't need to install any drivers22:05
holsteinOH ok22:06
villemvArsin, sound was broken in Kubuntu until today22:06
villemvat least for me22:06
holsteinwell, im no expert, but you could try getting all updates22:06
Dinknxnn14, known bug iirc. Try to remove splash from kernel line, update-grub, reboot22:06
villemvbut I installed kubuntu-desktop over plain ubuntu22:06
nxnn14dink: cool thanks22:07
villemvprobably something about kde not playing nice with pulseaudio22:07
Arsinholstein: I have22:07
holsteinand its showing up in like lspic?22:07
holsteinthats probably not the issue anyways22:08
nxnn14how do I "remove splash from kernel line"22:08
villemvsound card drivers are almost never the problem22:08
villemvtry "lsof | grep snd" Arsin22:08
villemvit can give a clue22:08
Arsinvillemv: No command found22:09
Arsinvillemv: nvm22:09
Arsinvillemv: http://paste.ubuntu.com/303854/22:10
villemvlooks good22:11
villemvcheck your volume22:11
holsteinyeah, the volume, and all the tick-able boxes22:11
Arsinvillemv: holstein: Maxed physically and virtually22:12
csharkdoes anyone use ubuntu with virualbox is there many known failures that come with it? have used previous ubuntu releases but that was a long time ago. I am really interested in it again but going to test it through virtualbox for a month or two before I install it locally.22:12
nxnn14Dink: how do I remove splash from the kernel line?22:12
innomenis there someway i can get the old add remove software thing instead of this software center?22:12
villemvnxnn14: edit /boot/grub/menu.lst22:13
csharkor should a virtualbox installation be the same as if I installed it on my harddrive with it's own partion etc.22:13
innomenit makes batch installing and uninstalling a real pill22:13
nxnn14villemv: ty22:13
Dinknxnn14, edit /etc/default/grub22:13
nxnn14which is right? two people gave two different answers22:13
Dinkkarmic ?22:13
villemvArsin: check if you have earphones connected ;-). also, are you on kde or gnome?22:13
starcubeAnybody can help me? I installed karmic on a dell inspiron 8200 laptop. The internet doesnt work, neither via ethernet or wireless card.22:13
Arsinvillemv: Gnome22:14
nxnn14Dink: ya i am on karmic if that was fo me22:14
Dinknxnn14, yeah edit /etc/default/grub. There is a GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT param remove splash22:14
villemvI don't even have that file Dink22:14
villemvit's a grub2 thing22:15
Arsinvillemv: k I fiddled with my hardware and it works, thanks22:15
Dinknxnn14, then run update-grub222:15
villemvArsin: excellent22:15
nxnn14Dink: ok so that line should look like grub_cmdline_linux_default="quiet" or get rid of quite to22:15
Dinkleave quiet22:15
ArsinMy internet is SLOW and no it is not an ISP problem, speed test says I have a good connection so I don't see what's the problem. Pages load really slow22:15
nxnn14kk ty22:15
villemvArsin: wlan?22:16
villemvmy wlan sucked on Jaunty, but rocks on Karmic (ath5k driver)22:17
Dinknxnn14, remember to update-grub222:17
nxnn14dink, ok22:17
andreas_I have problem with my soundcard.22:17
starcubeOh to add, it doesnt seem to try to connect at all.22:18
unimatrixwho's going to an ubuntu release party tomorrow and get hammered?22:18
andreas_I have a Clicking sound all the time, whats wrong? :S22:19
starcubeI want an ubuntu release party in Clitheroe.22:19
holsteinandreas_: you could check and see if you have an input unmuted and going out to the speakers22:20
dupondjetomorrow is the day :D22:20
holsteinmaybe the internal mic22:20
ckwDid any behavior change in Karmic with regards to the disk checks after 30 mounts?22:20
holsteinif its a laptop22:20
dupondjeckw: that filesystem dependant22:21
dupondjeyou can change it tho22:21
nxnn14Dink: this may sound dumb, but now the usplash is gone, so are the crazy lines on shutdown at least tho22:21
ckwdupondje: Does it still do it at startup?22:21
