micahgasac: can you look at bug 46215008:27
ubottuLaunchpad bug 462150 in firefox-3.5 ""Not responding" error on opening release notes link from Ubiquity" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/46215008:27
micahgasac: FTBFS for daily merge proposed08:32
micahgasac: I'm going to sleep, talk to you in the morning08:33
micahgasac: also did the flash thing and assigned to you08:33
gnomefreakkenvandine: asac are either of you seeing that gwibber-demaon is not shut down after gwibber has been closed?13:04
asacjdstrand: USN ... xul ffox 1.9/3.0 + 1.9.1/3.513:52
jdstrandasac: 853-113:57
jdstrandasac: can you ping me when the builds are done so I can get to testing them as soon as possible?13:57
asacjdstrand: yes. that USN for _all_ =?13:58
asacor different USN for 3.5 vs. 3.0?13:58
jdstrandasac: are they affected in the same way? or are 3.5 and 3.0 quite different, like how 2 and 3.0 were14:06
jdstrandif it is one or 2 CVEs difference, let's use 853-114:06
jdstrand(or even more depending on how many are different)14:06
jdstrandlet's go with 'if less than half of the CVEs affect one compared to the other, use 2 USNs'14:07
asacjdstrand: i havent checked in depth for this update yet. i think its safe to assume that 3.5 and 3.0 address overlapping, but not-identical issues14:09
asaci can use 853-2 ... as we did in the past?14:09
jdstrandasac: we do things like 'This issue only affected Ubuntu 9.10' all the time14:09
jdstrandasac: the bottom line, is that ultimately, it is Firefox, just a different version. if they are mostly the same, we should use one USN14:10
asaci would prefer to have a straight line which we follow for all releases, instead of always checking of there is enough overlap14:10
jdstrandasac: but yeah, if you need a second, use 853-214:10
jdstrandasac: I think the 50% rule is good14:11
asac50% rule?14:11
jdstrand09:08 < jdstrand> let's go with 'if less than half of the CVEs affect one  compared to the other, use 2 USNs'14:11
asacthat means we always have to check for each release14:11
jdstrandasac: well, someone has to14:11
asaceither we say we always use the same or we always use a different ,)14:11
jdstrandthat is yet another exception for firefox14:11
asacof course if htere is a firedrill for just 3.514:11
asaci can use the same and let you untangle that14:12
asacduring documentation14:12
jdstrandif you prefer, we can always use one14:12
jdstrandasac: btw, what happened with adobe-flashplugin?14:14
jdstrandasac: is whatever bug that caused the issue fixed?14:14
asaclet me check this14:17
asacjdstrand: i have no idea where to get the last thing14:21
asaci mean the broken deb14:21
asacso i can verify that i hit the regression14:21
asacgrrr ... why did someone remove that at all without talking to me  before14:22
asaci was poking brian for quite some time etc.14:22
jdstrandasac: let me see if I can scrounge it up14:22
asacjdstrand: where can i get the new binaries?14:22
asacok got them14:22
asaclet me test that at least14:22
asacwith just dpkg -i14:22
asacjdstrand: ok ... i think the prerm failed-upgrade should get a || true in the update-alternatives line :(14:26
asacdo you agree?14:27
asaci couldnt trigger the bug here though ...14:28
asacits definitly better than before ... but think || true would be helpful to prevent bustage in other corner cases14:28
jdstrandI'll have to look, but have no idea what the original problem was. I am only involved because iamfuzz pinged me to deNEW it14:29
asacjdstrand: well. it update-alternative bustage ... --remove-all ... etc.14:30
jdstrandasac: hmm-- I looked at it and tbh I don't think I can give a good opinion. my update-alternatives experience is low14:39
jdstrandasac: though, an || true certainly wouldn't hurt14:40
asaci think we have to guard the --remove in faild-upgrade with || true14:40
jdstrandasac: would you mind responding to the email to iamfuzz I CC'd you one with your opinion?14:41
asaci am not sure if i am allowed to14:41
jdstrandSubject: Re: [ubuntu/karmic] adobe-flashplugin (New)14:41
jdstrandallowed to?14:42
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asacdarn. failed to merge micah rebase16:27
asacfta2: can you or want me to add him to the team?16:27
fta2asac, done16:32
