rrivera-cHey, somebody know how to become a Ubuntu developer?00:00
roodsSlart: none are mounts. i have to run to dinner be back in 15. i appreciate your help though00:01
Slartroods: ok, I'll try doing some partitioning on a flash drive I've got here.. see if I can figure this out00:01
MIke923432My computer randomly froze and I was forced to shut it down by cutting the power. When I tried to reboot it, it froze at grub and gave me error 16. I restarted it again and I got error 25. Can someone help?00:01
veggteppegetting "kinit: No resume image, doing normal boot..." when i attempt to startup my computer after installing ati drivers using envy. and ideas?00:01
FiReSTaRTMIke923432: try using the supergrub disk.. it should restore grub to the mbr00:02
MIke923432FiReSTaRT: How do I do that/00:02
usserrrivera-c, just pick a bounty from ubuntu page and hack away at it, or look at the list of open bug and fix a couple00:02
FiReSTaRTMIke923432: GIYF http://www.google.ca/search?hl=en&q=supergrub+disk&btnG=Search&meta=&aq=f&oq= click on the first link00:03
SeaPhorveggteppe, avoid envy at at all costs, i know its in the repos but....00:03
rrivera-cThank you usser. I'll find out about it00:03
veggteppeSeaphor: mkay:P but at xorg.conf atm, and seems like envy erased it xD, so remaking it using info on this computer.00:03
rrivera-cDo we have a organization like Debian users?00:03
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usserrrivera-c, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BountyProposals00:04
crypto_ bind9: Depends: libbind9-40 (= 1:9.5.1.dfsg.P2-1) but 1:9.5.1.dfsg.P2-1ubuntu0.1 is to be installed00:05
crypto_         Depends: libdns45 (= 1:9.5.1.dfsg.P2-1) but 1:9.5.1.dfsg.P2-1ubuntu0.1 is to be installed00:05
crypto_         Depends: libisc45 (= 1:9.5.1.dfsg.P2-1) but 1:9.5.1.dfsg.P2-1ubuntu0.1 is to be installed00:05
crypto_         Depends: libisccc40 (= 1:9.5.1.dfsg.P2-1) but 1:9.5.1.dfsg.P2-1ubuntu0.1 is to be installed00:05
crypto_         Depends: libisccfg40 (= 1:9.5.1.dfsg.P2-1) but 1:9.5.1.dfsg.P2-1ubuntu0.1 is to be installed00:05
FloodBot3crypto_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:05
crypto_         Depends: liblwres40 (= 1:9.5.1.dfsg.P2-1) but 1:9.5.1.dfsg.P2-1ubuntu0.1 is to be installed00:05
SeaPhorikonia, i cant remember the cmd to reconfigure x,,, sudo dpkg xserver-xorg?00:05
rrivera-cThx usser00:05
crypto_can someone help me installing bind900:05
crypto_on ubuntu00:06
crypto_I want to install bind9 on ubuntu but the sudo apt-get command is giving error00:06
veggteppeSeaPhor: Any ideas on how to get ati drivers working on ubuntu ?00:07
Josh_crypto_, it would help if we knew the error you were getting.00:07
robin__i just got my soundcard working in ubuntu and now i am getting alot of static through my speakers can anyone help me with this?00:07
SeaPhorveggteppe, did you try the restricted extras?00:07
LjLcrypto_: are you on jaunty? pastebin your /etc/apt/sources.list00:08
crypto_Some packages could not be installed. This may mean that you have00:08
crypto_requested an impossible situation or if you are using the unstable00:08
crypto_distribution that some required packages have not yet been created00:08
crypto_or been moved out of Incoming.00:08
FloodBot3crypto_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:08
SeaPhorveggteppe, did you try the drivers in the System>Admin...>Hardware drivers?00:08
LjLcrypto_, please heed the bot's advice00:08
veggteppeSeaPhor: Not yet, no idea were thats located xD but gimme a sec, gotta fix the graphics error first. the "System > admin > hardware drivers" didnt work :P not located there:O, only wireless there.00:08
SeaPhorveggteppe, did you get all updates before looking?00:08
crypto_i am being given a list of packages00:09
veggteppeSeaPhor: Just gotta fix the resume image first.00:09
crypto_am sorry00:09
SeaPhorveggteppe, you need to get all updates befor beginning to look for video drivers00:09
crypto_can someone gimme step by step command to install bind900:10
veggteppeDid get all the updates, but for now, gotta fix the "Kinit: No resume image, doing normal boot" issue.00:10
LjLcrypto_, i asked if you're running jaunty and to please pastebin your /etc/apt/sources.list . would you please do that?00:10
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SeaPhordid you back up the original xorg.conf before you installed the drivers?00:11
MIke923432I'm getting the error no boot device available, how can I fix this?00:11
crypto_yes am running a jaunty00:11
computermanDoes anyone know what the problem is with a combo cd/dvd drive and it not recognizing dvd-r's?00:11
SeaPhordid you back up the original xorg.conf before you installed the drivers? veggteppe00:12
Slartcomputerman: some drives like some brands of dvd's.. it might be some other problem too..00:12
veggteppeSeaPhor: Nope, and that was the mistake i noticed xD00:12
SeaPhorveggteppe, look in /etc/X11/... should be several xorg.conf.xxx00:13
crypto_here is what the command returned00:13
computermanoh, i see. It might be that, because It reads everything fine and burns fine, it just won't recognize my imation dvd-r :\00:13
kelbizzlecomputerman does it recognize cd;s?00:13
veggteppeWill do, gimme a sec, attempting a reboot00:13
fredlhi, anybody have any idea why this won't work: http://pastebin.ca/1645862 Every DHCP client gets an IP starting from (the first subnet range)00:13
veggteppegot a xorg.conf_backup_2009102805300:14
dani_ h00:14
veggteppeSeaphor: wich is today i suppose00:14
computermanjust in case, yes it does recognize cd's00:14
SeaPhorveggteppe, can u post a pastebin of the output of "ls /etc/X11/"00:14
roodsSlart: back, if you have time now.00:14
SeaPhoris there more veggteppe00:14
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LjLcrypto_, feel free to give your paste URL in the channel.00:15
veggteppeSeaPhor: A small issue pasting something like that, since it's on a diff computer :P. But cant i type it to you in /pm ?00:15
fredlI would like the fixed-address hosts below to get addresses in other subnets instead. The three subnets are all class C networks on one physical interface, one is br0, the other two at eth1:0 and eth1:100:15
Slartroods: sure.. I tried this stuff on my flash drive and I get the resize option when I right click on the extended partition.. note, you have to click on the partition in the lower part of the window, where the text is00:15
LjLcrypto_: anyway, i've seen that already. now i wanted the contents of your /etc/apt/sources.list file.00:15
SeaPhorno veggteppe go to my channel if yo want a more private, i dont do PMs (or PMS either ;-) )00:16
veggteppeokay :)00:16
roodsSlart: which text? the text like "/dev/sda4"00:16
crypto_lt says permission denied00:16
crypto_even after logging as root into the terminal00:17
Slartroods: hang on.. let me paste a screenshot for you00:17
roodsSlart: got it00:17
Slartroods: oh.. you found it.. can you resize it?00:17
roodsSlart: i need to hit swapoff on the swap partition00:17
StevenXhello, how do i upgrade to the new ubuntu; I don't care if it's a pre-release version.00:17
Slartroods: ah.. that might be the reason00:17
roodsSlart: i didn't see the mount option so i thought it wasn't mounted00:18
fredlor does anybody know of a channel where people with more DHCP experience would be?00:18
FlannelStevenX: Check out the topic in #ubuntu+100:18
SlartStevenX: ask in #ubuntu+100:18
StevenXty Flannel00:18
crypto_Ljl http://paste.ubuntu.com/303187/00:18
nutterpcthere is an easy way StevenX00:18
crypto_here it is00:18
Slartroods: ah.. so now everything works as expected?00:18
nutterpclike I'm doiing right now00:18
roodsSlart: figures crossed :) trying now.00:19
StevenXmutterpc i'm listening00:19
LjLcrypto_: that's not a sane list. you don't have updates or security fixes enabled.00:19
Bohemian_how do i get skype on ubuntu?00:19
LjLcrypto_: are you sure there isn't more? the output seems cut off.00:19
LjL!skype | Bohemian_00:19
crypto_sorry that was an in complete list00:19
ubottuBohemian_: To install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto - Please use open protocols instead if you can, see !Ekiga00:19
crypto_here is the complete one00:20
roodsSlart: how big of a swap should i make?00:20
ubottuekiga is an Internet telephony application included with Ubuntu, which supports the SIP and H323 protocols. Information and help at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Ekiga00:20
raffertyhi all... Thinkpad audio issue - headphones work but speakers do not. Same issue with Jaunty and most other distros, but works in Win 7. Any help??00:20
Slartroods: there's an old rule that says 2xRAM .. but these days I would say 1xRAM should be enough00:20
LjLcrypto_: having jaunty-proposed enabled is a very very very bad idea.00:20
Slartroods: if you've got 2GB or more or ram00:20
LjLcrypto_: also, your medibuntu line says "feisty" rather than "jaunty" as it should00:21
mneptokroods: laptop or desktop?00:21
crypto_so what should i do about it00:21
LjLcrypto_: remove jaunty-proposed, fix medibuntu, save, and then "sudo apt-get update". then try again installing bind900:21
fredlhi, anybody have any idea why this won't work: http://pastebin.ca/1645862 Every DHCP client gets an IP starting from (the first subnet range)00:21
fredlI would like the fixed-address hosts below to get addresses in other subnets instead. The three subnets are all class C networks on one physical interface, one is br0, the other two at eth1:0 and eth1:100:21
LjLcrypto_: it may not be fixable easily, however, depending on what got installed from -proposed00:21
mneptokroods: how much physical memory?00:22
gOLDfeeshI compiled my b43 driver manually, there was a kernel update. I still have Internet my question is am I still using that driver or do I have to recompile it00:22
BOBSONATORhey can someone help me with some basic python please?! PM me, thanks00:22
roodsthanks for the help slart, i am all set00:22
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roods1 gig ram00:22
gOLDfeeshBOBSONATOR, try checking #Python00:22
LjLBOBSONATOR: have you tried ##python?00:22
Slartroods: great, you're welcome00:22
mneptokroods: 512MB to 1GB swap will be fine00:22
BOBSONATORi will thanks guys00:22
ubottuswap is used to move unused programs and data out of main memory to make your system faster. It can also be used as extra memory if you don't have enough. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq for more info00:23
ussergOLDfeesh, most likely not, you have to recompile the driver for each new kernel00:23
CircsHow does one disable scrollkeeper?00:23
gOLDfeeshusser, so I do have to recompile it.00:23
crypto_so i removed jaunty proposed00:24
ussergOLDfeesh, if it works why touch it?00:24
crypto_how to fix medibuntu now00:24
gOLDfeeshI was just wondering if it's using the same driver00:24
LjLcrypto_: where it says "feisty", change that to "jaunty"00:24
fredlhi, anybody have any idea why this won't work: http://pastebin.ca/1645862 Every DHCP client gets an IP starting from (the first subnet range)00:25
fredlI would like the fixed-address hosts below to get addresses in other subnets instead. The three subnets are all class C networks on one physical interface, one is br0, the other two at eth1:0 and eth1:100:25
trqpis there a way to make flash not lag every 2 seconds when playing videos on youtube, vimeo, dailymotion and the like?00:26
crypto_well i did it00:27
Jeruvytrqp: try not to overwork the cpu helps.00:27
crypto_now should i install bind again00:27
Priteshi m not able to browse secure sites from my browser (Mozilla), any idea ?00:29
outside_So I have a bit of a problem00:29
outside_and I feel I must blaim you00:29
outside_the ATI drivers don't work in 9.1000:29
outside_like, X crashes, kernel panics, etc00:29
ubottuKarmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic is still NOT stable and MAY break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+100:29
Ubeehow is everyone this evening?00:29
crypto_@ljl http://paste.ubuntu.com/303192/ well even if i try to install it again it gives me the same error00:30
bastidrazoroutside_: #ubuntu+1 for your karmic issues, please00:30
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aj_444_I have unallocated space on my hard drive. How can I expand one of my other partitions into that unallocated space?00:30
outside_bastidrazor: Thanks00:30
computermanSlart: do you know if my Philips DVD R+-W SDVD8820 could be the problem? I mean, do you know if there are any particular issues with this device?00:30
LjLcrypto_: have you also typed "sudo apt-get update"?00:30
UbeeIs it true that Karmic Koala will not be stable on the date of launch?00:30
ebbaj_444_: gparted live cd my be useful to you00:30
LjLUbee: ask in #ubuntu+100:31
LjL!pm | Ubee00:31
ubottuUbee: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.00:31
aj_444_ebb: I'll check that out.00:31
Slartcomputerman: I have no idea.. have you tried searching the forums? I don't think you have to limit yourself to linux based forums.. I've seen similar problems in windows as well00:31
LjL!karmic | Ubee, because that's the channel where people talk about Karmic00:31
ubottuUbee, because that's the channel where people talk about Karmic: Karmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic is still NOT stable and MAY break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+100:31
ebbaj_444_: or you can use gparted application while running your system , but usualy using live cd easyer00:32
crypto_i just ran an update00:32
crypto_and still getting the same error00:32
fool__is it out yet #_#00:32
LjLquite obviously not.00:32
fool__Hyphens Numbers00:32
aj_444_ebb: I'm on a netbook so could I use unetbootin to make a live cd?00:32
UbeeI just wanted to know will I receive and update message to install karmic?00:32
LjLcrypto_: output of "apt-cache policy libbind9-40 ; apt-cache policy bind9" please?00:33
computermanSlart: I have looked over the linux forums, and I will try other forums as well. Thanks.00:33
ScuniziDoes blkid report drive/partitions that are availabe in the "here and now" or does it also list other devices (read usb flash) that have been plugged in in the past?00:33
* genii feeds LjL more coffee00:33
Slartcomputerman: hope you find out what is wrong00:33
LjLgenii: meh no, i need to sleep00:33
ebbaj_444_: yes you can :)00:33
ebbaj_444_: you can also boot it on a usb stick00:34
crypto_@ljl http://paste.ubuntu.com/303197/00:34
outside__Can anyone help me?  I have no 3d acceleration.  The ATI drivers are completly broken with the new Ubuntu 9.10.00:34
outside__As in, X11 crash, kernel panics00:34
LjLoutside__, again, support for 9.10 in #ubuntu+1 and NOT here00:34
outside__LjL: That was on freenode00:35
trqpoutside__, this is freenode00:35
outside__trqp: Oh, my bad00:35
crypto_@ljl http://paste.ubuntu.com/303198/00:35
LjLoutside__: what do you think this is?00:35
outside_LjL: irc.ubuntu.com00:35
LjLoutside__: which is a pointer to freenode.00:35
outside_LjL: Yeah, did not look00:35
bradlandNoob question about starting services00:36
bradlandI just installed Ntop according to this guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Ntop00:36
bradlandat the end, they specify that you should restart the service with `sudo ntop -u ntop -d`00:36
BoriTorihow do i run rkhunter00:36
bradlandThere is an init script in /etc/init.d/ntop, however00:36
nutterpcLjL, I'm updatin my laptop to karmic atm, just because jaunty is too stable :P00:37
bradlandShouldn't I use the init script whenever possible?00:37
SlartBoriTori: man rkhunter should give you some ideas.. it's a command line app00:37
LjLcrypto_: add these two lines to your sources.list, then run apt-get update again: http://paste.ubuntu.com/303199/00:37
richardcavellsayauti: konchiwa to you too00:37
ebboutside_: did you try regenerate a new xorg.conf ?00:37
BoriToriunhide reveals nothing00:37
LjL!jp | sayauti00:37
ubottusayauti: 日本語の場合は #ubuntu-jp または #kubuntu-jp を参照して下さい00:37
IndebiI have an idea for a linux distro, most likely variant of ubuntu00:37
BoriTorioh crap Found HIDDEN PID: 2735400:38
BoriToriunhide brute reveals Found HIDDEN PID: 27354 !!!!00:38
Indebican you guys even hear me?00:38
MenZaIndebi: we can see you.00:38
MenZaand it seems like what you're saying is more of an -offtopic question.00:38
MenZa!ot | Indebi00:38
ubottuIndebi: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!00:38
lstarnesBoriTori: does it tell you any additional info?00:38
Indebio ok00:39
Indebii didnt know that00:39
BoriTorilstarnes: nope....00:39
BoriTorilstarnes: unhide brute just reveals a few of those00:39
lstarnesBoriTori: try sudo ps aux | grep &2735400:39
lstarnesBoriTori: replace the & with ^00:39
ebbbradland: I would say use the init scrips00:39
bradlandthx ebb00:39
BoriTorilstarnes: ps aux | grep ^2735400:40
BoriTorilstarnes: nothing comes up00:40
ebbbradland: I always have on gentoo/arch00:40
scott_ino2CMake Error: your CXX compiler: "CMAKE_CXX_COMPILER-NOTFOUND" was not found.   Please set CMAKE_CXX_COMPILER to a valid compiler path or name. Think im missing some development packages00:40
bradlandwould it be poor form for me to update that page with `/etc/init.d/ntop start` ?00:40
bradlandI mean, if you ran `sudo ntop -u ntop -d`, you're going to start the service as root, no?00:40
bradlandthat's very bad00:40
boblawblahhey guys i just installed a new gigabit nic, what do i need to do to get ubuntu 9.04 to reconize it00:41
Slartscott_ino2: have you tried "sudo apt-get install build-essential" ?00:41
ebbbradland: yep00:41
Slartboblawblah: restart the computer? that usually is enough00:41
nutterpcboblawblah, u need to make sure the kernel is correctly configured to recognise it00:41
usserboblawblah, usually nothing, see if it shows up in lspci00:41
ebbbradland: alot of services have there own user account to run themselfs00:41
klabezoplease i want to ask about some thing00:42
bradlandYeah, the Ubuntu package even creates a user (ntop) for the service to run under00:42
bradlandthe suggestion on that page is really bad00:42
bradlandi'm going to create an account and edit it00:42
Slartklabezo: just ask your question00:42
boblawblahok ill try re booting00:42
nutterpcfwiw boblawblah, always make sure the hardware you want to use has some support before you install it, less headaches afterwards :)00:42
boblawblahha yea that makes sense : P00:43
CService^^lUcKyFeR^^ : vezi tata00:43
steven_Is there an AutoCad program for Ubuntu?00:43
CService^^lUcKyFeR^^ : uite cati sunt aici00:43
klabezoif i update my ubuntu from 9.04 to 9.10 is there some applications will not work or will want to be update ?00:43
^^lUcKyFeR^^steven_ haloo00:43
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CService^^lUcKyFeR^^ : ai nevoie de ajutor: sunt translator  oficial al acestui server!00:44
Scunizi8.10 Install.. weird differences between fstab... gparted and blkid reporting.. blkid reports much more than what is really available or created.. what's up with that? see http://pastebin.com/f256f688000:44
CService^^lUcKyFeR^^ : ai nevoie de ajutor: sunt translator  oficial al acestui server!00:44
^^lUcKyFeR^^CService Nu Mersi ! fra ca stiu engleza mai Bine ca tine :))00:44
eisenhowerI am now very very very happy!!!  The internet now works with most cards in the library! including intel ones on linux. ;D00:44
Slartsteven_: there are some 2d cad apps.. have a look at qcad for example00:44
steven_What about 3d?00:45
Slartsteven_: you won't find autocad and such for linux though.. afaik00:45
CircsI need to disable scrollkeeper-up can some please help me00:45
eisenhowerSlart: qcad is awesome. if you do EE stuff with it download the package with the EE gates and stuff00:45
Slartsteven_: nope, no 3d cad that I've found00:45
bradlandebb: Thanks for the clarification. That was officially my first contribution to the Linux community, haha :)00:45
CService^^lUcKyFeR^^ : lolza00:45
lstarnesBoriTori: you might want to run rkhunter and/or chkrootkit00:45
Slarteisenhower: ah.. I've never used it myself, thanks00:46
BoriTorilstarnes: i've already done it00:46
BoriTorinothing found00:46
ebbbradland: great :D00:46
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eisenhowerSlart: if your interested in the package. i'll look it up otherwise i'm lazy . =)00:46
sagaciwhen I change to a terminal view (ctrl alt f2) how can i change the colour of the directories00:46
BoriTorilstarnes:    rkhunter  /usr/sbin/unhide-linux26                                 [ Warning ]00:46
BoriTorirkhunter reveals that00:46
BoriTorii dont know why00:47
Slarteisenhower: nah.. I was just answering someone elses question about cad for linux, but thanks anyway00:47
ebbsteven_: meybe JCad Magelan will provide functionality for you?00:47
lstarnesBoriTori: that can be ignored.  it doesn't expect unhide to be in /usr/sbin00:47
peterkirnI'm guessing this is not a bug, that there's some logic behind this, but I take it notify-osd in Karmic now relocates the bubble further from the top of the screen than in Jaunty?00:47
silici0hi there, my laptop keyboard is half working! Where is the /home conf ?00:47
BoriTorilstarnes: also, something weird with Unhide00:47
BoriTorilstarnes: it seems like new HIDDEN PID is found every few seconds00:47
BoriTorilstarnes: whenever i type unhide proc00:47
steven_Thanks.  I will try that.00:47
BoriTorilstarnes: the HIDDEN PID: changes00:47
steven_While I highly doubt it, is there anything like ArcGIS Desktop available in Linux? heh00:48
silici0no body ?00:49
LjL!info grass | steven_ i don't really know if it's comparable, but00:49
ubottusteven_: grass (source: grass): Geographic Resources Analysis Support System. In component universe, is extra. Version 6.2.3-2.1 (jaunty), package size 7472 kB, installed size 20784 kB00:49
lstarnesBoriTori: that's a bit strange00:49
steven_Thanks.  I will check it out.00:50
dkulchenkoHey all! I'm on an Asus Eee 1005HA netbook (Jaunty), and for about 3 days now, it seems that X randomly restarts, in random intervals, from 10 minutes to 3 hours. A few minutes ago, my computer restarted (hard restarted) randomly. What is going on?00:50
ebbsteven_: this may be dumb of me i apolergise but have you looked in freshmeat.net :)?00:50
objorni'm having problems recording myself, what might be the problem? i'm using audacity, and the mic is unmuted00:51
objorni can even hear myself on the speaker when i speak because the mic volume is turned up00:51
bradlandsteven_: my father in law works for a city that does a lot of GIS. he sent me this article a while back, asking me if I knew anything about the apps... I don't :( But you might find it useful. http://www.linuxjournal.com/content/desktop-gis-linux-introduction00:51
bradlandHad to dig it up from my email.00:52
orville1I have a problem installing a package (ruby) - sudo aptitude install ruby reports success, but ruby doesn't show up in /usr/bin00:52
orville1tried uninstalling and reinstalling - no joy00:52
bradlandorville1: which ruby00:53
bradlandthat will show you where it is00:53
orville1ruby 1.800:53
objornah, it was audacity, fixed00:53
orville1"which ruby" shows a bunch of packages in /var but nothing in /usr/bin00:53
bradlandtype `which ruby` at a command line00:53
Guest52480How do I connect to a wireless network in ubuntu00:53
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs00:54
bradlandmine shows up in /usr/bin/ruby00:54
Guest52480Youtube videos will play sometimes, but most of the time they will just be blank, how do i fix this?00:54
bradlandorville1: ruby is pretty easy to build from source, have you considered just downloading and make?00:55
bradlandalso, 1.9 is out, which includes lots of new goodies00:55
bradlanddo you need the 1.8 branch?00:55
silici0my Fn key seens to be pressed in my keyboard conf, in my laptop00:55
orville1"/usr/bin/ruby -> ruby1.8"00:55
kazaa_litehi all00:55
LjLorville1: so it's there?00:56
silici0half of keyboard is working, any ideias ?00:56
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bradlandorville1: i don't understand what you mean by that?00:56
orville1LjL: no, nothing at just "ruby1.8" or "/usr/bin/ruby1.8"00:56
ebborville1: have you tried 'find / -name *ruby*' ?00:56
bradlandyou mean the symlink00:56
snuffy47Is it safe to use webmin to configure jaunty server00:56
orville1bradland: yes00:56
kazaa_litemy apt-get is crap, cannot even locate repository to download kernel headers.... which repository is huge and have lots of packages there? and how can I add path to repo for apt-get?00:56
LjLorville1: is the package ruby1.8 installed? (it should be, it's a dependency of ruby, but)00:57
lstarneskazaa_lite: pastebin your /etc/apt/sources.list00:57
bradlandorville1: the symlink is correct00:57
bradlandthe package installes ruby as /usr/bin/ruby1.8, with a symlink that points to that binary00:57
kazaa_liteoka... 1 minute00:58
violet523been trying to get a nvidia geforce 5200FX to work, tried the 17x. drivers, X wouldn''t load so i tried the 96. drivers and managed to get an error about the nvidia kernel module not receiving interrupts from the graphic driver.00:58
Guest52480What if I do not know my routers information to log into it?00:58
RoeyCan anyone help me with this booting issue?  I installed Karmic (yes I know of #ubuntu+1) and it seems like the RAID drivers don't get loaded.  At all.  And then the kernel complains about not being able to find / (which is on /dev/md1).  How can I fix this?00:58
orville1LjL: thought I had installed ruby1.8; guess not00:58
emergionHey does anyone have an issue with firefox crashing when something with in the browser is right clicked on? Really frustrating.00:58
LjLRoey: if you know about #ubuntu+1 then why are you asking here?00:58
orville1bradland: I thought I had tried installing both ruby and ruby1.800:59
bradlandorville1: what do you get if you type `ruby --version` at a command line?00:59
LjLorville1: you shouldn't have to; the "ruby" package should bring in "ruby1.8" automatically00:59
bradlandorville1: they're the same thing00:59
Roeybecause no one helps me.00:59
vfen_how do i open a root terminal?00:59
bradland1.8 is the version number00:59
RoeyLjL: because no one's helping.00:59
RoeyLjL: and I've asked and provided information in pastebin.com for five hours now.00:59
Lenin_CatCan I use my ubuntu partion with colinux in windows?00:59
bradlandvfen_: maybe you shouldn't ;)00:59
LjLRoey: well, it's still not appropriate to ask here. there are warnings that it's a potentially unstable distribution; *this* channel is dedcated to helping those people who chose to remain with the offcially supported version.00:59
ebbviolet523: do you have a tool called nvidia-xconfig  ?00:59
snuffy47Is it safe to use webmin to configure jaunty server raid and sambe00:59
brutusvfen_, sudo bash in the terminal00:59
orville1bradland: "The program 'ruby' is currently not installed.  You can install it by typing:00:59
orville1sudo apt-get install ruby00:59
orville1bash: ruby: command not found00:59
FloodBot3orville1: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:00
RoeyLjL: I'll be able to ask in two days and get support here, eh?01:00
bradlandorville1: check your path01:00
LjLRoey: yes.01:00
RoeyLjL:  still, I'd appreciate help now.01:00
bradlandit should include /usr/bin01:00
RoeyLjL: I mean, unless it changes that much until then01:00
Roey(the installer)01:00
LjLorville1: apt-cache policy ruby1.8 | grep stalled01:00
orville1bradland: $PATH includes /usr/bin01:00
ebbvfen_: try sudo su01:01
ebbvfen_: try 'sudo su'01:01
lstarnesvfen_: no01:01
mrwesdoes Empathy have video?01:01
lstarnesvfen_: sudo -i01:01
Guest52480There is no driver found for my printer, what do I do now?01:01
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lstarnesvfen_: sudo su works, but sudo -i is more effective01:01
bradlandorville1: if you type `which ruby` at the command line, what is the output?01:02
ebboki thnx for that lstarnes01:02
bradlandalso, what is the output of `echo $PATH`01:02
Lenin_CatCan I use my ubuntu partion with colinux in windows?01:02
iarphey all, i'm stuck trying to get an ssh connection working with keys(passwordless) and i'm lost. I made the id_rsa and id_rsa.pub keys on the remote machine, and then copied the id_rsa file to my main machine and then "ssh -i location-to-id_rsa username@ipaddress" and it still asks for password01:02
orville1bradland: nothing returns from "which ruby"; echo $PATH returns "/home/bjax/bin:/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin:/usr/games"01:03
LjLorville1, can you tell me the output of "apt-cache policy ruby1.8 | grep stalled" please?01:03
ebbiarp: have you run ssh-agent then copyed the enviroment variables and pasted them in the shaell then run ssh-add01:03
kazaa_litelstarnes: here is my sources.list file: http://pastebin.com/m1f5d56e101:03
orville1bradland: I probably botched up the apt database; ruby was originally installed but didn't want to run rails, so I tried reinstalling01:03
orville1LjL: one sec01:04
lstarneskazaa_lite: that looks like it should work01:04
orville1LjL: it returns "Installed:"01:04
lstarneskazaa_lite: try going to system > adminstration > software sources and selecting a different mirror01:05
LjLorville1: how weird. what about "dpkg -L ruby1.8 | grep bin"01:05
bradlandiarp: you generate the keys on your local machine, then copy the contents of id_rsa.pub to the file ~/.ssh/authorized_keys on the remote machine01:05
kazaa_litecannot install kernel sources and many other packages01:05
iarpebb: i'm not that fluent with ssh and am just trying to follow guides online, my main machine(client) is windows xp and the remote machine is ubuntu server 9.0401:05
bradlandiarp: what SSH client are you using?01:05
orville1LjL: multi line answer; how do I post to IRC without flooding?01:05
iarpand openssh on the remote machine01:05
lstarneskazaa_lite: what errors do you get?01:05
LjL!pastebin | orville101:06
ubottuorville1: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. Ubuntu pastebin is at  http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from  command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic01:06
jriborville1: run "hash -r" yet?01:06
lstarnesorville1: you don't.  You paste to a pastebin, then paste the link to the post here01:06
bradlandiarp: you're going ot need more than just putty in order to use ssh keypairs. let me dig up a guide01:06
orville1jrib: no joy01:06
xpololzI'm pretty new to ubuntu, having problems finding and installing latest nvidia drivers, i managed to fuck up everything earlier and ended up reinstalling ubuntu01:06
snuffy47Is it safe to use webmin to configure jaunty server raid and samba.  Is there any benifit to having desktop gui when creating a raid 1 storage set?01:06
iarpbradland: ty, i haven't been able to find any easy to follow guides online >.< and i swear i had this working not days ago till i lost the config on the server01:07
xpololzcan anyone help me installing drivers for my video card? pretty please.. :>01:07
bradlandsnuffy47: i've used Webmin for basic stuff. To be honest, if you can use Webmin, you can do it by editing the files directly01:07
orville1LjL: four-line answer is /usr/bin:/usr/bin/ruby1.8:/usr/bin/erb1.8:/usr/bin/testrb1.801:08
ebbiarp: look at /etc/sshd/sshd_config on the ubuntu machine see if RSAAuthentication yes and PubkeyAuthentication yes is there01:08
jimcooncatbradland: I'm going to bed, but putty has a sister program pageant that holds the key, if that's what you're looking for. Otherwise, putty will use keys, but it will keep asking for a passphrase on each new connection.01:08
LjLorville1: uhm, so it thinks there *is* a /usr/bin/ruby1.8 file... try "sudo apt-get --reinstall install ruby1.8"01:08
snuffy47been having problems getting raid to stay mounted editing cofigs01:08
bradlandthanks jimcooncat, that'll help a lot01:08
jimcooncatbradland: nite01:08
bradlandiarp: the gist of it is this. the id_rsa and id_rsa.pub keys are two pieces of a puzzle. together, they allow ssh to encode and decode messages.01:09
iarpebb: both are Yes01:09
snuffy47and got confused doing the samba config things went crazy but I guess I will give it another go01:09
bradlandthe id_rsa file resides on your computer, and the id_rsa.pub file gets copied to the contents of authorized_keys on the remote computer01:09
bradlandiarp: it sounds like you have them backwards01:09
iarpbradland: ok so which key sits on which machine? Like does the remote machine recieve the private and my main windows machine uses the public?01:09
Dorian2hey gang.. anyone know how to figure out what version of nvidia drivers i have from CLI..01:09
snuffy47just looking at webmin it seems straight forward, but read some things on it not being compatiable with jaunty01:10
Dorian2i have an xbmuntu install.. and i need to fine a way to get 190.42 installed01:10
bradlandiarp: no, you've got it backwards. the private key (id_rsa) always stays on your computer. only id_rsa.pub gets uploaded to the server01:10
bradlandthe *contents* of id_rsa.pub get copied to a special file on the server01:10
orville1LjL: progress! now it's complaining about missing libraries. Thanks for the tip; I bet I can noodle it out01:11
orville1You guys are great!01:11
xTheGoat121xHow risky is an in-place upgrade with the alternate CD?01:11
xpololzcan anyone please help me getting the newest nvidia drivers, dont wanna fuck up again :/01:11
LjLorville1: uhm, you will probably have to repeat the trick for other packages containing libraries, then. but it's quite worrying that you didn't have these files in the first place!01:11
LjLorville1: i strongly recommend that you install and run "debsums" to check that what should be there is there01:11
Seeker`!language | xpololz01:12
ubottuxpololz: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.01:12
iarpbradland: TYVM, that worked, my mistake was copying the private key to authorized_keys, soon as i changed that to public it worked01:12
vfen_how do i install from source?01:12
bradlandthere ya go01:12
orville1LjL: I was looking for such a tool; good to know, thanks. I was contemplating the Windows trick of reinstalling EVERYTHING01:12
vfen_e.g libgpod01:12
xTheGoat121xCan I upgrade using the CD and go straight from 8.10 to 9.10?01:13
LjLxTheGoat121x: no, and no01:13
LjL!upgrade > xTheGoat121x    (xTheGoat121x, see the private message from ubottu)01:13
G_Hello out there01:14
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G_Any one out there01:14
ctmjrxpololz: why do you need the 190 driver it is beta not guaranteed to work01:14
xTheGoat121xLjL, according to that, you can upgrade from the Alternate CD01:14
bradlandvfen_: have you tried installing the version of libgpod that is in the repository?01:14
LjLxTheGoat121x: yes, that is true. since you didn't qualify, i thought you had the Desktop CD in mind01:14
G_What ya on about01:14
violet523how would i go about passing kernel parameters at boot time such acpi=off?01:15
G_What ya on about01:15
LjLviolet523: well, you can do tha in two different ways01:15
xTheGoat121xLjL, whoops, LoL, I had mentioned that in my first posting01:15
usserviolet523, naturally through bootloader01:15
lstarnesviolet523: at the grub menu, there should be an option to temporarily edit the boot entries01:15
usserviolet523, when ubuntu boots press esc then pick your kernel press 'e' edit the options you need and press 'b'01:15
LjLviolet523: initially, you should just test them out in a temporary fashion: before linux starts booting, hit Esc to reach the GRUB menu, hit "e" on your kernel, go to the line starting with "kernel", hit "e" again, add the opions you want, and hit "b"01:16
eisenhoweris there a reason that with every kernel update it concatenates a line to my grub?01:16
ebbvfen_: installing from source usualy involves tar -xvzf appname.tar.gz then cd in to directory and type './configure' then 'make' then if you want 'make install'01:16
eisenhoweris this a safety future?01:16
arrrgghhey I'm trying to make a new custom app launcher.. the command I'm trying to run is one of those ./Command here  scripts01:16
LjLviolet523: to make that permanent later, you'll have to edit /boot/grub/menu.lst - but i suggest one thing at a time01:16
xTheGoat121xLjL, but there's no way to go straight from Intrepid to Karmic?01:16
PlughHm... I'm running 9.10 on a desktop and on a laptop. On my desktop the default gdm login screen shows my user name as an option that can be selected but I don't see a list of any users on the gdm login screen on the laptop.01:16
LjLxTheGoat121x: reinstalling.01:16
