pooliespm, do you know anything about tuolumne?00:42
spm_poolie: yup00:43
pooliek, i'm going to try some changes00:43
pooliemay need help00:43
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pooliespm, mail sent00:44
pooliewe can do it whenever is convenient00:44
poolieso where should we be running those queries? hackberry, I guess?00:51
spmpoolie: mmmm. it doesn't really matter per-se. but the others are typically there already; so yeah.00:54
pooliei'm happy to do something to help but i've never written sql against lp before00:55
poolieand i can't test it there00:55
spmpoolie: fair enough. can you give me ~ 15 (hopefully...) and I should be right to give you a proper hand.00:56
spmpoolie: oki, no major fires now. just the usual smoldering embers. what was it you wnated to graph?01:26
pooliei forwarded a mail from tom01:27
spmAHHH. head is in the cloudz. sorry.01:27
pooliethat ok, i hear they're very trendy :)01:28
poolieas far as the calls to BaseMetrics.store()01:28
pooliecan you just store whatever you want?01:28
poolieor does the schema need to be predefined somewhere?01:28
* poolie googles it01:28
spmhrm. good question...01:29
pooliegoogle's never heard of it?01:30
wgrantIsn't tuolomne proprietary?01:31
poolie the branch is private at leastn01:32
pooliei thought it might be using a public library01:32
pooliebut apparently not01:32
spmdjano tech underneath01:32
pooliemaybe i should bounce this back to tom?01:33
spmU1 deploy. sorry, bbs...01:33
poolieping me when you're back...01:41
spmwill do01:52
pooliethumper: hi?02:07
spmpoolie: one thought that occours - and isn't an attempt to duck shove ownership/responsibility! :-) possibly thumper/mwh/et-al may be able to help get those queries written? Or at least give sufficient pointers to make the rest easy?02:07
poolieit's probably not me at any rate02:07
pooliei might shove it back onto tom02:07
poolieif it's not easy for you?02:08
spmsome of those look similar to queries we already have, so I'd be cargo culting a little. how easy... details'll be the killer. once we have the queries it's trivial; gettnig them in the first place is the hard bit.02:09
* mwhudson can write queries 02:11
pooliemwhudson: can you help me? i just want to add some graphs of bzr bugs etc to lpstats02:12
mwhudsonpoolie: hm, don't have the bug schema nailed to my head so thoroughly but probably02:12
pooliemwhudson: ok, forwarded02:14
rockstarpoolie, I wonder if this discussion might be better in #launchpad-dev - This is supposed to be the user channel.02:20
poolieoh you're right, i'd forgotten02:20
rockstarpoolie, in honesty, I've been watching here because I'm CHR, and no one's needed me, but I'd hate to see it get missed.02:23
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mwhudsonpoolie: fwiw, i have the entirely unscientific impression that some of the users of launchpad code imports are people who don't interact with the rest of launchpad very much; it might be quite hard to reach these people to ask them questions03:23
mwhudsonor i might be completely wrong of course03:23
mwhudsonspm: can you 'select count(*), rcs_type from codeimport where review_status = 40 group by rcs_type' pls?03:26
mwhudsonspm: prod, but a slave would be entirely fine03:26
thumpermwhudson: what is status 40?03:28
mwhudsonthumper: failing03:28
pooliemwhudson: you may very well be right but it still seems worth trying03:57
mwhudsonpoolie: yes03:57
RenatoSilvaIs there any problem with download counter in LP?03:57
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akheronI uploaded a package to my PPA and the build will start in 14 hours o_O07:21
akheronbefore this has been something like 5 minutes07:22
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Extendcan anybody check this question https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/8715008:19
spivExtend: apparently mail was sent to the project owner yesterday about it08:22
spivExtend: when rockstar is around he should be able to help you more08:24
Extendspiv, thank you08:24
raja_does anybody know about using wget while building a package for a PPA? I want my build process to automatically download and extract some third party (gpl) source code.08:54
maxbAbsolutely no network access is permitted08:56
noodles775raja_: the PPA builders cannot access the outside world (for security reasons).08:56
maxbAnd also to enforce that source packages actually contain what you need to build the package08:56
raja_ok, thanks08:57
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rowinggolferslowdown? meltdown more like ;)11:18
