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Kekehello all02:23
Kekei have on problem02:23
Kekethis ubuntu server 9.0.402:23
Kekeserver problem02:24
Kekebna uu?02:31
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evonwould windows computers be able to access an ubuntu-based server?03:28
twbevon: define `access'.03:29
twbUbuntu services typically use standard protocols like SSH, SMTP, HTTP, etc.  If Windows or a Windows application implements the same protocol, it'll be able to access the Ubuntu server's associated service.03:30
evonWell here's what i want to do: I want to set up a server where windows computers can access the server remotely to use programs like word, outlook etc. and save their files03:30
twbOK, so you want a file server.03:30
evontwb: that's one of the things i want to do03:30
twbWindows' preferred network filesystem is CIFS.  The Ubuntu service that provides CIFS is Samba.03:30
evontwb: i would also like users to be able to run a desktop remotely that has all the programs they need03:31
twbNote that CIFS isn't encrypted, so this is appropriate for a LAN but not exposure to the internet.03:31
twbFor a remote desktop, your only real option is VNC.03:31
evontwb: please forgive me i am a serious server newb so you gotta speak for simply to me about this stuff03:31
evontwb: for = very03:32
twbUnix systems have a better protocol called X11, but the Windows clients for it aren't widespread.  Windows systems have a better protocol called RDP, but there's no RDP server available for Ubuntu.03:32
evoni have no idea what those acronyms mean but I am assuming that you mean that I want be able to do what I want with an ubuntu-based server03:33
twbevon: OK, I'm assuming you have Windows workstations and you're considering an Ubuntu server.  The server MUST provide file sharing and SHOULD provide a "remote desktop" to the Windows workstations.  Is that right?03:34
evontwb: yes03:35
twbevon: do you have political control of the Windows workstations?  That is, can you dictate what is installed on them?03:35
evontwb: yes03:36
twbevon: OK.  For file sharing, the only sensible option is to use Samba (a service) to provide CIFS (a protocol).03:37
twbFor remote desktops, you can use either VNC or X11.  Both require a client to be installed on the Windows workstations.03:38
evontwb: to further clarify,  at my workplace I am able to use my office computer to access a remote desktop at the head office.  I can also access this desktop from any computer i choose. I would like to set up a similar system at my church but i am exploring the possibility of doing this with a linux-based server03:38
foxbuntuevon, I suggest looking into the Linux Terminal Server Project03:46
evonfoxubuntu: is that something that is experimental?03:46
foxbuntuevon, not really, been around for sometime03:47
foxbuntuevon, it really just depends what exactly you are trying to accomplish on what will be the best way to do it03:48
evonfoxubuntu: is there an irc channel for that project?03:48
foxbuntuevon, #ltsp03:49
evonfoxubuntu: thanks03:55
twbevon: LTSP will allow you to simply boot Linux on the workstations.04:01
twbevon: it's a great idea if the workstations just need to do office documents and email04:01
twbIt's also a little more effort to set up, but once it's working there's less maintenance work.  And you don't need to buy Windows licenses.04:02
evontwb: ok i c. so you're saying that if someone using a windows computers can boot a remote linux desktop?04:03
twbevon: yes, most machines can just boot Linux off the network.04:03
twbIf you ask wikipedia about "thin clients", this is the technology that LTSP implements.04:04
evonok. would these workstations have issues printing over the network? i ask because of the typical compatibility issues linux distros have with printers04:06
twbThey might have problems until you configure the network.04:06
twbIf any linux system can print to your printer, then LTSP can be made to DTRT (do the right thing) wrt (with respect to) printing.04:07
evontwb: but it would have to be a linux-compatible printer though right/04:07
twbYeah, basically.04:07
twbThere are HCLs (hardware compatibility lists) that cover printing.04:08
evontwb: yes i am aware of that site. It looks like i may have to go with a windows server04:09
twbIs it an MFC printing?04:10
twbIf it's just talking PostScript and/or PCL, you'll probably be OK.04:10
evonI don't even know what those things are ;-)04:12
twbprinting languages04:13
evonok. just goes to show how much of a newb i am04:19
twbevon: don't worry about it04:22
evontwb: ;-)04:22
twbevon: but it ought to be cheap to boot a live CD and try to get printing working under Linux, which ought to tell you if it's gonna work.04:22
evontwb: is it possible for someone using a windows workstation to boot linux remotely and then share files between the 2?04:26
twbIf you boot Linux over the network, depending on what you boot, it will be able to access files on the workstation's local disk.04:27
