micahgis anyone having trouble apt-pinning in karmic?00:28
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icarus_Could someone offer a quick tip ? I'm packaging via debhuild which rounds off by calling lintian which seems particularly fussy about even the slightest of things (*sigh*). I keep getting this: 'source: source-nmu-has-incorrect-version-number 3.4' and I know it's got to do with adding a minor package version number, but where ? to what ?02:52
ajmitchwhat have you got as the version number in debian/changelog?02:53
icarus_3.4, nothing else. Is this where I need to add the minor packaging version number ? Seeing as it's the first package it would be 3.4-0.1 ?02:53
lifelessicarus_: so, the fact its an NMU is alarming02:54
lifelessicarus_: as we don't do NMUs in ubuntu02:54
ScottKicarus_: 3.4-0ubuntu102:55
maxbScottK: not 3.4ubuntu1 ?03:31
ScottKmaxb: Not unless it's a native package which is almost certainly not the case here.03:32
maxboh, I was assuming the lack of hyphen in the lintian message meant it was native03:33
ScottKNo it meant he didn't put a revision in, not that it was a good idea.03:33
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dholbachis it out yet^W^W^W^Wgood morning!07:39
aradholbach, hehehehe07:42
aradholbach, morning!07:42
dholbachhi ara07:43
dholbachhi noodles77507:43
noodles775G'day dholbach :)07:43
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\shcongrats guys for doing a good release (especially our non payed folks :))11:00
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aboudreaultI have a launchpad PPA that contains a package who has the exact same version number than package in main universe.13:22
aboudreaultThe package in uninstallable.13:22
aboudreaultFailed to fetch http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/universe/p/proj/proj-data_4.6.1-5_i386.deb  Size mismatch13:23
aboudreaultThat's the error of apt-get.13:23
aboudreaultI think apt-get keep the "size" from the last ppa in the sources.list.13:24
aboudreaultbut try to install the universe one13:24
slytherinaboudreault: How come it has same version?13:24
aboudreaultslytherin: the package has been copied from jaunty (which has an older version) and now karmic have an up-to-date version13:25
aboudreaultbut apt-get should just be able to deal with that.. no?13:25
noodles775See https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/PPA/BuildingASourcePackage#Versioning13:25
joaopintohis point is there might be a bug on apt dealing with this scenario :P13:26
noodles775ah, sorry.13:26
aboudreaultyes, np.13:27
ScottKNo, that's apt doing exactly the right thing.13:27
ScottKIt'd be a security risk if it didn't.13:27
joaopintoScottK, hum ? providing an incorrect error message without reporting the exact problem ?13:27
ScottKIt's noticing that the package doesn't match what it's expecting.13:27
ScottKNo, I think it's exactly reporting what it's seeing wrong.13:28
joaopintoif having different packages with the same version available from different repositories is not supported, it should report that13:28
aboudreaultScottK: Why that ? If a package in a PPA doesn't have a higher version, the universe one should be keep.13:28
joaopintothe size mismatch could be a regular security breach scenario, which is not the case13:28
ScottKaboudreault: How does it know which one to keep?13:28
aboudreaultScottK: with the order in sources.list13:28
ScottKaboudreault: That's relatively arbitrary.  I think it's safer to be conservative and not install if there is doubt.13:29
joaopintowell, on the other end you may be right, because there is no way for apt to check the filzesize before getting it :P13:29
aboudreaultok, I'll reupload the package on launchpad for that. I just found that behavior strange.13:29
* ScottK runs off for a while. 13:30
joaopintoaboudreault, apt-get install mirror selection logic is not "pick the first" when you have multiple sources for the same package, afaiak13:30
joaopintoerm, wait, apt does fetch Packages for each of it's sources13:31
joaopintoso it should report size mismatches for the same package+version with different sizes13:31
