poolieigc, hi, i'm setting up a new Analytics account for the bzr team00:15
pooliein which we should have more configuration control00:16
GungaDinI have a pending merge (lots of conflicts) that I still haven't committed... how do I get rid of it?00:29
spiv"bzr revert"00:30
spivOr "bzr revert --forget-merges" if for some reason you just want to revert the pending merge and not the conflicts.00:31
pooliehello spiv00:37
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maxbAre there any special subject-line conventions for discussing subprojects on the bazaar mailing list?  (i.e. bzr-fastimport, for example)01:57
poolieigc i'm a bit disturbed by the number of "if wt.supports_content_filtering" special cases getting scattered through the code01:59
poolieit really smells like something not sufficiently well separated02:00
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igcpoolie: IIRC, some of them are there just to ensure "zero" overhead on early formats. I'll certainly think about a bit more02:52
ricardokirknerhi there. I am having issues pushing a branch to launchpad. I keep getting 'Permission denied (publickey).' error messages03:07
ricardokirknerany ideas what might be going on? (I added my ssh key to my profile)03:09
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mwhudsonricardokirkner: perhaps you need to tell bzr your launchpad user name?03:10
ricardokirknernay, I did that too03:10
SamB_XPyou added the right key to the profile ?03:11
SamB_XPand entered the *right* username ?03:11
ricardokirknerI actually deleted any registered keys, created a rsa key, and added it03:11
ricardokirknerwhat's the right username? I entered *my* username03:11
SamB_XPricardokirkner: well, I mean, it would be bad if it was misspelled ;-)03:12
lifelessspiv: that log bug - backport to 2.0?04:40
spivlifeless: the merge proposal was for 2.0 :P04:42
AfCEnjoyed reading jam's email about a possible "improved_chk_index"04:43
lifelessring me if needed :)05:09
spivOh, gar, I remembered to run the blackbox tests to see what other bugs my test fix uncovered, then forgot to actually look at that terminal to see if anything failed.05:12
fullermdWell, every bit of advice out there just tells you to run the tests, so surely you did the important bit   :p05:16
AfCtest driven development. Doesn't that mean that the tests fix things for you?05:25
fullermdDepends on whether your bugs are stronger.  It's like an e-Thunderdome.05:25
spivjam: still around?  want to do a quickie review of some near-trivial fixes needed for my bzr log fix?  http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~spiv/bzr/log-objectnotlocked-bug-445171/revision/469705:53
fullermdspiv: Something in the discussion about that reminded me of a bug I filed a while ago...05:56
* fullermd digs.05:56
fullermdHm, looks like a cluster of semi-related bugs...05:58
fullermdbug 149270, bug 144421 (closed?), bug 14430005:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 149270 in bzr "revisionspec in_history calls fetch, which requires the branch to be writable" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/14927005:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 144421 in bzr "Using branch: revspec in stat blows up" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/14442105:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 144300 in bzr "bzr log -r branch|ancestor attempt to fetch data in a read only transaction" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/14430005:59
fullermdIt sounded from the discussion like those may be fixed in that branch?05:59
spivNo, in fact it exacerbates that slightly :(06:01
spivBut they are all related, yeah.06:01
fullermdWell, you can pretend they're fixed; just run the tests and don't look at the results   8-}06:02
vilahi all07:10
PengGood morning. :)07:12
* fullermd waves at vila.07:13
fullermdvila: BTW, big thanks for your help keeping the DWIM stuff moving!07:18
* Peng goes to sleep.07:19
vilafullermd: always happy to help (TM)07:36
