ToeBeehipitihop: mythbuntu control center has an option to enable/disable mythweb security00:18
ToeBeealthough when I check mine it says it is enabled but it isn't asking me for a password...00:25
hipitihopToeBee: thanks, that seems to have done the trick00:56
tmktToeBee: try dpkg-reconfigure mythweb01:11
ToeBeewell I wasn't complaining. My mythbox isn't visible from outside my NAT so I don't WANT authentication01:12
ToeBeejust observed :)01:12
hipitihopToeBee: yes I agree... although I have 4 kids machines on the network and I didn't want them stuffing with mythweb but the security is a pain so now disabled :-)01:14
ToeBeemight be able to do some more fine-grained control using .htaccess files for apache01:16
ToeBeeso for example you could only require a password for "important" pages01:16
* ToeBee wonders why he is watching live TV03:17
ToeBeekeep wanting to skip the ads...03:17
superm1ToeBee, if your mythweb security thing is enabled but doesnt ask for a password, you probably started at a time when there was a bug03:26
superm1that reconfigure cycle or disable/enable in mcc should resolve it03:27
ToeBeewell I just installed all the updates. We'll see what happens when I reboot :)03:31
ToeBeelove the new hardware though... "Flag Commercials 3% Completed @ 101.735 fps."03:40
Willy_wow irc is cool04:01
Willy_I am setting up a mythtv in a linux computer04:02
Willy_but I want to run a frontend from a windows computer04:02
Willy_that has the tv capture card04:02
Willy_is there a way to do it through the network04:03
foxbuntuWilly_, I think you are confusing the terminology04:03
foxbuntuWilly_, while there are frontends for windows, and ways for windows PCs to interact with a Mythbuntu machine, you cannot use the capture card from a Windows PC to record video on your Mythbuntu machine04:05
Willy_what about watch tv?04:07
Willy_i saw this guy that watch tv in a laptop and I got the impression that he was using a wireless network04:07
Willy_is it possible04:08
Willy_some how access that programming04:08
Willy_using my router04:08
Willy_or no04:08
Willy_i am new to ubuntu and mythtv04:08
Willy_but i am fast learner when it comes to computer stuff04:09
hadsMythtv is pretty much Linux software, AFAIK the Windows port isn't done.04:10
Willy_this guy did something nice  http://members.iinet.net.au/~davco04:14
Willy_for windows04:14
Willy_but I had trouble with the mysql04:14
Willy_because you sort have to know how to setup04:14
Willy_I was able to open the program but I couldn't connect to local host04:14
Willy_the mythubuntu is so nice04:14
Willy_because it does all that stuff for you04:14
Willy_no if I setup a server04:15
Willy_and run it on a linux machine04:15
Willy_can I broadcast it some how through the network?04:15
ToeBeeWilly_: there are players for windows but the video capturing and recording needs to happen on linux. http://www.sudu.dk/mythtvplayer/04:18
Willy_I can make it04:18
Willy_i have a computer that has a capture video04:18
Willy_but hopefully i found the software for it (drivers)04:19
Willy_i can make that work04:19
Willy_do all the capturing and recording at a linux box04:19
ToeBeecheck the mythtv compatibility to see if your hardware will work in linux04:19
Willy_but how do I broadcast the video04:19
ToeBeewell you can either stream things through the mythweb plugin or use something like the player I posted above that connects directly to the backend server04:21
ToeBeeyes, definitely read that link04:21
Willy_it ask me for a member group password04:22
Willy_I am trying to run it for the first ime04:22
BitSso, I just asked in #mythtv-users with no joy and was suggested to try here, so here I am04:38
foxbuntuBitS, asked what?04:38
BitSto make a long story short: seperate front and backend machines.  Backend can be connected to from a mac running mythfrontend, but my mythbuntu front end fails04:38
BitSor rather, hangs04:38
BitSwith no ui04:39
foxbuntuBitS, please gather more info using Mythbuntu Log Grabber and post the link it generates here.04:39
BitSthats the output of mythfrontend -v all04:39
foxbuntuBitS, that will help as well04:40
BitSshould I still run the log grabber04:40
BitSI'll do that04:40
BitSheh, first time I looked at those logs04:42
BitSthe initial problems were simply because the backend was sitting at a boot prompt due to my own stupidity04:43
