huayraAliTabuger7: I am checking the analytics data and I can see a great increase in vists to the site21:57
huayradriven by some blogs, as usual21:57
AliTabuger7Yeah, I've been watching it for the last couple days22:02
AliTabuger7huayra, it's pretty awesome. I hope it lasts at least a week so we can get some good materials out there.22:03
huayraI will do that blogf post we have been talking about22:03
huayrawe need to update our roadmap in the wiki22:03
huayraI feel reenergized after the KArmic cycle22:04
huayraI was a bit undevoted under Jaunty I have to admit...22:04
AliTabuger7The community is really chipping in on spreadubuntu now22:10
huayrait really is22:16
huayraand we have to make it the platform, the epicenter of our community marketing strategy22:17
huayraand I feel that our marketing community is ready to take it to a new and more serious level22:18
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