KamilionHm... Rabbit sounds good for dinner.00:00
* Kamilion considers posing a query if the software release has occured yet00:00
* BUGabundo mouths Kamilion00:01
ubottuPlease remember that #ubuntu, #kubuntu, #xubuntu, and #edubuntu are support channels.  To countdown to Karmic release and then party once it happens, join #ubuntu-release-party - For in-person parties, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KarmicReleaseParties00:01
Piciits not out00:01
BUGabundoPici:  [[]]00:01
KamilionWell, 5PM, time to go home.00:01
BUGabundoPici:  hard day ahead enh?00:01
BUGabundohow many of this have you done pici ?00:02
PiciBUGabundo: Already been a hard day :/00:02
KamilionI'll mirror the ISOs tomorrow once mirrors.kernel.org has synced00:02
BUGabundoHAPPY B'DAY akgraner00:02
BUGabundoat least on my timezone00:02
skiwithpeteI've installed from the RC and I'm having loads of browsing issues00:02
skiwithpeteis this a known issue?00:02
joaopintoskiwithpete, define "loads of browsing issues"00:02
joaopintois not a general issue, I don't have it00:03
PiciInternet browsing?00:03
skiwithpeteyeah, internet browsing00:03
skiwithpetedefined:  I surf www.yahoo.com and it connects to google.com00:03
BUGabundoworking fine here since day one00:03
skiwithpetewhen I first installed the system, I couldn't connect to gb.archive.ubuntu.com00:04
skiwithpeteI came online shortly after installing RC and someone gave me this to put in00:04
skiwithpeteecho "nameserver" |sudo tee /etc/resolv.conf00:04
skiwithpetethat has resolved the issues temporarily00:04
akgranerBUGabundo, Thank You!!00:05
skiwithpetebut resolv.conf is re-written on reboot00:05
BUGabundoakgraner: my pleaser girl!00:05
ShapeShifter499how do I un-install a file manager without messing with another desktop evironment?00:05
skiwithpetedoes taht define "problems browsing"?00:06
skiwithpeteno one else eh?00:06
Piciskiwithpete: If take a look at /etc/dhcp3/dhclient.conf there is commented line that says prepend domain-name-servers , please uncomment that and change to either or the IP of your ISP's DNS server00:06
Piciskiwithpete: That will have whatever IP you put there be put into resolv.conf after dhcp gets an address, so it won't lose it on boot.00:07
skiwithpetePici, do i need to reboot for that to take effect?00:08
Piciskiwithpete: a sudo invoke-rc.d networking restart    should put it into effect, but you'll lose network access for a moment00:09
skiwithpetethanks for the help. would fresh installing from the Final have fixed this?  Or is this just my comp sucking?00:11
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localnnuser__hows remastersys adapting lately with karmic?00:12
localnnuser__did any one tried it with lastest updates?00:12
innomenhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/empathy/+bug/462994 my empathy bug report00:12
ubottuError: This bug is private00:12
joaopintoinnomen, you need to set it public after checking that there is no private info, if you are the bug owner00:13
Piciskiwithpete: Its your router not giving DNS in addition to an IP address when the request is made.00:13
innomenjoaopinto, oh, doing that now00:13
innomenhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/empathy/+bug/462994 try now00:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 462994 in empathy "Account details unremovable." [Undecided,New]00:14
skiwithpetecheers pici00:14
SpacePigeonWhere is the old sound configuration tool and the service manager??00:14
SpacePigeonKarmic has deleted them?00:14
bjsniderSpacePigeon, that's correct00:15
SpacePigeonbjsnider, can I install them?00:15
SpacePigeonbjsnider, you don't happen to know why, do you?00:15
bjsniderSpacePigeon, the alsa gui tool was not able to do as much as the new one, and the service manager doesn't apply since most services are now started by upstart00:16
komputesI was going to suggest one test before release. Can you test the desktop CD in "Install Ubuntu" & "Try ubuntu without making any changes" to make sure those two options look different. I just ran "Install Ubuntu" and it booted me into a desktop...00:16
bjsniderand no, you can't bring them back00:16
SpacePigeonbjsnider, oh m00:17
SpacePigeonbjsnider, if I don't want to use pulseaudio what could I use?00:17
bjsniderSpacePigeon, build oss4 from source. there's not really another option00:18
bjsniderpulseaudio is what we use00:18
joaopintoSpacePigeon, what problem do you have ?00:19
SpacePigeonI thought one could use alsa.. alsa is only a pulseaudio plugin?00:19
SpacePigeonjoaopinto, a guy in #telepathy told me that my empathy sound problems are due to pulseaudio00:19
bjsnideralsa is the low-level drivers used by pulseaudio00:19
joaopintopulseaudio works on top of ALSA, it's not just a plugin, it's another layer00:19
tagbjsnider: So, I'm pretty keen on gnome-shell being built largely on top of spidermonkey.  What I'd like to see a clean way to extend it by adding code to my ~...is this just TBD or am I just missing it?00:20
quentusrex_Anyone know if Karmic server is ready enough to install before the rush?00:20
joaopintoSpacePigeon, empathy has been tested with PA00:20
MoaHiya... has anyone been having trouble with Intel graphics drivers and Karmic Koala? Supposedly they were supposed to have been fixed this time around, but I can't actually get 'em to work, despite my system detecting my card correctly.00:20
quentusrex_I want to go ahead and get my local proxy filled with the basics00:20
SpacePigeonjoaopinto, do you have sound notification problems with empathy?00:20
bjsnidertag, i don't have any idea what you're talking about00:20
SpacePigeonjoaopinto, in my computer sometimes they do sound, others they dont00:20
bjsniderto be frank00:21
joaopintoSpacePigeon, no, I don't use empathy00:21
tagbjsnider: gnome-shell?  Weren't you in here talking about it indepthly earlier today?00:21
SpacePigeonjoaopinto, you use pidgin I guess?00:21
joaopintoSpacePigeon, yes00:21
almoxarifeI have alsa as the default sound, pulse does not load, I have one issue with that setup, can't use the sound applet to control sound, but the gnome alsa mixer does the same, no pulse issues, because pulse is not loaded00:21
bjsnidertag, yes i was. what is spidermonkey?00:21
Deathvalley122... still more bugs on Karmic?00:21
tagbjsnider: javascript00:21
cwilluDeathvalley122, you must be new to this 'software' thing00:21
bjsnidertag, well, call it javascript then00:22
tagbjsnider: spidermonkey is the implementation00:22
Deathvalley122no cwillu00:22
cwillubjsnider, spidermonkey is the tracing javascript interpreter00:22
bjsnidertag, you mean you want to add plugins and such to it00:22
Deathvalley122I was reading peoples issues cwillu00:22
cwilluah, k00:22
tagYes, redefine the behavior of the window manager, etc...00:22
bjsnidertag, what i've read is that is all coming in the next 6 month devel cycle00:23
LeoRochaelThis is preposterous, I've been waiting for midnight on UK timezone instead of going to sleep just to wait for this release and the website has the audacity to say "coming soon"?! :-)00:23
joaopintoSpacePigeon, touch $HOME/.pulse_a11y_nostart ; echo autospawn = no|tee -a ~/.pulse/client.con00:23
joaopintof ; killall pulseaudio00:23
bjsnidertag, but if you go to irc.gnome.org and into the #gnome-shell channel, you can ask them yourself00:23
tagSo it's not too late to weigh in a bit on how it happens?00:23
joaopintoSpacePigeon, you will need to use alsamixer, the regular mixer depends on PA00:23
SpacePigeonjoaopinto, but will that kill my system's sound?00:23
SpacePigeonoh ok00:23
joaopintoSpacePigeon, that will just disable PA00:23
SpacePigeonis alsamixer good?00:24
bjsnidertag, but i'm not a hacker, so i ain't that guy to ax00:24
bjsnideri'm just a lowly, lowly IT guy00:24
joaopintoSpacePigeon, it's a console mode tool00:24
tagI'm not either, I'm just a guy who thinks software developers are all too lazy00:24
bjsnidertag, yes, you've made that amusingly clear00:25
bjsniderin the pithiest of pithy language00:25
* cwillu reads the scrollback00:25
BUGabundocwillu try that on release party00:25
cwilluBUGabundo, I scroll that window, but the content doesn't change :p00:26
BUGabundoI see it in blocks of buffer00:26
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=== RMS is now known as syn-ack
almoxarifegnome-alsamixer 0.9.7 , gui for alsa mixer00:27
MoaA quick question: are Intel drivers borked yet again this time around? Supposedly they were fine in alpha, but a discussion I had in here earlier today led me to believe that's changed with the RC.00:28
hardbop200hi, I'm trying to find some doc on how to enable the grub menu in 9.10 (there doesn't seem to be /boot/grub/menu.lst)...can someone point me in the right direction?00:28
bjsniderMoa, benchmarks on phoronix say the drivers are definitely better00:28
bjsnideralthought they could hardly have been any worse00:28
joaopinto!grub2 | hardbop20000:28
ubottuhardbop200: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub200:28
cwilluhardbop200, things have changed, although you can just hold "shift" down while booting (i.e., before ubuntu comes up) to get the grub menu00:29
cwilluMoa, intel's been fine for a while, hasn't gotten any worse that I've seen00:29
hardbop200thanks all for the pointers, I'll check it out.  the beta is really nice b/t/w!00:29
MoaHmmm, I haven't been able to get my Intel drivers working at all, and I'll be damned if I know why. Even setting up my own Xorg.conf isn't doing it.00:30
MoaThe drivers are installed, 9.10 sees my video card, and yet something's missing. Oh well, I'm sure a few days from now a solution oughta pop up on the forums.00:31
cwilluMoa, "the drivers are installed"?00:31
cwillui.e., you installed something?00:31
user2I realize this is probably not quite the right place, but does a CSH guru have a moment to answer a question?00:32
Moacwillu: No, no. I meant to say that the package is there, according to Synaptic. Installed by default with the rest of the system, so you'd figure that it would've detected it at launch.00:32
cwilluMoa, sudo apt-get install pastebinit; pastebinit /var/log/Xorg.0.log00:33
bjsniderMoa, which graphics chip is it?00:33
damiendoes anybody have /etc/fstab devices that aren't automounted at boot (like user mounted nfs) ?00:34
damienkarmic has decided to have icons for them when they aren't mounted, but when i do mount them it doubles up on the items listed in Place in nautilus00:35
damienis there a way of getting it back to jaunty's behaviour?00:35
bjsniderdamien, a lot of people have been complaining about that in here today00:35
MoaGMA 945, I believe. Can't post a log as I'm currently on my Macbook.00:35
bjsniderthe 945 should be fine, i would think00:35
* BUGabundo $ upstart BUGabundo down; upstart bed up; guud night guys and gals00:36
damienthanks bjsnider00:36
damienknow of any headway being made?00:36
damienit's minor i admit00:36
bjsniderno, i haven't seen anyone doing anything about it00:36
Lenin_Catweres the party?00:36
MoaYeah, I looked up the list of supported cards and it should be working like a charm. Go figure. I'll comb through the logs myself when I get back home.00:37
bjsniderLenin_Cat, there's always a party somewhere00:37
BUGabundoLenin_Cat: /topic00:37
ByronIs 9.10 readily available now?00:37
Byroner, 9.10 Final00:38
BenZ__I need someone to point me in the right direction.  I installed the RC of 9.10 using the update manager of 9.04.  When I rebooted, it does get past the boot loader, but it seems the ramdisk(bootimage?) cannot find the UUID of the disk and it stops there.  I tried looking at the /dev directory and it seems like it is not recognising the partitions on my drive.  Any thoughts on what went wrong (or how I might go about fixing it)? 00:38
ByronIs there anything in particular I need to do so that I can the netbook version on my AAO?00:38
darkhamnothing like mac automator on ubuntu?00:39
Moadarkham: Not really, no.00:39
darkhamglade can't help me?00:40
bjsniderBenZ__, certain situations have arisen because of the upgrade to grub2. the numbering system of the disks changed from grub to grub2, so that has caused some issues.00:40
LeoRochaelI keep reloading but the "coming soon" sign doesn't go away...00:40
LeoRochaelguess I'll have to sleep without downloading the new ubuntu...00:40
cwilluLeoRochael, it's not the 29th yet in many many placs00:41
BenZ__6.5 more hours of the 28th here.00:41
LeoRochaelwhat, they'll wait till it's 29th in Alaska?00:41
hvgotcodeswhen starting up my laptop today i thought i saw an error with mounting something -- where would i find the log of this?00:41
PlainFlavoredwhen exactly does 9.10 come out in pacific time?00:43
PlainFlavoredaka the time zone of the los angeles area00:43
BenZ__hvgotcodes- I'm not saying this is the right answer, but did you try typing in the command line, dmesg00:43
joaopintoPlainFlavored, there is no specific time00:43
hvgotcodesBenZ__, looking for just the boot log not kernel log00:43
hvgotcodesif there is a difference00:43
ByronPlainFlavored: I'm waiting on the same time zone.00:44
BenZ__hvgotcodes, I think it would have what you're looking for, but I could be wrong00:44
joaopintohvgotcodes, do you have ntfs partitiions ?00:45
BenZ__hvgotcodes, depending on the version you're running, you might also find the info under /var/log/boot00:45
kaddihi, there's a typo in the topic concerning the channel name for the release party. The " is superfluous00:46
hvgotcodesjoaopinto, no00:46
PlainFlavoredhaha i didn't read the topic, whoops00:46
hvgotcodesBenZ__, nothing in there00:46
hvgotcodesall ext4,fresh karmic beta install00:47
BenZ__hvgotcodes, if you want a nice graphical way of flipping through the logs try, gnome-system-log &00:47
BenZ__bjsnider, I thought the upgrade-manager doesn't upgrade grub to grub2 by default.  Was that not the case for the RC upgrade version?00:48
bjsniderBenZ__, i don't know since i clean installed, but you _are_ having a boot problem yes?00:49
BenZ__bjsnider, yes, it is a boot problem, but I beleive it's past the bootloader, now in the bootstrap image, and it's the bootstrap image that can't find the root partition.  (please forgive any noobishness, I'm a bit of a novice)00:52
bjsniderBenZ__, that sounds like the grub2 issue i was talking about00:52
BenZ__bjsnider, Okay, thank you for your help.  I'll fool around with it a bit more and see what I can find.00:53
BenZ__hvcodes, if dmesg and the other logs didn't get you what you were looking for, I'm at a loss.  Maybe someone else here has some insight?00:53
BenZ__I'll be back on later guys.  Thank you.00:54
domjohnsonGoodnight all!00:54
DanaGugh, syndaemon doesn't ignore arrow keys.00:55
DanaGSo, I can't mouse around wile pressing arrow keys.00:55
blaz_hi! How to set up autologin to console? I used mingetty option in the past but there is no /etc/inittab anymore in Karmic00:56
Deathvalley122I am curoous will Karmic support my 5.1 sound card cause in Jaunty it doesn't ...00:56
micahgis anyone having trouble with apt-pinning in karmic?00:57
hipitihopebb: you were right just 2 hours out01:03
hipitihopebb: sorry, damn keyboard 1201:04
ebb2:00 am lol?01:04
nekohayoanyone able to use gtk-recordmydesktop in karmic?01:08
nekohayoseems to produce ~0.5 or 1 fps output for me01:08
SpacePigeonlet me see01:11
nekohayo(set it to 30fps, tried with or without compiz, using intel drivers)01:12
SpacePigeondid you encode on the fly?01:12
JanClol, very calm here, now  :P01:12
nekohayoSpacePigeon, nah, there's the encoding dialog at the end01:12
popeynekohayo: yup01:12
nekohayopopey, no problems on your end?01:13
popeynekohayo: what kind of problems?01:13
nekohayowell, ~1fps output01:13
SpacePigeonlet me see01:13
SpacePigeon(could be your video card not being able to support it01:14
nekohayowould be strange, as it used to work01:14
SpacePigeonwell, mine worked haha01:14
nobody_someone? spotify with wine, sound scrambled!!01:14
SpacePigeonbesides not showing the red channel haha01:14
nobody_OSS works but i want ALSA to work01:14
Wargasmis there any way to change the startup sound in 9.10?01:18
Wargasmthe sound dialog box was changed01:18
nekohayoWargasm, I guess the only way is using a "sound theme"01:19
Wargasmhmm that sucks01:19
nekohayosuch as ubuntustudio-sounds01:19
Wargasmill be using "no sounds" theme lol01:20
test34_no sounds theme is a greate theme01:20
Wargasmbut i would like to be able to have some sound01:21
test34_but it is strange that you can't change one sound..01:21
Wargasmi know, pre 9.10 you could change it01:22
test34_Wargasm, it looks like a bug has been filed: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gdm/+bug/43742901:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 437429 in ubuntu-sounds "Cannot prevent login sound" [Undecided,Invalid]01:26
jasmuzHello all.01:26
jasmuzI have a silly question: Im using Karmic, and it so seems that the GNOME bar no longer uses png files, is this true?01:27
test34_wargasm, you could overwrite sound files in /usr/share/sounds/ubuntu/stereo01:31
jasmuzI have a silly question: Im using Karmic, and it so seems that the GNOME bar no longer uses png files, is this true? Any takers?01:31
JanCjasmuz: what do you mean by GNOME bar?01:32
daf_is there a daily cdrom image of karmic that would basically be the closest to what will be released tomorrow?01:32
jasmuzJanC, The gnome panel itself01:32
Wargasmill try that, test34_01:32
daf_amd64 btw01:32
jasmuzdaf_, yes.. the daily builds01:33
daf_can you give me a link please jasmiz01:33
jasmuzdaf_, wait a sec01:33
daf_jasmuz ^01:33
JanCjasmuz: the panel should still show icons, but some of the menus won't show many icons01:33
jasmuzdaf_, http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily/current/01:34
HBXi keep getting kernel crashes in karmic and it asks to send reports01:34
jasmuzJanC, uh?..01:34
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daf_jasmus got it thx01:35
test34_Are karmic daily builds still going to be made after the final release?01:35
jasmuztest34_, think not... they get freezed right after it goes final.01:36
daf_I just tried the mini cd a few days ago and built up like I did jaunty but had major trouble with nvidia. Any tips on this. My problem was it would run really slow and sorta lock up. I did get the desktop and no problem logging in. It was just after the desktop came up and I ran it was really slow and then running compiz from terminal it just went crazy with windows hanging while moving etc...01:37
daf_I figured I would just try the regular image first to see.01:38
jasmuzdaf_, did you check what drivers you were using?01:39
daf_I dled the latest from nvidia and tried 185 from repos01:39
daf_both had the same effect.01:39
daf_The latest on the website is 190.4201:41
bjsniderdaf_, what graphics card is this?01:41
bjsniderhow much ram?01:41
bjsnideris it dedicated?01:41
daf_erm.... not exactly sure on the ram01:41
daf_can i lspci or something?01:41
bjsnidernvidia-settings can show u01:42
daf_um... help where in nv-set01:43
zetherootick tock01:44
daf_ahh... found it 25601:44
daf_8400m gs01:44
zetherooanyone using Karmic with Intel gfx?01:44
daf_using nvidia 185 in jaunty with no probs01:45
daf_from website01:45
jasmuzzetheroo, i tried it.. and worked fine.01:45
CrocoJetis released?01:45
zetheroojasmuz: better than in Jaunty?01:45
Dr_Willisuseing 185 with my nvidia 8800gtsxxx here also. :)01:45
Dr_WillisCrocoJet:  see topic01:45
zetherooCrocoJet: tick tock01:45
jasmuzzetheroo, i found the experience to be as good as using my ati card... at least for compiz and compositing01:45
zetheroojasmuz: did you notice the bad performance in jaunty with your intel hardware?01:46
jasmuzzetheroo, honestly..  the performance was subpar, nothing extremely bad but neither good also.01:47
zetheroojasmuz: cause that is what i am wondering... if the Intel system i have which in Jaunty is pretty bad with compiz etc ... will perform better in Karmic01:47
CrocoJetwhat time will be "another day" ?01:47
CrocoJethere Brazil now .. 23:4701:47
zetherooCrocoJet: well ... since you asked its going to be delayed another 24 hours .. =-O01:48
CrocoJetnooo ...01:48
zetherooCanonical days are 48-72 hours .. at least the release "day"01:49
CompactDstrxioncanonical days last from GMT+12 to GMT-1201:49
jasmuzzetheroo, Well... better kernel and better xorg does give you hope01:49
CompactDstrxionso yeah 48 hours01:49
CompactDstrxionas long as it's oct 29th on some remote island when it comes out thats fine for them01:50
CompactDstrxionsee firefox 3 for a similar situation01:50
Dr_Willis'when its done'01:50
CrocoJetterrible !!!01:50
CrocoJethope webcams works ... new ubuntu01:50
Dr_Willisof course if you instlled the rc and update/upgraded.. basically you would allready have the release...01:50
CompactDstrxionwhat annoys me though is 'Coming Soon!' right now can mean any minute now or go to bed mate its 2am01:50
daf_ahh.... Duke Nukem said that01:50
CompactDstrxionyeah but i reformatted for 701:50
KnifeySpooneyWoot.. karmic's out tomorrow :)01:50
daf_anyway off to play with daily image01:51
zetherooCompactDstrxion: is it 2 am where you are?01:51
CompactDstrxionyeah, UK01:51
zetherooKnifeySpooney; tomorrow? ..01:51
zetherooCompactDstrxion: yeah ... may as well hit the hay ..01:51
KnifeySpooneyzetheroo: Doesn't it say 1 day?01:51
CrocoJettoday I use win 7 .. total deception01:51
zetherooKnifeySpooney: nope01:51
CompactDstrxionprobably will soon zetheroo01:51
jasmuzCrocoJet, i won't even ask why in God's name you tried using W701:52
KnifeySpooneywikipedia says Oct 29, and today is oct 28th for me01:52
zetherooCrocoJet: shame on you ... ha ... nah Windows 7 is better than its predecessor01:52
CrocoJetonly testing01:52
CrocoJetreally ... not good01:52
Dr_WillisSort of like the black plague is better then the bubuonic plague...01:52
jasmuzzetheroo, guys im off to call the gf.01:52
CrocoJetI did not like01:52
zetherooKnifeySpooney: ah well there you have it ... on Ubuntu.com it just says Coming Soon01:53
zetherooDr_Willis: exactly01:53
Kamilionhttp://img215.imageshack.us/img215/2396/win7notsobad.png  <--- How to make Windows 7 Usable:  From left to right: TrueLaunchBar's CPU and Uptime plugins, vmware workstation, firefox, explorer, hulu desktop, media player classic, xmplay, nxclient, rdpclient, putty, winscp, a running copy of kvirc, and an open nxsession to an ubuntu box.01:53
Dr_WillisCrocoJet:  not going to matter if you like or not. :) it will get forced on everyone .01:53
KnifeySpooneyzetheroo: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/countdown01:53
zetheroojasmuz: huh?01:53
Dr_Willisbye all01:53
zetherooKnifeySpooney: yep ...01:54
zetherooDr_Willis: where you off to Doc?01:54
CrocoJetif I have beta update.. do I need re-install whole?01:54
KnifeySpooneyerr. I don't see what you're saying01:54
zetherooKnifeySpooney: you don't see where is says Coming Soon?01:55
KnifeySpooneySoon is tomorrow? lol01:55
zetherooKamilion: ha ... pretty good attempt01:55
CrocoJetI did not like "ext4 by default"01:55
zetherooKnifeySpooney: for you it could be ... I am already in the 29th of Oct01:56
zetherooCrocoJet: why? ... I use it already in Jaunty ... and its fast!01:56
zmjjmzy'know what will be annoying for 6 months?01:57
zmjjmzI have the Dell Mini 910, and Karmic is 9.1001:57
PlainFlavoredKamilion: what is that terminal program you're running?01:57
CrocoJettime of use?01:57
CrocoJetno more crashes?01:57
KamilionPlainFlavored: gnome-terminal ?01:57
zetheroozmjjmz: is that annoying?01:57
PlainFlavoredhaha i mean the program running inside it01:57
