geniiIs there a decent channel or resource to find out what is available for ARM platforms?00:00
genii(more specifically Cortex A8)00:01
jdongwho in ~core-dev usually cares about Transmission (the bittorrent client)?00:06
jdongin bug 460620, people are reporting that private trackers are starting to ban transmission <=1.7500:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 460620 in transmission "Transmission Version 1.76 is Available" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/46062000:06
jdongin which case, 1.76 is a fairly unintrusive, bugfix-only minor release.00:07
jdongit may be worth sticking that into -proposed.00:07
ajmitchjdong: they're banning something only a couple of days after a new version is released?00:37
jdongajmitch: it doesn't make much sense to me either00:38
ajmitchthe world of bittorrent is full of crack00:38
jdongyeah private torrent trackers are some sort of black magic groupthink.00:39
lifelessogra: whats up with http://www.plugcomputer.org/plugwiki/index.php/Ubuntu_9.0.4_Plug_Computer_Distribution saying karmic isn't supported?01:01
ebroderIs there a reason that Karmic has a Debian-native source package but a non-native version number?01:16
lifelessebroder: EPARSE01:16
ebroderErr, sorry - typo. "Is there a reason that Karmic's dbus has a Debian-native..."01:17
ajmitchsomeone made a mistake in the upload?01:19
ajmitchor it could be intentional, it looks like it goes back a few revisions01:19
ebroderLooks like it started with the first 1.2.16 upload01:20
ebroderThe 1.2.14 releases had .diff.gzs01:20
ebroderI'll file a bug01:22
jdonglooks to me like it "accidentally" mutated into a debian-native package :)01:23
* jdong starts a bzr-related conspiracy theory!01:23
ajmitchthough if it's in bzr, it should at least mention that somewhere in the package01:25
ebroderbug #462326 if you want to follow along01:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 462326 in dbus "dbus has non-Debian-native version number but Debian-native package" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/46232601:25
hyperairis there any way at all to get the $host string as autotools' configure sees it, from, say dpkg-architecture?01:54
lifelessapparently we're meant to for all packages nowadays02:00
lifelessI haven't looked up the $foo to do that02:00
hyperairwell yeah02:04
hyperairbut the problem is configure detects i486-pc-linux-gnu02:04
hyperairand dpkg-architecture says i486-linux-gnu02:04
* hyperair grumbles. why can't it all just be standardized already?!02:04
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zookodoko__: good job identifying that GNU assembler patch.02:23
RovanionHow do I get hold of makeinfo?02:37
TheMusoRovanion: Its in texinfo I think.02:40
RovanionThank you, and what's the package name for the c++ g++ compiler?02:41
RovanionI found it, build-essential02:42
ScottKzooko: So you got it firgured out?02:51
zookodoko has isolated the change to binutils that causes the problem and opened a ticket with them.  That's progress.02:52
ScottKzooko: Any way to figure out if there are affected packages in the archive?  I'd guess there are ...02:54
zookoI have no idea, but you're right that this should be investigated.03:06
zookoThe first thing we can do is exclude all packages that were built before the bad binutils version.03:06
zookoThe next thing is that as far as we know this affects only assembly code, not C or C+.03:06
zookoBut I have almost no understanding of the actual issue in binutils.03:06
zookoI'm tired and I'm feeling the strong urge to play a game.03:08
zookoBuuut I guess there are a few important tasks for my open source project that I should do first...03:08
zookoHm, I see that Alan Modra posted an example on http://sourceware.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=1085603:13
ubottusourceware.org bug 10856 in gas "[2.20 regression] gas creates wrong code which results in a test failure in libcrypto++'s sha2 test" [Normal,New]03:13
zookoIf I understand correctly this issue affects only asm code with ".intel_syntax".03:14
zookoI can't stand it anymore.  I'm giving into my craving and starting a game of Dungeon Crawl.03:20
scarface[94]hi guys. just wondering what time i will be able to update to 'karmic koala', no the RC. Preferably in AEDST.06:53
TheMusoscarface[94]: If you intend to update your system via apt-get upgrade, thats possible now.06:54
scarface[94]to the final release, not the RC?06:54
