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somebodyHi All,00:29
somebodyCan someone help me. I can't print.00:29
somebodyI want to print from my server00:30
somebodyMy server has no driver.00:30
somebodyIt has a parallel interface00:30
somebodyI normally CAT to it in Mac OS X00:31
somebodyCan anyone help me set it up under CUP Addon Server? Please.00:32
somebodyI can't print.00:33
somebodyNo matter what I try00:33
qman__anybody know if an ATi Rage XL is supported with the ubuntu server framebuffer?00:51
qman__my S3 card died00:51
mathiazbdmurray: oh - I know where I got the wrong bug number while writing a release note.01:02
mathiazbdmurray: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-release-notes/+bug/429781/+edit01:03
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 429781 in eucalyptus "snapshots created in 1.5 do not get imported to 1.6" [Wishlist,Won't fix]01:03
mathiazbdmurray: ^^ the title is wrong in the edit page01:03
mathiazbdmurray: it says 'Edit details for bug #512078'01:03
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someonesHello All,01:12
someonesI can't cat to my printer under Ubuntu Server 8.04 LTS like I can in Mac OS X01:13
someonesAny idea why?01:13
someonesI try cat file01:15
someones > /dev/lp01:15
someonesI try cat file > /dev/parport001:15
someonesSorry about the first two commands. Typos01:16
JanCsomeones: is your printer at your parallel port?01:17
JanCand does it understand raw files?01:17
someonesIt is parallel01:20
someonesIt is paralel01:20
someonesPrallel, Sorry01:20
someonesYes. It understands raw files01:20
someonesAt least via Serial01:20
jcastrokirkland: I have a book on raptors, looking it up01:26
aubregood evening - congrats on Karmic everyone - it has been a lot of fun for me to be involved in this project01:31
someonesMy printer accepts raw files.01:52
someonesI can't cat to it. Can anyone help? Please.01:52
kirklandjcastro: heh, thanks02:07
kirklandjcastro: got a couple of comments back; looks like mystery solved02:07
jcastrokirkland: oh?02:07
kirklandjcastro: red tailed hawk02:08
jcastrokirkland: I was leaning towards a broad winged hawk02:09
jcastrokirkland: clearly we need more pics02:09
jcastrothey look awesome02:09
kirklandjcastro: i'll post the scorpion i caught last week next :-)02:11
jcastroinsects suck compared to birds of prey02:12
kirklandjcastro: dude, it's a scorpion02:12
jcastrobut seriously get some better shots if you see them again02:12
kirklandjcastro: will do02:12
jcastroyou gave me something to do while waiting to test a fix, heh02:13
kirklandjcastro: http://people.canonical.com/~kirkland/CIMG0097.jpg02:13
kirklandcamera phone picture, not very good02:14
jcastroman that gives me the creeps02:14
poningruneed help with getting iconv on php02:25
poningrudo I have to recompile php to get it?02:25
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StrangeCharmis it possible to change a dm-crypt volume that currently uses a passphrase to be mounted at boot time, so that it can be automaticcaly mounted using a keyfile?02:39
qman__poningru, most likely, you just need to install additional packages02:43
poningruqman__, it seems to be an issue with getid3.php02:44
ajmitchiconv support should be compiled into php502:46
twbIn the past when I've had to deal with dribbling php devs, I found that when they said "php needs to be recompiled with foo" that translated in Ubuntu into "install the php5-foo package"02:54
ScottKtwb: ajmitch isn't a dribbling php dev.02:59
ajmitchScottK: I don't know, some days I really feel like it03:00
ScottK"See full publishing history" for clamav gives a long list ...03:04
twbNo worries, then.03:05
edulacomadrejai'm looking for a good tutorial on samba + drbd + heartbeat...03:06
lbsjack_hi,who have install the Eucalyptus in ubuntu 9.10rc?03:13
ubottuA large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?03:13
edulacomadrejaubottu: well... i need some help with samba + drbd + heartbeat03:22
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:22
lbsjack_hi,I can attach the volume to the instance.but in the VM I cannot find it.03:22
bogeyd6omfg i have waited my whole life for that03:24
bogeyd6ty edulacomadreja03:24
twblbsjack_: that's beyond me, sorry.03:28
twbedulacomadreja: you still haven't described the problem.03:28
twbedulacomadreja: presumably the first step is to install and configure samba.  Have you done that?03:29
edulacomadrejatwb: hi!, there is no problem yet... is just that i don't know anything about samba03:30
twbActually I'm a little puzzled as to where samba fits into your cluster03:30
twbAre you intending to put together a cluster purely to act as a fileserver?  That would be weird.03:31
edulacomadrejanope, i have a lamp drbd heartbeat cluster working without problems03:32
edulacomadrejaand now my boss wants to install samba on it03:32
ScottKThen tell him to go ahead and do it03:32
twbI don't think Samba needs to do anything special to work with drbd and heatbeat.03:32
twbSamba just serves files from the directory tree, and doesn't care where they live on disk.03:33
zzz20091Hi, i am running into a problem with DNS (bind9) using the setup supplied with 9.10. I want to setup up a split DNS however all zones must be in a view and named.conf.default-zones breaks this. How much of a problem (current or future) will I give myself if I completely replace the current setup.03:37
edulacomadrejayes, that's what i thought but maybe there are some issues to take care about03:37
twbDo the zone files live in /etc or /var?03:38
zzz20091the setup is out of the box, so they are in /etc/bind. I would prefer to split them up /etc/bind/local,  /etc/bind/external, /etc/bind/slaves03:40
zzz20091There also seems to be an inconsistency in that /var/run/named rather than /var/run/bind03:43
twbI don't know about bind specifically, but Ubuntu will remember if you modify files in /etc, and avoid deleting your changes.03:52
ninnypantswhat do I need to send mail from my server? I have followed the directsions here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Dovecot to install dovecot but I still can't send mail. what else do I need?04:18
twbIs dovecot an MTA?04:19
twbI thought it was an IMAP server.04:19
ScottKIt is04:22
ScottKninnypants: Which Ubuntu release are you using?04:22
twbScottK: you mean "dovecot is an MTA"?04:24
ScottKtwb: No, it's an imap server04:25
ScottKI see how my response was ambiguous at best.04:25
ScottKninnypants: Start with https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/serverguide/C/postfix.html04:26
twb+1 for installing Postfix.04:27
ninnypantsok thank you04:32
ninnypantscan post fix also recieve mail?04:33
twbPostfix talks SMTP.04:41
twbThat means it can receive mail from other MTAs, and from SMTP clients.04:41
twbIt can't e.g. download mail from imap.gmail.com using IMAP or POP3.04:41
ninnypantsdoes ubuntu-server support shorewall at all?04:44
poningruninnypants, what are you trying to do?04:44
ninnypantsI need to make sure my firewall doesn't block mail04:44
poningruninnypants, assuming you dont have email servers running inside your firewall... is that correct?04:48
twbninnypants: the default iptables wrapper junk on Ubuntu is "ufw".04:49
poningruhehe 'junk'04:49
twbninnypants: shorewall is probably supported in universe, i.e. it gets second-class support.04:49
twbponingru: I am of the "write the iptables-restore script yourself, wrappers just make it worse" school.04:49
poningrutrue that04:50
twbYes, someone can probably use a wrapper without understanding iptables -- but do you really want your firewall configured by someone who doesn't understand it?04:50
poningruI cant wait till the next gen of linux firewall04:51
poningruit is based on bit shifting essentially04:51
twbThe other problem with wrappers is that every customer uses a different one, so I not only have to understand iptables, but ALSO half a dozen completely different wrappers04:52
poningruif {16 bits from the start is 0} then DROP04:52
poningrutwb, heh04:52
pwnguinso stateful inspection04:52
poningrupwnguin, yes04:52
pwnguinor just packet inspection?04:52
poningrupwnguin, it does what iptables does already04:52
pwnguinive no clue what iptables does04:52
twbiptables just configures netfilter.04:53
pwnguini can barely understand netfilter04:53
poningrubut instead of doing it i.e TCP or UDP it bases it on different pieces of the packet itself04:53
poningruso it allows you to mess around with broken packets04:53
poningrulook for next gen firewall in lwn.net04:53
poningruthey explained it pretty well04:53
pwnguini should write something to visualize iptables rules in graphviz04:54
pwnguini can use google04:54
twbOoh, thanks!04:56
ninnypantshow do I determin my mailservers class range?04:57
twbWhat is a class range?04:58
twbpwnguin: ew, it parses -L instead of -save output04:58
pwnguintwb: i agree, the diagram's ugly04:59
twbThere's a limit to what you can achieve with graphviz, because it's not pic.04:59
twbBut OTOH it works at all because it's not pic :-)04:59
twbLet's see if gressgraph uses HTML tables within the nodes...05:00
twbpic is a tool used to create box-and-arrow diagrams in manpages.05:00
twbi.e. it predates TeX's metapost and such05:01
twbWhich I have been too lazy to learn so far05:01
pwnguini saw someone who wrote a box & arrow diagram to graphviz converter05:01
twbHaha, gressgraph is a Haskell program05:01
ninnypantsnot sure under base configuration here https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/serverguide/C/postfix.html it says to change their example ip and class range to the class range of my mail server05:02
pwnguinyou could probably write a layout engine that emulates pic05:02
ninnypantsthe example is 192.168.0/2405:02
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twbninnypants: that is CIDR "class C" IP range.05:05
