chrisccoulsonLaney - this pidgin update is a PITA ;)01:25
chrisccoulsoni've got it to build now, and it even connects successfully to yahoo01:25
chrisccoulsonbut then it crashes immediately01:26
chrisccoulsonoh well!01:26
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didrocks(^ for the record, this is a /away in qwerty on an azerty keyboard ;))08:06
pittiGood morning08:47
chrisccoulsongood morning pitti08:48
chrisccoulsonpitti - i made some progress on the pidgin SRU last night08:55
chrisccoulsonit builds fine, and connects to yahoo now08:55
chrisccoulsonbut then it crashes :(08:55
chrisccoulsonso, still some more work for me to do on that ;)08:55
pittichrisccoulson: great to hear!08:58
chrisccoulsonyeah, it's getting there:)08:58
pittichrisccoulson: did you just backport the entire yahoo stack? (might be easier)08:58
chrisccoulsonpitti - i didn't do that. i managed to get the existing patch to apply with a bit of re-factoring08:59
chrisccoulsonbut it currently adds 2 new members to an existing public struct in libpurple, which we probably want to avoid for a SRU09:00
chrisccoulsonso theres still a bit for me to do on that09:00
pittichrisccoulson: that doesn't sound like an API break, though?09:00
pittiABI, I mean09:00
chrisccoulsoni can leave it as it is if you're ok with it09:01
seb128hey chrisccoulson pitti09:01
pittichrisccoulson: I think here it is safer to backport the entire stack than trying to mix old and new code; but I haven't really looked into it09:01
seb128pitti, the netbook reinstall worked just fine there09:02
seb128out of the fact that the mini 10 wireless doesn't seem to work09:02
chrisccoulsonpitti  - yeah, i'm not sure. my only concern is that we break other protocols that use this functionality in libpurple09:02
chrisccoulsonhey seb12809:02
seb128it wasn't working on jaunty either09:02
seb128but it's working on the unr image09:02
seb128which is weird09:02
pittihey seb12809:04
seb128hey rickspencer309:08
rickspencer3hi seb12809:08
rickspencer3seb128, what's the word on the street?09:08
seb128all good as far as I can see there09:08
seb128I reinstalled my mini 10 using an usb key without whipping install and it worked great09:09
seb128and my bugsmail box was not flooded today09:10
seb128ie I already did read the backlog from the night09:10
pittihey rickspencer309:10
seb128good start of day there09:10
* seb128 in good mood today ;-)09:10
pittieuca still has a major installer bug, and there seems some trouble with i386+PAE, but otherwise good09:10
rickspencer3pitti, bug #s?09:12
pittirickspencer3: bug 45890409:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 458904 in eucalyptus "When installing a node, euca_find_cluster fails to locate the cluster controller if instances are running" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45890409:12
* rickspencer3 is setting next to mdz ;)09:13
pittirickspencer3: the other is just being discussed between cjwatson and ara in #u-release09:13
rickspencer3hi mdz09:13
rickspencer3thanks pitti09:15
mdzpitti, the installer bug is not so major in my opinion, given the relative maturity of the feature. we decided last night to release note it since there is a workaround (manual configuration)09:23
proppykenvandine: could you remind me the EmpathyChatWindow bug #?09:58
pittiseb128: btw, it seems the brasero upload got rejected? could you re-do that as SRU, please?10:26
seb128pitti, the upgrade was from robert_ancell and the upload from themuso I think I will let them deal with that10:27
seb128pitti, I will ping robert_ancell to tell him to do a sru10:27
seb128pitti, thanks for following up there though10:27
seb128pitti, new ubiquity, means respin of all images?10:34
pittiseb128: only i386, not all the other arches10:34
seb128pitti, new ubiquity, means respin of all images?10:34
pittiseb128: that's why we uploaded to karmic-updates10:34
seb128should really stop to scrolling up with focus going somewhere else10:34
pittiso that we can re-spin i386 only10:34
seb128thanks touchapd10:34
seb128pitti, ok10:35
pittiunfortunate, but unavoidable :-(10:35
seb128alright, I'm just asking because I didn't reinstall my laptop yet10:35
seb128I will do that once the respin is there10:35
seb128so far I reinstall my netbook and desktop worked great10:36
pittigreat, thanks10:36
seb128reinstalled rather10:36
pittioh, your zoo has three computers now?10:36
seb128it's faster to reinstall than to do rc to karmic upgrades10:36
seb128yes, a desktop, a laptop and a netbook10:36
seb128I don't use the desktop much nowadays though10:36
seb128rather the laptop on the dock10:37
seb128but the box is still there10:37
TheMusoseb128: Already told him./10:42
mvoseb128: could you still do a upgrade for me please? even if it takes long :) ?10:42
seb128TheMuso, thanks10:42
mvoseb128: just to report problems10:42
TheMusoseb128: slangasek asked me to SRU it, and I passed it onto Robert.10:42
seb128mvo, which one?10:42
mvoseb128: I don't mind, one that you use and that is not upgraded yet10:43
seb128mvo, in fact I did upgrade my laptop yesterday which worked10:43
seb128I was still planning to reinstall because I've the feeling things get slower over years10:44
seb128or it's just karmic boot time which went down10:44
seb128I remember feeling my laptop being quite fast to boot when I got it10:44
seb128it seems to take ages now10:44
mvoseb128: ok, thats fine, I was only interessted in hearing about upgrade issues :)10:44
seb128mvo, no issue from my side but I don't install tons of crazy things10:45
seb128ie I've pretty much a standard install, those are well tested ;-)10:45
* mvo nods10:45
seb128grub to gdm is over a minute on bootcharts there10:48
seb128it's almost 2 minutes from start to desktop loaded10:48
seb128it takes almost 15 seconds for xorg to start on the bootchart10:49
seb128I'm wondering what is going on10:49
seb128bbl, doing some boot charting and testing10:49
* Ng wonders why seahorse-agent isn't running11:01
NgI'm getting proper SSH key behaviour from something, but not for GPG keys (fresh karmic install on sunday)11:01
didrocksNg: You have to install seahorse-plugins11:04
Ngdidrocks: yeah I'm wondering if I installed that after I last booted11:04
didrocksit's no more part of default installation11:04
didrockshey pedro_11:04
pedro_salut didrocks11:04
