* manjo says hi from his android01:22
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Kanoapw: working on 31.5 now?09:07
panda|phenomhi, ericm 09:09
ericmpanda|phenom, yow09:09
panda|phenomericm, hey, i just reviewed IEEE Std 1003.1c-1995 09:10
panda|phenomericm, seems linux not always following posix09:10
panda|phenomericm, especially for PTHREAD_MAX and PTHREAD_KEY_MAX09:11
panda|phenomericm, so after downside those value, i can save another 16KB for my apps who use libpthread09:11
ericmpanda|phenom, that's great09:12
panda|phenomericm, BTW: i see there is a  profile_tick(CPU_PROFILING); in time_tick(), arch/arm/kernel/time.c09:14
panda|phenomericm, and you know my system is really *SLOW*, so shall i remove those related profile func to gain more performance?09:16
ericmpanda|phenom, I don't see a reason they are there and doing any goodness to your system, there some switches to turn them off?09:18
amitkKano: If you were subscribed to the kernel-team mailing list, you would see that Leann has already posted the patchset as an SRU09:25
Kanowont it be in git soon?09:26
amitkKano: it is in git on the 'stable' branch.09:26
Kanoi dont see the commit in the karmic tree09:27
amitkumm, sorry, it is in leann's personal tree09:28
Kanobut nice to see lucid.git09:28
amitkgit://kernel.ubuntu.com/ogasawara/ubuntu-karmic stable09:28
Kanois there a tree with updated radeon drm too or at least removed sauce patches which interfere?09:31
* amitk shrugs, ask apw09:31
Kanodid somebody try 3w-9xxx? i have got a report that this driver worked in .28 but not in .3109:40
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ali1234hi. according to comments on bug 453444 there is a fix for this "in the ubuntu kernel" - but i still get the bug with the very latest karmic kernel and i can't find any evidence of that patch on any branch in the kernel git. where is it?18:54
ubot3Malone bug 453444 in rsyslog "/var/log fills up with "all normal" messages @ about 575/sec fill up the available space" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45344418:54
fransmanCan I ask a kernel build question, it's in Debian, what goes wrong here ...20:23
fransmanI am running make-kpkg binary --initrd --rootcmd fakeroot --config defconfig --append-to-version -kernelbuilder20:25
dendrobateswould the linux-meta-ec2 source package uploaded to a ppa build the kernel correctly, or is there another process20:49
dendrobatesnm, I figured it out.20:56

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