Blizzzbug 462993. dunno if the package is right, i hope so, if not, blame apport-bug :) my english is outrageous today....00:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 462993 in ubiquity "German strings too long on user information in Kubuntu installer" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/46299300:03
Riddellyes that's right Blizzz00:09
ryanakcaRiddell: Did we get the "Released" banner done?00:10
Riddellryanakca: yes http://imagebin.ca/view/stfVJw.html00:12
Riddelland aren't you ment to be in recovery?00:12
ryanakcaRiddell: Oooh, shiny. I go in tomorrow.00:13
RiddellNew i386 DVDs up for testing! http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/dvd/20091028.2/00:22
Riddellhttp://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/910 is amarok not playing MP3 on the live CD really a release bug?00:53
a|wendoes the gnome-equivalent media-player play mp3 files on the live-cd?01:37
RiddellI couldn't say01:38
Riddellbut installing softare doesn't seem like something I'd want to do on a live CD01:38
Lex79is there a draft releases notes somewhere?01:47
JontheEchidnaLex79: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/KarmicKoala/Final/Kubuntu01:48
RiddellLex79: release notes or announcement?01:48
Lex79I meant release notes01:48
JontheEchidnaoh, then not that link then :P01:49
Lex79thanks :)01:49
JontheEchidnaI would agree that the amarok/mp3 thingy really isn't a bug01:54
JontheEchidnadoes amarok still ship with that sample ogg like it did in 1.x? As long as that played (if it exists) I'd be happy01:54
RiddellI don't think it does01:55
JontheEchidnaa shame, I thought that was sorta neat when I first started using amarok01:56
a|wenwell mentioning that it is that way doesn't seem that bad ... but maybe it should mention that it is intentional02:11
JontheEchidnaBut then it's up there with serious issues on the release notes for eternity, hrm..02:12
ScottKWhat package do I need so that firefox knows about mimetypes and opens files with the correct application?02:13
a|wenhmm, bug 463000 ... really hope that it doesn't affect more languages; but can't figure out what goes wrong here02:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 463000 in ubiquity "[kubuntu] Danish language packs not installed during installation" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/46300002:14
JontheEchidnaScottK: firefox-gnome-support02:14
ScottKJontheEchidna: Thanks.02:14
* ScottK ssh's into the kid's box to put that back.02:14
ScottKSure enough.  Got removed somehow on the upgrade.02:15
ScottKJontheEchidna: Did it have a different name in Jaunty?02:17
JontheEchidnaI don't believe so, apachelogger may know more about such things02:17
* ScottK greps logs some more02:19
ScottKWeird.  No sign in the logs of it being there before, but I know it was because the mime stuff worked.  Oh well.02:24
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bbigrasSomeone else has problem using the flash 10 alpha 64 bit with Firefox? It makes Firefox crash02:33
a|wencan't get to the download link for kubuntu netbook on the iso tracker ... should i just guess my way to the link, or is there something wrong here?02:35
ScottKa|wen: Go from cdimages.ubuntu.com02:37
ScottKThat hasn't worked the whole cycle.02:37
a|wenahh, then no need to worry .. thx!02:38
Riddellmorning vorian, are all the children on your facebook photo yours?03:46
* ScottK isn't quite sure how to interpret that question?03:47
Riddellthere's just rather a lot of them03:47
MsMacoinstalling to a USB hard disk is supported, right?03:47
MsMacobecause if so, i have to mark this testcase as fail03:47
Riddellhttps://www-admin.kubuntu.org/news/9.10-release done for me, do check it over people with access03:48
RiddellI'm going to bed, should I fail to get up in time for release please phone me (jriddell.org/contact.html)03:48
MsMacoScottK: ?03:51
vorianRiddell: yeah!03:51
ScottKMy response was to Riddell's clarification.03:51
vorianthey sure are03:51
ScottKvorian: Link me03:51
vorianuno momneto03:51
MsMacoScottK: i know. im wondering if you know if USB disks are supported03:51
* vorian just unpacked and set up his computer!!!03:52
MsMacoer...i know you were talking to Riddell03:52
ScottKI would imagine so, but I don't know for sure.03:52
vorianScottK: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=36950&l=ad525127b6&id=10000032540675303:53
MsMacodrat. apparntly burned 2 ubuntu dvds instead of 1 ubu and 1 kubu03:53
ScottKNice.  5 is a lot.03:54
* ScottK thinks 3 is a lot.03:54
* vorian thinks 1 is a lot03:54
ScottKI'm not sure 3 to 5 makes much difference.  You're already outnumbered at that point.03:55
vorianit never really got any harder past 303:55
vorianjust more expensive03:55
MsMacomum wanted 603:58
MsMacothen she had twins ;)03:58
ScottKRiddell: I reviewed it and I say it's good.04:04
ScottKNow I know why vorian moved somewhere with a much higher population density of large predatory mammals.04:07
vorianthere are a lot of snow flakes04:09
vorianand Elk04:09
vorianwe have a geiser that goes off every hour on the hour, it's kind of neet04:10
* MsMaco just reseated the hard drive...see if that does anything04:11
MsMacooh yay!04:13
dtchenMsMaco has broken hardware.04:14
dtchenmeaning, she breaks hardware, and she owns broken hardware.04:14
MsMacoapparently the disk & the umm...is controller the word for the thing the disk plugs into?....were not fully & happily united04:15
dtchenwell, it's not the door to the ladies' room as you eloquently put it in the dclug e-mail04:16
MsMacoits not hard to figure out what i meant!04:16
MsMacoobviously i meant the door the people need to go through, which happens to be next to the ladies, would be open04:17
* ScottK notes MsMaco excels at conversation stopping.04:23
