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ultma2I need help, installing libavcodec still doesn't help, there is still no sound when I try to play an mp3 file in amorak00:17
rjlynnHi guys. I'm having some ridiculous trouble getting my laptop's S/PDIF output to work. It shows up on "aplay -l" and also in the Multimedia settings panel. I just can't get any sound out of it!00:19
rjlynnit's a HP dv9720us laptop - it's got an nForce chipset, and a Conexant sound chip, but beyond that, I'm lost.00:20
ugurhi all. I cannot have the network manager widget set my ip from dhcp but my dns address to another static value00:27
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K350What's recommended to install softwares with in Kubuntu 9.10, the "Add and remove software" in systemsettings or Synaptic?00:35
squallit depends00:35
K350I want to install wine. So?00:36
squallif you want something for simple user - use add and remove software00:36
squallif you want more detailed work - use synaptic00:36
squallwine can be installed very easily00:36
K350Ok. so for wine I guess add and remove will be fine.00:36
squalljust open the add/remove, type wine and the package will be found by the system00:37
squallbut install the usual wine, not the wine 1.2 beta00:37
K350I see..and then how do I install it?00:37
K350ah..ok I'll avoid beta00:37
squallall you have to do is to check the "wine" and apply00:37
squallthe application will be downloaded and installed on the system00:37
K350including all thethings I need to run it?00:38
K350if there's any....00:38
K350Thanks a lot for your help. REally appruciated!00:38
squalland if you use karmic koala you can just use the ubuntu software center, it is even easies than add/remove00:38
squallanytime :-)00:38
K350squall: Didn't work so well. First it said some dependencies where missing -> wine-dev. Then when trying to install wine-dev it said it's not satisfied..uh?00:46
K350some missing dependies with wine-dev too00:47
K350maybe synapitic here anyway?00:47
davidjheinrich_hi all00:48
luis_hello when u click "open" in an downloaded file, for example: in firefox download tab, u get a window open so u choose with what app u open that, but u start in home, and i dont know in what folders are apps like "amarok" or "dolphin" for example, can someone help me?00:48
squallit is always better to use synaptic00:48
davidjheinrich_does anyone know how I can apply the results of the "rename" command recursively in all sub-directories?00:48
carpiimaybe find -exec ?00:49
carpiior find | xargs rename00:49
davidjheinrich_could you explain that?00:49
carpiiwhich one00:49
davidjheinrich_I just found the suggestionto do "for f in *; do" then type what u want to do, then done00:49
davidjheinrich_the find | xargs rename00:49
carpiiwell thatd work for a single dir, but it gets complex when you want to recurse into dirs i think00:49
carpiixargs is only really when you have many many files00:50
bjoern_Hello. I just got a problem ubgrading from jaunty to karmic. The upgrade terminated after installing but before cleanup and I got the reboot anouncement which I did. But menu.lst still pointed to the old kernel which didn't boot. I also couldn't boot the new kernel because there's no new initrd. Any ideas?00:50
luis_but davidjheinrich_, when u open files in firefox download tab, u dont get in terminal, instead u get in a window when u must choose the programs from a folder, and i dont know where are the apps00:50
luis_where*, not when00:50
davidjheinrich_luis, I think u meant to address that to someone else00:51
luis_oh i think u were talking to me...00:51
luis_but davidjheinrich_, when u open files in firefox download tab, u dont get in terminal, instead u get in a window when u must choose the programs from a folder, and i dont know where are the apps00:51
FloodBotK2luis_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:51
davidjheinrich_carpii, ok can u expalain the xargs00:51
luis_hello when u click "open" in an downloaded file, for example: in firefox download tab, u get a window open so u choose with what app u open that, but u start in home, and i dont know in what folders are apps like "amarok" or "dolphin" for example, can someone help me?00:51
carpiidavid, im not sure thats the best method because youd still have to worry about the absolute path00:51
carpiitry this though00:51
davidjheinrich_carpii, I don't see how that does it down into subdir's00:53
davidjheinrich_it's just the rename command00:53
squallare you talking about amarok and dolphin binaries?00:53
squallcheck /usr/bin00:53
carpiiok but try it, maybe $FILE contains the full subdir00:53
carpiijust echo it instead of mv00:54
davidjheinrich_jesus, there oughtta be a simple command or something to apply another command to all subdirs00:56
davidjheinrich_instead of all this complicated scripting00:56
davidjheinrich_found this: find ./ -type f -exec rename 'y/A-Z/a-z/' {} \;00:59
davidjheinrich_to rename recursivly01:00
carpiiok, good stuff01:01
carpiii did suggest find -exec ;)01:01
carpiimost things in bash or done with lots of little utils, its very powerful, but many not as user friendly as you'd like01:02
reagleBRKLNI set my home page in Konq and then save the session as the default web. But it doesn't remember the size? How can I set the size of the newly launched Konq?01:03
davidjheinrich_ok, just tried that, tells me, "can't rename ... no such file or directory"01:03
davidjheinrich_but it worked01:03
carpiimaybe it was trying to rename . or ..01:04
carpiihard to say without echoing the files it found01:04
davidjheinrich_on another note, what happened to using quotes (") to specify files with spaces...i.e., touch "my file" used to work for me years ago from what I remember...now it has to be touch my\ file01:06
carpiino idea, i only remember using quotes in windows really01:08
carpiithats not to say bash never supported it, itd be odd if it did, and suddenly dropped support for it01:08
davidjheinrich_is there any way to get quotes back?01:08
davidjheinrich_I much prefer that way01:08
carpiimaybe, but none that i know of01:08
paullywhy is my 3d cube just a 2d plane?01:09
dan213-heron-lei have kubuntu hardy with kde 3.5 and i entered the recovery mode and clicked on the "try to fix the xserver" without having any problem on my pc. Since then i can't enter ANY(!) linux Operating System throw the graphical way (neither with livecd's!) :( what can i do? im on windows01:09
vamp898Woow glibc sais that 0^0=1 http://pastie.org/688422 the result is 1.00000001:12
luis_hello when u click "open" in an downloaded file, for example: in firefox download tab, u get a window open so u choose with what app u open that, but u start in home, and i dont know in what folders are apps like "amarok" or "dolphin" for example, can someone help me?01:12
vamp898luis_ /usr/bin01:12
davidjheinrich_ok, another quick Q, is there a way that I can number filenames? i.e., I have a bunch of JPG's in a directory, labelled _######, and I want o make hem 1_#####, 2_#####, etc starting from the first one?01:13
vamp898luis_ for example /usr/bin/amarok01:13
vamp898davidjheinrich_ are you able to use BASH-Skripts? otherwise you could choose krename01:13
vamp898luis_ but in KDE-Systemsettings you can set mime-types. For example you can set that text/html should be opened with Firefox and so on01:14
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vamp898luis_ but i think these changes will only apply on KDE own apps01:14
davidjheinrich_I have the ability to use bash scripts, as I'm on my computre...I'm not sure what I'd do to do that numbering of filesnames, though?01:14
vamp898davidjheinrich_ use a for-loop and mv^^01:14
WerenerdDoes anyone know if KDM can show if a user is logged in already? I am tired of my wife logging in 4 times01:15
luis_vamp898: okay so... when the window opens and click select app, is usr in home hidden files? because i cant find a folder named "usr" or "bin" in there01:15
Werenerdor better yet, limit people to one log in at a time?01:15
vamp898davidjheinrich_ for i in $( ls ); do mv $i `echo "1_$i"`; done01:15
macoluis_: its under / not in your home directory01:16
vamp898luis_ its /usr^^ you have to switch to /01:16
macoluis_: your home directory is /home/luis/ or something like that01:16
dan213-heron-lei have kubuntu hardy with kde 3.5 and i entered the recovery mode and clicked on the "try to fix the xserver" without having any problem on my pc. Since then i can't enter ANY(!) linux Operating System throw the graphical way (neither with livecd's! i put to experiment without installing, appears the ksplash, and then it never enters the kde) :( what can i do? im on windows01:16
davidjheinrich_vamp, thanks!01:16
vamp898daivdjheinrich_ wait i have a better idea ;)01:17
davidjheinrich_vamp, that just renamed everything 1_####01:17
davidjheinrich_oh, what's ur better idea?01:18
luis_vamp898: now i finally understand... thx dude! now i can open every file i download with my firefox without the need to wait until dolphin opens! i love u =)01:18
daCan I get 2000 songs from a microsoft machine, > on an 8GB MP3 player, >to my Linux machine?01:18
vamp898davidjheinrich_ http://pastie.org/68843901:18
vamp898luis_ =)01:19
vitamin-carrotda: yes you can if they are on a LAN01:19
