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pwnguini hear someone was working on maemo in ubuntu. stil true?16:45
Meizirkkipwnguin, Have a look at Mer http://wiki.maemo.org/Mer16:48
pwnguinive seen mer16:50
pwnguini just grabbed a vbox image last night16:50
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armin76Martyn: 9.10!18:56
ojnlool: Do you happen to have info on what the different DIP switches on the pegatron/efika control? No silk screen info. :(19:13
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darkstar62Is ubuntu 9.10 supported on the ARMv5te architecture, or is what I've been hearing true that it requires ARM6 or later with vfp?20:55
armin76ogra: ^20:55
ojnKarmic is ARMv6 and above20:58
ojn(big difference between ARMv6 and ARM6 :-)20:58
darkstar62right, v6 is what I  meant.  As in, won't run on v5te without vfp20:59
eFfeMany particular reason ? debian still supports v5te iirc21:00
darkstar62I run ubuntu on my sheevaplug (which is ARMv5te-based without a vfp), and was hoping to be able to do a straight dist-upgrade instead of having to completely wipe and load a new disi21:01
ojndarkstar62: unfortunately that's not possible. It is a bit of a bummer since the sheevaplug is a neat platform, too bad Marvell had been lagging behind on the architecture for so long.21:02
darkstar62is it lack of resources to maintain the two that's the problem? I'm kinda surprised there would only be the one release for v521:04
ojneFfeM: v6 is needed for SMP (A9)21:04
ojnNo lock primitives in v5 I think?21:05
ojnhmm, I could be wrong on that though21:05
ojnsince there's v5 smp chips. :)21:05
eFfeMojn no idea about whether there are lock primitives21:05
eFfeMbut guess this means non-smp support is drooped ?21:06
ojnI don't see why that would be dropped21:06
eFfeMas you said v6 is needed for smp21:07
ojnthere are v6 non-smp systems too21:07
eFfeMbut if you can have systems w/o smp then why could armv5te not be supported ?21:08
ojnNo idea. It probably makes sense from a business decision though; especially if the chip vendors are paying for the ports. It's bad marketing for them to say "get this distro we sponsored that doesn't take advantage of our hardware".21:10
darkstar62well, if that's the case, could the community work with the ubuntu devs to support armv5?21:16
ojnIs anyone stopping you?21:16
ojnI have no idea, but anyone is free to do their own spin21:17
darkstar62I was thinking more alongside ubuntu to have a ubuntu version for armv5 instead of a spin-off or fork21:17
ojnI'd just run debian on it though. since it's headless, and alot of the differentiation between ubuntu and debian is on the desktop, you're not missing all that much21:17
darkstar62mm, true21:18
ojnI moved back to debian when ubuntu abandoned ppc (for my ppc boxes), and I'm not missing much.21:18
armin76ojn: thing is the plug comes with ubuntu :)21:18
darkstar62yeah, I'd have to completely re-image21:19
darkstar62which I can do, I had just hoped I wouldn't have to21:19
amitkdarkstar62: compiling the entire archive for armv5 would be a bit pointless don't you think?21:20
armin76yep, ironic :)21:20
amitk(since debian already supports it)21:20
darkstar62for headless-operations I'd agree21:21
darkstar62but there are some shivaplug users using usb video/keyboard/mouse combos to use it as a desktop21:21
armin76debian has desktop as well :P21:21
amitkit would require an archive for armv5, optimised v6 and (who knows) in the future armv7 and so on21:22
darkstar62but there again, the shiva plug comes with ubuntu, so they'd have to completely reinstall21:22
ojnsounds like something you should talk to the shiva plug providers about21:22
armin76darkstar62: you have to blame marvell for that :)21:22
ojndid they coordinate with canonical?21:22
darkstar62my guess is no, since it's not supported officially by canonical21:22
ojnso they're on their own21:23
darkstar62and yeah, definitely it's marvell's issue on that21:23
ojnamitk: well, really all it would take is to provide something at a low enough common denominator. With glibc multilib support some of the perfomance can be recovered (but not all).21:24
darkstar62well, I guess if there isn't much call for an armv5 port outside some shivaplug users, it doesn't make sense to setup a whole system for just that21:24
armin76amitk: i think the next after karmic is armv7 only21:25
ojnarmin76: would make sense to be able to move to thumb221:26
kblinarmin76: some folks with ubuntu cloaks said otherwise, btw22:46
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