hazureI have a (likely easy to solve) problem with a fresh install: Mythbuntu live works, CD checks fine, but after the install it just does nothing with a black rectangle on the screen after bootup. Is there something I'm doing wrong during the install process?02:39
hazureActually occurs when the 'Launch MythTV Setup' step is performed during the install as well...03:13
_wily_sal_I'm trying to install mythtv on 9.04 and when I try to set up the backend all the menu items are blank. Is this a common problem? I can provide my logs05:01
mrand_wily_sal_  I had that problem on 9.04  sometimes.  Can't explain it.  I haven't noticed it on though.05:04
_wily_sal_it means I can't set up mythtv, which is a bit of a pain obviously05:05
mrandYes, I understand completely.  Are you running gnome?05:06
_wily_sal_I am05:06
_wily_sal_are there any other ways to watch tv, other than mythtv?05:11
mrand_wily_sal_: when I had that problem, I chalked it up to MythTV 0.21 combined with 9.04.   You could try MythTV 0.22 and see if that helps.05:13
mrand1) Install the Mythbuntu Repos package and select MythTV 0.2205:13
mrand2) Run "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade"05:13
mrandRepo's package is here: http://www.mythbuntu.org/auto-builds05:14
_wily_sal_did it work for you?05:14
mrandother ways to watch t.v.?  Well, most video players will let you watch.  MythTV is much more than that though... it's a super DVR (scheduling and such).05:14
_wily_sal_i'm installing .22 now05:16
mrand_wily_sal_ I had 0.22 running on kubuntu 9.04 briefly.  Most other installs had the problem shown in your pastbin.com05:17
_wily_sal_mrand: no joy I'm afraid05:20
_wily_sal_it was worth a try though05:20
mrandyeah.  Do you need to stay on 9.04, or could you move to 9.10?  I never had a problem the many times on 9.10.05:21
_wily_sal_i suppose I could update05:21
mrandOf course, I say that and then my luck will be that you end up with some esoteric issue.05:22
_wily_sal_this isn't the first time I've tried to set up mythtv, though last time it was an lirc issue that stopped me from going ahead05:23
mrandWell, 9.10 has much improved lirc stuff as well.05:24
* mrand digs his hole deeper.05:24
_wily_sal_lets just hope this upgrade goes smoothly05:27
_wily_sal_if i dissapear and don't come back it's safe to assume I borked it05:28
mrandhahaha.  I need to go.  But if you have questions, just pose them here and hopefully someone knowledgable will come by (if they aren't all asleep).05:29
_wily_sal_thanks for the help05:29
mrandsure thing.05:29
* mrand sleeps05:29
psicobrahi all hoping sme one can help i am tryingt o setup myth tv to access a samba share for playing movies i have got the samba share to auto mount at startup but when i point myth tv at it it fails to see the folder has any movies in it07:11
psicobrai think it has to do with permissions07:11
psicobrabut i cant change the permissions of the folder i have mounted the share in07:11
psicobraam i going about it the wrong way? thanks07:11
psicobraback u guys my idea failed07:20
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psicobrait seems when fstab mounts the network share it changes the folder permissions07:20
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puffHm, in the mythbuntu UI, is there some way I can switch it from view icons to view list?08:47
psicobrais there any one in here avle to help with folder permissions08:55
psicobrahi all i am trying to set up my myth box to access a samba share i have managed to get the samba share to auto mount on start up but it has the wrong privileges can any one help10:19
Pwenhi all. anyone using mythtv 9.10 with an imonlcd?11:18
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womboPwen got o #mythbuntu for user questions11:22
Pwenerr #mythbuntu forwards me here?11:24
womboahh ops sorry my mistake11:25
womboI thought I was in the dev channel11:25
wombowhich revision of Mythbuntu are you running?11:26
womboahh ok things have changed for this release11:26
wombodo you have the LCD or VFD?11:26
Pwenyeah, all the forum/user help Ive found refers to 9.04 stuff11:27
PwenI have the LCD11:27
womboahh same as me11:27
PwenI'll tell you where I'm at: I can get the LCD to "work", but when I start LCDd it displays the startup message and then appears to hang11:27