StevenKscarface[94]: Your best bet is to wait for the release annoucement06:56
hyperairYokoZar: ping07:04
dholbachgood morning07:05
hyperairYokoZar: is it okay if i use i486-linux-gnu (what dpkg-architecture returns) instead of i486-pc-linux-gnu (what configure detects and places in $host)?07:05
hyperairfor ia32-libs, that is07:05
hyperairmorning dholbach =)07:05
dholbachhey hyperair07:05
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mvoRiddell: bug #444979 seems to be relatively frequent on kubuntu upgrades :/ I get it here in my test machine too08:31
ubottuLaunchpad bug 444979 in fuse "fuse-utils postinst fails" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44497908:31
SteveAhas something changed in ssh timeouts for karmic?08:35
SteveAI'm getting idle ssh connections closed, and they weren't doing that a few weeks ago08:36
pittiGood morning08:47
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sorencjwatson: If I have suggestions for       * Colin (I just helped a bit) interviewed all the members of ~motu that are not ~ubuntu-core-dev yet and asked which future permissions they need.09:19
sorencjwatson: If I have suggestions for http://people.canonical.com/~cjwatson/packagesets, what do I do?09:20
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sorencjwatson: Just tell you here or is this tracked somewhere else where I can propose it?09:21
=== SPAETZ is now known as spaetz
cjwatsonsoren: preferably not at all, they're automatically generated from seeds09:22
cjwatsonI don't ever want to be maintaining that by hand, and I wish that Daniel had not advertised it09:22
cjwatsonpeople are not supposed to need to look at that directly - it's an intermediate file09:22
sorencjwatson: Ah, sorry.09:23
cjwatsonthere are tools to look at the sets in Launchpad, which we should brush up and make easier to use09:23
cjwatsontry lp:ubuntu-archive-tools, you can use edit_acl.py for this09:23
sorencjwatson: So.. Although they're based on something called seeds, this is different from the current seeds, right? If I propose adding a package to ubuntu-server, will that change anything in terms of expected support level, or is it simply about upload rights?09:25
cjwatsoncan I get back to you about this later please?09:25
cjwatsonbriefly, though, there is only one meaning of "seeds" involved here09:25
sorenI'll ping you later. Forget about it.09:25
Mamarokhi, I just added a comment to this bug report, seems there is a hard limitation to a max. of 1024 open files that causes crashes on various applications needing databases: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/41702509:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 417025 in ubuntu "CRON stacks processes and system eventually becomes unresponsive due to too many open files" [Undecided,New]09:25
MamarokRiddell: seb128 I subscribed you both since it affects both KDE and Gnome apps AFAICT09:26
seb128Mamarok, I've no clue about that issue but that doesn't seem a GNOME bug09:29
ogralifeless, it's true ... we only support armv6 and above with karmic, the gcc default config is set to build with armv6 and vfp09:51
Tm_Togra: hmm, wasn't it that way before too?09:55
ograTm_T, jaunty was v5 and only a selected bunch of packages was compiled with vfp (libc etc ..)09:55
* Tm_T is with v4 device so wouldn't notice any difference (;09:57
pittiScottK: there are still two universe uploads in the queue; do you still think they are fine to go in? or should they be rejected and become SRUs?09:58
slangasekpitti: ScottK has re-delegated those decisions to us10:04
slangasekpitti: I only see one universe package in the -release queue, though10:04
pittiah, lmms is -proposed, right10:04
ChipzzMamarok: your assertion that that is a hard limit is false10:40
Chipzzsince it can be configured10:41
Chipzzadd a value for fs.file-max in /etc/sysctl.conf (http://www.faqs.org/docs/securing/chap6sec72.html)10:43
ChipzzMamarok: may I suggest you do your homework properly next time? ;P10:44
dholbachpitti: bug 429322 has A LOT of duplicates10:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 429322 in seahorse-plugins "seahorse-agent assert failure: ERROR:iop-profiles.c:606:IOP_generate_profiles: assertion failed: (obj && (obj->profile_list == NULL) && obj->orb)" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42932210:54
dholbachlooks like a new record :)10:55
pitti158 dups? hmm, could be10:59