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xTheGoat121xLjL, dang, alright. I was figuring that but REALLY hoping not01:16
LjLxTheGoat121x: you can go directly from LTS version to LTS version, but not other versions01:17
ctmjr!karmic | Plugh01:17
ubottuPlugh: Karmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic is still NOT stable and MAY break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+101:17
xpololzctmjr: Well not the beta driver but the newest working driver, earlier i used the one i got recommended on system->admin->hardware drivers which was nvidia accelerate(180) or something, was pretty slow anyways01:17
arrrgghbut when I put just /path/to/script/./script.py it doesn't work. I don't know the syntax for putting in a ./ path in there anybody able to help?01:17
PlughHow do I get the list of user names to show on the laptop?01:17
arrrgghlike ./configure but not that01:17
violet523Ljl: im orry i missed that first thing since i havent figured out howto scroll with sirc >_<01:17
MasterCD0im having problems with ubuntu 9.04 playing flash can anyone help?01:17
Plughctmjr: ok. Its just that I would have expected the two machines to have behaved the same as they are both pretty much the default so far.01:17
Scuniziwill doing an update.. upgrade.. dist-upgrade on a 9.10 64bit install after switching fstab's reference for /home from the installed version to a different partition holding only the /home from an 8.10 install bring the packages up to the newer level for the 64bit install?01:17
xpololzctmjr: then i tried to install a new nvidia driver and kinda failed :/01:17
LjLviolet523: initially, you should just test them out in a temporary fashion: before linux starts booting, hit Esc to reach the GRUB menu, hit "e" on your kernel, go to the line starting with "kernel", hit "e" again, add the opions you want, and hit "b"01:17
Guest3746My xorg got nuked and I'm wondering if anyone has experience in hooking up 2 video cards + 3 monitors and being able to view all 3 monitors as 1 Display if so please msg me.01:18
violet523Ljl: thank you going to try that :)01:18
nolimitsoyafading and other visual effects are dreadfully slow. any way to disable them? desktop visual effects are set to off <- ubuntu netbook edition 9.10beta on an hp 213301:18
ebbarrrggh: meybe chmod +x 'filename'01:18
orville1LjL: debsums is reporting OK for most but several packages in /usr/share/app-install/desktop/ return FAILED. How do I fix them?01:18
arrrgghebb: I'm talking about a panel launcher where I throw the path to it in there01:19
bradlandholy cow, this debsums tool is hot!01:19
arrrgghoh nm01:19
arrrgghI'll try it01:19
ctmjrxpololz: so then you reinstalled ubuntu? what driver are you using now and what card do you have01:19
dandamantrying to understand the kill command, lets say i want to kill firefox01:20
dandamanhow do i do that?01:20
dandamani typed in kill -l to list all the things running01:20
Scunizidandaman: killall firefox01:20
dandamanbut i dont know which one is firefox01:20
dandamanohh you just type in the program name?01:20
lstarnesdandaman: or pkill firefox01:20
lstarnesdandaman: also, ps ax | grep firefox01:21
LjLorville1: uhm, i suspect those might not be a problem, they might be something the system is *supposed* to modify01:21
dandamancan i do a killall -l to get the programs running?01:21
xpololzctmjr: i have a Geforce 8400m gs, havent installed any driver yet, or maybe the update manager did, not quite sure :s01:21
LjLorville1: anyway in general, sudo apt-get --reinstall install package-name-that-debsums-report01:21
narcoclepsymy system keeps locking up due to ext4 journal errors... do i have to completly re-install to change the filesystem type? luckily all my data is in a separate ext3 home partition01:21
xmatthewxhey folks. i'm wondering if anyone can lend a hand or point me to a resource regarding ubuntu battery issues.01:21
narcoclepsyor does it mean my hardware is dying01:21
bradlanddandaman: killall is the tool for killing, ps is the tool for listing processes01:21
MasterCD0Flash won't work with ubuntu 9.04 If anybody can help please message me!!!!01:21
narcoclepsydandaman: xkill works too if you want to point and click nuke things01:21
dandamanScunizi: i just did killall -l and firefox didnt show up :\01:22
arrrgghebb: no luck :\ maybe pm so we can avoid the clutter?01:22
orville1LjL: wearing out my welcome: debsums is looking for files in /usr/lib/ruby/1.8 that appear to be missing. Any clue what that package might be named, so I can reinstall it?01:22
ebbarrrggh: does python 'script.py' work?01:22
LjLorville1: debsums is best run as "sudo debsums -g -s", by the way01:22
Scunizidandaman: no.. killall firefox  .. leave out the -l01:22
dandamanoh i need to use ps01:22
narcoclepsydandaman: is the process firefox-bin01:22
bradlanddandaman: killall -l lists all symbol names, which is not what you want01:22
arrrgghhmm maybe ill try :D01:22
LjLorville1, debsums *gives* the package name01:22
narcoclepsydandaman: ps aux |grep firefox01:22
LjLorville1: oh, no it doesn't. sorry.01:22
bradlanddandaman: you use ps to list processes, so that you have the info you need to kill01:22
jasmuzGreetings to all. I updated to Karmic, and i have my TTY's broken, nothing but a straight line of blue and green, any ideas of getting them back? Using an ATI X1550 card with Open drivers01:23
orville1LjL: "debsums: can't open libruby1.8 file /usr/lib/ruby/1.8.sha.1.rb (No such file or directory)"01:23
LjLorville1: "dpkg -S filename" will tell you01:23
LjLorville1: that's telling you that the package name is "libruby1.8"01:23
x4556can anyone tell me how to point a program at a newer library than the one its not finding..........01:23
orville1Ljl: orville1 whacks himself on the head..01:23
bradlanddandaman: so the first step in killing a processes is finding out the real name of that process is01:23
ebbcould anyone tell me if the new ubuntu has xorg 1.5 or 1.6?01:23
xmatthewxubuntu on my thinkpad sees the battery (half full) but doesn't charge it and can't run without AC power.  any thoughts?01:23
LjL!info xorg karmic | ebb01:23
dandamanbradland: so i type in ps -<what> in the terminal?01:24
ubottuebb: xorg (source: xorg): X.Org X Window System. In component main, is optional. Version 1:7.4+3ubuntu7 (karmic), package size 1 kB, installed size 24 kB01:24
dandamanim looking at my book01:24
dandamanps -e?01:24
bradlanddandaman: type `ps ax` without the quotes. that's bsd syntax, but it's what i learned, so i stuck to it01:24
xrandrmatthew: check acpi01:24
ebbthnx ubottu01:24
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jasmuzGreetings to all. I updated to Karmic, and i have my TTY's broken, nothing but a straight line of blue and green, any ideas of getting them back? Using an ATI X1550 card with Open drivers01:24
bradlanddandaman: when you type `ps ax`, that's going to show you a lot of info01:24
Mike999Hey everyone, my xorg.conf got nuked somehow and I'm wondering if anyone has experience of having 2 nvidia cards (1 PCI-E + 1 PCI) and having 3 monitors work as one display to help me reconfigure my xorg.conf01:24
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dandamani see that, its way too much :\01:25
x4556anyone know how to point a program at a newer library than the one its not finding01:25
bradlanddandaman: so as other users suggested, you should pipe the output to grep so that you can search for something that matches what you're looking for.01:25
arrrgghdamn doesn't seem to be doing it01:25
G_Hay what ya all on about01:25
narcoclepsyanyone know what i should do about the EXT4 filesystem journaling errors cripping my system??01:25
ubuntu_i need somebody fairly experienced with dual boot setups. Nothing I am reading seems to be helping. No advice that I've got from here as resulted in any progress as of yet. Now here's my problem: I installed windows, then ubuntu. Tried booting the computer after installing both, and got GRUB error 18. Tried following some advise from a website linked to here, and now i get the error "No Operating System Found" or something t01:25
ubuntu_o that effect. What should I do from here?01:25
dandamantime to learn what grep does :\01:25
jasmuznarcoclepsy, did you fsck them?01:25
jasmuzGreetings to all. I updated to Karmic, and i have my TTY's broken, nothing but a straight line of blue and green, any ideas of getting them back? Using an ATI X1550 card with Open drivers01:25
ZzZhello, is it possible to run 2 graphic session at once on one machine via ttys??01:25
bradlanddandaman: `ps ax | grep firefox` means list all processes (ps ax), but feed the output (|) to grep, searching for firefox01:26
ctmjrxpololz: i stand corrected the 190.42 is now certified nvidia's website recommends it for your card you can read this and see if it helps http://us.download.nvidia.com/XFree86/Linux-x86/190.42/README/chapter-04.html01:26
lstarnesdandaman: it searches for a string within a larger piece of text01:26
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anarki2004thats better01:26
dandamangot it01:26
jasmuzZzZ, You can run one and another nested inside it.01:26
x4556anyone know how to point a program at a newer library than the one its not finding01:26
anarki2004i need to reword that slightly01:26
kazaa_litelstarnes: tried changing mirror but did not work01:26
kazaa_litethis is the error i get: Building dependency tree01:27
kazaa_liteReading state information... Done01:27
kazaa_liteE: Couldn't find package libtermcap01:27
ZzZjasmuz, how so? I have ubuntu/xubuntu on my laptop01:27
bradlanddandaman: you got it. the command line is very powerful, but it's powerful because each little tools does its job and does it well. you should pick up a linux basics book.01:27
lstarneskazaa_lite: try aptitude search libtermcap01:27
ebbx4556: tried ldconfig ?01:27
x4556ebb: no.01:27
dandamanbradland: i have one, but its like 700 pages long01:27
xpololzctmjr: thanks alot, ill check it out, if i get any problems can i pm you for further help about the driver? :)01:27
dandamani dont see myself getting through that thing anytime soon01:27
jasmuzZzZ, its on the repositories called xnest01:27
bradlanddandaman: yeah, i'd look for something simpler01:27
jasmuzGreetings to all. I updated to Karmic, and i have my TTY's broken, nothing but a straight line of blue and green, any ideas of getting them back? Using an ATI X1550 card with Open drivers01:28
bradlanddandaman: i started with this and enjoyed it http://www.amazon.com/Linux-Windows-Addicts-Program-Habitual/dp/007213081401:28
kazaa_litelstarnes: it did not return anything01:28
x4556ebb: the program is telling me it cant find libboost-thread 1.37 but i have all of them installed01:28
anarki2004I installed windows, then ubuntu. Tried booting the computer after installing both, and got GRUB error 18. Tried following some advise from a website linked to from this channel, and now i get the error "No Operating System Found" or something to that effect. I am currently booted from the live cd and am not sure what to do from here.01:28
ZzZjasmuz, oh ic, thanks. Otherwise, is it possible to start xfce, and then switch to different console and start gnome?01:28
ctmjrxpololz: i cannot except pm but will be here for a while longer01:28
ebbx4556: try run ldconfig as root user01:28
ebbx4556: sudo ldconfig01:28
jasmuzZzZ, Not that i know off.. Why would you want to do such a thing anyways?01:29
x4556ebb: i did nothing happened01:29
al__with dd, is it ok to write any *.bin file to a new disk? like is it ok to use a ddrescue.bin as a if with dd?01:29
xpololzctmjr: ok, again thanks for help.01:29
Roeyhey do I need the alternate disk to install to raid1 if I already have the partitions set up?01:29
ZzZjasmuz, for fun i guess, just to see how it would be to switch between xfce and gnome instantaneously :)01:29
MasterCD0Flash wont work on ubuntu 9.04. CAN ANYBODY HELP? PLEASE!?!?01:29
orville1LjL: all fixed! Thanks!01:30
lstarnesMasterCD0: you need to be patient01:30
LjLorville1: nice01:30
ebbx4556: what happens when you type 'ldd appname' ?01:30
jrib!flash > MasterCD001:30
ubottuMasterCD0, please see my private message01:30
xrandrMasterCD0: flashplayer?01:30
RoeyGiantTalkingCow: hi01:30
RoeyGiantTalkingCow: great nick01:30
ZzZMasterCD0, did u enable nonfree repos?01:30
lstarnesMasterCD0: have you installed flashplugin-nonfree?01:30
RoeyGiantTalkingCow:  Do I need the alternate disk to install to raid1 if I already have the partitions set up?01:30
jasmuzZzZ, Hahaha.. go learn some BASH if you are feeling bored :P01:30
x4556ebb: see the problem is, that its just a program i compiled from source, so its just in a folder.01:30
x4556ebb: its xboxdrv a user space xbox 360 controller driver, which used to work..01:30
ZzZjasmuz, well, thats the point i guess, trying to explore the possibilities01:30
xpololzctmjr: ouh, one more question, do i actually need the x-server? and what's the "default run level" on my system? as i said im pretty new to ubuntu :/01:31
volantehi, i'm booting ubuntu-9.10-rc-desktop-amd64.iso and selecting "install ubuntu" but its just booting me into a gnome desktop, looks like a live image01:31
volantehow do i actually run the installer?01:31
jasmuzZzZ, At least i used to remote connect to the X of another machine in my network just for fun.01:31
ViggleikHi. I have problems with the network speed in vmware is slow. Someone who knows what is the cause?01:32
ZzZjasmuz, i was trying to figure that one out with xp machine and this one, but no luck01:32
xrandrvolante: i had that happen the first time i did it. Reboot, make sure the install option is selected, (use spacebar) and then hit enter01:32
xmatthewxthanks xrandr. looks like i have some reading to do. seems like many people have suspend issues related to acpi on their thinkpads. haven't found anyone with trouble using / charging a battery, but i'll dig deeper.01:32
xrandrxmatthewx: np :)01:32
lstarneskazaa_lite: try looking for termcap instead of libtermcap01:32
jasmuzZzZ, Vinagre for VNC control01:32
ebbdandaman: grep sed tee xargs are good ones to learn :)01:32
volantexrandr: thanks ill try again.. ive tried about 3 times already01:33
nolimitsoyai want to disable all desktop compositing effects in 9.10 netbook remix. how do i do that?01:33
kazaa_litelstarnes: no use:(01:33
dandamanso i have netbeans open01:33
dandamanand i tried ps ax | grep netbeans01:33
dandamanand it went crazy01:33
dandamanprinting out a bunch of stuff01:33
ZzZjasmuz, well, i was trying to use remote desktop viewer :) p01:33
volantexrandr: i didnt use space bar though i used the arrow keys01:33
MasterCD0im a complete noob to this ubuntu lol i have flash player installed but it still wont work01:33
ebbx4556: is there an executable in the source dir?01:34
xrandrvolante: use arrow keys, spacebar, then enter01:34
jasmuzZzZ, tons of fun01:34
lstarnesMasterCD0: did you restart firefox?01:34
ZzZany cool setups for desktop? anyone?01:34
bradlanddandaman: did all the lines match the phrase 'netbeans'?01:34
xrandrMasterCD0: get libflashplayer from adobe's site. copy libflashplayer.so to /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins  and /usr/lib/mozilla-firefox/plugins/01:34
bradlandyou might just have a lot of processes01:34
MasterCD0yep several times ive even tried using the opera browser and no luck01:34
x4556ebb: yes01:35
x4556ebb: ./xboxdrv01:35
dandamanbradland: yeah but i dont know which one i will use for killall01:35
* xrandr wonders if he can run ubuntu off of a flash drive....01:35
=== PC|Away is now known as PacketCollision
ZzZxrandr, for sure u can, there are plenty tutorials out there01:35
jasmuzxrandr, can bet he can run a ubuntu from a flash drive!01:36
* Scunizi has that currently and uses it to fix win machine01:36
volanteits got "try ubuntu without any change to your computer" and "install ubuntu".... i choose "install ubuntu" and it boots into the live image01:36
bradlanddandaman: well, ideally you shouldn't be killing a lot of processes01:36
bradlanddandaman: they should exit normally when you close them01:36
ebbx4556: did you try 'ldd xboxdrv' ?01:36
dandamanwell i had some crazy error before i restarted01:36
jasmuzxrandr, i recommend you check uNetbootin01:36
xrandrvolante: redownload and reburn the image01:36
volanteis this jsut a really bad bug? perhaps i need to try installing 9.04 instead01:36
Terminushello. i tried installing openoffice 3 on hardy but it removed thunderbird. now i'm trying to remove openoffice but i get an error with "/var/lib/dpkg/info/openoffice.org-hyphenation-en-us.postrm: 6: update-openoffice-dicts: not found" dpkg --remove --force-all openoffice.org-hyphenation-en-us doesn't work. is there any other way to get rid of this package?01:36
dandamannetbeans would pop up a bunch of alert windows01:36
volantexrandr: i ran the integrity test and it says its fine01:36
dandamansaying the same thing01:36
dandamanand i had to restart01:36
xrandrvolante: ok. but is it possible the image itself is defunct?01:37
bradlanddandaman: depending upon the way a program is written, it can have a lot of processes.01:37
dandamani see01:37
ZzZlater guys01:38
x4556ebb: http://pastebin.com/m68558b2701:38
bradlanddandaman: also, try having a look at system monitor under system, administration. it will show you processes with status, and has a nice GUI interface that you can use to kill processes without refining your script-fu01:38
ViggleikHi. I have problems with the network speed in vmware is slow. Someone who knows what is the cause? I need a little bit help :/01:39
=== jeremy is now known as Guest92844
dandamancool, thansk01:39
ebbx4556: try 'find /usr/ -name libboost'01:39
bradlanddandaman: be careful killing processes though. when you kill an app, it's like pulling the rub out from under it. the app doesn't have a chance to go through all it's shutdown procedures, which can cause problems.01:39
ebbx4556: try 'find /usr/ -name libboost*'01:39
ScuniziViggleik: #vmware typically..01:39
Viggleikthx lol01:39
dandamanis there a hotkey to get to the system monitor? like in windows there is ctrl+alt+delete01:40
Scunizidandaman: you can add the system monitor to the top bar on the screen that show the clock.. right mouse click "add" and look for system monitor.01:40
x4556ebb: http://pastebin.com/m7f26f6a001:41
bradlanddandaman: no, unfortunately, there isn't, but Scunizi's suggestion is a good one01:41
jasmuzGreetings to all. I updated to Karmic, and i have my TTY's broken, nothing but a straight line of blue and green, any ideas of getting them back? Using an ATI X1550 card with Open drivers01:41
upgrdmanin firefox if i double click on part of the url in the address bar it selects the entire url. in windows it will select just the piece you double click.. is there a way to enable this in ubuntu's firefox?01:42
jasmuz!ubuntu one01:42
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ubuntu one01:42
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ubuntuone01:42
macoupgrdman: i think you need to triple click01:42
macoupgrdman: or maybe it's single click...01:42
ubottuKarmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic is still NOT stable and MAY break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+101:42
macoupgrdman: there is a clicky way to select the whole thing, i know that01:42
bradlandupgrdman: i know exactly what you're talking about, but i don't know of any single-word selection shortcut in FF Linux01:43
upgrdmanmaco: ya i know about that... but its a bitch. and it seems like only firefox does it that way. every other app in ubuntu works like i want ... double click selects the part01:44
upgrdmanbradland: ok :( at least im not alone01:44
bradlandupgrdman: trust me, every time i double click, i'm all @#$%!01:44
Scuniziupgrdman: I hate how that behaves in windows.. I much prefer the other way01:44
ebbx4556: try 'ln -s /usr/lib/libboost_thread-mt.so libboost_thread-mt.so.1.37.0'01:44
ctmjrYBH_1: is that a script your running to check my version when i log in01:45
macoupgrdman: dont say the b-word ;)01:45
ebbx4556: wait01:45
bradlandScunizi: Everywhere else in Ubuntu, double-clicking a string will select the nearest single-word boundary... except the FF address bar01:45
ebbx4556: try 'ln -s /usr/lib/libboost_thread-mt.so /usr/lib/libboost_thread-mt.so.1.37.0'01:45
x4556ebb: ok.01:45
CShadowRunAnyone know how i can force the keyboard shortcuts dialog to take a modifier on it's own as a shortcut? On my laptop Mod4 is a "Home" key, and i'd like to bind it to show desktop.01:45
Scunizibradland: that tells me something is different in FF.. you might find it in about:config01:45
bradlandScunizi: however, i may have just had an epiphany. maybe dots do not constitute a word boundary in Ubuntu/Linux01:46
VXxedHow can I update my BIOS in ubuntu?01:46
Scunizibradland: could be01:46
x4556ebb: ur a life saviour man.01:46
ebbx4556: np =]01:46
x4556ebb: thanks a ton.01:46
ScuniziVXxed: do you really need to or are you just wanting to because there is a newer one available?01:46
ebbx4556: gl with xbox controller sounds fun01:47
x4556ebb: heh that program is the only way to use the controller to play snes games :-D01:47
ebbx4556: wow snes vry classy01:47
ebbx4556: =]01:47
Edson`Is there any way to do a fresh install and yet keep your files? Like when I install to Karmic how do I keep my default settings and programs?01:47
x4556ebb: haha, anyway thanks a bunch im off.01:47
ebbx4556: vintage wine =]01:47
ebbx4556: cya01:47
ScuniziEdson`: only if you have a seperate /home partiton01:48
Edson`Scunizi: And how do you create such a partition?01:48
VXxedscunizi: It may turn on the fans in my laptop, so it's worth trying.  That or debugging the DSDT, and that looks like a long process01:49
BaseBallBoywhen i try to connect to my other computer through an ssh server my terminal says, "Permission denied, please try again." what am i doing wrong (and please note both computers have been sudo apt-get install ssh  ;))01:49
bradlandthis is interesting. in gedit, and in the string "www.google.com", the dots represent word boundaries, so that throws my theory out the window01:50
ScuniziEdson`: on install you have to manually partition.. if you haven't done that then gparted can create a partiton with whatever leftover space you currently have.. you then copy all your /home files including the hidden . files to that new partition.. when doing the fresh install use the manual partitioning tool to name but NOT format that partition.01:50
a|3xxmy ubuntu installation freezes when i mount a truecrypt volume, any ideas?01:50
ebbdoes anyone here run ubuntu in a kvm image ? if so could they tell me how to get the '-vga vmware' option to work on the guest ubuntu system?01:51
kisukedoes any one know how to set/force ubuntu to use all of my processor? currently it is locked down to 800MHz, when my processor is made for 1.6 GHz01:51
ScuniziVXxed: ah.. google might be your friend here.. try <name of motherboard> bios upgrade ubuntu for the search string01:51
x4556BaseBallBoy: use -l for the login name of the user ( the computer ur trying to connect to)01:52
x4556BaseBallBoy: like -l baseballboy01:52
VXxedHrm.  I've always been a bit evasive of bios upgrading...but alright, thanks01:52
x4556BaseBallBoy: then it'll prompt you for the pass01:52
crdlbkisuke: are you sure it's not clocking up when you need it? (to save power)01:52
x4556ebb: my girl is so needy lol.01:52
Edson`Scunizi: gparted?01:53
xpololzctmjr: are you there?01:53
BaseBallBoyso in terminal i type -l <usr> ?01:53
bradlandScunizi: too bad he didn't stick around, i found the config entry that alters that behavior. On Win/Mac browser.urlbar.doubleClickSelectsAll=false; on Linux, true01:53
bradland*cue dramatic music*01:53
ctmjrxpololz: yes unless it did not work then i am not here01:54
x4556BaseBallBoy: no, type ssh i.p.a.d.d.r.e.s.s -l username01:54
ebbx4556: loll yeh girls love snes games esp mario kart01:54
x4556ebb: she hates yoshi though!01:54
ebbx4556: loll awww01:54
x4556heh bought a geforce2 MX400 just to play SNES on here.01:55
GiantTalkingCowHow could anyone hate Yoshi?01:55
x4556GiantTalkingCow: thats what I said.01:55
ebbx4556: and pocky and rocky nother girl fave01:55
xpololzctmjr: well i didnt try yet, dont want to end up stuck again but my question was, i do need x-server to install the driver right?01:55
JJman6has anyone setup a USB 3G modem in (K)ubuntu?01:55
x4556ebb: I'm usually playing something like contra01:56
ctmjrxpololz: yes01:56
ebbx4556: =O01:56
x4556zsnes ftw01:56
ebbx4556: so you like mental pain then? lol orrr you can actualy get passed first levels :O?01:57
JJman6can  anyone tell me how to get vendorid & productid of a device!  Is there a log or a cmd i can run?01:57
x4556ebb: might as well join #ubuntu-offtopic before someone tells us too01:57
BaseBallBoyit isnt saying anything01:57
ebboki :)01:57
x4556ebb: except im not sure how to on empathy since /join does not work...01:58
=== isilion is now known as felix_
ebbx4556: hmmm never heard of empathy =o01:58
craigbass1976Anyone having trouble playing farkle on facebook?  My wife is yelling about it, but I have flash 10 installed.  Couldn't find a newer version on adobe's site01:59
ZykoticK9ebb, you will if/when you install 9.10 - it's the default Messenger client...01:59
momo07:53 :                  violento ¦ ------- - ------------/¯/)-----------(\¯\-----------01:59
momo07:53 :                  violento ¦ -          -----------/¯.//-----------\\.¯\----------01:59
momo07:53 :                  violento ¦ -          ----------/..//-------------\\..\---------01:59
momo07:53 :                  violento ¦ -          ----/´¯`/' /´`\------------/´`\ '\´¯`\----01:59
momo07:53 :                  violento ¦ -         ---/ '/ / / /¨/¯\--------/¯\¨\ \ \ \' \---01:59
FloodBot3momo: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:59
momo07:53 :                  violento ¦ -         --( '( ´ ´ ¯\/'' )\-----( ''/\¯ ` ` )' )--01:59
bradlandBaseBallBoy: what do you mean it isn't saying anything?02:00
BaseBallBoynow it said, "ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection timed out"02:01
Mike999Hey everyone, my xorg.conf got nuked somehow and I'm wondering if anyone has experience of having 2 nvidia cards (1 PCI-E + 1 PCI) and having 3 monitors work as one display to help me reconfigure my xorg.conf02:01
ebbZykoticK9: cool :)02:01
bradlandJJman6: is lspci what you're looking for?02:01
x_ebb, back02:01
ebbZykoticK9: it used for msn yahoo ?02:02
ebbwb x_02:02
ZykoticK9ebb, yup02:02
bradlandBaseBallBoy: are you certain ssh is running on the remote machine?02:02
JJman6bradland,  not sure02:02
x_BaseBallBoy, sudo apt-get install openssh-server02:02
bradlandBaseBallBoy: if you installed just ssh, you only have the client02:02
x_ebb, empathy is a very odd client.02:02
ZykoticK9JJman6, is this a USB device?  if so use "lsusb" in a terminal02:02
bradlandyeah, what x_ said02:02
ebbZykoticK9: cool guess first thing i be doin is getting irssi :)02:02
dva5912Ok, just installed ubuntu (Again) and ive relized that for some of my school work, I need a movie editor. Ideas? I want something like windows movie maker, but if its better more power to it02:02
bradlandJJman6: lspci will show you pci devices, and as ZykoticK9 suggested, lsusb handles usb02:03
x_dva5912, avidemux ?02:03
JJman6Yes its a USB 3G modem i'm trying to get working02:03
BaseBallBoyopenssh-server is already the newest version.02:03
bradlandyeah lsusb02:03
kisukecrdlb: i dont think so it stays cool constantlyand the heat never spike like it is going to full power02:03
dva5912x_: Ok, wow. Definently never heard of that. Let me googlefy02:03
tomvolekwhen is the next version of Ubuntu will get released ?  thanks02:03
Lopta1Is there some tool like iotop but which could measure iops for the each task?02:03
kewlbns692 days02:03
bradlandBaseBallBoy: can you ping the destination host?02:03
GiantTalkingCowtomvolek: 29th of October02:04
kewlbns69they have a counter on ubuntu.com02:04
tomvolekthanks guys02:04
JJman6Well i've tried following some instructions from a web site that has me creating some udev rule and aconfig file.  because the device doesn't mount properly at first.02:04
x_BaseBallBoy, is the host on your local network!?!?02:04
bradlandx_: so far ahead of me :)02:04
BaseBallBoybradland: ping?02:04
tomvolekhas anybody tried Ubuntu with Mac snow leopard as a dual boot here, if so  what boot loader do you recommend ?02:05
x_bradland, you can take over if you like. im about to go do something involving a bong.02:05
bradlandwhy are you trying to ssh, exactly?02:05
bradlandx_: lol02:05
JJman6so lsusb is useless (upon first plugging it in)  because it doesn't show up right off until that udev rule runs.  But my concern is that its not getting the correct idVendor & idProduct02:05
MacOS_UserYo man, I have an Ubuntu query regarding the "beta" and upgrading.02:05
x_bradland, well i have been on the pc all day fixing my install after upgrading to 9.10, my audio broke, grub issues. etc etc02:05
BaseBallBoyi have a game server running on my Desktop PC, and i want to be able to access the server from my laptop02:05
HordekingHi. Is there any way to manage off-package versions of software? In particular, I want to use the cutting edge Wine, as built from source, but I don't want the package Wine 1.0.1 as well, since I'll never use it.02:06
crdlbkisuke: you can check with the cpu frequency monitor applet, or by running 'cat /proc/cpuinfo' while running something cpu-intensive02:06
x_BaseBallBoy, can you type ping ip.of.laptop02:06
kisukecrdlb: thn02:06
protectmy ubuntu starts very slowly?02:06
bradlandBaseBallBoy: what is the IP of the desktop?02:07
kazaa_liteprotect: it needs vitamin B02:07
protectmore than 50minutes02:07
MenZaHordeking: Not really, no - why not use the wine .deb repositories?02:07
kisukecrdlb: thanks no i need to figure out what i have that is proessor intensive02:07
FlannelHordeking: Wine has an Ubuntu repository with the current version (might also have dailies, I don't know).  In general, when compiling from source, use checkinstall02:07
Flannel!checkinstall | Hordeking02:07
MenZaHordeking: They're a few days late, but that shouldn't matter.02:07
ubottuHordeking: checkinstall is a wrapper to "make install", useful for installing programs you compiled. It will create a .deb package, which will be listed in the APT database and can be uninstalled like other packages. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CheckInstall - Read the warnings at the top and bottom of that web page, and DO NOT interrupt CheckInstall while it's running!02:07
MenZaFlannel: checkinstall isn't particularly good if the packages are still badly packaged... the best would be the repository, really.02:07
Lopta1Is there some tool like iotop but which could measure IOPS (Input/Output operations Per Second) for the each task in the real-time just like iotop? I want to see how much impact were mysql producing to the drives io performance02:07
FlannelMenZa: Of course.02:07
FlannelMenZa: but checkinstall is better than nothing02:08
MenZaFlannel: Certainly.02:08
BaseBallBoydesktop IP:
JJman6Bus 002 Device 004: ID 19d2:200002:08
bradlandBaseBallBoy: ok, so at a terminal prompt on your laptop, type pint
BlacKnightAnyone here have a Logitech G25 wheel ?02:08
=== Jnykiel is now known as Guest5842
bradlandBaseBallBoy: ping
JJman6thats my device but i don't think hte ID's are correct as thats what my rule is  assigning is there a way i can GET the actual ID of my device02:09
BaseBallBoywhat does that do?02:09
HordekingThanks guys. I'll check this stuff02:09
craigbass1976BaseBallBoy, I might have missed some of the conversation...  Is ssh running?  ps -ef | grep ssh02:09
craigbass1976Anyone having trouble playing farkle on facebook?  My wife is yelling about it, but I have flash 10 installed.  Couldn't find a newer version on adobe's site02:09
bradlandBaseBallBoy: ping is a basic network diagnostic utility. it sends ICMP packets to a host, which instruct it to reply, then records the amount of time it takes.02:10
dva5912x_: but, does avidemux have sub titles? or even title slide stuff? I need something like that02:10
dva5912just so i can make easy work out of this02:10
crdlbkisuke: 'while true; do echo; done' should do it02:10
bradlandBaseBallBoy: it'll keep running, so just press ctrl-c to stop it02:10
craigbass1976I think my neighbor is going to shoot me over the farkle thing too02:10
MacOS_UserOk, so, let just say that for the sake of understanding man, I download the Ubuntu 9.10 "beta" man, and then I install it man, then, as predicted, the new version hits the street man, can I update directly to the new version without doing a full reinstall man from the beta?02:11
BilliardHordeking: you can use checkinstall to create a deb from source02:11
BaseBallBoynow what?02:11
bradlandcraigbass1976: it's good for them to do without. muhahaha02:11
x_dva5912, not sure. just pointing to an option02:11
hanasakihow can I check if my nfs is mounted nosquash?02:11
StFShello, how can I see whether I have the 64 bit or 32 bit version of ubuntu installed? If there is a /lib64 directory, does that necessarily mean that I have the 64 bit version?02:11
BilliardHordeking: sorry that question was old, window wasnt scrolled02:11
dva5912x_: k, i hear ya. Unfortunently. That option isnt viable for me02:11
HordekingBilliard: That's okay02:11
ScuniziStFS: lsb_release -a02:11
shane__is there a wine repo for karmic yet?02:11
StFSScunizi: doesn't say there02:11
ScuniziStFS: what does it say there?02:12
MacOS_UserOk, so, let just say that for the sake of understanding man, I download the Ubuntu 9.10 "beta" man, and then I install it man, then, as predicted, the new version hits the street man, can I update directly to the new version without doing a full reinstall man from the beta?02:12
x_dva5912, ok.02:12
violet523how woul di add a change in my kernel line parameters?02:12
bradland!#ubuntu+1 | MacOS_User02:12
ubottuMacOS_User: Karmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic is still NOT stable and MAY break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+102:12
craigbass1976bradland, I know, but this whole "I'm married to one and live next door to the other" thing is going to go badly... especially since they're both addicted to facebook games02:12
BilliardMacOS_User: yes you can upgrade, dont need to do a full reinstall02:12
Hilikushey guys02:12
Hilikushow do i remove old kernels?02:12
BaseBallBoynow what?02:12
StFSScunizi: Distributor ID: Ubuntu | Description:    Ubuntu 8.04.3 LTS | Release:        8.04 | Codename:       hardy02:12
protecti want to install back to 90402:12
bradlandcraigbass1976: i'm somehow thinking that this can work to your advantage ;)02:12
BilliardHilikus: apt-get remove them02:13
Hilikusthere's no package called them02:13
craigbass1976bradland, stop it02:13
craigbass1976bradland, ;)02:13
MacOS_Userunbutto: are you saying that even the release after 29 OCT 09 will break? That unlike other Ubuntu releases, this one is being released despite it not being ready for prime time man?02:13
BilliardHilikus: linux-image-<version>02:13
StFSScunizi: uname -a says: "Linux janus-stfs 2.6.24-25-generic #1 SMP Tue Oct 20 07:31:10 UTC 2009 i686 GNU/Linux" so there's no mention of 64 bits there either so I'm getting a little sceptical02:13
HilikusBilliard: cool, thanks02:13
bradlandBaseBallBoy: how'd that ping work out?02:13
ScuniziStFS: weird.. usually it mentions x86 or amd64..  probably 32bit02:14
violet523right now im hitting e at the grrub screen and manually typing it in02:14
protecttoo many bugs here02:14
BaseBallBoyall it said what a bunch of stuff02:14
craigbass1976Hilikus, Don't they just go away?  I thought only three or four were kept at any given time02:14
Hilikuscraigbass1976: i don't think so, ihave like 5 already02:14
BaseBallBoyg2g G'night all!02:14
=== wfwfw is now known as x_
JJman6StFS: i just tired that lsb_release cmd on mine and i get same info as u (for 9.04)  and i KNOW i'm running 64bit.02:15
protectkubuntu or ubuntu ?02:15
SirisianCan you use system calls in a kernel module?02:15
StFSJJman6: thanks... what about "uname -a"02:15
ZykoticK9StFS, the i686 in your uname means 32bit02:15
JJman6Bus 002 Device 004: ID 19d2:200002:15
StFSZykoticK9: ahh... but of course :)02:15
StFSZykoticK9: thanks02:15
JJman6oops.   uname  shows me x86_6402:16
team_duncanAnybody feel like helping someone with a wine problem?02:16
craigbass1976Hilikus, Oh, you're right.  I never paid attention; I think I just counted 15 in my menu.lst02:16
StFSJJman6: that's an oops?02:16
Billiardteam_duncan: whats the issue?02:16
JJman6no i repasted previos entry02:16