Nghah, well given that I've not actually rebooted this install since the first day I used it, I guess that's what it is11:05
Ngsorry ;)11:05
didrocksNg: yeah, the session is launched in /etc/xdg/autostart IIRC (I didn't checked)11:05
didrocksso, just loggin off and on should do the trick11:05
Ngdidrocks: I think that's seahorse-daemon, seahorse-agent is from Xsession.d11:06
NgI'll log out in a bit and check :)11:06
huatsmorning !11:10
pittibonjour huats!11:21
pittiseb128: new i386 iso ETA < 1 hour, FYI11:21
seb128pitti, ok thanks, let's get lunch now then11:25
seb128pitti, do you know if there is any driver difference between unr and standard ubuntu?11:45
pittiseb128: shouldn't be; it's the same kernel, unless you are using the lpia one?11:45
seb128no I'm not11:45
seb128the wireless on my mini 10 is working only on unr though for some reason11:46
chrisccoulsonhmmm, it seems that users keep thinking that the sporadic placement of icons in the places and system menu is a bug11:52
seb128chrisccoulson, right, that and the 2 slots notify-osd logic11:54
seb128I think those are 2 design errors11:54
chrisccoulsonseb128 - i've not really followed the discussion about the notify-osd logic11:55
seb128but seems the design team seems to break at least one thing by cycle before considering changing back next cycle under user reaction11:55
chrisccoulsoni agree with the concept of no icons, but the places menu does look broken at the moment, and users think so too :(11:55
chrisccoulsonit would look better with no icons at all11:55
seb128users keep filling bugs about bubbles not being in the corner11:56
seb128the bug is quite popular11:56
seb128they did set up a ppa with a notify-osd with 1 slot too11:56
seb128which is quite popular too11:56
chrisccoulsoni quite like the new notify-osd design :)11:56
seb128the 2 slots?11:56
seb128I hate it11:57
seb128bubbles keep going over my firefox tabs11:57
chrisccoulsoni don't have to lift my head up as far to read notifications ;)11:57
chrisccoulsonoh, ok. i didn't notice that, but then i never have windows maximized11:57
chrisccoulsonthat's probably why it hasn't annoyed me yet ;)11:57
seb128I've most of the things I use take one workspace11:57
seb128email client on one workspace11:58
seb128IRC client on one another11:58
seb128web browser on one another11:58
Ngseb128++, for workspace layout sanity, and correctness about the silly bubble position ;)11:58
chrisccoulson1i tend to use e-mail on one workspace, but everything else on another11:58
chrisccoulson1i should make better use of my screen real-estate really ;)11:58
seb128admittedly bubble are transparent on mouse overt but when you switch tabs using keyboard it still goes in the way11:58
chrisccoulson1yeah, that would be annoying11:59
chrisccoulson1i see everyones point now ;)11:59
chrisccoulson1i definately hate the places menu though!12:00
seb128also most users don't use synchronous notifications often12:00
seb128so they don't why bubbles are shifted12:00
seb128same here12:00
seb128especially that the 2 other menus have icons12:00
seb128so it really looks weird and buggy12:00
Ngseb128: non-laptop people could conceivably never use sync notifications12:01
Ngif you don't have volume keys or brightness keys, your bubbles always look wrong ;)12:01
seb128Ng, right, many keyboard have volume keys though12:01
chrisccoulson1seb128 - yeah, i agree. everyone i've shown it to seems to feel the same too.12:01
seb128chrisccoulson1, any idea about https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=599209 btw?12:02
mvothose are probably not "target users" - that is the argument I usually when when trying to argue issues like that12:02
ubottuGnome bug 599209 in mouse "Can't check "locate pointer" checkbox" [Normal,Needinfo]12:02
seb128mvo, +get?12:03
mvoseb128: yes12:03
* mvo was sure he typed thet get12:03
chrisccoulson1seb128 - i've not noticed that one yet. i can take a look at it though12:03
mvothe cat ate it!12:03
seb128mvo, what users are not the target? the ones not cleaver enough to not understand the 2 slot logic? ;-)12:03
seb128I just find it looks weird12:04
seb128and keep going over my tabs, I liked it better when it went over the search entry12:04
chrisccoulson1seb128 - i've assigned the LP bug to me. i'll take a look when i next get the chance12:04
seb128chrisccoulson1, thanks12:04
seb128chrisccoulson1, upstream suggested it might be due to an ubuntu change12:04
seb128but g-s-d upstream is a bit too inclined to blame bugs on  ubuntu changes sometime12:05
chrisccoulson1it seems that every upstream is like that recently ;)12:05
seb128we might be doing too many change12:05
seb128oh, I just download a fedora 12 beta iso12:06
seb128let me try in kvm if it has the issue12:06
seb128downloaded rather12:06
* seb128 boots kvm12:06
chrisccoulson1yeah, we definately carry too many patches on some packages12:06
seb128urg, their boot screen is really weir12:06
chrisccoulson1i just get the plymouth fallback with fedora12:07
seb128they have a white, light blue, blue bar12:07
chrisccoulson1that's what i see12:07
seb128and the color move12:07
seb128it's not nice looking12:07
mvothe dark?12:07
mvoits also difficult to read - gray on black in a small font...12:07
chrisccoulson1seb128 - you need real graphics hardware for plymouth to work properly12:07
chrisccoulson1i don't even think it would work properly with my NVIDIA card :(12:08
seb128hum, login doesn't work12:09
seb128and their language selection is suboptimal too12:09
seb128ok, automatic login keeps spinning but doesn't log in12:13
seb128and you have to select the language and keyboard on the gdm screen and guess the layout variant to use etc12:13
seb128I like the ubuntu way better ;-)12:14
seb128any lunch time12:14
chrisccoulson1i've not tried it for a little while12:14
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chrisccoulson1seb128 - the locate pointer issue is an upstream problem. g-s-d will immediately turn the option off again if it fails to spawn gsd-locate-pointer, and this fails because the path is hard-coded as /usr/libexec/gsd-locate-pointer in gsd-mouse-manager.c12:26
chrisccoulson1(at least that is the case with the 2.28.0 source i have here at work)12:27
chrisccoulson1anyway lunch time for me too12:27
seb128lool, there?12:48
seb128lool, do you know why unr and stock ubuntu would behave different on wireless?12:49
seb128using a dell mini 10 config12:49