vilafullermd: I had a question about it though, I suppose you used the dwim revspec for quite some time now, what is your feedback as a *user* (trying to forget your also are the implementor) ?07:37
vilajames_w: ping, ready for you whenever you are07:38
fullermdOh, I haven't used it much beyond testing.07:39
fullermdIt wasn't so much a "gaah, I need this" as a "wtf, why don't we have this yet, how hard can it be?"07:39
vilahmm, I see07:40
fullermdI mean, we had discussions about "Yeah, -r should be able to just take a revid and DTRT with it", like, 3.5 years ago.07:40
fullermdI figured it would be, like, a half hour change.  Obviously, my estimation skills are subpar, but...07:41
vilayeah, half our changes... I knew a guy who never made estimations *below* one man month :)07:42
fullermdWell, it's probably only actually an hour or so for somebody comptent  :p07:42
fullermdFull day or so for me...07:43
vilaeven with s/competent/knowing that piece of code and all its users/ I have to disagree here :)07:46
vilathe closer you get to users, the more time you need to get it right... DWIM being the closest you can get... :)07:47
vilait's more 3.5 years than one hour in that case07:48
fullermdOh, heck, I don't even worry about _right_; if I can just get it to _work_, I feel good   :p07:48
vila..but you can't know it /works/ until it's /used/...07:51
vilaand stop being so modest, thanks for making it happen is my underlying message :)07:51
fullermdWell, in precise terms I guess.  But if I can make it do what I ostensibly want and not just blow backtraces and stuff, I call it success.07:52
fullermdEspecially in a codebase I don't know in a language and methodology I don't want to know   :p07:52
vilathat last part is interesting, that part of the code base was (and still is) well tested, so you really experienced the nice aspects of TDD regarding refactoring07:54
fullermdOh, I don't mean the TDD part.  I'm in favor of large test suites (in the abstract anyway; the code I write all day doesn't have any for practical reasons), though not necessarily test-first.07:55
fullermdI mean the whole OO thing.  I don't hold with it.07:55
vilagee, so last century :-) Well, I think TDD is more important than OOP, so forget the later but practice the former :) You'll come to OOP eventually...07:57
* fullermd proudly wears his Luddite badge.07:57
fullermdI wish I could write test suites for work stuff.  Just a giant pain of ugly problems to get a useful one...07:58
vilahttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Luddite ? You don't like bzr-loom ?07:58
vilaIntroducing TDD is a giant pain07:59
fullermdWell, especially with something that reaches so far.  Just building a test in general means I have to deal with instantiating and pointing at a properly-populated fresh database, and figuring URL's to access to test the codebase in question, and yada yada.08:00
fullermdEven with the mechanics of testing this vs that worked out, the infrastructure for setting up the environment is daunting.  I haven't convinced myself it's reasonably doable given time etc. constraints.08:01
vilayup, infrastructure and test-ready code, if you don't start at the lowest level, you just can't spend the time to write the first useful test08:01
vilaThese are obviously the main reasons why TDD is not used more broadly08:02
fullermdYeah.  And I need to test the whole stack to catch our common bugs, so I can't even do things like shim database layers or the like.08:02
vilaand that's without mentioning setting up even test *hosts*08:03
fullermdSome level of intra-code unit testing may be doable (and I have vague plans to add this on some of our library code), but at the app layer, it's just...08:03
fullermdBut hey, I don't need testing.  That's what the client is for   :p08:04
igchi vila, fullermd08:04
vilahi Ian08:04
* fullermd sails a paper airplane past igc.08:04
vilatesting is one thing, reproducing bugs is another, you can't beat a failing test to speed up debugging...08:05