dastands for doswell alphonso01:19
vitamin-carrotda: or if your MP3 player is seen as a mass storage device01:19
luis_vamp898: btw i am doing all this because i am gonna test Mythbuntu with Virtual Box: I got a 52' and i wanna make a HTPC, its hard to use mythtv?01:20
davidjheinrich_how do I change the default browser in Konversation? it keeps opening firefox instead of "Shiretoko" (ff 3.5)01:20
vamp898luis_ im using Gentoo xD01:20
luis_lol... ok01:20
vamp898davidjheinrich_ change the default browser in KDE Systemsettings01:20
daokay thank you...01:21
davidjheinrich_can I just right click on a html file and specify the open with as default?01:21
WerenerdANyone? Limit prople to one session or show logged in status in KDM?01:21
vamp898davidjheinrich_ no wait. Go to K-Menu --> Computer --> Systemsettings --> Favourite Applications01:22
vamp898davidjheinrich_ or default applications, dont know exactly xD i have german KDE01:22
davidjheinrich_was i just here?01:23
davidjheinrich_I pressed some button and accidentally disconnected01:23
vamp898davidjheinrich_ no wait. Go to K-Menu --> Computer --> Systemsettings --> Favourite Applications01:23
vamp898davidjheinrich_ or default applications, dont know exactly xD i have german KDE01:23
davidjheinrich_vamp, I just did it by right clicking on an html file01:24
vamp898ah ok thats fine too^^01:24
davidjheinrich_ok, ur bash script produced a bunch of these for me: mv: `_2066984.JPG' and `_2066984.JPG' are the same file01:24
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vamp898ok wait01:25
davidjheinrich_what I'd like is for each JPG on my comp to have a unique ID prefix01:26
vamp898davidjheinrich_ this http://pastie.org/68843901:26
davidjheinrich_I'm not sure my camera does that adequately...as it is limited to 7 identifying numbers, with the 1st 4 being mmdd01:27
davidjheinrich_vamp, same result01:28
vamp898you should first clean up the files with _ prefix01:28
davidjheinrich_what do you mean by cleaning them up?01:28
vamp898davidjheinrich_ i really think you should take krename xD01:29
davidjheinrich_actually, maybe it'd be easier to add a full date to them01:30
vamp898krename 4.0.1-101:30
vamp898     A very powerfull batch file renamer for KDE01:30
vamp898i think this is what you want01:30
davidjheinrich_they start out with _A11 but no year, so I could just add the year01:30
davidjheinrich_I opened that, it's confusing. I already have some understanding of command line, don't want to start over w/ new way of doing things01:31
vamp898i wait i found the error01:31
vamp898remove the ; at the end of the first line01:31
vamp898stupid C/BASH mixing xD01:31
davidjheinrich_still does it01:32
vamp898hmmm yes he does not accept the prefix01:32
vamp898i look out why01:32
davidjheinrich_ok, maybe Krename is good01:34
vamp898ah i got it01:34
vamp898do you accept 1-#### prefix?01:34
davidjheinrich_I just went through it's thingy01:34
vamp898or does it have to be 1_01:34
vamp898beceause echo dont like the _01:34
davidjheinrich_I actually prefer -01:34
davidjheinrich__ means I have to use the shit key to type it01:34
davidjheinrich_errr, shift01:34
davidjheinrich_all that _ means is that it is an AdobeRGB file instead of sRBG01:35
vamp898this works http://pastie.org/68843901:35
vamp898why das pastie did not accepted my paste!01:35
vamp898so here this works -.- finally http://pastie.org/68843901:36
davidjheinrich_yep, that works01:38
vamp898ok =)01:38
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reagleBRKLNI can't open a img with gqview from dolphin, "invalid or ignored: file:///foo..."01:39
davidjheinrich_now I just need to think of a systmetic way to name my files01:39
vamp898reagleBRKLN never heard of gqview Ö_Ö01:39
vamp898maybe gqview does not support this file:// stuff01:40
reagleBRKLNvamp898: i don't think it does, but it worked with KDE3.5... and I wonder how to fix...?01:41
lenI'm having a sound driver issue after upgrading a machine from 9.04 to 9.10.  It's an Asus M2N-SLI Deluxe motherboard with uses the snd-hda-intel driver.   The driver loads and show up when I type lsmod, but when I do a aplay -l to test, it gives and error about no default sound card found.01:41
reagleBRKLNthe -r argument of 'gqview -r %F' was the serious problem in the file associations01:44
* Sir_Konrad is away. He'll be back later.01:46
lenI've been reading there are lots of issues with the snd-hda-intel driver because of different vendor hardware implementions .   I tried specifying options snd-hda-intel model=asus in alsabase.conf, but it didn't help.01:46
sithlord48can anyone help me fix knetworkmanager, its broke after i manually edited the /etc/network/interfaces file for static ip01:51
nevynit didn't break...01:55
sithlord48i am back to a dhcp managed setting and wish to re-enable management of my network with knetworkmanager01:57
keith_hmmmm well here I am01:59
keith_anyone there?02:00
sithlord48how can i get knetworkmanager to manage my network again ?02:09
xfire8how i update my kernel ?02:12
vamp898load the source02:12
vamp898compile it02:12
vamp898install it02:12
FloodBotK2vamp898: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:12
vamp898update /boot/grub/menu.lst02:12
xfire8it can fix boot issues ?02:13
vamp898or wait until Ubuntu brings a new Kernel =)02:13
vamp898i dont think that you are able to compile a kernel :/ so i dont think that you are able to fix any boot issues^^02:13
xfire8like this http://img392.imageshack.us/img392/2618/senzatitolo1copiaee3.jpg02:13
vamp898that does not seems to be a problem of the operating system. It seems like to be a problem of your computer itself02:14
xfire8no no02:14
xfire8i just think your mother so good02:14
sithlord48what is in /etc/network/interfaces by default in kubuntu 9.1002:15
xfire8in default its02:16
xfire8in the default its custom02:16
* Sir_Konrad is back! All systems are go!02:17
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sithlord48are you saying by default there is no /etc/network/interfaces file?02:18
xfire8 Tottally02:18
xfire8Absoulty !02:18
xfire8of course !02:18
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about viagara02:18
xfire8dont lieing to me common :)02:18
ubottuSome topics are controversial and often end in negativity. Take care on subjects like war, race, religion, politics, gender, sexuality, drugs, potentially illegal activities and suicide. The topics are not banned; stating your position is ok, but trolling, baiting, hostility or repetition are not. If you are asked to stop, do so politely. Disputes to !appeals, please adhere to !Freenode Policy and the !CodeOfConduct02:19
sithlord48so if i remove my /etc/network/interfaces i should have given control of my network back to network-manger?02:19
vamp898sithlord48 Network-Manager ignores if there is a /etc/network/interfaces. From the time you start the daemon, it does what it want02:20
sithlord48yea i can't get it to give control back to network-manager02:21
vamp898sithlord48 restart the daemon02:22
sithlord48vamp898, sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart02:23
xfire8hey someone can call intel for me ? i dont have intel support center in my country , please .02:23
vamp898sithlord48 no network-manager or something else02:23
sithlord48ok thats better, thanks02:24
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Cubex1First time  in konversation02:26
vamp898yeha a virgin02:27
Cubex1heh i think you all can see when i modify my  nick in the combobox02:27
Cubex1konversation doesn't have a predefined server list of most irc servers?02:31
vamp898Konversation have no preservative too02:31
carpiitry xchat02:31
carpiifrom what i remember, konversation sucks02:31
Cubex1xchat the latest on kubuntu 9.10 seems ok at least in my opinion however i did try xchat before and long server lists cause the program to freeze in whitespace i already filed a bugreport it was closed i believe02:32
carpiiok, ive never had that problem tbh02:33
Cubex1konversation though seems in my opinion to miss servers which complicates things02:33
carpiibut having said that, the first thing i do in xchat is delete all the servers, and readd the ones i want02:33
carpiiwhich is only about 3 :p02:33
freaky[t]how do I set up samba on kubuntu? or is it enabled by default?02:35
freaky[t]under system settings --> sharing i only have "local network browsing" :(02:35
vamp898uhm install samba02:37
vamp898edit samba configuration file02:37
vamp898and then sudo /etc/init.d/samba start02:37
freaky[t]yea but02:37
freaky[t]isnt it possible to set it up using some GUI tool?02:37
carpiiwebmin maybe02:38
freaky[t]nah i dont like webmin02:38
carpiijust spend some time lraning how samba.cnf works02:38
carpiiitll put you in good stead02:38
xfire8hey , when i restart ubuntu i got erorr post message http://tinyurl.com/yb2qg9j  ,   what to do ? thanks !02:49
vamp898can you acces grub?02:50
xfire8you talk with me ?02:50
xfire8yes can access grub after this message02:50
vamp898so this message appears _before_ grub?02:51
vamp898than it have nothing to do with ubuntu/linux/grub or something else. Its, as i said, a problem of your mainboard, your bios or something else.02:51
xfire8and only in restart not in shutdown02:51
xfire8my bios is default02:52
vamp898maybe your bios is cheap shit02:52
