skiwithpeteI installed from the RC and I'm having loads of browsing issures00:00
skiwithpetesorry, issues00:00
Sirisiangm|lap, do you know anything about that. How would I know I'm compiling for an older kernel version. When I run uname -r I get: "2.6.28-11-generic" and I have /usr/src/linux-2.6.28/ which seems the same?00:00
skiwithpeteis this a known issue?00:01
pukekohowdy.. can a bridge ( virtual interface ) have more than two 'real' interfaces i.e two radios and one ethernet /00:01
jrib!karmic | skiwithpete00:01
ubottuskiwithpete: Karmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic is still NOT released and MAY break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1 - Await the release in #ubuntu-release-party00:01
graingertit's not out!00:01
gm|lapSirisian: see if there's somewhere you can see the ABI version00:01
gm|lapwait a minute...00:02
gm|lapi have 2.6.28-16-generic00:02
noelhow much time for the new release?00:02
Picinoel, Karmic will be released some time during the 29th, i.e: there is no exact time. You can await the announcement in #ubuntu-release-party00:02
gm|lapchances are it may have updated on you00:02
gm|lapalso, a make clean might help00:02
Sirisiangm|lap, I have that kernel too. If I run using that kernel I get no dfference.00:02
nquintero_colubottu. Thanks for your links. I will follow their instructions and check sound again.00:02
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:02
fairhonanth_brwhat's up00:03
Sirisiangm|lap, One moment. Let me try something. I'll be back00:03
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Cam42Anyone know why empathy's spell check is so terrible?00:04
nquintero_coljmadgin: I think this machine has a Realtek sound card. This is a HP tx2-1020 laptop.00:04
akdoes dhcp handle getting of nameservers? Does that work whether ip is static or dynamic?00:04
fairhonanth_brempathy is sucks man00:04
lstarnesak: dhcp can handle that00:05
lstarnesak: when using manually assigned static IPs without dhcp, use /etc/resolv.conf00:05
aklstarnes: do I have to tell dhcp to do that?00:05
lstarnesak: dhcp isn't usually used for static configuration00:05
fairhonanth_brthat software is so immature00:05
ShapeShifter499how do I un-install a file manager without messing with another desktop evironment?00:05
aklstarnes: is there any way to use static IP but at the same time get nameserver automatically through dhcp?00:06
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lstarnesak: I'm not sure00:06
akok thanks00:06
akanyone else know?00:06
Mike_lifeguardI'm using echo "$line" | netcat -u 1234 to send data to a process which then listens on that port. But then I'm left with netcat processes sitting around for no reason - how can I have the netcat process die once there is no more input from the echo (or something with similar effect)?00:06
emericaI'm running a multihomed cli machine eth0 and eth1, the app i'm using doesn't allow specification of what interface to Multicast out of and defaults to eth1, what would be the right way to get it to default to eth0, short of adding setsocketopts to the application00:06
crypto_I am using Ubuntu 9.04 and my headphone doesnt seem to work, even if i put in the headphone jack the sound comes from the laptops default speakers, i have been searching in the forums for a long time but no use, any kind of help will be appreciated00:06
fairhonanth_brunfortunately pidgin is so much better00:06
gm|lapak: what i'm about to suggest is a hackjob...00:06
akgm|lap: that's fine00:07
gm|lapafter dhclient runs, make it do ifconfig on your device or something00:07
pukekoak: can you reserve the static on the dhcpd ?00:07
akpukeko: nope00:07
pukekoap: for the box in question ?00:07
gm|lape.g. if you're going this on eth0 and your IP should be, you find out when dhclient runs, and then after that, you do: ifconfig up00:08
akgm|lap: which script runs dhclient?00:08
Billiardcrypto_: maybe use the timeout option00:08
gm|lapak: lemme find it00:08
crypto_ I am using Ubuntu 9.04 and my headphone doesnt seem to work, even if i put in the headphone jack the sound comes from the laptops default speakers, i have been searching in the forums for a long time but no use, any kind of help will be appreciated00:08
Billiardsorry not at crypto_00:08
BilliardMike_lifeguard: maybe use the timeout option00:09
SpacePigeonwhat are the cons of not using pulse audio?00:09
SpacePigeonThere is something else I can use, right?00:10
gm|lapak: i think NetworkManager is what brings it up, and is invoked from /etc/init.d/NetworkManager... a hackjob would be tricky in this regard00:10
gm|laplook in /etc/network/if-up.d/00:10
pukekoak: what are you trying to do.. don't you have admin on the dhcpd box ?00:10
nquintero_colCrypto: I have same problem. User ubottu write this for my issue, possibly it could works for you:00:10
nquintero_colIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP300:10
akgm|lap: ok thanks!00:10
mattgyverHey all, whats a good alternative to Visio for Ubuntu?00:10
gm|lapmattgyver: there's openoffice.org drawing00:11
gm|lapalthough i'm not sure if that's "good"00:11
gm|lapmaybe dia floats your boat more00:11
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akpukeko: I don't have admin on dhcpd, only on client.. I have embedded system that needs to make itself available over ssh.. this means static ip so that router can be configured to let ssh through00:11
mattgyvergm|lap, yeah im looking for something thats pretty close to visio, i have one on the tip of my tonge but cant remember the name of it00:11
bostrthi i have asked this question few times over the past few days but nothing: i cannot ssh into my ubuntu machine anymore and the only change i can think of has been i lock my screen now.  No updates or anything. The same thing happened to me in Arch Linux, no ssh after locking screen.  Both use gnome.00:11
Billiardbostrt: what happens when you try to connect?00:12
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pukekoak: ..so therefore you may be facing address conflicts if you nominate yr own ip ..?00:13
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gm|lapactually... i believe that NetworkManager messes with those scripts...00:13
KalculusWhat are the requirements for a username in linux?  (what characters are valid, etc) ?00:14
akpukeko: I'm not sure, but I dont' think so.. router is configured usually to start ips from 100; I have two systems that have static ...10 and ...1500:14
gm|lapso all i can really think of is turning off NetworkManager altogether, and invoking dhclient and ifconfig yourself00:14
gm|lape.g. dhclient eth0; ifconfig eth0
gm|lapsomething like that00:14
akgm|lap: yep, I will look into that.. isn't it just dhclient without args?00:15
nquintero_colAnother question... What must I configure to connect as VPN Client using IPSEC/L2TP?00:15
Mike_lifeguardBilliard: Thanks a bunch, I did see the q option, but I didn't understand what it was for :D00:15
lstarnesKalculus: likely anything from a-z, A-Z, and 0-9 without spaces00:15
gm|lapak: you generally give it an interface00:15
akoh ok00:15
bostrtBilliard: From putty the connection times out, from another unix machine nothing happens, just sits00:15
lstarnesKalculus: there may be additional characters allowed00:15
akI've always run it incorrectly then :)00:15
pukekoak: coz you may have more than one00:15
emericaIs there a default network interface in ubuntu? how is it set? this multicast stuff if not setup for multihomed just goes to the default int00:15
gm|lapthere's /etc/rc2.d and /etc/init.d if you're wondering... stuff beginning with an S in rc*.d starts up, and beginning with K does not00:15
akpukeko: I see, I always had one, that's why..00:15
gm|lapalso, there's /etc/rc.local00:16
Kalculuslstarnes: hmm..  would you know what site i can find out the exact limitations?  i can't seem to find it on google00:16
akgm|lap: yeah, I know about that startup stuff.. I've done a few custom scripts before00:16
lstarnesKalculus: sorry, I don't00:16
bostrtBilliard: in verbose it sits here debug1: Connecting to xxxxxxxxx [xxxxxxxxxxx] port 22.00:17
gm|lapok, you should be pretty much sorted then... the only real issue is that your networking is going to be a hackjob00:17
lstarnesKalculus: you could probably check the man pages and source code for the various account-related utilities or the linux kernel00:17
gm|lapbut the point is that it works00:17
akgm|lap: but isn't dhcp setup going to be messed up by running ifconfig after it? Isn't dhcpd going to think I'm still at the automatic ip?00:18
jedcDoes anyone have advice for getting a cannon ip90 printer to work with 9.04?00:18
gm|lapak: it all depends on your router...00:18
gm|lapi think it'd be MUCH more concerned if you changed your MAC address in some what00:18
Billiardbostrt: and if you unlock your screen it works?00:19
akgm|lap: what types of router will accept this hack and what types won't? I actually potentially will have to deploy this on any/all router networks..00:19
gm|lapak: that's what you'll have to find out yourself... lemme see what other params dhclient takes00:19
gm|lapalso, make damn well sure that NetworkManager is disabled00:19
bostrtBilliard: no, I disabled the autoscreen lock and still does not work. But ssh did stop working on the same day i enabled it for the first time00:19
diofeherwhen ubuntu 10.4 will release?00:20
Picidiofeher, Karmic will be released some time during the 29th, i.e: there is no exact time. You can await the announcement in #ubuntu-release-party00:20
gm|lapactually... have a look in /etc/dhcp300:20
lstarnesdiofeher: 10.04 = 4th month of 200100:20
pukekoak: you may also have to watch out for any lowend switches in between00:20
lstarnesdiofeher: *201000:20
diofeherPici: huhu, thanks man =)00:20
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diofeheroh, 2010?00:21
gm|lapand: man dhclient.conf00:21
Picidiofeher: er, sorry, I'm on autopilot. I thought you were asking about 9.1000:21
lstarnesdiofeher: april 201000:21
jamieleshawHello, what time will karmic be released?00:21
jamieleshawin utc that is00:21
user2I'm trying to port a BASH script to CSH, why does the following not work?00:21
user2BASH: if [[ uname -a | grep -q <name> ]]; then ...00:21
user2CSH: if ( { uname -a | grep -q <name> } ) then ...00:21
Picijamieleshaw, Karmic will be released some time during the 29th, i.e: there is no exact time. You can await the announcement in #ubuntu-release-party00:21
diofeherPici: hehe, no problem00:21
lstarnesuser2: try using tcsh instead of csh00:22
user2lstarnes: I don't think that's a valid answer :)00:22
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akgm|lap: I see, great, I think that's exactly what I need00:22
lstarnesuser2: it is valid to me00:22
lstarnesuser2: what errors do you get?00:22
user2lstarnes: I don't get any errors, but the expression always evaluates as false00:23
lstarnesuser2: what do you get in bash?00:23
user2The BASH I listed works00:23
user2I.e. when the machine name is <name> the conditional code is executed00:24
Doonzhey guys, kinda a weird question. is there a way to set a directory so it automatically list directories by date of edit so that when i type ls it does the same as ls -tl00:24
user2In CSH it is never executed00:24
tonyyarussoDoonz: not that I know of, but you could alias ls to do that globally00:24
user2Doonz: alias ls='ls -tl'00:24
nick1Whats the best kind of booze to put into egg nog?00:25
=== root is now known as pipo
nick1i have some really good Promised Land dairy egg nog00:25
Helsinkiiihi-i messed around with Alsa Mixer settings and now my mic doesn't work and my sound sounds weird. i tried resetting it via terminal but it doesnt change anything. i have a conference call and need this running in 5 minutes AHHH00:25
pukekonick1: cheap red wine ?00:25
bae9Are the leaked Ubuntu 9.10 on pirate bay http://thepiratebay.org/torrent/5139359 and http://thepiratebay.org/torrent/5139362/Ubuntu_9.10_FINAL_LEAKED______AMD64_version genuine ??00:25
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BenZ__Hi, I need someone to point me in the right direction.  I installed the RC of 9.10 using the update manager of 9.04.  When I rebooted, it does get past the boot loader, but it seems the ramdisk(bootimage?) cannot find the UUID of the disk and it stops there.  Any thoughts on what went wrong (or how I might go about fixing it)?  I was going to try booting off a LiveCD so I could work it from there.00:25
Jack_d_LanternHelsinkiii, there is always running a livecd for your session00:25
Doonzok now for part two of my question. If I have something that connects through nfs can i make it default list like that?00:25
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nick1cheap red wine are you kidding me00:26
GodfatherofEirenick1 brandy or rum00:26
Helsinkiiii don't have it-lent it00:26
lstarnesbae9: only trust things officially published by ubuntu00:26
bastid_raZoruser2: ls -al is a bit more human readable.00:26
gm|lapbae9: what kind of idiot torrents a free open-source OS over the pirate bay00:26
nick1whats the best kind of rum to use? myers dark rum or maybe captain morgans spiced rum?00:26
th1lstarnes, how can I checlk?00:26
gm|lapof course it isn't.00:26
Flannelnick1: Please stay ontopic, thanks.00:26
Helsinkiiii'm screwed somebody please help.how do i reset alsa mixer settings?????00:26
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nick1ok im sorry00:26
=== RMS is now known as syn-ack
user2bastid_raZor: That's not what the question asked for.00:26
nick1i just thought you guys are so helpful !00:26
nick1you woul dknow !00:26
gm|lapHelsinkiii: not sure... do you know what you did?00:26
hardbop200hi, I'm trying to find some doc on how to enable the grub menu in 9.10 (there's no menu.lst)...can someone point me to the right place?00:26
bastid_raZoruser2: my mistake.00:27
Flannelhardbop200: #ubuntu+1 for Karmic support, thanks00:27
Jack_d_LanternHelsinkiii, try /join #Alsa  while   waiting00:27
Helsinkiiigm|lap no00:27
hardbop200Flannel: will do, thanks00:27
tiannawhat is this?00:27
gm|lapthat's your biggest problem.00:27
lstarnesuser2: oddly enough it fails for me in bash00:27
BenZ__hardbop200, the new grub2 doesn't use menu.lst, it uses grub.cfg (or something like that)00:27
gm|lapbecause if you don't, neither do we.00:27
user2lstarnes: That is odd - it works for me00:27
pukekonick1: i'd go for a light Rum .. and then install karmic beta00:28
tiannakentucky deluxe?00:28
user2lstarnes: I use it in my .bashrc to set up the environment based on the machine I'm on00:28
nick1how do you upgrade to karmic from jaunty00:28
Jack_d_Lanterntianna, a support channel for u00:28
nick1i dont have a cd burner00:28
tiannawhat is a support channel?00:28
lstarnesnick1: when it is released, you can do it with the update manager00:28
ubottuA list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist - See also !Guidelines00:28
nick1oh okay cool00:28
lstarnestianna: a help channel00:28
nick1ill surely do that00:28
lstarnesnick1: you may need to go into software sources and allow upgrades to non-lts releases00:28
tiannai may need this obviously00:29
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:29
tiannaok...why cant i download anything regular on this thing00:29
BenZ__I need someone to point me in the right direction.  I installed the RC of 9.10 using the update manager of 9.04.  When I rebooted, it does get past the boot loader, but it seems the ramdisk(bootimage?) cannot find the UUID of the disk and it stops there.  Any thoughts on what went wrong (or how I might go about fixing it)?  I was going to try booting off a LiveCD so I could work it from there.00:29
tkingcan you do things... abnormally?00:30
Billiardtianna: such as?00:30
Jack_d_Lanterngoogle the u pocket guide00:30
lstarnestianna: ubuntu is not windows00:30
ZykoticK9BenZ__, ask the same question in #ubuntu+100:30
tiannamaybe as dumb as it sounds my messengers..i can get on windows...00:30
tiannamy windows crashed i cant get it right i cant even get in00:30
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digiforIs there an alternative to plugging my usb into a Windows machine to get it working again?00:30
tiannai get this00:31
velkoBenZ__, maybe you can substitute the uuid by the device name (/dev/sda1) and/or position (hd0,0)00:31
tiannai am quite confused00:31
crypto_how to use windows boot loader instead of GRUB?00:31
Jack_d_Lanterndig you can force mount it00:31
user2crypto: I don't think you can00:31
geomihey guys im looking for /var/run/dmesg.boot but can't find it. where should i be able to locate this file?00:32
crypto_well i have a dual boot vista and ubuntu00:32
crypto_i want to use the windows boot loader instead of GRUb, will running fixmbr be a good option00:32
tiannawhy did my other operationg system crash?00:32
velkogeomi, the file is called /var/log/dmesg00:32
lstarnestianna: the people in ##windows can probably help00:32
ZykoticK9crypto_, if you don't want to boot into Ubuntu anymore that would work fine -- if you DO want to still boot Ubuntu you HAVE to use Grub00:33
GodfatherofEirebeat me to it Istarnes00:33
geomivelko: doesn't exist for me, running 9.04. any other places?00:33
tiannaoh gooodness thank you00:33
maria1is there an issue with the wireless on 9.04?   disconnecting upon high-speed transfers and intermittently?00:33
crypto_well the problem is i get 4 boot options for ubuntu00:33
canthus13NTloader will boot linux.00:33
geomivelko: sorry i found it. you were right. thanks :)00:33
bostrtBilliard:any ideas?00:33
crypto_one is skernel something point 15 and one is something point 11 the fifteen one wont work00:33
Billiardcrypto_: you can remove the old kernels00:33
Jack_d_Lanterncrypto_, edit the oot gru menu.lst to your liking00:34
ax-axand memtest00:34
canthus13Unfortunately, ubuntu updates will NOT update NTloader and you will have to manually update NTloader to the latest kernel version.00:34
Jack_d_Lanternsorry no d key00:34
crypto_kernel 15 aint working kernel 11 is working00:34
Billiardbostrt: nope, i dont have a gui on the machine i ssh to00:34
crypto_i get some strange kinda screen when i boot into kernel 15 something like bad TV transmission00:34
spO`should i update ubuntu right now  ? or should i wait until friday?00:35
canthus13crypto_: fixmbr will remove grub and only boot windows.00:35
darkhamit exist something like mac automator, on ubuntu?00:35
gm|lapargh does anyone know how to fix the stupid battery meter00:35
gm|lapit keeps saying it's fully charged00:35
metbsdspO, what's the difference00:35
gm|lapyes it's actually charging00:35
usserspO`, at this point it doesnt matter, i'd update now, because on 29th the traffic will be insane00:35
gm|lap"Laptop battery fully charged (79.1%)"00:36
usserspO`, it probably already is but not quite that bad00:36
canthus13crypto_: This may help, tho... http://bkpavan.wordpress.com/2008/04/02/how-to-boot-linux-using-windows-bootloader-xp/00:36
spO`will there be much updates from here to friday?00:36
usserspO`, i doubt it00:36
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spO`Maybe there will be a special big update just before friday on midnight, kind of like the update surprise00:36
crypto_canthus13 my new version of kernel wont boot, giving me strange errors00:36
ctmjrusser: that is bad advice it is not stable yet00:37
spO`so i guess i will simply backup my settings and install the new ubuntu now00:37
usserctmjr, its a release candidate meaning, that since theres no time left for another RC it will go released pretty much as is00:37
canthus13crypto_: Hmm. Could be video drivers.  Karmic?00:37
usserspO`, look at the page of still unfixed issues see if anything concerns you00:37
usserspO`, http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/910overview00:38
usserspO`, scroll down to known issues00:38
d0htemneed to speak to an ubuntu operator00:38
crypto_This is an alpha release. Do not install it on production machines. The final stable version will be released on October 29th, 2009. Is it the 29th in india or in USA00:38
d0htempretty inportant, ubuntu final leaked00:38
ubottuKarmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic is still NOT released and MAY break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1 - Await the release in #ubuntu-release-party00:39
crypto_Cause its 29th in india00:39
lstarnesd0htem: it's open-source so a leak probably isn't that big of an issue00:39
ussercrypto_, probably 29th in africa00:39
beachdazewhich time zone is the release set for?00:39
digiforIs there an alternative to plugging my usb memory stick into a Windows machine to get it working again?00:39
lstarnesbeachdaze: none00:39
bostrtBilliard: i have no idea but it just started working. after three days of nothing00:39
bostrti did nothing00:39
pukeko29th in NZ00:40
Billiardbostrt: idk thats odd, you sure ports are open correctly?00:40
canthus13I'd say it's set for whenever the counter on ubuntu.com ticks over.00:40
usserthey'll be a couple of days late as usual00:40
bostrtBilliard: just nmap'ed it. the port was filtered but now is open00:41
ubottuNo! It's not out yet! Await the release in #ubuntu-release-party, and be sure to read channel /topic!00:41
david_hi folks00:42
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vfen_when does 9.10 release?00:43
lstarnesvfen_: later00:43
mataksis there an aim program for linux?00:43
matakswhat's the name?00:43
david_highlighting text in ubuntu (that should make it part of the register) isn't working.  any ideas?00:43
lstarnesvfen_: sometime within the next 24 hours or so00:44
Helsinkiiihow to run this command: alsa force-reload???00:44
vfen_do i have to reinstall ubuntu then or?00:44
Billiardmataks: pidgin or empathy00:44
Billiardvfen_: no00:44
lstarnesvfen_: you can, but you don't have to00:44
Powersourceanyone good at ubuntuzilla? the please help http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=130401200:44
Guest51325anyone running squid on ubuntu server?  How's performance?00:45
mattgyverPowersource, what the heck is ubuntuzilla?00:45
Funnyface2hello, is there any way I can run the ARM release of ubuntu on my x86? I was hoping Qemu would do the job, but I can't seem to find a way to set it to emulate an ARM CPU00:45
Powersourcemattgyver, google it00:46
lstarnesFunnyface2: use qemu-system-arm00:46
mattgyverPowersource, ill goggle it ;)00:46
=== Mike00_ is now known as Mike00
Funnyface2I think I figured it out :P00:47
=== rachel is now known as Guest22949
Helsinkiiican someone look at their Alsa mixer settings and tell me what they have because my mic isnt working00:47
ugaritsudo dpkg --configure -a is extremly slow.  anyone know why?00:49
=== default is now known as acad2
ugaritI think this source is the problem ftp://ftp.3drealms.com/share/1rott13.zip00:50
ZykoticK9Helsinkiii, perhaps this can help you http://embraceubuntu.com/2005/12/05/fixing-the-errant-microphone/00:51
server1any update about ubuntu 9.1000:52
Piciserver1, Karmic will be released some time during the 29th, i.e: there is no exact time. You can await the announcement in #ubuntu-release-party00:52
MoaYes, it's been cancelled. Canonical was acquired by Microsoft 2 hours ago.00:52
ubuntu__help ive got no sound00:52
Funnyface2or even worse, by apple00:54
MoaWhy worse?00:54
Frogbarfwhat are the main differences between unbuntu and suse?00:54
SpiceManubuntu has 1 vowel, suse 200:55
FrogbarfI am thinking of possibly switching, what problems can I expect?00:55
schwinn434help i,ve got no sound , as-well00:55
Funnyface2I just dislike apple more than microsoft, don't ask me why00:55
Frogbarfstumbling blocks00:55
MoaI'm not hugely fond of either, but at least Apple makes an attempt at a usable UI once in a while.00:55
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!00:55
spikebikeubuntu mirrors will be busier for the next few days00:55
Frogbarfwould I have to relearn a lot of stuff?00:56
Funnyface2schwinn: is your computer some branded one?00:57
BilliardFrogbarf: some config files may be in different places00:57
schwinn434seriously, I have no sound Ubuntu 8.1000:57
trismFrogbarf: probably need to get used to the different package manager, but otherwise...although I haven't used suse in a long time00:57
crypto_schwinn434 faced the same problem00:57
blaz_ hi! How to set up autologin to console? I used mingetty option in the past but there is no /etc/inittab anymore in  Karmic00:57
schwinn434yes hp pavilion dv600000:57
crypto_we got the same notebooks too00:58
FrogbarfHow is ubuntu with keeping current with packages? I get annoyed that some suse packages are not updated to the current version for a very long time. Octave is my current headache00:58
schwinn434really crypto00:58
Frogbarfvery long time can be years00:58
Funnyface2schwinn: if you plug in some headphones, can you hear sound then?00:59
schwinn434no Funnyface200:59
trismblaz_: not exactly pretty but: http://blogs.koolwal.net/2009/03/15/howto-autologin-into-your-linux-system-without-xdm-gdm-kdm-etc/00:59
schwinn434vista has sound00:59
ugaritwhat is this ftp://ftp.3drealms.com/share/1rott13.zip when I do: sudo dpkg --configure -a00:59
Powersourceanyone? please, i really need help with this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=818418301:00
ZykoticK9ugarit, rott = rise of the triades (i think)01:00
schwinn434Ive been using ubuntu for monthsm lost sound last night01:00
ugaritschwinn434 turn up the volume01:01
ballahow many hours until release?01:01
Piciballa, Karmic will be released some time during the 29th, i.e: there is no exact time. You can await the announcement in #ubuntu-release-party01:01
tomaszjestem totalnie zielony01:01
ugaritwhere is conanical located?01:01
agusI failed using oracle instantclient, anyone can help me please?01:01
schwinn434not the problem ugarit01:01
Pici!pl | tomasz01:01
ubottutomasz: Na tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.01:01
Bruchey 9.10 out yet01:02
blaz_thanks trism!01:02
schwinn434having boot problems also01:02
dusti cant seem to get alsa working with soptify+wine01:02
blaz_you're totally green01:02
dusti hear lost of noice and after 3 seconds it stops01:02
=== dust is now known as nobody_
blaz_tomasz: you're totally green01:03
ugarithow do i tell sudo dpkg --configure -a to skip  ftp://ftp.3drealms.com/share/1rott13.zip ?01:04
Brucwhens 9.10 out01:04
Kamilionwithin the next ~2 hours.01:04
Kamilionnot two01:04
Kamilionthirty two01:04
Kamilionbarring any major discord01:04
Flannel!isitout | Bruc01:05
ubottuBruc: No! It's not out yet! Await the release in #ubuntu-release-party, and be sure to read channel /topic!01:05
kaybeethanks guys01:05
Funnyface2will it be possible to upgrade over network, or does it need a full reinstall?01:05
Brucis everyone invited to the party?01:06
DeoFavente1ok the new ubutnu is coming out and I need help (with upgrading)01:06
mattgyverFunnyface2, you can upgrade over the network but grub2 and ext4 wont be setup01:06
FlynsarmyIt's a little buggy (karmic). the pidgin message received found feels squished so it plays really fast01:06
KamilionFunnyface2: Personally, my opinion is that a clean install would be a better option. You can keep your /home/ and use synaptic to dump a package list from your old machine.01:06
DeoFavente1you need to upgrade all your software to the newest version before you upgrade ubutnu right?01:06
lstarnesDeoFavente1: that's a good idea01:06
blaz_If I installed 9.10 beta, will I get 9.10 just with 'aptitude dist-upgrade'??01:06
DeoFavente1do I have to?01:07
jribDeoFavente1: update-manager will do that for you01:07
trismblaz_: yes01:07
DeoFavente1but I got a problem then01:07
DeoFavente1my mysql doesn't upgrade01:07
KamilionIt is a good idea to do so to pick up any fixes to update-manager before upgrading, yes.01:07
nobody_anyone ?01:07
DeoFavente1the problem has to do with messed up permissions01:07
jrib!enter | DeoFavente101:07
ubottuDeoFavente1: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!01:07
KamilionDeoFavente1: check out the docs for the 5.0 -> 5.1 transition.01:07
schwinn434my ubuntu 8.10 install seems to get buggier and buggier01:08
DeoFavente1is there a way to upgrade ignoring mysql?01:08
schwinn434I really like linux, but the os does seem unstable day in day out01:08
Brucif i installl 9.04 now is there a problem upgrading to 9.1001:08
noumaiosupdate-manager -d01:08
KamilionDeoFavente1: yes, you can keep the old 5.0 packages, but the 5.1 client will be installed, IIRC01:08
Flynsarmyalso in 9.10 you can't do a simple amixer set 'Master' 95% unmute either. you have to do 3 lines worth of unmute and even then it doesnt set the volume to 95%. its pretty retarded01:08
Funnyface2I see, well I will just keep 9.04 until something gets messed up, then install 9.10 when I have to wipe the HD anyway :>01:08
KamilionFunnyface2: I'd say do the dist upgrade in another ~2 weeks after the dust settles and the repos arn't so crowded01:09
DeoFavente1ok thanks for the help01:09
noumaiosi think 'd' for distro...01:09
KamilionDeoFavente1: be sure to check out the mysql 5.0 -> 5.1 docs though.01:09
blaz_I'm really impressed with 9.10, for the first time I get smooth webpage scrolling with composition effects enabled.. after all these years...01:10
schwinn434does clonezilla work will?01:10
KamilionDeoFavente1:  I'm looking for the link now.01:10
schwinn434does Clonezilla work well?01:10
nobody_someone? spotify with wine, sound scrambled01:10
nobody_alsa (Sb audigy 201:11
timdotanyone know if Karmic will include Firefox 3.5 or still just 3?01:13
lstarnestimdot: 3501:13
ZykoticK9timdot, 3.501:13
timdotah, cool, thanks :)01:13
DeoFavente1Kamilion: well ill fix it later, but -d will ignore the upgrade and still upgrade other stuff, right?01:14
Ashfire908Hi, I'm having issues with my computer and a External Hard Drive (Maxtor OneTouch III). When I plug in the drive (via firewire), it does not appear as a drive (or at all). It works fine on a HP elitebook running Ubuntu. (though the laptop runs x86 while this system is running 64-bit Ubuntu).01:14
Wargasmhey guys, is there any way to change the startup sound in 9.10?01:14
BlacKnighthey, is there any text editor as fast as notepad in linux? i use gedit but notepad opens like in 0.5 secs gedit more than that :p01:14
blaz_BlackKnight: nedit01:15
EntityRebornBlackFate, lol!01:15
KamilionDeoFavente1: Won't matter, the button to upgrade will be staring you in the face every time you open up update-manager after tomorrow. Taunting you. Begging you to push it. But you must resist!01:15
BlacKnightblaz_: thanks let me try01:15
DeoFavente1Kamilion: Good. I really messed up the permissions with some files important to mysql and now everytime it tried to update it fails horribly01:16
Ashfire908Also, what time does 9.10 release? (rough time, like "between 4-6 pm" is fine)01:16
lstarnesAshfire908: most likily within the next 24 hours01:16
PiciAshfire908, Karmic will be released some time during the 29th, i.e: there is no exact time. You can await the announcement in #ubuntu-release-party01:16
IdleOneAshfire908: you can join the trolls and kids in #ubuntu-release-party01:17
PiciIdleOne: and devs, and operators...01:17
Wargasmis there any way to change the sounds in 9.10?01:17
Wargasmthey changed the sound dialog box01:17
Ashfire908lstarnes, Well, i know that.01:17
KamilionDeoFavente1: do a mysqldump and full backup anyway.01:17
IdleOnePici: yes and the devs and operators. Did not mean to offend you good people who work hard for us :)01:17
Ashfire908Pici, IdleOne: Ok.01:17
PiciWargasm: 9.10 is not released so it is not supported here yet, please use #ubuntu+1 for support in the meantime.01:18
BlacKnightnice, nedit is what i was looking for Thanks! blaz01:18
DeoFavente1Kamilion: But the distro upgrade won't be die because of an error in upgrading?01:18
DeoFavente1leave out the word "be"01:19
dissplease someone tell me how to reinstall grub in ubuntu 9.04 because a windows xp installation wiped it out01:19
IdleOne!fixgrub | diss01:19
ubottudiss: GRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto01:19
KamilionDeoFavente1: ... I... Don't know.01:19
ctmjrso what's the over/under on how many times is it out yet is asked01:20
IdleOnectmjr: +3 weeks now :)01:20
KamilionDeoFavente1: But at least with a mysqldump you can remove the package, clean up your mess, and then restore the DB.01:20
DeoFavente1Kamilion: I was just thinking of removing mysql from that one file that keeps track of the versions and upgrade status - even though that soounds really noobish01:21
amjadالسلام عليكم01:21
ubottuFor Arabic language support, please : /join #ubuntu-arabic : للحصول على الدعم باللغة العربية01:21
DeoFavente1Kamilion: /var/lib/dpkg/status I think it is01:22
=== SudoKing is now known as MrMistoffelees
DeoFavente1Kamilion and then I can re-add it after distro upgrade01:22
Ashfire908Uh, ok, my drive started working after various patterns of unplugging/plugging in the firewire, turning the drive on and off, and removing and inserting the ohci1394 and ieee1934 kernel modules...01:22
ro_i need help01:23
stinkyhi ro_01:23
ro_can somebody help01:23
ro_hi stinky01:23
ro_how are you01:23
FloodBot2ro_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:23
stinky:D fine01:23
_JacK_how to list files whose size is greater than 1M?01:23
blaz_hi ro_01:23
DeoFavente1everytime you ask for help a kitten dies - wait that's in another channel nvm01:23
ro_hello blaz how it goes01:23
DeoFavente1what do you need help with01:24
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!01:24
ro_i just installes ubunu 9 on a hp tx201:24
jasmuzHello all.. im using Karmic, is it true that the Gnome bar only uses Bmp files instead of png?01:24
ro_but i can get the audio frivers work01:24
losher_JacK_: something like: find . -type f -size +1M01:25
jasmuzHello all.. im using Karmic, is it true that the Gnome bar only uses Bmp files instead of png??01:25
Picijasmuz: 9.10 is not released so it is not supported here yet, please use #ubuntu+1 for support in the meantime.01:25
blaz_what drivers ro_?01:25
ro_audio drivers01:25
Ashfire908ro_, 9.04?01:25
=== losher is now known as losha
jasmuzPici, thanks01:26
KamilionDeoFavente1: phpmyadmin makes it easy to snapshot mysql. Then use apt-file against the mysql packages, and go check their perms.01:26
ubunturocksHello guys01:26
rancehello?? what is this lol01:26
mikeruin which timezone is karmic released tomorrow=?01:26
rancethis is irc right01:26
ubunturocksI need one clarification01:26
ranceim new here01:26
_JacK_losher: thank you01:26
Picimikeru, Karmic will be released some time during the 29th, i.e: there is no exact time. You can await the announcement in #ubuntu-release-party01:26
mikeru: O01:26
blaz_ro_: can you elaborate?01:26
mikerui love the RC totally01:26
ubunturocksIf I upgrade from ubuntu 9.04 to 9.10 whether my existing dta will be erased01:27
spikebike¿uʍop ǝpısdn ǝdʎʇ oɥʍ ǝldoǝd ɹoɟ lǝuuɐɥɔ nʇunqn uɐ ǝɹǝɥʇ sı01:27
SpiceManubunturocks: no01:27
rancehello can somebody help me01:27