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asacok after some poking i think that all security update builds are now building ... in ppa16:43
asacjdstrand: so one other issue on our plate ... not directly related to security, but still needs to go to security imo ...17:05
asacjdstrand: for bug 235135 there was a bogus upload to hardy-backports with a backout17:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 235135 in flashplugin-nonfree "[MASTER] Please backport flashplugin-nonfree version 10 beta and asound-plugins from Intrepid so we can drop libflashsupport and the crashes it causes" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/23513517:05
asacjdstrand: check out the hardy versions ... so the problem is that now hardy-backports users dont get a good flash because we didnt update the -backports package etc.17:06
asacand i would prefer to not needed to push updates the -backports for each and every update17:06
asacso the idea is to bump the -security/-updates package version to the same hacky schemed used in -backports17:06
asacmeaning: our -security/-updates packages will be higher version and then we dont need to bump -backports all the time17:06
asacso ... that would require update through -proposed -> -updates -> security17:07
asacmicahg prepared a debdiff once we say that thats the rigth way forward17:07
eagles0513875oh my17:08
eagles0513875just realized karmic is due out tomorrow lol17:08
asacmicahg: do we have an explicit regression bug for that thing? if so, i would think we should open one instead of using the original bug with loads of comments17:08
micahgyes, I attached the debdiff to it :)17:08
asacmicahg: what bug id?17:08
micahgbug 46177317:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 461773 in flashplugin-nonfree "outdated hardy-backports package being used instead of hardy-updates" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/46177317:09
asacmicahg: so we added you to the team ;)17:10
micahgthank you asac fta :)17:10
asacbasically meaning. that you can push to branches and destroy everything ;)17:10
micahgasac: I'll wait for you to walk me through the first push to branch :)17:10
asacmicahg: i would think for simple rebases on the .head you are quite well set ... if you change other stuff, just let us know up front so we can take a quick look until you gain more confidence/experience17:11
asacmicahg: sure. you can start with the merge proposal you did yesterday17:11
* asac tries to dig that up17:11
micahgok, so basically, I just branch, make the fixes and push?17:11
asacsame as if you push to your own branch17:11
* micahg has never actually pushed on top of his own branch yet17:12
asacmicahg: try that a few times maybe ;)17:12
asacmicahg: what branch did you propose ?17:12
asacmicahg: that merge updates a patch together with a build dep17:13
asacthats not good17:13
asacthat needs to be two commits17:14
asacactually i would suggest three commits:17:14
asac1. new snapshot17:14
asac2. rebase patch17:14
asac3. adjust build depends17:14
micahgok, I'm only off by one :)17:14
micahgso, I uncommit, commit the rebase, and commit the build-dep17:14
asacmicahg: so why do we need mesa?17:14
asacis that really an issue?17:14
micahgthe build asked for it17:15
micahgit errrored after the rebase17:15
micahgah yes17:15
micahgI guess I should put that it17:15
asacso do we need full mesa-common-dev?17:15
asacmaybe we just need one of the depends of it?17:15
micahgand the bmo number as well17:15
micahgthat's what it asked for17:15
asacmaybe check what configure.in checks ... e.g. what .pc file et al17:15
asacyes. bmo number would be a plus17:16
micahgIt's one of hte bugs I'm signed up for17:16
asaclike: "add mesa-common-dev to build-depends after landing of "feature x" aka bmo:xxxxx17:16
asacif thats really needed17:16
asacyes. but important to double check even if upstream prints that17:17
asacbut yeah seems to be right17:18
asacmesa-common-dev contains that glx.h17:18
asacso split that commit in two17:18
asacwhy did you need to rebase the other patch?17:18
asacthat seems to not fail in the build17:18
micahgit was the build before that17:19
asacmicahg: use a comment like i suggested above: "add mesa-common-dev to build-depends after landing of "feature x" aka bmo:xxxxx"17:19
micahgit failed in the daily build17:19
