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jdobriensandy|lurk, that sounds like a cool idea02:46
jimqodecan i mount my ubuntuone space as a drive?03:28
Alareensomeone witgh "capabilities mismatch" [...] or need to update03:31
Alareeni cant connect03:32
Alareenany idea ?03:34
jimqodegot the same message here too03:35
jimqodemessage says be patient so that's what i'm doing right now :)03:35
Alareenho .. sry about my bad english .. hvnt understand this ...03:39
Alareenok, i will wait too, if i have no choise :p03:40
pfibigerhi guys, this is the bug regarding the capabilities mismatch03:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 462828 in ubuntuone-client "Files are marked for deletion on server when syncdaemon is killed during sync" [Critical,In progress]03:44
pfibigerit explains what's happening and why you're seeing the capabilities mismatch.03:44
=== rmcbride changed the topic of #ubuntuone to: Some users have reported scenarios where files have become unavailable. A fix is on the way. Read on for more details. http://bit.ly/3o3tQt | https://one.ubuntu.com | https://launchpad.net/ubuntuone | Current Beta Client Revno is 269, Protocol Revno is 73 | Release 1.1.0 (client) 1.0 (protocol)
Alareenhi ! Some news about the "problem" ?09:56
statikhi Alareen, it's fixed but the update is waiting to be published10:31
Alareenok statik, thanks !10:32
torosstatik: what do you think, when will be the update published?10:33
statiktoros: it's already been accepted by the ubuntu release team, i don't know the exact timing for how they move things into the updates archive after release but it will be in the very first updates available immediately after release10:34
statikwe will have updated packages in our ppa in a couple of hours also10:34
torosokay, thanks10:34
torosI'm just asking because I will send out the press release of the Hungarian LoCo10:35
torosso I don't want to send it out before UbuntuOne starts working again10:35
torosYou know, we don't want bad publicity in the press :)10:36
Alareen(sory for that but ... dropbox ? :)10:36
switchgirlk I got intruyctions to reinstall ubuntuone joshuahoover and now there are no ubuntuone files10:36
switchgirleven after reinatalling10:36
switchgirlso I'll reboot and be back soon10:37
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urbanapedun dun DUN14:00
urbanapeIt's about that time, sports fans14:00
urbanapeif you want to divert some time away from today's activities, and are hard at work on desktop+, give a shout out with a 'me' and let us know what you've DONE, what you've got TODO, and what's BLOCKing you.14:01
dobeyoh boo14:02
dobeyrodrigo_: guess you should start...14:09
urbanaperodrigo_, start14:09
rodrigo_• DONE: Fixed XML<->HTML converter. Submitted branch for better notes sorting on the web UI. Helped mthaddon and SteveA build fixed couchdb package14:09
rodrigo_• TODO: Talk to Ara about writing mago tests for evo-couchdb. Conflict resolver tool in pair tool. Look at becoming a MOTU (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopers). openSUSE/Fedora packaging with aquarius. API documentation for couchdb-glib. Make sandy's snowy test suite work with our server (http://git.gnome.org/cgit/snowy/tree/api/tests.py). Discuss with jdo and aquarius about oauth token per app, not per machine?14:09
rodrigo_• BLOCKED: BeautifulSoup not liking nested lists14:09
rodrigo_go dobey!14:09
dobey☺ DONE: Worked on (#357395) some more, but still not quite there14:09
dobey☹ TODO: Split up src pkg branches for multiple distros/branches, Backport fixes to stable-1-0, Finish fixing NM issues (#357395)14:09
dobey☹ BLCK: None.14:09
dobeyteknico: ciao che14:09
teknicoDONE: done more reviews; helped stuartm diagnose a python-openid problem when accessing login.ubuntu.com; done even more reviews14:09
teknicoTODO: integrate the client-side code needed by delete buttons on repeatable sections of the contacts edit form (#439093)14:09
teknicoBLOCK: none14:09
tekniconext: CardinalFang14:09
CardinalFangDONE: write INI dumping tool for couchdb. packaged couchdb patches, three times.14:10
CardinalFangTODO: More help with u1couch speed.  Clean up machines after karmic ad-hoc-ery.14:10
CardinalFangBLOCKED: None14:10
CardinalFangurbanape, tag!14:10
urbanapeDONE: Fixed sharing buttons on web UI (Bug #427766), put a branch together for unneeded status message.14:10
urbanapeTODO: See what else is up14:10
urbanapeBLOCK: None14:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 427766 in ubuntuone-servers "Revoking of shared folder isn't working on one.ubuntu.com website" [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42776614:10