xfire8what the hell bios cheap shit ?02:52
vamp898there are a lot of stupid bios chips02:53
xfire8i have intel dp55wg02:53
vamp898yes but its still a bios-problem02:56
xfire8no its your mother-in the-board problem02:56
freaky[t]is there any good eMail client for kubuntu but thunderbird and kmail?02:59
KiRiLoSfreaky[t], both of them are pretty good,u could try Evolution too(It's the default for ubuntu,Gtk...)03:01
freaky[t]yea but kmail doesnt work with my provider for some reason03:01
catamarquencewhat files on .kde do i have to copy to make all users have the same wallpaper and theme?03:01
vamp898.kde4 not .kde03:02
freaky[t]nm i got it working03:02
vamp898.kde4/share/config/plasma* i think03:02
catamarquencei have no .kde4 i have .kde03:02
vamp898do you have KDE3?03:03
vamp898does ubuntu/kubuntu replaces .kde4 with .kde?03:03
Sir_Konradvamp898: I'm using KDE 3.03:04
vamp898Welcome in the past03:05
tsimpsonvamp898: it's supposed to be .kde, it was only patched to be .kde4 when we used both KDE3 and KDE4 desktops03:06
Sir_Konradlol. I hate KDE4.03:06
vamp898which KDE?03:06
vamp898there are 3 KDE403:06
vamp8984.0 4.1 4.2 and 4.3 (oh thats 4 xD)03:06
vamp8984.3 is the stable one of them all03:07
vamp8984.0 and 4.1 are for developers to port there applications03:07
vamp898and 4.2 is half-stable03:07
vamp898i dont find a reason to hate KDE 4.3.3 (for except Konqueror xD its not really usable as Webbrowser)03:08
wubbaI am getting a Kernel Panic - not syncing: VFS Unable to mount root fs on unkown-block (0,0).  Did an upgrade using adept-manager.  It seemed to hang and then I got this message on reboot.03:08
vamp898which Version?03:09
vamp898*Kubuntu version03:09
wubbaWell I was updated to 9.1003:09
wubbaupdating that is03:09
wubbaI orginally had 7.10 - then went to 8.0403:09
vamp898hmmm i really never heard about much people where a update major update gone well03:09
wubbaON that upgrade it seemd to hang - so I rebooted03:09
xfire8what is the best ICQ for Kubuntu ?03:10
vamp898you mean IM?03:10
xfire8ICQ = I Seeq You : example :8593258903:10
vamp898IM = Instant Messenger03:10
sebsebsebwubba: oh it's after upgrade03:10
sebsebsebah ha03:10
vamp898Kopete and Pidgin seems to be quite good03:10
NtTrainhi all03:11
vamp898wubba the update did hang on?03:11
sebsebsebwubba: an actsaul  9.04 to 9.10 upgrade not just upgrades for 9.1003:11
NtTraincan anyone help to use mobile broadband on 9.10?03:11
sebsebsebI was going to ask that03:11
sebsebsebwubba: Many people have had problems after upgrading 9.04 to 9.10!03:11
NtTraincan anyone help to use mobile broadband on 9.10? msg me thanks.03:11
wubbaRight I was upgrading to 9.10  - i am not sure where it hung at - i just rebooted - bamm this is happening.03:11
sebsebsebwubba: I suggest  getting hold of any data you have on there, and clean installing 9.1003:11
sebsebsebalso if  an update  isn't  fully done yes problems can happen03:12
sebsebsebdistro upgrade I should say03:12
vamp898wubba your system is trash xD03:12
wubbasebsebseb Well I have the data on two other drives - have a seperate drive for the OS.03:12
sebsebsebyep  wubba  what  vamp898  said basicalley03:12
wubbaMy concern is I have that mythtv or whatever it is that comes with Kubuntu and don't want to loose my movies and ogg files.  If I reinstall a new 9.10 over the OS drive - will I be able to bring the info back into the system?03:14
sebsebseb(I think I was going to ask if it was a 9.04 to 9.10  upgrade anyway, well whatever)03:14
vamp898wubba you know that you can reinstall linux without removing your /home directory03:14
sebsebsebwubba: if the data is on  other partitions, well sure no problem03:14
vamp898so a seperate disk for OS is not needed03:14
sebsebseb!home |  wubba03:14
ubottuwubba: Your home directory is where all of your personal files are usually kept. For moving your home directory to a separate partition, please see: http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/separatehome03:14
wubbaYou can move your home directory without booting the os?03:15
sebsebsebwubba:  looking at what you put earliaer03:16
sebsebsebwubba: you never upgraded it to 9.0403:16
sebsebseboh seems  you  did get it upgraded to 9.10, but the upgrade to 8.04 was one you re booted or something03:17
wubbaNo - I had it orginally at 7.10 - been a pet project that sits on my desk.03:17
wubbawent to 8.04 - was fine - and then started the next upgrade.03:17
sebsebsebThe other stuff doesn't really matter this does though,  it got upgraded from 9.04 to 9.10 and then  the issue yeah03:17
wubbaI just have like 50 movies or more on there - and another 100 cd's I don't want to have to reburn.03:18
sebsebseb!piracy > wubba03:19
ubottuwubba, please see my private message03:19
wubbaOr the worst part of it - hearing my wife complain - why are you burning all those movies again???03:19
wubbaubottu - I own everything I burn03:19
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:19
vamp898wubba you dont have to save your data^^ just delete all folders _except_ for /home (never delete /home there are all your datas)03:19
vamp898than install Ubuntu03:19
vamp898when partition appears, say manual. Than says _not formatting_03:20
vamp898you´ll get an warning message that you partition will not be formattet and so all datas will be keept (you deleted everything exept /home so only /home will be kept)03:20
wubbaok - will it 'see' the other partitions and use them again for storage?03:20
sebsebsebit's easier to set up a seperate /home on install03:20
sebsebsebI have never done it afterwoulds03:20
vamp898and the best thing is to choose a different username03:21
sebsebsebif  you make a seperate /home partition.   when you do a re install,  just make sure to tell it to use it as one in manual install03:21
vamp898than you´re on the safe side03:21
vamp898and then just mv your stuff from the old username in /home to the recent one03:21
wubbaok - I appreciate it everyone.03:21
sebsebsebsepeate homes also make distro hopping easier03:22
Sir_Konradvamp898: sorry about the long response. I hate KDE 4 in general.03:22
wubbaWhy would you ever want to leave Kubuntu :)03:22
sebsebsebSir_Konrad: same here, except for some of the apps that I will sometimes run in Gnome03:22
vamp898Sir_Konrad than you have to remove your conflicts with KDE4 and get familiar with it xD03:22
sebsebsebwell Konversation is my main KDE app that I use nearly daily at the moment03:22
vamp898i hate what Kubuntu did with KDE4. In Distros like Archlinux or Gentoo it works awesome03:23
wubbaThough I did start out with Redhat - many years ago.03:23
sebsebsebKDE 4 isn't like kubuntu KDE 3 which was pretty nice03:23
vamp898and Kubuntu have a lot of problems03:23
Sir_Konradvamp898: I just use KDE 3.03:23
Sir_KonradI love KDE 3.03:23
sebsebsebSir_Konrad: There's a KDE 3 remix CD for  9.04 and 9.10  and you can get some repo/ppa03:23
vamp898i like KDE4 too03:23
sebsebseb!love |  Sir_Konrad03:23
ubottuSir_Konrad: Love is like racing across the frozen tundra on a snowmobile which flips over, trapping you underneath. At night, the ice-weasels come.03:23
Sir_Konradsebsebseb: I know, that's what I'm using.03:25
sebsebsebyep thought that was probably it03:25
sebsebsebor whatever03:25
sebsebseb,but good to tell you anyway03:25
sebsebsebwhich one 9.04 or 9.10?03:25
sebsebsebSir_Konrad: lol @ what?03:25
Sir_Konrad[21:25] <sebsebseb> yep thought that was probably it03:25
Sir_KonradI'm using Kubuntu 9.10 /w KDE 3.5.1003:26
sebsebsebI am not sure  what is funny about that03:26
sebsebsebthought it would be 9.10 or whatever :)03:26
sebsebsebwhatever  being 9.04 in that case03:26
asobiin kde4, anyone way for konqueror to show mp3 id tags on mouse hover?03:27
sebsebsebI haven't done remix CD's I will in vm :)   I haven't clean installed 9.10 also yet, after testing since alpha 4.   I am not in a rush to do that also since this install works pretty well really, excpet for when I boot it up and it works to fix a journal and such.03:27
sebsebsebworks to fix...  uhmm no,   wants to fix03:28
* sebsebseb being a bit of a perfectionist again03:28
sebsebsebSir_Konrad: Yeah it's so sad that KDE 3 is nearly dead03:30
sebsebseb(didn't need to put Yeah)03:30
Sir_Konradsebsebseb: it sure is.03:31
iDanNielseems to be many people here03:31
sebsebsebnot that many here compared to certain other channels03:31
iDanNielhow can I join other channels?03:32
sebsebseb  /join  # whatever channel you want to join03:32
sebsebsebor  for some  /join  ##  whatever channel you want to join03:32
iDanNielhow can I view all the availavle channels03:32
sebsebseb  /list03:32
vamp898KDE3 is Hardmasked in Gentoo since few days :/ KDE3 defenetly dies03:32
sebsebsebvamp898: Hardmasked meaning?03:33
asobiin kde4, anyone way for konqueror to show mp3 id tags on mouse hover?03:33
iDanNiel /list03:33
vamp898cant be installed, even if you want03:33
rjlynnHi guys. I'm having some trouble configuring OSS. I've FINALLY got my S/PDIF output working (nothing worked with ALSA, so I built the OSS drivers, and I have an output that functions). Is there some easy (ie, GUI) way to change what output is used? I'd use Pulseaudio, but there's no good graphical mixer for KDE03:33
vamp898you have to unmask it by hand if you want it03:33