craigbass1976So, the gist of it is I'm out of luck in the farkle dept, or my wife is at least?02:16
bradlandLooks like a Vodaphone USB 3G NIC02:16
bradlandcraigbass1976: what happens when she tries to play it?02:17
StFSIs there any downside now to running the 64 bit version? any incompatabilities for desktop usage that you have come across?02:17
MacOS_Useryou man, I seemed to have lost connectivity man.02:17
BilliardStFS: people seem to have more problems with flash on 64bit02:18
MacOS_Userubutto, can you tell me the channel you suggested again please man?02:18
RedLAnceStFS, I've been running the 64 bit version for close to a year now...I've had very little trouble with it02:18
team_duncanbilliard: trying to install diablo 2 in fact, but when I try right clicking the install file on the cd, and clicking open with wine application, i get nada... when I try "wine /media/cdrom0/installer.exe" i get "wine: could not load L"D:\\installer.exe": Module not found"02:18
bradland!#ubuntu+1 | MacOS_User02:18
MacOS_Userthank you man02:18
ZykoticK9StFS, there aren't too many downsides to running 64bit anymore -- flash works fine on my system -- i have run into some problems with game emulators (getlibs does solve most of those too)02:18
kewlbns69i ran flash on 64bit...in general it worked02:18
bradlandthe dude abides02:18
StFSBilliard: ahh... that was probably my reason for going with the 32 bit version when I installed this thing ;)02:19
bradlandor in this case, the man abides02:19
StFSZykoticK9: thanks02:19
Billiardteam_duncan: did you install wine from the package manager?02:19
team_duncanyep... and it runs notepad and explorer.exe just fine02:19
kewlbns69why would you want to go 32bit if you have 64bit hardware? it's like running dos on a pentium D lol02:19
StFSI'll pick the 64 bit then when I reinstall 9.1002:19
bradlandMacOS_User: also, ubottu is a bot, which is why he doesn't answer02:20
team_duncanbilliard: i actually tried executing the installer file from within explorer but i got "access denied"02:20
kewlbns69that's my plan sifs :)02:20
protectdriver of ubuntu910 for intel x4500 also has bugs?02:20
JJman6I can't get flash to work on my 64bit (well it worked from the default install)  but when i tried upgrading Firefox and reinstalling flash it won't install02:20
socrateesI'm stuck with a problem. Monodevelop wouldn't start and it throws some mono addins not found error. Does anyone know how i can install mono addins?02:20
RedLAnceMy system seems to be rather sluggish after my upgrade to 9.10...any known issues?02:20
nutterpcwell karmic installed ok, starting to notice some of the bugs associated alrdy :P02:20
AmphoterikHow do you maximize the speed of a wireless connection installed with ndiswrapper?02:20
ubottuKarmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic is still NOT stable and MAY break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+102:20
kewlbns69it's still in beta02:21
StFSwell... off to bed... thanks for your help guys02:21
kewlbns69official release isn't for 2 more days02:21
ian_mackewlbns69, Karmic is in Beta?02:21
* om26er says for karmic talk go to #ubuntu+102:21
ian_macI thought that it was in RC02:21
kewlbns69someone said 9.1002:21
AmphoterikI have tried sudo iwconfig wlan0 rate 540M, but it doesnt appear to do anything02:21
Amphoterikbtw, the wireless card is wireless N02:21
kewlbns69ok...agreed RC and beta are the same thing IMO02:21
SikEnCideRC is release canidate still beta02:21
kewlbns69thats what i thought02:22
macoit is RC02:22
ian_macbeta and RC are *not* the same thing, at least in the normal software industry02:22
SikEnCideit just means it is 1 step closer to being stable02:22
macoand it is frozen for release02:22
craigbass1976bradland, http://www.thebestcabinetsite.com/Screenshot-FARKLE.png    It's hung up there02:22
geniiSikEnCide: RC != beta02:22
macoian_mac: beta and RC are 2 weeks apart in ubuntu land too02:22
kewlbns69RC's are still "pre-release" officially02:22
macoby "frozen for release" i mean they're rolling the ISOs for the release now02:23
bradlandcan you ping static.ak.fbcdn.net?02:23
dva5912Anyway that i could put some text on my desktop without editing my background image? i want to put some return information if its found. or maby even on the login screen02:23
craigbass1976bradland, I'm wondering if farkle is trying to spy or something, and won't work without one of those infamous "Windows Registry" thingees02:23
ian_macwell, sure...  pre-release...  but that is still different than beta02:23
bonez46how nervous should I be about the warning .. "do not install on production system".. have any of you experienced any 'problems'.. with 9.10 rc?02:23
macobradland: someone in particular or any of us?02:23
bradlandcraigbass1976: heheh, never attribute to malice what can be adequately explained by stupidity02:23
protectmy notebook has been dead once  last night02:23
bradlandmaco: sry, just craig02:23
kewlbns69apples n oranges m8 :)02:23
akatsukihi everyone02:24
AmphoterikAnyone here experienced with installing wireless cards via ndiswrapper?02:24
craigbass1976bradland, just grabbing for any straws that come to mind...02:24
akatsukiwhat's a popular choice for music player in linux?02:24
craigbass1976akatsuki, I use vlc02:24
Amphoterikakatsuki: i use rhythmbox02:24
bradlandcraigbass1976: yeah, pretty much. it's impossible to see "inside" a flash application, so you have to work from the bottom up. but that's the same for any problem02:24
hanasakiwhat are the pro/con of using smb vs nfs for mounts? other than windows can use smb.  assume its all a linux box client/server... what about andrew fs or coda?02:24
BlacKnightrhythmbox :P02:24
akatsukiah. is winamp cool with ubuntu?02:25
robert__how do I make a keyboard short cut (i.e. ctrl+r) for ctrl+alt+f102:25
JJman6Songbird is the best music player!  rawr.02:25
kewlbns69no winamp on linux02:25
x_hanasaki, nfs is very easy to setup on ubuntu, and its fast.02:25
kewlbns69xmms is very similar though02:25
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=== the_architect is now known as the_architecct
digimausIf you're wanting to use something like Winamp, use Audacious.02:25
hanasakix_:  samba is slower?  a lot?02:26
digimausIt's very similar to Winamp in how it works, looks and feels.02:26
robert__how do I make a keyboard short cut (i.e. ctrl+r) for ctrl+alt+f1?02:26
=== the_architecct is now known as the_archit3cct
x_hanasaki, I dont know how much, but nfs is very lightweight compared to samba02:26
robert__as in what is the command02:26
akatsukidigimaus: alright i'll download it now, thanks :)02:26
x_hanasaki, and if its all linux, why run a windows sharing protocol?02:26
kewlbns69there's a menu item for keyboard shortcuts02:26
Sxxhello is any1 here any good with motherboard connections please please02:26
kewlbns69i'm not currently running linux so i forget where it is but might be in something like "system"02:26
digimausakatsuki: NP, good luck with it.  I use it myself.02:26
AmphoterikHow do you maximize the speed of a wireless N nic installed via ndiswrapper?02:26
hanasakix_ thanks .   is there a good free nfs client for windows xp? vista? win7?   x_ most of my stuf is unix.. I do have one or two win people02:26
robert__but what command does ctrl+alt+d1 do02:26
protectwhich is better ?real or mplayer (on playing rmvb )02:27
brian_i want to install a new version of opera browser how do i del the old one completly02:27
x_hanasaki, I don't know, I would imagine yes. google it maybe?02:27
brian_purge opera?02:27
hanasakix_:  is there anything like network neighborhood for printer and fileshares on linux?02:27
Hilikuscan someone help me understand bootchart results. my bootup takes like 70 seconds and i don't know why. it wasn't like that at the beginning02:27
kewlbns69open terminal? idk02:27
x_hanasaki, nfs can do printers.02:27
hanasakican do?02:27
BlacKnightcan nfs share printers with windows users ?02:27
x_not sure...02:27
x_i dont use windows02:28
x_i bet it can be done somehow.02:28
BlacKnighti use linux and i want to share to windows02:28
hanasakix_:  huh nfs does printers too?  is that what you mean?  what version of nfs do you use and over tcp or udp?02:28
x_BlacKnight, then use samba02:28
kewlbns69install samba02:28
tjzshould i be excited for ubuntu 9.1?02:28
RoeyDo I need the alternate disk to install to raid1 if I already have the partitions set up?02:28
tjzi never used yet02:28
BlacKnighti tried samba, but the printer doesnt appear in windows... only my pc02:28
zashNetwork File System .. sharing printers? Wat?02:28
tjzi mean i am not a ubuntu desktop02:28
x_hanasaki, i just use it on my home network02:28
Lopta1Is there some tool like iotop but which could measure IOPS (Input/Output operations Per Second) for the each task in the real-time just like iotop? I want to see how much impact were mysql producing to the drives io performance02:28
x_!nfs > hanasaki02:28
ubottuhanasaki, please see my private message02:28
AmphoterikHow do you maximize the speed of a wireless N nic installed via ndiswrapper?02:28
Sxxhttp://img11.imageshack.us/i/image00q.jpg/  i need another ethernet my onboard one is dead what type do i need for my pc please thats the only 2 ports i have please.. i did buy a realtek 8139 pci but it doesn`t fit the white slots please02:28
ari_stresshi all, good morning02:29
tjzguys...i gonna install my first ubuntu desktop when 9.1 release.... shouldl i be excited..02:29
x_ari_stress, or good evening..02:29
ari_stressmay i ask how do i get updates from command line?02:29
BlacKnightapt-get update ?02:29
Scunizitjz: sure.. be excited.. you're on a new journey02:29
kewlbns69ari what are you running now?02:29
bradland_Sxx: looks like PCI to me. what type of network card did you buy?02:29
kewlbns69sorry mistype i meant tjz02:30
Sxxrealtek 813902:30
ari_stresskewlbns69: it's 8.1002:30
kewlbns69if you're running windoze...be very excited you're freedom is comming :)02:30
ari_stressBlacKnight: i did apt-get update, it lists some lists, but then nothing happen02:30
tjzi am on win xp02:30
tjztwo things stopping me.02:30
tjz1. dreamweaver02:30
robert__tjz, whoop02:31
kewlbns69did you run i with sudo?02:31
tjz2. adobe photoshop (gimp may works)02:31
ari_stresskewlbns69: yes, i become root 1st, sudo -i02:31
digimausI set up Ubuntu two days ago and I'm already doing things that I couldn't do in decades of running Windows.02:31
bradland_Sxx: well, those really look like PCI to me. hrm.02:31
tjzi wonder can i run my starcraft 2 on ubuntu?02:31
beatbreakerplease suggest me a screen capturing program02:31
Scuniziari_stress: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade.... dis-upgrade won't update you to the next update02:31
Sxxbradland: it seems the slot seperator wont let the realtek go all the way down in to th slot02:31
kewlbns69check out compiz digimaus...blows aero away bro :)02:31
Caletjz: A lot of things work impressively well in wine these days.02:31
mikejoconnortjz: that would require blizzard to finish starcraft 202:31
tjzbeatbreaker, lightscreen02:31
protecti feel that linux is  sharper than windows when playing02:32
ari_stressScunizi: is that command will make my 8.10 becomes 9.04?02:32
bonez46SikEnCide: I caught the tail end, apparently, if the discussion about RC versus BETA release.. so, are you hinting that the 9.10 rc available now, is still really a beta and to expect bugs?02:32
robert__what command does ctrl+alt+f1 run?02:32
bradland_tjz: this will get me run out of here, but you might consider OS X if you'd like to run Dreamweaver and Photoshop, but still have Unix under the hood02:32
Scuniziari_stress: no02:32
digimauskewlbns69: I'll have to try it.  The latest edition of Windows I ran was W2K.02:32
tjzi don't like mac02:32
ari_stressScunizi: thanks, i'll try that02:32
Zer0reZhm, backing up data from my primary drive to my secondary drive, 320GB to a 1 TB SATA Drives, it's going at ~5 MB/sec is that slow or am i just overly tired02:32
robert__OH NO!02:32
bradland_tjz: fair enough :)02:32
kewlbns692k was pretty good...i'm stuck on vista cuz it came with my laptop and i needed it for school...i don't anymore so i'm putting linux on02:33
ScuniziZer0reZ: are you doing that graphically? or via cli?02:33
digimausI tried Vista once.  That was enough.  Even five minutes drove me nuts.02:33
Billiardrobert__: it swiches you to the first text terminal02:33
robert__kewlbns69, huh?02:33
kewlbns69it's garbage and MS even knows it which is why they're in such a hurry to shove 7 on the shelves02:33
protectha ha02:33
Zer0reZScunizi: sorry, GUI.02:33
robert__Billiard, how, command wise02:33
RedLAnceWhich netbook has the best Linux support?02:33
arghh2d2vist was probly the shortest lived windows version to date02:33
kewlbns69once u turn off UAC it's a "little" less annoying lol02:34
ScuniziZer0reZ: that might be part of it.. I've always had better success and speed with cli copy of lots of data02:34
bradland_RedLAnce: I just worked on a Dell Mini 10v the other day running Ubuntu. really liked it.02:34
robert__kewlbns69, get ultimate windows tweaker02:34
duckx0rRedLAnce, if you go to the ubuntu netbook edition page, there's a link for supported netbooks02:34
kewlbns69of course you kill the entire security system in the process but i'm not a tard so it never worried me02:34
beatbreakerplease suggest me a screen capturing program that makes movies02:34
snagaarghh2d2: 98SE in 1999, 2k in 2000, XP in 200102:34
Zer0reZyea this is only about 12 GB but you're right CLI is generally the better way02:34
BlacKnightwn7 asks for much hardware x.x02:34
bradland_kewlbns69: Once you turn off UAC, you might as well be running Windows XP02:34
Zer0reZScunizi: i was just tired and didn't think about it when i started moving the dat02:34
bradland_kewlbns69: ... which you just said haha :)02:34
Billiardrobert__: dont think its a command02:34
robert__kewlbns69, UWT allows you to change the amount of UAC prompt02:34
Scunizibeatbreaker: gtk-recordmydesktop02:34
kewlbns69also sucks half your memory by default no matter how much is installed lol02:34
arghh2d2snaga evidently xp was as good as it got in MS land02:35
protectcannot install sopcast02:35
kewlbns69thanx for the tip robert but i don't plan on running it for much longer ;)02:35
snaga98SE was long-lived only because people are retarded :)02:35
beatbreakerScunizi, thanks, i'll give it a go, what's the difference between that one and the QT version?02:35
BlacKnightI'm backing up my files from ntfs drive, to wipe it xD02:36
beatbreakerScunizi, is QT not good for Gnome?02:36
al__can dd output progress??02:36
akatsukidigimaus: somehow vlc is louder than audacious....02:36
Scunizibeatbreaker: your choice.. not sure02:36
kewlbns69unless i can't get my audio interface to work on ubuntu unfortunately i'll have to set dual boot for audio production but if that's all i have to use windoze for i'll be happy02:36
wes32I can't seem to find where in gconf-editor the setting Preferences > Appearance > Visual Effects is stored. Could anyone point me into the right direction?02:36
RovanionTo compile a thing i need makeinfo. How do I get hold of that?02:36
JJman6vlc is extremely buggy and  unstable for me.  8-(02:36
duckx0rScunizi, you can run QT programs in Gnome, but they are meant for KDE. The reverse applies for GTK02:36
digimausakatsuki: I wouldn't know.  I have a 400W speaker/amp system hooked up to my computer, so I don't mess with the volume much in software. :)02:36
arghh2d2kewlbns69: what do you use for audio?02:36
kewlbns69i just found an article on linux audio software today i'll grab it02:36
Scuniziduckx0r: yep.. but that should have been for beatbreaker02:37
duckx0rScunizi, so basically they won't integrate as well into the desktop02:37
duckx0rScunizi, ohh sorry02:37
duckx0rScunizi, too many chats :P02:37
kewlbns69beatbreaker was one of the packages mentioned scunizi02:37
Scuniziduckx0r: I know the feeling02:37
JJman6kewlbns69: You should check out Songbird get the 1.4beta its bit more stable/btr then the 1.2 release02:37
beatbreakerduckx0r, thanks, i understand now02:38
=== bizkit_ is now known as bizkit
kewlbns69i was actually thinking of going with ardour....any thoughts jj?02:38
Scuniziduckx0r: just wait until tomorrow when 9.10 is official.. this channel will be humming02:38
arghh2d2kewlbns69: ardour is a really good audio recording software but it kind of requires you to run a special real-time kernel to get the most out of it.02:38
duckx0rScunizi, yeah i can imagine02:38
bradland_al__: http://linuxcommando.blogspot.com/2008/06/show-progress-during-dd-copy.html02:38
bradland_it's not so straight forward02:39
JJman6anyone have any experience getting USB 3G modems working.  (i'm trying to use wvdial)  but with no luck02:39
kewlbns69get the most or make it work? cuz as long as i can get it to capture audio from my motu that's all i need really02:39
kewlbns69don't do much with midi or anything else02:39
harrison-bergerois anyone here proficient with ubuntu-windows networking?02:39
protectinputing by cellphone is so slow02:39
JJman6Audacity is pretty good sound editing program as well02:39
harrison-bergeroi can't seem to get my ubuntu working properly on the LAN#02:39
JJman6harrison-bergero: Unplug windows machine, all will work better.  ;-)02:40
kewlbns69i tried the windows version of audacity...it's ugly and badly designed02:40
snagaakatsuki: vlc has "software amplification" for some reason02:40
snagawhich, of course, you shouldn't use02:40
arghh2d2kewlbns69: what kind of music work are you planning on doing? live recordings? remixes? midi, keyboard?02:40
harrison-bergeroJJman6...well it seems the windows machines are able to transfer files back and forth...its the ubuntu machine that cant02:41
bradland_harrison-bergero: narrow your query a bit. what are you trying to accomplish right now?02:41
kewlbns69i'm a studio/hobby musician...don't play with midi much except for the occasional backing track when i need some drums or bass w/ a VSTI02:41
JJman6naturally.  Samba prolly isn't setup right02:41
harrison-bergerobradland....i would like to transfer a file from ubuntu to a windows machine over LAN02:41
bradland_harrison-bergero: try connecting directly to the Ubuntu machine by IP02:41
mickster04harrison-bergero, have you tried sharing the folder with the file in?02:42
=== bradland_ is now known as bradland
harrison-bergeromickster04;  yes02:42
mickster04harrison-bergero, and did u check the samba settings?02:43
protectwanted to improve my english skills here ,but felt failure02:43
kewlbns69i may do a bit of ocasional midi work for as i said...backing tracks which is why i've waited so long to "officially" switch to linux because midi was only recently implemented in ardour02:43
harrison-bergeromickster04...where do i check the samba settings?02:43
binskipy2uhey guys, anyone tell me if these links are legit? it says leaked final karmic02:43
binskipy2ujust wondering...02:43
FloodBot3binskipy2u: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:43
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)02:44
binskipy2uis it possible that the final is "out" to certain people, groups of people etc02:44
JJman6its been a long while since i've configured Samba.  But also see if Samba browser lets you see windows machines!  (if they are even still using that)02:44
arghh2d2kewlbns69: kewlbns69 sounds like you want to use ardour but i would suggest installing a recording distro like ubuntu studio, studio 64 if you have 64 bit, or even just run dyne:bolic which is a live cd.  real-time kernel is crucial for recording with linux02:44
JJman6can i not ask a question and get an answer?02:44
ubottuRetrieve information on a package: !info <package>02:44
mickster04harrison-bergero, well when u share a folder u have to install samba,  which should work automagically02:44
harrison-bergeroJJman6...i simply used the network tab.  This is a fresh install so i dont know if samba is running or not02:45
Scunizikewlbns69: check out the link.. they have repos you can list in ubuntu and install lots of music tools that are much better than audacity.. http://www.medibuntu.org/02:45
al__bradland: do you know if you can use dd to write a copy of a disk (bin file) to a new device, even if that bin was created with ddrescue?02:45
VXxedUhhh...where can I get intel's compiler?02:45
om26erbinskipy2u: this is the latest cd and no one can get more recent cd : http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/20091027/karmic-desktop-i386.iso.  but its not final02:45
harrison-bergeromickster04....ah, you mean share on ubuntu side.  Let me try that.02:45
bradlandi'm not familiar with ddrescue02:45
Mike999I'm wondering if anyone has experience of having 2 nvidia cards (1 PCI-E + 1 PCI) and having 3 monitors work as one display to help me reconfigure my xorg.conf I would very very greatfull as I've been playing around with this for days02:45
JJman6harrison-bergero: well there's your first problem. make sure samaba is running02:45
al__bradland: that output for dd worked by the way - ta02:45
VXxedI can't actually find the iasl compiler anymore02:45
kewlbns69yeah i'm concidering that but will that have the same capabilities as the standard ubuntu desktop? i mean could i use the package manager to put other "standard" software on?02:45
mickster04harrison-bergero, alternativuly, share a folder on the windows machine with write privelages and view that thru the file browser, then paste into it?02:45
mickster04harrison-bergero, yeah from the linux side02:46
harrison-bergeroLOL...installing now02:46
arghh2d2kewlbns69: screw that, get a real recording kernel first...you cant just load recording software on any old distro and expect to make quality recordings.02:46
Scunizikewlbns69: it's a sister release.. it's based on ubuntu.. so their repos are compatable02:46
mickster04harrison-bergero, hope it works:D02:46
harrison-bergerothats very strange that i could pull files from windows just using the network tab but could not go the other way02:46
binskipy2uanyone here have a perfectly working 9.04 (64bit) system, and feels they "SHOULD" upgrade, or do a clean install (either one) is there a good reason ?02:46
jessicasidewaysI was wondering, does anyone know how to get wireless working on Ubuntu? I am using the PPC release of the latest version?02:46
kewlbns69that's what i thought scunizi but i figured i'd ask the "pros" first :)02:46
harrison-bergerohave to restart for this to work02:47
voxbinskipy2u: you mean upgrade to 9.10?02:47
VXxediasl compiler?02:47
Scunizikewlbns69: when addressing someone in here use their nick or your messages get lost in the noise.. type the first few characters and hit TAB for auto complete.. I see you just did that so keep it up!02:47
Billiardbinskipy2u: im goin to do a reinstall, just because it is so quick , why not02:47
kewlbns69will ubuntu studio follow the same release schedule as ubuntu desktop?02:47
arghh2d2kewlbns69: yeah, pretty much02:47
harrison-bergeroOK what does this mean:   Ask the administrator to add the line "usershare owner only = false"02:48
harrison-bergeroto the [global] section of the smb.conf to allow this.02:48
kewlbns69they have the RC for 9.10 so i thought maybe but...02:48
mickster04jessicasideways, what have you tried doing? i find that ubuntu is pretty good with wireless:/02:48
kewlbns69thanx arghh :)02:48
bradlandal__: i can't seem to find any information as to whether ddrescue images are compatible with dd02:48
arghh2d2kewlbns69: some stuff wont work with ubuntu studios real time kernel but most will02:48
binskipy2uok just wondering.. that site i just found via tuxmachines dot org, had ,so  it says, the final of karmic , doesnt say "daily", says karmic-desktop-iso-amd6402:48
rcmaehlsudo shutdown now -P02:48
jessicasidewaysOkay, I have read the Ubuntu website, installed the drivers for my card and I am still unable to see wifi networks nor connect to them.02:48
JJman6Scunizi: you've piqued my curiousity now.  Whats different about a ubuntu-studio install that makes the audio software run so much better.  Is the kernal optimized for that or something?  cause i run all those just in a regular install (64bit of course)02:48
binskipy2uguess anyone could "rename" an iso to "fool" people02:48
mickster04jessicasideways, what have you tried doing? i find that ubuntu is pretty good with wireless:/?02:48
kewlbns69well i'm just talking about basic stuff like firefox n pidgin or something02:49
jessicasidewaysI am new at linux and I am trying to figure out what I should try to do without bothering anyone. However, all of the solutions people have offered do not seem to work.02:49
arghh2d2kewlbns69: ubuntu studio will probably stay a step behind whatever ubuntu current release is02:49
kewlbns69it's built for multimedia so i'm sure i wo'nt have any issues with a/v packages02:49
mickster04jessicasideways, when u click on the network icon in the panel do you get any options for wireless networks02:49
jessicasidewaysSome people have even suggested to go to System > Administration > Network but it does not even exist02:49
mickster04or is it just wired?02:49
om26erkewlbns69: yes i think02:49
voxbinskipy2u: whether to install from scratch or to just upgrade is personal preference.. i spend a solid day customizing a new ubuntu install, so for me it makes sense to just upgrade02:49
jessicasidewaysI do not believe there is a network panel on my install.02:50
mickster04jessicasideways, system>pref>net02:50
jessicasidewaysOf course, are you referring to a diffrerent panel other than the top menu?02:50
bradlandal__: since ddrescue does a block level copy, you could just use it to "restore" your image, rather than using dd02:50
jessicasidewaysNetwork Connections or Network Proxy?02:50
harrison-bergerohow can i tell if the share option worked?02:50
binskipy2ueven if this download is final, i'm sure the repos arent updated yet, to install the "stuff" that you can install for karmic anyway02:50
harrison-bergerois there an icon change?02:50
mickster04jessicasideways, no, on ur top panel should be some icons like volume etc02:50
mickster04harrison-bergero, try selecting sharing settings again02:50
mickster04jessicasideways, connections02:51
jessicasidewaysWell, there is the option for the ethernet, which I am using right now but there are no options for wireless.02:51
jessicasidewaysNo SSID, nothing.02:51
harrison-bergeromickster04...doesnt work under user account...i had to change it using nautilus02:51
arghh2d2kewlbns69: audio interface compatibility will most likely be your main issue02:51
harrison-bergerobut then back in user account i still cant change it02:51
mickster04jessicasideways, which means ur hardware isnt installed prperly:/02:51
harrison-bergeroso is it changed or only when i use nautilus?02:51
mickster04harrison-bergero, it should be changed?02:51
jessicasidewaysOi. So how do I install it properly? I downloaded the drivers.02:51
webbb82when i join a irc room i also get a chanserv window for every chat room i enter  can i close the chanserv or whats it for02:52
harrison-bergeromickster04...as user, where can i verify this?02:52
kewlbns69allright i'm out you guys have a good night/day take care02:52
almoxarifejessicasideways: what type of wifi do you have?02:52
jessicasidewaysNone at all.02:52
redwind01 is there a chat channel any would recommend for gaming questions?02:52
mickster04harrison-bergero, by goin on the windows machine an loooking?02:52
=== Whitesquall1 is now known as Whitesquall
binskipy2uwhen you boot up with the live cd/ rc of karmic, when youc lcik on "about" will it say release candidate.. ive always checked out alphas, betas, etc, never did check the about status?02:52
mickster04harrison-bergero, altho there shoul;d eb an icon change02:53
jessicasidewaysMy wireless card is the default one that comes in a 1.33GHz iBook G4.02:53
harrison-bergeromickster04...its there on windows now.02:53
al__bradland: not sure about that. I imaged the whole disk (not just partition). So to write the bin file, I think would be something like sudo ddrescue -v /home/user/file.bin /dev/sdb02:53
mickster04harrison-bergero, well there u go, it worked02:53
ray__does anyone have experience with honeyd on ubuntu?02:53
AndorinSo it seems as though my Mute keyboard shortcut isn't working anymore, even when I assign it to something like Alt+M instead of the usual Mute key. Anyone have any idea what could be causing this?02:53
harrison-bergeromickster04...I see no icon change on linux side.  Maybe after a reboot?02:53
mickster04should just work02:54
bradlandal__: yep, that's what i'd do.  just use ddrescue to write it back02:54
mickster04harrison-bergero, does it share it anywy02:54
Lopta1!seen velko02:54
ubottuI have no seen command02:54
harrison-bergeromickster04...last question....i still cant open the folder02:55
jessicasidewaysI am not too entirely sure how to get it to work. I have been looking for answers up and down and seen nothing.02:55
harrison-bergeromickster04..."unknown media type"02:55
harrison-bergerofrom windows into linux all good02:55
jessicasidewaysI have even been asking people who have also reported installing Ubuntu on an iBook G4 but to no avail.02:55
mickster04harrison-bergero, well when you open  a file browser (nautilus) without any special priviliges, you should be able to share a folder?02:55
harrison-bergerobut not the other way...linux into windows...some folders open others dont02:55
rasstarwhy no one using kubuntu? i found the desktop to be much better than ubuntu02:56
mickster04harrison-bergero, so if u browse windows folders in linux it breaks?02:56
boarmelonI'm looking for a way to change cpu frequencies when switching from battery power to ac and vice versa. Any help?02:56
harrison-bergeromickster04....its odd,  why does this discriminate between folders on the windows machine02:56
webbb82can anyone explane the differance between gnome and gtk+ i see gtk everywhere but dont know what it is02:56
harrison-bergeromickster04...only 2 folders break, the other are ok02:56
jessicasidewaysrasstar, *I* am not using kubuntu simply due to the fact that I want my bloody iBook to work.02:56
jessicasidewaysSorry for my language.02:56
harrison-bergeromickster04....linux browsing into windows02:57
mickster04rasstar, it doesnt matter which windows manager we use:P02:57
mickster04harrison-bergero, i have no idea...are they important? cos i cant begin to guess at whats goin wrong02:57
Scuniziwebbb82: in my little knowledge about that.. gnome is a desktop and gtk is designed to go with it when making programs.. the alternative is QT02:57
digimauswebbb82: If I remember right - GTK+ is a programming library that is used to build the GNOME GUI02:57
harrison-bergeromickster04...i suppose i could move the contents out into another folder and delete the folders i cant access02:58
webbb82i see so gtk themes would work i n gnome02:58
harrison-bergeroas a workaround02:58
harrison-bergerolet me try it, brb02:58
mickster04harrison-bergero, that would be my lazy suggestion02:58
digimauswebbb82: AFAIK, yes.02:58
jessicasidewaysSo, does anyone know how to get the wireless card in my iBook G4 working?02:58
boarmelonI'm looking for a way to change cpu frequencies when switching from battery power to ac and vice versa. Any help?02:59
mickster04boarmelon, there are tools available thru synaptics package manager i believe02:59
boarmelonmickster: do you know what they're called off hand?03:00
almoxarifetools? like quick search?03:00
ZykoticK9jessicasideways, this might help http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=165849 good luck03:00
digimausjessicasideways: I don't know if this will help you, but I found this: http://linuxwireless.org/en/users/Drivers/b4303:00
mickster04boarmelon, nope, cpu scalerm frequency adjuster stuff like that i'd look for03:00
Kuroganeany1 can tell me what is this error? happend to me in all daemons  "failed to daemonize: Permission denied"03:01
jessicasidewaysThanks a lot ZykoticK9 and digimaus, I will take a look into them right now.03:01
almoxarifeKurogane: I would guess that you are trying to do something without the permission it requires03:02
digimausjessicasideways: Good luck and I hope you get it working.03:02
ubuntu_giantHello. I have a Toshiba Satellite L305D (wireless device is 05:00.0 Ethernet controller: Atheros Communications Inc. AR242x 802.11abg Wireless PCI Express Adapter (rev 01)).03:02
ubuntu_giantRecently in the past week or so, my wireless has been disabled, even though I have the driver enabled.  Is this just Ubuntu setting up for Karmic Kuala?03:02
jessicasidewaysThanks. I'll keep this window open if I have any enquiries.03:02
VXxedHey, I'm debugging my DSDT file.  I'm getting the following warning when recompiling: "Method (SBLL, 1, NotSerialized)" - "Not all control paths return a value (SBLL)"03:02
VXxedShould I just remove "SBLL"?03:03
bradlandKurogane: is your daemon trying to attach to privileged ports? try with sudo03:03
Flannelubuntu_giant: No03:03
Kuroganebradland, i don't use sudo i'm login as root03:03
Juzzyanyone ever created vmware tools .deb package for newer kernels? :/03:04
ubuntu_giantWhat do you think the problem is, then?03:04
PupiloOla alguem programa em C?03:04
ubottuThe #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are English only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat03:04
Pupiloou pode me indicar um canal para eu tirar umas duvidas03:04
ScuniziJuzzy: I use to .. it's pretty easy but I've forgotten the command.. #vmware03:04
digimausjessicasideways: This page also has some interesting information about tweaking an iBook's wireless: http://www.ppclinux.info/boards/1/topics/show/29303:05
JuzzyScunizi: its more than just a command, i'd imagine03:05
ZykoticK9!es | Pupilo03:05
ubottuPupilo: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.03:05
harrison-bergeromickster04...how do i find the password this share is asking for?03:05
freedomcallerhow can i set keyboard shortcuts to switch to a desktop for desktops pased #2?03:05
freedomcallerthe keyboard shortcut settings thing only has 1 and 203:05
mickster04harrison-bergero, are u windows into linux files or the otherway round?03:05
harrison-bergeromickster04...instead of opening the share folder, im trying to access the entire HD03:05
harrison-bergerolinux into windows03:06
ScuniziPupilo: /join #ubuntu-es03:06
Bravewolfthe latency of the audio skype on jaunty is more than huge... sometimes also 20 seconds. On hardy worked well... do you have any suggestion? no problem with other voip software, but I unfortunately need skype03:06
ScuniziJuzzy: not really..03:06
mickster04harrison-bergero, try ur username and password from the main login03:06
harrison-bergeroby clicking on the entire hard drive G$ i get asked for user pass03:06
harrison-bergeroyeah, did.  didnt work03:06
mickster04no idae03:06
JuzzyScunizi: is all I need an init script and 4 kernel modules?03:06
harrison-bergeroalso, it automatically named the domain WORKGROUP.  I ddint do that03:06
mickster04why the whole hdd?03:07
mickster04harrison-bergero, when u set up the network conneciton you defined that name03:07
ScuniziJuzzy: if vmware was running and you got a new kernel then it's one command.. I found it..03:08
ScuniziJuzzy: this is the command.. /usr/bin/vmware-config.pl.03:08
mickster04harrison-bergero, try ur linux pw03:08
ScuniziJuzzy: without the "." at the end03:08
mickster04harrison-bergero, any luck?03:11
boarmelonmickster04: I looked in Synaptic for a cpu scaler but it didn't look like any of them changed cpu frequency when switching from ac to battery03:11
harrison-bergerolinux pass no go03:11
harrison-bergerobut it automatically puts in the linux user03:11
RoeyDo I need the alternate disk to install to raid1 if I already have the partitions set up?  I'm using Karmic 9.1003:11
harrison-bergeroim going to push folders around03:11
harrison-bergerolazy and to be honest just tired of messing with it03:12
mickster04boarmelon, hmm, im sure there was sumat for the eee but i dunno if it will work for ur laptop03:12
masshuuhow do i format a hdd03:12
mickster04harrison-bergero, yeah, sharing a hdd is hard, did u set the options in windows to allow users to edit it03:12
masshuulooking at a console03:12
boarmelonmickster04, there isn't like, a generic power scaler?03:12
JJmanis there a way i can get the serial port of a usb device?03:12
mickster04masshuu, is it a seperate partion to the one u r using?03:13
mickster04boarmelon, mayb i dont know of it tho03:13
ScuniziJJman: what kind of device?03:13
nubble33dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/<drive>03:13