vdsDONE: continuing to tes file sharing, desktopcouch, bindwood and tomboy, small branch to help with stats #454672, code review14:11
vdsTODO: again everything is needed for the release...14:11
vdsBLOCKED: nope14:11
urbanapeGuess that's it for a while.14:14
urbanapeMEETING ENDS14:14
jblountDONE: Robot work, a few reviews, started getting Vista / Window 7 VMs setup14:18
jblountTODO: Finish up VMs, get started on /files/ details that are currently undone14:18
jblountBLOCKED: Nope14:18
* jblount hides his head in shame and reads everones updates14:19
urbanapeso, is anything happening today?14:20
CardinalFangurbanape, just recover from all those hangovers from wild Windows 7 parties.14:21
urbanapeprolly a good idea.14:22
urbanapesaltines and water.14:22
* CardinalFang steels himself and goes to look at Slashdot.14:23
urbanapeoh, dear.14:25
CardinalFangWhew.  I'm back.  My nose is bleeding and ears are ringing, and I feel a bit dumber, but otherwise I'm okay.14:26
urbanapehappens to the best of us.14:27
urbanapeand now, it's HAMM...erSHOWERTIME14:29
torosI just got the latest ubuntuone from the proposed repository14:44
torosdo you need any specific help in testing?14:44
joshuahooverhi toros14:45
joshuahoovertoros: if you have the nightlies ppa, then you can test that things are working properly or not for you with the latest client release14:48
joshuahoovertoros: thank you for the help!14:51
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andylockranhey guys15:32
andylockrangetting 'capabilities mistmatch'15:32
andylockranis there some server update due to be applied.15:32
andylockranNot too worried about it myself, but wondering if it's a potential 'too new' version with the karmic release.15:32
dobeythere is a proposed update to the karmic package, should make it to official updates soon15:33
andylockranok, kewl15:33
popeyhows that for service andylockran :)15:33
jcastroandylockran: link is in the topic for details15:33
andylockranit's good. thanks jcastro15:33
=== rmcbride changed the topic of #ubuntuone to: Some users have reported scenarios where files have become unavailable. A fix is on the way. Read on for more details. http://bit.ly/3o3tQt | https://one.ubuntu.com | https://launchpad.net/ubuntuone | Current Beta Client Revno is 273, Protocol Revno is 73 | Release 1.1.0 (client) 1.0 (protocol)
rtaggerclient looks like working, the server now responds with 500 INTERNAL SERVER ERROR for various requests /files/, /folders, etc...16:23
rtaggerGET shared_with_me: 500 INTERNAL SERVER ERROR (all caps), next request for shaed_with_me - 500 Internal Server Error, nice example of cloud computing :)16:25
RamunasI keep getting Internal Server Error16:27
Ramunasalso, how do I add my computer to it? I can't seem to get a dialog to do that16:29
statikhi! that error is an um, error. lots of extra traffic today, checking the servers now16:35
Ramunasand for the second part, about adding my computer16:35
Ramunasit just tells me: You haven't added any computers or devices to your Ubuntu One account. To get started please visit the installation details.16:36
Ramunasand I have the client running, it shows a cloud with ! on it16:36
statikhi Ramunas, you may need to install an update which should be available very shortly after the release before it will connect - details at the top of the channel16:38
Ramunasso I should get the update via update manager?16:40
dobeylikely yes16:42
dobeythough you should still be able to get the token and authorize16:43
dobeyRamunas: if you click on the cloud with the ! and choose "Connect" what happens?16:44
Ramunasdobey: nothing, just the same as with nautilus, when I click connect button, it changes to connecting16:46
Ramunasand then back to connect16:46
dobeyRamunas: and you don't get an error dialog popping up?16:47
Ramunasshould I?16:47
dobeycan you pastebin the contents of ~/.cache/ubuntuone/log/oauth-login.log on http://pastebin.ubuntu.com please?16:48
dobeywell, it should work. but if there's an error, i would expect the dialog to pop up16:49
Ramunasdobey: all it says is: Starting Ubuntu One client version 1.0.216:49
Ramunasa few times16:49
dobeyRamunas: do you have a ~/.cache/ubuntuone/log/syncdaemon-exceptions.log file?16:50
RamunasI do16:50
Ramunaslet me pastebin it16:50
dobeyok, that makes sense16:52
Ramunasbut what's the sollution?16:53
Ramunasexcuse my spelling16:53
dobeynot sure, since i'm not sure what's wrong exactly16:54
dobeyif you right click on the applet, and choose quit, and then run ubuntuone-client-applet in a terminal, does it print any messages in the terminal?16:55
Ramunasno errors16:56
dobeyand after you choose "Connect" in the applet?16:56
Ramunasstill nothing16:56
dobeyvery strange :(16:56
dobeywhat happens when you run "xdg-open http://one.ubuntu.com/" ?16:57