BitSI don't suppose it could be something as silly as the nvidia drivers?04:44
BitSI've had both the frontend machine and backend machine initially setup as frontend/backend standalone systems and it worked during my initial playing around, now I'm trying to move things around so I can put the backend in a closet.  I've reinstalled both with 9.10rc i386, both using the iso as it comes and after a apt-get update/upgrade04:48
BitSthe backend was amd64 initially, but I switched it to i386 as that was my first guess as to the weirdness04:48
superm1BitS, do you have some upnp hardware in your network?04:49
superm1possibly a router, or anything like that?04:49
BitSwhen I say switched, I should say clean reinstall04:49
BitSmy router is a fbsd box, I've got one WAP that shouldn't for any reason and a xbox360 thats turned off04:49
BitSactualy I think the 360 isn't even wired at the moment as I stole the network cable for this04:49
superm1Okay that's good to keep it ruled out04:50
BitSlemme think about that for a second04:50
superm1someone came in here a week or two ago with similar problems and it appeared to be caused by some kind of UPNP conflict04:50
BitStheres a windows box04:50
superm1can you remove it from the network temporarily just to isolate this problem out?04:50
BitS2k3 domain controller, it shouldn't do anything04:50
BitSjust a sec, I'll disconnect everything that isn't required04:51
BitShrm, I forgot about my freenas box04:52
BitSits probably doing upnp for itunes or something04:52
superm1well if you do determine that's the cause, then there may still be a bug here in the conflict, but you'd at least have a workaround to get you up and running until that bug could be figured out/sorted04:53
BitSfreenas is off, nothing but the wap, fbsd firewall/router, the frontend, the backend, and this machine04:54
BitStaking the wap out of the picture is a little harder04:54
BitSthe #mythtv-users guys basically said 'i have no idea, it looks like its working except its not'04:54
BitSand my mac frontend works fine :/04:54
Willyhey what is that command to install mythtv from terminal04:56
superm1BitS, can you try running "mythfrontend -v all -d"  That should disable the backend autodiscovery and hopefully skip some of that upnp stuff04:56
superm1BitS, that and you can modify /etc/default/mythtv-backend on your backend to disable upnp from that side too04:57
Willyhey how do Install mythtvubuntu from terminal04:57
superm1Willy, apt-get install mythtv if you just want mythtv04:58
superm1Willy, apt-get install mythbuntu-desktop if you want all of mythbuntu04:58
Willywhat is the difference superml04:58
superm1Willy, if you aren't sure of the difference, please just install from the Mythbuntu CD04:59
BitSstill no joy04:59
superm1you'll have a better experience without having to learn a lot of the intricacies04:59
BitSI guess there is a really slim chance I've installed something upnp related on the fbsd box04:59
BitSthe puzzling part is the working mac frontend05:00
BitSunfortunately, I don't want to leave my laptop hooked up to the TV, and that doesn't help the other rooms05:00
BitSsomeone in #mythtv-users suggested a multicast routing issue but I've got what appears to be valid multicast routes05:01
BitSon both the backend and frontend05:01
BitSnot sure how to test mcast routing really though05:01
Willyi can not do it superml05:03
Willy i think i need access as adminstrator05:04
BitSheh, yea, thats a requirement05:04
Willyhow do i login as admin05:04
hadsYou don't. Use your user password.05:04
BitSrm -rf .mythtv and starting the frontend with -d doesn't give me a config screen anymore05:06
Willynever mind i got it05:06
BitSit still knows about the server05:06
BitSpardon my ignorance but uhm, wtf?05:07
BitSso it connected05:09
BitSrenamed /etc/mythtv05:09
* BitS shoots himself in the foot05:09
superm1wait so what was the final solution?05:13
superm1/etc/mythtv is chosen as the main location for config related stuff purposefully05:13
superm1so that jamu and mirobridge and a few other things work right05:13
BitSI'm not sure05:16
BitSI differed the two directories and the only differences were that the new fild has the dbport set to 0 instead of 6543 which I added during trial and error, and the new config.xml has a MediaRenderer guid05:17
superm1well if you figure out what it was causing it, please get it on a bug :)05:17