masshuuits a 60 gig drive i plan to install windows server on03:13
boarmelonmickster04, alright, thanks03:13
masshuubut the installer doesn't like ir currently03:13
JJmanScunizi: a USB 3G modem03:13
masshuusince its not a basic dive03:13
digimausboarmelon: cfdisk03:13
felix_anyone knows a good html/css editor with design templates?03:13
thismatHow can I copy root users bash and color settings to a new user? the new user doesn't even have tab completion for some reason.03:14
JJmanScunizi: i need to either get and or somehow set serial port of the device  (i guess setserial is for that)03:14
ScuniziJJman: unplug it and open a terminal .. type dmesg and look at the end.. then plug it in again and reinitiate the command and look at the end of all that shows up.. that will typically be your modem and the port will be listed.03:14
Roeyseems like my kernel isn't loading raid drivers... grub times out and then dumps me to a busybox shell... I do ls /dev/md* and don't see anything there, so I can only assume that the raid drivers are not loaded.  Yet they are (dm_raid* is loaded according to modprobe).  Yet the kernel panics and decides it can't find / (which is on /de/vmd1)03:15
iarpwhats linux's equivilent to a windows batch file03:16
webbb82has anyone used the Aurora Gtk Engine03:16
Scuniziiarp: a bash script03:16
switchgirlwhat does this mean?03:16
switchgirl "Could not grab your mouse. A malicious client may be eavesdropping on your session or you may have just clicked a menu or some application just decided to get focus. Try again." what does that mean?03:16
onlinebroRoey ; trouble with new drive?03:16
switchgirldo I have a virus?03:16
lstarnesswitchgirl: what gave you that message?03:17
JJmanScunizi: I did that and there's no indication of port03:17
Roeyonlinebro: not a new drive, but with a raid array.03:17
iarpif i gotta write one is there anything special that needs to be put inside? or just regular terminal commands work?03:17
Roeyand booting off of it03:17
Scuniziswitchgirl: no virus but your computer is complaining that it doesn't have arms and thinks you're invading :)03:17
harrison-bergeromickster04...ok, so i made a new folder, pushed everything over, shared and tada! it works03:17
lstarnesswitchgirl: it might just be a minor glitch.  try again03:17
harrison-bergerono idea why the original folder didnt open03:17
mickster04harrison-bergero, congrats:D03:17
digimausScunizi: Either that or her mouse wants some cheese.03:17
ScuniziJJman: can you pastbin the last part of what shows?  a full screens worth?03:17
onlinebroRoey, ah I see. i had trouble with raid/sata until i booted with pci=nomsi , acted like it couldnt see the drive otherwise03:17
lstarnesswitchgirl: if it happens again, try loggigng out then back in03:17
Scunizidigimaus: :)03:18
Roeyonlinebro:  http://pastebin.com/f6efcbf2c  <-- contains output of 'blkid' and contents of /boot/grub/grub.cfg03:18
testetestealgum brasileiro?03:18
Roeyonlinebro:  er?03:18
Roeyonlinebro: really?03:18
Roeyonlinebro: is your / on softraid1 too?03:18
onlinebroRoey ; yes. might not help you but without it i cant boot my sata drive at all.  ive since disabled the raid.03:19
jessicasidewaysOi. The iBook G4 instructions had me update all of my software. Even OpenOffice.03:19
digimausjessicasideways: Any luck?03:19
jessicasidewaysIt'll be about another 20 minutes or so before I can even get to the rest of the instructions.03:20
FloodBot3testeteste: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:20
Roeyonlinebro: ah03:20
Roeyonlinebro: thanks then03:20
mickster04jessicasideways, you really should update everything anyway?03:20
onlinebroRoey : no worries just putting that out there in the slim chance it helps03:20
jessicasidewaysAnd I do hope that downloading these updates does not accidentally give me intel versions.03:20
jessicasidewaysWell, I know I should mickster04 but I'm on a PPC computer and I do worry that if I update, it might give me intel versions.03:21
Roeyonlinebro: thanks :)03:21
JJmanScunizi: here it is: http://pastebin.com/dd208d7  I included my lsusb output03:22
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wzssyqaif i install a i386 package on amd64,and it need a 32bit sharelib.and i have install a 64bit one.03:24
wzssyqathen it say that cannot find the file03:24
LSD|NinjaHow do I fix it so when I drag a window containing a (playing) video, the video moves with the window and not stay fixed until you drop the window? This is on a (Radeon) 9800 Pro using the radeon driver03:24
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=== jessica_ is now known as JessicaSideways
ScuniziJJman: hard to tell from that.. weird that's how I found the usb address of a fax/modem I have.. ehci_hcd might be it03:25
ZykoticK9wzssyqa, you need to use the getlibs program to install the 32bit versions of libs on your 64bit system03:25
uvacavanyone know why control+alt+backspace is not restarting x?03:26
=== MenZa is now known as lhavelund
ZykoticK9uvacav, use alt+printscreen+k instead03:26
rainy-dayuvacav: that sh-cut was removed/changed03:26
=== PuTrA_caem is now known as andy_garcia
=== lhavelund is now known as MenZa
IdleOne!dontzap | uvacav03:26
ubottuuvacav: To re-enable the Ctrl+Alt+Backspace combination that restarts your X server, you can install the "dontzap" package and use the command « sudo dontzap --disable ». The combination Alt+SysRq+K can also be used to obtain a similar effect.03:26
wirawanhow to install yahoomessenger ini ubuntu, yesterday i try but always error...help me?03:26
JJmanScunizi: I'm trying to get this stupid thing working and all roads that i've found lead to me using wvdial  to connect to my 3G device.  But i can't get it to configure/communicate with much.03:27
IdleOnewirawan: use Pidgin or Empathy03:27
wzssyqaZykoticK9: have not this commond?03:27
uvacavworked, thanks03:27
LSD|NinjaIdleOne: does that connect to yahoo properly yet? (Does anything besides yahoo anymore?)03:27
JJmanKopete works w/ Yahoo.  I'm using it03:28
wirawanok, thank03:28
ZykoticK9wzssyqa, try "sudo apt-get install getlibs" - i'm not sure if it's in the default ubuntu repo though???03:28
JJmanKopete is KDe based tho03:28
wzssyqaZykoticK9:there is  no this package03:28
DuckGodhey are there any video game design programs specificly for linux?03:28
hondawirawan: engga kerja?03:29
ZykoticK9wzssyqa, see for details http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=47479003:29
ZykoticK9wzssyqa, http://frozenfox.freehostia.com/cappy/getlibs-all.deb03:29
mickster04DuckGod, what do you mean, like an ide for c++ or what03:29
Dorian2anyone willing to help me figure out why im not getting 1080p03:30
DuckGodi just kinda wanna make a video game an cant find much that works with linux03:30
wirawanhonda : lagi menyusun kerja dirumah ae..03:30
Dorian2if im using nvidia drivers.. do i still use xorg.conf or do i use an nvidia file03:30
mickster04DuckGod, well you're being very broad about ur requirements03:30
wzssyqaZykoticK9: i see03:30
dw805hello!  I've been running fedora and centos for years.  Left fedora for centos because I got sick of being on the bleeding-edge all the time.  Now I'm finding centos is great, but as it is based on rhel it goes too far in the opposite direction, with very old versions of lots of packages.  I'm considering giving ubuntu a try.  Will I find it on the same bleeding-edge as fedora, or does ubuntu take a more middle-of-the-road approach?03:30
ntsasngI' using ubuntu karmic 9.1003:30
ntsasngcan i install amarok-kde403:31
uvacavDuckGod: making is not a simple process. as far as I know you are going to need to learn a programming language which im guessing you dont know03:31
Mike823432My computer froze and when I restarted it I'm not longer able to boot, there's a problem with GRUB. How can I fix it?03:31
DuckGodive never tried03:31
Dorian2dw805, im a noob, but i believe with ubuntu you get your pick, bleeding edge or stable they always have one or more of each03:31
ntsasngcan you help me?03:31
mickster04Mike823432, whats the message?03:32
wirawanwhat package for play movie with format rmvb............??03:32
Dorian2anyone who can help me with my video issue03:32
Bravewolfthe latency of the audio skype on jaunty is more than huge... sometimes also 20 seconds. On hardy worked well... do you have any suggestion? no problem with other voip software, but I unfortunately need skype03:32
Dorian2i notice that my xorg.conf has very little info.. Monitor 0, Device 0, Screen 003:32
mickster04DuckGod, there really arent any "programs" for making games in linux, but you could use a text editor and gcc to compile stuff03:32
Dorian2is that all right? int he xorgs i see people posting it has more specific info about their setups03:33
JJmanBravewolf: I use skype just fine.  w/ 9.04 (KDE)03:33
ScuniziDorian2: yep. it's normal03:33
digimausG'night all-off to bed.03:33
wirawanwhat package for play rmvb format movie...?03:33
wzssyqaZykoticK9: thanks03:33
ZykoticK9wirawan, http://www.simplehelp.net/2007/07/27/how-to-play-rmvb-files-in-ubuntu/03:33
Dorian2Scunizi, can i just add a modeline i find online or do i have to use a calculator or something.. trying to get 1080 on xbmc03:33
mickster04DuckGod, i made pong for the console thats how basic you should start03:33
ZykoticK9wirawan, actually it's probably easier just to install RealPlayer03:34
ScuniziDorian2: look/search for xrandr and randr.. that's what controls the video setup now03:34
mickster04ZykoticK9, what vlc doesnt do it?03:34
Dorian2im not using gnome i think if that matters03:34
wirawanZykoticK9, ok. i will try03:34
JJmani use lxrandr for setting screen resolutions (which i guess is a wrapper for xrandr)03:34
Mike823432mickster04: The original message was Error 16, then I rebooted again and I got Error 25. Now when I try it says No boot device available. then it lists sata0 (where it says installed) to sata5. The other satas it says none.03:34
Jordan_U_DuckGod: Blender has a game creator03:35
mickster04DuckGod, but you havent really told us ur experience what u want to achieve etc03:35
ScuniziDorian2: kde?03:35
ZykoticK9mickster04, dunno - you'd have to ask wirawan03:35
Dorian2i dont think so03:35
Dorian2let me see what i have.. i used a mini install03:35
DuckGodi wanna make a 2d game similar to actraiser....03:35
BravewolfJJman: with or without pulseaudio? I think that the problem could be here03:35
mickster04wirawan, have you tried installing vlc?03:35
Dorian2its a set top htpc03:35
Newbielinuxany news about ubuntu 9.10?03:35
BravewolfJJman: with or without pulseaudio? I think that the problem could be there03:35
DuckGodive never tried to make a game03:35
ubottuKarmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic is still NOT stable and MAY break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+103:35
JJmanBravewolf: w/03:36
Dorian2Scunizi, if i understand the script i used.. i have fluxbox?03:36
Hilikushow do i disable bluetoothd from starting automatically, my desktop doesn't have bluetooth03:36
BravewolfJJman: sorry... I simply don't know what's the meaning of "w/"....03:36
pshr_Good morning... ^_^03:36
Dorian2w/ means whisper?03:36
mickster04Hilikus, system>pref>startup apps03:37
JJmanBravewolf: w/ = With audio is a bit buggy at times.  But have to enable software duplexing (i think thats the term)03:37
wirawanmickster04, yesterday, I play use vlc player but not use..03:37
ZykoticK9Hilikus, System / Admin / Services - uncheck Bluetooth device management03:37
ScuniziDorian2: it would be the same then.. randr is the underlying system. JJman mentioned using lxrandr as a gui to control it.03:37
mickster04wirewam ok mayb realplayer?03:37
Dorian2Scunizi, okay ill look intot hat then03:37
HilikusZykoticK9: doesnt that disable it only in the current session?03:37
mickster04Hilikus, nope, every boot up from then on03:38
BravewolfJJman: duplexing? I think that my sound card is natively full duplex.....03:38
mickster04Hilikus, its removes it from the startup list03:38
Hilikushm, thanks mickster04  i didn't know that03:38
JJmanBravewolf: You need to enable in pulseaudio manager the ability for multiple sounds to be played simultaneously otherwise skype tends to break your sound03:38
ZykoticK9Hilikus, in Services no - but i'd use use mickster04's suggestion - which might be current session only03:38
Hilikusi don't want in the current session03:39
Hilikusi want to disable it at bootup03:39
Hilikusi.e. never start it!03:39
ZykoticK9Hilikus, then Services03:39
mickster04Hilikus, well look at startup stuff03:39
user_Hi all what lib shall i install to see youtube streaming on totem? because it doesn't work for me right now. it says that there's a genral error with libraries. thanks in advance (btw, i am on karmic koala but i think it's not karmic issue, so i asked here...)03:39
BravewolfJJman: the sound works.... the problem is the HUGE delay. probably i've not understood your suggestion...03:39
mickster04Hilikus, just realised im ysing karmic RC so it will be called Services:/03:40
mickster04user_, flash?03:40
Hilikusyou guys are giving me different info but fyi mickster04 i don't have it in startup apps, the only bluetooth i have there is the applet. nothing about the daemon03:40
user_mickster04 i have gnash installed and does not work anyway03:40
mickster04Hilikus, yeah my bad03:40
JJmanBravewolf: well perhaps i don't have an answer to your problem then.   But i know that simultaneous use of Skype and other applications is not possible by default.  (possibly could be the reason for you latency issue, i don't know)03:40
mickster04user_, gnash?03:41
BravewolfJJman: the strange fact is the on hardy it worked very well...03:41
mickster04user_, i havent heard of gnash03:41
mickster04harrison-bergero, wassup03:41
harrison-bergeroso linux to windows...moving files gives a connection time out error03:42
ScuniziJJman: just thinking.. have you googled "3g modem ubuntu" at www.google.com/linux ?03:42
JJmanharrison-bergero: probably not authenticating properly03:42
ari_stresswhy the man page says apt-get dist-upgrade is 'smarter' than apt-get upgrade? if so, why don't we just use apt-get dist-upgrade?03:42
JJmanScunizi: yes.  thats what sorta got me in this mess.03:42
mickster04harrison-bergero, are us send to or copying from?03:42
harrison-bergerousing VNC into windows to move linux to windows from inside windows gives "the specified network name is no longer available"03:42
user_mickster04 uhm i try to install flash-nonfree03:42
harrison-bergerowhat gives!03:42
mickster04user_, you have or you are?03:43
JJmanScunizi: i was following some steps for an nearly identical model (mines a tad newer then the instructions i was following)  and its not working03:43
Scuniziari_stress: you use them both.. dist-upgrade looks to upgrade packages to the next version.. upgrade does patches to existing packages.03:43
harrison-bergeromickster04...copying from linux to windows03:43
mneptokuser_: flashplugin-nonfree03:43
user_mickster04: why?03:43
user_yes mneptok03:44
harrison-bergerofrom inside linux or windows i get two different errors03:44
ScuniziJJman: one of those niggley frustrating things03:44
JJmanyea i've spent hours and hours on it03:44
Hilikuscan someone take a look at my bootchart and tell me if there's something i can do to speedup bootup time03:44
mneptokuser_: so what's the problem?03:44
mickster04harrison-bergero, so your in windows reading from the linux folder or your in linux copying to the windows? i cant work out that scenario?03:44
demonsporkwhat is a good method for CPU stress testing in Ubuntu?03:44
=== sean is now known as Guest55246
mickster04harrison-bergero, oic03:44
Guest55246how do I go back to windows using an iso and a usb flash drive from ubuntu 8.1003:44
harrison-bergeromickster04....i was in linux, copy to windows03:44
harrison-bergerothen I VNCed into windows and tried to copy from linux into windows03:45
mickster04harrison-bergero, and you've tried the other way round?03:45
AntiStrangecan someone help me with how I would dual boot ubuntu with windows 7? I already have windows 7 (only) installed on this box. Link?03:45
harrison-bergeroyeah, inside linux, windows to linux works fine03:45
mickster04Guest55246, what do you mean?03:45
Guest55246well I am trying to go back to windows03:45
mickster04harrison-bergero, so why dont you keep goin tha wya/03:46
almoxarifeAntiStrange: I would recommend wubi03:46
mickster04Guest55246, use the windows install disk?03:46
harrison-bergeromickster04...have to move files off of linux onto windows03:46
ScuniziAntiStrange: typically use the windows tools to defrage a couple of times and to shrink your windows partition leaving enough room for ubuntu.. then the ubuntu installer will recognize the unpartitioned space and use it.03:46
Willy_how do you guys install an iso file in ubuntu03:46
Guest55246have an iso my comp crashed a while back and I had to go to linux...  don't have an install cd, just an iso03:46
=== secludedsage is now known as voidprayer
harrison-bergeroonly seems to be working in one direction....windows to linux....and i dont need that03:47
AntiStrangealmoxarife: will that put ubuntu on a separate partition? or is that more of a virtual machine thing?03:47
mickster04harrison-bergero, well the way u copied them from one to the other, from whichever operating system, use that one again to do the reverse?03:47
ScuniziWilly_: what iso?03:47
Dorian2if oyu name a file .bak does it show up as .backup?03:47
Willy_I installed a file03:47
JJmanIs anyone  familiar with creating udev rules here & how they are implemented.03:47
AntiStrangeScunizi: so there won't be any problems? I've heard that sometimes windows won't recognize the new install and will just go straight to windows.03:47
Willy_I mean downloaded a file from http://www.mythbuntu.org/03:47
user_mneptok: the problem is that i cant play youtube videos in streaming from totem03:47
harrison-bergeromickster04....reverse doesnt work.  No method from linux to windows works...the operation stops03:47
ubottuTo mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.03:47
mickster04Guest55246, well u need a disk, so use the live session to urn it03:47
almoxarifeAntiStrange: its more of an in between, the system runs off of one file in windows, bit you will have to decide which system to boot03:48
ScuniziWilly_: you can load it in a vm in virtual box03:48
harrison-bergerothis has got to be the oddest thing ive have ever seen03:48
ScuniziAntiStrange: not typically. I've never had an issue in the last 4 years.03:48
mickster04harrison-bergero, oooh03:48
Willy_what is the live version mickster0403:48
Mike823432I'm having problems booting my computer and I want to boot from a live disc however my optical drive is broken. How can I boot from a usb?03:48
mickster04harrison-bergero, use a usb drive?:p03:48
Willy_i know you can install it from terminal03:48
Jack_d_Lanternharrison-bergero, you could easily have the win drive set to read only03:48
mickster04Willy_, ur usb pen, boot iff it to burn a disk03:48
user_mickster04 why did you told that thing before? gnash really exists, it's a different flash03:48
TidersWhat is the terminal command to mount all drives listen in fstab?03:49
mickster04user_, i said i didnt know of it03:49
Jordan_U_Tiders: mount -a03:49
JJmanmount -a ?03:49
ScuniziWilly_: that iso is a whole OS .. so no.. you can't install it from inside of ubuntu03:49
Willy_is there a way to install it from terminal03:49
Jack_d_LanternTiders, mount -a03:49
TidersJordan_U_, Got it :)03:49
harrison-bergeromickster04...40gb of files03:49
harrison-bergeroneed a big USBdrive03:49
user_mickster04: yes but you also said "you have or you are?" I mean that03:49
mickster04im out of ideas03:49
almoxarifeif they are listed on fstab didn't they mount on boot already?03:49
Willy_hey how can i install mythtv from terminal03:50
user_mneptok: the problem is that i cant play youtube videos in streaming, from totem03:50
JJmansudo apt-get install mythtv03:50
TidersWhats the command to copy a file from one place to another?03:50
mneptokuser_: yes, because you have a Flash *plugin* for a web browser03:50
harrison-bergerothis has got to be the most useless error ive ever seen....why does it copy from windows to linux but not the other way around?!?03:50
mneptokTiders: cp03:50
mickster04user_, well u said something aboutflash non free but didnt say whether u had it or were goin to install it03:51
=== mitch is now known as Guest51978
jhb1608how od I force uninstall a program manually in Wine03:51
=== Guest51978 is now known as freedomcaller
ScuniziTiders: cp /path/to/file/<file> /place/it's/going03:51
almoxarifeharrison, windows is firewalled?03:51
JJmanharrison-bergero: as i said already.  its probably an authentication issue.  I've had that problem many times.03:51
user_mickster04 oh, ok sorry03:51
Willy_thx jjman03:51
TidersScunizi, Thanks03:51
jhb1608how do I force uninstall a program manually in Wine?03:51
TidersScunizi, Does that work with copying folders too?03:51
harrison-bergeroJJman...what does that mean?03:51
krammer_anyone good with burning with k3b03:51
jhb1608I do03:51
JJmanlol.  Wine.  I can't anything to uninstall in wine properly so i manually delete the files03:51
mneptokkrammer_: try #kubuntu03:52
jhb1608krammer_ I can help you with this k3b03:52
ScuniziTiders: little different.. cp -r /folder /new/location03:52
user_mneptok totem has a plugin to see videos in streaming03:52
NinadI am new user of Ubuntu03:52
krammer_thanks it is an iso03:52
JJmankrammer_: k3b is pretty straight forward!03:52
user_mneptok: i can search the videos but  cant play them03:52
jhb1608JJman, let me help :|03:52
harrison-bergeroJJman...could you describe your solution to the authentication issue you've had many times?03:52
mneptokuser_: yes, but that does not include Flash content, as what you have is specifically a Firefox plugin03:52
user_mneptok: do you know about the totem plugin?03:52
jhb1608krammer_, what is the problem with k3b?03:52
SkyHighi have just installed xubuntu on my desktop, and went to youtube, it told me to install the flash plugins and so i did, but now when i goto youtube and select a video and try to watch it, the video area just stays black and doesnt change...03:52
krammer_i never burned an iso before03:53
jhb1608ah let me teach ya then03:53
user_mneptok: so what shall i do to make it working?03:53
JJmanharrison-bergero: i wish i could.  but as i also mentioned i haven't used samba in a few years so i don't remember03:53
corinthSo...I've been gone from Ubuntu for a while. Jaunty was just...*terrible*. I love the new RC, though. Remind me, where is the chat channel?03:53
Scunizikrammer_: use k3b03:53
Ninadcan any one tell me most usable commands03:53
jhb1608first at all, insert a CD03:53
Willy_thank God for this chat room03:53
Dorian2hey guys.. once i got my specialized linux install set up perfect.. what is the best way to back it up?03:53
krammer_k3b is ready03:53
user_mneptok what shall i install?03:53
jhb1608let me speak to Scunizi03:53
ScuniziDorian2: clonezilla03:53
mickster04SkyHigh, u may need some other packages03:53
jhb1608I meant Scunizi, I am talking ot krammer03:54
mickster04SkyHigh, have u got flash-nonfree?03:54
Ninadwhat is skyhigh?03:54
mneptokuser_: just use Firefox when using YouTube03:54
mickster04Ninad, a user?03:54
user_not a solution lol03:54
SkyHighyes, i have already installed all of the required packages and stuff...03:54
=== wirawan is now known as Wirawan
Scunizijhb1608: gee.. I guess you're a little territorial03:54
mickster04SkyHigh, go to systemdetails.com03:54
jhb1608I am trying to help him03:54
mickster04SkyHigh, tell me what flash it says ur using03:54
Ninadmickster ,tell me most usable commands03:55
harrison-bergeroJJman...can you point me in the right direction...what would i search for other than authentication issues?03:55
mickster04Ninad, what do u mean usable commands?03:55
Dorian2Scunizi, thanks looks liek what i need03:55
JJmanwell are you getting prompted when u try to connect from linux to windows for user credentials?03:55
almoxarifeharrison-bergero: I am wondering if this is all for fun with you?03:55
hanasakihow do I change my console font?  its starts out fine.. then during boot changes to something light and hard to read03:56
Ninadi mean commands that are useful mostly03:56
jhb1608Scunizi: I'm sorry, but you'll confuse him when I am explaining to him03:56
SkyHighits says that version is: 9.0.999.003:56
Ninadsee i have installed Linux ,but I am a New user for Linux03:56
Scunizijhb1608: right.. go for it.. by all means.. continue03:56
mickster04Ninad, watever you need to do there will be commands that can help you, the usefulness changes depending on need03:56
Ninadhelp me to get familier to it03:56
mickster04Ninad, are u using ubuntu?03:56
harrison-bergeroalmoxarife....life is all for fun.  Even the seemingly annoying suff like this.03:56
SpacePigeonapt-get is always looking for ttf-core fonts (or some similar package) but I do not want it to, where can I cancel this?03:57
NinadI have installed virtual box on my windows vista03:57
mickster04SkyHigh, yeah you need to remove swf stuff use synaptics an look for swf03:57
JJmanCtrl + c03:57
Ninadand using Linux from it03:57
harrison-bergeroalmoxarife....why do you ask?03:57
mickster04SkyHigh, its the outdated one03:57
SkyHighhow do i update?03:57
JJmansudo apt-get update03:57
mickster04SkyHigh, u are updated but u need to remove the old one03:58
ScuniziSkyHigh: from one version to another or just in general?03:58
SkyHighah, and how do i remove the old one?03:58
mickster04Ninad, it has a graphical user interface, you dont need commands really03:58
jhb1608done explaining ot krammer03:58
Ninadhow to use launcher?03:58
mickster04SkyHigh, synaptics package manager like i said03:58
mickster04Ninad, launcher+03:58
ari_stressSkyHigh: sudo apt-get update and then sudo apt-get dist-upgrade03:59
SkyHighok, so under the manager i just remove the older version of the flash?03:59
Ninadbut linux is known for its non-graphycal part03:59
mickster04SkyHigh, remove the swf stuff03:59
mickster04not the flash stuff03:59
almoxarifeharrison, if you want to move files from linux to windows the windows system has to have file sharing on, not be firewalled and linux must have the folder you want to move stuff from sharing03:59
SkyHighok, thanks for the help!!03:59
mickster04SkyHigh, the swf is blocking the use of the newer flash stuff03:59
mickster04SkyHigh, but check after u remove it using that site03:59
mickster04SkyHigh, we are up to version 10.x.x.x of flash now04:00
JJmanAnyone familiar with udev  rulez04:00
SkyHighwow... the flash stuff that i am spose to remove, what is the name?? i am very new to linux...04:01
NinadThanks JJman04:01
jhb1608ok I need ot go04:01
AntiStrangeCould someone recommend a partition set up for a gaming machine? with windows 7 and ubuntu? Should I put all the games on a shared partition? Any chance I could make the shared partition ext3 or ext4 and still have windows read from it and run games from it?04:02
SkyHighi have the following swf packages: swftools, swfmill, swfdec-mozilla, swfced-gnome, libming-util(<< that was with the swf that i searched...)04:02
brandonban6hello, if I upgrade from 9.04 to 9.10 (using the upgrade feature) do I lose all my aps/settings/user accounts?04:02
almoxarifeSkyHigh: get rid of the swfcodec-mozilla04:03
Kateweird. Ubuntu8, in the preseed file, you could do -1 for the max size... In Ubuntu9... that EXACT SAME preseed... Causes an error about "Out of disk" =/04:03
harrison-bergeroalmoxarife....you never answered my question....why do you ask if this is fun for me?04:03
KateRather, max size = rest of dick =/04:03
corinthWhat happened to Ubuntu Unleashed? :-(04:04
SkyHighok, under the synaptic manager, all of the items i listed are unchecked, but the swdec-gnome has a green box...04:04
aldobarin spahish??04:04
almoxarifeSkyHigh: remove it too04:04
aldobarwho know moon os???????????04:05
almoxarifeunchecked or not green?04:05
harrison-bergeroalmoxarife....so i have sharing on both OS, no windows firewall.  Why does the file transfer only go from windows to linux and not the other way?04:05
NinadBijay are you Indian?04:05
SkyHighok, it has been removed.. what now?04:06
almoxarifeharrison, no idea, must be magic, can't help you04:06
harrison-bergeroalmoxarife....still didnt answer the non technical question.  Why did you ask if this was fun for me?04:07
almoxarifeSkyHigh: is adobe flash installed?04:07
CyberCodHey, I'm having trouble, can someone take a look at this?  http://pastebin.com/f846bfd204:07
SkyHighidk... can i find it under the package manager?04:08
imanoodle@CyberCod, what is the trouble?04:09
SkyHighok, what would i be looking for then? cause i just did a quick search for flash, and i dont know what im looking for...04:09
CyberCodI'm not sure I edited the fstab correctly04:09
almoxarifelook for adobe flash'04:09
ScuniziCyberCod: trolling?04:09
almoxarifeadobe flash04:10
=== hasanpambudi is now known as Wirawan
SkyHighi have libswfdec-0.8-0 and gnash installed out of the items that i searched... do i need to remove gnash?04:11
almoxarifeinstall 'adobe flash'04:11
ScuniziSkyHigh: you shouldn't have gnash and adobe flash installed at the same time.. one or the other. adobe flash is better04:12
Guest55246how do I get my slave drive to not be superuser anymore04:13
mickster04SkyHigh, if u go to systemdetails.com it can tell u if it worked:p04:13
trollboyin koala, what's the new minicom?  I noticed that pidgin is being replaced with empathy, what about minicom?04:13
Out_ColdGuest38753 what do you mean?04:13
SkyHighfor the adobe flash i see flashplugin-installer and flashplugin-nonfree... witch one do i get?? and mickster08, i am stil on that site :P04:13
Guest55246what I mean is the only way that I can add anything on my slave drive is to use nautilus, and not just the filesystem does that make sense?04:14
Out_ColdGuest55246, i kinda think i know what you mean04:14
Out_Coldyou are currently going to /media/disk in nautilus and want it to be somewhere else?04:15
Guest55246well I want to be able to just mount it and use it without haveing to go into the terminal and then to nautilus04:16
ScuniziOut_Cold: I think his drive has the wrong permissions.. he needs it to belong to him not root04:16
Willy_quick question04:16
SkyHighi am installing the flashplugin-installer and uninstalling the gnash... is about right??04:16
mickster04SkyHigh, refresh04:16
Willy_if I install mythtv on ubuntu04:16
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)04:16
Take0nI have two extra side buttons on my mouse and I would like to use them for controlling the volume.. how would I do that?04:16
Out_Coldis that so Guest55246?04:16
Guest55246yes that is it willy but I have tried everything to fix it and it does not work04:16
Willy_can i some how broadcast it into a windows pc throught the network?04:16
a|3xxmy ubuntu installation freezes when i mount a truecrypt volume, any ideas?04:18
corinthNow that ubuntu-unleashed.com is seemingly down...I'm looking for a good Ubuntu how-to / general knowledge site. Suggestions?04:18
mickster04SkyHigh, what flash are u using now according to the website?04:19
harrison-bergerook, i found a rather long and annoying way to do this.  SFTP04:19
wolf23helpers, anyone can tell me how to upgrade to UNR?04:19
harrison-bergerobut at least its working04:19
almoxarife10.4 meg d/l too long?04:20
SkyHighbefore i just started the installation it said 9.0.999.0, but when i looked at the flashplugin-installer description it said live version 10.0 something..04:20
mickster04SkyHigh, go to youtube and test then04:20
SkyHighyea i have slow internet connection.... :(04:20
Take0nso anyone knows about the mouse buttons?04:20
Guest55246yes out cold that is it04:21
repnopanyone have issues with ubuntu 9.04 and input in some java apps? (gnome)04:21
Out_Coldi am supposed to get 10mbps d/l and i regularly get capped at 300kbps after 20 seconds04:21
almoxarifeSkyHigh: and this is all for trying to go to utube, considered what that's gonna look like when its up and running?04:21
wolf23helpers, anyone can tell me how to upgrade to ubuntu 9.10?04:21
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about karmix04:22
ubottuKarmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic is still NOT stable and MAY break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+104:22
ScuniziOut_Cold: also depends on all the servers and teh server you're getting your download from04:22
SkyHighYAY IT WORKDS!!! and thanks for all the help and information, helped me out lots!!!04:22
Wirawanhow to speed up connection internet in linux....what package is use?04:22
almoxarifeoh goody04:22
Out_Coldyea.. but even torrents are throttleed04:22
ScuniziOut_Cold: could be your isp.. you in canada?04:22
=== dabossbv1 is now known as dabossbv
Out_Colduh huh... and yes04:23
almoxarifespeed up connection package :)  , I need one of them too04:23
ScuniziOut_Cold: canada just passed a ruling that isp's have authority to manage their networks as they see fit.. including bandwidth shaping.. they are suppose to notify you of changes though.04:24
mickster04or even better reduce cost of internet package04:24
SkyHighi really like linux, but the terminal and installation is SO complicated... with windows, its easy, but really laggy and gots many bugs, and also i like linux cause of the smoothness and the fell of the layout! lol04:24
almoxarifewireless n work on ubuntu at 'n' speed?04:24
Out_Coldi'm sure there is fine print somewhere04:24
Out_Coldi need to get commercial optics lol04:25
mickster04SkyHigh, synaptics package manager is way easier to use than the way windows does it, you dont have to find and download installers run them etc, its all in one place? u dont need to use terminal too much like uu use command prompt?04:25
SkyHighi have desktop, wired, and att isp...04:25
thedude42SkyHigh.... I would argue ubuntu's installation is less complicated than windows, in that it doesn't even require a reboot during the installation process until it is complete04:25
IdleOnethedude42: if it even requires a reboot04:25
SkyHighand i did use to use command prompt every day last year actually... i was very familiar with cmd..04:25
Guest55246how do I get the owner changed from root to me on my slave hard drive?04:26
Scunizithedude42: SkyHigh nor the multiple reboots just doing updates04:26
SkyHighyea... for got about that... lol04:26
SkyHighi thnk thats why i moved to linux!! lol04:26
BilliardGuest55246: what is the filesystem?04:27
ScuniziGuest55246: sudo chown <your user name>:<your user name> /media/<drive mount point>04:27
mickster04yep, and concidering its free too:D;D:D:D04:27
SkyHighNO DOUBT!04:27
thedude42SkyHigh, also, the advanced configuration items in windows are buried behind esoteric multi layered gui menus, which are equally inaccessable from the average user as the command line04:27
=== glebelg_ is now known as glebelg
x0d#! is most awesome, my laptop is screaming04:28
brandonban6hello, if I upgrade from 9.04 to 9.10 (using the upgrade feature) do I lose all my aps/settings/user accounts?04:28
bpris there any way to make empathy create a new conversation window when a new IM comes in?04:28
bprthe default behavior in karmic does not do that04:28
SkyHighim not a big fag on the gui, but i do program graphical applications... wich are sometimes very complicated to do!04:29
x0dbrandonban6 not if you have a separate /home partition04:29
SkyHighoh yea... i also have gambas...... i have NO clue on how to use that damn thing...04:29
brandonban6x8d, so if not, just back up and restore the home/usr folders?04:29
x0dthat should do the trick, also back up /etc if you have xorg.conf tweaks or anything like that04:30
luserdoes anyone have an AM3 motherboard with onboard geforce?04:30
LiteDarkI assume that like gentoo that ubuntu has unstable packages that I could search and look at?  Where can I find them and how do I use them?04:31
mjsjust noticed that since I upgraded to 9.04, I no longer have a color option on OOo Writer, i.e., can't change the color of text, anyone else notice this problem and are there any fixes?04:31
Scuniziluser: what are you have issues with?04:31
brandonban6got it.. what about apps? just dpkg --list them ? x0d ?04:31
moneywhat time does 9.10 release?04:31
brandonban6I meant pipe them into a txt file and then import into 9.1004:32
luserScunizi,i cant see the intial grub-type menu when loading ubuntu from USB04:32
money<money> what time does 9.10 release?04:32
money<money> <money> what time does 9.10 release?04:32