Ramunasit opens up the page in my browser, Opera16:58
dobeyopera you say... what version?16:59
Ramunasthe latest build, one from today. 10.10 build 468517:00
dobeydo you still have firefox or another browser installed?17:01
RamunasI do17:01
Ramunasthe default firefox17:01
dobeycan you set your default browser to firefox in gnome-default-applications-properties, and then try to connect in the applet?17:02
Ramunasaha! I get the add computer screen now17:03
dobeyi wonder why opera is feigning success17:04
dobeyafter you add your computer, you can switch the default back to opera if you'd like17:04
dobeyyou'll probably need to install the update with update-manager for the ubuntuone client to successfully connect though. there was an issue with negotiating the protocol which the update fixes, and which isn't an issue for doing the authorization step through the browser17:05
Ramunasits connected, and I just put a file in17:06
Ramunasfirefox shows it just fine, but it seems Opera is not supported very well17:09
Ramunason the web interface it keeps saying: loading17:09
Ramunasand its not connecting again it seems17:10
jimqodei get a capabilities mismatch error when i try to connect to ubuntuone. It's been like that for about 10 hours now. Is it normal?17:16
dobeyRamunas: bug #453418 is already filed about the web site not displaying files list in opera correctly17:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 453418 in ubuntuone-client "files not seen in opera browser" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45341817:16
dobeyjimqode: see the link in the topic for more information. there is an update in proposed right now, and should be pushed out to updates soon today17:17
jimqodedobey, thank you17:18
Ramunasdobey: thanks for the help ;]17:18
dobeysure thing :)17:19
Ramunasif you ever need help with Opera ;]17:19
RamunasI'm on irc.opera.com ;]17:19
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RoAkSoAxHey guys, I was wondering if some of you have the "Capabilities mismatch" message18:52
joshuahooverRoAkSoAx: yes18:52
joshuahooverRoAkSoAx: are you on 9.10 or 9.04?18:52
RoAkSoAxjoshuahoover, 9.1018:52
RoAkSoAxjoshuahoover, yesterday it was working... today it is not18:53
joshuahooverRoAkSoAx: ok, the update should be coming shortly18:53
RoAkSoAxok cool. Thanks :)18:54
leoquantgot a compabilities mismatch with server error. out of the blue. what to do?19:29
joshuahooverleoquant: this is a known issue, please see: http://voices.canonical.com/ubuntuone/?p=129 for more info19:29
leoquantoops soory bout that joshuahoover...19:29
leoquanti'll take a look at it19:30
joshuahooverleoquant: no problem, we apologize for the inconvenience it's causing you and others19:30
leoquantthe linkage is down/dead19:31
leoquantok, done19:32
faribischJust started using Ubuntu One. I'd like to be able to put a sym link in the ~/Ubuntu One directory and have the destination folder's files be synchronized. However it it doesn't work for me and behaves as if nothing has been put in the ~/Ubuntu One folder at all. Has anybody else tried to do this? or is there some limitation will the sync daemon (or Python) that is preventing links from being detected?20:08
dobeysymlinks are not supported currently20:10
faribisch@dobey: Do you know where the limitation is- python script? I'm happy to do a bit of hacking and perhaps supply a patch if I can trace the source and get it to work. I think this is important to be able to have this feature because I don't really want all my synced docs in the Ubuntu One folder.20:13
joshuahooverfaribisch: we're looking at allowing users to set which folders they want to sync rather than force everything in the ~/Ubuntu One/ folder20:14
joshuahooverfaribisch: that seems to be the way we'll go first and then consider how to best support symlinks20:15
dobeyfaribisch: it's a very complicated problem, and we're looking at how to handle arbitrary folders and symlinks better for the next release20:15
faribisch@joshuahoover: Excellent. I look forward to that feature. Thanks for the good work.20:15
dobeythere is no good way to support symlinks :)20:15
joshuahooverdobey: shhhh... ;)20:16
dobeyespecially if we ever get a client for other operating systems that don't have such a concept20:16
faribischUnderstood. Thought there may be some compatibility issue lurking in there. Specifying folders would be a better way to go- like rsync.20:17
dobeysyncing random folders is almost as hard a problem20:17
dobeybut slightly less so20:17
faribischI guess that's the work of the daemon to sort that out. Would be good to see delta support as well which I can see is work in progess. I'll stay tuned for any updates20:22