sebsebsebvamp898: Really?  Well that sucks!03:33
sebsebsebunmask it by hand?03:33
sebsebsebdo something so it can be installed03:33
vamp898there is a file called /etc/portage/package.unmask and you just have to put there packages you want to unmask in there03:34
sebsebseboh ok03:34
vamp898since KDE 4.3.1 is stable in Gentoo they hardmasked KDE303:34
vamp898that nobody installs KDE3 without knowing what he does03:35
rjlynnOr heck, just point me to something like padevchooser, just for KDE03:35
sebsebsebhe/she/it maybe even :)03:35
vamp898rjlynn kmix?03:35
vamp898padevchooser works fine on KDE03:35
rjlynnkmix isn't compatible with PulseAudio or OSS :/03:36
vamp898nobody needs Pulseaudio03:36
sebsebsebrjiynn???? what?  what's that?03:36
vamp898i did not get it why its default in Ubuntu03:36
sebsebsebpadevchooser I don't know what that is either03:36
sebsebsebvamp898: yeah all those sound issues  that people have been getting  since Ubuntu 8.0403:37
rjlynnI know, I don't really want to use it either. But i need to be able to switch output devices easily and it's not quite intuitive with OSS03:37
sebsebsebwhen they put/introduced pulseaudio into Ubuntu03:37
rjlynntruth be told, ALSA was a bigger pain than pulseaudio, I couldn't for the life of me get it to let me use my S/PDIF out, which is on my laptop's minidock03:38
vamp898sebsebseb A simple GTK tool which allows quick access to some features of PulseAudio03:38
vamp898im using Alsa since today and never had problems^^03:38
sebsebsebI was asking what rjlynn  is, turns out it is a person03:38
rjlynnohh haha. yeah.03:39
sebsebseb(it  or  they are above)03:39
vamp898rjlynn but as i said. your pedochooser or whatever it is called works fine in KDE03:39
rjlynnlemme give it a whirl.03:39
vamp898Pulseaudio is a network sound server right?03:40
vamp898why is it the default sound server in Ubuntu (still did not get it)03:41
vamp898does the typical ubuntu users streams his audio over the world?03:41
rjlynnNo, definitely not, but it makes it pretty easy to change where streams are going to go locally03:42
rjlynnfor instance, my home theatre system takes a good second of input before it will actually play anything through the speakers03:42
rjlynnso system notifications should really always play through the laptop speakers because they're so short I wont hear them through the surround sound03:43
rjlynnbut I want music, etc to play through surround sound... and I dont want to have to drop to the command line just to swap outputs when I undock and go to my living room!03:43
vamp898and that does not work with alsa?03:43
rjlynnno, because for some reason alsa wont let me use the s/pdif out. it detects it and lists it on aplay -l but it doesn't ever work!03:45
forge__why would tzdata package not be found for intrepid-updates?03:45
=== forge__ is now known as ForgeAus
rjlynnOSS uses it correctly, but the mixer isnt nearly as useful as alsa's - i have to make symlinks in /dev/ in order t change the default output03:45
ForgeAusalso how to get wine to stop trying to wget from wine.budgetdedicated.com server?03:46
vamp898killall -s KILL ?03:47
vamp898rjlynn did you ever tried JACK?03:47
vamp898can anyone give me the output of apt-cache search any app03:48
vamp898i need just one line, the first output03:48
=== jesse_ is now known as Guest98433
vamp898common plz any output of apt-cache search03:51
ForgeAusit just returns: appname - description03:52
ForgeAus(if found)03:52
vamp898yes but i need any example03:52
ForgeAuschromium - fast paced, arcade-style, scrolling space shooter03:52
vamp898ah ok03:52
vamp898is there a space after chromium?03:53
ForgeAusas I said appname - descroption03:53
ForgeAuslol I actually meant the browser, but I got a game instead lol03:53
ForgeAusapparently chrome (as in the google one) isn't in this repo (I did have one of the development vers' at some point)03:53
vamp898for i in $( apt-cache search fps | cut -d ' ' -f 1 ); do apt-get install $i done03:54
vamp898it is in Archlinux :P03:54
vamp898aur/google-chrome-dev (334)03:54
vamp898    Google Chrome Developer preview channel for Linux03:54
ForgeAusvamp, not necessarily03:55
ForgeAusoh sorry I misread you03:55
vamp898there is also a package for chromium03:57
vamp898but i did not get the difference of chromium and chrome03:58
ForgeAuschromium is the engine, chrome is the browser, from what I can gather04:00
ForgeAus(but there seems to be also a game called chromium thats causing me some confusion too)04:00
vamp898but when i install chromium04:00
vamp898i have the same like when i install chrome04:01
robin0800ForgeAus: chrome is from google04:01
vamp898just different logos/icons04:01
ForgeAusyes robin :)04:05
ForgeAusI dont thinnk its been officially released for Linux (not too sure where its currently at with OSX but similar story there too)04:06
ForgeAusthats weird Apple dropped ZFS!04:08
ForgeAussorry, shouldn't have said that here lol04:09
vamp898ForgeAus the SVN Version works fine04:14
ForgeAusI believe you vamp...04:14
vamp898but i dont like Google Chrome at all xD04:14
ForgeAushmm karmic uses EXT4?04:14
vamp898ext4 4tw04:14
vamp898i hope for the complete Webkit integratin in Konqueror04:15
vamp898atm it does not support Java :/04:15
ForgeAusI would too, if not dropping webkit for something else, if  Apples restrictions are choking it04:15
vamp898Apple would die04:16
ForgeAusI was talking about in konqueror04:16
vamp898in fact, in my eyes they are already dead in the software branch04:16
vamp898Mac OS X is just a 0815 BSD System04:16
ForgeAusyes with a GUI layer called Aqua ontop of it04:17
vamp898yes and this guy layer isnt this good04:17
ForgeAusthe kernel is a hybrid actually (its Mach + 4.3BSD)04:17
vamp898yes and i dont know why they did it04:17
vamp898that just does the kernel unsecure04:17
ForgeAuswell it seems to work04:18
vamp898Linux seems to work too04:18
vamp898FreeBSD too04:18
ForgeAusI'm fairly happy with OSX... for the most part04:18
vamp898depends on workload ;)04:19
ForgeAuswhat doesn't?04:19
vamp898there is for example no RealTime Kernel04:19
petr_hello                   It is me once more04:19
=== petr_ is now known as Guest7416
ForgeAushey petr04:19
vamp898ForgeAus Webkit is LGPL/BSD License. I dont think that Apple are able to do something bad with it04:20
=== Guest7416 is now known as Petr_Moscow_sind
vamp898Without the support of all the OpenSource developer Apple would die04:20
=== Petr_Moscow_sind is now known as Moscow_sindisho
Moscow_sindishoI can not use SSH because I locate in local reae netvork!!!!!!!!!!04:21
ForgeAusapple and microsoft both say they support ospensource, but both also say they don't need/require it...04:21
Moscow_sindishowhat I shoult to do to solve it?04:21
ForgeAusMicrosoft released drivers for Linux kernel didn't they?04:21
vamp898ForgeAus i dont think Ö_Ö04:21
Moscow_sindishoonly installing sprecial program?04:22
ForgeAusmoscow? sorry I didn't know SSH wasn't usable within a LAN04:22
vamp898ForgeAus but they have something called Unix Subsystem for Windows04:22
vamp898ForgeAus with this you cann use Linux native inside a Windows04:22
ForgeAusmicrosofts SUA is a POSIX subsystem04:22
ForgeAusI find it more interesting that Microsoft don't have their own *nix-based OS on the market...04:22
vamp898The Unix Subsystem is something like a own *nix-based OS04:23
ForgeAusactually you can use Linux native within windows...04:23
Moscow_sindishono no no   I have not real IP    and can not connect through ssh to external machine04:23
ForgeAuscolinux is the way to achieve it, (or something packaged with it, like AndLinux is one of my favs...)04:23
ForgeAusessentially its like a Virtual machine - kernel emulation?)04:24
ForgeAusnot real IP? whats that mean?04:24
vamp898no it uses the Windows Kernel04:24
Moscow_sindishoI do not know04:24
vamp898when you type uname -a you´ll get the Windows NT Kernel Information04:24
ForgeAusVamp yes uses windows Kernel but the Andlinux/Colinux emulate the linux kernel inside them don't they somehow?)04:25
ForgeAusor at least translate between somehow04:25
davidjheinrichwhen using the rename command, what's the diff between rename 's/search/replace' * and rename 'y/search/replace' *    ? I want to replace all instances of ", " in filenames with "," ... but neither is working04:26
Moscow_sindishoI write "ssh myname@hostname"   And program wait  wait and wait --- and after 2 minuts say  "time limit excided"04:26
ForgeAusat least andlinux is nice enough to package an X-server, Microsoft's SUA doesn't have one!...04:26
davidjheinrichthe s/ variety just replaces the first instances; the y/ option puts commas after every space04:26
ForgeAus(it has other parts of X tho)04:26
vamp898ForgeAus uhm there is something called Gentoo Prefix which installes a complete gentoo incl. Xorg with the SUA in Windows04:27
ForgeAusMoscow, then use ifconfig to find the IP and use the IP to connect to instead?04:27
vamp898and it works fine. You can install xming and than run gui apps04:27
ForgeAusvamp yes I know04:27
ForgeAusGentoo prefixes are like a Gentoo Subsystem (Gentoo-Alt/Gentoo Prefix works in SUA too but no X server without something like Hummingbird Xceed or X-ming or whatever addon X-server for windows you can get/find/prefer)04:28
ForgeAusX-ming is based on cygwin's old Xwin X-server...)04:28
