elmoI still think the fact it's not running Add DistroArchSeres is key00:00
wgrantI don't think so.00:00
wgrantI think it only does that once.00:00
wgrantLet's see...00:00
elmoit seems to do it every time00:00
wgrantOnce each cycle (~5 seconds), and only for ubuntu/hardy/amd64?00:01
elmono, let me paste more of the log00:01
wgrantOh. BuilderSet calls addDistroArchSeries. I see.00:02
elmowgrant: http://paste.ubuntu.com/303910/00:04
* elmo cries a little at the mentions of hoary in there00:04
wgrantOK, this is useful.00:05
wgrantWTF are BuilderGroup and BuilderSet separate arrrrgh00:07
wgrantelmo: cesium can actually talk to the slaves, right?00:18
wgrantWhat if you run an XML-RPC status() on them?00:18
wgrantI can't see why else they would be unavailable!00:19
elmowgrant: checking00:19
wgrant'import xmlrpclib; xmlrpclib.ServerProxy("http://osmium.ppa:8221/rpc").status()' should do it.00:20
elmogood call00:21
elmo['BuilderStatus.ABORTING', '1288257-2696293']00:21
elmowgrant: ^--00:21
wgrantOh dear.00:21
wgrantlp-buildd has a bug where it won't remove the old build directories.00:22
wgrantSo if you restart them, they might die again.00:22
wgrantBut we'll see.00:22
elmooh right00:22
elmoand that just happened on a massive scale00:22
wgrantDoes bouncing osmium's lp-buildd do anything at all?00:22
wgrantI guess that the virtual builders should be OK, since they get reset each time.00:22
elmothey only get reset for a new build00:23
wgrantBut any non-virt *might* need manual cleanup. You'll see soon.00:23
wgrantI forget exact at which stage they get handed back.00:23
elmoin this case we're not getting far enough to reset them00:23
elmobut I can reset them by hand easy enough00:23
wgrantThat might be a good idea.00:23
wgrantI guess you'll probably need to then re-OK them all, but that's easy enough.00:23
wgrantUrgh, apologies for not thinking to check the status() first. I got distracted by other parts of the log fragments.00:24
wgrantIt might be an idea to grab the lp-buildd logs on a couple of failed builders to see why they got stuck in ABORTING.00:25
wgrantSince they will of course vanish once you reset the guests...00:26
wgrantI presume it's the residual build directory, but cannot be sure.00:26
wgrantsbuild must have got really really wedged (it should have been SIGKILLed 10 seconds after the abort), or Twisted is being bad.00:33
elmowait what00:34
elmowe knocked the buildds off line at 17:0000:34
elmopalmer was building at 20:0000:35
wgrantpalmer is fine.00:35
wgrantThe queue is just empty.00:35
wgrant(if you look at the logs, it will tell you that there are no candidates for palmer)00:36
elmoI'm not sure it always was though00:36
elmoor maybe I'm losing my mind00:36
elmothe problem is i can't actually check on the virtual builders00:36
wgrantWhy not?00:36
elmowe lock ourselves out of the guests for reasons of paranoia that are probably not sane00:36
wgrantWe can at least get the logtail.00:36
elmook, how about sparc00:37
elmothat's certainly got shit to do :)00:37
elmowgrant: we can?00:37
elmoAFAICT, artigas was mid-build when cesium lost contact with it00:38
elmoso I suspect this is readily reproducible00:39
wgrantelmo: We can, through RPC. I would find the call, but I've had to move to another machine; it seems my WAP is unhappy.00:42
=== spm_ is now known as spm
wgrantAh, no, we can't.00:44
wgrantWe can only get it while it's BUILDING :(00:44
wgrantelmo: What became of that slave that you bounced before the issue was properly diagnosed?00:50
wgrantDid it recover?00:50
elmothat was palmer?00:51
elmoI've reset all the virtual ones now00:52
elmoartigas is still stuck and is:00:52
elmo>>> import xmlrpclib; xmlrpclib.ServerProxy("http://artigas.buildd:8221/rpc").status()00:52
elmo['BuilderStatus.WAITING', 'BuildStatus.OK', '1312047-2740484',00:52
elmoI suspect bouncing it's slave will recover it00:52
wgrantSo palmer wasn't actually broken.00:52
wgrantThat means it's waiting for the upload to happen.00:52
wgrantWhat does buildd-manager's log say about it?00:52
elmowhatever was in the pastebin I guess?  but checking00:53
wgrantIf you bounce it, it will have to build again, and you might have to manually clean up the build directory. I would have thought buildd-manager should have dealt with that one.00:53
wgrantDid it recover, or did you kill it?00:55
elmoartigas?  I bounced the slave00:56
elmoand am cleaning up byhand00:56
