switchgirlwhy does ubuntu one half work?01:57
switchgirland when if ever is there going to be a windows ubuntuone client so I can accsess my files from the 98% of machines in the world?01:58
switchgirlwhy am I paying  for something that won't work?01:58
switchgirlgogles gmail was working properly - even in Beta01:59
switchgirlreally frustrated01:59
switchgirlanyone awake?02:00
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)02:00
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ubuntuone02:00
switchgirllulz see02:01
jcastroseg|ars: meet mattgriffin!02:07
mattgriffinseg|ars: hello :)02:07
mattgriffinseg|ars: i think we met on a phone conversation with statik in may02:07
seg|arsah yes02:07
seg|arsmattgriffin: I'm curious about where all of the data is stored. I guess the file sync is using s3, right? But what about the tomboy notes and contact info02:08
jcastroseg|ars: when you're done sandy can answer your questions on the tomboy sync on #tomboy, I think rodrigo is asleep02:09
mattgriffinseg|ars: the architecture is a split between s3 and our data center. you're correct about the files. i'll have to check on the couchdb-dependent features like notes and contacts02:10
seg|arsare there any apis for third-party apps to use the contact info?02:11
seg|arsor would third-party apps just pull it out of the local couch instance?02:11
mattgriffinseg|ars: third-party apps would use the local contacts couch instance. in the future, though, that local couch instance could also store the app's data ... then the app user gets the benefit of more synchronization. i think quickly is well down that path.02:13
mattgriffinseg|ars: the couchdb's are stored in our data center02:14
seg|arshow does the local couch stuff get synced with the data center? is it possible to push over any arbitrary data from couch?02:15
seg|arsis it using regular couchdb replication or a custom protocol?02:15
mattgriffinseg|ars: it's using regular couchdb replication. Staurt covers this in his blog post here: http://www.kryogenix.org/days/2009/09/03/desktop-couch-irc-talk02:18
mattgriffinseg|ars: see "sharing data between machines"02:18
mattgriffinseg|ars: we've been working with the couch guys on the security pieces but it uses the regular replication02:19
seg|arsmattgriffin: the web ui for ubuntu one is not going to change significantly before the release, right?02:22
mattgriffinseg|ars: we just released updates today in preparation for 9.10 so no more changes for a little while.02:24
seg|arshow much of ubuntuone is open source right now?02:25
mattgriffinseg|ars: busy time for the data center guys getting ready for the flood downloading the release02:25
mattgriffinseg|ars: no change since we last talked (ubuntuone-client)... though we also have desktopcouch and bindwood that are open.02:28
seg|arsbindwood is the bookmark sync, right?02:28
mattgriffinseg|ars: right02:28
seg|arsis that enabled by default?02:29
jcastrono, it's in universe02:29
mattgriffinseg|ars: no. with all of the Ubuntu dealines we needed to meet, we didn't have quite enough time to get it to a stable enough place.02:29
seg|arsis it still really buggy or is it just not perfect?02:30
mattgriffinseg|ars: heh. it's getting better every day. we were having some serious problems with it early on, but those are mostly out of the way.02:31
seg|arsis there bookmark data loss risk?02:31
seg|arsis it something that a beta-friendly technology enthusiast (my readers) would be comfortable using?02:31
mattgriffinseg|ars: the early problems were mostly related to bindwood authenticating with desktopcouch.02:32
mattgriffinseg|ars: it's an early beta product now02:32
seg|arsok cool02:32
mattgriffinseg|ars: enthusiasts... yes.02:33
mattgriffinseg|ars: sorry. i forgot to mention a couple other open source pieces: evolution-couchdb and ubuntuone-storage-protocol.02:37
seg|arswhat is ubuntuone-storage-protocol?02:38