ckwor does it put it into hte background22:21
ckwand let you log in?22:21
dupondjedoes it at startup22:21
dupondjethere is no other possibility22:21
dupondjeas fsck needs to happen when the device is read-only22:21
ckwI came in here last night with a problem that my home partition wasn't mounting22:21
ckwwith a busy error, and it wouldn't let me mount it anywhere else22:22
ckwBut then it suddenly mounted itself22:22
ckwThe only explanation I can think of is if the disk check was running and went into the background22:22
ckwSo the partition really was busy (with the disk check), and it was mounted as soon as it finished22:23
unimatrixstarcube: there's one in Manchester :P22:23
aprilhareever get the feeling your favourite bug won't get addressed before release? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/46011822:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 460118 in linux "Microsoft VX-1000 webcam drivers broken" [Undecided,New]22:23
chunknutsAnyone have a problem with booting the Xubuntu RC LiveCD?22:23
ckwIs this impossible/completely wrong, or could I be right for once?22:23
starcubeunimatrix: Nice!22:23
andreas_nån svensk som kan hjälpa mig med ljudet?22:24
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andreas_help me, still have clicking sound. turn off ALL ingoing sound and have only outgoing22:27
innomenwhere does empathy store its account details?22:27
ubottuEmpathy is an instant messaging and video chat client for GNOME. In !karmic, Empathy will replace Pidgin as the default IM client.22:28
innomenwhere is application data not kept in its own folder ususally stored?22:29
andreas_hello?! pls help me22:29
BUGabundoinnomen: try $ mlocate empa | more22:30
BUGabundoinnomen: I suspect its inside .gnome2 or something22:31
andreas_when I play music I dont have any click sound, but when I shut down the music player it starts with clicking sound22:31
BUGabundo!ask | andreas_22:31
ubottuandreas_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)22:31
bjsnidermaybe inside .config22:31
arandandreas_: #ubuntu-se är svenska kanalen, även om det troligtvis finns mer folk som kan karmic och ljud här inne, endast engelska här dock.22:31
arandinnomen: it's a strange place, I recall, hang on...22:32
mataharihi all22:32
matahari it is very strange. on my karmic-install apache2 userdirs don't work anymore. Module is enabled, and rights are put in correctly (www-data:www-data). Anyway, i always gets an 403 Forbidden Error when i am tring to access a page there. Some ideas? Thanks in Advance22:32
innomenarand, holding22:32
BUGabundoinnomen: try $ mlocate empa | more22:33
arandinnomen: ~/.applicationname but for empathy...22:33
bjsnidertry ~/.config/empathy22:33
innomenbjsnider, thats it22:34
innomenbjsnider, thanks22:34
innomenthanks guys :)22:34
joaopintoits ~/.configu/Empathy, not empathy :P22:34
Dinknxnn14, that is basically what you stopped from loading. That is the cause of the problem.22:35
innomenwell no, the config file has a single inin file that only has one parameter22:35
arandinnomen: ~/.mission-control is the badger.22:35
nxnn14Dink: right, so there is no way to have the nice looking boot and shutdown22:35
innomeni'm looking for the account details, i want to delete them22:35
Dinknxnn14, I have the same issue myself. I don't mind since I need to boot to term anyways.22:36
innomenarand, there we go, thanks, what an odd place22:36
innomenarand, how in the world did you find that?22:36
nxnn14Dink: ok hopefully this gets fixed soon i guess then22:36
Dinknxnn14, its usplash related22:37
joaopintoerm, telepathy is not XDG compliant ?22:38
joaopintoops, empathy22:38
bjsnidermission-control. of course! what else would it be called?it makes perfect sense22:38
nxnn14Dink: right, it would be nice if it all worked22:38
DinkI haven't dug up the bug # myself but probably a good idea to post on there your findings once the bug id is found ;)22:38