micahgI fixed it and this came up17:19
asacall good then17:19
micahgafter I fix the commits, is there a command I can use besides push --overwrite?17:19
asacmicahg: push to a new location17:19
asacplease dont push --overwrite to any ~mozillateam branch ;)17:20
micahgno, to my branch17:20
asacfor that --overwrite is ok. or a new branch and marking the other abandoned17:20
micahgbut if you uncommit, that's the only recourse?17:20
micahggood to know17:20
* asac gets reminded that we should cnofigure mozillateam branches as append_only17:20
asacmicahg: also for ~mozillateam branches ... if you get a diverge ... dont merge from mozillateam branch and push17:21
asacrather branch mozillateam branch ... and merge your changes into it17:21
asacotherwise you will move backwards with bzr revisions17:21
asacits a messy bzr feature ;)17:21
asacthat you can flip merge push17:21
asacbut should be fixed once we have append_only set afai was told17:22
micahgmerge as in locally or in LP?17:22
asacno ... if you commit something locally ... now i or fta commit something to mozillateam17:22
asacand then you want to push bzr will tell you that you diverged17:22
asacand suggests you to merge from the mozillateam branch17:22
asacbut dont do that ;)17:23
asacrather branch a fresh copy from mozillateam17:23
asacand merge your local branch on top of that17:23
asacbefore pushing17:23
asacbut in case you get a diverge when pushing, just ask17:23
asacso you are sure :)17:23
micahgI always pull a fresh copy before I start working ;)17:23
asacjust remember that in that case bzr might suggest you something bad ;)17:23
asacmicahg: yes. still there could be something happening in between ;)17:24
asacyou never know17:24
asacat some point there will be a diverge i am sure ;)17:24
micahgdo you want mozilla bug 516213 which is the master or mozilla bug 517566 which added the test?17:24
ubottuMozilla bug 516213 in Layout: Canvas "Freshen WebGL implementation and enable on trunk" [Normal,Resolved: fixed] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=51621317:24
ubottuMozilla bug 517566 in Build Config "Need a configure test for glx" [Major,Resolved: fixed] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=51756617:24
asacyeah ... use the configure test addition17:24
asacor both17:24
micahgBTW, the rest of the week, I probably won't be able to do much, but I'll start up again sat night17:25
micahgI need to finish a project for work17:26
asacthx for the info17:26
asacno problem17:26
micahgbut I'll see about pushing up this fix17:26
asacyes, please do that ;)17:26
micahgasac: how does this look17:30
asacmicahg: the commit logs look ok ;) ... cant see the revisions because launchpad dislikes me17:36
asacbut i assume its the right thing. so go ahead and push17:36
micahgcan I merge in LP?17:37
micahgapparently LP doesn't like me either right now ;)17:37
asacyou cannot merge there17:37
asacyou can make a merge request and push directlky17:37
asacbut i would rather push directly now17:37
asacto mozillateam17:37
asacand just mark your branch abandoned17:37
asacmicahg: does xulrunner need the same fix?17:44
micahgok, seems like not...17:51
micahgidk why17:51
asacjdstrand: so all but ffox 3.5/1.9.1 for jaunty should be available for our supported archs17:51
micahgI have to head into the offic enow17:51
jdstrandasac: cool, thanks17:51
asacmicahg: interesting ... we should remember to check that17:51
micahgI'll be back on in about 40 minutes17:51
asacjdstrand: so i will be out and do serious poking tomorrow. but that shouldnt stop you from testing now if that better suites your schedule17:52
jdstrandasac: yeah, I hope to, but we'll see how the day goes. I appreciate it :)17:52
asaci386/adm64 are currently building for the universe ffox 3.5/1.9.1 pair too17:53
asacso wil be there in a few17:53
* asac out for the evening18:22
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micahgjdstrand: should I fix my debdiff for the flash-hady fix to target hardy-security?18:50
jdstrandmicahg: bug #?18:50
micahgbug 46177318:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 461773 in flashplugin-nonfree "outdated hardy-backports package being used instead of hardy-updates" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/46177318:50
