Legendrewhat's the news on the 9.10rc - howzit working?00:30
hormesisi am a heron. i ahev a long neck and i pick fish out of the water w/ my beak. if u dont repost this msg in ever topic on irc i will fly into your kitchen tonight and make a mess of your pots and pans01:20
InFy_I have 1 small question01:36
InFy_When I upgrade my 9.04 to 9.10RC, will I be able to cleanly update once the full release is around?01:37
InFy_with update-manager -d or via update-manager then?01:38
InFy_And the answer is01:52
* InFy_ goes DING DING DING01:52
InFy_without -d01:52
bsharkHello, if my wireless card works in xubuntu full install, should it also work in a minimal install?01:54
bsharki want to do a minimal install and then add lxde and certain applications, but my wireless card needs to work to do that01:55
bsharkand suggestions?01:55
InFy_just try it if you have time to spare01:56
bsharkrunning out of blank cd's01:56
charlie-tcaInFy_: the answer is yes, you will be able to upgrade cleanly after tomorrow01:56
InFy_pro-tip: I use 1 CDRW for my OS'01:57
charlie-tcabshark: no suggestions for lxde. Xubuntu uses xfce01:57
bsharkmy question is mainly about wireless support in minimal install01:58
charlie-tcaBest suggestion I have is to download Xubuntu or Ubuntu and install it, then install the lxde desktop, perhaps.01:58
bsharkso its not really a question about lxde, thats just what i will do eventually01:58
bsharki would rather start from a minimal install and build from that, saving resources01:58
charlie-tcaShould be able to install the wireless card then.01:58
InFy_can you plug it to a cabled network?01:58
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs01:59
charlie-tcaA few helpfull tips, perhaps?01:59
bsharknot at my university, without paying for it01:59
bsharkso i use wireless01:59
charlie-tcaInFy_: I think, by definition, wireless means no cable01:59
InFy_you could start installing the minimal if you can hook it up to a cable01:59
InFy_and then install any necessary drivers02:00
charlie-tcabshark, take a look at those WifiDocs, before you disconnect02:00
bsharkwell heres the thing, the wireless cards that are supported...im wondering if they are supported in minimal also02:00
bsharki will look around02:00
InFy_yes charlie-tca, I'm using wireless atm as well, but my router, like most, can be used with cables02:00
charlie-tcaThat doc should tell you how to install it from scratch02:00
InFy_so how do you install a driver for wireless without cable anyway? :)02:01
bsharkcd drivers i guess02:01
InFy_for linux?02:01
charlie-tcaThat, and you can download it before you start the installation if it is one that is not in the kernel02:02
charlie-tcaI have three here that I keep on cd02:02
InFy_he said he was running out of CD's02:02
charlie-tcaalong with ndiswrapper02:02
bsharkthe alternative install cd, that allows minimal install is as big as the regular02:03
bsharkor atleast nearly02:03
InFy_what HW is it btw?02:04
charlie-tcayes, it has most of the files on it, even if you do a minimal install from it.02:04
InFy_I have to wait for another 15 minutes to dl all the packages for my upgrade02:04
InFy_I'll help google it :)02:04
InFy_to see if it's supported02:04
Animagladiushttp://npshare.de/files/fe0339ff/Screenshot.png <<< Is that normal?02:14
charlie-tcaLooks normal to me02:15
AnimagladiusGnome? In Xubuntu? D:02:15
charlie-tcaThat appears to be the karmic candidate02:15
charlie-tcawhere do you see gnome?02:15
AnimagladiusIt's using Gnome.02:15
charlie-tcaNot that I can see02:15
AnimagladiusWait what02:16
charlie-tcaI see the Xubuntu logo in the upper left, the Xubuntu background, The Xubuntu colors02:16
charlie-tcaThe Xubuntu panels02:16
charlie-tcaThe Xubuntu layout02:16
AnimagladiusThey... made it look like a Gnome theme... to confuse me!02:16
charlie-tcaload the Ubuntu image and you will a big difference02:17
Animagladius(Ignore my last few lines, I'm just so confused, I'm not used to this two-panel-layout anymore xD)02:17
charlie-tcaI see nothing gnome02:17
AnimagladiusYeah, me neither02:17
charlie-tcaI will tell you it will pull in OpenOffice when you install from that cd.02:18
AnimagladiusIt did last time02:18
AnimagladiusAny idea when there'll be the final?02:19
AnimagladiusFrom what I've heard it seemed to me that the *buntus besides Ubuntu would take longer..., like some more weeks longer.02:20