vorianok, so I'm all set for lucid04:24
voriani even got me a netbook04:24
* vorian is tres excited04:25
ScottKOh my.04:27
ScottKI read MsMaco's innuendo, go off an look at something else and come back and what's the first thing I read, "vorian is tres excited".04:28
vorianScottK: things look like they are returning to normal again then :)04:29
ScottKvorian: What netbook did you get?04:29
vorianer. an Acer one04:30
bbigrasWhat do you do when a game crash and your stuck in a lower resolution?04:30
vorianIt's pretty decent04:30
voriani got it for 25004:30
vorian(no tax in montana)04:30
dtchenbbigras: I open an x-terminal-emulator and use xrandr -s04:38
dtchenvery probably not an ideal resolution (no pun intended), but it WFM04:39
bbigrasdtchen: thanks. I went into system setting and played with the resolution but I'll try this next time04:40
dtchenvorian: cool. Does sound work as expected on it [using 9.10]?04:41
voriandtchen: yep, sounds awesome04:42
dtchenvorian: great04:42
vorianyes, thank for your tireless work :)04:43
vorianthanks, even04:43
dtchenit's not just me, but yw04:45
ScottKvorian: So far I've had to raise the volume of PCM on every install I've done.  After that it's been freat.04:49
dtchenthat's definitely not supposed to happen, as we set PCM to 80% unconditionally on fresh installs04:51
macomaybe 80% is too low for ScottK?04:56
ScottKdtchen: They've all been at 0 so far, as recently as yesterday.04:56
dtchenScottK: if you can verify that they're 0% at kdm greeter, that might help me troubleshoot04:57
ScottKdtchen: OK.  I have to do another install in the next couple of days (last step of redoing all the karmic boxen on ext3).  I'll see what I can do then.04:58
dtchenScottK: ok, much appreciated04:58
* ScottK has finished his pre-release propoganda: http://www.kitterman.org/ScottK/2009/10/making_of_a_new_ubuntu_flavor.html05:47
kb9vqfHey, who's handing the release annoucement this time around?06:26
* kb9vqf has FINALLY finished his KDE3.5 images06:27
kb9vqfI have to get some sleep, but if anyone would be willing to add KDE3 to the release announcement the Wiki page is here: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Kde3/Karmic06:31
ScottKRiddell: ^^06:34
MamarokI have just seen that we still talk about getting free CDs from Shipit here: http://www.kubuntu.org/getkubuntu08:24
Mamarokthis should be corrected08:24
debfxScottK: I know that some oxygen icons are missing in kde 4.2, wiping the icon cache worked08:41
debfxScottK: I think only actions/im*.png and actions/irc*.png are missing compared to what the karmic package installs08:46
apacheloggerScottK: not renamed, no clue how it disappeared09:09
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: the firefox installer screenshot on the wiki release page needs to be updated09:09
apacheloggernow uses official icon09:09
apacheloggeralso, the black thingy in the second knetworkmanager screenshot is somewhat unprofessional :P09:09
apacheloggerRiddell: I doubt that you know christopher eberl09:13
apacheloggerthough I suppose you should know if you know him :P09:13
apacheloggerhe's a former class mate of mine09:13
apacheloggerSput: shouldn't the away log thingy show messages I received while being away?09:14
Sputapachelogger: not sure actually :) I never use it09:14
apacheloggeronly shows nickserv messages here :D09:14
SputI think it's supposed to show highlighted messages?09:14
apacheloggerwell, it doesn't09:15
apacheloggerat least not those that go beyond fetched messages per channel09:15
apacheloggerwhich is kinda PITA since I would have to fetch like a gazillion messages for a high volume channel like ubuntu-devel to catch a highlight that happened 2 days ago09:16
brotF5 F5 F5 :)09:41
Sputapachelogger: well, you *could* change your backlogfetcher such that it fetches all messages that were new since you last synced :)09:58
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Riddellmorning, was something going to happen today?10:27
Tm_TRiddell: not that I know, why?10:29
RiddellI just have this idea that there must be a reason why I only had 6 hours sleep, but I can't remember what it was10:31
ScottKRiddell: There was some discussion on #ubuntu-release a few hours ago about changing the OEM config release note.  I think they edited the wiki, but unless you did it already, it needs copied over to kubuntu.org10:31
Tm_TRiddell: just make sure not to follow #ubuntu-release-party ... it's nuts10:34
Riddellcashew nuts I hope, else it's not really Plasma10:41
neversfeldeis the release delayed? On kubuntu.org the banner shows 1 day until release.10:54
Riddellyeah we're taking the Spanish approach to life, mañana10:55
Riddelleither that or we just don't have a banner for 0 days to go10:55
RiddellI managed to get my unread e-mails down to less than 3000 yesterday, so not far to go11:00
Riddell~identica dent nearly there! part in #ubuntu-release-party11:27
Riddellhmm, no kubotu11:27
neversfeldeScottK: do we need a backport request for quassel 0.5 final for 9.04. I have a little bit spare time and could write one?11:29
markeycan we have a Kubuntu party? :)11:29
* markey doesn't want to mix with Ubuntu people :p11:29
MamarokRiddell: so we should /part or go partying?11:29
Riddellmarkey: we can have one right here, ideally I'd like to have #u-r-p full of dancing kubuntu types with everyone else sitting around quietly not sure how to fit in11:30
RiddellMamarok: party :)11:30
Mamarokoh my, that channel is completely weird11:31
Mamarokand crowded11:31
Mamarokand apparently all the usual trolls are in, too11:31
Riddellphew, that channel can make you a bit dizzy11:33
markeyso Riddell, what's your personal prediction for the future of Ubuntu: Will it stay with GNOME forever, or might there eventually be more emphasiz on KDE?11:34
