dwegenerHi, I'm very new.  I'm trying to fix a bug, but need some help on what I need to do.00:38
dwegenerI know what the problem is, and I know what file needs to be changed.  The change actually needs to be made in an existing patch file.00:39
micahgis there already a bug filed?00:40
dwegenerYes, the bug has been filed.  I've added comments to the bug indicating what needs to be changed, but thought it would be helpfull if I could actually supply the fix.00:41
lifelessdwegener: use 'apt-get source' to get the source00:42
lifelessdwegener: use dch -i to add a changelog entry00:42
lifelessand change the patch file00:42
lifelessuse debuild -i to to a test build, and if that works00:42
lifelessdebuild -i -S to build a source package00:43
lifelessthen use debdiff00:43
lifelessto get a complete diff you can supply00:43
lifeless#ubuntu-motu can help you with this more00:43
VXxedIs there any rule of thumb for how long bugs take to get resolved?01:00
lifelessVXxed: no01:03
lifelessVXxed: on average they aren't resolved [simple math, we have more bugs filed than are fixed, for any time period]01:04
VXxedJust wondering, thanks01:04
lifelessit depends on how much attention that part of the system is getting01:04
lifelessand how hard the bug is01:04
VXxedUhh...let's just..theoretically say...something to do with the ACPI and it not turning the fans on on my laptop, despite a full day of research and lots of things tried?01:05
lifelessthey are tricky01:06
lifelesswithout the exact hardware the bug can't really be worked on01:06
lifelesshave you read the debugging guide about ACPI/dsdt's ?01:06
VXxedNot yet, but I was going to sit down and try it out tonight, despite already opening a full bug report at the recommendation of someone in this channel01:07
VXxedFrom what hggdh told me, there wasn't any acpi error during bootup in the log01:08
VXxedWould trying to debug it still have a chance of fixing the issue?01:09
lifelessyes, though its a steep learning curve01:12
VXxedThere's a full guide for it, last I saw01:12
VXxedAnd honestly01:12
VXxedFree tablet?01:12
VXxedTotally worth the work.01:12
VXxedHey, question while debugging my dsdt file.02:56
VXxedI'm getting "external (\DC1S)" - "Name already exists in scope (\DC1S)", error 505602:57
VXxedWhat does that mean?02:57
VXxedEr, nevermind.03:01
VXxedThis next error is much more complex.  "Method (SBLL, 1, NotSerialized)" - "Not all control paths return a value (SBLL)"03:01
VXxedShould I just delete the SBLL?03:02
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ubot4Launchpad bug 449272 in compiz "Invest applet drop down leaves a shadow on desktop" [Undecided,Confirmed]05:23
kruemelhi everybody08:53
kruemelwhere do I report bugs on the _Windows_ usb-creator tool?08:54
induskruemel: hi09:01
induskruemel: you report it on launchpad09:02
induskruemel: which windows usb creator tool?09:02
kruemelindus: the one that comes included in the 9.10 iso09:03
induskruemel: it has a windows usb creator cool09:03
induskruemel: hmm wait i check , i think you need to file a bug with ubiquity package09:04
induskruemel: 1 sec09:04
kruemelindus: it's called usb-creator.exe , yes09:04
kruemeloops... please do mind09:07
induskruemel: hi use this link https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+filebug/?no-redirect09:09
induskruemel: i dont know which package this is so this will take you direct to bug file page09:10
induskruemel: what is the problem you face with this usb creator?09:10
kruemelindus: The bug: The program has a button to select an iso as source. You can select an iso, but it won't show up as a source afterwards - so all in all you can't create a usb key directly from iso images.09:12
induskruemel: no no you have to install it to windows first i think, then use image to copy09:12
induskruemel: not sure really09:13
kruemelindus: you can select to create a usb key based on a Ubuntu CD in a CD drive09:13
induskruemel: so there is a usb creator available on karmic cd hmm thats nice09:13
kruemelindus: that's the option that works09:13
induskruemel: hmm it wont load the iso ?09:14
kruemelindus: it would be even nicer, if it worked :)09:14
kruemelindus: exactly09:14
induskruemel: can i see a screenshot of the window?09:14
induskruemel: use imagebin.org09:14
kruemelindus: just a moment09:15
kruemelindus: I'm working on it, but it's basically the same as if you take the usb-creator package in 9.0409:17
induskruemel: dont remember now, i would like to see09:18
induskruemel: as far as i remember, either create usb from existing linux machine, or do it from an iso in windows09:21
induskruemel: i believe this can also be run from live cd directly to create usb bootable09:24
kruemelI put an image on http://imagebin.org/6943209:33
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shadeslayerhey,anyone have a nvidia card?15:04
benediktshadeslayer: are you looking for support/help?15:06
shadeslayerbenedikt: nope,i simply want to see if anyone can get  jockey-kde to detect the card in 9.1015:07
hggdhshadeslayer: you would probably have more luck on #ubuntu+115:24
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ShikakuKarmic has a semi-random critical bug, where sometimes (about 1/5th) X does not display at all as if the monitor was turned off, and the keyboard and power button do not work at all (I tried doing ctrl+alt+F1 and ctrl+alt+delete to do a restart but nothing happened) when booting up and resuming from hibernate. This occurs when the login screen is supposed to appear, so it seems it could be...18:38