YokoZarhyperair: probably, I'm not sure if there's an established standard as it is11:10
hyperairYokoZar: alright then11:11
dholbachpitti: I personally think it might be just something that happens during shutdown11:14
joaopintodoes anyone know the bug nr for the unuable VTs ?11:14
dholbachpitti: and apport popping up on next login11:15
pittidholbach: yeah, I guess we'd have noticed much earlier if it was genuinely broken; I guess pretty much every developer on gnome will use that11:15
dholbachpitti: how does the traceback look to you?11:16
dholbachit didn't seem to be much to do with seahorse-plugins? something changed in gtk dealing with iconsets and stuff?11:17
pittiit doesn't tell me anything, I'm afraid11:19
pittiI'll ask Robert about it11:19
dholbachpitti: maybe we can make pedro_ fix bug 42932211:22
ubottuLaunchpad bug 429322 in seahorse-plugins "seahorse-agent assert failure: ERROR:iop-profiles.c:606:IOP_generate_profiles: assertion failed: (obj && (obj->profile_list == NULL) && obj->orb)" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42932211:22
dholbachI'm sure he can do it11:22
pittidholbach: I assigned it to robert_ancell for now; if you think that pedro can, feel free to reassign ;)11:25
pedro_dholbach, pitti I'm not *too* sure about that :-P11:25
seb128dholbach, crashes in iconset functions are usually corruptions11:26
pedro_dholbach, i'll fix it if you give me the patch, sure :-)11:26
seb128dholbach, ie need valgrind11:26
seb128pedro_, and by fix you mean assign the bug to me for reviewing the changes?11:26
seb128and upload too11:26
pedro_seb128, you got it ;-)11:27
kevix1I was compiling a program on jaunty, I ran the configure script and the script said some file was not present. but I checked the script and it was looking for the file only if it was '-x'. the file was present but not '-x'. So I chmod +x the file, and this make the configure script finish. should the file /usr/lib/libSDL_ttf* be +x? if so, I should file a bug?11:58
cjwatsonlibraries should not normally be +x. sounds like a configure script bug11:59
cjwatson(libc is an exception to this, before you say :-) )11:59
kevix1oh. the famously red-haired cj watson. wow, that is great service :)12:00
kevix1ok. that was my inclination.12:01
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tordne@jstrand: hey JStrand, last time you answered me on my problem for apparmor12:50
tordne@jstrand: after two days looking on internet i just uninstalled it12:51
tordne@jstrand: I just wanted to try again and as you said it wasn't include in my /boot/config.2.6.* file12:52
tordneso I searched in the other config files and just copied the few lines from apparmor in the file currently used12:53
tordnenow after restarting it said that the module was loaded12:53
tordne@jstrand: so thanks for the tip12:53
jdstrandtordne: great :)12:53
snthI changed the label for my SWAP partition and made sure to change it in /etc/fstab. However, after I reboot the kernel says that it can't resume from "the old-label" .. but everything else works fine.13:01
snthDoes anyone know where is this old label at? How can I change it?13:01
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sorensnth: /etc/initramfs/conf.d/resume, I would guess.13:13
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ScottKdoko_: Do we need to worry about having misbuilt packages in the archive due to 461303?15:00
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doko_ScottK: if packages directly code asm, using intel syntax, yes. I doubt these are many15:03
ScottKI suppose no easy way to find out?15:03
doko_you could search for .intel_syntax15:07
ScottKNow if only I had an local mirror...15:10
doko_maybe mvo can help, I think he has some scripts15:11
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MamarokChipzz: sorry, had to run15:23
Mamarokalso, you probalby misread what I said15:23
MamarokChipzz: just because one can confugre it, doesn't mean the default is set correctly, and it definitely is too low, check the number of crash reports with that error message15:24
mvobug #46130315:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 461303 in binutils "generates-bad-code regression" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/46130315:25
Chipzzthe bug-report doesn't even mention that it's about the default15:25
keesdoko_: I can do that search15:26
Chipzzyou say: this doesn't work, it's a bug.15:26