markeyI suppose you know shuttleworth personally11:34
Riddellmarkey: well that depends on the relative merits of the desktops.  right now gnome is boring but works well while KDE is interesting but has obvious gaps for users (poor network manager, printer config, web browser, bluetooth suppotr etc), so from a commercial view gnome wins11:36
Mamarokyep, don't stare at the screen too long11:36
markeythis is true. however, GNOME 3.0 probably will have a hard time initially too11:36
* apachelogger drops out of lecture into release party channel 11:37
markeyand then there is Qt Everywhere11:37
Mamarok871 people there and counting11:37
markeyQt is becoming very very popular of late11:37
Riddellif KDE fills the gaps created by the KDE 4 transition then I think we'll start to see its takeup improve11:37
ulysses__markey: some people said, that after Gnome 3.0 released, lot of people will choose Xfce, because it is similar to gnome11:37
Riddelland then it'll make commercial sense for canonical to do more with Kubuntu (not to say the current support we get isn't notable)11:38
markeyulysses__: I hightly doubt that XFCE would ever become signifact11:38
ulysses__yeah, xfce is bloatware without interesting features:)11:39
Riddellmarkey: as far as I can tell gnome 3.0 isn't going to do anything since the parts won't be ready in time, even gtk 3 is not going to be part of it, so it might just be an ABI change and nothing that users will notice11:39
markeypersonally I think their biggest issue is GTK11:39
markeyit's a dead end11:39
markeynot so much the desktop itself11:40
markeyand then there is Mono, which is problematic imo11:40
ghostcubewoha release party is way to fast for me this morning11:41
* apachelogger aint got no coffee yet11:41
Mamarokyeah, don't look at the screen all the time and disable the join and part warnings11:41
apacheloggerimagin that ... I went to an accounting lecture without coffee!11:42
Riddellwe just have to make more KDE people care about the boring stuff to fill in the gaps we have11:42
Mamarokapachelogger: and you didn't start to snore?11:42
apacheloggerfortunately not11:42
apacheloggerthere is like this really hot guy in that lecture11:42
Mamarokand why do you have accounting letures? Didn't you learn that in college already?11:42
apacheloggerso I was busy checking him out :P11:43
Mamarokoh, now I get it :)11:43
apacheloggeralso, it is a mandatory lecture :S11:43
* apachelogger tunes in Bach11:44
* Riddell gets jelous of the hot guy11:44
Riddellapachelogger: they let you play music in lecutres?!11:45
apacheloggernah, lecture is over11:45
apacheloggerthat said, informatics lecture starts in 15 minutes11:45
* apachelogger gets going or he will not get any coffee again11:45
apacheloggercoffee prevents oxygen from getting to the brain anyway :P11:45
Mamarok952 now11:51
\shmarkey, depending on what nokia will do with Qt + Mobile ;)11:55
* \sh wants N900 + Qtified Desktop11:56
Mamarokwow, 1000 people in that channel, and more are joining11:59
\sh993 right now ;)11:59
markey\sh: it's coming. Maemo 6 will be Qt based12:00
Mamarok\sh: you forget to count the ops12:00
markeyis why I said, Qt is becoming popular :)12:00
Mamarokand the channel is muted right now for 5 minutes :)12:00
\shMamarok, no...total means ops+others12:00
\shMamarok, xchat here ;)12:00
markeyKDAB e.g. is growing so fast, it's uncanny12:00
markeythey do Qt consulting12:00
markeyCollabora too12:01
\shmarkey, I know I know...commercially is Qt a better platform then GTK will ever be...because it can be sold with your closed source product...12:01
* ghostcube wants an nokia 90012:01
ghostcubebut t-mobile doesnt get it till now12:02
\shmarkey, but as always with european products -> will those products win in other markets then europe...12:02
markeyI want one too, and I'll probably get it. though I won't pay for it :p12:02
* JontheEchidna is going to miss all the release activities :(12:02
JontheEchidnahappy karmic day though ")12:03
markey\sh: the N900, no. it's basically a transitional product. The N900+1 can make it big, with Maemo 612:03
\shghostcube, http://handyshop.simyo.de/handys/nokia-n900-schwarz.htm <- :)12:03
\shghostcube, without a contract ;)12:03
markeyNokia will eventually be using Maemo on all of their phones12:03
\shmarkey, I meant Qt as platform itself...not resulting products like mobiles or whatever12:04
ghostcubeiam already at t-mobile for 15 years now12:04
\shghostcube, time to change12:07
ghostcubei will stay12:07
ghostcubegood priced contract12:07
ghostcubeand even symo has only pre ordering12:08
apacheloggerit is incredible how long it takes the lecturer to get started :D12:10
apacheloggerno questions, no nothing, lecture over12:19
Riddelltsk, students of today, wasn't like that in my day, our lectures lasted more than 20 minutes12:23
apacheloggerwell, technically we are supposed to watch recodings of the lecture from previous years and then ask questions in the actual lecture, but since only me and 3 other people even showed up ...12:25
Riddellrecordings of lectures?  slight lazyness on the part of the lecturer I'd think12:26
apacheloggerwell, he did 3 actual lectures :D12:26
apacheloggertoday is a demonstration12:27
apacheloggerat 1600, at which time I am going to learn about advanced memory management in C12:27
apacheloggeris it out yet?12:29
neversfelde#ubuntu-releasy-party is way to fast for me :)12:30
apacheloggeryou are not alone12:30
* apachelogger prefers to topic hijack this channel anyway :P12:31
\shneversfelde, just don't look at it...it's only for jonos 1000+ users ,->12:31
* apachelogger waits for update to finish so he can go home and take a shower12:31
apacheloggerand get coffee... oh my, coffee12:32
\shubuntu-9.10-server-i386.iso hmmm...12:33
\shno rc in name12:33