twbNormally a thin client will just ignore any disks that are installed in a workstation.04:27
evontwb: so couldn't i just use wine to install MS office in linux for people to use over the network? i have ms office 2007 installed on my linux system at home and it works fine04:32
twbIn principle you could.  Why would you want to?04:32
twbOpenoffice.org can read and write Microsoft Office documents.04:32
evonbecause some of the staff in my church use macros that openoffice cannot run.  also i've found that openoffice has trouble opening .docx files04:33
twbFair enough.04:33
twbI do not know how well Microsoft Office will work in wine.04:33
twb(I don't actually use an office suite myself.)04:33
darkpixelevon: I just joined, so I may have missed info on your network setup.  I have a client that runs a handful of linux desktops with OpenOffice.  When they run into something that requires Office 2007, I have a shortcut on the linux desktop that runs rdesktop in seamless mode and it connects out to a spare XP workstation and runs office apps.  Works well if you have a spare workstation or a windows server.04:35
evondarkpixel: well what i'm trying to do is have people boot linux over a network from windows workstations04:39
evondarkpixel: so i was thinking of just installing word2007 with wine04:39
evondarkpixel: i don't think i'd want them to boot into a whole other desktop just to use office 200704:40
ninnypantsI've created an user on my server and can ftp to the server but the users does not have permission to upload files into the folder what do I need to do to grant those permissions?04:43
evonyou need not chmod the folder to the correct permissions.04:44
ninnypantsok that's what I thought would it just be chmod /home/user/ 755?  is that the correct syntax for the shell command?04:45
evoni honestly don't know. I haven't been successful it setting my own up yet but I used this tuturial http://www.linuxhomenetworking.com/wiki/index.php/Quick_HOWTO_:_Ch15_:_Linux_FTP_Server_Setup04:46
evonassuming you're using vftpd04:47
evonninnypants: i hope i was able to help. have a good night.04:49
darkpixelevon: They don't have to boot in to a different OS, all you need is one windows server or a free windows desktop for a linux user to 'rdesktop' into.  The office app would actually be running on that remote windows workstation, but displaying it's output on the linux desktop.04:53
darkpixelOops.  Just a few minutes too late.04:53
nemikhello. i just did an apt-get update then apt-get dist-upgrade on a hardy install. now SSH won't come up. this is a remote box07:17
nemikaside from going out there, is there anything elsei should try? didn't think this kind of stuff would happen with an LTS release...07:17
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twbnemik: today you learn to be more careful with dist-upgrade?07:23
twbIf SSH isn't accepting your connection, and there's no other connection method (e.g. KVM over IP), then you can't get in.  You can call the monkey on site and have them type stuff, but other than that, you're gonna have to go out there.07:24
twb(I don't know why a dist-upgrade would break ssh, FWIW.)07:25
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nemiktwb: should i have just done regular upgrade instead?07:38
sorennemik: Yeah, I haven't heard of this problem either.07:38
sorennemik: Wouldn't have made a difference.07:38
twb"aptitude safe-upgrade" and then (carefully) "aptitude full-upgrade".07:39
sorendist-upgrade and upgrade are really not all that different.07:39
twbfull-upgrade corresponds to the old apt-get dist-upgrade.07:39
nemiksoren: i think it might have to do with my having a static IP and it reseting it to DHCP07:39
twbBy "carefully" I mean making sure that it e.g. doesn't resolve conflicts by purging ubuntu-desktop and gdm07:39
nemiknot just ssh not working, sorry. it doesn't respond at all07:39
sorennemik: No Ubuntu package that I know of will change your network configuration.07:39
twbsoren: NetworkManager will, the little blighter07:39
nemiksoren: yea i thought so too...it's a server install though. no X or desktop or GDM07:40
twbnemik: did you do the initial install using the server CD?07:40
sorentwb: I suppose it /might/, but not on upgrades.07:40
nemiktwb: yea. this has been working perfectly, with occasional upgrades, for almost 3 years07:40
twbnemik: good, good07:40
nemikfirst time it broke, damn update. whatever did it07:41
nemiki'll see if just having someone reset solves it.07:41
nemikthanks for the help guys.07:42
xperia2hello to all. i have registered a domain and want now to run different subdomains on my ubuntu server07:58
xperia2as i know i need to install the bind9 server for resolving the domain name07:58
xperia2is here somebody why can give me some helpfull tips with setting up a bind 9 server on a ubuntu server07:59
xperia2it looks like that the configuration of bind 9 is a litle difficult07:59
