kniggithey jussi01 your a cunt07:45
kniggitthought you could ban me huh?07:45
kniggitfuck you07:45
DJonesNot sure if anybody noticed, but there's been a user (wubinator) claiming to be the developer of wubi and having a new version hosted on mediafire and posted a link to it09:43
DJonesthat was in #ubuntu09:43
jussi01DJones: #ubuntu stuff in #ubuntu-ops for a timely response, but thanks for the heads up09:43
DJonesjussi01: No probs09:44
jpdsNafallo: Can you sudo rm -f /etc/logrotate.d/ubot2 on troll when you have time? Thanks.09:56
Nafallojpds: done10:06
jpdsNafallo: cheers!10:07
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ubot4ikonia called the ops in #ubuntu-uk ()22:01
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