BitSremoved both of them and its still working05:17
BitSyea, I'm gonna figure it out now cause I've screwed with both systems so much I want to start over05:17
BitSit very well could have been a combination of the config dir and something on my network05:17
BitSI'm down to a firewall, the myth machines and one laptop05:18
BitSI'e taken out the wap, the w2k3 domain controller, and a freenas box05:18
BitSthe only file difference I can see is the MediaRenderer tag is different now05:19
BitSI presume thats used in the database for settings and such related to the specific frontend?05:20
Willyhey how come05:20
Willyi need a password when I run mythtv05:20
Willyit says i need to belong to a group05:20
BitSglad its working, but my living room is a mess with wires and computers05:21
superm1Willy, that it normally handled when you do a mythbuntu install05:21
superm1Willy, (from cd)05:21
superm1Willy, if you are installing on top of gnome or anything, it attempts to configure your system proprerly05:21
Willyi do not have a cd05:21
superm1with regard to group management05:21
BitSit has something to do with my /etc/mythtv05:22
BitSif I rename it to something else, the frontend runs05:23
BitSif I put it back without touching anything, it breaks05:23
superm1compare the permissions between the two perhaps?05:23
BitSso, if I have both /etc/mythtv and ~/.mythtv, both with config.xml files, does the /etc one get loaded first and ~ one get overlayed?05:24
BitSremoving the one in /etc doesn't matter05:25
BitSwe're down to mysql.txt05:26
BitSmoving it solves it05:26
BitSinterestingly, ~/.mythtv symlinks to /etc/mythtv/mysql.txt (which seems normal enough) , if I remove ~/.mythtv/mysql.txt it just recreates the symlink, which again makes sense05:30
BitSbut removing it from /etc/mythtv works05:30
BitSsigh, okay, so now to figure out why05:30
BitSsorry, I'm rambling05:30
BitSthis gets logged somewhere right, so my useless thoughts my be useful to someone in the future? :)05:30
BitSI wonder how I screwed this up off the start05:31
BitSso uhm05:32
BitSdon't set DBPort in mysql.txt05:33
BitSif its 0, it works, if its 6543, it doesn't work05:33
BitSis /etc/mythtv a mythbuntu thing or a standard mythtv thing?05:34
BitStrying to figure out where this belongs05:34
BitSas far as reporting a bug or stupid mistake05:34
hadsIt's standard in ~/.mythtv/05:34
hadsDBPort sounds like the mysql port, which isn't 654305:35
BitSmy ~/.mythtv symlinks to /etc/mythtv/05:35
BitSwell, the mysql.txt and config.xml do05:35
BitSthat would explain a lot wouldn't it05:35
hadsOne of those d'oh moments.05:35
superm1so whow did dbport get set in mysql.txt?05:35
Willyok the program runs05:36
Willybut when i press watch nothings happen05:36
hads!logs | Willy05:36
ZinnWilly: MythTV logs are stored in /var/log/mythtv/   You can use mythbuntu-log-grabber from the Applications menu to automatically post the most relevant logs to our pastebin.05:36
Willyhow do i do that zinn05:37
Willygive me the command to run in terminal05:37
hadsCome on, you need to think a little yourself too.05:37
superm1usually what you say is a permissions problem05:38
ZinnIf you try to watch tv and are greeted with a blank screen and a return to the menu then please check the permissions on your recording directory.  It should be owned by mythtv:mythtv, have permissions of 775, and not be inside your home directory05:38
Willycome on... help me out. I am new to both things linux and mythtv05:38
BitSoh god, finally, HD goodness05:38
superm1again it would have been done properly if you installed from a mythbuntu live cd...05:38
BitSthanks for all your help05:38
Willyyeah the cd05:38
superm1BitS, glad it was fixed05:38
Willywell I was downloading an iso05:38
superm1BitS, do you have any insight where that DBPort got set?05:39
Willymaybe i could turn that into a cd05:39
superm1at what point?05:39
BitSI did it05:39
BitSoriginally upnp wasn't working, so I entered the info when prompted05:39
Willyso if I click on watch tv and nothing happens is because is not properly install05:39
BitSI'm not sure WHY I thought that was the right port, I saw it somewhere online and used it, but after thinking about it, its obviously not the standard mysql port, at the time I just assumed it was different for some reason in mythbuntu05:40
BitSI should have known something was up when I saw 6544 as the mythtv status port05:40