Chipzzwhich it isn't, it's a default that doesn't happen to work for you15:26
MamarokChipzz: that is not my report, I added a comment, read that15:26
mvodoko_, ScottK: I can create a script that crawles the archive for this, but I expect it will take a very long time to complete15:26
keesmvo, doko_, ScottK: I have a local mirror, existing scripts, and 4 CPUs.  I'll have it in about an hour.15:27
mvocool, thanks kees15:27
ScottKkees: Excellent.15:27
markeyChipzz: may I suggest that you think before writing?15:27
markeyI hear that helps15:27
markeyjust because you can change it doesn't make it a good default15:28
markeyor sane in any way15:28
markey1024 was a good default.. 199515:28
markeycomputers have changed, our use cases have changed15:28
Chipzzmarkey: say what?15:29
Chipzzmarkey: may I suggest YOU think before writing?15:30
markeygo ahead15:30
Chipzzmarkey: ubuntu can be installed as a desktop, as a server, as a mythtv backend/frontend...15:30
MamarokChipzz: you can't expect all users to know how to change that or even to know why their applications crash15:30
Mamarokand we talk about dektop applications that everybody uses, noobs15:31
Chipzzthere is no such thing as one default which works for everyone of those use-cases, so the ubuntu devs probably choose the one which consumed the least resources by default15:31
MamarokChipzz: you one of these devs?15:31
Chipzzno, but I have substantial experience with debian and ubuntu, and have done quite a bit of unofficial packaging15:32
MamarokChipzz: *sigh*15:32
Chipzzactually I'm going to correct myself here15:33
Chipzzthe 1024 default isn't even a default chosen by the ubuntu devs, it is the default which originates from the kernel15:33
Keybuk1024 is the default for what?15:35
ChipzzMamarok: and for the record, I just reread your report. Unless my reading comprehension is failing me, you do not mention this is about a default15:35
ChipzzKeybuk: maximum number of open files15:35
Keybukif any software considers that a limit, that's a bug in the software15:35
ChipzzKeybuk: fs.max-file sysctl15:36
KeybukChipzz: has nothing to do with that value ;)15:36
MamarokKeybuk: it is the default value in Ubuntu, and this is defintely too low for software that uses databases15:36
KeybukMamarok: then file bugs upstream on those pieces of software for not handling -ENOFILE properly15:36
Keybuk1024 is a soft limit, the hard limit is over 1,000 times higher15:37
Keybukapps are quite free to raise their own limit15:37
ChipzzKeybuk: Mamarok was claiming this was a hard limit, not me :)15:38
MamarokChipzz: I never did, I just said the default value was too low15:38
slangasekand what kind of database requires more than 1024 file descriptors?15:38
ChipzzMamarok: you most certainly did15:38
slangasekA large database /engine/, perhaps, with dozens of dbs, but you don't say that15:38
Keybuk/proc/sys/fs/nr_open contains the hard limit15:38
Chipzz10:25 < Mamarok> hi, I just added a comment to this bug report, seems there is a hard limitation to a max. of 1024 open files that causes crashes on various applications needing databases:  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/41702515:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 417025 in ubuntu "CRON stacks processes and system eventually becomes unresponsive due to too many open files" [Undecided,New]15:38
Keybukthe default soft limit is "low" to stop buggy software from consuming vast amounts of kernel memory by opening files15:39
Mamarokwell, wrong wording on my side then, still the default value is too low IMHO15:40
Keybukthe fact that your software fails to handle the returned errno certainly classifies it as buggy15:40
ChipzzKeybuk: am I misreading http://www.faqs.org/docs/securing/chap6sec72.html then? "The file-max file /proc/sys/fs/file-max sets the maximum number of file-handles that the Linux kernel will allocate. We generally tune this file to improve the number of open files by increasing the value of /proc/sys/fs/file-max to something reasonable..."15:40
KeybukMamarok: in my very un-humble opinion, the limit is perfect15:40
slangasekChipzz: what does 'cat /proc/sys/fs/file-max' say on your system?15:41
Chipzzchipzz@sophos:~$ cat /proc/sys/fs/file-max15:42
slangasekthat's distinctly not 102415:42
KeybukChipzz: that number gets a bit randomly set ;)15:42
slangasekthe only limit that's 1024 is the soft ulimit15:42
