tonyyarussoSpeaking of the release manager (-r-p convo), do we have them lined up to announce in there when appropriate?00:10
tonyyarussonalioth: I could be useful to have ubot3 syncing the factoids db more often today since it's the one in #u-r-p, if that's possible.00:18
naliothtonyyarusso: more often than every hour?00:20
tonyyarussonalioth: is it really that much?  Seemed like it wasn't grabbing something, but I guess I haven't checked systematically...00:20
tonyyarusso(memory thought it was once a day anyway, so bleh)00:20
naliothit syncs to the main db every 59 minutes00:21
tonyyarussookie dokie - nvm me then00:21
Flannelu-r-p isn't +c do we care?00:40
PiciNot until people start abusing it00:41
PiciIt also was -t earlier.00:41
Piciand +s00:41
FlannelThat channel is mos eisley anyway.  The current conversation there makes me question whether we should still entertain it.00:42
Flanneler, not current, but the past few hours00:43
PiciIt'll be worse later00:43
Amaranthdang ohmy00:54
AmaranthI really want to tell -release-party I've got a bottle of jack and my finger on the ban button ;)00:55
FlannelAmaranth: eh?00:55
AmaranthFlannel: It's a party :)00:55
PiciAmaranth: hehe00:55
FlannelAmaranth: So go ahead :)00:55
FlannelI've tried to keep a "it's a party, let things slide" attitude, but a couple of people are close to being banned regardless.00:56
AmaranthFlannel: The problem is telling the difference between "it's a party, I'm having fun" and "I'm screwing with all of you"00:56
FlannelAmaranth: right.00:57
AmaranthLike the guy seemingly lifted right out of 4chan00:57
ubottuThe operation succeeded.00:57
ubot3In #ubuntu-release-party, Inphoar said: ubot3 is still here, and when PartyBot1 is gone, there's no telling what he'll do.00:57
Amaranth!areyousure-#ubuntu-release-party is <reply>Yes, I'm sure.00:57
ubottuI'll remember that, Amaranth00:57
Amaranthoh, wait, ubot300:58
FlannelIt'll sync hourly00:58
FlannelHowdy h00k, how can we help you today?00:59
h00khello Flannel!00:59
h00kI was wondering the proper steps to consider before asking to voulenteer for the job of helping out as an op.00:59
Amaranthha, ajmitch is going to ban me01:03
h00korly, this I'd like to see.01:03
AmaranthThink we should just stay +o? Cuts down on the traffic with the +o/-o and will hopefully make people less crazy01:04
h00kFlannel: I also understand that you guys are busy everywhere01:05
Picih00k: At this time we're not accepting volunteer operators. Normally when we have the need for more we look to the contributing members of our community.01:05
Flannelh00k: Someone who knows the answer will be able to answer you.01:05
h00kPici: okay, thanks for the info!01:05
FlannelMaybe we need to come up with activities and games to play for -release-party.  It works for eight year olds...01:09
Picigood idea01:09
PiciThanks for volunteering to come up with ideas too01:11
Amaranthif the bot is going to be muting people and setting +z I'm going to stay +o while I'm around01:12
ubot3In #ubuntu-release-party, rickspencer3 said: ubot3, when is supposed to be out?01:18
tonyyarussoFlannel: that is actually a good idea01:22
Picijono... hah01:22
Flanneltonyyarusso: Yeah.  I'm just not sure what sort of fun activities we could do.01:22
FlannelHaving a bunch of competitions or something would certainly keep people busy, and probably be fun.01:23
PiciI have a very very large trivia file if someone has a working bot (the questions are hard though)01:23
FlannelHowdy krummlauf, how can we help you today?01:26
ubottuPartyBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (clone flood)01:30
ubottuPartyBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)01:32
AmaranthThis is getting insane way too quickly01:34
PiciAmaranth: That was the guy who kept asking about the pirate bay link01:37
Amaranthoh, ok then01:37
nikooh, Scientologist in #ubuntu-release-party01:39
nikodo you needs help in #ubuntu-release-party ?01:41
naliothniko: you are on the access list (twice)01:42
ubottuPartyBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)01:42
Picithe partybot is attracting the trolls01:54
ubottuLjL called the ops in #ubuntu ()01:56
Pici!away > EsmD02:04
MenZakrummlauf: Can we help you?02:08
* MenZa jabs krummlauf with a pointy stick.02:09
krummlaufo sorry02:18
krummlaufi got banned or somethin02:18
krummlauffor sayin HAIL SATAN on accident02:18
krummlaufcan i go back to the channel02:18
krummlaufi think ikonia did it or somethin02:20
krummlaufit was on mistake i dont mean bad02:22
tonyyarussonalioth: Does ubot3 have a different way of handling overlap with !info than ubottu?02:27
ubot3In #ubuntu-release-party, d1b said: ubot3: pizza_party is http://www.beigerecords.com/cory/Things_I_Made/PizzaParty02:31
krummlaufi didnt mean bad02:35
krummlaufam i banished forever to this realm of nod?02:35
Dasdahey anyone here? i need to test if the dcc exploit wont work on me02:46
FlannelDasda: You've passed/been removed from the looks of things02:47
FlannelHmm, or maybe not.02:47
Dasdamy router doesn't have new firmware02:47
Dasdaim on port 800102:47
Dasdais there a way i could do this for other servers too? i have always had this problem and never known what caused it02:47
Dasdamostly efnet02:48
FlannelDasda: Try asking for a test again in -read-topic02:48
FlannelDasda: If they support a non-6667 port, use that02:48
Dasdaok, nothing else I can do though other than get a new router then right?02:49
Dasdathe test still doesn't work02:49
FlannelAssuming its your router and you can't upgrade to firmware that isn't vulnerable, yeah.02:49
Dasda"<@FloodBotK1> Dasda: Sorry, but I am unable to test you (are you using your usual nickname?). Please contact the operators (type « /topic » to find out how)."02:49
FlannelDasda: right, ignore that02:50
FlannelYou're good it looks like02:50
Dasdai guess ill follow rules and leave since my issue has been dealt with02:50
Dasdathanks alot02:50
FlannelDasda: Although, changing your user from "Suck a dick" might be nice too.02:50
Dasdagive me sec02:50
Dasdagood now? flannel?02:52
FlannelDasda: Aye.  I was just mentioning it offhand anyway02:52
Dasdayeah you aren't first though, i was always hesitant because it required me to disconnect and connect again right at the moment then I always forgot later on02:54
Dasdathanks alot for the info, its really nice that ubuntu users help in everything02:54
FlannelDasda: No problem02:55
Dasdatake care02:55
FlannelYou too02:55
tonyyarussoI wonder why they don't password-protect the bits of the server used for staging - I'm sure the mirroring stuff knows how to do basic auth03:06
Amaranthafaik it's just rsync03:25
nhandlertonyyarusso: There isn't a need to, there is nothing that needs to be kept private03:26
tonyyarussonhandler: I meant for preventing people from loading down the servers while they're trying to sync by grabbing things right now03:27
tonyyarussonhandler: btw while you're here - who's in charge of the .ics for Open Week?  It doesn't seem right.  (Or I'm just crazy)03:28
nhandlertonyyarusso: I commented on that a day or so ago. I'll poke amber and jorge again about it tomorrow (they are handling all of the Open Week stuff)03:29
tonyyarussoSo it's not just me?  Yay03:29
krummlaufi need help03:29
krummlaufi aint bad03:29
krummlaufthey say im bad but i know i aint03:29
krummlaufim good03:29
Flannel!away > kisuke03:40
Flannelkrummlauf: Hi.  I think you're waiting on ikonia?03:41
naliothkrummlauf: is there any further we can help you with?03:50
ubottuFloodBot2 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (clone flood)03:51
Flannel#ubuntu-release-fiesta looks non-malicious03:53
tonyyarussoIs it Spanish?03:55
FlannelIt's the clone flood that was just reported03:55
Flanneladvertisement, that is.03:55
FlannelI expected to join and get attacked by ads or something03:56
voxwhat's the deal with "omg its out!!eleven1111" people in #ubuntu? tell them it's not(yet) and if they dont shush, remove them?06:01
bazhangjudgment call imo06:02
bazhangkewlbns is seriously annoying though06:02
voxi wasnt sure if there was an offical stance or not06:02
Flannelvox: Yeah.  If they're being disruptive/annoying, warn, then remove, just like always06:03
FlannelAlthough I suppose in this case also advertise #ubuntu-release-party06:03
jussi01Yes, push them to #ubuntu-release-party06:06
jussi01If you have to ban, then banforward to release party.06:07
macouser "ubuntu" in #kubuntu is PMing me and asking "asl"07:00
macoi'm playing dumb and interpreting this as "american sign language"07:00
ubot3In ubot3, prateek said: it is out07:04
ubot3In ubot3, prateek said: it is dskhfkdfhgfd07:04
Flannel!asl | maco07:10
ubottumaco: Most of us don't speak American Sign Language, please try english instead. ✌07:10
macoi do though!07:10
macowell i dont speak it. thatd be silly.07:10
mneptokthumb down. index raised. half loop. draw across chest. raise pinkie. full loop.07:21
mneptoknot very efficient as a spoken language.07:21
Flannelmneptok: Airplane star thumbs-up mailbox.07:22
jussi01!asl | mneptok07:26
ubottumneptok: Most of us don't speak American Sign Language, please try english instead. ✌07:26
jussi01whats the small character at the end of that factoid I wonder...07:27
macopeace sign07:27