chrisccoulsonhey seb128 - did you see my earlier comment about the locate_pointer issue before i went for lunch?13:04
=== kklimond- is now known as kklimonda
seb128chrisccoulson, yes, good catch thanks13:04
seb128chrisccoulson, I reassigned the upstream bug13:04
chrisccoulsonthanks, i still can't do that13:05
Laneychrisccoulson: how goes pidgin?13:05
Laneypain in the bum isn't it? :)13:05
chrisccoulsonLaney - i'll carry on working on it this evening, but it currently connects successfully to Yahoo and then crashes ;)13:05
seb128chrisccoulson, did you ask for bug triage rights?13:06
kklimondabad yahoo ;)13:06
seb128pedro_, ^ what is required for chrisccoulson to be able to reassign bugs on gnome.bugzilla.org?13:06
seb128pedro_, he's doing good work for a while so it should get those ;-)13:07
loolseb128: No I do not know; they are supposed to be really close in terms of seeds13:07
loolseb128: If you know which specific package should be present, I can check13:07
seb128lool, ok, thanks anyway13:07
seb128lool, no, but I will have a look13:07
loolThe only differences between ubuntu.karmic and unr.karmic live and ship-live seeds are purely langpacks13:08
lool(Just checked again)13:08
seb128lool, I didn't try karmic unr yet13:09
seb128lool, it's working out of the box on jaunty unr13:09
seb128but not on jaunty or karmic ubuntu13:09
loolseb128: jaunty's UNR had weird seeds though13:09
loolseb128: But it might be that we regressed UNR by syncing things with ubuntu as a reference13:09
pedro_seb128, I'm already asking for the permissions there13:09
pedro_chrisccoulson, what's your account on gnome bugzilla?13:10
seb128pedro_, thanks13:10
loolseb128: Would be interesting to know which package it is by booting jaunty unr13:10
seb128pitti, you have bugzilla bug triaging rights?13:10
loolseb128: Is this on dell mini?13:10
seb128lool, mini 1013:10
chrisccoulsonpedro_ - my account is chrisccoulson@googlemail.com13:10
pedro_chrisccoulson, thanks13:11
seb128lool, mini 10v rather13:11
chrisccoulsonpedro_ - thank you too:)13:11
seb128lool, it was shipped with hardy which worked out of the box and jaunty unr too13:11
loolseb128: I heard broadcom-wireless needs to be manually installed13:13
loolseb128: Apparently, it's a complex issue with jockey and APT repos13:14
seb128lool, hum ok, still it's working on jaunty unr so it should be doable ;-)13:14
loolseb128: I understand that we would like jockey to try to install it from the ship-live seed (packages in the pool on the images) only, but jockey would have to use lower level calls to APT to achieve this13:14
pedro_chrisccoulson, you're all set!13:16
seb128pedro_, good work ;-)13:16
chrisccoulsonpedro_ - thanks!13:16
pedro_seb128, chrisccoulson my pleasure ;-)13:16
* pedro_ goes back to iso testing13:16
loolseb128: Eh but I cant check how it worked in jaunty   :)13:17
loolseb128: I looked it up and couldn't find the broadcom thing in the manifest13:17
seb128lool, let me try, I still have the unr iso there and an usb key13:17
loolseb128: Thanks; if it's for your wifi, then we need to check which package ships the driver13:24
loolseb128: Here, "file /sys/class/net/wlan0/device/driver/module" says /sys/class/net/wlan0/device/driver/module: symbolic link to `../../../../module/iwlagn'13:24
looland dpkg -S iwlagn.ko shows where it's from13:24
=== MacSlow|lunch is now known as MacSlow
seb128lool, ok, key being written I will tell you that in a few minutes13:26
pittiseb128: how do I tell?13:37
pittiseb128: I have "status bug reporter" and can assign/close/etc.13:37
seb128pitti, can you reopen bugs there?13:37
pittiseb128: yes, I think I can13:37
seb128so you just lack git commit13:37
pittiI did several times AFAIR13:37
pittiseb128: btw, new i386 desktops up13:37
seb128lool, is the jaunty unr manifest online somewhere?13:41
didrocksjcastro: thanks ;)13:46
seb128didrocks, what did he do this time? ;-)13:47
loolseb128: Yes13:48
didrocksseb128: it was related to UDS room twinning :-)13:48
loolseb128: http://releases.ubuntu.com/jaunty/13:48
seb128didrocks, ok13:48
kenvandinehey rickspencer313:56
rickspencer3hi kenvandine13:56
rickspencer3I just had lunch with a couple of calabora guys13:56
chrisccoulsonseb128 - what do you think about bug 462253? i'm not too sure it's a gvfs issue. i've seen Nautilus fail to show folder contents before when stat() fails on one of the files, and that seems to be what is happening there13:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 462253 in gvfs "Nautilus not showing VIDEO_TS files" [Low,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/46225313:57
chrisccoulson?????????? ? ?          ?                 ?                ? VIDEO_TS.BUP13:57
chrisccoulsoni suppose that stat() shouldn't fail in the first place though13:57
seb128chrisccoulson, I'm not sure to understand the issue yet13:58
seb128did the submitter reply to my comment?13:58
* seb128 opens the bug now13:58
chrisccoulsonseb128 - he just added a comment there13:59
seb128ls also has a permission denied issue13:59
seb128why do you think it's not a gvfs issue?13:59
seb128gvfs-ls has the same bug13:59
seb128gvfs-ls has the same bug13:59
seb128see previous comment13:59
seb128see previous comment13:59
* seb128 kicks touchpad14:00
chrisccoulsonhe's only posted the output of "ls -l" in the mount directory so far14:01
chrisccoulsonoh yeah, i missed the earlier comment ;)14:02
seb128chrisccoulson, see 2 comments before the current one14:02
seb128chrisccoulson, if gvfs-ls has the same I guess it's gvfs or gio at fault there14:03
seb128chrisccoulson, but I could be wrong, I need to look at the code14:03
chrisccoulsonthe permission denied error is just a consequence of this: "?????????? ? ?          ?                 ?                ? VIDEO_TS.BUP", and that is normally because stat() fails on that file (so there is no information about the file)14:03
chrisccoulsonthat's normally a lower level issue i think14:03
seb128it's a bit weird14:03
chrisccoulsonquite possibly14:04
seb128I'm not sure how a stat can be failing there...14:04
chrisccoulsonperhaps he could run "ls -l" through strace?14:04
seb128chrisccoulson, can you ask for details on the bug if you know what to ask there?14:04
chrisccoulsonjust to see if it is that which fails14:04
seb128thanks ;-)14:04
chrisccoulsoncan do:)14:04
seb128tedg, hey14:16