money<money> <money> <money> what time does 9.10 release?04:32
money<money> <money> <money> <money> what time does 9.10 release?04:32
SkyHighoh sht! i just seen that its 12:32... i gotta head to bead... got school!!!! :((04:32
Scuniziluser: you mean you get the initial boot screen but when you choose "go to live desktop" nothing happens?04:33
=== sean is now known as Guest8097
Mike999I'm wondering if anyone has experience of having 2 nvidia cards (1 PCI-E + 1 PCI) and having 3 monitors work as one display to help me reconfigure my xorg.conf I would very very greatfull as I've been playing around with this for days04:33
luserScunizi, no i can not see the menu that has Install, start live etc04:33
x0dbrandonban6 http://linuxologist.com/linuxhowto/howto-fresh-ubuntu-install-without-losing-your-current-settings/04:34
Scuniziluser: is there any menu that pops up at all?04:34
x0dthat'll explain better than i04:34
luserScunizi, no I get a completely black screen04:34
LiteDarkMike999 good luck.04:34
brandonban6x0d,  that's what i've been searching for thanks!!!04:34
Mike999LiteDark is it that hard lol04:35
LiteDarkI did pci and agp once.  It took a while to figure out.04:35
x0dbrandonban6 mp =^)04:35
Guest8097so I tried to chown my hard drive and then reboot but that still didn't work04:35
Scuniziluser: well... either the install on the usb isn't done right or what you installed to the usb wasn't complete.. is it a gforce 8200 board?04:35
luserScunizi, gf830004:36
luserScunizi, i will try with CD and DVD install tonight04:36
bpranyone know how to get empathy to create a new conversation window when a new IM arrives? (a conversation starting IM)04:36
LiteDarkMike999 i think in the end i installed the drivers from the official nvidia site and had used the nvidia util to configure the displays....04:36
LiteDarkThis was on a gentoo box though.  I tried the official sources but...04:37
Guest8097Disk /dev/sdb: 120.0 GB, 120034123776 bytes04:37
Guest8097255 heads, 63 sectors/track, 14593 cylinders04:37
Guest8097Units = cylinders of 16065 * 512 = 8225280 bytes04:37
Guest8097Disk identifier: 0x0000000004:37
Guest8097Disk /dev/sdb doesn't contain a valid partition table   what does this mean?04:37
FloodBot3Guest8097: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:37
Mike999LiteDark, I'm using NVIDIA X Server Settings but no luck04:37
luserScunizi, so i should get textmode at least?04:37
LiteDarkMike999 good luck.04:37
Mike999LiteDark, would it be possible to send me your xorg.conf ? :/04:37
Scuniziluser: that's a good idea.. if needed on the initial boot screen you can hit F6 .. in the kernel line at the end you might need to add pci=nomsi before the splash quiet listing.. my 8200 board needed that.04:37
Scuniziluser: get the live cd..04:37
LiteDarkMike999 it was ages ago I think I have it somewhere....04:37
luserScunizi, cool Ill give that a go thanks04:37
JeruvyGuest8097: probably that there are no partitions04:38
Scuniziluser: if it needed that addition then after install you'll have to add that to the kernel line in the install as well.04:38
x0dGuest8097, hiren's bootdisk has some nice hard drive tools  google it perhaps04:38
liyingqiaodriver for ati of ubuntu9.1004:38
mjsjust noticed that since I upgraded to 9.04, I no longer have a color option on OOo Writer, i.e., can't change the color of text, anyone else notice this problem and are there any fixes?04:38
liyingqiaoalso has some bug04:38
luserScunizi, sure. I already have debian installed on hda that i moved from another box, could i try adding the nomsi line to grub?04:39
Guest8097well I keep trying to do different ways to put this hard drive on my system and it gets on there but it just doesn't give user permissions, it is only root, and I don't want that04:39
Scuniziluser: for the debian install?04:39
luserScunizi, yes. i have moved my hdds to a new box basically04:40
piesswhat can i do if i want see the message when somebody leavehere or joining04:40
Scuniziluser: don't add it unless you have issues.04:40
ShakaGoldSainthi there, i'm using jaunty with a radeon r480 with free drivers, but i get a lot of flickering when running windowed opengl apps, is there a way to solve this?04:40
th0rmjs: highllight the text then look under Format - Character - Font Effects04:41
x0dGuest8097  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab04:41
luserScunizi, my old (generic 2.6) kernel boots but the screen goes black during the initial load04:41
LiteDarkMike999 I found it.04:41
scatterphi running backtrack which is based on ubuntu 8.10 i have root=/dev/loop0 single (appended to grub line) truecrypt_nogui_initrd -l now reports 1: /dev/hda /dev/loop0 is opened and i am at a initramfs/busybox prompt how do i continue to boot ?04:41
Scuniziluser: but does the desktop come back after loading?04:41
LiteDarkMike999 where do you want me to find it....04:41
LiteDarkput it...04:42
Mike999LiteDark, omg you're my saviorr04:42
luserScunizi, no it just goes black and doesn04:42
luserdoesnt come back04:42
liyingqiaodriver for ati hd3470 makes my ubuntu run slowly04:42
Scuniziluser: yep.. add the line.. might make all the difference..04:42
Mike999LiteDark, can you paste it on http://paste.ubuntu.com ?04:42
LiteDarkWell.  This one only did 2 monitors but it was two different cards and should guide youl....04:42
luserScunizi, shit i hope that solves it, ive been racking my brain!04:42
x0dgotta go04:43
Scuniziluser: drove me nuts too.. I still don't know what it does.. but it works on my machine.04:43
Mike999LiteDark, should work fine. The issue I'm actually having is all 3 monitors are operational but they are working as different X sessions04:44
LiteDarkMike999 I used nvidia-settings:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/303344/04:44
Take0nta leme se liges ores.. kalimera04:44
Take0noh wrong chan :\ sorry04:44
Mike999LiteDark, I can't move Apps from one screen to another that's the issue I'm having04:44
LiteDarki think they use xinerma to do that...04:44
LiteDarkIt took like a week for me to get it working right04:44
LiteDarkdont give up04:44
LiteDarkyou will love it in the end.04:44
Mike999LiteDark, ya but everytime I enable xinerma I can't load up X04:44
Mike999I know I will :/04:45
=== shane__ is now known as dudeface
Mike999LiteDark, I'm at a point I'll paypal anyone that will help me :p04:45
Mike999LiteDark, time = money :p04:45
liyingqiaotomorrow can be beter04:45
liyingqiaohow to get a free cd?04:46
LiteDarkHeh.  I wish.04:46
LiteDarkIm telling you.  Google and lookup as much as you can.04:46
LiteDarkYou will get it in the end.04:46
LiteDarkIm out for now.04:46
Mike999thanks lite04:46
JeruvyMike999: what worked for me was using the nvidia config tool to create the xorg file, and then saving that manually.  Ubuntuforums.org helped me with the rest.04:46
LiteDarkWebDawg@Efnet if you have questions Mike99904:46
coordinadori have a problem with a SD card, i cannot format it with gparted04:46
luserScunizi, disables message signaled interrupts04:46
coordinadorand nautilus says that is read only04:46
Scuniziluser: oh.. thanks04:47
scatterphi running backtrack 4PF which is based on ubuntu 8.10 i have root=/dev/loop0 single (appended to grub line) truecrypt_nogui_initrd -l now reports 1: /dev/hda /dev/loop0 is opened and i am at a initramfs/busybox prompt how do i continue to boot ?04:47
=== SnakDoc_ is now known as SnakDoc
Mike999LiteDark, okie will do thanks again (I'm old Efnet guy also :p)04:47
Scunizicoordinador: is the lock moved on the side of it?04:47
luserScunizi, to do with a number of devices sharing the same interrupts04:47
Scuniziluser: that makes sense.. my board is a xfs04:48
mjsthanks th0r04:48
Mike999Jeruvy I'll check that out, I've been using the GUI NVIDIA X Server Settings app you think I should switch to nvidia-config?04:48
luserScunizi, nvnews.net/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=12071004:48
coordinadorScunizi, yes, its in no-lock position04:49
toyo|desk9.10 comes out on the 29th right?04:50
OmletteTwo days and counting.04:50
liyingqiaohow to change names04:51
Omletteliyingqiao: /nick <new name>04:51
* OzTrOuT is away: bbl04:51
=== liyingqiao is now known as lyq88
narretgrezso i just upgraded to karmic koala, and firefox has become really slow04:53
narretgrezis this normal?04:53
sevolany of u guys play facebook/myspace poker?04:53
thedude42narretgrez, have you cleared your cache lately?04:54
narretgrezok i'll try that04:54
Willywhat is the phrase to install mythtv from terminal_04:54
Omlette!offtopic | sevol04:54
ubottusevol: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!04:54
sevolwell it was going to lead to a question about ubuntu04:54
sevoland flash04:54
OmletteOops. :)04:55
bigfootbuiltUbuntu and Flash....like oil and water04:55
bigfootbuiltthey dont mix lol04:55
sevolif u play it, u would know what im trying to ask04:55
sevolu dont see everything04:55
mjsnight, folks04:55
alex87hey guys, is there a way to get an application to find a .so library that is in an unusual location?04:56
scatterplocate *.so04:56
bigfootbuiltMy laptop is begging for mercy when I trun a flash movie in Firefox Maxxes out at 100% but it is more Adobe's fault than Firefox I think04:56
lyq88how to solve the problem of flash04:57
alex87scatterp: sorry, i mean is there a way to make ffmpeg find a .so that is in my home directory?04:57
narretgrezand my flash isn't working on ubuntu 9.5 either04:58
SnakDoclyq88 karmic ?04:58
krummlaufhey folks how do i get audacious audio player to stream04:58
krummlaufor something other than totem, which is really bad04:58
narretgrezcan't watch any youtube :(04:58
JJmanread the manual?04:58
scatterpalex87,  not sure on that04:58
alex87scatterp: no worries04:58
JJmanmy flash is broken also.  can't get it to work w/ FF 3.504:58
SnakDoclyq88: what verision of ubuntu04:59
krummlaufdoes anyone here know of a decent streamer for this04:59
narretgrezomg, everyone is here for the flash :D04:59
tjz1 more day to 9.1?04:59
chunknutswhy does everyone have suck a problem with flash?04:59
mneptoksudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree04:59
Willyhey how do i change my keyboard layout from spanish to english04:59
mneptokonce more ....04:59
mneptoksudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree04:59
lyq88for the cpu04:59
JJmanprobably because Adobe BLOWS at supporting Linux04:59
SnakDoclyq88:  i had solution to it fill have to find again04:59
SnakDoclyq88: i got to look it up again don't rem it was like 2 weeks ago i had issue05:00
SeaPhorchunknuts, any chance you have a ATI card?05:01
Pluto7how do you plan on upgrading to 9.10? how would you do that?05:02
alex87does anyone know how i can use .so libraries that are located in my home directory (server)?05:02
narretgrezhow do i tell if i'm running 32 vs 64 bit?05:02
JJmannarretgrez: this was just asked not long ago.  uname -a05:03
alex87narretgrez: check if you have a /lib64 folder05:03
alex87or that05:03
mneptoknarretgrez: lsb_release -a05:03
krummlaufy does know one help me05:03
mneptoknarretgrez: uname -a05:03
repnopalex87: LD_LIBRARY_PATH?05:03
krummlaufi feel all aloned05:03
JJmanlsb_release -a does not indicate 64bit05:03
vigoWilly: I think that can be done, no I am certain it can be, but let me look.05:03
mneptokkrummlauf: sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree05:03
narretgrez2.6.31-14-generic #48-Ubuntu SMP Fri Oct 16 14:04:26 UTC 2009 i686 GNU/Linux05:03
krummlaufmneptok that isnt my question05:03
krummlaufi have flash05:03
alex87repnop: i'll give it a go, thanks!05:03
mneptoknarretgrez: i686. not amd6405:04
krummlaufi want an internet radio streamer that isnt totem05:04
narretgrezic thanks05:04
krummlauftotem is not what i need05:04
mneptokkrummlauf: Rhythmbox05:04
lyq88ati Graphics hd347005:04
krummlaufnot really a big fan of it either05:05
mneptokkrummlauf: Banshee, Quod Libet, Songbird, Amarok, etc etc etc etc05:06
=== dani is now known as Guest54113
Guest54113Hello. I just upgraded to 9.10 ubuntu. and now there is some weird sound coming out every 10 seconds.05:06
mneptokGuest54113: #ubuntu+1 for Karmic questions05:07
mneptokGuest54113: /join #ubuntu+105:07
vigoWilly: What version are you using?05:07
lyq88flash takes a high usage of cpu05:08
lyq88can't solve it05:08
mneptoklyq88: yes it does05:08
mneptoklyq88: complain to Adobe05:08
almoxarifekrummlauf: tried VLC?05:08
SnakDoclyq88: having to read irc logs to see where i posted it before05:08
repnopkillall -9 npviewer.bin when not using flash is a godsend :)05:08
repnopif you're like me and leave firefox open all the time, some random flash object on some tab somewhere using up cpu is annoying05:09
CelrocHi all05:10
eddieexe every body05:10
CelrocAnyone here use Mac OS X? If so, do you know if you can access the remote parental controls in Mac OS X from Ubuntu?05:11
syriuspirated ubuntu edition?05:11
eddiedon't know but i will give it a try05:11
lyq88not find05:12
Stumpiehello, I prefer Gnome to XFCE, I am building a VTR for my father, can I get all the myth TV stuff in ubuntu 9.10?05:12
eddiethrou a url or router05:12
SnakDoclyq88: you can try reading in logs see if u find it faster was in ubuntu + 1 channel05:13
StumpieDVR not VTR, sorry :p05:13
phrostbiteI am trying to play games on pogo and i installed the java in the add/remove thing and i still am unable to runthe javascript at pogo. Am I doing something wrong?05:13
SnakDoclyq88: sudo rm /var/lib/dpkg/info/adobe-flashplugin.prerm sudo dpkg --remove --force-remove-reinstreq adobe-flashplugin05:14
SnakDocany one with flash issue that will patch it in karmic05:14
lyq88adobe flash will update soon to solve this problem?05:14
George_EHow do you configure multiseat in ubuntu 9.04 32bit? Is there a utility that makes it easy to do?05:14
SnakDoclyq88:  run thos commands then reinstall05:14
jap_hey ppl05:15
knoppieshi jap05:15
ubuntu_hi guys. I am trying unbuntu live CD for a moment. Is there any way to copy my configuration settings, packages installed, preferences in a backup directory (mobile) in order to retieve them after installing the HDD version of ubuntu ?05:15
CelrocHi jap_05:15
jap_nuttin much and u05:16
Celrocjap_: I'm doing ok, thanks05:16
=== RebelZero_ is now known as RebelZero
jap_where r u from?05:16
chunknutsubuntu_:I dunno05:16
=== mike is now known as Guest96850
Celrocjap_: Sorry, but I try not to give out my personal information on the internet05:17
Jeruvyubuntu_: you're better of just moving what you want to a usb drive and then when you do a fresh install  take what you need, rather than try to restore the configs.  Some things won't port well.05:18
knoppiesubuntu_, try use an external HDD05:18
vigoubuntu_: Sort of, yes, is real geeky, but it can be done with the right hardware and added stuff.05:18
CelrocDoes anyone here know how to access the remote parental controls on a Mac from Ubuntu?05:18
George_EConfiguring multiseat?05:18
lcIs there any body here?05:19
scatterplc a few05:19
ubottuDas Schweizer Team finden sie unter #ubuntu-ch, deutschsprachigen Support bekommen sie aber in #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de oder #edubuntu-de. Aus regionalen Gründen ist im Schweizer Channel nur Englisch erlaubt. Geben sie einfach /join #ubuntu-at ein! Danke für ihr Verständnis.05:19
Celroclc: Sorry, but I can't speak that language.05:19
lyq88too many05:19
=== raid1 is now known as raid0
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ansii05:19
ubuntu_Ok guys, thanks for your attention. Another way to expose my problem : in what folder are located the config files, new packages, and preferences ?05:20
=== Guest96850 is now known as mmmiiikkkeee
lyq88my English is very poor05:20
ubuntu_(i have got an usb key mounted and ready to receive my config datas)05:21
vigolyq88: Ok, so is mine05:21
SnakDoclyq88: that work for you ?05:21
lclet's speak Chinese05:21
scatterplyq88 chinese ?05:21
scatterplyq88 #ubuntu-ch05:21
mneptoklc: please stop05:21
scatterplyq88, #ubuntu-ch05:22
scatterphi running backtrack 4PF which is based on ubuntu 8.10 i have root=/dev/loop0 single (appended to grub line) truecrypt_nogui_initrd -l now reports 1: /dev/hda /dev/loop0 is opened and i am at a initramfs/busybox prompt how do i continue to boot ?05:22
lcWhere are you from?05:22
George_Econfiguring multiseat?05:22
mneptokscatterp: "based on Ubuntu" is not Ubuntu. please direct Backtrack questions to their IRC channels, forums, etc.05:23
Celroclc: Sorry, but I try not to give out my personal info online05:23
scatterpmneptok, ok05:23
lyq88i come to this channel for learning English05:23
roger2whats the difference if install xubuntu over ubuntu rather than doing a fresh install xubuntu?05:24
ubuntu_ok, thanks anyway guys. have fun here.05:25
lcWhat's your mother language?05:25
voxroger2: you can just install kde05:25
SnakDocroger2:  the difference would maybe apps keep from ubuntu05:25
FeasibilityStudyMy mother speaks english05:25
lyq88i'm chinese05:25
SnakDocxubuntu is sfce not kde05:25
voxah xubuntu05:26
lcMy mother speaks Chinese05:26
voxi misread05:26
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!05:26
repnopall three run fine on the same system05:26
Psineticmy firewall keeps blocking a port 67 every 15 seconds, here's what it says: Time: Oct 28 14:18:53 Source: Destination: In IF:  Out IF: eth0 Port: 67 Length: 328 ToS: 0x00 Protocol: UDP Service: DHCP05:26
Psineticany help on what this is?05:26
Psineticand how to fix it.05:26
repnopi use xfce via vnc, gnome on main desktop and kde on another account..05:26
lcclose the port05:26
roger2snakDoc: im just trying to make the windows comparison (which is unfair) but you know how its better to do a fresh windows install, does this apply to xubuntu over ubuntu05:26
lyq88lc,please teach me English,can you help me?05:26
repnoplyq88: you're better off going to a social channel for such things.05:27
lcNo,It's beyond my ability05:27
knoppiesPsinetic, what devices are at the IPs source: Destination:
JeruvyPsinetic: as it says, its DHCP traffic05:27
Psineticlc, why would i close a port if i don't even know what it does or why?05:27
Psinetic1.2 is my computer and 1.1 is the wireless router05:27
lcgoogle it05:27
knoppiesPsinetic, I would assume its DHCP traffic going from your PC to your router.05:30
knoppieswhat normally runs on port 67. Im sure you can google that too.05:30
Psineticit's only recently been doing this though05:31
lcBootstrap Protocol Server05:31
roger2Would programs load up and run faster, like VLC/movie player, in xubuntu compared to ubuntu? i have an old laptop05:31
knoppiesPsinetic, what software/hardware have you installed recently (or maybe a relevent setting change)05:31
lc67、68端口分别是为Bootp服务的Bootstrap Protocol Server(引导程序协议服务端)和Bootstrap Protocol Client(引导程序协议客户端)开放的端口。05:31
sevolxubuntu is made for old computers05:31
knoppiesmaybe I should give xubuntu a try then.05:31
lyq88i cannot express my problem successfully using English05:31
Psineticknoppies, i dunno05:31
mneptokPsinetic: it's DHCP05:32
justlooking1"<lyq88> lc,please teach me English,can you help me?" go go to #x264 the lads there like manga and are always complaining about the chinese to english translations so you could be very welcome there if your into video Encoding LOL...05:32
SnakDocroger2: depends on a lot the apps are not xfce so there load times may be close to same bu tthen the whole enviroment using less ram try it see what you think05:32
Psineticwhy is dhcp doing this though?05:32
lclyq88. you can use Chinese05:32
sevolif your computer has old hardware or doesn't really meant the ubuntu requirements, xubuntu is an alternative for u05:32
mneptokPsinetic: because DHCP uses ports 67 and 68.05:32
candykornubuntu is lagging is it because windows was installed first?05:32
=== ballzee is now known as Sinister
mneptok!offtopic > lc05:33
ubottulc, please see my private message05:33
mneptok!offtopic > lyq8805:33
ubottulyq88, please see my private message05:33
Psineticwell, i got a bigger problem on my hands now...just looked and all five of my websites are down. *sigh* gotta run guys. sry05:33
roger2i been using xubuntu for 2 hours already, i actually think apps, opening folders, load times are longer? am I drunk?05:33
mneptok!offtopic > justlooking105:33
ubottujustlooking1, please see my private message05:33
lcyes,port 67 is used for DHCP05:33
candykornyou might be05:33
candykornhow many beers or drinks did you have?05:33
sevolroger2, whats ur system specs?05:33
DigitalKiwixfce is gnome with more bugs, amirite?05:34
knoppiesroger2, did you use compiz or emerald?05:34
roger2sevol: 181.2MB RAM, PIII 1GHZ, 20GB HD05:34
knoppieslc, specs is short for specifications. ie: Whats under the hood.05:34
DigitalKiwiroger2: that's a lot05:34
roger2i have a 256MB dimm installed but i only see 182MB on system info05:34
knoppiesDigitalKiwi, makes my old machine look good.05:34
chunknuts181 RAM?05:35
lcOkay,roger that, thanks, knoppies05:35
knoppieslc, no problems05:35
* DigitalKiwi has a laptop with 96MB ram, 4 gig hard drive, 266mhz (might be less) pentium II with arch linux >.>05:35
sevolroger2: well it seems like you should be running xubuntu fine05:35
lyq88Now I do not know the function of pigeons05:35
lc4 G hard drive...05:35
sevolyou meet the minimum requirements.05:36
roger2it runs greats, i just thought i would be able to open and run all apps at the same time with xubuntu05:36
chunknutseverything else is ok, I'd get more ram though -- dunno why Xubuntu is faster -- what about video card?05:36
* DigitalKiwi should put deli on it, that's like 6 times the ram it needs05:36
sevolchunknuts, xubuntu would appear faster to you if u have a more updated computer system05:37
chunknutslol -- cannot run multiple apps with 181 MB RAM (Firefox takes that much alone) -- check out system monitor for ram usage (I don't think Xu vs ubuntu matter with memory)05:37
lyq88i can use translate tools to express my view05:37
DigitalKiwiif you want a fast system don't use a desktop environment05:37
lcwhat tools?05:37
lcno GUI05:37
chunknutssevol: I meant why ubuntu is faster than Xubuntu on his system05:37
knoppiesDigitalKiwi, that takes half the fun out of it.05:38
DigitalKiwinah, the DE ruins the fun05:38
chunknutssevol: I dunno -- I was thinking something to do with video drivers maybe05:38
DigitalKiwiso do the default window managers :/05:38
chunknutsroger2: What video card are you using?05:38
lchd 230005:39
sevolit can't be, even if he has a decently new gvideo card, his system won't be able to handle it05:39
vigoDigitalKiwi: Or use X or Flux or something lightweight?05:39
roger2ATI Rage mobility M3 AGP 2X but the sound card is giving me problems, sometimes it plays perfect, other times its choppy and stutters05:39
justlooking1"<roger2> i have a 256MB dimm installed but i only see 182MB on system info " basic logic says 64 meg og that is being used by our onlboard GFX chipset, if you also have a seperate card and dont want to use the onboard one  reset the bios to disable its use and get that ram back for other things.... simple really.05:39
knoppiesDigitalKiwi, I use compiz. Although I do need a newer card to do what I want it to do.05:39
roger2i did "sudo modprobe snd-es1938" my sound card but for instance now..the mp3 playback is sped up and choppy..its possessed05:39
sevolaccording to his specs, it just won't work as its suppose to.05:39
DigitalKiwihttp://omploader.org/vMjgyag awesome wm ftw05:39
roger2chunknuts: i have ati rage mobility m305:40
DigitalKiwimpd + ncmpcpp and htop and vim as well ;D05:40
DigitalKiwivigo: I've yet to find an OS with a tiling window manager as default, and I can't work in a floating window manager (if I had to I'd use openbox but few systems come with that as well)05:41
chunknutsroger2: ok05:41
chunknutsroger2: where you using the ATI drivers before, i.e. did you download them?05:41
sevolroger2: if ubuntu was working better for you why go with xubuntu?05:42
DigitalKiwicrunchbang > xubuntu05:42
wzssyqawhy the package that i install with "dpkg --force" ,don't show in synaptic?05:43
sevolwzssyqa: probably beacuse that package is not in the respostiories05:44
vigoDigitalKiwi: Is kinda off-topic, but I do not really like or find any use for the eye-candy stuff, my niece likes it. And that is enough for me.05:44
wzssyqasevol: yes,it is not in05:44
knoppiesvigo, I like customising it the most. I turned it off and then realised how much I missed it.05:45
wzssyqasevol: but ones that install with gdebi show05:45
* DigitalKiwi is practical, he uses what gets stuff done faster/better, not what looks pretty (unless it happens to be both)05:45
CelrocGuess I'm gonna log out. Bye all05:45
knoppiesDigitalKiwi, I agree with you. But then my ubuntu box is a toy, not a workhorse. So im not too bothered about speed.05:46
sevolwzssyqa: because gedbi, uses your repository to download/install packages & dependencies05:46
vigoknoppies: Yes, I see the reasoning for it, and if it is not fun, then what is it....05:46
sevolwhile dpkg you can just find a package anywhere on the net, install it and the package is not in the repository.05:47
almoxarifekarmic compiz has tiling windows05:47
DigitalKiwimy arch systems are tools and occasionally play (i actually enjoy programming more than most games), my windows partitions are for games05:47
sevolwzssyqa: why do you want to remove something?05:47
knoppiesarch? systems?05:47
DigitalKiwihe doesn't like bloat?05:48
DigitalKiwiarch linux05:48
wzssyqasevol: i am afraid to forget i have install it future05:48
sevolwzssyqa: i see, but your system won't05:49
DigitalKiwiknoppies: "Arch Linux (or Arch) is a Linux distribution intended to be lightweight and simple.[1] The design approach of the development team focuses on simplicity, elegance, code correctness and minimalism.[2] "05:49
obiwan__hi, please how can i tell who whois me¿05:50
wzssyqasevol: i known,i wan't clear my system,how can i know i have installed which package with dpkg?05:50
knoppiesDigitalKiwi, sounds like something i would like. Maybe i should go have a look at it.05:51
almoxarifemy foot has an arch too, a simple one05:51
knoppiesalmoxarife, Does your arch read emails?05:51
dudefaceany idea why my programs take so long to launch in karmic?, do i need more ram?05:51
knoppiesalmoxarife, does it automate tasks?05:51
DigitalKiwiknoppies: <305:51
knoppiesalmoxarife, sorry, I think that came out stronger than I intended. I hope I didnt offend you.05:52
almoxarifewhy is it emails? when I go to the mail box I don't get the mails05:52
roger2there are intermittent random periods in which my HD makes a clicking noise, screen locks up, and i have to power off and on, is there a GUI HD app that can scan my HD05:52
sevolwzssyqa: give me a sec.05:52
roger2they are totally random, right now everything is ok05:53
almoxarifenot offended05:53
sevolwzssyqa: are you there?05:53
tjzi am going to switch to ubuntu slowly05:53
justlooking1interesting, now that Ubuntu 9.10 RC includes the 2.6.31-14.48 does it also suffer from the 80% less of throughput due to the existing kernel scheduler bugs now found or has it been patched already and is running faster as reported05:53
tjzi plan to go dual boot first05:53
tjzany suggestion05:53
wzssyqasevol: my english is not very well,i can't understand you05:53
knoppiestjz, if you install linux after windows, then grub deals with the booting05:54
knoppiestjz, if you uninstall linux (leave windows), then you have to repair your windows boot sector05:54
sevolwzssyqa: to find out what packages you have installed, use this command " dpkg --get-selections "05:54
knoppiestjz, Rather than fiddling with the boot file, I just reinstalled windows.05:54
DigitalKiwiknoppies: ...05:55
knoppiestjz, If you using the same HDD, I would make 3 partitions. One for each OS, one for general data. Your 3rd partition should be in NTFS so that both OSs can read it.05:55
knoppiesDigitalKiwi, yes? did I say something wrong?05:55
DigitalKiwiit's like a 5 minute fix05:55
wzssyqasevol: it is a great project05:55
lcif you reinstall windows,you can't boot linux05:55
=== LeNsTR is now known as LeNsTR|away
justlooking1http://x264dev.multimedia.cx/?p=185#more-185 Some of you may know of the recent drama over BFS (Brain Fuck Scheduler) written by Con Kolivas.  Its primary purpose was to reduce latency for ordinary desktop applications (potentially at the cost of absolute throughput).  Unsurprisingly, someone soon tested x264 with BFS2013and the results were absurd.  BFS trashed CFS, the existing kernel scheduler, by enormous margins2013up to 80%.  ...http://article05:55
knoppiesDigitalKiwi, I didnt know that at the time.05:55
DigitalKiwioh, but you do now I hope?05:56
knoppieslc, I meant after you had uninstalled linux.05:56
sevolwzssyqa: does it work for you?05:56
dudefacei installed karmic and my music sounds better than it used to in windows, can someone explain that?05:56
wzssyqasevol: it display all packages05:56
knoppiesDigitalKiwi, Ive never needed to, so no. But I now know where to learn it from. So if I do need to, I will figure it out. Until then, lets cross that bridge when I get there.05:56
DigitalKiwithat's odd, usually ubuntu has worse sound than other systems05:56
sevolwzssyqa: yes, now you won't forget what you have instaleld05:56
wzssyqasevol: all,all,include througt apt05:57
knoppiesdudeface, it may have been the program you used in windows, rather than the OS.05:57
sevolwzssyqa: yes that lists everything.05:57
amruthrajHi, is there a system call to get the total memory usage on Linux? I searched a bit, but found some Api like getrusage, mallinfo which give the usage of a process ..05:57
roger2is there a diskcheck type gui program for ubuntu?05:57
wzssyqasevol: i want to display that install with dpkg only,not apt05:57
DigitalKiwiknoppies: depending on which fix you have to do...if you install windows after linux it overwrites grub, you just have to reinstall grub, if you want to remove linux you just use the windows install disk in system rescue mode05:58
knoppiesroger2, I assume we not talking about something like diskusage analyzer?05:58
sevolwzssyqa: then use dpkg --list05:58
knoppiesI installed linux second. then when I formatted the linux part of the HDD (corrupt download) windows wouldnt boot. So I would have had to use the install disk of windows.05:58
DigitalKiwiamruthraj: free -m, or htop is really nice05:58
roger2knoppies: no something that will tell me> your HD is damaged or is good shape05:59
mgmuscaridoes anybody know if the random wifi drops with intel wifi link 5100 agn adapters have been resolved in karmic?05:59
knoppiesroger2, then I dont know. I can try google it.05:59
sevolwzssyaq: shortcuts for finding a certain program(s) instaleld dpkg --get-selections | grep python or dpkg --list | grep "blah" will list all program installed "blah"05:59
=== `Razor is now known as Razor`
amruthrajDigitalKiwi: Thanks for the response. I am looking for an API that I can use in my program..05:59
wzssyqasevol: it works like it,all too06:00
sevolwzssyqa: your welcome.06:00
DigitalKiwiamruthraj: oh06:00
DigitalKiwipcall free -m ;D06:00
DigitalKiwiwhat language?06:00
sam_what is the repair command on ubuntu-9.0406:01
mewayhe;;p ;agg06:01
sevoldoes anyone know if theres a pidgin irc plugin that automatically says the username of the user that your talking to?06:01
sevolexample : sam_: <-- automated06:02
mewayhow would i search for a file or folder06:02
DigitalKiwiamruthraj: http://www.linuxforums.org/forum/linux-programming-scripting/11703-c-function-returns-cpu-memory-usage.html ?06:02
sam_sevol: i could not understand what u r saying06:03
mewayif task.h is missing what problems could occure 0.o06:03
sevolsam_: I was just wondering if there was a pidgin plugin for IRC that automatically enters the name of a nick(s) that your talking to, so isntead of me typing sam_: message manually, it inputs sam_: automatically and then i type the message.06:04
DigitalKiwimeway: anything that relies on it wouldn't compile06:04
mewayhow do i search a file or folder06:05
chunknutsThere's a search button in the file browser06:05
chunknutsthat might help06:06
amruthrajDigitalKiwi: getrusage returns the memory usage of a particular process.. i want it for the complete system06:07
coordinadormeway, go to the Places menu -> find files...06:07
chunknutscoordinator: ahhhhh!!!!06:08
coordinadoramruthraj, use the "top" command or "htop" is better06:08
=== YungRipp is now known as Tommi
danijoin /ubuntu+106:08
justlooking1"[06:05] <meway> how do i search a file or folder " install mc06:08
=== dani is now known as Guest40597
sam_then what is your response of my question06:08
coordinadoramruthraj, but htop you have to install (sudo apt-get install htop)06:08
Guest40597whats the command? to join karmic irc06:08
amruthrajcoordinador: i would need an API .. and not a command.06:08
amruthrajcoordinador: I want to call it from my program.06:09
knoppiessevol, cant you just type the first 3 letters of the username, and then hit tab?06:09
knoppiessevol, I do that in x-chat.06:09
coordinadorok , i cannot help you :/06:09
vigo!mc | justlooking106:09
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about mc06:09
Guest40597Join ubuntu+106:09
mneptokjustlooking1: mc is hardly the easiest way to find something06:09
Guest40597join ubuntu+106:09
Guest40597join /ubuntu+106:10
sevolknoppies: thx i just figured it out06:10
Guest40597join /karmic+106:10
mneptokGuest40597: /join #ubuntu+106:10
Guest40597ahhh thanks a bunch06:10
justlooking1slash join name06:10
Guest40597 /join #ubuntu+106:10
knoppiessevol, does it auto add it? or is it more like an autocomplete?06:10
sam_any one tell what is repair option on ubuntu-9.0406:10
mneptoksam_: "repair?"06:10
Guest40597 /join ubuntu+106:11
sevolknoppies: more like autocomplete, but for your nickname it takes 2 tabs06:11
mneptokGuest40597: remove the space at the beginning06:11
justlooking1you forgot the #06:11
scatterpsam_, perhaps edit grub line and add "single" to the end06:11
an0nmat1rhheheheheh sam_  get 9.10 and upgrade06:11
Guest40597thanks man06:11
* scatterp falls asleep06:11
Guest40597i did it! FTW!06:11
knoppiessevol, yea, thats because Im not first alphabetically.06:11
sevolknoppies: yea, well thx man! much easier now06:12
knoppiesguest40597, if you still there, you can try /nick a_name_you_want_to_use06:12
amruthrajI think this does .. http://linux.die.net/man/2/sysinfo06:12
knoppiessevol, glad I could help.06:12
FloodBot3sam_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:13
sevolknoppies: would you haappen to know why sometimes, my pidgin would automatically close by itself, sometimes firefox as well >_<06:13
knoppiessevol, close as in minimize, or close as in exit?06:13
sevolknoppies: it just exits06:13
sevolknoppies: no minimize as well06:14
justlooking1bad programing and not checking for memory leaks06:14
mewaythere you go nahem06:14
knoppiessevol, Ive had pidgin auto minimize on me in windows, not sure why. Never had pidgin (or firefox) just exit.06:14
mewaynahem now ask a question reguarding your issue these kind people will help you im sure06:14
sevolknoppies: oh, guess its just me06:14
sam_repair ubuntu06:15
mneptoksam_: "repair?" (x2)06:15
knoppieswho wanted help with a disk check (gui) for ubuntu?06:15
mneptoksam_: you are sorelt lacking details.06:15
sam_mneptok: needs details06:16
nahemI  have this problem, I have been trying to access the file tasks.h but it isn't in the file I was directed to off the internet, can anyone help out?06:16
=== liyingqiao is now known as lyq88
justlooking1so nones knows if the latest RC is fixed as regards this report of slowness in the the existing scheduler: http://article.gmane.org/gmane.linux.kernel/88965406:17
mikeeeany ideas if moon light or other ubuntu programes can use netflix yet06:18
mewaynahem:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FindingFiles06:18
=== subzero2000_ is now known as subzero2000
nahemFile not found, now I'm really frustrated06:19
sevolnahem: how did you lose the file?06:20
Galaennahem what is this header? tasks.h06:20
DaZ!find tasks.h06:20
ubottuFound: tasks-hildon06:20
Galaenlocate tasks.h06:21
nahemI don't know how I lost it, I was trying to do a command in terminal when it said Fork: resources temporarily unavailable, I then checked google and was directed to tasks.h06:21
mneptoknahem: sudo updatedb && locate tasks.h06:21
nahemThe file isn't on my computer anymore06:21
dani i can't take off the icons from menus. i deselected the "Show icons in menus" option from preferences yet icons are still apparent.     How do i and wear do i report this bug??? which section?06:22
