maixjust wanted to inform you that http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/countdown the image of the right counter is missing00:08
newz2000thanks maix, will check it00:09
maixok fine00:09
maixgood night00:09
Turlnewz2000: ubuntu didn't have an animated counter this time :/00:37
newz2000Turl, yeah, there was a valiant attempt but it just didn't quite happen in time00:39
Turlguess we can reuse the animation for Lucid, as nobody saw it hehe :P00:40
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tonyyarussonewz2000: Quick Q: Do you know whether someone is planning to / lined up to announce in #ubuntu-release-party in addition to the usual e-mail once things are all set?  We'd like to know whether someone from #ubuntu-ops needs to be watching for the note or if someone will come do it when the time comes.07:54
tonyyarussoAlso, I'm told to tell you that keeping us informed will annoy mneptok greatly.....07:54
newz2000it is customary for someone to announce in #u-r-c09:51
thorwilgot 112 views from http://ubuntu.com/getubuntu/countdown yesterday. already 94 today09:56
newz2000hola alejandraobregon09:58
* jpds pokes newz200013:34
newz2000hey, stop poking. :-)13:34
jpdsnewz2000: Can you include a link to https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+cdmirrors on http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/mirror13:34
jpdsnewz2000: People on slashdot might want to find release mirrors.13:35
newz2000let me ponder it13:35
jpds14:05:28 < Rawh> funny link on their post pointing towards hotwo setup a mirror14:06
jpds14:05:36 < Rawh> instead of really putting a download location there <.<14:06
jpdsnewz2000: ^-- :)14:06
newz2000jpds: what is this?14:09
jpdsnewz2000: Oh, the release story on slashdot.org.14:09
jpdsThey link to 14:05:28 < Rawh> funny link on their post pointing towards hotwo setup a mirror14:10
jpdslink to 14:05:28 < Rawh> funny link on their post pointing towards hotwo setup a mirror14:10
jpdsnewz2000: They link to the mirror page, hence why I suggested adding the +cdmirrors bit.14:10
MTecknologyYou guys screwed up on the torrent downloads - the headings are for yesterday15:12
MTecknologyjust fyi15:12
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MadsRH newz2000 -> you're probably buried in work today, but I just wanted to ask you if you already know about the frontpage bug, before I file a bug? http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/175241/Sk%C3%A6rmbillede.png16:32
newz2000MadsRH: no, didn't know, go ahead and file it16:33
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SiDihttp://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/xubuntu definately needs an upgrade :|20:23

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