fullermdIt would be _really_ nice for some of the refactoring some projects desperately need   :|08:06
fullermdCould spend 3 hours trying to manually test the things a 5 minute change can impact.08:06
fullermdWhich means a lot of those 5 minute changes just never get made...08:06
vilaThat's where TDD is most often badly understood, the time spent in the test infrastructure is the time *not* spent understanding and reproducing bugs...08:07
fullermdYeah.  And trying to tell our clients "OK, here's the hours we'll spend writing your app...  and here's 4x as many hours to design and build a testing infrastructure for it"...08:09
fullermdWell, I guess it would be a useful technique to get some free time   :p08:09
vilaBut the point is that if TDD is more expensive than usual methods (including debugging times), then TDD failed and the reasons should be understood08:11
vilaBut if you have to do a fair try and that implies *ending* with a good infra08:12
fullermdIn the long run, having a good test suite would save us time (on the projects that run long, anyway; some are done in a few months, others we keep working on for years)08:12
fullermdBut it front-loads the time, even when it's nice over 5 or 6 years.08:12
vilaThat's not true if you start from scratch, the problem is that you nearly never start from scratch...08:12
fullermdWell, yes and no.  There's a lot of codebase-specific stuff that wouldn't be so hard to build in along the way.08:14
fullermdBut the general environmental setup stuff would take me a very long time sitting and hammering on to make work well enough.  I've thought about it somewhat more than casually, and haven't come up with a scheme I even theoretically feel confident in.08:15
vilaIME unless you have the whole infra, you're hitting the wall in unexpected places and that's where you spend a lot of time and need a lot of faith...08:16
vila...or deep pockets or hiearchy support, whatever08:17
fullermdYeah.  Which is why we don't have test suites   :)08:17
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james_wvila: I have one zero-day SRU to shoot for, so is after lunch good with you?10:52
vilajames_w: sure10:54
awilkins#ubuntu-release-party is giving me a headache10:56
vilaawilkins: you're running the smart server on windows right ?11:01
awilkinsvila: Yes, I think my config is non-optimal but it works11:05
vilaawilkins: do you run it as a service or do you use ssh ?11:05
awilkinsvila: I'm running it i) in IIS, ii) From the command line on demand... I think I got it working on SSH too11:06
vilaawilkins: do you see any problem running it as a service ?11:07
awilkinsThe SSH was a long time ago ; ICT refused to poke a hole in the firewall for port 2211:07
vilaas in: no ssh setup, no access control11:07
awilkinsThis is a box exposing IIS to the world... didn't make much sense to me...11:07
vilaawilkins: right, but if it was an internal box ?11:08
awilkinsvila: I don't see why it would be a problem to run it as a service... there's a little "run program as a service" thingy that you can use11:08
vilaawilkins: ok, thanks, that's what I was looking for :)11:08
vilahey bialix !11:16
bialixheya vila!11:16
vilabialix: I didn't know if *you* were runing the smart server or just using windows shares...11:16
bialixI'm running smart server, yes11:16
vilabialix: feel fre to answer my questions above :-)11:17
bialixperhaps I've joined too late11:17
vilaho, you joined just when I asked :-)11:17
bialixthe first thing I see in my log is: [13:06]<awilkins>vila: Yes, I think my config is non-optimal but it works11:18
vilado you run it (smart server) as a service or do you use ssh ?11:18
vilabialix: before I asked if he was using the smart server11:18
vilabialix: before, I asked if he was using the smart server11:18
bialixI run bzr serve --alow-writes on internal computer in our intranet network11:18
bialixI run it as windows service via srvany11:18
bialixI've described my setup in Russian if you want to read it11:19