\shlooks like we get it going12:33
Riddellmirrors are syncing12:33
Riddellbut keep it quiet no announce for another couple of hours yet12:33
* apachelogger checks university mirror12:33
apacheloggerupdate done12:35
* apachelogger goes home12:35
\shlucid is open already? ,->12:40
Riddellhopefully not, I still need the time to get rid of my e-mail backlog12:40
\shkarmic's just old news...12:40
Mamarok\sh: could you please not heat up people in r-p? Not funny12:43
\shMamarok, I hope they do read the invisible ,-) amrks12:44
\shSput, pingeling...when are you back in KA this evening?12:45
Sput\sh: huh... 1815ish12:45
\shSput, k...what about 18:30 18:45 la cage for a release party beer?12:46
\shSput, tschampel is with us then :)12:46
Sputunexpected, but sounds like fun12:46
\shSput, as always...;)12:46
SputI can't do too long though, and need to go slow on the beer, as I have to catch a train at 6.30 tomorrow12:47
\shSput, we neither :)12:47
Sput\sh: but usually we don't manage it :)12:47
\shSput, my madame would kill me when I'm coming home late12:47
Sputthis time I must though, because I can't miss that train or I'm screwed12:47
\shSput, november we will be back in FFM..so time for another round of "just get some lunch and go back to work" ,-)12:48
Sputmh, also I need to go home first, and start my laundry, so it's gonna be more like 1845 for me as well12:48
Sputoh, that would be great12:48
\shSput, cool :)12:48
Sputpreferably with tschampl's sister again :)12:48
\shSput, meeting point in front of la cage :)12:48
\shSput, we can try to manage that especially for you :)12:49
Sputhehe :)12:49
Sputshe wanted to come to KA!12:49
Sputwe still need to have that karaoke night12:49
\shSput, sure :) wait...lemme ask12:49
\shSput, tschampel bytes his lips12:49
Sputtypical :P12:50
ScottKneversfelde: There is a bug for quassel backport already.  I've got it about ready for testing12:50
neversfeldeScottK: k, didn't find it12:50
agateauScottK: forgot to ping you back yesterday,12:53
agateauScottK: here I come :)12:53
ScottKagateau: I ran into a problem over the weekend with gwenview on my wife's computer (Jaunty with KDE 4.2.4)12:54
ScottKShe rotated a picture and hit save.  The next time she opened it again, it was not rotated.12:54
ScottKWe tried to save as a new name and that worked.12:54
ScottKagateau: Is that a known issue (hopefully fixed in 4,3)?12:55
agateauScottK: never heard of this bug12:55
agateauScottK: is it reproducible?12:55
ScottKagateau: It is on her computer with different images.  I didn't try it elsewhere12:56
agateauScottK: did you check the file were not read only?12:56
agateau(got to ask this one, sorry if it sounds stupid)12:56
ScottKagateau: I did not.  I will check that.  I'd have expected an error from gwneview if t couldn't save.12:57
agateauScottK: yes, I would expect this as well12:57
ScottKNo, not stupid at all.  We were in a hurry to get something emailed out, so I just did what made it work.12:57
ScottKI'll check that and do a bit more investigating then.12:58
agateauScottK: ok thanks12:58
* ScottK joins #ubuntu-release-party and is glad for the opt out ability in quassel's chat monitor13:02
* apachelogger diggs through13:07
apacheloggersymphony no 5 allegro ... perfect track for current karmic heat :P13:08
neversfeldeour new dog is called Beethoven, don't ask why. As far as I know, he is to young to create music :)13:08
apacheloggerblogger.com spam is annoying the sanity out of me13:16
* apachelogger wonders why google proofs uncapable of doing sane spam protection there 13:16
apacheloggerRiddell: who is in charge of the final wiki page?13:17
kb9vqfI have to run to work, but if anyone would be willing to add KDE3 to the release announcement the Wiki page is here: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Kde3/Karmic :)13:20
apacheloggerif only I knew whom to delegate this to :D13:21
apacheloggerkb9vqf: I am wondering why the installer does have the ubuntu icon and not the kubuntu one13:21
kb9vqfapachelogger: Because I use the GTK Ubiquity system13:22
ScottKBlogger, I can't help you, but I think Riddell has the release announcement in close control at this point.13:22
* kb9vqf wishes he didn't have to, but that's the only non-KDE item on the CD13:22
apacheloggerkb9vqf: still I would think the icon should be Kubuntish :P13:22
apacheloggergtk or not13:23
kb9vqfI suppose13:23
apacheloggerkb9vqf: add $iconname to some core package installing to crystalsvg13:23
apacheloggerthat should override the ubuntu icon from hicolor icon theme13:23
apacheloggerScottK: so Riddell must be delegated to update the screenshots and add KDE 3 to the announcement13:23
kb9vqfthanks! :)13:25
Riddellupdate screenshots?13:26
Riddellkb9vqf: KNetworkManager from KDE 3 is maintained?13:30
apacheloggerRiddell: kfi is now using the offical icon and the blackt thingy in the second knm snapshot looks unprofessional13:30
apachelogger+ one pic seems to be missing completely13:30
kb9vqfRiddell: Yes, by me! :)13:30
kb9vqfWorks great now13:30
Riddellkb9vqf: impressive13:31
kb9vqfIt was a lot of work13:32
* kb9vqf leaves for the office; will try to be back on in a couple of hours13:32
jjessemmmm 500k/sec on my torrents of karmic :)13:36
* Riddell holds breath13:45
* rgreening pokes Riddell in the ribs13:46
jussi01jjesse: thatrs a bit slow, no?13:47
* jussi01 hugs his 24/2 connection...13:48
jjesseoooo downloads are done :)13:49
RiddellI fear I may be causing confusion in #u-r-p14:02
yuriyheh. slashdot says it's out with two tags notyet noyet14:04
* ulysses__ waiting for dist-upgrade, but update-notifier said, there isn't any upgrade14:05
Riddellthat'll be because http://changeslogs.ubuntu.com is down14:05
neversfeldethe banner is broken with Firefox, Arora and Konqui are working14:05