elmowgrant: thanks a lot for your help01:01
wgrantelmo: np.01:02
wgrantI can reproduce the artigas situation.01:02
wgrantbuildd-manager just sits there and ignores it.01:03
* mwhudson afk for a short while01:17
wgrantelmo: OK, I think I see why artigas was special.01:19
wgrantelmo: There is code to rescue lost builders.01:19
wgrantThat is invoked if they report that they are currently building a (build ID, queue ID) pair that doesn't exist any more.01:20
wgrantIt is that code which aborts the build.01:20
wgrantthere is a flaw!01:20
wgrantIt doesn't check that the build is still assigned to the builder.01:20
wgrantSo when the builder times out, it is unassigned from the buildqueue, and the build goes back to 'Needs Building'. But when the slave is scanned, the master sees that the referenced buildqueue still exists, so doesn't attempt a rescue.01:21
wgrantFor the PPA builders, that will resolve pretty quickly -- another builder will grab the build, complete it, and the buildqueue will disappear.01:21
wgrantAt that point, the builder will reference something that doesn't exist, and will be aborted.01:21
wgrantBut for sparc, there are only two buildds. I guess artigas's current build wasn't picked up by the other buildd, so it never got rescued.01:22
wgrantBut there are at least two bugs here, since the abort on at least some of the virt builders hung.01:22
wgrantelmo: I have reproduced all pieces of the problem locally.01:30
wgrantIncluding the ABORTING hang.01:30
elmowgrant: great01:32
wgrantelmo: The pile of rescue bugs is growing...01:55
poolierockstar: or other, could you approve my list request for https://edge.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-distributed-development02:35
rockstarpoolie, now that's a question that could have gone to #launchpad - You're all turned around today.  :)02:36
pooliei am :)02:36
pooliethis is not helped by pidgin showing this channel as "launchpad..." :)02:36
rockstarpoolie, :)02:36
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=== Peng is now known as Peng_
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rockstarpoolie, generally, anything Ubuntu related is passed to jorge02:38
poolieand he has the (technical) right to approve it?02:39
thumperpoolie: normally it is because ubuntu lists are on ubuntu.com not launchpad.net02:40
poolieis there a technical reason for that?02:40
thumperthat I don't know02:40
rockstarpoolie, no, I think it's so that he's aware of what's going on, and so that we don't have a bunch of ubuntu lists.02:43
poolieok, i'll mail him02:45
lifelessnew list notice still points at launchpad.dev02:46
lifelesspoolie: did you undo the udd membership?02:47
pooliei don't think so02:47
pooliewhat do you mean?02:47
lifelesswell I got the notice that canonical-bazaar is in the team udd, and that we can enable list delivery02:48
lifelessbut I can't see the list on https://edge.launchpad.net/~lifeless/+editemails02:48
pooliei presume it's because the list is in this half-created stnate02:49
lifelesshave you pung spm to whack it on?02:50
poolieread the scrollback02:52
pooliemwhudson: did you get that mail about graphs?  do you think you could do it reasonably easily, not necessarily today02:52
mwhudsonpoolie: yes, just writing up the last one now02:53
poolieyou legend02:53
lifelessspm: ping; whats the mail list approval ul?02:55
poolielifeless: i sent mail to jorge, i'll see what he thinks02:56
pooliei don't want to force it today02:56
spmlifeless: +mailinglists02:57
lifelesspoolie: hmm? if you've applied for the list, the CHR will probably just do it when they notice02:57
lifelessoh, it has the word ubuntu, it may need the special treatment.02:57
lifelessspm: thanks, but ignore that ;)02:57
poolieno further action is needed til jorge replies02:58
* spm adds lifeless back to /ignore :-P02:58
lifelessooh quick, while hes not listening...02:58
mwhudsonpoolie: sent03:05
mwhudsonso where has inline editing of merge proposal status gone?03:11
thumpermwhudson: it isn't there yet03:29
thumpermwhudson: it is branch status that has been done03:29
thumpermwhudson: it is on my todo list03:29
mwhudsonthumper: oh right03:29
pooliemwhudson: could you add lpstats for failing imports by type?03:58
mwhudsonpoolie: yes03:59
* mwhudson writes an RT03:59
thumpermwhudson: want to add to that for one for succeeding imports by type?04:00
mwhudsonthumper: yeah04:00