tedgGood morning seb12814:17
seb128tedg, thanks for looking at the crasher, sorry I was not clear when I suggested it was due to the indicator, I meant the dynamic menu changes for fusa detection indeed14:17
seb128I don't think it's important for a sru but would be nice to fix in lucid!14:18
tedgseb128: I can't come up with a simple fix.  It's probably the one of the menu items is getting deallocated before being show.  No clue how that could happen.14:18
seb128can you work on the change you suggested for lucid?14:18
tedgseb128: Yup.14:18
dobeyseb128, pitti, james_w: oh i almost forgot... care to give me some endorsement on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RodneyDawes/DeveloperApplication ? :)14:42
hggdhseb128: bug 359658 is ready for SRU to Jaunty14:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 359658 in evolution-indicator "evolution crashed with SIGSEGV in strcmp()" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35965814:43
seb128lool, do you know if there is a way to see what driver is being used for eth<n>?15:05
loolseb128: 14:24 < lool> seb128: Thanks; if it's for your wifi, then we need to check  which package ships the driver15:06
lool14:24 < lool> seb128: Here, "file /sys/class/net/wlan0/device/driver/module"  says /sys/class/net/wlan0/device/driver/module: symbolic link to  `../../../../module/iwlagn'15:06
loolseb128: replace wlan0 with eth0 and look at the end of the output15:06
pittidobey: will do; what do you apply for? upload rights for the ubuntuone-* packages?15:07
dobeypitti: universe-contributor, and then will apply for ~ubuntu-desktop after I am accepted for universe-contributor, as you suggested15:08
seb128lool, it's "wl"15:08
seb128works on jaunty unr, not on karmic unr15:08
pittidobey: I didn't sponsor too many packages from you yet, so I can't vouch for general motu/~u-desktop yet (not sure how many other packages you touched); you could also start with getting single package upload rights (which requires much less packaging experience)15:09
pittidobey: the sum of my, james_w, seb128's and other sponsors experience might be enough, of course; not sure how many other folks sponsor your uploads15:09
dobeywas mostly seb128 and james_w15:10
pittidobey: so, I'll add my blurb there soon15:10
dobeyand i think scottk sponsored a backport request15:10
dobeypitti: thanks15:10
seb128dobey, I can't really vouch for you either, I've not sponsored complicated changes from you15:13
seb128those I did upload were mainly new version updates15:13
seb128not new packages or binary splits or transitions15:13
james_wagreed, but I'm happy to speak about the value of your contributions, which is what universe-contributor is about15:14
pitti^ *nod*15:15
pittipackage uploader is also fine from my POV15:15
seb128asac, around today?15:15
dobeyi don't know, i'm just going on what you guys suggested :)15:15
asacseb128: yes ... just around the corner ;)15:16
seb128asac, do you know if bcm4315 cards are supposed to work out of the box in ubuntu?15:16
seb128asac, my mini 10v wireless works only in jaunty unr15:17
seb128karmic unr or jaunty or karmic ubuntu doesn't see eth115:17
asacseb128: well. usually yes, but its a proprietary driver and as such is flaky15:17
asacseb128: do you have "wl" driver loaded?15:17
seb128on jaunty unr yes15:17
asaci think that driver moved somewhere else ...15:17
superm1use jockey to enable it on karmic15:17
asacafaik its supposed to get detected by jockey15:17
seb128it's not listed in jockey15:18
superm1make sure your apt cache is up to date first15:18
asacbut a few weeks ago there was an issue, but i didnt follow what came out of it after i connected the user with pitti15:18
superm1and then it should be offered in jockey15:18
seb128apt-cache search doesn't list bcmwl-kernel-source15:18
seb128how do I update my cache without internet?15:18
superm1you don't.  Keybuk_ was talking about this last week in #ubuntu-devel15:18
seb128which means karmic is useless on my mini 10v, great15:19
asachmm. odd. i thought that we put that in restricted and as that the driver pieces are on CD15:19
asacisnt that the case?15:19
dobeyseb128: boot the jaunty kernel under karmic?15:19
superm1the driver is on the CD, so you can install it from the CD still15:19
asacsuperm1: why doesnt jockey do that?`15:19
asacisnt that the idea?15:19
asacor just a bug that is known?15:20
pittiasac: no, we can't fit the entire tool chain on CDs15:20
pittiseb128: connect it to ethernet, apt-get update, and use jockey15:20
superm1pitti, actually yes everything needed to install bcmwl is on the CD http://cdimages.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/karmic-desktop-i386.list15:20
pittisuperm1: oh, I see; right, we discussed that a while ago15:20
Keybuk_everything needed is on the CD15:20
pittithe CD isn't added as a repository15:21
Keybuk_*but* you have to do it by hand using dpkg15:21
superm1and it's properly offered when you boot in live mode.  the problem is the cd not being a valid repository post install15:21
Keybuk_pitti: and even if it was, the on-the-net repos fail to update, so apt refuses to work anyway15:21
seb128do we have an open bug about that?15:21
pittiI'm sure we have plenty15:22
seb128I'm not sure to get the issue15:22
seb128why could it work in jaunty unr but not in ubuntu?15:22
Keybuk_no idea15:22
pittibut it's not really trivial to solve15:22
Keybuk_jaunty unr was probably "special"15:22
=== Keybuk_ is now known as Keybuk
pittiseb128: because in jaunty we still had l-r-m15:22
superm1it was shipped in linux-restricted-modules in jaunty15:22
pittiwhic shipped wl15:22
pittibut l-r-m is gone15:22
superm1so everyone "had it" by default then15:22
seb128why did we drop it? that seems useful to have there15:23
Keybukbecause it was evil15:23
pittikernel team decided to drop l-r-m entirely, not just wl15:23
Keybukit's been replaced by dkms15:23
seb128it has been replacing by something which doesn't work ;-)15:24
pittiseb128: do you see the b43 driver in jockey? (for downloading the firmware)15:24
pittiseb128: it does work15:24
seb128no, jockey is empty15:24
superm1b43 doesn't work with 4315 anyway15:24
pittiseb128: it's not the fault of dkms, it's a matter of having the package available/installed or not15:24
pittisuperm1: ok, then jockey wouldn't show it15:25
Keybukseb128: you mean like pidgin was replaced by empathy?15:25