wombolike does it just display the time and not update11:27
Pwenand prints screenlist_process() to the console forever until I ctrl-c11:27
Pwenyeah its as though it just wants to print the startup message forever :P11:28
wombothats an odd one, I havent seen before11:29
wombowhat steps have you taken to get where you are now?11:30
womboBTW 9.10 final should be out in a few hours11:30
Pwenpretty much none - before I installed mythbuntu 9.10 yesterday I had never used mythtv, LCDd or lirc before. Ive just been reading a lot11:30
Pwenseems good so far11:31
Pwenseems good so far11:31
womboahh did you set the Protocol version in the LCDd.conf file?11:31
womboits should be 011:31
womboas I am assuming that you have the ffdc version11:32
Pwenhmm? I thought it was the other way around11:33
PwenBus 005 Device 002: ID 15c2:0038 SoundGraph Inc.11:34
wombook so you need to set it to '1'11:34
Pwenthats set11:34
womboI am really not sure why you are seeing that then11:36
wombohave you tried forcing some text to the screen11:36
PwenIm not sure how to do that11:38
Pwenhere are the relevant sections of my LCDd.conf11:38
womboit looks normal11:39
wombo(thats good)11:39
Pwenthe Hello= message gets printed to the screen and the heartbeat appears and beats, but the hello message never goes away11:40
womboahh ok11:40
Pwenhow do I write text directly to the display?11:40
womboso then when does it get to the 'screenlist_process()' bit?11:40
Pwenafter I start the LCDd on the commandline, it goes through its startup messages then prints11:41
Pwenover and over and over11:41
womboit sounds like it is sending the console messages for LCDd to the LCD11:42
PwenI just tried the command "sudo lcdproc CPU"11:43
womboIf you look at the bottom of the first post in this thread. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=106926711:43
Pwenand it switched to the LCDd console printout then back to a time display. I tried the command again and now it's showing the CPU details. how strange!11:43
womboyou can see meantion of 'screenlist_process()' meantioned11:43
wombothats goosd11:43
wombonow try mythtv11:44
Pwenok, cool11:46
Pwenit seems to be working11:46
Pwenscrolling through all the screens now11:46
Pwenwombo: what remote do you have?11:47
womboMS MCE11:48
womboLogitech Harmony11:48
wombo+ MORE11:48
PwenI have a Harmony 52511:49
Pwenand I have programmed it to support the "Antec Fusion 350" (my case)11:49
Pwenshould it "just work"?11:50
womboI hope so11:50
womboif not try to iMon Pad11:50
wombotell me the results please11:50
PwenI dont have the pad remote, just an "RM100" tiny remote11:50
Pwenno buttons on it11:51
Pwenalso, I am having the problem with the remote of double-presses (down and up), did you fix this?11:51
womboahh this is a common problem11:52
wombothe fix is to just not let the button go11:52
womboI havent looked into it much yet as I keep rebuilding my machine every fews days anyway at the moment11:52
womboI did hear of Logitech being able to change the config on the remote11:53
wombodo some reading on it as that problem is with the remote config not lirc11:53
Pwenah ok11:54
PwenI am having the strangest time with this LCD11:54
PwenI just exited mythfrontend11:54
Pwenand started it up again, and now the LCD is blank11:54
Pwenand now Ive just restarted LCDd and tried lcdproc CPU again, and its turned off the backlight and I cant see anything11:56
Pwenso very inconsistent :P11:57
womboI am not sure sorry11:57
wombobut they are quite strange LCDs at times11:58
* Pwen nods11:59
PwenI can sort that out later. I have some more questions about mythtv?11:59
Pwenwombo: I have setup my videos directory. but when I go to "Watch Videos" mythvideo tells me there are none. how can I make it generate an index or whatever it has to do?12:01
womboDo you have any movies in that directory yet?12:02
Pwenabout 250gb12:02
Pwentheyre exising tv shows etc I copied in there12:02
wombojust a sec12:02
wombogo to Setup then Video Manager12:03
PwenI have Setup -> Media Settings -> Videos Settings?12:04
womboyeah that should do it too12:05
womboI must be honest I dont do this bit often12:05
wombois there anything in there12:05
Pwenyeah then I go to General Settings12:05
Pwenthis is where I specified the folder that contains my videos, I set it to /home/owen/Videos -- but now Im thinking, if mythtv runs under its own user its obviously not going to see my home directory12:06