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MTecknologyIf I have a team removed that had a branch owned by it, what happens to the branch?13:25
MTecknologyoh... moved to ~registry13:26
MTecknologyIs there any rubber ducky around that can help me on a "i screwed the pooch" problem?13:37
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tfogalYesterday I was trying to get a PPA going.  After a bit of wrangling, I managed to get something that didn't generate a `bad package' email to me.15:46
tfogalNow it's been 12 hours or more, and my package doesn't appear in my PPA page, nor my `builds' page for the PPA.. it seems like LP doesn't know about it.15:46
noodles775tfogal: did you get a success email after your most recent upload?15:47
tfogalone caveat is that I am creating the src .deb on debian, but AFAICT I've followed the instructions about that15:47
tfogalnoodles775: no.. I wasn't aware I would.15:47
tfogalI've seen no notification actually.15:47
tfogalapologies, this is my first foray into PPAs.15:48
noodles775tfogal: ok, the most common cause for not receiving any notification is when the uploaded package is not signed with a key associated with your Launchpad profile, is that possible?15:48
tfogalnoodles775: I am entering a gpg key to sign the package as it builds (part of dpkg-buildpackage AFAICT).  Is there some other mechanism by which I can verify the signature?15:49
noodles775(btw: see https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/UploadErrors for other possibilities).15:49
noodles775tfogal: the key you are signing with needs to be linked to your Launchpad account...15:49
noodles775you can add it by editing your profile.15:49
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tfogalnoodles775: ahh, that's definitely the case; I've only got one gpg key, that I created for launchpad.  _source.change's seems to think there's a key on it.15:51
tfogalalthough now that I look more closely, it seems the "Maintainer" has a minor discrepancy; it isn't using the email I've associated with my key...15:52
tfogalI've got a meeting now, but at least I've got somewhere to start searching when I get back.  Thanks!15:52
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moshe_workhi all.  i have tried several times to sign up for launchpad but i never get the email. i checked my spam but not there. can anyone help?16:23
Ursinhahmm mrevell, I have the feeling you have the answer for that ^ :)16:27
mrevellmoshe_work, I'm sorry you've had trouble signing up. I just need to check somethiong.16:28
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rockstarmoshe_work, hi.16:31
mrevellmoshe_work, Ah, thanks rockstar, I was just checking with kfogel, as we had this issue last week.16:31
rockstarmrevell, yeah, that's why the screencast was suggested.  :)16:32
mrevellrockstar, sure16:33
maxbrockstar: The i386 PPA build queue is a bit ridiculous, is there any hope of reviving thallium?16:51
rockstarmaxb, not sure.16:52
rockstarnoodles775, ^^16:52
noodles775rockstar: maxb, gee, up from 138 7 hrs ago, i386 now at 146 jobs... (https://edge.launchpad.net/builders)... Any losa around who could look at the dead i386 ppa builder?16:54
* maxb wonders if the LOSAs have LOSA irc bingers16:55
noodles775maxb: I'm pretty sure they do :)16:55
micahgwhat happened to the build farm?17:04
noodles775micahg: are you referring to the backlog? If so, there was an issue yesterday (see bug 463041) which caused the initial backlog...17:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 463041 in soyuz "Lost builder detection is insufficiently aggressive" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/46304117:06
noodles775.. and now one i386 PPA builder is disabled. We're waiting for news from a LOSA.17:06
maxbNot helped by most of the builders having been borrowed for nebulous purposes probably related to the karmic release17:07
micahgthere were 30 PPA build machines for the last couple of weeks17:07
micahgnow we're back to 617:07
noodles775micahg: yes - that's normal for a release (9 right?).17:08
micahgoh yeah17:08
micahgis there a reason why we can't have 30 all the time?17:08
maxbThe get borrowed for extra capacity for something when needed. I'd be interested to know what the something is, too.17:09
noodles775So our lovely losa's have got thallium going again :)17:12
* noodles775 leaves17:12
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moshe_workrockstar: sorry, am back now18:16
moshe_worki spoke earlier about never receiving registration email18:16
MTecknologyspm: you around?18:17