nxnn14Dink: sounds good22:38
chaos2fuhii where do i change between alsa, pulseaudio and so on for the sound?22:40
RamunasMthanks for the help guys, night :)22:40
arandinnomen: well, mission-control is the back-end for some part of empathy... I got told by someone else22:40
innomenHow do i completely uninstall an app?22:40
innomen"completely remove" apprently dosent do that22:40
ByronIs there a meta package for the netbook version of Karmic?22:40
arandbjsnider: *agreed22:40
innomeni did it to empathy try to delete the account data, i reinstalled and the data was still there22:41
chaos2fuhii where do i change between alsa, pulseaudio and so on for the sound?22:41
Dinknxnn14, just curious what video card ?22:42
dtchenchaos2fu: the same place you've always done it: in an asoundrc22:42
zetherooIt's still "Coming Soon"22:42
dtchenchaos2fu: granted, the GUI side is less friendly now22:42
nxnn14Dink: nvidia 8600 gts22:43
arandinnomen: you "completely remove" it and the you delete user-specific files in your ~/22:43
andreas_how do I find asoundrc ?22:43
arandThe removal of a package will never remove user-specific settings22:43
chaos2fudtchen how do i use asoundrc then?22:43
chaos2fui have done it graphically before??22:43
arand... if they are in ~/ at least22:44
quentusrex_Now, will there be any difference if I install the beta now22:44
quentusrex_and upgrade later22:44
TecnoBratIs there any known issues with 9.10 and the "Xorg" process eating up lots of CPU?22:44
quentusrex_or should I wait to install the release friday?22:45
innomenarand, i cant find them, the folder you sent me to even when deleted apears to do nothing at all22:45
Kokencould someone help me? after installing ubuntu 9.10 rc, my machine does not boot.22:46
bjsniderquentusrex_, you can safely upgrade now22:46
chunknutsTecnoBrat: I haven't seen any issues with Xorg22:46
chaos2fuKoken, are u using VGA?22:46
Kokeni have a digital monitor22:47
zetherootick tock22:47
quentusrex_bjsnider, so I can install beta, and safely upgrade to the release on friday?22:47
homerslice75quick question: Friend has a dell mini 9, should he go with Ubuntu 9.10 or Ubuntu Remix 9.1022:47
quentusrex_and there will be no differences?22:47
chaos2fuis it a laptop?22:47
almoxarifeis there something I can do to spin down usb drives when they are idle?22:47
bjsniderquentusrex_, install today's daily livecd22:47
TecnoBratAnd I just answered my own question.22:47
TecnoBratGoogle, how I love you.22:47
quentusrex_bjsnider, ok22:47
Kokennope, its a (blech) hp desktop22:47
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TecnoBratIts conky22:47
chaos2fuNvidia graphics?22:48
TecnoBratkilled conky, and Xorg cpu usage dropped down to normal :)22:48
Kokenand it has a dvi connector to the monitor. but that isnt the problem22:48
homerslice75almoxarife: yes22:48
tormodalmoxarife, depends on the drive (or the usb bridge), try hdparm or sdparm on it22:48
Kokenubuntu never even boots up22:48
chaos2fuwhat is the problem?22:48
zetheroohomerslice75: remix22:49
Kokenwhen i turn on my computer, i get a black screen with the single word "GRUB" at the top left. nothing else22:49
quentusrex_bjsnider, any changes between today and the release?22:49
arandinnomen: have you completely restarted empathy as well after?22:49
quentusrex_I mean, will there be any*22:49
Kokenand my keyboard and mouse are unresponsive22:49
Kokenalso, at the end of the installation, i think something crashed22:49
bjsniderquentusrex_, there will be a few inconsequential updates and bugfixes22:49
chaos2fuyeah my point, i have a laptop and using VGA output on it..when the cable is in it wont boot...22:49
homerslice75zetheroo: remix because, it's faster?22:49
Kokenbut i didnt check exactly what checked22:49
chaos2fuwhen the cable is out, it will boot..22:49
