dpmhi newz2000, are you around?09:17
newz2000hi dpm, yes, I'm here13:37
dpmnewz2000, ah, hi, thanks for coming back to me :)13:37
newz2000hey, what's up?13:38
dpmI just wanted to check on the status of bug 438088 and bug 462480 on the start page, and if there is anything the translations community can do to help fixing those13:39
ubot3Malone bug 438088 in ubuntu-translations "Polish translation is not displayed, generic English start page shows up instead" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/43808813:39
ubot3Malone bug 462480 in ubuntu-translations "Turkish translation is not being used" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/46248013:39
newz2000dpm: is this for the 9.04 or 9.10 start page?13:57
dpmnewz2000, 9.1013:57
newz2000ok, I'm goign to be doing another build of that today which should fix the issues13:57
dpmthat sounds great13:58
dpmnewz2000, in fact, both bugs affect the 9.04 pages as well, but I think now the 9.10 ones have more priority13:59
dpmthanks for looking into this13:59
newz2000oh really?14:00
newz2000that's odd...14:00
* dpm checks again...14:00
newz2000oh, I see14:00
newz2000index.html.pl has a mime type of perl so it doesn't render14:00
dpmyes, and the other one, index.html.tr of type troff14:01
newz2000thanks, I will get these corrected. They would have not gotten fixed w/ a new build14:02
newz2000don't get too excited but we're rolling out some of the safe, preliminary changes to the website so you'll see some stuff happening23:07
jpdsnewz2000: Very, very, nice.23:23
newz2000you ain't seen nothin yet23:23
jpdsI just noticed a slight change... and I like it!23:23
newz2000check out the cloud pages beuno just published at /cloud23:24
newz2000that will be all of the excitement for tonight though. The rest comes tomorrow.23:25
jpdsnewz2000: Wow.23:57
newz2000yeah, that stuff is looking pretty good23:58

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