DeoFavente1Kamilion: "Then use apt-file against the mysql packages, and go check their perms." I'm sorry what's apt-file and how do I use it?01:27
ro_what fo you mean blaz ? this is my first time on ubuntu01:27
blaz_ro_: what is the problem, you try to install something manually?]01:27
mikeruubunturocks: maybe, shouldn't01:27
ubunturocksWhat about applications?01:27
SpiceManspikebike: doubt so01:27
ubunturocksI installed01:27
Ashfire908ubunturocks: What would be the point of a "upgrade" then? :)01:27
DeoFavente1Kamilion: Sounds important01:27
ro_blaz i installed ubunut on it , but the sound didnt work01:27
mgmuscarihas anybody here been experiencing dropped wifi connections when using wpa/wpa2 since the recent kernel update and/or maybe some recent update to module iwlagn?01:27
ro_even the video drivers01:27
KamilionDeoFavente1: google apt-file and behold it's goodness. in short, apt-get install apt-file then apt-file package mysql-server01:27
ubunturocksOK. SO It would be better to back up the data on my home folder01:28
ubunturocksI am right?01:28
Delvienmgmuscari: yes, but i suspect its my schools wifi. as it only happens when i am at schhol01:28
=== sheep is now known as lstarnes
KamilionDeoFavente1: and apt-file should list all of the files that package cares about when it's installing/removing/upgrading.01:28
gogetaarg vbox hates me'01:28
DeoFavente1Kamilion: ok I think I can take it from here thanks for the help this mysql has really been frustrating me lately01:29
ubunturocksI want to know the way,01:29
mikeruubunturocks: when I tried upgrading to the beta, it didn't finish and suddenly my screen went black, and then I couldn't boot even in recovery due to kernel panics. I had to install fresh from the beta CD. but since i used a different partition for /home i didn't lose data, and it was a beta, so no surprise it didn't work.01:29
piersdAnyone managed to get JavaFx working on Ubuntu 8.04?01:29
mikeruubunturocks: if you have the time and you have important files, you might want to do so01:30
ubunturocksI See01:30
ubunturocksThanks mikeru01:30
DeoFavente1mikeru: I have a separate partition for home, but hardly any of my important data is stored there - am I doing something wrong?01:30
mikeruDooFavente1: depends what you hold in your root partition01:30
RoastedI saw a picture of an Ubuntu desktop with a fine white text widget that offered a bunch of system information. What widget or setting would that be?01:31
ubottuyes, I'm alive.01:31
ubunturockscan somebody tell how to convert python source code to deb package01:31
DeoFavente1mikeru: I have have lots of servers running with a bunch of data, should I have created another partition for my servers01:31
mgmuscarihas anybody been experiencing dropped wifi connections using wpa/wpa2 for the last few days? since the recent kernel update or maybe some update to module iwlagn01:31
loshaDeoFavente1: depends. Where *is* your important data if it's not in /home ?01:31
ubottuThe packaging guide is at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages for information on getting a package integrated into Ubuntu - Other developer resources are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment - See also !backports01:31
blaz_ro_: sorry I don't have alsa drivers anymore, can't guide you..01:31
DeoFavente1mgmuscari: not this kernel update but another one long time ago01:31
ro_thank you01:32
ubunturocksfor this I need to do this01:32
=== LeNsTR is now known as LeNsTR|Sleep
mgmuscariDeoFavente1: are you using an intel wifi link 5100 agn or 5300 agn?01:32
mikeruDooFavente1: it's not wrong, but it's better to have your stuff in your home, specially if you have a separate partition. If you only have the / partition with home as a folder, doesn't matter as much. But you should keep your stuff (like documents) in /home/(yourhomedir)01:32
ubottuyes, I'm alive.01:32
almoxarifeubunturocks: checkinstall package works for me for creating source to deb01:32
mgmuscarihow do you restart a kernel module?01:33
piersdHi All, anyone got JavaFX to work in Firefox on 9.04?01:33
DeoFavente1losha: Apache operates in /var/www my debian repository operates in /srv/something and I also have mysql and a fps game server which operates in /var/www/somefolder01:33
ubunturocksalmoxarife> I think IT needs make file01:33
RoastedGuys - check the right picture from this thread. What widget is that that shows system information? http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=8033362&postcount=1501:33
mikeruDooFavente1: as for the server question, maybe. I used a separate partition because I use LVM and it's easier to resize the partitions, and many times I put a new distro on my root partition01:34
almoxarifeubunturocks: it has it01:34
loshamgmuscari: you can modunload and then modprobe a kernel module, *if* no-ones currently using it...01:34
=== idleone_ is now known as IdleOne
crypto__port forwarding01:34
syntaxerwhat is the benefit of using LVM over regular partions?01:34
ubunturocksI check and tell..01:34
mgmuscarilosha: it's my wifi driver... so i guess disable networking and then modunload/modprobe it?01:35
mgmuscarisomething is causing it to die and drop the connection when using wpa/wpa201:35
DeoFavente1losha: how hard do yoou think it would be for me to move my servers to a new partition? My LAMP server is the only one that would be a problem01:35
hikenbootis the xen kernel merged with the generic kernel in 9.1      2.6.31-14-generic?01:35
loshamgmuscari: harmless to try it...01:35
ubunturockswhere it is ..? I could not find01:35
mikerusyntaxer: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Logical_Volume_Manager_%28Linux%2901:35
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crypto__where is the ubuntu release party01:35
crypto__i lost the channel01:36
Argos__anyways is ubuntu good01:36
ubottuNo! It's not out yet! Await the release in #ubuntu-release-party, and be sure to read channel /topic!01:36
Infomomorelease time :d01:36
mikerusyntaxer: I think  you can have a partition that uses 2 harddrives, but i'm not sure about that…01:36
mikerusyntaxer: # Resize volume groups online by absorbing new physical volumes (PV) or ejecting existing ones.01:36
loshaDeoFavente1: in theory, you can move them, and just leave a link behind. In practice, some apps are sensitive about running via links because it can be a security issue. You could just make backups of /var/www and /srv, or  maybe move them to their own partitions...01:37
verizondroidis it out yet?01:37
lstarnesverizondroid: no01:37
mikerusyntaxer: but it is a little difficult to set up lvm in ubuntu.01:37
lstarnesverizondroid: join #ubuntu-release-party01:37
syntaxeryeah..this is my 3rd dstro I've installed01:38
DeoFavente1losha: ok thanks, ill have to try that someday but that's going to be after I distro upgrade01:38
syntaxerdidn't use LVM this time01:38
rancei cant find a channel to join i join but then nobody talks01:38
loshaDeoFavente1: backup, backup and backup...01:38
Picirance: #ubuntu-release-party is hopping01:38
=== mchdf is now known as merma
DeoFavente1wait I can't connect to release party01:38
DeoFavente1#ubuntu-release-party right?01:39
losharance: are you looking for help on something? What?01:39
lstarnesDeoFavente1: yes01:39
ranceyes i am01:39
DeoFavente1weird I'll try logging out then back in01:39
rancelosha can i pm u01:39
losharance: I don't think my client even supports pm. Why not ask here in the main channel?01:40
rancek well i program in python and c++ and i make programs but i want to learn how to make my bot output messages into a textbox or notepad etc.01:41
losharance: I don't know the answer to that. Have you tried #python ?01:41
ranceill try that brb01:42
DeoFavente1I still can't connect to ubuntu party01:42
ubottuyes, I'm alive.01:43
CWinLxwhen I create a user can I assign a certain disk quota?01:43
halfpinti need some help, my mouse keeps freezing after about a minute after logging in, it only freezes on my logitech g5 mouse and my zenith mouse. I am using a fresh install of ubuntu 9.0401:43
=== CWinLx is now known as alive
mgmuscariis there some way i can see if update-manager has updated a particular kernel module recently?01:43
Retinarguys is canonical doing a midnight release of karmic koala01:43
lstarnesRetinar: there is no set time01:43
InFy_when is the release ?01:43
kisukeRetinar: in what time zone?01:43
lstarnesInFy_: there is no set time01:43
ubunturockswhat is ubuntu security model01:43
ubunturockscan somebdoy explain01:44
lstarnes!security | ubunturocks01:44
ubottuubunturocks: Security Updates are dealt with here:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Security - See also !root, !firewall and !server01:44
RetinarWould I be able to upgrade to the final release if I got the dailybuild now?01:44
loshamgmuscari: a log of all package changes is kept in /var/log/dpkg.log01:44
lstarnesRetinar: most likely01:44
ubunturocksubottu. We cannot login as root01:44
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:44
ubunturockswhy friends01:44
lstarnesubunturocks: exactly01:44
InFy_can i upgrade to the RC and then easily upgrade to full later on without update-manager -d? or is the -d required..01:44
lstarnes!root > ubunturocks01:44
ubottuubunturocks, please see my private message01:44
rancewell when i join any chat nobody talks like nobody is in there01:45
lstarnesrance: that is not uncommon01:45
mgmuscarihmmm no mention of iwlagn... it just started doing this a few days ago though :/01:45
lstarnesrance: most irc users don't talk unless they have something to talk about01:45
trismInFy_: you shouldn't need to do that, just apply all the normal updates and you should be fully at the final version01:45
tjzhey guys01:45
spaztikok so this is entirely way OT, but anyone know of any software that will allow me to speak into the mic and it'll apply effects in real time, like echo or something?01:45
InFy_lets's get rollin' then01:45
ranceo ok01:45
kisukewhat time zone is the relase in? gmt?01:46
InFy_idk lol01:46
RoastedGuys - check the right picture from this thread. What widget is that that shows system information? http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=8033362&postcount=1501:46
losharance: most channels are much quieter than this one, and operate differently i.e. more like a forum: you ask a question, and then much later (hours, days) someone may reply. Either keep your irc open or check if they have an archive...01:46
gogetaanyone use virtulbox01:46
partypantsspaztik: i searched for the same recently, like a voice changer, no luck so far.01:46
spaztikInFy_, real time stuff01:46
ranceo ok01:46
spaztikpartypants, dayum01:46
InFy_idk lol01:46
spaztikgotta party this weekend and i wanna mc :S01:46
gogetaits pissing me off to ni end today01:46
rancesoo anybody program in python cause i need some help :)01:46
Flannelrance: Try ##python01:47
ubunturockslstarnes: Why cant I login as root01:47
lstarnesubunturocks: read the message given to you by ubunturocks01:47
Billiardspaztik: maybe mplayer can apply effects to mic input and play it back to speakers01:47
lstarnesubunturocks: er, by ubottu01:47
trismubunturocks: by default, root has no password in ubuntu, so you can't log in01:47
syntaxerI know DJ software and multi track recording apps normally will have some real time plug ins01:47
lstarnesubunturocks: the root account is disabled in ubuntu for security reasons01:47
spaztikfuck, i hate fscking 6tb of data01:47
trismubunturocks: which is generally a good thing01:47
spaztiktakes SOOOOO long01:47
rancei did flannel nobody has talked01:47
lstarnesubunturocks: you can use sudo to run applications as root01:47
InFy_sudo passwd01:48
bfallikWhat's the right way to configure dual head so everything happens automatically?  I want to plug in an ext. VGA monitor and have X/Gnome auto configure it, and undo that when it's unplugged.  I'm running karmic now.01:48
InFy_then you can set the root pw01:48
lstarnesInFy_: do not recommend that01:48
mikeruubunturocks: and it's a security flaw to login as root01:48
ubottuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo01:48
ubunturocksHmm.. they why they have such account01:48
InFy_it's an open and free platform01:48
lstarnesubunturocks: if it is absolutely necessary and you know what you are doing, you can emulate a root login using sudo -i01:48
InFy_he asks, i provied01:48
mikeruubunturocks: or sudo -s01:48
choronzonI installed ubuntu about a week ago. do I have to do the same thing (download, burn, boot, install) to upgrade to the new version or is there some other way?01:48
rancethx flannel i joined but nobody is talkin01:48
lstarnes-i works better than -s01:48
ubunturockswhat this command is for01:48
spaztik!upgrade | Chousuke01:49
ubottuChousuke: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading01:49
lstarnesubunturocks: which one?01:49
spaztik!upgrade | choronzon01:49
ubottuKarmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic is still NOT released and MAY break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1 - Await the release in #ubuntu-release-party01:49
ubottuchoronzon: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading01:49
mikerulstarnes: what's the difference?01:49
jainricihello everyone01:49
rancehey :)01:49
lstarnesmikeru: -i simulates a login with root's environment01:49
jainriciHi rance01:49
mikerulstarnes: afaik, sudo -i changes to your home dir, while sudo -s keeps you at the same dir01:49
lstarnesmikeru: -s starts a shell with the user's environment without simulating a login01:49
ubunturocksubottu is bot?01:49
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about is bot?01:49
lstarnesubunturocks: yes01:49
jainricihow to do private chat01:49
lstarnesjainrici: /query nickname01:50
lstarnesjainrici: or /msg nickname message01:50
mikerulstarnes: umm, nevermind. It changes to /root01:50
mgmuscari!ubottu | ubunturocks01:50
ubottuubunturocks: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots01:50
lstarnesjainrici: please try to keep support in this channel if it is possible01:50
rancejainrici do u program01:50
blaz_spaztik: puredata for example01:50
mikerulstarnes: I prefer -s because it keeps you at the same dir01:50
jainriciI am new to IRC01:51
jainriciand Xchat01:51
ranceme too i just started 5 mins ago01:51
lstarnesmikeru: -s handles the environment improperly01:51
thiebaudeis it out01:51
lstarnesthiebaude: no.01:51
ranceill pm u jain01:51
mikerulstarnes: hmm…01:51
Dr_Willisjainrici:  the xchat homepage has some very good tutorial/docs01:51
spaztikblaz_, sorry what?01:51
Purpleywhats the party chan again?01:51
thiebaudeoops im in the wrong channel01:51
jainricii didnt get u?01:52
ranceprivate chat01:52
blaz_spaztik: for realtime audio01:52
lstarnesjainrici: private message01:52
ravehi how can i upgrade from beta to 9.1001:52
your_ithey how do you have a 3 way conference chat01:52
DeoFavente1h00k: ok, im reading now01:52
ranceu left click on my name and send private chat01:52
enosishey guys, in my previous install i had a little app that controlled the system's audio, and when I was playing music and then started a video it would mute the music until the video was done and vice versa. anyone knows the name of this app? can't remember it to reinstall :x01:52
lstarnesrave: sudo apt-get dist-upgrade01:52
spaztikblaz_, wow that looks really complex01:52
DeoFavente1h00k: fix one is a no-go01:52
spaztikblaz_, i just wanna apply like an echo or slow my voice down so i can mc to some music01:52
loshayour_it: just have 3 people join a channel which isn't in use (or doesn't exist. It will be created for you).01:53
droso is 9.10 going to be releasted at 12:01am 10/29/09 or later in the day?01:53
lstarnesdro: there's no set time01:53
your_itbut then people can find it on the channel list01:54
RoastedGuys - check the right picture from this thread. What widget is that that shows system information? http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=8033362&postcount=1501:54
drolstarnes: i hope it's right at 12:01am!01:54
DeoFavente1test me01:54
lstarnesdro: it isn't01:54
InFy_your_it, you can set it to private and/or secret01:54
lstarnesdro: I'm betting 3:27 am01:54
drolstarnes: lolol01:55
KamilionRoasted: I think that's conky01:55
InFy_top right click S and P01:55
loshayour_it: you want to keep it private? I think you can do that, but i dunno how. Check on #freenode01:55
Billiardspaztik: ive been googling, maybe this program called buzztard will do what you want, not sure if it will do stuff in realtime01:56
bshark Hello, if my wireless card works in ubuntu full install, should it also work in a minimal install?... i want to do a minimal install and then add lxde and certain applications, but my wireless card needs to work to do that01:56
jeffrey^^Is the newest ubuntu out?01:56
DeniasIs the newest ubuntu out?01:56
co_musicIs the newest ubuntu out?01:56
BolisIs the newest ubuntu out?01:56
`mrWhoIs the newest ubuntu out?01:56
DeoFavente1h00: it worked thanks01:56
DeoFavente1h00k: it worked thanks01:56
wacaIs the newest ubuntu out?01:56
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky,  imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, Madpilot, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso,  PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!01:56
mgmuscari!isitout | `mrWho | waca01:57
ubottu`mrWho | waca: No! It's not out yet! Await the release in #ubuntu-release-party, and be sure to read channel /topic!01:57
Roastedwhat time is 9.10 released?01:57
Infomomodro: who knows01:57
lstarnesRoasted: there's no set time01:57
FlannelRoasted: Please see the /topic in #ubuntu-release-party01:57
Roastedlstarnes - just midnight?01:57
AmaranthRoasted: generally about 12 hours from now but it varies01:57
Choky_Ariestawhen LjL takes a shit.01:57
Roastedflannel - or I could just ask here lol?01:57
co_musicit is out?01:57
naomiit is out?01:57
loshabshark: it should, but you may need to explicitly add the drivers for it as they might not be installed automatically in a minimal install...01:57
Roastedamaranth - good to know, guess theres no reason to stay up late for it then.01:57
jribco_music, naomi: stop01:57
halfpintmy mouse freezes after about 2 minutes of booting up, multiple mouses using usb with 9.04, tried google but cant get it01:57
agushelp me how to configure oracle instantclient01:58
Helsinkiii_can someone help me restore Alsamixer to it's default settings, it's urgent01:58
mesulaWhat time will 9.10 be released?01:58
illovaeat 2 o'clock01:58
FlannelRoasted: This channel is for Ubuntu support, not release announcements.  But to answer: Sometime before it's the 30th everywhere.01:58
dromesula: no one knows, i already asked01:58
spaztikBilliard, hmm looks cool.. gotta get this usb mic workin first :S01:58
Picimesula, Karmic will be released some time during the 29th, i.e: there is no exact time. You can await the announcement in #ubuntu-release-party01:58
spaztiki'mactually using my rockband mic01:58
spaztikbbias though, gotta take dog out01:59
Roastedflannel - I know, but this channel is too overactively anal about not going the slightest bit off topic here, even if it really is on topic, which results in me not really caring to go to another channel to ask 1 simple question when I can ask here with certainty somebody knows the answer/is wondering the same thing.01:59
=== MrMistoffelees is now known as SudoKing
FlannelRoasted: There is no answer.  And again, this channel is for support, not discussion of Ubuntu.02:00
RoastedI mean, I ask a samba question within ubuntu and I'm told to go to the samba channel. I ask about compiz and I'm told to do to the compiz channel. Anything I ask in here, I'm told to go to that channel, which makes me wonder why this channel exists.02:00
=== Guest34161 is now known as Akston
FlannelRoasted: There's 1500 people here, if we have discussions/conversations, no one gets support.02:00
Roastedflannel - well, as you've seen me exhibit, I don't really... care. :) So, like I said, I'll ask here, and I did, and it's done.02:00
jribRoasted: usually if you ask a really specific channel and it seems like no one knows the answer you are pointed to a place where you are more likely to get help02:00
* losha thinks: let's face it. This channel's going to be a mess for at least the next month02:01
Roastedjrib - I'm often told to go to channels and when I get there, there's 0 users there. lol?02:01
FlannelRoasted: Someone probably directed you to the wrong channel then.  No one should send you somewhere with zero people on purpose.02:01
DeoFavente1Roasted: Either you didn't type the name in correctly or you went to the wrong server02:01
thedude42Roasted, you get what you pay for02:01
jribRoasted: well that's just plain not true.  But I don't wish to discuss it anymore.  People are just trying to get you help02:01
DeoFavente1Roasted: did you put a # in front?02:01
Roasteddeofavente1 - yup.02:02
Flannelthedude42: That's not an appropriate attitude.02:02
DeoFavente1oh ok nvm then02:02
FloodBot2Roasted: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:02
PiciAnyway, people are still looking for support for current versions of Ubuntu, lets let them ask.02:02
EntityReborn#ubuntu-release-party is just nutz at the mo02:02
tarepandahow to let  oss sound support in kde402:02
ethana2I have an X-25M 34nm SSD on the way02:02
ethana2they pulled the new TRIM firmware after I downloaded it02:02
partypantsthe newest ubuntu is always out.02:03
agusI cant' connect to instantclient if I use tnsnames.ora02:03
loshaRoasted: pretty cavalier attitude for someone who admits that this is the only channel that ever talks to him...02:03
partypantsignore that02:03
Picilosha: let it go.02:03
ethana2can I ignore the problems as Windows problems02:03
ethana2...or do I need to not upgrade?02:03
loshaPici: dropped...02:03
Roastedlosha - I said this is the only channel that ever talks to me?02:03
* EsmD is away: Nie ma mnie/Away02:03
tarepandamy oss driver can't work on kde402:03
tarepandamy oss driver can't work on kde402:04
tarepandamy oss driver can't work on kde402:04
tarepandamy oss driver can't work on kde402:04
FloodBot2tarepanda: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:04
Pici!repeat | tarepanda02:04
ubottutarepanda: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search  https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.02:04
DeoFavente1yea really02:04
Helsinkiiican somebody tell me their AlsaMixer settings that work thanks02:04
DeoFavente1ok, but I need help with something else again - My problem: I have a desktop with no built in nic (old computer) but with a wired nic card, and my laptop with built in wifi, and a wired/wireless router and a bunch more unimportant stuff. However - the desktop is a yottalightyears away from my router! How do I make my laptop a router for a one-computer network?02:05
blaz_tarepanda: you mean oss4 /02:05
RoastedSo, I installed conky - and I have no clue where it's at. Anybody?02:05
blaz_tarepanda: you mean oss4 ?02:05
InFy_is that laptop win or lin?02:05
tarepandaosstest is work normally02:06
DeoFavente1everything is linux in my house - but the unimportant stuff is Fedore02:06
mesulaRoasted: alt+f2 conky02:06
ubottuIf you want to share the internet connection of your ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetConnectionSharing - You may also use !firestarter: http://www.fs-security.com/docs/connection-sharing.php02:06
blaz_tarepanda: I have oss4, but no kde.. did you try on 4front-tech forums?02:06
tarepandapidgin have sound02:06
tarepandai try now02:06
loshaDeoFavente1: see above re: InternetConnectionSharing02:06
rafase282how do I have which version of ubuntu I have installed, I want to know if I have i386 or AMD6402:07
Roastedmesula - Hm, it popped up - but I've seen users with it on their desktop and not necessarily in a window like this. Do you know how to customize this menu and put it there?02:07
=== ada2358_ is now known as ada2358
DeoFavente1losha: Iv'e tried firestarter, but It only did the mini-network part - the desktop can't access the big network or the internet02:07
mesulaRoasted: nano ~/.conky.config02:07
DeoFavente1losha: I have a bunch of servers on my laptop and the desktop can access those02:07
loshaDeoFavente1: dunno, never had to do it myself. What about the other link?02:08
mesulaRoasted: Or gedit ~/.conky.config02:08
losharafase282: try: uname -a02:08
Retinarhey, unrelated to ubuntu, but generally how safe is it to take apart a CRT monitor?02:08
mesulaRoasted: It's ~/.conkysomething02:08
mesulaRoasted: Might just be ~/.conky02:08
BootzWolfRetinar, i wouldnt02:09
Roastedmesula - I dont even have .conky02:09
mesulaRoasted: 'man conky' for answers02:09
syriusI can't find anything for volume normlize does ubuntu have a how to for this?02:09
loshaRetinar: high voltages on undischarged capacitors, and of course, risk of CRT implosion...02:09
DeoFavente1losha: My latop does have two nics, btw02:09
syriuson ubuntu's site02:09
syriusI can't find it02:09
FirepuppyI was wondering if a problem in Ubuntu 9.10 has been fixed yet on the PowerPC version where a user account dosen't get created at the end of the installation of Karmic02:09
MasterofPuppetsHey guys, how many more hours 'til Karmic?02:09
DeoFavente1losha: Ok, ill try the optables02:09
PiciMasterofPuppets, Karmic will be released some time during the 29th, i.e: there is no exact time. You can await the announcement in #ubuntu-release-party02:09
RetinarI see. I'd better leave it alone then. Thanks.02:09
DeoFavente1losha: iptables02:09
mesulaRoasted: You're probably using default settings, then.02:09
MasterofPuppetsPici: Awesome, thanks! Didn't know about that channel.02:09
mesulaRoasted: 'man conky'02:09
Roastedmesula - reading the man page02:10
Roastedmesula - nothing yet though...02:10
tarepandakubuntu 9.10  amd6402:10
loshaDeoFavente1: yeah, Personally, I'd try making the router work...02:10
DeoFavente1losha: router on my computer?02:10
PiciRoasted: Also conky's website has some sample configs and more config file documentation.  http://conky.sourceforge.net/02:10
mesulaRoasted: From my own experience, Conky can be difficult and tedious to configure.02:10
loshaDeoFavente1: I thought you said you have a wired/wireless router? That's what they're for...02:11
tarepandauaLinux BELIAL 2.6.31-14-generic #48-Ubuntu SMP Fri Oct 16 14:05:01 UTC 2009 x86_64 GNU/Linux02:11
FirepuppyOr, even if it hasen't been fixed, how do I create a new account on Ubuntu Server Karmic when there is no other account present?02:11
mesulaRoasted: Unless you go with a sample config file.02:11
Roastedmesula - is conky the only widget thing available in ubuntu?02:11
DeoFavente1losha: Yea but my desktop is at the other end of my house and wiring would be hard02:11
mesulaRoasted: No.02:11
boblawblahmy ubuntu 9.04  wont pick up my intel pro/1000 mt nic02:11
Roastedmesula - is there a better option you know of out there?02:11
DeoFavente1losha: and wireless nic cards cost money02:11
mesulaRoasted: No.02:11
loshaDeoFavente1: well, so does your time...02:12
BootzWolfboblawblah,  is that a wireless nic in a laptop?02:12
boblawblahno no ethernet in a desktop02:12
mikeblhey guys.. could anyone please help me... i have installed ath5k for my atheros wifi card, on a laptop running jaunty... i can see the driver listed under lshw but can't get it to work.. also saw that wireless/cfg80211.ko and mac80211/mac80211.ko are both installed02:12
RoastedIs there a way by terminal to run a command and see what's currently installed from synaptic?02:12
DeoFavente1losha: true but I was hoping it would cost less. also if I got a wireless nic for my desktop it'd probably need drivers02:12
loshaDeoFavente1: entirely up to you, Dude...02:13
mesulaRoasted: Aptitude02:13
boblawblahbootz: everything i read says it should pick up automatically but it wont find it02:13
DeoFavente1losha: I'll try spending time first then02:13
Roastedmesula - beautiful. thx bro.02:13
thedude42DeoFavente1, you have 2 wires though, right?  one to the laptop from the connection, and one to the desktop from the laptop?02:13
mesulaRoasted: No problem.02:14
blaz_Roasted: dpkg -l | grep '^ii'02:14
loshaFirepuppy: tricky. Use the live cd to get root access and create accounts from there. There must be a link, lemme see02:14
DeoFavente1thedude42: router to latop is wireless - it's a long distance02:14
soreauDeoFavente1: What you would have to do is use masquerading. If your laptop already has the net, just plug in a crossover cable from laptop ethernet port to the desktop and do this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=9137002:14
loshaFirepuppy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LostPassword02:15
DeoFavente1soreau: one day I decided to make my own crossover cable - can't believe I'm actually going to use it02:15
InFy_set the wired gateway of the laptop to the IP of the wireless connection02:15
sdsdsdGuys, does Ubuntu goes out today?02:15
soreauDeoFavente1: Yea, I have one that's 25+' long I made here with some cat5 and a regular ethernet cable02:15
abryant288i have choppy audio with vlc. can anyone help?02:15
thedude42DeoFavente1, then all you need to do is enable ip forwarding in your kernel and set the laptop as the default gateway on the desktop02:16
DeoFavente1soreau: mines 6 feet but my desktop is only like 3 away02:16
soreauDeoFavente1: Fine. If you get stuck, I might be able to help you02:16
DeoFavente1thedude42: "enable ip forwarding in your kernel" that's the iptables stuff right?02:16
SalvadIs there some command for the console to put the computer in hibernation mode?02:17
soreauDeoFavente1: If both pc's are running ubuntu, all the stuff you need enabled in kernel is already there by default02:17
thedude42DeoFavente1, no, it's kernel setting stuff you do int he file system02:17
d1bmorning -> when is 9.10 out :)02:17
mikeblhey guys.. could anyone please help me... i have installed ath5k for my atheros wifi card, on a laptop running jaunty... i can see the driver listed under lshw but can't get it to work.. also saw that wireless/cfg80211.ko and mac80211/mac80211.ko are both installed, anyway the card doesnt work02:17
soreau! work | mik02:17
ubottumik: Doesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.02:17
soreaumikebl: ^^02:18
DeoFavente1my laptop and my desktop are running ubuntu - desktop is running 8.04.1 newer ones won't work well on this old computer02:18
poseidonMe and my friends have a bullitin board.  They all made a thread about the Windows 7 release.  They don't come to my house usually so they don't get to see my ubuntu 9.10 desktop with compiz effects, etc.02:18
poseidonAnyone know of a good video which shows all this stuff so I can post it and show them?02:19
m-p{3}Does anybody here has a MSI Wind U210 ?02:19
soreauposeidon: youtube it02:19
mikeblhey guys.. could anyone please help me... i have installed ath5k for my atheros wifi card, on a laptop running jaunty... i can see the driver listed under lshw but can't get it to work.. also saw that wireless/cfg80211.ko and mac80211/mac80211.ko are both installed, when i try to connect i only have auto eth0, which is the ethernet card, that was automatically configured, i see no wireless nic02:19
soreauThere are plenty of compiz vids on youtube02:19
poseidonsoreau, I looked on youtube and the only decent quality stuff I could find was ~3 years old02:19
soreaumikebl: Does lspci show a wireless iface?02:19
amanehi I need help with Karmics grub2: in that the only option is memtest02:19
soreaumikebl: Does iwconfig show a wireless interface02:20
soreauposeidon: and?02:20
* erpo waits impatiently.02:20
amaneI'm stuck at the grub screen02:20
poseidonI'd rather have something more up to date02:20
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub202:20
soreauposeidon: No one is stopping you from making your own video02:20
poseidonamane, #ubuntu+102:21
mikeblsoreau i have Ethernet controller: Atheros Comm Inc. Atheros AR5001X+ Wireless Network Adapter02:21
Pupuser402-1Somebody report a suicide in 3 minutes at 419 Denny Way, Seattle, WA. My name is Zeek Smith.02:21
poseidonsoreau, when I record it it always lags out and doesn't look very well02:21
soreaumikebl: Pastebin the output of 'lsmod|grep ath' and 'iwconfig'02:21
mikeru   http://releases.ubuntu.com/.pool/ubuntu-9.10-desktop-i386.iso02:21
kevipapo1hey, just got Ubuntu 9.04 up on my PC, and was wondering if someone could give me a low down on seamless integration of02:21
soreauoh great02:21
kevipapo1*windows apps in ubuntu, or simply windows02:21
soreaumikebl: Since you're running karmic, get help in #ubuntu+102:21
soreauGhad damm this channel and it's 1500 nick names02:22
erpokevipapo1: There is no perfect solution. What windows apps?02:22
ralphvHellow, maco you saw in #puppylinux how alienjeff talks to people threatening suicide02:22
ctmjrPupuser402-1: that is not cool at all02:22
mikeblim running jaunty02:22
poseidonkevipapo1, have a look at wine.  Best thing offered02:22
Crewsr3what is the release party irc channel?02:22
soreaumikebl: I thought mikeru was you *ugh*02:22
FlannelCrewsr3: #ubuntu-release-party02:22
macoralphv: OT for this channel, PM me02:22
Crewsr3Flannel, thank you02:22
kevipapo1thanks both of you. for starters, Steam (not for gaming, for the community, maybe for gaming later) and iTunes. I've heard of Wine, and I'm going to install it very soon02:23
kevipapo1ive heard of the types of things where you run Windows virtually and integrate it into your desktop02:23
erpokevipapo1: I don't think iTunes works in wine. You could try virtualbox to emulate Windows.02:23
BlacKnightwhats the best way to install grub2 and not die trying ?02:23
erpokevipapo1: However, you will need to use the non-free version of virtualbox if you want USB support for your iPod.02:23
kevipapo1now i have Windows on another partition, could i simply boot up that partition into something like virtualbox or VMWare?02:23
TBirdkevipapo1: vmware workstation is probably the slickest way to do that... i do the inverse with it though, run Ubuntu seamlessly inside Windows02:24
insaneNproudanybody know where i can find the old cursor theme from mandrake 7 for ubuntu?02:24
mikeblok... i get ath_rate_sample 19968 1, ath_pci 99224 0, wlan 210544 4 wlan_scan_sta.ath_rate_sample, ath_pci, ath_hal 198864 3 ath_rate_sample,ath_pci02:24
knoppieskevipapo1, never heared of somebody running a real partition as a vmware drive. But you can try it.02:24
gotsanityKevipapo1, virtualbox is what you are looking for but i will warn you it will not work very well with 3d apps and games due to the power requirements02:24
TBirdkevipapo1: i wouldnt boot the partition, it wont work again after if you boot it natively02:24
ethana2erpo: nonFree VBox can handle iPods?02:24
ethana2is it free?02:24
erpoethana2: Free vbox can't handle iPods.02:24
ethana2erpo: right, you said that..02:25
erpoethana2: It's available at no cost for noncommercial use.02:25
soreaumikebl: So you're using madwifi, not ath5k. Also, pastebin is easier for us to help you. And:02:25
mikebland with iwconfig the tonly wireless ext i get is ath002:25