mwhudsonsuspended/invalid probably not all that interesting04:00
cody-somervilleIsn't there instructions somewhere on how to setup launchpad development instance without running rocketfuel-setup?04:19
thumpercody-somerville: yes (ish)04:19
thumpercody-somerville: I did it recently04:19
thumpercody-somerville: as I don't use rocketfuel scripts04:19
thumpercody-somerville: read the script and do the bits that make sense :)04:20
thumperI don't use the 'blessed' directory or repo layout04:20
* thumper EODs for now04:42
wgrantI see somebody renamed samarium to 'samariumd' fairly recently.05:07
wgrantSomebody might want to fix that.05:07
elmowe can't05:07
elmoLP breaks when you try05:07
wgrantelmo: Oh, it's always been like that? Hmm.05:08
elmowgrant: no it's recent05:08
elmowe've no idea how it changed, but the web ui won't let you change it back05:08
rockstarmwhudson, have you landed your branches I've reviewed.  pqm threw up on me.05:08
* wgrant tries to rename one locally.05:08
wgrantHm, WFM05:09
wgrantelmo: How does it complain when you try?05:09
wgrant(and are you going to sleep at some point?)05:09
mwhudsonrockstar: yes, i have a success mail from PQM05:10
mwhudsonrockstar: i just did ec2 land fwiw05:10
elmowgrant: it just times out, I think - I haven't had a chance to dig into the oops, I only noticed it myself earlier this evening05:11
wgrantelmo: Urgh. That's not too nice.05:11
rockstarmwhudson, hrm.05:20
* mwhudson EODs05:22
cody-somervillewgrant, whats the url to your blog?07:04
adeuringgood morning08:24
henningeMoin adeuring!08:27
adeuringhi henninge!08:27
henningeHallo jtv!08:27
jtvhi henninge!08:27
henningejtv: your memory footprint is about to land! cool!08:28
jtvhenninge: yes... there's still a lot of buildup in the final phase, but the first phase has been tamed.08:29
wgrantcody-somerville: I have none. Why?08:30
cody-somervillewgrant, I thought you wrote a blog post on setting up soyuz.08:30
wgrantcody-somerville: http://williamgrant.id.au/f/1/2009/running-soyuz.html08:31
wgrantShould probably throw that on the wiki at some point.08:31
wgrantlp-buildd is the troublesome bit, particularly on Karmic.08:32
jtvhenninge: I'm about to go for lunch—ttyl!08:32
henningejtv: ok, enjoy it!08:32
wgrantBut even on pre-Karmic it requires some hacking if you grab official Ubuntu buildd chroots.08:33
wektwill trade a bug triage.  you triage 1 mine, i'll try to triage yours.  (I have not triaged for Ubuntu yet) https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/45380408:33
mupBug #453804: absolute font sizing and size smaller than default creates accessibility and usability difficulties <Launchpad itself:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/453804>08:33
* wgrant plots an evil PPA package which grabs stuff from the librarian, and uses a launchpadlib script to silently inject arbitrary untraceable binaries into the resultant packages.08:57
wgrantI think that would work.08:57
noodles775yeah, thanks wgrant.08:57
wgrantnoodles775: Hm?08:58
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henningehey danilo_, danilos !09:01
noodles775hm... is anyone else having trouble accessing dev.launchpad.net?09:01
wgrantI couldn't last night, but that was massive packet loss in L3.09:02
wgrantIt's slow, but working.09:02
noodles775ok, it's working again now... :)09:02
noodles775yep, thanks wgrant.09:02
wgrantal-maisan, noodles775: I suppose neither of you know too much about buildd-manager? I've fixed one of the pieces of this morning's build farm disaster, but I'm not sure about how to fix the other.09:06
* al-maisan looks at wgrant's emails again09:06
noodles775wgrant: I've had to take a look at it recently and al-maisan is familiar with it too... so shoot (it'll be good for us) :)09:07
wgrantBug #463041 was easily fixed, but bug #463046 is rather less obvious.09:08
mupBug #463041: Lost builder detection is insufficiently aggressive <Soyuz:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/463041>09:08
mupBug #463046: Rescuing a BUILDING builder just makes things worse <Soyuz:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/463046>09:08
noodles775wgrant: were you able to setup a test that shows the first issue that you mentioned in that bug?09:08
wgrantnoodles775: 463041 is fixed and tested in a branch here.09:09
wgrantLanding that now would just make everything worse, however.09:09
noodles775wgrant: have you got time for a call? (skype: absoludity)09:12