vilaexcellent ! That's exactly the setup I wanted confirmation about ! Unfortunately I don't read russian :-/11:19
vilabialix: But thanks anyway, I was mostly interested to know if it was possible, no urgency for the details11:20
bialixwell, srvany is well documented on microsoft11:20
bialixit's a native MS thing11:20
bialixbut absense of ACL is pain for me11:21
bialixand plain --allow-writes too11:21
bialixtoday I've just closed access from outside to my server11:21
bialixbut for our small company it's enough11:22
vilabialix: these are the limitations I had in mind, for ACL, I'd say ssh is the way to go (but that's because I know how to set this up in general, not sure how I will proceed on windows...)11:22
bialixbtw, hg approach does not require ssh11:23
vilahow many users on your server ?11:23
bialixhg beats bzr on this field11:23
bialix2 full-time programmers11:23
bialixvila: http://translate.google.com/translate?prev=hp&hl=ru&js=y&u=http%3A%2F%2Fgroups.google.com%2Fgroup%2Fru_bzr%2Fweb%2Fbzr-serve---windows-2k-xp&sl=ru&tl=en&history_state0=11:25
bialixit's not too bad computer translation11:25
bialixI saw even worse11:25
vilabialix: wow......11:26
* vila reading11:26
vilaso, yes, some translation are strange (and I don't get them) but the overall is excellent, you should really send a submission for inclusion in core doc11:30
vilabialix: or is it already part of the windows survial guide igc is talking about ?11:32
bialixno, I don't think so11:33
vilawell, it should, IMHO :)11:33
bialixsome russian words in this translation just is not translated, e.g. some slang11:33
bialixI never think it worth11:34
vilaWell, all setups are worth documenting IME, it's amazing how you can lose time rediscovering things that can be summarized in one page....11:34
bialixI may try... but close to december, I have too much urgent work and very critical deadline11:36
vilalike, how many times did I spend hours finding the right site to get the right version of some utility... or trying to decide what is the most effective way to achieve X with Y constraints...11:36
vilayea, I know the feeling...11:36
vilabialix: yea, I know the feeling...11:36
vilaanother good one is seaching the right key in the registry....11:37
bialixjust curious: why you interesting in windows approaches?11:37
vilasomeone asked offline11:37
vilaI'm gate-keeping :)11:38
Mezbzr: ERROR: Tree transform is malformed [('versioning no contents', 'new-84')]11:46
Mezwhat does that mean, and how do I fix it?11:46
vilabialix: do you mind if I use the translation to start a wiki page on bazaar-vcs.org ?11:46
bialixvila: feel free11:47
vilaMez: it's a bug11:47
Mezvila: So, workarounds?11:47
bialixvila: just copy code examples from original page, translator slightly broke them.11:47
vilaMez: how did you get there ?11:48
Mezrunning bzr up11:48
vilaMez: hmm, bad, what does 'bzr st' says ?11:48
bialixvila: drop me a link then so I will fix some obvious translations errors11:49
vilabialix: asap11:50
* bialix -> lunch11:50
vilaMez: are these local modifications or already brought by the update ?11:50
Mezlocal mods11:51
vilathen do a 'commit --local' first just to avoid too much further problems11:51
Mezbzr: ERROR: Working tree is out of date, please run 'bzr update'.11:51
vilaok, 'bzr shelve --all', 'bzr update', 'bzr unshelve'11:52
vilaerr, bzr unshelve 1 or whatever bzr shelve told you11:53
Mezyeah, I just did that ;)11:53
Mezthought ahead and thought that might work11:53
vilaMez: so you're out of trouble ?11:53
Mezthanks ... kinda annoying that that happened but meh.11:53
vilaMez: can you still reproduce and file a bug ?11:53
Mezno idea.11:54
Mezif I can, I will11:56
Mezbut it was someone elses stuff that I got asked how to fux11:56
vilabialix: http://bazaar-vcs.org/SmartServer/AsAserviceOnWindows12:07
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jamspiv: your changes seem fine, though I wonder why you feel they are needed, but pqm still merged your earlier patch?13:14