charlie-tcatomorrow some time02:20
AnimagladiusWow, awesome oo;02:20
charlie-tcaTrying to get everything cleared through Quality Assurance now02:20
AnimagladiusI think I might even give Kubuntu another try before re-installing Xubuntu. I loved it when I installed the beta, but my PC's way too slow to make it look all smoothy and stuff :/02:21
AnimagladiusAh. So you're from the team? o.o02:22
charlie-tcaI haven't been around much for this cycle.02:22
AnimagladiusAh, I see.02:22
charlie-tcaBut, yeah, I'm part of the team.02:23
* Animagladius uses no panels at all. Awn + right-click-menu = epic02:23
charlie-tcaI have heard that works for some02:23
AnimagladiusWow. o.o I'd love to become part of "the team" somehow, someday. If I was just talented enough. :D02:24
charlie-tcaEverybody is talented enough in one way or another02:24
charlie-tcaWe need testers, bug triagers, marketing, artwork, developers, etc.02:24
AnimagladiusArtwork... that might actually be something.02:25
charlie-tcaWe are a small group here, trying hard to produce something worthwhile.02:25
AnimagladiusXubuntu definitely is, in my opinion. My favourite distro so far.02:26
charlie-tcaTake a look at http://xubuntu.org/devel02:26
charlie-tcaWe try hard to keep it useable02:26
charlie-tcaand we are dedicated02:27
AnimagladiusSo am I. I guess.02:28
AnimagladiusHm... I'll join the mailing list now02:28
charlie-tcaheh... this is one way to find out :-)02:28
AnimagladiusThanks :) Maybe there's something I can do02:28
AnimagladiusYep ;)02:28
charlie-tcaYou are welcome02:28
charlie-tcaWe welcome you with open arms02:29
charlie-tcaI'll be giving one of the presentations at OpenWeek too02:29
AnimagladiusThe OpenWeek is held over IRC, right?02:30
charlie-tcaright. #ubuntu-classroom02:31
AnimagladiusAh. Thanks. :)02:32
charlie-tcayw; I'll be seeing you.02:33
Legendrewow, Karmic is really slick =)02:57
LegendreI'm used to slick with *ubuntu, but it's even slickerer02:57
Animagladiushttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QRzpQrZo-TE&fmt=18 <- :)03:02
AnimagladiusLegendre: The final's already out? D:03:04
LegendreI mean, no!03:30
LegendreI'm using the rc, it's fine-o03:31
Legendrewow, this chan is really slow, wtf.. lol03:31
* realistik does a pimped-out cricket impersonation!03:32
LegendreI just got a new lappy, actually a used but new-to-me lappy.. and went straight for the 9.10rc03:32
realistikI installed beta a couple weeks ago and have just been updating03:33
LegendreDell Inspiron 8600 - P4 (M) 1.5Ghz, 512M, 60GB03:33
Legendreyeah, it was free...! heh03:33
realistikfree hardware rules :)03:33
realistikmuch like Xubuntu03:34
Legendreowner had some WinXP Home disaster on it, would bluescreen on boot.. figured it was shot, haha.03:34
Legendreain't that the truth.03:34
* Legendre does a little dance, drinks a little water03:34
Legendreok, well, it was beer. And whiskey.03:35
Legendreanyway, I can report that the KKrc went on perfectly, including full wifi support, with no tweaking.03:36
LegendreI did install wicd, though, as I think it's the thing to have for wifi.. nice little soft.03:36
Legendreused to use wif-radar, but wicd seems miles ahead03:37
realistikI think it's still gonna be a few more years before I give up my network wires03:37
LegendreI was kinda thrust into it.. my gf/wife moved in, and she had wifi laptop, so I had to make it work for her. Then, I happened upon an IBM X31, wifi lappy, and it kind of went from there03:38
realistikYeah, all my friends that have gone wireless have followed a path much like that03:39
Legendreprior to that, it was all wired, including my old lappy.. a K6-2/400 with pcmcia network03:39
Legendrethe big guns dood03:39
realistikI yanked one of those the other day that took a lightning hit03:39
Legendreanother free hardware, so..03:40
realistikmust've been a bad one, the floppy drive, PSU and CD drive that were in it were all dead03:40
Legendrethis is one of the strong points of *nix.. you can stay 3-5 years behind in hdwe, and basically get the crap for free or close enough.03:40
realistikhehe yeah03:40
Legendreand still have as good or better perf than was seen when they were new, with Windows03:41