macoor the letter V07:27
macoor the number 207:28
topylior the same factoid in braille07:28
* jussi01 curses maco's slow connection :P07:31
macothats the school  server!07:32
macoalso youre not in pm anymore07:32
tonyyarussoAnyone know if this has come up before?  < alabd> Is it against to ubuntu mailing list license if someone allows that his/her notes/answers be copied into a non-free book ?07:32
tonyyarussoWe said IRC logs were public domain, right?07:33
jussi01tonyyarusso: hrm, interesting questions. Im pretty sure the answer is yes on the logs, not sure on the ML. dont quote me as Im not certain07:34
tonyyarussoI ask again - has the release manager been asked about whether they plan to announce in -r-p again in addition to the normal mailing list?07:38
dholbachgood morning07:39
jussi01hiya daniel07:41
jussi01tonyyarusso: who is the release manager?07:42
tonyyarussojussi01: I don't actually know.07:42
tonyyarussoI know who it's been a number of times in the past, but hey07:42
jussi01dholbach: do you knwo?07:42
dholbachbut there's a bunch of others on the release team07:43
dholbachcjwatson, pitti and a few others07:43
jussi01right, tonyyarusso, can I delegate this to you to follow up and ask/ffind out?07:44
jussi01thanks a lot07:44
mneptokbothering slangasek on release day is a Bad Idea(r)07:45
tonyyarussoeh, I already did it once :P07:45
tonyyarussoAs long as you don't actually expect an answer quickly and aren't annoying he doesn't seem to bite too hard07:45
jussi01too hard :D07:46
dholbachwhat do you guys need?07:46
mneptokdholbach: donuts and ponies!07:46
jussi01dholbach:  [09:38:31] <tonyyarusso> I ask again - has the release manager been asked about whether they plan to announce in -r-p again in addition to the normal mailing list?07:46
dholbachjust asking in #ubuntu-release might help already07:46
jussi01tonyyarusso: ^^07:47
tonyyarussodid that - got "uh, probably, but I don't know if anyone's actually asked"07:47
mneptokor just refresh http://releases.ubuntu.com/releases/9.10/ every few minutes07:47
tonyyarusso!f5 | mneptok :P07:47
ubottumneptok :P: Remember that every time you hit refresh, Canonical is wasting money, bandwidth, and CPU time serving your request instead of doing useful things like uploading the image or paying for ShipIt disks.  Please do so sparingly.07:47
mneptoktonyyarusso: i think Canonical would rather we bother the servers than the release manager07:48
tonyyarussomneptok: may be true, hrm07:48
tonyyarussoI plan on getting some sleep though between now and then07:48
jussi01meh, 30 sec's of slangaseks time vs 1000 refreshes...07:49
tonyyarussoHe can always ignore me.07:49
* tonyyarusso tries super-quick07:49
mneptokdholbach: does Matt Nuzum idle on Freenode? he's got to be one of the first to know, and less likely to be as busy as Steve on release day.07:50
mneptoktonyyarusso: you might want to ask newz2000 in -website to let you know.07:52
mneptoktonyyarusso: he'll have slightly more free mental bandwidth and will be among the forst to know.07:52
mneptoktell him that by keeping you informed it will annoy me greatly. he'll tell you within microseconds of release. ;)07:53
Flannelaww, mneptok's making friends.07:54
=== dholbach_ is now known as dholbach
tonyyarussoGot a confirmation from slangasek that the announcement will be taken care of.08:12
tonyyarussoand with that, I'm going to try to catch a few winks.08:12
jussi01tonyyarusso: goodnight08:12
* jussi01 giggles at slangasek in -r-p08:13
mneptoki'd /join -r-p, but there's a loaded shotgun in our house08:15
topyli-rp must be the worst irc channel i have ever visited08:15
jussi01topyli: its rather silly, but it serves a purpose.08:17
ubot3In #ubuntu-release-party, prateek said: !it is out08:19
topylijussi01, sure. two in fact: it reduces noise elsewhere, and it also *is* a celebration of sorts08:21
zirodayHi, barneystinson bergjoha and possibly some others appear to be the same person up to no good09:03
ziroday(and speaking german after being directed to #ubuntu-de)09:04
zirodayoops nevermind, thanks Flannel09:04
ikoniais it out yet :)09:06
Flannel /abr ikonia09:07
Flanneloh, er,09:07
ikoniaha ha09:07
ikoniaI fail to see how so many people are incable of checking a website, yet think they can use a new operating system09:07
Flannelikonia: Or even the topic09:08
ikoniahow did rww just op in release part without a members cloak09:11
Flannelikonia: he didn't.  He /part requested by rww: yadda yadda09:11
ikoniaI'm being dumb now09:12
Flannelikonia: He's a tricky fellow.09:12
ikoniano, I'm just thick09:13
Flannelikonia: Attack?09:58
FlannelOh,facebook it seems09:58
ubottuPartyBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join)09:59
ikonialooking too09:59
FlannelApparently jono's facebook link includes that nick as a suggestion or something10:00
ikoniaI'm getting very tired about indus10:00
FlannelThat'll be fun for the next few hours10:01
ikoniaI think it's a stupid thing to do to be honest10:01
ikoniaok - I'm suggesting +b on partyanimal10:03
ikoniait's getting stupid10:03
FlannelI'd second that10:04
ikoniaI'll get jono in here10:04
ikoniahe's "sanctioned" it10:04
FlannelHe's caused stupidity10:04
ikoniaI %100 concur10:04
FlannelWe should stop it, and talk to him while it's +b so the channel can be usable10:05
ikoniaI can't op in ther10:05
ikoniaor I would10:05
ikoniawgrant seems keen to let it continue - I'll ask him to join too10:05
Flannelikonia: You can't?  Oh, I will10:05
ikonianot wearing a member cloak10:05
Flannel+b partyanimal*!*@* right?10:05
ikoniahey wgrant10:07
wgrantikonia: Hi there.10:07
ikoniathanks for joining, I've also sent a message for jono too10:07
wgrantQuieting down a bit now, fortunately.10:07
ikoniawgrant: only because flannel +b it10:07
ikoniawanted to have a chat about it if possible10:07
ikonianeed to chat quick as +b on partyanimal* is not good if jono is inviting10:08
ikoniaanything we can do to control this better as it's hitting the channel stupid10:08
ikoniaany thoughts ?10:09
wgrantNo idea.10:10
ikoniaahhh 9.10 just been delayed indefinatly10:10
wgrant9.04, actually!10:10
wgrantSomebody should fix that.10:10
ikoniaok - well jono's not responding to pm or not joining so I don't know if we can get him to do something with the facebook page10:10
ikoniaFlannel: want to try -b now see if it's "ok" ?10:11
ikoniajust thinking out loud10:11
ikoniadon't have to10:11
ubottuPartyBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join)10:12
wgrantcjwatson trying to escape.10:12
FlannelI'm thinking qwebirc is sort of borderline too.  Just the nick.10:13
ikoniaok that didn't work10:13
ikoniaany thoughts ?10:13
ikoniaI can't get jono to respond10:13
ikonianot sure how to progress ?10:13
FlannelWe really need people to have their own nicks, or else it becomes impossible to keep track10:13
FlannelHe just needs to ask people to come up with nicks isntead of giving the defaults/etc10:13
ikoniaplus the freenode webchat links are nuts10:14
wgrantI don't know how immutable that post is.10:14
ikoniain honesty I don't see the need for the post10:14
wgrantMaybe if we fill jono's screen up with flashing PMs, he will realise.10:14
ikoniaha ha ha10:14
wgrantTwitter too.10:14
wgrantOh. god.10:14
ikoniaJONO !!!!!!10:15
ikoniathis seems very ill thought out10:15
ikoniasomeone may want to update the -r-p topic to state it's delayed for the very few who do read the topic10:16
Flannelgood god.  Some people just don't think.10:17
wgrantikonia: ... it's not delayed.10:17
ikoniawgrant: really ?? party bot just announced it10:17
wgrantHa ha ha.10:17
ikoniaoh it was jaunty10:17
ikonianow I've clicked what you said earlier10:17
ikoniaFlannel / wgrant until jono responds I suggest we leave +b in place - thoughts ?10:18
Flannelikonia: I concur.  And likely afterwards too.10:18
wgrantikonia: Agreed.10:18
wgrantBut this must be discussed with jono.10:18
ikoniaI know it's not really the right thing to do placing +b while jono's inviting mass joins, but I can't think of a better thing to do10:19
ikonia(channel is logged so trying to explain actions)10:19
Tm_Tok, that channel is nuts10:19
ubottuPartyBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join)10:19
Flannel"must" is strong10:19
Flannelbut yeah, we do what we have to do to make it usable.10:19
Flannelfor some values of usable.10:19
ikoniaas I said I'm open to suggestions10:19
wgrantThe Twitter link appears to not have a nick set, which is good.10:20
Flannelikonia: No, I think this is really the only thing we can do.10:20
FlannelWe could forward unregged too I guess10:20
ikoniawell that won't be a problem if twitter doesn't have  nick set as we can't +b every nick10:20
Flannelbut that seems too extreme10:20
ikoniaFlannel: agreed at this time10:21
FlannelIt'd be nice if we could get partybot to ignore mass join (or set it's limit higher) too10:22
ikoniaI suspect there will be ircc/cc fall out of the fact that we've just banned jono's invitations10:22
ikoniaI'm going to inform the council channel that we've done than so they know as they are going to get hit with this no doubt10:23
Flannelikonia: I'm not so sure10:23
Flannelikonia: I don't think its going to be as big of an issue as we're worried it'll be.  Unless there's history I'm not aware of10:23
ubottuPartyBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join)10:23
FlannelWithout the bans, its totally unusable, with the bans, it's more usable.  Who cares  if they can join a channel where they only see scrolling?10:24
ubottuFloodBot3 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join)10:24
eviljussi01hiya jono10:24
jonohey eviljussi0110:24
eviljussi01I just got bck from lunch, and seems omethings up...10:25
eviljussi01no, idea, seems a lot of backlog here10:25
eviljussi01Flannel: ikonia: fill me in?10:25
Flannelikonia: ping you away from your email10:25
* Tm_T pours gasoline into eviljussi01 10:26
eviljussi01that wasnt supposed to work...10:26
wgrantEvil indeed.10:26
ikoniajono: thanks for joining we put +b on partyanimals* on #ubuntu-release-party to try to get some form of use out of the channel10:26
ikoniathe invite you sent out was causing the channel to become more of a mess than it was already in,10:27
jonoikonia, really?10:27
ikoniawanted to chat to you to see if there was any better way to do this10:27
ikoniamass join of many partyanimal* nicks wasn't good10:27
jonoikonia, well, a bunch of people joined at the same time10:27
ikoniayes, and kept joining until we put the +b on10:28
jonoand now I have posted an url where people can pick their own nick10:28
ikoniaahhh so you've updated the facebook page (I know you did on twitter)10:28
jonoI couldnt update the FB, will post another message to correct10:29
Tm_Teviljussi01: I'll forgive thise time10:29
ikoniathat would be cool and very helpful10:29
ikoniaI guess give it a few minutes after that post and remove the +b ?10:29
jonoikonia, thanks!10:29
jonoikonia, good idea :)10:29
jonosorry folks10:29
jonomy bad10:29
ikoniathanks jono10:29
ikoniagive us a nudge when the new pages is up10:30
Flannelikonia: I don't think we ened to remove the +bs10:30
ikoniaFlannel: ok - I guess if no-one is using the nick any more it won't hurt to leave it for a while at least10:30
Flannelikonia: People who don't get the update ... should read the update.  People who don't pick a nick (qwebirc) are still banned until they pick one10:30
ikoniaI can see your logic10:31
jonoikonia, done10:31
ikoniajono: are you ok with that ?10:31
jonowhatever you feel is best :)10:31
FlannelWe're still going to have a hell of a time policing.  Already getting abuse, and with the FB out of comission, we're going to have to manually police flood too.10:31
ikoniaok, great10:31
ikoniaFlannel: it's best efforts I guess, it is release-party after all10:31
Flannelikonia: It'd be nice to get rid of the emergency mode on PartyBot though10:32
ikoniaha ha, yes10:32
ikoniaI can't see a way around that10:32
Flannel+b on /whatever/freenode/whatever/asdlkfja;sdkfj;sdf is a proper ban? or do we ban hash@*?10:33
ikoniaI guess all the web clients are jono's invite guys10:33
wgrantIs emergency mode the +rR?10:33
Flannelwgrant: That's whats going on there, yeah.10:33
Flannelwgrant: and then it won't +zb flooders (but does -zb them after they're finished)10:33
ubottuPartyBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join)10:34
jonoikonia, yeah they are web people10:34
wgrantFlannel: Ah, I see.10:34
jonodon't ban that host10:34
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join)10:34
ikoniajono: god no10:34
ubottuFloodBot2 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join)10:34
FlannelIs it the ident or the last bit of the hostname that's bannable?10:35
ikoniaI believe10:35
ikoniawhere is nalioth when you need him, or Pricey10:35
FlannelHellow's just banning like there's no tomorrow.10:36
ikoniaI'm about to pm him as he's just banned a whole client of ichat10:36
FlannelI didn't ban ichat because I didn't think he needed to be banned10:37
ikoniaichat is also an ident of a client as I recall10:37
FlannelAs much as I appreciate the cleanup crew... discretion is good :)10:37
ikoniathe default ident I mean10:37
FlannelAye.  Know what you mean10:38
ubottuPartyBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join)10:39
ikoniano kidding partybot110:39
Flannelis Hellow an op anywhere else?10:40
ikoniadon't think so, but don't know10:40
Flannelor is this is his first time?  He seems way over eager10:40
ikonianot seen him active in any of the channels he's in10:40
Flannelnow I'm stuck policing his bans as well as everyone else10:41
ikoniarelease-party just gets worse each year10:41
Flannel03:42 <Hellow> Noes, you too away my banhammer!10:42
FlannelI told him he can't ban anymore, only kick/remove.10:42
* ikonia is dissapointed in zetheroo110:43
Flannelnimp crap10:45
ikoniaFlannel: you're fulltime on -r-p enjoy :)10:46
Flannelikonia: Eh?10:46
Flannelit's 345 in the morning10:46
FlannelI was just stretching the gap in the rest of you10:46
ikoniato late, you've opped, you're resonsible now ;)10:46
ikoniaI saw it, I saw it, it's all you10:47
FlannelI opped so all this moderation stuff would be one line instead of three10:47
FlannelWhen you op for that reason, you *know* something is wrong10:47
ikoniaI'm just kidding you10:48
ikoniait's a bomb in there10:48
ubottuPartyBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join)10:48
FlannelCan someone find the pattern in asdasd and altec?10:49
ikoniaahhh more hands10:49
ikoniaFlannel: I'm working on him10:49
ikoniaFlannel: ident seems the same10:49
ikoniafor asdasd10:49
FlannelAlso, for Lucid if we want to omit -release-party, I'm all for it.10:50
wgrantThen it'll just go to #ubuntu...10:51
ikoniagreat, now emma is in10:51
FlannelShe must've woken up.  She was on earlier too10:51
bazhangyeah protesting10:51
wgrantOf course.10:51
ikoniait's fine - if she continues she's gone10:51
ikoniaFlannel: yup, asdasd's ident stays the same10:52
Flanneler, can you craft the banmask for me?10:52
Flannelor, wait10:52
ikoniaother way around10:53
ikoniathere is as way to do ?=sdfgasd but I can't remember the format10:53
ubottuPartyBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join)10:53
ikoniaeviljussi01: is that right ?10:53
wgrantNow the Canonicalers roll in...10:53
ikoniaFlannel: yes, that works10:53
ubottuFloodBot3 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join)10:54
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join)10:54
ikonianow people are making up new channels10:54
wgrantThey have been for hours.10:54
ubottuFloodBot2 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join)10:54
ikoniawgrant: ok - then someone needs to do something about that channel then10:57
wgrantikonia: It has been a couple of different channels.10:58
wgrantI presume they didn't go anywhere.10:58
ikoniano - they are real10:58
wgrantDamn :(10:58
ikoniahello dotwaffle10:59
dotwaffleHi there, can someone please confirm ikonia is a registered voice for the Ubuntu IRC channels - I've been asked to close a channel.10:59
Flanneldotwaffle: Yes.10:59
gord /whois dotwaffle11:00
ikoniaha ha11:00
bazhang #club-release ?11:00
gordi was jsut being nosey ;)11:00
ikoniabazhang: don't care about that one11:00
FlannelHmm, maybe mute Partybot in -monitor?11:01
FlannelI don't care how many freenode sessions we have connected, frankly.11:02
ikoniaemma is getting annoying spouting conspiricy theorys about the channel now11:02
ikoniaFlannel: sounds acceptable11:02
Flannelikonia: If only I could11:02
ikoniahello TO300011:04
TO3000can someone please unblock me from #ubuntu-release-party11:05
ikoniaTO3000: why where you banned ?11:05
TO3000i posted he out put of a cowsay command and i was blocked for fluding11:05
ikoniaTO3000: ok - why did you do that ?11:06
TO3000i tought it would be cool11:06
TO3000i wont do it agein11:06
ikoniadid you read the topic about not flooding the channel ?11:06
Flannelikonia: Now you can fiddle too11:07
* Flannel hides11:07
ikoniadamn you11:07
ubottuPartyBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join)11:07
ikoniaTO3000: hello again11:07
TO3000im sory11:07
ikoniano problem11:08
TO3000so could you unblock me11:08
ikoniaTO3000: so if the ban is removed you'll read the /topic in the channel and follow it /11:08
ikoniadotwaffel was really helpful and nice11:09
ikoniaTO3000: one moment please11:10
Flannelikonia: got it11:10
ikoniaFlannel: thanks !11:10
FlannelTO3000: Alright, go ahead and rejoin11:10
TO3000thk you soomuch11:10
FlannelTO3000: If there's nothing else we can help you with tonight, please /part.  Thanks11:11
TO3000you are very nice people11:11
FlannelI can't believe I just recommended #ubuntu as a low-traffic channel11:11
ikoniaha ha11:12
FlannelMy last ban should snag that guy that keeps joining/posting/leaving (was bae9 apparently)11:13
ubottuPartyBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join)11:14
ubottuPartyBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join)11:28
ubottuFloodBot2 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join)11:28
wgrantFlannel: That didn't work?11:33
wgrant(bae9 returned)11:33
bazhanghe just joined spammed -r-p and quit11:33
Flanneln= vs i=11:34
ikoniaFlannel: ?= should work11:35
FlannelOr *11:35
ikoniawell....that too11:35
FlannelI'm sort of concerned that I can keep up.11:40
ikoniaha ha ha11:41
ikoniaI must eat11:42
wgrantikonia: It is forbidden.11:42
wgrantFlannel: You are gooooood.11:42
Flannelwgrant: Eh?11:42
ubottuPartyBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join)11:43
wgrantFlannel: You are incredibly quick at killing them.11:43
FlannelOh.  Ninja ops!11:43
Mamarokthat u-r-p channel is completely crazy11:44
ikoniawgrant: I'm overruling you11:44
wgrantikonia: Damn real ops :(11:45
Flannelxukun just advertised -r-p in -r-p11:45
FlannelSo, at 1000 users, we're +m right? :)11:51
ikoniaI don't know to be honest11:51
Mamarokwell, we will see quite soone, the 960 wall just came down11:51
ubottuPartyBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join)11:52
ubottuFloodBot3 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join)11:52
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join)11:52
ubottuFloodBot2 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join)11:53
Tm_TFlannel: noo, would ruin all the fun11:55
FlannelTm_T: I'm thinking +m for five minutes of silence, to reflect on the past 5 years of Ubuntu.  Where we've been, where we're going...11:55
ikoniaFlannel: I'd support that !11:56
FlannelSort of like 4'33"11:56
wgrantThey're getting good this time. Posting preemptively valid links.11:56
ichatFlannel  - can you unban me in -  ubuntu-release-party ill be good i - prommise :P it was just a silly link that i expacted no-one would take sirrious11:56
ikoniawell as the release is 9.10 - lets have 9 minutes 10 seconds of silence11:56
Flannelichat: You posted that it was released, and you were attempting to pretend to be partybot11:57
ichatFlannel:  - if i had realy wanted it to look - true i could have done better11:57
ichatit was just to be slly - i though it to be obvious11:58
ikoniayou're manners in #ubuntu are also unacceptable11:58
ikoniaichat: the topic is obvious and tells you NOT to do that11:58
ichatif i was mistaking im sorry for it11:58
ikoniaichat: it explicitly tells you not to do it11:58
ikoniato quote11:58
ikoniaNo posting  of links or claiming it is before the announcement11:58
ubottuPartyBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (flood)11:58
bazhangwhat the heck11:59
wgrantBeautiful, beautiful silence.12:00
ikoniaFlannel: really ?12:00
bazhangpartybot opped me?12:00
ichatikiona - there are way more people who are a bit more rude tha i am at time - specially in ubuntu (a help channel for the love .........  i can get quite agitated if people are being ignorant on perpose...    its YOUR rule to not ask in #ubuntu  - and they still do and you wonder why i get a bit  grumpy about it12:00
ikoniabazhang: no, I did12:00
Flannelikonia: Why not?12:00
jonoFlannel, why have you locked it?12:00
bazhangikonia, okay phew12:00
jonoplease unlock the channel12:00
ikoniaichat: that makes no sense, other peoples beahviour is not being discussed here12:01
ichatikonia -  the ban also did not take place in #ubuntu -  so why has it to do with a silly joke in a less sirrous rome   like  #release party  (the word even says it all    PARTY12:01
ikoniaichat: you're not banned in #ubuntu12:01
ikoniaichat: I'm saying your attitude in #ubuntu is ALSO not acceptable to your behaviour in #ubuntu-release-party12:02
ubottuFloodBot3 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join)12:02
ikoniaichat: the topic in #ubuntu-release-party clearly says don't say it's out when its not, you did that, you also took it futher to pretend to be a party bot and announce it12:02
ichatikonia and i say that it is beside it.. -  ikonia -  maybe you want to mirror me (and filter out -  the times i help poeple in linux irc chans (includng those of ubuntu ... -  i think i helped about  1k  users for every time i told some one too  P...  Of  (for not reading the topic.12:04
ichatiknonia the ban whas because if a silly ban in a room called party12:04
ikoniaichat: if you help 1 million users that doesn't give you the right to talk to people as you did, nor miss-lead people as to a release being available12:04
ichatnot in a helpdesk where people are triing to get help .. and others try to be.... less - co-operative12:05
ikoniaichat: the room called party also has an explicit line in the topic and multiple warnings in channel NOT to post comments sayg it's out12:05
ikoniaichat: bottom line is - you're out of the party for today12:05
ichatin that case ikonia - i think youll manage those extra few by yourselfe (if you manage that is12:06
ikoniahello genii12:07
PiciWeird.  my screen session was down when I logged in.12:07
ikoniaonce every 6 months or so mine dies12:07
PiciWell, my linode hasn't even been up for 24 hours yet, so....12:08
ubottuFloodBot3 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join)12:08
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join)12:08
ubottuFloodBot2 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join)12:08
Picihow long have the bots been doing the mass join thing?12:08
bazhangquite some time12:09
ikoniasince jono invited the world to -rp12:09
ikoniawhen I say the world I mean facebook and twitter which expand beyond the world12:09
ikoniainteresting how much of an effect it's had12:09
PiciI mean for #ubuntu12:10
Mamarokyes, some Martians and Moon dewellers are in, too12:10
ikoniaPici: oh12:10
ikonianot noticed in #ubuntu to be honest12:11
Piciikonia: did jussi talk to you about xorred?12:11
ikoniayes yes12:11
ikoniathe ban has been removed12:11
Picithe floodbots are going nuts12:12
wgrantAnd there's still quite a while to go.12:13
ikoniayes, I wonder if -rp is having an effect12:13
Mamaroksomebody kick that 4r-tech guy, now he is calling names12:15
PiciMamarok: you have rights there now12:16
MamarokPici: thx :)12:16
PiciAnyone else who needs it let me know.12:17
ikoniaPici: can you update me please so I can deop12:17
ubottuPartyBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join)12:17
ubottuFloodBot3 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join)12:17
Piciikonia: done12:17
Picivox: ty12:20
ikoniaban list full12:21
ikonia!ops | #ubuntu ban list now full12:21
Picithis is ridiculous12:21
PiciI'm gonna grab some breakfast and think about what to do12:21
ikoniaI'll do a big clear down now12:21
ubottu#ubuntu ban list now full: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky,  imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, Madpilot, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso,  PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!12:22
ubottuikonia called the ops in #ubuntu-ops (#ubuntu ban list now full)12:22
ikoniacan someone watch Typhhooooh in -rp and +1 while I tidy ubuntu bans12:23
ikoniaTyphhooooh is yure12:24
jussi01now then, which chans am I missing over here...12:31
wgrantWoah, ^mNotIntelligent was convinced?12:34
ikoniawhat's the format of finding floodbot bans ?12:35
MamarokI am off for a few minutes, my kitchen needs me :)12:36
ikoniatrying to get bullgard back in here to resolve this12:38
ubottuIn #ubuntu, D3RGPS31 said: ubottu: yes it is :<12:39
furunouh oh sorry :(, I didn't want to support his argumeng (D3)12:45
ikoniasorry pici didn't mean to race you12:46
Piciikonia: you got him anyway12:46
bazhangpartypooper, indus?12:53
bazhanghow can we help you12:53
ikoniapartypooper: what do you want ?12:53
* Pici wonders why all these people are joining12:53
partypooperjust wanted to see how you handle stuff here12:53
om26erikonia, i was gone out for 10 min and it was in the clipboard12:53
raevolok if i idle here?12:53
ikoniaI need to change my kick message12:53
ikoniaPici: my fault sorry12:54
Piciikonia: just link to the guidelines page12:54
ikoniapartypooper: you know you are not meant to be here and you know you know how things work12:54
partypooperis it possible to make channel scroll slower?12:54
ikoniapartypooper/indus - stop trying to bait people12:54
om26erikonia, what about me12:54
=== partypooper is now known as indus
Piciom26er: Why are you here?12:55
jussi01!idle | raevol12:55
ubotturaevol: Please keep in mind that this channel is for operator/abuse questions only; we ask you to part when you have no further business here in order to keep track of users with pending inquiries.12:55
raevolk thanks12:55
ikoniaindus: if you don't need operator help please leave the channel12:55
ikoniaom26er: you where kicked from release party for posting links when you where told not to12:55
indusi asked a question but i dont think you read it12:55
om26erikonia, ok12:55
indusi need a link to thie irc logs of this channel12:56
indusif that s possible12:56
ikoniaindus: that's not an operator issue12:56
ubottuOfficial channel logs can be found at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ - For LoCo channels, http://logs.ubuntu-eu.org/freenode/12:56
indusok thanks12:56
indusi have a comment though12:56
indusikonia's tolerance is/or seems to be much lower than the other ops12:57
indusnothing personal12:57
bazhangindus, thats just not so.12:57
bazhangindus, please dont idle here12:57
indusok then maybe iam wrong12:57
ikoniaindus: you are just unable to follow the guidelines12:57
indussee ya12:57
bazhangindus, you are.12:57
indusfor sure?12:57
bazhangyou are wrong.12:57
PiciIts opinion12:58
ikoniait's fine12:58
bazhangindus, please dont linger.12:58
indusclosed room indeed12:58
om26ersend me back12:58
ikoniaom26er: please leave the channel12:58
bazhangom26er, to where12:58