CrocoJetimpressive .. gnome is going to 3.0 "01:57
KamilionOh. htop.01:57
zetherooCrocoJet: time of use ... about 6 months ... no crashes01:58
CrocoJetzetheroo, cool01:58
Kamiliontop sucks cause ya can't scroll.01:58
zetherooCrocoJet: and I am using it on 3 machines ... 2 laptops and one desktop01:58
Kamilionhtop scrolls in all four directions, has a nice tree dislay, and some nice status graphs for ascii.01:59
CrocoJetand KDE 4 (kubuntu) will be stable or so so :?01:59
CrocoJetgnome 3 will use Qt4 ?01:59
zmjjmzzetheroo: it's annoying to get support01:59
zmjjmzor use any meaningful search with01:59
CrocoJetqt4 made in norway01:59
CrocoJetnorway land of nice women !! hehehe02:00
zetheroozmjjmz: how do you mean?02:00
zetherooCrocoJet: I thought it was Czech Republic ... :P ... or Hungary .02:00
CrocoJetreally I like a lot Norway ... more than Brazil02:01
zetherooCrocoJet: spring time in CZ or hungary ... WOW!02:01
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ubottuPlease remember that #ubuntu, #kubuntu, #xubuntu, and #edubuntu are support channels.  To countdown to Karmic release and then party once it happens, join #ubuntu-release-party - For in-person parties, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KarmicReleaseParties02:01
CrocoJetyes yes .. sorry02:01
CrocoJetwell nice people .. going to bed .. 00:02 am02:02
CrocoJetNite everyone !02:02
RoeyDO I NEED AN ALTERNATE CD if I a installing to an /existing/ raid setup?02:11
DanaGgrr... xfce4 doesn't let me set "ctrl-alt-backspace zaps xorg" like gnome does.02:12
LogicalDashEmpathy keeps opening when I didn't tell it to. I am THIS CLOSE to uninstalling it for this behavior. What's causing it?02:14
Roeyhey, can anyone help me out with this issue...02:14
DanaGargh... stupid apt.02:14
DanaGdidn't markauto the packages pulled in by the xubuntu-desktop metapackage!02:14
RoeyOn bootup, the kernel dumps me to a busybox/ash shell after complaining it cannot find /.  This comes off a stock installation of Kubuntu 9.10 (karmic koala).  I have the output of 'blkid' and contents of 'grub.cfg' right here:  http://pastebin.com/f6efcbf2c02:15
gotsanityanyone managed to install fuppes in karmic (64bit)02:16
gotsanitymine keeps giving me a compile error02:16
DanaGgrr, can't install lubuntu-desktop.02:21
gotsanityi feel your pain. im pounding my head over this fuppes install02:23
evilaimWell, this chan is gunne be null soon02:23
evilaimThen it's onto 10.402:23
DanaGwell, this is different:02:23
DanaGlubuntu-desktop wants me to uninstall networkmanager.02:23
Kamilionis it installing wicd?02:25
DanaGyeah, it's trying to.02:25
Kamilionthat conflicts/replaces network-mangler on lubuntu, I think.02:25
mMezquitaleis it out yet02:32
DanaGugh, lxde is lame... if you turn off panel background, it gives you a panel full of garbage.02:32
DanaGAnd xsplash blocks the thing for 15 seconds.02:33
DanaGError <i>org.freedesktop.Hal.Device.Volume.UnknownFailure</i>02:34
tonyyarusso!isitout | mMezquitale02:38
ubottumMezquitale: No! It's not out yet! Await the release in #ubuntu-release-party, and be sure to read channel /topic!02:38
StrangeCharmis it possible to change a dm-crypt volume that currently uses a passphrase to be mounted at boot time, so that it can be automaticcaly mounted using a keyfile?02:38
tonyyarussoStrangeCharm: I believe the answer is yes, but I have utterly no idea how.02:39
StrangeCharmtonyyarusso, sweet. now i just need to find the carefully and meticulously written, and completely up-to-date tutorial that tells me how to do it.02:42
tonyyarussohehe, yup02:42
hikenbootwhat happened to the menu.lst file in 9.1?02:47
jbuncherhikenboot, read about grub202:47
hikenbootah ok02:47
tonyyarussohikenboot: also, it's 9.10, not 9.102:48
hikenbootalso is xen now merged with the generic kernel i am getting errors after installing xen packages which usually indicate python is not installed or the xen kernel is not running?02:48
volantehi, i just installed karmic but accidently blew away /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf - how can i get that file back?02:55
LogicalDash> touch /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf02:56
volantelogicaldash: i want the contents back :)02:56
volanteit was an untouched fresh install, so i just need the file from the package02:57
volanteas if im gonna have to reinstall my entire system just for one default config file..02:58
volantecan someone send me their blacklist.conf?02:58
Kcsrndi haven't installed karmic yet otherwise i would..  but what i don't understand is why you'd want to install the beta just before the final is released?03:02
JanCvolante: http://paste.ubuntu.com/303988/03:02
JanCvolante: no guarantee that's the default though03:02
volanteJanC: thanks very much.   im gonna boot the live cd and compare with that03:03
Jordan_UKcsrnd: The beta I don't understand intalling, but the RC is almost exactly the same as the final and it's only a regular update to go from RC to final03:05
XDevHaldAnyone here know how to change the login theme for Karmic?03:06
jureis it possible to auto-grant sudo privileges (i.e. remove the need to type in password) to a chosen application e.g. update-manager?03:06
Kcsrndoh, ok.  i haven't installed either.  makes sense now, thanks03:06
Jordan_UKcsrnd: np03:06
mzuverinkI have a AMD 64 bit machine that I would like to actually install 64 bit Ubuntu on when I update, but do the flash, java and other waste of space useless plugins for Firefox work properly in 64 bit, or is in still a best bet to install 64 bit but install32 bit firefox?03:07
jimpopjure: man sudoers03:08
tonyyarussomzuverink: my understanding is that most things are find these days03:08
mzuverinktonyyarusso, find, good, I hope I fine that to be the case, thanks.    :-)03:09
Jordan_Umzuverink: 64 bit firefox will be a bit slower than 32 bit firefox because the JIT is not 64 bit compatible yet ( same on windows )03:09
mzuverinktonyyarusso, did you catch that?03:09
mzuverinkwhaats JIT03:10
MisantropoDoes RC turn into the Final Release as of today?03:10
Jeruvyyup, come join the #unbuntu-release-party03:10
MisantropoJeruvy: what i meant is, if i have RC installed will it turn into Final Release?03:11
tonyyarussomzuverink: caught "find, good..."03:11
Jeruvyer #ubuntu-release-party03:11
Misantropoi am already at #ubuntu-release-party03:11
tonyyarussoand whatever that unintelligible thing Jordan_U said was :P03:11
JeruvyMisantropo ah, well yes you can do the upgrade.03:11
jdahmI have vlc and w32codecs installed, but I'm still not able to see .wmv files.03:17
jdahmAny idea why?03:17
=== Kcsrnd is now known as Jkessler
hikenbootwhich package installs the xen kernel?03:21
Lintdoes f-spot work in Karmic?03:23
tunkiyes f-spot worked in Karmic rc last time I tried03:24
hikenbootit appears the ubuntu-xen-desktop package does not install the xen kernel..can anyone confirm?03:24
tunkiAnybody could know time for Karmic release?  GMT?  Too naif??? :-)03:30
Light-tunki, karmic isnt being released anymore because people like you are too impatient03:30
scott_ino2im just gonna start telling people it's already released03:32
ubottuNo! It's not out yet! Await the release in #ubuntu-release-party, and be sure to read channel /topic!03:32
tunkiOk, ok, don't burn the chat.  I can wait....  ...... ............. .... . ........ ...03:32
scott_ino2in a way it is03:32
Barridusis it just me or is UbuntuOne totally unreliable03:33
tunkiI really can wait ... .... ... . ..... ... ... ..... .... . ........ .. . ... .03:33
EruditeHermitis anyone willing to post a bootchart of their boot process somewhere?03:34
scott_ino2ughh this used to happen in the fedoraforums when I was over , people would post leaks03:34
scott_ino2EruditeHermit, sure, if you give me a sec and install it03:34
scott_ino2and tell me what you want03:34
LogicalDashWhat does UbuntuOne... do? I've clicked it a couple times and observed no effect03:34
JeruvyBarridus: I'd say it must be you, been working fine here.  But why not file a bug if theres something at fault?03:35
EruditeHermitscott_ino2, I am trying to figure out why my boot takes really long and twice what it used to03:35
xiambax_Im attempting to install 9.10 64bit on my system and when it starts up X flashes different colours and verticle lines03:35
scott_ino2EruditeHermit, yeah i get some strange boot stuff goin on as well, at least initially i think an update fixed it though03:35
EruditeHermitscott_ino2, if you know a lot about the boot process, would you be willing to look at my bootchart and see why its taking so long?03:35
xiambax_I tried to boot it with graphics safe mode and no avail either03:35
xiambax_its running 9.0403:35
scott_ino2EruditeHermit, give me a sec and i'll post it for you03:35
JanCLogicalDash: you can use it to share files, firefox bookmarks and evolution address books between computers03:35
BarridusJeruvy, try renaming a file that's in your UbuntuOne folder and connect.  See if it renames on the website portal.  Or see if it totally desyncs your experience03:35
LogicalDashThey probably could've named it better.03:36
LogicalDashSomething suggestive of "sync".03:36
Barridusback up your stuff first before trying Jeruvy03:36
scott_ino2I know about the boot process but they've changed quite a bit with grub2 so i couldn't talk on that.. so i might not be too much help03:36
JeruvyBarridus: on the cloud?  I've heard of that being a problem.03:36
scott_ino2EruditeHermit, where does bootchart put it's log?03:37
scott_ino2by default03:37
BarridusJeruvy, yes.  renaming/moving/etc totally destroys the entire process like forever.03:37
scott_ino2so i know where to look03:37
nameinerxiambax: had the same problem till I switched the port of the graphics card the monitor was connected to. If that doesn't help I can't help more.03:37
Barridustotally not ready for a $10/month premium space package.03:37
Barridusgonna hurt ubuntu's rep if they start taking money for this03:37
scott_ino2EruditeHermit, be back in one sec03:38
scott_ino2EruditeHermit, give me a sec and i'll send you a link03:42
xiambax_Can someone assist me with my graphics problem during install?03:44
nameinerxiambax_: does your graphics card have 2 outlets?03:45
xiambax_GeForce 7050PV03:46
nameinerxiambax_: hmmm, I had the same problem until I switched the outlet. but that won't help you then.03:46
xiambax_ - nForce 630a03:46
xiambax_Could I do alternate install via text mode?03:47
Wargasmis the problem only during install?03:48
Wargasmif so, yes. if no, then your graphics wont work after install anyway03:48
scott_ino2EruditeHermit, sent in pm03:48
xiambax_Can i Do text install from a desktop image?03:48
Wargasmi would try the alternate install03:48
Wargasmdid you try alternate03:49
Wargasminstead of the normal installer03:49
xiambax_No i only have amd64 and i386 images03:49
Wargasmtry the alternate desktop03:49
xiambax_I never had a need for the alternate till now03:49
Wargasmyeah alternate should work i think03:49
Wargasmtry that out03:49
Wargasmit's a lot less graphics intensive03:49
xiambax_Ok. Also tomorrow when teh official release is03:49
xiambax_can i just do an update via package manager and everything will work fine03:50
scott_ino2xiambax, yes03:50
Barridusman, release is tomorrow?  not gonna be a smooth one i don't think03:50
Wargasmwhy don't you think so?03:50
xiambax_No, Its not all to bad03:50
Wargasmservers will get hit hard?03:50
xiambax_I never really had any problems until now03:50
scott_ino2I mean the servers have been getting hit hard already03:50
Wargasmyeah i tried downloading the non-torrent version yesterday and it was crawling03:51
xiambax_Bug wise I havent had many issues03:51
xiambax_Mind you I dont do to much with my computer other then listen to music and browse03:51
Wargasmsame here03:51
syn-ackWait so I cant ask when it comes out or it will be delayed? Lame. :P03:51
mgmuscari1does anybody here know if iwlagn under 9.10 randomly drops connections to 11n networks using wpa/wpa2 encryption?03:51
Wargasmit will come out tomorrow, unless there's a big problem03:52
mgmuscari19.04 just started doing this to me a few days ago... debating whether to upgrade when the time comes...03:52
syn-ackWargasm, I read the /topic, yo. :P03:52
syn-ackNo one has a sense of humor anymore. Jeez03:52
Barridusi mean the03:52
Barridusi mean the "cloud" feature they've been hyping up is totally unstable and unreliable03:53
Wargasmhavent tried the cloud thing yet lol03:53
Wargasmno need for it honestly03:53
xiambax_Yeah. Me either03:53
xiambax_I have webmail03:53
Barridusthey want $10 to screw up 50gb of my files, i can do that for free XD03:53
xiambax_and access to ftp to my computers from home03:54
xiambax_So no need really03:54
Wargasmlol Barridus03:54
syn-ackAll your cloud are belong to me. :P03:54
zmjjmzcomcast just dropped >70 packets03:54
Wargasmcomcast is fail03:54
mikerudoes it work on macbooks 5,2 ?03:54
syn-ackzmjjmz, And that surprises you how?03:54
syn-ackIt IS comcrap afterall. I love Cox Communications.03:54
xiambax_Yes mikeru03:54
xiambax_It will03:54
xiambax_You can use bootcamp or rEFIt03:55
mikeruconsidering the ACPI bug.03:55
BerzerkerACPI bug?03:55
mgmuscari1hmmm.... anybody using an intel wifi link 5100 agn or 5300 agn?03:55
mikeruI mean, did it get fixed ?03:55
Berzerkerlike the F functions not working?03:55
Berzerkerwhat's the ACPI bug03:55
mikeruthe [###.####] Not responding03:55
Berzerkerno idea03:55
syn-ackmikeru, um ACPI always has been one huge bug03:55
mgmuscari1mikeru: i've had that before03:55
mikeruotherwise it won't work on macbooks made after 200903:56
mikeruwhite macbooks03:56
Berzerkerrun OS X?03:56
Berzerkerthat's why you bought a mac03:56
syn-ackBerzerker, EXACTLY03:56
xiambax_Hey. I love my mac03:56
xiambax_but I dualboot linux on it too03:56
mikeruMac's hardware is very good, that's why I bought a mac.03:56
BerzerkerI wouldn't put linux near it03:56
mikeruBerzerker: you wouldn't03:56
Berzerkeryou shouldn't.03:56
mikeruubuntu ran very good on my mac mini03:56
syn-ackmikeru, Hint... The hardware in a Mac is the EXACT same shit in a Dell03:57
Wargasmhardware is hardware, i build my own pcs with good hardware03:57
Wargasmthis pc has been chugging away for over 2 years without fault03:57
zmjjmzsyn-ack: because, y'know, I pay 90$/mo for it03:57
zmjjmzand losing 70 packets every minute isn't all that great03:57
DanaGhmm, did you try efi-based boot?03:57
Berzerkeryeah it pretty much is03:57
mikeruanyway, who cares why I bought a mac?03:57
syn-ackzmjjmz, get used to it. That's Comcast03:57
zmjjmzsyn-ack: I've been using them for 12 years03:58
* DanaG uses a 5300... what do you want to know about it?03:58
mikeruthere's a reason there exists the mactel part of the wiki. which doesn't say anything about MacBooks 5,2 yet…03:58
syn-ackThe one thing I hate the most is seeing someone with a Mac only to see Windows or Linux running on it03:58
DanaGI don't use N.03:58
mikerusyn-ack: your problem03:58
mgmuscari1DanaG: have you had any problems with connections not responding using wpa/wpa2 on 11n networks?03:58
DanaGI do use wpa2... works fine.03:58
mgmuscari1DanaG: ah...03:58
syn-ackDanaG, Same here...03:58
DanaGThough, rather, it drops out under heavy usage sometimes.03:58
mgmuscari1DanaG: a few days ago, 9.04 randomly started doing this to me...03:59
zmjjmzsyn-ack: I still think I should get FiOS, but others don't agree03:59
DanaGwait, that's not "fine", after all.03:59
syn-ackzmjjmz, I would.03:59
zmjjmzwpa2 hasn't dropped on me under heavy usage03:59
syn-ackFiOS is all thats good and holy03:59
mgmuscari1the only way i can keep my connection alive is to run ping > /dev/null03:59
zmjjmzof course, my definition of heavy usage is probably very different03:59
mgmuscari1:/ and leave it running03:59
DanaGDo you have backports-modules installed?03:59
DanaGhmm, I do.03:59
mikeruplus, I've had both Dells and Macs and my macbook is better than my dad's 17-inch dell laptop03:59
mgmuscari1i was thinking about trying that earlier03:59
mgmuscari1but i'm not exactly sure what that would do for me...03:59
mikeruwhich cost more than it, btw04:00
syn-ackzmjjmz, I use on average of 20 Gigs a day and I've never had WPA2 drop out on me04:00
mikeruplus, they have good design ^^04:00
mgmuscari1i don't seem to have problems on any other wifi networks04:00
zmjjmzsyn-ack: except for blocking port 80 for servers?04:00
xiambax_mikeru, drop the mac debate. you will never with. Im a macguy myself. Ive been blue in the face many times.04:00
mgmuscari1g networks with no encryption, for example04:00
xiambax_Mind you im bias cause i worked for apple.04:00
xiambax_which im fully aware of my bias04:01
syn-ackzmjjmz, You know, I can accept that because of the Quality of Service is so damn good though04:01
zmjjmzsyn-ack: yeah, but I actually would prefer not to have to use 8080 for all my connections to my server04:01
xiambax_whats fios cost?04:01
MorkBorkthe only thing redeemable about mac is the aesthetics04:01
MorkBorkbut even that song is getting old04:01
mgmuscari1i notice that on shutdown, when my wifi has dropped out at any point, i get errors from iwlagn... something about code -28 and a problem with RXON04:01
mgmuscari1i need to learn more about drivers04:02
mikeruyeah, it doesn't actually matter. however, i would like to know if there's a bug fix for it.04:02
mgmuscari1oh, by the way, fios is the bee's knees04:02
zmjjmzwhich is, ahem, a phproxy for use at school04:02
zmjjmzand my school blocks 808004:02
zmjjmzxiambax: depends on what you get it with04:02
zmjjmzthat's an interesting expression04:02
xiambax_basic balls deep high speed. whats that go fo?04:02
zmjjmzwhy are bee's knees so important?04:03
zmjjmzxiambax: witohut tv/phone?04:03
mgmuscari1zmjjmz: they're better than the cat's pyjamas04:03
MorkBorkfor fios?04:03
MorkBorklike 40 a month gets you the lowest tier04:03
xiambax_fios is fiber to curb right?04:03
MorkBorkfiber to your nid04:03
syn-ackI have 28 Mega Bit Down and 2 Mega Bit up.04:03
mgmuscari1xiambax_: fios is fiber to the premises04:03
syn-ackDOCSIS 3.0 FTW04:03
xiambax_ah i thought it was fiber to curb04:04
zmjjmzprolly like 40/mo?04:04
zmjjmzI haven't checked, but that's what it looked like last time04:04
zmjjmzat least that's what it is in my area04:04
rxdwhere can i find the new 9.10 karmic04:04
xiambax_I get better speeds then fios somedays04:04
mgmuscari1xiambax_: they run fiber right to a termination point in your basement04:04
xiambax_dependant on interferance when i have my ham rig up04:04
DanaGARGH, what is "meta"?04:04
mgmuscari1xiambax_: comes with a UPS and everything04:04
DanaGmeta-ctrl-s in kwin.04:04
Jordan_UDanaG: alt04:04
MorkBorkthats the quirk about fios04:04
MorkBorkthey rip out the copper04:04
MorkBorkso your phone is over fiber too04:04
MorkBorkand copper is why your phone sometimes works during a power outage04:04
mgmuscari1MorkBork: you can explicitly ask them not to rip out your copper drop04:04
DanaGhmm, doesn't work for me.04:05
xiambax_I use modified wrt54g and a ham rig to broadcast wifi 802.11g over amature radio04:05
xiambax_to our local university04:05
xiambax_huge transfer rates04:05
xiambax_for free :D04:05
xiambax_most people dont know that you can do that kinda thing04:05
mgmuscari1MorkBork: phone works with fios during a power outage due to the UPS that's built into the NID04:05
MorkBorkbut only for x amount of time04:05
Jordan_UDanaG: Try super04:05
zmjjmzthat's why my dad doesn't want it04:05
zmjjmzdespite the fact that our current phone doesn't do non local area code calls04:06
DanaGah, thanks.04:06
gotsanityanyone been able to compile fuppes on karmic yet? ive got all the dependancies installed but im still getting a compile error04:06
zmjjmzMorkBork: 40/mo gets me... 10Mbps04:06
MorkBorktheres a huge huge bank of 48v batteries in those central offices to keep lines running during power outages04:06
zmjjmzfast compared to the 3Mbps we get from comcrap now04:06
MorkBorkfor ringer voltage, etc04:06
DanaGugh, on fglrx, compiz > kwin.04:06
mgmuscari1MorkBork: the CO's run 24-48 hours04:06
xiambax_all digital networks scare me04:06
mgmuscari1can you guys tell that i've worked for a phone company? lol04:06
xiambax_if shit ever goes down or the gov pulls the internet for whatever reasons.... in cases of "national security"04:06
xiambax_were screwed04:06
xiambax_same can happen in an anolog network04:07
xiambax_but more so in a digital one04:07
mgmuscari1xiambax_: why do you see any difference between them?04:07
MorkBorkid take fios too04:07
MorkBorkim just saying04:07
zmjjmzthat's a good thing to have a cellphone for :P04:07
MorkBorkits not without its consideration04:07
Jordan_Uxiambax_: I'd say less so because it's much less decentralized and routing is more automatic04:07
MorkBorkand i think someone just mentioned ham radios04:07
MorkBorkthats free, and non dependant on someone else04:07
xiambax_I did MorkBork04:07
Jordan_Uxiambax_: *much less centralized04:07
mgmuscari1MorkBork: fios is a lot better than cablevision IMO04:07
zmjjmzxiambax: er, the US gov't can't just say "we don't want the internet" and take it down04:08
xiambax_zmjjmz, Yes they can04:08
syn-ackQwest has a supposed FTTP service out there but what they dont tell you is that its only up to the pedestal with copper going to the NID04:08
MorkBorkqwest is bull04:08
xiambax_What was that act saying Obama can take down TV and the Internet in states of emergency04:08
syn-ackI laughed and laughed when I looked into the service04:08
MorkBorkim in a qwest/cox area04:08
MorkBorktalk about no competition ;x04:08
syn-ackMorkBork, Where at?04:08
xiambax_It was passed awhile ago04:08
Jordan_Uxiambax_: Legal authority and ability are not the same thing :)04:08
syn-ackMorkBork, I'm in Tucson.04:09
MorkBorkyea we're screwed out here04:09
zmjjmzxiambax_: it's an international communications infrastructure04:09
zmjjmzit's also very decentralized04:09
xiambax_Legallity has nothing to do with it.04:09
zmjjmzxiambax: I don't remember it being passed04:09
xiambax_The powers that be can do whatever they want man04:09
zmjjmzbut I can search ars04:09
Jordan_Uxiambax_: Use a satalite link from China if the U.S. decides to turn of their tubes04:09
zmjjmzxiambax: they're not that competent04:09
xiambax_Say WW3 broke out.... there would be a draft and any security threats would be delt with04:10
xiambax_Jordan_U, Satlink? Using what04:10
mgmuscari1xiambax_: i'd flee to canada04:10
MorkBorkthe government doesnt run the internet04:10
xiambax_I live in Canada :D04:10
MorkBorknor could they shut it down if they wanted ti04:10
Jkesslerscrewed?  try bumfckt, north dakota...  i get my dsl from the local phone coop, the only place you can get service..  i pay $50 for 1 meg down/256 up04:10
MorkBorki doubt level3 even knows where half their fiber is04:10
MorkBorklet alone a map to give someone04:10
skreechdshepherd: ping04:10
MorkBorkpeople only maintain their infrastructure when they have to04:11
Jordan_Uxiambax_: A satalite modem, it's expensive and slow ( and latency is horrific ) but it exists04:11
Jkesslerwe'll see fios in 20 years here04:11
MorkBorklook at how crappy some roads and bridges are04:11
syn-ackSo I just reinstalled a box right... with Jaunty04:11
MorkBorkits like saying the government is going to road block every highway in the US04:11
mgmuscari1i just realized that i said NID before when i meant ONT04:11
xiambax_I wish there was free FTA sat connections for modems04:11
MorkBorkgood luck with that04:11
syn-ackI'm doing the distro jump right now and man oh man almost 1k packages need to be upgraded04:12
