dhillon-v10Rocket2DMn, hi what's up00:45
dhillon-v10Rocket2DMn, do you have like about 5 mins.  I wanted to show you my new guide00:47
nhandlerDid the team decide who will be leading the Open Week session yet?01:13
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chunknutsanybody around?20:20
jpdschunknuts: Hi, try #ubuntu for support.20:25
chunknutsI'm not looking for support -- I wanted to comment about a piece of documentation20:26
starcraftmanlo there chunknuts20:32
starcraftmanwhat's the comment?20:32
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chunknutsoh -- hey... my comment is about the Live CD Customization page:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization22:08
chunknutsit's not updated for Karmic22:09
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