Chipzznot sure if that's the default though, but only ubuntu box I have access to right away ;)15:42
slangasekso as Keybuk says, it's an application bug15:43
Chipzzchipzz@sophos:~$ ulimit -n15:43
Keybukthat's still a soft limit ;)15:43
Chipzzyeah, just saying where the 1024 value comes from15:43
slangasekChipzz: the default for file-max is calculated by the kernel taking the size of your available memory and shooting cosmic rays at it15:43
Chipzzcosmic rays uh? :)15:44
slangasekyes, to randomly flip bits15:44
Chipzzslangasek: is there actually a way of setting the default soft-limit for non-login shells?15:44
slangasekdepends on what it is that you're trying to set a limit on15:45
slangasekif it's cron as the bug title suggests, then /etc/pam.d/cron already calls pam_limits15:45
slangasekso /etc/security/limits.conf is your friend15:45
Chipzzslangasek: general daemons started at bootup15:46
* Mamarok should probably have filed a separate bug, then...15:46
Chipzzslangasek: I've run into a problem where a daemon like nginx requires more than the default number of handles, and I can't get it to work out of he box15:46
Chipzzslangasek: well, the problem is more: make sure it works without restarting the daemon. because if I log in to the box, make sure ulimit is set corectly etc, and restart the daemon, it gets the correct values. just never when booting15:47
slangasekChipzz: usually a 'ulimit' call in the init script; upstart jobs also support setting ulimits with a 'limit' directive; I don't think trying to change the soft limit system-wide is the right way to address this15:48
Chipzzwhich results in having to manually log in after each reboot15:48
Chipzzslangasek: hacky :S15:48
Chipzzslangasek: hacking an init script to include a call to ulimit is sth I'ld rather avoid ;)15:49
slangasekthen convert it to an upstart job15:50
slangasekor fix the daemon to do something sensible on its own15:50
Chipzzslangasek: actually this is on a debian system so I guess off-topic for this chan ;)15:51
Keybuklimit nofile 1048576 104857615:51
Keybukupstart ftw15:51
slangasekChipzz: upstart, coming soon to a Debian release near you15:52
Chipzzslangasek: oh? debian converting to upstart too?15:52
Mamarokjust so you know, guys, there are roughly 20 open bugs on Launchpad that all refer to that very problem15:52
ChipzzI must have missed the memo ;)15:52
keesdoko_: here is main: http://pastebin.osuosl.org/29735  universe is still running15:52
slangasekChipzz: once a compatibility mode is available for the non-Linux ports15:54
doko_kees: none of these were built after the binutils upload, and binutils itself is a false positive (testsuite)15:57
keessure, I think gccxml is a false positive too (it just emits it, doesn't use it itself)15:57
keesI'm getting a lot more hits in universe.  up to "r" currently.15:58
keesdoko_: http://pastebin.osuosl.org/29738 universe16:06
keesdoko_: no hits in multiverse16:06
doko_kees: what do you mean by "hits"?16:07
keesdoko_: no file in the contents of a source package in multiverse contained ".intel_syntax"16:08
doko_ahh, did misread this for universe.16:09
doko_ScottK: well, then just check the list to see if any of those was uploaded after binutils 20091014 did enter the archive16:09
ScottKWill do.16:10
ScottKdoko_ and kees: If the bad binutils will cause a bad build of binutils, how do we fix it?16:11
ScottKSince that's the first one on the list ....16:12
* kees doesn't know about that16:13
doko_ScottK: these are false positives (the testsuite has test cases)16:14
ScottKdoko_: Good to hear.16:14
* ScottK relaxes16:14
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ScottKdoko_ and kees: Main is clear.16:19
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doko_ScottK: yes, I checked for that, just not universe16:25
ScottKdoko_ and kees: Universe is clear too.  Closest hit was two days before.16:26
ScottKkees: Thanks for doing the search.16:26
keesScottK: sure, no problemo16:28
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cjwatsonScottK: should such a thing happen, we'd produce temporary build chroots with an older binutils put on hold, and push through a binutils build16:43
ScottKcjwatson: Thanks.16:44
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rbritoHi there.17:20
rbritoIs there anything that can be done to get live CDs for the ports?17:20
rbritoEspecially regarding powerpc?17:20
rbritoSome of the ports' CDs have not been auto-built for some time now. :-(17:20