Pwenwhat a stupid question12:06
Pwenlol my bad12:06
Pwenok, moved it to the proper dir12:08
Pwenstill not seeing them12:08
womboYeah sorry I am not much help for you on this, there should be alot of docos on it though12:09
wombotry wiki.mythtv.com12:09
Pwenok, thanks12:09
PwenI have one more question; sometimes when I watch hi-def channels or channels where the audio codec is ac3, I just get a crackling noise. channels with the other audio codec (cant remember which) work fine12:10
Pwenbut sometimes, depending on what channel I start "Watch LiveTV" on, the ac3 chans work12:10
wombonot sure again sorry12:12
wombowait around someone might be able to help12:12
womboor ask at #mythtv-users12:13
Pwenthanks for your help12:14
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jajaanybody here using an antec fusion case?12:33
jajawhat improvements have been made in karmic12:33
jajai cannot wait for the release12:33
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Cyber-Doggcrazy times in the ubuntu world! :-)13:28
Cyber-Dogg9.10 release13:45
Cyber-DoggI'm freaking pumped13:45
Cyber-Doggit solves about 3 problems for me13:45
jajame 213:49
jajawhen will the mythbuntu iso be build?13:49
jajai wonder13:49
DickesChey there, how are the naming conventions for multipart avis in mythvideo?14:14
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darthanubisHappy Ubuntu everyone!14:42
Cyber-Doggso what's the ETA on 9.10 look like?14:51
Cyber-DoggI'm a fairly new Mythbuntu user so I'm not familiar with the release lag14:51
Cyber-DoggI know it's small though14:51
ToeBeenot sure what causes the update manager to pick it up but you can force it to look for a new distribution by running "update-manager -d"14:53
Cyber-Doggyeah... I was hoping to just do a clean install15:03
Cyber-Doggmy box is acting goofy15:03
Cyber-Dogghow is it just installing ubuntu and then putting mythtv on it?15:04
Cyber-DoggI'm interested in that option because then I'll have a full ubuntu install too :-)15:04
MythbuntuGuest42hi all15:06
MythbuntuGuest42i am running 9.10 rc15:06
MythbuntuGuest42i cant get music to display albulmn folders15:06
MythbuntuGuest42i have tried all combinations15:07
MythbuntuGuest42is there a way to just display folders in music15:07
MythbuntuGuest42my music path in settings points a samba share mount locally15:08
yfaykyahowdy all. Is the pvr150 blaster supported by 9.10? I think I read somewhere that pvr150_lirc has been renamed/removed.15:16
darthanubisI don't use the blaster, but everything else works with my pvr15015:17
darthanubisI suspect the blaster would as well15:17
superm1we dont have lirc_zilog which is needed for it in 9.1015:18
superm1it's on j-rod's git tree15:18
superm1eventually will need to build a dkms package of it15:18
yfaykyasuperm1 : Sounds great. Guess I will not be updating today then!15:18
superm1we really should release note that15:19
yfaykyasuperm1 : Where would that package be available in time? From a PPA or a mythbuntu repo? I build my own myth so don't use mythbuntu repos15:20
superm1yfaykya, probably on mythbuntu-testing repo15:20
yfaykyasuperm1 : Ok thanks. I might try and build one now for the sake of it. Have you a pointer to that git repo?15:21
superm1yfaykya, do you have much experience building dkms packages?15:22
superm1maybe you might be able to get the dkms package built for folks...15:22
yfaykyasuperm1 : Not really but I won't let that stop me trying. I will have a go15:23
superm1yfaykya, cool thanks.  would help a lot15:23
yfaykyaNeed to do some upgrades first though :-)15:24
sikkohi, im seeding mythbuntu9,10 on my own now, anyone willing to seed?15:48
sikkothere is a torrent, but no-one is seeding, already 30 ppl started dl-ing, but quit, as there are no seeds15:49
Cyber-Doggjust go seed on the official15:49
Cyber-Doggthat's what I'm doing15:49
sikkoi justt dl the cdimage thing, and keep feeding new parts to it, till i got it complete15:50
sikkohow come there is no-one seeding it? im on the torrent.ubuntu.com one ....15:50
sikkoand anyone who got parts, got it from the parts ive seeded15:52
sikkois there a more official one?15:53
sikkoCyber-Dogg: got more trackers for me?15:55
sikkook, my seed is complete, i hope im not staying the only seeder, i only got 90k15:59