aboudreaultjoaopinto: yes, but it certainly store the "package size" of the higher version somewhere, and that size should be modified ONLY if a package is strictly higher than the last package version read.13:31
joaopintoduring apt-get update13:31
joaopintoaboudreault, actually it stores the package size for each of the sources, I mean, at least it downloads it13:32
joaopintothe best thing apt could do would be to report the mismatch on the cache update13:32
aboudreaultbut there is no size mismatch, there is simply 2 package with the same version ;)13:33
aboudreaultanyway, I'm know apt does the proper thing, so I'll just upload again the package13:34
aboudreaultthanks for your comments13:34
directhexsources.list priority isn't based on order13:34
bddebianHeya gang13:35
directhexcheck "apt-cache policy packagename" to see the priorities assigned to various mirrors13:35
joaopintoaboudreault, there is a size mismatch, that is why you get the error message, there is a mismatch between the size recorded on APT and the size from the http downloaded file13:35
iulianHi bddebian.13:35
aboudreaultdirecthex: I see that the ppa is the first one in version table section. However, apt-get tries to dowload it from universe13:36
aboudreaultjoaopinto: yes, I understand that.13:36
aboudreaultand apt-cache show only show the one from universe.13:37
directhexaboudreault, if both repos have the same pin priority, it shouldn't be trying to download from either, it should be spitting out the mismatch13:37
aboudreaultI did not modify the pin priority (I'm in a pbuilder chroot)13:38
joaopintothey are both regular repositories, they have the same pin priority, unless you did manual pinning :P13:39
aboudreaultthat's it, same priority.13:40
bddebianHeya iulian13:40
directhexat which point apt has no sensible way to resolve the situation you describe13:40
directhexyou have two repos, with two identically versioned packages, but size and md5sum differ - which package is "correct"?13:41
directhexthe right answer is "neither until proven otherwise"13:41
aboudreaultit those cases, it tries to download the package and report immediatly a size mismatch13:42
aboudreaultthat's ok then13:42
joaopintodirecthex, but apt could report the mismatch during apt cache update13:49
mok0Let's fix this guys: http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/blog/2009/oct/29/windows7-usage-guardian14:42
mok0"Windows 7 overtakes Linux at the Guardian"14:42
dholbachcongratulations highvoltage14:57
highvoltagethanks again dholbach14:57
* highvoltage is now a MOTU! \o/14:57
Kamujinmok0: Is that a dupe of Ubuntu Problem #1?14:59
mok0Kamujin: I'd say it's a new manifestation of bug #115:00
ubottuhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/1 (Timeout)15:00
mok0Kamujin: ... or Linux users just don15:01
mok0't read the Guarian15:01
mok0can't seem to hit the right keys15:01
ubottuHelp! Hobbsee, Riddell, sladen, fbond, mneptok, gnomefreak, Seveas, dholbach, elkbuntu, PriceChild, or jpatrick!15:03
ScottKWould someone change /topic to say we've released please15:04
ScottKsoren: ^^15:04
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wgrantI see no +t15:04
wgrantDoesn't need an op.15:04
=== soren changed the topic of #ubuntu-motu to: Ubuntu 9.10 released! | Want to get involved with the MOTU? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Contributing | Sponsor queue: http://is.gd/2y76G | http://qa.ubuntuwire.com/ftbfs | http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/NBS/ | http://qa.ubuntuwire.com/debcheck | latest rebuild failures: http://people.ubuntuwire.org/~wgrant/rebuild-ftbfs-test/test-rebuild-20090909-karmic.html
sorenwgrant: Good call.15:05
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mok0highvoltage: congrats!!15:14
highvoltagethanks mok015:16
mok0highvoltage: too bad the archive is closed :-)15:16
highvoltagemok0: for now.... :)15:16
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MsMacoso how long after a release do we need to wait to start trying to sru stuff?15:49
ScottKMsMaco: Not at all15:49
ScottKMsMaco: The first Univese SRU was uploaded 3 days ago.15:50
MsMacoScottK: great!15:51
* MsMaco waits for pbuilder test build to finish15:51
* siretart` can't await that lucid opens :-)15:56
Laneysiretart`: grand plans?15:56
siretart`not really, perhaps breaking ffmpeg a bit15:57