twbninnypants: what it's asking for is the IP range of your local network.05:05
ninnypantsdo I just leave it off if I have a static IP?05:06
twbDo you *have* a local network?05:07
ninnypantsI don't know the setup the server is hosted elsewhere05:10
twbI can't really help you with that one, since I don't have a network diagram in front of me, and I don't know what you're actually trying to set up.05:11
ninnypantsI was just able to send mail so I assume that I got it correctly, but can you explain it to me I would like to understand instead of guess05:14
twbYou just want a VM to be able to send emails (e.g. from smartd)?05:15
twbYou don't need it to relay mails from workstations?05:15
ninnypantsjust a vm able to send emails05:16
twbThen I would normally use msmtp rather than postfix.05:16
twbWhat you have is a "satellite" configuration.05:16
twbAll it needs to do is send its own email to a "smarthost" mail server, which knows how to forward mail on to the actual destination.05:17
poningruninnypants, now when you say send emails...05:18
poningrudo you mean like from thunderbird? or other email clients?05:18
poningruwhat is it exactly you are trying to accomplish?05:18
poningrudo you want an email server that handles sending your mail?05:19
twbMail is such a sea of ambiguity.05:19
twbI have a hell of time explaining to people that Darcs' --sendmail-command doesn't need the sendmail project.05:19
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ninnypantsfrom thunderbird but I also need to recieve05:20
poningruninnypants, who do you have email setup with05:22
poningruyour university? your internet provider? a gmail account? a hotmail account?05:23
twbHang on, I thought we were setting up a server.05:23
poningrutwb, clearly not05:23
twbIf you're setting up a workstation, you can just do everything directly in thunderbird05:24
twb(I'm old-fashioned and don't particularly like that, but it's quite common.)05:24
qman__you could send your emails in telnet05:25
ninnypantsI'm setting up a server. I need to be able to send and recive mail accross multiple sites. guess it probably would have helped if I said it was a web server05:26
poningruninnypants, in that case I would recommend setting up something like a zimbra or obm05:27
poningruto make it really simple05:28
twbI would recommend Zimbra to my worst enemies05:28
poningrutwb, hehe05:28
twb"Yes, please run a completely separate second LDAP instance out of /opt"05:28
twbWhat could possibly go wrong?05:28
ninnypantsso omb then?05:28
twbI'm not familiar with omb05:30
poningrutwb, you would cringe at it too05:30
poningruthough its not that bad05:30
twbI don't know why you'd recommend a huge unwieldy mail/calendar/auth system if ninnypants only needs to send mail05:30
twbninnypants: but it's still not clear what you actually want05:31
poningrutwb, here is what I think about zimbra/other huge unwieldy system05:31
qman__ninnypants, what specifically needs to send mail, from where, to where, what type of mail, to what end05:31
qman__in the big picture, what task is the mail accomplishing05:32
poningruif I were to walk into smb manager and tell him give me a server that costs 2000USD and a fat enough pipe I can set up an email server that can send email, do calendering, tasks the works05:33
poningruhe would say... "what would happen to it if you were to quit tomorrow", "bring in a competent *nix guy"05:33
poningru"setup exchange"05:34
qman__exchange is no different05:34
poningruqman__, exactly05:34
ninnypantsI need the web server to beable to send mail from email addresses under the hosted domains to email addresses on remote domains but I also need to be able to recieve mail and either forward it or have access to it through thunderbird05:34
qman__despite what microsoft would like you to think05:34
qman__exchange is a beast, and requires someone who knows the ins and outs05:34
poningruatleast zimbra/obm/citadel etc. are open05:34
poningruqman__, right but the mid level management doesnt know that05:35
qman__ninnypants, you want an internet site configuration in postfix05:35
poningruqman__, he also thinks that he can grab a mcse or whatever they call them these days off of the street and have him administer exchange05:35
qman__poningru, all you ahve to do is tell them05:35
qman__if they don't get it, either you're not explaining it right, or they're incompetent05:36
poningruqman__, welcome to the business world05:36
poningruit is most likely the latter05:36
qman__I don't work for people like that05:36
poningruqman__, you my friend are a lucky man05:36
poningrufrom what I have dealt with ... it is a nightmare05:36
poningrudont get me wrong it could be that I am an unlucky sob05:37
poningrujust saying what I have experienced05:37
qman__there are plenty of people like that out there05:37
qman__but I don't work for them05:37
poningruI could be the exception05:37
qman__if they don't listen to reason, I don't want the job05:37
qman__I suppose I'm lucky enough to be able to choose my work05:37
poningruqman__, fair enough05:37
ninnypantsok I've got that setup but without forwarders/inboxes, and I'm not sure how to set up email addresses05:37
qman__ninnypants, create users05:37
poningruninnypants, like I said you need dovecot or cyrus to check email through an email client05:38
poningrulike thunderbird05:38
qman__not sure about forwarders, but to create email accounts, you just create user accounts on the system05:38
qman__make sure to change their shell so they can't SSH in05:38
qman__and yeah05:39
poningrubut again my recommendation is using something like obm or zimbra so that it handles all of this for you05:39
qman__you use dovecot to provide pop3 or imap access05:39
qman__I strongly recommend against using something like zimbra05:39
qman__basic email accounts aren't that difficult05:39
poningruqman__, not for us05:39
qman__unless you need an all in one corporate solution, just stick to postfix and dovecot05:39
poningruqman__, I dont think a begginer can pick up and administer postfix+dovecot just like that05:40
poningrugood lord it took me forever to figure out postfix's conf05:40
qman__ubuntu does all the work for you05:40
poningruit does?05:40
qman__you just pick "internet site"05:40
qman__tweak a couple settings to your liking05:40
qman__and it works05:40
* poningru fires up a vm to test this theory05:40
ninnypantsok what types of configuration should I use with dovecot? I've got it installed and mailboxes set up in /home/user/ but I'm not sure what to do after that05:41
qman__it's not the most secure mail server in the world05:41
qman__but it's no worse than anything else automagic05:41
qman__dovecot, I'd disable pop3 and imap, and only allow connections over SSL05:42
qman__but you don't have to05:42
poningruqman__, you know what the sad thing is? cablevision ( a major isp ) is using a horrible old smtp/pop server from sun iirc05:42
poningrulooked into it and found only about a million and one security issues05:43
qman__yeah, sun is rough05:43
qman__pain in the ass to use, too05:43
poningruI think linux gave them a proper competition that they are learning though05:44
poningruand I think under oracle they are gonna take off05:44
qman__the only other thing you really need to do from the default configuration05:45
qman__is get an SSL certificate, and overwrite or use links to replace the snakeoil keys05:46
qman__#ssl_cert_file = /etc/ssl/certs/ssl-cert-snakeoil.pem05:46
qman__#ssl_key_file = /etc/ssl/private/ssl-cert-snakeoil.key05:46
poningruyes yes definately yes05:46
qman__I just generated a self-signed cert and overwrote it05:46
poningruand get the pub key and add it to tbird or whichever email client you will be using05:46
poningrudo not fall victim to mim05:47
qman__once you do that, you have a reasonably secure mail server05:47
ninnypantshow do I choose the "internet site" to use?05:47
qman__ninnypants, you do that when you install postfix and dovecot, in the menus05:48
qman__it asks you05:48
qman__I think you can redo it with a dpkg-reconfigure of some sort05:48
ScottKsudo dpkg-reconfigure postfix05:48
poningruScottK, you dont have to do -plow or soemthing like that?05:48
ninnypantsyeah you can do it for postfix but what if I'm wanting to send from more than one site05:48
ninnypantsponingru: nope I've done the postfix reconfig a few times now05:49
ScottKThe internet site should be the mail server you normally send mail out through (unless you have a static IP, reverse DNS, and know what you are doing, you don't want to send it out direct.y)05:49
ScottKThat mail server will send mail on to wherever it is supposed to go05:49
qman__you could configure the others to send mail to it, or you could configure multiple internet sites05:50
qman__which is the right choice depends on your overall setup05:50
ninnypantshow would I configure multiple internet sites I have reverse DNS, and a static IP05:53
qman__well, basically05:53
qman__if you have more than one site, with different domains or subdomains, you create separate internet sites for each domain on the respective servers at those sites05:54
qman__if you only have one domain you want mail sent from, you create one internet site and configure the other servers to send mail to it05:54
ninnypantswhat if they're all on the same server?05:54
qman__if it's all on the same server, how are there multiple sites05:55
ninnypantsusing vhost05:55
qman__oh, you mean websites05:55
qman__I thought you meant actual sites05:55
qman__then you just need one internet site configuration05:55
ninnypantsnope sorry for the confusion05:55
qman__and you set up DNS to make it the mail server for all of them05:55
ninnypantsok then do I just set up an MX record in the DNS?05:55
qman__now, if you need mail from multiple domains05:56