davmor2sta is working here now both in live and installed15:25
pittiseb128: if only we would know someone at dell who could pester the broadcom guys to do proper drivers :)15:25
seb128pitti, ;-)15:25
seb128still not fun that jaunty was working on the mini 10v and karmic is not15:26
pittiintel wifi FTW15:26
superm1pitti, are you going to move jockey to apt daemon during lucid?  that should likely allow providing feedback more easily, and possibly enabling the CD repository on demand15:26
pittisuperm1: trunk uses packagekit15:26
Keybukpitti: if only we knew someone at dell who we could pester to stop building hardware which relies on non-free drivers15:26
pittisuperm1: but it's not really an issue of aptdaemon vs. python-apt15:27
seb128Keybuk, let's not troll empathy vs pidgin, empathy is supposed to do the same work ;-)15:27
pittisuperm1: we could jump through some hoops to have jockey temporarily use the CD repository, install from that, drop it again, and ignore the http sources15:27
pittiand build a lot of new UI around it to cope15:27
superm1pitti, can you set up a session at UDS to try to discuss solutions to this type of problem then in case there are some better ideas?15:28
Keybukseb128: so is dkms15:28
loolseb128: dpkg -S wl.ko?15:28
seb128superm1, how do I install bcmwl?15:28
seb128lool, it's in the volatile directory and not shipped by any deb according to dpkg15:29
seb128lool, but it was in l-r-m apparently15:29
superm1seb128, on karmic, just add the cdrom/usb stick in software-properties-gtk and you should be able to use apt-get to do it15:29
seb128superm1, thanks15:29
Keybukif that fails15:30
Keybukdpkg -i /media/blah-blah/pool/*/*/*.deb ;-)15:30
seb128it seems suboptimal to have the deb there and not installed15:32
seb128can't we just auto install those?15:32
pittiwell, we don't want to install the nvidia/fglrx/wl drivers everywhere15:34
pittisuperm1: I suppose you'll install it by default on the pre-installed boxes you sell?15:34
loolseb128: It seems that lrm was replaced by DKMS based individual debs so you probably hit this jockey/APT issue due to lrm being replaced by individual packages15:40
loolseb128: Sorry   :-/15:40
loolseb128: We need to fix this jockey/apt interaction15:40
seb128lool, yes, what we were just discussing15:40
seb128I don't get why jockey doesn't list it after install though15:40
seb128the list is empty15:40
seb128do you know if there is a bug about that?15:41
james_wpitti: apport gets turned off at release? In what way is it turned off?15:42
loolseb128: Dunno15:42
loolseb128: Scott seems to know about these gotchas with mini 10v15:42
pittijames_w: it did; /etc/default/apport says enabled=0 now15:42
james_wpitti: and what effect does that have?15:43
james_wI'm wondering if that will have effectively turned off kerneloops as well15:43
pittijames_w: segfaults and python crashes don't cause .crash files to be written any more15:43
pittijames_w: I'm not sure actually15:43
pittijames_w: but do we even install that by default? I don't have it here, and it's a fresh install from yesterday evening15:43
Keybukseb128: no, because that would be AGAINST THE LAW15:43
james_wpitti: we should15:44
james_wkerneloops-daemon at least15:44
pittijames_w: oops, I do have that, yes15:44
james_wwhich causes .crash files to be written15:44
james_wshould we have disabled that as well?15:44
pittikernoops  1503  0.0  0.0  20064   264 ?        Ss   Oct27   0:02 /usr/sbin/kerneloops15:44
pittijames_w: well, not sure about the kerneloops.org submission, but I think we should disable that, too15:44
seb128Keybuk, I should talk to those who recommended the mini 10v as a netbook working out of the box on ubuntu ;-)15:45
james_wpitti: ok, I'll prepare an SRU to disable kerneloops from starting?15:45
pittijames_w: it might provoke some "ubuntu talks home" concern, so that might be better indeed15:46
pittijames_w: it doesn't seem to have a default file unfortunately15:46
james_whmm, yeah15:47
james_wit only talks home if they accept15:47
superm1pitti, for karmic i've actually got a method that runs jockey post install to evaluate what's necessary15:47
superm1pitti, but basically if it's determined that something can use the driver, it will get loaded15:48
superm1so maybe the right solution is to roll this into a ubiquity plugin for lucid?15:50
loolWhat's starting up language-selector on login?15:50
mvolanguage-selector is started?15:53
mvonot just a notification about that?15:53
pittijames_w: ah, right; so the "talk home" is not a big deal, it's just having it in the first place then?15:54
james_wjust the same issues we don't run apport in stable releases I guess15:54
james_wand the fact that it is still a bit sucky and so will give you lots of duplicate reports and things15:54
seb128pitti, is jockey hanging for 1 minute after clicking active normal?16:02
seb128it did open a "download and install" dialog now but the bar doesn't move16:03
pittinot really, it should give you a progress dialog16:03
pittibut apt is very poor with giving progress16:03
seb128it's all pretty slow for something which is on a local usb stick16:03
pittiso if building/installing takes a while, it will appear stuck16:03
seb128it's like 2 minutes now16:03
seb128oh, it builds, ok16:03
seb128ssd drive = no noise16:03
pittihm, I tested the wl stuff some days ago, and it hung for 10 seconds or so16:03
seb128so it seems to do nothing16:03
pittibut not more16:04
seb128it's a good 3 minutes now16:04
seb128I did enable the b43 option16:04
mvopitti: what exactly is the problem with apt? is it the dpkg database reading that takes so long?16:04
pittimvo: no, progress information through package install; it's like 0 - 40% - 100%16:05
pittiseb128: ah, it's not STA?16:05
seb128well it's listing both16:05
pittiseb128: I thought b43 wouldn't even be displayed?16:05
seb128I decided to active the first one first to try16:05
mvoyeah, for a single package that is correct, thats the best we get from dpkg16:05
pittiseb128: for b43 it downloads and installs b43-fwcutter, and that then downloads the firmware16:05
seb128over 5 minutes now16:06
mvobut a single package should usually much faster than 1-2 minutes?16:06
superm1b43 loads on 4315, but will just display something in dmesg about how it can't do anything16:06
seb128I'm wondering if it's still working16:06
