pwnguinis there a virtual box image of ubuntu-MID or anything I can try out?03:55
loolpwnguin: Sorry we dont do this variant anymore09:52
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pwnguinlool: you guys dont do Mer?16:10
JamieBennettpwnguin: no16:34
JamieBennettpwnguin: A few of the mer guys hang out there but your better off at #mer16:39
pwnguinim just trying to make sense of this http://www.umpcportal.com/2009/05/ubuntu-mid-to-switch-from-moblin-to-mer/16:39
loolpwnguin: This is a news derived from a wiki page of a spec which wasn't implemented17:11
rbelempwnguin, for lucid we will have ubuntu liquid remix, which will use hildon18:16
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