vamp898Wikipedia sais04:28
davidjheinrichahh, I figured it out, to replace all instances of an expression, I use replace 's/search/replace/g' *04:29
vamp898X-Ming have nothing to do with Cygwin04:29
ForgeAusthats kinda a lie, but its also true, in that it no longer is dependant on CYGWIN04:29
vamp898it sais X-Ming have to do with MingW04:29
ForgeAusbut did originally come from the X-server that was built into Cygwin afaik...04:29
ForgeAusyes MingW thats correct...04:29
vamp898Wikipedia sais X-Ming is not based on Cygwin or did ever used Cygwin^^ its just a X-Server compiled for windows using mingw04:30
ForgeAusthat doesn't sound right, maybe I'm wrong?... not sure there04:30
vamp898but its not from interest04:31
vamp898X-Ming works fine04:31
vamp898and fast04:31
ForgeAusit is an x-server recompiled for windows, that I agree with, but afaik it had its origins in cygwins X-Win x-server04:31
Moscow_sindishoNONONO     I write    "ssh  -Y petr@121.12....  "   IP!!!04:31
ForgeAususes exactly the same structure and presents itself exactly the same way as Cygwins did, although its moved on since then04:31
webbb82i was trying to compile slide launcher from source but could not get it to work  but i just draged the install.sh file and droped it into the terminal and it instaled04:31
Moscow_sindishoSome people saw me - use ssh tunnel )))04:32
vamp898ForgeAus Cygwin is just an API Wrapper. X-Ming runs native04:32
ForgeAusyes, but Xming originally had a .dll from cygwin (I don't think it has it any longer) not sure why they needed it...04:34
Moscow_sindishoForgeAus ????04:34
ForgeAusMoscow, sorry ssh isn't something that I know much about...04:34
ForgeAusnor is tunnelling all that much but maybe it helps to know what protocols your using?04:35
ishabalovmoscow - what is your problem?04:35
Moscow_sindishofuck sorry - solve my problem04:35
ForgeAuslol bad language isn't going to help you solve it Moscow04:35
Moscow_sindishoI wrote ssh - Y petr@IP    and ssh do not work   only wait something04:35
ForgeAusfair enough...04:36
ForgeAusok so which two machines are you using (or is it all on the one machine what your sshing from and to?)04:36
Moscow_sindishononono    I install OPENSSH   on my HOMEmashine04:37
Moscow_sindishoand I go to University!!!    And I try to connect to my home openssh....    but it is not work04:37
ForgeAusMoscow I'm not disputing that, you obviously have to have some ssh program to use it :)...04:37
macoMoscow_sindisho: dont forget, if youre behind a router, youre going to need to do some port forwarding to access it from outside04:38
ForgeAusok, well firstly theres possibilities you may be running into issues with the University's secruity .. (like firewalls blocking ports, etc...)04:38
Moscow_sindishoAAAA      fucking cocroach04:38
macowell...at least if the04:38
macoMoscow_sindisho: youve been warned about your language once04:38
ishabalovmoscow - did you try to connect from school to home machine using ssh?04:38
macoshould i test out my ops powers?04:38
macoi was going to say "at least if the router is NATing"04:39
ForgeAusishabalov from what I can gather thats what they're trying to do04:39
anonymous_anyone have a problem with the sound hard in HP pavillion dv6 with ubuntu?04:39
Moscow_sindishoYes!!   one man in University saw me that I can not connect directly to external PC from our university network04:39
Moscow_sindishoI need to use proxy04:39
ishabalovyes - if you have "real" ip at home, at least one.04:39
ishabalovhow you home copm is connected to the net?04:40
davidjheinrichcan website addresses have commas in them?04:40
Moscow_sindishohome comp have real IP  and ALLL work in home comp ---- quastion in University exit to network04:41
ForgeAusDavid, I doubt it, but can't quite remember... it sounds dubious to me... if at all possible04:41
davidjheinricherr, nuts04:41
d9500i'm looking for a way that i can make the borders and edges of my windows take on the same glass look as the plasma panel, but keep the default circular shape for the minimize, maximize, and close buttons.04:41
SilentDisdavidjheinrich: yes and no, some CMS stuff puts commas in them (specifically, i've seen them at C-Net).  mind you, they're never in the root url (http://www.kubuntu.org/ can't have commas there)04:42
ishabalovsertainly they can block all traffic for 22 port, but it will be unusual04:42
d9500the themes i found on kde look seem to insist on replacing those circular buttons with vista-ish or win xp type buttons04:42
ishabalovcan you connect with ssh from home to school?04:42
ForgeAusdavidjheinrich: http://forums.digitalpoint.com/showthread.php?t=998705 ??? might help04:42
davidjheinrichI'm trying to rename my files & directories to be easier to work with & web-compatible for a website...so I have things like, "sarahs-garden,flowers"04:42
anonymous_can someone help me out with my sound card?04:42
ForgeAus(note: google is your friend)04:42
Moscow_sindishoyes yes yes   may be all traffic blocked   if port is not 80    because internet is work fine04:42
macod9500: sounds like you wanna hack the theme04:43
SilentDis!sound | anonymous_, what seems to be the problem, and have you looked this over?04:43
ubottuanonymous_, what seems to be the problem, and have you looked this over?: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ARTS is running, by going to K Menu -> System Settings -> Sound System and making sure "Enable the sound system" is checked. If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP304:43
macod9500: but take a look at kde-look.org and see if maybe theres something you like04:43
davidjheinrichyae, my commas would be in url paths, not the domain-name04:43
SilentDisdavidjheinrich: as i said, depends on the CMS they're using, but they are valid on some servers (microsoft loved 'em for a while with their various asp pages, for example)04:44
anonymous_i heard their is an issue with compatibility i am using  HP pavillion dv604:44
ForgeAusdavidjheinrich, I'd advise against it where possible, but depending on several factors it may work (if your lucky)...04:44
davidjheinrichwhat about apostrophes?04:44
ForgeAuspretty much similar from my point of view...04:45
davidjheinrichi.e., "www.address.com/directory/sarah's_flowers.html"04:45
SilentDisdavidjheinrich: again, depends on the CMS, but overall, as ForgeAus said, never a great idea if you're building your own site.  best to stick to basics :)04:45
davidjheinrichI'd think that characters that don't need to be escaped (\) in Linux would work04:46
ForgeAusmost non-alphanumeric characters (even hyphens and ?'s ) are encoded as % and some kinda number ...04:46
anonymous_there is no sound what so ever,the sound is not muted.everything is supposed to be working..note sound works on vista04:46
davidjheinrichhmm, I see lots of sites with hyphens not encoded as %#04:46
davidjheinrichi.e., http://www.go2linux.org/rename-bulk-files-with-linux-console-command04:46
SilentDisi'll call on ?s and &s a lot when i do php for example, but i do stay away from most special characters in any url formation.04:47
ForgeAusyeah, good point I might have gone a bit overboard by saying '-' character :)04:47
davidjheinrichand _'s are ok too, right?04:47
ForgeAusSilentDis, sure but thats because = ? and & have a particular meaning in the URL for php04:48
SilentDisForgeAus: exactly.  just like the comma, apostrophe, etc, have special meaning to various Microsoft CMS04:48
macoif you put double-quotes in a file name, firefox throws away everything from the double-quote onward04:49
macofun stuff :)04:49
davidjheinrichok, I guess I just have to name directories with keywords, and avoid grammatical relationships04:49
ForgeAusdavidjheinrich: what exactly are you trying to to, it might turn out to be a trial and error thing...04:49
d9500maco: the dekorator engine will do what i want as far as letting me theme the borders, but no one yet seems to make a theme that will border the windows with the same sort of 'smoky glass' look that the plasma panel has.04:49
d9500maco: how would i go about hacking a theme anyway? what programming skills required?04:50
davidjheinrichI have thousands of photographs organized in directories by date, subject, etc. I want to make these directories (a) easy to navigate in Linux, so no escape characters, minimal typing, easy completion; (b) Directly uploadable as a directory to a site04:50
ForgeAusdavidjheinrich: I'm just saying your much SAFER sticking with alphanumerics I can't say for certain your usage will or won't work with apostrophe's or commas or whatever character you select, its just less safe depending on how the server/browser, etc. handle them )04:50
macoi dont actually have window borders, so....im not sure what you mean, but i thought there was a blue smokey glass theme by default?04:50
macod9500: no programming....just markup04:50
macoi think04:50
macoit should just be a lot of "use this style" "here are the colors" "use these images for buttons" etc04:50
ForgeAusdavidjheinrich: and your looking for a separator?04:51
ForgeAusdavidjheinrich: I take it - isn't acceptible for some reason?04:51
davidjheinrichit'd be nice if  I could still fulfill the grammatical functions that commas and apostrophes use04:51