brandonc503hey all.. was looking for some application refferals for emarkting... looking for app that lets me build surveys and lets me form campaigns to send emails to people based on their answers to survey questions.. and reports recieved, bounces, opened, clicked thru..02:25
knoppiesinsaneNproud, have you looked on gnomelook.org?02:25
ethana2erpo: ..and that version can?02:25
soreau! who | mikebl02:25
ubottumikebl: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)02:25
m-p{3}kevipapo1: It is possible, but I did it a while ago to boot the OS from another HDD.02:25
insaneNproudim basically looking for the hand cursor that has it pointing from a side view like mandrake 7 had02:25
ethana2erpo: I'm not a business, so..02:25
thedude42ethana2, it's more to the point that non-free VirtualBox is required to use USB02:25
erpoethana2: I've never tried. I hate iTunes, personally, but the only obstacle I see is that free vbox doesn't do USB.02:25
insaneNproudknoppies, yea i tried there and couldnt find it02:25
ethana2thedude42: non-free?02:25
soreaumikebl: Ok, now does 'iwlist ath0 scan' show anything?02:25
thedude42ethana2, but the term 'non-free' is a misnomer02:25
erpoethana2: Non-free vbox does support USB passthrough, so it OUGHT to work.02:25
kevipapo1thnks knoppies, i know there's stuff like that for apps to run windows boot camp partitions within windows no problem, gotsanity, last thing i wanna do is overload my computer to play games or run 3D apps in ubuntu :P, TBird, why wont it work afterwards?02:25
ethana2erpo, thedude42, okay, nonfree, I have to pay for it, nonFree, I can't get the source02:26
kevipapo1m-p{3} could you elaborate on that?02:26
Helsinkiiihow can uninstall and reinstall alsa02:26
ethana2is there a nonFree but free version I can use to get USB support in iTunes?02:26
mikeblsoreau I get no scan results02:26
TBirdkevipapo1: activation, hardware changes, etc02:26
thedude42ethana2, when we refer to free and non-free, we're talking about free as in freedom... that is, you can download the version of VirtualBox from Sun's website that supports usb without paying any money02:26
Lintcan you name me some media player with media library? except rhytmbox and amarok02:26
TBirdkevipapo1: it would be like constantly swapping a windows hdd between two different PCs... it wont work well02:26
soreaumikebl: Ok, well it's broken then. Try this: sudo rmmod ath_pci && sudo modprobe ath5k && iwconfig02:27
ethana2thedude42: I say Free and nonFree for liberty, and free and nonfree for price02:27
kevipapo1TBird: true, wont work so well02:27
ethana2blasted English language.02:27
insaneNproudknoppies, i searched for mandrake cursor and classic mandrake cursor and pulled nothing02:27
m-p{3}kevipapo1: http://forums.virtualbox.org/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=377402:27
SkyHighanyone know about monodevelop?? i just installed it and messed around with it and everything, but i dont know how to access the designer...02:27
None94internal microphone doesn't seem to work at all in Ubuntu 9.04. It is unmuted, and volume is all the way up. Would appreciate it if someone PM-ed me an answer02:28
kevipapo1someone mentioned running ubuntu seamlessly in Windows. the only real reason i need ubuntu is to create packages for the jailbreaking community on iPhones and iPod touches, and so i can experiment with the OS some more during this week long break02:28
m-p{3}kevipapo1: See my post (3rd one)02:28
knoppiesinsaneNproud, then I wouldnt know. sorry I cant help/.02:28
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about mono02:28
kevipapo1alright, thanks m-p{3}...lol, i just got what your name sounds like XD02:28
None94kevipapo1, I wonder if they meant installing Ubuntu via a wubi installation?02:28
mMezquitalea fresh install of hardy freezes after logging in, anyone ever experienced this?!?02:28
None94oh virtual box nevermind02:28
ethana2I'm still confused.02:28
linxehmMezquitale: yes!02:28
mikeblsoreau just did sudo rmmod ath_pci && sudo modprobe ath5k && iwconfig and i get no wireless ext but wlan0 with some info beginning with IEEE 802.11bg ESSID:""...02:28
linxehmMezquitale: the motherboard was screwed02:29
ethana2can I, without paying money, sync an iPod with iTunes with Ubuntu as the host OS?02:29
m-p{3}kevipapo1: Gotta go, hope that helped02:29
vigoSkyHigh: I have read a little bit about that, but am not up to date on it.02:29
spaztikany ALSA gurus in here? trying to get my USB mic to play over my default soundcard which goes to my speakers02:29
linxeh mMezquitale: YMMV02:29
kevipapo1alright, thanks m-p{3} bye02:29
soreaumikebl: Yea, now do 'iwlist wlan0 scan'02:29
SkyHighalright, thanks anyways02:29
kevipapo1None94, no, he was talking about having ubuntu seamlessly in windows, unless he doesnt know what seamless means, i doubt that :P02:29
mMezquitalelinxeh, I have windows installed on that machine and I uninstalled LinuxPC or whatever the name it was, it was working, dont think there's something wrong with my motherboard02:30
m-p{3}ethana2: Unless Apple make an iTunes client for Linux or if somebody manage to break the hash protection they introduced, you'll have to use a platform that iTunes support.02:30
mikeblsoreau No scan results02:30
None94ah ;x02:30
ethana2m-p{3}: right, Windows, but as the host?02:30
hikenbootI previously asked this question but my scrollback lines were set to only 500..sorry for the repeat but i am wondering if the xen kernel is contained within 2.6.31-14-generic kernel...in other words is it merged with the generic kernel by default now?02:30
bsharkyou can virtual box, or wubi02:30
ethana2does iTunes do some screwy USB protocol side-stepping?02:30
bsharkboth are pretty fun02:30
linxehmMezquitale: I didn't say there was something wrong with your motherboard. I said there was something wrong with mine, which caused the system to fail under load (Which happened when logging in)02:30
soreaumikebl: Ok, one more shot: sudo rmmod ath5k && sudo modprobe ath9k && iwlist wlano scan02:30
tjzdo you know why my new install (9.04) do not have sound02:31
soreaumikebl: s/wlano/wlan002:31
TBirdkevipapo1: if you want to play games in windows then its best running that as your primary OS and run ubuntu inside it in vmware workstation.. if you do developing then workstation has some good features to help with that too, im told.02:31
m-p{3}ethana2:  You can use VirtualBox non-OSE to sync it within a Windows guest.02:31
LogicalDashtjz, one or more of your audio devices might be muted, or there might be a bad configuration file somewhere02:31
ethana2m-p{3}: and that costs no money, correct?02:31
soreau! audio | tjz02:31
ubottutjz: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP302:31
kevipapo1TBird: alright, so would you recommend VMWare as the best virtualization utility for me to use? cause i know there's lots out there02:32
halfpinthow do i logout without using a mouse, since mine froze?02:32
kevipapo1from there i'll see how i can integrate it into windows seamlessly, no problem02:32
TBirdkevipapo1: its the most mature.... you can download a 30 day demo for free02:32
m-p{3}ethana2: Yup, it's just that the USB code is currently proprietary, they don't charge any cost for it. It's just non following the OSE model.02:32
LogicalDashhalfpint: if you happen to have dontzap disabled, you could use ctrl+alt+backspace02:32
TBirdkevipapo1: Unity mode is awesome.02:32
ethana2m-p{3}: thank you very much02:32
halfpintthat doesnt seem to be working02:33
kevipapo1*TBird: alright, what does unity mode do?02:33
ethana2anyone else here have a 34nm Intel SSD?  I don't know whether to upgrade to their redacted firmware02:33
mikeblsoreau when i enter iwlist wlan0 scan i get ERROR: Module ath5k does not exist in /proc/modules02:33
kevipapo1TBird: oh, from what i googled, it looks like thats the integration feature of vmware02:34
TBirdkevipapo1: ubutu apps run side-by-side with windows apps, or vice versa... or you cna just run ubuntu ina window, or full screen.02:34
soreaumikebl: What is the output of 'lsmod|grep ath' now?02:34
kevipapo1TBird: great! i guess installing Ubuntu wasnt really worth it after all, seeing as i only need to do .deb packaging. alright thanks, ill remove the partition and set Ubuntu back up in VMWare. ive got a powerful computer so i'm not worried too much about the issue of virtualization in general02:35
ShapeShifter499how do I open port 22 for all ip's on my wifi router?02:35
insaneNproudare there any other sites that have cursor themes besides gnome look?02:35
ShapeShifter499I need to open port 22 for my ssh server02:36
mikeblsoreau i now have ath9k,lbm_cw_mac80211,lbm_cw_cfg80211,led_class,ath_rate_sample,wlan,ath_hal... im sorry i cant paste the text im chatting using another computer...02:36
soreauShapeShifter499: That's hardly a ubuntu question. It would be specific to your router, so consult your router manual, ask in #networking or google it02:36
{Nathan}I haven't used Ubuntu in 3 years. Where did my xorg.conf go? Ubuntu messed up my display and it doesn't show anything on boot.02:36
LogicalDashShapeShifter499: typically you have to do that using your router's firmware.02:36
soreaumikebl: Does 'iwconfig' show wlan0?02:37
ShapeShifter499oh I did not know of a #networking channel02:37
mikeblsoreau i just saw in the network icon that wireless networks just dissapeared, before it was showing it in gray.. i saw it, but couldnt click on it anyways02:37
Kalculuswhat does it mean when an object's permissions are   ---s--s--t  ?  what is the t?02:37
ShapeShifter499i'll go there02:37
mikeblsoreau iwconfig does not show wlan anymore02:37
breakmyfallhas the issues with ati graphics card solved in karmic ?02:38
soreaumikebl: Ok well I guess you need ath5k then. sudo rmmod ath9k && sudo modprobe ath5k02:38
breakmyfallwhen enabled effects02:38
TBirdkevipapo1: yep, cool02:38
hypehave anyone a downloadlink to karmic?02:38
webbb82is there anyway to get firefox 3.5 to not suck so bad02:38
hypei cant find one02:38
trismhype: it's not out yet02:38
kevipapo1TBird: alright thanks, im out then, peace02:38
StrangeCharmis it possible to change a dm-crypt volume that currently uses a passphrase to be mounted at boot time, so that it can be automaticcaly mounted using a keyfile?02:38
=== sean is now known as Guest11603
kevipapo1i might get back in here over in windows, maybe02:39
TBirdkevipapo1: theres other virtualisation solutions for windows... virtualpc, virtualbox etc..02:39
hypeiam from germany and on ubuntuusers.de stay, out now today xxD02:39
Guest11603i have a gx270 and need the integrated graphics card drivers for it, anyone know where to get it?02:39
Linthow can I add user to sudoers file02:39
soreaumikebl: But if iwconfig is showing wlan0 and 'iwlist wlan0 scan' shows no scan results, something is still wrong02:39
kevipapo1VMWare look pretty spiffy though02:39
mikeblsoreau just did that and the wireless option came back, it's still in gray though.. can't click on it02:39
kevipapo1alright thanks, bye02:39
usserGuest11603, dell optiplex gx270 uses intel and works out of the box02:40
Vossusser, thats a much older intel chipset02:40
mrbguyz, does anyone knows when could Karmic be online to download today ?!!!02:40
Vossgx270 is 5 years old02:40
Linthow can I add user to sudoers file?02:40
usserVoss, gx270 is a chipset model or a pc model?02:40
soreaumikebl: You might have to compile your driver, madwifi (which provides ath_pci module and ath0 interface) or ath5k (which provides ath5k module and wlan0 iface)02:41
SapoteLint: useradd02:41
ZykoticK9Lint, add the user to the "admin" group02:41
mikeblsoreau how do i do that?02:41
Vossgx270 is a 5 year old dell model02:41
soreaumikebl: Sorry I can't help more; ask in #madwifi02:41
usserVoss, just recently i installed debian lenny on an gx240 and it worked great02:41
Guest11603yes it is, I need the gx270 drivers upgrade for ubuntu 8.1002:41
lstarnesLint: try adding the user to the admin group (sudo gpasswd -a user admin)02:41
Vossgx240 is from 200202:41
Sapoteusser: debian work great02:41
mikeblsoreau thank you a lot for your time :)02:41
usserSapote, indeed. imaged 30 pcs so far with debian02:42
VossTry getting ubuntu 9.10 running on the optiplex 760 and we will talk :-/02:42
Guest11603there are things I can't do with it until i get the upgraded repositories or whatever02:42
usserVoss, why thats what im running right now on my work pc :)02:42
usserVoss, which is accidently gx76002:42
Vossusser, dell stopped using gx02:42
LintZykoticK9, lstarnes: it doesn't work02:42
slingerVoss, whats wrong with 9.10 on the dell optiplex 760's?02:43
ZykoticK9Lint, did you log out / back in?02:43
Vossslinger, the intel video I think02:43
maggot_brainwhat's the best uk mirror for Ubuntu w.r.t to being up to date?02:43
mbluesHi there - quick question: if I remove Wine using package manager (I would like to update it) would that also delete everything on my virtual drive?02:43
usserVoss, optiplex 760, sorry02:43
lstarnesLint: that user will need to log out02:43
lstarnesmblues: no02:43
slingeroh ok, I've had one running fine on 9.04 for a while now but it has an ATI card for graphics02:44
ussermblues, no02:44
ZykoticK9mblues, just don't purge and it should be fine - check in .wine in your home folder02:44
Guest11603drivers needed for gx270 graphics ???02:44
Vossmblues nah, I sometimes have to uninstall wine because updates installs new versions. I stick with 1.1.2302:44
Sapotemblues: rm $home/.wine/*02:44
mbluesSo to confirm, I would have to manually delete .wine/ to remove my virtual settings?  (I don't want to lose my apps ;))02:44
ZykoticK9mblues, Sapote's suggestion would remove your settings/programs!!!02:45
mbluesZyk, yep - I think I got it - as long as I don't nuke my wine directory I'm good.02:45
hoontekeis there any word on the exact time tomorrow that Ubuntu will be released?02:45
partypants11:36:47AM EST02:46
lstarneshoonteke: no02:46
hoontekeheh, thanks partypants.  :-)02:46
hoontekelstarnes: any reason why no?02:46
mikeruwhen the mirrors finish downloading the iso images from the pool02:46
lstarneshoonteke: the mirrors have to be set up02:46
hoontekemikeru: ah, makes sense.02:46
slingerI'm guessing all the packages are already at the release version, why not just upgrade to the new version?02:46
lstarneshoonteke: predicting how long it takes to set up mirrors isn't an exact science02:47
Helsinkiiii need someone to tell me their AlsaMixer setting asap02:47
Guest11603GX270 graphics drivers for ubuntu 8.1002:47
Helsinkiiimy mic isnt working02:47
hoontekelstarnes: yep, I hadn't thought about that mirrors bit.  makes sense.02:47
Lintno, it doesn't work even after relog.02:47
lstarnesLint: which edition of ubuntu are you using?02:47
lstarneshoonteke: there could also be critical bugs that need last-minute patching02:48
volantei accidently blew away /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf - owned by the module-init-tools package.  how can i recover the base version of that file?02:48
volantecos my system is a fresh install of 9.1002:48
ZykoticK9Lint, when you ran "sudo gpasswd -a user admin" you did replace "user" with you username you wanted right?02:48
partypantsHow does one set a drive to automatically mount when ubuntu starts up?02:48
hoontekelstarnes: depending on what you mean, yep, usually there are.02:48
mikeruIf I'm  running karmic RC, updating is a dist updgrade or just newer packages for my system02:48
ZykoticK9partypants, fstab02:48
Lintsure I did, I am member of admin group02:48
lstarnesLint: desktop or server?02:48
Sapotepartypants: /etc/fstab02:48
lstarnesLint: then adding to the admin group should work02:49
hoontekelstarnes: if yo umean with the distro itself, I tend to wait about a month before I upgrade02:49
ZykoticK9Lint, in a terminal type "groups" does it list "admin"?02:49
hoontekethen it's about an hour to install and update all the bugs since found.02:49
Lintyes, like I said02:49
partypantshmm... fstab: command not found02:50
partypantsduh nvm02:50
Sapotepartypants: fstab is not a command02:50
ZykoticK9partypants, fstab is a file /etc/fstab - you need to edit it with the drives you want to mount02:50
volantecan anyone help?  where do i find the .deb file for module-init-tools for karmic02:51
murchersonhi folks where can i find the flash executable in my filesystem02:51
zozoziwhat's a really small ubuntu distro that will run on qemu?02:51
Lintubuntu is bloated like hell02:52
usserzozozi, install ubuntu server and go from there if you really want to go ubuntu02:52
mysoogalis there a nzb video streaming application for linux ?02:52
{Nathan}I ran the thing that tests all your hardware and when it did the video test, my screen went black. Now, when I boot, I only get a black screen. I have an Intel card. How can I fix this?02:52
volanteerm who knows about package management?  i accidently overwrote a config file from the module-init-tools package.. i want the standard version back..02:52
zozoziusser: which is smallest server install?02:52
mysoogaldoes linux have a usenet video streaming application ?02:53
Lintvolante, reconfigure?02:53
=== Guest81234 is now known as tarakan
hypegrub2 is crap02:53
volantelint, what you mean?02:53
usserzozozi, server install is as small as it gets with ubuntu, you only get a command line interface, from which you can packages you want, like xserver, a window manager etc02:53
zozozii really want a gui, dsl is ok but i'm having trouble getting it onto qemu02:53
volantelint, i think i just need to find the .deb package somewhere and extract the file from that02:53
StrangeCharmwhat's the apt command for a distro update?02:53
mbluesthanks for the help guys, have a nice evening all!02:53
zozoziusser: k thanks, i'll try that02:53
hypeupdate-manager -d02:53
mysoogalsudo apt-get isntall update02:53
macoStrangeCharm: sudo apt-get update02:54
SapoteStrangeCharm: apt-get dist-upgrade02:54
ranceUBUNTU FTW!02:54
rancelol i had to do that02:54
macoStrangeCharm: then to install them. sudo apt-get upgrade02:54
mysoogalanybody using Graboid ?02:54
hypeupdate-manager -d02:54
macoStrangeCharm: the first one i said checks for updates02:54
StrangeCharmthanks Sapote02:54
jjrevzozozi: check out TinyCore02:54
=== Nightw0lf is now known as Nightwolf
mysoogaldoes anybody know if ubuntu has a nzb video streaming application ?02:55
Dasdavlc streams nzb's while they download?02:56
Dasdathat is so cool02:56
Lintcan someone show what /etc/sudoers should look like?02:56
halfpintmy mouse freezes after a minute of logging in i have looked on the help forums i cant find anything that helps...02:56
halfpintits frozen now btw02:56
mysoogalhalfpink i got that also on win pro sp3 !02:57
breakmyfallany one using ati graphics02:57
hype# /etc/sudoers02:57
hype# This file MUST be edited with the 'visudo' command as root.02:57
hype# See the man page for details on how to write a sudoers file.02:57
halfpintno ubuntu 9.0402:57
FloodBot2hype: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:57
mysoogaliwhen playin games mouse freeez02:57
mattgyverLint, http://pastebin.com/m71a7a28d02:57
loshamysoogal: this graboid? http://forums.digitalpoint.com/showthread.php?t=79287902:57
halfpintmy mouse freezes just by moving it around for a minute02:58
ipauldevHi all, I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions for how to monitor apache bandwidth for virtualhosts, or if there's a supported snmp module available to enable in Ubuntu?02:58
hoontekebandwidth ... not exactly, but have you seen apachetop?02:58
mattgyverDoes anybody know how to remedy 'stuck keys' in VNC?02:58
z987kI just installed 9.10RC on a new box tonight and it doesn't have shit in the repositories.  All the repos are enabled in the sources section.  Is this just something with the RC?02:58
ZykoticK9Lint, the sudoers file is to add programs that won't require Admin passwords -- you don't add users too it (in a usual manner)02:58
mysoogallosha NO graboid is a free client to usenext you download things from there !02:59
xiambax_Can someone should me how to make a bootable usb stick on macosx?02:59
loshamattgyver: I don't think I've ever had a 'stuck key' in vnc. What exactly do you mean?02:59
Dasdaso anyone know how to stream nzb's in ubuntu?02:59
brovahey guys. i have finally decided to make the switch from windows to ubuntu. i have a thinkpad and my hard drive is partitioned into 3 parts. im currently booting from USB. what i want to do is reformat my entire hard drive, or use shred command to erase all traces of vista. can anyone help me with the shred command to use ?02:59
xiambax_I used dd to do it from terminal but its not bootable02:59
mattgyverlosha, when i connect in and start typing sometimes a button will just repeat as if someone were holding down the key ,the only way to fix it is to reboot the box ;x02:59
LintZykoticK9, I've just add admin group there and now sudo works!02:59
hypewhat is an nzb?02:59
z987kbrova, all you need to do is format02:59
ZykoticK9Lint, why was the admin group not there?03:00
Dasdausenet file hype03:00
brovaz987k: in linux or in vista ?03:00
mysoogalnzb is like a container of parts of a big file03:00
need_helphey need help! can someone help me with open ssh tunnel to vnc from windows to linux box ?! i open putty and i added to tunnels: 5900:localhost:5900 and connect to vnc! is that right! thx03:00
RoastedSamba Users - Do you keep your Samba password the same as your Ubuntu system password?03:00
Knuthybrova: the Ubuntu installer gives you the option to use all your harddrive for the install, it'll erase the Vista partition and format it03:00
LintZykoticK9, how the hell I can know?03:00
mikeruI'm sooo confused about usenet03:00
z987kuh, well linux I guess03:00
mattgyverneed_help, that sounds right but your gonna VNC to localhost:590003:01
mikeruthe files are only stored on a particular usenet server, aren't they?03:01
z987kbrova, just use the partition manager in linux to format the vista parition03:01
brovaKnuthy: thank you, i will try that and see if i run into any problems :)03:01
mysoogalyou will only get on usenet if you pay for it ! but i get it for free :D03:01
loshahype: a nzb is a file that lists a bunch of other files to be downloaded, usually from usenet. A sort of alternative to torrents03:01
Knuthybrova: you wont ;)03:01
need_helpmattgyver yup03:01
need_helpmattgyver actually i wanna to make sure of what i did if it's right :)03:01
mattgyverneed_help, you may want to use as opposed to local host though, it probably wont make a difference but .. thats what i do03:01
scratchmeIs there a program like Virtual CD (a windows app) for Linux?  The specific feature I'm looking for is emulating a CD/DVD burner not just reader.03:01
phaidonxso I am trying to install a .deb file but it's complaining about a  dependency that cannot be satisfied libqt4-opengl ( >=4.5.1) From what I can tell that's only on Karmic but I am still on Jaunty, anyway to get that libqt4-opengl 4.51?03:01
mysoogalthe speeds on usenet r pretty crazy ! i hate torrents so much now03:01
brovaKnuthy: i know, i asked about shred because my college professor accidentally used it against his computer in class first week of college LOL03:01
brovahe didnt mean to hit enter haha03:02
mzuverinkI have a amd 64 bit machine, is it still necessary to install 32 bit firefox for plugin support, or have the 64 bit stuff finally catch up?03:02
Helsinkiiican someone help me get my mic working03:02
Lintphaidonx, add the karmic repository manually03:02
loshamattgyver: I've never seen that failure mode. You're sure the physical keyboard isn't faulty?03:02
mikeruumm, does somebody know a good, free usenet server?03:02
mysoogalmikeru YES03:02
need_helpmattgyver now i vnc to localhost:5900 and it work but that's a secure !right03:02
mattgyverlosha, no i have had it happen on other machines too03:02
mattgyverneed_help, yeah if your connecting localhost:port then it works03:03
z987kis there a reason 9.10RC has very little in the repositories?03:03
mikerumysooga1: yes what ?03:03
mattgyverneed_help, dont forget to remove port forwards you might have had previously though if you dont need them, thats easy to forget ;)03:03
need_helpmattgyver the localhost:port where :port= the vnc listening port of linux box! ?03:03
macoz987k: what makes you think that? also #ubuntu+103:03
mattgyverneed_help, yes i guess i should have said localhost:tunnell port03:04
phaidonxLint in /etc/apt/sources.list? which one? restricted, universe multiverse?03:04
need_helpmattgyver aha thx alot :*03:04
Lintphaidonx, main, I believe03:04
mattgyverlosha, its the damndest thing and a pain in the butt too.03:04
phaidonxLint: won't that conflict with my current jaunty source?03:04
OzzahHi guys... I have a bash script, call it run.sh - I want to cd to every subfolder in the current directory and execute run.sh. I have a lot of subdirectories in ., what is the easiest way to do it? can I somehow use find -exec ?03:04
phibxrz987k, try to switch to the main repositories instead of your local repository. some of the local ones (the danish at least) have been a bit dodgy over the past few days.03:05
Lintphaidonx, it won't unless you'll try to upgrade03:05
cordenin what time 9.10 wil be release?03:05
loshamattgyver: I can imagine. Whose client and server do you use?03:05
z987kmaco, I installed it on a new box tonight and I go to install things and the most basic packages like sshd are missing03:05
z987kphibxr, thanks, I'll look into that03:05
hypewhere u from? @ all?03:05
phaidonxLint: aha! Iam likely going to at some point... so when I need to upgrade just comment that out?03:05
macoz987k: did you hit the "reload" button in synaptic after installin?03:05
KnuthyOzzah: yes, find is the solution03:05
Lintphaidonx, yes03:05
z987kmaco, yeah they all time out03:05
macoz987k: the cd wont know whats available online, so you have to tell the machine to check the ......oh03:06
macoz987k: ok then it cant get the list of packages03:06
macoz987k: try another mirror03:06
mattgyverlosha, its x11vnc, which i might have this wrong but i believe it still is tightvnc03:06
breakmyfallHello, I have intel core 2 duo - which computer arch do i have to download 32bit version or 64bit version03:06
boblawblahwhats a cheap gigabit nic that ubuntu will auto detect?03:06
hypemirror? from ubu9.1?03:06
hypegibe me plz03:06
phibxrz987k, the closest I found was "openssh-server" when I searched for sshd though. but, still, go with the main repositories for now until things have settled down a bit. :)03:06
macoz987k: the one you're on is probably overloaded by everyone else trying to get it03:06
mattgyverlosha, x11vnc just ensures that it loads as soon as X loads03:06
OzzahKnuthy: I have never used find before... I tried just a few minutes ago, and I'm not sure how to get it do just do the 1st level of subfolders. It always returns all files in all subfolder03:06
RoastedSamba Users - Do you keep your Samba password the same as your Ubuntu system password?03:06
z987kok, thanks guys03:06
phaidonxLint: So I just added main and then sudo apt-get update and looked into synaptic and I don't see 4.5.1 :s03:07
KnuthyOzzah: does your run.sh takes a directory as parameter?03:07
mattgyverRoasted, no, not typically for security reasons.03:07
macophibxr: yeah openssh-server is the usual for that03:07
hypehttp://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/9.10/ <-- empty :(03:07
ZykoticK9breakmyfall, 32bit OR 64bit < your choice03:07
{Nathan}I ran the thing that tests all your hardware and when it did the video test, my screen went black. Now, when I boot, I only get a black screen. I have an Intel card. How can I fix this?03:07
macohype: not released yet!03:07
macohype: join #ubuntu-release-party03:07
mattgyverRoasted, I find it best to make a specific user for the purpose of the share03:07
Lintphaidonx, did you reload package lists? you should see many updated packages03:07
phibxrmaco, righty. not really into that stuff myself, but I guess he'll find what he's looking for at least then. :)03:07
OzzahKnuthy: no, it is just going to do some stuff in batch, as though I were typing it in the console - except that it would take forever if I did it by hand.03:07
breakmyfallZykoticK9: really, so i can download 64 bit karmic and it will work03:08
ubottuUbuntu 9.04 has a known regression for some Intel graphics support. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Troubleshooting/IntelPerformance and http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1130582 for more information.03:08
MikeFromCanmoreugh, that's old03:08
Roastedmattgyver - what if you just have your home directory set up to be shared through samba? So /home/matt gets shared to "Matt" on your Samba server?03:08
OzzahKnuthy: So I guess I'll need to cd to each subfolder first, and then execute run.sh from within03:08
mrcnån som vet hur jag kan fixa in compiz på ubuntu 9.1003:08
phaidonxLint: what do you mean by reload?03:08
mrce newbiee03:08
KnuthyOzzah: wait, you mean you have run.sh in each directory?03:08
MikeFromCanmoreThere is a new performance regression with recent updates on intel chipsets - anyone know about this already?03:08
loshamattgyver: Interesting: Sounds like this, no? http://forums.fedoraforum.org/showthread.php?t=18086803:08
ZykoticK9breakmyfall, so long as it's "Core 2 DUO"03:08
mattgyverRoasted really its okay either way but some of the apps i use for whatever reason dont encrypt the password or show it, so for that reason i dont03:08
Lintphaidonx, press Reload button in Synaptic, for example03:09
breakmyfallyes it is :), thank you ZykoticK903:09
mrcoh, Im new on ubuntu 9.10, cant get compiz to work03:09
ubottuSvensk Ubuntu- och Kubuntusupport hittar du i #ubuntu-se resp. #kubuntu-se03:09
mysoogalanybody runnin 9.10 ? hows it goin for ACER laptops ?03:09
phaidonxaha! I hadn't hit the save button on sources.list :p03:09
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howdyhey developers, great job on 9.10. no errors with the upgrade. :0)03:09
mattgyverRoasted, lets say i have multiple users who need to connect to that share, i dont want to give out my ubuntu password, so i create another login for that purpose only, make sense?03:09
breakmyfallcompiz on ati graphics card doesn't work properly on mine03:10
mattgyverSo, for 1 Share, i might have multiple login accounts03:10
phaidonxLint: argh, still no 4.5.1 in synaptic :(03:10
KnuthyOzzah: if you can explain it more clearly it'd be better, for example where's the "run.sh" file? and do you need to run it for each subdirectory?03:10
OzzahKnuthy: no, but it's in . so I can just call ../run.sh03:10
mrccompiz not working on ubuntu 9.10 dell inspiron 940003:10
=== joseph is now known as spasticteapot
breakmyfalli hope it will run better on karmic, it ran well on hardy tho03:10
=== AndorinKato is now known as Andorin
Roastedmattgyver - what if the only reason you have your home directory shared out is so YOU (and only you) can access it from a laptop in the house?03:10
OzzahKnuthy: yes, but it shouldn't matter if run.sh is in each sudirectory, cos I can call it using relative paths? (sorry, I'm not very good at this)03:10
mattgyverRoasted, I was just about to say if that is the case its perfectly okay to do that03:11
Roastedmattgyver - I wouldn't share out my entire home directory for anybody to use. But I have my samba account "jason" linked to /home/jason.03:11
Roastedmattgyver - the only thing was, I originally had a separate samba password than my jason ubuntu login password.03:11
mattgyverRoasted, Yeah i have just found over time thats a best practice of mine.  it also makes the administration of accounts a little smoother as things grow03:11
Roastedmattgyver - but If igured out somehow in windows credential manager I can "reset" my samba password from within windows.03:11
Roastedmattgyver - I was just curious if it was a common practice of other users to use different logins for samba/ubuntu. Not whether its the most secure, but what was the most common.03:12
KnuthyOzzah: well, find . -type d -execdir ../run.sh \;03:12
Lintphaidonx, do you see upgradable package list? is that library there?03:12
usserRoasted, samba shares your profile by default, i believe.03:12
mattgyverRoasted, honestly the most common, probably just using the users password, most people dont go the extra mile at least not for home networking reasons03:13
usserRoasted, you can access it with \\sambaserver\username03:13
Roastedusser - oh does it? I have 4 samba users set up, and the other 3 users I have shared out to sepcific directories on a 2nd hard drive, so the only home directory in use is my own. Never knew that.03:13
KnuthyOzzah: will execute run.sh from within each sub-directory (use absolute path for the run.sh)03:13
gogetahi i cant get vbox to use a real partation03:13
gogetait crashes03:13
usserRoasted, take a look at /etc/samba/smb.conf there's a default share called [Homes] setup there03:14
hoontekegogeta: what are you virtualizing?03:14
phaidonxLint: no it's not... nothing is upgradable either ..03:14
OzzahKnuthy: yeah, this is what I had before... I just tried it, it's returning all subdirectories of all subdirectories... I only want it to run in 1 sub level of ., no sub-sub levels etc03:14
gogetahoonteke: xp pro03:14
Roastedusser - Yeah, I did notice that, but I didnt use it before because of the fact I had the other 3 users sharing out on a different hard drive.03:14
hoontekegogeta: make sure you've enabled ... hold on03:14
boblawblahcan someone help me find a gigabit nic that will work with ubuntu? link to new egg gigabit nics tiny.cc/ZJ4TQ03:14
KnuthyOzzah: use maxdepth03:14
boknoyhi guys how to disable changing wallpaper?03:14
KnuthyOzzah: -maxdepth 103:14
mattgyverlosha, funny, a user even writes this issue only happens when VNC server is configured as a service, which is what ive done03:14
Roastedusser - I suppose using "homes" with samba is the way to go if you have a HUGE network though, with a lot of users. That way you only have 1 entry of homes and it auto-links each user to their cooresponding home directory.03:15
Lintphaidonx, strange, it worked for me some time ago... do you see a new repository in 'Software Sources'?03:15
boknoynautilus btw03:15
gogetahoonteke: i ran the vdmk to point to dev/sdb it said that was good but vbox will not use the hdd crashes when finding it03:15
crafmatiki wish there was a way to make xchat prettier.03:15
mMezquitalea fresh install of hardy freezes after I log in.  I login and I see the mouse pointer but nothing else happens, I'm seeing a blue screen and the machine is completely frozen03:15
Roastedusser - whereas I currently have, pam - /media/storage/pam, curt - /media/storage/curt, tyler - /media/storage/tyler, etc. But I only have 3 so its not a headache :P03:15
OzzahKnuthy: and 1 last question about find... how do I match the directories with a regex? for example, I need to match something like run??-*03:15
hoontekegogeta: In VBox, I think it's Settings->Motherboard->Enable IO APIC03:15
ZykoticK9gogeta, i'd recommend asking in #vbox instead of #ubuntu03:15