zetheroohomerslice75: created for netbooks22:49
Kokenwell, i think its a problem with grub.22:50
innomenarand, yes, the people in ubuntu tell me totally removing an app is impossible "by design"22:50
chaos2fuMy thought was if it was the same problem for u to? cause i have nvidia too..22:50
homerslice75zetheroo: okay22:50
quentusrex_thanks bjsnider22:50
zetherooI hope the Intel gfx support is better in KArmic22:50
quentusrex_bjsnider, and what about a dist-upgrade from 9.04?22:50
chaos2fuKoken; https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nvidia-graphics-drivers-180/+bug/44920222:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 449202 in nvidia-graphics-drivers-180 "Blank screen on bootup, karmic, nvidia card (dup-of: 450493)" [Undecided,New]22:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 450493 in nvidia-graphics-drivers-180 "xorg: failed to load module "nvidia"" [Undecided,Fix released]22:51
Kokenchaos2fu: do you end up with a black screen with the word "GRUB" at the top left?22:52
Kokenthats what happens with me22:52
Kokenit says "GRUB" and i cant do anything22:52
chaos2fuNo i end up with nothing at all, it goes through the grup countdown and then nothing happens..the LED for the harddrive aint showing any acitivites..22:52
Kokeni dont even go to the ubuntu logo22:52
chaos2fusame here koken22:53
Kokenbut, my screen says "GRUB"22:53
Kokenand all my computer does is say "GRUB" and i cant do anything22:53
ByronKoken: Is that all it says? No error message?22:53
Kokenjust GRUB22:53
=== stephen_ is now known as kubuntuser
Kokenwhen i boot it up22:53
ByronKoken: Is it a prompt?22:54
Kokeni cant do anything with my keyboard when its like that22:54
Kokenjust the word "GRUB"22:54
bjsniderquentusrex_, it's not how i do it. i clean install22:54
ByronCan you obtain Super Grub Disk and boot from that?22:54
arandinnomen: the data in your home folder is supposed to be indpendet of the sysadmin installing/removing/reinstalling applications globally... In a single-user interface it might make less sense though...22:54
Kokeni am going to reinstall it once more: after its finished installing, apport pops up saying something crashed22:54
* Koken pops in the cd and boots up22:55
chaos2fuThis is for u koken; https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nvidia-graphics-drivers-180/+bug/45049322:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 450493 in nvidia-graphics-drivers-180 "xorg: failed to load module "nvidia"" [Undecided,Fix released]22:55
ByronDo you recall what fails, Koken?22:55
chaos2fui think thats the problem..22:55
Kokenonce the error message reappears, i'll tell you again22:55
Kokeni didnt read the error message22:55
chaos2fugood night everyboady...22:55
Kokenand chaos2fu, i am pretty sure it isnt. it prolly has something to do with grub22:55
chunknutsgood night22:55
chaos2fuok anyway good luck,.then just reinstall or reconfigure grub..;-)22:56
Kokenso, i'm going to try reinstalling, and then i'll read exactly what crashes at the end of the installation22:56
HBXquick question if you have the rc1 installed and then run the upgrade will it replace and upgrade everything..cause certain things are messed up like emrald doesnt work....22:56
zetherooanyone know anything about Intel gfx in Karmic?22:57
tonyyarussoHBX: "maybe"  It should upgrade, but if things are still odd afterwards try a fresh install.22:57
ByronToo bad chaos2fu is gone. I was going to give thanks for that bug. that's something that I'm experiencing.22:58
HBXwell im trying to avoid backing up and reinstalling ..i have it working nicely with all my apps22:58
HBXand i dont feel like writing a bash script to install everything ...too lazy today22:59
Half-LeftI seem to be hitting a bug in kdm every so many boots with Kubuntu KK. The login screen shows and then seems to start loading the KDE splash screen, then shops at the Hard Drive icon(first icon to fade in)22:59