xperia2what are the needed steps. does a good howto and step by step guide exist for this ?08:01
xperia2some people here with experience how to setup such a thing ?08:01
fahadsadahxperia2: bind9 is large.08:02
fahadsadahPlease consider using something that's less of a headache, like dnsmasq08:02
xperia2well i have this running on my router08:03
xperia2should i better use dnsmasq08:03
xperia2for the domain in this case08:03
fahadsadahIf this is a router, definitely dnsmasq.08:04
fahadsadahAll Netgear and Linksys routers run that by default, anyway.08:04
fahadsadahIt just resolves upstream, or, from /etc/hosts08:04
xperia2hmmm hear first this08:04
xperia2are you sure this works also for people in the internet that call up my domain and the router will resolve this ?08:05
fahadsadahxperia2: Yes.08:14
xperia2great man !08:14
fahadsadahThat's not how it's designed, but it will work08:14
xperia2thinked it would be much harder08:14
xperia2but with your help now and some good howtos08:15
xperia2it should be very easy i hope08:15
twbfahadsadah: dnsmasq is useful for providing DNS to your local network, but I didn't think it was useful for telling the internet about your domain (i.e. for publishing A records).08:17
twbI guess I have misread what xperia2 is trying to achieve.08:17
fahadsadahtwb: It's not designed to tell the internet about your domain.08:18
fahadsadahBut it can.08:18
twbfahadsadah: have you any notes on this?08:18
twbI'm interested, at least, because I use dnsmasq extensively for my thin client networks.08:18
fahadsadahOn a boxed router (Netgear, Linksys, DLink are the best for this), forward UDP 53 to the router itself.08:19
fahadsadahTelnet in, and edit /etc/hosts08:19
fahadsadah(it's usually volatile, though - resets on reboot)08:19
twbUh, "forward UDP 53 to itself" means what, in iptables terms?08:21
twbI am not dealing with a crappy vendor OS -- my routers run Debian or Ubuntu08:22
twbDo you mean an -i <internet iface> -d 53 -j DNAT --to or something?08:22
twbIt sounds rather like you're advocating just making dnsmasq bind to the internet iface in addition to lo and the LAN iface.  But I think the information you want to publish to the internet is quite different from what you would publish to the local network.08:24
xperia2twb: if i understand right fahadsadah he tell as first to open the port 53 on the router08:27
xperia2as this port normaly is closed by the nat08:27
fahadsadahxperia2: Yes, but twb is right. You want it forwarded to the router itself.08:28
twbfahadsadah: why?08:28
xperia2on my tomato firmware i can easy open ports and forward them to the server08:28
fahadsadahtwb: Demonstration purposes.08:28
twbfahadsadah: instead of dnatting onto the lo interface, why wouldn't you just tell dnsmasq to bind to eth+ ?08:28
fahadsadahI'm assuming you want to do this from the web if.08:29
fahadsadahObviously, your way is better.08:29
twbOK, as long as the wacky workaround you're using is understood to be a workaround and not, you know, sensible :-)08:32
xperia2so the first step is open port 53 and forward them to ?08:32
fahadsadahxperia2: No, this is just for demo purposes.08:33
fahadsadahWhat twb said is better.08:33
fahadsadahMuch better.08:33
fahadsadahAnyway, I wouldn't recommend having a router as a DNS server.08:34
xperia2why that. whats wrong with this solution08:34
xperia2think its best beside the slow speed maybe08:34
xperia2okay i willnow ssh in to my tomato router and execute "iptables -i <internet iface> -d 53 -j DNAT --to"08:36
xperia2whats next ? do i need to change some config files that handle my domain ?08:36
twbI'm out.08:36
xperia2bye twb !08:36
xperia2twb: whats <internet iface>08:37
xperia2is this the wan ?08:37
TeTeTsoren: hi there, are there euca2ools that are known good to operate with UEC 1.6 available on Hardy?09:02
sorenTeTeT: You're asking if Euca2ools have been backported to Hardy? Not that I know of.09:03
TeTeTsoren: yes, that was the question. That's too bad, so we have to go with ec2 tools09:03
sorenTeTeT: They're not packaged for Hardy either.09:04
sorenTeTeT: ...as far as I know.09:04
TeTeTsoren: ok, thanks for the quick response!09:04
sorenTeTeT: Sure.09:04
sorenTeTeT: When do you need this?09:04
sorenTeTeT: We may be able to conjure up a backport.09:05
TeTeTsoren: for the deploying UEC course in the virtual environment09:06
TeTeTsoren: the virtual environment uses hardy virtual machines for students access09:06
TeTeTsoren: the class is in December. I'm preparing the images right now - it is not urgent09:26
sorenWe can easily build a euca2ools package before then.09:26
soren...for hardy.09:26
TeTeTsoren: excellent, when might it be ready? Mid of November before UDS?09:29
sorenTeTeT: I can't make any promises.09:30
sorenTeTeT: Talk to either ttx or mdz about it.09:30
TeTeTsoren: ok, thanks09:33
TeTeTsoren: I'll postpone that after release, when things are less tight09:33
mdzTeTeT, appreciated09:34