realistikI ended up with an eMachines desktop that my cousin upgraded from, it's got a 1ghz Celeron and max of 256mb RAM. I put Jaunty on it the other day for fun, but it crawled :/03:41
realistikhowever it has intel video on it so I may put Karmic on it and see if it's any better03:42
realistik(I'll still never use it for anything though, probably)03:42
Legendrebut I'm so spoiled and lazy now. I used slack for like 8-9 years, then my friend just kept bugging me to try a ubuntu. It was all over after that.03:42
realistikI've been running a slack box since '9603:42
realistikI use it for a router03:43
Legendrethat's weird, a 1G celly should be OK..03:43
Legendreis the ram the limit, or?03:43
realistikYeah, for some retarded reason it'll only take 256mb, it had 128 when I got it and I doubled it03:43
Legendremy work desktop is a PIII 1ghz, 512m, with jaunty.. and it's *FINE-O*03:43
Legendregoofy, 256m limit? Is it a desky or a lappy?03:44
realistikjust low-end is my guess03:44
LegendreI find that almost impossible to believe03:44
realistikyeah me too03:44
Legendreheh, learn something everyday I guess.. wth03:44
realistikbut I've seen several forum posts (googling) where people tried to get 512 in it and it wouldn't even POST03:44
Legendrethat e-machines stuff was pretty janky, some of it anyway03:45
Legendrewal-mart special03:45
realistikthey've come a long way from when they first started selling them, but they're still mostly crap03:45
Legendrethey're still in biz?!03:45
realistikoh yeah03:45
realistikwalmart made them a star03:46
Legendrelol, wow.. no idea.. I thought they were gone away like .. hotbot.com or something03:46
realistikthat makes me think of altavista03:46
Legendreyeah... and dogpile03:46
LegendreI just checked, there is still a hotbot..03:47
Legendrehow sad, really. in the day, one of the better engines..03:47
realistikyeah, it wasn't bad03:47
Legendrethat's before the mighty fscking G showed up03:47
realistikbut once Google became a verb and got in the dictionary, it was all over03:47
Legendrelast night, I was experiencing search overload.. So, I decided to try a /decision/ engine.03:48
Legendreit's just like a search engine, except that it sucks.03:48
realistikoh? I haven't tried ms's latest search offering yet03:48
realistiker...decision offering...whatever03:48
Legendrewhat a joke03:49
Legendrethey are so desperate.03:49
realistikI don't know why they're so interested in having a search engine, the money could be better spent elsewhere03:49
Legendre"hey everybuddy, Google sucks - goto bing.com!11!!"03:49
Legendrebecause they are losing it.. Google mail, google docs, google calendar, google feed your cat..03:50
realistikGoogle probably has enough resources to feed my dog, but I'm not sure I'd want that to happen.03:51
Legendregoog will blow MS away, sooner or later.. or at least take a huge chunk of their revenue, via obviating things like office.03:51
realistikmeh, Google's not doing that, despite what they'd have you believe, OOo is doing that03:51
Legendregoog has a good rep, and the proliferation of cheap b/w is on their side. In the not so distant, most common apps will be web-based.03:51
Legendreoo.o is wicked sweet, no args there..03:52
Legendrebut when you get all of that, and your docs are accy anywhere in the world, and, and..03:52
Legendrejust saying.03:52
realistikI'm not really a fan of doing my work on the web03:52
realistikIf it's a blog entry, great, but if it's anything remotely personal, that's what I have a hard drive for03:53
realistikSome people don't care one way or the other, of course, and as long as Google (or MS or whoever) is telling them their data is safe, they'll be happy to do it online03:53
realistikExcuses them from the responsibility of backing their data up heh03:54
Legendrewell, I don't like it that much either.. but I think this is how it will go.03:54
Legendreit's not like people will be verboten to run locally, and (we, the royal we) always will - to a large degree03:55
realistikaye, I've been reading it here and there since the late 90's, and it's been trending that way the past half-decade or so03:55
Legendrething is, if you *trust* the web-based content/app server, it eliminates SO MANY of the problems that plague the average biz base03:57
realistiker true03:57
Legendreupdates, backups, portability, accessibility..03:57