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louisHi, there!18:47
rodrigo_sampaiohi, I have uploaded 15 days ago a new file to start translating the Tikiwiki project (https://translations.launchpad.net/tikiwiki/trunk). but the file is still waiting for review and apparently this must be done by a launchpad administrator. there is anything I can do? how long does it take on average for the file to be reviewed? thanks18:54
hyper_chhey there, when I have a given PPA on launchpad, how can I find out to what project/group this belongs to?19:03
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ccheneywhen is the 'JSON' bug with respect to editing anything in LP going to be fixed? and what is the bug number for it (i'm sure its already been reported thousands of times by now)19:29
hyper_chhey there, when I have a given PPA on launchpad, how can I find out to what project/group this belongs to?19:30
greg-gso, I'm going to be starting some discussions at my university (U. of Michigan, on Internet2) about hosting an Ubuntu mirror, and one of the guys at I2 asked if it was easy/worth-while to mirror PPAs. Thoughts?19:40
greg-g(actually, he used to be at I2, I should have said)19:40
mwhudsongreg-g: hmm, i've not heard of anything about mirroring ppas19:42
greg-gmwhudson: yeah, this was the first time for me as well. He is just in love with the PPAs so he thought it would be nice to have19:46
mwhudsongreg-g: maybe you could email launchpad-dev@lists.launchpad.net about this?19:47
greg-gmwhudson: suppose I could :)19:47
mwhudsongreg-g: i'm not sure the people who would be able to respond most usefully are awake now19:47
greg-ggotcha, thanks19:48
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tfogalnoodles775 (et al. who are interested): I think the mismatch between the `Maintainer:' field and the name/email on my GPG key were the issue; I just got a PPA accepted :)20:27
tfogalThanks for the help.20:27
noodles775tfogal: great!20:28
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flomar34hello, i need somme help to upload to my ppa but i don't know if it's the right place here, sorry if it is not20:54
mwhudsonflomar34: you're in the right palce20:58
flomar34so, let's try in english. My ppa : https://launchpad.net/~cartes/+archive/ppa/+packages20:59
flomar34using dput ppa:cartes/ppa freetuxtv_0.3.0-1ubuntu4_source.changes i got Successfully uploaded packages.21:00
flomar34but, nothing happens, no mail and no package in my ppa21:00
flomar34OpenPGP keys seems to be ok21:01
flomar34I really don't know what coud be wrong21:03
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mwhudsonusually if the mail disappears it's because something went wrong in key verification21:10
mwhudsonflomar34: i presume you're signing with the key A8E52B81 ?21:13
flomar34Yes, to build i use "debuild -kA8E52B81 -S -sa"21:14
flomar34and i got "Successfully signed dsc and changes files"21:15
mwhudsonhm then i don't know what might be happening21:15
mwhudsonflomar34: it looks like you have managed to build packages in the past?21:16
flomar34Yes i've tried it last year and it was ok21:17
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tfogalmwhudson: I *just* fixed a bug in my own package where my gpg-signer had "Fake Name <email>" and my `Maintainer' was e.g. "F. Name <similar_email>"21:18
tfogalthat was meant to be directed at flomar3421:18
tfogalanyway, when I had that messed up, if there were no other errors than launchpad just didn't send me any mail.21:18
mwhudsontfogal: can you pastebin your .changes file?21:19
mwhudsonflomar34: can you pastebin your .changes file?21:19
mwhudsontfogal: it's catching :-)21:19
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flomar34Sorry for my engish, what does it mean "pastebin"21:21
wgrant!pastebin | flomar3421:21
ubottuflomar34: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. Ubuntu pastebin is at  http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from  command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic21:21
wgranttfogal: The maintainer and signer need not match, but the maintainer's email address has to at least look a little bit like an email address.21:22
mwhudsonah good wgrant is here to save the day21:23
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wgrantmwhudson: Well, with Karmic releasing late last night, 'here' might be a bit excessive.21:25
wgrantflomar34: Hmm. That looks like it should work.21:27
wgrantflomar34: Sure you're uploading to the right place?21:27
tfogalwgrant: if you mean the broken .changes, then no, sorry; I export my repo, build the deb, and upload to launchpad in a script: it cleans out all the old versions each time it's run. :\21:28