* ttx runs the UEC/i386 tests10:18
* soren takes a break10:25
uvirtbotNew bug: #462545 in bacula (universe) "bacula did not load" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/46254511:06
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* soren lunches11:42
elyezerI'm using postfix, how can I create a user (for the system too) to receive email but can't login via ssh?11:43
lamont`elyezer: adduser --disabled-login, prolly some other flags too11:44
lamont`or make the shell /bin/false, if you want to give him a password to authenticate for IMAP access11:44
elyezerlamont`: I think that I'll create a group to permit in ssh access11:45
elyezerlamont`: the bin/false could be good too, I need the password to login in the pop access11:46
\shelyezer, take a look at http://workaround.org/ispmail so you don't need system accounts for imap/pop mail users11:50
elyezer\sh: thanks11:55
alex88hi all..i want to set dhcp only for a specified interface, how can do it?12:03
\shsudo vi /etc/default/dhcp3-server -> INTERFACES="<your interface name>"12:04
\shrestart dhcp12:04
\shor do you mean dhcp client?12:05
alex88\sh: no i mean server..i'll try thanks..12:06
alex88\sh: if i start openvpn server, with no dhcp settings in the openvps config, can i just run dhcp server on tap0 right?12:09
\shalex88, sry...no clue about such a setup12:12
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alex88ok thanks anyway12:13
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\shalex88, but the doc on openvpn.org has something12:13
\shhttp://openvpn.net/index.php/open-source/documentation/install.html?start=1 -> search for "Notes -- Setting TAP-Win32 address/subnet automatically via DHCP"12:13
alex88watching it12:18
elyezerwhen sending email using SMTP, to require that the user authenticate I need to use SASL configuration in postfix?12:23
alex88elyezer: i've  use sasl and it's working..look at ubuntu server documentation..it's all explained12:33
ttxkirkland: on the test tracker you reported bug 452556 against the Node installer test. I think you rather encountered it during the UEC Instance Run test... could you please move the bug over there ?12:34
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uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 452556 in eucalyptus "euca-authorize default failing" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45255612:34
elyezeralex88: thank you12:34
zulttx: im going to dup the broken encoding bug13:02
ttxzul: if you do, keep the one with the biggest impact ?13:02
zulttx: yep13:02
ttxand update title to reflect both symptoms13:02
zulttx: one more thing for samba I think we might want to include this fix: https://bugzilla.samba.org/show_bug.cgi?id=6680 otherwise the users will have to use a registry hack13:06
uvirtbotbugzilla.samba.org bug 6680 in Winbind "Authentication failure from Windows 7 when domain joined." [Critical,Resolved: fixed]13:06
zuli added that last night to the one I was testing ;)13:07
zulttx: ill open a bug in launchpad for that as well13:21
aubrewhen's the earliest I can download the Karmic server iso?13:23
zulyou can download the dalies now13:27
aubreis the one here the final version?13:27
zulaubre: almost13:27
aubrezul: ty13:27
aubreaubre: I want to do a reinstall but I think I will wait for the official cds13:31
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ScottKaubre: Odds are you can download that now and once the official ones are announced, you'll already have it.13:32
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aubreScottK: ty13:38
alvinWhat package needs to be installed on a virtual guest (kvm) if you want to shutdown the guest from virtual-manager or virsh?13:42
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alvinaubre: You can download today and rsync tomorrow: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RsyncCdImage13:43
zulttx: can you do me a favor can you set the priority and set to it to triaged for me https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/samba/+bug/46262613:47
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 462626 in samba "[karmic] Authentication failure from Windows 7 when domain joined." [Undecided,New]13:47
ttxzul: sure13:50
atomic_1this is a bit off but, anyone know of a email2fax app/service ?13:52
atomic_1apt-cache came up with courier-faxmail with those keywords13:53
atomic_1but i dont think that's what im looking for13:53
atomic_1allright, hylafax14:03
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uvirtbotNew bug: #462626 in samba "[SRU] [karmic] Authentication failure from Windows 7 when domain joined." [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/46262614:11
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aubrealvin: tyvm!14:24
* nijaba hugs soren for what seems to be a great vm-builder day14:55
sorennijaba: I realised how much it was bringing me down that every time I look at that list, it's full of "stuff", so I'm cleaning house :)14:56