Legendreanyway, we're far OT and I'm not trying to preach anyhting. Just that I do see it coming, and that is what it is.03:58
Legendreone IMHO03:58
realistikI don't know that we're OT really, since we're the only ones talking hehe03:58
Legendreshit yeah, we could rate the superhunks!03:59
realistikit's been so long since I've been on IRC...such a shame03:59
Legendreyou know, it's odd.. but I actually think that IRC has gotten better04:00
LegendreIve been on since 1996 or so..04:00
realistikI dunno, I miss pre-timestamp EFnet, personally, IRC was more thrillnig back then04:00
realistikI started late 199504:00
LegendreI was never an ef guy, missed that mostly.04:00
Legendrestarted on dal, moved to freenode and oftc04:01
realistikI've always been on EFnet, was on Undernet for like six months once04:01
realistikI never could get into dalnet04:01
Legendreyou'll beat me with a sock full of rocks, but I used to op #windows95 on dal, back when it was a REALLY bizy channel04:02
realistikheh nice04:02
Legendrein the 95/98/ME days04:02
realistikUntil about 8 months ago I still had an eggy parked in #Windows on EFnet04:02
realistik(as a favor to some friends of mine who were opping there)04:02
realistikWhen I realized that I hadn't loaded xchat in like six months, I took out the cron job for it04:03
Legendreup till 8mo ago, I was still using BitchX04:03
Legendrehey, how old are you anyway?04:03
realistik38 today :)04:03
realistikthe only console IRC app I ever used was epic04:04
realistikand that only infrequently04:04
realistikused Xircon mostly from 1997 until about 2005, then switched to xchat04:05
realistikpretty much gave up on mIRC when Khaled started charging money for it04:05
Legendrehey man, hbd! I was 40 this May04:06
realistikthanks :)04:07
Legendrewelcome =)04:07
realistikSo how come there's tons of Ubuntu sites all over the web but none for Xubuntu? Is it because Xubuntu mostly works all the time and doesn't give you problems?04:08
Legendrewell, and most ubuntu issues apply to xubu04:08
realistikI like Ubnutu alright, but after trying Xfce I just can't make myself use Gnome anymore :/04:09
LegendreI never ran KDE or gnome, so.. wouldn't really know about that stuff04:09
realistikI've never liked KDE, I've always used Gnome and liked it04:10
LegendreI was always wm2 or black/fluxbox on Slack04:10
realistikI ran blackbox once, but it was too minimalist for me, I got spoiled on pretty interfaces heh04:10
realistikI've been curious to try LXDE lately but I'm kinda lazy04:11
Legendrebut I like xfcea lot too.. it does enough, just enough04:11
Legendrespeaking of OS, I think I need to see about nvidia drivers for this machine..04:12
Legendreis it worth it?04:12
realistikI install them first thing after a fresh install :)04:12
Legendrehow do you do it? I've never....04:12
Legendre(on *buntu*)04:12
realistikApplications->System->Hardware Drivers04:13
realistikwhen I've installed Jaunty or Karmic, it pops up automagically after I install, which saves me the trouble of looking for it04:13
realistikI think they can be had from the repos as well but I wouldn't know where to look04:14
Legendreok, I ran that applet.. it only offers one thing, nvidia lol04:14
Legendrejust activate it, that's it?04:15
LegendreDARE I?04:15
realistikDare you? :)04:15
realistikI think you'll have to reboot04:15
Legendreokey dokey, let's see what happens..04:15
Legendreman, are all Dells so creaky? This thing is like a rusty drawbridge04:16
realistikDunno, so far I've managed to never inherit one04:17
Legendreevery time I move it, like across an old wood floor... wtf04:17
Legendregood batt life, btw.. at 2 hours now. Still says 68%04:18
Legendreyeah, I kinda got lucky.. had to fix the optical drive, tho04:19
Legendresomeone tweaked it while it was open, so it would no longer open. Too much friction, couldn't overcome the spring that pops it out04:20
realistikyeah, I have about 3 drives that are like that, it's a PITA04:20
Legendrepeople are such slobs04:20
realistikbut they open just fine if there's a disc in it04:20
realistikthat's what I've never figured out04:21
Legendresomething odd happened...04:21
Legendrewhen I activated the driver, the sys got hot, started the fan.. and it's still hot.. won't shut off04:22
Legendrejust checked, FF is doing it.. weird04:22
Legendreok, reboot now... see what we get..04:22