Shikaku...an X issue or a gdm issue. I was wondering if this was a known issue, because this never happened to me with Jaunty and I freshed installed Karmic.I was wondering if this was a known issue, because this never happened to me with Jaunty and I freshed installed Karmic.  Can anyone help me find out what to do to see if I can find an error code about it?18:38
ccheneydid launchpad recently change to where it doesn't send you your comments on bugs anymore? that is either happening to me or my email is getting eaten somehow18:50
micahgccheney: spam filter?18:51
ccheneymicahg: nope, but it might have somehow got stuck into a different folder i suppose18:52
ccheneyoh i see them, ugh18:53
ccheneymy filtering isn't as good as i had hoped apparently18:53
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jmadginhi there! I've just come over from a convo with videolan channel, they told me you guys may be able to help! since i upgradfrom 9.04 to 9.10 my avi's dont seem to work in movie player or vlc. I checked the readout from vlc diagnostic and it said the encoder couldnt be found. I checked the encoder in synaptic and its there?19:13
jmadginim tearing my hair out here trying to fix this19:14
jmadginanyone know about it?19:14
darthanubisjmadgin, do you have the medibuntu repo setup?19:19
darthanubishow about !info ubuntu-restricted-extras19:19
darthanubis!info ubuntu-restricted-extras19:19
ubot4darthanubis: ubuntu-restricted-extras (source: ubuntu-restricted-extras): Commonly used restricted packages. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 31 (jaunty), package size 4 kB, installed size 32 kB19:20
jmadgini hav medibuntu and restricted extras19:20
darthanubisbeats me then, I have no A/V issues. But then I did not upgrade19:20
jmadgini also downloaded w32codecs19:20
jmadginhow annoying19:21
darthanubisgood, i use w64codecs19:21
jmadginbut thats just for 64 bit isnt it?19:21
iktI think he's saying that it's good you both are using the right codecs19:22
iktpurge + reinstall ?19:23
iktis it just specifically .avi videos?19:26
jmadginhavent tried anything else19:26
jmadginbut all types of avi19:26
jmadginim stumped19:27
iktlatest version of vlc?19:28
iktjust looking at vlc options19:28
micahgjmadgin: have you checked in #ubuntu+1?19:29
jmadginavi doesnt work in movie player either19:29
jmadginor any app19:29
jmadginyes i've asked19:29
jmadginpretty much been ignored19:29
iktall gstreamer plugins updated and installed?19:30
iktany further than this type of stuff and it gets pretty specific to finding out where vlc/totem think the encoder is19:30
iktor it could be one checkbox in some random location19:30
jmadgin(totem:4447): GStreamer-WARNING **: Failed to load plugin '/usr/lib/gstreamer-0.10/libgstx26419:31
jmadgini get that message if i run totem from termianl19:32
ubot4Launchpad bug 440166 in gstreamer0.10 "impossible to play avi, Xvid plugins none available" [Low,Incomplete]19:36
micahgHere's my list of gstreamer packages: http://pastebin.com/f5b25869e19:37
micahgWhat do you get with dpkg -l | grep gstreamer19:37
jmadginsame by the looks of it19:39
jmadginikt that link doesnt look cool at all its obviously an ongoing bug19:40
iktyeah, it's odd though19:42
jmadgini hope it gets sorted tomorrow at proper release19:43
ikttbh I imagine if you did a fresh install it would work properly19:44
jmadgincos thats an arse to anyone that wants to move over from window, if the movie player doent work!!!!!19:44
jmadginu think19:44
jmadginmight try that19:44
jmadgini hav filesystem on separate partition19:44
iktthat's all I can think of, I've been running 9.10 for a while now and vlc/totem have been working great19:44
iktand I watch a lot of avis/mpegs19:44
* ikt can't be at the computer without music playing :x19:45
jmadginif i delete that partition and reinstall ubuntu over it everything should work the same?19:46
jmadginim gonna cross my fingers and go for it19:47
iktI wonder why this channel is so quiet :x19:47
iktjmadgin: if you delete the partition and resetup the partition and install ubuntu 9.10, everything should be pretty similar19:48
iktexcept video should work19:48
jmadginne1 kno when 9.10 is actually released?20:03
jmadginwhat time uk time tomorrow?20:03
jmadginor is it 12 thisevening20:04
caolinHow should I report inconsistencies between various BugSquad pages on the Ubuntu Wiki?20:25
micahgthe mailing list might be a good place caolin20:27
bdmurraycaolin: you could e-mail the bugsquad mailing list if you are uncertain which page is correct or if you are you could make the change yourself20:27
micahgif you can propose fixes, that's even better :)20:27
caolinunfortunately I don't yet know enough about how you currently operate to propose changes. The inconsistencies look to be the result of changing practices not being updated on all pages.20:29
bdmurraythe mailing list would be best then20:32
caolinok, thanks - will do20:32
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hggdhyes, since it will give us a more easier-to-work-on reference20:43
bdmurraymore easier?20:47
molokhi *20:51
hggdhat least I will not have to refer back to IRC logs ;-)20:52
BUGabundonight o/21:04
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JavaTheJHutHello, I would like to request some help with signing up in the UbuntuBugs team. I have read the documentation but, I am unsure where to start.21:34
hggdhand yet another shoot and run?21:40
micahghggdh: instant gratification is a necessity...4 minutes must be too long to wait for a response ;)21:41
hggdhheh. oh tempora, oh mores21:41
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