hadsYou got confused with the backend port.05:40
hadsThese things happen05:41
BitSobviously it was a user error, but ... something needs to be added to timeout or warn that the db isn't functioning properly05:41
BitSand thats why its hangging05:41
Willyhey how can i check if my capture card is working05:42
hadsBitS: Good luck in there :)05:45
superm1Willy, that depends on the type of capture card05:46
Willyi know there a command you can use to know what hardware you have05:47
BitShads: heh, could be worse, I made the mistake of asking a stupid question in #c on efnet years ago05:47
hadsBitS: heh, it's usually not bad in there, just a bit of attitude sometimes.05:49
Willysudo lshw  i did this05:52
Willyand found something for the video card capture05:52
WillyBt878 Video Capture05:53
BitSomgomgomg latoya saw michaels ghost05:55
BitSis there no one in that family who has any self respect05:56
Willyi found some drivers06:03
Willyhow can test to see if they make the capture card work06:03
hipitihopwhen I inert a DVD and then use Optical Disks .. Import DVD, it fails with "...this is bad" dialog, where do I look for errors ?06:19
hadshipitihop: mtd.log06:36
hadsI think, I don't use it myself.06:37
* ToeBee files another minor bug06:43
Willyok i tested my video card capture and it works06:55
Willyi tested with tvtime06:55
Willyi was able to see my local channels06:56
Willyi think i did the installation wrong for mythtv06:56
Willybecause i run the setup06:56
Willyand everyting06:56
Willybut when I go to front end and click watch tv nothing happens06:56
superm1you have to make sure that you associate it with a video source06:58
superm1if you have no guide data source, then you still have to set it to no data06:58
Willylet me check that06:58
Willyi click on video source07:01
Willyand it did xmltv grabber search07:01
superm1check the backend log then for what's going wrong07:06
ZinnMythTV logs are stored in /var/log/mythtv/   You can use mythbuntu-log-grabber from the Applications menu to automatically post the most relevant logs to our pastebin.07:06
hipitihophads: log says: "mtd started at Wed Oct 28 14:26:46 2009..mtd is running on a host called ion-htpc...14:26:46: Waiting for connections/jobs...14:26:46: mtd is listening on port 2442...14:26:46: a client socket has been opened...14:26:46: Drive not available: /dev/scd0...14:27:22: a client socket has been closed...14:27:31: a client socket has been opened08:52
hipitihophads: nothing stands out apart form not available. /dev/scd008:52
hipitihopbut playing the the dvd is fine.08:53
hipitihopchecking dmesg08:55
hipitihophads or others, pls see snip from dmesg and please help me shed some light on the problem http://paste.ubuntu.com/303444/09:03
hads"Out of memory: kill process 3358 (mtd) score 1243418 or a child09:15
hadsYou have memory issues.09:16
hipitihopso 2gb is insufficient for importing a DVD ? current used is 471916k and free is 1325464k09:17
hipitihopas per top09:18
hadsAs I said, I don't use it so I don't know. It looks like you have memory issues though. Something isn't right.09:21
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_abbenormalhello guys15:26
_abbenormalwhere do we change the ip address to static from dhcp in the past i would use /etc/network/interfaces but no info there about eth015:27
_abbenormali figured it thanks16:35
_abbenormalnope adding that to the etc/network/interfaces does not work as now i have noi eth0 to work with so something is still not right in mythubuntu-9.1.016:46
superm1do it from the network manager GUI16:48
_abbenormalwont stay keeps going back to dhcp16:49
_abbenormalill try again16:50
_abbenormalok now it is showing up so where are those setting stored at16:58
MythbuntuGuest33hi I am trying to upgrade to 9.10 - update-manager asks for sudo password ?  - what is it/or did I forgot it ?17:33
Guest66834Has anyone tried pinning to defer the upgrading of myth packages?17:33
Guest66834sudo is the same password as your user password.17:34
MythbuntuGuest33great - then I forgot my password.. must find out how to solve this then. - thanks.17:39
Guest66834reset password by booting to single use mode or rescue mode or whatever it is called, go to a root prompt and type "passwd username"17:41
MythbuntuGuest33thank you17:44
MythbuntuGuest55getting a blue screen when playing videos,  from desktop using mplayer changing  the driver to x11 works fine.  Changed player line in config to "-vo x11" and still get blue screen18:32