mattgriffinseg|ars: checking to see if any of the more technical guys can provide a better answer than 'it's the storage protocol that we use' :)02:41
seg|arsis it the file sync storage protocol?02:41
seg|arsI looked at the source code for that when I did my initial coverage, but I think it's been rewritten since then02:42
mattgriffinseg|ars: yes. it's used for file syncing02:43
webm0nk3yseg|ars, hi, what questions do you have02:43
seg|arsthe file sync implementation was rewritten since the original implementation, right?02:44
seg|arsI think I read somewhere that it's not all Python anymore?02:44
seg|arsI suppose I should just have a look at the code02:45
webm0nk3yseg|ars, yes02:45
webm0nk3yseg|ars, no that's all python02:46
webm0nk3ythere are some gui bits written in c02:46
seg|arsthe gui bits for nautilus integration?02:46
webm0nk3yseg|ars, i believe so02:46
webm0nk3yseg|ars, ubuntuone-storage-protocol is no longer used02:47
webm0nk3yseg|ars, what you want to look at is python-ubuntuone-storageprotocol02:47
seg|arsah thanks02:48
webm0nk3yseg|ars, that's the piece between the syncdaemon and our servers. in theory, you could write your own client with it02:48
webm0nk3yseg|ars, it uses google protocol buffers02:48
seg|arsto work with third-party servers?02:48
webm0nk3yseg|ars, well...more like your own client to talk to ubuntuone servers02:49
webm0nk3yseg|ars, but you could write your own server i suppose02:49
webm0nk3yseg|ars, the client wouldn't know really02:49
seg|arswould it theoretically be possible to use the protobuf definitions to build a server-side implementation?02:49
webm0nk3yseg|ars, yes, but that's like saying you can build a palace if you have the drawbridge02:50
webm0nk3ywell...perhaps i shouldn't liken our system to a palace just yet ;)02:50
webm0nk3ygiven any interface you can fabricate both sides of it02:51
webm0nk3ythe thing is, the storageprotocol doesn't really expose a lot of the details of the messages going back/forth02:52
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dobeylookin' in my gucci it's about that time13:59
urbanapemy rolex is running a few minutes off, I guess.14:00
urbanapepiece of crap.14:00
jblountMEETING BEGINS : Please respond "me" to take part in the Desktop+ developers meeting. dobey rodrigo_ CardinalFang aquarius urbanape teknico vds1 statik14:00
rodrigo_no watch here, but I know I have finished cooking and food is waiting on the table, so yeah, it's about time :D14:00
melterdoes ubuntuone support OSs other than ubuntu?14:00
dobeymelter: it will run on any linux, so long as the dependencies are satisfied14:01
dobeythe file sharing client anyway14:01
dobeythe contacts, notes, and bookmarks syncing might work on windows and osx already, if someone built them for it14:02
jblounturbanape: Go for it14:03
urbanapeDONE: Cut a branch to wire up "Stop Sharing / Cancel Sharing" buttons in web ui. (Bug #427766)14:03
urbanapeTODO: Finish and push it14:03
urbanapeBLOCK: None14:03
urbanaperodrigo_, go go go14:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 427766 in ubuntuone-servers "Revoking of shared folder isn't working on one.ubuntu.com website" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42776614:03
rodrigo_• DONE: Fixed XML<->HTML converter14:03
rodrigo_• TODO: Talk to Ara about writing mago tests for evo-couchdb. Conflict resolver tool in pair tool. Look at becoming a MOTU (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopers). openSUSE/Fedora packaging with aquarius. API documentation for couchdb-glib. Make sandy's snowy test suite work with our server (http://git.gnome.org/cgit/snowy/tree/api/tests.py). Discuss with jdo and aquarius about oauth token per app, not per machine?14:03
rodrigo_• BLOCKED: no14:03
rodrigo_go jblount!14:03
jblountDONE: Got robot drawn, bugs sorted, branch to cleanup /account/machines/14:03
jblountTODO: Windows VMs setup to start IE testing (ugh), Get started on some details for the /files/ interface that haven't been addressed, draw more robots14:03