pittiseb128: do you have a running apt/dpkg process?16:08
pittiand a b43-fwcutter one?16:08
seb128pitti, .xsessions-error has a raise BackendCrashError16:08
seb128let me look16:09
seb128pitti, no16:09
pittihm, then it crashed16:09
pittiseb128: do you have an exception in /var/log/jockey.log ?16:09
seb128DEBUG: Installing package: b43-fwcutter16:10
seb128and nothing after that one16:10
seb128pitti, https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/jockey/+bug/41362416:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 413624 in jockey "jockey-gtk crashed with BackendCrashError in convert_dbus_exceptions()" [Undecided,New]16:14
seb128pitti, http://launchpadlibrarian.net/30315756/Traceback.txt16:14
seb128I get the same stacktrace in .xsession-errors16:14
pittiseb128: hm, unfortunately that's an useless stack trace16:15
seb128do you need anything before I close jockey and try to install sta?16:15
* pitti comments on the bug16:16
pittiseb128: no, the frontend is pretty independent, you can close it16:17
seb128ok thanks16:18
pittiadded debug instructions16:18
seb128pitti, the backend side is flooding very quickly with "result coult not be parsed"16:24
=== james_w` is now known as james_w
pittioh, I wonder where that comes from16:29
seb128it's looping on that and never stops16:30
seb128hum, another case where empathy fails to connect to msn but pidgin works correctly16:41
chrisccoulsonheh, i've just had an old colleague e-mail me, and commenting that karmic is looking nice:)16:43
seb128chrisccoulson, good ;-)16:45
seb128pitti, want me to try something else before I wipe this install?17:13
seb128pitti, I get the bug every time but I'm going to put unr17:13
pittiseb128: do you see anything helpful in the log which would show what prints those "result could not be parsed" messages?17:14
seb128the line before is Installing...17:14
pittiseb128: go ahead; with the same hardware and network the bug should occur under UNR, too17:14
seb128then it loops on that one17:14
seb128I've no clue about jockey and what it tries to parse though17:15
Laneycan I disable U1 notifications?17:17
seb128pitti, the "result could not be parsed" is a string in apt_pkg.so17:21
seb128pitti, the "result could not be parsed" is a string in apt_pkg.so, not sure it's coming from there though...17:21
chrisccoulsonpitti - do you think bug 457123 is SRU-able?17:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 457123 in transmission "Transmission doesn't prevent suspend when torrent is active" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45712317:21
pittiit uses python-apt17:21
pittiseb128: ^17:21
seb128pitti, note that this box has no internet so has not been able to do an apt-get update17:22
seb128ie the apt indexes might not be in a right state17:22
pittiseb128: you will need internet to download the firmware17:22
seb128I just added the usb key as a cdrom to use jockey17:22
seb128it's a chicken egg issue ;-)17:23
seb128I need internet to download the firwmware to get internet17:23
seb128ok, you win, I'm using wired internet to get that one17:23
pittiethernet for the win :)17:27
pittiand bad drivers FTL17:28
mvoseb128: hm, that message seems to come from a media change events, I suspect that jockey does not implement media change?17:36
pittimvo: it doesn't17:36
pittimvo: it's a noninteractive d-bus backend17:36
mvook, that explains it (also the message is really not helpful17:36
mvoso it seems the deb is on the cd but that prevents it from becoming installed17:37
mvolucid material17:38
seb128pitti, mvo: confirmed it works after disabling the cdrom source17:38
mvohm, thinking about it, if it could just return False to media change events it should fallback to http17:39
seb128cdrom being wrong wording in the apt source config dialog since that's an usb key17:39
seb128software-source I mean17:39
* mvo will add code to python-apt that assumes that17:39
seb128great the box crashed after the driver install17:40
seb128mvo, pitti: you guys want a bug about the apt-cdrom thingy?17:40
pittiseb128: please17:41
mvoseb128: if you can still reproduce it, can I send you a test patch?17:41
seb128pitti, where? python-apt? jockey17:41
pittiseb128: both probably17:41
pitti(two tasks)17:41
seb128mvo, it easy to trigger yes17:41
seb128install karmic on a mini 10v17:41
seb128enable the usb key as cdrom source17:42
seb128and try to enable the wireless network in jockey17:42
seb128ie I can test it for you17:42
mvoseb128: could you please try this patch?17:45
mvoseb128: just to see if it helps, the real fix needs to go into python-apt17:47
seb128mvo, trying17:49
seb128mvo, pitti: bug #46277117:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 462771 in python-apt "installing drivers using an apt cdrom source doesn't work" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/46277117:49
pittiseb128: merci17:50
pittimvo: hm, does p-apt magically callback the invoker of a function?17:52
pittimvo: your patch merely adds a new method to the OSLib class, but doesn't use it anywhere?17:53
mvopitti: its a callback that the progress code calls17:53
mvopitti: the bug is in python-apts default implementaiton, but this was the quiest way for a test-run17:54
seb128mvo, sorry it's going to take another 5 minutes, the box crashed again17:54
seb128it doesn't like those drivers installs17:54
seb128pitti, is there a cache dir in jockey?18:01
seb128it seems to find the driver without internet since I downloaded it18:01
seb128cleaning the apt cache is not enough18:01
pittiseb128: /var/cache/jockey/ caches which drivers it already presented to you through notifications, but not much else18:01
seb128pitti, or, no downloaded firmware?18:02
seb128or driver18:02
seb128or whatever it got online18:02
pittiseb128: firmware> /lib/firmware/b4318:02
pittiand b43-fwcutter / bcmwl-kernel-source packages18:02
pittithose all belogn to the driver packages, though18:02
pittiseb128: if you delete /lib/firmware/b43, then it should appear disabled again18:02
seb128it's disabled18:03
seb128but when I enable it again it seems to manage to do that without having to download18:03
seb128ok, will be faster to just redo a test install18:04
seb128mvo, I will ping you back about the change after dinner18:04
seb128will make me test the current i386 iso too18:05
mvoseb128: have you removed /var/cache/apt/archives/* ?18:05
