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dmartHi, has anyone else experienced a sudden, unexpected logout from the live session in the recend imx51 live images?  I experienced this in 20091027.1 and now also 20091027.210:36
dmartIn both cases jockey-gtk crashed, but I don't know whether that's the cause... the bug report for this (#403955) suggests this crash is harmless though.10:37
ogradmart, nope, works fine here11:01
ograi'm just doing an oem install11:01
dmartUnless it really is somehow related to the jockey-gtk issue, I don't have the faintest idea what happened :(  There's no extra apport crash dump.11:02
ogramight be triggered by jockey looking for hardware11:03
ograi'll try it in my next install test11:04
* ogra puts up https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM/BabbageInstallVariants (which exposes a bug in redboot-tools :/ )11:30
ograif anyone is intrested in trying oem installs or ubiquity only installs on the babbage, see above11:31
kblinhi folks12:48
* ogra tries an install to prepartitioned SD 13:19
* kblin tries to patch a debian package for the first time in years13:20
ograhrm, wrong kbd13:23
* ogra sighs13:23
ogradmart, jockey runs fine here, no crashes13:24
dmartogra: hmmm, it doesn't seem to happen every time for me, just sometimes13:25
looldmart: I had all the issues you describe at various times13:31
lool(crash of jockey or other stuff, and logout of the session albeit only once)13:31
dmartlool: Did it seem to you that those two things were related?13:31
kblinwhoa, the deps for devscripts are insane13:31
looldmart: No13:35
looldmart: I also get an occasional indicator-applet crash13:35
loolI think the occasional crashes are just bugs in the apps which are visible on armel due to races rather than specific platform porting issues13:35
loolAnd I think the logout thing is either a xorg bug or a kernel bug13:35
dmartlool: I get the indicator-applet crash sometimes too; it was to intermittent for me to be able to report it yet, though.  Do you know if there is a bug on this?13:38
looldmart: I filed one today13:47
ubot4Launchpad bug 462538 in gnome-panel "gnome-panel crashed with SIGSEGV in free()" [Undecided,New]13:47
dmartlool: Hmm, I had one of those, too.  It seemed to respawn gnome-panel rather than killing the login though:13:55
ubot4Launchpad bug 458109 in gnome-panel "gnome-panel crashed with SIGSEGV in free()" [Medium,Incomplete]13:55
ubot4Launchpad bug 461912 in gnome-panel "gnome-panel crashed with SIGSEGV in gdk_window_impl_x11_get_colormap()" [Medium,Triaged]13:56
NCommanderplars, when you did manual partitioning on Dove, how did you create the partitions?17:21
plarsNCommander: I did it a few different ways17:23
plarsNCommander: first time, I did a 100M /boot, and the rest as ext4 for /17:23
plarsNCommander: when I got the warning message, I only had a single 20G / which was ext217:23
plarsNCommander: are there any other possibilities you think I should try?17:23
NCommanderplars, you used "New Partition Table" right?17:24
plarsNCommander: no, don't think so... usually just remove the partitions that are there manually and create my own17:24
NCommanderplars, yeah, I might have just found a bug. I'm reconfirming the behavior happens on a fresh start17:24
plarsNCommander: with new partition table?17:25
NCommanderplars, yeah. If you create it, then add a new uboot partition, the mountpoint gets stuck on / versus /boot17:25
NCommandereven if you change it manually17:25
NCommander(or it changes to /home!)17:25
plarsstrange, I can try to confirm here too if you'd like17:26
NCommanderBut I was abusing partman on that run, and might have gotten it stuck in some strange error mode, hence why I'm trying on a fresh start17:26
NCommanderplars, crud, it happens on a fresh install. Can you try and confirm?17:33
plarswill do17:33
NCommanderplars, wait, I might have figured out what's causing this strange behavior17:34
NCommanderplars, (its still a bug, but not quite as serious as I first realized)17:34
NCommanderplars, if you make the partition exactly the same size as the one you just erased, there is some sorta memory effect17:34
NCommanderplars, but the mountpoint still ends up wrong :-/17:36
plarsps -ef |grep ubiq17:36
plarswrong keyboard17:36
plarswow it's taking a long time to launch17:36
NCommanderplars, ?17:39
NCommanderIt came up pretty fast for me17:39
plarsat what point do you see it? while you are still in the partitioner? or after?17:41
NCommanderplars, while still in the partitioner17:42
plarsso far, so good for me17:42
plarsI had a single 20G ext2 / last time17:42
plarsI did new partition table17:42
NCommanderplars, basically, do Manual partitioning, new partition table, then create a u-boot partition first, with a size of 200-300 MiB at the start with a mountpoint of /boot17:42
plarsoh wait17:42
plarsyes, I see the mountpoint is wrong on my uboot partition17:42
plarsit has / instead of /boot17:42
NCommanderplars, it used to work though17:43
NCommanderBecause I can get it do that if I delete all partitions, and then try and add it17:43
plarsI see something here17:47
plarsso I tried deleting it, and created it over 3 times... every time now it comes up and forces itself to be /home17:48
plarsif I delete it and recreate it as ext2 instead of uboot type, it works and puts itself in as /boot17:48
NCommanderplars, yup17:48
NCommanderplars, I think I know what's causing this behavior, I think I missed an edit when I addedd support for the partman-uboot mountpoints17:49
NCommanderso it works 90% of the time17:50
plarsNCommander: did you open a bug on it already?18:00
NCommanderplars, not yet, I'm doing a full install because it seems hitting New Partition Table actually zaps the partition table the moment you hit it18:01
NCommanderplars, and I want to confirm that this bug only occurs when the partition table is empty (and doesn't occur when you manually remove partitions)18:01
NCommander(and I want to install the dev environment for ubiquity on armel)18:02
NCommanderplars, if you want to file a bug, feel free, otherwise I'll do it in a little bit18:05
plarsI can do it...  against ubiquity? or where?18:06
NCommanderplars, ubiquity. Use apport in the installer environment; it will properly attach all the logs18:08
NCommanderplars, what's the bug number?18:27
plarsgive me a sec... it's opening now but swapping between 3 different installs at the moment18:27
NCommanderplars, heh. Isn't install testing week fun?18:27
plarsit's crazy, very little sleep :)18:28
NCommanderplars, reminds me of UDS ;-)18:28
plarsI got WAY more sleep during UDS18:28
plarsrespins dropping at 11PM makes for a long night18:29
plarsNCommander: bug #46279818:34
ubot4Launchpad bug 462798 in ubiquity "selecting 'new partition table' confuses the partitioning" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/46279818:34
NCommanderplars, thanks. I marked the ISO test as failing since I couldn't complete installation :-/18:36
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