qman__I'm not sure how to set that up, but I know it can be done05:56
qman__you'd have to find a guide05:56
ninnypantsdo you mean recieve mail or send mail?05:57
qman__send mail from different domain names, receive mail to different domain names, all of those domains hosted on your one server05:57
ninnypantsso being able to do that will take a different configuration than what I have now?05:59
qman__well, the configuration right now only uses the domain you tell it to use when you configured it05:59
qman__you have to add the other domain names05:59
ninnypantsany idea how to do that?05:59
qman__this should help  http://workaround.org/articles/ispmail-etch/06:01
qman__it's for debian but should work fine on ubuntu06:01
qman__the parts you need to be concerned with are "virtual domains in a database" and virtual users06:04
qman__that's really the only way to set up multiple domains on one server06:04
ninnypantsdoes this look like it will be worthwile too http://www.postfix.org/VIRTUAL_README.html06:04
qman__providing you want separate user accounts for each domain06:04
qman__if you just want one set of users, accepting mail from different domain names06:05
qman__like, joe@domain1.com and joe@domain2.com being the same account06:05
qman__then it's a simple, one-line adjustment06:05
qman__otherwise it gets complicated06:05
qman__yes, that tutorial is the right thing06:06
ninnypantsif  I set it up as joe@domain1.com and joe@domain2.com and they go to the same account will I be able to tell if mail was sent to domain1 or domain206:07
qman__the messages should retain the metadata for that06:08
qman__but they will be the same account, not separate accounts06:08
qman__as in, one login gets all the mails for 'joe' at any of the domain names06:08
StrangeCharmhow can i convert a dm-crypt volume from using passphrase authentication to mount at boot, to using key-files instead?06:09
ninnypantsqman__, thank you for all your help06:10
qman__no problem06:10
ESEDUWhere can I find bind9 error log?06:36
ESEDUit fails to start06:36
twbHopefully, in /var/log somewhere06:36
ESEDUwhere there?06:36
twbI don't know.06:36
ESEDUDoes any one know?06:39
twbThe bind authors probably do.06:45
_0verlordso with ksplice, should I still do dist-upgrades when new kernels are out?06:49
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ksplice06:49
pwnguinis ksplice ubuntu supported?06:50
twbNever heard of it06:50
pwnguinits insane06:50
pwnguinin place kernel upgrades, no reboot06:50
_0verlordpwnguin: yes it is, even for servers now06:50
pwnguinhot plug kernels!06:50
_0verlordservers->ubuntu server06:50
pwnguin_0verlord: i mean by ubuntu06:50
_0verlordpwnguin: hmmm, not sure06:50
_0verlordI figured someone in here had played with it06:51
pwnguini guess what im saying is, maybe you should ask the people you're paying the big bucks for help?06:51
_0verlordIt's freely available06:51
ESEDUwhere am i meant to find bind authors?!06:51
_0verlordESEDU: I'm sure they have a central project homepage06:51
twbpwnguin: oh, THAT shit06:52
pwnguinah, its only free for jaunty and karmic06:53
pwnguinLTS requires $$06:53
twbI meant ksplice06:53
_0verlordESEDU: https://www.isc.org/software/bind06:53
_0verlord2s worth of googling06:53
pwnguinme too06:53
* twb boggles06:54
twbSomeone would allow proprietary blobs into their kernel?06:54
twbOh wait, now I remember -- the ksplice guys have some kind of ridiculous business model06:54
qman__ESEDU, bind logs to /var/log/messages06:54
ESEDUhow can i check the version of my bind?06:54
twbI was thinking it was some punk just hacking code in between classes06:55
pwnguinthey're after the billion nines availablity crowd06:55
qman__ksplice only came out with jaunty06:55
qman__they may backport it to hardy for money, but it's only free for jaunty and karmic06:56
pwnguinstill, you know what else is free?06:56
pwnguinscheduled reboots06:56
qman__I rather like ksplice06:56
pwnguini rather like my wallet06:56
qman__rebooting my internet gateway is not usually an option06:57
Boohbahit will probably cause noobs who don't update their init scripts to break when they finally do reboot. or not06:57
qman__it only goes down when the power goes out for extended periods06:57
pwnguinif your internet gateway runs ubuntu, it's just a hobby anyways06:57
twbpwnguin: FSVO free = gratis, or libre?06:57
twbFor some value of06:58
pwnguinand libre06:58
_0verlordThis is just for my home server, I really don't mind playing with it06:58
pwnguinreboots are open source06:58
twbpwnguin: I meant, is ksplice merely free-of-charge in Jaunty and Karmic, or is it GPL'd in jaunty and karmic?06:59
twbBecause just calling it "free" can be misleading.06:59
pwnguintwb: i think the code itself is gpl'd06:59
pwnguinbut they offer a diff update service06:59
twbCrazy buggers07:00
pwnguinyou'd have to be07:00
pwnguinthey dont even list a price07:00
pwnguinso you know its damn expensive07:00
pwnguin_0verlord: so what happens when lucid is released?07:02
_0verlordpwnguin: I'll upgrade?07:02
pwnguinits an LTS though07:02
* _0verlord shrugs07:02
MaelosWhat's an LTS?07:03
MaelosIs there a new one announced behind 8.04?07:03
pwnguin"Announcing Ubuntu 10.04 LTS: The Lucid Lynx"07:04
twbI keep laughing at "lucid", because that's what The Kid's fork of Emacs was called.07:08
pwnguinis that your pet name for jwz?07:09
twbDidn't everybody at SAIL call him that?07:09
pwnguinhell if i knwo07:10
pwnguinyou know how old i was when SAIL was around?07:10
twbWe called him "The Kid."07:10
twbThat was at Lucid, not at SAIL07:11
pwnguinSAIL? more like FAIL07:14
twbThey're still around: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CSAIL07:15
qman__ksplice is GPL'd, it's just that they provide updates as a service, and happen to do it for free for jaunty and karmic07:17
qman__you could implement your own update infrastructure based on the totally open and free software07:17
syncrondianyone here willing to help me figure out some ssh key authentication issues? I've only ever used it, never set it up before... I generated my public/privates and then copied them to my windows host and generated the keys to load into pageant. Now that I have it loaded, putty doesn't try using the key-- tries keybd auth07:40
twbPuTTY uses non-standard keys, IIRC07:41
=== SyL is now known as Guest94031
alex88[sleep]PuTTy sucks..XD07:47
=== alex88[sleep] is now known as alex88
syncrondiI have putty working alright with another server I access, but the guys admining that box are better than me :P07:52
syncrondiI need to use it to authenticate with plink for bzr07:52
alex88dunno man..08:18
syncrondiI don't use putty for ssh (although I am right now, ironically) alex88.. it's just that I know that if it works in putty, I'm that much closer to having it working in bzr08:20
alex88i use putty on windows..and i get bored with wrong chars, wrong colours etc..08:25
syncrondiI'd recommmend SSH Secure Shell 3.2.9 or SecureCRT08:26
syncrondialex88: do you have the character set on utf-8 ?08:28
alex88dunno, i've just tried it sometimes when i'm not on linux..so only in rare cases..08:35
alex88the linux bash is perfect for ssh..08:35
alex88syncrondi: you ever used openvpn server?08:37
syncrondino, but I want to figure out how to08:38
syncrondiI've heard it's difficult to configure08:38
alex88nope, i've done it in about 2 hours.. from scratch08:38
syncrondiah, nice08:38
alex88i can give you some help if you need08:38
syncrondiThat'd be great. I'll probably look to do that next week08:39
syncrondiAre there good tutorials on it, or did you follow a book?08:39
alex88i've found some tutorials08:39
alex88books are too long for me...let me give you some links08:40
alex88linux right?08:40
syncrondiuh. yeah ubuntu08:40
alex88oh nice08:40
syncrondiI have that Packt publishing book on OpenVPN, but haven't much more than glanced at it08:41
syncrondioh if you mean the network... I'd want to have Windows, linux, and Mac08:42
twbI have a device with a serial-over-USB thingy.08:42
twbWhen I plug it into a Debian box, I get "[20126.325698] usb 2-2: FTDI USB Serial Device converter now attached to ttyUSB0" in dmesg.08:42
alex88syncrondi: ok no problem08:42
twbWhen I plug it into an 8.04 server, I get "usb 3-2: new full speed USB device using ohci_hcd and address 3", but no mention ot ttyUSBN08:42
alex88twb: which device is it?08:43
twbIt's a "Sheevaplug", basically an embedded ARM server.08:43
twbLike the NSLU2 with a lot more grunt08:44
syncrondialex88: I'm going to head to bed it's extremely late here. If you want to leave me some links, feel free to /msg me08:44
alex88syncrondi: this is the most updated for me http://www.ventanazul.com/webzine/articles/openvpn-ubuntu-and-hulu08:44
alex88twb: 8.04 hardy right?08:45
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 251952 in linux "[Hardy] FTDI based USB to Serial Converter not recognized" [Undecided,Fix released]08:46
twbGot it08:46
alex88twb: maybe updating kenel solves the problem08:48
twbhttp://dev.forums.reprap.org/read.php?12,4546 told me to manually modprobe usbserial and tell it the device's name08:48
twbHmm, but when I connect I get a lot of ````'s filling the screen :-)08:49
twbNo, when I connect to ttyUSB0 with screen08:50
twbI might just have to carry this laptop over there...08:50
alex88just try another kernel..why not?08:52
twbBecause I'm already abusing this system mightily08:52
twbInstalling and booting a nonstandard kernel would actually get me in trouble08:52
alex88ohh...=) i was thinking it's yours..08:53
alex88what does modprobe outputs? pastebin in08:56
alex88try to recompile and insmod it...09:03
druim having a slight problem with my shell09:18
drui :su nagios09:18
twbITYM sudo -u nagios -i09:18
druand enter the first letter of a command...and the shell just exits09:18