nahemI just did a full search, nothing06:22
justlooking1"<knoppies> who wanted help with a disk check (gui) for ubuntu? " why mess around just install rebol view and write a GUI script in a few minutes http://www.rebol.com/view-platforms.html http://musiclessonz.com/rebol_tutorial.html06:22
maconahem: tasks.h? that sounds like a bit of the kernel. youd only have it installed to compile against or for development06:22
=== dani is now known as Guest14398
Galaenwhat kind of command have you tape?06:22
maconahem: i mean, youd only have it as a .h file for development reasons06:22
Galaenyeah it's a header file06:22
maconahem: just because its what generates the error doesnt mean you need to read the source code. what was the original error that lead you to look it up?06:22
nahemI'm trying to create a server for the mana world game, when I try to run my mana world server it said Fork: resource temporarily unavailable06:23
knoppiesjustlooking1, thanks06:23
loulashi guys! can someone tell me how to stop my bluetooth device. i dont use it and its wasting my battery.06:24
dshepherdwhats the largest number of users in #ubuntu for release date?06:24
nahemI need to change NR_tasks06:24
coordinadori have a problem with msi wind u100 and wifi06:24
nahemotherwise my server wont run06:24
coordinadori can see wifis but i cannot connect to it06:24
maconahem: out of memory or PIDs?06:24
wrapsterim having some terrible times with 9.04(64bit)06:24
nahemThe file should be in there...06:24
edulacomadrejahow many hours to karmic release?06:24
wrapsterskype still does not work properly and vbox all of a sudden vbox starts behaving weirdly.....06:25
nahemI think I need to recover it, can anyone help me out there?06:25
Galaen2 days for karmic i think06:25
Guest14398 i can't take off the icons from menus. i deselected the "Show icons in menus" option from preferences yet icons are still apparent.     How do i and wear do i report this bug??? which section?06:25
volantewireless doent work with the new dell xps 13 under 9.10.. is this a known issue?06:25
edulacomadrejahow many hours to karmic release?06:25
volanteim going to try 9.04, hopefully it works in that version06:25
sevolanyone what to recommend a nice gnome theme?06:25
maconahem: what is the path its claiming it should be? if its under /usr/src, NO it does not need to be there06:25
maconahem: i *guarantee* your server is not parsing a header file real-time06:26
edulacomadrejahow many hours to karmic release?06:26
maconahem: header files are only for during compile06:26
macoedulacomadreja: nobody knows06:26
loulas-2 hours06:26
macoedulacomadreja: it will be released at some point while it is oct 29 in at least one timezone on earth06:26
nahemI read that you have to change it to stop the Fork: resource temporarily unavailable06:26
volanteedulacomadreja: screw karmic, it doesnt work with my wireless chip06:27
maconahem: gimme that link?06:27
edulacomadrejavolante: oh?06:27
nahemI can give you the page I was following06:27
maconahem: yes please06:27
edulacomadrejai was waiting to test the intel graphic driver06:27
volanteyah, i just got a brand new dell xps 13 and installed 9.10 beta and wireless doesnt work :(06:27
maconahem: because anyone who says its better to modify teh kernel than to fix your own code...06:27
justlooking1"<knoppies> justlooking1, thanks" anyone insterested might also find http://reboltutorial.com/blog/redirect-shell-to-rebol-console/ useful for app interaction and related matters...06:28
maconahem: yeah uh dont do that06:28
madsjhi; how do I get to see the video at http://sporten.tv2.dk/video/index.php/nodeId-26055064.html ? the frame is black, but rightclicking on it shows the flash-menu06:28
maconahem: that is telling you to modify the kernel and recompile your kernel06:28
madsjjava is installed06:28
maconahem: and no that file is not normally there on a base system06:28
knoppiesjustlooking1, how do you quote? or are you just copy-pasting?06:28
nahemokay, so screw that damn page06:28
nahemHow do I fix my "Fork: Resource temporarily unavailable" error?06:29
macomneptok: do you think nahem is running out of PIDs maybe?06:29
mneptoknahem: what generates that error, exactly?06:29
nahemI give the command: ./eathena.sh start06:29
nahemthats my mana world server06:30
Wirawanhow to way download file in terminal ubuntu06:30
maconahem: did you write it or get it somewhere?06:30
macoWirawan: wget06:30
loulasthis is fucking irritating. bluetooth doesnt want to stop working06:30
mneptoknahem: where did that shell script come from?06:30
nahemI got it from gitorious06:30
nahemLike it says to on tmw wikipedia06:30
mneptoknahem: and has it ever worked?06:30
nahemno, it is always the unavailable error06:31
nahemIt has never started up06:31
nahemthat error stops it06:31
Wirawanmaco : so, that all06:31
=== mykola is now known as Vovk
nahemI was looking up some forks relating to the server06:32
macoWirawan: "wget http://google.com/movie.mov" or whatever...06:32
macoWirawan: if you want to resume a download "wget -c http://google.com/movie.mov" (the -c) for example06:32
nahemI thought it may have been those forks06:32
nahembut my friend got his server running no worries06:33
mneptoknahem: have you tried talking to the peopel that provide that script?06:33
Wirawanmaco:ok, thank u06:33
nahemI can't06:33
justlooking1"<Galaen> 2 days for karmic i think" But once again.... does it also have the bug reported here http://article.gmane.org/gmane.linux.kernel/889654 "After a bit of testing, it turns out that NEXT_BUDDY and LB_BIAS"06:33
Ser10UzMCi farted06:33
macoWirawan: see "man wget" for more info06:33
nahemError on the forums06:33
tanxxxa VPN server,client just can access local resoures.What' s the promblem?06:33
nahemI'm really in deep06:33
Ser10UzMCnahem in what? ass? pussy? mouth?06:33
loulasdoes anyone know how to stop bluetooth being enabled by default?06:33
maco!ops | Ser10UzMC bad language06:33
ubottuSer10UzMC bad language: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky,  imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, Madpilot, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso,  PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!06:33
nahemMy friend doesn't play tmw anymore so he can't help me06:34
Ser10UzMCwhat the fuck06:34
KateBah. I keep getting "Cannot partition out of disk" with this: http://www.pastie.org/67296806:34
KateOn Ubuntu 9.06:34
loulasi edited /etc/default/bluetooth but it still starts!06:34
macomneptok: oh didnt know you were one06:34
KateTried changing the -1 to 10000000000, doenst' help :(06:34
nahemI just about gave up on my server before06:34
macomneptok: you need a /kb script06:34
Wirawanhow to update all driver PC with terminal ubuntu06:34
macomneptok: er....alias06:34
Galaenjustlooking1, i think it's not very serious to install it now i prefer to wait 2 month at least06:34
mneptokmaco: no, i really don't.06:34
tanxxxMy VPN server,the client just can access to the local resoures.06:34
nahemI have been trying to connect to those who have mde succesfull servers too06:35
steven_I realize this is the Ubuntu channel, but what is the best way to go about teaching yaself to be a systems programmer?06:35
tanxxxWhat's the promblem?06:35
nahemi have no luck06:35
macoWirawan: "sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude full-upgrade" will install all your updates06:35
nahemNo matter who I asked no-one was much help06:35
tanxxxi try everything and didn't work.06:35
nahemI was directed to here06:35
macotanxxx: can you use more sentences to describe what's wrong?06:35
macotanxxx: because i have no idea what you're asking06:35
almoxarifeI want to see what has been placed in the swap file, and also if I have 3gig of ram but use virtualbox should I have a bigger swap file than the 320meg I have now?06:36
Wirawanmaco : it's work...06:36
tanxxxmaco: Thank for your attention. I mean06:36
kaikunquestion: Anyone know if Rythembox be installed in kubuntu if so please tell me how its  one/ or what to do.. fairly new to linux (5 days) :D06:36
macoalmoxarife: you should certainly have a bigger than 320mb if you want to be able to hibernate. you need at least teh size of your ram if you want to hibernate, since thats where itll go06:36
kaikunsorry my english is bad06:36
madsjit doesn't work in firefox 3.5 either :-(06:37
macoalmoxarife: as to virtualbox...depends how much memory you give each vm, how many are running at a time, and what else is running.06:37
Wirawanmaco: than a lot06:37
justlooking1copy paste is Good, when its busy and i cant be bothered to skip back and keeps it clearer and use quote marks...06:37
macoalmoxarife: you can check your current memory and swap usage in megabytes using "free -m"06:37
tanxxxmaco: I make a VPN server.But when client connect to it,the client just can access to the local resoures06:37
xxploitkaikun, most users use Amarok in Kubuntu and Rythmbox in Gnome06:37
macoWirawan: no problem06:37
KateAnybody here ever use preseed files / partman-auto?06:37
kaikunxxploit, ah thnx06:37
SafeHow do I make so nautilus always open up a *.rar with a special command? Or rather, how do I "pipe" the file to the command? (correct use?)06:37
Galaenmaco it's not 2*ramsize for the swap?06:37
tanxxxmaco: Can't access to the Internet.06:37
macotanxxx: sounds like the route being sent by your vpn's dhcp isn't configured for split tunneling06:37
kaikuni know amarok its default for kubuntu06:37
Echo_of_Silencewhen is oovoo viable for ubuntu users?06:38
xxploitkaikun, honestly and its only my opinion but Amarok seems better06:38
knoppiesEcho_of_Silence, Im not even sure what oovoo is. But you dont have to state you have a question. the '?' does that for you.06:38
Safe%s doesn't cut it.06:38
macoGalaen: i said "at least as big" ;) i prefer 2*ramsize, because you want to fit your ram + whatever swapped when you go to hibernate. with 3-4GiB of RAM its unlikely youll have >1GiB of swap in use before you hibernate, so its usually safe to just have like 1 GiB extra, but....depends on your use case06:39
kaikunhmm its all well iif i can find an xchat plugin06:39
kaikunto show what im playing06:39
tanxxxmaco:You mean I shoud use dhcp to configure th IP06:39
kaikunso it can work with amrok06:39
Echo_of_Silenceoovoo is the best VoIP program out there06:39
almoxarifequestion: how can I see what actually has been swapped into swap file?06:39
Echo_of_Silenceand thats the only reason i still have windows xp on my laptop06:39
xxploitkaikun, does konversation or whichever qt4 irc client for kde support a plugin to Amarok?06:39
macotanxxx: your route is definitely the problem. is it that you can only reach your local LAN, only your VPN's network, both of those two but not the net...or what?06:40
Echo_of_Silencei'm dule booting xp and 9.0406:40
mneptokEcho_of_Silence: is the source available for use and modification by anyone?06:40
Echo_of_Silencenot sure at all06:40
kaikunxxploit, no idea just started using xchat06:40
Echo_of_Silencei'm only a year old in the linux world06:40
kaikuni was in windows most of my time so yeah.06:40
mneptokEcho_of_Silence: if not, ask oovoo. it's up to them, since they don;t share their code.06:40
tanxxxmaco: Just the VPN's network.06:40
macokaikun: youll find that people on IRC will be not-happy if you're having amarok spit out "now listening" things into chat constantly06:40
kaikunlol maco06:41
macotanxxx: ok, so you need split tunneling. youre going to have to figure out what IP range should be going through the VPN and what should not06:41
xxploitkaikun, most users using kubuntu use qt4 apps whereas gnome users use gtk apps. It doesnt matter if you wish not to do this but apps like rythmbox/xchat are gtk apps06:41
tanxxxmaco: Sorry,my English is poor.I trying my best to describle my problem.06:41
Galaenit's just for geek kaikun if you are curious you can try to code this plugin and share this06:41
macotanxxx: split tunneling means you have certain data go to the VPN and certain data go elsewhere06:42
kazagistarI am getting a warning on my laptop that my hard drive has lots of bad sectors and is going to fail06:42
macokazagistar: buy a new hard drive06:42
macokazagistar: what are you waiting for?06:42
mneptokkazagistar: and stop using that one ASAP06:42
macoyeah what he said06:42
tanxxxmaco:Sould I configure the Iptables?06:42
macotanxxx: htats not the problem06:42
macotanxxx: its the output of "route -n" that needs to change06:43
macotanxxx: are you using network manager vpn plugins or the command line?06:43
tanxxxmaco: command line06:43
kazagistarif I keep all my data completely synced and backed up, it should be OK to keep using the current drive until it totally dies, right?06:43
macotanxxx: awww now you're going to make me have to remember commands i haven't used in years :P06:44
macokazagistar: not really06:44
mneptokkazagistar: no06:44
macokazagistar: because you could end up wtih corrupted files and if you dont notice them and keep making backups from them....then after restoring the backup youll discover a bunch of your files are screwed up06:44
xmntanyone know a good screencast tool for linux?06:45
kazagistarmaco: I see... thanks for the advice06:45
Katedarn it06:45
Vovkxmnt gtkrecordmydesktop? :)06:45
KateI wish more people used preseeds =/06:45
rww!screencast | xmnt06:45
ubottuxmnt: Some programs to capture your screen are recordmydesktop, Istanbul, Wink, Xvidcap, pyvnc2swf.  Also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ScreenCasts.06:45
* Kate wonders why she's still awake06:46
KateSo tired:(06:46
Echo_of_Silencewhat is the best VoIP we have?06:46
VovkKate: me too :(06:46
kazagistarEcho_of_Silence: ekiga works good for me06:46
VovkTelephone! :D06:46
^EinsteinEcho_of_Silence: I use mumble, it's in the repos.06:46
Vovko wait :(06:46
Vovkmumble was alright when I used it06:46
xxploitEcho_of_Silence, in like two months or something Teamspeak 3 open beta will be happening06:46
xmntEcho_of_Silence, ekiga works fine .. but a voip phone is much better - i recommend a cisco06:46
Echo_of_Silencecan windows user use it?06:47
Echo_of_Silencecause i need something that will get me across to window users06:47
Vovkmumble has a windows binary i think06:47
CoUrPsETeamspeak def has windows binarys, osx binarys, and *nix binarys.06:47
Echo_of_Silencewebcam ?06:47
harrison-bergeroalmoxarife....just wanted to let you know that the SFTP method failed as well.06:47
Vovkone of my friends got ventrillo with wine :^| that was an odd experince06:48
CoUrPsEVoIP != Camera.06:48
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about VoIP06:48
Echo_of_SilenceXP.....sry younger brother06:48
^Einsteinekiga and skype are VoIP telephone apps, whereas TS and mumble are simpler VoIP "channel-based" voice chat programs, Echo_of_Silence. All four have Windows binaries afaik06:48
Echo_of_Silencehe was asking if we were talk'n bout webcam06:48
almoxarifeharrison-bergero: my god man, you still trying to move files?06:48
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ventrillo06:48
macotanxxx: can we take this to PM?06:49
Vovkalmoxarife: scp failed for him?06:49
macotanxxx: this channel is too busy06:49
kaikunGalaen, good idea06:49
Vovkharrison-bergero: you could also always torrent them to yourself :D06:49
Vovkif you were worried about integrity06:49
SafeHow do I make .rar-files always open up via a custom command? As in 'program -o *.rar | program -'? %s doesn't cut it.06:50
almoxarifeharrison-bergero: just for shits and giggles I had ubuntu on a virtual and I managed to talk to vista all day long, as I described to you earlier, I don't know why your system does not play well06:50
tanxxxmaco: Certainly06:50
harrison-bergerovovk....I am baffled.  why does the transfer work windows to linux but not the other way around06:50
justlooking1"How do I stop Bluetooth turning on by default?" To disable the service from starting at boot run this command: sudo update-rc.d -f bluetooth remove ,To re-enable it to start at boot run this: sudo update-rc.d bluetooth defaults , To start it later on run this: sudo /etc/init.d/bluetooth start , For more info on update-rc.d:man update-rc.d06:50
CoUrPsESafe, rar e fillename.rar will extract to current dir.06:50
Vovkharrison-bergero: what are you transfering and how are you trying to do it06:50
almoxarifeHarrison, actually it was the otherway around, vista was virtual06:50
Vovkharrison-bergero: because it's always been my experience that w-w l-w and l-l transfers are fairly painless. it's only when you're trying to move files from windows to linux that you need to mess about06:51
harrison-bergerovovk....14gb total, files 700mb or larger from linux to windows over LAN06:51
harrison-bergeroall cabled06:51
harrison-bergeroworks windows to windows back and forth06:52
harrison-bergeroworks windows to linux06:52
harrison-bergerodoes not work linux to windows06:52
SafeCoUrPsE: That's not the point though, I want to pipe it through a command.06:52
=== robin is now known as Guest20729
CoUrPsEWhy dont you just use FTP ?06:52
Vovkharrison-bergero: hmm... i definitely mis-spoke :D linux to windows is the tricky one.06:52
almoxarifeharrison-bergero: try this, you have another machine running windows that you can check to see if your problem still exists??, I bet its windows not allowing access, but I could be wrong too06:52
harrison-bergeroboth OS have share folders enabled, windows firewall is off06:52
justlooking1"<steven_> I realize this is the Ubuntu channel, but what is the best way to go about teaching yaself to be a systems programmer? " buy yourself a system install a POSIX compiler and play with x264 code and hang out in x264 asking questions about fixing buggy code....:)06:52
almoxarifeharry, FTP06:52
Vovkharrison-bergero: ftp is a good idea ^_^ . you can also use WinSCP to pull the files from the linux box06:53
harrison-bergeroalmoxarife....i can do windows to windows....even swapped out the CAT5 on this machine and used a different router port06:53
mattwj2002hi guys06:53
harrison-bergerowindows to windows works06:53
Vovkharrison-bergero: have you *tried* winscp? :D06:53
SafeSomeone told me about using a wrapper script for the .rar but I don't know how I go about doing that.06:53
almoxarifeFTP=the goodness of file transfer06:53
harrison-bergerovovk....winSCP failed06:53
CoUrPsECan you connect to a windows FTP over lan?06:53
PRIDEwho here is competent enough to b a ubuntu newbie's private tutor?06:53
mattwj2002I need a program that converts jpeg2000 to pdf06:53
eddiehave to go06:53
volanteanyone here managed to get wireless going on new studio xps notebook?06:54
almoxarifePRIDE: :)06:54
capetownGood morning! I was wondering a) how to my my "USB Startup disk creator" 8gb flashdrive "persistant" so that it saves my settings between reboot.... b) my firefox crashes all the time on this Duracell 8gb flashdrive but I have noticed that the RAM is 2/3 utilised of 512mb but the swap file is 100% 122MiB utilised... the firefox program just closes when I have a handful of randon webpages open.... Anyone?06:54
mattwj2002or to jpg would be nice too I guess06:54
almoxarifeI work for kibble06:54
Wirawanhow to speed up download file in ubuntu?06:54
Vovki've seriously never used FTP (never needed to) but I think that's what you want to use06:54
VovkPRIDE: that's what the channel is for ^_^06:54
CoUrPsEHow have you not used FTP before?06:54
Vovki mean for personal transfers06:54
harrison-bergeroVovk...what im confused about is this, what would i search for to find out what this problem is?06:54
CoUrPsEoh right.06:54
Vovki mean... i've used it to download random stuff from ftp servers :D06:54
CoUrPsEDone had me worried before.06:54
harrison-bergerogeneral network troubleshooting is too vague...too many hits06:55
almoxarifehas not used ftp?06:55
mattwj2002anyone know?06:55
harrison-bergeroalmoxarife...i used winSCP, it failed after about 1.3GB06:55
almoxarifeharry, zip drive?06:55
VovkCoUrPsE: lol... as in I wouldn't really know how to go about setting up an FTP server... though I bet my friend google could tell me in around 5 minutes06:55
CoUrPsEharrison-bergero, Your doing it as 700MB files, and not 1 14GB file right?06:55
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about jpeg200006:56
CoUrPsEVovk, Wouldnt take 5 mins, a g6ftpd server takes 2 mins to install and have running.06:56
harrison-bergerovovk....winSCP already setup....it failed after about 1.3BG06:56
Wirawanhow to speed up download file because in mmy country connection it's not good?06:56
VovkCoUrPsE: ^_^ how convenient... though I really just scp my stuff from comp to comp... if it's GIGANTIC i just use a portable hard drive...06:56
DaZWirawan: you can't06:56
CoUrPsEharrison-bergero, I fail to see what your still doing here if your not taking on any suggestions.06:57
Vovkover a network though, I've used winscp to transfer a red hat dvd no problem... that was a 4 gig file06:57
harrison-bergerocan anyone suggest a google search word or phrase?  LAN only works one way?06:57
Willyguys I keep getting this pop video on my system does it mean i got some virus or something06:57
Vovki really have no clue why yours fails :(06:57
harrison-bergeroCourpse....lol....um...other than using a USB drive, ive tried it all06:57
Wirawandaz: so, what can i do?06:57
DaZWirawan: wait06:57
VovkWilly: probably not06:57
CoUrPsEYou keep saying WinSCP, have you tried FTP Thou?06:57
harrison-bergeroyour right06:58
VovkSFTP is probably very much the same06:58
harrison-bergerolet me see if generic will work06:58
Vovkit's just FTP encrypted06:58
CoUrPsESet up a simple FTP server on the windows box.06:58
harrison-bergerowinSCP has ftp built in06:58
harrison-bergeroone of the protocols you can choose.06:58
CoUrPsEAnd push the data to a upload account rather than pull it tthru a download account.06:58
harrison-bergerohow do i turn on the ftp in linux?06:58
CoUrPsETurn on a FTP client?06:58
rwwVovk: FTP and SFTP are completely different protocols. "just FTP encrypted" is FTPS.06:59
DaZharrison-bergero: client or daemon? :f06:59
Vovkbrowse there with firefox even? :D06:59
Vovkrww: my mistake!06:59
harrison-bergeroim assuming its installed standard ubuntu06:59
CoUrPsEftp -i local.ip06:59
CoUrPsEthen use user/pass you made in the win FTP server.06:59
CoUrPsEusing -i allows you to mput * once in the lcd you want to be in.06:59
Vovkharrison-bergero: I'm still in favor of you making a torrent. We'll seed it for you if you like :D07:00
Vovkharrison-bergero: just transfer the files to us... o wait...07:00
CoUrPsEI think its safe to say its piratecy related data.07:00
=== obiwan__ is now known as obiwan_
CoUrPsEWhich is not allowed here.07:00
Vovkwe won't tell ^_^07:00
Vovkwe won't even look O.o07:01
* DaZ will tell07:01
* DaZ will look07:01
VovkDaZ is a traitor. away with it!07:01
harrison-bergerothe world is burning with depleted uranium in the air and someone mentions piracy "rights"......wow, but we cant all wake up at the same time07:01
harrison-bergerowould be chaotic07:01
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!07:01
justlooking1"<kazagistar> if I keep all my data completely synced and backed up, it should be OK to keep using the current drive until it totally dies, right? " like they said already But apparently Ubuntu 9.10 RC ships with Ubuntu One by default. Ubuntu One is your personal cloud. You can use it to back up, store, sync and share your data with other Ubuntu One users.http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/910overview so it might just save your bacon if you 07:01
CoUrPsEharrison-bergero, I xfer data alot from *nix to windows, and if find it easier to have win ftp servers, and push from linux box rather download from linux box.07:02
CoUrPsE(^It makes sense to me.)07:02
harrison-bergeroill try it, brb07:02
Vovkjustlooking1: your data is never 100 percent safe... I'd rather not get into that situation where i use a drive until it can no longer function at all :D07:02
CoUrPsEharrison-bergero, Google g6 ftp server or bulletproof ftp server.07:02
TermanaC-a d07:02
CoUrPsEMy Rhythembox is broke.07:03
Vovkso fun stuff... if you do a google trends search of ubuntu, you can see it spike every 6 months, and it's just starting to spike now :D07:04
astrOdzhey is it possible to install all the apt-get packages with 1 command?07:04
PRIDEanyone kno how to webcam someone who has aim over pidgin07:04
CoUrPsEastrOdz, You are kidding right?07:04
Vovkastr0dz, that sounds like an awful idea07:04
DecessusPRIDE, I do not believe that pidgin natively supports a webcam07:05
rwwastrOdz: no, because some of them conflict, for a start.07:05
steven_I have a problem.  When trying to install Xubuntu in Virtualbox for 64-bit I get the following message:  This kernel requires an x86-64 CPU, but only detected an i686 CPU.  I have installed 64-bit for regular Ubuntu.  What gives?07:05
astrOdzah thanks :D07:05
PRIDEcan ubuntu support aim?07:05
rwwsteven_: what's the output if you type "uname -a" in a terminal?07:05
capetownWhat is the best way to ask a question in this forum to get assistance (I'd google my problem but firefox keeps crashing...) ta07:05
astrOdzI have an old ultrasparc i'm screwing with07:05
VovkPRIDE: yep07:05
rwwPRIDE: Pidgin supports AIM. Pidgin doesn't support video chat on AIM.07:06
PCMXprobably gonna get yelled at for asking this, but does anyone remember release date for karmic of the top of their head?07:06
VovkPRIDE: pidgin, and in 1 day (hurray karmic) empathy07:06
volantei can't get wireless going with dell studio xps in 9.04 or 9.1007:06
DecessusIf I recall, there is a linux version of aim07:06
VovkPCMX tomorrow07:06
rwwPCMX: some time during the 29th in some timezone.07:06
CoUrPsEkarmic is released tomorrow?07:06
steven_2.6.28-16-generic #55-Ubuntu SMP  2009 x86_64 GNU/Linux07:06
PCMXthanks =D07:06
volanteit uses the broadcom bcm4322 chip07:06
VovkCoUrPsE: as long as today is wednesday the 28th wherever you are07:06
almoxarifeso, as of tomorrow this 'is' the karmic channel?07:07
Decessusvolante, have you tried MadWifif?07:07
VovkIf you WANT to upgrade07:07
CoUrPsEalmoxarife, No, this is the #ubuntu channel.07:07
Vovki suggest do it now07:07
rwwalmoxarife: once Karmic is released, #ubuntu+1 will be closed and this channel will allow support for Karmic, yes.07:07
Vovkthere's always a swarm of downloads on release day :^|07:07
Vovkgood for torrents07:07
Vovkbad for anything else07:07
almoxarifewe all be chatting morrow then07:07
steven_I wish I could figure out how to install Xubuntu in Virtualbox...grrr07:07
Vovksteven_: err... what problem you having?07:08
DaZsteven_: next, next, next, finish07:08
Billiardsteven_: what is there to figure out07:08
PRIDEcan empathy webcam to aim?07:08
VovkPRIDE: i've never tried O.o07:08
almoxarifesteven, d/l the iso and then install in virtualbox07:08
VovkPRIDE: it had a little webcam icon though, the last time i looked :D07:08
steven_It won't accept me.  I get a message bout not being able to boot because I do not have a x86-64 kernel or whatever when in fact I do!  It says I have a i68607:08
PRIDEcan ubuntu supported aim webcam with aim?07:08
steven_That is a load of crap07:08
PRIDEVovk: sounds promissing07:09
almoxarifesteven, try installing the 3207:09
DecessusPRIDE, http://www.aim.com/get_aim/linux/latest_linux.adp#features07:09
Vovksteven_: you need to use the 32 bit version of ubuntu. your Virtual Machine can't handle a 64 bit host... for whatever reason07:09
Vovksteven_: PROBABLY because you're running 32 bit windows07:09
steven_I am using 64-bit Ubuntu07:09
steven_for x86-6407:09
Vovksteven_: installing xubuntu in a vm?07:09
harrison-bergerook gene6 FTP is installed and running07:09
harrison-bergeronow what?07:10
PRIDEwhats xubuntu?07:10
steven_I guess Xubuntu does not work in Virtualbox07:10
Decessusxfce ubuntu07:10
CoUrPsEharrison-bergero, You set up user accounts?07:10
Vovksteven_: O.o just install the xubuntu package and stop trollin with "I guess this doesn't work"07:10
astrOdzah the core utils are workign finally07:10
harrison-bergerono just the admin07:10
astrOdzthanks guys07:10
CoUrPsEWhat version have you got?07:10
coordinadorI cant stand the wait until the 10.04 are available!!!! :D:D:D07:10
steven_Nah, I will just assume it doesn't work as that is usually the case.  Later all.07:11
ubottuLucid Lynx is the codename for Ubuntu 10.04, due April 2010 - See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l02bhwofEqw for announcement video.07:11
coordinadorthe 10.04 repositories07:11
Vovkcoordinador: but 9.10's not even released yet O.o07:11
tasslehoffI'm running dual screen (nvidia twinview). What is it that decides which display gets the gnome-panel?07:11
Vovk!trolling | steven_07:11
purmais karmic released tomorrow?07:11
ubottusteven_: trolling / trollish behaviour is behaviour that is considered annoying by other channel users, this includes going offtopic, asking the same question time and again getting answered and not acknowledging the answer, and these are not the only ways behaviour can be considered trolling, please see /msg ubottu guidelines - if this applies to you, you may find yourself outside the channel07:11
coordinadori always install in two partitions the last release07:11
coordinadorbut in one of that, i change the repositories to the next release07:11
macopurma: yes, some time while it is 29 Oct in at least one timezone07:11
coordinadorso i can watch the edgiest changes :D07:11
=== Guest20729 is now known as robinpk
VovkAlso... suggesting that you do a clean install of karmic from a CD (backing up the home directory) instead of hitting the upgrade button07:12
harrison-bergerocourpse...so the default administrator has super user rights, what now?07:12
Vovkyou could be helpful and torrent the CD for yourself (seeding to others afterwards :D )07:12
ubuntu_I need help with installing FF 3.5 on my ubuntu please.07:12
PRIDEthe aim for linux site does not say if video chat is supported ....am i to assume that it is not?07:12
CoUrPsEharrison-bergero, Did you install it on your *nix or your *doze ?07:12
=== ubuntu_ is now known as psychuil
capetownOkay... I an using a 8gb Duracell USB flashdrive made using the "USB startup disk creator".... everything is fine except my swap file is maxxed out at 122 MiB does anyone know how to increase this size? I can't google it since firefox keeps crashing probably because the swapfile is maxxed... Thank you.07:13
CoUrPsESo where did superuser come anywhere?07:13
SimonXuHi! Is 9.10 iso ready to download now?07:13
harrison-bergerocourpse...it was default...i just entered the password07:13
SimonXuI cannot wait to  try 9.10.07:13
=== kb is now known as Guest39468
harrison-bergerocourpse...as part of the installation...."administrator" was set as user, i just entered a password, twice07:14
ubottuInstructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras07:14
CoUrPsEharrison-bergero, I'll get you link for right server.07:14
capetownEven a link to the right webpage would be great!07:14
gOLDfeeshMy webcam works with xawtv but I can't record the video. Is there an application that will let me record my webcam?07:14
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about swapfile07:15
ranjantoday i tried to use open office but it fails to statrt up  can any one can help me to fix it up ....07:15
gOLDfeesh!swap | capetown07:15
ubottucapetown: swap is used to move unused programs and data out of main memory to make your system faster. It can also be used as extra memory if you don't have enough. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq for more info07:15
coordinadorSimonXu, i cannot wait to try 10.04 prealpha xD07:15
capetown!THANK YOU gOLDfeesh.... *phew*07:15
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)07:15
justlooking1"<harrison-bergero> can anyone suggest a google search word or phrase?  LAN only works one way? " samba is your problem http://www.watchingthenet.com/enable-file-sharing-in-ubuntu-using-samba.html07:15
gOLDfeeshcapetown, no prob. glad I could help07:16
coordinadorim installing ubuntu 9.04 in a 2gb microsd , will i have a problem with that?07:16
Psineticis anyone here in the Us Navy or retired?07:16
SimonXucoordinator: sure you have07:17
knoppiescoordinador, would there not be speed issues?07:17
uvacavcoordinador: may as well wait a bit 9.10 out today07:17
gOLDfeesh!ot | Psinetic07:17
dudefaceim retired, not from the navy though07:17
ubottuPsinetic: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!07:17
ranjanopen office is failing to start on ubuntu 9.04 nedead help in this regard...07:17
coordinadoruvacav, i try karmic beta but it have serious issues with msi wind u10007:17
PsineticgOLDfeesh, i'm just trying to find a channel to chat with someone, i need to ask them some questions and can't find anything useful07:17
SimonXucoordinator: is the graphic card GMA500?07:17
gOLDfeeshPsinetic, right but this is ubuntu support.07:18
gOLDfeeshPsinetic, try doing a search07:18
coordinadorknoppies, im afraid of that but,,,, well i will use only few apps so, i will take out the harddisk and batt to my msi wind , and will be lightest netbook ever07:18
=== _newbie_ is now known as RussellAlan
coordinadorand if i use it with batt, it will last like an entire day xd07:18
=== antisamael is now known as s1945ii
PCMX:-@! - Why do people insist on backpacking crapware on software installs?!07:18
SirisianWhen writing a module inside of the init function is there an easy way to get the ppid and the puid showing who started the module. As a test I want to printk them.07:19
knoppiescoordinador, Sounds like a plan. Try it, tell me what its like07:19
knoppiesPCMX, Because its the only way for them to get a captive market. Thats one of the (many) reasons Im pro for Open Source.07:19
Psineticok. I'm on Ubuntu 9.04. I'm having a problem where everytime i click on a specific column in the places menu it plays dvd's instead of opens folders. I have been trying to get help with this in THIS channel for almost a week and it's still not resolved. I refuse to talk to anyone who is not in the US Navy or Retired from the US Navy. Make you feel better now?07:19
mattwj2002hi guys07:19
mattwj2002no one helped me :(07:20
CoUrPsEharrison-bergero, I cant find hte version i use online, :/07:20
gOLDfeesh!hi | mattwj200207:20
ubottumattwj2002: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines. Enjoy your stay!07:20
mattwj2002but I wanted to tell you found the solution07:20
harrison-bergerocourpse...im using 30 day trial version from gene6 ftp07:20
mattwj2002libjasper-runtime can manulate jpeg2000 files07:20
psychuilI need help with installing FF 3.5 on my ubuntu please.07:20
CoUrPsEyeah, i think thats the wrong one.07:20
CoUrPsE2010 or some crap it says?07:20
mattwj2002in case someone else need help07:20
harrison-bergerogoing to go though this networking tutorial one step at a time....see if i missed something07:20
ActionParsnip1psychuil: tried: sudo apt-get install firefox-3.507:21
ActionParsnip1psychuil: if that gives an error, please use a pastebin to provide the output07:21
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com (or !pastebinit for CLI) | For pasting !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin Please give us the URLs for your posts!07:21
coordinadorMatt1360, what is your problem?07:21
zipitogood day07:21
coordinadoroh i see07:21
Matt1360coordinador: Hm?07:22
PsineticI'm on Ubuntu 9.04. I'm having a problem where everytime i click on a specific column in the places menu it plays dvd's instead of opens folders. I have been trying to get help with this in THIS channel for almost a week and it's still not resolved. I refuse to talk to anyone who is not in the US Navy or Retired from the US Navy07:22
volantethe karmik installer has issues. you choose "install ubuntu" and it bootsi nto the live image.07:22
coordinadorMatt1360, i made a mistake, i wanted to talk to mattwj200207:22
zipitoIf I upgrade via update_manager now from 9.04 to 9.10 ? what I'll get ? the stable packages or still Beta packages ?07:22
=== kb is now known as Guest24344
psychuilActionParsnip1: i've got this stupid "Shiretoko" i installed thru a guide, so the commend you gave me tells me there's already a FF3.5 installed.07:22
Matt1360coordinador: Oh, okay, sorry about that. Have a good night! :)07:22
ActionParsnip1Psinetic: if you remove the army bit from it people might help07:22
tonyyarussopsychuil: Why do you think you aren't getting any help then?07:22
mattwj2002hi coordinador07:22
tonyyarussoerr, @ Psinetic rather07:22
mattwj2002what is up?07:22
ActionParsnip1psychuil: firefox 3.5 is shiretoko07:22
ubottuFF3.5 is referred to as Shiretoko on your UI, see http://is.gd/1reB3 for an explanation07:23