rbritoAnd I would sincerely love to have a new operating system for my iBook G3.17:21
=== beuno-lunch is now known as beuno
rbritoIf anybody needs a hand, I'm here to help a little bit. I'm a Debian Maintainer, if that means anything.17:22
rbritoAnd I care about the PowerPC platform.17:23
rbrito(Actually, I care about some of what people would treat as second-class citizens).17:23
rbritoI've been keeping an eye on the live images for PowerPC and it seems that both Ubuntu, Kubuntu, and Xubuntu images are oversized.17:28
rbritoAlso, the non-live images are oversized.17:29
sebnerrbrito: hasn't ubuntu dropped ppc support? So nobody cares for oversized stuff, be happy that you can find that stuff still ^^17:30
rbritoBTW, talking about ports, are the ports archives mirrored?17:30
Riddellrbrito: I fear you are too late for this cycle, there's less than a day until release.  but in general people to test the images and fix whatever the issues are with them are welcome17:30
rbritoRiddell, I've filed at least one bug some days ago.17:31
Riddellrbrito: very few developers currently care about powerpc, I think it needs someone to fix the bugs rather than just report them17:31
rbritosebner, As I understood it, the ports support would be offered on a best-effort basis.17:31
ccheneywow garmin is taking a beating from google today17:31
sebnerrbrito:  well official supported ports != ports available17:32
rbritoRiddell, any pointers for how the images are auto-built?17:32
rbritosebner, Thanks, I know that.17:32
ScottKrbrito: For this cycle the images are what they are.  It's acutally a testement to work on ports that there are live CD images at all.  It's been several releases since we managed that.17:33
Riddellrbrito: there are seeds at launchpad.net/ubuntu-seeds which create the meta packages of what should go on the CDs.  CDs are built with cdimage (also somewhere in launchpad)17:33
ScottKThey should work OK if you burn them on a dvd.17:33
rbritoRiddell, Thanks for the pointer. I didn't know about the modus operandi of creation of Ubuntu images.17:34
rbritoScottK, no DVD reader here on my iBook.17:34
rbritoAnyway, I'm offering some man-hours, if that's welcome. :-)17:35
rbritoI'd be glad to contribute in one way or another.17:35
rbritoEven if it doesn't make it the 9.10 release.17:36
rbrito(Say, if it made it to the first point release, I would be happy).17:36
slangasekthere are no point releases of 9.1017:36
ScottKrbrito: We can work on it for 10.04 though.17:36
ScottKrbrito: Can your iBook boot to USB?17:37
rbritoslangasek, so, things are different regarding to Debian, vorlon?17:37
slangasekrbrito: sure, a release every 6 months is different from Debian17:37
rbritoScottK, I think that I can, but I will have to mess with Open Firmware...17:38
rbritoslangasek, I had the impression that Ubuntu had point releases. Is that only for your long term releases?17:38
ScottKI've no idea about Mac stuff, but you can burn the image to a USB card/stick.17:38
ScottKrbrito: That's correct.  Only LTS17:38
rbritoScottK, right. Nice to know about it.17:38
rbrito(And, BTW, I'm not only worried about Macs, but also about Linux running on some embedded computers, but I guess that this is completely out-of-scope for Ubuntu).17:39
ScottKWe have only one or two developers that even have PowerPC hardware, so we need all the help we can get.17:40
rbritoScottK, great. I'd be willing to help with that.17:40
rbritoI'm mostly doing things in Debian...17:40
ScottKrbrito: TheMuso is the guy to talk to then.17:41
rbritoGreat. I will talk to Luke, then.17:41
ScottKHe's in .au, so probably sleeping unless my TZ math is off17:41
rbritoScottK, I'm in .br, which is -0200 now.17:41
rbrito(Daylight Savings Time)17:42
rbritoWell, I think that I'll install ubuntu the hard way, then (a minimal businesscard with wired connection and then a straight side-grade to Ubuntu).17:44
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rbritoWell, thanks for your comments. So, for starters, I should check the ubuntu-seeds part of launchpad?17:48
rbritoOK. Thanks for all the comments.17:52
rbritoI'm going now.17:53
jcastroKeybuk: is there a way to replicate a day's slots for the rest of the week in summit? Or am I doomed to make them all by hand?17:59
Keybukjcastro: only by SQL18:01
jcastroKeybuk: what would it cost me for you to do that for me. It will take me forever to do the rest of the days. :(18:02
