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fabrice_spHi. As a MOTU, I can upload to -proposed?04:41
fabrice_spArgh, it seems so, and I didn't uploaded the right one :-/ Can some archive admin reject jmagick 6.2.6-0-4ubuntu2?04:47
ScottKfabrice_sp: Done04:48
fabrice_spthanks :-)04:48
ScottKfabrice_sp: You can upload, but you need a motu-sru ack before it gets accepted.04:48
fabrice_spok. I opened a bug report, like a 'normal' SRU, just in case, so it's ok. Should have looked at non installable packages before final freeze :-/04:50
ScottKWe got a lot done in the last few days.04:50
fabrice_spsure :-) I still remember the more than 1000 packages that FTBFS not so long ago. Down to 538 now, so not that bad04:52
mdomschfabrice_sp, we got fedora 12 down to about 30 FTBFS04:57
ScottKmdomsch: Very impressive.04:58
ScottKI saw your blog post about that.04:58
mdomschcredit to debian for the concept04:58
ScottKmdomsch: One thing that's kind of interesting is if you look at http://qa.ubuntuwire.org/ftbfs/ you see 389 FTBFS in the archive, but if you look at http://people.ubuntuwire.org/~wgrant/rebuild-ftbfs-test/test-rebuild-20090909-karmic.html from a test rebuild, you find 585.05:02
ScottKSo we have a lot of binaries that we could't build today if we needed to.  This worries me.05:03
* fabrice_sp has a plane to catch. Bye!05:16
micahgScottK: I found a request to package something I want in debian, but no one seems to be working on it, can/should I file a bug in LP and mark debian upstream bug and try to get the package in debian?05:20
ScottKmicahg: Yes.05:20
ScottKTag the Ubuntu bug 'needs-packaging'.05:20
micahgalso, since I want to work on it, should I assign to myself?  I don't think I'll get to it for a couple months though05:22
ScottKDo keep in mind when Lucid feature freeze is.05:23
lifelessI wouldn't assign it if you aren't going to touch it for months05:25
lifelessleave it unassigned until you start on it05:25
lifelessits more accurate05:26
ScottKMaybe a comment you intend to do it.05:26
porthosemicahg, you may want to check the BTS for an ITP bug to see if anyone in debian is working on it and if not open one :)05:32
dholbachgood morning07:05
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ScottKAnyone around that can change the topic?12:30
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dholbachScottK: can you tell me what you want in there?12:35
ScottKdholbach: Something about Karmic being frozen solid and work on SRUs.12:35
=== dholbach changed the topic of #ubuntu-motu to: Karmic is frozen solid now! Prepare SRUs! | Want to get involved with the MOTU? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Contributing | Sponsor queue: http://is.gd/2y76G | http://qa.ubuntuwire.com/ftbfs | http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/NBS/ | http://qa.ubuntuwire.com/debcheck | latest rebuild failures: http://people.ubuntuwire.org/~wgrant/rebuild-ftbfs-test/test-rebuild-20090909-karmic.html
dholbachScottK: better? :)12:36
Laneycan't we have -t?12:41
aboudreaultShould a html demo be in /usr/share/doc/packageX/examples/ or in /usr/share/packageX/examples ?12:43
* Laney cuddles jpds12:44
Laneyaboudreault: use dh_installexamples12:47
aboudreaultha, and everything will be done automagically12:48
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aboudreaultCan we pu directly a tar.gz in the debian/ directory? or we have to uuencode it?13:33
slytherinaboudreault: why do you want to do that?13:37
aboudreaultto add a demo in the doc package13:38
slangasekaboudreault: you don't really want to do that; the debian/ directory is going to be gzipped again to create a .diff.gz - you should include files individually instead13:44
slangasek(and if they're binary files, uuencode them, yes)13:44
aboudreaultok, just wanted to be sure that I needed to uuencode them. thx13:46
ScottKjdong or cody-somerville: Would one of you please ack Bug #46261913:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 462619 in pyproj "pyproj FTBFS on all non-i386 archs" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/46261913:46
jdongScottK: you're acked13:53
ScottKjdong: Thanks.13:53
jdongsure thing13:53
sebnerhuhu bddebian13:55
sebnermighty ScottK ^^13:55
bddebianHeya gang13:58
bddebianHi sebner13:58
ScottKsebner: If you never make a mistake, then you aren't doing much.13:59
sebnerScottK: oh, no. I wasn't talking about pyproj but about all the attention you got because of my mail (Of course the other -release guys deserve that too) :)14:00
ScottKsebner: Ah, OK.14:00
ScottKIt was a lot since I was offline all day yesterday, so I got them all together in the evening.14:01
slytherinaboudreault: What kind of demos are you including?14:03
aboudreaulta html demo for an application, cgi.14:03
slytherinaboudreault: then it is not a binary file, is it?14:04
aboudreaultyes there are. the html demo needs data14:05
slytherinwhat kind of data? you mean images?14:06
aboudreaultimages + gis data14:06
hyperairsebner: nice coverup ;-)14:15
sebnerhyperair: haha, it's windows .. :P14:16
sebnerhyperair: I should avoid the ML now or else I'll get banned or a joke or something like that xD14:17
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aboudreaultso dh_compress will compress examples too.14:41
aboudreaultDo we always need to specify explicitly what we don't want compressed manually? Shouldn't dh_installexamples take care of that?14:42
Laneyyou can exclude files from compression though14:42
aboudreaultIs that argument is legal? -Xexamples/demo1 ?14:43
Laneytry it and see14:44
Laneymaybe just demo114:44
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joaopintowhy don't we have chromium on universe, stability concerns ?16:34
ScottKjoaopinto: Bazillions of lines of dupilcated code.16:36
ScottKChromium embedds a copy of every single library it uses.16:36
joaopintothat's a reject reason ?16:37
joaopintowe have several packages with their own zlib copies :)16:37
Laneyit's a maintenance nightmare16:41