Riddellneversfelde: what's up in firefox?  looks ok here14:07
Riddelloh, hmm14:07
ulysses__wow, the banner is phantastic:)14:08
apacheloggerwhat banner?14:11
apacheloggeroh we haz sexy banner14:12
Riddellhmm, I'm afraid I don't know why firefox is putting the banner in a funny place14:13
Riddellthe stylesheets at that point are fairly multilayered14:13
\shdoesn't look shiny as kde looks...;)14:13
apacheloggerRiddell: didnt we decide to not ship kopete-facebook on the cd?14:13
Riddellwe don't, did it creap back onto the announcement?14:14
apacheloggerRiddell: aye14:16
* Riddell clarifies14:16
apacheloggerlecture begins14:17
neversfeldeRiddell: cleared the cache and cannot test it anymore, because kubuntu.org is not reachable :)14:19
jjesseit works for me14:19
ghostcubehmm why are we faster than ubuntu :P14:22
Riddellbecause we're cooler14:23
ghostcube100 points14:23
Riddellbut the crucial download links will appear at the same time14:23
ulysses__Kubuntu rocks, Ubuntu not:)14:23
ghostcubei know heh :) but looks good14:23
neversfeldeRiddell: http://imagebin.ca/view/PaICDaCZ.html14:24
a|wenyeah kubuntu.org is painfully slow, eh not responding, atm14:24
neversfeldeproblem only exists on the small screen of this netbook14:25
ulysses__works for me14:25
neversfeldeon my desktop everything is ok14:25
ulysses__neversfelde: same error for me, I have a Lenovo laptop with 1366x768 (Firefox 3.5.3)14:25
michaelforrestwhoever's done the kubuntu.org homepage: there are two L's in 'finally'.14:27
a|wenneversfelde: which version of firefox ... seems to work fine here on 3.5.314:27
neversfeldeyes, lenovo ideapad s12 here14:27
Riddellmichaelforrest: doh!14:27
neversfeldea|wen: 3.5.3 too14:27
Riddellwho knows how to use krita?14:27
ulysses__Lenovo Ideapad (?) G550L14:27
a|wenRiddell: don't we have it as an svg or something?14:27
neversfeldeI konw that someone should package koffice rc :)14:27
neversfeldeis someone doing it atm?14:27
Riddella|wen: no that's all we have14:27
neversfeldeI have my desktop back and could try it14:28
Riddellneversfelde: nobody is onto it yet14:28
neversfeldeok, I'll start this evening14:28
* a|wen gives fixing the banner a shot14:29
neversfeldeI hope launchpad will be there :)14:30
* MsMaco hugs everybody14:30
MsMacothank you all for everything you did to make kubuntu karmic AWESOME14:30
Riddellare we there yet?14:31
ulysses__is it out?:)14:31
RiddellI could tell you if kubuntu.org would load :)14:32
MsMacopeople in u-r-p say kubuntu is out14:32
MsMacowgrant says k/x/edu websites are all updated14:32
yuriy\o/ \o/   \o/14:33
Mamaroklefty changed the topic, yes14:33
Riddelland I still can't see our download page to check it's updated properly14:33
Riddellooh ooh ooh!14:33
RiddellMamarok: go go on /topic14:33
* Riddell dances14:34
neversfeldebanner works in firefox now14:34
yuriyuhoh the download page offers a KNE 64-bit. there is no such thing right?14:34
Riddellneversfelde: I don't know what I did, but I fixed it :)14:34
=== ScottK changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Kubuntu: the distro with good looking developers |https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Todo | 9.10 Released
neversfeldenow banner is borked again, weird14:35
* neversfelde switches to arora :)14:35
Riddellwell done everyone!14:36
yuriycongrats everyone!!14:36
Mamarokcongrats everyone, great work!14:37
Riddellwell done Mamarok for rocking user support even when faced with pulseaudio14:37
Riddellwell done yuriy one openoffice icons and userconfig14:37
ulysses__thanks to every developer14:37
Riddellwell done neversfelde on packaging the beast that is koffice14:37
MamarokRiddell: thx :)14:37
neversfeldeRiddell: :) it is really a beast14:38
Riddellwell done ScottK on that whole netbook idea and keeping universe in shape14:38
jjesseyay great job guys14:38
Riddellwell done MsMaco on papercuts14:38
Mamarokthx all the devs for their great work facing all odds :)14:38
Mamarokand well done Riddell !!!14:38
Riddellwell done on ninja kicking a|wen14:39
Mamarokfor keeping that all toghether and providing Irn Bru ;)14:39
ScottKRiddell: Thanks.  I think it was a good release for everyone.14:39
* \sh needs some strong alcoholic drinks now...today is really not a good day...14:39
\shminus the ubuntu release...14:40
a|wenwell done everyone! karmic is rocking!14:40
\shserver without UTC time from another department, power outage of one datacenter, stupid configured and scaled nagios remote cluster14:41
ulysses__update-notifier-kde -u works:)14:41
RiddellNightrose: you should be able to go on that story if you're about14:41
Riddellulysses__: let us know of any issues with the upgrade14:41
jjessewowo sounds like a terrible day \sh14:41
yuriythanks Riddell :)14:41
ulysses__Riddell: ok, I hope there won't be any problem14:41
Riddelljjesse: are you still doing the official ubuntu book?14:42
\shjjesse, I just forgot the people from support who are thinking that OPS is sitting bored on their a**es14:42
jjesseRiddell yes i am14:42
jjesselast time i checked :)14:42
jjessegot some work for me?14:42
Riddellno just checking, well done on that jjesse :)14:43
jjessehah thanks :)14:44
\shofficial ubuntu book?14:44
jjesseyeah 4th edition i think is the latest one14:44
Riddelland of course well done to apachelogger, JontheEchidna, Lex79, vorian, shtylman and everyone else who is away working or sleeping or eating during out moment of triumph14:46
\shjjesse, oh this book...sadly I don't own an ubuntu book or an ubuntu t-shirt...I'm a bad ubuntu fanboy ;)14:47
jjesse\sh bummer :)14:47
Riddelldebfx: well done to you too, next time don't wait until the last two weeks to make your contributions :)14:47
* \sh should do LPI-199 still...14:47
a|wenRiddell: http://imagebin.ca/view/R-lElO.html14:51