sikkook, going strong now, already 5 ppl over 10%16:02
sikkoif i keep this up, the first person wil complete the torrent in 70 minutes16:06
sikkois there no-one in mythbuntu who made sure there would be a few seeders at the start of the release, ubuntu386desktop has almost 2500 by now16:07
tgm4883sikko, Canonical creates the ISO's and torrents for us, but doesn't give us access until they release. So we get the torrent file the same time you do16:08
sikkoso? i dl-ed it, and put the parts on the torrent as i got them16:09
sikkoso could the project?16:09
tgm4883i'm at work, some of us have jobs16:09
sikkosorry, not meant to offend16:10
sikkoim in a different timezone :)16:10
sikkojust thought that this would be an easy thing to prepare for16:11
tgm4883usually I do, but you don't know what happened right before release16:11
tgm4883plus, if you notice the mythbuntu web site lists the current version as 9.04, so we haven't actually released yet16:11
sikkono, im just glad that i could help out, and was thinking why i had to :)16:12
tgm4883now I just went on break, so I will try to get the release done16:12
sikkoi understand the announcement hasnt gone out by you, but ubuntu done it already16:13
sikkoso as i saw everybody jumping on the torrent and leaving again, i saw i could help out16:13
tgm4883and we appreciate that16:14
sikkoso i hope you understand what im trying to say. ItÅ› not a complaint, just that i  was wondering, and jumped in :)16:14
sikkook, great!16:15
tgm4883usually when Ubuntu releases, they give the Mythbuntu release manager a little bit of notification16:15
tgm4883this time, they did not16:15
pat-TLLTShowdy guys16:15
pat-TLLTShappy release date to you all16:16
tgm4883I can't even get on the site to download the torrent files :/16:16
sikkoso now we could use some more ppl who would be willing to quickly dl the iso, and seed it on torrent16:16
sikkolol, it took me about 15 minutes to reach it.16:16
sikkothe site is being hammered16:17
pat-TLLTSwow the servers are going to be glowing tonight16:17
sikkointhe end i did wget http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/mythbuntu/releases/9.10/release/mythbuntu-9.10-desktop-i386.iso16:17
sikkoand that worked16:17
sikkoonly got 200-400 dl speed though16:18
sikkobut i think thats soing down soon, as more ppl start hammering16:19
pat-TLLTSposting the torrent in here and maybe the mythtv-users mailing list before publicly announcing the release might be a good idea16:20
pat-TLLTSso at least they're enough seeders16:20
* tgm4883 sighs16:22
sikkowell, this is the torrent, hop on :)16:26
sikkoi already gave 31%16:27
ZinnMythbuntu 9.10 http://www.mythbuntu.org/downloads16:27
=== tgm4883 changed the topic of #ubuntu-mythtv to: Mythbuntu 9.10 released :: Please visit www.mythbuntu.org for more information :: Paste logs @ http://mythbuntu.pastebin.com Please stick around for people to answer your question
tgm4883well I can't help seed now, but I can do all that16:29
tgm4883so maybe more people will jump on now that we have released16:29
sikkowow! same situation with the 64 bit edition16:31
sikkoim downloading it now, but got no time to wait for it to finish, got to go to work in 1016:32
sikkoso anyone: pls dl http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/mythbuntu/releases/9.10/release/mythbuntu-9.10-desktop-amd64.iso16:33
sikkoand seed these torrents: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/mythbuntu/releases/9.10/release/mythbuntu-9.10-desktop-amd64.iso.torrent or http://www.mythbuntu.org/files/mythbuntu-9.10-desktop-amd64.iso.torrent16:34
sikkothe source at http://mythbuntu.org/download/?file=mythbuntu-9.10-desktop-amd64.iso is very slow, only 90k/s16:35
tgm4883sikko, FYI, those torrents are identical16:36
sikkook, didn know how to check, so i gave both16:36
sikkoi just started seeding 64bit, only 5% though16:37
tgm4883I don't know how to check unless you download both and compare them16:37
tgm4883I just know they are the same because I wget'ed the file to the web server16:37
tgm4883<- Mythbuntu release manager16:37
sikkosorry if i jumped the gun on you, if there is anything else you want me to do/stop with, tell me, not trying to do your job16:39
sikkoyes! another seeder on 32bit16:40