drulike so09:18
druimgsrv244:~# su nagios09:19
druimgsrv244:/root$ aexit09:19
_rubenthe user nagios probably doesnt have a valid shell, or an "odd" login script09:19
drunagios has /bin/bash in /etc/passwd09:19
druthanks twb09:20
druthat did it09:20
drubut im interested to know why the shell does taht09:21
sorenttx: I think, at this point, it's better to put off the updated appliance until after the release.09:21
ttxsoren: why ? We could use one to test (before imagestore publication)09:22
ttxsoren: the new one would "replace" the old one in the store ?09:23
sorenttx: Yes, it would.09:28
sorenttx: I'm building it now, and can push somewhere, but I was just feeling hesitant to rush things into the release.09:28
ttxoh definitely09:28
ttxbut we still should have it available for tseting09:29
ttxso, to paraphrase you,  it's better to put off publication of the updated appliance until after the release, to give sufficient time for testing it.09:29
ttxsoren: ^09:30
sorenttx: Right. Sorry, had not had a chance to make coffee yet. :)09:32
* soren realises he hasn't had breakfast yet.09:43
* soren applies a patch for that09:44
=== tonelu_ is now known as tonelu
sorenttx: http://uec-images.ubuntu.com/appliances/uec-mediawiki-karmic-appliance.img.tar.gz10:09
ttxsoren: I'll test that -- adding to todolist10:10
ttxdownloading before the flood10:11
druIm trying to figur out why ssh-copy-id isnt working11:06
druif user has a .ssh folder where "its" keys are stored...why arnt the keys written when coping the ssh pub key from "host" to authorized_keys on client11:07
drulets say user1@host needs access to log onto user1@client to be able to run scripts. so we "ssh-copy-id /.ssh/id_rsa.pub user1@client:/.ssh/authorized_keys"11:10
drussh-copy-id returns as if the command has been sucessfully executed...however when loging on to user1@client i still have the old key11:11
drurestarting ssh dosnt help11:11
druanyone know what im doing wrong ?11:11
druthe key is being copied11:18
drudo i maybe have to do the process for both client and host?11:18
drustrangly it works client to host11:21
drubut not host to client11:21
pmatulisdru: what are you talking about?11:22
druhey pmatulis11:22
druim setting up check_ssh for nagios11:22
pmatulisdru: ok, can't help11:22
druwell check_ssh isnt the problem11:23
drussh-copy-id is11:23
pmatulisdru: ssh-copy-id is pretty basic, what's the problem?11:23
druits working from a@A to b@B11:24
druhowever i need b to a11:24
drui can copy the key without any issues...but ssh seems not to be using the key i give11:25
pmatulisdru: did you specify the key to use?11:29
druin the ssh conf?11:30
pmatulisdru: either in your ~/.ssh/config or on the command line (-i)11:30
druyeah i used the -i option11:31
pmatulisdru: you used -i when trying to connect with the ssh command?11:31
drulike so :ssh-copy-id -i pubkey b@b.....11:32
pmatulisdru: couple of things, i said the ssh command not the ssh-copy-id command11:33
pmatulisdru: secondly, with ssh-copy-id you specify the private key, not the public key11:33
pmatulisdru: -i is always private for either command11:33
Boohbahdru: man ssh-copy-id11:39
Boohbahdru: check your syntax11:39
pnmorning all11:43
pnI'm trying to setup a nice PXE server for setting up an ubuntu cluster11:43
pnand I need to support several versions of ubuntu11:44
druBoohbah: ...im pretty sure my syntax is okay...however dont i need to flush the lkeys  or something ?11:44
pnwhat's the latest and greatest? pxelinux? syslinux?11:44
drupn http://www.debian-administration.org/articles/47811:46
druim afk11:47
Boohbahssh-copy-id [-i [identity_file]] [user@]machine11:48
jdstrandtwb, poningru: fwi, shorewall is in main and hence not a second class citizen11:48
Boohbahpmatulis: the identity file (defaults to ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub)11:48
pncheers for that dru - it looks much like what I've been trying - although the latest ubuntu (9.10 and 9.04) seem to be moving the kernel image around in the install ISO and I'm now confused a bit as to which to use11:48
Boohbahpmatulis: why would you copy your private key to a remote host?11:48
jdstrandtwb, poningru: also, imo iptables wrappers are not 'junk'. whether it is ufw, shorewall or system-config-firewall, these tools help real users and admins. users who need extra protection and admins who want something that is easy to setup and auditable11:50
pmatulisBoohbah: it doesn't copy the private key, it copies the public key associated with the private key, however, i do see the man page defaults to a public key.  i guess both work (specifying private or public)11:50
Boohbahpmatulis: ok :)11:51
jdstrandtwb, poningru: they aren't for everyone, which is why ufw (at least) can be easily disabled or removed11:51
drupn: basicly you just need to host the image on an apache host12:28
druyou can do that from any system really12:29
Sorellhey guys,12:32
Sorellis 9.10 released yet?12:32
pndru - i think it's the initial pxelinux.0 image i'm using (this is ubuntu 8.04 LTS server)  - it seems a bit braindead about working dhcp or http or something...12:34
sommermorning :)12:38
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sorensommer: Dude!13:01
=== Jeeves_ is now known as the_real_slim_sh
=== the_real_slim_sh is now known as Jeeves_
ttxsmoser: about https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/eucalyptus/+bug/461156/comments/1313:12
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 461156 in euca2ools "User data is not parsed correctly by Eucalyptus in some cases" [High,In progress]13:12
ttxsmoser: you say that boto encodes user_data using urlsafe_b64encode13:12
ttxsmoser: looking at the code, it seems to use b64encode13:13
ttxsmoser: see https://bugs.launchpad.net/eucalyptus/+bug/461156/comments/2113:13
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 461156 in euca2ools "User data is not parsed correctly by Eucalyptus in some cases" [High,In progress]13:13
smoserhm... yoou are correct.13:14
ttxsmoser: ok (just confirming that your analysis doesn't make sense :P)13:15
ttxthat said, looking at HmacV2Handler.java, I'm not surprised it fails13:15
smoseri swear i looked at boto... let me check boto upstream13:15
smoserbecause i *know* i looked at this13:15
ttxsmoser: I checked, and it seems to be that way for a long time13:15
smoseryeah, looking at that code, it is no surprise it fails there.13:16
ttxcomputedSig = HmacUtils.getSignature( secretKey, canonicalString.replaceAll("\\+","%20"), Hashes.Mac.HmacSHA256 ).replaceAll("\\+"," ");13:16
smoserok, then ttx, maybe i had changed mine somewhere13:16
ttxsmoser: for some reason the ec2-api-tools don't hit that code13:16
ttxI kinda like the "compare sigs, if it doesn't match, compare harder" approach they have in there.13:17
smosermust have been user error to make that statment. boto has never used urlsafe as far as i can see (and doesn't now): http://code.google.com/p/boto/source/browse/trunk/boto/ec2/connection.py13:17
smoserttx, maybe i'm wrong, but i thought that ec2-api-tools use a soap interface and ueca use rest13:18
smoseror vice versa13:18
sorensmoser: That's right.13:18
smoserand i just assumed it was a different backend handling13:18
ttxsmoser: that would explain it :)13:18
smoseri even quoted boto in comment 6 without the urlencode13:23
smoserdummy me13:23
smoserstupid humans are so error prone13:23
ttxsmoser: yes, the fake quote almost got me13:25
ttxsmoser: that might make the bug a boto bug, btw13:26
smoseri dont think so.13:27
smosersince patched version of euca2ools functions against ec2 correctly13:27
smoserit is possible that ec2 is in the backend doing some "if this looks to be urlsafe, then urlsafe_decode, otherwise decode"13:28
BaversjoHello! Im trying to block and log SSH brute force attacks. The block part is working. However, I would not like to log EVERY brute force attempt to syslog. I would like to log let's say one every minute or something. Is this possible? I've tried with the following rule:13:30
Baversjo-A SSH_LOG -m limit --limit 5/min -j LOG --log-prefix "iptables ssh bruteforce: " --log-level 413:30
smoserbut python seems to think thats ok, tierry:13:30
smoser>>> base64.urlsafe_b64decode(base64.b64encode(" << FOO >"))13:30
smoser' << FOO >'13:30
ttxsmoser: yes, that's not really the issue13:30
ttxsmoser: the problem is the "+" that appears in the querystring breaks sig validation13:31
ttxsince it plays games with URLDecode and some specialchar replacements13:31
ttxsmoser: I'll let them sort it out. Or at least try to.13:32
ttxsmoser: unless you want to have a look into it13:32
smoser            computedSig = HmacUtils.getSignature( secretKey, canonicalString.replaceAll("\\+","%20"), Hashes.Mac.HmacSHA256 ).replaceAll("\\+"," ");13:32
smoser            computedSigWithPort = HmacUtils.getSignature( secretKey, canonicalStringWithPort.replaceAll("\\+","%20"), Hashes.Mac.HmacSHA256 ).replaceAll("\\+"," ");13:32
smoserwell thats the issue.13:32
uvirtbotNew bug: #439566 in ubuntu-meta (main) "add python-software-properties to ubuntu-standard" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/43956613:33
ttxsmoser: that must be there for a reason. (I hope)13:33
ttxsmoser: so they might need to do it in a slightly more selective way13:33
ttxsmoser: i confirmed that = or / don't pose any problem. Only + will13:34
smoserwe want this fixed asap though13:34
smoseras right now the only way to get valid data to a instance is to use ec2-api-tools with uec13:35
smoserwhich is a explicit violation of ec2-api license (that part is just heresay, i've not verified, but doesn't seem unreasonable)13:35
sorensmoser: ACK13:37
smosergood. then i was justified in not suggesting that work around in the release note13:38
sorensmoser: http://aws.amazon.com/asl/ section 3.213:40