ulysses__16 packages will be removed, 189 new packages will be installed, 785 will be upgraded. Nedd to download 817M.14:51
ulysses__about 1 hour 38 minutes14:51
RiddellI hear some mirros are busy, it may take longer14:51
a|wenbusy might very well be an understatement14:52
ulysses__I use de.archive.ubuntu.com14:52
yuriydl done \o/ now seeding14:52
\shRiddell, where are the bandwidth stats ? they were online somewhere, right?14:52
ulysses__110-130 kB/s, it is the maximum14:53
Riddell\sh: they're not online14:53
\shRiddell, right, I think maswan gave some last time from .se mirror14:54
Riddellsometimes sysadmins tell us but they're probably busy rewiring london's internet exchanges now14:55
Riddellhah, two e-mails already about spelling error in abnner14:57
* Riddell wonders where agateau is at our moment of triumph15:03
agateauRiddell: @phone :)15:04
Riddellno break for you guys :)  well done on fd.o notifications, MI, networkmanager fixes and generally putting up with us kubuntu developers bossing you around :)15:05
Riddelltorrent running along nicely, maybe I should get out of bed and have a shower15:05
ulysses__can't wait for the upgrade15:07
=== dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk
Riddellhi mcas, thanks for your ISO testing15:14
a|wen_gah, crappy radeon locking up my system15:17
debfxRiddell: I would have, but I only recently got my laptop15:17
Riddell\sh: http://home.samfundet.no/~sandsmark/ubuntu-release.png15:18
\shRiddell, cool thx :)15:19
* rgreening wants a 64bit netbook :)15:24
* ulysses__ wants a faster internet:(15:25
* Riddell wonders how http://identi.ca/kubuntunews works15:29
ulysses__oh, i should subscribe to this:)15:30
=== cmvo_ is now known as cmvo
* smarter doesn't understand why people would use microblogging to fake RSS feeds15:33
cmvoRiddell and all: Thanks for another release of Kubuntu!15:33
ulysses__less an hour downloading left15:34
_kb9vqfI'm back :)15:35
Riddellhi kb9vqf15:36
Riddellthanks cmvo15:36
ScottKRiddell: Thanks for the reminder about microblogging.  kubuntunetbook has now remembered to mention the release.15:37
Riddelldon't forget real blogging too15:38
* _kb9vqf thanks Riddell for the KDE3 note in the release announcment15:38
Lex79congratulations to everyone :)15:39
* Riddell high fives Lex79 15:39
_kb9vqfKDE4 is getting quite a bit better as of late15:39
_kb9vqfGood job!15:39
Riddellkb9vqf: give us more than 5 minutes notice next time :)15:39
_kb9vqfI actully had two disks go out on my server15:39
Riddellkb9vqf: we'll put you out of business yet!15:39
ScottKRiddell: He did come by last night while you were sleeping.  I guess you didn't get the highlight.15:40
_kb9vqfThat's when I got my systems back up...two days of downtime *shudders*15:41
* _kb9vqf wonders why Murphy hangs around release day15:41
ScottK_kb9vqf: Murphy is always around.15:41
_kb9vqfJust moreso around important dates it would seem15:42
apacheloggerwe released?15:47
* apachelogger hugs everyone15:47
* Riddell hugs apachelogger 15:54
apacheloggerhow comes I am only ranked 1093 on ohloh -.-15:59
yuriyack the logo overlaps "Home" on the website16:07
ulysses__on the homepage it works well, but on the subpages it overlaps16:08
ulysses__eh, now it overlaps the "Home" on kubuntu.org also --16:09
txwikinger\o/ for the release16:12
ScottKshtylman and yuriy: I uninstalled OOo KDE for troubleshooting and so I got a good look at what your work saved us from.  Thank you again.16:22
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
apacheloggerfunction pointers16:30
apacheloggersick, just sick16:30
=== dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates
MamarokRiddell: nice pic, btw, one can see the logo on the helmet quite well now :)16:40
Riddellphew, glad it doesn't just look like a vanity picture16:41
Riddellfolks: we have the top two slots on planet ubuntu now, let's make that the top 10 slots!16:42
Riddellgo and blog!16:42
* ulysses__ isn't on the planet16:42
ulysses__downloading finished, now the upgrade begins16:44
* agateau is not on the planet as well :/16:47
* mcas is not blogging 16:49
Riddellagateau: we need to get you into kubuntu membership.  but you can put it on planet kde at least16:50
jjesseagateau is not a member of kubuntu?16:50
agateaujjesse: not yet16:50
agateauhow do I join?16:51
smarteragateau: usually there's a vote during a meeting16:51
agateausmarter: ok16:52
smarterI like the photo of the announcement ;) We should do something similar with every Kubuntu dev to promote our slogan "the distro with good looking developers" ;)16:53
jjessei just assumed he was am meber16:53
agateauand what are the requirements to get accepted?16:54
ScottKOnce agateau is a member, he can vote for Kubuntu Council (who is who decides if his stuff gets in the distro).16:54
agateauScottK: mmm smells like conflict of interests16:54
agateaubut then I guess other members also tries to get their stuff in the distro?16:55
ScottKagateau: It's the same requirements as for Ubuntu membership generally (and being a Kubuntu member makes you an Ubuntu member also), but focused around Kubuntu stuff.16:55
* smarter was going to link to the page about that on the wiki but apparently it's down16:56
smarterI sure hope that Moore's law catches up with the increase in users16:56
ScottKagateau: Yes, but perhaps with less controversy.16:56
agateauScottK: indeed,16:57
agateauScottK: well I could just abstain on voting for my own stuff16:57
ScottKNo need.  If you get made a member, you deserve the vote.16:57
ScottKYou'll just have to remember what hat you're wearing when you vote (Kubuntu, not Ayatana)16:58
agateauI am used to switching hats :)16:58
agateauBut you can't expect me to vote against my work16:59
agateauulysses__: thanks16:59
Sput\sh: should be in front of la cage more or less in time16:59