wgrantnoodles775: Sure. Let me just install Skype...09:13
noodles775al-maisan: we can do a conf?09:13
al-maisannoodles775: nice :)09:14
wektekiga works well instead of skype as long as it gets ALSA directly.  pasuspender can be used for that09:14
wgrantHopefully Empathy will be usable for this sort of thing soonish.09:15
wektempathy uses all plugins through dbus.  I'd rather use pidgin and libpurple09:15
noodles775I'm happy to use ekiga ... (although not sure of a conf line I can use).09:16
al-maisanekiga works here as well09:16
wektit has a conference room, but i have not tried it09:16
noodles775ok, let's try that first then :)09:17
al-maisanwhat's the sip address?09:17
wektI'm there09:18
noodles775I'm not... I can call other conf lines in ekiga, but that's just dropping for me :/09:19
* noodles775 registers at ekiga.09:20
wektis your account @ekiga.net?09:20
al-maisanwekt: al-maisan09:20
wektal-maisan & I are chatting in the conference room09:21
wekti hear a third party.  with much humm09:24
* wgrant awards Ekiga the "even worse than Skype" award.09:24
al-maisannice award :)09:24
wektyou might turn on silence detection.09:24
wgrant(I have Skype working, but cannot get Ekiga to hear me :()09:24
wekti hear you09:24
al-maisanwe did hear somebody say "hello"09:25
wgrantI see.09:25
wgrantLet's try that again.09:25
wektyou might turn down your mic boost you were quite loud.09:25
wekt& turn on silence detection09:25
wektI leave now09:26
al-maisanbye wekt09:26
al-maisanwgrant: I do hear you09:27
wgrantal-maisan: The only thing I've heard from Ekiga is a very broken up introduction to the conference room :(09:27
wgrantSkype works fine; shall we use that?09:27
al-maisanhmm ..09:28
al-maisanwgrant: yup09:28
wgrantI'm william.a.grant.09:29
al-maisanwgrant: what's your skype id? Mine is 'mhrnjad'.09:29
wgrantI've added both you and noodles775.09:29
al-maisanwgrant: thanks09:29
* wgrant has very little idea how to use Skype.09:30
al-maisannoodles775 seems busy with a code review ..09:30
al-maisanwgrant: let me call you09:30
elmowgrant: did you file any bugs about that drama last night btw?  (if not, I can, just don't want to duplicate)09:31
wgrantelmo: I did.09:31
elmowgrant: neato; thanks09:31
wgrantal-maisan: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~wgrant/launchpad/rescue-robbed-builders09:31
wgrantWell, that is a nice simple solution.09:42
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wgrantelmo: Just fixing and writing tests for the second master issue now. However, there still remains the issue of the ABORTING slave hang, which I don't know how best to resolve. I'm thinking that if lp-buildd can't be easily fixed, the master could be taught to just fire the reset trigger if it hasn't aborted after a minute or so.09:44
wgrantIs there some script around to dispatch builds to manual builders?09:51
wgrantI've occasionally seen it happen on production, and it would handy for testing sometimes.09:51
deryckMorning, all.10:03
_thumper_deryck: hey, sent you an email :)10:03
=== _thumper_ is now known as thumper
deryckthumper, I saw.  Was going to reply here in a sec.10:17
* al-maisan needs a coffee10:26
maxbI have an MP targeted at ~launchpad-dev//ztk-2.5 if someone has a moment: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~maxb/launchpad/pymig-remove-lsprof/+merge/1409111:09
salgadomaxb, r=me11:13
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allenapjml: I have a branch that moves devscripts out of lib/. I've updated the Makefile to run the devscripts tests with zope.testrunner and trial, and I wondered which I should actually go for? See http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/303684/. Trial doesn't do subunit does it? zope.testrunner doesn't either, but there is (your) code to make it work already in the tree.11:53
=== matsubara is now known as matsubara-afk
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jtvBjornT_: You're at least one step ahead of me when it comes to submitting lp-production-configs branches.  Can you help me get to that point?12:15
jtvsalgado, you've got one of those branches in pqm... can you explain to me how to submit to lp-production-configs?12:30
jtvI'm documenting this stuff, too.12:30
jtvah, it wasn't salgado, it was matsubara-afk12:31
salgadojtv, I don't think I have any branches on PQM12:31