jcastroname your price sire.18:02
slangasekasac: hmm, bug #455045> if a user screws up their /etc/network/interfaces and comments out lo, would NM do anything with it?18:02
ubottuLaunchpad bug 455045 in portmap "nfs-kernel-server doesn't start automatically at startup" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45504518:02
ebroderSo, uh, now that Karmic is spinning down, anybody from ubuntu-sru willing to take a look at bug #330766?18:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 330766 in pulseaudio "pulseaudio hangs, prevents login, home as ntfs" [Unknown,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/33076618:04
jdongwhen is the big magical archive reorg due to happen?18:04
ebroderWe've had a tested patch for about 2.5 months now...18:05
asacslangasek: the idea is that NM ups lo18:06
slangasekasac: ... uh.18:06
asacthe code is still there18:07
slangasekand does NM hook into upstart, to emit net-device-up events?18:08
slangasek(or does it hook into /etc/network/if-up.d?)18:08
jdongebroder: fastest way is probably to capture a core-dev sponsor and shove it into the -proposed queue ;-)18:09
asacif-up.d but loopback might be special18:09
ebroderjdong: I...can do that?18:09
asacslangasek: heh18:09
asacok so the Debian backend runs /sbin/ifup lo ...18:09
asacso yeah18:09
jdongebroder: there's never been explicit declaration whether the SRU ACK comes before the upload or vice-versa. In universe I prefer the former as it's easier to review, but for -main the SRU guys overlap quite a bit with those managing the queue anyway18:10
asacslangasek: so what behaviour do we want from NM?18:11
ebroderI see. In, uh, that case, any core-devs willing to upload the SRU fix for bug #330766? :)18:11
ubottuLaunchpad bug 330766 in pulseaudio "pulseaudio hangs, prevents login, home as ntfs" [Unknown,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/33076618:11
asacisnt it right to not up "lo" if there is no configuration in interfaces? otherwise you cannot opt-out at all anymore18:11
slangasekasac: what do you mean, opt out?18:12
asaccomment "lo"18:12
asacin interfaces18:12
slangasekif someone does that, why should NM do anything?18:12
slangasekanyway, my real question here is: is NM bringing up the interface in a way that /etc/init/portmap.conf doesn't see it18:13
asacslangasek: it runs /sbin/ifup lo18:13
slangasekwhy does it do that at all?  /etc/init/networking.conf will already do that18:13
slangasek(and if lo is missing from /etc/network/interfaces, what is 'ifup lo' supposed to get you?)18:14
ScottKkees: New clamav release is out with (AFAICT) no security fixes in it.18:14
keesScottK: ok18:15
mvoRiddell: can I help with bug #459471 in any way? I would love to get it into -proposed asap, otherwise I see more triage work for upgrade failures coming my way18:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 459471 in kdebindings "[Karmic] update-manager-kde: conffile prompt/error during upgrade cause crash" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45947118:16
Riddellmvo: just looking at it now18:18
mvocool, many thanks Riddell18:19
Riddellmvo: I think this should do it http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-members/kdebindings/ubuntu/revision/6418:29
mvoRiddell: cool, thanks. -proposed is ready for uploading, I can do a test upgrade from a ppa as well to ensure the fix works (tomorrow morning)18:32
hdonhi all. for some reason when i use valgrind --db-attach=yes, i get no debugging symbols when the debugger attaches. the backtrace is just ????. is that a known problem on jaunty?18:33
Riddellmvo: uploading then18:33
mvoRiddell: thanks18:33
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jmadginhi there! I've just come over from a convo with videolan channel, they told me you guys may be able to help! since i upgradfrom 9.04 to 9.10 my avi's dont seem to work in movie player or vlc. I checked the readout from vlc diagnostic and it said the encoder couldnt be found. I checked the encoder in synaptic and its there?19:33
jmadgini'm tearing my hair out trying to fix this, any advice?19:33
ebroderWhat time will Karmic release, again? Is it midnight GMT "tonight" or "tomorrow night"?19:44
jmadgindont kno19:44
sebnerebroder: when it's ready ;)19:45
ebrodersebner: "Will that be before or after Perl 6 and Mailman 3?" :-P19:45
sebnerebroder: tomorrow :P19:45