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lorenzo1985hi , Does anyone know how to configure multiple instances of lirc. Such that the init.d thing starts each instance with seperate config19:13
superm1lorenzo1985, it's all set up in /etc/lirc/hardware.conf19:14
superm1set up the second instance as a transmitter19:14
superm1and the init script handles the rest19:14
lorenzo1985The second instance is just a19:15
lorenzo1985another reciever, i want to connect the two together19:15
lorenzo19851Like so:19:18
lorenzo19851/usr/sbin/lircd --output=/var/run/lirc/lircd --driver=devinput --device=/dev/input/event5 --pidfile=/var/run/lirc/lircd1.pid --listen=8765 /usr/sbin/lircd --output=/var/run/lirc/lircd --driver=devinput --device=/dev/input/event6 --connect=localhost 876519:18
lorenzo19851posibly a third instance too19:19
superm1lorenzo19851, that's what the logic does currently20:04
superm1just configure it in the transmitter section even though it's not a transmitter20:04
MythbuntuGuest55getting a blue screen when playing videos,  from desktop using mplayer changing  the driver to x11 works fine.  Changed player line in config to "-vo x11" and still get blue screen.  How does one correct this? It just started when I upgraded from 8.x to current.  Clean install did not fix20:17
superm1sounds like you dont have a lot of vram possibly20:28
MythbuntuGuest55<superm1> how do I verify?20:33
Wickedhello all. I installed 9.10 but cant seem to get my pvr-150 to work20:37
Wickedall im getting from /dev/video0 now is black static20:37
Wickedalso the ir blaster wont work as it cant find the lirc_pvr150 module20:38
superm1MythbuntuGuest55, well are you using an integrated video card?20:40
superm1if so, check for a bios setting to increase vram20:41
superm1if there isn't one, there is something an X setting, depending on the driver20:41
Wickedok some more googleing and i found i needed to switch the input from the composite input to the svideo input....so now i got video from the tuner...but my blaster cannot change the channel on my stb..so it cant record anything :(20:41
MythbuntuGuest55superml,  intel 82865g20:47
MythbuntuGuest55yes it is integrated20:48
MythbuntuGuest55I have tried http://www.mythtvtalk.com/forum/installation-issues/11939-blank-blue-screen.html to no avail20:48
superm1i would recommend adding a discrete card to the system if yo can20:51
MythbuntuGuest55unfortunately it is a small form-factor dell with no slots20:55
Wickedanyone have any ideas how i can get my ir blaster working in 9.10?20:56
MythbuntuGuest55superml, does it help that I can get it to work under desktop, but when launched from myth it displays blue screen with audio?20:58
superm1Wicked, lirc_i2c and lirc_pvr150 are both broke for 9.1020:59
superm1it's a bigger problem than just he lirc modules20:59
superm1some i2c infrastructure broke in 2.6.3120:59
Wickedso absolutely no way i can use a blaster on 9.10?20:59
superm1MythbuntuGuest55, no, go check the vram stuff i said.  you're only options are gonna be bumping up that vram if you can find a setting, or finding a way to get the discrete card in the box20:59
Wickedif thats the case im gonna have to stick with 9.0421:00
superm1Wicked, well there is some efforts to get it working, but i dont think it's complete21:00
superm1check with j-rod in #lirc to see where he's at21:00
Wickeddamn. i friggin hate when distros are released and old hardware that used to work flawlessly breaks21:01
ZinnWicked: Please watch your language.21:01
Wickedok superm121:01
superm1problem is that no one tested the i2c stuff early enough i believe21:01
superm1another solution can be to switch to a mceusb2 for blasting21:02
superm1or a serial21:02
Wickedi only have this one pvr150 and its my single ir receiver/blaster21:03
Wickedi wish i had known about this before installing 9.10..but i guess it serves me right....not fully doing my homework21:04
Wickedguess i just assumed since it was one of the best supported cards in linux...it would stay that way21:04
superm1well everything else about it is well supported21:05
Wickedi can still capture video off the card...but it cant blast....which for me is a total deal killer.21:06
Wickedno blast = no recordings21:06

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