jtvsalgado: I was wrong, sorry.  I always knew I'd confuse you to someday12:31
jtvyou *two12:31
BjornT_jtv: how far have you come so far?12:40
jtvBjornT_: I'm trying to pqm-submit, but I don't know how to set up bzr for it.12:40
BjornT_jtv: this is in my locations.conf: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/304261/12:44
jtvBjornT_: cool, thanks.  If I turn this into wiki documentation, would you mind casting a glance at it and seeing if it makes sense?12:44
BjornT_jtv: sure. it's similar to all the other pqm-managed lp branches; it's just different product names and branches. there should be some documentation already...12:46
jtvBjornT_: I searched all wikis for lp-production-configs without any luck12:47
BjornT_jtv: well, i was thinking about pqm in general. i can't find anything either, except for some really old instructions12:48
jtvBjornT_: cool, then we have a more or less clean slate.  :-)12:49
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maxbsalgado: You did review:approve on my ztk-2.5 MP but not merge:approve - just oversight?13:23
salgadomaxb, yeah, I always forget that13:23
salgadowill do now13:23
maxbI should try my hand at ajaxifying that13:24
BjornT_EdwinGrubbs: ping?13:26
EdwinGrubbsBjornT_: pong13:27
BjornT_EdwinGrubbs: i think you had problems with windmill, in that asserting a property/element sometimes failed, after having waited for it, right?13:27
EdwinGrubbsBjornT_: right13:28
BjornT_EdwinGrubbs: so, i'm not sure why that is, i have to take a closer look. but i'm interested, why do you have to use an assert at all? why not do like this? http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/304288/13:30
EdwinGrubbsBjornT_: basically, I don't believe theat waits.forElementProperty() works correctly if the assert after it fails. I would have removed it if I didn't start getting spurious errors.13:32
BjornT_EdwinGrubbs: does it fail if you make sure the element isn't there?13:33
BjornT_EdwinGrubbs: also, an occasional spurious success is better than an occsional spurious failure :)13:34
BjornT_gary_poster: would you know anything about this error when running utilities/paste? http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/304293/13:36
BjornT_gary_poster: the only thing before the _pythonpath import is whitespace and comments13:37
gary_posterBjornT_: how are you starting paste?13:42
BjornT_gary_poster: in that instance, by invoking /devel/launchpad/rocketfuel/utilities/paste13:43
BjornT_gary_poster: hmm. i noticed that it's only there. it works in another branch, which should be just as up-to-date13:44
gary_posterBjornT_: OK. Is ascii the usual Python encoding, and your system is mildly unusually specifying utf8?  If so, I would suggest modifying buildout-templates/_pythonpath.py.in to include encodings.utf_8 as hard-coded in the clean-modules list and committing with rs=gary.  There may be a better way to handle it, but that is a reasonable start IMO.13:44
EdwinGrubbsBjornT_: yes, I believe it normally fails normally if I assert that the node doesn't have the style. I have not tested if there would be spurious successes with that. I'm not sure how that makes the test any better.13:45
BjornT_EdwinGrubbs: because a spurious success means that we would miss catching a test failure in some rare instances; it would probably never happen. a spurious failure means that the we enter testfix mode, which is quite bad.13:46
maxbLP auto-sets my MP to "Merged" when it is merged. Is it intentional that it doesn't also update the branch status to "Merged" ?13:47
BjornT_EdwinGrubbs: we should be able to trust waiting for an element. my guess is that waiting for an element gets notified that the element gets added slightly before it actually gets added to the dom, which asserting it checks the dom directly, so you have a race condition there13:48
jtvBjornT_: I seem to have pqm-submit working for my configs branch... would you care to review the documentation byproduct?  https://dev.launchpad.net/LoggingOopses13:49
jtvBjornT_: if you don't see anything horribly wrong with it, I'll start linking to it and asking for more feedback from mailing lists.13:49
EdwinGrubbsBjornT_: I assume what you are saying is that we catch that error and just ignore it. The waits.forElementProperty() also causes this spurious error, and that situation doesn't involve the timing of adding an element to the dom.13:50