sorenSorry, 3.3, I mean.13:40
smoserttx, have you tested that if you use urlsafe_b64encode in boto that would fix the problem ?13:40
smosersoren is all about reading legal info today13:40
ttxsmoser: no. And I think you'd need to adjust decoding in euca to switch to UrlBase64Decode13:40
smoserttx, you're probably right.13:41
smoserand maybe i'm nmissing something, but it looks to me that if you're putting that into a url (which i think is happening) then you should use urlsafe_b64encode13:42
ttxsmoser: that's what I meant by boto bug... but maybe its not boto that makes a URL out of it13:43
ttxsmoser: but I agree that those "+" replacements seem slightly out of place13:44
ttxproper use of [url]base64 should prevent the need for those13:45
smoserttx, yeah, so it'd take some more digging, but that may well be a boto bug. that said, ec2 deals with it13:46
smoserso, euca *can*, and to be 100% api compatible, has to13:46
phreestyle-workhaving a problem with samba ads authentication. I keep getting an error in my log file that says ads_secrets_verify_ticket: failed to fetch machine password. Then I get another one saying: Failed to verify incoming ticket with error NT_STATUS_LOGON FAILURE!13:49
ttxthe way they play with this "+" is giving me headaches.14:02
* ttx switches to productive testing time14:02
zulttx: ?14:04
ttxzul: testing the new mediawiki appliance from Soren.14:05
zulttx: ah14:05
phreestyle-workcan someone help me with my samba server problem?14:10
ttxsoren: works for me. Logo is still ugly, redirection works. Anything else I should be testing ?14:15
sorenttx: Not really, I think.14:15
ttxNote that http://x/anything redirects to 404 http://x/mediawiki/anything, but tha's a feature, I guess14:16
sorenI like to think so :)14:16
ttxwell, "anything-but-/"14:16
sorenttx: And /mediawiki/*14:17
ttxworks alright14:17
sorenttx: Fantastic. Thank you.14:17
ttxsoren: do you still plan to change the logo ?14:19
phreestyle-workdoes anyone know anything about samba active directory integration?14:30
sommerphreestyle-work: you might double check your "add machine account" setting in smb.conf14:31
phreestyle-worksommer: I don't have that line in smb.conf14:32
sommerphreestyle-work: woops meant "add machine script"14:33
phreestyle-worksommer: I don't have an add machine script...unless samba made one14:33
sommerphreestyle-work: you have samba installed?  you're looking in /etc/samba/smb.conf?14:34
phreestyle-worksommer: yes, and I have it configured to authenticate against winbind14:34
sommerphreestyle-work: did you use your own smb.conf or modify the one from the package?  either way you can add a "add machine script" option.  man smb.conf will give you the details14:35
phreestyle-worksommer: winbind also works: wbinfo -t, wbinfo -u, wbinfo -g all work fine14:35
phreestyle-worksommer: do I really need that to have XP clients access shares in Samba?14:36
sommerisn't that what you were asking about?  or am I confused14:36
ivokscongratulations everybody14:36
zulivoks: it aint done yet14:37
ivokszul: well, ubuntu.com says it is :D14:37
phreestyle-workI'm trying to get Samba to work with an existing Windows 2003 domain. The XP cleints are getting asked for their username and passwords when they shouldn't be14:37
zulivoks: well I guess I was wrong ;)14:37
zulivoks: well congrats to you too then14:37
kblinphreestyle-work: what version of samba?14:37
phreestyle-work3.3 something....14:37
ivoksi got flu14:37
phreestyle-workworking in Ubuntu 9.0414:38
kblinphreestyle-work: and the samba server is joined to the domain, winbindd running and all that stuff?14:38
ttxivoks: yo14:38
phreestyle-workkblin: yes, I can run wbinfo -t and everything and it works fine14:38
ivoksttx: hi14:39
ttxivoks: don't believe what you see on the Internet14:39
kblinphreestyle-work: can you wbinfo -a a domain user as root?14:39
ivoksttx: hahaha14:40
ivoksttx: i don't - i'm mirror admin :D14:40
phreestyle-workkblin: yes14:40
kblinso, what's the deal with that cloud thing?14:40
kblinphreestyle-work: hm, interesting. any hints what's going wrong in the smbd logs?14:40
phreestyle-workkblin: log says Failed to verify incoming ticket with error NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE!14:41
ttxwatching #u-r-p is fascinating14:41
kblintry wbinfo -k then14:41
zulivoks: swine flu?14:41
ivokszul: could be14:41
sommerphreestyle-work: the XP client is accessing your ubuntu machine correct?  and the XP machine is also part of the domain?14:41
zulivoks: ick....hope you get better in the next two weeks14:41
phreestyle-worksommer: yes14:42
zulivoks: otherwise stay home14:42
ivoksit's just a flu14:42
sommerivoks: just wash your hands a lot... it'll get better :)14:42
phreestyle-workkblin: wbinfo -K works too14:42
ivokssommer: wanna be my roomate? :D14:42
kblinphreestyle-work: ok, so you clearly can get kerberos tickets across :)14:42
phreestyle-workkblin: yea, but samba keeps popping the error whenver a client connects to it14:43
kblincan you smbclient to the local machine as a domain user?14:43
sommerivoks: sure, I'm pretty sure I put you down, heh14:44
=== deimos_ is now known as Garandil
phreestyle-workkblin: here's my smb.conf file: http://pastebin.com/m594cab314:44
ProfMerlinhey guys14:45
sommerphreestyle-work: did you say you're using likewise?14:45
phreestyle-workkblin: using smbclient -L localhost -U administrator returns a list of the shares14:45
ProfMerlinquick question14:45
ProfMerlingoing to reinstall ubuntu server. but need LVM support14:45
phreestyle-worksommer: I was, but I left the domain with it because I coulnd't get samba to wortk14:45
ProfMerlindo i download the Alternate install cd?14:45
ProfMerlinor will the normal install cd also have it?14:46
kblinphreestyle-work: hah, I don't think ADS will work over port 13914:46
kblinphreestyle-work: any reason why you don't allow 44514:46
phreestyle-workkblin: I added that because I kept getting erros about writing 4 bytes to client14:47
phreestyle-workkblin: there was a page that said to add the smb ports = 139 line to stop that from happening14:48
ProfMerlinoi. guys?14:48
kblinpersonally I'd be highly suspicious about advice not from an samba.org site :)14:48
phreestyle-workkblin: I'm slowing learning that :)14:49
nijabaProfMerlin: Default server CD support LVM fine.  It is even the default in it14:49
BaversjoQuick question: Are there any way to upgrade from ubuntu server 9.10 RC to 9.10?14:49
ttxBarre: apt-get upgrade ?14:49
ttxBaversjo: : apt-get upgrade ?14:49
nijabaBaversjo: sudo apt-get upate/upgrade ?14:49
Baversjo0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.14:50
phreestyle-workkblin: I think that might have done it, but when didn't it work when I installed likewise-open5 the first time?14:50
kblinno idea. I've never used the likewise stuff14:50
BaversjoIs there any way to see if it's the RC or the real deal?14:50
phreestyle-workkblin: I read on the ubuntu docs that you had to move a secrets.tdb file to make it work, but as usual, the ubuntu doccs are always wrong14:51
phreestyle-workkblin: thanks for the help14:51
kblinphreestyle-work: no problem14:52
ivoksbye all14:52
sommerphreestyle-work: the current server guide is for likewise 4, and needs updated for likewise-open5... should be updated for lucid14:55
kblinsommer: the fun part is that while likewise 4 was samba based, likewise 5 is a completely new beast14:55
ttxkblin: especially 5.414:56
sommerkblin: ya, I need to play around with 5 some more14:56
* kblin shrugs14:56
kblinI can do everything I need to do with samba14:56
phreestyle-worksommer: I ended up joining the domain with likewise-open5, and then doing it again with net ads join14:58
phreestyle-worksommer: that was the only way to get samba to work, I guess14:58
kblinanyway, I just saw the ubuntu website was tooting "open source cloud support", and I was wondering what they mean about that14:58
kblinall the whitepapers seem to try selling me the amazon cloud thing14:59
phreestyle-worksommer: I'm not sure what the ramifications are of having two authentication systems running, but it seems to be the only way for it to work14:59
kblinI'd use either one or the other14:59
phreestyle-workyea, i think i left the domain with likewise-open, then used net ads join14:59
kblinsamba should be able to use either, assuming you only have the correct libwbclient intalled14:59
sommerkblin: ubuntu enterprise cloud lets you run your own private cloud if you want14:59
sommerphreestyle-work: not sure what you mean by two auth systems?15:00
phreestyle-worksommer: well, likewise-open and samba's winbind running on the same machine15:01
kblinsommer: ah, ok, I'll poke at this some more then15:01
kblinphreestyle-work: that's bound to blow up in your face15:01
kblinI'm amazed ubuntu even lets you install both at the same time15:02
phreestyle-workkblin: I'm not....they will let you hang yourself if you're not careful15:02
zulcongrats everyone but ummmm now what?15:02
kblinphreestyle-work: you sure you didn't use apt-get install --shoot-me-in-the-foot-please ?15:03
phreestyle-workkblin: lol15:03
aubredid they change the default web interface username/password in the final release for UEC? admin isn't working15:04
phreestyle-workkblin: that package was broken :)15:04
kblinanyway, I've got no clue whatsoever about the likewise stuff15:04
phreestyle-workkblin: but the real trick is to get my other ubuntu server authenticating against the domain as well15:04
phreestyle-workkblin: from my limited experience, it doesn't work15:04
kblinphreestyle-work: depends15:04
aubreError: Username 'admin' not found15:05
kblinwhat idmap backend do you use?15:05
phreestyle-workkblin: you're better off following a howto for editing the config file manually15:05
phreestyle-workkblin: well, right now, ad, but I tried lwopen as well15:05