sorennijaba: Sorry about all the bugmail :)14:56
nijabasoren: no, I actually appreciate it, really.14:57
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sorennijaba: :)15:06
alvinAfter the Debian Import freeze, a package was added to Debian (libsys-virt-perl, to manage libvirt from perl). Do I have to wait for Lucid, or can an import be requested?15:14
ScottKalvin: The archive is frozen for release, you have to wait.  Once it's in Lucid, you can request a backport.15:17
ScottK!backports | alvin15:17
ubottualvin: If new updated Ubuntu packages are built for an application, then they may go into Ubuntu Backports. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports - See also !packaging15:17
alvinScottK: aha, good. Worth a try.15:18
uvirtbotNew bug: #313575 in vmbuilder "VMBuilder/vm.py crash on an alpha char in numeric constant" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31357515:32
smosercan someone verify... i've downloaded some daily build isos15:33
smosertomorrow will i be able to rsync those with official releases ?15:33
smoser(if there were changes)15:33
uvirtbotNew bug: #360010 in vm-builder (universe) "vmbuilder crashed with NameError in deploy() (dup-of: 352568)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/36001015:47
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sorenIs mod_rewrite working ok for anyone in Karmic?16:07
sorenAnd by "ok" I mean "at all".16:09
* soren thinks he knows what's going on.16:13
* soren pauses for dinner16:24
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alex88i've installed vsftpd following ubuntu guide, and after succesfully connected it timeout after LIST command..any help?16:29
KillMeNowdid you uncomment the vsftp_chroot.list line?16:30
alex88let me check16:31
alex88chroot_list_enable? no16:32
alex88it's commented16:32
alex88but chroot_local_user=YES so every user logged is chrooted16:32
KillMeNowIIRC they run hand in hand16:33
KillMeNowi have my users chrooted and i have the chroot list enabled16:33
KillMeNowwhat it means is that those IN the list are NOT chrooted16:33
KillMeNowbut the list needs to exist16:33
alex88ok, so just enable all and touch the list file?16:34
KillMeNowalso when logged in try the ls command16:34
alex88i'll try16:34
KillMeNowthe list file should be in /etc/16:35
KillMeNowbut you could drop it anywhere IIRC16:35
alex88same thing..not working16:36
alex88this is irc client log16:36
alex88and disabling chroot it gives me on PWD->257 "/home/alex88/" and that's my home folder16:37
alex88mmhhh..with active ftp mode it's working16:38
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alex88are there no problems to use active connection right?16:39
KillMeNowi wouldn't think so16:39
KillMeNowi'm looking at my configuration right now16:39
alex88but all clients uses for default passive. damn16:40
KillMeNoware you going through a firewall?16:41
KillMeNoware you behind the firewall?16:41
KillMeNowso your testing is going through the firewall or no?16:41
alex88i'm behind nat..so no public ip..16:41
alex88and the remote machine has ufw16:41
KillMeNowyea, so you're not on the same network segment as the FTP box16:42
KillMeNowtry to FTP from command line on the FTP server to localhost16:42
KillMeNowit's either the firewall that is borking things up or your NAT that is16:42
KillMeNowgotta run to a meeting16:43
KillMeNowback later16:43
alex88ok it's working from localhost16:44
alex88btw, thanks for your help16:44
alex88i'll use active connection, no problem for me16:44
alex88have a nice day16:44
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jpichefor services like apache2, what is the correct method of disabling them from starting on boot, since update-rc.d isn't for upstart?17:25
uvirtbotNew bug: #462749 in vsftpd (main) "vsftpd-2.2.0 (currently in karmic) is affected by pasv_address regression" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/46274917:36
nijabamathiaz: updated the last sentence of the release note text as follow on bug #458904: "More detailed steps can be found in the Node installation part of the UEC Package Install tutorial, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEC/NodeInstallation." as kirkland has very thoughtfully split PackageInstall in multiple modular documents.17:47
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 458904 in ubuntu-release-notes "When installing a node, euca_find_cluster fails to locate the cluster controller if instances are running" [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45890417:47
mathiaznijaba: hm - though about that as well.17:47
leniosjpiche, from what i know, you should search for a SXXapache2 in /etc/rc*.d/ and delete it17:47
mathiaznijaba: when I pointed mdz to the specific NodeInstallation wiki page, he replied that the instructions were not complete17:48
nijabamathiaz: ah? sorry, will revert in that case.17:48
mathiaznijaba: since you still had to register the node afterwards17:48