wgrantikonia: <3 <3 <312:59
Piciguys/gals, I gotta do the work that I'm getting paid to do, so I can't be here all the time, sorry :(12:59
bazhangom26er, from which channel13:00
tonyyarussoAnd I'm back13:00
ikoniaom26er: you're not banned13:00
om26erbazhang, ubuntu-release-party13:00
wgrantikonia: Want to unmute?13:00
bazhangom26er, reason for ban?13:00
om26erbazhang, i posted this ncdn.releases.ubuntu.com/13:00
bazhangom26er, and the topic says dont post links.13:01
om26erbazhang, yes!13:01
bazhangom26er, yet you did so anyway.13:01
czajkowskiikonia: just a thought I know many of the females on IRc and even some males don't like the "Hey guys" approach, might be wiser to use a gender neutral greating.  as I beleive many Ubuntu ops even feel this way13:01
ikoniaczajkowski: I know - it's a bad habbit that I'm trying to break13:02
ikoniait's a valid/fair comment13:02
tonyyarussoYeah - although perhaps a hard one to remember in the midst of insanity.  Would be easier to work on other times...13:02
ikoniaczajkowski: I've caught myself a few times and stopped it, I apologized to elky earlier it's unintentional but I %100 understand how it can be seen13:03
tonyyarussoEnglish is a stupid language.13:04
om26ernow let me go to the party plz i won't paste again13:05
ikoniaom26er: leave this channel and join the #ubuntu-release-party channel13:05
bazhangcorden, how may we help you13:06
ikoniabazhang: a consiquence of my bad kick message I feel13:06
cordeni just read a msg that my ISP was black listed from torrent13:07
bazhangcorden, it was a joke13:07
cordenhope so13:08
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join)13:09
wgrantbazhang: Spads is a Canonical sysadmin; those are rickroll redirects.13:09
bazhangwgrant, whoops sorry13:10
tonyyarussoEven a joke link causes thousands of simultaneous hits to the server though13:10
nhandlerAnd do you guys think it would be beneficial to mention ubuntu-announce@ in the topic?13:10
ikonianhandler: go for it13:10
ikoniaI don't think canonical should be posting rickroll links13:11
nhandlerThe /topic has been updated13:13
tonyyarussobtw, by my count, #ubuntu has now surpassed Jaunty levels.13:13
jpdsikonia, bazhang: Dudes, you've clearly never met Spads.13:13
ikonianope never13:13
Picitonyyarusso: yep, it just did13:14
bazhangjpds, I just kicked and apologized13:14
Pici09:13:20 >>>> Irssi: New peak in #ubuntu@freenode : 183113:14
* jpds shakes head.13:14
Piciu-r-p surpassed long ago13:14
tonyyarussoJono was denting to get it over a thousand13:16
ubottuPartyBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join)13:17
wgrantbazhang: rickspencer3 is the Desktop team manager.13:21
ubottuPartyBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join)13:22
bazhangwgrant, is it out then? he asked if it was and I said its not. dont see the harm in that.13:23
wgrantbazhang: Indeed not.13:23
ikoniahello JediMaster13:24
JediMasterHey guys, I just got kicked banned from #ubuntu, can anyone tell me why?13:24
ikoniaJediMaster: looks to be because you posted links to a product not released yet13:24
tonyyarusso!links | JediMaster13:25
ubottuJediMaster: DON'T POST LINKS!  Karmic isn't out until it's announced, and indicating anything otherwise causes the servers to get more load, thus making the release LATER.  Is that what you want?13:25
JediMasterhmm, well very sorry about that, don't want the network flooded, I just presumed that it was ok to copy/paste the link that someone else had pasted 30 sec before13:26
JediMasterany chance I could be unbanned and I'll happily not post it again =)13:27
tonyyarussoYeah, as soon as I can collect my sanity enough to copy and paste :S13:27
JediMaster=) ta13:28
tonyyarussoShould be good to go JediMaster13:28
seeker^Is it out yet?13:30
JediMasterthanks tonyyarusso, I didn't figure it out until after I pasted the url in and noticed the nocdn13:31
tonyyarussoJediMaster: Happens.  You can help us by referring others to !links and #ubuntu-release-party too.13:31
JediMasterwill do13:32
JediMasterbtw, just a suggestion, it would make sense to use a .htacces/.htpasswd on the nocdn site to only allow the IP/ranges of the CDN to access the site and password protected for all others13:34
tonyyarussoI pondered that earlier too.  But hey, I'm not in charge :P13:34
tonyyarussoof that anyway13:35
Picithank goodness13:35
seeker^I have asked several times in the past about why they don't have a more secure distribution method to the servers13:35
ikoniaWikidude: you've been told many times to stop telling people it's out13:36
ikoniaareay: can we help ?13:36
Wikidudeikonia , I typed in released , and in the the next line as you could see , I also wrote not yet13:36
JediMasterI believe it's called security by obscruity, and it's never a good plan13:36
WikidudeJediMaster : lol13:37
areayjust wanted to watch people get mad about being kicked tbh ikonia ... i'll leave if u want13:37
ikoniaareay: please yes13:37
WikidudeSo am I still blocked13:37
WikidudeProbably yes I guess13:37
ikoniayou're not banned - you've been removed13:37
ikoniabut as wikidude or your other nick you've been a problem in the channel a few times today13:38
ikoniaI suggest you think about what and how you're posting13:38
WikidudeCheers , just a little out washed >>> and sorry about it13:38
ikoniano problem, thank you13:38
jussi01!idle | JediMaster13:38
ubottuJediMaster: Please keep in mind that this channel is for operator/abuse questions only; we ask you to part when you have no further business here in order to keep track of users with pending inquiries.13:38
ubottuIn #ubuntu, calmsiva said: ubottu : in my chat why is your colour changing13:39
JediMasterok ok, I'll bog off, thanks tonyyarusso, and someone really should mention the .htaccess to the sysadmins to block for non cdn server IPs..13:41
seeker^I'm so glad I don't have access to a machine that will allow me to op up right now :P13:41
bazhangI think dolittle may have been hit by mistake (I got doslinux)13:42
ikoniahe was, I apologiesd13:42
bazhangah sorry just saw that13:42
ikonianot a problem13:42
* tonyyarusso hopes they release soon before his head asplodes13:48
ikoniaI'm tempted to +m again for a short period13:48
ikoniait's getting stupid13:48
seeker^Yeah, go for a +m13:49
czajkowskiwell it's out in some places.. so you can understand the confusion.13:53
seeker^It isn't "out" anywhere yet13:53
seeker^Some servers have got copies of an iso13:53
PiciIts not out until the fat lady^W release manger says so13:53
jussi01Slangasek has said he will pop a note in -r-p when it comes out, so we will all know...13:55
jpdsseeker^: s/Some/Most/14:00
jussi01oh dear -r-p is crazy14:00
wgrantIt was worse earlier.14:01
tonyyarusso!ops the -r-p ban list appears to be full!14:03
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)14:03
tonyyarusso!ops | the -r-p ban list appears to be full!14:03
ubottuthe -r-p ban list appears to be full!: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky,  imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, Madpilot, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso,  PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!14:03
ubottutonyyarusso called the ops in #ubuntu-ops (the -r-p ban list appears to be full!)14:03
jribjust clear it what's the point14:04
tonyyarussoThat's probably safe, yes.  Most are very temporary14:04
jpds /msg ChanServ CLEAR #ubuntu-release-party BANS14:04
jribis -r-p +L?14:04
ikoniathat's a cool trick jpds14:06
jpdsikonia: I'm full of those.14:06
ikoniano doubt14:06
tonyyarussoYou should see the one with the seal ikonia14:07
sanketmedhitonyyarusso: here14:07
Mamarokoh man, what a bunch of silly kids over there14:08
tonyyarusso!links | sanketmedhi most likely it was this14:08
ubottusanketmedhi most likely it was this: DON'T POST LINKS!  Karmic isn't out until it's announced, and indicating anything otherwise causes the servers to get more load, thus making the release LATER.  Is that what you want?14:08
topylia finnish news site says 9.10 is out and links to downloads :\14:08
sanketmedhioh ok, sorry, I got the link on a local ubuntu channel, had no idea about this issue14:08
czajkowskitonyyarusso: can you see pm please14:08
tonyyarussosanketmedhi: If you can help us by not repeating, you're all set to re-enter.14:09
JediMasterquick question, is it ok to link urls on mirrors?14:10
JediMastere.g. http://www.mirrorservice.org14:10
JediMasterwho have 9.10 posted14:10
sanketmedhitonyyarusso: sure, I promise14:11
tonyyarussosanketmedhi: Okay, thanks!14:11
sanketmedhitonyyarusso: same to you14:12
tonyyarussoc'mon Steve...put us out of our misery14:12
ikoniaat jedimaster asked14:12
bazhangwhoa ubuntu.com has changed14:22
Picilooks the same here14:22
tonyyarussobazhang: Changed, reverted, and changed again already14:23
Picihttp://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/download is showing 9.10 for me now14:23
tonyyarussoMatt has testing to do too you know - it's not magic.14:24
bazhangseems like there is an arthur c clarke quote applicable about this14:24
jpds14:25:28 < slangasek> is something happening today?14:27
naliothnot everyone plans their religious holidays around Ubuntu release day14:27
PiciI should have scheduled a day off for today14:28