ScottKjoaopinto: It depends.  It's a reject reason, but it's not an absolute.   We'd like to have those packages use system libraries when we can.16:41
ScottKchromium would be more than a million lines of duplicated code.  No way.16:42
joaopintoI am not sure how that improves security from an end user perspective, which will get it frm the ppa16:43
cemco/ there is a clusterssh package, with some problems, see LP #429607. If I try the laster package from Karmic (which doesn't have that problem) can I backport it? how?16:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 429607 in clusterssh "clusterssh messes up copy-paste, inserts wrong characters" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42960716:43
ScottKPPA can easily be updated to a new release and if there are regressions, there are regressions.16:44
aboudreaultIf I have a html demo in /usr/share ... but it needs to be modified to work by the user.. what would be the approach ? I think the user is not supposed to modify the file there, right?16:44
sistpoty|workactually we do have chromium (src:chromium-bsu)16:45
sebnerhihi sistpoty|work16:48
sistpoty|workhi sebner16:48
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ScottKsistpoty|work: Different chromium (but I think you knew that)17:14
sistpoty|workScottK: it is? I've thought of the game...17:15
ScottKI think we were talking about the web browser17:15
ScottKI was anyway17:15
sebnersistpoty|work just thinks about games :P17:16
sistpoty|workhaha, didn't knew there is a web-browser called chromium *g*17:16
sistpoty|workdidn't know even17:16
keesScottK: hah! just read your blog about the lost bag.  that _rocks_17:23
kees(well, not that it was lost, but that ubuntu rocks)  :)17:23
ScottKkees: United can't buy publicity like that.17:23
keesdid you have to ship it, or did United end up footing the bill for the return?17:24
ScottKWe had to ship it.17:24
* kees nods17:24
ScottKUnited said not their problem.17:24
keesand in their main hub, too.  sheesh17:24
ScottKUnlike the guy in http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5YGc4zOqozo&feature=player_embedded I wasn't going to spend 9 months calling and complaining.17:25
ScottKIt's been years since I was willing to fly them because they were always cancelling flights on me with no notice, so I figured I'd give them another chance.17:26
keesyeah, I've been pretty unimpressed with United.  that said, I haven't really had _good_ experiences with many US carriers.  Probably the most fun I've had has been with Southwest; their staff tend to be a lot of fun, even if the cabin is cramped.17:27
ScottKI'm a big fan of Southwest. Jet Blue is pretty good too.17:31
cemcis there a problem with keyserver.ubuntu.com? I'm trying to apt-key my PPA key and it's just sitting there18:38
cemcheh, never mind, it just moved18:38
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sebnermok0: of course I said self-hugging :P19:11
keesScottK: hrm, I've never done this in universe before, but I need to do an SRU of new upstream release (now in Debian) as the prior release totally fails due to new Perl library APIs.  Should I just wait for Lucid to open, sync, and then do an upload based on that?19:55
jdong*puts on SRU hat*19:58
jdongwe should  SRU Karmic without waiting for Lucid IMO19:59
jdongI'm not sure how sync+SRU would work in this particular case; my gut feeling would just be to prepare a SRU versioned upload based on the new debian release19:59
RainCTisn't this (not waiting) what has always been done?20:01
Laneythis is a difficult case with respect to versioning20:01
jdongRainCT: correct20:01
jdongRainCT: but in this case, the oddball part is sync-new-version-from-debian20:01
Laneywhat about a backports style version?20:02
jdongI think -1ubuntu0.1 would work just fine versioning.20:02
jdongthat's not a huge concern20:02
Laneythat's greater than -120:02
jdongare there no Ubuntu changes?20:02
* jdong doesn't even know which package is in question :)20:03
Laneythe rule is usually "don't forget about the next release", right?20:03
Laneyand a straight (auto)sync would cover that20:03
micahgwhy not treat it like when we get a higher upstream but want to insure sync..-0ubuntu1?20:03
sorenkees: You could SRU it into Karmic and ask for it to be pocket-copied to Lucid?20:09
keessoren: can we sync to karmic-updates directly?20:11
sorenkees: Well... karmic-proposed, I suppose.20:11
sorenkees: I don't see any technical reason why we couldn't other than perhaps the tools the AA's use to do it may not have an option for it.20:12
* kees files a bug20:12
ScottKWe'll want that for Lucid anyway.20:38
ajmitchI'm guessing it'll be a week or so until lucid is open for uploads?20:39
JontheEchidnagenerally a week or two, yeah20:44
slangasekshouldn't be an "or two", given that the toolchain is being kept conservative for LTS20:46
ajmitchI wasn't sure what "toolchain conservatively uploaded" meant - whether that meant it could be later, or just few changes20:49
JontheEchidnaoh, that's nice to hear :)20:49
ajmitchI see that the LTS page states that we'll be syncing from debian testing this time round, rather than unstable20:50
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samlwhat's motu?21:42
samlmessage of today?21:42
jpds!motu | saml21:42
ubottusaml: motu is short for Masters of the Universe. The brave souls who maintain the packages in the Universe section of Ubuntu. See  http://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU21:42
samlmotu has digital performer21:42
samloh i see21:42
dtchenheh, not *that* Motu.21:43
chunknutsdoesn't syncing from testing for the LTS (instead of unstable) mean that some of the packages in Karmic will be newer than some of the packages in Lucid?22:07
sorenchunknuts: In those cases, we'll stick with what we've got.22:09
micahgis that policy final?22:09
chunknutsahhhh i c -- smart move22:10
chunknutsno sense in going backwards22:10
chunknutsthanks soren!22:10

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