Laneywe all love some of that15:57
Laneywondering when I'm going to upgrade already ;)15:57
\shhighvoltage, congrats on motuship :)16:05
highvoltagethanks \sh! I'm very excited about it16:06
Laneyget to SRUing!16:09
MsMacosponsor needed for an SRU on bug 41576616:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 415766 in openafs "evince makes openafs to kernel oops" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/41576616:12
MsMacothanks much whomever gets to it16:12
Amaranthcongrats highvoltage16:12
highvoltagethanks Amaranth!16:14
ScottKzooko: You've got to be feeling pretty good about your binutils find.  Did you see the fix is currently building for karmic-proposed?16:21
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slacker_nlcongratz highvoltage17:33
slacker_nland everyone gg on the release :)17:33
ScottKjdong: I created karmic-backports.17:36
corp186I have a question about creating both a binary arch-dependent pkg and an arch-independent package using cdbs17:52
corp186is there a good forum for questions, or should I ask here?17:52
joaopintocorp186, this is the proper channel, once someone becomes available to reply :P18:01
corp186I have a source package using cdbs, it builds a binary package and a -dbg package18:01
randomactionScottK: Re bug 406721: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports currently says that a *-backports bug should be confirmed if the test build has succeeded. Is it not the case now?18:02
ubottuLaunchpad bug 406721 in vidalia "Request: Backport Vidalia 1.15 to Jaunty" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40672118:02
randomaction(Actually, I have marked some more bugs confirmed on the grounds that they test-built.)18:02
corp186I want to create a third package that just installs a header file as a -dev package18:02
corp186until now, cdbs did all the hard work of figuring out how to package files18:02
corp186but now I need to split files into two different packages18:02
corp186so how do I tell it which file goes where?18:02
joaopintocorp186, debian/package-dev.install18:02
ScottKrandomaction: We really need to update that since not everyone can mark Triaged, so Confirmed really needs to mean b/i/r.18:03
corp186joaopinto: is there documentation on how that file works?18:03
corp186I haven't been able to find any18:03
corp186mostly cause google search for ".install" doesn't work too well18:03
randomactionScottK: OK, I'll unconfirm that stuff, but I guess I can't update the Help page18:03
joaopintocorp186, thats how dh_install works, man dh_install :)18:03
ScottKI think you can.  It's a wiki.18:03
joaopintocorp186, the man includes an example for a -dev package ;)18:04
corp186joaopinto: great!18:04
corp186do I need to specify package.install now as well?18:05
corp186I didn't have to before18:05
joaopintocorp186, cdbs rules include a dh_install class18:05
jdongScottK: awesome, thank you18:05
joaopintoerm, s/class/call18:05
jdongrandomaction / ScottK: Agreed with regards to changing the meaning of Confirmed18:05
jdongwe should consider the use of tagging to mark the "Yeah it builds but needs testing" phase18:06
randomactionI also propose to advertise ubuntu-backports-testers PPA as a centralized place to upload packages for testing.18:06
Laneywho can upload there?18:06
jdongLaney: free-for-all unfortunately.18:06
Laneythen no thanks18:06
jdongjoining the ubuntu-backports-testers (open membership) team18:06
jdongrandomaction: I'm brainstorming on a way of automating that18:07
jdongi.e. so that a "trustable" bot does the upload.18:07
LaneyLaunchpad could just grow a way to copy packages to older releases in PPAs18:07
jdonghaving the equivalent functionality of the Archive admin make backport script exposed in the Launchpad UI would help18:08
randomactionjdong: That would be good. The help page has been saying "Stay tuned for info" for a while now :)18:08
jdongrandomaction: very true indeed :)18:08
ScottKjdong: Since I am an archive admin, it would be very helpful.18:11
jdongScottK: yeah, we should aim in the Lucid cycle to hash out a way with Launchpad to make the backports process more integrated18:12
ScottKjdong: I also reproposed the not automatic spec for Lucid.  I'll be at UDS to push it.18:12