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DGMurdockIIIwhats that tool that in ubuntu that run a system test then send the info back to the ubuntu dev23:20
beunoDGMurdockIII, I think it's called checkbox23:21
DGMurdockIIIis that the tool the is built in to the the ubuntu os with te gui and everthing23:22
DGMurdockIIIit used to be somthing else23:23
ScottKubuntu-bug <packagename>23:26
cjwatsonebroder: we've never promised midnight, although people routinely get confused and think we have23:27
cjwatsonit's, furthermore, never been anywhere especially close to midnight23:27
slangasekcjwatson: there's a LP bug that misleads people into thinking we do23:29
slangasekdue dates are entered as dates and exit as timestamps23:29
davmor2cjwatson: in fact hardy was half way through the party wasn't it :D23:32
* joaopinto brings some beer23:33
cjwatsonslangasek: yeah23:34
cjwatsonslangasek: I just have trouble believing that all the people who think it's midnight have picked it up from LP23:35
slangasekI don't :)23:35
ajmitchword of mouth spreads these vicious rumours a long way :)23:36
slangasekcjwatson: particularly when https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/karmic says "Expected in 24 minutes" :)23:36
cjwatsonthat doesn't help, true23:36
mathiazkees: so I've doing some more testing with the RAID1 install23:43
mathiazkees: Is there a reason why the array would reassemble itself automatically?23:43
mathiazkees: use case: boot the system with one drive only.23:44
mathiazkees: boot the system with the other drive only.23:44
mathiazkees: boot the system with both drives again - RAID array are automatically rebuilt23:44
mathiazkees: http://paste.ubuntu.com/303896/23:45
mathiazkees: this^^ is after the last reboot23:45
slangasekmathiaz: shouldn't happen if both bits of the array have been written to separately, but were they?23:47
mathiazslangasek: hm - I added a file to one of the degraded array23:48
mathiazslangasek: but haven't touched the other degraded array23:48
mathiazslangasek: I'm retesting and make sure that both degraded array will diverge23:49
slangasekmathiaz: so if nothing touched the other one (which would be unlikely with current filesystems, but) - the kernel has enough info to tell which one is out-of-date23:49
keesmathiaz: depends on the ordering.23:49
keesmathiaz: in some situations the raid will rebuild23:49
mathiazkees: what surprises me is that it's done *automatically*23:50
keesmathiaz: if one or the other device had newer time stamps or something, I think it'll abort the re-build23:50
keesmathiaz: that's why the default is to _not_ boot a degraded array.  ;)23:50
mathiazkees: ok - so now I've booted the guest twice - each time with a degraded array23:53
mathiazkees: and created a different file with different content each time23:54
mathiazkees: and the guest is reconfigured to have *both* drives enabled23:54
mathiazkees: if I boot the system what should happen?23:54
keesmathiaz: you booted each drive separately with the other out of the system?23:55
mathiazkees: yes23:55
mathiazkees: ie drive commented out in the libvirt file and redefined each time23:55
keesok, in theory, if you boot now with both drives in, you will boot from whichever drive udev mounts first, and the raid will refuse to add the second drive.23:56
slangasekit should allow you to boot in degraded mode if configured to do so, but not reassemble the array, right23:56
keesslangasek: right23:56
* mathiaz boots the guest to confront theory with practice23:56
keesslangasek: actually, it'll boot even if you don't want degraded boot since it's a misnomer with MD RAIDs.  we should call this option "unexpected raid state".23:57
keesif you booted degraded once, md is back in an expected (though degraded) state, and will boot fine next time, since nothing "changed".23:57
keeswe had this debate in intrepid.  oh the pain23:58
slangasekI was blissfully out of earshot :-)23:58
mathiazkees: http://paste.ubuntu.com/303903/ - :(23:58
keesmathiaz: ok, cool, so it did an auto sync23:58
keesmathiaz: that's okay too, but is the reason degraded-boot is not the default.  the system cannot answer the question "which drive is best?" in all cases.23:59
mathiazkees: yeah - with the earliest degraded filesystem23:59
* kees nods23:59
slangasekkees: in the case he's described, both drives are dirty, it /shouldn't/ answer the question "which drive is best?" there...23:59

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