mgmuscari1if you get fios, ask verizon not to remove your copper drop or your NID, and you're all set :)04:12
syn-ackThe fun part is that it will only take about 5 minutes to download all the packages. :D04:12
Jordan_Usyn-ack: Unless you are testing upgrades from jaunty to karmic it will be faster, and a smaller download, to just install karmic from scratch instead04:12
syn-ackJordan_U, I'm sure it is04:13
syn-ackJordan_U, I dont have any blank CDs ATM. ;)04:13
mgmuscari1oh, is it out now?04:13
mgmuscari1or are you installing the beta?04:13
syn-ackmgmuscari1, the RC is basically the finall anyway so it's not like its all tha much of a jump04:14
zmjjmzmgmuscari1: how long is that maintainable?04:14
zmjjmzby now, yeah04:14
Barriduswhat module is it that i should file a bug for if On-Demand powersaving is not enabled by default on my netbook (and i can't find a way to change that permanently)04:14
mgmuscari1i'm not in any rush04:14
zmjjmzI guess I should upgrade my beta eventually04:14
Jordan_Usyn-ack: You could use GRUB2 to boot the karmic iso from your hard drive with the toram parameter ( obvioulsy easier than upgrading :)04:14
mgmuscari1unless i get the feeling that it will fix my dumb wifi problems04:14
mgmuscari1ooh, i can livecd it04:14
syn-ackJordan_U, I'm really not all that worried about it04:15
Jordan_Usyn-ack: I was being sarcastic with that last point04:15
syn-ackSorry, that last bit was lost on me. :P04:15
zmjjmzit fixes the intel graphics issues, kinda04:15
zmjjmzthey're still shitty04:15
zmjjmzbut they're less shitty04:15
syn-ackI like Intel Graphics. heh04:16
syn-ackI have honestly not had any problems with it04:16
mgmuscari1i leave my intel graphics turned off and use the ATI card04:16
mgmuscari1but it reduces my battery life04:16
mgmuscari1and fglrx isn't to die for04:16
mikeruok, in another computer that *isn't* the macbook, gdm forces screen size to be 1280x768 on a monitor whose max res is 1280x72004:17
syn-ackSounds like a Mac. :P04:17
* syn-ack runs04:17
xiambax_you can adjust that setting04:17
mikeruI can change it after logging in, but I want to change it in gdm04:17
mgmuscari1i remember when that kind of thing could damage a monitor04:17
zmjjmzwell, they're ok04:17
zmjjmzI can run compiz pretty well04:17
zmjjmzbut (even without that), flash is still AUIHSFIDHGUHGDASDHASJ04:17
zmjjmzmgmuscari1: you're old04:17
mikerusyn-ack: no, it's another computer. not a mac. really…04:17
Barriduswhat module controls power saving, please?04:18
mikerusyn-ack: it's a homebuilt one04:18
* zmjjmz runs04:18
syn-ackmikeru, I was busting your erm... yeah04:18
mgmuscari1zmjjmz: flash stutters right and left on my system, and i'm running core 2 duo t9400 and an ati firegl v5700 (radeon hd3650)04:18
mgmuscari1zmjjmz: i'm only 24 :p04:18
Barridussyn-ack, that is to me?04:18
dtchenmgmuscari1: what arch? which Flash package?04:19
syn-ackYeah, but it was also in jest04:19
mgmuscari1dtchen: ia6404:19
syn-ackBarridus, thats really a vague question04:19
dtchenmgmuscari1: seriously? Adobe Flash?04:19
Barridusdammit :|  i found a bug and i don't know how to properly report it since i don't know what module to specify in ubuntu-bug04:19
mgmuscari1dtchen: yeah adobe flash04:19
mgmuscari1using fglrx + compiz04:19
dtchenmgmuscari1: native Adobe Flash on ia64? That's a new one to me...04:20
syn-ackBarridus, what is the bug?04:20
mgmuscari1video decoding gives me the most trouble04:20
syn-ackBarridus, do you have a backtrace, etc etc?04:20
mgmuscari1uses a whole cdpu04:20
mikeruI tried some xorg.conf options and modelines, but gdm still refuses to acknowledge it04:20
dtchenmgmuscari1: out of curiosity, what's uname -a for you?04:20
syn-ackBarridus, it *could* something trivial or it could be something thats involved all the way to upstream04:20
zmjjmzI want a lot more sites to switch to html5/js04:20
zmjjmzinstead of flash04:20
mgmuscari1dtchen: Linux mgmuscari-laptop 2.6.28-15-generic #52-Ubuntu SMP Wed Sep 9 10:48:52 UTC 2009 x86_64 GNU/Linux04:20
=== dabossbv1 is now known as dabossbv
dtchenmgmuscari1: ah, that's *amd64*04:21
zmjjmzmgmuscari1: I'm running on a netbook here04:21
mikeruwell, the monitor says it's 1280x720, but scrolls whenever I move my mouse04:21
Barriduson the acer aspireone, new installs don't default to On Demand power saving as it does on other hardware, and as it did for the aspireone in previous ubuntus04:21
dtchenmgmuscari1: ia64 is a very different beast04:21
syn-ackBarridus, Which module controls power management means nothing...04:21
mgmuscari1dtchen: err, just assumed core 2 duo was ia6404:21
mgmuscari1that would be like itanium now that i think about it, though...04:21
Barridusi'm referring to 9.10, obv.04:21
syn-ackBarridus, so it *could* be something either hardware related or even Kernel related04:21
dtchenmgmuscari1: right, completely different beast :-)04:21
mgmuscari1correct me if i'm wrong. i haven't paid attention to processors in a few years04:21
syn-ackyou're still not being completely clear, imo04:22
mgmuscari1doesn't work any better on my opteron 185 with an ati radeon x1800xt, though04:22
dtchenmgmuscari1: anyhow, are you using the 64-bit alpha refresh from Adobe's web site, or are you using flashplugin-installer?04:22
syn-ackBarridus, Hell, it could be the way the kernel is configured etc etc04:22
mgmuscari1dtchen: flashplugin-installer, because i'm lazy04:22
dtchenmgmuscari1: try purging flashplugin-installer and using the 64-bit alpha refresh04:22
EruditeHermithi, does anyone know what .ck-history is in the new boot process/04:22
Barridussyn-ack, for lack of anything more obvious for me to do, think i should try reporting for acpi and see if someone says "wrong module, numbnuts, try module XXXX" then resubmit?04:23
dtchenmgmuscari1: nspluginwrapper has some known latency issues04:23
mgmuscari1dtchen: thanks for the tip04:23
syn-ackBarridus, Not to sound like a complete ass but I would look upstream first04:24
syn-ackBarridus, see if kernel.org's bugzilla has anything on it and work from there04:25
Barridusi'm not sure i'd know what to do up there04:25
Barridusthat's why i'm trying to get word to someone who can, if i can do that04:25
syn-ackBarridus, IF you dont see anything upstream, then I would report it as a kernel issue and supply a copy of your uname -a and the config in /boot and your hardware profile.04:26
Barridussubmit where exactly04:26
syn-ackon karmic's Launchpad for bugs04:26
syn-ackBarridus, standby04:27
* mikeru patiently waits for an answer, hoping that there exists one…04:28
syn-ackBarridus, from your prompt type "apport-bug linux-image" and go from there04:28
syn-ackBarridus, without the quotes, of course04:28
Barridusroger, i'll try04:29
Barriduswait isn't it ubuntu-bug etc?04:29
syn-ackYou could use that too.04:30
dtchenubuntu-bug is just a symlink to apport-bug04:30
Barridussame thing?  or different b... ok thanks dtchen04:30
* syn-ack waits for the other system to upgrade04:31
Barridusseems like it automatically pulls uname etc04:31
* mikeru still waits for an answer... desperately.04:32
dtchenmikeru: what gfx hw?04:32
syn-ackBarridus, that it does.04:33
Barridussyn-ack, ok it defaulted to package "linux-meta", this proper?04:34
mikerumikeru: that might be it. sucky SiS 671M. however, I think there should be some way to force resolution in GDM, as I can change my resolution when logged in to 1280x72004:34
syn-ackBarridus, probably04:34
LegendarioI've downloaded the netbook remix iso from releases.ubuntu.com but I am having difficulty to write it on a usb drive. Isn't it supposed to be an img file?04:34
mikerudtchen: what I told myself...04:34
syn-ackBarridus, its pretty good at picking that stuff up04:34
Barridusi guess that would be the proper catagory for vague things XD04:34
quiescenslegendario: you can probably use the iso with the usb creator thingy04:34
tonyyarussoLegendario: did you follow the instructions on the wiki?04:34
syn-acksystem is choking at dmsetup04:35
dtchenLegendario: no, Karmic's image is deliberately suffixed with .iso04:35
syn-ackbbiab... Going for a smoke04:35
dtchenLegendario: but yes, as others have alluded, simply use dd as normal, or use usb-creator in Karmic04:35
=== gh0zt_afk is now known as gh0zt_
tonyyarussoLegendario: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromImgFiles and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto04:36
dshepherdskreech: pong04:36
xiambax_Legendario. You on mac or pc?04:36
Legendarioi tried the usb-creator on karmic but didn't work04:36
xiambax_yeah its buggy04:37
xiambax_i was going to sugest that04:37
xiambax_it works on jaunty04:37
Legendarioit just doesn't allow me to click on "create image"04:37
xiambax_try formatting the stick first04:37
Legendariotried that...04:37
dtchenLegendario: did you select the proper partition?04:38
Legendariodtche, guess so. tried all the partitions04:38
Legendariowell, it only has one...04:38
BarridusLegendario, you try unetbootin?04:38
* mikeru says bye in this channel too04:38
Legendariotried selecting the disk and the partition itself04:39
LegendarioI tried netbootin, but didn't work too04:39
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent04:39
Legendariounetbootin sorry04:39
Barridusunetbootin has always worked for me04:39
Barridusi'm on a netbook i installed karmic from a unetbootin'ed stick04:40
LegendarioBarridus, for me too. I will try to download from the website04:40
Barridusi will say i used the windows unetbootin to make the usb stick04:40
Barridusprolly an important detail04:41
LegendarioI also tried dd with the iso image. but the computer did not boot04:41
Barridus(although i have successfully used the linux one off of repos in the past)04:41
Legendarioi don't know if dd is made to be used with iso images04:41
Barridusi never got the default ubuntu usb creator thing to work right04:42
mgmuscari1Legendario: you won't be able to get it to boot from usb stick by dd'ing the iso onto it...04:42
mgmuscari1i've tried inthe past04:42
EruditeHermithello, can anyone help me with my boot process? It is really slow and there are 2 things I don't understand from my bootchart at http://imagebin.org/69558 . Firstly, I don't have dmraid installed but it is getting called and secondly, .ck-setup takes up a lot of CPU for 10 seconds04:42
quiescensi've been using the usb-creator for the most part lately04:42
Legendariomguscaril, could see that... ;-004:42
xiambax_I hope this alternative install works04:44
syn-ackSomething tells me I just bombed an upgrade... first time in over 3 years too04:44
xiambax_its updating from web now04:44
Wargasmive used alternate install plenty of times, nothing to be worried about04:44
xiambax_I just wanna see how well i can configure x with it04:45
syn-ackHoly hell. I think the system hard froze04:45
syn-ackIt sure did04:45
chibihogoshinois the final release of karmic going to be more stable than the current beta ?04:45
dtchenchibihogoshino: unlikely. The final release warped me into 2020.04:46
xiambax_less stable04:46
syn-ackchibihogoshino, I think the RC is rather very stable04:46
xiambax_just to piss you off04:46
quiescensi've only really had problems with resume/wake04:46
* syn-ack does the three finger salute to the other machine04:46
Barridusi heard the final release will make children worldwide sad to be alive04:46
dtchenquiescens: with suspend or with resume?04:46
dtchenBarridus: it does already. I'm a sad panda.04:47
chibihogoshinosyn-ack i killed it with a update04:47
mgmuscari1chibihogoshino: the karmic rc knocked up my girlfriend when i tried to run sudo touch /mnt/samba04:47
syn-ackmgmuscari1, Should have used finger instead. ;)04:47
mgmuscari1syn-ack: lolll04:47
quiescensit always successfully suspends, and then fails to resume04:47
chibihogoshinoi didnt have any problems till i updated..04:48
Barridusdtchen, i always love a good tragedy04:48
mgmuscari1that's going to end up on bash.org or in some chat log online somewhere04:48
syn-ackI just had a kernel panic... off the liveCD04:48
mgmuscari1and a potential employer is going to shun me for my distasteful sense of humor04:48
syn-ackthats just.... wow04:49
syn-ackI'd really like to know what the hell just happened too04:50
mgmuscari1too bad, because you won't have a log of it now :[04:52
mgmuscari1that sucks04:52
syn-ackI'm in utter shock...04:52
mgmuscari1what were you doing?04:52
syn-acka distro jump04:52
syn-ackI wonder if I just had a hard disk bite it04:52
mgmuscari1yeah i'll be backing everything up before i attempt an upgrade...04:53
mgmuscari1and by upgrade i mean, wipe all my partitions and install a fresh copy of karmic04:53
mgmuscari1syn-ack: using ext4?04:53
syn-ackmgmuscari1, yeah04:53
Berzerkerchibihogoshino: pretty much the same amount of stable04:54
mgmuscari1i still don't trust it... i had major problems a few weeks ago with journals becoming increasingly corrupted04:54
syn-ackmgmuscari1, this was a distro jump off a fresh jaunty install...04:54
mgmuscari1barely managed to back up my files before it bit the dust04:54
Berzerkerchibihogoshino: the RC is extremely stable to begin with04:54
mgmuscari1syn-ack: cosmic ray?04:54
syn-ackmgmuscari1, Something....04:54
syn-ackmgmuscari1, Simon better not be in my system04:54
mgmuscari1a ghost in the machine04:55
dtchenwonder if it was dbus or hal being upgraded04:55
syn-ackdtchen, could have been... but the kernel panic on the reboot?04:55
Barridusi typically like having /home be it's own partition and keep that when i upgrade, wiping only / (minus /home obv.)04:55
dtchensyn-ack: do you have any of the spew from said panic?04:56
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. Ubuntu pastebin is at  http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from  command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic04:56
syn-ackBarridus, I generally keep /home on its own drive, preferably on LVM04:56
syn-ackdtchen, nah...04:56
syn-ackdtchen, I rebooted again and this time I got a terminal04:56
mgmuscari1Barridus: http://paste.ubuntu.com/304031/04:57
mgmuscari1that's what i do04:57
Barridusslowpastebin is slooooooooooow04:57
coordinadorwhen? lol04:57
dtchenwhereas fastpastebin is faaaaaast?04:57
mgmuscari1Barridus: hm, loaded up quickly for me04:58
coordinadorsyn-ack, i finally installed ubuntu un sdhc 4gb card04:58
syn-ackcoordinador, nice.04:58
coordinador*in a04:58
Barridusthanks for the reminder, i forgot to do some fstab tweaks04:58
coordinador9.04 recognizes everything in msi wind u100, even camera04:59
Barridusand that's a lot of sda's04:59
syn-ackround 2... FIGHT!05:00
mgmuscari1Barridus: iirc, there's a recovery partition from the factory for windows, then all my linux partitions on lvm, and then windows on another primary partition05:00
* Barridus wonders where his Jaunty usb-stick is05:00
Barridusyeah, i blew out my windows recovery partition05:00
Barridusif xp ever blows up, good riddance05:01
* syn-ack glances over to his Windows 7 Hard Disk sitting on his desk05:01
mgmuscari1Barridus: i have no other way of managing my fingerprint scanner :[05:01
xiambax_Pay for windows. pft05:02
xiambax_Run rc then patch my friend05:02
syn-ackI hate Dual Booting and VMs so I keep my Os'en seperate05:02
Barridusyeah i hear you.  i have a vbox xp machine to interact with my Sony PSP05:02
* mgmuscari1 gets windows 7 professional or business or whatever for free through MSDNAA05:02
Wargasmi got the $50 upgrade of windows 7, pretty pleased about that05:03
Wargasmfree is even better though05:03
=== mac__v is now known as mac_v
dshepherdcan empathy have X amount of buddies under one contact? if so how05:03
unitedpotsmokershello guys, i am new in linux, if i install karmic RC, should i install/upgrade to karmic final or format hard drive and do a clean install?05:04
kholerabbidshepherd: I don't think empathy supports meta contacts atm05:04
Barridusunitedpotsmokers, install/upgrade should be fine05:04
dshepherdkholerabbi: darn it. that sucks for the time being05:04
DKcrosshello friends05:05
DKcrosskarmic is up?05:05
ubottuNo! It's not out yet! Await the release in #ubuntu-release-party, and be sure to read channel /topic!05:05
xiambax_Wargasm, You around?05:05
xiambax_It installed but x launches and it crashes05:05
BarridusDKcross, sadly it was cancelled this morning after an argument over a game of darts05:05
xiambax_is there anyway I can install proprietery drivers like through hardware drivers like in gui but through terminal?05:06
mgmuscari1xiambax_: ati? nvidia? intel?05:06
mgmuscari1xiambax_: try tweaking your xorg.conf05:06
dshepherdapt-get install nvidia-glx #might work if that is what you want05:07
Barridusspeaking of xorg, i should create one for this xorg.conf-less thing05:07
Barridusor at least restore my jaunty one and see if that works05:07
dshepherdxiambax_: you can try the ubuntu software center and search for nvidia-glx if your are using karmic05:08
xiambax_console doesnt even refrest05:08
xiambax_i have to go from one to another05:08
xiambax_and then back05:08
xiambax_to get screen to refresh05:08
xiambax_im downloading latest build05:10
xiambax_so we shall see05:10
William-Ubuntui can't wait05:10
xiambax_after installing nvidia-glx is there anything i need to config?05:12
Jordan_Uxiambax_: System > Administration > Hardware Drivers05:15
xiambax_no gui05:15
xiambax_x wont load05:15
coordinadorhow can i edit Services ?05:15
Jordan_Uxiambax_: Add "Driver nvidia" to the device section of your xorg.conf05:16
quiescensso in the end did they put in any way to change the look of the gdm login screen thingy or do you still have to install a different gdm05:17
xiambax_i cant find my xorg.conf05:17
xiambax_just a man for it05:17
quiescensyou might not have an xorg.conf if everything is default05:18
quiescensbut it would go in /etc/X11/xorg.conf if you have one or wanted to make one05:18
xiambax_why dont i have one by default05:19
Jordan_Uxiambax_: sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg -phigh05:19
Jordan_Uxiambax_: Because it's not needed by default05:19
Jordan_Uxiambax_: It's only needed if you want to change the defaults, like setting nvidia as the driver to use05:20
syn-ackI am starting to be thankful that X finally arrived to the 20th century and is having hal/dbus configure it05:21
Jordan_Uxiambax_: This is what you want your Xorg.conf to have: http://pastebin.com/f65b4606e05:22
xiambax_so sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg -phigh05:22
DanaGsmooth move: the temperature-monitor widget shows all the meter names as "nperati"05:23
=== gh0zt_ is now known as gh0zt_afk
Jordan_Uxiambax_: I thought that still created a default xorg.conf but it might not05:23
DanaGthat is, the m gets cut off to look like an n, and the u turns into a dot-less 'i'.05:23
DanaGI can also make that icon hang entirely past the plasmoid's background.05:24
xiambax_dpkg-reconfigure doesnt work05:25
xiambax_just bumps me to a new prompt05:26
Jordan_Uxiambax_: gksudo gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf and paste this into it: http://pastebin.com/f6484158905:28
mercutio22will I be able to recover GRUB after reinstalling windows according to the instructions documented in this link or will it be different for grub2? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBoot#Recovering GRUB after reinstalling Windows05:30
Jordan_Umercutio22: It's the same05:30
mercutio22Jordan_U: great. Thanks05:30
xiambax_i am currently apg-get remove and purging X05:31
Jordan_Umercutio22: Minus the part about adding a windows entry manually, grub2 uses a different format and detects other OS's automatically05:31
mercutio22Jordan_U: sounds improved05:32
xiambax_this sucks05:32
Jordan_Umercutio22: It's better in a lot of ways, and worse in a few05:32
xiambax_is there anything in my bios I can fix to resolve this issue05:32
xiambax_or determin whats causing it?05:33
mercutio22Jordan_U: whats worse?05:33
Jordan_Uxiambax_: I just remembered there is a CLI front end to hardware-drivers, jocky-text05:33
Jordan_Umercutio22: Some things are easier to configure in grub legacy than in grub205:34
xiambax_its too late05:34
xiambax_i rebooted05:34
xiambax_and now.... console is flashing repeatedly05:34
xiambax_and it wont let me type05:34
ID_10T_errorWhere does one go to report an critical bug in the RC version of 9.10 (a bug that can prevent boot-up)?05:35
Jordan_Umercutio22: But for the most part configuration is much more sane, no more comments that aren't really comments, and each distro doing it differently05:35
Jordan_Uxiambax_: Boot into recovery mode05:35
xiambax_already have05:36
xiambax_now what?05:36
Jordan_Uxiambax_: Start a root shell and run "jockey-text"05:36
xiambax_im doing this from usb key05:36
xiambax_and its saying it cant load install cd05:36
xiambax_how can i chroot again05:38
Jordan_Uxiambax_: Are you in a live graphical environment right now?05:38
xiambax_no im at busybox console05:38
xiambax_im booting from usb key05:39
xiambax_and its saying it cant find cd medium05:39
AfCSo this is a bit particular. GnuPG appears to have thrown away about 18 MB of my pubring. Not sure when this happened, exactly;05:39
AfCI just restored it, secring and trustdb from crypto backup [yes, itself encrypted, and in the safe].05:39
AfCI suspect it's something to do with Ubuntu still using gpg 1.x rather than the 2.0 that the distro I migrated from has been stable on for a while.05:40
AfCbut it's kinda worrying to see anything screw up in those parts.05:40
AfC[it even lost the fact that my own key was ultimately trusted!]05:40
Jordan_Uxiambax_: Boot into your regular install holding down shift so that you see the grub menu, choose recovery mode05:44
DanaGwow, I didn't know Oxygen could change its theme.05:49
DanaG"Theme" is not in the Appearance thingy... it's under right-click-on-desktop!05:49
xiambax_I ran jockey-text and nothing came up on screen05:50
xiambax_is it possible my framebuffer is borked?05:50
DanaGweird... those don't actually affect windows.05:50
Jordan_Uxiambax_: run "jockey-text --list"05:50
Jordan_Uxiambax_: Then "jockey -e driver:whatever"05:51
xiambax_both show disabled05:51
xiambax_one says in use05:51
xiambax_nvidia 173 and nvidia 185.05:51
xiambax_i remember for 9.04 i need to install 173 i think05:52
ericrwProblems mounting new Karmic install: http://pastebin.com/m7eec549705:52
ericrwrather, mounting the root-fs at boot05:52
ericrw(note, I do a debootstrap and install my own, but pretty standard /etc/fstab... this process has worked well since Breezy through Jaunty)05:54
xiambax_one sec05:55
xiambax_im figuring it out05:55
xiambax_i just enabled 17305:55
xiambax_i assume its downloading in the background05:55
xiambax_Thanks Jordan_U06:00
xiambax_That was painful but its working now06:00
xiambax_Thats weird it didnt work06:01
Jordan_Uxiambax_: np06:01
[V]ortex`how do i upgrade to 9.10 from 9.04 later? by the terminal?06:02
Jordan_U!upgrade | [V]ortex`06:03
ubottu[V]ortex`: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading06:03
[V]ortex`ok thanks06:03
[V]ortex`Jordan_U: the page is for 9.0406:04
[V]ortex`is it the same for 9.10?06:04
Jordan_U[V]ortex`: Yes06:04
StrangeCharmhow can i convert a dm-crypt volume from using passphrase authentication to mount at boot, to using key-files instead?06:09
xiambax_Jordan I was having kernel issues06:09
xiambax_I submitted bug number 42253606:09
almoxarifeanyone had issues with converting a wubi karmic to ext4 format?06:10
ericrwdoes anyone know what is so royally backwards, that a standard partition and fstab file won't work anymore?06:10