jdstrandmicahg: yes, please use hardy-security18:51
jdstrandmicahg: when you upload your debdiff, please mark it 'In Progress' based on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SecurityTeam/UpdateProcedures#Preparing%20an%20update18:52
micahgshould I remove the assignee?18:53
jdstrandmicahg: use whatever is appropriate18:54
jdstrandmicahg: we have scripts that alert us to security bugs with patches marked In Progress18:54
micahgI assume high status is appropriate18:54
jdstrandthat's fine18:54
micahgjdstrand: done18:58
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jdstrandmicahg: thanks!19:02
micahgasac: you around?20:08
jdstrandasac: can you review https://code.launchpad.net/~jdstrand/firefox/firefox-452591+455792+447006/+merge/14109 ?20:39
jdstrandasac: not super time-critical, but I'd like it to be in there for whever the next SRU is20:40
jdstrandasac: I'll do SRU text for the bugs (but not today)20:40
micahgjdstrand: 3.5.4 was a;ready committed, so you might want to fix21:00
micahgoh, nevermind21:01
micahgI guess he didn't do that...21:01
jdstrandmicahg: well, it's only the packaging (debian/) and he always has to munge the changelog anyway21:01
jdstrandbut yeah, it wasn't committed yet21:01
micahgI guess he was in a rush21:02
BUGabundonight o/21:05
micahgfta: you around?21:15
micahgok, if I'm commiting a "new version upstream change", is the version number the only thing that should change in the changelog, or can I have all the changelog changes in there for my updates?21:16
micahgugh, I guess it's a silly question21:17
micahgI'll just move the changes one at a time21:17
BUGabundofta: did you manage to control the snapshot sizes?21:18
ftamicahg, i didn't get your question (the 2nd part) but if you figured it out, fine21:18
ftaBUGabundo, yes21:18
BUGabundofta: how?21:19
micahgfta: is there a command to use the same commit message from a merge?21:19
ftaBUGabundo, 'discard snapshot'. it's a confusing name but what it does is what i wanted, drop an intermediate snapshot that was no longer needed21:22
ftamicahg, why do you want the same commit log? just say it's a merge for some branch & revid21:23
BUGabundofta: well want more confusion?21:23
BUGabundobridge doesn't allow access from the own pc :)21:23
micahgI'm locally merging in my changes from the branch I made21:23
micahgI want to have the proper commit log in the firefox branch21:24
ftamicahg, just pull them21:24
ftano need to merge unless someone else put something on top21:24
ftapull or push (depending on where you are)21:24
dtchenasac: ff 3.5.4+nobinonly-0ubuntu0.9.10.1 and xul look good from my testing (existing profile in 3.5, new profile in 3.5, migrated profile from 3.0)21:25
ftaBUGabundo, i can't communicate between host and guest with shared folders :( i have to sftp my stuff in and out21:25
ftano idea why, it just doesn't work as documented21:26
BUGabundofta: that's very strange!21:26
BUGabundois tehre any report on it ?21:26
BUGabundotried by ip ?21:26
ftanot sure where to look21:26
BUGabundoI had a few troubles with it too21:27
BUGabundoonly works if I launch from RUN21:27
BUGabundonot by icon or network browsing21:27
micahgfta: does the branch nick matter?21:28
ftamicahg, no, it's local21:29
micahgI think I'm ready to push up the changes to ff3.7.head21:29
ftabut we use to name our local branches like on lp21:29
ftato avoid confusion21:30
micahgwell, I made a temp branch to do the ff changes21:30
micahgfrom now on, I'll just use the lp name21:30
micahgit's just bzr push, right?21:30
micahgI did a bzr pull on my temp branch and it pulled in the 3 revisions I added21:31
ftabzr info should show you the default push & pull locations. if it's not lp, you have to specify it21:31
ftathen you can also add --remember for later21:31
micahgpulling changed the submit branch21:32
micahgso, bzr push lp:~mozillateam/firefox/firefox-3.7.head/ ?21:33
* micahg hopes it works :)21:34
micahgfta: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~mozillateam/firefox/firefox-3.7.head, looks ok, right?21:36
micahgdo you want to respin the ff3.7 daily?21:37
ftamicahg, done22:20
yoasifmicahg, any news on the nvidia + firefox bug?22:30
micahgyoasif: no, probably not until sat night23:18

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