sikkook, ill update to over 30% in a few seconds, then ill have to go, but ppl will see proogress ont heir seeds already. if someone steps in within the next 30 minutes, the torrent will continue, without anyone seeing full stop16:45
sikkoill probably be too late at work, but ill try to get the dl to 100% so the torrent runs on16:56
sikkook, i seed the full 64 bit version now as well, hope we get a lot of downloads and good reviews of the new release, hereby i want to thank tgm4883 for everything he did to make this release possible, and also everybody in the rest of the team. thank you for a great distribution!17:09
sikkoand thanks that i could find something to do to help as well :)17:09
sikkogot to go to work now, hope i dont get in trouble for it ;P17:10
sebrockis the 9.10 mythbuntu officially released?17:18
sebrockoh nevermind I see it is17:18
ZinnMythbuntu 9.10 http://www.mythbuntu.org/downloads17:18
sebrockSomeone missed to update the site... is says 9.0317:18
sebrockon first page that is...17:18
sebrockhmm will the amd64-bit run on a Intel Core 2 Duo with 64-bit capabilities?17:21
sebrockor why is it named "amd64"17:21
puffWith mythbuntu, when I go to play videos from the hard drive, is there any way to have it use a list view instead of an icon view?18:51
crankharderhow do I change my repo from the UK to the US?  tried reinstalling the package off of the website but it just put the UK repos back in the file18:56
darthanubisWOW! torrents are WICKED fast!18:57
darthanubisjust started and I'll have me iso in 13minutes!18:57
Redhammer_the_Olhi similar to what was posted here: http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/mythtv/users/402110?page=last I cannot get my board to accept rtc/wakealarm unless I use relative time ie sudo sh -c "echo +300 > /sys/class/rtc/rtc0/wakealarm"19:20
Redhammer_the_Olall other options just add 5min from prompt times and gives no date, so my question is how can I amend the wakeup script to use relative time // what do I need to add to mythtv setup -- this was not a problem with 9.04 but unfortunately my system decided to give up and I had to do a fresh install and then chose to use 9.1019:21
Cyber-DoggI have mythtv installed on ubuntu 9.1019:27
Cyber-DoggI setup the playback to use the VDPAU profile19:27
Cyber-Doggand as far as I know I have an appropriate video card for that19:27
tgm4883crankharder, use MCC19:27
Cyber-Doggwhen I do playbck it fails and I checked the log19:28
Cyber-Doggit says no compiled playback format found19:28
Redhammer_the_Olyes what did the log say, what driver are you using and what car do you have19:28
Redhammer_the_Olcard I mean19:28
tgm4883well car too19:28
Redhammer_the_Oland what file format were you trying to play19:28
Cyber-DoggLOL... my car sucks :-)19:28
tgm4883we need to make sure you represent mythbuntu properly ;)19:28
Cyber-Doggdriver is 18519:29
Cyber-Doggmy car is a 2001 taurus19:29
tgm4883Cyber-Dogg, what card?19:29
Cyber-Doggit's an onboard19:30
Cyber-DoggI have a shuttle SN78SH719:30
Cyber-Dogglet me go pastbin the logs19:31
Redhammer_the_Olok if its an geforce 8200 it shoul work, I have the same chipset19:31
tgm4883!logs | Cyber-Dogg19:32
ZinnCyber-Dogg: MythTV logs are stored in /var/log/mythtv/   You can use mythbuntu-log-grabber from the Applications menu to automatically post the most relevant logs to our pastebin.19:32
Cyber-DoggI just got the frontend log19:34
Cyber-Dogguh... file format...19:34
Cyber-DoggI have a firewire STB that works (this setup works if I change the profile to cpu--)19:34
Cyber-Doggmpg feed19:34
Cyber-Doggsorry I didn't properly format the URL :/19:34
tgm4883Cyber-Dogg, yea I can't read that19:35
tgm4883use the log grabber tool19:35
Redhammer_the_Olits actually just text, open page with gedit works19:36
Redhammer_the_Olyou error: 2009-10-29 13:58:36.568 VidOutVDPAU Error: Failed to initialise VDPAU19:36
Redhammer_the_Ol2009-10-29 13:58:36.593 VideoOutputXv: Desired video renderer 'vdpau' not available.19:36
Redhammer_the_Olcan you check that you installed the vdpau files ? and what version they are I for awhile had a problem that the symlinked vdpau files all were linking to other versions ie instead of linking to the driver that was correct they kept relinking themselves on startup to  some other version, I deleted the "wrong" version and that fixed it for me19:38