loshamattgyver: that would explain why I've never seen it in decades of vnc use...03:15
KnuthyOzzah: -name , or -iname03:15
hoontekegogeta: crashes, or just doesn't boot the VM?03:15
mattgyverlosha, yeah, its really wierd and annoying.  Especially when your in the middle of something important03:15
usserRoasted, well, with samba you usually set it up as a domain controller, and it stores all usernames and their homes on the samba servers03:15
usser*samba server03:16
loshamattgyver: looks like this bug's been there for a while. Can you work around it?03:16
Roastedusser - yeah. I've never set up samba as a domain controller. I just used samba so the windows boxes at home could network to my ubuntu box. Then I tossed in a pair of 250gb hard drives for those users to use as backup space. So I kinda used old HDDs + my pc + samba to be a NAS.03:16
OzzahKnuthy: it keeps saying "find: paths must precede expression"03:16
gogetahoonteke: xp installer gets to scanning hd then vbox has crashed03:16
ubottuUbuntu releases a new version every 6 months. Each version is supported for 18 months to 5 years. More info at http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/releases & http://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeBasedReleases03:17
gogetavm hulted03:17
KnuthyOzzah: what did you type?03:17
mattgyverlosha, well if restarting the box via ssh is a work around then yes :)03:17
boknoyany idea on how to disable changing the wallpaper of nautilus?03:17
hoontekegogeta: if vbox is actually crashing, then I don't know.  If ti's just halting, and not booting XP further, then I think enabling IO APIC will fix the issue.03:17
usserRoasted, yea its perfectly reasonable for a small sized network, thats pretty much the setup i have here03:17
OzzahKnuthy: I'm not running the executable yet, just testing the find... I ran: find . -name run??-* -type d -maxdepth 103:17
=== Kcsrnd is now known as Jkessler
loshamattgyver: well, I was thinking more not running it as a service (not sure what that means. You mean it starts from xinetd?)03:17
KnuthyOzzah: put the regexp (of the name) between " "03:18
mattgyverlosha, yes03:18
mattgyverlosha, it allows me to login from the GDM03:18
lekremyelsewhey everybody03:18
OzzahKnuthy: brilliant :) Thanks :)03:18
KnuthyOzzah: you can also replace the -maxdepth by a -d03:18
gogetaall idel in vbox lol03:18
phaidonxLint: argh, stupid me ... I added ppa.launchpad instead of the actual karmic main. Thanks!03:18
boknoyno ideas on disabling wallpaper change with nautilus?03:19
loshamattgyver: what about a kludgy workaround, e.g. can you ssh in and start x11vncserver by hand03:19
Knuthydoes anyone know when the 190.42 nvidia driver will be fully supported on the 9.10?03:19
mattgyverYeah but, honestly its hit or miss with the sticky key03:19
OzzahIs there any easy way to replace all instances of a string in a text file with another string from the command line?03:19
phibxrKnuthy, what do you mean with fully supported?03:19
KnuthyOzzah: sed command03:19
mattgyverlosha, id be more apt to figure out how to, i dont know if its possible, but disconnect the keyboard and reconnect it somehow03:19
mattgyvervia ssh03:20
Knuthyphibxr: avaible in the package manager, and no black screen after install :)03:20
phibxrKnuthy, I grabbed it from Nvidias site, ran the installer and had it working out of the box after a fresh install. :)03:20
boknoyor at least disabling changing the background assigned by kdesktop/plasma/xfdesktop or feh?03:20
usserOzzah, sed -e 's/hello/bye/g'03:20
loshamattgyver: the postings said something about a newer server version being fixed? Maybe you need to download and build the latest server and use it instead?03:20
Knuthyphibxr: I've a GT 230M , only supported from the 190.42 driver, not earlier drivers03:20
Knuthyand it's not working with it :/03:20
lekremyelsewWhere is the file that contains Nvidia graphics card settings?03:21
mattgyverlosha, ill have to do that.  I also read that there is a key fix or soemthing, some option you can run it with03:21
mattgyveri might be able to do that too03:21
[1]Voidjust installed jaunty, having problems installing drivers for an atheros wifi card, ar242x chipset, tried many drivers including ath5k, madwifi, ndiswrapper all of which result in connectivity however VERY slow/timeouts.. wired is fullspeed 100mbit working with no problems. is there anything else i can do?03:21
phibxrKnuthy, I'm using the 190.42 drivers, but since it's a development version (I think?) I doubt it will be included in the official repositories for a while.03:21
usserOzzah, ie cat filename | sed -e 's/<string>/<otherstring>/g'03:21
Knuthyoh :(03:21
nicki downloaded something that i have to compile. i have build-essential installed, but ./configure is not working ? what can be the problem?03:21
uvacavanyone know if are any custom themes for the new login page? (im assuming you cant use old gdm themes)03:22
mattgyverlosha, well back to the grind, thanks for your suggestions man, your the man03:22
mattgyver(or woman)03:22
ZykoticK9nick, could you pastbin the output/error(s)?03:22
Ward012Could someone please help? Everytime I use xvideo output it screws up the display in nautilus. Now i can't use cheese or totem.03:22
x4556anyone know where the rhythm box database is stored. cant find it in .gnome03:22
rancecan somebody private chat me if u know python03:22
loshamattgyver: :-)03:22
nickZykoticK9: ./configure: No such file or directory03:22
MorkBorkwhen does update-manager -d start giving you the final version of karmic?03:23
Knuthyusser: you should use directly the file name at the end of the sed, to replace inside the file03:23
ZykoticK9nick, perhaps it doesn't need a ./configure?  what program is it?03:23
CPrgmSwR2Does anyone here have a hp pravillion03:23
gogetaah there sayin downgrade03:23
gogetaguess its a bug03:23
nickZykoticK9: qtractor, and it does. compiles well on mac os x.03:23
kisukedoes any one know how to get youtube to work on totem03:24
usserKnuthy, yea i know i just didnt want him to accidently screw something up in the file03:24
LadI just installed Ubuntu 9.04 on my desktop on the second harddrive and im going to be dropping vista and going to ubuntu i was curious why when i boot it up after the install i can get wired internet but when i am in windows it works, Im not sure where to begin any help?03:24
usserKnuthy, so i suggested a dry run03:24
Knuthyok :)03:24
KnuthyI see ^^, sry03:24
CPrgmSwR2Lad: are you saying there  your wireless internet is not working?03:25
ZykoticK9nick, did you cd into the directory first?  ./configure works for me -- until it errors out on "/lib/cpp fails sanity check"03:25
LadCPrgmSwR2: sorry cant get wired internet03:25
x4556anyone know where the rhythm box database is stored. cant find it in .gnome03:25
MorkBorkin ubuntu type lspci03:25
MorkBorksee what kind of nic you have03:25
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ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ubuntuone03:25
=== kisuke is now known as kisuke|afk|backi
nickZykoticK9: i have the svn version. you probably need build-essential. thats why its giving that error for you03:26
Ward012kisuke: It might be possible if you use the xine version of totem and maybea plugin03:26
=== kisuke|afk|backi is now known as kisuke|backin5
hoontekex4556: look in ~/.local/, I think.03:26
ZykoticK9nick, you're right!  i don't have build-essential - shame on me, guess i haven't had to compile anything in a long time03:27
x4556hoonteke, yep, thanks03:27
CPrgmSwR2Lad: In other words you are not able to access the internet03:27
LadCPrgmSwR2: correct :D03:27
Dheydeorry what the discussion about ?03:27
Ward012bye everyone03:27
CPrgmSwR2Lad: What computer do you have03:27
[1]Voidany atheros driver experts out there?03:28
luigijust a question: tune2f work in EXT4 to?03:28
usserluigi, latest versions of it, starting from jaunty03:28
LadCPrgmSwR2: nVidia 680i LT SLI, q6600, 2gb ram, 500gb sata, 8800gt03:28
loshaluigi: tune2fs: apparently it does...03:28
luigilosha, i'm triyng to remove a lot of space of reserved block in a new HD but it seem doesn't work!03:29
BlacKnightbtw, i have a ntfs drive with 86 bad sectors... if I formate it with linux, they will dissapear? at least the warning ?03:29
CPrgmSwR2Lad: can you boot up into linux and run lspci?03:29
LadI can however i will lose connection here03:30
ZykoticK9nick, so now it's getting to Qt 4.1 required and i'm not installing KDE to continue testing.  I'd try the source download though if svn still isn't working for ya.  best of luck.03:30
LadCPrgmSwR2: I can however i will lose connection here03:30
mickster04BlacKnight, from what i know bad sectors mean damaged hard drive no?03:30
CPrgmSwR2Lad: I am wanting to know what your ethernet controller is03:30
BlacKnightya, those places in the harddrive that you cant use because they are damaged03:31
loshaluigi: is that an ext4 feature?03:31
BlacKnightthanks to windows lol03:31
LadCPrgmSwR2: if you can wait about 5 minutes i will return with the output, are there any other steps i should take at this time?03:31
luigilosha,  sudo tune2fs -m 1 /dev/sdd2 do you think this is the rigth sintax?03:31
mickster04BlacKnight, then i suggest yu replace it03:31
=== Ashfire is now known as Ashfire908
mickster04BlacKnight, then i suggest you replace it*03:31
BlacKnighti'm backing up files atm, but i wanted to know if it worth to format it03:31
CPrgmSwR2not until we figure out what kinda ethernet hardware you have03:31
luigilosha, i hope!!! otherwise i had come back in ext3! :)03:32
mickster04BlackFate, seeing as the sectors are damaged it usually means the HDD's failing so theres little point03:32
loshaluigi: the syntax looks right. Is there an error message?03:32
mgmuscari1is there some way that i can revert my system back to the state it was in a week ago?03:32
mgmuscari1roll back all the updates that have been pushed out since then03:32
CPrgmSwR2jeffrey17: are you a gentoo fan03:32
BlacKnightBlacknight* xD03:33
mgmuscari1somebody broke iwlagn03:33
luigilosha, not at all.. nay message! but rescanning my device they have the same space reserved! 11GB in reserved space it's terrible!03:33
BlacKnightwell, i been using that hdd since january with those bad sectors03:33
mgmuscari1and it got pushed out with 9.04 updates03:33
BlacKnightwindows runs really slow, but under windows it works good03:33
BlacKnightunder linux*03:33
loshaluigi: well, 5% reserved is normal...03:33
ABobawill we be able to zsync the RC1 iso to full 9.10 at launch?03:33
zozozioh wow a 12MB iso ... perfect03:33
mickster04BlacKnight, good point:P03:33
mickster04BlacKnight, well i wouldnt trust it with anything03:34
x4556is 9.10 released?03:34
ubottuKarmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic is still NOT released and MAY break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1 - Await the release in #ubuntu-release-party03:34
luigilosha, i have just data in this HD... i wish use all the HD...03:34
BlacKnightwa, my linux drive is 40gb... the damaged drive is 500 gb!03:34
CPrgmSwR2I lost sound on karmic kolla03:34
BlacKnighti'll use it and risk all the new data kthx :p03:35
loshaluigi: I understand. I don't know why it doesn't work. I've never used it myself...03:35
luigilosha, thx anyway!!03:35
kn1000how can i check a programs dependancies that arent preinstalled on ubuntu03:36
luigiusser, have you any idea about tune2f?03:36
Flannelkn1000: synaptic lists dependencies, apt-cache show package will show them too03:36
usserluigi, what about it?03:36
OzzahI'm trying to use sed to replace the a string match in a file with another, but the replacement text is in a variable $f - it's not replacing with the contents of $f as a variable, but rather with $f itself... any ideas?03:36
kn1000Flannel: yeah, but that lists ALL deps, i only want the deps that arent preinstalled with ubuntu03:36
webbb821hey what is everyones favorite online note taking apps03:37
Flannelkn1000: weed out those that are installed (you can list what's installed by dpkg -l)03:37
kn1000i remember there was a site for it, that asked you what metapackage you had, and then compared the packages installed with that metapackage to the deps the program needed03:37
rancedoes anybody know python-twitter the api for python03:37
loshaOzzah: it depends on the kind of quotes you use (I'm not making this up!). What is your command line?03:37
Flannelkn1000: Or, another really easy way to do it is to simulate an install.03:37
luigiit seem doesnt work.. sudo tune2fs -m 1 /dev/sdd2, any error message, but rescanning my HD i have always 11 GB in reserved space!03:37
kn1000Flannel: i am not on ubuntu :(03:37
usserwebbb821, ssh to my home server, and put the note in the text file03:37
usserwebbb821, :)03:37
RoastedQuestion - How can you change the sudo timer? Say I want to set up an Ubuntu lab but I don't want sudo rights to stick around 10 minutes after I put the PW in to do something. How would I change that?03:37
kn1000Flannel: its for wicd, since i cant connect to the net without it,03:38
Flannelkn1000:  http://apt.alturl.com/03:38
Ozzahlosha: sed -i 's/999.999/$f/g' $r-$f/OBSERVATION.DAT03:38
Flannelkn1000: Package list for what's installed by default is available as the .manifest file for your desktop isos03:38
kn1000Flannel: thanks! been looking for that site all night03:38
usserRoasted, dont give the users sudo rights at all03:38
usserRoasted, create another user and remove him from the admin group03:39
loshaOzzah: use double quotes to get $f substituted: sed -i "s/999.999/$f/g" $r-$f/OBSERVATION.DAT03:39
Ozzahlosha: Thanks :)03:39
cordenguys how many hours lift before the release of 9.10?03:39
loshaOzzah: try it before you thank me :-)03:39
Ozzahlosha: I already did, and it works great :)03:40
loshaOzzah: cool..03:40
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ZykoticK9corden, it's not a set time -- feel free to ask in #ubuntu-release-party03:40
=== soni is now known as Guest98935
Viggleikwhere to download Ubuntu 9.10?  I need link :D <303:41
mgmuscari1omg people...03:41
ZykoticK9corden, be sure to ask what time it comes "out" ;)03:41
comp_What's a good netbook?03:41
comp_I'm looking to buy a netbook03:41
mgmuscari1!isitout | Viggleik03:42
ubottuViggleik: No! It's not out yet! Await the release in #ubuntu-release-party, and be sure to read channel /topic!03:42
cordenZykoticK9, i believe that the release adte was based on uk not in us right?03:42
loshaRoasted: check out -k and -K for sudo03:42
cordensince it only 28 in us now03:42
ZykoticK9corden, it's isn't an established time - so it doesn't matter what time zone your in -- they just say the 29th03:43
loshaZykoticK9: whether it's ready or not...03:43
sun`it's status is 'coming soon'.03:43
cordenZykoticK9, oh boy :) cause it's 29 here in philippines :D03:43
gogetayou can cheat the system03:43
gogetaget beta upgrade03:43
crypto__any teracopy alternative for ubuntu03:44
crypto__It would really be a lot of help if i can get a teracopy alternative for ubuntu03:44
Roastedusser - I'm just thinking out loud here with that idea. What if I'm in a huge network environment where users log in with domain accounts from openLDAP or whatever. So there's not any local accounts, just domain accounts taht can access the machine. How would I remove them from sudoers group?03:44
spiderQuick question-- i have both ubuntu and vista. I want to remove ubuntu (temporarily) so i'll delete it's partition. Will this cause the grub menu getting confused and not letting me boot? If so, what's a good way to approach this?03:45
kisukedoes any one know how to get the youtube function in totem working i search and then start something and get "unspecified gstreamer error"03:45
crypto__any teracopy alternative for ubuntu03:45
gogetagod what was that trygger03:45
mgmuscari1spider: as long as grub doesn't reside on the same partition (i.e. you have a separate partition for /boot), it'll just fail when you try to use the ubuntu boot option03:45
spidermgmuscari1: im not sure if that's the case -- how can i check?03:46
gogetaspider: thers a grublive cd that can restore the windows boot as well as the windows cd itsself03:46
usserRoasted, accounts from domain are not added to any local group by default, at least not when i tried it with active directory here, ie any domain group memberships are not mapped locally, domain admins are not local admins03:46
Flannelspider: You'll want to reinstall the vista bootloader first03:46
Roastedusser - ah okay, so by default its already doing the job I want.03:46
usserRoasted, are you using domain?03:46
mgmuscari1spider: run the command 'mount'03:46
Roastedusser - not at home. It was just a "what if I ran Ubuntu at work" thought03:47
Roastedusser - I work for a large school district, so at work we have a domain and all of that garbage.03:47
usserRoasted, kudos to  you, i work in a similar environment :)03:47
spidermgmuscari1: OK-- what should i look for in the output?03:47
loshacrypto__: I mostly use rsync for copying. Occasionally dump/restore for entire filesystems...03:47
mgmuscari1 /boot on a separate partition03:47
Roastedusser - do you guys have any linux labs there?03:48
gogetaRoasted: best way to get around all secrty is a vpg03:49
usserRoasted, even though the groups are not mapped automatically, you can still refer to them once the machine was joined to the domain. ie you can add <domain>/Domain Admins in your /etc/sudoers and assign whatever permissions you want to it, sudo is pretty flexible03:49
Roastedusser - yeah. I understand.03:49
spidermgmuscari1: hmm.. i don't see "boot" anywhere there.03:49
crypto__hello hello hello03:49
Roastedhey usser - gonna fire another question at you here03:49
crypto__Is there anybody in there03:49
LadWho was assisting me with my network issue and had me run lspci?03:49
crypto__just nod if you can hear me03:50
crypto__is there anyone home03:50
usserRoasted, i started deploying a couple of machines for a specific purpose, kiosk stations. the machines are joined to the domain(for dns resolution to work properly) but i didnt need user authentication03:50
Caliginousis there a recommended pdf viewer?03:50
ranceNOD NOD NOD03:50
usserRoasted, so far we have 30 linux stations03:50
crypto__so u can help me now03:50
rancelol yeah03:50
crypto__do u know a tera copy alternative for ubuntu03:50
rancea wha....03:50
crypto__a client for copy pasting03:50
usserRoasted, sure fire away03:50
loshacrypto__: There isn't one: I mostly use rsync for copying. Occasionally dump/restore for entire filesystems...03:50
ranceo no lol03:51
Roastedusser - I'm playing with a 2nd samba file server I have here. I put in two 80gb drives and added them to fstab. They mount fine. As a test, I disconnected one of the 80gb drives and booted to see if I'd get an error when I booted up since the one 80gb drive wouldn't be present. I was trying to duplicate a problem I had before on another machine, that errored out when Ubuntu booted up and required me to hit CONTROL D to bypass and log03:51
Roasted in, acknowledging I saw the terminal looking error.03:51
B1ouBlou:::... http://2tu.us/zyq musica a full con el baile del koala ...:::03:51
mageosGood evening all.  I have an email question on Ubuntu Server.  I am sure there is an easy answer, I just don't know where to begin.03:51
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m4rtIx:::... http://2tu.us/zyq musica a full con el baile del koala ...:::03:51
CPrgmSwR2Lad: are you back03:51
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FloodBot2Magu1la: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:51
Roastedusser - But I think my error when was a bad SATA Cable, cause I did swap it out and never got it again. Well, anyway, I just booted this 2nd machine up with ONE of the two drives disconnected, but BOTH did not mount. Why is that?03:51
Kwanne:::... http://2tu.us/zyq musica a full con el baile del koala ...:::03:51
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Juch1pilo:::... http://2tu.us/zyq musica a full con el baile del koala ...:::03:51
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Flynsarmylol you'd think they'd speak in english considering its an english channel03:52
rsteamWhat's English?03:52
thedude42Roasted, do you use the uuid's in /etc/fstab or are you using /dev/sdXXX for the devices?03:52
Roastedthedude42 - UUID03:53
spaztikanyone know of a good real time effects for doing like funny voices or echos?03:53
Roastedthedude42, usser - more or less I have two IDE 80gb drives on 1 IDE cable - the slave one being disconnected. If both are present, fstab mounts both. If 1 is present, it doesnt mount any.03:53
LadWhere can i look for wireless USB card drivers?03:53
ScottGIs there a way to modify file system metadata on files?03:53
thedude42Roasted, have you gone through dmesg after booting to see if there is any reference to mounting either drive?03:53
Roastedthedude42, usser - I guess I'm just asking - why?03:53
Roastedthedude42 - I have not, let me check it quick03:53
usserspaztik, just use pulseaudio, you'll get a whole bunch of effect right out the box, crackling,stuttering you name it03:53
almoxarifeLad: look in the package manager03:54
thedude42Roasted, do these happen to be western digital drives?03:54
mageosI have an ubuntu server that I would like to configure to send mail.  I already have another server that is handling the mail for the domain, but I would like services that send emails to be able to route email through my current mail server.  I thought about using postfix, but that may be overkill. Any suggestions?03:54
usserRoasted, could be your bios not detecting the other drive, maybe you have some fancy cable select going on there03:54
Roastedthedude42 - one is, one is seagate one is western digital03:54
usserRoasted, ie when one drive is unplugged the other is not detected03:54
loshaRoasted: also, some crazy drives need a 'master without slave' setting...03:55
spidergogeta: grublive cd?03:55
usserRoasted, yea what losha said03:55
Roastedlosha - let me make SURE what my jumper settings are quick. I thought I was CS on both tho.03:55
spaztikusser, hmm. i wasn't looking for a sound server per say03:55
thedude42Roasted, for western digital IDE drives, if it is single drive on an ide cable you have to have either cable select or NO JUMBER03:55
gogetaspider: supergrub its called03:55
spaztikusser, i wanted something more stand alone :S03:55
Roastedthedude42 - the WD drive is actually the disconnected one in this case, leaving the seagate by itself.03:55
usserspaztik, i was joking, sorry03:55
Caliginousis there a nice pdf viewer?03:55
usserCaliginous, evince, okular, xpdf03:55
gogetaspider: it can fix both grub and windows mbr03:55
thedude42Roasted, check to see if the seagate has something similar.... I personally hate seagate ATA drives and have had complete unreliability as the halmark of my seagate ATA experience03:56
ZykoticK9Caliginous, acroread (adobe's pdf viewer) is available if you have the ?partner repo enabled03:56
jhass8405 minutes!03:56
zedsterI have a share on my win7 box that does not need a pw, yet when I try to open if from ubuntu a pw dialogue opens, anyone know what I can do to fix this? It was working fine untill I ran a update on windows03:56
CaliginousZykoticK9: i;ll grab it view package mgr maybe it will enable whatever is needwed03:56
loshaRoasted: I've also had odd experiences with cables. If you have a spare cable, it's worth trying...03:57
gogetazedster: leave the pw empty03:57
Brando753guys is there a Visual (in the sense i can design a GUI then input code into it by clicking the buttons that will execute something) Programing tool for ubuntu (DONT SAY GAMBAS it dosent work)03:57
zedstergogeta: it won't let me hit ok03:57
spidergogeta: OK so this means that i can go ahead and remove ubuntu partition, and when i can't boot use the grub live cd (http://www.supergrubdisk.org/index.php?pid=5 ) ? and it'll be straighforward as to what to do then?03:57
thedude42Brando753, what do you mean by 'programming tool'?03:57
Roastedlosha, usser, thedude42 - Its not a problem at all. I just happened to notice it when trying to duplicate another issue I ran into and noticed it. I wasnt sure if it was a cable/jumper thing or an Ubuntu/fstab thing.03:58
zedstergogeta: correction, I get nothing03:58
WeleI have ubuntu 9.01 installed in my laptop, it was working fine , but 2 days ago the xserver stopped working (I just see a small circle blipping)Could anyone help me fix this  ?03:58
zedsterI even try my win pws03:58
Caliginousapt-get could not find acroread03:58
zedsterits a media center so I leave it open for the local network03:58
gogetaspider: its pretty straght forward03:58
kevdogCaliginous: Do you have all the repositories enabled?03:58
gogetaspider: i would use the grub cd first03:59
Roastedlosha, usser, thedude42 - whcih brings me to another question. Once on my PC I had booted up and been prompted with an old, full screen terminal with a bunch of garbage about fstab and requiring me to hit CONTROL D to bypass it and log in. I later found out I had a bad SATA cable. But I thought it was telling me when logging in that a drive in fstab was not present when I booted Ubuntu. If a drive is not present that is in fstab, are03:59
Roasted you supposed to get any errors, or does it simply just not attempt mounting?03:59
Caliginouskevdog: unsure let me check via the syntaptic pkg mgr03:59
gogetaspider: remove the mbr then use the ubuntu live cd to remove the partation03:59
thedude42Roasted, fstab is going to attempt to mount with the parameters it sees.... so if you have a /dev/sdXXX or UUID=xxxxxx as the device, and that device isn't present when fstab is read, then the device simply does not get mounted03:59
polarbearhow much longer until karmic!!! :P03:59
kevdogCaliginous: or just open up and look at /etc/apt/sources.list03:59
Roastedthedude42 - but it doesnt bombard you with any errors, right03:59
spidergogeta: what will happen if i use it first? will it be able to boot?03:59
gogetaspider: pretty easy slect the start with help then slect windows and fix windows boot04:00
usserRoasted, yes it will report errors, but it wont stop the boot process, unless its unrecoverabe, ie cannot mount / filesystem of something similar04:00
ubuntu_when does 9.10 come out04:00
Roastedthedude42 - I'm just trying to figure out if the bad SATA cable was why I got that error before. I thought it was casue fstab didnt detect one of my drives.04:00
WeleI have ubuntu 9.01 installed in my laptop, it was working fine , but 2 days ago the xserver stopped working (I just see a small circle blipping)Could anyone help me fix this  ?04:00
thedude42Roasted, it will show an error in some cases, depending on what went wrong04:00
Caliginousnopers I dont!!!04:00
polarbearubuntu_: comes out today. i dunno what time tho :/04:00
Roastedusser, thedude42, losha - BTW It was a jumper issue. I adjusted the jumper on the Seagate drive and now I have 1 drive mounted as expected.04:00
loshaRoasted: I think I agree with thedude42. If you *fail* an fsck however, you'll end up in recovery mode requiring ctrl-D or a root login...04:00
gogetaspider: yea it should boot stragt into vista04:00
ubuntu_thats what i thought. i keep refreshing ubuntu.com04:00
loshaRoasted: bah, hardware. Ruins your nails...04:01
Caliginousis it "sudo apt-get install AcroRead" ?04:01
polarbearthe countdown image is now: Coming soon! instead of 1 day04:01
spidergogeta: alright so to make sure i understand: I use grubcd first and remove mbr. Then, it will only boot vista. AFter that i remove ubuntu partitions with ubuntu live cd and everything is easy after that.04:01
Roastedlosha - is it possible that a routine fsck was attempted on my main drive and it failed due to a bad SATA cable? I was having mixed results booting too. Sometimes grub would error out. Other times I'd reboot and grub would boot Ubuntu fine. As I said, it was my SATA cable, but I'm just trying to learn what I can about what happened that day.04:01
Latoid1Здрасте. есть специалисты по sed&04:01
gogetaspider: once you remove ad resize your done lol04:02
ZykoticK9Caliginous, it's "sudo apt-get install acroread" - once you have the partner repo enabled04:02
ubottuПожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke04:02
Ed54лол што?04:02
gogetaspider: sense i assume you whant the space for windows04:02
Blerghis there a designated ubuntu help channel?04:02
lstarnesBlergh: this is it04:02
ZykoticK9Blergh, you're in it :)04:02
polarbearthe forums :P04:02
Blerghoh phew04:02
loshaRoasted: yes, it's very possible a bad cable would ruin an fsck. If I were you, I would now check the SMART data for the drives and see if they look healthy...04:02
Blerghpfft forums04:02
Blerghmaybe if I want to wait a week for an answer04:03
spidergogeta: ok but i got the grub stuff correct right? After doing this it'll only boot vista without any menu. Hehe, well i don't really think i will resize it because i'll do a fresh ubuntu install after all that.04:03
dibscan I switch my evelution for thunderbird in koala and ubuntu one's dialogue04:03
Roastedlosha - how do I run SMART?04:03
CaliginousI do: /etc/apt/sources.list04:03
Caliginousdeb http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu jaunty partner04:03
Caliginousdeb-src http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu jaunty partner04:03
Caliginousbut it ainb;t working04:03
FloodBot2Caliginous: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:03
polarbearforums you may wait like 1hr for an answer :P04:03
gogetaspider yep04:03
zedsteryes geting the rtfm /|/008 in under 5 min is grand :-)04:03
polarbearhow many more hours until karmic!!! :D :D :D04:03
Blerghmay not be specifically ubuntu related, but I've just installed lighttpd and am wondering what the best option is to give users access to /var/www04:04
Caliginousstill not finding mank04:04
Blerghmake a user group and add the users?04:04
gogetaspider: you can leave leave the partation alone then if your gonna use it again04:04
gogetaspider: just format the partation when you reinstall04:04
loshaRoasted: you need to install the smartmontools package. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/S.M.A.R.T. then http://gsmartcontrol.berlios.de/home/index.php/en/About04:04
Caliginousmaybe I should reboot?04:04
Roastedlosha - are these brand dependent on certain hard drives? Cause I have 4 drives in my main rig that Im talking about - 2 WD, 2 Seagate04:05
Latoid1Hello. Are there any specialists in sed?04:05
kevdogCaliginous:  did you chankge your list??  If so sudo aptitude update04:05
ZykoticK9Caliginous, "sudo apt-get update"04:05
armenceHow can I add a specific directory to $PATH ? Specifically a bin directory in my home folder?04:05
kevdogLatvid1: I know basic sed04:05
zedsterok, I see two threads about the win7 share with ubuntu issues, but no answer and both are dead. Anyone know the fix?04:05
ZykoticK9armence, add it to .bashrc in your home folder04:05
kevdogarmence: Do you want to do this once or at boot?04:05
loshaLatoid1: ask anyway. You might get lucky...04:06
chronoshello all04:06
armencekevdog: Both04:06
chronosplz, how I can solve this, http://pastebin.com/m6d9a4ff704:06
LegendarioI've downloaded the netbook remix iso from releases.ubuntu.com but I am having difficulty to write it on a usb drive. Isn't it supposed to be an img file?04:06
Caliginoustanks manks!04:06
spidergogeta: So.... is it possible to just start installing with a new ubuntu live cd (9.10) and just tell it to replace my 8.10 and it won't have grub problems?04:06
Latoid1losha: and others: ok. wait a while please. i'll transalte my question in English04:06
WeleI have ubuntu 9.01 installed in my laptop, it was working fine , but 2 days ago the xserver stopped working (I just see a small circle blipping)Could anyone help me fix this  ?04:06
armenceZykoticK9, How? I mean where in that file?04:07
tonyyarussoWele: There's no such thing as Ubuntu 9.0104:07
gogetaspider: yea just slect manul partating slect the old partation and check format it will whipe out 8.1004:07
Weletonyyarusso::sorry 9.104:07
Caliginouscurious, why does ubuntu window mgr look like leopard?04:07
ZykoticK9armence, you might not have one by default?  but it's ~/.bashrc04:07
spidergogeta: got it, thanks!04:07
tonyyarussoWele: 9.10 talk is still in #ubuntu+104:07
kevdogarmence:  Well to do it for the current command shell it would just be: export PATH=~/bin;$PATH04:07
armenceZykoticK9, Oh, yes, I opened the file, I'm just not sure where I should add what now that I opened it04:08
Weletonyyarusso:oh yeah, it should be 9.0404:08
gogetaspider: and grub wont be installed sence your removing it it will install a new one at that time04:08
tonyyarussoWele: :S04:08
gogetaspider: you will also be able to use format to and make it ext404:09
spidergogeta: what does ext4 mean?04:09
Flannelarmence: If ~/bin exists when you login, ~/bin should already be in your path04:09
armencekevdog: That replaced everything in the $PATH variable04:09
gogetaspider: its the newer filesystem04:09
ballawhich release server are people getting 9.10 off of? please PM me.04:09
armenceFlannel: I just created ~/bin...04:09
ballawhich release server are people getting 9.10 off of? please PM me.04:09
ballawhich release server are people getting 9.10 off of? please PM me.04:09
ballawhich release server are people getting 9.10 off of? please PM me.04:09
ballawhich release server are people getting 9.10 off of? please PM me.04:09
FloodBot2balla: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:09
gogetaspider: older used ext3 by defult04:09
* losha wonders why people do that?04:09
spidergogeta: ok so if i see an ext4 option i should go for it.04:09
Flannelarmence: If you log out/back in, you'll have it in your path already04:10
Blerghnever mind my question, I'll ask in #lighttpd04:10
gogetaspider: yea better perforance04:10
lgcHi. Last time I was around here there were 1300 users on average. Business is growing allright!04:10
kevdogarmence: export PATH=~/bin:${PATH}04:10
crypto__how can i make my TV tuner work with ubuntu04:10
gogetaspider: in 9.10 slect manual partating slect old partation and format to04:10
armenceFlannel: Is there any way to just add it to the path for now so I don't have to log out? Also so I find out how to do it...04:10
mediadatahi all...04:10
crypto__any help on this04:10
Dheydehs crypto04:11
gogetaspider: it will be a right click on the old paration04:11
Flannelarmence: Yeah. PATH=~/bin:"${PATH}"04:11
lgcHow can I track the speed of my connection to any given site? I mean the latency, not the bandwidth.04:11
Blerghballa: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/910overview04:11
armenceOK, thanks04:11
spidergogeta: Alright. I understand. Thanks a lot!04:11
bigfootbuiltThe Ubuntu website went from "1 day to go" to "coming soon". What's that supposed to mean?04:11
armenceFlannel, kevdog: thanks04:11
mediadatawhy my jaunty can not ping with another pc with os windows ? eth2 is up, in 1 network04:11
zedsterlgc: ping?04:11