realistikgl! :)04:23
Legendreok, back04:26
Legendrewell.... it seems to work, and glxgears gives me 10X the framerate as before..04:26
Legendrewent from 510f/s to 6000f/s04:26
realistikgotta love that!04:27
Legendrefan is running again..04:27
realistikmight put a dent in your battery life04:27
Legendrewhich I do NOT like, but we'll see how it goes04:27
Legendresounds like I need to service the fan on this unit. It's a little noisy, sounds like it's a bit loaded up04:28
realistikI hate noisy fans :(04:29
Legendrehm, something's not right..04:30
Legendrefan is still running, machine is hot. Top doesn't show anything that would cause it.04:30
Legendremight have to revert it04:31
realistikthat seems odd04:31
Legendreit is04:31
realistikI could understand if you were running WoW or something on it making it heat up]04:31
Legendrelet me reboot once, see what haps.04:32
Name141When can I get the Karmic ISOs ?04:36
Legendreno more fan... but it seems like once I used the nvidia accel, the fan stays on. Acpi issue?04:38
LegendreName141: I used bittorrent04:38
Legendrecame in very fast, like 12-15min04:39
Name141Legendre: eh?04:39
Legendreare you looking for the regular i386 desktop iso?04:39
Name141Legendre: I can't use torrents with my sat modem04:39
realistikDunno Legendre, I have no experience with *buntu on laptops04:39
Name141I'm looking for the 'gold', 'final', whatever release not a RC , Beta, etc04:40
LegendreName141: oh, that stinks. then just use the d/l link from xubuntu site. do you need a link to it?04:40
Name141It is already out ?04:40
Legendrethere is no final, it's just rc at the moment04:40
realistikNot that you'd know hehe04:41
Legendrebut get the rc, at most, you'll just have a few more updates to d/l04:41
Name141I assume it wont come out within the next hour, so I'm screwed another day.04:41
realistikThere's #ubuntu-release-party if you wanna wait04:41
Name141My unlimited time is 2-6 AM04:41
Name141er.. 1-604:41
Name141the rest I'm capped bandwidth04:41
LegendreSO, get the rc.. it works fine..04:41
Name141Legendre: I'm just wanting to download it to see if it will work , or they have fixed what is wrong in Intrepid, and Jaunty04:42
realistikbut Legendre's right, just get the RC and let it update04:42
Name141I suppose I can put it on a flash drive , the ISO that is?04:42
Name141so I don't waste a DVD/CD-R04:42
realistikI installed the beta over a Jaunty install a couple weeks back and have just been letting it update, had no real problems04:42
LegendreI used a CD-RR =)04:43
realistikheh yeah I used a CDRW :)04:43
Legendreerr, CD re-writable04:43
Name141The problem is the e1000e module doesn't work with the new kernels that was in intrepid04:43
realistikI only have one of them, have been using it for about 4 years04:43
Name141and it didn't work in Jaunty either04:43
Legendrean old 4X CompUSA brand disc, from like 199804:43
Name141so I'm not getting my hopes up for Karmic04:43
Name141I might buy a new NIC .. if I want to get off of windows for good04:43
Legendrewell a new nic is like what, $5?04:44
realistikah, dunno anything about that, Name141, I mostly use onboard ethernet nowadays04:44
Name141yeah, but it worked perfect in Hardy04:44
Name141realistik: it is04:44
Legendreused 3com 3c905 =)04:44
Name141"Status:   ASSIGNED "04:44
Name141So I'm guessing it's still broke04:44
realistikI'm trying to remember how many years since I used a 3com NIC04:45
Legendrefeck, I'll SEND you a new 10/100 nic lol04:45
Legendrebrb, cat is crazy04:45
Name141lol.  Send it on :o04:45
Name141get a trap04:48
realistikThere are times when I think lazy dogs are actually better than cats. Those times pass, but they come around more and more often the older I get.04:49
Name141It's stupid that I have to pay to get the cats put down that show up in the yard04:50
Name141So I just find nice places for them to go to04:50
Name141like they did me04:50
realistikwow, why would you have to pay to kill cats that aren't even yours?04:51
Name141that's how the local pound works04:51
Name141you bring in a cat, it's 'yours'04:51
realistikwe recently got rid of a bad rash of strays around here04:52
realistiksome volunteers helped with the trapping04:52
realistikand did all the relocation04:52
Name141They don't even have a free spay and nuder program04:52
Legendreare you out in the sticks?04:52