tritium#ubuntu-release-party is rather dizzying14:28
jpdswgrant: /remove is the way to go.14:29
ikoniathank god14:30
ikoniait's released14:30
ikoniaso much for the announcment14:30
wgrantWhy did the topic declare it?14:30
areayunban me damnit it was out when i said "it's out"14:31
ikoniaubuntu.com just changed the banner to 9.1014:31
ikoniaareay: calm down14:31
wgrantThat's got little to do with anything.14:31
areayim kidding14:31
bazhangthe link in -r-p says out and not out :)14:31
ikoniaI'll change the topic14:31
wgrantI wish leftyfb hadn't done that.14:32
Piciis it not out?14:32
PiciI changed the ubuntu topic because I saw that in -r-p14:32
ikoniait is out14:33
nalioththere are dozens of news agencies saying otherwise14:33
ubot3In #ubuntu-release-party, d1b said: ubot3: isitout is yes it is14:33
bazhanggood luck putting that genie back in14:33
ikoniaubuntu.com says it is ?14:33
bazhangdoes here14:33
Picican someone update !torrents14:33
PiciI need to gte back to work14:33
ikoniawgrant: someones been sloppy14:33
ikoniaPici: sure14:33
ubottuJaunty can be torrented from http://hr.releases.ubuntu.com/9.04/ubuntu-9.04-desktop-i386.iso.torrent or http://se.releases.ubuntu.com/9.04/ubuntu-9.04-server-amd64.iso.torrent depending on your architecture. Torrents for other Ubuntu flavours can be found at: http://it.releases.ubuntu.com/ (CD) or http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases (DVD).14:33
wgrant#-r-p has always declared the release only once slangasek does.14:33
wgrantBut too late now.14:33
wgrantDo we want to kill ubot3?14:34
ikoniait's just noise in there14:34
ikoniain my opinion14:34
seeker^What happened?14:34
wgrantThe release was inappropriately declared in #u-r-p, before the announcement.14:35
wgrant'declared' meaning the topic was changed.14:35
PiciWe should lock down who has ops there for the next release.14:35
Mamarokoh no :(14:35
ikoniaPici: that seems sensible14:36
MamarokI took this for granted14:36
seeker^Who changed it?14:36
PiciMamarok: not you, I mean people who aren't normally operators14:36
wgrantI mean, it is pretty much out.14:36
ikoniathe member cloak is quite broad14:36
wgrantBut we have always previously waited for the announcement.14:36
wgrantAnd the RM came in and announced it.14:36
PiciThere are hundreds of ubuntu members now14:36
Mamarokwell, I counted on that be true and change the topic in #k already14:36
wgrantMany hundreds.14:36
wgrantMamarok: Same in #u14:36
PiciMamarok: I did the same in #u because I saw the change in #u-r-p's topic14:37
naliothi don't think pulling all the access because of one idjit is wise14:37
ikoniaseems a sensible thing to do14:37
seeker^Why do members need access?14:37
jpdsCan we get lefty in here?14:37
ikoniaI think it was self moderating14:37
Picinalioth: or at least sending out a list of guidelines for the release event14:37
ikoniathat was the idea14:37
wgrantIt has worked reasonably before.14:38
naliothseeker^: because in a channel like #u-r-p, the more ops - the better14:38
naliothand one would expect any member to uphold the Ubuntu way14:39
wgrantIt hasn't caused problems before tonight.14:39
seeker^Apart from the case where there are too many people with ops14:39
Picinalioth: The problem is that many of these people don't normally do any operator duties14:39
seeker^And the number of members icreases to the point where the probability that there is somone that will do something stupid has ops14:40
seeker^is too high14:40
Mamaroko noes, now they do numbers :(14:41
wgrantThe danish stopped them.14:41
Mamarokand we should change the factoid, too14:42
wgrantDoes somebody want to correct ubot3's !isitout?14:42
PiciI muted it14:42
Piciit'll get synced to ubottu soon14:43
Mamarokok, thx Pici :)14:43
ikoniaha ha, "want to correct it" - "I've muted it" best correction14:44
Mamarokand the count goes down14:44
Mamarokthx ikonia :)14:44
MamarokI wonder how long this p'arty will last14:44
Mamarokthat was not a hickup, in case you wonder14:45
Pici#u+1 is forwarding to #u now14:45
Mamarokok, slangasek updated the topic in #u-devel, too, time: 15:46 (UTC+1)14:48
slangasekwhy did my +m not work in #u-r-party? :)14:48
Picislangasek: It did14:48
wgrantslangasek: You're a bit late, unfortunately.14:48
Picislangasek: The channel is +z so ops still see people talking14:48
slangasekoh, that's confusing :P14:49
slangasekwgrant: buh?  somebody announced it already?14:49
wgrantslangasek: Um, yes. Somebody somewhat privileged saw that ubuntu.com had updated, and changed the topic.14:49
wgrantA bit of a 'WTF are you doing?' moment here...j14:50
slangasekhum, ok then14:50
PiciAnd then some other people saw that the topic had updated and changed the other main channels :/14:50
wgrantAnyway, 6 months to develop a scheme to avoid similar things happening again.14:51
slangasek+z - that's new, then; is that going to be standard practice, so I remember next time and don't sit there dumbly waiting for the channel to go quiet? :)14:51
* anthony is sad14:51
anthonyLinode had a quick outage and I missed it :(14:51
anthonyShoulda synced up this client to all the channels I guess.14:51
anthonyslangasek: It's relatively common at least.14:51
PiciCan someone else please update !torrents, the bot decided to ignore me.14:52
Picioh, sure, ignore me here too why dont you. /me shakes fist at ubottu14:52
ikoniaduk: please remove #ubuntu from your auto join channel list14:53
ikoniaduk: you've already stated you don't want to join14:53
ubottuKarmic can be torrented from http://hr.releases.ubuntu.com/9.10/ubuntu-9\.10-desktop-i386.iso.torrent or http://se.releases.ubuntu.com/9.04/ubuntu-9.04-server-amd64.iso.torrent depending on your architecture. Torrents for other Ubuntu flavours can be found at: http://it.releases.ubuntu.com/ (CD) or http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases (DVD).14:53
PiciI messed up the regex too as you can see14:53
ikoniaoooh, so I see :)14:53
naliothi give up.  i can't get the bot to update  :(14:55
ikonia!torrents is Karmic can be torrented from http://hr.releases.ubuntu.com/9.10/ubuntu-9.1010-desktop-i386.iso.torrent or http://se.releases.ubuntu.com/9.10/ubuntu-9.10-server-adm64.iso.torrent depending on your architecture. Torrents for other Ubuntu flavours can be found at: http://it.releases.ubuntu.com/ (CD) or http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases (DVD).14:55
ubottuBut torrents already means something else!14:55
ikonia!forget torrents14:55
ubottuI'll forget that, ikonia14:55
ikonia!torrents is Karmic can be torrented from http://hr.releases.ubuntu.com/9.10/ubuntu-9.1010-desktop-i386.iso.torrent or http://se.releases.ubuntu.com/9.10/ubuntu-9.10-server-adm64.iso.torrent depending on your architecture. Torrents for other Ubuntu flavours can be found at: http://it.releases.ubuntu.com/ (CD) or http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases (DVD).14:55
ikoniaI've made a typo now14:55
jpdsikonia: <reply>14:56
ikoniait's never needed reply before or I'm forgetting14:56
ikonia!torrents is <reply > Karmic can be torrented from http://hr.releases.ubuntu.com/9.10/ubuntu-9.10-desktop-i386.iso.torrent or http://se.releases.ubuntu.com/9.10/ubuntu-9.10-server-adm64.iso.torrent depending on your architecture. Torrents for other Ubuntu flavours can be found at: http://it.releases.ubuntu.com/ (CD) or http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases (DVD).14:56
ubottuBut torrents already means something else!14:56
ikoniaI just told you to forget it14:56
ikonia!forget torrents14:57
ubottuI know nothing about torrents yet, ikonia14:57
ikonia!torrents is <reply > Karmic can be torrented from http://hr.releases.ubuntu.com/9.10/ubuntu-9.10-desktop-i386.iso.torrent or http://se.releases.ubuntu.com/9.10/ubuntu-9.10-server-adm64.iso.torrent depending on your architecture. Torrents for other Ubuntu flavours can be found at: http://it.releases.ubuntu.com/ (CD) or http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases (DVD).14:57
ubottuBut torrents already means something else!14:57
ikonia!torrents is <reply> Karmic can be torrented from http://hr.releases.ubuntu.com/9.10/ubuntu-9.10-desktop-i386.iso.torrent or http://se.releases.ubuntu.com/9.10/ubuntu-9.10-server-adm64.iso.torrent depending on your architecture. Torrents for other Ubuntu flavours can be found at: http://it.releases.ubuntu.com/ (CD) or http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases (DVD).14:57
jpdsikonia: Now you have to !unforget. :(14:57
bazhangperhaps !no14:57
ikoniajpds: why do you have to unfoget ?14:58
ikonia!unforget torrents14:58
ubottuI suddenly remember torrents again, ikonia14:58
Piciits silly14:59
ikoniait's not listening to certain things14:59
ubottuScottK called the ops in #ubuntu-motu ()15:03
ubottuIn ubottu, Jordan_U said: grub15 is Getting GRUB error 15 after installing 9.10 / upgrading to GRUB2? You probably have grub legacy installed to the MBR but GRUB2 in /boot, to fix this problem follow these instructions http://grub.enbug.org/Grub2LiveCdInstallGuide15:14
Amaranthdang I was way off on my guess for #ubuntu15:17
Amaranthonly 1700 people15:17
Pici11:18:49 >>>> Irssi: Peak for #ubuntu@freenode: 1865 (Thu Oct 29 10:20:50 2009)15:18