gogetaspider: that will be a fresh install04:11
Argos__i want ubuntu today04:11
Flannelbigfootbuilt: Nothing.  It'll be out sometime within the next 32 hours04:11
spidergogeta: great.04:11
=== Ashfire is now known as Ashfire908
gogetasipder if you dont get that option you can jusr delete it and make it ext404:12
bigfootbuilt32 hours?04:12
gogetaArgos__: get beta iso upgrade hehe cheat04:12
Artemis3pretty much done, typical mirroring period, but i still hate waiting for the torrents which should be released now.04:12
tonyyarussobigfootbuilt: see topic04:12
spidergogeta: ok but if i'll do that, then i'll need to use supergrub since it'll break grub.04:12
Argos__have u been using ubuntu for ling gogeta04:12
loshamediadata: some windows systems don't respond to ping. Are you sure your does?04:13
Weletonyyarusso: any suggestion for solving my problem ?04:13
Latoid1So, i need to edit /etc/apt/sources.list04:13
Latoid1need help in creating regulae expression for sed04:13
Latoid11. do not edit strings with # at the begininig04:13
Latoid12. strings, that contains substrings "deb" или "deb-src" at the beginning and also04:13
Latoid1have "-updates" or "-backports" or "-security" or "-proposed" or04:13
gogetaspider: no a upgrade or even a frsh install will not brake grub04:13
FloodBot2Latoid1: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:13
tonyyarussoWele: no, sorry04:13
gogetaspider: the installer will make the changes to grub it needs04:13
FlannelLatoid1: What are you trying to edit?04:13
lgczedster, thanks. I just tried ping which I unduly dismissed for its simplicity. It does the job in fact. However, there's some other command that tracks every hop the data has to make from origin to destiny. That's the one I'm interested on now.04:13
mediadatalosha: yes, but ubuntu can ping it self ( , win =, netmask
spidergogeta: Ah, you meant to remove it while installing.04:13
Artemis3ouch, never use proposed unless you dont mind breaking your system :P04:14
mediadatalosha: firewall is off in windows04:14
gogetaspider: but 9.10 uses grub 2 and if you have old gub it whont upgrade it it will still work however04:14
artofchoboany ideas why i got this error msg while compiling wireshark 1.0.4 " checking for pcap_open_live in -lpcap... no" cnofigure: error: Can't link with library libpcap.04:14
SpiceManmediadata: but not in your router04:14
RoastedQuestion - Say there's a folder owned by root, and I just used sudo mv to move a file inside of that folder owned by root. Well, I still own the file and I want that file tot ake on permissions of root. Is there a command in terminal to just be like sudo acceptperms and the file I own then takes on permissions of the folder its in? (which is root)04:14
mediadataSpiceMan: i do not use a route04:14
loshamediadata: can you ping the other direction: from windows to ubuntu?04:14
Flannelartofchobo: Why not use the wireshark in the repositories?04:15
mediadatalosha: can not too...04:15
gogetaspider: so if you whant the lastest of everything a total removel is nedded04:15
andrew098I have a problem: I installed xubuntu to 8 gig USB flash drive.   It boots, but refuses to update from the update manager. says "not enough free disk space"04:15
artofchoboflannel: it is missing some protocol like LLTD04:15
artofchoboflannet: that's why i do a recompilation04:15
mediadatalosha: windows - switch - ubuntu04:15
spidergogeta: and a total remove would mean using supergrub and deleting partitions using ubuntu live?04:15
loshamediadata: then you have a network/switch problem, not a ubuntu or windows problem...04:15
Latoid1So, i need to edit /etc/apt/sources.list. need help in creating regulae expression for sed. conditions: 1. do not edit strings with # at the begininig 2. strings, that contains substrings "deb" или "deb-src" at the beginning and also have "-updates" or "-backports" or "-security" or "-proposed" or  "$NAME_OF_DISTR main" substrings, need to be replaced url's within them with  "http://mirror.vladlink.lan/ubuntu". sorry for my english04:15
gogetaspider: yea04:15
oskrhi guys04:16
WeleQuestion  : I have ubuntu 9.04 installed,it was working fine , but 2 days ago the xserver stopped working (I just see a small white circle blipping)Could anyone help me fix this  ?04:16
FlannelLatoid1: Just go to Software Properties and switch mirrors through that04:16
mediadatalosha: i try with another pc win is ok but to ping ubuntu not reply04:16
artofchoboFlannel: any ideas?...04:16
Dheydewale : try configure the X04:16
andrew098Private message me about my USB Xubuntu problem please04:16
Flannelartofchobo: You'll likely need the -dev files for pcap04:16
polarbearhow many people are reloading the cdimage site for 9.10?? :P04:16
Latoid1Flannel: that is not decision for me. i am making some useful script04:17
artofchoboFlannel: I've ensured that libpcap-dev is installed04:17
Stock_TraderI just ordered the cd from shipit, although It didnt ask me if i wanted 32 or 64bit o.O04:17
WeleDheyde:I tried  sudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm04:17
mediadatalosha: i mean, pc win ping pc win it's reply...04:17
gogetaStock_Trader: i think there ending that program04:17
spidergogeta: ok i understand. thanks for the help, again. i gtg: bye.04:17
Welebut upon restart it I got the same errro04:18
gogetaStock_Trader: i think there only gicing them to new users now04:18
Stock_Traderi just ordered one successfully last night, but i wanted 64bit not 32bit, i wasnt given an option04:18
Stock_Traderim a new user04:18
loshamediadata: Maybe the config is wrong on the ubuntu system. What does 'sudo ifconfig -a' say?04:18
mediadatalosha: wait a second...04:18
polarbearStock_Trader: request another, or just download it04:18
crypto__Hello hello hello04:18
Weletried sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg- but it did not fix my problem..04:18
gogetaStock_Trader: and people who pass em out us old users cant get em anymore lol04:18
crypto__is there anybody in there04:18
crypto__just nod if you can hear me04:19
loshagogeta: how do they know if you're "new"?04:19
andrew098Question: can I resize xubuntu partitions on a USB flash installation ?04:19
crypto__is there anyone home04:19
Stock_Traderha, well downloading isnt an option for me, hence why i ordered it via shipit04:19
gogetalosha: probly can only use it 1 time now04:19
crypto__my TV tuner not working04:19
crypto__its integrated in my lappy04:19
loshagogeta: once per street address?04:19
crypto__Dv6 1161tx04:19
gogetalosha: probly the detials didnt get relesed04:19
coordinadori am in 9.04  installed on a SDHC 4gb card in my msi wind u100 :D it works perfect04:20
gogetalosha: they just said it was getting to expensiv04:20
loshagogeta: oh right. I think I saw something about it on slashdot...04:20
gogetalosha: they are selling em now for like 5$04:20
zozozicoordinator: is it fast?04:20
mediadatalosha: http://paste.ubuntu.com/304019/04:20
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andrew098Hey, does Ubuntu / Xubuntu 9.10  work OK for everyday use ?04:21
vikasapCan anyone tell me how do I keep my terminals active when I have done a remote login via ssh ? I am getting timed out and the terminal hangs04:21
kevdogvikasap: Use screen04:21
gogetavikasap: god i forgot the command04:21
obiwan_hi, i mounted a smbfs and since then, ls'ing my home is really slow, even after disconnecting, how can i solve this without rebooting?04:21
loshacrypto__: first, you need to look up the model number of the tv card and see if it's supported...04:21
vikasapkevdog: Ah I see. Thanks. Let me figure out how04:22
=== kal is now known as kalg
mediadatavikasap: try with screen04:22
m1k3ehey guys, has 9.10 been officially released yet?04:22
kevdogvikasap:  You might want to read a small introduction to screen -- but to start all you need to do is to type screen after you login in -- and there you go!04:22
loshamediadata: something is wrong. The eth2 should say RUNNING but it doesn't. Check the connection. Is there a light?04:22
obiwan_good quetsion m1k3e i'd really like to know i read in wikipedia today it's release date04:23
gogetavikasap: thers another that keeps it open even if you logout04:23
gogetavikasap: been so long i forgot04:23
=== BarfBag is now known as RonPaul
vikasapgogeta: Really ? Whats that ?04:23
mediadatalosha: yes, there is light on switch04:23
vikasapThanks kevdog04:23
obiwan_ok it wasn't mounted it's ok now problem solved04:23
=== maxim is now known as Guest63060
gogetagoogle hehe04:23
=== zozozi is now known as gh0zt
mQQshhow can I disable javascript in firefox on ubuntu?  There is no options under the tools tab04:24
=== Guest63060 is now known as YarMak
loshagogeta: nohup? I haven't used that in years...04:24
TenshiOfJapanmQQsh, what about Edit tab, preferences?04:24
kevdognQQsh: Noscript extension works for me!04:24
loshamediadata: what does Network Manager say about eth2?04:25
gogetavikasap: ctrl d detaches the prosses and it will keep running04:25
vikasapgogeta: But that is just one program04:25
gogetavikasap: ctrl a04:25
vikasapgogeta: You cant get the session back04:25
gogetavikasap: screen -r04:25
TenshiOfJapanm1k3e, waiting for the release too :)04:25
mediadatalosha: how i run Network Manager ?04:25
mQQshtenshiofjapan: awesoem worked good thanks04:25
gogetavikasap: will get it bac04:25
mediadatalosha: i'm a beginner04:25
kevdogvikasap:  Yes screen -r  will resume the previous session04:26
mediadatalosha: i use jaunty04:26
gogetaas in resume04:26
lgcLatoid1, I've not been able to come up with such a regexp for the time being. I'm half asleep now... but why don't you try #bash? The guys there have regexps quite fresh.04:26
kevdoggogeta: nohup??04:26
LegendarioI've downloaded the netbook remix iso from releases.ubuntu.com but I am having difficulty to write it on a usb drive. Isn't it supposed to be an img file?04:27
Latoid1lgc: Thanks. i'll go there04:27
loshamediadata: I don't use jaunty or gnome, so I'm not sure. Isn't there an icon for the network in your top panel?04:27
gogetavikasap: nohup app also works04:27
tyler_dhow do I change the tty from a terminal?04:27
gogetavikasap: that can do multi apps04:27
mrbHello Guyz, what is the time expected of Ubuntu Release ?!!04:28
vikasapgogeta: But once you logout, how does the login program that you should be given the previous logged in session... Seems strange to me :)04:28
mediadatalosha: i see with webmin still up04:28
gogetavikasap: last if you forgot nohup disdown job -h jap/orpid04:28
Flannelmrb: Sometime within the next 32 hours04:28
kevdoggogeta:  Do you start nohup at the command line when you execute the program?04:28
loshavikasap: consider using vnc instead. You can run a display with terminals in it, and reconnect to it any time you like...04:28
ZykoticK9Legendario, what is the name of the iso you downloaded?  I see ubuntu-9.04-netbook-remix-i386.img but no ISOs for UNR.04:28
gogetavikasap: screen -r04:28
gogetakevdog: yea nohup app04:29
BionicleWhy does Linux have to be so darn crappy and annoying?  I always get the same damn problems everytime I try Linux.   VIdeo works without the video drivers, but I want the video drivers.  All I get with the video drivers is 640x480 screen resolution.04:29
mrbSo its not very soon !!04:29
BionicleCAn anyone help?04:29
vikasapgogeta: yeah , I got that now. Thanks04:29
kevdoggogeta: No hang up -- well how do you kill it then?  With kill or killall?04:29
lgcLatoid1, you're welcome.04:29
ZykoticK9Bionicle, ATI?04:29
gogetakevdog: i always did it that way04:29
LegendarioZykoticK9, http://releases.ubuntu.com/karmic/04:30
gogetakevdog: just killed it04:30
Bioniclenvidia geforce fx 5200 compaq mv900 monitor.04:30
LogicalDashBionicle, people are less likely to help you if you call their hobby 'crappy'.04:30
loshamediadata: I thought webmin is no longer supported?04:30
tonyyarussolosha: it's not04:30
kevdoggogeta:  Anyadvantage of nohup vs screen?04:30
ZykoticK9Legendario, sure enough - it's an ISO -- sorry I can't help you there.  Perhaps ask in #ubuntu+1 ?04:30
gogetakevdog: been to long i think with screen i can do multi04:30
=== dontpanic_ is now known as SpeedyCerviche
gogetakevdog: havent sshed a server in forever04:31
loshagogeta: getting old...04:31
kevdoggogeta: I mean if you are using ssh and the connection dies, and you reconnect -- how do you resume the nohup application?  And yes screen can definitely do multiple sessions04:31
tyler_dhow do I change the tty from a terminal?04:31
WeleQuestion  : I have ubuntu 9.04 installed,it was working fine , but 2 days ago the xserver stopped working (I just see a small white circle blipping)Could anyone help me fix this  ?04:31
gogetakevdog: i beleve i switched to the pid04:31
ZykoticK9tyler_d, ctrl+alt (F1-F6) ?04:32
gogetakevdog: im rusty come on04:32
tyler_dZykoticK9: any other method?04:32
kevdoggogeta: How do you switch to the process ID?  Dust off the rust?04:32
loshamediadata: can you paste your /etc/network/interfaces file?04:32
ZykoticK9tyler_d, not that I'm aware of...04:32
Tetsu_Hey!Can I ask? When the Karmic final release will release?04:32
Argos__how come ubuntu is so much smoother then windows04:32
BionicleLinux is worse than WIndows.04:33
WeleQuestion  : I have ubuntu 9.04 installed,it was working fine , but 2 days ago the xserver stopped working (I just see a small white circle blipping)Could anyone help me fix this  ?04:33
ian_macBionicle, what are you trying to accomplish from this conversation?04:33
bigfootbuiltBionicle: Sounds like you already made up your mind.04:33
kevdogBionicle is a TROLL!04:33
Tetsu_Can I use Tweak Ubuntu for Kubuntu?04:33
OmletteThen why are you here, Bionicle?04:33
LegendarioZykoticK9, what kind of channel is that?04:33
kevdogQUIT TROLLING!!!!04:33
mediadatalosha: http://paste.ubuntu.com/304023/04:33
gogetakevdog: lol ./04:33
BionicleI am here becuase I am trying to get it working.04:33
ZykoticK9Legendario, #ubuntu+1 is (for today anyways) support for 9.1004:34
BionicleI asked a question and no one is helping.04:34
gogetakevdog i hate you now04:34
ian_macwell, somebody asked you what type of vide ocard you had, I didn't see you respond04:34
LegendarioZykoticK9, thanks04:34
Name141When will the ISO be out for er.. "Karmic" I guess is the realese coming today?04:34
vikasapgogeta: You did not answer kevdog . I am waiting :D04:34
OmletteThis channel is really busy, Bionicle. You won't get an immediate response. Just try asking again.04:34
ian_macand it may be that nobody really has an idea04:34
bigfootbuiltBionicle: When you bash our little hobby here, it is less likely people will listen04:34
WeleQuestion  : I have ubuntu 9.04 installed,it was working fine , but 2 days ago the xserver stopped working (I just see a small white circle blipping)Could anyone help me fix this  ?04:34
kevdoggogeta:  Hate me because you are going to look it up :p04:34
gogetakevdog: ./scrpitname04:34
ian_macpoliteness goes a long way :)04:34
BionicleWhy does ubuntu never ork when I install the nvidia drivers is my question.04:35
Bioniclenever work04:35
kevdoggogeta: What?  That's to run a script -- not to switch the pid04:35
gogetakevdog: i havent been in text mode sence redhat 604:35
WeleQuestion  : I have ubuntu 9.04 installed,it was working fine , but 2 days ago the xserver stopped working (I just see a small white circle blipping)Could anyone help me fix this  ?04:35
BionicleIt goes to 640x480 screen resolution on me.04:35
kevdoggogeta: Hey don't blame me -- you brought it up :)04:35
realistikBionicle: What nVidia card do you have?04:35
gh0zt_afkkevdog: thanks for suggesting FreeNX the other day, i got it up and running and love it04:35
ian_macunfortunately I don't use NVidia, can't help you04:35
Tetsu_Bionicle: You can report the issues to launchpad04:36
BionicleI said that.  nvidia geforce fx 5200 with a compaq mv900 monitor04:36
Argos__hmm i  thought ubuntu is so much way better ..faster browsing etc04:36
loshamediadata: looks ok. ok, try: sudo ifconfig eth2 down; sudo ifconfig eth2 up and then see if it says RUNNING when you run sudo ifconfig -a04:36
=== gh0zt_afk is now known as gh0zt_
ubottuhandbrake is a an open-source, GPL-licensed, multiplatform, multithreaded video transcoder, available for MacOS X, Linux and Windows. - http://handbrake.fr04:36
Tetsu_I've met this issues before04:36
kevdoggh@zt_afk:Yea FreeNX is pretty good -- not totally reliable but soooo much better than VNC!04:36
realistikFX5200 doesn't have support04:36
mediadatalosha: ok04:36
gogetabeen way to long04:36
Tetsu_Just use old update for nvidia,dont use the newest04:36
BionicleWhy not realistik?04:36
loshakevdog: what does 'not totally reliable' mean? vnc is rock solid, if slow...04:36
zedster1anyone else have a win7 box with shared folders?04:36
gogetakevdog: and no he asked how to keep a ssh sesion alive04:36
vikasapgogeta: Hardly a reason ;)04:36
BionicleI use the 173 it recomends04:36
soldatsBionicle: find the logs for xserver and see where the errors are and see what they say, if at best try to google them to see if anything comes up. most likely someone has had the same problem and has solved it04:37
mediadatalosha: eth2 still running04:37
gogetakevdog: ill leave switch to pid to you04:37
BionicleI am new to Linux.04:37
loshamediadata: but is it RUNNING according to ifconfig -a ?04:37
kevdoglosha:  vnc is solid but SLOOOOOOOW -- FreeNX -- way faster but sometimes hangs up on me -- dont know why?04:37
Tetsu_soldats:Just send up to Launchpad for Canioncal04:37
realistikBionicle: I dunno. There's supposedly an older nvidia driver that will work with an FX5200 but I was never able to get it working with mine04:37
=== user_ is now known as tuwqe
gogetakevdog: you can ./theappname04:37
BionicleWell, sorta new.  I keep trying it, get the same bologny and wipe it out.04:37
centHOGG<AMD64 Kuma04:37
gdbBionicle: Have you used this resource yet? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/Nvidia04:37
loshakevdog: even tightvnc?04:37
* vikasap is out04:37
WeleQuestion  : I have ubuntu 9.04 installed,it was working fine , but 2 days ago the xserver stopped working (I just see a small white circle blipping)Could anyone help me fix this  ?04:38
mediadatalosha: yup... i check with sudo ifconfig -a, the eth2 is running04:38
soldatsTetsu_: what?04:38
kevdoglosha:  At least for me -- all vncs are slow -- I like ultravnc but tight is ok.04:38
Tetsu_Wele: Just like Bionicle04:38
gdbBionicle: Is that the 173 you're referring to?04:38
mattgyverCan you RDP into a VM running in Virtual box from an external location off the internal LAN?04:38
gh0zt_kevdog: my freenx has been up for two days now with no crash it resumes perfectly04:38
zedster1Wele: have you done a safe boot or just hit ctrl+alt+f1 and worked in termnal?04:38
BionicleThe nvidia driversion number I install is v17304:38
WeleTetsu_: what shd I do  ?04:38
kevdogYOUR LUCKY!!! and I'm JEALOUS!04:38
loshamediadata: it wasn't RUNNING last time per http://paste.ubuntu.com/304019. Has its status changed?04:39
Tetsu_Safe boot and fix theme04:39
gh0zt_kevdog: i can't believe it isn't a standard package it's infinitely better than vnc04:39
gdbBionicle: Have you applied those drivers according to this page? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/Nvidia04:39
zedster1mattgyver: yes, but the router would have to know where to redirect it (aka nat)04:39
Tetsu_fix them04:39
LordFDiskBionicle, try the package called  envyng-qt04:39
BionicleLet me go look at that page.04:39
kevdoggh@zt:  What repository did you get your release from?04:39
mattgyverzedster1, I set that all up, and it works internally but im trying to get a buddy to remote in and it wont (im disconnected atm)04:39
Argos__they say that this  version of ubuntu is going to be faster and better04:39
BionicleI installed the drivers with Hardware Drivers under system.04:39
WeleTetsu_: Good answer , but can you let me know how  to?04:39
loshakevdog: I found NX impossible to configure. I have a non-standard ssh setup. Never did get it working...04:39
mediadatalosha: yes, i changed my ip address04:39
loshamediadata: can you ping now?04:39
ShapeShifter499when making a ssh key should I have a paraphrase or not?04:39
kevdoglosha: How non standard?04:40
gdbBionicle: I don't know, I'm just trying to start somewhere.04:40
mediadatalosha: still can not ping ...04:40
gdbBionicle: It looks like that page recommends what you did.04:40
Tetsu_Wele: :| Just at Grub Boot,press any key,and choose second line(Recovery mode)04:40
loshakevdog: not on port 22. Already have keys etc....04:40
zedster1mattgyver: again, its a router issue, make sure you are port directing external connections on those ports to internal ones and the computer has a static lease04:40
loshamediadata: sorry, I'm out of ideas then...04:40
WeleYep I tried it, but no use. also I tried the following04:40
Welesudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm04:41
Welesudo dpkg-reconfigure  gnome-desktop-data04:41
Welesudo dpkg-reconfigure gnome-control-center04:41
Welesudo dpkg-reconfigure gnome-menus04:41
Welesudo dpkg-reconfigure  gnome-system-tools04:41
Welesudo dpkg-reconfigure gnome-applets04:41
Welesudo dpkg-reconfigure gnome-session04:41
soldatsWele: look in the xserver log file there is a code it says to do if anything goes wrong and it should bring it back to a workable system04:41
mediadatalosha: ok, thank's for your attn...04:41
FloodBot2Wele: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:41
kevdoglosha:  That's it?  It should work on any port and with your own keys also!!!04:41
mattgyverzedster1, it does, my machines address is, my vm is, the port forward is set to .41 is that what your speaking of?04:41
EruditeHermithello, can anyone help me with my boot process? It is really slow and there are 2 things I don't understand from my bootchart at http://imagebin.org/69558 . Firstly, I don't have dmraid installed but it is getting called and secondly, .ck-setup takes up a lot of CPU for 10 seconds04:41
gdbThe FX 5200 is listed as a supported card.04:41
Tetsu_just rm all settings on your ubuntu04:41
soldatsWele: do "sudo dpkg-reconfigire -phigh xserver-xorg"04:41
zedster1mattgyver: networking is not my strong suite but no, external:1234 -> internal:123404:41
loshakevdog: maybe I should try it again. Am I the only one who found the instructions confusing? I never used to be so dim...04:42
zedster1ie, port redirect04:42
Welesoldats: I tried that04:42
Argos__when ubuntu 9.20 out04:42
gh0zt_kevdog: http://developer.berlios.de/project/showfiles.php?group_id=297804:42
zedster1Argos__: never04:42
Tetsu_Wele:So,run in low-grapical!04:42
Argos__oopps 9.1004:42
WeleTetsu_:: How do I remove all settings in my ubuntu  ?04:42
gogetavikasap to do it by name its . ./04:42
soldatsWele: well do it without the "-phigh" other wise i cant help since i have to go. id be glad to help if i had more time04:42
kevdoglosha: I wrote a tutorial a long time ago way back in Feisty for FreeNX but its outdated.  But at least at that time it could answer the questions on the problems you claim to be having04:42
gh0zt_kevdog: and i got the client from nomachines04:42
zedster1Argos__: :-), in a few hours04:43
Argos__about time04:43
kevdoggh@zt_:Is seaveas dead?04:43
Welesoldats : Let me give a try w/o phigjh04:43
Tetsu_Wele: Run in low-graphical(I think this is safe mode)04:43
George_EAnyone know how 2 configure ubuntu for multiseat?04:43
ian_macweird issue here....04:43
loshakevdog: maybe it's time to try it again. I'm feeling inspired...04:43
chibihogoshinois the final release of karmic any better than the beta is now ?04:43
ian_macphpmyadmin stopped working04:43
zedster1George_E: multiseat?04:44
soldatsseveass never dies!04:44
zedster1more then one user in the same computer?04:44
gdbBionicle: This may be helpful as well - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution04:44
ian_macI can't remove the package04:44
ian_macI can't reconfigure the package04:44
loshachibihogoshino: great question. Probably should be asked in #ubuntu+104:44
ian_macI get an error like:04:44
Bioniclegdb, that is what I am reading right now.  Thank you04:44
ian_macdebconf: Unable to load Debconf::Element::Dialog. Failed because: Can't locate Debconf/Element/Dialog.pm04:44
ian_macthere's more...04:44
ian_macbut I don't want to flood...04:44
gdbBionicle: Of course.  Video under Linux has always been a weak point.  Recent version of Xorg have been trying to solve this problem.04:45
ian_macany ideas as to where to start?04:45
BionicleI will install the drivers again and see if I can use that site to get it working.04:45
gdbBionicle: At least that's been my experience, which goes back to 1994.04:45
George_EIts a feature that lets two sets of mice keyboards and monitors act as two seperate computers.04:45
ian_macI can install and uninstall other packages04:45
gogetakevdog: baa i forgot the extra .04:45
Tetsu_Wele: Your problem similar to Bionicle.Try these instruction04:45
gogetakevdog: it would be . appp04:45
gh0zt_kevdog: saveas works for me04:45
kevdoggh@zt_: You mean seaveas repositories for the freenx client?  I thought that was dead?04:46
gogetakevdog: making me look up that old school style heh04:46
Tetsu_ian_mac: Which package?04:46
gdbBionicle: I completely understand your frustration. :-)04:46
kevdoggogeta: I knew you would have to do it!!104:46
gh0zt_kevdog: never heard of it04:46
BionicleThank you.  I appologize for my bad  attitude.04:46
Welesoldats:Now upon restart I am getting the following erro: The panel encountered a problem whiole loading : OAFIID:GNOME_NotificationAreaApplet"04:47
Tetsu_ian_mac: I've never been met this problem!I cant resolve it!Sorry04:47
gdbBionicle: We're all human. :)04:47
gogetakevdog: i think . works on pid to04:47
ian_macman this sucks04:47
ian_macthanks guys04:47
loshasoldats: I thought seveass stopped after 7.0404:47
FloodBot2ian_mac: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:47
gogetakevdog: if i rember ny bash04:47
zedster1George_E: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MultiseatX04:47
BionicleExcept for the video issues, I will say I do like Linux.  Especially KDE.04:47
kevdoggogeta: I'm definitely confused04:47
gogetakevdog like  12304:48
loshaBionicle: and the multimedia issues...04:48
BionicleWhat multimedia issues?04:48
Tetsu_Wele:Just boot by liveCD,Permantly Delete all Setting Folders in your home folder04:48
gogetakevdog should move the prosses the the foreround04:48
BionicleI don't know how to do 5.1 surround in LInux, but sound works fine here.04:48
BionicleJust the front speakers.04:49
gogetakevdog: ctrl a works to04:49
kevdoggogeta: Ahh  yes now I remember that command whereas & moves it to the background04:49
loshaBionicle: making dvds, editing sound...04:49
BionicleAh.  I haven't tried that.04:49
BionicleEditing sounds you can use Audacity04:49
BionicleThat I do.04:49
BionicleWell, I did in WIndows.  Haven't tried Linux for that yet.04:50
WeleTetsu_::trying it out, But I have some folders that I need, wont it be destroyed  ?04:50
Tetsu_to many things to do with Sound and DVD04:50
zedster1Bionicle: http://ubuntulinuxhelp.com/enable-51-surround-sound-on-linux-ubuntu-804-hardy/04:50
loshaBionicle: I've never found it stable, and ludicrously underfeatured compared to adobe audition (nee cooledit pro)04:50
=== Xoop is now known as Guest23168
kevdoglosha: Here is an old tutorial I wrote way back in feisty for freenx -- it might help you but just remember that some of the things are likely not applicable04:50
gogetakevdog: ctrl a and d make it easy being its detach and attach04:50
Tetsu_Just Ctrl+H,Delete .(name) folder04:50
gdbBionicle: I've not tried it, but there's an Ubuntu version aimed at folks who work with multimedia - http://ubuntustudio.org/04:51
Tetsu_Wele:Back up your contents! Ctrl+H,Delete .(name) folder04:51
loshakevdog: er, was there a url?04:51
lgcAnything important on the new release or just 'cool' things?04:51
Tetsu_losha:Ubuntu Studio for Developer04:51
kevdog_losha: Shoot here it is: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-467219.html  Sorry04:51
loshakevdog_: cool, thanks...04:52
gogetalgc: lots and lots of speed04:52
WeleTetsu_ : I am booting it , I'll start pinging you for steps04:52
zedster1lgc: grub2, ext4 and some security stuff04:52
kevdog_losha: Just making sure you were paying attention04:52
lgcgogeta, zedster1, does ext4 provide the speed or the security?04:53
loshakevdog_: it's very cool. Not enough people write things...04:53
gh0zt_2 hours to install 12MB minimal install ubuntu on qemu with vista host... that sucks a lot04:53
Tetsu_What's news in GRUB2?04:53
zedster1lgc: both04:53
gogetalosha: hey you where hear when i wrote that sh script for that guys network card lol04:53
loshagogeta: yes I was!04:54
lgczedster1, I hope so. Of late, I've seen how my machine gets slower and slower. Could it be that I've made no fresh install since Dapper Drake, only upgrades?04:55
gogetalosha: he still uses it lol04:55
LordFDiskBionicle,  Did you try the envyng-qt package ... it will find, and and show you what is compatible and recommends for AIT and Nvida Video Cards04:55
zedster1lgc: that could be part of, and that also means your hardware is old04:55
gogetazedster1: hey old is fine04:56
jhb1608when I did apt-get update, I get this error: W: Failed to fetch http://deb.opera.com/opera/dists/stable/non-free/binary-i386/Packages  404 Not Found , E: Some index files failed to download, they have been ignored, or old ones used instead.04:56
cordenguys i have question regarding wubi install04:56
gogetazedster1: hell a apple2 still has uses if your not gaming04:56
LordFDiskBionicle,  It will even install it for you and then ask you to reboot04:56
Tetsu_Older work better then newer! Its my experiment04:56
cordendoes native and wubi install have the same hardware driver?04:56
gogetazedster1: netooks kinda drove that point home04:56
zedster1gogeta: yes, but older can start to seem slow, specially if you use the ram tester/browser known as firefox04:56
Tetsu_corden: Yes04:57
lgczedster1, 5 years young! But my lappy has plenty of punch, with 2GHz Centrino and 2GB memory. Alas it cannot accomodate another processor.04:57
Tetsu_corden: Its just diffent about the graphical04:57
Berzerkerlgc: centrino is a processor technology, not a model04:57
zedster1lgc: come on, I expect more from an ubuntu user, no such thing as a centrino cpu04:57
gogetalgc: dell c610 1ghz 1gb ram 6 meg ati04:57
lgczedster1, on the other hand, I would expect my machine to run faster with every new release, not the other way around.04:58
spikebikecentrino is a marketing term for a platform04:58
gogetalgc: 16mb ati sorry04:58
cordenTnx Tetsu_04:58
Berzerkercentrino refers to Core technology + PROWifi model combinations04:58
gh0zt_does anyone have MSDN access that would download something for me plz?04:58
Tetsu_Berzerker right,Centrino is a technology04:58
lgcBerzerker, Zedde04:58
JohnTeddyIf I open gedit and write up a page of ASCII, then my laptop freezes and I have to hard reboot. And I did not save.. I have all default ubuntu settings. Is my data stored on disk anywhere after the reboot?04:58
gogetac610 is a p3 lol04:58
Berzerkergh0zt_: that would be against the rules of MSDN alliance access, so no.04:59
rescan anybody help me with volume control problem in ubuntu jaunty?04:59
Tetsu_MSDN?for wats?04:59
gogetaits beat up old looks like crap04:59
gogetastill works04:59
gh0zt_Berzerker: rules?  what's rules04:59
lgcBerzerker, zedster1, gogeta, it's the 930, whatever. That's not my point.04:59
Berzerkerhaving MSDN access is like having beta access to microsoft products04:59
Berzerkerthey're protected by NDAs.04:59
gh0zt_only Microsoft would do that05:00
JohnTeddyAnyone know about gedit?05:00
Berzerkeractually, pretty much every company that has closed betas covers them with NDAs.05:00
Tetsu_gh0zt_ may be Apple too!05:00
gh0zt_except the file i need is 4 years old05:00
gh0zt_and superceded by 4 versions05:00
BerzerkerApple does that, Turbine does that, Bioware does that.05:00
jhb1608well microsoft and apple is lame05:01
resPlease help me with volume control problem.. It shows gstreamers sound plugin not installed05:01
Tetsu_try gstremers-2.005:01
resTetsu_: should I do sudo apt-get install gstreamers-2.005:01
gogetagh0zt lol so go find it05:02
resjhb1608: thanks05:02
Tetsu_just sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras for extras install05:02
gogetaits the internet05:02
spikebikecentrino used to be chipset+graphics + cpu+ wireless05:02
spikebikethen they caved and allowed external graphics (but still mandated the chipset)05:02
jhb1608your welcome res05:02
kevdog_How come I cant ghost my username using xchat but I can with chatzilla?05:03
gh0zt_$1,200 for a C++ 1.52 file to compile one little object that won't compile in VS200805:03
spikebikebasically an effective trick to lock out other vendors in the laptop chip space05:03
gogetaspikebike: i wanna i7 laptop05:03
* spikebike just bought an i7 desktop05:03
Tetsu_spikebike: How it work?05:03
jhb1608I am afraid to use Ubuntu in a brand new desktop I don't know about.05:03
gogetaspikebike: i7 laptops are still in the 2 grand range05:03
jhb1608so I'm sticking on my semi-old desktop05:04
spikebikegogeta: yeah doesn't seem worth it for a laptop.. yet05:04
Tetsu_I still and always stick to my Thinkpad G4005:04
resjhb1608: couldn't find package...05:04
spikebikeworks great, fast, low power, I actually got a xeon it was cheaper and had ECC05:04
jhb1608ok hold on05:04
gogetaspikebike: yea quads are in the 800$ range now05:04
lgczedster1, by the way, there's some 'system janitor' (I'm translating from Spanish) that's supposed to bring the system back to a like-new install. How safe is it?05:05
Tetsu_res: Version of your Ubuntu?05:05
resTetsu_: jaunty05:05
bdigitalso is the 9.10 release out today?05:05
jhb1608lol I asked the same thing05:05
Tetsu_res: try this sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras05:05
bdigitalanyone got a link?05:05
jhb1608but I don't see it in the ubuntu website.05:05
gogetanot yet05:05
spikebiketoday!= now05:06
jhb1608spike, nope.05:06
jhb1608later maybe at noon05:06
spikebikenoon in which timezone?05:06
boknoycan I use nvidia-settings with drivers other than nvidia?05:06
jhb1608I dunno anytime05:06
jhb1608it don't appear now05:06
jhb1608just later05:06
gogetaand at noon alll the servers will crash05:06
resTetsu_: downloading05:06
gogetaor be heavly slashdotted05:06
Tetsu_Maybe GMT+005:07
spikebikeI think ubuntu should ditch ftp/http downloads and mirrors.. just post torrents and let anyone who wants to mirror do so05:07
Tetsu_GMT-24? =gmt"005:07
jhb1608you cannot control the time gogeta05:07
gogetaspikebike: they do05:07
jhb1608you need patience05:07
spikebikeseems like a huge amount of work and bother to setup the mirrors, preload directories, trust relationships, etc.05:07
gogetaspikebike: they post torrents as well05:08
lgcI would like to hear about other users' experiences with the system janitor.05:08
spikebikegogeta: yeah I know05:08
gogetaspikebike: you said you wish they did lol they do05:08