Legendreah ok...04:52
Name141The sheriffs office said just shoot'em and cover'em up04:52
Legendreso.. why not put them down yourself?04:52
Legendreyeah, exactly.04:52
Name141I don't think a SPCA would agree04:52
realistikthey totally wouldn't04:53
Name141and I don't want charges04:53
Legendrethen let them pay for it04:53
realistikbut I don't see them lining up to take care of the problem, either04:53
Name141yeah and the problem is getting worse with the new females growing to be full size04:53
LegendreI read something CRAZY a month ago.. the state of MN says that there are around 700,000 feral cats in the 7-county metro area04:53
realistikProTip: Newborn kittens are the best bait to put in a trap04:53
Legendrethat's almost unbelieveable04:54
realistikthat's insane04:54
realistikDid they also say that they weren't doing anything about it?04:54
Legendreeven if they're off by half, it's still mad!04:54
Name141plus I don't really wanna kill cats :-/ , although there are many skunks around here.. and if something gets rabis.. everything's gotta be shot04:54
Name141and I don't want the ones we actually care for to have to be put out04:55
LegendreName141: whereabouts do ya live?04:55
realistikYeah, I'm not a big fan of killing cats, but I don't think 80 of them that I have nothing to do with need to live in my yard.04:55
* Name141 sighs04:55
Name141North east Texas04:55
Legendreoh ok. I was down in Dallas last week04:55
realistiklol no way, where? I'm in Longview04:55
Legendren. dallas, mostly..04:55
Name141realistik: Lets just say I got some good hotlinks04:56
Name141er.. I think we should take this to an off topic joint04:56
Legendreanyway, you're from TX, so you have plenty of guns.04:56
realistikI think it's a law.04:57
Legendrens, lol04:57
Legendremy wife is from TX, she has more of them than I do..04:57
realistikPlus we have drive-thru liquor stores04:57
realistikIt's a totally winning combination04:57
Legendrealcohol and night swimming!04:58
Name141Mr. J's is one of those04:58
Legendreeither of you guys have AKs?04:58
LegendreI build those things, for fun und profit04:59
realistikmy friend built an AR-15 a few years back when we were doing a bunch of shooting04:59
realistikand I have a friend that collects WWII-era military gnus04:59
realistiker guns04:59
Legendrethat's cool, I like the WWII arms also04:59
Name141got any NAZI stuff?05:00
Legendreand the cold war arms05:00
LegendreI have Hitler's canoe05:00
realistikI think most of the stuff he has now is Russian, Name05:00
Legendremy grandpa took that canoe off a dead nazi05:01
Legendrehey, how do you do a r-click on a synaptics pad?05:04
LegendreI forgetz05:04
realistikI think I'm gonna bail too, guys, nice talking to you, take it easy :)05:11
strokeUhmm I was wondering me if some could help me get dockbarx runnign on xubuntu06:11
suturHi folks. I've got an 8GB USB memory stick. Would it be faster to install xubuntu on that, rather than using the hard disk? Seems like HDD is a huge bottleneck...06:21
suturUhm, regarding boot times, application load times etc...06:21
Balsaqcan xubuntu run wireless?06:28
raevoloh man06:53
raevolhow long till 9.10 is live :D06:53
Name141Good question, I got only 4 hours of download time left before I am capped at 400 MBs per 24 hours06:54
Name141so it looks like it' going to be another day for me06:54
lockyis there anyway i can control the volume in xubuntu 9.04 with the volume control dial on the front of my laptop06:56
raevolwill 9.10 karmic be available about the same time as normal ubuntu? or later?07:29
Sysiwhy not07:32
_Techie_i would think so07:32
_Techie_hey Sysi, do you know if the other architectures will release simultaneously or whill they follow shortly after?07:33
Sysino i don't know07:34
_Techie_for my sake i hope it isnt too long before karmic is out for PPC07:34
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* Avash_sir greets everyone hello08:11
* _Techie_ waves at Avash_sir 08:12
Avash_sir_Techie_, hello sir08:12
_Techie_may i be of assistance?08:12
Avash_sir_Techie_, nah, i was just testing my  new nick08:13
_Techie_cool, ill leave you to it then08:14
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MaxFrameswill I have to update my repositories to upgrade from 9.04 to 9.10, or will it be enough to use the update manager?08:21