davidjheinrichI've been using - as a replacement for spaces04:51
davidjheinrichI don't like underscores because I need to press shift to use them04:51
SilentDisdavidjheinrich: ah.  stick to dash, underscore, and maybe an occasional parenthesis :)04:51
ForgeAusI tend to try and avoid spaces, I also don't like underscores to be honest...04:52
ForgeAuswhat I use is PascalCase like that04:52
macobecause camels have humps04:52
ForgeAusthat may not be acceptible for your purpose tho04:52
macoCamelCase is common in Java, but _ looks more like a space Hello_there has that proper bit of gap in the middle...and is more popular with C programmers04:52
davidjheinrichI guess I'll just use keywords and - as a separator04:53
ForgeAusmaco yes and you can use proper case for Proper Nouns that way - and differentiate them from non-proper ones :)04:53
davidjheinrichalthough for web-pages, it's useful if it is easy for the viewer to remember, so probably want to keep it as a phrase04:53
davidjheinrichok, quick Q, why is the following dumping me with a > like it wants me to finish it ? : rename -n 's/\'s//g' *04:54
davidjheinrichI want to get rid of all apostrophe-s's (remove 's)04:54
ForgeAusdavidjheinrich: using - as a separator and keywords is probably the safest... I'd recommend doing that, because thats the least way you can go wrong...  ... I think...04:54
luis_hello i cant get in virtual box because of an error while triying to run the virtual machine, the result code is this one: http://pastebin.com/m2dce1a3a pls i need help04:55
macodavidjheinrich: try " around the regex04:55
ForgeAusmaco: because its a string not a single character?04:55
davidjheinrichok, that worked04:55
macoluis_: did you run the command it told you to?04:55
davidjheinrichcan I just always use " instead of ' around regex?04:55
macoForgeAus: because it changes how escaped characters and variables are interpretted04:56
ForgeAusdavidjheinrich: afaik ' is only for single characters... generally " is for strings...04:56
luis_maco: luis@Kubuntu:~$ /etc/init.d/vboxdrv setup04:56
luis_bash: /etc/init.d/vboxdrv: No existe el fichero ó directorio04:56
luis_doesnt exist04:57
macoyeah i gathered04:57
macoi could translate it04:57
luis_oh ok04:58
luis_u know a solution? i was testing and installing Mythbuntu04:59
macohmm i dont have that file either, but vbox works for me...04:59
luis_ok i will try one thing04:59
luis_whats the aptitude command to desinstall04:59
macodid you install virtualbox from the repository?05:00
luis_i made an error05:00
macohang on05:00
luis_first i installed it from the oficial page05:00
macodid you get it from sun's website or from the repository?05:00
luis_but later i installed guest packages from repos05:00
luis_so it turned into Virtual Box OSE05:00
macoyeah uninstall all that05:00
luis_with package manager i removed files, and reinstalled box from oficial site05:01
luis_error started05:01
macopurge them both05:01
macosudo aptitude purge05:01
macoyes, removes all traces of the package05:01
macosudo aptitude purge virtualbox-ose05:02
macolist all the packages05:02
trampelalways thought there should be an aptitude option for "binge"05:02
luis_maco:   virtualbox-ose{p}05:02
luis_why the lol05:02
davidjheinrichis there any way that, with rename, I can find and remove occurences of at and or and eliminate them, all at once?05:02
macorename 's/at//g;s/or//g' ?05:03
davidjheinrichhmmm, yea I guess that'd work...that's almost like just doing rename over several times, though05:04
luis_ok, ose removed but still error happening05:04
macoexcept you only type one :)05:04
macoluis_: do that to *all* the virtualbox packages you have installed05:04
macothat should get you a clean slate to reinstall from sun's webste05:04
luis_but whats virtual box name05:04
luis_i tried sudo aptitude purge sun-virtualbox05:05
davidjheinrichso saves a little bit of typing05:05
luis_package doesnt exist05:05
davidjheinrichcan there  be spaces between the semicolons?05:05
luis_maco: ?05:06
ForgeAusI don't like Virtualbox since sun took over :( innotech was way better/simpler05:06
davidjheinrichoh, I better make it s/\ or\ //g' to avoid removing or from the middle of words05:06
ForgeAusnow you have different vers for different kernels and its all... complicated05:06
ForgeAusas well as ose (open source edition)05:07
macodpkg -l *virtual*05:07
maco^ will tell you pkg names05:07
trampel(if there are no files in the directory with 'virtual' in there names)05:08
ForgeAusmaco much like a apt-cache search05:09
trampels/there/their/   -sigh-05:09
=== jon is now known as Guest32388
macoForgeAus: apt-cache search doesnt tell you if the package is installed05:09
ForgeAusis htat what the first column with un ii pn, etc means?05:10
maconote the rows of "hey, here's what these columns mean!" at the top of the output...05:10
macofirst column = Desired=Unknown/Install/Remove/Purge/Hold05:10
macoso if you set a package to a status in dselect, it goes there05:11
ForgeAusit just says || Name Version Description for the columns here...05:11
macosecond column = Status=Not/Inst/Cfg-files/Unpacked/Failed-cfg/Half-inst/trig-aWait/Trig-pend05:11
macono no the first 3 columns05:11
macoyoure referring to the last 305:11
macothere are 6 columns05:11
ForgeAusoh IC05:11
macohopefully the 3rd is always blank, since its errors ;-)05:11
macobut anyway, 2nd column tells you the actual status05:12
macoso if you set it to install a package in dselect and then it doesnt actually do so because its not available, it might say "in"05:12
maco(ubuntu doesnt use dselect much...its not very friendly)05:12
macoii = "you want it installed, and it is"05:12
macopn = "you want it purged, and its not installed at all"05:12
dylan_hey does anyone on here know why ubuntu 9.10's internet is running extremely slow05:21
dylan_i'll tke that as a no05:24
trampeldylan_:  might want to browse this:  http://www.uluga.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1307418    ...or not.05:24
dylan_my download speed is fine but when but it's like after i click a link the status bar says "looking for google"(example) for like a good minute and a half before it goes05:27
darkaurahi I have a problem I was wondering if someone could help me05:27
trampel(does this work...?):05:28
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)05:28
luis_maco: finally god... thx dude, now i got another question, i wanna install the guest additions, but after clicking the option it does anything, but it changes my mounted iso into vboxguestadditions, but when i try to run it it says not bootable media was found...05:29
maco<-- not dude05:30
darkauraokay I have a problem with viewing my windows share folder, I'm able to see my windows computer, and it pops up with a username and password box.  I put the username and password that I use on my windows box in the pop up I get, and then it looks like its going to read the shared folder and then I recieve an internal error in dolphin05:30
macoyou dont run it...05:30
macotheres a deb once the iso is mounted in there05:30
macoinstall that deb05:30
ForgeAustrampel all its saying is asking to ask is pointless (although I'm not sure about ubottu but I certainly understand its often a matter of being polite or just simply testing if anyone is here to respond, but really nobody can answer the question anyway they can't say they can answer a question that hasn't been asked of them yet... if that makes any sense)05:30
trampelForgeAus: can i ask a question?05:31
dylan_speaking of vbox will atlantica online run just as fast in virtual box instead of installing windows next to ubuntu05:32
ForgeAusexactly trampel ... whats the point in that question? firstly its a proxy in itself... its not the quesiton you want to ask its asking if you can ask it... and secondly, of course you can ask a question, its more a matter of will someone respond?...05:32
trampelForgeAus: ah but you're forgetting the third tenant of the buddha, what is the meaning in the absence of that which is lacking all relative importance by and without consideration of the true inner meaning05:33
trampelor in other words... this is the #kubuntu channel05:34
ForgeAusdylan, generally virtualization does have some kind of performance hit, but I doubt it will be what I consider significant... what you consider significant on the other hand?.... thats up to you05:34
d9500dylan_: vbox incurs a slight performance hit for most programs, since you're running an os on top of an os, and the virtualized os does not have dedicated access to the hardware.05:34
ForgeAustrampel too many negatives to follow what you meant there05:34
ForgeAusdoes the absence of something lacking even make sense?...05:35
d9500dylan_: i'm not familiar with atlantica online, but if it requires a lot of 3 acceleration, it will probably incur more than a slight performance hit. vbox can pass the opengl calls through to the host video card if you have a video card/driver that does 3d well, with partial success. but the 3d support is still nothing like native speed05:36
ForgeAusassuming its a windows program theres the option of running it in wine, but again if its 3D then you are probably better to check wines appDB...05:39