habananyhey brothers, i have a question , i just set up a linksys router, I named and put a password but it does not show the lock logo, something wrong with that ?06:20
Boohbahericrw: i dunno, did the installer try to reformat to ext4 or something?06:21
ericrwBoohbah: I didn't use an installer06:21
* molinero ubuntu lives!06:22
habananyi guess u did not understand my question06:23
ericrwBoohbah: I'm mounting the filesystem from my host system now (the Karmic partition is being used by a virtual machine)06:24
gRntHi all I have a quick question I am running 9.10 server RC, installed deluged, deluge, deluge-web and deluge-console everything seemed to install fine, when I run the deluged daemon via the terminal it throws back "[1] 1038". However I can not connect to the webUI at all, do I need to do any further configuration before this will work?06:24
ericrwthere is nothing wrong with the filesystem and /etc/fstab is generic enough it would work on any Linux system back to 96' (well, except the fact that it is ext3.. ;-)06:25
ericrwhmm, I'm thinking that mountall requires a newer kernel06:30
[V]ortex`question: how to resume torrents download from winxp into 9.10 and vice versa?06:30
rohan[V]ortex`: use the same download location when you open the torrent into 9.1006:30
rohanit will automatically verify whatever % of data you have remaining06:31
[V]ortex`rohan: seamless resume? i thought 9.10 has some difficulty writing to ntfs?06:31
rohan[V]ortex`: ntfs write has been "fixed" since ntfs-3g was made default, i think since 8.0406:32
rohanso yes, you can write to ntfs seamlessly.06:32
rohanand resuming a torrent is a feature of the client/protocol, doesn't have anything to do with the underlying filesystem.06:32
[V]ortex`rohan: the opposite direction will work as well? from 9.10 to resume in xp?06:32
[V]ortex`rohan: ty06:33
rohanas long as you keep the download location same everywhwere06:33
[V]ortex`is there a rollback function in 9.10 like winxp?06:48
sagaci[V]ortex`: now06:49
[V]ortex`saagaci: any plans for it in future versions?06:50
sagaci[V]ortex`: don't knoq06:51
sagaci[V]ortex`: just backup your files06:51
hrishiany word on the distro?06:52
dmatt[V]ortex`: what would you like to roolback?06:52
[V]ortex`dmatt: nt in particular. just exploring.06:54
der_schreinerdoes someone know which time gmt the release will be out?06:54
[V]ortex`not sure, just within 24hrs06:55
Boohbahder_schreiner: /j #ubuntu-release-party06:55
dmattder_schreiner: only date is set; so I suppose when all mirrors will be synchronised and sabdfl says yes, it will be declared out06:55
der_schreiner /j #ubuntu-release-par06:55
sagacithis channel is pretty much dead till they change it to 10.04 cycle06:58
almoxarifekernel: [ 1838.485982] sd 7:0:0:0: [sdc] Sense Key : Recovered Error [current] [descriptor] <--- what's it mean? errors found on drive?06:59
almoxarifeno takers?07:02
lemonadei'd trust that one07:02
lemonadebtw, is that sdc hard drive or dvd/cd-rom?07:03
almoxarifehard drive via usb07:04
lemonademy bet would be check the usb-cable07:04
almoxarifethe usb cable is ok, there is another usb drive on the same cable, sdb, no errors07:05
almoxarifesdc is like 7-9 years old07:06
=== ubuntu_ is now known as kahrytan
kahrytanI need help reinstalling grub2 from live cd07:07
sagacikahrytan: go thru installation and don't format anything then install bootloader at the end07:08
dmatt!grub2 | kahrytan07:08
ubottukahrytan: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub207:08
kahrytandmatt,  and that doesnt work.07:09
n512recovered error probably means a correctable ECC error.07:09
n512if the drive supports SMART, check the counters.07:09
dmattkahrytan: specify what went wrong then07:09
kahrytanI need help reinstalling grub2 from live cd.  ubuntu help or wiki pages arent helping07:09
n512this doesn't sound like a +1 release query :)07:09
kahrytandmatt,  i cant chroot to hdd07:09
kahrytandmatt,  ive mounted the partition to a /media folder07:10
dmattkahrytan: what did it say when you tried to chroot?07:10
kahrytanI dont know if i did bind right07:10
jussi01kahrytan: what is the error grub is giving you?07:11
kahrytanthe wiki doesnt make sense07:11
dmattkahrytan:  its step by step here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub2#Recover Grub 2 via LiveCD07:11
dmattkahrytan: did you follow it exactly or did you do it your way?07:12
Jordan_U_kahrytan: Why can't you chroot? 64 bit system and 32 bit liveCD?07:12
kahrytanjussi01,  i think 507:12
kahrytanlet me check07:13
alokitohow many hours left till the final release?07:16
Deathvalley122I don't know07:17
vega-alokito: 3 hours 6 minutes 2 seconds07:17
alokitok :D07:17
Deathvalley122I'm bored and still waiting07:18
n512and how many jiffies, exactly?07:18
* n512 picks 42, the universal answer07:18
Deathvalley122I need something to do maybe tetris will occupy me07:18
n512go build a kernel07:19
n512or better yet.. build gnome from source07:19
n512that should keep you busy a while.07:19
Deathvalley122I suck at compiling07:19
Deathvalley122I uber fail at it07:20
kahrytanjussi01,  it's Error 1507:20
Jordan_U_kahrytan: That's simple then, you don't have grub2 installed to the MBR07:20
kahrytanJordan_U_,  it's probably because of Windows 707:20
Jordan_U_kahrytan: Follow https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows07:21
kahrytanJordan_U_,  and thats on entirely different hdd07:21
kahrytanJordan_U_,  thats for grub07:22
Jordan_U_kahrytan: It's probably not, the problem is that you have a grub legacy stage one and a GRUB2 stage 2 ( core.img / boot.img / modules )07:22
jussi01kahrytan: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1195275 has info.07:23
kahrytanJordan_U_,  it's Grub 207:23
Jordan_U_kahrytan: Those instructions will work with grub2 and grub ( except for the last part about adding a windows entry07:23
kahrytanjussi01,  last time i read the post, i wanted to bite your head off.07:23
=== Jordan_U_ is now known as Jordan_U
jussi01kahrytan: and last time it fixed your issue. so please, read again.07:24
kahrytanjussi01,  its also in ubuntu help and it didnt work07:25
kahrytanjussi01, whats this, sudo mount --bind /dev/ /mnt/dev07:26
Jordan_Ukahrytan: It makes your devices available in the chroot07:26
kahrytanjussi01,  why /mnt/dev  ?07:27
Jordan_Ukahrytan: If you didn't mount your Ubuntu partition to /mnt then that command will not work07:27
Misantropomy SCIM + Anthy for Japanese input isn't working anymore since i upgraded to Karmic RC07:28
=== Jordan_U_ is now known as Jordan_U
almoxarifewhat do I gain by going to grub2?07:28
kahrytanI made a mistake07:29
kahrytanI installed grub on the partition07:29
Wargasmgenerally you won't gain anything from grub207:29
Wargasmits just a boot loader07:30
kahrytanIs it possible to removve grub2 from a partition ?07:30
ninjaIIWhen!  When!  When!  When!  When!07:46
Machtinin 5 days ;)07:47
ninjaIIhahahah thanks :)07:47
zipitogood day07:47
zipitois the 9.10 released?07:48
zipitocan I upgrade ?07:48
ninjaIIlol now its 6 because of you!07:48
ubottuNo! It's not out yet! Await the release in #ubuntu-release-party, and be sure to read channel /topic!07:48
zipitojoin #ubuntu-release-party07:48
lenioshey wait, is it october 29? does that mean... yeah, november in three days!07:50
lenioscan't believe it07:51
* Deathvalley122 gets his check tomorrow07:51
=== Light-_ is now known as Light-
Laibcomsyep!  google check! hehe08:02
Deathvalley122my government check08:02
Laibcomsahh :D08:03
Laibcomspayday!  (need to get a new day job tho :p )08:03
coz_hey guys  .. I found  the images for the xplash  and grub2 images  but I cant find where the single white ubuntu logo may be...anyone?08:03
Deathvalley122I'm so bloody tired08:07
almoxarifesomeone has the link for going from ext3 to ext4 on karmic08:07
megamanx1978_Anyone here?08:08
MightyTweekmegamanx1978_, nope08:10
almoxarifehttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/ConvertFilesystemToExt4 , I think I like ubuntu's spin on it better08:10
megamanx1978_What is new in ubuntu 9.1008:13
Deathvalley122lot's of things megamanx1978_08:13
Deathvalley122bug fixes for one08:14
megamanx1978_What are the big things?08:14
Deathvalley122and a new file system08:14
TheInfinity.oO((reading release notes and googling seems to be very difficult))08:14
coz_megamanx1978_,  grub2  particularly08:14
LSD|NinjaFont rendering seems to have improved, text doesn't look like ass anymore. There's still too much brown in the themes, but that'll never change08:16
coz_megamanx1978_,  http://www.workswithu.com/2009/08/20/whats-new-in-ubuntu-910/08:16
Deathvalley122I'm .... soooo ..... bloody .... tired ....08:16
coz_Deathvalley122,  dude  go to bed :)08:16
Deathvalley122no I'm waiting08:16
[V]ortex`i like brown08:18
LSD|Ninjaheh, the machine I plan on installing karmic onto first won't even be remotely ready until about 0900-1000 tomorrow so I don't mind the wait :P08:18
Myxbwas anybody able to set cli resolution to anything other than the default with grub2? i followed several how-tos and all i get is either garbled screen or the default resolution. the vga option is fazed out but gxfpayload does not work for me :( maybe just my hardware?08:18
Deathvalley122it's suppose to be released soon08:18
coz_[V]ortex`,  are you saying you like that muddy image behind the white logo and antiquated throbber progress bar? :)08:18
[V]ortex`coz: yes08:19
LSD|Ninjacoz_: That article mentions it's possible to have the shutdown options in their proper place even with the indicator applet running. How does that work? I never noticed it in any of my beta/rc installs...08:19
coz_LSD|Ninja,  link me to that article again sorry   I didnt hodl on to it08:19
[V]ortex`question: when i upgrade from 9.04, will my settings be retained? like browser, shortcuts, desktop panels etc08:19
LSD|Ninjacoz_:  http://www.workswithu.com/2009/08/20/whats-new-in-ubuntu-910/08:20
Deathvalley122mmm empathy that looks good08:20
LSD|NinjaI don't recall seeing a GNOME control center entry in the menus either...08:20
coz_LSD|Ninja,   you got me on that one guy sorry08:21
joaopinto[V]ortex`, yes08:22
coz_Deathvalley122,   I am not particularly impressed with empathy.... pidgin   although lacking in video chat  is a nicer "non gnome created:"  application  in my opinion08:22
Deathvalley122I don't know much about it08:23
LSD|NinjaDumping Pidgin was also a wise move, but I tend to agree that its premature08:23
Deathvalley122but then again08:23
Deathvalley122I hated pidgin08:23
joaopintoempathy is not fully usable yet, IMO08:24
megamanx1978_You said that the update from 9.04 to 9.10 wont be ready til 9 or 10 am?08:24
coz_megamanx1978_,  well Its not actually released  right now08:24
coz_megamanx1978_,   although my guess is if you open a terminal and type   update-manager -d  it will upgrade08:25
megamanx1978_When is the release?08:25
Deathvalley122it will be soon08:25
coz_megamanx1978_,  however I wouldnt do that since tomorrow is the planned release date08:25
LSD|Ninjamegamanx1978_: No, I said the machine I planned to install it on first won't be reasy until then (the glue is still curing. I have to put it all back together and score a CD drive for it) so I can affiord to wait at least that long :P08:25
chazcoHi :) On 9.10 my touchscreen is finally supported as long as I use a custom fdi file (using the default hal .fdi file causes a system crash). Can I submit this to Ubuntu without joining launchpad?08:25
Deathvalley122tomorrow is today for me lol08:26
Deathvalley122it's like 1:30 AM08:26
LSD|NinjaThu 29 Oct 2009 16:26:24 WST08:26
coz_chazco,  oo  I dont know... I have always registered there08:26
joaopintochazco, the proper way to submit patches is using launchpad08:26
megamanx1978_Isnt -d for delete?08:27
chazcocoz_ & joaopinto - Thanks, though as much. Trying to avoid yet another online account :)08:27
joaopintomegamanx1978_, -d is for development08:28
coz_chazco,  well this one may be a beneficial one not only for bug reported but as mentioned submitting patches... good way to contribute?08:28
LSD|Ninjamegamanx1978_: update-manager -d is distribution upgrade I belkieve08:28
joaopintoLSD|Ninja, no, -d is for devel-release08:28
chazcocoz_ - I guess so, i'll think about it :)08:28
coz_chazco,   there you go !  that's all that can be asked of you :)08:29
Deathvalley122screw it I can't wait I'm going to bed I guess I'll upgrade when I wake up which will 12 PM or something08:29
coz_Deathvalley122,  sounds like a resonable and healthy plan :)08:29
Deathvalley122surprised I made it this far08:30
Deathvalley122but then again I'll probably get higlighted from me staff :(08:31
megamanx1978_Updateing to 9.1008:32
niekieThat isn't out yet, is it?08:32
Deathvalley122I wouldn't do it yet08:32
niekieJust wait a moment, it'll be nearly released :)08:33
Deathvalley122it's not quite released08:33
megamanx1978_Is 9.10 faster than 9.0408:33
coz_megamanx1978_,  it is  particularly the boot sequence but the appearnce of the sequence leaves much to be desired08:33
* Deathvalley122 needs more server techs and developers for his company08:34
megamanx1978_Actually I am using ultimate edition linux so the brown is not a issue08:35
coz_megamanx1978_,  I see ..well the brown on karmic is more like mud  during the boot sequence  not actually a clear appealing colour08:36
coz_megamanx1978_,  however you can change some of the under /usr/share/images08:36
Deathvalley122alright night off to bed08:37
megamanx1978_Ultimate Edition is basicly ubuntu with alot of goodies08:37
megamanx1978_Codecs/Games/Programs/Wallpapers ect08:39
Ian_Corneis there a specific channel for evolution?08:46
DeSian_hi, what is happen with ubuntu karmic, i have the last alpha installed but i can't download or upgrade the system apt-get update && apt-get upgrade don't play any error, but by installing package "not package found pidgin" ...etc09:03
gypsymauroI downloaded daily snapshot (27/10) but X.org crashes on a virtualbox machine09:04
gypsymauroit's a known problem?09:04
DeSian_any idea?09:06
dmattDeSian_: repositories might be down because final release is being uploaded there right now09:06
DeSian_since yesterday is the same09:06
slytherinDeSian_: May be it is problem with the mirror you are using09:09
slytherindmatt: Repositories are never down for a release.09:09
DeSian_slytherin, is miror from ubuntu09:09
slytherinDeSian_: theer are hundreds of mirrors of ubuntu.09:09
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about purelxde09:10
DeSian_slytherin, i think dmatt is right and you say just wrong things09:10
DeSian_it more than xxx time ubuntu server completely down09:10
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about yourmom09:10
dmattslytherin: I meant mirror he uses09:10
DeSian_slytherin, the miror is from ubuntu self09:11
dmattDeSian_: slytherin is basically saying the same thing as I did09:11
DeSian_is wrong09:11
slytherinDeSian_: what is the url used in /etc/apt/sources.list ?09:11
DeSian_if say that too09:11
dmattjust run update and upgrade again and watch for errorrs09:12
DeSian_is the same sources list from last alpha version, ididn't touch the sources.list09:12
dmattit is the same09:12
DeSian_dmatt, are you kidding me?09:12
DeSian_look my question again^^09:12
DeSian_update && upgrade doesn't play any errors09:13
penyshockeri'm afraid of updating to lunatic lemur?09:13
dmattDeSian_: did you not overlook something?09:13
DeSian_dmatt, nothing09:13
penyshockeri just overclock my watch, so the day goes faster09:13
dmattDeSian_: I actually do not understand that part saying: but by installing package "not package found pidgin" ...etc09:14
dmattDeSian_: what is actual error message09:15
DeSian_if you run apt-get install dmattsoftware is a same if you run apt-get install pidgin09:15
joaopinto!caps | DeSian_09:15
ubottuDeSian_: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.09:15
joaopintoDeSian_, if you dont get any errors, and the package is not found, it means you don't have the required repositories conifgured09:16
DeSian_dmatt, i said again is no error message09:16
joaopintoDeSian_, go to software sources, and enable the repositories09:16
DeSian_joaopinto, is mean you are wrong, read my question again09:16
DeSian_joaopinto, I dont use gnome, or kde or xfce desktop!09:17
joaopintoDeSian_, I have read your question, and I am not wrong09:17
zougDeSian_: he is right09:17
dmattDeSian_: you just run apt-get and it finishes without action and without any message?09:17
joaopintoDeSian_, if pidgin is not available, as in, package not found, it means you don't have the "main" repository enabled09:18
dmattDeSian_: pastebin output here09:18
DeSian_/etc/apt/sources.list is absolutely OK and original from ubuntu09:18
=== NiteSnow is now known as AtomicCrotch
joaopintoassuming that apt-get update does run fine as you described09:18
joaopintoDeSian_, apt-cache policy pidgin09:18
DeSian_joaopinto, is available main + backports also09:18
DeSian_joaopinto, none09:18
joaopintoDeSian_, pastebin your /etc/apt/sources.list please09:19
DeSian_joaopinto, i can't because is of another PC and is no desktop09:19
DeSian_apt-cache policy pidgin  W: unable to locate package pidgin09:20
joaopintoDeSian_, ok, so to make sure we are clear, if sudo apt-get update does not fail, and pidgin is not available, it means either you are getting in an erroneus mirror, which is very unlikely, or you don't have main enabled, which is more likely09:20
=== AtomicCrotch is now known as NiteSnow
slytherinDeSian_: Let me try again. It will be great if you can tell us mirror being used so that we can check if that mirror is having any problem. Otherwise I don't think we can help you.09:21
ktwo_hi can any1 tell me how i can change the icons of the messenger on the top right panel? (with 9.04 pidgin created a green bubble when online) and now it is a grey talk-bubble09:21
DeSian_i have this error now " W: failed to fetch http://dk.arch...etc sources.bz2 hash Sum nismatch" and E: some index files failed to download .....they have been ignored or old ones used instead09:22
joaopintoDeSian_, so you do have errors after all09:22
joaopintoDeSian_, change to a different mirror, and apt-get update09:23
DeSian_slytherin, is of another pc and is no desktop and can't install irrsi to come her09:23
slytherinDeSian_: When you go there, try replacing dk.archive.ubuntu.com with simply archive.ubuntu.com09:23
DeSian_joaopinto, how changing ? if i have no browser nothing on this pc no editor09:23
eagles0513875hey guys :) nice work on the new plasma-widget-network-manager for kubuntu :) im finally able to connect to my schools wifi on a wpa2 enterprise connection09:24
joaopintoDeSian_, you have removed the base text editor, nano ??09:24
joaopintoDeSian_, you have a text mode editor, unless you removed it, which would be very bad09:24
zougDeSian_: simply open the software sources from the system menu09:24
joaopintozoug, he doesn't have X09:24
DeSian_zoug, heheh09:25
joaopintoDeSian_, erm, wait, you don't have windows manager and you want to install pidgin ?09:25
joaopintoDeSian_, anywya, sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list09:25
zougDeSian_: i dont know but try this: change your tty to tty7, im not sure: press ctrl+alt+f7, then may be you get the window manager up09:27
DeSian_huraaa! remove the dk. from the sources.list and worked09:27
DeSian_thnxk all09:28
eagles0513875is there a linux equivalent to ultrasurf09:28
ktwocan anyone tell me how i can change the icon on the top right panel near the user ? the status-icon i mean09:28
joaopintoeagles0513875, what is that ?09:29
zougjoaopinto:UltraSurf allows you to overcome the censorship and blockage on the Internet. You can browse any website freely, so as to obtain true information from the ...09:29
eagles0513875ty zoug09:30
joaopintozoug, that is just a vaporware description, what does it do ?09:30
slytherineagles0513875: there is something called tor, not sure how equivalent it is.09:30
eagles0513875!info tor09:30
joaopintois it an anonymizer ?09:30
ubottuPackage tor does not exist in karmic09:30
eagles0513875you could call it that joaopinto09:30
ubottuMany Ubuntu IRC channels prohibit access from !proxies such as TOR due to a high level of abuse. You can however obtain a hostmask cloak: see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#cloaks09:30
joaopintook, so it's a tor clone09:31
zougeagles, try a firefox addon09:31
eagles0513875zoug: what one i cant download anything right now i would have to go to osx partition to download anythign as i have an xp vm with ultrasurf09:31
dhqwhen will karamic koala be released09:32
syn-ackdhq, hrm,,, when they release it?09:32
eagles0513875today sometime09:32
dhqhmm i cant wait :D09:32
vega-why wait?09:32
eagles0513875lol dhq then get on the rc09:33
vega-just upgrade now09:33
eagles0513875then you can download the updates09:33
eagles0513875ill be back on later guys09:33
syn-ackI wish they would just push it already so this question will end and we can move on09:33
dhqsudo upgrade-manager -d09:33
syn-ackdo-release-upgrade -d also works09:34
CrocoJetgood morning everyone !09:34
almoxarifeis there a fix to the hanging at re-start and shutdown?09:34
CrocoJetsounds .. nothing .. yet09:35
zetheroo1tick tock09:36
zetheroo1PartyBot1 ... you got to tell me ... and I got to know .. is it out yet?  ................ waiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit for iiiit .....09:38
soreauIs grub and/or grub2 compatible to boot win7?09:38
Degothi, all... i`ve installed kvm virt-manager... and created 2 vm`s... i can ping them from host (host  -> guest), but i can`t ping from guest to guest ...any ideas?09:38
zetheroo1things went quiet in here09:39
coz_well it is the day of release09:39
coz_rather the day before release09:39
Lazysoreau: i would think so09:40
coz_depending on your global location09:40
dmattsoreau: both09:40
soreaudmatt: Ok thanks09:40
CrocoJetwill be one true war to   d..o..w..n..l..o..a..d09:47
nullbyteis ubuntu 9.10 already released?09:49
nullbyteor yet to be released?09:49
CrocoJetno news09:49
CrocoJetsounds that they are getting big problems09:50
coz_nullbyte,  well it is set to be released sometime today   I dont if that has changes  although that is the schedule09:50
nullbytethe countdown is not showing the number of days/hours anymore09:50
nullbytevery strange:S09:50
CrocoJetsuspect that be "hal" ... reason of delay09:50
coz_nullbyte,  I cant get onto the release schedule site  ...it must be bombarded righ t now09:51
vega-there should be an automatic kickban for asking "is it out yet" on this channel09:51
coz_nullbyte,  there is this   http://news.softpedia.com/news/Ubuntu-9-10-Release-Schedule-105924.shtml09:52
nullbytewhy vega-?09:52
nullbytety coz_09:52
SensivaHello All, I have hardy installed on (hd0) and Karmic on (hd2), can I chainload grub2 from grub legacy?09:52
CrocoJetIif not problem with "hal" package ... then unique problem is ... BUSH !!!09:52
dmattSensiva: you can, i have that setup for testing as well09:53
Sensivadmatt how?09:53
Alanhal is deprecated?09:54
Alanwtf?  hal's only been around for like 4 years or so09:54
nullbytewow...coz_ ur right..cant get into the releaseschedule site09:54
Alanseems like they've only just finally integrated hal perfectly, and now they're ripping it out again?09:54
dmattSensiva: by editing menu.lst for grub 109:55
Sensivadmatt lol I know I should edit menu.lst, I wanna know what to add in menu.lst to chainload into grub2 in (hd2) :D09:55
slytherinAlan: It is deprecated by the hal developers themselves.09:56
dmattwait, i am checking it09:56