jdongScottK: awesome. Yeah I saw that in my inbox18:15
corp186how can I prevent cdbs from deleting the build area if the build fails?18:17
highvoltagethanks slacker_nl :)18:28
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james_wsync requests already?! :-)20:13
james_wgo enjoy the release people20:13
ajmitchjames_w: or just sign up to lucid-changes & start preparing SRUs for the pile of broken things :)20:14
kklimondajames_w, releases are overrated ;)20:14
kklimondajames_w, it's development what's interesting :)20:14
ajmitchit's only about 9 weeks until LTSDebianImportFreeze, according to the release schedule20:15
jcastroScottK: I am only just now realizing the luck you had hitting chicago with nixternal on his big mountain sabbatical20:21
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jcastrohad he been in town there would have been a trail of debauchery and mayhem20:22
ajmitchsurely he's a well-mannered gentleman?20:26
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dtchen"enjoy the release?" what, with the flood of bugs? pssht.21:26
chrisccoulsonbugs? you mean that there are still bugs? ;)21:27
ajmitchnoone will be complaining about audio though, all the drivers are perfect there :)21:28
sebnerwondering more about the kernel bug with ext4 which destroys files >500mb21:28
joaopintothey just complain about no sound after upgrade or sound being muted at each reboot :)21:29
dtchenyeah, thankfully I can now pin that one on pulse21:30
ajmitchsebner: got a reference for that one?21:45
sebnerajmitch: well it's under known issues for the release notes even .. https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/45357921:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 453579 in ubuntu-release-notes "corruption of large files reported with linux 2.6.31-14.46 on ext4" [Undecided,Fix released]21:46
ajmitchas if I'd read release notes21:46
* sebner neither21:47
sebnerbut just read about it somewhere21:47
ajmitchbut it does make me glad that my karmic install is still only using ext3 if it's a serious problem21:50
sebnerajmitch: I used ext4 since jaunty but I plan to re-install on weekend ^^21:51
ajmitchgetting a different md5sum after a sync looks a bit scary21:51
dtchenwell, even with ext3, you may want to read http://ozlabs.org/~rusty/index.cgi/2009/10/20 if you haven't already21:51
sebnerThe only solution is to use btrfs! *cough cough*21:52
ajmitchdtchen: though that looks to be more scary errors on power failure than scary errors in normal everyday usage21:52
dtchenajmitch: correct, just something to be aware of21:54
ajmitchespecially on my wonderful HP laptop which doesn't report the discharge rate of the battery21:55
ajmitchg-p-m doesn't give any warnings of low battery or "shutdown now!"21:55
jdongsebner: oh btrfs doesn't get along with rough shutdowns at all with GNOME21:58
jdongI haven't isolated the exact culprit yet21:58
ajmitchsome days it feels like nothing is safe21:58
jdongsure feels that way21:58
jdong(*cough* transactional NTFS6 is pretty robust....)21:58
ajmitchit'll have its flaws :)21:58
jdongindeed :)21:59
jdong[PATCH] Prevent btrfsck to run on mounted filesystems21:59
jdongthat was exceptionally evil!21:59
jdongthe wiki manual used to say btrfsck is for mounted/unmounted filesystems21:59
jdongwhat they MEANT was to use future tense somewhere in there ;-)22:00
ajmitchusing it on a mounted fs would completely toast it?22:00
jdongajmitch: yup. Happened to me and confirmed by a dev on the mailing list22:00
jdongajmitch: btrfsck is more of a developers' consistency/sanity checker right now...22:00
jdongit's actually remarkably USELESS at fixing anything :)22:01
ajmitchfor some reason I like to keep my data around22:01
jdongme too :)22:02
jdongmy BTRFS karmics don't store anything persistent :)22:02
ajmitchmaybe I could try it in virtualbox22:02
jdongit's not too bad to set up. Fun exercise left to the reader for how to make grub-probe (grub2) not blow up22:03
jdongand oh yeah. btrfsprogs and btrfs kernel modules need to come from mason's git tree...22:04
ajmitchI'm still sticking with grub-legacy22:04
jdonga couple known nasties in the 2.6.31 release version :)22:04
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