m4vsighs, mama21mama created #ubuntu-release-fiesta (fiesta is party in spanish) and I just got kubuntu-es flooded by bots spamming that channel04:00
m4vah, mama21mama was the authors of the flooding, sighs, I have no rest04:06
m4vMagu1la (n=Magu1la@ joins #kubuntu-es04:06
m4vmama21mama (n=mama@ joins #ubuntu-es-offtopic04:06
m4v#ubuntu was flooded as well04:18
m4vplease any freenode staff and ops take note of the above, he just reconnected freenode for switch ip when I confronted him with my logs04:41
m4vhe's a pain to deal with.04:42
m4vI'm going to bed, it's 2am already.04:48
happyaroncan anybody give me a ubuntu member cloark, I am newly accepted, here is my profile: https://edge.launchpad.net/~happyaron06:52
jussi01nalioth: Pricey niko other staff, please cloak happyaron with an ubuntu/member cloak06:58
nikocloak changed08:59
happyaronniko, jussi01 thanks09:00
nikoyou're welcome09:00
McPetertoo many childs12:51
emgenthello, someone can apply ubuntu cloak to me?19:24
erUSULemgent: are you ubuntu member ? please paste the launchpad url19:30
erUSULemgent: also make sure your nick is correctly setup and with a valid email address19:30
erUSULelky: Pricey jussi01 PING ^^cloak request19:31
erUSULemgent: now you have to wait for someone with enough power...19:32
PriceyerUSUL: I'm afraid I'm not an Ubuntu GC.19:32
erUSULPricey: then accept my apologies for pinging ... allway hard to know who ping19:33
PriceyerUSUL: jussi01 would probably be the man to ask if he's a GC.19:33
emgenterUSUL: ok np for now, i will back19:34
emgentnow i have to go19:34
emgentsee you soon.19:34
jussi01Pricey: nalioth please cloak emgent with ubuntu/member cloak. thanks.20:10
Priceyjussi01: done20:11

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