luis_maco: finally god... thx dude, now i got another question, i wanna install the guest additions, but after clicking the option it does anything, but it changes my mounted iso into vboxguestadditions, but when i try to run it it says not bootable media was found...05:40
macoluis_: i alrady replied tothat05:40
luis_didnt see sorry05:40
luis_can u copypasta?05:40
trampeldarkaura: can you reach the windows share from another windows box?05:40
macoluis_: moutnt he iso in the vm, go to where its mounted, andinstall the deb from the iso05:42
darkauratrampel yes I can and if I go add a folder I can make shortcuts to the shared folder but in order to play video in VLC player I have to mount the shared folder and I can't seem to do that05:42
trampeldarkaura: what error message do you see if you try something like:   mount -t smbfs -o username=name,password=password //machinename/sharename /mnt/smbshare      ...?05:45
luis_maco: i dont understand what u r trying to say, the iso doesnt wanna run, so i get no install05:45
luis_its all mounted already05:45
luis_whats rare is than the iso appeared mounted, without a download window opening or something05:45
luis_and i dont wanna download the guest addis from repos, for what, to make same error again? lo05:46
macoluis_: what?05:47
macoyou dont run the iso05:47
macothe iso is mounted...fine05:47
luis_nop the iso doesnt wanna run05:47
luis_is mounted05:47
macoisos dont get run. period, thats not how they work05:47
macoyoure not SUPPOSED to run an iso05:47
luis_i know, but yes running it in VB05:48
macoit is mounted somewhere in the vm. go to the directory in the vm where it is mounted05:48
macothere should be a package in that directory since the iso contains a package05:48
macoinstall the package05:48
luis_and where is that package...05:48
macodepends whre you mounted the iso05:48
luis_i mounted it in Mythbuntu05:48
maco /media/cdrom/ maybe?05:49
darkauratrampel I'm stupid I didn't even think of doing it that way now is it possible to have that done on start up?05:49
luis_thats the VM name05:49
macowhat is the mountpoint WITHIN the vm?05:49
trampeldarkaura: you're not stupid.... that's the *old* knowledge  ;)05:49
luis_i mean, its mounted in VM called Mythbuntu05:49
luis_so i think yes, cdrom, but where i find the direc?05:49
macoluis_: go to the VM's /media/cdrom05:50
macoclick around inside the VM05:50
macotil you get to its cd drive05:50
trampeldarkaura: i'm sure it is possible ... but not exactly what you mean by "on start  up"  ...if you really mean start up, then i'd add it as a script under "/etc/rc2.d" maybe05:50
luis_where are talking about opening the direc with VB, not with dolphin true?05:50
darkauratrampel well when I get into KDE after my wireless has connected05:51
trampeldarkaura: how about at the bottom of your .bashrc then?05:51
macoluis_: INSIDE the VM05:51
macoluis_: open a Dolphin instance INSIDE the VM05:51
luis_i am in VM cdrom =)05:51
luis_OH LOL05:51
trampeldarkaura: with suitable "sudo ..." probably?05:51
luis_dolphin instance inside the Vm... WHERE is the VM?05:52
luis_and i am not saying it aloud... i am just contrasting =)05:52
darkauratrampel so I'm looking at my .bashrc, and lets just say it's been a while how do I add it?05:53
menoxwhy not put it in your startup programs in kde?05:54
trampeldarkaura: make a backup copy of it, then open it with an editor, scroll to the bottom and add it, save ...and go have a beer?   **or** do what menox has just suggested05:54
luis_maco: first of all i must tell u... i think virtualboxguest additions is not installed, cause when u click the option to install it, the NAME gets mounted in the VM, but i dont see an iso or a deb ANYWHERE05:55
luis_maco: nevermind... the iso was in the usr/share/vb... but the rare thing is than when u try to boot the machine it says: not bootable media found, and obviously the VBGA is mounted =/05:57
macoyou dont boot from the iso05:57
macoyou install something inside the vm05:58
macothen you mount the vbox extensions iso insde the vm05:58
macothen you install a package from the mounted iso into the v05:58
maco*vm's os05:58
darkauragoing to reboot and try it see what happens brb05:59
luis_maco: then if i dont boot the iso... for what is that iso, and why when u click the option inside VB to install VBGA the name "VBGA" gets mounted in my V machine05:59
luis_VGBA iso*06:00
macoluis_: do you understand what guest extensions means?06:00
luis_i just know there are like plugins06:00
macoits a package you install into the *guest* operating system to make the guest able to handle the virtualized hardware better06:01
luis_ok but06:01
luis_"<maco> you install something inside the vm" what is that "something"06:01
macoan operating system06:01
luis_where i found that, i wanna install it already06:02
luis_OH ROFLMAOOL06:02
luis_know i got u06:02
luis_so i install the OS mythbuntu first06:02
luis_then i install the Guest additions06:02
luis_its that?06:02
luis_ok =)06:03
bill_using Kubuntu 9.10 now06:06
dylan_how much memory should i give windows xp in virtualbox?06:08
Blizzeranddylan_ : try #vbox06:09
d9500dylan_: how much memory do you have in your computer that is running the native OS?06:09
dylan_i have 500 gig hard drive06:09
d9500dylan: RAM, I mean, not storage06:09
darkauraso I guess I didn't add it to my startup correctly, because it didn't work06:10
dylan_i think 4 mb does that sound right06:10
dylan_i could be dead wrong06:10
dylan_yea i thought so06:10
dylan_h/o i'll find out06:10
d9500dylan_: if you're referring to RAM, then windows XP needs at least 512 MB. 768 would be better.06:10
bill_more like 4gb06:10
dylan_yea that's it lol06:10
dylan_so how much base memory?06:11
dylan_would that be ram?06:11
d9500dylan_: yes, base memory in this case refers to RAM. as far as how much to give XP, then I would say anywhere bwteen 512 and 768. however, note carefully how much RAM your actual physical computer has installed.06:12
dylan_i'm good i got a decent computer i just bought it  couple months ago but how big should i make the virtual hard drive?06:13
menoxwinxp will run like crap with 512MB RAM. i would do more if you can spare it06:14
dylan_i put 768 of ram06:14
menoxthat will be good06:15
d9500dylan: if it's just for a program or two, then a few GB over what the actual XP OS itself takes up should be fine. if you plan to save a lot of documents and files in there, then you'll need more space. a good hint is to use a dynamically expanding hard drive, then set it a few GB above what the actual XP install takes. then, as you save more stuff inside the VM, your virtual hard drive can "grow" with it.06:15
menoxhow big is your hard drive?06:15
dylan_500 gig06:16
menoxdylan_ : what d9500 said...06:18
d9500dylan_, let me know if you need any assistance with making sure the virtual hard drive is the dynamically expanding type06:19
dylan_it is06:19
dylan_i set it to that in the beginning the only question i have left is how much video memory i should set to windows xp06:19
dylan_i have 128 mb06:19
d9500i usually set my VMs to 128 MB video memory. if you're not planning on doing anything video-memory-intensive (opening multiple large photos--for example phototshop--,gaming, or scanning documents to the xp virtual machine) then  64 mb should be enough06:22
dylan_if i set it to 128 it won't make kubuntu crash?06:22
Gintuliswtf? after last update, not work mice Logitech RX100006:23
d9500dylan_, never had it happen on my vbox, and i'm running kde here. i'm not sure if vbox, when drawing to video RAM, uses the native system's RAM modules, or the video RAM on the video card but either way, if you have plenty of RAM and a relatively modern intel, nvidia, orati card you should be fine to set it to 128 mb video RAM for the virtual machine06:24
dylan_sweet :) thanks06:25
gthello, hey where i can get python?06:25
d9500gt, it should already be installed on most linux distros.06:26
d9500what distro are you running06:26
d9500open your package manager--synaptic or adept--and do a search for python. see if it shows as installed06:27
d9500gt: 8.04 will probably only have an older version of python available, though. if you need python 3.1 for development purposes, try https://launchpad.net/~medigeek/+archive/ppa-python06:30
gtmm ok thanks d950006:32
d9500no problem, gt06:32
dylan_woot :D06:55
ForgeAusomg, thats interesting, Dos had fonts? ... wow06:58
maslickhi all07:01
rfoney hi07:04
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=== Forgeaus is now known as ForgeAus
dylan_is there anyway to install a new screen resolution on windows xp07:07
dylan_becuase it doesnt have mine07:07
d9500dylan_, you talking about your vm right?07:07
d9500have you installed the guest additions?07:07
dylan_mine 1366x76807:08
dylan_win xp is lame as hell and doesnt have it07:08
carpiialso you need to tell XP you have a big monitor, before itll let you pick big resolutions07:08
d9500dylan, i know it may sound like a dumb question, but have you installed the guest additions?07:08
dylan_i just got done installling the os on the virtual machine so not yet i was bout to do that though07:09
dylan_will that fix the prob?07:09
* carpii sighs07:09
d9500ok.install guest additons, reboot your vm, then hit ctrl+f (assuming you use ctrl as the default "host" key in vbox.)07:09
d9500the screen should then maximize to the native resolution oof your physical monitor07:10