=== HEY_BOSS is now known as sad
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MaxFramesmake up your mind...08:24
=== VERY_VERY_HAPPY is now known as ialsocanhazit
Sysiialsocanhazit: please don't nickflood08:27
_Techie_ello Balsaq08:57
Balsaqyellow _Techie_08:58
Balsaqgot rid of that beep...08:58
Bear10_While installing xubuntu, it locks up / freezes at 64% where it does configuring python 2.6, any ideas?11:17
Tesssaanyone tell me when version 9.10 will be out supposed to be taday12:56
tavastiTesssa, join #ubuntu-release-party13:01
raevolit's madness13:08
Pres-GasHey, all!14:35
SiDiDoes anyone have the .torrent file for Xubuntu 9.10 final?14:43
likemindeadHaven't seen it yet, SiDi.14:46
charlie-tcaXubuntu 9.10 is Officially out! The servers may be slow downloading at this time. Please use torrent downloads if you can.14:47
SiDiok, got 'em14:48
SiDiwill be seeding soon14:48
berhowis 9.10 out14:54
berhowi think so14:54
berhowso are the torrents updated and whatnot on     gpg --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv 976b5901365c5ca1 gpg --export --armor 976b5901365c5ca1 | sudo apt-key add -14:54
berhowupdated on here: http://torrent.ubuntu.com:6969/ ?14:55
charlie-tcaI don't have those keys, but the torrents should be up to date14:55
charlie-tcaThe mirrors are updated14:56
berhowok thanks charlie-tca, i didn't want to start seeding the rc or anything14:57
charlie-tcaYou are welcome14:59
rr72how do you statrt seeding w/o downloading if you have the iso?15:01
rr72yes i checksumed it15:01
rr72hey yeah cody-somerville15:01
rr72how do I seed if I have the downloaded isos? but I dl them seperately15:05
charlie-tcaI don't know how to do that. I stay away from torrents and use rsync here15:07
rr72i wanted to give back to the project by contributing bandwidth but idk how15:07
berhowjust put the iso in the same directory your torrent will download to15:10
berhowthen start the torrent15:10
berhowmake sure the file names are the same for the torrent you're using15:10
berhowthen start the torrent15:10
berhowyour program should check the hash and if it's the same you'll start seeding15:11
rr72ok, waiting for the dl to finish ina min15:11
rr72ty berhow15:11
berhowyou're welcome15:11
rr72i just recheck / verify torrent and didnt need to close it :-D15:19
rr72now seeding alt 6415:19
kromarif i do a new installation of 9.10 will grub2 be installed as well?15:38
charlie-tcagrub2 is the default for 9.1015:39
kromarok, any easy way to install grub2 after an upgrade?15:39
charlie-tcaCheck the release notes, I think it tells how15:40
kromarah yes found it already:D15:40
kromarbut i think im gona do a fresh install anyway, maybe the sound muting problem gets fixed with it:O15:41
charlie-tcasound muting?15:42
charlie-tcaYou have pulseaudio installed?15:42
kromarwell every time i reboot the sound is muted15:42
kromarnot sure if i have pulseaudio installed15:42
charlie-tcaYou do. That makes it mute15:43
kromarit apeared first when i upgraded to 9.04 on my desktop and on my laptop15:43
charlie-tcaSimple fix is to remove pulse audio15:43
charlie-tcaDid you have ubuntu installed first?15:43
kromarno i always had xubuntu installed15:43
charlie-tcaOkay, use synaptic Package Manager to remove pulseaudio, it will quit muting15:44
kromarjust removed pulseaudio on my laptop and it looks like that fixed the muting problem, tahnks a lot15:56
charlie-tcano problem16:00
kromar1hi, is it possible to limit the download upload speed per system?16:06
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maddy83hi folks, love the new 9.1019:06
AxiusWhere can i find a torrent to downlaos xubuntu 9.10?19:07
AxiusWhere can i find a torrent to downlaod xubuntu 9.10?19:07
knomemaddy83, mukava kuulla :) what in particular do you like in it?19:07
maddy83well, it looks pretty good, and it's pretty fast19:08
Sysihow manu finns here are? :o19:08
Sysidownload pages are soo jammed19:09
maddy83torrent works good19:11
Sysino but site to get it19:11
Sysii took yesterday daily :)19:11
Sysibad broadband for seeding :/19:12
Axiusmaddy83, Do you know a torrent site to xubuntu from?19:13
Axiusmaddy83, Do you know a torrent site to get xubuntu from?19:13
maddy83did you try the official mirrors?19:14
maddy83there is torrents19:15
Axiusmaddy83, thanks!19:16