mathiaznijaba: which I think makes sense from a workflow perspective17:49
mathiaznijaba: that being said the NodeInstallation wiki page could actually be updated to point to the next step in the process17:49
nijabamathiaz: hmm. It appears that LP did not take my changes anyway...  so, nm17:49
mathiaznijaba: that's why I refered to step 3 in the tutorial rather than the specific wiki page - just to keep things in context17:50
nijabamathiaz: yes, makes sense.  Let's leave it like that then.17:50
mathiazzul: does bug 449735 only apply to smbclient?17:53
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 449735 in samba "[SRU] [karmic] Long SMB share names invisible and corrupts encodings" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44973517:53
zulmathiaz: I believe so17:53
mathiazzul: or does it also apply to nautilus (via gvfs)?17:54
zulmathiaz: I havent tested with nautlius17:54
zulmathiaz: lemme test it out and ill get back to you17:55
mathiazzul: the patch attached to the bug lists changes in libsmb17:56
mathiazzul: so it may affect other things than just smbclient17:56
jpichelenios: okay, i'll try that17:58
leniosjpiche, "update-rc.d -f apache2 remove" should do it though17:59
jpichelenios, i actually just noticed that17:59
jpichelenios, yup, that worked, thx18:01
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zulmathiaz: it should affect gvfs but I cant say for certain18:07
mathiazsmoser: what's the state of bug 461156?18:16
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 461156 in euca2ools "User data is not parsed correctly by Eucalyptus in some cases" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/46115618:16
mathiazsmoser: do you have idea of what needs to be added to the release notes?18:16
smoseri was just writing it18:17
smoserwhat do you tihnk about:18:17
smoserWhen an instance accesses its user-data in the Eucalyptus meta data service, it will be base64 encoded.  In order to use this data, the consumer will have to decode the data.  This can be done with 'base64 -d'.18:17
smoserBecause of this bug, ec2-init is unable make use of user-data.18:17
smosermathiaz, ^^18:19
mathiazsmoser: here are some guidelines I'm using for writing release notes:18:20
mathiazsmoser: 13:51 <mathiaz> you need to provide a title, and then an exaplanation of the symptoms the end user will see, a workaround/how to fix things, and bug number for reference18:20
mathiazsmoser: so I'd start first by stating what the end user will see as bug18:21
bdmurraymathiaz: is that supposed to be a bug number in the description of bug 449735?18:21
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 449735 in ubuntu-release-notes "[SRU] [karmic] Long SMB share names invisible and corrupts encodings" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44973518:21
mathiazbdmurray: yes - apparently I got it wrong18:22
mathiazbdmurray: I'll update the bug description18:22
bdmurraymathiaz: cool, thanks18:22
smosermathiaz, where did that '13:51' message come from?18:23
mathiazbdmurray: right - it seemed wired to me that we already had passed the 500 000 reported bugs in LP18:23
mathiazsmoser: it's from my irssi18:23
bdmurraymathiaz: quite18:24
smoserwhat channel18:24
mathiazsmoser: I was talking with kirkland about this and I've just cut-pasted the log18:24
mathiazsmoser: it was a PM18:24
smoserok. was just wondering so i could see the rest of it. but thats fine.18:24
smoseras you said "guidelines" i wasnted to see the others18:25
mathiazsmoser: see https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-release-notes/+bug/458904 for an example18:25
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 458904 in ubuntu-release-notes "When installing a node, euca_find_cluster fails to locate the cluster controller if instances are running" [Medium,Fix committed]18:25
mathiazsmoser: 13:52 <mathiaz> I've put the release note directly in the bug description so that we don't have to scroll down in the comments to  find the actual release note18:25
mathiazsmoser: 13:52 <mathiaz> once it's ready for inclusion in the release note wiki page, mark the bug as fix committed for the ubuntu-release-note project18:26
uvirtbotNew bug: #410328 in ec2-api-tools (multiverse) "ec2-api-tools commands require JAVA_HOME to be set" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/41032818:33
pmatulisi would like to immunize a process from the oom-killer.  how do i set the value of /proc/PID/oom_adj ?18:34
erichammondsmoser: Do you have code which updates the Amazon AMI pages from source data files like http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~smoser/ubuntu-on-ec2/ami-pages/files ?18:48
smoserno. but you're more than welcome to write such a thing. wouldn't that be nice?18:48
smoserthats the last manual thing18:48
erichammondI've been dreaming about it for a couple years.18:48
erichammondMine would be in Perl and you probably want one in Python.18:49
smoseri have nothing against perl. programs that work are nice.18:52