jblountBLOCKED: Nope14:03
jblountCardinalFang: rocknroll14:03
dobeyla la la14:04
CardinalFangDONE: log secrecy minor bug.  datacenter couchdb patched again.14:04
CardinalFangTODO: help with datacenter crashes.14:04
CardinalFangBLOCKED: no.14:04
CardinalFangdobey, please.14:04
dobey☺ DONE: Mostly fixed NM dependency (#357395), Fixed some mail filters14:04
dobey☹ TODO: Finish fixing NM issues (#357395), Fix more bugs14:04
dobey☹ BLCK: None.14:04
dobeyteknico: ciao14:04
teknicoDONE: checked that the 404 contacts problem is solved for the users that reported it (#458446); done reviews14:04
teknicoTODO: more reviews; integrate the client-side code needed by delete buttons on repeatable sections of the contacts edit form (#439093)14:04
teknicoBLOCK: none14:04
tekniconext: aquarius14:04
aquarius⚀ DONE: various small couchish things; test third-level cookies work14:05
aquarius⚁ TODO: look at oauth-enabling twisted; make tomboy first-sync experience nicer; work on desktopcouch developer docs14:05
aquarius⚂ BLOCKED:14:05
aquarius⚃ BUG COUNT:https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/~sil/+assignedbugs?field.tag=ubuntuone-karmic - 0 (!!)14:05
aquariusI think I'm last14:05
jblountEOM indeed, thanks all!14:06
rodrigo_ok /me goes back to food14:06
vds1DONE: testing on file sharing, desktopcouch, bindwood and tomboy14:07
vds1TODO: everything is needed for the release :)14:07
vds1BLOCKED: nope14:07
jblountvds1: :), thanks!14:10
=== vds1 is now known as vds
vdsjblount: sorry for the delay14:10
jblountvds: No worries, it should be expected when we have 5 minute meetings :)14:14
dobeyi guess i have to call to set up water and cable14:22
ScuniziWhen using ubuntuone with a web browser there doesn't seem to be a way to delete files that I"ve uploaded.  Am I missing something or is that feature only available in the 9.10 release integration?15:36
joshuahooverScunizi: you should be able to click on a file (not the name, just the area around it) and get a trash can showing up15:44
joshuahooverScunizi: do you see that icon when you select a file?15:44
Scunizijoshuahoover: sorry.. had a call. yes I did do that and the can shows up.. but I had to click more in the area close the the "Size" column.  It doesn't seem overly intuitive for someone with no experience.  Now to actually delete the file do I have to click the trash can or is it automatic at that point?  If it's automatic and I want to change my mind, how do I remove the trash can?16:10
joshuahooverScunizi: you have to click the trash can to actually delete the file16:11
joshuahooverScunizi: i agree, it's not completely obvious how to delete a file16:12
Scunizijoshuahoover: thanks for your help again.. Nice to see the cookie issue resolved.. I'm in #ubuntu a lot and have notice some increased interest in ubuntuone as a service.16:13
joshuahooverScunizi: thanks for the support and kind words!16:13
Scunizijoshuahoover: kudo's where they belong :)16:14
ukevhi urbanape, any news on bindwood? ;)16:18
ukevyou mentioned a ppa, does that already exist?16:18
urbanapeour PPA exists, but a new version of bindwood hasn't rolled out yet.16:18
urbanapeI believe it'll be in the u1 PPA.16:19
ukevok, but I can add the ppa to my sources to see (become noticed) when an update is rolled out...16:20
Scunizijoshuahoover: any plans that you know of to incorporate calendar sync along with the contacts?16:20
joshuahooverScunizi: none right now16:20
ukevtask sync? ;)16:21
joshuahooverukev: possible, we haven't discussed that one in particular16:21
ukevok, is contact-sync ready to test?16:21
joshuahooverukev: not quite yet...we're working out one last thing...once it's ready, i'll be sure to announce all over the place :)16:23
ukevthanks :)16:24
switchgirlhi ubuntuone has list my files kept my folders - I pay or the service18:27