Jordan_UThis seems to be the most common problem people are having with grub, and error 15 isn't a particularly usefull error message ( googling does not return usefull information ) so this would be a nice factoid to have15:19
ikoniaJordan_U thanks for the info15:20
ubottuIn #ubuntu, newtolinux said: ubottu: thanks is it same version that released today?15:20
Jordan_U_ikonia: np15:20
Piciokay. *I* updated !torrents15:22
ikoniaPici: how ??15:22
ikoniadid it just start working ?15:22
ubottuKarmic can be torrented from http://hr.releases.ubuntu.com/9.10/ubuntu-9.10-desktop-i386.iso.torrent or http://se.releases.ubuntu.com/9.10/ubuntu-9.10-server-amd64.iso.torrent depending on your architecture. Torrents for other Ubuntu flavours can be found at: http://it.releases.ubuntu.com/ (CD) or http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases (DVD).15:22
Piciikonia: I editied the factoid manually and re-did it.15:23
ikoniawhen you see manually do you mean in the database ?15:23
PiciI mean !no torrents is <reply> blah blah blah15:23
jribso sad, first ubuntu release I don't have installed the day it's released :(15:36
jribPici: think it will break 2000?15:37
ikoniaJordan_U: can we help?15:45
ubottuIn ubottu, IdleOne said: isitout is  Karmic can be torrented from http://hr.releases.ubuntu.com/9.10/ubuntu-9.10-desktop-i386.iso.torrent or http://se.releases.ubuntu.com/9.10/ubuntu-9.10-server-amd64.iso.torrent depending on your architecture. Torrents for other Ubuntu flavours can be found at: http://it.releases.ubuntu.com/ (CD) or http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases (DVD).16:08
ikoniaJordan_U: do you need anything else ?16:09
ikoniaJordan_U: can we help you ?16:10
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join)16:13
ikoniaJordan_U: are you active or do you have here on auto join ?16:33
jpdsikonia: away and is idle : 0 days 0 hours 2 mins 52 secs16:36
ikoniaguess it's an auto join as he keeps parting and joining16:36
MenZaIs -release-party running wild?17:24
Picinot really17:24
MenZa1767 nicks Jesus Christ.17:28
Pici We peaked at 1177 users in #u-r-p and 1865 in17:29
naliothyeah, we get more folks in #ubuntu with each release17:30
MenZawe always do, but I've not seen 1865 before I think17:31
MenZaWait, I thought we discouraged  dist-upgrade now and were all-in on update-manager?17:32
naliothMenZa: of course you haven't. we hit 1865 about 3 hours ago17:38
PiciMenZa: dist-upgrade is fine, just not for upgrading to a new release.17:41
MenZaAh, ok.17:41
MenZaDon't we want apt-get upgrade, then?17:41
MenZa@p ic17:41
MenZa@ Pici*17:42
ubottuA dist-upgrade will install new dependencies for packages already installed and may remove packages if they are no longer needed.17:42
MenZaI see.17:42
MenZaI thought dist-upgrade would upgrade to the newer distribution.17:42
Picido-release-upgrade or update-manager should be used for upgrading to a new release.17:42
PiciMenZa: Most people do, hence why I made the factoid.17:42
MenZaAnd upgrade does what?17:43
PiciI mean it could be used in conjunction with changing the sources.list file with sed, but we don't want people doing that.17:43
MenZaI remember when that's how upgrades were done back with 5.1017:43
Piciupgrade will pull in package upgrades, but not if the packages depend on packages not yet installed.17:44
* MenZa nods17:44
Piciand it won't remove things no longer needed.17:44
ubottuLjL called the ops in #ubuntu (sudobash)18:13
FlannelMorning all18:44
ubottuIn #ubuntu, seena said: ubottu, nothing is happening, its not resetting to my previous settings18:44
mneptok!bot > seena18:51
LjLwould someone kindly look at sudobash? he has a long history, and the stuff he now said in #ubuntu-offtopic and, previously, in #ubuntu, is i think NOT fine.19:01
MenZaLjL: examples?19:01
MenZaI'm just scanning the backlog19:01
MenZa(in -ot)19:02
LjLMenZa: [19:53:50] <sudobash> No SHIT UBERTACO THAT IS WHERE I AM ASSHOLE19:02
MenZaI'll keep an eye out, LjL :)19:03
* mneptok is dealing19:03
mneptoki just asked him/her to join us here19:03
LjLi'll be going then.19:03
MenZamneptok: you take over, then :)19:04
mneptoksudobash: care to explain your comments to me in /query?19:04
mneptok13:03 [Freenode] [msg(sudobash)] please join #ubuntu-ops19:04
mneptok13:03 [Freenode] [sudobash(n=andrea@unaffiliated/sudobash)] how come so you can bitch at me19:04
mneptok13:03 [Freenode] [sudobash(n=andrea@unaffiliated/sudobash)] how about I just go to a different server?19:05
sudobashevery time you want some one to come in here it is usually to bitch at them... What are you a cop or my mom?19:05
mneptoki'd also like to point out that #ubuntu is a support channel, and is not the proper place to discuss your dealings with recruiters.19:05
sudobashdude this server is so fucking lame19:05
Flannelsudobash: If you want to go to a different server, by all means, please do.19:05
MenZaLovely attitude.19:06
mneptokbanned in #u and -ot19:07
PiciWon't be the first time we've had to do so.19:08
MenZaandrea_: Have you re-adjusted your attitude now?19:09
=== andrea_ is now known as sudobash
sudobashwas there something you all wanted to say before I never come back?19:10
MenZa!coc | sudobash19:10
ubottusudobash: The Ubuntu Code of Conduct to which we ask all Ubuntu users to adhere can be found at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/19:10
sudobashDidnt want to leave anyone with words they want to express...19:10
MenZa!guidelines | sudobash19:10
ubottusudobash: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines19:10
MenZaHave a look at those. That's about it.19:10
sudobashhave seen them years ago19:10
MenZaSo why are you ignoring them full-stop?19:11
sudobashanything else before I leave for good?19:11
ikoniaplease leave for good19:11
sudobashhave fun with being a bunch of fucking pricks19:11
sudobashon a lame ass server19:11
ikoniaok - bye19:11
sudobashwhere everyone is assholes19:11
MenZasudobash: Are you done venting so we can resume normal order?19:12
sudobashOpps I guess I just dont give a fuck19:12
ikoniaok - bye then19:12
sudobashbye pricks19:12
ikoniamoving on.19:12
sudobashLJL dont you get tired of being a fucking snitch>19:13
MenZaClean-up in aisle two!19:13
MenZamneptok: Is that a static IP+19:13
mneptokMenZa: dunno. why?19:13
MenZaI was thinking *!*@c-76-127-21-206.hsd1.tn.comcast.net instead in -ot.19:14
mneptokMenZa: if the IP is not static, that ban is worthless19:14
MenZavery truel19:14
PiciHopefully he doesn't try to come back.19:14
ikoniahe has history as long as my arm19:14
mneptokikonia: that's not saying much if you're a t-rex19:15
ikoniayou can sleep easy that I'm not a t-rex19:15
ubottuLjL called the ops in #kubuntu (sudobash)19:20
nikoin how many #*ubuntu* he did bad things ?19:20
mneptokniko: 3 i'm aware of19:22
naliothniko: he's being observed19:22
mneptokniko: not like you can do anything about it, since this is a LAME network with ASSHOLE opers.19:22
mneptokWTF is wrong with people?19:22
nikomneptok: :)19:22
ubottuLjL called the ops in #xubuntu (sudobash)19:23
mneptoknow in #edubuntu, too19:24
mneptok13:24 [Freenode] -!- sudobash [n=andrea@c-76-127-21-206.hsd1.tn.comcast.net]19:24
mneptok13:24 [Freenode] -!-  ircname  : Andrea19:24
mneptok13:24 [Freenode] -!-  channels : #xubuntu #edubuntu #sudobash19:24
LjLsudobash is threatening to "start up his redirecting script again". by that, he means a script that automatically mass-registers freenode channels with names that are a mispelling of legitimate channels (#ubutnu, #getnoo, etc), and redirects them to #sudobash19:25
LjLi think nalioth or some other staffer might be familiar with that from some time ago19:25
ikoniaall done19:25
ikonialooks like staff are looking at it as chanserv delt with it19:25
mneptokLjL: nalioth is busy weeping gently. it's release day for Ubuntu on Freenode. and he still has that pesky o:  ;)19:26
LjLi see19:28
LjLanyway this is my unsolicited query with the individual for reference, http://pastebin.ca/164823119:28
LjLgoing for dinner now19:28
Mamaroksudobash is back in #k19:29
ikoniaPici: is that ok to do ?19:30
ikoniaI thought he had to be a problem in that channel ?19:30
ikonia(not that I disagree "thank you")19:30
Piciikonia: I don't care what advice hes giving, hes ban evading now.19:30
ikoniaI didn't know he was banned in #kubuntu - that explains it, thanks19:31
PriceyHow's sudobash doing?19:42
ikoniafrom ljl19:42
MenZain #edubuntu as well.19:44
Priceyno need to follow19:44
ikoniahe's quiet now19:44
MenZaoh, I meant to be in that anyway19:44
MenZaI will, however, remain quiet as in 90% of my other #u* channels.19:45
MamarokI will have to leave soon, can somebody give a hand in #kubuntu, please? Seems I am alone there19:52
Mamarokthanks a lot :)19:54
MenZa[2009-10-29 19:48:24 UTC] < sudobash> ubuntu ops suck dick20:13
MenZaFrom #edu20:13
ubottuIn ubottu, guntbert said: !isn't it time to tell ubottu that the *current* vesion is karmic? info <package> makes her tell us the jaunty version :) (tried with mc and gnome-schedule)21:12
MenZa!nick is <reply> Your nick is how people know you on IRC. Please don't change your nicknames too often, or it creates a lot of confusion. You should also !register your nick with Freenode.21:46