coz_Sensiva,  out of   curiosity...why the nick "sensiva"  referencing to windows mouse gesture recognition application now no longer available09:56
slytherinSensiva: grub2 installation should have prompted you to chainload09:56
Alanslytherin: so mostly a case of "hmm, actually, we didn't quite get it right, let's try it a different way?"09:56
nullbyter they removing alsa this time around?:-/09:56
coz_Sensiva,  also if  no one can help here  you can can try either  #grub  or ##linux channel09:56
Alanalso, does pulseaudio get any better in this release?09:56
vivainiothey didn't like how hard to maintaint hal codebase had got09:56
slytherinAlan: I don't know. I am not one of the developers09:56
vivainioso they are doing something simpler09:57
coz_nullbyte,  well gnome is becoming more and more integrated with pulseaudio  ...I dont like that because it iwll cause trouble down the line but there you go09:57
vivainioand moving some responsibilites out from hal09:57
AlanI'm still getting slightly annoyed by the fact that it sucks for any kind of audio from Wine...09:57
Alanor for audio from games09:57
Alanvivainio: interesting09:57
Sensivacoz_ No idea, that nick came to me while I was dreaming :p09:57
Sensivadmatt yes09:58
Alanvivainio: does that mean we're losing all the "hacky but useful" .fdi stuff then?09:58
coz_Sensiva,  very cool   it was the exact name of windows mouse gesture recognition  :)09:58
Alanthat's was the only way I could get my mouse buttons mapped the way i wanted in Jaunty...09:58
nullbytei read in one of the forums that pulse audio even casues the flash to slow down on gnome environment..especially on debian based distro's09:58
dmattSensiva: you edit menu list by : sudo nano /boot/grub/menu.lst09:58
Sensivacoz_ yeah I knew that later,, and guess what its a cool sw09:58
vivainioAlan, don't know exact idea. what I remember is that they move more responsibility to udev09:58
Sensivadmatt and then?09:58
dmattSensiva: at the end of file add theese 3 lines:09:59
dmattrootnoverify (hd0,2)10:00
dmattchainloader +110:00
dmattthats it10:00
SensivaI tried chainloader +1 and it gave me an error10:00
SensivaErr 1310:01
dmattSensiva: you have to send it to correct partition10:01
slytherinSensiva: I suggest doing dpkg-reconfigure grub2 (or grub-pc).10:01
dmattslytherin: he want to chainload grub1->grub210:01
Sensivadmatt I will try this10:02
slytherindmatt: I know, grub2 configuration should offer that option10:02
dmattif it doesnt work, then you shoul probably chnage number 2 in (hd0,2) string to correct one for your installtion10:03
dmattslytherin: oh, does it?10:03
slytherindmatt: yes it does10:05
dmattslytherin: regardles what partition you boot from?10:06
slytherindmatt: yes10:07
tagI'm getting a segfault from java :-( (sun-java6-*)10:08
coz_tag,  during install?10:09
Sensivadmatt It gave me the same error :\10:09
tagcoz_: no, running it10:10
domjohnsonDid anyone else find there were no updates today?10:10
slytherintag: What are you trying to run?10:10
coz_tag,   mm  are you trying to run a java application or  the mozilla  java plugin or .... ?10:10
taga java application10:10
dmattSensiva: it should be (hd0,1) if you have it on hda2, because it's counting from zero10:11
slytherindomjohnson: what did you expect?10:11
slytherintag: which application?10:11
tagslytherin: soapui-pro10:11
domjohnsonslytherin: some updates today :P10:11
coz_domjohnson,  it is release day so no updates  for the day10:11
tagyou can download soapui pro here (http://www.eviware.com/images/stories/dl/pro/3_0_1/soapui-pro-3.0.1-linux-bin.zip)10:12
domjohnsonI thought that might be the case10:12
Sensivadmatt grub2 is installed on a harddrive with single partition so it is (hd2,0) in my case. If its a partition address problem it would gave me a different error msg like invalid or not existing partition10:12
tagLuckily, you don't need a license to get the segfault.10:12
tagHere's what the JVM has to say about it:10:12
slytherintag: file a bug10:13
coz_tag,  let me download this and test10:13
dmattSensiva: what is the exact error again?10:13
JoshuaLpretty funny to see someone use the nick sensiva10:14
JoshuaLsince thats the name of my company :P10:14
SensivaError 13: "Invalid or unsupported executable format"10:14
SensivaJoshuaL :D10:14
Aranelis it released?10:14
tagI'm also getting a segfault from another application...10:14
coz_JoshuaL,  what does your company do?  that use to be the name of a mouse gesture application10:14
JoshuaLcoz_, webhosting10:15
JoshuaLits dutch anyways10:15
dmattSensiva, do you get this for grub1 or grub2?10:15
Sensivadmatt grub1 (legacy grub)10:15
dmattdo you see grub menu after start?10:17
bcjI have a rough idea of what needs to be done to install 9.10 server to a CompactFlash card (mount most of the filesystem RO, etc), however are there any Ubuntu tutorials for such a task?10:18
Sensivadmatt yeah :D10:19
Sensivadmatt I will give this a try <fezie> Sensiva: kernel /boot/grub/core.img10:19
Tesssait's now 29-10-209 the realease date for ubuntu 9.10 the website just says coming soon anyone tell me when10:19
bcjTesssa: Read the chat topic :)10:19
SensivaTesssa give it sometime till all official mirrors sync, but don't worry it will be today10:20
bcjTesssa: I think "when it's ready" is the best answer you'll get from anyone.10:20
Light-Tesssa, join #ubuntu-release-party10:20
Tesssaok thanks10:20
bcjTesssa: I've been holding off asking the same question.10:21
=== Sensiva is now known as Benalex
CopyWriterok i wont' ask when i'd only ask just about what time10:25
CopyWriteri can't wait10:25
Boohbahwhy does my network-manager refuse to restart?10:25
nigel_nbCopyWriter: been to the ubuntu-release-party ?10:25
nigel_nbCopyWriter: #ubuntu-release-party ?10:25
CopyWriterstill there10:25
nigel_nbCopyWriter: thats one crazy channel :)10:26
CopyWriteri'm hearing that it's been delayed till november 5th10:26
nigel_nbhehe.. thats the bot10:26
CopyWriterlol, ok10:26
nigel_nbCopyWriter: the dev team is updating wiki pages for new release10:26
nigel_nbCopyWriter: so must come out soon10:26
CopyWritersoon as in today10:27
CopyWriteror soon as in few days from now10:27
nigel_nbsoon as in 1 or 2 hours10:27
CopyWriteri'm staying home then10:27
CopyWriterthis is important10:27
nigel_nbCopyWriter: take it easy...all severs will be swaped for 2 days10:27
jmadginne1 know what time koala comes out?10:27
CopyWriteroh god no10:28
CopyWriterswapped for two days10:28
CopyWriterif i buy myself a seedbox would i get it faster10:28
mykelhere http://mirror.lupaworld.com/ubuntu/releases/9.10/ China mirror ?10:29
nigel_nbmykel: doesnt look official10:29
mykelbut oh, it is ^_^10:29
mykelmirrors mirror and it takes time, so they get done first10:30
mykelin any case it doesnt matter. wait two hours.10:30
mykelfor a torrent10:30
CopyWritertemptation temptation10:30
Tesssawill just have to be patient10:30
nigel_nb2 hours?10:30
mykelits a rough guesstimate10:30
nigel_nbmykel: since the dev team is working on the wiki, i think its close10:31
CopyWriterso even when it is released because of the share volume it's going to take days to download, is that it?10:31
mykelwell ONE mirror has got to be first :P10:31
mykelthen others happen to finish mirroring10:31
syn-ackmykel,  the main mirror10:31
mykeland availablility goes up10:31
mykelCopyWriter, negative, wait for a torrent10:32
syn-ackCopyWriter, This is the why I got all my upgrading done first10:32
mykelthat way everyone will get it pretty much instantly (or at least, at max bandwidth of your connection)10:32
CopyWriteri get it10:32
syn-ackno downloading an is just dist-upgraded and now I laugh10:32
Tesssadidnt know you could upgrade from 9.4 to 9.1010:33
mykelupgrading is for sissies10:33
Tesssabut then only been a ubuntu for a few months10:33
almoxarifeI don't understand something, is there suppose to be some great diff between the release and rc?10:33
mykelpartition properly and clean installs arent a difficult process10:33
nigel_nbTesssa: u can... to the release candidate10:33
syn-ackalmoxarife, not really...10:34
nigel_nbalmoxarife: yea10:34
CopyWriteri got both my desktops to install, both laptops, and my 7 pc's at the office, also my mothers desktop, sister's laptop, and my sister inlaw10:34
nigel_nbalmoxarife: GRUB 210:34
almoxarifeso what's the hype?10:34
CopyWritertoday is going to be exciting10:34
mykelalmoxarife, official-ness10:34
syn-acknigel_nb, thats not really all that major10:34
Tesssaah but the release candidate is not the final version is it10:34
CopyWriteri like ubuntu cuz i keep crashing windows10:34
nigel_nbalmoxarife: everything else is bragging rights :D10:34
CopyWriteri sneeze and poof something breaks in windows10:34
nigel_nbsyn-ack: thats not major or minor.. thats only only official change... rest all small small changes10:35
tagmykel: clean installs are fine I just get annoyed with spending the next two weeks lazy-loading all the tools I use.10:35
syn-ackRight and they asked if it was a major change... honestly,... not really10:35
almoxarifeI installed grub2 on mint on a vm, I don't get the big change, must of missed something10:35
syn-ackimnho, that is10:35
syn-ackalmoxarife, Someone like yourself probably wont... no offense10:36
mykeltag, i dont trust the upgrade process to not break everything anyway :(10:36
Tesssai use xubuntu i do love that10:36
syn-ackalmoxarife, more advanced users, do10:36
CopyWriteri read sometime ago that this release uses ext4 by default can anyone confirm10:36
syn-ackalmoxarife, ACK10:36
joaopintoCopyWriter, it does10:36
nigel_nbsyn-ack: i agree actually10:36
syn-ackWrong person... I was thinking you were Tesssa10:36
nigel_nbsyn-ack: basically it all comes down to bragging10:36
tagmykel: I don't really either.  It usually does.10:36
Tesssai am tessa10:36
mykelim off boys (and our lady-friends)10:36
mykelluck to all10:37
Tesssaor Tesssa10:37
CopyWriterthanks joaopinto10:37
almoxarifesyn-ack: I did upgrade from ext3 to ext4 and I see why its worth it, but I am slow like that10:37
syn-acknigel_nb, more or less... and I'd rather be smart than bragish10:37
joaopintoalmoxarife, upgrading from ext3 to 4 does not provide you the benefits of a clean ext4 filesytem10:37
nigel_nbsyn-ack: the good part about waiting is10:37
syn-ackalmoxarife, Well thats a bit different. something like that literally does snap of you10:37
nigel_nbsyn-ack: u get to help by seeding10:37
syn-ackrather, snap at you10:38
CopyWriterany major differences from ext3 to ext410:38
almoxarifejoaopinto: pouco a pouco10:38
joaopintoCopyWriter, speed10:38
syn-ackCopyWriter, quite a few10:38
nigel_nbCopyWriter: I think also with sizes it could handle10:38
syn-acksepeed, file size, etc etc10:38
syn-ackjoaopinto, ext4 is an exabyte FS10:39
tagJust what I need, an exabyte of data10:41
tagOn a single filesystem, nevertheless.10:41
syn-acktag, that day will be here soon enough, remember when nobody needed more than 640k RAM?10:42
syn-acktag or more than 16 colors?10:42
almoxarifemy system hangs on shutoff and re-start, consistently, common?10:43
blckshouldn't ubuntu 9.10 be released today?10:43
blckwhen? Because I didn't found it10:43
jmadginaaaaaaaa i want 9.1010:43
jmadginthe suspense is killing me!!!!10:43
zicadaso dl it10:44
blckI only find the RC?10:44
zicadalatest rc + apt-get upgrade = final10:44
jmadgindont want the rc10:44
QweritosGreetings to all! Where I can download the final version ubuntu 9.10? Give link please)))10:44
SwedeMikeQweritos: you forgot to read the topic.10:44
zicadauh yeah10:44
ichatzicada:  - there's a better way10:45
syn-ackhere we go again10:45
CopyWriteri'm hearing all this stuff abuot karmic will break10:45
syn-ackI'm going to bed.10:45
CopyWriterwt does it mean10:45
syn-ackit means you're listening to FUD10:45
ichatRC + torrent = final .iso -10:45
djznisn't this the 29th of Oct10:45
syn-ackanyway, I'm going to bed10:45
djznand wherezzz Ubutahhhh10:45
CopyWriterwhat's fud :)10:45
zicadalike, ubuntu is a bunch of deb files, when you update deb files you get latest ubuntu10:46
om26erhow can i mount .nrg files using archive mounter10:46
zicadahaving the latest .iso just means less files update10:46
ichativ set my iso up allready just waiting for the officiall torrent, than ittl check the hash and update any  bits that are changed (last min changes) and i have convertied it to a finall iso.. also it helps, because ill have the entire iso sooner so can seed sooner10:46
zicadaom26er: #ubuntu10:46
djznwhat time will be ubuntu released10:46
om26erzicada, doesn't matter jaunty or karmic10:47
ichatdjzn - because if you the rease has been deleyed by yet  + 15 secs10:47
om26erzicada, i am using karmic so why would i go there10:47
zicadaom26er: this chan is for discussing karmic10:47
om26erzicada, was i discussing you10:47
zicadaom26er: youre asking in the wrong channel, go to #ubuntu for non karmic specific questions10:48
ichathas anyone tried the new,  telepathy stuf with msn10:48
zicadaichat: yup10:48
djznichat: WHAT?10:48
ichatdjzn - read topic.10:48
zicadadjzn: type /topic10:48
om26erichat, its disabled in karmic audio call10:48
ichatzicada -  is it working wel10:48
Fish__Is there an XFIRE plugin for Telepathy?10:49
zicadaichat: yeah, pretty decent10:49
ichatom26er:  - ???10:49
om26erichat, audio and video calling is disable in telepathy-butterfly 0.5.2 in karmic koala10:49
Boohbahom26er: http://onlyubuntu.blogspot.com/2007/06/mount-and-unmount-isomdfnrg-images.html10:49
Boohbahom26er: i haven't used this program, install unautheticated binaries at your own risk10:49
ichatom26er:  - why?10:50
djznichat: I am not asking anything MONSTROUS..... I am just asking, when today, in the aftwernoon? Probably at 16:00 GMT -300? Like that... simple as that10:50
zicadadjzn: its the middle of the night in the US10:50
Boohbahzicada: some people need their servers running 24/710:50
ichatdjzn - nobody knows,   probably mark is still visiting his grandma... and well press the release button when he gets home10:50
zicadaBoohbah: ?10:50
Boohbahzicada: hence why i am in the US and awake :)10:50
jmadginbugger it im dling release candidate and doing a fresh install10:51
zicadaBoohbah: ehheh10:51
slytherinichat: apparently the MSN audio/video calling has not been tested enough. You can always install packages from telepathy PPA10:51
djznichat:, zicada: for Isle Of Man, where in the beginning of afternoon10:51
zicadadjzn: no idea10:51
zicadadjzn: why do you need the actual iso ?10:51
djznAfrica is long past noon10:51
djznbecause I am a perfectionist10:51
djznand I will use ubuntu in several machines10:51
zicadathey should put up some kinda basic primer for people to read to grasp this10:52
djznno time for upgrade crap10:52
jmadginis koala lts?10:52
ichatdjzn - the said it wi be befare  00;00   30/oct/2009 GMT+1210:52
Boohbahjmadgin: no, i believe 10.04 is the next LTS10:52
jmadgino ok10:52
ltspadminhow to set the display resolution of thinclient in ubuntu 8.04 ltsop10:52
darrenddjzn: so yuo won't be upgrading when critical bugs are fixed either then?10:52
slytherinjmadgin: every fourth release is LTS10:52
Boohbahltspadmin: /join #ubuntu10:52
zicadaltspadmin: ask in #ubuntu10:52
=== Criquelabowecrik is now known as studiocricket
djzndarrend: I don't want anything labelled...10:53
djznRC or beta10:53
djznjust the final crap10:53
ltspadminbut this porblem is related to thinclient, ltsp... mr. zicada10:53
jmadgini did an install of koala and its wrecked my avi playing ability through mplayer and vlc10:53
jmadginbut that was an upgrade10:53
darrenddjzn: as has been pointed out several million times, RC + update = final10:53
jmadginam gonna fresh install10:54
Boohbahdjzn: isn't the iso you have now labelled RC or beta? if the iso torrent name/hash is different i think you will have to download the whole thing again10:54
ichatdjzn -  be pacient for once,  - its only  23 hrs  tops10:54
darrendso either do that, or wait until the release is available to d/l  Your choice, but no point bugging the entire channel about it10:54
ichatBoohbah: - nope10:54
ichatif you change the mane of the file,  your torrent client will hash it,  and thing - you just downloaded some badd pieces.. it ll teat em like badd blocks and overwrites 'm with the good ones10:55
zicadaichat: seems alot easier to just apt-get upgrade10:56
ichatda* i need more (C)offee10:56
djznichat: this is kinda silly, making the release date somewhere in the day, it should be like everybody else does, like windows 7 which was available at midnight sharp.... i think these kind of things are not good for canonical, kinda like... Oh Well, things aren't THAT stable yet... let's just delay a couple more hours....10:56
ichatdjzn:  -  the torrent way is less leach-like10:56
ichatOpenSourse is about sharing10:56
ichatbe generous if yu can - and seed  for a while...10:57
vixIm im about to download ubuntu 6.10 just wondering if everything works now in the 64bit ver, like flash and java and all tht or will i hv to break my head again for it10:57
zicadavix: you mean 9.10 ?10:57
ichat6.10 isn't that,  ahhhhhh10:58
om26errelease party is becoming hot and hto10:58
ichati dont even know for sure whate the codename was for  6.1010:58
eagles0513875om26er: what channel is that anyway10:58
CopyWriterthey're going to riot any minute now10:58
eagles0513875i wanna join the party aka rio10:58
dmattdjzn: it is more fun this way :)10:58
darrendedgy eft10:58
ichatdarrend:  yw10:58
om26ereagles0513875, #ubuntu-release-party10:59
eagles0513875ty om26er10:59
zicadavix: flash is fine, as it has been for a while. x64 has been around for a while heh10:59
=== cybersplice1 is now known as cybersplice
ichat:( me got banned from release party (for publicly wondereing if god whould use ubuntu if he had need of computers11:00
ichatthats saaaaad :S11:00
jmadginofcourse he would11:00
djzndmatt: don't agree....11:00
vixany irritations i shld expect with the 64bit version11:01
djzndmatt: but... anyway...11:01
vixjava etc ?11:01
jmadgini spose god would be using 9.10 126bit?11:01
ichatsome people clamed os/2 - and we fake some kind of fight about it... than that mod came in.. and didn't appreiciate it mutch11:01
ichat666 bits11:02
jmadginsatans ubuntu11:02
dmattdjzn: the schedule is very tight and what is happening now that all mirrors are syncing, and you cannot predict that 100%11:03
vixecho $?11:03
blckubuntu holy satan?11:03
zicadai love how you corrected 126bit to 12811:03
zicada128 made so much more sense..11:03
zicada"omg it has moar bits, it must be fastarr"11:04
jmadgin126bit would n't be right at all11:04
zicadaneither would 12811:04
SwedeMikeI'd like to participate in all the torrents, I hope they're released pretty early in the process, it worked well last time.11:04
CopyWriterlater guys going to grab breakfast11:04
SwedeMikeI think I seeded them to 120x size11:04
CopyWriterwill be back later on11:04
jmadginhav a nice brekkie11:04
uziPeople! Any idea what time karmic is coming?! :D11:04
sholdenhas anyone else had issues using rubygems?  know if this was addressed before release time?11:04
slytherinuzi: no11:04
sholdenI dont think gems are added to your path...11:04
sholdenalso, rails is faily11:05
ichatanyone knows why ubuntuhomeserver.com is no more?11:05
blckftp://ftp.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/karmic/ <- whats the Contents-i386.gz?11:05
djzndmatt: me listens to DM SOTU while waiting11:05
stsmi just installed ubuntu 9.10 RC, i installed grub only to the ubuntu partition because i have a windows 7 bootloader on my MBR11:06
stsmthen i added ubuntu to the windows bootloader with easybcd11:06
jmadginhow u getting on with 7?11:06
stsmfirst it didnt work so i checked "grub is not on MBR"11:06
jmadgini kno this is linux forum but im curious11:07
stsmthen it boots grub but grub immediately gets out of the menu and gives me a CLI11:07
stsmand i dunno jack about the grub CLI.....11:07
stsmhow can i make my ubuntu bootable please?11:07
stsmand why does this happen?11:07
stsmlinux forum?11:07
stsmIRC channel you mean11:08
ichatstsm - use grub in mbr,  its way easier to make grub boot win7 than visa versa11:08
jmadginlol sorry same thing11:08
stsmichat: i cannot do that11:08
jmadginonly different11:08
uzistsm: I think you need to chainload to ubuntu partition from windows bootloader11:08
dmattdjzn: I go for some Radiohead11:08
stsmnormally its enough to just add it....11:08
zicadachainloading is a grup feature11:08
stsmto BCD11:08
stsmi did this 216546251 times11:08
jmadginyes same as chainloading to windows partition11:08
zicadastsm: why cant you just use grub, and boot win7 off that ?11:09
uzistsm: i'm not sure how that is done from windows boot loader11:09
uzistsm: then you should have installed grub on ur mbr11:09
stsmzicada: because i need to boot other stuff with BCD that grub cant boot.....11:09
zicadastsm: ah, like what, just curious11:09
stsmim talking straight trough people it seems11:09
ichatshouldn't you  uses -    chainload  linux.img  or somethink like that?11:10
bcjWhat I wouldn't give for a pound every time someone asks when 9.10 will be released11:10
jmadginthats what my boot looks like11:10
jmadginchainloader for windows at the bottom11:10
stsmi think its a problem with grub....11:11
zicadajmadgin: he's talking about booting linux from the win bootloader11:11
stsmgrub starts fine when i choose it in BCD11:11
jmadginmy bad11:11
uzithen what happens?11:11
stsmit gives me a grub CLI allmost instantly, like i explained11:11
stsmfrom now on ill type everything twice :p11:11
uziyour ubuntu partition is ext4?11:12
uzithat happened to me once11:12
uzigrub didn't yet support ext411:12
exalthappy release day:)11:12
zicadastsm: you getting any errormsgs at all ?11:13
zicadastsm: this is grub2 ? eg, karmic11:13
ichatuzi is that shill true for -  karmic11:13
knarfixhi, ist it possible to convert reizerfs to ext4?11:13
SwedeMikeknarfix: no.11:14
jmadginis grub different in karmic?11:14
jmadginwhats grub2?11:14
zicadasomehow i feel like some of you guys are gonna upload youtube videos of karmic with lots of compiz stuff enabled once its released11:14
zicadano offense11:14
vega-jmadgin: a new version of grub?11:14
stsmzicada: probably but i cant see them11:14
stsmsince it immediately goes to this grub CLI11:14
jmadginu'll hav to bear with me im quite new to ubuntu11:14
gRntHi all I set up samba tonight using http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=202605 I am getting about 50kb/s transfer speeds as opposed to a few MB. Just wondering if there was a fix for this google hasn't been too helpful!11:14
uzistsm: did u try booting it manually from cli?11:14
stsmuzi: how...11:15
zicadastsm: im guessing if grub is installed and called from the right partition, that your issue is windows related11:15
stsmlike i said i dunno anything at all from the grub CLI11:15
zicadastsm: eg, bca needs to actually boot grub in the same way grub loads the bca, not just executing it11:15
stsmzicada: "called from the right partition" ?11:15
stsmzicada: ok so how come this has worked before?11:16
HalabundIs there anyone here who uses PPTP VPNs?11:16
stsmit kindof sounds to me you guys wanna blame it on windows11:16
uzistsm: just install grub on ur mbr, problem solved.11:16
stsmlike i explained 3 times allready11:16
stsmi cannot do that11:16
zicadauzi: pay attention :)11:16
LazyHalabund: yeah i am using PPTP to connect to my m0n0wall11:16
zicadaHalabund: yup11:16
slytherinHalabund: I do11:16
stsmits not that i dont WANT grub on my MBR11:17
uzithen try this: root (hd<number>,<partition number>)11:17