IslandUsurperI'm using Bazaar to work on a project, but the official, public repository is CVS. Has anybody written a post-commit hook to push changes made in bzr to CVS?13:22
vila-lunchmorning jam (wow early start ?)13:30
vila-lunchIslandUsurper: Not that I know of13:31
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spivjam: pqm rejected my earlier patch; I decided on reflection that the changes were trivial enough to just send it in rather than keeping the fix hanging around unmerged.13:42
* spiv -> zzz13:42
jamspiv: sleep well13:56
jamvila: sort of. I came around before taking my son to school13:56
jammorning to you13:56
jamsounds like the call went fairly well13:56
* vila unplug fullermd again just for fun14:08
vilajam: err, re-reading Kareem already goes to school ?14:08
jamvila: daycare14:09
jambut we call it school sometimes14:09
vilahaa, ok14:09
jamthey do teach14:09
leo__Im looking for some help in order to use bzr-pqm14:09
vilaleo__: that's quite the good channel14:10
leo__got a main bzr repo and I'd like other devs to be able to pqm-submit on it14:10
jamleo__: we can try to help, though bzr-pqm *is* a bit tricky to set up.14:10
jamand we haven't done it in a while, because it tends to be something you do once :)14:10
leo__I do a branch from main repo14:10
leo__modify a file & commit14:10
leo__then try to do bzr pqm-submit14:10
leo__bzr: ERROR: You must supply a commit message for the pqm to use.14:10
vilabzr pqm-submit -m 'That message will appear in the commit where pqm is the committer'14:11
leo__I guess I must first setup pqm on the main brach ?14:11
vilaerr, yes14:12
leo__bzr pqm-init ?14:12
vilapqm is kind of a robot that receives mail and do merges/commit/pushes based on that14:13
vilait's not simply some branch configuration, you need a mail address to send it requests for example14:14
leo__I get an error now14:14
leo__$ bzr pqm-submit -m 'essai pqm'14:15
leo__bzr: ERROR: There is no public branch set for "/home/vincent/ALACARTE_Lagamine/"14:15
vilaleo__: You can't send pqm requests before setting up your pqm robot14:16
leo__that sounds logical :D but how to set it up ? didnt find any documentation14:17
vilapqm-submit is the client part, you want to look at https://edge.launchpad.net/pqm14:18
vilafor the "server" part14:18
jamrockstar: by the way, we missed chatting yesterday. Think we'll get a chance today?14:19
leo__need to build it from source right ? :)14:20
vilaIt's written in python, what OS are you using ?14:20
vilaleo__: you should be able to install it with synaptic then14:20
vilaerr, no !14:21
leo__theres bzr-pqm but no pqm14:21
vilaonly the bzr plugin is available there.. amazing...14:21
vilaleo__: so, yes you need to start from the sources14:21
vilaleo__: start with 'bzr lp:pqm' and look at the README there14:22
leo__k tx14:22
Takhmm...I'm seeing an exception in `bzr log` with bzr branches from svn and git repos - all of the backtrace seems to be in bzrlib core - should I file a bug against bzr, or bzr-svn and bzr-git?14:28
metahumanhi, i have a bzr branch of an svn.repository/trunk.  Is it possible to switch to svn.repository/branch?14:31
metahumanbzr switch says i can't be in a branch14:31
Takdoesn't that just mean your local branch has to be bound?14:33
metahumanbzr bind looks like what i need!14:35
metahumanthank you Tak!14:35
metahumanYES YOU'RE A GENIUS!14:35
metahuman"checkout of branch" now reflects the branch and it got the changes!14:36
james_wvila: is now a good time?14:43
vilajames_w: yes14:44
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awilkinsmetahuman: You may find it better to keep a local repository and track the SVN branches there, and work in your own local bzr branches14:47
metahumanawilkins, what i have been doign is doing bzr branch svn://14:48
metahumanbut i can't switch svn repositories...14:48
metahumanor rather svn branches14:48
metahumansee the problem?14:48
awilkinsmetahuman: If you do bzr branch, you get a separate local bazaar branch14:48