Half-Lefta manual kill of kdm in the other TTY gives me the kdm login screen back23:01
innomenuninstalled via synaptic, "completely remove," sudo apt-get --purge remove empathy, sudo apt-get autoremove, sudo apt-get clean, Deleted the empathy folders in .config and .gconf/apps, deleted the .mission-control folder... reinstalled and it STILL remembered my account details lol23:04
mzzinnomen: did you get ~/.config/Empathy too?23:05
mzzah, sorry, you said you did23:05
innomenmzz, yup, no worries23:06
zetherooanyone using Karmic with Intel gfx?23:06
mzzinnomen: assume you checked the app wasn't running after purging it and its config files?23:06
innomenmzz, well i closed it i didnt exactly scan the process list23:07
mzz(not just empathy but also whatever backend you're using)23:07
mzzwell, I'm not currently using it, but iirc the part that talks to the network is a separate process23:07
mzzanything with "telepathy" in its name in the process list, basically.23:08
innomentoo bad there isnt a revo unistaller for linux heh23:08
mzzhmm, I guess getting windows (2000) to use a networked pulseaudio server on a different system would be nontrivial23:11
=== ckw_ is now known as ckw
innomenempathy is awful23:16
tagAre there any fixes coming soon?  tilda segfaults on me and evolution-mapi continues to only *almost* work.23:16
innomenit wont even let me delete the accounts via the application itself23:16
taginnomen: amen23:16
taginnomen: I just removed it and installed pidgin23:16
innomenoh you didnt remove it23:17
innomenyou only think you did23:17
innomeni assure you23:17
* mzz shrugs23:17
tagwell, I removed the package23:17
tagwhatever that does23:17
mzzI don't see it getting in the way *that* much if you're not using it23:17
=== amortvigil is now known as exalt
innomenmzz, dude i dont like plaintext of ym account logins being buried on my syttem somewhere where i dont know where it is23:17
innomenthats a majori security risk23:18
innomenfor all i know it'll get snapped up by some crash report and posted somewhere23:18
* mzz shrugs, has way scarier things in ~23:19
tagmzz: I'm only bummed about empathy because I've always thought of ubuntu as best of breed...I figured this is why firefox was the default browser, rather than epiphany.  I'd hark the same should be true for pidgin vs. empathy, until empathy surpasses pidgin, I'd like to see pidgin there by default.  </opinion>23:19
mzzbut yeah, ymmv and all that23:19
mzzI don't use either, so I'm really not that useful a person to talk to about this23:19
mzzI tried it briefly for irc, but it doesn't really suit me23:19
tagIt's no good for IRC.23:20
mzzwell, not even exactly irc, I told it to connect to an irssi-proxy. Results were confusing at best.23:20
tagI wish evolution-mapi worked23:21
chunknutsI didn't realize empathy had problems23:21
Kamiliontrying to figure out where the heck empathy/telepathy keeps it's account info right now23:21
innomenchunknuts, it buries your account detials somewhere and refuses to tell you where or delete them through the app or otherwise23:22
chunknutsthat sucks!23:22
innomenit sucks badly23:22
chunknutsis it in gconf?23:22
innomeni dont want my im logins ending up in a crash report somewhere for google to see23:22
Kamilionempathy asks telepathy to deal with the account  somehow23:23
innomenchunknuts, it has folders in gconf, config, and apprently local, but i dont have the local one and i deleted the other two, no dice23:23
innomenchunknuts, uninstalled via synaptic, "completely remove," sudo apt-get --purge remove empathy, sudo apt-get autoremove, sudo apt-get clean, Deleted the empathy folders in .config and .gconf/apps, deleted the .mission-control folder... reinstalled and it STILL remembered my account details lol23:23
innomenthats a repaste of what i said earlier23:24
chunknutsit's like Microsoft!