ubottuIn #ubuntu-ops, MenZa said: !nick is <reply> Your nick is how people know you on IRC. Please don't change your nicknames too often, or it creates a lot of confusion. You should also !register your nick with Freenode.21:46
MenZaSomeone ^21:46
ubottuInformation about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname . Registration help available in #freenode21:49
ubottunick is <alias> register - added by LjL on 2007-02-09 18:13:3721:49
ubottunick is !nick is <reply> Your nick is how people know you on IRC. Please don't change your nicknames too often, or it creates a lot of confusion. You should also !register your nick with Freenode.21:50
MenZaDoesn't mention that people shouldn't change their nick21:50
* Flannel hdies21:50
ubottuYou should avoid noisy away messages in a busy channel like #ubuntu, or other Ubuntu channels; it causes excessive scrolling which is unfair to new users. Use the command "/away <reason>" to set your client away silently.  See also «/msg ubottu Guidelines»21:50
MenZaAh :)21:50
MenZaExcellent, Flannel.21:50
ubottuYour nick is how people know you on IRC. Please don't change your nicknames too often, or it creates a lot of confusion (/nick newnick to change it). You should also !register your nick with Freenode.21:51
FlannelMenZa: No, wasn't excellent, unless you enjoy recursion :)21:51
Flannelooh, even better (read: shorter)21:51
* MenZa recurses Flannel 21:51
FlannelYou didn't even curse me the first time!21:52
Flannelbut wait21:53
ubottuYou should avoid changing your nick in a busy channel like #ubuntu, or other Ubuntu channels; it causes excessive scrolling which is unfair to new users. Please set your preferred nick in your client's settings instead. See also « /msg ubottu Guidelines »21:53
FlannelDo we have three factoids that cover two topics collectively? or are they separate enough?21:53
FlannelWe're missing a !ua factoid (Ukranian)22:14
FlannelHmm, seems to be one person there, perhaps not.22:16
Flannel!away > carresmd22:24
bucky<bucky> ubuntu automatically logs me into #ubuntu in xchat and there is no way to change this default behavior afaik... then i get this22:48
bucky<Morasique> henux: this list is at http://freenode.net/using_the_network.shtml22:48
bucky<bucky>  ikonia sets ban on *!*@74-47-66-178.br1.moab.ut.frontiernet.net22:48
bucky  You have been kicked from #ubuntu by ikonia (ban dodging is not acceptable)22:48
bucky<henux> thanks22:48
bucky laters22:48
bucky<Mez> bucky: #ubuntu-ops22:48
bucky<-- Master_9 has quit (" HydraIRC -> http://www.hydrairc.com <- Would you like to know more?")22:48
bucky henux (i=henrih@unaffiliated/henux) has left #freenode22:48
bucky<bucky> ikonia has been busting my chops and I've already taken this to #ubuntu-ops and they haven't done anything about it22:48
bucky<-- dot-dot-dot has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))22:48
bucky<bucky> Does Canonical own freenode now?22:48
bucky<me1> bucky, visit #xchat also if you want to remove that default joining, iirc it's either caused by joining the "ubuntu" network in the network screens, or check your settings for the freenode network, it might be in the auto-join area22:48
ikoniaplease stop22:48
bucky<niko> bucky: please #ubuntu-ops22:48
buckyhow long am i going to have to put up with this harrasment?22:48
buckyshut up22:48
ikoniait's not harrasment - if you clam down I'll explain22:49
buckyMatt Darcy... shut up22:49
ikoniayou had a ban placed on you yesterday in #ubuntu, you had chanced your IP (it was an IP ban) so you where removed for ban dodging22:49
Flannelbucky: Please be respectful22:49
ikoniayou where banned for making the kind of comments you are showing in here - if you clam down we can resolve it,22:49
ikoniabucky, you where asked to stop making comments about genocide in #ubuntu-offtopic eg; how proud you where of it, when you where asked to stop - you called me a natzi22:51
ikoniayou where banned22:51
ikoniayou then joined 5 other channels to call me homosexual, natzi, cock sucker and various other names22:51
ikoniathat is why the ban in multiple channels stands22:51
ikoniathat's why you where removed from #ubuntu just now22:52
buckyi didn't call you a cock sucker.. but if you insist22:52
ikoniaI don't have the exact comments to hand but I can get them, they where along those lines22:52
buckyIf i ever see you.. be looking for a bloody nose22:52
ikoniaok - I won't be threatened, this conversation ends22:53
buckygood then shut up22:53
MenZabucky: Control yourself. Immediately.22:53
MenZabucky: Please part this channel if you have nothing further. We will not tolerate any of our ops being threatened.22:54
naliothbucky: did you have anything further?22:54
buckyi want the default behavior of xchat changed so i don't have to put up with this22:54
naliothyou were given advice in #freenode as to getting it fixed22:54
mneptokbucky: you can change that behavior in XChat's preferences22:54
buckyno you can't22:55
naliothwas there anything else, bucky ?22:55
buckywhere in preferences22:55
nalioththis is not a support channel22:55
naliothdid you have any further business with Ubuntu ops?22:56
buckyyou log me in just to ban me..? screw you22:56
naliothplease respect our /topic, bucky22:56
buckyyou've got to show respect to get it and now  it's war22:57
buckydebian traitor22:57
Flannelbucky: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/XChatHowto#Configuration22:57
Flanneloh, well, hmm22:57
Mezcan we get a saner !ot for #ubuntu-uk ?22:57
FlannelWhat a jolly fellow.22:57
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ot-#ubuntu-uk22:58
naliothFlannel: you wish to encourage his behaviour?22:58
MezFlannel: it uses the !ot atm.22:58
Mezwhich isnt relevant22:58
Mezwe talking about bucky?22:58
Flannelnalioth: Encourage?  I was providing him with information on how to exact his configuration changes22:58
Mezhe's complaining in #freenode22:58
naliothFlannel: he threatened to beat ikonia up22:58
Flannelnalioth: Indeed he did.22:58
FlannelYesterday too, if I remember correctly.22:59
FlannelI'd rather see him never come back if the problem is in fact his lack of knowledge on how to set default channels.22:59
naliothFlannel: he was given advice in #freenode that would allow him to fix it23:00
MenZanalioth: What is the freenode policy on threatening comments?23:00
nalioththis isn't about xchat23:00
MezFlannel: if you can look into the ot-#ubuntu-uk - I'd appreciate it :D23:00
ikoniaI'm not to fussed in honesty23:00
naliothMenZa: it puts one in the train station23:00
* MenZa thinks a swift K-line should do the trick.23:00
FlannelMez: Got any suggestions?23:00
MenZaikonia: It's still not acceptable in any way.23:00
MenZaikonia: It wouldn't bother me personally, but any sort of comment like that should get you k-lined, no questions asked.23:00
ikoniaI understand but as long as he's not a problem in the channels he can go about his business elsewhere23:01
MenZaBut that's freenode policy we're talking.23:01
mneptokMenZa: come HERE and say stuff like that. i'll ....23:01
mneptoki'll ...23:01
mneptokwell, you can have some of the pizza i bought23:01
* MenZa cuddles mneptok better.23:01
FlannelMez: I mean, I could sprinkle in some extra 'u's and 'e's but...23:01
Mez!ot-#ubuntu-offtopic is <alias> ot4ot23:01
ubottuIn #ubuntu-ops, Mez said: !ot-#ubuntu-offtopic is <alias> ot4ot23:01
Mezwould probably work23:01
MenZaspeaking of pizza, I could do with some.23:02
MenZaI think I have some leftover carbonara I shall go and scavenge on.23:02
* Mez hands MenZa a leftover slice from yesterday23:02
* MenZa hobbles downstairs.23:02
ikoniahe's asking in #ubuntu-devel for xchat support now23:02
* ikonia summons nalioth 23:02
* ikonia vanquishes nalioth 23:03
ikonianalioth: now #ubuntu-meeting23:06
ikoniasame behaviour as last night23:06
ikonianalioth: sorry to play treasure hunt with you23:07
mneptokthat sounds like a euphemism for something i don;t want to think about.23:08
* nalioth plastic wraps mneptok to his office chair23:09
ikonianow that's an image23:09
mneptoki hope "bucky has been g-lined" is the only "happy ending" today ...23:10
naliothyou'll have to coax him to another network for one of those  :P23:11
ikoniaI'm getting pm'd now with abuse23:11
* nalioth notes that freenode is fresh out of "G"s23:11
ikoniacan I have a K please bob ?23:12
FlannelI'd like to buy a vowel.23:12
* nalioth offers ikonia /quote silence *!?=yeehaw@*23:12
ikoniaI've just closed the window and focused on channels23:13
* mneptok vies for Flannel's bowels23:14
ubottuIn ubottu, erUSUL said: Empathy is an instant messaging and video chat client for GNOME. In !karmic, Empathy has replaced Pidgin as the default IM client.23:27
nikoi like erUSUL contribs23:28
* MenZa nods.23:37
topyliif we think pidgin fans are outraged, the factoid could add something like "pidgin is still available, don't panic"23:51
topylithat's hardly necessary, everyone knows that. half joking :)23:52
* MenZa replaces libpurple with telepathy in the repos.23:52
topylioh defaults are everyone's favorite rant. i could talk all day about how ubuntu breaks nautilus, but i'm too old for that. no energy for that, so i just change it for my own desktop :)23:55

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