rockstarjam, yes, we should indeed chat today.14:48
awilkinsYou can't switch standalone branches as they are not tracking anything14:49
awilkinsI do this...14:49
metahumanok, there's an svn branch/mantis/4453 that i need to switch the bzr working copy to, and commit and pull changes from14:49
awilkinsbzr init-repo .repo14:49
awilkinsbzr branch svn://branch .repo/branch14:49
awilkinsbzr co --lightweight .repo/branch project-name14:49
metahumanhey awilkins14:50
metahumanwhat would bzr pull svn:///branch/4453 do?14:51
awilkinsmetahuman: Hi14:51
awilkinsIf you're in your local branch, it will pull any revisions into it.14:52
metahumanis there a way to change the parent branch to another svn branch?14:52
awilkinsBut pnly if it hasn't diverged from /trunk (where I presume you are)14:52
awilkinsie - if trunk has revisions since /4453 was branched, no dice14:52
awilkinsmetahuman: You could pull --overwrite14:53
metahumanyeah that's what i want14:53
awilkinsAnd that will turn your current branch into a mirror of the remote branch14:53
awilkinsIf you make commits locally, you'll have to push them for them to be in the remote branch... OR bind your local branch to the remote14:53
metahumanyes i want to push them when i'm ready14:54
metahumansvn is really spotty around here14:54
metahumandown about once a day and horrendously slow14:54
metahumanmy parent branch doesn't change14:54
metahumanwhen i do --overwrite14:55
awilkinsThe usual SVN working copy is analogous to the bzr "lightweight checkout"14:55
awilkinsHmmph. Add --remember to the pull14:55
metahumanthat's awesome!14:56
awilkinsWhen you push the first time you'll have to specify the target anyway14:56
metahumanto svn switch in bzr, do pull --overwrite --remember and push --remember14:56
awilkinsWhich will be your branch14:56
awilkins--remember is only need when you want to change the default that it stores first time14:57
awilkinsIt's not really the same as switch... Bazaar does have "switch" but it only works on bound branches and works best with lightweight checkouts.14:58
metahumanbut it is funcitonally equivalent for my working copy14:59
awilkinsWhich is my practice ; I keep a hidden no-trees repo in the parent folder to my source projects and switch between local and svn-mirrored branches as required.14:59
metahumanthe same thing happens to my workign copy as if i was using svn switch14:59
awilkinsTo the working tree, yes. The repository inside your branch now regards the tip revision to be the HEAD revision of your branch mirrored from SVN15:00
awilkinsIf you did the same thing to a tree you'd committed changes to locally, you wouldn't LOSE the revisions you'd committed, but you'd have to make some effort to find them15:01
metahumani already found the workaround for that, tho15:02
metahumanthe "lost changes"15:02
metahumanbzr uncommit; bzr shelve; bzr uncommit; bzr shelve; for every local commit15:02
metahumanthen bzr shelve; commit again when ready15:02
metahumanor unshelve rather15:02
metahumanthankjs for helping me out, awilkins ; i really appreciate it15:03
awilkinsmetahuman: That's a rather manual way of doing what the rebase command in the bzr-rewrite plugin does15:03
awilkinsmetahuman: Only it doesn't smush all your local history into one commit15:04
metahumanmaybe bzr rebase is what i should look into?15:04
metahumannah doesn't look like it15:04
awilkinsAs I recall, the Bazaar-for-SVN-guys document has some lovely pictures illustrating it15:05
awilkins'tis a bit slow on the server though what with the Karmic Horde descending15:05
* awilkins just happens to have the sources for those locally though15:06
phinzehmmm what's the status of getting colorized diffs?  bzr cdiff i've seen somewhere but doesn't seem to work in 2.0.0 and my inital googles are failing me15:16
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Takcdiff is part of bzrtools, according to `bzr help commands`15:26
gioelephinze: alias color='vim -c ":syntax on" -'15:31