Scunizijoshuahoover: gettin' another error when trying to upload files.. "This webpage is not available .. https://files.one.ubuntu.com/upload/ might be temporarily down or may have moved permanently to a new web address"..18:35
joshuahooverScunizi: hmmm...18:35
joshuahooverScunizi: is it consistent? happening all the time? (just to help troubleshoot, shouldn't happen at all, obviously)18:36
dobeyswitchgirl: joshuahoover might be able to help you. can you explain further what your issue is?18:36
joshuahooverswitchgirl: i'm not sure i understand your question18:37
Scunizijoshuahoover: just in the last 5 minutes.. prior to that it was working..18:37
joshuahooverScunizi: i'm checking it here now18:37
=== teknico is now known as teknico_away
Scunizijoshuahoover: under "more information" it shows "Error 7 (net::ERR_TIMED_OUT): The operation timed out.18:40
joshuahooverScunizi: we've got someone looking into this right now, thanks for letting us know!18:41
joshuahooverScunizi: it's taking my small text file forever to upload, probably same issue based on the timeout error you posted here18:42
Scunizijoshuahoover: thanks.. !18:42
switchgirljoshuahoover: I can't get files to upload I add folders it strips the data from the folder and looses the data but makes a new file18:55
switchgirlso I am left without files just folders18:55
joshuahooverswitchgirl: you're doing this through the client or web?18:56
switchgirlboth its not me either it's the software18:56
switchgirlthe fact I can't d/l the software I uploaded to the server is a bit rubbish18:57
switchgirlmeans I have to use a hdd at a clients pc18:57
switchgirlnot good if the client has a virus18:58
switchgirljoshuahoover: ?19:01
switchgirlwhy won't it work on the site nore the client19:01
joshuahooverswitchgirl: can you file a bug for this so i can take a look at log files and continue to troubleshoot with you here? right-click on the ubuntu one client and select "Report a Problem"19:02
joshuahooverswitchgirl: i'm not sure, but getting these log files in a bug will help me start investigating as i'll have more details :)19:02
dobeyswitchgirl: if you upload via the web, you have to upload each file individually, there isn't really any easy way to upload a whole directory to a web site19:03
switchgirldon't worry the website is broken it won't work it the terms of can't upload at all19:04
joshuahooverswitchgirl: there is an issue with uploading files right now, we're fixing that currently, my apologies for that inconvenience19:05
dobeyi don't understand what you're saying19:05
switchgirlI pay for it joshuahoover19:05
switchgirlI'm on benefit19:05
switchgirlie 50 quid a week to live on.... 7 quid a lot to pay for a service that half works19:06
joshuahooverswitchgirl: i understand and we want to get this working for you...have you had a chance to file a bug by any chance? it sounds like you're having problems with the client that the log files will may give me more details to help you with19:06
switchgirlI just filed anouther one19:07
switchgirl7th time this week I think19:07
joshuahooverswitchgirl: do you have the url or bug number?19:07
switchgirljoshuahoover: not lettin me go to ~/.cache/ubuntuone/log/syncdaemon.log19:15
joshuahooverswitchgirl: do you get some sort of error?19:16
joshuahooverswitchgirl: do you have a bug # or url i can look at?19:16
switchgirlI'm trying to file one19:17
switchgirlit won't be helpful to file a bug form without the log files19:17
joshuahooverswitchgirl: if you go to ~/.cache/ubuntuone/log in a terminal session, can you see any files there?19:17
switchgirlyes there are files there19:19
joshuahooverswitchgirl: you said you weren't able to get to syncdaemon.log? not able to open it or attach it to a bug?19:20
switchgirlnautilus won't allow me to vview it19:20
joshuahooverswitchgirl: ok, in nautilus, if you click on View->Show Hidden Files that should let you see hidden files19:21
ScuniziCTRL+H works too19:28
joshuahooverthanks Scunizi! :)19:28
switchgirlhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntuone-client/+bug/462829 oh ok19:31
ubottuLaunchpad bug 462829 in ubuntuone-client "wont connect andwont work strips folders and files deleteing files uploading folders only" [Undecided,New]19:31
joshuahooverswitchgirl: looking at it now19:32
joshuahooverswitchgirl: can you also try attaching your ~/.cache/ubuntuone/log/syncdaemon.log file to this bug while i'm investigating this? really appreciate it!19:36
switchgirlsure     how though19:37
joshuahooverswitchgirl: good question! on the bottom of the bug page, you should see an "Add an attachment" link, click on that19:37
switchgirlhow to view the file I mean19:38
joshuahooverswitchgirl: once there, click on the "Browse" button and click on the pencil and paper icon...then put in ~/.cache/ubuntuone/log in the "location" bar that appears...that should get you to the folder with the syncdaemon.log file19:39
switchgirlCannot upload empty file.19:41
joshuahooverswitchgirl: hmmm...19:42
joshuahooverswitchgirl: if you do this in a terminal session, can you let me know if anything outputs? more ~/.cache/ubuntuone/log/syncdaemon.log19:42
Slam-erjoshuahoover ping19:44
joshuahooverSlam-er: pong19:44
Slam-erMy Ubuntu One folder got renamed this morning to Ubuntu One.1uconflict, is there are reason for that?19:45
Scuniziswitchgirl: you can also install pastbinit for terminal pastebin access.. after install then just .. pastebinit ~/.cache/ubuntuone/log/syncdaemon.log ... and it will return a url for pasting here.19:46
Slam-erNothing has changed other then I did open one document for editing this morning. I'm still in the process of uploading all of my data (the process has been interuptted a few times as I move the laptop)19:46
Scuniziswitchgirl: I think that's what joshuahoover wanted you to paste to your bug report..19:48
verterokswitchgirl: that is only one bit of the log19:49
joshuahooverSlam-er: it's tough to say, there is a bug report out there with a similar situation that we're looking into...give me a few to find that bug19:50
verterokswitchgirl: could you execute the following in a terminal session?: tar -cjf ~/Desktop/syndaemon-logs.tar.bz2 ~/.cache/ubuntuone/log19:50
joshuahooververterok: thanks! :)19:50
verterokswitchgirl: then from the bug page in launchpad attach that file to the bug19:50
switchgirlpress f519:50
verterokswitchgirl: using the "add attachment" link19:51
switchgirlok    what's the difference?19:51
verterokswitchgirl: when you click on the Browse button, you can go the desktop and pick the syndaemon-logs.tar.bz2 file :)19:51
switchgirlktop:~$ tar -cjf ~/Desktop/syndaemon-logs.tar.bz2 ~/.cache/ubuntuone/logtar: Removing leading `/' from member names19:53
verterokswitchgirl: you have the file in the Desktop instead in a hidden folder, and it contains all the syncdaemon logs compressed (to make the upload faster)19:53
verterokswitchgirl: ok, that's ok19:53
joshuahooverSlam-er: didn't forget about you, (finally) found the bug i was thinking of: bug 45654620:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 456546 in ubuntuone-client "Ubuntu One folder renamed to Ubuntu One.u1conflict" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45654620:00
Slam-erno problem, I'll take a look20:00
Slam-eryup, that seem's about right I guess... are there known issues with partially complete uploads? In my case I've uploaded 4gb, I have about another 8gb to go but the applet say's my files are up to date, my uploads have been interuppted a couple of times, not sure if that is causing problems20:02
verterokswitchgirl: do you have the folder: "Ubuntu One" in your Home directory?20:05
switchgirljoshuahoover:  you work for shuttleworth?20:05
switchgirlverterok: yes20:05
joshuahooverswitchgirl: yes20:05
verterokswitchgirl: and it was ever renamed to "Ubuntu One.u1conflict" ?20:06
switchgirlI click connect it rejects the connection20:06