atomicpileso, I just upgraded to mythbuntu 9.10 (was using gentoo actually) and now I am not able to get a livetv output with my HD-PVR. I am able to cat /dev/video0 > blah and capture video but mythtbackend keeps kicking out the error "MPEGRec(/dev/video0) Error: StartEncoding failed19:38
atomicpileeno: Resource temporarily unavailable (11)"  any ideas? Google isn't being much help today. I have checked permissions on /dev/video0 and there are not issues19:38
tgm4883Resource temporarily unavailable (11) usually means soemthing else is using it19:39
atomicpilethere is nothing else running, and I am able to access the device by cat /dev/video0 > blah.ts and get a capture. reloading the kernel modules and replugging to don't help either19:41
Cyber-DoggRedhammer_the_Ol: sure... how do I do that :-)19:41
Redhammer_the_Olok first check in synaptic and search for vdpau, is it installed19:43
Cyber-Doggwhen I search for that all I see the nvidia driver19:44
Cyber-Doggthe 18519:44
Redhammer_the_Olthen ls -l /usr/lib | grep dpau19:44
Redhammer_the_Olis nvidia-185-libvdpau installed ? then check with the ls -l | grep vdpau what you see19:46
Redhammer_the_Olbtw can anyone help me / has any had the issue with the clock writing I have had ? I mean that only sudo sh -c "echo +300 > /sys/class/rtc/rtc0/wakealarm"  adding time will work ?19:46
Cyber-Dogglooks like I have the symlink issue too19:47
Redhammer_the_Olis it linking to the wrong version ? then correct the symlinks19:47
Cyber-Doggthere are several links in htere19:47
Cyber-Doggwhich one do I need to change?19:47
Redhammer_the_Olpaste the output and let me look19:47
Redhammer_the_Olthe links look fine -- in my case the linking was to libvdpau_nvidia.so.180.xx.yy instead of 185.18.3619:51
Redhammer_the_Olso that is not it19:52
atomicpilefixed my problem, forgot to set my proto to PAL, didn't think that mattered with the hdpvr, but that's what I get for thinking19:52
Cyber-Doggit looked to me like the main "entry" was not pointing to the nvidiai19:53
Cyber-Doggthat's why I thought it might be wrong19:54
Redhammer_the_Olno it goes in a loop for some reason but that is "normal"19:55
Cyber-Doggbut I just didn't see a path from libvdpau.so to libvdpau_nvidia.so.185.18.3619:55
Cyber-Doggand I assume that that is the important file19:55
Cyber-Doggbut... what do I know :-)19:55
Cyber-Doggany other thoguhts?19:58
yfaykyasuperm1 : ping19:59
superm1yfaykya, pong19:59
yfaykyasuperm1: Who mantains the package lirc-modules-source ? It is already set up for dkms20:00
yfaykyaIf that could be patched it would be ideal20:00
superm1yfaykya, that's us who maintains that too20:01
Redhammer_the_Olhmm cyber-dogg does this happen with all media types ?20:01
yfaykyaI think ppl would have to get their own f/w though20:01
superm1yfaykya, yeah patching that would be doable20:01
superm1at least for living on the PPA20:01
Cyber-Dogguh... haven't tried any others :-)20:01
yfaykyaI don't see any lirc_zilog.c in there though20:02
superm1yfaykya, yeah that's a new module that's not upstream20:02
superm1similar to how lirc_pvr150 wasn't20:02
yfaykyaAh .. This will be my 5th upgrade on my production systems so I am confused as to what is new! :-)20:03
yfaykyaThis release I can drop dvb sources which is nice20:03
yfaykyaAre upstream slow or are they against lirc_zilog for some reason?20:04
superm1against lirc_zilog20:04
superm1because it requires that pieces of "firmware" with questionable licensing20:05
yfaykyaSo *buntu decided to include lirc_pvr150 anyway?20:05
yfaykyaAnyways the lirc_pvr150 that came as standard did not work (blaster support).20:07
superm1because of the missing firmwrae20:07
yfaykyaNo - even with f/w I always had to roll my own20:07
superm1well hopefully during lucid you can help get things to working OOTB20:07
superm1we can get the zilog support in by default20:08
Redhammer_the_Olanybody know how I can add the current time to a script ? what I mean is edit this : http://mythbuntu.pastebin.com/m445b0e5 so that it converts from time_t to time_t - current time so that I can change the second line to echo +(time_t - current time) > /sys/class/rtc/rtc0/wakealarm20:08
superm1and talk about maybe packing that firmware into linux-firmware-nonfree or something20:08
yfaykyaThat would be a nice way to do it.20:08
yfaykyaI am going to try and patch and build that module now but wary to upgrade my prod box until I know it works. I have no pvr150 in my laptop20:09