SputI'm home now, need to go to the store real quick and start laundry, then I'll leave17:00
\shSput, ok...we will leave the office also...17:01
yuriyoops wrong CD17:02
ulysses__2 minutes left, and the upgrade complete17:03
yuriynever did a dist-upgrade with a CD before, didn't think to download the alternate17:04
ulysses__I use the graphical method, Alt+F2, then "update-notifier-kde -u"17:05
ulysses__The distribution upgrade from Jaunty Jackalop is complete. The system is running, I don't see any problems. Thanks to every developer.17:16
yuriyuhoh not enough space. 2 gigs to upgrade huh17:24
ScottKulysses__: You're welcome.  Thanks for testing.17:29
ulysses__I hope I can contribute more in the future17:30
* ulysses__ go to write blog about Kubuntu (in Hungarian:P)17:33
ScottKdebfx: Quassel 0.5 is in jaunty-backports now.   It ought to be available in a few hours.17:41
debfxScottK: thanks, but I think you missed those actions/im*.png and actions/irc*.png icons17:46
ScottKDid I?17:46
* ScottK checks17:46
ScottKYeah, I did.  Thanks.17:47
MamarokRiddell: blogged.17:52
yuriyuhoh upgrade crashed18:26
yuriygot dr konqi saying kdesudo crashed, no trace18:26
Riddellwaa, that sounds like what _Sime had18:26
yuriythe dialog says 38% and "applying changes" and everything else on there disappeared18:27
Riddellyuriy: file a bug with the files in /var/log/dist-upgrade/*18:28
yuriyRiddell: according to ps this is the command being run: http://paste.ubuntu.com/304471/plain/18:29
yuriyRiddell: against upgrade-manager?18:29
yuriyI think it has something to do with python modules getting overwritten in the process18:33
ewoernerhttp://www.kubuntu.org/tour : "Learn about <package management> in Kubuntu."18:40
ewoernerthis is not meant seriously, is it?18:40
ulysses__I try to open the link, now more and more konqueror windows open, it's an endless loop18:41
yuriyewoerner: indeed wth18:42
yuriyulysses__: not getting that18:43
ulysses__hm, no konqeuror window opens, but more and more konqeuror icon spawns on the panel18:43
Mamarokulysses__: from quassel? never click directly on that link, it runs completely wild18:43
Mamarokthat's a Quassel bug18:43
ulysses__Mamarok: from irssi18:43
Mamarokstrange, let me see...18:44
Mamarokno problem here, so I guess it's a Konqi problem, since I use Chromium18:44
txwikingerDon't think it is quassel.. works here18:45
txwikingerI notice there is some problem when the default app is not set right18:45
Mamarokjust a question about the definition of the backports repo here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Ubuntu#Ubuntu%20Updates :18:45
Mamarok"  and have not been sufficiently tested to be included in the 'proposed' repository." wtf?18:46
Mamarokisn't that the other way round?18:46
Mamarokporposed is for testing and backports is the new version, just not supported?18:46
ulysses__txwikinger: you might be right, I upgraded from Jaunty, I used firefox 3.5 as defaulkt browser, but its command was other than the 'normal' firefox18:46
Mamarokouch, and the website talks about Hardy...18:46
Mamarokulysses__: yep, I had that with all links I clicked in Quassel, too18:47
Mamarokmade me change back to irssi18:47
ulysses__yeah, I haven't got any browser default18:47
txwikingerwell.. add the %u to the browser call in default apps18:47
txwikingeror use the default18:48
ulysses__added firefox to default, de problem solved18:48
Mamarokwhat's the best solution for a stalled package download, killing and trying again?19:02
kb9vqfMamarok: Most likely; if the system hasn't started actually _installing_ anything yet.19:03
Mamarokand it will not lock the process?19:04
kb9vqfIt shouldn't; the dpkg lock should be released as soon as the download is cancelled19:04
Mamarokapparently quite a few people run into upgrade problems, is this only the server load?19:04
* kb9vqf has no idea19:05
txwikingeryeah.. probably everybody is trying to get the files from the server right now19:05
Mamarokwhat's the exact package name of the dist-upgrade tool?19:11
Lex79ScottK: do you know if firefox-3.5 depends on synaptic? some users complain about that...19:17
ulysses__Lex79: it depends on a lot of stupid package19:21
ulysses__software-properties-gtk, gnome-keyring, ...19:21
Lex79if it depends on synaptic too is very stupid19:22
_SimeRiddell: I was upgrading with KDE 4.3 packages (ppa) already installed, if that matters.19:22
ulysses__Lex79: no problem, if you install firefox-3.5 in konsole, use --no-install-recommends19:23
Mamarokfolks, I could really need some help in #kubuntu, half of the questions I don't know how to answer19:23
Mamarokis there a channel for the plasma-netbook remix?19:24
Mamarokjjesse: thx19:27
Mamarokwhen somebody chooses the password option in the Karmic install, it asks if you want to use the password to decrypt, but I guess that doesn't trigger a fs encryption, doens't it?19:43
MamarokI will have to leave soon, can somebody give a hand in #kubuntu, please? Seems I am alone there19:52
ryanakcaAnybody have figures on the size of our userbase?20:23
yuriyryanakca: well at least 1300 people have downloaded karmic 64bit via bittorrent ;)20:30
ryanakcayuriy: *nod*20:30
ulysses__I upgraded via internet:) (x86_84)20:43
* jad waves21:03
jadHow is the release going so far?21:03
jadSmall Note you may want to update www.kubuntu.org/faq21:04
ulysses__hello jad21:05
jadHello :)21:05
jadSaw your dent21:05
ulysses__most user like a kid, they can't wait for the release:) some peploe thought, they can download karmic at 0:00 29th october:)21:07
jadulysses__: I downloaded it 5 weeks ago :)21:08
jadI like to beat the rush :)21:08
jadOk trying to see if Windows is chainloaded21:09
ulysses__I used alpha 4 on a physical machine, until alpha 5, but on my laptop I used Jaunty21:09