phreestyle-workkblin: doh! samba broke again15:06
phreestyle-workkblin: i just rebooted the server and it's asking for username/password again15:06
kblinyou still running winbind and lwopen?15:07
kblinfor the ad backend, you need that SFU schema installed on your AD dc15:07
aubrehmm, now I can't even download my uec creds15:08
kblinare you running multipl domains?15:08
aubreusing euca-conf15:08
phreestyle-workkblin: ok, I'll remove that line then. wasn't in the howto on the samba site anyways15:08
StrangeCharmhow can i convert a dm-crypt volume from using passphrase authentication to mount at boot, to using key-files instead?15:09
phreestyle-workkblin: ok, now I'm getting a different error in my smb log: my username is invalid on this system15:10
phreestyle-workkblin: nevermind, I fixed it by removing that "idmap = ad" line and restarting samba15:12
=== dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk
kblinphreestyle-work: I'd suggest you start with a minimal smb.conf file and add only lines you understand :)15:15
aubreok, now all of a sudden I can log in - strange15:15
phreestyle-workkblin: yea, I just need one share writable by everyone on this server, so on the server I'm going to use as an actual fileserver, I'm gonna do it the old fashioned way (edit config files)15:16
kblinphreestyle-work: if you only need one domain, you might want to use the "rid" backend for idmap15:17
phreestyle-workkblin: yea, I only have one domain15:17
kblinthat is if there's no local users on that box15:17
kaushalI am following https://help.ubuntu.com/8.10/serverguide/C/samba-ldap.html15:18
phreestyle-workkblin: well, we log into the box as a local user, but I think I followed this guide the last time I set up a server on a Win2003 domain: http://wiki.samba.org/index.php/Samba_&_Active_Directory15:18
kblinah, careful, the idmap settings changed a bit since 3.0.x15:20
kblinwe really should update that wiki page :/15:20
kblinsorry about that15:20
kaushalldapsearch -x -H ldaps://localhost -D cn=admin,dc=example,dc=com -w xxxxxxxx15:21
kaushalworks perfectly fine15:21
kaushalwhile running smbldap-populate -u 30000 -g 30000 i get http://pastebin.com/d2a098ec415:21
kaushalI am following https://help.ubuntu.com/8.10/serverguide/C/samba-ldap.html15:21
foolanokaushal: double check smbldap-tools configuration15:26
kaushalfoolano, shall i paste bin the configs ?15:27
ScottKkaushal: Are you running Ubuntu 8.10?15:27
kaushalUbuntu 8.0415:27
ScottKThen don't use the 8.10 docs15:28
kaushalScottK, is there a doc for 8.04 ?15:28
kaushalfoolano, i was waiting for your answer15:33
foolanokaushal: check that the configuration you are using with ldapsearch matches the conf for smbldap-tools15:33
kaushalfoolano, ldapsearch -x -H ldaps://localhost -D cn=admin,dc=example,dc=com -w xxxxx works perfectly fine15:34
kaushalwhen i run smbldap-populate command i get http://pastebin.com/d2a098ec415:35
kaushalhttp://pastebin.com/d1397587d --> smbldap.conf15:35
kaushalhttp://pastebin.com/d63dbbaf6 ---> smbldap_bind.conf15:35
ScottKkaushal: The 8.04 server guide doesn't have a specific samba/ldap section, but you might check https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/serverguide/C/openldap-server.html and see if there's anything that is obviously changed.15:39
kaushalScottK, it does not mention about samba ldap ?15:42
kaushalScottK, i read your line15:43
ScottKkaushal: Yes, it's LDAP only.  I thought it might provide some clues.15:43
ScottKThe samba-ldap docs appear to have first been added in 8.1015:43
kaushalI have posted my query to ubuntu-server mailing list too15:44
kaushalScottK, where can i seek help for my issue ?15:44
kaushalThis issue is taking lot of time15:44
ScottKI'd say you've asked in the right places.  We just released Karmic today so a lot of us who are involved in development are pretty tired.  I would counsel patience.15:45
kaushalScottK, sure :)15:45
kaushalScottK, so i need to ask here in this channel today ?15:46
kaushalI mean not today15:46
ScottKI'd just wait and see if anyone volunteers to help and then ask again later if no one does.15:47
uvirtbotNew bug: #461464 in eucalyptus "ec2 api tools (ec2-api-tools-1.3-42584) not working against 1.6" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/46146415:47
Von_Draculsome one speak spanish?15:58
mathiazttx: re bug 45890416:00
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 458904 in ubuntu-release-notes "When installing a node, euca_find_cluster fails to locate the cluster controller if instances are running" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45890416:00
Von_Draculany one knows the minimun requirements of memory for run 9.10 server?16:00
mathiazttx: so you were able to run two publication jobs?16:00
mathiazttx: I've tried to do that, but then euca_find_cluster would not resolve the ip address correctly16:00
mathiazttx: both avahi-publish jobs were running correctly though16:01
ttxmathiaz: I added your upstart job and changed avahi config to disable autopublish16:01
ttxthen run euca_find_cluster -> PASS16:01
ttxaddan IP adress manually16:02
ttxrun euca_find_cluster -> PASS16:02
mathiazttx: hm...16:02
ttxwant me to doublecheck ?16:02
mathiazttx: I can try to reproduce it on the test cluster here16:02
mathiazttx: well - that means I'd have to go to the office16:02
mathiazttx: if it's faster for you16:03
ttxmathiaz: it will need validation on the real scenario, I think. I cheat by adding IP addresses manually16:03
mathiazttx: right.16:03
ttxthough my cheat should be pretty close to what euca does16:03
ttxsince the output of ip addr show is the same16:04
mathiazttx: hm - I think I've never tested the publish-address no option with the extra publication job actually16:04
mathiazttx: I tested the ignore-interface=eth0 option16:04
ttxmathiaz: that one won't help :)16:04
mathiazttx: that lead to non resolvable IPs16:04
aubrettx: mathiaz: fyi I reinstalled this morning and everything is working for me , including storage controller16:05
mathiazttx: ok - I'll test your workaround on the test cluster tomorrow16:05
aubrettx: mathiaz: I even used the Store to install the images I'm using to test with16:06
mathiazaubre: glad to hear everything is working!16:06
aubremathiaz: thanks! if there is something again that you'd like me to check let me know, this system is after all a proof of concept.16:07
aubreI do want to play around with overcommenting memory at some point :P16:07
mathiazaubre: cool - thanks for offering!16:07
aubreovercommitting I mean16:07
aubremathiaz: sure!16:07
* soren calls it a day16:22
ttxkirkland: let me know if you think bug 458001 is a good candidate for euca SRUs16:25
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 458001 in eucalyptus "LOGLEVEL in eucalyptus.conf doesn't affect cloud-*.log verbosity" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45800116:26
kirklandttx: yeah16:26
kirklandttx: i think it is16:26
ttxthat's a farily simple fix16:26
kirklandttx: assuming the fix is small16:26
kirklandttx: then, yes, absolutely SRU worthy16:26
ttxAdding "-l $LOGLEVEL" to eucalyptus-cloud opts (in /etc/init/eucalyptus.conf ) fixes verbosity for cloud-output.log16:27
ttxHowever the debug and error ones are non-configurable16:27
ttxso I'll split the bug16:27
CodeWarrather basic question, what does ubuntu cloud buy me I have 3 machines at home. will it tie them up such that <a> tasks can move back n forth betweeen machines based on load balancing (static assignment or dynamic?) <b> unify memory on all of them and make thema ppear as a single NUMA system <c> combine their hard drives togehter to present one ginormous backend storage?16:32
ttxkirkland: wanna keep bug 461156 on your plate ? I can take it16:36
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 461156 in euca2ools "User data is not parsed correctly by Eucalyptus in some cases" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/46115616:36
uvirtbotNew bug: #298964 in autofs (main) "autofs.cifs broken when sharing CD drive without CD-ROM" [Low,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/29896416:38
uvirtbotNew bug: #332677 in autofs (main) "autofs fails to look up master map from ldap in Intrepid" [Low,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/33267716:38
ttxkirkland: I mean, the eucalyptus part of it16:39
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uvirtbotNew bug: #463449 in eucalyptus (main) "No possibility to decrease cloud-debug / cloud-error log verbosity (or disable them)" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/46344916:41
uvirtbotNew bug: #355762 in bind9 (main) "package bind9 1:9.5.1.dfsg.P2-1 failed to install/upgrade: el subproceso post-installation script devolvió el código de salida de error 1" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35576216:57
Googacan i make a domain called "something.localhost."17:08
Googadoes that sound rational17:09
bogeyd6Googa yes you can17:11
bogeyd6and that domain will work for anyone who has their DNS server setting set to that server17:11
qman__Googa, the normal thing to do in that type of situation is to use "something.mydomain.local"17:17
qman__since localhost and localdomain normally always refer to the local host17:17
qman__but, that will work17:17
crohakonIs there an automated way to setup a dyndns client via console in ubuntu-server?17:26
crohakonnever mind, figured it out.17:29
BaversjoCould someone help me with a shell script that doesn't work? It's ony 10 lines..17:32
kirklandmathiaz: hey, did we put our bug triage days up in the public wiki yet?17:32
mathiazkirkland: yes - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ServerTeam/KnowledgeBase17:33
BaversjoThis script is placed directly in the bottom of /etc/profile. When I login i get the following error message: "  [: 9: mygroup: unexpected operator  "17:35