joshuahooverSlam-er: i've seen instances where a fairly slow internet connection (or slow response from us on the server side) seems to wreck havoc on the upload sync...it's been next to impossible for me to reproduce so far...anyway, can you file a new bug and then attach your log files found in ~/.cache/ubuntuone/log there? ($ tar -cjf ~/Desktop/u1-logs.tar.bz2 ~/.cache/ubuntuone/log )20:10
Slam-erI'm adding a comment to the bug you showed me, you want my log files as well?20:11
switchgirljoshuahoover: that would be a yes then20:12
joshuahooverSlam-er: you can add them there, sure...it may be a bit messier to keep track of, but i'll deal with that :)20:13
verterokswitchgirl: that yes was for my question regardin Ubuntu One.u1conflict?20:13
Slam-erokay, I'll add what I can20:13
joshuahooverswitchgirl: i'm sorry, "that would be a yes then"?20:13
switchgirlI asked who you worked for "do you work for mr shuttleworth"20:14
switchgirlverterok: yeah I have that folder20:14
verterokswitchgirl: please chekc if all your files are in it :)20:15
* verterok can't write today20:15
joshuahooverswitchgirl: ah yes, i replied yes to your question earlier :) sorry, lots of messages flying around20:15
switchgirlit does have the folders and files :) but still not where I want them,20:16
verterokswitchgirl: ok, let's go step by step :)20:16
verterokswitchgirl: so your data wasn't lost, that;s a relief :)20:16
verterokswitchgirl: did you put new files in the "Ubuntu One"?20:17
switchgirljoshuahoover:  forgive me I'm dreading next week (may start a temp job 37 hours a week 12 hours a day and ontop of that overtime)20:17
verterokjoshuahoover: looks like switchgirl hitted the Ubuntu One.u1conflict bug20:18
joshuahooververterok: alright...how can i help troubleshoot this? i see what bug 456546 says, and can attempt to reproduce by deleting all files from the u1 folder...do you have further thoughts on what might be causing it?20:19
ubottuLaunchpad bug 456546 in ubuntuone-client "Ubuntu One folder renamed to Ubuntu One.u1conflict" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45654620:19
verterokjoshuahoover: looks like is a combination of uploads and disconnections, I wasn't able to define a pattern :/20:21
joshuahooververterok: perfect! ;)20:21
switchgirlits more the fact I have paid for a service that won't work (in legal terms a contract has been formed between ubuntu and myself and ubuntuone are breaching that) :s20:21
switchgirlthat's just what my professor said20:21
joshuahooververterok: well, i know i was able to reproduce one issue today with disconnects during sync to a 2nd computer...wondering if i need to try something similar but deleting files instead20:22
verterokswitchgirl: I can try to help you fix your client, in order to get it working again20:23
switchgirlok verterok20:23
joshuahooverswitchgirl: we're doing our best to get to the bottom of this and are truly sorry that ubuntu one is not working better for you...in the mean time, i'd love it if you could continue to work with verterok to get things working properly for you ...i'm going to be busy trying to reproduce this issue so that we can get some exact steps that help the developers to narrow down the possibilities and test this out20:24
verterokswitchgirl: ok, let's do some sanity checks first20:25
verterokswitchgirl: did you copy/moved any new files into the "Ubuntu One" after it started to do crazy stuff?20:25
switchgirlim tired and frustrated that's all20:25
switchgirltbh it happened after there was a power cut20:26
switchgirlit happens when it doesn't shut down correctly20:26
switchgirlits like a lost files (kinda like lost&found) I think20:27
verterokswitchgirl: ok, that's good info. thanks20:27
verterokswitchgirl: so, let's try to recover from this crash.20:27
switchgirlall other files are fine - just ubuntuone20:28