chrisoeiI just wish apt-p2p was more mature. Downloading the ISO is one problem, but being unable to use apt-get is a bigger one, IMHO.05:08
Vantraxi must say i am suprised more people arent in #ubuntu-release-party05:09
resTetsu_: still not working after it05:09
genericWhat is the state of 64 bit flash for ubuntu?05:09
jhb1608I like it lgc05:09
gogetachrisoei: never a issue with me just use other and scan for the fastest mirror05:09
Tetsu_res: I think your sound driver have problem05:09
spikebikeVantrax: because it's noisy and it's no party without a release?05:09
lgcjhb1608, hasn't it wiped off programs you wanted to keep?05:09
spikebikeimagine a new years party with new years happening sometime in the next 24 hours05:09
jhb1608It cleaned junk files as I expected05:09
jhb1608so it is fine for me05:10
=== john is now known as Guest72944
gogetachrisoei: alot of people try to use the main and well it gets drug down05:10
gogetachrisoei: using a mirror i have never had a slowdown05:10
=== m00gle is now known as ChoboMog
gogetaif anything faster05:10
lgcjhb1608, mine marks a bunch of .deb packages. But apart from freeing up some disk space, I don't see how this janitor is going to make my system run faster. Any ideas?05:11
chrisoeiHm.. I suppose the last time I had a real problem was with the 8.04 release. Could've sworn I tried several mirrors, though.05:11
jhb1608ah good question lgc05:11
gogetachrisoei: slect other in sources and hit scan for best05:11
gogetaauto find05:11
chrisoeigogeta: I'll try that this time around. Thanks.05:12
Tetsu_Select your Country server05:12
gogetaTetsu_: they will all be lo0aded down tommrow05:12
gogetaall the mains05:12
=== jesse is now known as Guest17691
hybwhere i cam get 9.10 offical05:13
gogetatommrow we will tell you05:13
=== rosebj_ is now known as rosebj
jhb1608will it upgrade automatically on my 9.04?05:13
Tetsu_Its autofind the best server for me when I install,so I dont need to get later05:13
Tetsu_jhb1608 Alt-F2, update-manager -d05:14
jhb1608like how?05:14
gogetait will say thers a upgrade avable05:14
MNichieanybody know what time 910 final become available?05:14
ctmjrhyb you can ask in #ubuntu+1 or #ubuntu-release-party05:14
jhb1608it is avalible now05:14
lgcjhb1608, my doubt is if it's going to delete just the .deb packages or also the corresponding installed applications. And then it warns me that it can ruin my system...05:14
Tetsu_Just RC05:14
rosebjyou guys get bored of everyone asking when karmic is going to be out yet?05:14
bazhangjhb1608, no its not05:14
Tetsu_Just RC05:14
WeleTetsu_:back up done, now what are the folders that should be deleted ?05:15
jhb1608can  I upgrade now and upgrade with stable later?05:15
gogetaTetsu_: rc and betas get final early05:15
gogetaTetsu_: so where not rying to upgrade areselfs05:15
Weleu mean under home folder ?05:15
Zahidanybody can tell that i have configure Active Directory on Windows  Server and want to its user on Linux box, wat will be the permission on home folder on linuxbox05:15
Weleok got it05:15
jhb1608can I upgrade the beata and download the stable upgrade now?05:16
gogetait is stable now05:16
gogetabetas always get it early05:16
Weledone ..05:16
Welewhat next  ?05:16
Tetsu_Back up your contents is neccesary05:16
Tetsu_and reboot05:16
gogetamy loader does not say beta or rc anymore05:16
gogetait used to05:17
Weleyeah I did that already05:17
jhb1608thanks Tetsu05:17
gogetamy updater is flaged normal not beta05:17
Tetsu_my update show its beta05:17
jhb1608same here05:17
Tetsu_but,its RC05:17
gogetaubuntu has been doing that sense day 1 and none notced05:17
jhb1608will it update from beta to stable?05:18
Tetsu_Depend on the download files05:18
* DigitalKiwi thinks its cute all the ubuntu users are excited for getting new software finally after 6 (or is it 3?) months and chuckles to himself content with his rolling release distro05:18
gogetarc pretty mutch is stable05:18
Zahidanybody can tell that i have configure Active Directory on Windows  Server and want to put its user home folder on Linux box, wat will be the permission on home folder on linuxbox05:18
Tetsu_Anything will go to stable05:18
polarbearso stable should be out in like 12 hrs?05:18
jhb1608I think so05:18
jhb1608or early05:18
gogetarc just means there testing the final builds05:19
mattgyverAnybody familiar with remoting into a VirtualBox VM over the internet, having a difficult time figuring out what ive done wrong05:19
Ladhow do i install an athos wifi driver thats usb and not recgnized?05:19
Tetsu_RC mean final test05:19
Tetsu_I always use this mean for Windows05:19
jhb1608Release Candidate?05:20
ctmjrLad: what does lsusb and dmesg show05:20
=== kevdog_ is now known as kevdog
Tetsu_Lad: Look up for supported driver05:20
WeleTetsu_:No change, I am still getting the same screen, my xserver is not booting up as expected  ?05:20
gogetaLad: also ook in your hardware tab05:20
Ladctmjr: ;susb: Bus 001 Device 005: ID 0cf3:9170 Atheros Communications, Inc.05:21
gogetaLad: athros should have drivers05:21
Tetsu_Run in low-graphical if you dont need use anything 3D,OpenGL05:21
gogetaTetsu_: never05:21
digital_1Good evening05:22
WeleTetsu_: how do u do that  ?05:22
Tetsu_Wele: Did you get some Xserver repo from Tweak?05:22
Ladgogeta: do i just goto the website then?05:22
gogetaLad: pfft05:22
ctmjrLad: did you look in system > administration > hardware drivers05:22
gogetaLad: look in system and hardware05:22
WeleTetsu_: no improvement, whatever screen I saw before this tweek, I am still seeing the same screen...05:22
jhb1608gogeta, Please kindly let people speak05:22
=== gh0zt_ is now known as gh0zt_afk
Tetsu_Back up your contents to an USB and Re-install05:23
Ladgogeta: ctmjr: only my nvidia card is there05:23
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs05:23
gogetaLad: just look up your card type05:24
Ladgogeta will do05:24
Tetsu_Wele: sudo apt-get install --reinstall xserver-xorg05:24
SuhailAnyone know the proper way to upgrade MySQL on ubuntu hardy to 5.1.40/05:25
MrKlownhi all, i have no sound on this laptop, can i get some help by any chance?05:25
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP305:25
resTetsu_: it says gstreamer plugin not installed05:25
Ladhow do i check which kernal im running?05:25
resTetsu_: what should I do now?05:25
lstarnesLad: uname -a05:25
Tetsu_Applications-->Add or Remove....-->Find GStreamers05:26
Ladand to upgrade it?05:26
gogetalad you shoukd be running the 2.6 serise05:26
kevdogWhy does xchat not except the /nick command for me?05:26
Lad2.6.28 but... the atheros ar9170 chipset, works out of the box after my upgrade to kernel 2.6.31-8 (karma alpha 4).05:27
lstarnesLad: you probably shouldn't be running a kernel that isn't from the official repositories for ububtu05:27
SuhailAnyone know the proper way to upgrade MySQL on ubuntu hardy to 5.1.40?05:27
kevdogLad: uname -r05:27
lstarneskevdog: which nick do you want?05:27
gogetaLad: well kermic is out tommrow05:27
[V]ortex`hello is 9.10 delayed?05:27
lstarnes[V]ortex`: it will be out within a few hours05:27
ian_macSuhail, probably try to get a backported package05:27
Ladis that the new kernal? gogeta? that that text refers to?05:27
lstarnesLad: kernel, not kernal05:27
resTetsu_: yeah I found something gstreamer05:27
[V]ortex`Istarnes: ok thank you05:27
gogetaLad: yes kermic runs the new kernel05:27
kevdoglstarnes: I keep trying /nick kevdog (when I'm kevdog_), and I get you are already logged in as kevdog_ ---- and thats it -- nothing05:28
Suhailian_mac: any place with info on that?05:28
Tetsu_Its 5 or 6 Gstreamers,but you only need 5,Wele05:28
nickkevdog: are you high?05:28
lgcHasta la vista, Baby. So long, friends. My eyelids are getting heavier by the second. Regards.05:28
lstarneskevdog: make sure you don't have extra sessions running05:28
DaZ_kevdog: nickserv+ghost05:28
gogetaLad: you can run kermic beta if you whant for today and upgrade to stable tommrow05:29
=== DaZ_ is now known as DaZ
raikhow much time if left for karmic koala?05:29
ian_macSuhail, http://www.nabble.com/-Bug-403562---NEW--Backport-of-mysql-*-5.1-td24627880.html maybe?05:29
resTetsu_: what should I do now?05:29
digital_1does last daily build = release version?05:29
kevdognick:  Prior to running the above command (sorry about not talking about this), I ran the GHOST command05:29
lstarnesdigital_1: no05:29
Tetsu_Install these Gstreamers,of course05:29
Suhailian_mac: is it nightmarish to go off an do it manually?05:29
ian_macI dunno05:29
ian_macnever done it05:29
resTetsu_:it is already installed05:29
ian_macprobably not05:29
digital_1I d/l the last release version of the alternate install and nowhere does it say its a beta05:29
Tetsu_(- -)05:29
Ladwill i be able to just upgrade from this version to the new one? or will i have to download it and reinstall?05:29
digital_1how would I know if its a beta ver?05:30
jhb1608chill down people lol05:30
DaZLad: theoretically you can upgrade05:30
LadDaZ ty05:30
kevdogLad: what version to what version?05:30
bazhangLad, just keep updating05:30
jhb1608people repeatly asking the same questions05:30
lstarnesdigital_1: lsb_release -a05:30
gogetadigital_1: grub says beta on it but its hardly ever visable in 9.1005:30
lstarnesdigital_1: if you keep updating your packages, it should automatically become the release version when it comes out05:30
Tetsu_res: try on LiveCD,if there problem still be reported,the problem is your sound card,if not,reinstall Ubuntu05:30
digital_1Ok thanks for the info05:31
[V]ortex`how big is the distro file for 9.10?05:31
bazhang[V]ortex`, somewhat less than 700mb05:31
Tetsu_Just like 9.04 or others05:31
gogetalike always05:31
lstarnes[V]ortex`: the .iso is probably going to be around 650 to 700 MB05:31
Tetsu_probably 670~70005:32
[V]ortex`Ok thank you05:32
* kevdog just thinks to myself -- why does everyone have to rush to upgrade today!!!!! I mean are you really going to miss something if you wait a day or two?05:32
jhb1608well will it upgrade automatically even I am installing 9.10 beta?05:32
Flanneljhb1608: Yes05:32
jhb1608kevdog, true lol05:32
jhb1608ok good flannel05:33
gogetakevdog: yes dont knoe what but yes05:33
digital_1Anyone know how to remove empathy from the indicator-applet on the top panel?05:33
JohnTeddyIf I open gedit and write up a page of ASCII, then my laptop freezes and I have to hard reboot. And I did not save.. I have all default ubuntu settings. Is my data stored on disk anywhere after the reboot?05:33
jhb1608I hope 9.10 is better than 9.0405:33
kevdoggogeta: English?05:33
Tetsu_kevdog cant wait.try it first05:33
gogetakevdog: dont make me start speaking spanish on you05:33
jhb1608then leave gogeta.05:34
kevdogTetsu_: If you don't try it in 5 minutes you might blow up!!05:34
kevdoggogeta: Hola05:34
polarbearjhb1608: why does it need to be better than 9.04? you know it will be anyway :P05:34
DaZJohnTeddy: some text editors make backups05:34
jhb1608Because I have issues with certain programs05:34
DaZfilename plus ~05:34
gogetakevdog: hola lol05:34
Tetsu_The newer always better than odler!05:35
jhb1608like the firefox upgrade is grayed out05:35
polarbearare they still finishing compiling this iso or something xP05:35
digital_1grrr need to get rid of empathy05:35
jhb1608but I can't upgrade unless I upgrade to 9.1005:35
JohnTeddyDaZ: Do you know what the default behavior is for ubuntu/gedit on jaunty?05:35
kevdoggogeta: necesito dormido.  Hasta la noche!05:35
Tetsu_JohnTeddy have someproblem with ASCII05:35
DaZJohnTeddy:  i don't, just look for it05:35
kevdoggogeta: Did that make sense?05:35
JohnTeddyDaZ: I did, I don't see it anywhere.05:35
DaZso there's no backup05:36
Tetsu_(name)~ always beside the (name)05:36
JohnTeddyTetsu_: And if I didn't save it? untitled~ ?05:36
Suhailso anybody know how to upgrade to latest mysql build?05:36
solaris__alguien de curico chile05:37
kevdogsolaris__: nada05:37
Tetsu_JohnTeddy: You dont save it,its temp (name)~ on title05:37
gogetakevdog: no no se duerme es para los débiles05:37
digital_1So anyone's guess at what time it gets released?  More curious than anxious.  Is it always the same time?05:37
courpse_How do i allow all connections on any port with Shorewall?05:37
solaris__<°)))< pescado05:38
Tetsu_may be 0700hrs GMT+005:38
kevdoggogeta: I guess I'm weak then!!05:38
raikhow can i upgrade 9.04 to 9.10?05:38
digital_1Tesu_:  thanks05:38
Tetsu_update-manager -d05:38
DaZraik: iddqd&idkfa05:38
DaZand it's 9.1005:38
JohnTeddyTetsu_: i don't see any file. I guess it didn't save.05:38
DaZJohnTeddy: maybe it's somewhere in ~/.gedit05:39
Tetsu_JohnTeddy: of course not,you dont save yet05:39
* kevdog although I'm going to sleep -- I might dream of shooting myself in the head after dealing with all these upgrade questions on this forum -- come on guys keep your pants on and just wait --05:39
Tetsu_JohnTeddy may be it in temp folder in .gedit05:39
JohnTeddyTetsu_: Well I mean there was no backup written to disk as a temp05:39
digital_1Kinda like the darker theme....  This is the one time of year (Halloween) that the default Ubuntu theme color actually seems appropriate.05:39
aberhowso is it out yet?05:40
FireCrotch!isitout | aberhow05:40
ubottuaberhow: No! It's not out yet! Await the release in #ubuntu-release-party, and be sure to read channel /topic!05:40
Tetsu_JohnTeddy: did you mean...you change contents of a doc,but there are no backup?05:40
digital_1aberhow: not yet05:40
aberhowthanks ubottu , digital_105:40
digital_1ubottu is a bot05:41
ubottuYes, I can confirm that I am a bot. http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots for all information.05:41
gogetakevdog: Sí. Las personas que son molestas preguntar todo el tiempo05:41
generic 05:41
jhb1608I'll give uttobu a hug :P05:41
[V]ortex`is it wise to upgrade to 9.10 today? or should i wait a few days?05:41
JohnTeddyTetsu_: I opened gedit, wrote a page, my laptop froze, I did a hard reboot. I am back on irc, I wanted to know if there is a backup that is auto written to disk from gedit somewhere. I never hit the save button.05:42
Tetsu_digital_1 download theme05:42
ID_10T_errorCan someone point me in the right direction?  I found a bug in 9.10 where it is misreading the motherboard raid information thus preventing start-up.  Where do I go to report it?05:42
=== HardStyle_ is now known as HardStyle
gogetalol hes probly trying toi translate that05:42
Coobraif i run "ufw" will it generate rules for ipv6 if its up ?05:42
Tetsu_JohnTeddy:~/.gedit,may be probably no backup for temp(autodelete when exit)05:42
digital_1Anyone use the mediabuntu repos and if so are they stable enough?05:42
Tetsu_its stable05:43
DaZTetsu_: there's no .gedit05:43
Tetsu_But I have05:43
Coobraanny help :o05:43
ispotI've got " /bin/bash : no such file ..." , when I reboot my new LFS system. who can help me?05:43
digital_1Want to configure all that multimedia stuff in one easy shot rather than have it prompt me each time I hit a different media type (e.g. mp3, wav, mp4, etc.)05:44
[V]ortex`does unbuntu roll out patches like windows?05:44
ZykoticK9digital_1, if you mean the "medibuntu" repository - i've never had any problems with it05:44
digital_1If you mean does it have regular updates, yes.05:44
gogetapretty often05:44
digital_1I'll try the medibuntu repos then.  Thanks.05:45
[V]ortex`ok so there might be an update soon after 9.10 release?05:45
ctmjrID_10T_error: you should wait till 9.10 is officially released then upgrade then if the problem does not go away then report the bug05:45
jvargasdoes this file exists on ur ubuntu installations? libmysql.so05:45
Tetsu_medibuntu update everyweek05:45
gogetaif you mean beta to stable same day05:45
DaZjvargas: if you've installed mysql then yes ;f05:45
jhb1608yes gogeta is correct.05:49
infidxi have 2 computers in my network running sshd and screen identically. However, I can only 'screen -r' to one of the computers. the other one always fails with 'dungeon collapses' message. the terminals are both the same, and TERM is set to screen-256color. What could cause this?05:49
DaZdungeon collapses? :o05:49
courpse_How can i allow all outgoing connections with shorewall?05:49
isola73dsh33phas 9.10 come out yet?05:50
LoafersWhat time is Karmic Koala released?05:50
Tetsu_Turn shorewall of05:50
FireCrotch!isitout | isola73dsh33p05:50
ubottuisola73dsh33p: No! It's not out yet! Await the release in #ubuntu-release-party, and be sure to read channel /topic!05:50
bazhangisola73dsh33p, not yet05:50
isola73dsh33pnot yet...05:50
RamboI have two issues....i have a d-link 635 wireless router and a dwa 160 wireless reciever both are (n standard) will I be able to get them to work with ubuntu05:50
FireCrotchRambo: Welcome to #ubuntu05:50
infidxdaz yeah screen sometimes uses nethack style error messages05:50
Tetsu_maybe 0700hrsGMT+005:50
courpse_Tetsu_, Um... Was kinda after a better answer to that?05:51
* altf2o has really enjoyed Karmic RC.05:51
courpse_Tetsu_, I asked all outgoing connections, not all incomming connections.05:51
DaZinfidx: dunno, strace it ;f05:51
FireCrotchRambo: Yes you will!05:51
Rambohaha how?05:51
Tetsu_im not ans you cuorpse05:52
courpse_<courpse_> How can i allow all outgoing connections with shorewall? | <Tetsu_> Turn shorewall of05:52
FireCrotchRambo: From what I am reading, that particular wireless card works out of the box in Ubuntu 9.1005:52
Ramboexcuse caps05:52
Rambo9.4 it didnt05:52
FloodBot2Rambo: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:52
polarbearjust wait like 6 hrs or so for it to come out :P05:52
Rambothats the best news thanks05:52
kevinlis there any known issue in ubuntu 9.04 that causes your internet to slow to a CRAWL while a torrent, running not even very fast is running? My net connection gets over 20 Mbps on speed tests, but my internet basically stops when i run a torrent going 100 kbps . doesnt happen in windows, never happened in linux to me before.05:52
maman_what..? so long to wait for 6 hours05:53
digital_1what is shorewall?05:53
Rambowhat are you reading FireCrotch05:53
FireCrotchRambo: Errr.... sorry, what I was reading was about 9.04 actually05:53
Tetsu_like UFW05:53
courpse_Firewall software.05:53
jhb1608maman, that's why patience is important.05:53
jhb1608Be patient!05:53
FireCrotchRambo: http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=7943882&postcount=505:54
polarbearsleep, wake up, install :P05:54
maman_ok... i'll do it05:54
Tetsu_kevinl of course,my test speed is 40Mbs,but it only 150kbs05:54
jhb1608yes polarbear05:54
kewlbns699.10 leaked05:54
Tetsu_3hrs more to 7hrs GMT+005:54
jhb1608kewlbns69: wait.05:54
mr_amithi all05:54
jhb1608BE PATIENT!05:55
tottiqis there a release party channel?05:55
mr_amitis it possible to do something similar to http://www.shorewall.net/MultiISP.html05:55
ubottuPlease remember that #ubuntu, #kubuntu, #xubuntu, and #edubuntu are support channels.  To countdown to Karmic release and then party once it happens, join #ubuntu-release-party - For in-person parties, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KarmicReleaseParties05:55
mr_amitwith UFW?05:55
isola73dsh33pi wish my headphone jack problem will be solved by 9.1005:55
courpse_Erm, how can free software than has been offered all the way thru its progress for free be 'leaked' ?05:55
polarbeari wouldnt trust a leak from another site...05:55
polarbearjust wait like 6 hrs or so and make sure you get the actual thing05:55
kewlbns69it's not downloadable yet from ubuntu.com05:55
isola73dsh33pthe gnome is still similar right?05:56
Tetsu_Download an ISO of RC,burn to ur USBand install05:56
kewlbns69but it is through BT05:56
polarbearunless mark shuttleworth hands you a burnt cd that says 9.10, dont trust it ;)05:56
digital_1I gotta believe this last daily build has to be bit for bit near identical to the release05:56
natarajanwhen is ubuntu 9.10 can be downloaded05:56
polarbearsometime today05:56
kewlbns69he's half way across the planet right now prolly getting drunk lol05:56
QQihash same in daily build05:56
Tetsu_from 0700 to 120005:56
isola73dsh33pbtw, how are they going to inform us?05:57
natarajank thanks polarbear05:57
digital_1via the www.ubuntu.com I guess05:57
polarbearmaybe look at this: http://mirror.csclub.uwaterloo.ca/ubuntu-releases/.pool/ubuntu-9.10-desktop-i386.iso05:57
mr_amitdoes this a right place to get help for UFW?05:57
polarbearthat link is from some1 posting on the forums05:58
kewlbns69there are MD5's in that pool for 9.10 desktop05:58
Tetsu_9.10 not out yet05:58
isola73dsh33pbtw guys, if i install 9.10, will i lost everything i installed in 9.0405:59
knoppiesisola73dsh33p, depends how you install 9.1005:59
ubottuNo! It's not out yet! Await the release in #ubuntu-release-party, and be sure to read channel /topic!05:59
kewlbns69there's a thread on ubuntu forums someone posted bt links and md5s06:00
MrKlowncan anyone recommend a good widget type program that lets me put weather on my laptop? it06:00
MrKlownit is quite important for what i need06:00
d9500isola73dsh33p: only if you do a wipe and clean install. if you do an upgrade, you keep your programs and settings.06:00
kewlbns69it's out ppl whoohooo06:00
polarbeari would wait for official!! :D06:00
knoppiesMrKlown, Cairo dock has a weather app.06:00
bazhangkewlbns69, no its not06:00
isola73dsh33pok, thanks06:00
MrKlownty knoppies, is that one decent on system resources?06:00
MrKlownon a budget laptop right now lol06:01
isola73dsh33pthe upgrade can be done via the terminal right?06:01
digital_1How can you view an MDF checksum on an existing file in Ubuntu?06:01
Tetsu_Ubuntu,on the clock or cairo06:01
knoppiesisola73dsh33p, on my old P4 3.0Ghz 1.2Gig ram it uses an average of 25%06:01
maman_hi... i've the problem connecting my digicam PENTAX OPTIO through USB. Ubuntu only detect the USB Drive but not the disk in it.06:01
knoppiesso no.06:01
maman_this problem also found in OpenSUSE06:01
d9500isola73dsh33p: yes. sudo aptitude dist-upgrade.06:01
kewlbns69check the forum digital_1 there's a link to the md5 pool06:01
Tetsu_isola update-manager -d also a resolution06:02
tonyyarussokewlbns69: Stop misleading people with pre-release links that are just going to slow down the servers' syncing process.06:02
knoppiesMrKlown, did you read that?06:02
tonyyarussokewlbns69: also, it doesn't belong in the support channel anyway06:02
knoppiesMrKlown, I accidently used isola73dsh33p name06:02
MrKlownoh lol06:02
MrKlown25% may be abit much06:02
isola73dsh33p25% cpu usage?06:03
MrKlownthe clock has that available where you can use the weather but it doesn't have my exact location06:03
knoppiesMrKlown, yea. If you on a budget laptop, then use something else.06:03
knoppiesisola73dsh33p, yes06:03
MrKlowni was speaking memory06:03
Coobraany ufw experts here06:03
digital_1Then that answers it06:03
isola73dsh33pand your processor is 3.0 GHz?06:03
knoppiesMrKlown, it uses about 38mb of memory06:03
Tetsu_my is 20%06:04
jhb1608mine less06:04
polarbearservers seem a little bogged down atm06:04
jhb1608I love it06:04
Tetsu_Gotta Restart06:04
jitenderhi, dear all06:04
knoppiesisola73dsh33p, yea, an old P4 extreme at 3.0Ghz. Im told that its because my graphics card drivers suck, and that the CPU has to do the rendering.06:04
jhb1608mine 15.9%06:04
knoppiesjhb1608, what PC do you have?06:05
digital_1The hash I have for the alternate 64-bit matches the hash listed in http://releases.ubuntu.com/releases/.pool/MD5SUMS06:05
knoppiesjhb1608, I mean, what processor06:05
jitenderany body know about ubuntu file system repair06:05
jhb1608I build this06:05
sata\join ##ubuntu06:05
MrKlownman oh man06:05
jhb1608how do I look on processor?06:05
jitenderubuntu repair06:05
tyler_dvery good jhb160806:05
ravehow to upgrade to 9.10 from beta version06:05
altf2ohmm surely a decent nVidia card wouldn't be to expensive? If you're using an old enough card in todays world, even an older AGP card would be better.06:05
Flannelrave: regular updates06:05
kewlbns69oh ok other ppl are allowed to just not me?06:05
knoppiesjhb1608, system monitor. First tab. system06:06
om26errave, sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-uppgrade06:06
jhb1608Intel Celeron(R) CPU E120006:06
jhb1608it have processor 1 and 2 same thing06:06
knoppiesaltf2o, Its got a fx5500gt in it. Its an AGP8x motherboard, but its not my main PC, so Im not bothered about spending money on it.06:06
polarbearrave: wait until it is released, then you will be able to update06:06
knoppiesjhb1608, yea, mine too, but mines just multithreaded.06:06
MrKlowni used the nearest largest city for the weather, not exactly accurate but whatever lol06:06
knoppiesMrKlown, Sorry i dont know of any more.06:07
Flannelkewlbns69, digital_1: Please go to #ubuntu-release-party to discuss the release process, it's inappropriate for this channel.  Thanks.06:07
MrKlownno biggy06:07
yzerguys, seriously, no counter on the main site? :)06:07
knoppiesjhb1608, Are you in Johanesburg? (forgive my spelling)06:07
Flannelyzer: Sometime within the next 30 hours.  Updates in #ubuntu-release-party06:07
MrKlownthis is my cousin's computer, will it be ok if i don't do the newest update? this seems stable06:07
abdulholy shinto06:07
knoppiesjhb1608, duel core, but not really a duel core.06:07
jhb1608yes dual Core!06:07
polarbearokay, time to sleep and wake up when the release is out :P gnite06:08
jhb1608I'm not from Africa, i'm from Monroeton, PA, it is just my English :)06:08
MrKlownthis is kind of sad but ubuntu was easier to install than windows lmao not to mention tons faster06:08
knoppiesjhb1608, Its only got one core, but software thinks its two.06:08
jhb1608ah I see.06:08
knoppiesjhb1608, Im african.06:08
jhb1608Ah cool.06:08
polarbearMrKlown: of course it is...06:08
macoMrKlown: thats not sad. that means we're doing something right :)06:08
StrangeCharmhow can i convert a dm-crypt volume from using passphrase authentication to mount at boot, to using key-files instead?06:08
MrKlowni'm not a huge computer person06:09
KurtKrautIf got that right, only the ISOs were published. No dist-upgrade is possible yet, right?06:09
MrKlownnow if only people would make games for linux without us having to use wine06:09
jhb1608I am, but I need to figure out on the video card I wanted06:09
gogetaknoppies: it doesent think its 2 its multihtreded it behaves like 206:09
FlannelKurtKraut: The ISOs aren't available yet.06:09
isola73dsh33pguys, how do i solve headphone jack problem?06:09
knoppiesMrKlown, they do already.06:09
ChoboMogMrKlown...  If you know how to use IRC then yorue better than the majority of computer users imo :p06:09
KurtKrautFlannel, and the dist-upgrade?06:09
knoppiesgogeta, yea, something like that.06:09
isola73dsh33pthe headphone won't work even after i plugged in the headphone06:09
knoppies!games | MrKlown06:10
ubottuMrKlown: Information about games on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Games and http://www.icculus.org/lgfaq/gamelist.php06:10
isola73dsh33pand the speaker won't mute.06:10
MrKlownisola73dsh33p: no idea, sorry06:10
FlannelKurtKraut: I don't know.  It's probably less lock-step than the ISOs.  But no, it's not released yet.06:10
kewlbns69tony: for the record i posted a link to the md5 pool not a "false download" as you said...get off your high horse06:10
isola73dsh33pits ok MrKlown06:10
KurtKrautFlannel, thanks for the info.06:10
MrKlownno no no06:10
MrKlowni know about the games for linux06:10
physicistis there any PC manufacturers that bundle their PC with linux instead of Windows?06:10
isola73dsh33pbtw, how do you reply for a specific member?06:10
gogetaphysicist: yes dell does06:11
MrKlownbut i am talking about the mainstream games.. like world of warcraft, batman, ect, the big companies06:11
isola73dsh33pi mean, u're msg comes in red06:11
MrKlownisola73dsh33p: type the first few letters then click tab lol06:11
MrKlownit types their name out06:11
isola73dsh33powh.. LOL06:11
knoppiesphysicist, you would probably be better off building your own and downloading linux06:11
Basstard`Ok, I've a question. I have a friend whom I had to help get XP back running, but showed her Ubuntu and she loved it. Though we had to put kernel 2.6.31 to get her webcam working, and it's still the same version. How will that affect the upcoming upgrade?06:11
gogetaman vbox is craling06:11
Balsaqhas antone had any luck with wireless on ubuntu?06:11
MrKlownok and in all honesty i am not a casual computer user, i fixed this laptop here for my cousin lol... granted i could not get any version of windows to work on it for who knows what reason so he is going to be stuck with ubuntu06:12
isola73dsh33pmine is ok06:12
knoppiesgogeta, you on a windows host?06:12
gogetaknoppies: windows gust06:12
MrKlownubuntu seems just fine for a casual user to be honest06:12
altf2oi've not had any issues with Linksys USB wireless adapters, or built in cards.06:12
tritiumphysicist: Dell, HP, Toshiba, and Acer do06:12
gogetaknoppies: intsalll whent quick enough now its just dragiin along06:12
FireCrotchBalsaq: Lots of people06:13
knoppiesMrKlown, My brother had that problem, it was the HDD. If you format it in ubuntu, and then install windows on it, it might work.06:13
knoppiesknoppies, otherwise get a new HDD.06:13
gogetaknoppies: hope gust tools helps06:13
knoppiesgogeta, not sure what gust is. But I hope it helps too.06:13
BalsaqFirecrotch hmm itried and failed linksys told me no way no how06:13
MrKlownoh i do have a major question about something i need to do tomorrow... i have to hook up a router to this laptop and configure the router settings to get it to work for the ps3 wirelessly... as soon as i hook up the ethernet cable to the laptop should it allow me to go through it step by step?06:13
RakanHello is 9.10 it out?06:13
physicistgogeta: which distro of linux do those manufacters use?06:14
gogetaright now it can barly move a file06:14
FireCrotchBalsaq: If you tell us what card you have and what the problem you're having is, you're much more likely to get help06:14
wolf23friends, is it ready the new version of ubuntu?06:14
gogetaphysicist: ubuntu and moblin06:14
altf2oMrKlown: shouldn't be any reason why not..06:14
knoppiesMrKlown, if you know the IP of the router, then just type that in.06:14
FireCrotch!isitout | wolf2306:14
BlueyRakan: prolly in a few hours --06:14
ubottuwolf23: No! It's not out yet! Await the release in #ubuntu-release-party, and be sure to read channel /topic!06:14
bazhangwolf23, not yet #ubuntu-release-party to await06:14
physicistknoppies: what's the difficulty of a linux bundle?06:14
MrKlownoh that would just be the standard ip then06:14
RakanBluey, thanks :D06:14
BalsaqFirecroth well i have  linsys g adapter06:14
MrKlownlol i didn't know it would be that simple06:14
physicisttritium: ah thanks. are the products propular?06:14
jitendersome body tell me about ubuntu 9.04 repair06:14
MrKlowni want this laptop but it sure makes the lap hot06:15
knoppiesphysicist, not sure what your question is. But to me there is no difficulty. I could bundle linux to any system in 20min with no sweat.06:15
FireCrotchBalsaq: model number?06:15
wolf23ah ok06:15
gogetaman i dont rember vox being this slow06:15
BalsaqFirecrotch one moment will grab it06:15
physicistknoppies: i mean why PC manufacturers rarely release linux bundled PCs?06:15
knoppiesMrKlown, lapdance gone wrong. You should put the laptop on a solid surface (like a table) to allow airflow underneath it.06:16
MrKlownalso, i am not going to go back through trying to install windows again... EVEN if it did work, that is extra time and i think the kid will be able to handle ubuntu, it's not that hard06:16
MrKlownall he does is gets on myspace and download and play music, he can do all that on ubuntu06:16
knoppiesphysicist, Im not sure. I think its because they want to grab the major market share, and unfortunately, that market share is windows based.06:16
gogetaMrKlown: yep06:16
MrKlownknoppies: i know that but i got sick of sitting at the table lol06:17
isola73dsh33pMrKlown, your headphone jack works fine?06:17
FireCrotchphysicist: There are lots of reasons that PC manufacturers don't include Linux on their computers.  But please, remember that this channel is for Ubuntu support. I recommend joining #ubuntu-offtopic to continue this discussion06:17
knoppiesMrKlown, I think its better the kid learns how to use ubuntu. It will open up his mind to the better world.06:17
MrKlownno idea isola73dsh33p but make sure to check your sound settings at the top06:17
gogetanaa we will see him in hear tommrow06:17
knoppiesMrKlown, I use a peice of wood, about the size of the laptop, and then put the wood on my lap, and the laptop on the wood.06:17
MrKlownfor some reason, i think it's a bug, when you first install certain things are turned down06:17
BalsaqFirecrotch wusb54gsc06:17
Balsaqworks good on my xp06:17
Balsaqnot on ubuntu so far06:18
isola73dsh33pMrKlown, there's no headphone mixer in the volume controller06:18
isola73dsh33pand the headphone switch done nothing06:18
MrKlownis it really called a firecrotch?06:18
MrKlownyes there is isola hold on06:18
knoppiesisola73dsh33p, plug your headphones into the speaker out, and see if it works06:18
knoppiesisola73dsh33p, either your headphone jack is not connected to your PC, or you dont have the drivers for it.06:18
MrKlownare you under alsa mixer?06:19
knoppiesisola73dsh33p, when I say PC, I mean motherboard06:19
isola73dsh33pits owrks now~!06:19
FireCrotchBalsaq: I believe you'll have to use ndiswrapper along with the Windows driver for your card.06:19
FireCrotch!ndiswrapper | Balsaq06:19
ubottuBalsaq: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs06:19
jhb1608it is a silliest answer06:19
MrKlownwhat did you do isola lol?06:19
isola73dsh33pi'm using a laptop06:19
BalsaqFirecrotch wow interstin mix06:19
FireCrotchMrKlown: pardon?06:19
isola73dsh33puncheck the headphone switch06:19
knoppiesisola73dsh33p, if you open up your PC case (turn it off first) you should see if there is a cable going from the headphone jack, to your motherboard. If there isnt, then its obviously not even connected.06:19
MrKlownFireCrotch: i thought his router was named firecrotch06:19
knoppiesisola73dsh33p, ah, nvm06:20
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs06:20
isola73dsh33pknoppies, its ok.06:20
knoppiesisola73dsh33p, glad I could help/06:20
isola73dsh33pbut the built in speaker wont shut up06:20
MrKlownbest thing ever about the ubuntu installation process... soon as it finished it connected to the wireless internet automatically06:20
xxaaronxxIm new to ubuntu, can i have some help?06:20
MrKlownvery impressive06:20
physicistknoppies: maybe you are right06:20
jitenderhi knoppies , please tell me for ubuntu repair06:20
knoppiesxxaaronxx, yes, whats the problem06:20
isola73dsh33pknoppies, but i'm not done yet D:06:20
physicistFireCrotch: ah ok thanks06:20
xxaaronxx<--- new.06:20
knoppiesjitender, Ive never used ubuntu repair.06:21
knoppiesxxaaronxx, you mentionted that already, define your problem and I will see if we can help.06:21