HalabundSince I upgraded to the Karmic RC, whenever I connect through the VPN (practically all the time as it's the only available option to access the internet at university), when trying to open a webpage, the browser is stuck at "looking up something.com" for quite a few seconds (15-20 s)11:17
zicadastsm: well, lots of changes in grub211:17
zicadastsm: google it :)11:17
stsmzicada: i will11:17
slytherinHalabund: how have you setup PPTP vpn, through network manager?11:17
stsmuzi: ill try that11:18
zicadaHalabund: sudo apt-get install network-manager-pptp11:18
uffocan anyone test KDE 4.3.2 menu editing, does it hang11:18
uziremember kernel <img>11:18
uziand then boot11:18
uzitype this commands11:18
Halabundslytherin, yes.  I tried removing all VPN connections, re-installing those two packages, and re-creating the connections, but the problem is still present11:18
slytherinHalabund: which browser are you using?11:19
zicadaHalabund: you able to ping outside ip adresses ?11:19
Halabundzicada, I already have that installed (even tried re-installing it).  Otherwise I couldn't connect to the VPN at all.  I can access outside webpages it's just very slow.11:19
HalabundBoth Firefox and Chrome have the problem11:20
HalabundLooking up domain names seems to be slow11:20
HalabundBut only when connecting through the VPN11:20
zicadaHalabund: youve tested from another machine ?11:20
zicadaHalabund: with another OS11:20
HalabundNaither Jaunty nor Windows had  this problem and11:20
ltspadminhow to configure thin-client-manager on ubuntu 8.04 ltsp server11:20
HalabundI don't have another machine on which I could install Karmic11:21
zicadaHalabund: just saying, maybe the VPN has issues11:21
zicadaHalabund: so youd have to test it while its slow in karmic11:21
stsm_can you literally give me an example?11:21
Halabundzicada, it is possible, but the problem wasn't triggered either in Jaunty or Windows11:21
stsm_doesnt say anything11:21
stsm_i need to know how grub wants me to call my first harddisk11:21
stsm_and my x partition11:21
zicadaHalabund: you really want to make sure before you start troubleshooting though11:21
stsm_what a great improvement that is man11:22
zicadastsm_: man grub11:22
stsm_i cant install buntu anymore like i allways installed it11:22
Halabundzicada, I installed Karmic 3 days ago, and it's been like this ever since.  I mainly work on Windows, and that's fine.  The problem appeared immediately when I upgraded to Karmic.11:22
zicadaHalabund: ok11:22
stsm_zicada: oh if thats the help ill get then fine11:22
slytherinHalabund: It might be some problem in network manager and only triggered now.11:22
stsm_time for another distro11:23
slytherinHalabund: file a bug11:23
uziHalabund: vpn works fine for me11:23
uzii don't know about ur configuration there11:23
stsm_thanx for nothing people11:23
Lazystsm_: did you see what uzi said to you?11:23
gRntHi all, is anyone able to help me work out why my samba share is so horrendously slow? I've just installed it for the first time today and copy rates are about 30 kb/s11:23
Lazy13:18] < uzi> remember kernel <img>11:23
Lazy[13:18] < uzi> and then boot11:23
stsm_Lazy: yes and it didnt work11:23
Lazystsm_: ok11:23
uzistsm: rtfm :D11:23
stsm_kernel img11:23
stsm_i didnt read that part11:23
zicadai cant believe you actually had this working before stsm_ :)11:24
HalabundIt is possible that there is something wrong with the uni's VPN, but I can't get them to fix it if it works fine on Windows (and Fedora 10, which is the distro used by the uni)11:24
stsm_zicada: i had this working on a fakeraid install even!11:24
zicadaHalabund: obviously11:24
stsm_and several times on normal installs11:24
stsm_wtf has happened to ubuntu11:24
stsm_i never ran into people like you guys before11:24
zicadaHalabund: do you get any higher ping latency using vpn ?11:24
stsm_depressing crap11:25
HalabundI'll try11:25
stsm_you cant solve my problem so you just tell me to rtfm11:25
zicadaHalabund: or is stuff fast after hostnames are resolved11:25
stsm_thanx a lot11:25
ichatstsm_  wait till you try fedora11:25
slytherinHalabund: have you tried changing the 'encryption' option in settings?11:25
uzistsm thinks we're here to serve him11:25
Halabundzicada, yes, things are fast after host names are resolved.  First time I go to google.com, it takes a long time.  AFter that it's fast.  Same with any other domain.11:25
Halabundzicada, it's the same when using ping instead of a browser11:26
zicadaHalabund: ok, see if /etc/resolv.conf gets the same ip addresses as ipconfig /all in windows11:26
gRntHi all, is anyone able to help me work out why my samba share is so horrendously slow? I've just installed it for the first time today and copy rates are about 30 kb/s11:26
zicadagRnt: what OS does the machine youre downloading from run ?11:27
gRntI am copying from my Win7 install to my Ubuntu server 9.10 RC install via a mapped network drive.11:28
gRntI haven't been able to test the other way it is that slow nothing has copied over yet.11:28
zicadagRnt: could be a ton of things11:29
Halabundzicada, this is what /etc/resolf.conf looks like: http://pastebin.com/d163e880f   The 10.* IPs are on the local network, the 129.* ones on the VPN.  I'll reboot now and see what ipconfig /all gives on WIndows11:29
zicadagRnt: do you have multiple windows boxes in the lan ?11:29
gRntzicada: yeah 2 windows machines, they copy at full speeds, its definitely a samba thing. The only sort of fix I have found was already in the samba.conf file I am running11:29
zicadagRnt: do you have ftpd or httpd or any other fileserving daemon running on the linux machine ?11:30
zicadagRnt: just to make sure theyre getting good bw11:30
gRntzicada: Not too sure all that has been installed since I got it up was deluge and the deluge webui I guess that lighttpd or something would have been installed as a dependancy for the webUI11:31
gRntoh zicada I copied at a good speed FROM the ubuntu server to my machine so its only from win7 -> Ubuntu11:32
zicadaso with samba its fast one way11:33
zicadabut not the other ?11:33
gRntyeah so I have fast transfer speeds between windows machines. Slow TO the ubuntu server and faster FROM it to my windows machine11:34
zicadak, put up an ftpd on the ubuntu box and try uploading11:34
zicadaor install an sftp client on win711:34
zicadaand upload through ssh11:34
zicadawe just wanna make sure the problem is actually samba related and not networking/IO related11:35
gRntHrmm ok will I need to install an ftp package on ubuntu first or can I just log in via sftp11:35
=== Blizzerand__ is now known as Blizzerand
zicadagRnt: do you use putty or any ssh client to get a terminal in win7 ?11:36
gRntyeah putty through winscp11:36
zicadagRnt: ok upload with winscp then11:36
uffocan anyone test KDE 4.3.2 menu editing, does it hang,11:38
gRntzicada: average speed is 5,000kb/s11:38
Halabundzicada: It seems that Windows uses the same DNS servers for the VPN.  This is what I get: http://pastebin.com/d7818f96911:38
=== suris2 is now known as suris
zicadaHalabund: youre using dhcp ?11:40
Halabundzicada: Well, actually one difference is that the "Connection specific DNS suffix" field is empty for the VPN connection on Windows.  For the local connection it is the same what's in resolv.conf on Karmic: fantoft.privnett.uib.no   Might that cause the problem?  I'm not sure what that means (or what the domain and search fields mean in Linux)11:40
gRntzicada: yeah winscp has an average transfer rate of 5mb/s my samba conf is pretty well identical to this save the changes to the shared folder etc http://paste.ubuntu.com/304228/11:41
Halabundzicada: Yes11:41
zicadaHalabund: let me see what mine looks like when im on VPN11:41
domjohnsonWhat is the command to open ubuntu Software center?11:41
zicadagRnt: all right, try googling for samba issues related to yours11:41
zicadagRnt: if you cant find anything, file a bug11:41
domjohnsonBy using Alt-F2?11:41
gRntzicada: have been googling so far no luck ty back I go11:42
kaiestsecoming soon coming soon coming soon coming soon coming soon ... :(11:42
JoshuaLi wonder if its possible to start testing 10.04 right away after today11:42
domjohnsonCant wait...dunno why. Does much change from the rc to the Final Release?11:42
uffocan anyone test KDE 4.3.2 menu editing, does it hang on kubuntu 9.10 rc11:43
zicadaHalabund: im on a pretty similar net to yours11:43
zicadaHalabund: but i dont have this issue11:43
Halabundzicada: Actually the full output of ipconfig /all looks like this on Windows (compared with resolv.conf): http://pastebin.com/d15f9f44   Is it possible to edit resolv.conf by hand to experiment with it?11:43
zicadawell, network manager generates it dynamically11:44
slytherinHalabund: yes. you can configure your PPTP connection to add additional DNS entries11:44
Halabundslytherin: I didn't want to add new DNS entries.  I was wondering if I could remove the "domain" and "search" fields from resolv.conf11:44
zicadaHalabund: you might wanna test manually which server is being slow irst11:45
zicadaHalabund: type nslookup11:45
HalabundHow do I do that?11:45
HalabundOK, let me reboot again to Karmic11:45
zicadaHalabund: then type server ip11:45
zicadaserver <ip>11:45
Halabundbe back in 2 min11:46
zicadathen type in some hostnames i wouldnt have cached11:46
zicadaand see how long it takes11:46
zicadafor each server <ip>11:46
zicadatry both the local ones eg 10. etc11:46
zicadaand the 129 ones11:46
uffocan anyone test KDE 4.3.2 menu editing, does it hang on kubuntu 9.10 rc, it sometimes causes problems to Dolphin too.11:49
zicadanever had that issue uffo11:49
zicadadont think its a known issue11:50
zicadaif it keeps happening to you, file a bug11:50
zicadaalso, no need to ask 3 times, if nobody answers it usually means nobody has any idea11:50
uffozicada: test kde menu editor to edit and if it wont hang then maybe it was temporary bug, if this is not serious then it wont fixed in final.11:52
zicadaim not running kde11:53
zicadathis is for ubuntu, eg gnome11:53
zicadamight wanna try #kubuntu11:53
textureglitchanybody know what the difference is between Karmic Netbook and Karmic Netbook Remix?11:54
uffozicada: kubuntu+1 will be forwarded here11:54
joaopintotextureglitch, afaik there is no karmic netbook (without the remix)11:55
Termanatextureglitch: One is named Karmic Netbook and one is named Karmic Netbook Remix11:55
textureglitchI figured out as much, even without help! ;)11:55
Sensivatextureglitch Where did you read that "Karmic Netbook" without remix?11:55
zicadathere are lpia builds of regular karmic tho11:55
textureglitchofficial ubuntu torrents: http://torrent.ubuntu.com:6969/11:55
zicadacould be considered netbook karmic i guess11:55
kevin009has 9.10 been officially released on torrents yet?11:56
textureglitchnot yet11:56
textureglitchit's probably the RC11:56
zicadatextureglitch: i'd say its most likely lpia alternate install11:57
ali1234why has my machine turned into xubuntu after upgrading? xubuntu-desktop is not and has never been installed11:57
ali1234furthermore, why can't i remove the xubuntu stuff without removing ubuntu-desktop?11:58
zicadamagic ?11:58
zicadamaybe you have some gnomes in your closet that come out at night and install xubuntu-desktop when youre asleep :D11:58
joaopintoali1234, you can, unless there is a bug, or you are trying to remove a package which is shared, both depend on it11:58
ali1234well i'll answer number 2 myself11:58
joaopintozicada, this is not a jokes channel, please join a better channel for that11:59
ali1234xubuntu-gdm-theme suggests xsplash, which is a dependency of ubuntu-desktop11:59
joaopintoali1234, as for xubuntu-desktop, if it was installed, something went wrong with update-manager12:00
joaopintoif it was not12:00
ali1234xubuntu-desktop was not installed12:00
ali1234but xubuntu -gdm, xfce-panel, xfce4-wm etc etc etc all were12:00
joaopintomaybe some of those packages recommends xubuntu-desktop ?12:01
ali1234obviously they don't because it isn't installed before or after12:01
zicadaby "turned into xubuntu" do you mean the white mouse on black background when you boot up ?12:01
ali1234zicada: yes, followed by xubuntu themed gdm12:01
ali1234with "xubuntu" written all over it12:01
joaopintoali1234, and you got the xubuntu-desktop package installed ?12:02
ali1234joaopinto: no12:02
ali1234joaopinto: like i've said 3 times now, it was not installed before, ever, and is not installed now12:02
joaopintoerm, so you didn't got xubuntu aftre all, you got some packages from xubuntu, which is a different story12:02
ali1234joaopinto: yes, *all* of them12:02
zicadajoaopinto: no, its not a different story12:02
zicadaits exactly the same12:02
ali1234but the only one i can't get rid of is xubuntu-gdm-theme12:03
zicadainstall ubuntu-gdm-theme12:03
ali1234it is installed already12:03
zicadawhat error do you get when trying to remove xubuntu-gdm-theme12:04
ali1234i don't get any error12:04
zicadasudo apt-get remove xubuntu-gdm-theme12:04
ali1234it just wants to remove xsplash and ubuntu-desktop12:04
ali1234but technically there's no error12:04
zicadasudo apt-get remove xubuntu-gdm-theme ; sudo apt-get install ubuntu-gdm-theme ubuntu-desktop xsplash12:05
ali1234i don't trust that to work properly12:05
zicadaprobably way saner ways of doing it, but it should work12:05
zicadawhat do you mean12:05
zicadaubuntu-desktop is just a meta package12:06
ali1234yeah, but xsplash isn't12:06
zicadayeah but you install it again12:06
ali1234my experience of removing important system components in the past suggests that they're "not quite the same" when you reinstall them12:06
Termanaali1234: If you haven't realized, zicada is a cowboy. He has a plug and pray approach.12:07
zicadaxsplash isnt an important system component12:07
slytherinali1234: heard that argument for first time12:07
=== tacone1 is now known as tacone
ali1234i think i see the problem12:08
BoohbahTermana: or a chinese windows user12:08
TermanaBoohbah: lmfao12:08
ali1234xsplash seems to need either xubuntu-gdm-themes or ubuntu-xsplash-artwork, but not ubuntu-gdm-theme (which it doesn't care about at all)12:08
zicadacause it doesnt exist12:09
zicadaubuntu-gdm-themes does however12:09
brijithIs It released !!!12:09
=== ebb is now known as ebbeyes
ubottuNo! It's not out yet! Await the release in #ubuntu-release-party, and be sure to read channel /topic!12:10
ali1234eh, so i remvoed ubuntu-desktop. now i reinstall it and it wants to install tomboy12:10
domjohnsonI have a problem with the software center...When i start it, it comes up on the taskbar but then dissapears just as quickly12:10
Tecnaso... why does the site say "coming soon" now12:11
domjohnsonCan anyone help?12:11
om26ercannot join release party12:11
zicadaTecna: because it is ?12:11
zicadai wish i knew why people need the thing to be released anyway12:11
zicadathere havent been any updated packages in days12:12
taconeom26er: register your nick or identify12:12
uzitoo many people i think thats why12:12
om26ertacone, its registered it says12:12
uziyou can't join12:12
Piciom26er: you're not identified12:12
Lazyif you have rc and latest updates, you probably have final12:12
zicadaLazy: you DO have final12:12
zicadanothing like using a shitload of bandwith to grab what one allready has installed tho, AND spending time reinstalling :)12:13
slytherinEven I am planning to reinstall after some proper repartitioning12:14
zicadasure but thats a partitioning issue , bit more sane12:14
Ian_Corneok, so empathy has video  spport, how?12:15
slytherinzicada: But I also want ext4. :-) And I haven't reinstalled since hoary. :-)12:16
Ian_CorneIf i talk to some1 on empathy, i can't select video12:16
slytherinIan_Corne: Id your webcam recognized by gstreamer?12:16
zicadais it supposed to be compiled with video support in karmic ?12:16
slytherinzicada: it is, for google talk at least.12:17
zicadaslytherin: ah12:17
Ian_Cornehow do i check that?12:17
Ian_Cornei'm using the msn network12:17
zicadanow i gotta start shaving and fixing my hair to chat12:17
slytherinIan_Corne: for MSN, the video support is not enabled in telepathy-buttlerfly12:17
ali1234i see the misplaced notifications are not fixed yet12:18
om26erslytherin, not video not audio in karmic pal12:18
slytherinom26er: for which protocol?12:18
om26erslytherin, msn (telepathy-butterfly12:18
Ian_Corneslytherin: how can i enable it then?12:18
om26erslytherin, karmic people disabled that12:18
=== Blizzerand is now known as yure
slytherinIan_Corne: om26er: You can install packages form telepathy PPA12:19
ali1234wow, and pulseaudio has new and even more bizarre bugs12:19
om26erslytherin, yes12:19
kblinhi folks12:19
kblinI'm just noticing that scping files to my ext4 drive seems to corrupt the data transferred12:20
slytherinkblin: file a bug12:20
domjohnsonthink i need to reboot...apps arent starting properly12:20
uzidoes anyone know if sd corruption is fixed in karmic koala?12:21
Ian_Corneok nvm12:21
Ian_Corneis it enabled for "people nearby"?12:21
slytherinI don't know12:21
=== yure is now known as Typhhooooh
Halabundzicada, it took some time until I figured out how nslookup works.  It seems that when I'm not connected to the VPN, there are 3 nameservers in resolv.conf, A, B, and C, and all three work.  If I'm connected, there are two more: X,Y,A,B,C.  X,Y,B works, but A and C don't.12:23
Ian_Corneok, trying it now but how do i check if my webcam is recongnised?12:23
domjohnsonOh...this sucks...12:25
domjohnsonTheres a tonne of apps that just stop12:25
domjohnsonThey start, and then just close12:25
domjohnsonEmpathy doesnt even show up in the taskbar!12:25
domjohnsonWhen i launch from the terminal, i get this (apologies for no pastebin...Is this an acceptable amount?)12:26
domjohnsonError re-scanning registry , child terminated by signal12:26
domjohnsonRun 'empathy --help' to see a full list of available command line options.12:26
domjohnson(empathy:2431): empathy-WARNING **: Error in empathy init: Error re-scanning registry , child terminated by signal12:26
slytherinIan_Corne: use command 'gstreamer-properties' it will launch a small GUI. In Video tab, check the plugin (V4L2) and device (must be some id for your cam) and then click Test12:26
joaopintodomjohnson, clearn install or upgrade ?12:27
ali1234ok, wtf? why is dd using 74% of my cpu?12:27
ali1234i didn't even run dd12:27
joaopintoali1234, someone or something did, ps -ef | grep dd12:27
larsemilSo in 9.04 i could choose my linux_sta driver from hardware drivers, but in 9.10 it is not there12:28
ali1234dd bs=1 if=/proc/kmsg of=/var/run/rsyslog/kmsg12:28
ali1234is maxing my cpu12:28
ali1234making my machine crawl12:28
ali1234time to report some bugs i guess12:29
domjohnsonI did a clean install, joapinto12:30
domjohnsonAlso of note - i recently installed the majority of the ubuntu-studio packages from synaptic, but had to uninstall ubuntu-studio menu12:31
joaopintothat's odd12:31
Halabundzicada, slytherin: I think I found the relevant bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/41775712:32
ubottuLaunchpad bug 417757 in network-manager "[karmic regression] all network apps / browsers suffer from multi-second delays by default due to IPv6 DNS lookups" [High,Confirmed]12:32
Dr_WillisIPV6 has been such a....  quirky thing.12:32
* patdk-lap hasn't noticed any ipv6 delays at all12:32
Lazypatdk-lap: do you have working ipv6?12:33
Dr_Willisive never really used ipv6 :) so cant say either way12:33
patdk-laponly in my house, not outside12:33
patdk-lapand no ipv6 here12:33
Lazyi have 6to4 so maybe i haven't noticed it?12:33
HalabundI don't know anything about IPv6.  I only notice that most programs that download stuff are damn slow.12:33
domjohnsonshould i reinstall the registry somehow?12:34
HalabundI didn't mess with IPv6 settings or anything like that.12:34
patdk-laphmm, downloading stuff being slow isn't an ipv6 thing12:34
patdk-lapunless your using a slow ipv6 tunnel12:34
fsckrootanybody had any luck getting intel 82801G sound working on Karmic?12:35
domjohnsonfsckroot - try going into alsamixer and checking its not muted12:35
fsckrootnot muted12:35
slytherinfsckroot: What problem are you facing? What do you mean exactly by not working?12:36
fsckrootthe hardware is recognized, just no sound12:36
fsckrootany suggestions about a fix?12:38
slytherinfsckroot: in alsamixer make sure that all the controls have volume turned up (50% +).12:39
fsckrooteverything is unmuted and on 100%12:39
gigasoftwhen does a new realize comes12:39
larsemilhow do i install the linux_sta driver for broadcom in karmic? 9.04 did it by itself12:40
coz_fsckroot,  gigasoft  mean release?12:40
coz_fsckroot,  sorry12:40
gigasofthere it say's coming coon12:40
coz_gigasoft,   you mean the release?12:40
fsckrootslytherin: everything is unmuted and on 100%12:40
slytherinlarsemil: what card?12:40
coz_gigasoft,  you might get lucky here  http://torrent.ubuntu.com/simple/karmic/desktop/12:40
patdk-lapyep, not having any issues with ipv6 dns being slow12:40
slytherinfsckroot: Ok. And which applications are you trying to use?12:41
gigasoftEnglish is not my native language :(12:41
patdk-lapbut reading that bug report it sounds like when you query broken dns recursors that don't do ipv6 correctly or something12:41
larsemilslytherin: BCM432212:41
fsckrootVLC, Firefox etc.12:41
slytherinfsckroot: Do you have pulseaudio installed?12:41
fsckrootSlytherin: Totem too12:41
fsckrootslytherin: yes, it's installed.12:42
mattwj2002hi guys12:42
ali1234does apport try to upload /var/log/messages?12:42
slytherinlarsemil: When you open System -> Administration -> Hardware Drivers do you see any restricted drivers in use?12:42
mattwj2002help! my sound isn't working on my asus eee pc12:42
mattwj2002I am using the mythbuntu with the ubuntu-desktop12:43
mattwj2002it is unmuted and it was working fine before12:43
slytherinfsckroot: One thing you could try is 'rm ~/.pulse-cookie' and then restart the machine.12:43
larsemilslytherin: its empty12:43
fsckrootslytherin: I'll do that now and get back to you12:44
larsemilslytherin: also i am running kubuntu12:44
mattwj2002anyone have any suggestions?12:44
slytherinlarsemil: kubuntu doesn't make difference12:44
rxdwhy it is still comming soon on the ubuntu.com site12:45
larsemilslytherin: well doing upgrade for the latest packages now, and jockey was one of em so maybe that will do it12:45
taconebecause it's not out12:45
joaopintorxd, becaus it's not out yet12:45
taconeyou find isos with the right name, but the timestamp is of yesterday. i wouldn't trust those.12:45
slytherinlarsemil: Do you have bcmwl-kernel-source package installed?12:45
Lazymattwj2002: you could try slytherins tip: [14:43] < slytherin> fsckroot: One thing you could try is 'rm ~/.pulse-cookie' and then restart the machine.12:45
jhb1608how do I upgrade from beta to stable?12:45
slytherinthey are still editing release notes12:46
mattwj2002thanks lazy I wasn12:46
joaopinto!final | jhb160812:46
ubottujhb1608: If you installed a Alpha/Beta/RC version of Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala) and have been keeping it up to date, then you are already running the latest version of Karmic. To make sure, type « sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade » in a console.12:46
slytherinjhb1608: simple upgrade12:46
mattwj2002*I wasn't sure if that applied to me12:46
Lazymattwj2002: fsckroot seems to be having same kind of problem as you12:46
mattwj2002I'll let you know if it works12:47
domjohnsonHmm... Ubuntu Software center starts, but then closes straight after12:47
jhb1608what is the link for the paste?12:47
