MataRatoshey there!14:39
MataRatosI'm having some trouble setting my classpath! =/14:39
MataRatoscould someone please help me out? thks!14:39
wolfeysiMataRatos: http://java.sun.com/docs/books/tutorial/essential/environment/paths.html also see ##java15:18
MataRatoswolfeysi thks! but i just tested it and it not the classpath's problem...15:18
MataRatosthe thing is that i don't have bash autocomplete when using java15:19
wolfeysiwell bash is not really aware of anything inside classpath15:19
MataRatosif i type 'java t' and hit tab and lets say i only have a folder that starts with t it doesn't autocomplete15:19
wolfeysioh ok15:19
MataRatosand i thought it could be something with the classpath15:20
MataRatosbut aparently not! =/15:20
wolfeysiwell how did you install java?15:20
wolfeysithrought ubuntu?15:20
wolfeysifirst write folder and then type java ;)15:21
MataRatosthat makes no sence whatsoever15:22
wolfeysitry #bash for bash? :)15:22
MataRatoswell actually i should try #eclipse15:23
MataRatosbut didn't get far with those guys15:23
MataRatosi've narroed it down to eclipses fault15:24
MataRatosif i purge java15:24
MataRatosand install it again15:24
MataRatoseverything works fine15:24
daliborcongrats on the 9.10 release15:24
MataRatosas soon as i fireup eclipse15:25
MataRatoseverything goes haywire! =/15:25
* wolfeysi netbeans fan15:25
wolfeysikeep going on, about eclipse... ;)15:25
MataRatoswhat else can i say...15:26
* wolfeysi upgrading windows xp inside qemu and waiting for karmic to appear ;)15:26
MataRatosi mean i don't know what the hell does eclipse do but it f*cks up java15:26
MataRatosanyidea what that could be??15:28
wolfeysino idea, what about trying a fresh install of eclipse?15:30
MataRatosdone that like 5 times15:33
wolfeysitry netbeans or idea? :)15:38
MataRatosnha... =/15:39
MataRatosi guess!15:39
MataRatosbut thats not reallly the solution i was looking for!15:41
wolfeysiMataRatos that's voodo debugging, as defined @ http://james.hamsterrepublic.com/technomancy/15:45
wolfeysiVoodoo Debugging, sorry15:45
MataRatosnice one!15:46
=== dalibor_ is now known as dalibor

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