EdwinGrubbsBjornT_: why check the node if we are going to ignore the outcome?13:51
BjornT_jtv: well, the documentaion looks good, but it seems misplaced. i would never have thought of looking for that documentation in a document called LoggingOopses13:52
BjornT_EdwinGrubbs: s/element gets added/dom gets modified/13:53
BjornT_EdwinGrubbs: i'm saying that waiting for an element/property probably works, and we should trust it. we don't have to assert that the wait worked everytime we wait for something. so we don't ignore the outcome. if the wait fails, the test fails.13:54
marsHas anyone had a problem building ctypes on Karmic?13:54
marsThe egg build step complains about a missing Python.h file... missing the Python2.5 version maybe?13:55
BjornT_mars: does the build fail? sometimes errors are produced for other pythons than 2.4, but they can be ignored.13:56
marsBjornT_, yep, build fails: An error occured when trying to install ctypes 1.0.2.Look above this message for any errors thatwere output by easy_install.13:56
marsmake: *** [/home/mars/canonical/lp-branches/trunk/bin/py] Error 113:56
jtvBjornT_: the meat is to be about the code part, really.13:57
marsmight have to do a make clean13:57
BjornT_mars: does it help if you install python-dev?13:59
marsBjornT_, it is already installed for Python2.6.  Are we running on 2.6 yet?13:59
BjornT_mars: is python2.4-dev installed?14:00
marsBjornT_, nope14:00
marsit must have been cleaned up during the upgrade14:01
EdwinGrubbsBjornT_: I see what you are saying. I think I've just become pessimistic about windmill doing what I expect.14:02
BjornT_mars: then you probably don't have launchpad-dependencies install either. the lp ppa does get disabled during upgrades14:03
marsBjornT_, looking at the make output - looks like we are still on python2.4.  thanks for the pointer14:03
marsyep, have to re-enable that next14:03
BjornT_EdwinGrubbs: i'll certainly look into this, to see what is really going on, but until then i'm going to change the tests to be more robus14:03
maxbI just pushed a branch: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~maxb/launchpad/remove-stray-ref-to-sourcecode-lazr-js and it has a weird error14:05
maxbNo such file: u'/srv/bazaar.launchpad.net/mirrors/00/03/eb/bb/.bzr/repository/upload/28c77e113c8b6a60a9181c736b1c6ddf.pack': [Errno 2] No such file or directory: u'/srv/bazaar.launchpad.net/mirrors/00/03/eb/bb/.bzr/repository/upload/28c77e113c8b6a60a9181c736b1c6ddf.pack'14:05
marsBjornT_, yep, the Karmic upgrade is the culprit.  I thought it was strange when the cleanup step told me ¨You don´t need all these developer tools any more¨14:11
Ursinhaa translations person is missing, so I think I'll be the double agent in the meeting14:43
Ursinhastub, Chex, gary_poster, rockstar, bigjools, sinzui, allenap, Ursinha -> production meeting @ #launchpad-meeting in 18 mins14:43
allenapUrsinha: Google Calendar says in 1h15m...14:45
Ursinhaallenap, google calendar is wrong :)14:45
sinzuigoogle calendar has difficulty with UTC14:46
allenapUrsinha: Cool.14:46
Ursinhaallenap, unless UTC time changed...14:46
* sinzui only uses the shite...site under duress14:46
allenapsinzui: I agree on both points.14:46
Ursinhastub, Chex, gary_poster, rockstar, bigjools, sinzui, allenap, Ursinha -> production meeting @ #launchpad-meeting in 9 mins14:51
Ursinhahenninge, ha! :) are you joining the prod. meeting in 5 mins?14:56
henningeUrsinha: I can "me" there, if you like ... ;)14:56
Ursinhahenninge, I can wear both hats, if you like14:57
UrsinhaI don't mind14:57
henningeUrsinha: Please do that, there is no special information that I have14:57
henningeat least, not that I can think of.14:57
Ursinhahenninge, except that I'll ask someone to triage https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/rosetta/+bug/46289114:58
mupBug #462891: TraversalError on +export <oops> <Launchpad Translations:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/462891>14:58
* henninge looks at that14:58
Ursinhathaaaanks henninge :)15:00
Ursinhastub, Chex, gary_poster, rockstar, bigjools, sinzui, allenap, Ursinha -> production meeting @ #launchpad-meeting now :)15:01
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maxbI have a branch which has somehow broken - should I file a launchpad-code bug for someone to investigate? https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~maxb/launchpad/remove-stray-ref-to-sourcecode-lazr-js16:06