kirklandmathiaz: can we get http://qa.ubuntu.com/reports/ubuntu-server-team/dailynewbugs.ubuntu-server.thu.html to refresh more frequently?17:35
kirklandmathiaz: the data there is stale17:35
BaversjoMy question is: What is wrong in this script?17:35
kirklandmathiaz: it's as of 10/2217:35
mathiazkirkland: right - that's last week17:36
mathiazkirkland: it's true that the list is not up-to-date.17:36
mathiazkirkland: it was a screen shot taken last week.17:36
kirklandmathiaz: can we just use a LP search?17:36
kirklandmathiaz: so that it's not so out of date?17:36
kirklandie, non-cached17:37
mathiazkirkland: nope :/ - there isn't a by_date criteria17:37
qman__Baversjo, put quotes around $PGROUP17:37
mathiazkirkland: ie you can't filter on creation date17:37
mathiazkirkland: like - I wanna bugs created *before* a specific date17:37
kirklandmathiaz: oh, well, we should get our backlog down to 0 untriaged17:37
kirklandmathiaz: and then we don't need to worry about the data17:37
kirklandmathiaz: date17:37
kirklandmathiaz: the view is just "what's in the sever realm and untriaged?"17:38
mathiazkirkland: I agree that having a realtime bug search would be better17:38
mathiazkirkland: right - our backlog is pretty empty now17:38
mathiazkirkland: so we just need a daily review of what's new17:38
mathiazkirkland: and get these triagged17:38
mathiazkirkland: that's the goal of the process17:38
kirklandmathiaz: \o/17:38
Baversjoqman__: What kind of quotes? I tried this: [ "$PGROUP" == "mygroup" ]; Still same error :(17:39
qman__those are the right quotes17:39
mathiazkirkland: even though the list is getting stale a few days later, the review is supposed to happen the day following the generation17:40
mathiazkirkland: so the accuracy of the list is not that bad.17:40
zulhey mathiaz I was thinking of using bzr more for the packaging in lucid how do you think we should go about doing it?17:42
Baversjoqman__: The script works when I login as admin, but when I log in as a newly created user (useradd -g mygroup hello) it prints an error message17:42
mathiazzul: hm - use it?17:42
qman__Baversjo, I just tested that section of the script on my machine, it works17:42
zulmathiaz: like as a workflow17:43
mathiazzul: well - instead of doing an apt-get source, do a bzr co lp:ubuntu/src-package-name17:43
mathiazzul: or bzr branch17:43
zuland if there is no bzr tree for it?17:43
Baversjoqman__: Cool thx for me also but not for these newly created users :(17:43
mathiazzul: ask james_w to do an import17:43
zulmathiaz: sounds reasonable17:43
mathiazzul: most of the archive should be imported now though17:43
zuli just noticed samba and apache isnt17:44
mathiazzul: and whenever you prepare a new package upload, I'd suggest to ask for review via LP17:44
qman__Baversjo, what is the output of   groups|awk '{print $1}'   for that user?17:44
mathiazzul: if the package isn't imported, ask james_w17:44
mathiazzul: merges could also be done via package branches17:45
Baversjoqman__: The output is "mygroup"17:45
mathiazzul: since there is an import of the debian archive as well17:45
Baversjoqman__: It's really wierd.17:45
zulmathiaz: I think the review stuff would slow us down17:45
qman__Baversjo, without quotes, right17:45
mathiazzul: depending on the size of the changes not necessarly17:46
Baversjoqman__: Yes, without quotes17:46
mathiazzul: quality is improved by reviews17:46
mathiazzul: as well as knwoledge sharing17:46
zulmathiaz: true we should have like a designated person per day for reviewing17:46
qman__Baversjo, I think I have the answer17:47
qman__Baversjo, the user's shell must be bash in order for that to work17:47
mathiazzul: right - this is what the LP is doing and other teams as well17:47
qman__Baversjo, users without home directories get dash, not bash17:47
mathiazzul: we'll have to see how things work out for our own team17:47
mathiazzul: we'll never know if we don't try17:47
zulmathiaz: agreed17:47
Baversjoqman__: Okey let me try that thank you! This user's got $17:48
Baversjoat his prompt and my regular user's got johan@baversjo-server17:48
qman__I did the same thing, same problem17:49
qman__ah, figured it out17:50
qman__to make it work in dash, change  ==  to  =17:50
uvirtbotNew bug: #236831 in lm-sensors (main) "fancontrol parse error" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/23683117:50
qman__it still works in bash with a single =17:51
qman__so that will solve the problem all around17:51
Baversjoqman__: Thank you very much works like a charm!17:52
RoyKhi all. where can I read more about this cloud stuff in 9.10_17:58
uvirtbotNew bug: #232413 in minicom (main) "Crash when receiving garbage from serial line." [Low,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/23241318:03
uvirtbotNew bug: #326608 in minicom (main) "on minicon console whem zmodem is selected "failure executing protocol" appears and cant transmit data from host to target" [Low,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32660818:03
bventurasamba ? .. I've set a force directory mask = 0755 on my share, but when I connect from another computer and put a folder in the share it gets created with 0777 permssions every time.. what am I missing here?  same result for file + create mask it just does not seem to work18:11
RoyKbventura: unix client_18:12
bventurathe client is mac18:12
bventurawhats up?  this is driving me crazy18:13
RoyKlook up unix extensions in the smb.conf manual18:13
RoyKor in short, add "unix extensions = no" to the global section18:13
RoyKunix extensions allow the client to define umask and so on18:14
bventura\OH YEAH18:16
bventurathat worked thanks for the help i'18:17
bventurave been trying to figure that out forever18:17
uvirtbotNew bug: #437600 in mysql-dfsg-5.0 (main) "package mysql-server-5.0 5.1.30really5.0.75-0ubuntu10.2 failed to install/upgrade: my.cnf was missing" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/43760018:28
uvirtbotNew bug: #440931 in mysql-dfsg-5.0 (main) "package mysql-server-5.0 5.1.30really5.0.75-0ubuntu10.2 failed to install/upgrade: ?????????? post-installation script ????????? ??? ?????? 1" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44093118:28
jfb_h2oanyone know how to define specialhosts so this: http://paste-it.net/public/bacc0f1/  works18:31
LyonJTWhat can i use for a SSL VPN Server18:58
_rubenopenvpn is a commonly used ssl vpn server19:02
_rubenand sslexplorer's kinda nice too19:02
RoyKopenvpn should be a good solution19:02
nick125So, who's planning on upgrading their server(s) to Karmic?19:03
maswannick125: Already running it in production since last week. :)19:04
nick125maswan: haha19:04
nick125I'm tempted to upgrade my server...but I'm a bit worried about how it'd affect Xen.19:04
nick125UEC looks neat, but I'm betting that its KVM based.19:05
qman__I've been running karmic on my desktop for a week, but all my servers (except one) are still running hardy19:11
qman__and that one that19:11
qman__'s running jaunty will get upgraded in a few weeks, once the mirrors recover19:11
nick125I really wish that Xen was better supported in Ubuntu. I mean, at least a kernel or something...19:14
qman__KVM took over19:15
nick125Yeah :(19:16
qman__I haven't played with it at all19:16
nick125It's not that I like Xen that much, it's just that without VT/SVM, I don't have many options.19:16
qman__the only machine I have with hardware virtualization support is my laptop19:17
qman__realistically, though19:17
qman__any serious VM implementation would be on new hardware anyway19:18
qman__so for the vast majority it's a non-issue19:18
qman__I'm still running on 939s though19:18
nick125My server is a little Celery box and I don't have money to upgrade it (and not really the need to, either)19:19
qman__no argument from me, my shell server is a K619:21
qman__just saying, there's not much demand for serious non-VT virtualization19:21
uvirtbotNew bug: #247283 in nis (main) "bind_wait uses ypwatch without a full path" [Low,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24728319:27
uvirtbotNew bug: #353698 in nis (main) "Ypserv segfault on Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid" [Low,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35369819:27
uvirtbotNew bug: #372426 in nis (main) "NIS not working" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/37242619:27
ruben23hi, i have a hardware server i would like to install an ubuntu-server it belong to a LAN, what my options to install ubuntu server on it..since it dont have DVD drive..?19:28
zulruben: you can get a cdrom with a usb enclosure and boot it that way or you can probably try a netboot19:35
zulhey ttx19:35
mathiazttx: hey!19:36
mathiazttx: party on?19:36
* ttx sips his porto19:36
* ttx highfives the team19:37
uvirtbotNew bug: #374717 in ntp (main) "ntp in kubuntu jaunty does not configure" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/37471719:37
smoserruben23, also you can boot from usb, using usb-creator19:37
mathiazttx: a 20-year old porto for karmic - what's the plan for lucid then?19:37
ttxsmoser: congrats on your first release !19:38
* smoser wipes a tear off his cheek19:38
ttxmathiaz: I'll have to think about it19:38
ttxmathiaz: maybe a 30-year-old Chateau-Chalon19:38
mathiazttx: well if you add 10 years for every 6-month release, you'll be in trouble soon19:38
smoserruben23, even rack mount servers of modern hardware support usb boot.19:38
smoseri think i'll celebrate with one of each at http://www.libertystreetbrewingcompany.com/2.html19:39
ruben23smoser: you mean i the usb will do the installation.>?19:40
ttxzul: hey, we did it, dude19:40
smoserruben23, yes. download the iso and run 'usb-creator-gtk' adn point it at the iso.19:41
smoserit makes a bootable usb device19:41