BalsaqFirecrotch i was i the wireless channel, a tech had me pull a number off the adapter itself, then he went tothe FCC site and when he got back he said it aint gonna happen...but till look into what you say..thanks06:21
jitenderbut u have any suggestion06:21
jitenderwho know well about repair06:21
knoppiesjitender, I recommend looking at the ubuntu forums, and googling it. You are bound to come up with some answers there.06:21
mneptokjitender: what do you mean *exactly* by "repair"06:22
Balsaqwho knew06:22
xxaaronxxWell, im trying to figureout how all it works, as i am a windows person, not nix. What i want to do is run a box say dual quad, 4gigs ram, for gameservers06:22
geomihey guys, im helping someone recover his broken RAID array using ubuntu. But the "md" driver is in the way - its making the /dev/sdb drive 'in use' probably because it can read its metadata format and creates a md device.06:22
geomiMy question: how can i disable MD?06:22
FireCrotchBalsaq: What? The FCC has absolutely nothing to do with your wireless card working in Ubuntu06:22
hohummmmanyone know eta for 9.10 release?06:22
FireCrotchhohummmm: when it's ready06:22
knoppiesxxaaronxx, Ive never done game servers before. but you can run a dual core with 4 gigs ram easy.06:22
geomii tried letting him use raid=noautodetect boot parameter, but that does not work :(06:22
jitendermneptok, i mean to say ubuntu file system repair06:22
isola73dsh33pwhat does the PCM for?06:23
knoppiesxxaaronxx, It might even pay off to download the 64bit version06:23
isola73dsh33ppulse code modulation?06:23
BalsaqFirecrotch he claimed if the right chip wasnt inside the adapter i was porked...the FCC site supposedly gave him that info once i gave him a long tiny number off the adapter itself06:23
xxaaronxxwell like i said i have NO clue as to what im doing, could i get  a crash run down, on basics?06:23
mneptokjitender: what makes you think the filesystem needs repair?06:23
_ester_help, please. only K3b can burn DVD on my laptop. Brasero, GnomeBaker e.t.c. say "disk not found". how fix it?06:23
hohummmmi'm new to ubuntu. just made the switch from windoze a week ago06:23
jitendermy system not starting up ubuntu , so i needed this06:23
MrKlownit's nice huh hohummmm06:23
=== Rambo is now known as Rambos1
knoppiesxxaaronxx, its easy to use. Moving from windows to ubuntu is easy.06:24
Rambos1im strugging to get my dwa 160 wireless reciever to work under ubuntu06:24
BalsaqFirecrotch nontheless i will tryout your suggestion06:24
Rambos1any help will be great06:24
knoppiesxxaaronxx, the start menu is top left, not bottom left (in gnome) and it is A GREAT DEAL MORE CUSTOMIZABLE.06:24
knoppiesxxaaronxx, but as a server user you wont be interested in that.06:24
hohummmmvery. took a little getting used to but i am enjoying myself. had some issues with flash but otherwise pretty smooth transition06:24
knoppiesxxaaronxx, if you download the server edition, you wont get a GUI, it is purely console. So you might want to start with the desktop version, even though you plan on using it for a server, but then if console is what you like, get the server eddition.06:25
xxaaronxxi see06:26
knoppiesxxaaronxx, I will brb. Ask anything here, everybody is friendly and glad to help.06:26
dmartinezcxxaaronxx: server edition is not recomended for you if you are starting with ubuntu06:27
xxaaronxxWhy so?06:27
[V]ortex`question: can i continue my torrents download from windows into ubuntu and resume vice versa?06:27
MrKlowngoodnight everyone, thanks for the help06:28
dmartinezcxxaaronxx: becouse you will have to manage with te command line and its a bit scarry for starters06:28
xxaaronxxi see06:28
hohummmmis there a dummy manual for noobs?06:29
bazhanghttp://www.ubuntupocketguide.com/ hohummmm newer users may find this informative06:30
JangariI'm trying to install a program from a shell script installer, and it tells me that "To install software you must be logged on as this computer's Administrator. If you are not able to do this, ask your computer Administrator to log in and run the setup file again." Sudoing it doesn't work. Any ideas?06:30
Rambos1im strugging to get my dwa 160 wireless reciever to work under ubuntu06:30
tstebutDoes anybody already used Xen ?06:31
hohummmmcool. i already dl that. i'm just trying to get used to everything and learn all the basic commands06:31
geomiHi all. I'm helping someone recover his hardware RAID - to make that work i need to disable the "md" driver because its making the /dev/sdb drive 'in use' and unable to mount. How can i disable the md driver? i tried using raid=noautodetect boot parameter but it doesn't work.06:31
bazhanghohummmm, help.ubuntu.com and the ubuntu wiki are informative as well06:31
marcussomeone plz help me06:32
demonspork!ask marcus06:32
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ask marcus06:32
almoxarifeRambos1: what's the prob?06:32
marcusI wanna install driver06:32
hohummmmthanks. i have found most of my problems by late night googling. so far no issues. i am suprized how much faster and better this is than windows. been in the dark for a while. lol06:32
marcusgraphic driver06:32
marcusATI Mobiliti Radeon 9100 IGP06:33
marcusi got the prob with 9.0406:33
bazhanghohummmm, ubuntuforums are a big help as well06:33
Laduh guys.... its out06:33
Rambos1i have a dwa 160 wireless usb reciever06:33
Rambos1have no idea how to get it to work under ubuntu 9.406:33
bazhangLad, no its not06:33
=== NoNags is now known as ThomasHaeck
marcusnow i'm using Karmic06:33
soreaugeomi: If its a kernel module listed by lsmod, you should be able to do rmmod md06:33
jitendersomeone plz help me06:33
marcuscan you show me the way to install ATI driver ?06:34
hohummmmthe upgrade doesn't ovewrite with ext4 does it?06:34
marcussorry about my english06:34
marcusi'm vietnamese06:34
soreaumarcus: Which card do you have?06:34
bazhang!vn | marcus06:34
ubottumarcus: Để được trợ giúp về Ubuntu bằng ngôn ngữ Việt, xin vui lòng /join #ubuntu-vn. Rất vui lòng được giúp đỡ06:34
LadTo upgrade from Ubuntu 9.04 on a desktop system, press Alt+F2 and type in "update-manager -d" (without the quotes) into the command box. Update Manager should open up and tell you: New distribution release '9.10' is available. Click Upgrade and follow the on-screen instructions06:34
marcusATI mobility Radeon 9000/9100 IGP06:35
soreaumarcus: The driver is already installed then06:35
geomisoreau: does that work after booting and md having attached to the harddrive? i'm helping someone on a forum i need something that works since i can't try myself.. been trying to help him for ages its just md that's preventing the whole thing to work..06:35
marcusmy friends in ubuntu vn are busy :(06:35
marcusall busy06:35
FlannelLad: the -d in that command explicitly means that it's not out yet.  -d is required to upgrade to development versions06:35
KurtKrautLad, this shows the Karmic Release candidate.06:35
marcusi can understand English,so i think that it's good to be here06:36
voxLad: quit now while you're not too far behind.06:36
Ladvox im done :D06:36
bazhangmarcus, that is fine, just a suggestion :)06:36
KurtKrautLad, try using update-manager -c06:36
zcatNZhave installed cube atlantis plugin for compiz.. now how to I make the gnome wallpaper/background colour go away? I can adjust cube opacity but that makes my icons fade too.. I want just the wallpaper gone06:36
marcussorry,soreau: marcus: The driver is already installed then06:36
Ladno thanks06:36
soreaugeomi: I have no idea about md or raid. All I know is you can unload modules and if md is a kernel module you can unload it like I described. Also, you may be able to try umount /dev/sdb106:36
marcuswhat do u mean Soreau ?06:37
yoophglupwhen i press shit+z it does not write a capital z. all other letters work. I am using ubuntu 9.10.06:37
marcusu mean open source driver ?06:37
soreaumarcus: Yes06:37
marcuscan i have specific driver ?06:37
marcusoper OpenGL and D3D06:37
geomisoreau: /dev/sdb or any partitions are not mounted - so it has to be some kernel module and im suspecting md since there are some messages about it in dmesg. just can't seem to disable md it still attached to the device. ill try your suggestion thanks06:37
marcusfor OpenGL and D3D06:37
sagaciyoophglup: is your keyboard configured correctly06:37
Ladwhats -c flag do06:38
soreaumarcus: The open radeon driver is the only one the offers 3D for that chipset06:38
marcusso ?06:38
geomiyoophglup: try using shiFt instead :)06:38
sagaciLad: checks if a new distribution release is available06:38
diskingeomi, LOL06:38
marcusso,can i have compiz ?06:39
soreaumarcus: Yes.06:39
marcushow about playing CS 1.6 ?06:39
soreaumarI have no idea06:39
hohum_there any way to set the cube up to have a workspace on the top and bottom cap also06:40
soreaumarcus: I have no idea for any particular game06:40
Jester86hey guys.. i know this isnt a tech question but anyoe wanna help me out?06:40
soreauhohum_: no06:40
suturHi folks. I've got an 8GB USB memory stick. Would it be faster to install xubuntu on that, rather than using the hard disk? Seems like HDD is a huge bottleneck...uhm, regarding boot times, application load times etc...06:40
marcusokie Soreau06:40
voxsutur: you get about 3mb/s off of usb06:40
Jester86So i'm nearly graduated w/ my undergraduate and I'm considering grad school.. should I go straight into grad school and if so should i go to a different university?06:40
ESEDU_Anyone know where to findbind9 error log?06:40
marcuscan u show me how to enable compiz ?06:41
Jordan_Usutur: It really depends on the Flash drive06:41
marcusfor the Gnome desktop visual effect06:41
voxsutur: and about 25mb/sec off of usb206:41
soreaumarcus: sys>prefs>Appearance>Visual Effects tab <-- set to Extra06:41
ESEDU_bind9 error log anyone?06:41
voxsutur: so.. its not fast. at all. :)06:41
Jordan_U!offtopic | Jester8606:41
ubottuJester86: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!06:41
voxJordan_U: its not offtopic06:42
ESEDU_Does bind9 have a error log06:42
tritiumvox: it certainly is06:42
marcusand how about shortkey to show ?06:42
Jester86i know, theres just no one on any other channel.. didnt know if anyone wanted to throw out a quick 5 cents worth of knowledge06:42
soreau!who | marcus06:42
ubottumarcus: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)06:42
suturvox: Shame. USB boasts 480mbps speeds, but yes, I did an hdparm test and it was slower than my hard disk.06:42
bazhangJester86, try #ubuntu-offtopic not here06:42
[V]ortex`how to use !tab06:42
ubottuYou can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.06:42
suturvox: curious really...since a hard drive is mechanical...really curious06:42
asdfkhcan someone whois me and tell me what isp im using06:43
voxtritium: ..asking what the best medium to install ubuntu onto is offtopic?06:43
bazhang[V]ortex`, type three or so letters then hit tab key to nick complete06:43
yoophglupok works now thanks06:43
asdfkhor what state im in06:43
Jester86alright i have an ubuntu/mythtv/mythbuntu ? for you guys06:43
bazhangvox, he was asking about grad school or not06:43
Argosis it out yet06:43
asdfkhnothing really shows up when i whois myself06:43
tritiumvox: no, you are mistaken about what we said was offtopic.06:43
Jester86does anyone know if the digital boxes from twc can act as settop boxes?06:43
bazhangArgos, no, join #ubuntu-release-party for the countdown06:43
[V]ortex`omg it works lol thanks06:44
voxok, i'll get back in my box06:44
loshaasdfkh: you can whois yourself. Try it...06:44
Jester86when does 9.10 come out ... in terms of hours here06:44
akshaywhen will ubuntu 9.10 release?06:44
Jangariless than 24...06:44
bazhangJester86, /join #ubuntu-release-party for the countdown06:44
Jester86alright thanks bazhang06:44
=== asdfkh is now known as addr1
akshayi think ubuntu 9.10 will be super sexy06:45
om26erakshay, its awesome06:45
suturwonder if it will _really_ be faster to boot.06:45
akshaymy jaunty experience was not that good06:45
om26ersutur, 26secs06:45
akshaymy wifi kept dying after few hours06:45
knoppiesom26er, that depends on each PC.06:45
ubottuNo! It's not out yet! Await the release in #ubuntu-release-party, and be sure to read channel /topic!06:45
om26erakshay, how do you define: experience06:45
akshaynever happened in hardy before06:46
suturom26er: against what speed for jaunty?06:46
suturom26er: has to be relative to mean something...06:46
mgmuscariakshay: my wifi is so unreliable that i'm now tethered to my router with a 6 foot cat 506:46
mgmuscariakshay: are you using the iwlagn module by any chance?06:46
om26ersutur, people with ssd's also have bbot time 5secs06:46
akshayi was using the default06:46
akshayi had installed madwifi for jaunty06:46
suturom26er: FIVE!?06:46
om26ersutur, yes06:47
akshaysorry for hardy06:47
mgmuscarifor the last few days, ever since some updates, the identity of which i don't remember, my wifi has been completely useless06:47
suturom26er: Shame they're still unrealistically expensive.06:47
mgmuscariand my pulseaudio server keeps dying after only a few seconds06:47
suturom26er: Like...honestly, REALLY unrealistic.06:47
mgmuscariso my music server is essentially useless06:47
om26ersutur, on the other hand Lucid Lynx will have ten sec boot on dell mini06:47
mgmuscarii don't understand what could have changed to just break all of my machines in some way06:47
[V]ortex`is there a rollback function in 9.04 like winxp?06:47
mgmuscari[V]ortex`: i would love that06:47
mgmuscarii'm upset enough at this point to try switching to a different distro that doesn't just throw up updates without sufficient testing06:48
suturSurely there are sata to usb adaptors?06:48
suturOh but then it still doesn't matter does it. Sorry.06:48
akshayanyone suggest me a good download accelerator and manager for ubuntu06:48
loshamgmuscari: there should be a log of package changes in /var/log/dpkg.log. You might be able to track down and backout the relevant change...06:48
om26ermgmuscari, ya ya go use debian and w8 and w806:49
akshaymy internet connection really sucks that way06:49
mgmuscariintel wifi link 5100 agn seems completely broken right now, and pulseaudio won't work correctly with either my laptop sound card, the integrated sound on my asus motherboard on my desktop, or my usb sound device connected to said desktop06:49
zenlunat1cakshay: wget06:49
mgmuscarilosha: yeah i've been hunting through there and i can't figure out what the heck changed. i tried going back to the .15 kernel that was working well for me06:49
yoophglupubuntu 9.10 comes out of beta stage tonight?06:49
om26erakshay, multiget06:49
loshamgmuscari: I recommend 8.04 LTS. The most stable distro around...06:50
zebastianI downloaded a torrent and it was a uif file, i turned it into an iso but i want to have access to the files on it and i can't is there a way to extract an iso's information?06:50
ubottuNo! It's not out yet! Await the release in #ubuntu-release-party, and be sure to read channel /topic!06:50
marcushow to "see" compiz effect ?06:50
zebastianby the way i'm in ubuntu06:50
sagaciyoophglup: it comes out of release candidate06:50
mgmuscarilosha: i like some of the features of 9.04 that didn't work well for me in 8.0406:50
genericso anyword on the distro?06:50
addr1im just trying to make sense of these commands06:50
sagacizebastian: you can automount it as a drive in nautilus06:50
yoophglupcool so there will be updates tonight.06:50
addr1im not entirely sure what they do06:50
soreaumarcus: sys>prefs>Appearance>Visual Effects tab <-- set to Extra. Your windows should wobble when you move them06:51
loshazebastian: Gmount-iso provides an easy gui for mounting isos...06:51
om26ergeneric, any words on Karmic would be nice06:51
om26ernot distro06:51
addr1irc is confusing06:51
om26eraddr1, no its not06:51
loshamgmuscari: Well, you can't have it both ways. Either you have the latest features, or you have stability. Pick one...06:51
marcushow about the slide06:52
marcusi mean the windows slide,open the way difference06:52
om26eraddr1, you come to irc type the question/problem you have if any1 knows the answer/solution they start chattin with u06:52
mgmuscarilosha: ideally i would like my 9.04 system to be where it was last week, without having installed whatever updates made everything go haywire... then i'd like to turn off the update manager and have it leave me alone06:52
soreau! ccsm | marcus06:53
ubottumarcus: To enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu: install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' or 'simple-ccsm'. If you install the latter, a new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz06:53
mgmuscarimarcus: install package compizconfig-settings-manager06:53
loshamgmuscari: well that's possible, with a little effort you can roll back your packages to the state they were in last week, using /var/log/dpkg.log. And no-one forces you to update.06:54
sl1ckwhat time does 9.10 come out?06:54
mgmuscarilosha: what kind of script-fu would i have to do to get that done?06:55
=== jcase is now known as jc4se
bazhangsl1ck, please join #ubuntu-release-party for the countdown06:55
zebastianhow can i open a pdb file (in ubuntu)06:55
mgmuscarii'm guessing i need to know what updates i've installed, and what i had before the updates06:55
indusbazhang: when is release?06:55
sagaciindus: today06:56
mgmuscaripeople are so impatient for karmic...06:56
bazhangindus, join #ubuntu-release-party for the countdown06:56
mgmuscariwow, 20600 lines in dpkg.log06:56
=== indus is now known as partyspoiler
partyspoilerwhere is the party tonight?06:57
rosebjyour house06:57
loshamgmuscari: you could do it by hand. Starting from a week ago in the dpkg log, use synaptic to restore the older versions of your package. Chances are, it's just one or two packages that are misbehaving...06:57
knoppiespartyspoiler, We crashing your lawn, hope its big.06:58
partyspoileriam interested in a strange bug with ext406:58
mgmuscarilosha: how would i restore to an older version?06:58
tgraupmann-w7Who likes the WN121T? Ubuntu 9.10 doesn't seem to like it.06:58
Jordan_Upartyspoiler: What bug?06:58
partyspoilerbut i trouble shoot later tonight, some applications which ran great on older distros could crash on ext4?06:58
loshamgmuscari: I thought synaptic had an option to restore an older version?06:58
partyspoileror maybe its akernel thing06:58
tgraupmann-w7I used ndisgtk loaded the drivers, but I can't connect to my network.06:59
mgmuscarilosha: it looks like it's the 2.6.28-16 upgrade that wonked my laptop06:59
Jordan_U!details | partyspoiler06:59
lockyany guides on using partion editor06:59
ubottupartyspoiler: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."06:59
sagacimgmuscari: boot into an older kernel06:59
loshamgmuscari: usually the previous kernel is still on disk, boot an older kernel...06:59
mgmuscarisagaci: i'm in the -15 kernel now and i'm still getting wifi drops06:59
partyspoilerjordan_U:its a game, whenever i run the version which takes advantage of dual cores, it crashes with segfault06:59
sagacimgmuscari: boot into an older kernel at the grub boot stage07:00
partyspoilerjordan_U maybe its a kernel thing, worked flawless in all older releases07:00
mgmuscarilosha: that's what's confusing me, i figured the problem would disappear if i booted to the older kernel07:00
Jordan_Upartyspoiler: Why do you think it's an ext4 bug?07:00
mgmuscarisagaci: yeah, that's where i'm at right now :/07:00
sagacimgmuscari: maybe it's your wifi07:00
Jordan_Upartyspoiler: Why do you think it's a kernel thing?07:00
mgmuscarisagaci: nothing's changed in over a month....07:00
partyspoilerjordan_U just a hunch, the installer fails to write a few things to home directory07:00
mgmuscariit's only struggling with 11n and wpa/wpa207:01
partyspoilerjordan_U kernel bug because  the dual core thing is enabled in the kernel07:01
partyspoilerso probably not ext4 but kernel07:01
partyspoileri will have confirmation tonight07:01
rosebjso I was installing sun-java6-jdk over ssh and my connection dropped out, and I had to kill the proccess in the middle of it. I ran apt-get -f install which didn't do anything. No when I try to install java agin, I get "/usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)"07:02
Jordan_Upartyspoiler: I doubt it's kernel, using multiple cores can trigger race conditions that won't happen when only using one core07:02
partyspoilerjordan_U hmm race conditions?07:02
partyspoilerjordan_U well, the thing is , when i connect to an online server it crashes, doesnt crash with the single player07:02
zebastianhelp i'm on the terminal I have a folder called 75 med when i type ls on desktop it shows it but when i do cd 75 med it says no such file or directory07:03
diskinzebastian, type cd "75 med"07:03
partyspoilerJordan_U: it reloads the config file for that session online and crashes07:03
soreauzebastian: cd 75\ med07:03
diskinzebastian, or type cd 75 TAB TAB :)07:03
partyspoilerJordan_U: it was working fine with alpha 3 of karmic07:03
raikhow to uninstall softwares not list in addorremove like google earth?07:04
partyspoilerJordan_U: could you think of reasons why this might be happening, it was fine for the last 2 years i used it07:05
soreauraik: sys>admin>synaptic07:05
partyspoilerJordan_U: ever since ubuntu 7.0407:05
marcusi',m download a theme package07:07
=== ubuntu_ is now known as kahrytan
marcusthey show that GTK 2x package07:07
marcushow can i install this07:07
marcuscan u help ?07:07
cweaganswhat time zone is the ubuntu 9.10 release based off of?07:07
cweagansas in, is it finalized right now?07:07
marcusi'm using install themes but its not working07:08
raikthanks soreau07:08
sum-itwhen is the realease time for ubuntu9.10 waiting for it impatiently.07:09
Suhailis it possible to update your distro from say 8.04 to like 9.1007:09
sum-itSuhail: apt-get dist-upgrade07:10
Suhailyeah i did that07:10
Suhailbut not much happened07:10
CVirusI read that you shouldn't be jumping releases07:10
rosebjits best to do a clean install07:11
Suhailrosebj: sure but that's not an option07:11
thenetduckhey hey hey07:11
thenetduckis the iso ready yet?07:11
CVirusrosebj: clean install and lose your stuff ?07:11
n512try update-manager -d07:11
SuhailI am trying to figure out how to get MySQL 5.1.40 on my box07:12
Suhaillooks like a manual instsall07:12
rosebjCVirus : well back it up obviously07:12
CVirusrosebj: I don't see how a clean install differs from dist-upgrade !07:12
myadavI have setup a lamp on my local machine can any one tell me how I can send a mail from my local machine for jsut a testing perpose only.07:12
CVirusrosebj: I haven't done a single format in over 5 years07:13
n512suhail: according to the package list, mysql is v5.007:14
Suhailn512: yea? that sucks, I need 5.1.4007:14
n512you'd likely need to build 5.1.40 from source is you require that version.07:14
=== kb is now known as Guest33158
danliiYou shouldn't do apt-get dist-upgrade, it does seldom work as intended in Ubuntu. Use do-release-upgrade instead.07:15
n512been a while since ive built mysql from source, but i dont remember it being THAT bad07:15
Suhailn512: ok will try07:16
Suhailand see how it goes07:16
n5125.1.40 is less than a month old.. its not going to be in dists yet07:16
SingAlonghi all07:19
SingAlongis Karmic Koala reasing today?07:20
tonyyarussoSingAlong: Yes - #ubuntu-release-party to wait for it.07:20
psicobramaybe one of u guys in here will know07:20
LexRgood morning ubuntu!07:20
tgraupmann-w7I can't get on the internet with ubuntu07:21
SingAlongtonyyarusso: whats special on that channel?07:21
sagacitgraupmann-w7: are you plugged in07:21
tgraupmann-w7I have NDIS 5.5 I'm screwed07:21
sagacitgraupmann-w7: dial up?07:21
tonyyarussoSingAlong: It's not a support channel like this one.07:21
psicobrai have set a samba folder to auto mount using fstab but it changes the permissions to route of the folder that is mounted i need to to be mine07:21
n512NDIS = No Driver InStalled.07:21
LexRdo we know anything about time when karmic will be released?07:21
tonyyarussoLexR: Read the /topic in #ubuntu-release-party07:22
LexRthanks tonyyarusso07:22
psicobraif u get me i have mythtv that needs to access that folder but it can't unless the folder is mine or mythtv07:22
lascarhow can I create a live cd with all of my files, settings, etc.?07:22
tgraupmann-w7Normally these steps have worked in the past with 9.04 - http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=53728107:22
tgraupmann-w7But not with 9.1007:22
=== geo_ is now known as geo05
n512didnt 9.10 move to Grub2?07:23
tonyyarussotgraupmann-w7: Karmic support is still in #ubuntu+107:23
=== Jordan_U_ is now known as Jordan_U
tgraupmann-w7What does that mean?07:24
tgraupmann-w7a different channel?07:24
tgraupmann-w7Karmic is that a developer?07:24
tgraupmann-w7Or the code name for the next version?07:24
sagacitgraupmann-w7: the latter07:25
furunotgraupmann-w7 : usually ubuntu release is named, e.g. 9.04 is Jaunty Jackalope and 9.10 is Karmic Koala07:25
furunotgraupmann-w7 : it just a name :)07:25
Name141Is Karmic  going to be released within a few hours?07:25
Name141or like.. towards the end of the da07:25
tonyyarussoName141: #ubuntu-release-party please for that07:26
tgraupmann-w7okay I'll be back in +107:26
tgraupmann-w7My kid really wants youtube on the karmac07:26
=== Jordan_U_ is now known as Jordan_U
isaachello! :)07:29
dandamandanny devito answered me!07:30
pef^ubuntu 9.10 wtf, 3days, 2days, 1day, comming soon )=07:30
psicobrahas an7y one got any idea of how to chnage a folder permissions07:31
n512chmod <mode> <folder> ?07:31
UbuntuUserhow to run vlc in system tray? i have gnome07:31
pef^psicobra, google chown07:31
psicobrai have got a samba share to mount on startup using fstab but it mounts with root access only07:31
furunopiscobra : right click on the folder and choose properties :)07:31
furunopsicobra i mean, sorry :)07:31
UbuntuUserof course i'd like to do taht from command line07:31
psicobrapef^, chown won't work when the folder ismounted if i un mount it then use chown then reboot it is root again07:32
isaacI want 9.10!!!07:32
isaacWhere is it?07:32
pef^comming soon...07:32
psicobrapef^, any other usefull suggestions07:32
troopperiUbuntuUser: open vlc-> tools->preferences->Interface settings->systray icon07:33
isaacI've been up all night waiting for my 9.10!07:33
isaacbut it still links to the beta07:33
TecnoBratQuoting the other channel ..... "Karmic is nearly released, but asking "when" delays it another day!"07:33
psicobrais there a Way of getting fstab to mount it with specific privileges07:33
mouse{Linux}Stupid question, I have not used ubuntu that long, and not up to an update before, when it is released are there updates ready form beta to release?07:34
UbuntuUsertroopperi: i have chcecked it already but when i run vlc from startup manager vlc's icon does not appear in tray07:34
psicobrai am using 9.10 RC seems ok so far07:34
Wargasm9.10 rc feels solid07:34
TecnoBratpsicobra, yes, privs and owner07:34
pef^psicobra, thats sound rather odd, sorry cant help07:34
mouse{Linux}I had a few problems, one was a kernel error :x07:34
troopperiUbuntuUser: if you open vlc at terminal does it give any errors?07:34
psicobraTecnoBrat, can you be more specific?07:34
Flannelmouse{Linux}: If you're on the beta, you'll upgrade to the final through regular daily updates.07:35
ubottuNo! It's not out yet! Await the release in #ubuntu-release-party, and be sure to read channel /topic!07:35
mouse{Linux}Flannel, Thank you07:35
rosebjwhen I run apt-get install I get a message saying /var/cache/debconf/config.dat is locked. lsof says its 'frontend'. any thounghts?07:35
UbuntuUsertroopperi: i do not thinki so07:35
UbuntuUsertroopperi: where can i paste07:36
TecnoBratpsicobra, I think it depends on the type of partition, but you are looking for uid, gid and mode flags07:36
psicobraTecnoBrat, in fstab?07:36
Balsaqg in abi word, old printer worked great from day one, put a differnprinter in, won't print abiword? did print a test page?07:36
troopperiUbuntuUser: http://pastebin.com/07:37
UbuntuUsertroopperi:  now all is ok! i think that when system starts somethings going on07:37
psicobraTecnoBrat, this is the line that mounts the folder07:37
isola73dsh33pguys, i have alsa mixer, do i still need pulseaudio?07:37
psicobra/PSICOBRA-PC/F /media/movies smbfs07:37
isaac"presses refresh button rapidly on ubuntu.com"07:37
psicobrawhat  should it be?07:37
courpse_Any good mailserver packages?07:37
cweaganscourpse_: yes.07:38
Balsaqconfigured new printer, made it default, printed test...ok...went to abiword, typed document, wont print?07:38
isola73dsh33pguys, i already have alsa mixer, do i still needs pulseaudio?07:38
courpse_cweagans, Care to share some?07:38
troopperiUbuntuUser: great :D07:38
UbuntuUsertroopperi: anyway that isn't my point. i'd like to see vlc in tray whithout my mous click07:38
TecnoBratpsicobra, /PSICOBRA-PC/F /media/movies smbfs uid=1000,gid=1000,mode=0666 0 007:38
cweaganscourpse_: http://tinyurl.com/yfe85yo  :)07:38
* courpse_ susspects a google direct.07:39
Balsaqhow do you make abi word print to your printer?07:39
courpse_i've googled already.07:39
megamanx1978Hi ppl07:39
troopperiUbuntuUser: U want it is allways there?07:39
courpse_And got one that took me over an hour to do, and doesnt work.07:39
EricJHm. Today is release-day, isn't it?07:39
UbuntuUsertroopperi: now it is opening in tray but also window is on the desk.07:39
psicobraTecnoBrat, thanks your a star brb07:39
TecnoBratpsicobra, have any other questions about it ... google is your friend .. also http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fstab07:39
megamanx1978Anyone here into linux gaming?07:39
TecnoBratand on that note, bed time :)07:39
partyspoilerisola73dsh33p: ya you do07:39
UbuntuUsertroopperi: i want window only in tray07:39
tonyyarussoEricJ: yes - #ubuntu-release-party for more07:39
psicobraTechnoviking, i tried googling thats how i got it mounted in the first place07:39
partyspoilermegamanx1978: iam07:40
isola73dsh33pok, thanks :D07:40
partyspoilerisola73dsh33p: its installed by default anyway, did u remove it?07:40
raikhow to upgrade from ubuntu 9.04 to 9.10?07:40
isola73dsh33pnot really, i thought i installed it manually07:40
EricJtonyyarusso: thanks07:40
partyspoilerraik: sudo update-manager -d07:40
isola73dsh33pi'm about to uninstall it.07:40
tonyyarussoraik: 9.10 is still in #ubuntu+107:41
isola73dsh33pbut it seems it's required. :/07:41
b0wis 9.10 up already?07:41
partyspoilerraik: or wait till tomorrow and update manager will offer an upgrade07:41
b0wyeah ithought so07:41
cweaganscourpse_: incoming or outgoing mail?07:41
blue112Hum, I wonder if we're gonna have people asking that all day long07:41
blue112I think so.07:41
courpse_Both i'd like, i set up a big howto based thingy, and now i cant send outgoing mail, and tbh, im a bit lost on how to get rid of all the hsit thye told me to stick on.07:42
UbuntuUsertroopperi: do you know what i exactly want to do?07:42
troopperiUbuntuUser: i think so07:42
isola73dsh33pguys, do you know any internet speed tweak for ubuntu 9.04?07:42
megamanx1978I just noticed something interesting it seems like ign.com a major gaming site hates linux07:43
troopperiUbuntuUser: You want only trayicon when vlc start?07:43
KurtKrautDoes anyone here uses Telepathy to access IRC? Can it handle #ubuntu volume of messages and users?07:43
alabdhow to go to the first mail in trash of gmail ?07:43
UbuntuUsertroopperi: yes, without window on the desk07:43
tonyyarussoisola73dsh33p: pay your ISP more money?07:43
cweaganscourpse_: dunno then. I usually just install postfix and I'm up and running....I don't do incoming.07:43
Blank__KurtKraut, if only telepathy was real... :p07:44
courpse_Yeah, i have outgoing working fine, but thats broke now too, i wanna give incoming a go.07:44
Balsaqhelp printing in abi word07:44
megamanx1978every single post on the linux board at ign is locked07:44
KurtKrautBlank__, this channel over a true Telepathy would by mind blowing :P07:44
isola73dsh33ptonyyarusso, i mean like increasing the bandwidth or something07:44
ninjaIIis there an irc channel dedicated to ubuntu developent?07:44
ninjaIIjust looking for the "inside scoop" on 9.10 status :)07:45
isola73dsh33pi'm XP i could increase the bandwidth and manage to increase the internet speed07:45
UbuntuUsertroopperi: do you have any clues?07:45
troopperiUbuntuUser: open vlc-> tools->preferences->and down there is "show settings"...change it all and you can now select interface->maininterface->start vlc only a tray icon07:45
CahanHello, I need to see the boot messages, there are some modules that failed and one that is freezing the boot process until I hit a key, is there somewhere where the boot log that scrolls down the screen is copied to?07:46
forcesis it out jet?07:46
UbuntuUsertroopperi: thans a lot07:46
troopperiUbuntuUser: was that easy?`.D07:46
UbuntuUsertroopperi: it is extremly easy07:46
MinusSeveni'm home from work07:46
megamanx1978Party spioler  do you just play linux games on linux or windows games too?07:47
troopperiUbuntuUser: np :)07:47
zipitoso is the 9.10 released ?07:47
ik1Hello guys....07:47
MinusSevenno its not07:47
ubottuNo! It's not out yet! Await the release in #ubuntu-release-party, and be sure to read channel /topic!07:47
ik1I was just curious. what time do you think Ubuntu 9.10 will be released?07:47
rosebjnever o'clock07:48
MinusSevenmicrosoft took kubuntu website offline, said they're copying windows 707:48
MinusSevenI'd say in the next 5 mins it'll be released07:48
=== pef^ is now known as pef^Work
OramahMaalhurhi. is it out? xD07:50
MinusSevenanother few mins I think07:50
isola73dsh33phey guys, I got this error: -> Failed to fetch cdrom://Ubuntu 9.04 _Jaunty Jackalope_ - Release i386 (20090420.1)/dists/jaunty/main/binary-i386/Packages  Please use apt-cdrom to make this CD-ROM recognized by APT. apt-get update cannot be used to add new CD-ROMs07:50
isola73dsh33pFailed to fetch cdrom://Ubuntu 9.04 _Jaunty Jackalope_ - Release i386 (20090420.1)/dists/jaunty/restricted/binary-i386/Packages  Please use apt-cdrom to make this CD-ROM recognized by APT. apt-get update cannot be used to add new CD-ROMs07:51
isola73dsh33pSome index files failed to download, they have been ignored, or old ones used instead.07:51
FloodBot2isola73dsh33p: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:51
* DaZ doesn't understand this whole is it out thing >:07:51
H20few mins .. i cant wait ..07:51
Assyro-D_is what out?07:51
ross-hyphenKarmic !!07:51
UbuntuUsertroopperi: i haven't option 'start vlc only a tray icon' avaible07:51
ubottuKarmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic is still NOT released and MAY break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1 - Await the release in #ubuntu-release-party07:52
invitingdopeman9.10 WHAT TIME IS IT COMEING OUT07:52
partyspoilerizzi: karmic is released if peopel are already on rc isnt it07:53
Assyro-D_oo :D07:53
ichat!shout invitingdopeman07:53
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)07:53