slytherinjhb1608: paste.ubuntu.com12:47
cyroulhello everyone12:47
fsckrootslytherin: deleting pulse-cooking didn't work12:47
domjohnsonI get a load of GStreamer errors when i run it from theterminal12:47
domjohnson*the terminal12:47
joaopintofsckroot, you have checked the levels with alsamixer ?12:48
slytherinfsckroot: hmm, then I don't know what the problem is. :-(12:48
fsckrootjoaopinto: everything is unmuted and set to 100%12:48
fsckrootslytherin: would removing pulseaudio work?12:48
cyroulsorry to interrupt but does anyone has got an idea about scim-anthy on ubuntu 9.10, because it stopped working for me and I can't find any solution !! :-(12:48
fsckrootI know it's been the source of problems for others in the past12:48
rxdhow do i install gtkdialog3 in karmic12:49
kblinhah, cool12:49
domjohnsonrxd - try using synaptic package manager12:49
joaopintorxd, there is no such package, only gtkdialog12:49
rxdapt-get install gtkdialog3 or gtkdialog nothing on the repo12:49
kblinthe md5sum of large files on ext4 keep changing for quite a while12:49
jhb1608http://paste.ubuntu.com/304265/ well? I tried to update a package, but it won't12:50
rxdsynaptic search also doesn't show anything12:50
kblineven after calling sync12:50
joaopintogtkdialog is available frm universe12:50
joaopintorxd, it does for me, you must have universe disabled12:50
Lazykblin: i have seen a bug report for that12:50
Lazykblin: wait a sec and i will find it12:50
rxdjoaopinto:: ok will try that12:50
kblinLazy: I've got it, I think12:51
larsemilslytherin: installing the package manualy did the trick with tht edrive12:51
ubottubugzilla.kernel.org bug 14354 in ext4 "Bad corruption with 2.6.32-rc1 and upwards" [Normal,New]12:51
domjohnsonJust out of interest...how much RAM do you guys have? I have a 512 and a 256 stick. That's768MB12:51
mattwj2002did fsckroot get it figured out?12:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 453579 in ubuntu-release-notes "corruption of large files reported with linux 2.6.31-14.46 on ext4" [Undecided,Fix released]12:51
mattwj2002it didn't work for me12:51
Singbai'm updating. but it's really suffering to download such large files.12:52
rxdis there automatic way to do apt-get update apt-get upgrade and make a new iso out of the whole tree?12:52
joaopintorxd, no12:52
Dr_Willisrxd:  not that ive ever see12:52
rxdaufs2 must be the answer maybe so that can be done12:53
kblinLazy: the fix-released is a joke, though:)12:53
=== fcuk112 is now known as franky112
Lazykblin: yeah12:53
mattwj2002anyone have any other suggestions?12:53
kblinLazy: it's merely been documented in the release notes12:53
Lazykblin: because is is still open in upstream as i pasted12:53
=== franky112 is now known as fcuk112
cyroul m(_  _)m12:54
Lazykblin: it will be pretty strange if they will that slip to the final12:54
rxdmaking a new iso for the new iso copy is just updating what you have on the filesyste.squashfs right?12:54
Lazykblin: lots of people will get pissed if their large files get corrupted12:55
kblinyeah, karmic going to ext4 per default was what gave me the idea to try this12:55
Lazymattwj2002: are you absolutely sure that everything is unmuted and 100% at alse mixer?12:56
joaopintorxd, yes12:56
Lazymattwj2002: it took me some time to notice that analog audio was strangely named on mu sb audigy :)12:56
kblinhaha, I managed to get an md5sum twice.. not in a row, though12:57
joaopintorxd, well, except for the livecd kernel itself, which is not on the squashfs file12:57
Lazymattwj2002: do you see programs connecting to pulseaudio from the sound settings?12:57
mattwj2002yes two12:57
rxdjoaopinto: u mean that u have on the initrd.gz12:57
joaopintorxd, no, initrd is another story, I mean the kernel, before initrd is loaded :P12:58
joaopintoI mean vmlinuz12:58
rxdjoaopinto: vmlinuz the kernel itself plus the iso cfg files12:59
Lazymattwj2002: sorry don't know then12:59
joaopintoright, which could be different on the final cd :P12:59
rxdjoaopinto: ok got u :)12:59
BluesKajthe scroll text at therelease party site is rolling by very quickly with all the joins13:00
BluesKajsite =room13:00
tonyyarusso/ignore is your friend :)13:01
rxdsquashfs is such an important file on ubuntu, unioning and merging/layering quite important13:02
domjohnsonWhat is squashfs?13:02
rxdfilesystem=squashfs=file example fileystem.squashfs13:03
ascheelDid 'Engadget' jump the gun in stating Karmic is released?  http://www.engadget.com (Ubuntu 9.10 'Karmic Koala' released, could decide your OS fate)13:03
tonyyarussodomjohnson: It's the compression mechanism that allows the installation CDs to hold more information than they could otherwise.13:03
rxdor it can be xxx.sfs xx.sqf something u can mount -t squashfs13:03
BluesKajtonyyarusso, the most popular question at the release party room is...... ? :)13:03
tonyyarussoascheel: Yes.  #ubuntu-release-party will have an announcement from the release manager when the time comes.13:03
tonyyarussoBluesKaj: If we all talk at once, will the ops' heads explode?  ;)13:04
ascheeljust making sure.  Thanks, tonyyarusso.13:04
BluesKajtonyyarusso, they must be close by now13:04
rxdsquashfs is a file once mounted on a loop device you see a filesystem (directories with files inside that makes up your linux filesystem)13:05
tonyyarussoBluesKaj: Very - hence why I'm up again.  (I took a 5-hour sleep just now)13:05
pradeep_Where do i find Ubuntu one in karmic13:05
om26er!info telepathy-butterfly13:05
ubottutelepathy-butterfly (source: telepathy-butterfly): MSN connection manager for telepathy. In component main, is optional. Version 0.5.2-0ubuntu1 (karmic), package size 29 kB, installed size 288 kB13:06
joaopintopradeep_, Applications -> Internet13:06
=== |ransom| is now known as CalicoJack
pradeep_joaopinto: searched everywhere except that13:07
joaopintopradeep_, ;)13:07
domjohnsonGRR...Totem won't work either!13:08
domjohnsonIs it a segfault when it starts and then just closes?13:08
domjohnson*it = a program13:08
domjohnsonI have another favorite Linux quote now...13:09
pradeep_I just now upgraded to karmic,but grub 1.5 is still there. Grub 2 has not been installed!!?? Any fix13:09
joaopinto!karmic2 | pradeep_13:10
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about karmic213:10
slytherinpradeep_: while upgrade it is chainloaded into grub1.13:10
joaopinto!grub2 | pradeep_13:10
ubottupradeep_: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub213:10
slytherinpradeep_: You should see an entry for grub2 in your current grub menu.13:10
ali1234domjohnson: run "it" in terminal and see13:10
domjohnsonWill it say it is a segfauly?13:11
slytherinlarsemil: Is your broadcom problem solved?13:11
pradeep_slytherin: din get u13:11
domjohnsonError re-scanning registry , child terminated by signal13:11
domjohnsonRun 'totem --help' to see a full list of available command line options.13:11
pradeep_joaopinto:din get you13:11
aurolacanyone running an MSI Wind ?13:11
ali1234domjohnson: well now you have something to type in google13:11
ActionParsnip1!anyone | aurolac13:12
ubottuaurolac: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?13:12
joaopintodomjohnson, did you run a memtest ?13:12
slytherinpradeep_: In the boot menu at the start, there should be a separate entry for grub2. Check if it is there, make sure that grub2 works properly for you and then so 'sudo update-grub'.13:12
joaopintodomjohnson, you should13:12
aurolacActionParsnip1, thx for nothing13:12
domjohnsonHow long do they take?13:12
aurolacanyone running an MSI wind whos usb still does not work?13:12
larsemilslytherin: yes thank you13:12
ActionParsnip1aurolac: ask a silly question....13:12
joaopintobecause either you have bad memory, corrupted filesystem or corrupted libraries, the first is the more likely13:12
=== x1101_work is now known as x1101_traveling
aurolacActionParsnip1, get a silly guy to reply13:13
joaopintodomjohnson, no idea, never needed it :P13:13
pradeep_slytherin: will try13:13
ActionParsnip1aurolac: do they show up as being detected in the output of   dmesg | less13:13
ta_bu_shi_da_yuaurolac: yep... but only because of a terrible accident with superglue13:13
ActionParsnip1aurolac: exactly, so if you ask a better question you get a better reply13:13
aurolacActionParsnip1, theres 3 or 4 diff. bugs open for it and im starting to worry13:13
ActionParsnip1aurolac: tried some boot options?13:13
LinDrugIf we would count all "when is it released" questions the delay would be at least a year :P13:13
pradeep_slytherin: my grub consists of kernel 2.28 and 2.31 entries and one more called memtest13:14
pradeep_thats all13:14
ActionParsnip1aurolac: or updating the bios13:14
slytherinpradeep_: You upgraded from jaunty right?13:14
aurolacActionParsnip1, nothing to do with the bios, it worked fine in jaunty13:14
pradeep_slytherin: yes13:14
ActionParsnip1aurolac: the new release may need a later bios due to a different kernel13:15
larsemilanyone have any idea on how to have konsole open on alt+enter?13:15
slytherinpradeep_: not a clean install.13:15
aurolacwhen did they start this registration for the release party room :/13:15
ActionParsnip1aurolac: you could always reinstall jaunty as karmic clearly isnt the OS for your system13:15
preecheri cant get my update manager to list the 9.10 upgrade--i am using 9.04--any suggestions13:15
pradeep_slytherin: what, i din do anything13:15
ubottuPlease remember that #ubuntu, #kubuntu, #xubuntu, and #edubuntu are support channels.  To countdown to Jaunty release and then party once it happens, join #ubuntu-release-party - for in-person parties, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/JauntyReleaseParties13:15
slytherinpradeep_: check if you have package grub-pc installed.13:15
aurolacActionParsnip1, clearly thats an awful idea, its a popular netbook and would be disastrous13:16
ActionParsnip1aurolac: jaunty is still supported for 12 more months, so itsnot so bad13:16
pradeep_slytherin: just gave update-manager -d and clicked upgrade. Thats all13:16
ActionParsnip1aurolac: i'd try a bios update for sure13:16
slytherinpradeep_: Perhaps grub2 is not installed for an upgrade case, only on fresh install.13:17
joaopintoslytherin, pradeep_ , grub2 is not installed on updates13:17
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub213:17
kblinslytherin: I'm sure it's only installed on new installs13:17
pradeep_preecher: update-manager -d13:17
=== Guest40718 is now known as mikedep333
rcaskeyhey all, does gnome-mud bail on connect for anyone else?13:18
pradeep_joapinto: shall i upgrade the grub1.5 to grub213:18
preecherpradeep_, thx its listed now13:18
pulpfictionwhat's this?13:19
ActionParsnip1pulpfiction: the next release of ubuntu, karmic koala13:19
alokitohow many hours left? :13:19
pulpfictionso the link leaked? :S13:19
alokitooh ok i'll join #ubuntu-relese-party :)13:19
pulpfictionis that official already?13:19
spiralizdamn you people are slow :)13:20
gigasoftdoes ubuntu server have a GUI?13:20
aurolaclooks legit to me13:20
slytheringigasoft: not by default13:20
Dr_Willisgigasoft:  a server - does not have X included13:20
ActionParsnip1gigasoft: by default no, it doesnt need one13:20
ali1234ah so italics means "that person has left the chat"13:20
tonyyarussoaurolac: so do lots of things13:20
ActionParsnip1gigasoft: if you need a gui, install desktop13:20
Dr_Willisgigasoft:  if you want a desktop machine to work as a server also. thats doable.13:20
aurolactonyyarusso, you gonna say thats not final ?13:20
ActionParsnip1gigasoft: it is configured with conf files and web interfaces13:21
aurolacat least post a torrent link instead of the iso13:21
slytheringigasoft: because it is server install. Most of the time managed remotely (via ssh).13:21
tonyyarussoaurolac: Yes.  It's not final until it's announced as final.  They're still shifting stuff around and anything can happen.13:21
alokitogigasoft, nope its cli, but u can install ubuntu server softs in ur ubuntu desktop13:21
ActionParsnip1gigasoft: it not only reduces used resources but is also more secure with no gui13:21
slytherinaurolac: what is harm in waiting?13:21
alokitojust search with the keyword "ubuntu server" in synaptic and install the packages13:21
aurolacslytherin, i aint downloading anything13:21
gigasoftis available server with gui??13:22
joaopintoaurolac, is not out, wait for the release announcment on the party channel13:22
aurolacim not registering :)13:22
ActionParsnip1gigasoft: you can install a gui on the server ut if you are going to d that you may as well install desktop, it will be exactly the same13:22
joaopintogigasoft, no, there is no gui server version, you can use some gui tools for some adminstration tasks13:22
gigasoftbecause i am a new one on that field :)13:22
SuperVerhshey all13:23
gigasoftok, thank you all :)13:23
slytheringigasoft: you can install GUI later. simply 'sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop'13:23
ActionParsnip1gigasoft: if you install server then a desktop you will not get the benefits of server and you may as well save effort and time and install desktop13:23
JediMasterAny admins about?13:23
slytherinActionParsnip1: But he will have both server and desktop applications13:23
tonyyarussoJediMaster: #ubuntu-ops has them13:24
h00kJediMaster: if you're looking for ubuntu ops, check #ubuntu-ops13:24
h00ktonyyarusso: you beat me13:24
mattwj2002is today the day ?13:24
ActionParsnip1slytherin: you can install the server apps on the desktop if needed13:24
ActionParsnip1slytherin: just like you need to install the server apps on the server install13:24
mattwj2002does 9.10 come out today?13:24
kblinh00k: that's a clear yes...no...maybe13:24
ActionParsnip1mattwj2002: yes today13:25
slytherinActionParsnip1: most of the server apps are installed by default on a server install :-)13:25
kblinslytherin: not really13:25
ActionParsnip1slytherin: you may not want them all13:25
kblinslytherin: I seem to remember having to install openssh-server everytime13:25
Dr_WillisI find its better to just install the services you need on a desktop machine.. then try to install a desktop.. on a server machine13:25
h00kkblin: hrm?13:25
slytherinkblin: surprising. Did you log a bug?13:26
kblinh00k: nm, tab-completion fail, that was directed at mattwj200213:26
h00kkblin: :) no problem, it happens13:27
kblinslytherin: I don't consider this a bug13:27
kblinslytherin: I _want_ to specify stuff I want on a server install13:27
h00kkblin: I've had a migraine for a long time, I'm in a fog, I thought perhaps I missed something13:27
slytherinkblin: What's the point of a server install if it does not have ssh server. :-)13:27
kblinslytherin: people might want to run some other server, like dropbear13:27
Dr_Willisssh is to handy to not install. :)13:27
kblinslytherin: but where do you draw the line?13:28
kbline.g. most people might want a web server on their box to consider it a server13:28
kblinI don't13:28
slytherinkblin: My point is that if I am doing server install, I don't plan to sit at the machine most of the time. So ssh server is must.13:28
kblinslytherin: ok, but how do you handle openssh vs dropbear?13:29
ActionParsnip1kblin: thats why i use ulite now instead of the bloated install that comes with a stock install13:29
slytherindropbear is in universe so it will not make on server CD.13:29
kblinslytherin: I have to admit that my last server install was a LTS, which still is 8.04, iirc13:29
slytherinI mean it is not going to be included in server CD.13:29
BluesKajikonia is chastising the impatient13:30
blaz3I wonder why installing from 'mini.iso' is not advertised on releases.ubuntu.com13:30
ikoniano I'm not13:30
kblinmy more current servers are manually bootstrapped ARM boxes13:30
slytherinblaz3: Because you need lot of bandwidth13:30
mercutio22How can I recover grub2 from a live cd?13:30
mikedep333kblin, where'd you get an ARM box?13:31
blaz3slytherin: but you download only requested packages..13:31
mikedep333I've been looking for an ARM nettop13:31
mercutio22Jordan_U: are you there?13:31
kblinmikedep333: tricky. I'm using two beagleboards, but they're somewhat lacking13:31
dmattgrub2 | mercutio2213:31
dmatt!grub2 | mercutio2213:32
ubottumercutio22: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub213:32
mikedep333kblin, ahh, yes. I saw them, but I'd prefer something with a full set of ports and a lower price13:32
kevin009lol... on slashdot it says 9.10 has been released, but it hasn't13:32
mikedep333kevin009, it's on mirrors now13:32
kblinmikedep333: I've had to play with kernels alot to find one that ran USB without hiccups on a revC board, I still don't have a stable kernel for revB13:32
mikedep333I see13:32
kblinmikedep333: I also used to have a sheevaplug, but that broke within three weeks13:32
mikedep333kblin, wow, I was thinking of getting one13:33
kevin009i plan to get it from a torrent13:33
kblinI'm still waiting for a replacement, so I can't tell if this was a one-time problem13:33
kblinthe overall hardware looked nice, with gigabit ethernet and all13:33
slytherinblaz3: And for casual user that means at least 500MB download. :-)13:33
kblinbut the default kernel is pretty shoddy13:33
mikedep333kblin, yeah, I wish they sold nettops for $100 like that13:34
kblinor rather the basic ubuntu install is broken13:34
kblinit's missing /lib/modules13:34
=== plars_ is now known as plars
mikedep333in all honesty, I find it ridiculous that you can't buy an ARM computer for $200 or less. People need affordable computers. But I suppose major companies want windows because it is cheaper to support.13:36
kblinmikedep333: haven't tried the gumstix overo13:36
hansfbaierI have a problem with karmic: svn update with any svn+ssh-repository returns with: svn: Network connection closed unexpectedly13:37
hansfbaierWhere to file bugs, exactly?13:37
mikedep333kblin, something that small is useful for tiny embedded devices, but I want something with a full selection of ports13:37
hansfbaierSurely, in launchpad, but.... where?13:37
dib_the topic is outdated :)13:37
mikedep333hansfbaier, in ubuntu run: apport-bug "packagename"13:37
hansfbaiermikedep333: thanks!13:38
tonyyarussodib_: No it's not.  Give it time.13:38
mikedep333I'm not sure what the package name would be though13:38
mikedep333no quotation marks in it13:38
kblinmikedep333: I think the beagleboard would be a strong contender if it had (gigabit) ethernet onboard13:38
mikedep333kblin, yeah, to make it a server13:38
kblinmikedep333: it has DVI and svideo13:38
kblinconnect a usb hub with mouse and keyboard and it's a decent desktop, I think13:39
kblinyou shouldn't use a bloated desktop environment, I guess13:39
mikedep333kblin, doesn't it only have 128 MB of ram?13:40
kblinmikedep333: 256 for the revCs13:40
mikedep333oh, cool13:40
kblinsome years ago that used to run linux quite well13:40
mikedep333but I would like to run full gnome or xfce13:40
mikedep333and they need like 51213:40
mikedep333I know13:40
kblinI blame lazy programmers13:41
alankila256 + compcache is pretty good13:41
mikedep333don't forget, you can buy this nettop for $20013:41
mikedep333I hear it runs linux well13:41
JackD    it is cheaper to buy pre-installed with linux13:41
alankilaas a programmer I'd like to note that we are still starved for both cpu and memory, and consequently have to use tools that suck for the demands heaped upon you. I think modern systems are on the verge of having enough resources to make programming humane, though.13:42
mikedep333JackD, sadly, no13:42
JackDmikedep333: it wasn't a question ;)13:43
JackDit is available with linux and costs less13:43
kblinmikedep333: it would be possible to build the same thing with an arm processor, but as a company, why build a box that won't run an OS that has 90+% market share?13:43
mikedep333JackD, where?13:43
kblinmikedep333: even apple went intel13:43
JackDplay.com has them with linux13:43
ActionParsnip1nvidia ion is nice13:44
JackDit runs ubuntu nicely13:44
JackDnice mediac13:44
kblinalankila: I disagree. seeing how binary sizes have exploded in the last years, I bet we'll all go on wasting memory13:44
mikedep333JackD, nice, but I'm in the US13:45
alankilaplus there is a real reason to develope memory- and cpu-conservative solutions now that phones are running free software generally.13:45
mikedep333google shopping does not find the r3600L13:45
JackDmikedep333: buy it from acer direct13:45
alankilakblin: well, there is a practical limit to how much memory you can possibly need for a task. Unless the demands scale up respectively, of course.13:45
kblinalankila: why is it that the "granny benchmark" hasn't improved much in the last ten years?13:46
alankilaI mean, browsers are large and complex not because of programmer laziness but because the web is complex. That being said, firefox sucks and webkit is pretty good. It's the difference between intrinsic and accidental complexity.13:46
kblinalankila: the granny benchmark is "booting up the pc, writing a letter to granny and printing it", incidently13:46
mikedep333JackD, acer direct is only for the UK :(13:47
ActionParsnip1uk win13:47
JackDmikedep333: you can claim back your windows license fee, here we can't ;)13:47
ActionParsnip1alankila: dillo is pretty small as is kazechase13:47
alankilahas it not improved? If you go back 20 years you would presumably have used some text-mode editor and a line printer. I'm sure compared to that you can fire up a text editor and lpr pretty fast these days.13:48
alankilathe GUIs keep on evolving more complexity, though, so if you have to start one of those, then it's game over13:48
scott_ino2so what happens to this channel after today exactly?13:48
mikedep333JackD, yeah, but I don't want to do that to a company that does offer linux13:48
mikedep333I would do that for say gateway13:48
ActionParsnip1alankila: look into lxde, super light and functional13:48
mikedep333although gateway is terrible13:48
alankilaActionParsnip1: yes, incidentally I run LXDe.13:49
ActionParsnip1alankila: me too, frees up ram13:49
alankilaActionParsnip1: the real problem with dillo is that it isn't a modern browser.13:49
alankilawebkit can be used for real sites, dillo only for stuff that would have worked in, I don't know, 1995.13:49
kblinalankila: 10 years ago I'd have used win98 and office97, which is pretty gui. mostly because it was impossible to get the stupid GDI ink printer to work on linux :)13:49
=== fddfoo is now known as fdd
ActionParsnip1alankila: changelog was updated today for 2.213:50
mikedep333alankila, no javascript support?13:50
kblinalankila: still, I'm saying that if people build bling, they should build fast bling or not do it13:50
mikedep333(or primitive at that)13:50
alankilayes, well, last time I looked into dillo it didn't have javascript so it's useless.13:50
mikedep333yeah, can you even use gmail on it?13:51
ActionParsnip1alankila: kazenchase is firefox but very stripped down, its the default browser in fluxbuntu13:51
kevin009i am impressed with how fast 9.10 shuts down13:52
ActionParsnip1kevin009: you shutdown13:53
alankilaanyway, to conclude: my point was that what people see as bloat and laziness is not a very realistic view of the software development process. There are competing tradeoffs you have to make, some for using languages like python or java to ease the development and make stuff possible that is very hard (or impossible) in C. Secondly the demands grow all the time, which people ignore. GUIs these days have to look pretty or they don't get used, so bling is s13:53
=== x1101_traveling is now known as x1101_work