gioelephinze: bzr diff | color15:31
Takaha, found a dup in bzr bugs15:32
phinzegioele: that's a nice general purpose trick, Tak you're right i just was looking in the wrong place -- simply needed to install bzrtools15:36
gioelephinze: bzrtools brings in too many commands for my taste :)15:37
phinzeunderstandable :)15:37
Takyeah, damn all those features!15:38
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* Ng hrms at the email plugin16:06
Ngit seems to mostly make bzr explode on me16:06
Ngfiled as bug #46342816:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 463428 in bzr "bzr crash when using the email plugin and smtplib" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/46342816:10
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jamNg: see bug #33826116:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 338261 in bzr "Python2.6 hmac.py TypeError: character mapping must return integer, None or unicode"" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/33826116:26
jamit seems we fixed that in bzrlib but bzr-email didn't get the fix16:27
jamshort answer is to just do "smtp_username = str(smtp_username)"16:27
Ngjam: aha :)16:27
maxbI have a problem with bzr-svn: If I run any bzr command in an unversioned subdirectory of a svn working copy, it climbs up to the working copy and starts processing stuff, sometimes breaking things, always causing a slowdown16:45
maxbThis affects me particularly severely since my home directory is a svn working copy16:45
maxbThis means I always pay the price of bzr-svn slowdown even when I'm not using it16:46
jelmermaxb: unfortunately that's an issue in bzr itself16:49
jelmerit will just browse up until it finds something it can open16:49
maxbI suppose I could alias sbzr to "BZR_PLUGIN_PATH=something bzr"16:50
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vilamaxb: the idiom is 'BZR_PLUGIN_PATH=-site bzr' to run with only the 'core' plugins (i.e. the ones in bzrlib/plugins)17:27
maxbI guess that doesn't help much if you're using a system-packaged bzr-svn17:34
maxbI might need to switch to a bzr-svn somewhere else17:35
hevayohi how can I migrate existing cvs code to bzr with revision history17:35
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beunohevayo, a quick way to do it is import it into Launchpad17:36
hevayothanks but I am looking for a tool to do that17:37
beunohevayo, http://bazaar-vcs.org/CVSPSImport17:38
hevayobeuno, thanks for the info I'll check on that17:39
rockstarjam, wanna chat?17:44
jamrockstar: sure. can I get ~ 5 min to finish writing an email?17:44
rockstarjam, yes.17:44
maxbhevayo: Also, cvs2svn has the beginnings of bzr output support17:45
rockstarjam, for context, I have about 45 minutes right now before I get go to shovel 2 ft of snow from the walks at my church.17:45
jamrockstar: ah, you live in *that* part of the country :)17:45
jamdo you want to skype or type?17:45
rockstarjam, whichever works.  Skype might be better.17:46
jamrockstar: let's just do the call, this email is going to take a while.17:47
rockstarjam, okay.17:47
jamI don't see you online right now17:48
rockstarjam, I'm on now.17:48
rockstar(I have to start Skype with a little pulse misdirection)17:48
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Pengbeuno: My shirt got here today. :)19:22
beunoPeng, yay!19:23
PengWhoever wrote the shipping information on the envelope has nice handwriting. :)19:24
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RenatoSilvaverterok: hi20:43
pooliehello lifeless20:48
verterokRenatoSilva: hi20:51
lifelesshi poolie20:56
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vilag'night folks22:02
lifelessnight vila22:02
jamlifeless, poolie: Can one of you guys contact spm or another losa to get 2.0.2 and 2.1.0b2 branches set up? I just realized it is probably better to start the branch tonight, and the filter patches into them. So that we aren't waiting on them over the weekend, etc.22:15
jamIf not, I'll try to get a hold of someone tomorrow.22:15