jadWait let me move /home off /21:09
jadWow that looks weird in writing :)21:10
jadOk guess something killed X21:11
ulysses__X uses too much CPU:)21:13
jadI hate X21:13
Lurecongrats and thanks to all kubuntu devels for fine karmic release21:13
* allee-k_ nods21:14
jadKonfetti for all!21:14
claydohyes, all the devs did a *fantastic* job, and also remained good-looking at the same time :)21:17
* claydoh wishes he was able to run Karmic here at work, but then he would never get any real work done :/21:18
NightroseBlizzz: email?21:39
Nightrose(re wave)21:39
BlizzzNightrose: blizzz@arthur-schiwon.de :)21:40
NightroseBlizzz: done - no idea how long it will take to get to you21:41
BlizzzNightrose: i am patient. ty!21:42
ulysses__uhm, what program made the following output? it's a graphical program, and I can't find which http://pastebin.com/m5fd5dd7321:45
ulysses__(I want to translete it if it's possible)21:45
ulysses__the window appears after login the fresh-installed kubuntu karmic21:46
_Simeafter a little bit of package compiling, I've got X working again on my laptop... so I'm happy again.21:53
_Simewell done team Kubuntu for Karmic!21:54
yuriyrunning Karmic on my work computer now. only problem so far is it didn't mount the usbfs in my fstab22:03
shtylmanRiddell ScottK :)22:32
* jad waves22:33
StyXmanany pykde guy awake? I'm getting a compilation error «include/kcategorydrawer.h:37: error: non-static const member ‘KCategoryDrawer::Private* const KCategoryDrawer::d’, can't use default assignm»22:43
StyXmanent operator22:43
StyXmanI'm getting this since I started trying compile pykde22:44
StyXmanI'm using qt from git, sip from latest release, kdelibs from trunk and pyqt from realease 4.6.122:45
vorianStyXman: best bet would be in #kde-devel then22:45
StyXmanand i cannot even find where to report the error22:45
StyXmanvorian: ah, sorry, I read this in techbase: «The IRC channel #kubuntu-devel on freenode often has PyKDE programmers in it. »22:46
vorianbut someone on #kde-devel should be around to help22:46
vorianit's true22:46
StyXman(also, I cannot find either kdebindings or pykde in bugs.kde.org)22:46
StyXmanso I thought they might be using their own bugtracker22:46
MsMacopeople probably out celebrating the new release ;)22:46
MsMacoinstead of beingon irc22:47
StyXmanow, true22:47
vorianyeah, also 4.3.3 is being tagged too22:47
vorian(not it)22:47
StyXmanwhat a night for asking for help, then :)22:47
* vorian is checking other places22:48
* vorian can't remember simons irc nick22:49
StyXmanbeh, it's 'bindings' in b.k.o22:51
RiddellStyXman: you want _Sime22:56
Riddellhe maintains pykde22:56
jadhi jjesse-netbook How are you?22:56
jjesse-netbookhello jad how are you ?22:56
jjesse-netbookim good22:56
Riddelljad: what needs updating on the faq page (and are you volunteering to do it? :)22:57
jadI'm fine 9.10 broke this computer ;)22:57
vorianRiddell + Kayak + Near Death + caught on camera == Priceless22:57
vorianthat is an awesome pic22:57
jadRiddell: It speaks about what's new in Ibex it points to 8.10 docs and there is a hanging " after the word Windows22:57
Riddell_Sime: what happed to X on your laptop?22:57
StyXmanRiddell: tx22:58
StyXmaneven better, there's a #kde-bindings :22:59
Riddelljad: you didn't answer my second question :)23:01
jadI am if you would like me too but just not right now23:02
Lex79Riddell: I'm working on Qt 4.6 beta, I'll upload tomorrow I think23:02
jadNo GUI and no time I can come on later if you like23:02
Lex79where? to experimental?23:02
RiddellLex79: oh great, using the packaging from experimental?23:02
Lex79Riddell: I'm using packaging from bzr23:02
RiddellLex79: ok, it might be easier to just use the pacakging from the tech preview which is in experimental, the patches there are already sorted for 4.6 (by sorted mostly I just removed them if they didn't apply)23:05
Riddellbut whatever works for you23:05
Riddelland yes please upload to experimental PPA23:05
Lex79ok Riddell :) I'll look also the Debian packaging for see their changes23:08
RiddellI don't know where Debian is at23:09
Riddellbut it would probably be sensible just to open lucid with qt 4.623:10
Lex79they switched to dh in rules23:10
Riddellso if debian has 4.6 and you want to do a full merge then feel free23:10
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
EagleScreenis possible to choose between Kubuntu Desktop and Kubuntu netwbook from kdm to start??23:32
RiddellEagleScreen: no, that's missing23:33
Riddellit needs fiddling with upstream stuff to have a way to do it23:33
yuriyshtylman: seen http://looksblo.wordpress.com/2009/10/29/the-secet-of-peace-and-harmo-or-static-layouts-suck/ ?23:33
MsMacoRiddell: whatdya do? killall plasma-desktop && plasma-netbook?23:36
MsMaco(or vice versa) ?23:36
RiddellMsMaco: I don't follow, what's your question?23:37
Riddellcurrently it starts whatever is installed, it ought to be a configuration option somewhere23:37
EagleScreenand can I change between Kubuntu default desktop and Kubuntu netbook in any way?23:37
Riddelland an x session KDM option23:37
RiddellEagleScreen: sudo apt-get install kubuntu-netbook23:38
MsMacoRiddell: can you kill whicher is running and start the other?23:38
RiddellMsMaco: yes you can23:38
jjesse-netbookthere is no configuration yet is what Riddell is saying23:39
jjesse-netbooklike in system settings or something like that23:39
=== dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk
Riddellvorian: that wasn't near death!  that was a very controlled eskimo roll while surfing manoever23:47
EagleScreensorry by asking this here, but do you know if it is possible to disable the Desktop switching by mouse scroll?23:50
RiddellI don't know23:51
EagleScreenis it an upstream feature?23:51

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