erichammondI've also talked off and on with the folks at http://thecloudmarket.com/ that there should be some API or common data format which lets AMI publishers list some of the complexities of the relationships of images, especially identifying the most recent in a series.18:54
erichammondAnd proposed similar things to AWS.18:55
erichammondAre people still stuck on XML these days for structured data or is there any room for YAML?18:58
erichammondWe've been using YAML quite a bit and happily, but don't know if it's just our corner of the world.18:58
ScottKDebian uses it a lot18:59
ScottKPython yaml bindings are by far the highest popcon stuff I've packaged for Debian.18:59
erichammondI assume popular programming languages would support it.18:59
ScottKI know there are python/perl/java bindings.18:59
ScottKProbably others too.19:00
erichammondcool, thanks.19:00
smosererichammond, could you take a quick look at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UEC/Images/NamingConvention in regard to 'removal policy' ?19:12
smoseri've got to get to writing that, we're flooding amazon with -testing- at the moment.19:12
erichammondsmoser: looking19:13
erichammond- marker files in S3 => Could also use SimpleDB for easier searching.  SimpleDB is often used to store meta data about S3 objects19:17
erichammond- rolling removal of "testing" is fine.  you might also reserve the right to delete any testing image which is seriously broken just to save people headaches.19:18
smosererichammond, i've not used it.19:18
smosernot used simpledb.  i think i'll just use the s3 marker files.  i'm just thinking about putting a file named .manifest.xml.unpublished19:19
erichammond- might want to explicitly state that non-testing images are *never* removed except in emergencies (completely broken, huge security hole discovered right after release, etc.)19:19
smoserthen i can just do a list of that bucket for *.unpublished19:19
erichammondYep, simple architectures which store related data close to each other are nice.  I was thinking that you would end up with hundreds of thousands of S3 keys, but this would only relate to the testing bucket which is going to be small.19:22
erichammondI wrote a simple CLI to SimpleDB which is handy for setting and getting simple values: http://amazon-simpledb-cli.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/bin/simpledb19:22
erichammondor: http://code.google.com/p/amazon-simpledb-cli/19:22
sorenerichammond: A lot of stuff is moving to json rather than yaml.19:25
erichammondsmoser: The docs seem to be missing a removal policy for "alpha", "beta", and "rc" images19:25
smosererichammond, i'll explicity put that there, but the plan is for anything in  milestone to stay indefinitely19:26
erichammondsoren: Yep, I've seen more JSON for communicating data between systems.19:26
smoserboth json and yaml have issues with unicode and such (i could be wrong)19:26
erichammondsoren: For the purpose of defining and documenting AMIs I thought it would also be nice to be human readable which YAML is.19:27
smoserthe reason that xml is big and unwieldy is that it is full featured. those things often go together.19:27
sorensmoser: Sadly, yes.19:27
smoseryou really can't suggest something that isn't unicode friendly to be used for descriptions of things.19:28
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erichammondsmoser: agreed19:28
smoserit would be nice if ascii were all you needed, though. :)19:28
soren"# YAML streams are encoded using the set of printable Unicode characters, either in UTF-8 or UTF-16"19:28
sorenFrom wikipedia.19:28
erichammondsoren: yay19:28
sorenJSON's basic types are:19:29
smoseri'm happy to be wrong there.19:29
soren# String (double-quoted Unicode with backslash escaping)19:29
sorenLikewise from Wikipeida.19:29
sorenWikipedia, even.19:29
erichammondSo how does the HTML blob for Amazon's AMI fit in to YAML?19:29
erichammonder, Amazon's AMI pages19:29
erichammondURI pointing to a file or web location?19:30
smoseri dont follow19:30
erichammondI'm just not a YAML expert.19:30
erichammondPerhaps YAML has some sort of CDATA type thing which lets you specify large blobs of arbitrary stuff.19:31
erichammondsoren: I'm basically hoping that "we" or "they" can come up with a good way to define stuff like http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~smoser/ubuntu-on-ec2/ami-pages/files19:32
erichammondso that it can be imported and exported to various platforms for letting people find the right AMIs for their purposes.19:32
sorenerichammond: There's a long Debian history of doing stuff in rfc822 format.19:32
moonpupcan anyone tell me the corroect owner/group on dns zone files? should it be named/named19:51
Metapeter4Hi all. I need to make a folder-structure for a webserver, what characters are ok to use for naming files and folders?20:05
slicslakhey everyone, which should i use, nbsmtp or ssmtp?20:07