VirtualDisastersmoser, oh nice19:41
smoserthat does the installation19:41
zulttx: you da man19:41
smoserit is really nice. works well for netbook install also.19:41
zulsmoser: i think ill have a vodka and oj tonight after liam goes to bed19:41
uvirtbotNew bug: #288905 in ntp (main) "/etc/init.d/ntp doesnt use ntpdate to ensure clocks are aligned before starting server." [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28890519:42
VirtualDisastersmoser, in texas we have a limited selection of good beers19:42
VirtualDisasteraside from shiner bock i dont drink much else19:43
VirtualDisasterzul, lol19:43
hggdhwell, there's also Sam Adams (but yes, not Texan)19:43
mathiazzul: have finished filling up my Inbox with bug mail?19:43
zulmathiaz: almost19:43
smoserVirtualDisaster, yeah, after you ran celis out of austin19:43
smoserluckily, while the man went back to belgium, his beer came to michigan (where i'm from)19:44
smosercelis is outstanding, btw19:44
ruben23smoser:  any link guide  for it..?19:44
VirtualDisasterhggdh, im poor atm, i wish i could have a taste right about now19:44
zulmathiaz: no rest for the wicked ;)19:44
hggdhheh. I hear you19:44
mathiazzul: I can tell - as long as you promise to fix everything in lucid :)19:45
RoAkcongrats guys for this amazing server release19:45
zulmathiaz: heh i think i might need some help :)19:45
* VirtualDisaster downloads latest server iso19:46
mathiazzul: oh come on - you know the rule: triage => fix19:46
zulmathiaz: meh :P19:46
zuli think ill go start drinking19:46
smoserruben23, .... i dont know. sorry. you're asking about usb-creator, right ?19:47
smoserits similar to unetbootin, but i think its the officially supported ubuntu method of doing this.19:47
smoserit really is quite simple.  you run the thing, select an iso and say "go".19:48
smoserit copies a bunch of files and then you can boot off the usb stick.19:48
zulmathiaz: I stopped at openldap back at it again on monday20:00
LyonJTWhat command can you put in to see what os your running?20:00
LyonJTos version*20:00
mathiazzul: thank you!20:01
hggdhuname -a will give you the kernel version, type, etc20:01
zulmathiaz: for stopping or for triaging ;)20:02
mathiazzul: hm stoppi^Wtriagging!20:03
LyonJTwiked cheers hggdh20:03
LyonJTHow can i upgrade my server to 9.10?20:11
ttxLyonJT: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading#Network%20Upgrade%20for%20Ubuntu%20Servers%20%28Recommended%2920:13
LyonJTCheers pal20:15
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weirddood55I'm having a weird problem on tty1 when editing config files.20:19
weirddood55I'm using vim and when I'm editing on tty1, as I move around in the file, console text gets displayed on the screen and vim stops responding20:20
qman__weirddood55, it has to do with kernel messages being sent to TTY120:20
qman__either disable that, or don't use TTY120:21
qman__I prefer to just not use TTY1, so I still get the messages20:21
weirddood55Thanks...I just wasn't sure and thought I'd just ask in here about it20:21
weirddood55thank you qman__20:22
qman__I'm pretty sure it's configured in syslog20:22
qman__no problem20:22
qman__oh, also20:22
qman__if you're using an older version of ubuntu (hardy or older) the default vim doesn't support arrow keys20:23
qman__you need to install vim-full to use the arrow keys20:23
weirddood55No I'm using karmic20:23
grendal_primeok I need to set up some place to send backups.  A cloud computed nfs share would be nice?21:11
grendal_primeanyone done something similar to that?21:12
VirtualDisasterif its a clouded NFS and your just sending files to it then whats the difference?21:17
VirtualDisasterits just "clouded" or clustered?21:17
VirtualDisastersame thing different name, imo21:17
grendal_primelet me backfill some info..21:19
grendal_primegot a datacenter we need to have the configs from all the linux boxes backed up.  I have a great server for doing this...backuppc all configed, works great.  But i need it to actually store the backups somewhere else (somewhere outside the datacernter as this is a disaster recovery job.)21:21
qman__cloud computing is only really useful for computations, NFS is storage21:21
qman__you could buy some space on one of those online backup services, or you could just back up to external hard disks and ship them offsite21:22
VirtualDisastergreenfly, yeah like qman__ said21:22
grendal_primeso my thinking was if i could just get a cloud account somewhere..with a couple of gigs of space.???  what is all of the ec2 amazon talk about then?21:22
VirtualDisasterjust put up a freenas box offsite and youre done21:22
qman__ec2 isn't for storage21:22
qman__it's for running programs21:22
VirtualDisasterfor serious storage i wouldnt go cheap21:22
grendal_primethere are all these backup solutions that use ec221:23
VirtualDisasteri mean this is backup data right?21:23
qman__yeah, even just building a couple more file servers and putting them geographically far away21:23
grendal_primeno just configs21:23
qman__just configs?21:23
VirtualDisasterfreenas and youre done21:23
VirtualDisastervirtual freenas and youre done lol21:23
VirtualDisasteryou could run it on your desktop21:23
qman__that's even overkill for that21:23
qman__burn to CD-R21:23
grendal_primethat was my plan,  but we were going to run it back to our office (very frar from data center)21:24
qman__get a desktop machine at a separate location, with internet access21:24
qman__and set up a cron job to shell in and download the backup21:24
grendal_primeit staff is like all....hmmm...naa..use offsite storage..look into amazon or jungledrive..or some shit like that.21:24
qman__ec2 is not the right tool for this job21:25
qman__I mean, you COULD use it21:25
qman__but there are better ways21:25
grendal_primeok thats all i wanted to know.21:25
qman__hell, you could even just email it to yourself21:26
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grendal_primegetting things in and out of this...is such a security hell, every port i use i have to run it through sec check and grrrr.21:26
grendal_primewell qman_if it works well we will use it for larger jobs21:27
qman__if you want it totally automated, the best way is to either hire a service like ubuntu one (there are a bunch of them), or to set up your own server at a separate location21:27
qman__and use a scheduled job21:27
grendal_primethe backup pc works really well..if i could just nfs mount the storage...wham im done...need to grow it i just give it more space on the netapps nfs share.21:28
qman__I'd use scp over the net21:28
qman__easy to get through firewalls, secured21:28
qman__easy to automate21:28
grendal_primescp? wtf?  backup pc uses rsync as a transport.21:29
qman__oh, doing full replication21:29
grendal_primeI can even tar it on the fly is i want to...and only trasmit the changes.21:29
qman__in that case, a tunnel would work21:29
qman__sshfs is pretty cool too21:30
grendal_primeya, then i get back to the same problem...do i send it to my personal datacenter...that will not fly, here...nope they like to keep things seperate, soooooo some cloud location that they have access to and own...that seems the better solution21:30
qman__well they have to trust someone with their data21:31
qman__do they trust you, or amazon21:31
qman__or whoever21:31
qman__if they're that concerned, they should set up their own machine at a different office or something21:32
grendal_primemy datacernter is in my garage,  i dont have a retnal scanner and a pretty chick at the desk with a tazer ...they like that...21:32
qman__your garage is more secure than amazon's cloud21:32
grendal_primei guess i could get the wife a short skirt and a tazer...21:32
jcastrorsync.net is cheap and reliable IME for things like this21:33
grendal_primejcastro: cool...i think thats what im looking for.21:33
qman__clouds are, bu their very nature, a security risk21:33
qman__all it takes is one hole in the virtualization software21:33
qman__and bam, everyone on the service is done for21:33
qman__at least if you run your own system, you have the advantage of monitoring21:34
grendal_primejcastro: that was EXACTLY what i was looking for21:58
grendal_primeshfs mount..and whammo done.21:58
grendal_primeI decide i want to put it somewhere else i just mount the same dir to some other location and whammo!! done again...THAT SO TOTALLY WROX DUDE!!21:59
grendal_prime2 exc1t3d21:59
GarandilHmm.. I did a apt-get with a package that I didnt mean too.. and now it's stuck at wanting to install the dep's.. how do I get it out of that loop?22:56
GarandilI have aborted it.. but when I try to install a new package it starts to wine about the one that I aborted22:58
kblintry purging the packages you've tried to install22:59
kblinthe one you didn't want I mean22:59
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Jad_hi, does anybody knows what apps use the cloud computing feature of ubuntu server?23:15
Jad_also is there an rdp application that comes with ubuntu server? the place where they will host my ubuntu is remote and perhaps ubuntu has an rdp app23:17
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Ergo^i just did a dist-update to my server23:38
Ergo^and while everything appeared to be fine during the process ( i did that once already without problems)23:38
Ergo^right now it seems the server didnt start correctly after reboot23:39
Ergo^anything i could to troubleshoot the situation ?23:39
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Ergo^i cant ssh to my machine nor ping it, after dist upgrade, what can be the cause ? disk check ?23:44
Ergo^anyone here ?23:55
tmskeHi, I want to upgrade my ubuntu desktop to ubuntu-server, is installing linux-server enough? what packages can I remove?23:59

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