doctormoVantrax: Are you here?01:57
ZachK_doctormo, i don't think he is..but i am! does that count?01:57
doctormoZachK_: I don't know, did you just send me a PM with Vantrax's account asking if I'd be available on the 2nd?01:58
ZachK_doctormo, ah no.........i don't hack01:58
ZachK_plus i barely know you....yet01:58
VantraxI was just answering a question about matlab licencing, back now02:00
doctormoVantrax: was there some chat I missed eailer today about this new meeting?03:01
doctormoI've been watching the channel all day.03:01
Vantraxnot really03:03
Vantraxthere were a few chats with people in /msg03:03
doctormoVantrax, pleia2: Your thoughts on trying to encourage people to chat about learning board business inside this channel?03:06
doctormoIt makes me feel slightly uncomfortable when we're talking off channel.03:06
Saj0577hey guys/girls15:54
doctormo__Hey Saj057716:01
=== doctormo__ is now known as doctormo
Saj0577hey doctormo any news ?16:02
doctormoSaj0577: Meeting on the second, BiosElement hasn't been seen for days, I need a cheer leader to help me.16:06
Saj0577so meeting in not many days yeah?  hum thats not good. i been away for past few days had bad internet think there fixing the main line for my area.16:08
doctormoAye, I think BiosElement was also saying that his internet was on the fritz16:14
Saj0577is he in the UK?16:15
doctormoI don't think so16:20
Saj0577argh right k16:21

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