seb128mvo, I did sudo apt-get clean18:06
seb128which should be equivalent no?18:06
mvohm, that should be sufficient18:06
pittiseb128: are you trying b43 or wl?18:06
seb128pitti, both18:06
seb128anyway new install running18:06
seb128it's an usb2 key and a ssd disk18:06
seb128it's going to be quick18:06
pittiseb128: the latter is bcmwl-kernel-source (purge), the former is /lib/firmware/b43/ and b43-fwcutter18:06
mvoseb128: ok, I will have to leave sonish for today, but if you could let me know I will prepare a sru for python-apt with a more sane default18:06
seb128mvo, ok, no hurry anyway, I will let you know tomorrow morning18:07
seb128pitti, I did dpkg -r bcmwl-kernel-source18:07
seb128maybe I should have purged rather18:07
seb128anyway, reinstalling now18:07
pittiseb128: ah, no, you need to remove it from the apt cache, too18:07
pittiseb128: /var/cache/apt/archives/bcmwl-kernel-source*.deb18:07
seb128did that too18:07
seb128sudo apt-get clean18:07
pittior apt-get clean18:07
pittithen it needs to redownload the .deb18:08
tgpraveenwhat does SRU mean?18:23
ubottuStable Release Update information is at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates18:23
tgpraveenforund it!18:24
tgpraveenseb128: will https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/enchant/+bug/446230 be getting an SRU? should I file for that separately?18:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 446230 in enchant "enchant custom words are not being used" [Low,Fix committed]18:35
seb128tgpraveen, no and no18:35
seb128mvo, the change doesn't seem to make a difference18:37
=== asac_ is now known as asac
chrisccoulsonvuntz - i'm just trying to investigate why my screensaver doesn't come on sometimes, and i've just noticed that if an application registers an inhibitor with gnome-session, but then crashes before releasing it, the inhibitor object remains (preventing the screensaver activating automatically again for the remainder of the session)19:15
chrisccoulsonthis could be more robust couldn't it?19:15
chrisccoulsonhmmmm, i see it's meant to remove the inhibitors already, but that doesn't seem to be working :-/19:27
vuntzchrisccoulson: hrm, that's bad, indeed19:34
chrisccoulsonyeah, i'm just trying to work out whats going on19:34
tjaaltonshould karmic have g-v-m installed?19:37
chrisccoulsontjaalton - no it shouldn't19:37
chrisccoulsong-v-m should disappear from the archive19:37
tjaaltonchrisccoulson: nice19:37
tjaaltona bit late to fix now, but maybe it should be cleaned from the system on dist-upgrade19:38
chrisccoulsonthe only release with it installed by default currently is hardy. so it should probably be cleaned on hardy -> lucid upgrades19:39
tjaaltonhmmh, too bad it has been on my system for way too long then ;)19:39
tjaaltonI was wondering why I always got a gvm popup asking what to do with media containing pictures19:40
tjaaltonthe settings didn't persist19:40
tjaaltonso it's just that gvm was running19:40
tjaaltonI wonder what else is running that shouldn't :)19:41
chrisccoulsonvuntz - this is wierd. i've just ran gnome-session through GDB, and set a break on inhibitor_has_bus_name. when i kill totem, i see this function called for every inhibitor, but when i inspect inhibitor->priv->bus_name, every inhibitor has the same bus name (and it's wrong)19:45
chrisccoulsonwhich is why they don't get removed19:45
chrisccoulsontotem still proxies requests through gnome-screensaver, and the bus name is the bus name of gnome-screensaver19:47
chrisccoulsonthat's why it doesn't work19:47
chrisccoulsontotem needs to use the new interface :(19:48
tjaaltonnautilus Breaks: gnome-volume-manager (<< 2.24), but the version in the archive is later, so no wonder it's not cleaned away19:48
tjaaltongvm that is19:48
chrisccoulsoni'm not sure the Breaks is there for cleaning on upgrade. i don't know if breaks is appropriate for that really19:48
tjaaltonwell, it provides the same functionality19:49
tjaaltonresulting in bad user experience19:49
tjaaltonmaybe conflicts then19:49
chrisccoulsonyeah, it does. i was hoping to get it removed from the arhive this cycle, but ended up running out of time19:49
chrisccoulson**yeah, it does provide a bad use experience19:50
tjaaltonmaybe the conflict could be added as an update?19:50
chrisccoulsonhello seb12819:50
seb128chrisccoulson, hey, what totem issue do you investigate?19:50
seb128tjaalton, what is the issue?19:50
chrisccoulsonseb128 - session inhibiting ;)19:51
seb128what sort of issue does it lead to?19:51
tjaaltonseb128: g-v-m should be cleaned on upgrade19:51
chrisccoulsoninhibitors are leaked if totem crashes, or exits without removing them first. which means that the screensaver doesn't automatically lock the screen for the rest of the session once this has happened19:51
tjaaltonseb128: so nautilus should conflict with it19:52
seb128tjaalton, the change was before hardy not likely to be a real issue now19:52
tjaaltonunless you've been dist-upgrading from a release to another, like me19:53
seb128tjaalton, especially that update-manager will clean it on upgrade19:53
seb128tjaalton, you didn't use update-manager?19:53
tjaaltonhasn't done it here19:53
tjaaltonI've used it, but always upgraded to alpha2/3 or so19:53
seb128it might have been added later in the cycle than that19:54
tjaaltonok, good19:54
seb128we don't do dist-upgrade tweaks to earlier usually19:54
seb128to -> so19:54
seb128or too early19:54
seb128anyway it should not be an issue for many users19:54
seb128it was 1.5 year ago and the dist-upgrade will clean it19:55
tjaaltonhope so :)=19:55
tjaaltonmaybe the cleanup app and update-manager should share such configs19:56
seb128it's not listed in computer-janitor?19:57
tjaaltonlet me install it again and test..19:57
seb128ok, that's probably a bug then19:58
tjaaltonok, I'll file it19:59
mvoseb128: hey - do you get the same message with the patch as before? or a different one/no message but the same behavior ?20:17
seb128mvo, same message20:18
seb128but I might have edited the wrong file I'm not sure what is correct with the python modern world20:18
mvoseb128: hm, maybe or I did a typo or something - it should be in /usr/lib/python2.6/dist-package should have the symlink20:19
mvoseb128: could you add a "print "hello" or something into the mediaChange()20:19
mvojust to see if its called at all?20:19