verterokswitchgirl: we are going copy (not move, in order to avoid any data loss) the files in Ubuntu One.u1conflict into Ubuntu One, please execute the following command in a terminal session20:29
verterokswitchgirl: sorry, first turn off/quit the client if it's running20:30
verterokswitchgirl: once the client isn't running, execute this in a terminal session: cp -a ~/Ubuntu\ One.u1conflict/* ~/Ubuntu\ One20:30
verterokswitchgirl: around?, after looking in detail to your logs, looks like the power failure broked the log files and probably the client metadata too :(20:49
kjollerHi Everyone. I am trying to follow https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuOne/Tutorials/Contacts. Everything seems to go according to plan (except for a couple of errors on copying some of the contacts). But the contacts do not show up on the web interface. Are they supposed to? Any idea what I am doing wrong?20:55
kjollerOh, I am using the freshly updated 9.10 RC20:56
joshuahooverkjoller: we're still working on the final link there...hope to have good news soon...i'll announce here and in the forums, mailing list, twitter, identi.ca20:56
kjollerOh, great, I was not aware that it was not ready yet. Is the ETA comparable to the karmic release (i.e. tomorrow), or is it another schedule entirely?20:57
joshuahooverkjoller: we're aiming for tomorrow (we were hoping for long before tomorrow, but software development has a funny way of modifying even the best of plans)20:58
kjollerjoshuahoover: Sounds fair. I'll be following closely on identi.ca, then :) Happy Hacking21:01
verterokswitchgirl: I think joshuahoover's cleanup instructions might help to cleanup your setup, then: 1) start the client 2) wait to fully sync with what's in the server 3) copy the contents of Ubuntu One.u1conflict into Ubuntu One (please make sure you'r copying and not moving the files)21:01
joshuahooverthanks kjoller!21:01
FrankRobertshi guys21:30
joshuahooverhi FrankRoberts21:30
FrankRobertsdoes anyone here know where i can add ideas for ubuntu one?21:30
FrankRobertsexcept brainstorm? ;)21:30
joshuahooverFrankRoberts: you can submit a bug and we'll classify it as a wishlist item21:31
dobeyoh ideas21:31
* dobey read that as 'icons'21:31
FrankRobertsits not a bug its just an idea of how it could work better21:31
FrankRoberts:) lol21:31
dobeyFrankRoberts: technically speaking, anything that's not working ideally, is a bug21:32
dobeyFrankRoberts: 'bug' is probably the wrong word generally though, as 'bugs' is a tracking system, not necessarily for only bugs21:32
FrankRobertsso launchpad is the way to go?21:33
sandy|lurkIf I want to file a bug against the Tomboy UI on the U1 server, which component should I file against?21:46
dobeysandy|lurk: against the notes web ui?21:50
dobeysandy|lurk: ubuntuone-servers21:50
sandy|lurkthanks dobey21:50
statikhey sandy|lurk, nice to see you here. your bug reports are always welcome22:05
sandy|lurkstatik: thanks, they're just nitpicks about the UI...the syncing is working fine so far and I haven't tried editing yet22:05
statiksandy|lurk: cool, i'm sure there's polish still needed. I've been poking around at a little web UI optimized for mobile browers to show your notes, but nothing working yet22:06
statikso i can get my notes on my phone22:06
sandy|lurkstatik: what kind of phone?22:06
statiki've got an iphone right now, but it seems like android/palm pre/iphone all have pretty amazing browsers22:07
sandy|lurkalthough a mobile-friendly UI is great (and we intend to do one for Snowy, too), notes are often the kind of thing you want immediately even if you have no data connection22:07
sandy|lurkso we have a lot of interest in developing full mobile note clients22:07
sandy|lurkwith local storage, syncing, etc22:07
sandy|lurkwith MonoTouch out now, it should be pretty easy to do for iPhone, reusing code from Tomboy22:08
sandy|lurkand of course there are the guys working on Tomdroid for Android devices22:08
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