Psineticnavy**, and i'm asking the question specifically because I want to talk with someone from the navy. that's the point.07:23
knoppiesPsinetic, I heared you the first time. i remember you asking before but as I said, I dont know the cause of the problem or the solution. You could always try reinstall ubuntu.07:23
ActionParsnip1psychuil: that link tells you wy07:23
harrison-bergeroquick question where is the "host name" tab?07:23
knoppiesPsinetic, then nvm07:23
almoxarifeActionParsnip1: he's navy, I think, an angry squid07:23
Psineticknoppies, i've reinstalled this OS three times, i'm not doing it again.07:23
Psineticno i can't find a navy based channel that actually has anyone in it07:23
tonyyarussoPsinetic: We don't discriminate against helpers here - if you want help, you want it from everyone, otherwise you should be getting it through Navy channels, not here.07:23
ActionParsnip1Psinetic: why do they have to be from the navy?07:24
almoxarifePsinetic: the navy was windows based07:24
Psinetictonyyarusso, don't see that in your channel guidelines ;)07:24
knoppiesActionParsnip1, He just wants to talk to someone from the navy07:24
mattwj2002coordinator I was wondering how to convert jpeg2000 files but I figured it out on my own07:24
ActionParsnip1Psinetic: do navy folks know more about ubuntu than anyone else or something?07:24
mattwj2002thanks anyways07:24
Psineticbecause i want to talk with someone from the navy >_>07:24
ActionParsnip1knoppies: i see07:24
mattwj2002the answer is jasperuntime07:24
almoxarifenavy folk know windows inside out07:24
knoppiesPsinetic, Sorry i cant help.07:25
psychuilActionParsnip1: Isn't there a proper FF3.5? Shiretoko is fucking up too many things.07:25
Psineticalmoxarife, no they don't, i know, i'm one of them, windows sucks, it's retarded, and it's stupid we even use it.07:25
almoxarifeok, I am navy, shoot07:25
tonyyarusso!ohmy | psychuil07:25
ubottupsychuil: Please remember that all Ubuntu IRC channels share the same attitude of providing friendly and polite interaction with all users of all ages and cultures. Basically, this means no foul language and no abuse towards others.07:25
coordinadoroh god the installation process in microsd is SO slow lol07:25
ActionParsnip1psychuil: no, thats what it is. You can download the tar.gz from firefox website and extract it to /opt then symlink the binry to your $PATH07:25
psychuilSorry about my lang.07:26
ActionParsnip1psychuil: all you have to do is go into about: config   and change shiretoko in the agent ID to firefox07:26
ActionParsnip1psychuil: and websites will like you again07:26
psychuilI get broken CSS half the time, is that coz of the agent ID?07:26
volanteanyone know how to work around this bug with the karmic install cd always booting the live image even when i choose "install ubuntu"?07:27
almoxarifeI thought all retired squids were cool, I was wrong07:27
ActionParsnip1psychuil: possibly, open the config then search for shiretoko   edit the value and change it to firefox07:28
ActionParsnip1!karmic | volante07:29
ubottuvolante: Karmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic is still NOT stable and MAY break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+107:29
volanteactionparsnip: ok. thats a pretty bad bug then.07:29
=== intan is now known as cew_ja
PRIDEam i to assume that aim for linux does not have webcam07:30
=== kb is now known as Guest57760
psychuilActionParsnip1: I've changed it, didn't really help. Unless i need to restart it to get the effect..07:30
tonyyarussoPRIDE: There's not even any such thing as aim for linux.07:31
coordinadorOH GOD! TOO BAD! IN MY INSTALLATION PROCESS! i got:  "no space left on device", how could that happen since its a 2gb partition?07:32
tonyyarussoPRIDE: You can however do video chat on XMPP at least, and I think there is experimental MSN support available.  I haven't heard anything about video for the AIM protocol in third-party clients yet.07:32
ActionParsnip1psychuil: yes you must restart the browser07:32
tonyyarussocoordinador: The standard desktop Ubuntu install is slightly larger than 2GB, yes.07:32
coz_coordinador,  yes you are going to need quite a bit more for ubuntu installation07:33
tonyyarussoPRIDE: wow, those screenshots look straight out of 1995... :P  I have no idea if that works or not.07:33
ActionParsnip1coordinador: 2Gb isnt a great deal, have you considered u-lite07:33
nic1does anyone know what is docking windows?07:33
PRIDEsome one gave that to me some 5 minutes ago07:33
psychuilActionParsnip1: is there a GUI based download manager for linux? since it seems shiretoko isn't up to the challenge of downloading files :\07:33
coordinadoroh, maybe somebody would tell that me before the half  hour wait xd07:33
PRIDEbut it sais nothing about webcam07:33
coz_coordinador,  at the least you are going to need 4gigs of space07:34
PRIDEwebcam capability  and such07:34
ActionParsnip1psychuil: some use jdownloader, theres gwget too, i'm not sure as I just use the download manager in opera07:34
DecessusPRIDE, those are only the new features, but yes, empathy does support video, so aim video chat should be possible07:34
=== Psinetic is now known as Marley
PRIDEDecessus : thx bro07:34
AndorinCan anyone explain why my connection stopped giving me access to the Internet the second I sent a message to a channel in xchat?07:35
PRIDEi'm gonna hop over to #voipcoop07:35
tonyyarussoPRIDE: Based on the Debian package versions, the last release of that was probably seven years ago.  :S  Good luck.07:35
coordinadorCOZ_ why i cant write your name with CO+tab?07:35
PRIDEtonyyarusso : thx07:35
coz_coordinador,  not sure  it should be easily done07:35
coordinadorok, is case sensitive07:36
coz_coordinador,   just type coz then hit tab07:36
coordinadorcoz_, tomorrow i will buy a 4gb sd card, exist something like a "Faster SD card"?07:36
tonyyarussocoordinador: Yes, usually you can see speed ratings on web sites for them (like Newegg)07:37
coordinadormay be if i paint fire in the sd-microsd adapter works faster...07:37
coz_coordinador,  well I am not at all experienced with installing on external media  but  I wuold guess a larger media would be necessary  you could google installing ubuntu on external media  like flash drive etc :)07:37
coordinadori will investigate about that07:38
coz_coordinador,  cool :)07:38
psychuilActionParsnip1: I come to find too many tutorials around the web on installing stuff, and they always say something like "do 'sudo apt-get install <some package>'" And i never seem to have that package. Could it be coz i'm running ubuntu from a liveusb?07:38
ActionParsnip1psychuil: no it will probably be because you dont have the correct repository enabled07:39
ActionParsnip1psychuil: there is no difference to a USB install to one on an internal drive except speed (USB being damn slow and bursty)07:39
PRIDEwhats the difference between ubuntu, kubuntu, and xubuntu?07:39
ActionParsnip1PRIDE: default DE07:40
cwalshUbuntu uses the GNOME desktop, Kubuntu KDE07:40
coz_Pricey,  xubuntu uses  xfce as the desktop environment07:40
meowmintxhey all i need help with my sound problem07:40
Kuroganeis possible to point ip public (not mine) to my localhost ?07:40
ActionParsnip1desktop environment07:40
cwalshXubuntu = XFCE07:40
coz_PRIDE,  sorry that was for you07:40
coz_Pricey,  sorry  mis tabbed there :)07:40
PRIDEthx cozy thx ActionParsnip107:40
tonyyarussoKurogane: Depends what you mean by that - what are you trying to do?07:40
ActionParsnip1PRIDE: its the same OS underneath, you can even install xfce on ubuntu to effectively get xubuntu07:41
PRIDEkool...thanks action07:41
meowmintxits to do with sound in general. what i am getting is a delayed reaction while playing mp3s atm its not playing in real time and not working. i have saves alsamixer as my sound card as my onboard one is stufed07:41
psychuilActionParsnip1: how do i hunt down the right repo then?07:41
ActionParsnip1Kurogane: you can port forward / virtual server     you tell the router to forward certain port numbers to a certain IP and it will connect07:42
ActionParsnip1psychuil: example07:42
ActionParsnip1!info firefox07:42
ubottufirefox (source: firefox-3.0): meta package for the popular mozilla web browser. In component main, is optional. Version 3.0.14+build2+nobinonly-0ubuntu0.9.04.1 (jaunty), package size 67 kB, installed size 124 kB07:42
harrison-bergeroevery single file was a connection timed out error!07:42
ActionParsnip1psychuil: if you read the above you can see firefox is in te main repository, if you cannot install firefox you need to make sure you have the main repo enabled07:43
ActionParsnip1!info devede07:43
ubottudevede (source: devede): program to create video DVDs. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 3.12c-0ubuntu1 (jaunty), package size 1516 kB, installed size 3456 kB07:43
ActionParsnip1psychuil: that app is in the multiverse repo so will need to have that enabled to get access07:43
Kuroganetonyyarusso, for example i want to ping and the ping respond like as localhost not as internet07:44
ActionParsnip1psychuil: if its not in the standard repo, you can find a PPA to add and install from someone elses packages to get what you want07:44
tonyyarussoKurogane: ah, you should be able to do that by adding an entry to /etc/hosts07:44
tonyyarussoKurogane: actually, it may be more involved than that - hold on a sec07:46
KuroganeActionParsnip1, i don't have router and i don't like use router neither07:46
psychuilActionParsnip1: i'm was trying to install jdownloader, and i needed to get java-6-sun for it, but i can't.07:46
Kuroganetonyyarusso, ok thanks07:46
ActionParsnip1Kurogane: why they give you an extra firewall07:46
ActionParsnip1!java | psychuil07:46
ubottupsychuil: To install a Java runtime/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java6-jre from the !Multiverse repository07:46
ubottuThe packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories07:47
KuroganeActionParsnip1, what you mean extra firewall?07:48
meowmintx!info alsamixer07:48
ubottuPackage alsamixer does not exist in jaunty07:48
meowmintxalsa mixer does so07:48
=== kb is now known as Guest4938
ActionParsnip1Kurogane: due to the nature of NAT, if an unrequested connection comes in, a router will drop it if there is no request for that data or there is no rule to allow the traffic07:48
mnemonicaSay I want to change the znes launcher in my games menu to launch znes -ad sdl instead of just znes. How would I do that?07:49
rashed2020If I copy my home dir to another computer that has the same packages installed, am I going to have the exact same system I copied the dir from?07:49
ActionParsnip1mnemonica: alacarte07:49
mnemonicaactionparsnip1: I assume that can be found in synaptic?07:49
psychuilcan i log in as root on my liveusb?07:49
ActionParsnip1mnemonica: you already have it07:50
psychuilCoz i'm loged in as 'live session user' by default.07:50
psychuilAnd no, i get alot of 'you can't do that' errors.07:50
mnemonicaactionparsnip1: Where at? I can't seem to find it anywhere.07:50
ActionParsnip1mnemonica: why do you have to see it? press alt+f2   type  alacarte   press enter07:51
meowmintxits to do with sound in general. what i am getting is a delayed reaction while playing mp3s atm its not playing in real time and not working. i have saves alsamixer as my sound card as my onboard one is stufed07:51
ActionParsnip1psychuil: use sudo then, you can do anything you like then07:52
mnemonicaActionparsnip1: so I suppose I have to add a new one?07:52
=== RaNdY is now known as Guest56868
ActionParsnip1mnemonica: no, just edit the one thats already there07:53
psychuilActionParsnip1: i did 'gedit /etc/apt/sources.list' and changed some stuff, but when i tried to save it told me i'm not allowed to do that.07:53
histo!sudo psychuil07:53
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about sudo psychuil07:53
histo!sudo | psychuil07:54
ubottupsychuil: sudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (Gnome, XFCE), or !kdesudo (KDE)07:54
cwillu_at_workpsychuil, gksudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list07:54
cwillu_at_worksome day gvfs will grow the ability to prompt for auth when needed, but not today :p07:54
ActionParsnip1psychuil: thats why, gedit ran as you, a user. add gksudo to the start of the command07:54
rashed2020Wouldn't sudo gedit work as well?07:55
fahadsadahrashed2020: It's bad practise.07:55
ActionParsnip1psychuil: if you  dont add sudo or gksudo the app is ran as a user, users dont have write access to /etc so youwill be denied access07:55
rashed2020I really don't see that much difference in application. Works either way.07:55
ActionParsnip1rashed2020: it will but its not advised as sudo is for CLI apps ONLY07:55
psychuilSo just add sudo to everything i do?07:55
mnemonicaactionparsnip1: forgive my ignorance, but how? I don't see an option for that.07:56
fahadsadahpsychuil: gksu gedit /etc/apt/sources.list07:56
ActionParsnip1rashed2020: sudo doesnt configure the X environment correctly so ownerships and paermissions getdamaged, hence why gksudo and kdesudo exist07:56
knoppiespsychuil, only if you need admin privilages.07:56
psychuilI always need admin privilages :D07:56
ActionParsnip1mnemonica: ok if you read the left pane you will find games07:56
knoppiespsychuil, be careful when using sudo, or gksu (for gui applications) it often assumes you know what you doing. and doesnt ask for confirmation07:56
psychuilAnd ActionParsnip1, talk to me like to a complete idiot please, since half the stuff you say goes over my head :)07:57
knoppiespsychuil, I only use sudo or gksu if I have to.07:57
mnemonicaactionparsnip1: right click on the entry, choose properties. Sorry, it's late, I'm an idiot... Haha, thanks much for your help.07:57
ActionParsnip1mnemonica: if you click on games, the right pane wil then become the content of the games panel, only the ticked items will show and you will see a lot there07:57
ActionParsnip1psychuil: ok lets do this the easy way07:58
ActionParsnip1psychuil: in windows the user modelling is absolutely appauling07:58
chunknutsl'll tr y to be back07:58
ActionParsnip1psychuil: every user is an admin and has full reign over all folders without issue07:58
ActionParsnip1psychuil: this keeps the windows idiots happy as they dont have to worry about permissions as its too much for them to comprehend07:59
psychuilGot a problem when i tried installing mplayer.07:59
justlooking1use vlc instead07:59
a|3xxi am having difficulties with mounting ntfs partition, anybody care to help?07:59
psychuilmplayer: Depends: libartsc0 (>= 1.5.2-0) but it is not installable07:59
psychuilAnd 3 more of those.07:59
ActionParsnip1psychuil: unfortunately this makes them run teir email clients, irc clients and web browsers as admin so if a malicious piece of code is ran by these apps they also have fulll system access and they get viruses08:00
ActionParsnip1psychuil: with me so far?08:00
a|3xx$ sudo mount /dev/sdb1 sdb1  ---   Incomplete multi-sector transfer: Input/output error08:00
a|3xxsudo ntfsfix /dev/sdb1   reports as everything ok08:00
psychuilActionParsnip1: ya, i got the point of the whole sudo thingy.08:00
psychuilCan't say i completely agree with the attitude :)08:00
ActionParsnip1psychuil: your call, windows has appauling user modelling'08:01
PRIDEwhats a good torrent program?08:01
psychuilActionParsnip1: can you help me with the mplayer install?08:02
Cheapsexandboozethats what i use08:02
justlooking1vuse and java08:02
PRIDEand whats a good torrent site?08:02
psychuili've been following this: http://www.debianadmin.com/install-mplayer-ubuntu.html08:02
ActionParsnip1!ot | PRIDE08:02
ubottuPRIDE: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!08:02
psychuiland on 'sudo apt-get install mplayer' i get broken packages.08:02
Cheapsexandboozepirate bay08:03
ActionParsnip1psychuil: did you add the repo in the guide?08:03
Cheapsexandboozeor just search in google and add torrent08:03
psychuilThat why i asked you about editing the said file :)08:03
ActionParsnip1psychuil: ok read the name of the site, its a debian guide. You are running ubuntu, not debian08:03
ActionParsnip1psychuil: remove the repo08:03
tonyyarussoKurogane: This appears to work, although I'm not sure if it's the 'right' way:  sudo ifconfig lo:0 netmask up08:04
ActionParsnip1psychuil: mplayer is in the standard repos and is ready to install now, you are getting dependancy issues as you are mixing debian and ubuntu08:04
psychuilActionParsnip1: check the title of the post. 'Install Mplayer in Ubuntu Linux'08:04
=== an0nmat1r is now known as mat|speeling
ActionParsnip1!info mplayer08:04
ubottumplayer (source: mplayer): The Ultimate Movie Player For Linux. In component multiverse, is extra. Version 2:1.0~rc2-0ubuntu19 (jaunty), package size 4340 kB, installed size 10120 kB08:04
ActionParsnip1psychuil: its in the repos08:05
ActionParsnip1version 1.008:05
Cheapsexandboozexine is good08:05
psychuilok, so i should remove the two links i've added?08:05
ActionParsnip1you dont need any extra repos08:05
ActionParsnip1psychuil: yeah do, then all you have to run is: sudo apt-get --purge autoremove; sudo apt-get -f install; sudo apt-get clean; sudo apt-get install mplayer08:06
USUARIOhelp me08:06
USUARIOi have compiz config problem08:06
USUARIOon ubuntu08:06
USUARIOplease i need help08:06
ActionParsnip1!enter | USUARIO08:06
ubottuUSUARIO: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!08:06
Kuroganetonyyarusso, that very nice trick! why I did not think this before!08:06
knoppiesUSUARIO, define your problem.08:06
=== USUARIO is now known as myung
myungi have compiz problem08:07
tonyyarussoKurogane: probably because it's completely unintuitive and I'm pretty sure there's a "better" way in kernels 2.4 and higher ;)08:07
myungi did sudo apt-get install simple-ccsm08:07
fahadsadahIs there a recursive option to ls?08:07
myungand was enabling stuff08:07
Kuroganetonyyarusso, only remain one thing, how save that ifconfig? becuase when reboot is lost08:07
myungand then everything got black08:07
ActionParsnip1myung: you said, can you please use all one line08:07
myungtried xfix and nothing08:07
PRIDERemote Desktop question08:07
myungops srry ActionParsnip108:07
tonyyarussoKurogane: edit /etc/network/interfaces08:07
knoppiesPRIDE, shoot.08:07
=== hy is now known as silver
myungi sudo apt-get install simple ccsm and was enabling graphic effects and stuff08:08
PRIDEcan i connect two different distros?08:08
myungbut then the screen got black and tried xfix but nothing08:08
=== silver is now known as Guest12668
ActionParsnip1myung: have you tried booting to root recovery mode and deleteing .compiz from your home directory'08:08
ActionParsnip1myung: then rebooting08:08
myungnow when i log in ubuntu, hitting right click, or application, or just opening a menu i get a black box and then the whole screen goes black08:08
PRIDEknoppies, lets say 9.10 with 9.04....or Asus with ubuntu08:09
psychuilActionParsnip1: Shiretoko can't seem to save files, it's stuck on 'a few seconds left'. Why could that be?08:09
myungand yes, i just did open session as failsafe terminal session and sudo apt-get autoremove simple ccsm but still nothing08:09
knoppiesPRIDE, you can even connect windows with linux. Depends on what protocol you use. I use VNC08:09
knoppiesPRIDE, tightvncserver.08:09
ActionParsnip1psychuil: no idea, i dont use firefox08:09
PRIDEknoppies, in that case i'll just worry about it when i get home to try it out08:10
PRIDEknoppies, thx08:10
knoppiesPRIDE, yea ok. not sure if vnc is the best root, but I like it.08:10
ActionParsnip1psychuil: maybe the server is just being slow for the last Mb or so'08:10
knoppiesPRIDE, Glad I could help, hope all goes well.08:11
PRIDEknoppies, yup, thx thx08:11
myungim right now on dual boot with windows xp, cuz this is my schools´ computer u know08:11
myungcan u help?08:11
psychuilActionParsnip1: it happened on all the files i've tried downloading, from 3-4 servers.08:13
ActionParsnip1psychuil: could try closing all firefoxes then renaming ~/.mozilla to see if its a bad profile08:13
=== DaZ is now known as noobdziekan
myungsoo ActionParsnip1 can u help me?08:14
harrison-bergeroubuntu windows network question....at 100mbit how fast are your transfer rates?  Im at 3.5MB/s...seems a bit slow since ive been able to hit 9.5 win to win08:14
obiwan_hi, please i'm not sure about this, but i think there's a command to show how does each mode work, for example b is for banning, and so on08:14
ActionParsnip1myung: if i could I would have replied08:15
obiwan_can you remember about any command that will shouw em? something like /help modes or /help flags or sth like that i thought08:15
obiwan_i'm not sure but i think i read it before08:15
tonyyarussoharrison-bergero: Usually you should be able to get about half the theoretical, so 100Mbit = 12.5MB/s, half that is about 6MB/s.  So yeah, you're a little on the slow side right now.08:16
noobdziekanobiwan_: documenaion :f08:16
almoxarifeI am here to tell you  that 'dnsmasq' is worth the install, btw, the cache needs to be at least at 500008:17
pixie_piedoes anyone know how i can change a set of passwords with a script?08:17
ActionParsnip1almoxarife: yeah its pretty sweet08:17
almoxarifeyeah :) ActionParsnip108:18
tonyyarussopixie_pie: well, you probably can, but it's probably not advisable since you'd have them in plaintext.08:18
pixie_pieit's ok tonyyarusso08:18
=== Brainy|phpBB is now known as ckwalsh
obiwan_noobdziekan: what's that? :documentation:?08:19
pixie_piei can adduser -p putpasswordhere username08:19
pixie_pieuseradd rather08:19
pixie_pieis there a way i can put the password in there, tony?08:19
pixie_piei heard it has to be encrypted so i'm confused about it08:19
obiwan_nooooo don't do -p08:19
obiwan_i did it once , it's not what you think08:19
pixie_pieit can't be right that passwd usernamea08:20
obiwan_the -p will set the crypted password, not the one you would write before being encrypted08:20
pixie_pieso how can i make my script do that?08:20
pixie_pieit doesn't work as is08:20
pixie_piethe script runs and then the shell waits for user input08:20
obiwan_you have to do passwd08:20
pixie_piei do:08:20
=== _aleX-xx is now known as aleX-xx
pixie_pieuseradd -g groupa -G othergroups user108:20
pixie_piepasswd u108:20
obiwan_noobdziekan: please i don't know what you mean about documentation :$08:21
pixie_piepassword user108:21
tonyyarussopixie_pie: It's a little more complicated than that.  You'd have to wait and then send it into stdin when it was expected.08:21
pixie_piei enter also the password twice on the next two lines08:21
pixie_pietonyyarusso but i don't want any stdin input08:21
tonyyarussopixie_pie: you can send stuff to stdin from a script08:21
pixie_piecan you tell me how i do that?08:22
PRIDEwhat are some webcam programs for ubuntu, like cheese? dosnt have to be VoIP08:22
pixie_piei see here something online:  echo $PASSWORD | /usr/bin/passwd --stdin $USERNAME08:23
pixie_piebut i don't know what that means08:23
zirodayPRIDE: xawtv, camorama, empathy08:23
tonyyarussopixie_pie: but what obiwan_ said is probably easier - pass the password into the crypt() function, then pass that result to usermod.08:23
hanasakiwhen I log in... why is there a modal dialog asking for my password for the /usr/share/applications/gufw  app?08:23
PRIDEziroday, thx08:23
pixie_piehow about the chpasswd function?08:23
tonyyarussopixie_pie: From there you'll probably get better help in #bash - the exact syntax isn't my strong point08:24
tonyyarussopixie_pie: that could work too it looks like08:24
pixie_piethanks wow that was really hard to find08:24
obiwan_hi, please i'm not sure about this, but i think there's a command to show how does each mode work, for example b is for banning, and so on08:25
tonyyarussoobiwan_: freenode.net, "using the network"08:26
lyq88how to reset cairo-dock???08:28
lyq88anyone can help me ?08:28
ActionParsnip1lyq88: close it, run: cd ~; ls -a08:28
ActionParsnip1lyq88: you can then delete the cairodock config folder08:29
psychuilActionParsnip1: http://pastebin.com/d2fd560708:29
ActionParsnip1lyq88: then relaunch08:29
ActionParsnip1!info libartsc008:29
ubottuPackage libartsc0 does not exist in jaunty08:29
obiwan_eah i know tonyyarusso , just typing irc modes in google you have lots of webs with that info, what i need  is a command to show info about all modes, b means banning, r means registered, and so on08:29
lyq88i try08:29
noobdziekanobiwan_: http://www.google.com/search?q=freenode+flags08:30
obiwan_i think there's one command to show that, not sure though08:30
ActionParsnip1psychuil: looks like you need a repo or two to get these dependancies in08:30
noobdziekanthere is no command.08:30
ActionParsnip1!info libdvdread308:30
ubottuPackage libdvdread3 does not exist in jaunty08:30
psychuilGuess those were the repos from the debian site guide.08:30
zaoulIs it possible to image a drive with dd, but since I plan on imaging onto a larger drive, a straight dd would copy the partition table and would not see the extra space, how could I get around this?08:30
obiwan_ok then, i just wanted a command to show them without starting a browser08:31
ActionParsnip1zaoul: dd only copies the data so the free space will be vidisble08:31
obiwan_thanks anyway noobdziekan and tonyyarusso08:31
zaoulActionParsnip1: hmm, ok...I hope so08:32
psychuilNow how do i know which repos to add?08:32
ActionParsnip1psychuil: did you remove the one you added earlier?08:32
psychuilI think so.08:32
psychuilI did the 4 commands you told me to.08:33
ewbdid you do them in the right order08:33
bugfixbughi does anybody know of a good decompiler that runs on ubuntu08:33
ewbunder linux, if you did not, you may have just fucked your system08:33
ewbit's hard.08:33
bugfixbugbinary to c++08:33
bugfixbugor c08:33
lyq88can i  remove it through ubuntu resource center ?08:33
ewbURC has several bugs08:34
shkiperewb: what do you mean?08:34
ActionParsnip1psychuil: this may help: https://launchpad.net/~rvm/+archive/mplayer08:34
harrison-bergeroyeah really odd....i was at 3.5 now at 9MB/s on a 100mbit LAN...what gives?08:35
chunknutsAnybody know anything about Xubuntu?08:36
ActionParsnip1!anybody |chuck08:37
ubottuchuck: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?08:37
chunknutsWhy does my Xubuntu 9.10 RC live cd stop booting and say "cannot find live filesystem"08:37
chunknutshow about that08:37
zirodaychunknuts: we don't do 9.10 or xubuntu here, sorry08:38
zirodaychunknuts: try #ubuntu+108:38
chunknutsgot it08:38
chunknutsthank you08:38
psychuilNothing can be simple in linux, can it? :\08:39
ActionParsnip2psychuil: its simple for me08:39
=== robin is now known as Guest97935
harrison-bergerowhat ubuntu utility do you suggest to determine if a hard drive is faulty?08:40
shinkaWhere to I put my bib file (for LaTeX) so they can be read by my file everywhere (I'm currently copying the bib file in all folders with tex document, which is quite error-prone) ?08:40
=== Guest97935 is now known as robinreekers
ActionParsnip2harrison-bergero: fsck08:41
pixie_piei'm trying to figure out this this chpasswd command08:41
bhakaI added a new IP + hostname to my /etc/hosts and did "/etc/init.d/networking restart", but "host hostname" still gives me the old answer?08:41
pixie_pieman pages says chpasswd [options] and that it read sfrom stdin08:41
pixie_pieso why isn't my script working then?08:41
pixie_pieplease can anyone help me08:42
psychuilActionParsnip2: I imagine you'vwe got quite enough exp with it.08:42
pixie_pieit's ben two hours working on this08:42
psychuilI'll go back to windows since i need to write some C# stuff now.08:42
psychuilCya guys.08:42
ActionParsnip2hi indus08:44
CoUrPsESome recommendations for music playing software?08:44
CoUrPsERhythmBox is failing, :/08:44
ubottuAudio (Ogg, MP3...) players: Audacious, Banshee, Beep Media Player, Listen, Quod Libet, Rhythmbox, Exaile, XMMS2 (GTK/Gnome based) and Amarok, JuK (Qt/KDE based).  Video players: Totem, Xine, MPlayer, VLC, Kaffeine - See also !codecs08:45
CoUrPsEDo you use any of these?08:46
macoCoUrPsE: i use amarok08:46
ActionParsnip2mplayer here08:46
CoUrPsEHappy with it obviously?08:46
ZiggyzxxylHelp! I am having a problem with Brasero trying to copy a disc.. It tells me "you do not have required permissions to use this drive" ...but I do have permissions set, so why is it telling me this error?08:46
CoUrPsEHandles large playlists?08:47
macoCoUrPsE: aye...though i didnt like the old amarok. the one in 9.10 is what i use08:47
shkiperhalf of them is crap08:47
CoUrPsEI used amarok pre 9.10, and wasnt very happy with been able to just have a libary of files.08:47
DireFogI'm trying to install the Gnome DE on a Kubuntu Intrepid install updated to 9.10, and the gnome-desktop-environment package fails to install due to a missing fast-user-switch-applet package...08:49
DireFogis that normal a day before release, or am I just not supposed to install the gnome metapackages?08:49
ech0s7i have a problem with look and feel and gnome(gtk): http://i.imagehost.org/view/0657/differences  As you notice from this screenshot there is a problem of fonts with antiliaising (or bitmap font i don't know) on the gui at the left (mine). I would that my java swing application had the look like gui at the right... How it's possible to do that?08:49
kkalexciao gente08:50
Argosis ubuntu ok08:50
cyberspliceArgos: It has a cold at the moment?08:51
vectrixhello, someone here to help08:51
Argosdoes it ..lol08:51
Argosare they releasing 9.10 soon08:51
knoppiesvectrix, whats the problem?08:51
DireFogtomorrow apparently08:51
vectrixI have a problem with the livecd of ubuntu08:51
Ziggyzxxylanyone here know how to use brasero?08:51
knoppiesArgos, ok is an understatement.08:51
cyberspliceArgos: Yes, tomorrow.08:51
knoppiesvectrix, define problem08:51
Argosso all the bugs are taken out with this version08:52
CoUrPsEThere will never be no bugs.08:52
cyberspliceArgos: There are always bugs.08:52
knoppiesargos, doubt all, but most should be. yea.08:52
vectrixyes, the way I started it , that it doin´t touch the system at all08:52
Argosgood then i ll wait for that one08:52
CoUrPsEBut im sure it will have imrpovements.08:52
vectrixI used 9.04 and the distribution earlier08:52
vectrixin 9.04 I get I/o errors after a while08:53
CoUrPsEIs there any great gains in Karmic?08:53
vectrixand in the distribution before I get a black screen08:53
knoppiesvectrix, I/O errors could be your drive going (or cabling), but is most probably a driver issue.08:54
vectrixI guess it is a common problem with nforce 780a and sata drives ?!08:54
vectrixmy hardwire is fine when starting windows08:54
DireFoguh nforce fun08:54
DireFogmy last nforce chipset overheated and caused really fun data corruption08:54
vectrixI also used the switch "pci=nomsi" at boot08:54
ZiggyzxxylHelp! I am having a problem with Brasero trying to copy a disc.. It tells me "you do not have required permissions to use this drive" ...but I do have permissions set, so why is it telling me this error?08:54
vectrixbut that won´t help either08:54
knoppiesvectrix, I would try install it on an HDD, and see if the problem persists. I dont use the live CD for long periods of time. Its more an emergancy disk for me. I would try find an old HDD or something.08:54
knoppiesvectrix, it would appear im not the one to talk to. I dont even know what nomsi is.08:55
hanasakihow can I tell if my nfs is exported with SQUASH on?08:55
knoppiesvectrix, sorry i couldnt help, hope someone else can.08:55
vectrixnow , I would like to know if that problem is still on 9.10 , haben´t checked that out yet08:55
knoppiesvectrix, I wouldnt know. I havnt either.08:56
DireFoghanasaki: exportfs -v08:56
Argosis the browsing quick with ubuntu08:56
cybersplicevectrix: More than likely it is a driver issue. Give 9.10 a try. Can't hurt, eh?08:56
knoppiesArgos, depends on what kind of browsing. and some FF plugins can bog down your system.08:56
knoppiesArgos, but generally yes. Aspecially if you comparing to IE08:57
cybersplicevectrix: One of my compile rigs at home is an nForce, but i honestly can't remember what model, since i tend not to care!08:57
hanasakithanks DireFog .. its (rw,wdelay,no_root_squash,no_subtree_check) however cups pdf print doesn't work and the reports are it needs no squash to work and write to ~PDF... an ideas?08:57
kruemelhi there08:57
DireFoghanasaki: if you have no_root_squash, then it should work...08:58
vectrixok, thanks anyways08:58
vectrixdo you know who is responsible to ask for ?08:58
DireFogtry something like "sudo touch testfile" in the directory where you need cups to write08:58
kkalexqualcuno parla italiano percaso?08:58
hanasakiDireFog:  what do yo utink about this?08:58
hanasaki kernel: [  369.328719] type=1503 audit(1256720001.964:41): operation="open" pid=9320 parent=4762 profile="/usr/lib/cups/backend/cups-pdf" requested_mask="r::" denied_mask="r::" fsuid=0 ouid=0 name="/var/spool/cups/d00082-001"08:59
DireFogto see if the superuser can actually write there08:59
kruemeldid anyone notice the same? I want to make a usb key with 9.10 rc using the Windows tool. It doesn't work out as I can't select an *.iso as source!08:59
DireFoghanasaki: no idea, sorry09:00
hanasakiDireFog:  looks like some apparmour crap09:00
DireFoghum... it apparently fails to write to /var/...09:00
DireFogdo you have /var from NFS?!?09:00
rafiqhanasaki: which is the best way to install flash player...i tried many times to download and install from adobe site...09:01
CoUrPsEmaco, Any problems with Amarok just closing by itself?09:01
macoCoUrPsE: no09:01
Ziggyzxxylbrasero is useless. What else can I use to make an image file from a DVD disc?09:01
zcat[1]Ziggyzxxyl: dd ?09:02
ubottuCD/DVD Burning software: K3b (KDE), gnomebaker, brasero, serpentine, graveman, Nautilus-CD-Burner, GToaster, xcdroast (GNOME), wodim (terminal-based). Burning .iso files: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto09:02
Ziggyzxxylzcat[1]: what is dd?09:02
zcat[1]dd if=/dev/dvdrom of=foo.iso09:02
ActionParsnip2rafiq: is your ubuntu 64bit?09:02
PRIDEis there a command to lock my sister out of the router?...shes takeing up all my limited bandwith :(09:02
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about dd09:02
zcat[1]!info dd09:02
ActionParsnip2PRIDE: depends on the router, and its offtopic here09:02
ubottuPackage dd does not exist in jaunty09:02
ZiggyzxxylI see09:03
DireFog!man dd09:03
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about man dd09:03
DireFoganyway, man dd09:03
indusnot off topic really09:03
=== randy is now known as Guest29162
Guest29162q jotos09:03
ActionParsnip2indus: router config is OS independant so is not an ubuntu issue09:03
=== dragon3 is now known as dragon3_away
rafiqActionParsnip2: i am not sure..its 2.6.24-generic09:03
=== dragon3_away is now known as dragon3
ActionParsnip2rafiq: whats the output of: uname -a09:04
rafiq2.6.24-24-generic #1 SMP Tue Aug 18 17:04:53 UTC 2009 i686 GNU/Linux09:04
=== Daemonik is now known as Guest19355
ActionParsnip2rafiq: ok its 32bit09:04
rafiqoh how to check that?09:05
ActionParsnip2rafiq: you just did, i686 in that output means your system is 32bit09:05
ActionParsnip2rafiq: can you use a pastebin to give the output of: dpkg -l | grep flash; dpkg -l | grep gnash; dpkg -l | grep grep swf09:06
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com (or !pastebinit for CLI) | For pasting !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin Please give us the URLs for your posts!09:06
PRIDEhow many games does ubuntu support without wine? not counting the simpel ones like tetris, sudoku and the likes09:06
ubottuInformation about games on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Games and http://www.icculus.org/lgfaq/gamelist.php09:06
ActionParsnip2PRIDE: some commercial games have native installers like Doom309:07
rafiqActionParsnip2: this is the output                                                                                                       ii  adobe-flashplugin                                                         Adobe Flash Player plugin version 1009:07
rafiqii  libflashsupport                            1.9-0ubuntu1                                         Support library for sound output of Flash 909:07
rafiqii  gnash                                      0.8.2-0ubuntu3                                       free SWF movie player09:07
rafiqii  gnash-common                               0.8.2-0ubuntu3                                       free SWF movie player - common files/librari09:07