flomar34i use "dput ppa:cartes/ppa freetuxtv_0.3.0-1ubuntu4_source.changes"21:28
tfogaloh, heh I did it again; I was reading mwhudson's response.  And somewhat humorously, his response to me was misdirected as well ;p21:30
tfogalanyway --21:30
tfogalwgrant: hrm, I'm confused then; the `maintainer' email that was causing issues was actually a valid email that I receive mail at frequently.  Though it wasn't/isn't an email launchpad would otherwise know about.21:31
tfogalalso, congrats on the release21:32
wgranttfogal: That wasn't the problem, then.21:32
tfogalhrm.  *shrug*.  I should start version controlling my debian/ dir.21:37
wgrantflomar34: OK, this is odd. Your changes file is fine. It will get rejected, but you will at least get an email address.21:37
wgrantEr. s/ address/21:37
wgrantflomar34: Sure you don't have an email sitting in a spam folder somewhere?21:38
wgrant(I tested the upload on my machine, and got an email from it)21:38
flomar34you give me the way to look for, i had a problem with maintener email :(21:41
flomar34it seem to be ok now, many thanks21:42
wgrantWhat was the problem?21:42
MTecknologyIf there's anyone that could get to this, I'd REALLY appreciate it. I want to push some commits but this is blocking me. https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/8730821:42
flomar34bad email adress for maintener, good adress for "changed-by"21:43
MTecknologyI know.. I shoulda thought first... I'm sorry21:43
wgrantflomar34: The file you pastebin'd was fine.21:44
wgrantflomar34: Was that not the one you uploaded?21:44
lifelessspm: ^ in your court I think to move those branches21:44
MTecknologylifeless: he's going to kill me, isn't he?21:44
MTecknologylifeless: not even jokingly?21:45
flomar34in the paste    Maintainer: cartes <votre.adresse@mail.ip> => in english <your.adress@mail.ip>, i didn't see it.21:46
wgrantflomar34: That wasn't the problem.21:48
wgrantflomar34: It doesn't have to be real, it just has to be parseable (ie. someone@something.tld)21:49
flomar34I have just change my adress in the control file, and launch the samedebuid and dput and i recieve a mail saying "Accepted:". Is it just a "coincidence"?21:53
wgrantflomar34: Odd. There was nothing wrong with the old .changes.21:54
flomar34The maintener adress must be the good one?21:57
wgrantflomar34: It and changed-by must be valid, not necessarily real, email addresses.21:57
flomar34ok, thanks a lot21:58
flomar34I have to do some more test to improve myself21:59
MTecknologylifeless: could you just move one of the branch ownerships for me while I wait for the others?22:03
lifelessMTecknology: no, I can't22:07
MTecknologylifeless: ok, thanks22:08
lifelessrockstar: ^ are you able to help MTecknology22:09
rockstarMTecknology, hi.22:10
MTecknologyrockstar: hi22:11
rockstarMTecknology, I'm currently on the phone, but if you would like to give me the details of what you need, I'll do my best to help out when I'm done.22:11
MTecknologyrockstar: https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/8730822:12
rockstarMTecknology, great, I'll take a look.22:12
thumperrockstar: you should be able to do this22:21
MTecknologythumper: how've you been?22:22
thumperMTecknology: good, you?22:23
MTecknologypretty good22:23
MTecknologyI'm learning how fast I can actually turn out new code and I'm actually impressing myself. Lack of sleep and doing homework is helping..22:23
thumperdoing no homework?22:26
thumperor doing homework22:26
MTecknologynot doing it*22:28
rockstarMTecknology, so do you want lp:~registry/ubuntu-drupal-releases/installation-profiles and lp:~registry/scribed/1.0 deleted?22:51
MTecknologyrockstar: yup22:52
rockstarMTecknology, done.22:57
MTecknologyrockstar: thankyou very much :D22:57
MTecknologyrockstar: sorry for the extra work22:58
pedahzurHow do you search by package in launchpad bugs?  In the search field at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bugs?advanced=1 I enter 'mon' for the package name, but that brings up logs of unrelated bugs and packages. Thanks!23:00
Ursinhapedahzur, maybe the way is to search for the package and then its bugs23:01
Ursinhapedahzur, like, https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mon23:02
Ursinhaor https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mon23:02
pedahzurUrsinha: Great, thanks!23:03
pedahzurThat does work better, yes.23:03
Ursinhapedahzur, hope this helps :)23:03
rockstarMTecknology, no problem.23:04
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