artem_hi all!20:48
dobeyhi artem_20:49
joshuahooverhi artem_20:50
artem_hi guys)20:50
artem_I'm trying this new thing20:51
artem_and can't upload small file20:52
dobeywhat version of ubuntuone-client do you have installed?20:52
artem_I'm doing it through web interface20:53
dobeyyou're getting internal server error20:54
artem_*waiting for response* or something (in browser)20:54
dobeyjoshuahoover: all yours ^ :)20:54
joshuahooverartem_: we're on it right now...that part of the system has been giving us some trouble here lately...we've got people looking into it and trying to fix asap20:54
artem_thx for answer20:55
joshuahooverartem_: thanks for being patient :)20:55
rtaggerguys, just wanted to clear this out - the master bug report is called "Files are marked for deletion on server when syncdaemon is killed during sync". So are the files marked for deletion just when daemon is being killed or the new syncdaemon instance marked them as deleted only?21:10
joshuahooverrtagger: i believe the new syncdaemon instance marked them as deleted and then they get marked as such on the server and that propagates to the other computers on the account21:11
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WizzupHi - I am getting capabilities mismatches. A bit of googling brought me to this: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/910 | It tells me I have to update ubuntu one, but there are no updates available. Ideas?22:54
pauliuspawhen is expected for server to be compatible with client?22:57
joshuahooverif you do an update and install, then restart the ubuntu one client, all should be working again23:36
=== joshuahoover changed the topic of #ubuntuone to: #ubuntuone Updated client software is now available to everyone running Ubuntu 9.10. Please run Update Manager to install it. Enjoy 9.10! | https://one.ubuntu.com | https://launchpad.net/ubuntuone | Current Beta Client Revno is 273, Protocol Revno is 73 | Release 1.1.0 (client) 1.0 (protocol)
manolo_Hello everyone23:45
joshuahooverhi manolo_23:46
manolo_I was wondering whether you could help me through  a persistent .u1conflict problem23:46
joshuahoovermanolo_: i can try :)23:46
manolo_the thing is, I have the latest ubuntuone client installed23:46
manolo_(i understand that was an issue)23:46
joshuahooverare you able to connect ok  now?23:47
manolo_and I'm still getting some folders and files rebaptised as *.u1conflict23:47
manolo_yes i am23:47
manolo_i've tried to remove the offending file on one.ubuntu.com, to no avail23:48
manolo_.u1conflict keeps appearing23:48
joshuahoovermanolo_: what happens when you try to remove it via the web ui?23:48
joshuahoovermanolo_: ah, ok23:48
manolo_i'm running 1.1 r27323:49
joshuahoovermanolo_: you get this consistently?23:49
manolo_yes, if I remove the extension from one of those files, it immediately reappears23:49
groovehi, i'd like to use ubuntuone to take backups from a headless server23:50
grooveis there a way to do this, or is ubuntuone not really the right product for this task?23:50
joshuahoovergroove: so you want to run ubuntu one on a headless server?23:50
groovei guess i'm after some sort of command line utility23:50
groovebut it's also possible i don't fully understand it, and it's the wrong tool for the job23:51
joshuahoovermanolo_: ok, if you'd be willing to get some debug info, it'll be very helpful...can you quit the ubuntu one client (right-click and select "quit")?23:51
joshuahoovergroove: currently, you need some gnome stuff that requires a gui...we have plans to support a complete command line option in the future23:51
groovejoshuahoover: ok, thanks!23:52
manolo_wait, I can't see the icon now :) how do i close it?23:52
joshuahoovermanolo_: heh...good question! try this on the command line: killall ubuntuone-client-applet ubuntuone-syncdaemon23:52
joshuahoovermanolo_: ok, now, can you open ~/.config/ubuntuone/syncdaemon.conf for me?23:53
joshuahoovermanolo_: in that file, you want to add these 2 lines:23:53
joshuahooverlog_level = DEBUG23:54
manolo_just a sec23:54
joshuahoovermanolo_: sure23:54
manolo_I have no syncdaemon.conf; only ubuntuone-client.conf. Is that what you mean?23:56
joshuahoovermanolo_: ok, then run this command in a terminal session: echo -e "[__main__]\nlog_level = DEBUG" >> ~/.config/ubuntuone/syncdaemon.conf23:56
manolo_it's a new file with just these two lines, right?23:57
joshuahoovermanolo_: yep23:57
joshuahoovermanolo_: ok, now i want you to remove all your old ubuntu one log files by running this command in a terminal session: rm -rf ~/.cache/ubuntuone/log/*23:58
joshuahoovermanolo_: great! ok, start the client back up as you normally would23:59

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