mvoor open("/tmp/seb","w").write("hello")20:20
mvoto be sure its not eaten by some redirection20:20
seb128gpm is on crack after install in karmic20:20
seb12811 hours of battery remaining, right20:20
kenvandineseb128, i want your batter :)20:21
seb128it's going to be quite expensive but I'm wanting to sell it for a good price ... ;-)20:22
tgpraveen!info empathy20:23
ubottuempathy (source: empathy): High-level library and user-interface for Telepathy. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.26.1-1ubuntu1 (jaunty), package size 280 kB, installed size 1092 kB20:23
seb128tgpraveen, ?20:23
seb128mvo, seems to not be called20:24
tgpraveenseb128: sorry wrong channel20:24
mvoseb128: meh, my mistake I think, give me a sec20:27
mvoseb128: please try http://paste.ubuntu.com/303822/20:28
mvoseb128: no need to unpatch the previous one, should do no harm20:28
mvo(but also no good)20:28
seb128mvo, that one works20:30
mvoseb128: cool, now it fetches from the net?20:32
seb128mvo, it tries to fetch from the key which is not there20:32
seb128I'm going to try with the key in a few minutes when it's available20:32
seb128using it on another box right now20:32
seb128ie it displays "failed to fetch cdrom:...."20:33
seb128with a file not found error20:33
seb128mvo, did I already told you that you rock today? ;-)20:34
* seb128 hugs mvo20:34
mvoseb128: no, but I'm happy to hear that :)20:34
mvojust to confirm, you get a file-not-found and then it gets it from the http source?20:35
seb128no, just the not found but I don't have http sources20:35
seb128I'm trying to enable the wireless driver to get online20:36
seb128so I never apt-get updated it20:36
mvoaha, ok20:36
mvothanks for the super-quick test!20:36
seb128you're welcome20:36
seb128mvo, it seems to file to fetch the file from the usb key still20:44
seb128but at least it doesn't hang20:44
mvoyeah, well - in order for that the mediaChange() method needs to get actually implemented20:47
mvoand not just return "FAIL" :)20:47
seb128ok so it's all good20:48
mvoyeah, that was the scope of the fix for today20:48
seb128do you want me to try on wired internet too?20:48
seb128should cd be used before http in such cases?20:48
mvoif its no hassle20:48
mvobut apt usually adds the CD to the top of the sources.list20:48
seb128mvo, ok, works20:56
seb128mvo, I used wired ethernet to apt-get update20:56
seb128tried without your change it hanged and printed the lines20:56
seb128with your change it download over http as expected20:56
mvoseb128: thanks21:07
seb128mvo, thank you for looking at the issue ;-)21:07
mvoseb128: do you think its sru worthy?21:10
seb128mvo, no21:10
seb128or depends of the number of duplicate bugs on jockey21:11
* mvo nods21:11
seb128I'm not sure how many users enable cdrom sources21:11
seb128but I would tend to say not many21:11
bigonwill somebody make a package for empathy ?21:16
* Laney is annoyed by how many notifications U1 is showing21:16
Laneybigon: what's new there?21:16
seb128bigon, already done and uploaded a sru candidate21:16
seb128as sru candidate21:16
bigonseb128: ok great21:17
seb128bigon, you can look to open bugs btw to see if somebody work on updates, we need to have bugs to track sru updates21:18
pittiseb128: out of interest, how long does an ubiquity run take on your netbook? (usb->ssd)21:53
seb128pitti, I didn't measure but less than 10 minutes I think21:53
seb128some 6 to 8 minutes21:53
seb128I got a high speed usb key recently that's nice21:54
seb128like copying a cd iso to the key is some 1 minute21:54
seb128hey robert_ancell21:55
robert_ancellseb128, hey21:55
seb128robert_ancell, how are you?21:55
seb128been busy doing iso testing?21:55
seb128how is karmic looking in your opinion?21:56
robert_ancellseb128, is it out already?21:56
pittihey robert_ancell21:56
robert_ancellpitti, hey21:56
seb128but current isos should be the karmic set21:56
* pitti knocks on wood21:56
robert_ancellseb128, I've just been running my up-to-date install.  Nothing is broken that I use or have tried to use21:56
robert_ancellI'll set up a VM today21:57
pittirobert_ancell: do you have hardware VM support?21:57
seb128robert_ancell, I've assigned some bugs to you, let me know if you already have too much to do though21:57
robert_ancellpitti, no, just a standard old laptop21:57
seb128robert_ancell, do you want to do the totem 2.28.2 update as a sru too btw?21:57
robert_ancellseb128, np21:58
seb128robert_ancell, I expect that we will spend the next week mainly looking at karmic feedback and doing some srus21:58
seb128then start on merges with debian for lucid and some updates21:59
robert_ancellseb128, sure.  I was doing some triaging yesterday.  There are so many vague "my hardware doesn't work" bugs21:59
seb128then prepare uds21:59
seb128robert_ancell, right, I do read all desktop bugs, takes me like 2 hours a day21:59
seb128I want a "I don't care about this issue" button21:59
seb128just to put all those noise bugs out of the way22:00
robert_ancellseb128, yes - there's a class of bugs that basically can't be fixed or would take so much time to fix they'd be obsolete by the time you found the problem22:00
seb128I just go by numbers, we can't spent a day one a weird local issue22:01
* TheMuso waves.22:01
robert_ancellTheMuso, hi22:01
seb128hey TheMuso22:01
seb128robert_ancell, karmic looks good from feedback in any case22:01
seb128the most frequent complain is youtube videos playing not working in totem I think22:02
seb128with gdm lack of options22:02
seb128also some inhibitor issues chrisccoulson seems to be looking at now22:02
robert_ancellseb128, oh they love to bitch about gdm... there's nothing you can say to quieten the masses22:02
pittibryce__: http://www2.bryceharrington.org:8080/files/images/dutch-pirate.jpg -> this is awesome22:10
bryce__pitti, :-)22:11
robert_ancellpitti, what makes you think the seahorse-plugin may be related to icons?23:05
pittirobert_ancell: the third-last or so stack frame23:06
pitti(from the bottom of the file)23:06
robert_ancellpitti, ah, haven't seen a trace like this23:07
pittigood night everyone23:15
DGMurdockIIIwhats that tool that in ubuntu that run a system test then send the info back to the ubuntu dev23:19
chrisccoulson'night pitti23:21
DGMurdockIIIused to be somthing else23:24
=== bjf is now known as bjf-afk

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