rafiqii  mozilla-plugin-gnash                       0.8.2-0ubuntu3                                       free SWF movie player - Plugin for Mozilla a09:07
FloodBot3rafiq: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.09:07
rafiqgrep: swf: No such file or directory09:07
PRIDEActionParsnip2, so i can run Doom3 without wine?09:07
ActionParsnip2PRIDE: totally, ID software make a Linux client for it09:08
cih997witam, jak w konsoli wykonac konfiguracje zeby apt-get instalowal paczki 'universe' ?09:08
PRIDEActionParsnip2, thx09:08
ActionParsnip2PRIDE: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Doom309:09
suigeneris!pl | cih99709:09
ubottucih997: Na tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.09:09
PRIDEActionParsnip2, thx a bunch09:10
cih997hi, how can i configure apt-get to be able to install 'universe' packges via console?09:10
ActionParsnip2np man09:10
ActionParsnip2cih997: if you enable them in synaptic they will be accessible via command line09:11
ActionParsnip2cih997: you can also do it old skool and uncomment the universe lines in /etc/apt/sources.list09:11
cih997ActionParsnip2: i cant use gui, console only09:11
cih997ActionParsnip2: thx!09:11
rafiqActionParsnip2: i just did what u said..09:12
ActionParsnip2rafiq: ok i need the link09:13
ActionParsnip2rafiq: ok thats why you arent getting flash09:14
ActionParsnip2rafiq: adding more flash plugins makes them conflict and you get no flash at all09:14
ActionParsnip2rafiq: run this and you will be fine:09:14
ActionParsnip2rafiq: sudo apt-get --purge remove adobe-flashplugin libflashsupport gnash gnash-common mozilla-plugin-gnash; sudo apt-get --purge autoremove; sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree09:15
SharpRainhow do I extract multi part RAR files09:15
SharpRainin Ubuntu?09:15
SharpRainhalp meh09:15
ActionParsnip2SharpRain: rar x <first rar file>09:16
PCMXso... yesterday i reinstalled windows on my laptop to use some fpga design software. well now there is some stuff I need to get done in ubuntu, but of course my grub got screwed up. catch is, i don't have the dvd drive for my laptop with me... Any easy free/open source way to change the boot partition on windows?09:16
xdfmI also have a Synaptic question... I wanted to install arping via apt-get! Apt told me that iputils-arping + the gnome-network-manager have to be uninstalled. Nevertheless I proceeded. After the installation I was not able to connect to the internet anymore, due to the missing gnome-network-manager. Now I couldnt undo it, so I told apt to only use packets from the ubuntu cd. Still didnt...09:16
xdfm...work. Apt could not find the network-manager packet. So I ended up reinstalling ;) I wonder if there would have been a better solution?09:16
SharpRaincheers man09:16
SharpRain<3 you09:16
=== SharpRain is now known as opticbeta
PCMX(i can make the ubuntu partion bootable with fdisk, but havent figured out how to make it the one the system defaults to)09:17
tk81im trying to use /etc/init.d/zabbix-server start but im getting permission issues with creating the PID file.. the script uses start-stop-daemon..  does it not use the root user?09:17
opticbeta<3 ActionParsnip209:18
aneesh1tk81: try this sudo /etc/init.d/zabbix-server start09:18
tk81aneesh1: i am root user..  im not sure why it cant create permission, unless that start-stop-daemon uses a different user09:19
induscan anyone confirm that usb-creator.exe is on all 9.04 cds?09:19
DarsVaedahi, is it me or is the "open with" file dialog really stupid?09:20
aneesh1tk81: what is the error messgae?09:20
DarsVaedahow can i choose another programm to open a file?09:20
tk81aneesh1: cannot create PID file, PERMISSION DENIED09:20
DarsVaedalike gedit for html files?09:20
=== bushwakko_ is now known as bushwakko
ActionParsnip2DarsVaeda: right click the file -> open with09:21
DarsVaedano i mean like from thunderbird09:21
tk81aneesh1: i can fix it by adding the zabbix user to the root group and chmod 775 /var/run but that just doesnt feel safe09:21
aneesh1tk81: did you check the permission of the /var/run directory.09:21
DarsVaedagot a html file as attachment, when i want to open it, i'm directed to firefox but i want to use gedit09:21
DarsVaedai can choose open with, but its a hell of a job to find gedit there09:21
jetscreamerinstall it09:22
indusopticbeta: sudo apt-get install unrar09:22
aneesh1tk81: OK. Then check the configuration file and change the location of the pid file09:22
tk81thanks aneesh109:22
PCMXsomething tells me i'm about to destroy my hd with a random tool09:23
knoppiesPCMX, elaborate...09:23
Vtecwhat will happen when ubuntu reaches the Z letter in distros? o.o09:23
tjzwhat is the letter now?09:24
knoppiesVtec, Didnt realise it was alphabetical09:24
VtecLol yes09:24
xdfmits not alphabetic, ist it?09:24
VtecJaunty Jackelope (current)09:24
om26erVtec, w has already been used\09:24
xdfmohh ok it is lol09:24
VtecKarmic Koala (next)09:24
Vtecom26er there is a Ubuntu Warty?09:24
knoppiesyou mean releases, not distros09:25
AivariuXWhat will be after karmy Koala?09:25
VtecNo idea09:25
AivariuXSorry Karmic09:25
om26erVtec, an older version of ubuntu very old09:25
VtecI wanted my question answered  though haha09:25
Vtecahh I see09:25
xdfmcan someone explain the difference between APTITUDE and APT-GET to me???09:25
om26erAivariuX, lucid lynx09:25
knoppiesIm not sure. But I reacon they may just loop back to a.09:25
VtecSo they're not alphabetical?09:25
aneesh1AivariuX: Lucid Lynx09:25
knoppiesunless they are, and they just loop the alphabet09:25
Vtecwhere can you find a list of the future release names?09:26
VtecHow did you know Lucid Lynx was next09:26
om26erVtec, there is no name after lucid09:26
AivariuXSomeone is using RC 9.10 now? Is it stable?09:26
Vtectry asking in #karmic09:26
AivariuXIm alone in #karmic :D09:27
AzeotropeWhat GIS/GPS software do you know for linux? Preferably one that has maps for offline use...09:27
om26erAivariuX, ubuntu+109:27
xdfmAivariuX, I am using it, seems stable! But why not wait another day and install the Final version!09:27
indusAivariuX: hi its stable09:27
ubottuIf you want to share the internet connection of your ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetConnectionSharing - You may also use !firestarter: http://www.fs-security.com/docs/connection-sharing.php09:28
Vtecis there much of a difference between karmic and jaunty?09:29
Vtecif so, advantages? disadvantages?09:29
om26erVtec, try it and u will find out the diff09:29
PCMXthis is driving me nuts =( - no one has any idea how i might be able to change the boot partition from within windows?09:30
VtecHow can I try it, do I have to dl an .iso file and partition again?09:30
AivariuXWith Gparted live CD09:30
knoppiesPCMX, I havnt been listening to you, let me read up and then see if I can help. But I warn you, I have never played with boot partitions.09:31
knoppiesyou havnt said much09:31
VtecTo try out a karmic koala release do i need to download an .iso file and partition it into my hd? or is there another way09:31
om26erVtec, install it09:31
Vtechow so?09:31
PCMXknoppies not much else to say - just gotta change the active boot flag09:31
indusVtec: no other way09:31
AivariuXVtec, use winrtual box09:31
PCMXknoppies except windows makes such things rather annoying09:32
=== The is now known as Guest29246
om26erVtec, start live cd09:32
indusVtec: there are always improvemetns in any new release and better hardware support, newer tweaks09:32
knoppiespcmx, I believe you there. But as I said, ive never really played with boot partitions. I would google it.09:32
Vtecom26er, so basically make a live cd with the karmic file?09:32
aneesh1PCMX: Xp?..09:32
PCMXknoppies moment you type in "windows" in a google querry you get instant trash :-P - i'm working on it though - right now trying to find a dos version of fdisk since it is no longer included in windows09:33
indusVtec: or download the alternate cd09:33
AivariuXVtec, you need burn CD from iso image09:33
VtecWhat about this command09:33
VtecTable of Contents09:33
Vtec   1. Introduction09:33
Vtec   2. Upgrading from Ubuntu 9.0409:33
FloodBot3Vtec: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.09:33
Vtec   3. New features in Karmic09:33
WubinatorI finished the new version of wubi09:34
indusWubinator: guy09:34
Wubinatorchangelog coming soon09:34
indusWubinator: you the creator?09:34
indusWubinator: great !!09:34
WubinatorI need people to test it09:34
indusWubinator: i have a question09:34
om26erWubinator, works with 709:34
AivariuXWubinator, Your works are great.09:34
knoppiesPCMX, dont inlcude windows in your search. I would search for boot sector. Or boot loader minipulation or something. Thought fdisk was just a partitioner? think its about time I shut up.09:34
WubinatorI havn't tested it with 709:34
VtecTo upgrade from Ubuntu 9.04 on a desktop system, press Alt+F2 and type in "update-manager -d09:34
Wubinatorbut it should work09:35
indusWubinator: i had a wubi installation where wubi wanted to connect to the internet to go ahead with installation, whats that about09:35
VtecWould that work?09:35
WubinatorI changed some of the bootloader stuff09:35
FiReSTaRTwubi: even though i've never used your product, i just wanna give you the props for coming up with it.. thanks and keep up the good work :)09:35
AivariuXWubinator, And I can try in Win7 from other PC :)09:35
indusVtec: yes of course09:35
indusVtec: sudo update-manager -d09:35
FiReSTaRTooops.. that was for Wubinator (forgot to press tab) :P09:35
Vtecwould it overwrite my current settings? or just create a new partition09:35
Wubinatorit doesn't create a partition09:35
indusWubinator: why is it hosted on mediafire?09:36
Wubinatorbecause mediafire is rather good09:36
Wubinatorand also09:36
Wubinatorsome skiddies have found the official beta dir09:36
Wubinatorcba to chmod it09:36
=== xod is now known as onats
indusVtec: overwrite09:37
VtecI see09:37
indusVtec: overwrites system files and keeps /home intact09:37
VtecIndus: would it erase all my setings such ass my apps and compiz settings?09:37
indusVtec: no09:37
AivariuXWubinator, Ubuntu installs ok in Win7 64bit09:37
Vtecyay i am off to try 9.1009:37
tazzhey whats the ubuntu karmic release channel called ?09:38
WubinatorI'll be back in a bit09:38
FiReSTaRTtazz: ubuntu+109:38
indusVtec: all files in home are preserved , but applications itself will be gone to default09:38
Wubinatorgot stuff09:38
VtecAhh I understand09:38
VtecIs the upgrade a long one?09:38
harrison-bergerohello all.  Im having the exact same problem that is posted here:  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=107684309:38
harrison-bergerocan someone point me in the right direction, i havent found a solution that works09:38
indusVtec: depends on your connection , will download 1 gb of stuff probably09:39
tazzFiReSTaRT, naah got it! #ubuntu-release-party :)09:39
agusis there anyone ever successfully install oracle instantclient on ubuntu?09:39
FiReSTaRTtazz: ahhh ok.. i guess the other one was for discussing the a/b/rc issues.. thanks for the correction :)09:40
knoppiesharrison-bergero, as a quick fix I would just try upload them in smaller chunks. But thats obviously the long way of going around it. I wouldnt know. I stopped trying to get windows shares working a while ago.09:40
knoppiesharrison-bergero, You could also use an external HDD. thats what I do nowdays.09:40
harrison-bergeroknoppies....so this is a known problem?09:40
cih997how to check current console coding?09:40
knoppiesharrison-bergero, my problem was getting it to connect consistantly. I could either get ubuntu to see windows, or windows to see ubuntu, but never both. It would also see it now but not later.09:41
knoppiesharrison-bergero, so I have up on it.09:41
harrison-bergeroknoppies...i was pulling my hair out thinking it was a setting problem!09:41
agushelp me how to configure instantclient on ubuntu?09:41
knoppiesharrison-bergero, it might be, you using samba right?09:41
harrison-bergeroknoppies, yes09:42
basantaCan I do Voip between 2 computers connected through a cross cable? which program?09:42
harrison-bergerofollowed the installation tutorial complete with editing the smb.conf file09:42
harrison-bergeroshare folders on both OSes09:42
harrison-bergeroand no windows firewall at all09:42
harrison-bergerojust the oddest thing ive ever seen....windows to linux works just fine09:43
harrison-bergerobut the other way around continues to give a connection timed out error09:43
knoppieshmm, I wouldnt know then. I would assume its got something to do with samba, but if nobody else has fixed it, then it would probably pay off to think out of the box.09:43
=== tazz is now known as gaurav
harrison-bergeroknoppies....out of the box....i have to first climb into the box to be able to think out of the box.  Im new to ubuntu09:44
knoppiesharrison-bergero, that makes two of us.09:44
jussi01Wubinator: mind if I pm?09:45
om26er Wubinator are there chances that this version will work on 709:45
xdfmstupid question... what is wubinator?09:45
jussi01om26er: please dont download anything from untrusted sources.09:46
marek_hi, how can i install php4 on ubuntu?09:46
om26erjussi01, ok09:46
jussi01om26er: Its quite possible it could be dangerous09:46
AzeotropeWhat P2P file sharing apps do you use?09:47
jussi01!wubi > xdfm09:47
ubottuxdfm, please see my private message09:47
AzeotropeBesides torrent and aMule09:47
om26erAzeotrope, limewire09:47
om26erAzeotrope, i don't use it am giving u the name09:48
xdfmjussi, thx ;)09:49
mahitiVtec: hi09:49
Vtecmahiti: hello09:50
ubottuWubi is an Ubuntu installer for Windows users that allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu like a Windows application, in a simple and safe way. http://wubi-installer.org/support.php for troubleshooting. Please file bugs at http://launchpad.net/wubi/+filebug.09:50
om26eris there any open-source instant messaging service09:50
noobdziekanom26er: like xmpp? :f09:52
om26ernoobdziekan, its open source service?09:52
om26ernoobdziekan, jabber is open-source?09:52
noobdziekandude... :f09:53
BlackFateom26er, yes jabber is open source09:53
ubottucairo-dock is a MacOS X -like dock for the gnome desktop, see www.cairo-dock.org09:53
poyntzcan someone help me get rid of the error message that shows up on startup in cairo dock?09:54
=== noobdziekan is now known as DaZ
indus_Vtec: hi09:54
raikcan anyone tell me the name of first person shooter game for ubuntu?09:54
indus_Vtec: so you downloading ?09:54
VtecIndus_: hello09:55
indus_raik: there are may]ny09:55
Vtecyes it will take me 4 hours to install it09:55
indus_raik: which one you need09:55
indus_Vtec: how fast is your conection09:55
indus_Vtec: do you have a live cd incasesomething goes wrong?09:55
VtecYes, I do09:55
VtecI have like a 50kbps connection09:56
raikany fps games that is free and works fine?09:56
azi__i would like to play some *.wmv and totem ask me if I want to search for a suitable plugin. after a search is done it says the requested plugins are "Windows Media Speech decoder" but no packages were found09:56
azi__any clues what is going wrong? i assume it's because my machine is 64bit?09:56
_Sihraik: openarena, urban terror, nexuiz09:58
raikare those fps games high end games like call of duty or equivalent?09:59
FOM|mo6openarena is like a clone of q309:59
FOM|mo6but they are fun and do look nice09:59
indus_raik: quake4 doom3 quake :enemy territory, unreal tournament\09:59
_Sihnot really, but they're pretty fun anyway. It's mostly just multiplayer actions liek quake and CS-liek stuff.10:00
indus_raik: quake 4,doom 3 are fps, run great10:00
raikcool, that works and many thanks for the help10:00
indus_azi__: hello10:00
indus_azi__: try closing totem, then open file again and search10:00
azi__indus_: obviously this doesn't fix anything10:01
azi__indus_: had this issue for like 3 months on this specific set of *.wmv files10:01
wm_eddieanyone know how to change the console keyboard layout.10:02
indus_azi__: try medibuntu for extra codecs10:03
indusazi__: what about vlc? does it play them>? frankly totem seems to play all crap for me10:04
jony123whats the package for nano called10:05
jony123nano the terminal text editor10:05
azi__indus: no player is capable of playing sound no10:05
indusazi__: bah sorry no idea10:05
BlackFatejony123, nano ...10:06
wm_eddieHorizonXP: nano?10:06
jony123wait a sec10:06
wm_eddiedoh, I meant jony123 before...10:06
indusazi__: so many diff formats around, but luckily totem plays all for me 99 %10:06
wm_eddiewhy did it go to H?10:06
jony123forgot to apt-get update10:06
indusazi__: in vlc, could you scan the messages which scroll during playback,then file a bug10:06
jony123(installing software to newly brought vps)10:06
BlackFateah k10:07
* wm_eddie wonders what's the best console web browser.10:07
wm_eddieor least sucky.10:07
indusVtec: good luck with the upgrade :)10:08
wm_eddieI'm probably in the wrong channel for these kinds of weird questions10:08
harrison-bergeroconnection timed out error....has anyone here experienced this when transferring files from linux to windows?10:09
harrison-bergerousing samba10:09
Vtecindus: thankyou very much10:09
DJones!browser | wm_eddie: No idea on the best console browser, but there's a few listed here10:09
ubottuwm_eddie: No idea on the best console browser, but there's a few listed here: Browsers available for Ubuntu: Firefox (GTK, Gecko engine), Konqueror (KDE/Qt, KHTML engine), Epiphany (GTK, Gecko engine), Dillo (GTK), w3m (terminal-based), Links2 (terminal-based or graphical, see !man page), edbrowse (command-line), Opera (Qt, proprietary)10:09
wm_eddiedidn't know about edbrowse.10:10
BlackFatewm_eddie, try lynx for console10:10
BlackFatewm_eddie, the best one10:10
IRConanI would recommend elinks10:10
pef^Anybody know how to sort out processes when using top? if i only want to show 1 process :D10:11
wm_eddieI've always used Links2 before myself.  Don't remember why though.10:11
IRConanpef^: you might wanna look at htop... it has more searching and sorting options with a more intuitive interface10:12
pef^Cheers ill look into that :D10:12
CaitraI want to merge applications, places and system in my taskbar into one menu so I have more room on my task bar can anyone tell me if there is a way to do this?10:12
azi__indus: ok10:13
kasimonHi! Has anybody managed to get ~/.xsession working again on Karmic?10:13
ikoniakasimon: #ubuntu+1 for 9.10 discussion10:14
kasimonikonia: thanks10:14
_SihCaitra: Rightclick the bar > Add to panel > Main Menu has them all in one icon.10:14
kasimonikonia: /join #ubuntu+110:14
awayguyso android works on htc touch?10:15
Caitraah brilliant, thank you _Sih10:16
AzeotropeHow do I uninstall a jar file?10:16
AzeotropeI mean the software that i installed with java -jar foo.jar10:16
=== Theexperts is now known as Surya
wm_eddieAzeotrope: By deleting the folderyou installed it to.10:17
rafiqActionparsnip2: flash player does not install...can anybody help me10:17
Azeotropewm_eddie, thanks10:17
wm_eddieAzeotrope: There might be a couple of files left over, but nothing too important.  Java doesn't usually integrate itself too much into the OS because of its cross-platform nature.10:19
frogzoo1find out why your mike is enabled & nothing else10:19
Lopta1Is there some tool like iotop but which could measure IOPS (Input/Output operations Per Second) for the each task in the real-time just like iotop? I want to see how much impact were mysql producing to the drives in the terms of io performance10:22
MenZaImpressive how you paste the same line after 8 hours of silence, Lopta1 :)10:22
arcskyis every ubuntu release based on debian experimental ?10:24
IRConanand the previous ubuntu obviously10:24
poyntzcan someone help me get rid of the error message that shows up on startup in cairo dock?10:25
rafiqIRConan:flash player does not install...i tried to download and install from adobe site...is there any other way to do it?10:25
poyntz- it refers to some dustbin theme10:25
IRConanrafiq: don't hilight me at random...10:25
poyntz- I installed cairo dock from the repository. prob has something to do with that10:25
frogzoo1rafiq: sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree10:26
rafiqfrogzool:Download done. Flash Plugin installed...was the message..is that all?10:30
IRConanrafiq: yes10:31
Lopta1:)MenZa its not the same there are some differentials in the lines10:31
FiReSTaRTguys, how would i set up my computer to share a drive over the local network?10:31
FiReSTaRTnm found it :)10:32
FiReSTaRTonly local10:32
FiReSTaRTso how would i share a drive over the network?10:32
frogzoo1FiReSTaRT: choose nfs or samba10:33
genericdoes 9.10 have a midnight release10:34
ubottuKarmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic is still NOT stable and MAY break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+110:34
genericfrogzoo1: what part about my quest made you think that would help?10:34
gRntHi all I have a quick question I am following a tutorial for my server install. One of the packages that is meant to be installed is libkadm55 however because this is a dated tutorial ubuntu says that the package no longer exists is anyone able to tell me how I can find an alternative if there is one?10:35
jribgRnt: use an up to date tutorial?  What are you trying to accomplish?10:35
FiReSTaRTfrogzoo1: i think i figured it out... currently rebooting the machine in question.. i just wanna dump /home/username to a storage drive on anoter ubuntu box so i can do a clean karmic install.. at home i have a portable hdd that i use for that purpose10:36
gRntlol jrib install wtorrent front end and rtorrent http://www.wtorrent-project.org/trac/wiki/DebianInstall has been spot on so far I just had to update a few packages the rest worked fine its just this one package. And it's a tad hard when the tutorial is from their site..10:36
paweli cannot copy files from ubuntu disk to partitions which 'belong' to windows, it says i dont have such rights to do10:37
jrib!ntfs > pawel10:37
ubottupawel, please see my private message10:37
=== skoef_ is now known as skoef
jrib!info libkadm55 | gRnt10:40
ubottugRnt: libkadm55 (source: krb5): MIT Kerberos administration runtime libraries. In component main, is optional. Version 1.6.dfsg.4~beta1-5ubuntu2 (jaunty), package size 147 kB, installed size 400 kB10:40
jribgRnt: what version of ubuntu are you using exactly?   That package exists in the latest ubuntu10:40
paweli have mounted partitions but i cant move files to windows partitions from ubuntu system10:40
jribpawel: I read that already.  I had ubottu send you detailed instructions.  Did you look at them?10:40
MorwindErmn, the Ubuntu keyserver keeps timing out for me. Is there any alternative?10:40
pawelits all about how to mount partition and i have already done that10:40
quaredscubeWhy is Canonical replacing Pidgin with Empathy in the new Ubuntu?10:41
quaredscubeIs it 'cuz Empathy supports video?10:41
gRntjrib I am running 9.10 RC server10:41
jribpawel: it talks about setting up permissions10:41
jrib!karmic | gRnt10:41
ubottugRnt: Karmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic is still NOT stable and MAY break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+110:41
gRntahh wrong channel, apologies10:41
AivariuXwere i need to copy Xchat script?10:42
jribAivariuX: ~/.xchat I guess?10:43
jribAivariuX: or maybe ~/.xchat210:43
Laurencebhow do I delete a folder from the command line?10:45
AivariuXIt works :)10:45
AivariuXIron Maiden - These Colours Don't Run10:45
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about rbox10:45
icerootLaurenceb: rm -rf foldername10:45
om26er1Laurenceb: sudo rm10:45
icerootom26er1: wrong10:45
om26er1iceroot: ya whatever10:45
joaopintoom26er, you don't use sudo for a regular rm !10:46
joaopintoom26er, is not whatever, is, please don't advise dangerous commands10:46
om26er1joaopinto: have i said mkfs.btrfs10:46
icerootom26er1: stop that please10:46
joaopinto<om26er1> Laurenceb: sudo rm10:46
Laurencebgot it thanks10:47
joaopintosudo is for system operations, should be used with care10:48
quaredscubeShould I use the ext4 formatting or not?10:49
switchgirlanyone know how to install wengophone?10:50
joaopintoquaredscube, if you prefer performance to safety, yes10:50
quaredscubejoaopinto, why is safety an issue?10:50
indus_switchgirl: from add/remove10:53
=== Vtec is now known as Vtec|ZzZz
joaopintoquaredscube, ext4 is not as mature as ext310:54
om26er1switchgirl: apt-get install wengophone it may work10:54
switchgirlindusits not there nore synapic10:54
joaopintoit is stable and safe in general, but not as much as ext310:54
quaredscubeI'll stick to ext3 then10:54
joaopintoom26er, there is no wengophone on the repositories10:54
indus_joaopinto: really? in what sense10:56
luiX_does anyone know how to run a command for an specific time?10:56
indus_switchgirl: have you enabled all the repositories10:56
joaopintoindus_, in the sense that ext3 was deployed and tested on probably 1000x systems than ext4 was until now ?10:57
switchgirlI'm on karmic so there are only two10:57
indus_switchgirl: why do you require wengophone btw10:57
ubottuCe canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr10:57
luiX_i mean, for example, execute the command myCmd for 10 secs, so it's running those 10 secs and then it finalizes10:57
joaopinto1000x systems more10:57
indus_joaopinto: ya its just a number,10:57
indus_joaopinto: but ill step back10:57
* AivariuX is listening to: Iron Maiden - [No Prayer For The Dying] - Holy Smoke ~ [ 2:48] of [ 3:48]10:58
indus_is there any problems with ext4?10:58
joaopintoindus, no, it is not just a number, there have been reported data loss cenarios using ext4 on the last 2 years, unlike on ext310:58
grawityAivariuX: Išjunk tą dalyką.10:58
switchgirlindus I want to use Skype AND have all my other VOIP stuff10:58
joaopintoindus_, no there isn't, like I said, it just is not as mature as ext310:58
indus_joaopinto: well, i thought its fine with karmic10:58
StaRetjiHello there \o/ Is it SAFE to use this command thousands of time : mount -o remount,rw /dev/sda1   ???10:58
ActionParsnip2yo yo yo10:59
joaopintoindus, it is fine, but not as fine as ext310:59
indus_switchgirl: hmm 1 sec10:59
=== german is now known as Guest35792
joaopintoStaRetji, that's a regular mount command, unless your filesystem is corrupted, it's safe10:59
paweldunno how to gain access to copy files between ubuntu dis and windows disk11:00
ActionParsnip2!ntfs3g | pawel11:00
ubottupawel: ntfs-3g is a Linux driver which allows read/write access to NTFS partitions. Installation instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MountingWindowsPartitions11:00
indus_switchgirl: ya sorry its been removed11:00
om26erActionParsnip2, ntfs work out of box on ubuntu?11:01
Sagacipawel: it's a lot harder to view a linux fs from a windows box than vice versa11:01
joaopintoom26er, yes it does11:01
Younderwhen is the next major ubuntu realse? (for backup)11:01
jribpawel: pastebin your fstab then11:01
Sagaciom26er: yes11:01
AxiusWhen is Ubuntu 9.10 release?11:01
indus_switchgirl: hi, its called qutecom now11:01
SagaciAxius: next 24hrs11:01
ActionParsnip2om26er: reading, yes. writing i'm not so sure11:01
joaopintoActionParsnip2, yes it is11:01
switchgirlindus_: no that's a differnent project - spin off11:02
Youndersorry TOMORROW11:02
switchgirland unstable11:02
indus_switchgirl:or try some older packages11:02
[1]JagsLivehi guys need little help reg installin ath5k module from backports in reply to a bug report11:02
ActionParsnip2joaopinto: i see11:02
indus_switchgirl: it says its the new name so what can i believe11:02
Younderubuntu site sais it all11:02
[1]JagsLivehave already added backports to sources.list11:02
* Mandrak is away: I'm busy11:02
om26er[1]JagsLive, ath5k works fine11:03
joaopinto[1]JagsLive, my advice is that you use the latest wifi drivers instead, i had major issues with atheros11:03
jrib!away > Mandrak11:03
ubottuMandrak, please see my private message11:03
StaRetjijoaopinto, I have FAT filesystem which is used to bring up linux .img with ext3 filesystem. FAT file system stores Mediacenter plugins and files inside specific folders became read-only. other folders are OK. if I issues mount -o remount,rw /dev/sda1  everything works well. Is this approach OK? I did dosfsck -a -v /dev/sda1 also11:03
joaopintoom26er, no it does not work fine with every model11:03
[1]JagsLivei have filed bug reports reg atheros not working under Karmic11:03
ubuntu_hi there11:03
* Mandrak is away: I'm busy11:04
joaopintoStaRetji, it is ok, but why just don't you add it to fstab ?11:04
[1]JagsLivenow some1 at launchpad ask me to try out module from backports11:04
grawity!away > Mandrak11:04
ubottuMandrak, please see my private message11:04
ubuntu_when mounting external device11:04
joaopinto[1]JagsLive, atheros do usually have problems11:04
ubuntu_how to specify the file system ?11:04
harrison-bergerodoes ubuntu have a firewall?11:04
joaopinto[1]JagsLive, try these instead: http://linuxwireless.org/en/users/Download11:04
om26erharrison-bergero, uncomplicated firewall11:04
joaopintoor wait for Karmic, Karmic comes with newer drivers11:04
hardknockhi .. please I need to translate a script11:04
[1]JagsLivethanks joaopinto11:05
om26erharrison-bergero, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuFirewall#Features11:05
ubuntu_is there anyon ehere ?11:05
joaopintoharrison-bergero, it comes with the default linux firewall, which is iptables11:05
om26erubuntu_, yes11:05
joaopinto!anyone | ubuntu_11:05
ubottuubuntu_: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?11:05
ubuntu_i try to mount a usb device11:05
StaRetjijoaopinto, What do you mean? The system never did that before, it just started to do this few days ago. It is on USB stick11:05
=== Creap_ is now known as Creap
ubuntu_when mounting the device it display me11:05
harrison-bergeroi guess a better question is, does this firewall interfere with samba?11:05
ubuntu_have to specify the file sytem11:05
Jajajawhat is a good choice of wireless card that will be supported under ubuntu 8.04.3 lts?11:06
ubuntu_how to specify the file system when mounting a external device  ?11:06
StaRetjijoaopinto: Please, have a look at this post (XBMC-Live on Ubuntu) http://www.xbmc.org/forum/showthread.php?p=426721&posted=1#post42672111:06
om26erubuntu_, usb should automatically mount when plugged in11:06
whoisIs Ubuntu Karmic going to release on Oct. 29th ???11:07
ubuntu_ubottu: where is the answer ? lol11:07
jribwhois: that's the plan11:07
Sagaciwhois: ftp://releases.ubuntu.com/releases/.pool/11:07
jribubuntu_: same as an internal... -t11:07
ActionParsnip2!hcl| Jajaja11:07
ubottuJajaja: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection11:07
pawel# <file system> <mount point>   <type>  <options>       <dump>  <pass>11:07
pawelproc /proc proc defaults 0 011:07
pawel# Entry for /dev/sdb1 :11:07
pawelUUID=2c8e74cb-2075-454c-b123-d9b19ac542be / ext3 relatime,errors=remount-ro 0 111:07
pawel# Entry for /dev/sdb5 :11:07
FloodBot2pawel: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.11:07
pawelUUID=17842eca-2353-4d27-ad0a-0430123a816a none swap sw 0 011:07
pawel/dev/scd0 /media/cdrom0 udf,iso9660 user,noauto,exec,utf8 0 011:07
pawel/dev/fd0 /media/floppy0 auto rw,user,noauto,exec,utf8 0 011:08
pawel/dev/sda2 /media/Disk1 ntfs-3g defaults,locale=pl_PL.UTF-8 0 011:08
pawel/dev/sda3 /media/Disk2 ntfs-3g defaults,locale=pl_PL.UTF-8 0 011:08
ActionParsnip2pawel: dont do that11:08
pawel/dev/sda7 /media/Dysk1 ntfs-3g defaults,locale=pl_PL.UTF-8 0 011:08
pawel/dev/sda6 /media/Dysk2 ntfs-3g defaults,locale=pl_PL.UTF-8 0 011:08
pawel/dev/sda5 /media/Dysk3 ntfs-3g defaults,locale=pl_PL.UTF-8 0 011:08
pawel/dev/sda1 /media/Dysk4 ntfs-3g defaults,locale=pl_PL.UTF-8 0 011:08
jribSagaci: please do not give that link here11:08
ActionParsnip2pawel: imagine if 5 people did that, how useles would the channel be?11:08
StaRetjidude, use paste.ubuntu.com11:08
[1]JagsLiveis ther any channel for ubuntu networking?11:08
[1]JagsLivei mean separrate channel11:08
ubuntu_not working with mount -t /dev/sda1 /home/ubuntu/Desktop/USSB jrib11:09
ubuntu_mount -t /dev/sda1 /home/ubuntu/Desktop/USSB jrib11:09
ActionParsnip2ubuntu_: /dev/sda1 isn't a type11:09
ActionParsnip2ubuntu_: -t is used to define the filesystem11:09
om26erubuntu_, that was an example11:09
ubuntu_mount -t ntfs /dev/sda1 /home/ubuntu/Desktop/USSB jrib11:10
ubuntu_is it good ?11:10
ActionParsnip2ubuntu_: sudo mount /dev/sda1 /home/ubuntu/Desktop/USSB -t ntfs      will be ok provided /home/ubuntu/Desktop/USSB exists11:10
=== carlos is now known as Guest66855
jribubuntu_: that's the proper syntax, yes11:11
pawelpartitions are mounted automatically but i cant copy files to the windows ntfs , so here is my question what to change in fstab11:11
ubuntu_it give me11:11
ubuntu_mount -t /dev/sda1 /home/ubuntu/Desktop/USSB11:11
ubuntu_NTFS signature is missing.11:12
ubuntu_Failed to mount '/dev/sda1': Argument invalide11:12
snwhi thr11:12
ubuntu_The device '/dev/sda1' doesn't seem to have a valid NTFS.11:12
ubuntu_Maybe the wrong device is used? Or the whole disk instead of a11:12
ubuntu_partition (e.g. /dev/sda, not /dev/sda1)? Or the other way around?11:12
FloodBot2ubuntu_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.11:12
ubuntu_it give me that one11:12
harrison-bergerook honestly, is this samba connection timed out error a major bear?  Is this something a newbie can fix or am i going to have to revert back to BIll?11:12
ActionParsnip2ubuntu_: is the partition ntfs?11:12
om26erubuntu_, you flash is vfat man11:12
=== trucMuche is now known as Guest90497
ActionParsnip2ubuntu_: try sudo mount /dev/sda1 /home/ubuntu/Desktop/USSB11:12
pawelany1 can see that?11:13
ActionParsnip2ubuntu_: let the system work it out11:13
ActionParsnip2pawel: i see it11:13
harrison-bergeroit seems i find plenty of articles describing my problem....but no one has posted a solution(s)11:13
om26erpawel, ntfs-3g should be ntfs only11:13
switchgirlindus_: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wengo your right, of course11:13
harrison-bergerowhy cant windows play nice with ubuntu?11:13
susbwoypawel: is /media/Disk and /media/Dysk owned by root?11:13
ActionParsnip2harrison-bergero: it can11:13
joaopintoharrison-bergero, because it was not designed to do so11:13
* switchgirl can't wait for tommorrow when this channel will implode with chatter of new installs11:14
ActionParsnip2switchgirl: oh yes joy :(11:14
ubuntu_that give me mount: vous devez spécifier le type de système de fichiers11:14
ubuntu_ 11:14
ubuntu_mount: you must specify the type of file system11:14
FloodBot2ubuntu_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.11:14
susbwoyBy the way, isn't ubuntu 9.10 coming out in like 3 hours or something :P11:14
om26erubuntu_, pastebing sudo fdisk -l11:14
ActionParsnip2ubuntu_: you can verify its file syste with: sudo parted -l11:14
harrison-bergeroI need some very specific troubleshooting assistance...maybe ive overlooked something.  Can someone help, starting from the beginning?11:15
jribubuntu_: one line == one thought  please11:15
indus_switchgirl: i dont see what that wiki page says vis a vis your problem11:15
jrib!ask | harrison-bergero11:15
ubottuharrison-bergero: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)11:15
harrison-bergero!how do i network ubuntu and windows11:15
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)11:15
ActionParsnip2harrison-bergero: run: sudo smbpasswd -a $USER   and type the same password for samba as you use to logon (makes life easier)11:15
tjzi have no sound for my ubuntu 9.0411:15
pawel1,2,3,4 are windows ones i guess11:16
ActionParsnip2harrison-bergero: i can give you my smb.conf if you wish. it has a single share defined11:16
syam1Help Plz.11:16
tjzdo you know why?11:16
harrison-bergerosure, at this point ill try anything11:16
paweldunno i automatically mounted them with soft11:16
=== crypto- is now known as Guest31197
ActionParsnip2harrison-bergero: http://pastebin.com/f550ab22e11:16
ActionParsnip2harrison-bergero: add the last 20 lines or so (you'll see what I mean) to your /etc/samba/smb.conf11:17
ActionParsnip2harrison-bergero: the thing in the brackets is the share name11:17
ubuntu_http://paste.ubuntu.com/303506/ this is for you om26er11:17
ActionParsnip2harrison-bergero: the rest is self explanatory, you will need to change the allowed user to your user name11:17
susbwoypawel: what are the permissions for /media/dysk?11:18
ActionParsnip2harrison-bergero: then save the file and run: sudo /etc/init.d/samba restart