jamI'm off for now.22:16
lifelessspm: ^22:22
GaryvdMHi igc.22:47
igchi garyvdm22:47
GaryvdMigc: I just hacked this up: http://garyvdm.googlepages.com/out.ogv22:47
igcgaryvdm: I'll take a look22:47
GaryvdMigc: rename from qbrowse (and qcommit) :-)22:47
igcgaryvdm: before I forget, I was hoping to ask for some help ...22:48
igcgaryvdm: epxlorer on karmic is crashing much more than on jaunty22:48
igcgaryvdm: I'm guessing its a segafult22:48
igcmaybe related to some data model not quite right?22:49
* igc checks the bug list22:49
GaryvdMigc: If it is a segfault - qbzr had a similar problem22:49
GaryvdMigc: run from the terminal so you can see stdout to check if it is a segfault.22:50
igcgaryvdm: I'm suspecting bug 39517522:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 395175 in bzr-explorer "Refresh twice in a row causes segmentation fault" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39517522:51
igcgarvdm: it's crashing on implicit refresh22:51
GaryvdMigc: oh.22:51
igcgaryvdm: is there any chance you could take a look?22:51
GaryvdMigc: ok22:51
igcgaryvdm: much apprecated. It's beyond my qt foo right now and other things are higher on my list22:52
igcgaryvdm: and I'm fearful that karmic being released with highlight this problem to lots of people in coming days ...22:52
GaryvdMigc: this is the qbzr problem we had: bug 44721422:53
igcand explorer will get a reputation for unreliability is we don't fix it soon22:53
ubottuLaunchpad bug 447214 in qbzr/trunk "Segmentation fault during startup" [Critical,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44721422:53
igcgaryvdm: I'll run explorer from a terminal until I have some more data on the problem22:53
igcgaryvdm: it definitely triggered by refresh though22:54
GaryvdMigc: That bug is not related to the pyqt karmic upgrade.22:54
igcwhich happens each time a qbzr dialog closes22:54
GaryvdMigc: so I should be able to reproduce it. (still have jaunty)22:54
igcgaryvdm: right. That bug was on jaunty, just 5-10X more common on karmic it feels to me22:55
GaryvdMigc: If it's more - it may be another bug - but I'll have a go at fixing that one first.22:55
igcgaryvdm: sounds good22:56
GaryvdMigc: Have you had a look at that vid. How does it look?22:56
igcrunning it now ...22:56
igcgaryvdm: video is sweet - well done!!22:58
igcgaryvdm: do it work on directories and symlinks too?22:58
GaryvdMigc: let me test.22:59
GaryvdMigc: dirs = yes22:59
GaryvdMigc: symlinks = yes :-)23:00
igcgaryvdm: now try renaming across types ... empty dir to a file, etc.23:01
igchmm - probably not easy to even do23:01
GaryvdMigc: I don't understand23:01
igcgaryvdm: ignore it - brain fart23:02
GaryvdMigc: how can a rename change a kind23:02
igcgaryvdm: it can't23:02
igcgaryvdm: just the sort of weird stuff I run into in fast-import streams23:02
GaryvdMigc: mv --after can though I'm sure.23:02
spmlifeless: jam: ok, will do.23:04
GaryvdMigc: what version of qbzr are you running?23:10
igcgaryvdm: trunk23:11
GaryvdMigc: I cant reproduce. I'll have a go when I get karmic.23:12
igcgaryvdm: 1026 to be explicit23:12
GaryvdMWhich should be on sunday.23:12
igcgaryvdm: ok. Thanks23:13
GaryvdMigc: that has the qbzr segfault fix.23:13
igcgaryvdm: I'm running explorer rev 29923:13
igcgaryvdm: the problem isn't in qbzr btw - it's definitely in explorer23:13
igcexplorer has code which refreshes the view when a qbzr dialog is closed23:14
igcgaryvdm: the other important right-click action we're missing is "unversion"23:15
GaryvdMigc: ok - that should be easy to add23:16
igcgaryvdm: cool23:16
GaryvdMGood night - bed time.23:17
GaryvdMbye igc23:17
igcgaryvdm: night23:18
Glenjaminhey guys, does anyone know a good way of getting an application shortcut to bzr explorer on mac os x?23:35
spmjam: that's done  bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~bzr-pqm/bzr/2.0.2 bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~bzr-pqm/bzr/2.1.0b223:52

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