DaZpipe >:07:53
ross-hyphenWhat a let down after all the release date hype07:53
ichatross-hyphen:  dont be rude, go be a kiddy elsewhere...07:54
=== clay_ is now known as ClayG
isola73dsh33pi got this error while trying to update: - http://paste.ubuntu.com/304103/plain/07:54
isola73dsh33phow to solve it?07:54
ichatross-hyphen:  ubutu is due somewhere today -  in the   EN_UK  (GMT)   timezone07:54
UbuntuUsertroopperi: i have found it. i have to expand additionaly qt option07:54
mneptokichat: please be polite.07:55
tstebutIs there any xen user in here ?07:55
Flannelichat, ross-hyphen, invitingdopeman, et al: Karmic will be released sometime within the next 28 hours.  Please go to #ubuntu-release-party if you wish to ask/discuss it further/whatever.  Thanks07:55
ichatmneptok:  - sorry cant stand for users whi - come here and why that ubuntu isn't out yet (because the cant be paciently waiting for a few more hours07:56
ross-hyphenSorry if you thought I was being rude - just disappointed07:56
SingAlongthe whole release party channel is a troll and full of noobs talking about windows.07:57
mneptokichat: channel your frustration toward something productive. like talking someone out of a Windows 7 upgrade. ;)07:57
partyspoilermneptok: windows 7 is super07:57
mneptokSingAlong: that does not negate the fact that this is a support channel, and everyone needs to stay on-topic.07:57
=== shady` is now known as shady
=== shady is now known as Shady
raikdoes my whole sys change with upgrade to Karmic?07:59
MinusSevendownloading now07:59
MinusSevenversion 14 of Winzip08:00
tonyyarussoraik: nah, just the wallpaper08:00
Flannelraik: In some ways yes, in others, no.08:00
raikwill my application such as pidgin and firefox also get upgrade?08:01
Flannelraik: Yes08:01
Irlaendri wonder08:01
Irlaendrwasnt 9.10 supposed to be released today?08:01
tonyyarussoIrlaendr: #ubuntu-release-party - it will.08:02
FlannelIrlaendr: It's still today.  #ubuntu-release-party08:02
Assyro-D_looks like it was but hmm....08:02
MockYit can take up to 10 hours before it's available08:02
acalvohow can I install a specific version of a package?08:02
Irlaendrtonyyarusso: Flannel: thanks08:02
MightyTweekisola73dsh33p, what is it you're trying to do exactly?08:02
eyalw_Hi, does anyone know where can i find these icons for download? http://www.iconspedia.com/search/gnome/40/    I know its tango, but tango has 215 icons, and this set has 300+08:02
megamanx1978What is new in 9.10?08:04
isola73dsh33pMightyTweek, i'm checking for updated... :/08:04
goosemegamanx1978: it's EPIC08:04
goosealso, it's stable08:04
indian_munndahi guys! I am here. For having a suggestion from you. I am Organising a TECHNICAL FEST in my college but i am not getting a good name for that. I have google too, but whichever name i like is already taken....:P. So can you guys please suggest me an attractuive name for the TECHNICAL FEST?????08:04
tonyyarussomegamanx1978: #ubuntu+1 for 9.10 questions08:04
KurtKrautindian_munnda, the term 'install fest' is rather popular.08:05
isola73dsh33pMightyTweek, nvm, i've solved it. Turns out i need the installation CD and mount it using sudo apt-cdrom08:05
Bombbumlol epic?08:05
isola73dsh33pthanks anyway :)08:05
MightyTweekisola73dsh33p, you shouldn't need the cd-rom for updates, you may get an error message if it can't find it but apt should still check the servers08:06
raikhow to remove adobe air based application?08:06
ltspadminxserver-xorg-video-all if i install this package then thinclient display problem is resolved ??? in ubunut 8.04 ltsp server08:06
indian_munndaKurtKraut: i think is not that attractive dude ..:) any other suggestion....:P thanks for your reply08:06
KurtKrautindian_munnda, if you want your event to be a marketing success, just put the word 'hacker' or 'hacking' on it.08:07
=== Avash is now known as Avash_sir
=== zzzzzZZZZzzz[m3n is now known as zzzzzZZZZzzz
indian_munndaKurtKraut: yes you are totally right, I recently made a successful event by using the word "hacking". I was expecting very less people. But i got a very big reponse. People didn't get seats to sit there in the seminar hall....hahaha...lolzz08:09
ikoniahello bushwakko08:10
ltspadmini install ubuntu 8.04 ltsp (amd64 bit) on my server but client is i386..on some client display problem is there..so can i have to install amd64 bit driver or i386 driver for thinclient08:11
icarus-cis the open office in ubuntu go-oo or standard sun openoffice?08:11
krautKurtKraut: your name is annoying ;)08:12
KurtKrautkraut, don't be so jeallous :P08:12
indian_munndanames disscussions08:12
krautKurtKraut: i'm not, but your highlights are spamming my mail-inbox... grrrr ;)08:13
juanefrenwhat time will 9.10 be released ?08:13
mneptokjuanefren: 25 o'clock08:13
Beni_yepp I would have asked that too...08:13
Beni_Last time as I remember it was 3 pm. Am I right?08:13
Beni_I mean the last release.08:14
ikoniaguys- check the topic of this channel please08:14
mneptokthere is no set time.08:14
juanefrenmneptok: good one :)08:14
mneptok#ubuntu-release-party for release stuffs08:14
KurtKrautkraut, what do you use to highlight?08:14
krautKurtKraut: irssi-proxy. maybe something what i need to fix08:14
ichatmneptok:  -  if that talkin involves smashing a Mircrofrut winmac   -08:15
blue112Can't we make a bot which notice to every incoming user "Hey, karmic koala isn't out yet ! If you wanna know when, go to #ubuntu-release-party" or something like that ?08:15
mgmuscarihmmm... is pulseaudio supposed to just exit if it starts using a lot of cpu?08:15
Avash_sirHA HA HA HA HA08:15
Avash_sirSO FUNNY08:15
FloodBot2Avash_sir: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:15
Avash_sirHE HE HE HE08:15
Avash_sirYOU CALL ME SIR FloodBot108:16
Beni_Don't shout Sir!08:16
mneptokAvash_sir: the <capslock> key is on the left side of your keyboard. you should press it.08:17
=== shady` is now known as Shady
=== Avash_sir is now known as YOU_ARE_MY_BOSS
Beni_And check the Caps Lock light on the right.08:18
YOU_ARE_MY_BOSSthanks assistant mneptok08:18
=== pschulz01 is now known as pschulz02
mgmuscariwhat the heck08:18
mgmuscariwhat's going on in here?08:18
=== pschulz02 is now known as pschulz01
=== YOU_ARE_MY_BOSS is now known as HEY_BOSS
[V]ortex`question: when i upgrade from 9.04, will my settings be retained? like browser, shortcuts, desktop panels etc08:20
mgmuscariwhere are the admins08:20
=== pschulz01 is now known as not_pschulz01
gooseHEY_BOSS: ignore the capslock suggestions. new suggestion: hold down the power button on your computer for about 5 seconds.08:21
mgmuscari[V]ortex`: given past experiences, i would backup my /home before upgrading if i were you08:21
mgmuscarigoose: that's a good one08:21
Beni_That will cause a big surprise for you! ;)08:21
Flannelgoose: Please don't be malicious08:21
[V]ortex`mgmuscar: i'm dual booting, so i don't have data to backup; i'm just curious about my tweak settings08:21
HEY_BOSSokay, you guyz are teaching your boss08:21
mgmuscari[V]ortex`: back up your home08:21
mgmuscariif anything goes wrong, you can recover your compiz config, bookmarks, whatever from there after the upgrade08:22
mgmuscari[V]ortex`: i always keep /home on a separate partition08:22
[V]ortex`mgmuscari: i'm new, what's in /home?08:22
mgmuscari /home is where all your user files go08:22
mgmuscaritry doing cd /home/Vortex (or whatever)08:22
=== not_pschulz01 is now known as hurry_up_and_rel
Beni_It's freeezing here. :S:S:S08:22
mgmuscariand then run a ps -A08:22
=== HEY_BOSS is now known as sad
[V]ortex`mgmuscari: i switched off compiz, have no bookmarks; all i tweaked was the panel; are the panel settings there?08:23
mgmuscariit'll show you all the hidden config files and folders08:23
mgmuscari[V]ortex`: yep08:23
sadblah blahs08:23
[V]ortex`mgmuscari: ok, thanks. Alternatively, if i want to upgrade 'clean', waht do i do?08:23
mgmuscari[V]ortex`: neat tricks to use: if you're going to do a clean install, you can spit out your list of currently installed packages from dpkg08:23
mgmuscariand in the feed it back in after the install to reinstall everything08:24
=== PuTrA_caem is now known as andre_cool
[V]ortex`mgmuscari: can you explain further? waht is dpkg?08:24
mgmuscaridpkg handles a database of all the software you currently have installed08:24
mgmuscaritry running dpkg -l08:24
=== sad is now known as VERY_VERY_HAPPY
[V]ortex`mgmuscari: the only thing i installed was ff3.5, and i think 9.10 comes with it; so how do i clean install without remnants remaining?08:24
mgmuscarijust blast away your current linux partitions when you get to the partitioner step in the installer08:25
[V]ortex`mgmuscari: what do you mean? install over? change partitions?08:25
colei hate it when girls just wanna be friends08:25
mgmuscari[V]ortex`: format your partitions when you reinstall08:25
mgmuscari[V]ortex`: just your linux partitions08:26
Flannelcole: Please stay ontopic08:26
colei was wondering can i downgrade to xubuntu with unetbootin08:26
[V]ortex`mgmuscari: i see, ok thankew. i'm assuming there will be such an option when i upgrade?08:26
=== hurry_up_and_rel is now known as icanhazit
agusmy ubuntu run slowly after install xubuntu-desktop instead of xfce08:26
mgmuscaricole: i think you posted an errant message here08:26
=== VERY_VERY_HAPPY is now known as ialsocanhazit
colebecause unetbootin seems to be a piece of crap08:26
colei was just speaking me mind08:27
mgmuscari[V]ortex`: errr, i dunno. if you just want to do a clean install, just burn the livecd and install from scratch08:27
aguscan I remove gnome after install xubuntu-desktop?08:27
mgmuscaricole: something about girls? i dunno08:27
colelol oh w/e08:27
coleit wasent that bad08:27
bryantUh, I know this is an Ubuntu channel, but does anyone mind if I ask a hardware question?08:27
[V]ortex`mgmuscari: ok thanks. I was just wondering if there's any other options to work from within 9.0408:27
colesure whats the question?08:28
* goose hugs cole08:28
isola73dsh33pok, is it out yet?08:28
mgmuscari[V]ortex`: in my experience, upgrading to the next distro stinks08:28
mgmuscari!isitout | isola73dsh33p08:28
ubottuisola73dsh33p: No! It's not out yet! Await the release in #ubuntu-release-party, and be sure to read channel /topic!08:28
colewhy thank u08:28
crawlerhi there.  does anyone know of a way to toggle the "Activate screensaver when computer is idle" option, via terminal or a shell script?  i'm trying to make gaming less painful xD08:28
mgmuscari[V]ortex`: i always just do a fresh install, keeping my /home and bringing a list of packages from my previous setup with me08:29
colelol i know08:29
mathieuhi can someone help me? im trying to make: /home/mathieu/Desktop/ati-driver-installer-9-9-x86.x86_64.run a deb package but terminal keeps giving me:  Permission denied08:29
mgmuscariisola73dsh33p: antsy much?08:29
=== awilkins is now known as UbuntuHappyRelie
colebut it dose suck when girls just want to be friends lol just saying08:29
goosemathieu: chmod a+x08:29
mgmuscarimathieu: use sudo in front of that08:29
isola73dsh33pnot really08:29
=== LeNsTR|away is now known as LeNsTR
=== UbuntuHappyRelie is now known as awilkins
gooseI agree, cole. I hate hearing that... "Chris, you're such a good friend. I wish I could date a guy who was just like you. Just not...you"08:30
mgmuscarimathieu: oh, and maybe you need to chmod 700 it or something08:30
bryantI turned my computer off from inside windows to cold boot into Linux. After the computer powered off it won't turn back on. The PSU has a a LED lit on the back, but after pressing the power button I'm not getting lights, fans arn't spinning, HD disks are not spinning, no beeps, not other lights but the PSU light on the box are on. Any ideas?08:30
goosemathieu: welcome. that usually happens when you download the file from someone who hasn't modded permissions on it properly.08:30
mgmuscaribryant: weird acpi mode. yank the power cable, wait a few seconds, plug it back in08:30
mgmuscaribryant: didn't shut down properly for some reason08:30
bryantI'll give it a shot08:31
goosebryant: have you fooled with your jumpers at all?08:31
bryantNo goose, never played with any settings since I've had it for ~4 years, not even in BIOS08:31
mathieubtw whats chmod 700 (im a n00b)08:31
mgmuscaribryant: are you saying that once you turn it back ON you aren't getting anything?08:31
spaetz(win shr 308:32
p2when ubuntu 9.10 is coming?08:32
mgmuscarimathieu: 3 digits there, each represents 3 binary bits08:32
SmokeyDhey people. when I run apt-get update on my ubuntu jaunty machine, apt-update starts fetching stuff from ftp.debian.org/sid/main and then it says "Converting acl"  "Converting alsa", etc... What is this all about08:32
bryantmgmu, its not even turning on. I press the power button and not getting anything.08:32
bryantNo lights, no fans, no hard disk spins, no beeps, nothing08:32
SmokeyDI have no debian repositories in /etc/apt/sources.list08:32
goosebryant: perhaps the machine just died? :|08:32
mgmuscarieach set is for R, W, X for the: owner, owner's group, everyone08:32
mgmuscarimathieu: for more info, run man chmod08:32
gooseer, bryant, crack open the box and make sure the processor is plugged in correctly/all the way?08:32
SmokeyDgrep debian /etc/apt/* -iR doesn't return anythong08:32
mgmuscaribryant: clear your cmos?08:32
bryantLets hope not, goose. I just got done writing two papers on it08:32
bryantAnd no other boxes to play with the drive on =X08:33
mgmuscaribryant: even if the machine's dead, they're still on the disk :)08:33
bryantI know mgmu =P08:33
coleanyone excited for call of duty modern warfare 208:33
mgmuscariah, that's a problem...08:33
goosebryant: can always yank the drive and drop it in an enclosure08:33
goosecole: I'm considering preordering it08:33
goosemy day has been made08:33
mgmuscarii want dragon age origins08:34
mgmuscarialso, forza motorsports 3. why did i buy a ps3 instead of an xbox360???08:34
mgmuscarisorry, OT08:34
colelol ps3 is much better08:34
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!08:34
mgmuscariyes, but... but... my car is featured in the forza 3 trailer :[08:34
crawlerabout my previous question: i found the key in gconf-editor "/apps/gnome-screensaver/idle_activation_enabled" but does anyone know how to toggle it via terminal?08:34
coleu can do whatever u want to that thing08:35
bryantJust pulled the CMOS battery out, but I doubt its a BIOS problem. I'll try anything at this point, though.08:35
mgmuscaricrawler: ostensibly that setting would be in a file somewhere...08:35
SunlessHaloyo... I'd like to ask, how could I Import my calendar and settings from my windoze Sunbird to this linux one...08:35
mathieu realy sorry but whats chmod/how do i chmod??08:35
bryantNothing seemed too hot when I cracked the case open08:35
mgmuscarimathieu: do you know how to open a terminal?08:35
=== icanhazit is now known as isitout
goosemathieu: open terminal, then do: chmod a+x /path/to/file/blah08:35
=== Loafers is now known as William
gooseyou may need to sudo08:35
crawlermgmuscari: yea, i figured as much :-)  i'll do some sniffing around08:36
bryantmathieu, you can learn a lot about a command if you open a terminal and type 'man (command)' without the sing quotes or parentheses08:36
mgmuscarimathieu: i second bryant on that08:36
=== William is now known as Guest37148
=== isitout is now known as w7sux
mgmuscarireally with this guy?08:36
=== Guest37148 is now known as WilliamHenryGate
mgmuscarihaving a little too much fun with the /nick command...08:36
goosebad troll is bad, mgmuscari08:37
bryantAnyone in here go to the Florida Linux Show last Saturday? You may have seen me there =D08:37
sesahhey, does anyone know when karmic koala will be in the repositories?08:37
goosebut we get attacked for mentioning video games between support answers -_-08:37
mgmuscari!isitout | sesah08:37
ubottusesah: No! It's not out yet! Await the release in #ubuntu-release-party, and be sure to read channel /topic!08:37
bryantROFL, mgmu08:38
=== w7sux is now known as canihaz
mgmuscarii've been spending too much time in here lately08:38
mgmuscarii see what the problem is08:38
mgmuscarino ops in here right now08:38
crawlerlooks like i can do what's needed with gconftool-08:38
bryantCrawler, what are you trying to do?08:38
obiwan_wenoassssssssssss oyee com ova karmik08:39
obiwan_sale ya o que? jeje08:39
bryantAnyone in here go to the Florida Linux Show last Saturday? You may have seen me there =D (Sorry for semi-spam)08:39
mgmuscari!es | obiwan_08:39
ubottuobiwan_: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.08:39
obiwan_lol this is the engish  chanell sryy08:39
crawlertoggle the screensaver idle option via terminal, or shell script for gaming08:39
kyenteiAnyone know the exact time of the 9.10 release?08:39
obiwan_sry mgmuscari i got confused hehe08:39
mgmuscari!isitout | kyentei08:39
ubottukyentei: No! It's not out yet! Await the release in #ubuntu-release-party, and be sure to read channel /topic!08:39
bryantmgmu, I'm going to have to watch you with these irc commands =X08:39
mgmuscariobiwan_: np08:39
mgmuscari!ubottu | bryant08:39
ubottubryant: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots08:39
crawlerbryant: forgot to say your name, see aove xD08:39
=== OramahMaalhur is now known as PartyB
=== PartyB is now known as OramahMaalhur
obiwan_well guys, my question translated to english is,... hey guys sup with karmik when's it going outttttT? :P08:40
bryantOh, I see, Crawl08:40
mgmuscari!isitout | obiwan08:40
ubottuobiwan: No! It's not out yet! Await the release in #ubuntu-release-party, and be sure to read channel /topic!08:40
mgmuscarimissed the underscore08:40
johe|workdoes 9.10 gonne be released today?08:40
crawlerbryant:  yea most games disable screensaver, but zsnes isn't one of them08:40
obiwan_ok hehehe HAHAH lol it must be a really asked question cause you got a !message for it haha08:40
mgmuscari!isitout | johe|work08:40
ubottujohe|work: No! It's not out yet! Await the release in #ubuntu-release-party, and be sure to read channel /topic!08:41
obiwan_ahahaha is everybody asking the same this morning? :P08:41
mgmuscariobiwan_: yes :p08:41
bryantWhy specifically through screen saver? Just quicker?08:41
obiwan_^_ ^08:41
lyq99i have one question08:41
mgmuscari!ask | lyq9908:41
shled/join #ubuntu-release-party08:41
ubottulyq99: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)08:41
bryantErr, crawler, why through terminal? Just wuicker?08:41
mgmuscarilol i'm just being extremely pedantic right now08:41
puffHi... I need a little help with manually mounting an external drive.08:41
lyq99i cannot download ubuntu 9.1008:42
mgmuscari!isitout | lyq9908:42
ubottulyq99: No! It's not out yet! Await the release in #ubuntu-release-party, and be sure to read channel /topic!08:42
Nickname_morning, I am using ssmtp to send emails from my server, but when I send something from a form on the site I always get www-data as the sender08:42
johe|workmgmuscari, thx :-)08:42
crawlerwell, i'll include the command in the shell script i use to start zsnes08:42
Nickname_any ideas how can I change that?08:42
bryantOh, they gave out 9.10 RC cds at the Florida Linux Show. Cannonical was there 8)08:42
=== Nickname_ is now known as NublaII
mgmuscaripuff: external? usb?08:42
SmokeyDman! I am running into https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/apt/+bug/396205 THis really is annoying. Apt-get is virtually unusable now08:42
puffYes, external, usb.08:42
puffIt is not auto-mounting, for some reason.08:42
crawlerbryant: lol forgot your name again, see above (i'm an irc noob if you can't tell:-)08:43
puffI'm seeing it show up in dmesg as sdc/08:43
=== canihaz is now known as whensitout
bryantOh, I see what you did there =]08:43
puffAnd I have a /dev/sdc and a /dev/sdc108:43
mgmuscaripuff: can you manually mount it using mount?08:43
bryantCrawler, you familiar with bash? If so, very nice =]08:43
psicobraTecnoBrat, you still here08:43
mgmuscarisdc1 would be the partition on the disk08:43
puffmgmuscari: Well, mount -a doesn't do anything.08:44
sonnyhope canonical really2 prepare for tonight crowd : downloading new karmic08:44
mgmuscaripuff: try this: sudo mount /dev/sdc1 /path/to/whatever08:44
mgmuscarisonny: that's what bittorrent is for :)08:44
mgmuscariwhy am i still awake at 4:44am?08:44
crawlerbryant: not too much, i'm still learning the basics.  but i have it to where it kills compiz, then loads metacity..and when i close zsnes, nestopia etc. it turns compiz back on08:44
puffmgmuscari: Cool, that worked.  Thanks!08:44
bryantAlright... time to try the box again mgmu.08:45
mgmuscaripuff: np :)08:45
mgmuscaribryant: depending on your irc client... !tab08:45
ubottuNo! It's not out yet! Await the release in #ubuntu-release-party, and be sure to read channel /topic!08:45
mgmuscarithought there was an entry for tab08:45
ubottuYou can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.08:45
mgmuscari!tab | bryant08:45
ubottubryant: please see above08:45
FloodBot2mgmuscari: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:45
sonnyanybody knows whether new karmic is also ready from local repositories tomorrow?08:46
mgmuscarinow i feel bad...08:46
psicobrahi guys i am trying to mount a samba share on start up via fstab and it works great except the permissions arent what i need them to be08:46
psicobrai have //PSICOBRA-PC/F /media/movies smbfs    uid=1000,gid=1000,mode=0666 0 008:46
mgmuscari!isitout | sonny ... ostensibly, yes08:46
ubottusonny ... ostensibly, yes: No! It's not out yet! Await the release in #ubuntu-release-party, and be sure to read channel /topic!08:46
psicobrawitch sets it has my folder witch is good but i need myth tv to be able to access it08:46
psicobradoes any one knoe what that should be08:46
mgmuscaripsicobra: i was dealing with that the other day08:47
mrkikoHi all! I noticed ubuntu within grub passes to the kernel the root device in form of UUID:...; does the kernel need a special patch to understand this?08:47
bryantmgmuscari: Ah, thanks... Didn't know that. Anyway, box didn't boot after BIOS cleared. (Yes, I made sure power cable was out =P)08:47
MarkGilhi, I am trying to setup spamassassin, and trying to work out how to integrate http://www.malware.com.br/cgi/submit?action=list_sa into my sa-update script08:47
psicobramgmuscari, good so you can help08:47
Cahanwould 740MB free on / be enough to dist-upgrade?08:47
mgmuscaripsicobra: is myth tv running as a different user?08:47
sonnyubottu : thx, cuz last time upgrading my 8.10 to 9.04 i asked to switch my repository to main ubuntu server  :-)08:47
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)08:47
psicobrato be honest i don't know i have just this second installed it08:47
=== WilliamHenryGate is now known as PartyBotI
crawlergot it: "gconftool-2 --set /apps/gnome-screensaver/idle_activation_enabled --type bool 0"08:48
mgmuscarifyi first i made sure that /media/music (in my case) had the right permissions on it... before mounting08:48
karbois it out yet?08:48
crawlerso i just change bool 0, to bool 1 when the program closes xD08:48
mgmuscaricrawler: nice08:48
mgmuscari!isitout | karbo08:48
ubottukarbo: No! It's not out yet! Await the release in #ubuntu-release-party, and be sure to read channel /topic!08:48
karbooooh it's as funny as never before every sixth month08:48
crawlermgmuscari: heh, i love linux so much xD08:48
mathieuim really embarrassed to say this but besids your help i still cant worh it out. could you give me exactly what i should type knowing that im trying to make a deb pakage of: /home/mathieu/Desktop/ati-driver-installer-9-9-x86.x86_64.run ? sorry to bother you so much08:48
psicobramgmuscari, ?08:49
mrkikoif someone has the reply,please PM me - I can't intercept messages easily. thank you08:49
sonnysonny quit for  a while ....08:49
mgmuscarimathieu: i'm pretty sure that the fglrx installer has an option to create a deb when you run it... from that path, run: chmod 700 ati-driver* and then run ./ati-driver...08:49
mgmuscaripsicobra: i'm not totally comprehending what you're trying to do and what your problem is08:50
=== OramahMaalhur is now known as PatyBot1
mgmuscariyou want mythtv to be able to read/write the folder?08:50
crawlermathieu: sometimes it's easier to just right-click the file, go to "properties > permissions" and allow execution..08:50
mgmuscaricrawler: lol i didn't even think of that...08:50
=== PatyBot1 is now known as OramahMaalhur
bryantAnyone in here go to the Florida Linux Show last Saturday? You may have seen me there =D (Sorry for semi-spam)08:51
lenovosay ho! if youre at the exeter hotel08:51
psicobramgmuscari, well read mostly but best for it to do both?08:51
crawlermgmuscari: xD it's good to learn from the terminal first though08:51
=== ahmed is now known as Guest38003
sodawatersonny switch user name to sodawater08:51
mgmuscaripsicobra: well make sure that you have rw permissions set up on your samba server08:51
mgmuscaripsicobra: also you need to create a file with the username and password in it if it's password protected08:52
psicobramgmuscari, how?08:52
psicobrai have the folder mounted via samba in the fstab like this08:52
mgmuscaripsicobra: what are you using as your samba server?08:52
psicobra/PSICOBRA-PC/F /media/movies smbfs    uid=1000,gid=1000,mode=0666 0 008:52
mgmuscariso you're running samba on your pc...08:52
psicobrawhat ever comesd with the mythbuntu cd08:52
sodawaterI am looking for M$ Netmeeting desktop sharing replacement in Ubuntu, anybody knows good and compatible one?08:53
mgmuscarii don't know how to configure the samba server offhand... i have a maxtor central axis08:53
psicobrai tried changing mode to 0777 that broke08:53
Flannelsodawater: Ekiga08:53
rajsodawater: Ekiga is probably the best bet08:53
gsevilhow can I create ubuntu repository on Centos?08:54
mgmuscarialright, 5am. i'm going to get to sleep so that i can get up and drive around for a while before class08:54
sodawaterFlannel : I tried it once, and work perfectly with text chat, but i have trouble with desktop sharing. have u try it also?08:54
mgmuscari'night room08:54
rajspeaking of Desktop Sharing, Empathy, the new default IM client in Karmic, is supposed to include that feature08:55
Flannelsodawater: No, I haven't.  But Ekiga is an h.323 client, just like netmeeting08:55
amorphous_should apache give me a list of files int he /var/www/ directory by default?08:55
=== partyspoiler is now known as indus
MinusSevenit's coming08:56
MinusSevensorry, wrong channel08:56
stonedwhen is a karmic?08:56
sodawaterFlannel : yup that's true. I think it will work perfectly with voice or text, but cuz i still dont find the perfect configuration maybe it's just my configuration error08:57
Flannelstoned: Within 27 hours.  See #ubuntu-release-party08:57
stonedi have kde3 remix08:57
stonedshould i upgrade?08:57
stonedI only like ubuntu + kde308:57
sodawateranybody knows why karmic switched it's default im from pidgin to empathy?08:57
sodawateris it better/08:58
stonedsodawater, find out08:58
stonedmy6e, /quit08:58
sodawaterstoned : yeah i will, but right know i am pretty pleased with pidgin08:58
barneystinsonalexander got a small penis08:58
stonedsodawater, ok use pidgin08:58
stonedbarneystinson, no one cares.08:59
FloodBot2andy: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:59
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Inferushai all08:59
Wez9.10 is ouy today right?08:59
alexander_hannes stinkt08:59
sodawaterInferus : hi too08:59
Inferuswas playing with ubuntu 9.1 last night, where is my dockbar!08:59
jtnlget ubuntu 9.10?08:59
ubottuNo! It's not out yet! Await the release in #ubuntu-release-party, and be sure to read channel /topic!09:00
zirodayWez: within the next 27 hours, check out #ubuntu-release-party09:00
barneystinsonhow is horny?09:00
alexander_hörsall oder was09:00
alexander_ihr habt alle nen kleinen09:00
ziroday!de | alexander_09:00
ubottualexander_: In den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.09:00
Inferusanyone know the answer? :(09:00
FloodBot2bergjoha: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.09:00
InferusHow do you show the dockbar... the one that looks just like OSX's09:00
barneystinsonhey hannes hey whats up09:01
barneystinsoncan you make my body rock09:01
jtnlubuntu 9.10 desktop?09:01
zirodaybarneystinson: ?09:01
bergjohamartin da09:01
sodawaterInferus : perhaps you accidentally uninstalled your dockbar when upgrading to 9.10 then09:02
alexander_you have a small dig09:02
zirodaybarneystinson: do you have a support question we can help you with?09:02
bergjohana also geht doch09:02
bergjohaihr assi sers09:02
H20broadcast the party ...` Ubuntu `09:02
Inferussodawater: it was the beta release from ubuntu.com09:02
Inferusi was running it from cd09:02
DeSian_hi, what is happen with ubuntu karmic, i have the last alpha installed but i can't download or upgrade the system apt-get update && apt-get upgrade don't play any error, but by installing package "not package found pidgin" ...etc09:02
barneystinsonblitzkrieg mit dem fleischgewehr09:02
lodderHelp, I have setup a transparent squid server and now I don't have any internet access on the dhcp clients changed all the need configs09:02
lukaszWhat time exactly is karmick to be released?09:02
bergjohaAlex how are you09:02
zirodayDeSian_: ask in #ubuntu+109:02
zirodaylukasz: with 27 hours09:02
SunlessHaloyo, please is it possible to import my windoze Sunbird calendar & settings into the current Sunbirdu running on Ubuntu Karmic?09:03
barneystinsonfuck you bergjoha09:03
alexander_my name is alex09:03
sodawaterInferus : or just like the rest of us, let's wait the final release of Karmic in next 27 hours  :-09:03
H2027 h usa time ?09:03
barneystinsonfuck you bergjoha09:03
sodawaterH20 : in any local time  :-)09:03
bergjohafuck your mother martin09:03
bergjoha... and then fuck you all09:03
Inferussodawater: huh? Is that why I wouldn't have the dockbar?09:04
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.09:04
H20nice i m look for Sweden pirate time :)09:04
H20looking ^09:04
lodderHelp, I have setup a transparent squid server and now I don't have any internet access on the dhcp clients changed all the need configs09:05
Catalindid the last version of Ubuntu was release?09:06
sodawaterInferus : I am sure it is not, but I also have the same problem with other application when upgrading 8.04 to 8.1009:06
bigbrovarodder> u might want to ask that at the #ubuntu-server09:06
ziroday!isitout | Catalin09:06
ubottuCatalin: No! It's not out yet! Await the release in #ubuntu-release-party, and be sure to read channel /topic!09:06
agushelp me how to remove gnome09:07
zirodayagus: and replace it with?09:07
XtevenI'm looking for a way to keep track of all the papers I read, I would like to add notes to them and assign labels to them09:07
Xtevenis there something like that in ubuntu ?09:08
agusI have installed xubuntu-desktop, can I remove my gnome?09:08
ziroday!purekde | agus09:08
ubottuagus: If you want to remove all !Gnome packages and have a default !Kubuntu system follow the instructions here « https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PureKDE »09:08
sodawateragus : just make sure you already have the replacement first, KDE  for instance09:08
Flannel!purexfce | agus09:08
ubottuagus: If you want to remove all !KDE and !Gnome packages and have a default !Xubuntu system follow the instructions here « http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purexfce »09:08
zirodayagus: just do sudo aptitude remove ubuntu-desktop09:08
zirodayFlannel: oh neat09:08
agusis xfce depend on gnome?09:09
sodawateragus : no09:09
ubottuIf you want to remove all !KDE packages, type « sudo apt-get remove kdelibs4c2 kdelibs5-data && sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop » into a !terminal09:09
om26eragus, yes09:09
jcduttonWhy isn't the latest firefox version in karmic ?09:09
bigbrovaragus> xfce is based on gtk09:09
joaopinto!karmic | jcdutton09:09
ubottujcdutton: Karmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 29th, 2009 - Karmic is still NOT released and MAY break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1 - Await the release in #ubuntu-release-party09:09
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about lxde09:09
agusso I cannot remove gnome to change xubuntu?09:10
ubottuIf you want to remove all !KDE and !Gnome packages and have a default !Xubuntu system follow the instructions here « http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purexfce »09:10
BlackFatejcdutton, the day is still running.. patience09:10
Flannelagus: You can.  That link shows you how09:10
jcduttonBlackFate, what do you mean? The day is still running. Firefox 3.5.4 was released yesterday09:11
jcduttonbut karmic only has 3.5.309:11
om26erjcdutton, 3.5.4 might come a few days later09:11
BlackFatejcdutton, new version will come in karmic too09:11
induswill firefox  3.6 be in karmic?09:11
sodawaterhope karmic have special feature : option to change the placement of osd-notify09:11
zirodayjcdutton: 3.5.4 is unlikely to get into karmic, however it may become available in a PPA sometime soon09:11
mrfeltonso, what time does KArmic come out?!09:12
zirodaysodawater: it doesn't09:12
ziroday!isitout | sodawater09:12
ubottusodawater: No! It's not out yet! Await the release in #ubuntu-release-party, and be sure to read channel /topic!09:12
zirodayeek sorry sodawater09:12
agusare some default application like synaptic brought by gnome?09:12
induswill firefox  3.6 be in karmic?09:12
bao_you are all fool, 3.5.5 will come right after 3.5.409:12
om26erindus, you can install it in ubuntu karmic but karmic will never replace firefox 3.5.x09:12
Fri13Hi, what time the ubuntu gets released today?09:12
om26erindus, apt-get install firefox-3.609:13
sodawaterziroday :   :-(09:13
=== MadMax is now known as Guest28074
jcduttonziroday, why is there a delay between mozilla releasing a firefox version and ubuntu picking it up ?09:13
ziroday!latest | jcdutton09:13
indusom26er: its available as a separate package?09:13
ubottujcdutton: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are: fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports.09:13
bao_will firefox 3.6 work with my banking web site?09:13
indusyeah right, ubuntu people know more about firefox than the mozilla devs themselves09:13
om26erindus, just the name of firefox 3.6 and it says candidate not availble09:13
jcduttonubottu, the firefox 3.5.4 is a security bug fix over 3.5.309:13
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)09:13
zirodayjcdutton: Ubuntu is *not* rolling release09:14
induslame excuse really09:14
genericbao_: no ifact you would be putting youself at a serious risk by doing so09:14
SunlessHalobao_: Mr Murphy said... Thing that can go wrong, go wrong09:14
Inferussodawater: no the dockbar didnt even show up in the first place !09:14
induscan someone refer a few rolling releases to me09:14
agusso GTK's app need gnome09:14
Flannelindus: debian testing09:14
indusFlannel: non debian ones09:14
zirodayindus: Arch Linux