_0verlordWith ksplice installed should I be using dist-updgrade to install new kernels?20:13
_0verlordMetapeter4: I don't know if there are any characters that you can't use the % substitution for20:14
sorenMetapeter4: Depends on how much hassle you're willing to accept.20:15
sorenMetapeter4: If "none" go with plain ASCII.20:15
_0verlordMetapeter4: sticking with just alphanumeric plus - and _ usually works well20:15
sorenMetapeter4: Or perhaps only the letter "a". :)20:15
Metapeter4i see. I only know that underscore and dash plus alphanumeric characters are save for webserver-use... thought someone is aware if the numbersign is safe to use.20:17
soren"the numbersign"?20:18
sorenIt depends.20:19
soren# in a url refers to an anchor on the given page, so it needs to be escaped. If you ever expect a human to enter a URL with a # in it, you're probably going to wind up with confused users.20:19
_0verlordMetapeter4: why do you feel the need to use extra stuff, particularly characters that have special url uses already?20:20
Metapeter4i would feel comfortable to make a folder structure with certain prefixes for better structure20:21
_0verlordJust make an extra directory level for organization20:22
Metapeter4thanks, ok, nevermind.20:22
_0verlordSo yeah, ksplice - should I still grab the kernel updates with dist-upgrade or not?20:51
jevangelohey, how do i just install ubuntu security updates20:54
_0verlordjevangelo: I think by commenting out everything but the security repos in your apt sources list20:55
jevangelook, just didn't know if it was some kind of apt-get switch20:57
_0verlordThere very well might be, but that was the first idea that came to my head20:57
_0verlordOr did you mean that you want to have access to all repo stuff, you just want to do sec updates now?20:57
jevangeloyea, i want just to the security updates now20:58
_0verlordjevangelo: after skimming the apt-get man page I don't see an upgrade-this-repo-only flag or anythign to that effect21:00
ScottKChanging sources.list will do it for sure.21:01
jevangeloawesome, just did that and apt-get update and then apt-get upgrade is doing just security21:01
bdmurraykirkland: isn't bug 462693 documented somewhere?21:11
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 462693 in linux "Resume from disk failed when encrypted swap is used." [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/46269321:11
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storrgieMy samba config allows for users from windows to access and read/write files without issue... however users in linux cannot connect....21:18
sorensmoser: I forget... Do you have a UEC setup?21:20
silverheadIs anyone using linux-image-virtual-2.6.31-14 with i386?21:24
silverheadIt's missing all "fs" modules, it seems21:24
silverhead(it's already reported: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/453073)21:25
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 453073 in linux "linux-image-virtual (i386): missing module binfmt_misc on Karmic" [Undecided,New]21:25
silverheadGood bot21:26
* silverhead gives a cookie to uvirtbot21:26
soren$DEITY, I hope he's wrong..21:29
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sorenOh, right, all the important ones are compiled in.21:33
fbc-mxHi where can I find an explanation or description for the linux system load indicator? Like what does 0.83 really mean?21:56
JanCfbc-mx: http://blog.scoutapp.com/articles/2009/07/31/understanding-load-averages is useful maybe22:07
JanCexcept that the way that the averages are calculated is not the same as mathematical average because that would take too long  ;)22:10
uvirtbotNew bug: #462928 in mysql-dfsg-5.0 (main) "package mysql-server-5.0 None [modified: /var/lib/dpkg/info/mysql-server-5.0.list] failed to install/upgrade: corrupted filesystem tarfile - corrupted package archive" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/46292822:11
kirklandbdmurray: various places, yes22:12
kirklandbdmurray: bug reports, documentation, etc.22:12
kirklandbdmurray: which would you like?22:12
bdmurraykirkland: how about a bug to dupe it to?22:13
kirklandbdmurray: sure, let me pick one ....22:13
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KurtKrautI've just stared a project for server monitoring that I'd like to share with you. It is called Poor's Man Monitor: http://code.google.com/p/pomamonitor/22:31
uvirtbotNew bug: #458514 in mysql-dfsg-5.1 "mysql-server-5.1 starts before filesystem is mounted (karmic)" [Low,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45851422:31
* soren calls it a day22:39
uvirtbotNew bug: #462962 in mysql-dfsg-5.1 (main) "[karmic] mysql-common fails to install" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/46296222:51
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smosersoren, i do. but you're probably sleeping now.23:50
Agent-XHas anyone worked with OpenERP on Ubuntu Server?23:52

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