ericchavesHi folks, Could someone point me the way to move from ubuntu to xubuntu? I've google around and found from simple instructions to some complex ones, and that made me unsecure regading the safest process to do it.19:17
Sysiericchaves: install xubuntu-desktop19:18
Sysiand in login screen choose xfce instead of gnome19:19
sudobashthe ubuntu ops are all dick heads...19:20
ericchavesSysi: and after that how do I uninstall the gnome stuff? its safe to do an apt-get remove ubuntu-desktop?19:20
knome!language | sudobash19:20
ubottusudobash: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.19:20
maddy83I have a problem: I installed xubuntu on top of freebsd, and now I have freebsd's ugly bootloader before GRUB19:21
sudobashoh nooo19:21
sudobashLjL is here19:21
sudobashto kick me undoubtedly19:21
knomesudobash, behave and there is no reason to kick you.19:22
sudobashwhat are you waiting for Lorenzo?19:22
sudobashkick me19:22
sudobashnah I want to prove how much the Ubuntu OPs suck19:22
maddy83ericchaves: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purexfce19:22
Sysii'm slow :/19:22
sudobashmight as well get kicked from all the ubuntu channels while im at it you know?>19:23
LjL!ops | sudobash19:23
ubottusudobash: ops is HELP! gnomefreak, tonyyarusso, PuMpErNiCkLe, maxamillion, TheSheep, crimsun, mrpouit, Myrtti, PriceChild charlie-tca or cody-somerville19:23
ericchavesok, Sysiy, amddy83. thanks for the help.19:24
maddy83shouldn't someone update the topic?19:53
rr72niko~ mind changing/updateing the topic?20:07
=== niko changed the topic of #xubuntu to: Official Xubuntu Support Channel | Xubuntu 9.10 is out! Download, Share it, Seed it! | Get Support: http://www.ubuntu.com/support | IRC info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRCResourcePage | Pastes to http://paste.ubuntu.com | Need help and no one around? Get in on the mailing list action at http://lists.ubuntu.com/xubuntu-users
rr72sorry to single you out but saw you are a member and assumed you could :-P niko20:18
nikono problem20:19
dbdii407I am downloading the new release of xUbuntu and I started to wonder. Which PHP does it have installed? (If at all)20:19
Sysiwhat's default theme of xubuntu, the name?20:23
Sysii had separate /home and this isn't default20:23
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AxiusHow to uninstall a package in xubuntu?20:38
knomeSysi, albatross for karmic20:43
Sysithanks :)20:44
hannes_eeehey you guys what is the gtk and xfwm theme you are using with 9.1020:57
Sysialbatross and something is default20:58
hannes_eeenever heard of albatross20:59
Sysiit's on top of the list :)20:59
hannes_eeeSysi: where on which list?21:02
hannes_eeeSysi: i'm not on xubuntu ;-)21:03
Sysiit's still there on xubuntu :)21:03
hannes_eeewell but it isn't a xubuntu only one or?=21:04
Sysino, any theme you like21:04
hannes_eeebut i am searching for the xubuntu default one21:05
Sysithat's albatross21:05
hannes_eeewell but i could hardly find anything on google21:05
Sysidunno if it's nowhere to download separately21:05
knomesshhh!! some people are idling here22:16
likemindeadYou hurt neozen's feelings, knome. :-\22:27
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Legendreknock knock.. what's a suggested partition scheme for a desktop running karmic?23:46
raevolLegendre: that's sort of up to you, but having a separate /home is always nice23:47
LegendreI need sizes for /, /boot, /usr, /var...23:50
raevoldo you have a specific reason why you're making separate partitions for all of those?23:50
Legendreit keeps the fs fast and un-fragged23:51
Legendredone it for ten years, usually a sep point fo r/usr/local as well23:51
raevolfragmentation isn't really an issue on linux filesystems, from what i know, but you seem to know more than me, so i can't really help23:51
knomefragmentation isn't that big problem in linux.23:51
Legendrenope, and it's even less of a problem if you separate out your RO filesysems23:52
Legendrelike /usr23:52
Legendreand /boot23:52
Legendreor I should say, fs's that aren't frequently written23:52
knomeLegendre, you probably know the scheme better than us if you've been using it for years :)23:56
Legendreknome: thing is, I haven't been using ubunt for years.. I don't know its needs very well =)23:56

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