ali1234bloat is when an mp3 player uses 500mb and 70% cpu13:54
alankilanow a smart programmer does only "fast" bling, and not the sort of stuff which bogs stuff... But ultimately, the question is about defining bloat. I submit that we can't agree on its definition.13:54
ali1234there's no excuse for that especially when it is handing off the decoding to gstreamer13:54
ActionParsnip1ali1234: sounds like amarok13:54
ali1234i wouldn't know because i can't stand KDE13:54
ali1234i'm actually describing banshee, but the same problem seems to apply to every mp3 jukebox system since winamp 313:55
fsckrootbrand new 9.10 install - no sound with intel 82801G - any fix suggestions?13:55
alankilasounds like pretty bad design for banshee if that is the case. I'm sure everyone will want to flog mono a bit at this point, but it's more likely just an honest bug somewhere. Mono is fairly efficient both cpu and memorywise.13:56
mikedep333fsckroot, try looking throug the sound preferences for different sound profiles13:56
joaopintoalankila, let's keep the channel for support ;)13:56
mikedep333under the hardware tab of sound preferences13:56
alankilayeh, off-topic rambling is such an irresistible lure. Coffee ->13:57
h00ksomeone said coffee.13:57
mikedep333cya guys later13:57
slaytonis it out?13:58
joaopintoslayton, no13:59
slaytonthen why is engadget providing a link to a 9.10 iso?13:59
scott_ino2uhh... yeah it is13:59
joaopintoslayton, check the topic13:59
joaopintoscott_ino2, no it's not, and move that chat to the release party13:59
MurielGodoislayton: read the !topic14:00
slaytonjoaopinto, so the link is for the RC?14:00
joaopintoslayton, I don't know and you should not care, there are no official links at this time14:00
scott_ino2sadly this happens every release of every distro..14:01
djznI think there is a CRITICAL showstopper..... and that is why the delay14:01
* tonyyarusso is sad that not booting on sparc isn't a showstopper14:02
ubottu#ubuntu+1 handles support for the development version of Ubuntu.  Please join #ubuntu for all other Ubuntu support.  Chat in #ubuntu-offtopic.14:02
kevin009anybody know why I can't toggle the wifi on my eeepc 900ha? it says it can't wake up the chip (ath5k)14:02
slytherintonyyarusso: use Debian for that. :-)14:03
MurielGodoikevin009: everythins works fine on my eeepc 1008ha14:03
slaytondjzn, they are probably just distributing the appropriate isos to the mirrors and making sure everybody is ready for the huge bandwidth hit14:03
kevin009they must have a different chipset in it14:03
kevin009this one uses the ath5k driver, and I can turn it off with fn+f2, but it doesn't turn on properly14:04
=== alfiere is now known as alfiere_
MurielGodoikevin009: probably they are different14:05
tonyyarussoslytherin: Yeah, but still.14:06
MurielGodoikevin009: there is one things that doesnt work is the touchpad toggle button14:06
MurielGodoiDoes 900ha have a touchpad toggle button, Does it wok fine?14:07
MurielGodoikevin:  ^14:07
djznslayton: I must praise Microsoft for their release time... Windows 7 was available exactly at 12:00am on retail stores here, on 22nd. It's a shame that an open community didn't take care of final arrangements before the D day, and going to release sometime through the day with a GMT +12 deadline....14:08
coz_hey gusy..first is grub2 menu...then some text..then the white ubuntu logo...the the whitel ubuntu  with trobbing progress  ..then the gdm then the whit ubuntu again with throbbing progress bar?14:08
slaytondjzn, yep its a real shame that canonical doesn't have the billions of dollars behind it to push out a perfectly timed release like microsoft14:08
slytherindjzn: Why is that so bad?14:08
vega-djzn: it's going to be released today, exactly why would it matter which hour it is released?14:08
charlie-tcaYou mean MS finally released when they said they would, not 1 or 2 or 5 years later14:08
slaytoncharlie-tca, ha ha14:08
vega-djzn: m$ doesn't need to synchronize mirrors for download all over the world14:09
slaytondjzn, its free software, i'm just happy people are giving it away for free!14:09
patdk-laphell, why won't firefox stop crashing14:09
MurielGodoipatdk-lap: wierd.. firefox is not crashing here14:10
djzni'm OK with it14:10
Trewasdjzn: besides, windows 7 was available months earlier (through msdn and so) so they had to only delay the release to general public for few months to get perfect synchronization14:10
patdk-lapheh, this is the first time it's *crashed*14:10
kblinTrewas: I was about to say..14:10
patdk-lapbut several times now when I start it, it says unable to recover from crash14:10
vega-i don't understand what's there to "praise" for releasing exactly on some minute14:10
JackDslashdot saying 9.10 is released hihi14:11
kblinJackD: that's because slashdot sucks ;)14:11
vega-oh, hail the mighty bill gates for releasing exactly 1200 hours whatever time14:11
djznit doesn't matter, it doesn't look that was THAT REAL hard to get everything done till past 12:00AM14:11
slaytondjzn if your really bothered you can always volunteer to help with the next release. I'm pretty convinced that they canonical guys aren't just sitting on their butts doing nothing14:12
kblindjzn: speaking of which, what timezone was that?14:12
slaytonthey do alot for a little in return14:13
charlie-tcaKarmic been available for testing for 5 months, too, Trewas14:13
JackDwindows 7 could have been released two weeks early and it will still suck :)14:13
rockratwhen can't i listen to more than one program simultaneously. it happens such that, only one audio stream can be played at any time.14:13
djznit was easier then to say Ubuntu released on 30th...14:14
djznsee what I mean, it's a phylosophical ISSUE here14:14
Trewascharlie-tca: I meant that the final release of windows 7 was available months before they started selling it... which is completely offtopic, but just pointing out for djzn that it's easy to be perfectly on time when the target time is far enough in the future14:14
joaopintodjzn, you understand about 24h days and timezones right :) ?14:14
djznTrewas: the Windows RTM... not the Retail14:15
charlie-tcaAh-ha! right you are.14:15
rockratlike can only listen to youtube on firefox, and all other applications will have no sound. /var/log/messages show audio device bussy14:15
JackDi would rather ubuntu release when they are ready and not get bogged down in time lines like commercial orribleness14:15
MurielGodoidjzn: So spend some bucks and buy a w7 licence... are u helping to code ubuntu? so wait...14:15
coz_rockrat,  that shouldnt be for sure14:15
coz_rockrat,  is this an upgrade from jaunty or clean install?14:15
djznjoaopinto: yes, I understand, and with logic, I could conclude that the release would have followed the Isle of Man time, 12:00AM14:16
rockratcoz_: clean install14:16
coz_rockrat,   which audio card is on that system?14:16
rockratcoz_: ens1371, internal audio ...14:17
joaopintodjzn, you mean with "your" logic :)14:17
djznno... i meant, common sense14:17
coz_rockrat,   mm   I generally compile my own alsa driver and do not depend on pulseaudio at all ....  you might want to check in #alsa channel   I bet they might have more info14:17
patdk-lapcommon sense? that still exists?14:17
joaopintoanyway, let's not got OT here :)14:18
rockratcoz_: ok14:18
rockratcoz_: thanks14:18
djznubuntu = isle of man.... 29th 00:00 GMT...14:18
coz_rockrat,  no problem...I know how difficutlt it is when audio acts up14:18
joaopintodjzn, ubuntu = all of us :)14:18
kevin009can i do a base system install and/or a cd upgrade from the normal disk?14:18
joaopintokevin009, if you mean upgrade from the desktop cd, no, you need to do a clean install from it14:19
djznjoaopinto: oh ok, in that sense14:19
patdk-laphmm, sure you can, if you add the cd to your sources.list14:19
joaopintopatdk-lap, I don't think you can add the desktop cd as source, can you ?14:20
patdk-lapwell, dunno about karmic, but all the ones before it could be14:20
joaopintodjzn, please read the topic, and join ghe correct channel14:20
joaopintopatdk-lap, are you sure you did it with the desktop cd, not the alternate ?14:21
djznwhich is the correct channel14:21
patdk-lapI always found it half pointless myself though, cause the cd was always outdate by the time I used it14:21
joaopintodjzn, #ubuntu-release-party14:21
tonyyarussodjzn: YOU don't decide when they're official.  The release manager does, and will tell us.14:21
djznjoaopinto: the official isos are up then... you confirm14:21
domjohnsonjoaopinto: memtest has finished. Weas found error free14:21
joaopintodjzn, no I do not14:21
djzntonyyarusso: looks like they're official to me...14:21
tonyyarussodjzn: Doesn't mean they are.  #ubuntu-release-party will say so when they are14:22
tonyyarusso(and this channel will cease to exist)14:22
djznI see the whole thing with MD5SUMs, stuff and release notes, it's OUT14:22
joaopintodjzn, your focus seems to be for"me" and (my) "logic" :)14:22
joaopintodjzn, please stop, you have a reading problem ?14:23
djznwould be ridiculous to believe that they would take everything off and replace with something else14:23
dmattdzjn: nothing is official until somebody from Caninical declares it so.14:23
Dr_WillisSo go do what you want. :)14:23
djznSlashdot already beat Canonical in the announcement14:23
* Dr_Willis is going to take a week off.14:23
joaopintodjzn, you were so concerned about release timing, and now you decided it's released ? You could have decided that yourself some hours ago, to save us from complains :)14:24
djznthe release time does not matter anymore14:24
djznthe ISOs are available and it's up14:24
Dr_Willisso let it drop :)14:24
* textureglitch is downloading it now14:24
kblinah, beatiful zen14:24
patdk-lapjoaopinto, just testedwith my karmic rc cdrom, works fine14:25
* Dr_Willis has it allready.. :P14:25
patdk-lapdesktop x64 atleast14:25
joaopintopatdk-lap, ok, so I am wrong, thanks14:25
* kblin doubts any of his problems existing on his system today will be magically fixed by the fact of karmic being the new stable14:26
patdk-lapdeb cdrom:/ karmic main restricted14:26
ali1234my /var/log/syslog is growing at the rate of 1GB per hour and i can't stop it14:26
djznjust a matter of minutes14:27
patdk-lapali1234, easy solution, symlink it to /dev/null14:27
patdk-lapor find out what is broken and logging all those messages14:27
vega-ali1234: perhaps fix what is causing the logging?14:27
ali1234patdk-lap: i already know and have reported the bug14:27
joaopintopatdk-lap, symlinking to dev null is an horrible solution14:27
patdk-lapjoaopinto, ya, but it works :)14:27
patdk-lapali1234, modify syslog to not log that message?14:27
joaopintopatdk-lap, smashing its system with a hammer would also work, it doesn't turn it into a fix :)14:28
ali1234no, it wouldn't work at all14:28
ali1234it would just make a worse problem14:28
patdk-lapjoaopinto, hmm, people I work for thinks that is a perfect solution14:28
patdk-lapyou smash the computer with a hammer so you can FINALLY get updated hardware14:28
ali1234i would have already symlinked it to /dev/null, but every time i delete it it is instantly recreated14:28
coz_mm this channel s hould be gone soon  right?14:29
ali1234bug 46327614:29
patdk-lapali1234, learn how to use rsyslog14:29
ubottuError: Could not parse data returned by Launchpad: The read operation timed out (https://launchpad.net/bugs/463276)14:29
richardcavell_Please take off-topic chat regarding karmic to #ubuntu.  This is the channel for discussing 10.04.14:29
slytherincoz_: Why?14:29
coz_slytherin,  well after the release this channel should stop being available14:30
kblinrichardcavell_: nope14:30
kblinrichardcavell_: not until the topic says so14:30
RomDcoz_: lucid14:30
coz_RomD,   ah  so soon ?14:30
kblinrichardcavell_: which is pretty much what defines what is off-topic14:30
slytherincoz_: Nope. The channel is always there for discussing next Ubuntu release.14:30
coz_i see14:30
=== Kraln- is now known as Kraln
MisterNin which timezone is the release date :)14:30
joaopintoali1234, sudo chmod +i /var/log/syslog (if you really want to make it immutable)14:30
BluesKajcoz , it will be for the lucid lunatic or whatever the next one is called :)14:31
coz_slytherin,  well then I have a few suggestions when the switch over begins :)14:31
SquirmMisterN, i heard GMT -1114:31
richardcavell_Lazy Leopard14:31
MisterNSquirm: heh.14:31
richardcavell_Lugubrious Lemur14:31
vega-it seems to be released, #ubuntu changed channel topic already14:32
JackDyay 9.10 is here14:32
CreativeChemistubuntu.com is updated... they made it all pretty14:32
i_is_brokelimp leopard14:32
coz_ok now lets talk lucid lol14:33
vega-yes, finally got rid of this release fuzz14:33
RomDno updates for my RC14:33
i_is_brokenow 10.4 is suppose to be the lts?14:33
vega-any pointers to plans for 10.04 ?14:33
penyshockerbunutu is were14:33
penyshockeryeah lunatic lemur is going to use 2.6.3414:33
rxdits like new year :)14:33
BluesKaj.me checks the repos14:34
coz_well the one major error on karmic was the boot sequence ...immature...bland ..unconnected with the ubuntu colors and extremely disappointing14:34
i_is_brokei had no updates either..guess i was already running the newest..lol14:34
kblinoh, whatever..14:35
patdk-lapali1234, check out /proc/acpi/thermal_zone/THRM14:35
ali1234patdk-lap: file does not exist14:36
djznjoaopinto: so, it is OUT for you now?14:36
patdk-lapit's not a file14:36
patdk-lapit's a directory14:36
ali1234patdk-lap: directory does not exist either14:36
DB42what is the torrent link for ubuntu 9.10 DVD (alternative+desktop+server) ?14:36
RomDanyone from canonical here? the netbook remix link is wrong14:36
bullgard4'~$ uname -a; Linux T43 #48-ubuntu SMP Fri Oct 16 14:04:26 UTC 2009 i686 GNU/Linux' <- Ist this the final Karmic or a preliminary Karmic release?14:37
bullgard4RomD: The least thing you should do is to specify the link exactly.14:38
SlimGubuntu.com says karmic is out14:38
SlimGrequest topic change14:38
vega-SlimG: "old news"14:38
JackDthe iso's are not up yet though14:39
RomDbullgard4: seems like they fixed it already14:39
patdk-lapali1234, your positive your cpu isn't overheating?14:39
RomDnevermind, still pointing to an img file14:39
ali1234patdk-lap: like i said on the report, the cpu doesn't support temp monitoring, so neither I or the computer has any way of knowing14:40
RomDshould be .iso14:40
slytherinbullgard4: kernel is just another component. How will that decide the state of the release?14:40
patdk-lapah, didn't see that line14:40
PlughIs there anything I need to do to update from the Karmic beta to the official release?14:40
bullgard4slytherin: "Another"? Can you elaborate.14:41
ali1234it also doesn't support frequency throttling so the spammed messages are both annoying and doubly misleading14:41
charlie-tcaPlugh: If you applied the updates, you are good14:41
JackDthat is nice of them to list it as .img we can get a download before the servers get flooded :) hehe14:41
Plughcharlie-tca: ok. I thought that might be the case. Wanted to be sure.14:41
bullgard4Plugh: Yes: Upgrading.14:41
coz_are the ubuntuhashes available for karmic yet?14:41
ptn107DB42: dvds here  http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/9.10/14:42
BluesKajKarmic Koala is OUT!!! | Channel guidelines: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines | See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KarmicReleaseParties for parties in your area. Please try to use a torrent or a mirror to get your downloads14:42
slytherinbullgard4: What you are telling us is just kernel version. There are hundreds of package which may not be up2date on your machine.14:42
ali1234and even if the cpu *was* overheating, spamming dmesg at a high enough rate to max it out is not the best idea14:42
darthanubisHappy Ubuntu everyone!14:42
ali1234bah humbug14:42
macsim_hi, I have an issue with network card, some webside doesn't work, when I'm on wired network but does if I'm on wireless network, I found some bug report on lauchpad about that but they are old and fix anybody knows how I can fix that ?14:42
bullgard4slytherin: What command will tell me if I have a final Karmic on my computer or not?14:43
BluesKajali1234, heh yeah, what's the fuss all about , not even in the repos yet14:43
joaopinto!final | bullgard414:43
ubottubullgard4: If you installed a Alpha/Beta/RC version of Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala) and have been keeping it up to date, then you are already running the latest version of Karmic. To make sure, type « sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade » in a console.14:43
slytherinbullgard4: try 'sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade'. If there are no upgrades available then you have final karmic.14:43
[V]ortex`haha channel topic should be changed14:44
[V]ortex`to LL14:44
mphillare the servers totally slow right now?14:44
domjohnsonSo....the final release is here now?14:44
domjohnsonIm confused...14:44
patdk-lapfaster today than yesterday for me14:44
mphilldomjohnson: yes14:44
mphillits released14:44
JackDthey will be loaded up to high heaven soon14:45
coz_karmic hashes anyone?14:45
* patdk-lap notes no new packages since yesterday14:45
charlie-tcaMy guess is the servers will be slow for a day or two14:45
domjohnsonWell...actually...im still having problems14:45
=== Pici changed the topic of #ubuntu+1 to: 9.10 is out! | See you all when the Lucid Lynx toolchain opens | Please use #ubuntu for karmic support
domjohnsonSo...nich so gut...14:45
mphillJackD: they changed how updates work, hopfully the traffic is more staggered now14:45
penyshockerplease someone fix this bug?14:46
ubottuError: Could not parse data returned by Launchpad: The read operation timed out (https://launchpad.net/bugs/1)14:46
patdk-lapis't that just a feature request?14:46
lemonadepenyshocker: just fixed it14:46
penyshockerthis is a upcoming event request14:47
Ian_Cornenoes! all my friends :(14:48
bullgard4slytherin: Thank you.14:48
coz_still not finding 9.10 hashes14:49
penyshockerashes to ashes, dust to dust?14:49
JackD< dib_> http://releases.ubuntu.com/releases/9.10/MD5SUMS14:49
coz_JackD,  thanks guy14:50
Lazyare the torrents up?14:55
CyberZetwhere do I find valid CheckSum Hashes for Ubuntu 9.10?14:56
CyberZetThe Ubuntu Hashes page is not updated.14:56
LazyCyberZet: http://noncdn.releases.ubuntu.com//releases/9.10/MD5SUMS14:58
Rafikaren't we all supposed to be kicked out of here ? :-D15:02
coz_Rafik,  I t hough maybe the topic would be changed to lucid15:03
domjohnsonMost people on #ubuntu won't have upgraded yet tho15:03
MisterNwe can now talk about LL?15:03
Rafikyou geek15:03
ubottuPlease read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic15:04
PiciThe channel is invite only and set to forward to #ubuntu if you try to rejoin15:05
* penyshocker is just downloading the first tech preview of Lunatic Lemur 10.0415:10
neoTheCati am getting IO errors when using a USB dvd/cd burner and trying to put a blank CD/DVD in.  and the drive is recognized, but the DVD/CD isn't when i put in a recorded CD/DVD15:10
darthanubisneoTheCat, the ONLY time I ever got those erros was when my drive failed or was failing15:11
JoshuaLis there anything special i have to do when using the RC to upgrade to the final?15:11
darthanubisbut that is just my experience15:11
JoshuaLsince there are no updates avaible (installed the latest 2 days ago or so)15:11
neoTheCatdarthanubis: yeah, that's what got me worried, but it works fine in a 9.04 box.15:11
darthanubisJoshuaL, apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade15:11
neoTheCatdarthanubis: actually, i should boot into windows on this box and see if i have any problems...15:12
JoshuaLpython-ubuntuone-client ubuntuone-client ubuntuone-client-gnome15:12
JoshuaLare the only ones, good to see nothing much changed then ^^15:12
darthanubisJoshuaL, that is all I had to updat as well, I've been keeping up with my updates15:12
JoshuaLk :)15:13
darthanubisnp :)15:13
JoshuaLcant wait to play with 10.04 ;p15:13
darthanubisAs Aquaman would say 'OUTRAGEOUS!'15:14
coz_guys I want to have this considered...now...so that come two weeks before lucid release I am not complaining about crap artwork and ideas from conincal lol   http://troy-sobotka.blogspot.com/search/label/*buntu15:16
coz_take a look at the propsed boot sequence  origianll for karmic  but hopefully for lucis15:16
coz_damn fingers15:16
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rippsis this channel being shut down?16:28
kklimondait will redirect to #ubuntu16:38
Ian_Corneima try and stay :p16:44
grahznyThere's always an Ubuntu+1 ;)17:15
slacker_nlJoshuaL: jij hier? ;)17:31
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gh0zt_is there a minimal install version of karmic planned?  i want a bare bones desktop as small as possible18:15
joaopintogh0st, I believe the serve cd allows a minimal install18:16
syn-ackAnyone have an idea of when when abouts the Lucid Toolchain opens?18:24
=== gh0zt_ is now known as gh0zt_afk
yofelsyn-ack: usually somtime around the UDS iirc18:35
syn-ackyofel, yeah, thats what I thought too till wgrant told me otherwise. :/18:35
mac_vsyn-ack: seems like it will be around 4weeks from now :(18:36
yofelhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/LucidReleaseSchedule maybe?18:36
syn-ackspace space18:36
syn-ackgood freaking somehting was caught in my spacebar18:36
syn-acknext week... more or less is when the fun starts like Colin told me like an hour ago. :P18:37
mac_vsyn-ack: oh, i thought that the alpha1 was the toolchain :/   how to upgrade to the toolchain? and what is the difference between toolchain and alpha?18:39
syn-ackmac_v, the toolchain is what everything is built upon18:39
syn-ackie its gcc, glib glibc etc18:39
syn-ackmac_v, The new version of that is always gonna get uploaded first, so that you can start building off it18:40
yofelmac_v: iirc the alpha is the first point you can upgrade to, for the toolchain you need to edit the sources.list (I'm not sure though)18:40
syn-ackyofel, thats correct18:40
mac_vheh , untill alpha we can have fun with the -proposed  , i guess ;)18:41
syn-ackyofel, I used to do everything "The Debian Way" in ubuntu anyway up till about a year ago so this is no big deal18:41
Boohbahlucid lynx!18:41
syn-ackthey will apparently start uploading here soon as well. Colin said he finished building the lucid layout today so18:43
syn-ackGET READY BOYS AND GIRLS!!! :P18:43
yofelhehe :D18:43
mac_vhehe :P18:44
mac_vso i guess this will be an invite only channel for the next month :(18:44
Boohbahsyn-ack: who is Colin?18:46
mac_vheh , \o/ i guessed right ;)18:49
Alanooh, it's out?18:51
cwillu_at_workhere's to 10.0419:00
* cwillu_at_work clinks19:00
* Deathvalley122 is still upgrading19:05
syn-ack<lamont> cjwatson: lucid tarballs uploading now.19:05
* hifi hopes for PHP 5.3 in lucid19:10
chris|quick question: is there any easy way to check if I'm connected to a specific vpn via nm?19:36
tag_hifi: :-(19:57
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rashed2020Is this chan for 10.04 now? :P23:10
yofelrashed2020: yes it is, or rather will be once the toolchain is open23:13
arandWhich is not until the 5th23:15
kklimondarashed2020, no - it's going to be closed soon and only when it's reopen it will be for 10.0423:16
TronicGood work guys, even Pulseaudio is (mostly) working :)23:21
TronicAnd I *really* love the encrypted home option in the installer.23:21
TronicSee you closer to the next release...23:21

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