yfaykyaShould I clone jarods tree or try and merge into existing lirc-modules-source?20:10
superm1so the nice thing about doing it with dkms is that you can bring that dkms package over20:10
superm1yeah that's probably the best way to do it20:10
yfaykyawhich one ;-)20:11
superm1oh i read that "and" not "or"20:11
superm1do both!20:11
superm1you'll have to clone the tree to see what parts need merging anyway20:11
yfaykyatrue.. Ok - enough procrastination. Thanks..20:12
superm1best of luck :)20:12
Cyber-Doggtgm4883: I pasted the mythbuntu logs earlier20:16
Cyber-Doggdid they help you see anything wrong?20:16
tgm4883Cyber-Dogg, repost?20:18
* Cyber-Dogg crosses fingers20:25
d^v3im set on building a dvr20:39
d^v3does anyone think mythtv is the way to go as far as this20:40
Cyber-Doggare you expecting anyone here to say no? LOL20:41
d^v3i suppose20:42
hadsDepends what you want to do. Myth isn't suited to everything.20:44
d^v3i really just want to record shows when im not around20:44
hadse.g. some people just want to watch videos and music, there are better options for that.20:45
hadsFor recording TV etc. myth is great. There's a bit of a learning curve if you don't know Linux though.20:45
d^v3knowledge of linux is ok20:46
d^v3im no command line guru or anything20:46
d^v3but ive been using debian for about a year now20:46
Cyber-DoggI'll tell you waht... I'm almost convinced that someone with no linux knowledge could put up mythbuntu without having learning a thing20:47
Cyber-Doggso simple!20:47
hadsTrue, they have made it a lot easier to use.20:47
hads9.10 is a great release, 10.04 is going to be even better.20:48
superm1 i think it's getting to the point that the usability of mythtv-setup is the part that will need work now20:48
Cyber-Doggso anyone see anything in my logs for VDPAU?20:48
Cyber-DoggI'd sure like to get that working! :-)20:48
tgm4883superm1, maybe you should hold off on that20:49
tgm4883Cyber-Dogg, i'm not seeing anything :(20:49
hadsI see there's been discussion about reworking mythtv-setup20:49
tgm4883hads, have you seen how mythdora does it?20:49
hadsNa never touched it.20:49
tgm4883via web browser20:49
superm1the whole thing? do they really?20:50
hadsJUst modifying the DB directly I assume?20:50
tgm4883IDK, I haven't tested it20:50
superm1that sounds like a horribly large amount of work to keep that in sync though20:50
d^v3anything crucial i should know before i pop the iso in?20:50
superm1because of skew with the DB20:50
hadsFor sure20:50
tgm4883that needs to be incorporated in mythweb20:50
hadsd^v3: Not that I can think of.20:50
yfaykyasuperm1 : I got it to build and install on my laptop. Know anyone who can test? I can in a few days if I set up enough time to upgrade my backend20:52
yfaykyauses dkms20:52
superm1there was a fwe people who have come in here the last few days with trouble20:53
superm1Wicked was in here the pother day needing help20:54
tgm4883superm1, you want to take a peak at Cyber-Dogg's logs?20:55
superm1and tmkt20:55
superm1tgm4883, i'm just new into VDPAU seriously myself as of about 12 hours ago, so i'm not the bset person to help debug a vdpau problem ATM20:57
tgm4883that makes 2 of us20:57
tgm4883Cyber-Dogg, I actually don't even see the error you are talking about20:58
hadsThere's nothing relating to VDPAU in there is there?20:58
hadsI've not used it either yet.20:59
yfaykyasuperm1 : I will tidy it up and make a diff20:59
hadsI haven't used VDPAU yet either.20:59
superm1yfaykya, cool thanks21:00
Cyber-DoggLOL you're right21:19
Cyber-DoggI don't know how that happened...21:19
Cyber-Doggif you look at filebin.ca/crat21:19
Cyber-Doggthat's where I took it amnually21:19
yfaykyasuperm1: http://www.skynet.ie/~shabba/zilog.diff21:45
yfaykyaThat is against the unpacked /usr/src/lirc-0.8.6/ that lirc-modules-source installs21:46
yfaykyaa "sudo dkms build -m lirc -v 0.8.6" works and a modprobe of modules produces no errors.21:47
superm1yfaykya, cool thanks21:47
superm1amazing that's all that's needed21:47
yfaykyaHopefully can try in morning21:47
superm1if someone would have caught this say a month ago, we could have included it :)21:47
yfaykyaYeah just a few includes21:47
superm1i'll try'n put this on the testing ppa later too21:48
yfaykyaI should have to be honest21:48
superm1oh well, live'n'learn.  :)21:48