maxbbroken, as in, I pushed it, and it ended up in that stuck state16:07
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Ursinharockstar, is there something maxb can do to dig the problem a bit more?16:11
rockstarmaxb, have you tried pushing again?16:12
maxbrockstar: For my own use, I re-pushed the branch under a different name. I've left that one alone in case anyone wants to debug its state. If no one does, I shall simply delete it16:13
rockstarmaxb, yeah, I'd suggest just deleting it.  It looks like there was some issue on push.16:14
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* sinzui plants face in plam17:26
sinzuiabentley: thank you for your bug report. launchpad.dev is hardcoded in a template17:27
abentleysinzui: No problem.17:27
danilosBjornT_, hi, still around?17:33
mrevellNight all!18:21
rockstarsinzui, jam is reporting many timeouts with https://edge.launchpad.net/bzr/+download18:21
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mwhudsongood morning19:02
* mwhudson looks at oops-prune failure mails19:36
thumpermwhudson: we should grab spm later19:56
thumperoh and good morning19:56
mwhudsonthumper: good morning19:59
mwhudsonthumper: to run branch-distro.py ?20:08
mwhudsonthumper: or something else?20:08
thumpermwhudson: yes to run branch-distro20:08
mwhudsonthumper: we could get mbarnett to start it now i guess?20:09
mwhudsonor at least do some prep20:09
thumpermwhudson: what prep is needed?20:09
mwhudsonthumper: well getting a newer launchpad tree onto crowberry20:09
mwhudsonnot much else i admit20:10
thumperrockstar-afk: ping20:16
thumperabentley: skype?20:16
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thumpersinzui: we are due to talk right?20:47
sinzuiI think so20:47
thumpersinzui: when?20:48
thumpersinzui: I think my local calendar is in local time20:48
sinzui40 minutes20:48
sinzuiif we are keeping UTC20:48
thumpersinzui: can you do earlier, or shall we do it in 40?20:48
sinzuiI can do it earlier. We can talk now if you like20:49
thumpersinzui: ok, lets do it now20:49
poolieinteresting responses re imports hey?20:56
pooliebut perhaps not reaching many people we don't already know20:56
rockstar-afkthumper, pong21:21
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awilkinsOfftopic but you guys are the most likely guys to know stuff about servers at Canonical I know of... anyone know if keyserver.ubuntu.com is being thrashed or just down?21:48
rockstarawilkins, yeah, I don't think many people would know the direct answer to that.21:48
awilkinsI thikn just thrashed... it just served me a key21:49
awilkinsBut it's very slow21:49
wgrantWell, consider what day it is.21:50
* rockstar awards wgrant a gold star21:50
wgrantrockstar: What have I done now?21:51
rockstarwgrant, pointing out that it's release day.21:51
awilkinsBah, my ISP still hasn't mirrored it21:52
wgrantawilkins: Torrents!21:52
awilkinsOh, I had the ISO before it became a release ISO21:52
awilkinsThree of them21:52
wgrantawilkins: (also, #canonical-sysadmin is the right place)21:53
awilkinsVia torrents21:53
rockstarwgrant, torrenting is illegal.21:53
wgrantYes, I know. Please don't announce it like that next time.21:53
wgrantawilkins: Or we will kick you more aggressively.21:53
wgrantrockstar: Naturally. Evil nasty Ubuntu pirates.21:53
awilkinsHmm. I really don't see how uploading files to a world-visible webserver doesn't constitute an announcement in itself... but que sera21:55
wgrantawilkins: Mirroring has to be done before the release is widely known, or mirroring becomes impossible.21:56
* thumper is looking for a nice unicode character to test with23:12
thumperany suggestions?23:12
spmthumper: ☕23:13
spmcofee mug. how could you go wrong.23:14
thumperspm: which character is that23:14
spmbraille is another useful to try23:14
thumper2615 apparently23:15
wgrantthumper: You know you can use literals like u'\N{INTERROBANG}'?23:20
thumperwgrant: and what does an interrobang look like?23:21
thumperwgrant: and what is the name of the coffee cup?23:21
wgrantthumper: It's a combo exclamation mark question mark.23:21
thumperwgrant: I had vague recollections, thanks for reminding me23:21
thumperabentley: still around?23:34
thumperabentley: nm, fixed it23:49
thumpermwhudson: had to fix a bug in attachment encoding to write the test for attachment viewing :-|23:55

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