Pwencould someone please tell me how to upgrade from 9.10RC to 9.10? thanks22:45
darthanubisPwen, familiarize yourself with APT23:11
darthanubisPwen, familiarize yourself with Ubuntu23:12
darthanubisPwen, familiarize yourself with Debian23:12
foxbuntuPwen, sudo update-manager -d23:12
foxbuntudarthanubis, attempt to help, not hinder please23:12
darthanubisyou did not help I did not hinder23:12
darthanubiswhat are you talking about?23:12
darthanubishim familiarizing himself with those things HINDER?23:13
foxbuntudarthanubis, sarcasm is not always received properly in irc23:13
darthanubisthere was no SARCASM23:13
darthanubisquit your sanctimonious preaching23:14
foxbuntudarthanubis, but how does it answer his immediate question?23:14
darthanubishow does instant gratification enlighten him?23:14
darthanubisyou think you are doing him a favor?23:15
Pwendarthanubis, foxbuntu thanks23:15
foxbuntuhe will/should learn from my advice, while becoming enraged at the lack of help helps him how?23:15
darthanubishe may not have the understandnign of a 12 yr old23:16
darthanubisI gave him that much credit23:16
tgm4883foxbuntu, you don't need the -d?23:16
darthanubisyou holding his hand is condescending23:16
foxbuntutgm4883, your right, but it wont hurt23:16
darthanubisyou don't need none of it23:16
tgm4883plus just opening it should be fine23:16
darthanubissudo apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade23:16
tgm4883or apt-get upgrade23:16
hadsdarthanubis: That's incorrect.23:17
tgm4883missing a sudo?23:17
darthanubisworks just fine here23:17
PwenI tried already apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade, and it told me zero to update, so I am going to assume that means my mirror isnt updated yet?23:17
foxbuntuPwen, mirrors are current23:17
tgm4883foxbuntu, not all mirrors?23:17
hadsIt's recommended to upgrade with update-manager.23:18
hadsAs foxbuntu suggested.23:18
tgm4883i mean, there could be a strageler out there23:18
darthanubisPwen, dude your fine. You are curent23:18
darthanubisPwen, nevermnd the hand wringing23:18
Pwenhahaha it doesnt bother me - the philosophy is interesting23:18
darthanubisit's also reccomended not to adjust your radio volume when driving. Pwen I think you can handle such tasks;)23:19
hadsdarthanubis: familiarize yourself with Ubuntu23:19
darthanubishads, back at you23:19
darthanubissee laughs all around23:20
darthanubisgotta love ubuntu23:20
foxbuntudarthanubis, instead of acting like a child, try providing actual help, or not answering at all23:20
foxbuntudarthanubis, and this is not a debate23:20
darthanubisyeah because children never name call right?23:20
foxbuntudarthanubis, if you dont like the rules, leave23:20
darthanubisI debated with no one23:20
darthanubiswhat "rules"?23:21
darthanubisI was not rude23:21
foxbuntutgm4883, would you like to enlighten darthanubis ?23:21
darthanubisPwen said thanks23:21
darthanubisonly you and hads had an issue23:21
darthanubisyou can't poin tto a rule I broke23:21
darthanubisbut I see a nice link23:21
darthanubisboth of you. I'm done23:22
* hads ignores23:22
ZinnSorry I don't know about polite23:22
* tgm4883 shrugs23:22
tgm4883CoD rules only apply to people that have signed it?23:22
darthanubisfoxbuntu, can I make your ignore list please?23:22
darthanubistgm4883, I signed it23:22
foxbuntudarthanubis, then you didnt read it23:22
darthanubislike you would n=know mister name caller23:23
foxbuntudarthanubis, what name?23:23
darthanubisstalk someone else sir23:23
Pwenfyi guys this kind of arguing is probably what deters new users, more than unhelpful responses :p23:24
darthanubisPwen, and if you do run sudo update-manager -d you'll see, it tells you you are at final because you already ran the cmd line I gave you:)23:24
darthanubisPwen, totally23:24
foxbuntudarthanubis, just please be helpful instead of telling people "Learn Ubuntu"23:25
darthanubisstalk someone else sir23:25
foxbuntudarthanubis, This is my last comment. If you continue to treat new users in this manner you will be removed.23:26
darthanubisstalk someone else sir23:26
darthanubishe did not complain23:27
darthanubisYOU did23:27
darthanubiswhy is that?23:27
tgm4883alright, end of discussion23:27
tgm4883right now23:27
tgm4883next comment on it gets 24 hour ban23:27

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