d9500although you may have to manually turn the screen resolution up to say, 1024x768 first, then hit ctrl=f. that may work better07:10
dylan_that's what i got it set to now becuase any bigger and the height of the screen is too big for my monitor07:11
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dylan_the virtual machine runs just as fast in seamless mode as it does in window mode right?07:13
d9500right. i'm not sure how the guest additions work for xp, but in an ubuntu vm, i think it install a driver for your videocard and changes your xorg.conf to use the new driver. win xp has no xorg.conf, of course, but if it also install the vbox video driver for xp, then your vm may just need the driver installed to get full resolution screen size. kind of like when you first install a fresh load of xp on a physical machine, then have to go to nvidia's or07:13
d9500 ati's website and download the drivers.07:13
d9500and yes, in regards to seamless, i would think so. seamless causes problems with screen corruption when i try it, though07:13
dylan_i usually never did seamless mode becuase my monitor too much wider than it is tall to have 2 start menu's07:14
d9500dylan_, try moving the xp taskbar to the side of the screen, then going into seamless. it's worth a shot.07:15
dylan_good idea07:15
d9500but remember. you have to have guest additions installed for seamless to work07:15
dylan_it's download guest additions right now but i'm downloading atlantica online to and that's 1.8 gig download :/07:16
dylan_i just hope the vm will play the game at full speed07:17
d9500you shouldn't have to download guest additions. not if you're using the binary virtualbox package from sun's website. don't know about the open source additions07:17
dylan_well i got it from synaptic so i don't think it did07:18
dylan_windows is so ugly lol07:19
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d9500dylan_, not that i think most here wouldn't agree, but if you need theme help, try #windows. or just google "patch uxtheme.dll"07:22
vietredhi all, I need some h07:23
vietredI need some help07:23
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vietredI install Kubuntu 9.10 on HDD1, now I want to install Windows XP on HDD2, but Windows XP say that it want to write some data on HDD1, what should I do?07:24
dylan_you should have installed windows first :/07:26
dylan_your internet in kubuntu 9.10 runs good?07:27
vietredyes, I have no problem with Kubuntu07:27
dylan_i run 9.04 good but 9.10 is really buggy on my computer07:28
dylan_but yea it prolly would have been easier to just install windows first07:28
vietredI don't my edit my gr07:29
vietredI don't mind edit my grub07:29
d9500vietred, i know a way which should fix it, but it involves temporarirly disconnected a hard drive to fool windows into thinking there is only one hard drive, the one that you want to install it to , actually inside the computer, and then reconnecting the other, booting into ubuntu and running grub-update.07:29
d9500there has got to be an easier way, so to all in channel, if any grub experts are out there, please feel free to chime in.07:29
d9500!fix grub07:30
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about fix grub07:30
d9500anyone know the factoid to request to get ubottu to give the "lost grub after installing windows" link?07:30
vietredd9500: that's the only way I can think :D07:31
d9500vietred: no, i know there's a better way. let me check ubottu's factoids and see if i can make it give the link07:31
vietredd9500: may be there is no way to fool XP without disconnect my HDD 107:31
d9500no, but there's a way to reinstall or fix grub after letting xp overwrite the master boot record. i know there is, i just can't find the link07:32
d9500give me a minute and i'll try to locate it07:33
d9500!recovering grub | vietred07:34
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about recovering grub07:34
d9500!recoveringgrub | vietred07:34
ubottuvietred: grub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before Karmic (9.10). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub2 for Karmic onwards.07:34
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub207:34
d9500thanks r00t_ninja07:35
vietredthanks, I will tr07:36
KiRiLoSHello,i was wondering.Is there a way to change every single blue color to red in KDE 4.3?Incuding the folder colors in Dolphin.Thanks07:36
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rfoneywhat if there were only two of us and one gall?08:10
rfoneyand the illuminatti reformed itself every night?08:10
yang__Hey, I have a simple question.08:10
yang__I can't shutdown from the CLL on a CLL only System08:11
yang__sudo shutdown now , the system comes up in maitence mode?08:11
d9500sudo poweroff, maybe?08:11
d9500yang__: if sudo poweroff does not work, then...hmm..does it say anything about a corrupt filsystem or that the system needs to run fsck on /dev/sdaX08:13
yang__hmm havent tried poweroff08:13
yang__just noticed it on *buntu systems before but always had GUI. so minor annoyance08:14
yang__but on CLL only sys , nt08:14
yang__booting up comp to test again08:14
yang__sudo somwhatworks..08:16
yang__dosn't APCI shutdown08:16
yang__says halted and stays on08:16
r00t_ninjasudo poweroff08:16
yang__hmmm maybe X86PC instead of APCI ?08:16
r00t_ninjadid you try poweroff?08:16
yang__o lol srry sudo poweroff almost work nt sudo haha08:17
yang__it worked somewhat..08:17
yang__as described above "says halted and stays on"08:17
r00t_ninjahow old is this computer?08:17
yang__maybe not APCI compliant08:17
yang__p2 400 MHZ08:17
r00t_ninjathats why08:17
r00t_ninjaits like that on my old celeron 400mhz08:18
r00t_ninjathe motherboards are to old08:18
yang__IDK i bought for $10 USD08:19
yang__OLD gatway its a p208:19
yang__potentially before 1999 so probably no APCI compliant meaning no soft off08:19
yang__15 GB Drive and 192 MB Ram thats pretty good for a P208:20
yang__anyway ty08:22
d9500yang__, so it's like the old "it's now safe to turn off your computer" message back in the, ahem, glory days of windows 95? i guess wait till it halts then do a power off manually.08:22
yang__sudo poweroff will be good to rembember08:22
d9500also, you may want to try a different distro. http://kmandla.wordpress.com/ has lots of good info on linuxes for older systems.08:23
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goodboyi install kubuntu in wubi ,now when i start ,   not syncing vfs unable to mount root fs on unknown-block ,who can help me??08:39
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d9500kernel bug? wonder if 2.6.32-rc6 would fix it?09:36
Peace--yes you can try to install another kernel09:36
d9500though you'd have to rebuild your modules. no wait, just use dkms09:37
d9500that should rebuild your vbox modules automatically for the new kernel, Dylan, and hope .32 will work better on the networking09:37
Peace--d9500: dkms?09:40
faileasdynamic kernel module system09:40
d9500Peace--, originally developed by dell, i believe. automatically rebuilds modules after kernel upgrades. used by ubuntu and fedora.09:41
dylan_virtual box running good now :D09:43
Peace--mm  d9500 nice to learn another pretty cool stuff09:43
d9500dylan_, except for your choice of guest os. lol09:43
dylan_i need it for my ipod touch09:44
dylan_and for atlantica online09:44
d9500gtkpod or banshee didnt work?09:44
dylan_no not on the touch09:44
d9500oh yeah. forgot about atlantica09:44
dylan_wine runs games like crap09:44
d9500depends on the game.09:44
dylan_well every game i've tried ran terrible09:45
Peace--d9500: but qt stuff for ipod?09:45
korvinand i can't start RO in guest os :((09:45
d9500actually, i think it depends on how many people whine when a given game doesn't run perfectly..ahemm.WoW..ahem09:45
d9500Peace--, alas, i couldn't tell you specifically what programs to use. /me doesn't own an ipod09:46
d9500hmm, i thought the /me command was supposed to print my user name09:46
Peace-- /me stuff09:47
* Peace-- stuff09:47
tsimpson/me needs to be at the beginning of the line09:47
tsimpsonit's a CTCP messages to the channel09:47
dylan_hey can anyone tell me if my wireless card supports injection09:47
dylan_i can put it in monitor mode but i don't think that the injection is working09:48
Peace--dylan_:  i will use another kernel ... if i was you09:48
Peace--dylan_: http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/09:49
dylan_which one should i use09:49
Peace--dylan_: try the last09:50
Peace--32 rc609:50
Peace--i have that09:50
tsimpsonmost wireless drivers aren09:50
tsimpson't built into the kernel09:50
Peace--interl cards have not open source driver?09:51
faileasi think they are eventually FOSS09:52
faileasand in the kernel09:53
dylan_i was testing out the guest os w/ that pinball game that comes with windows and when i try to click onto the full screen mode for the game the guest os shrinks down from full screen into a small window?09:57
d9500intel cards use a foss driver, but the driver loads binary only firmware09:57
dylan_it doesnt zoom in like it is supposed to does anyone know why09:58
d9500one an xp computer i use, i've noticed that fu,llscreening the pinball game makes the game itself look grainier, so i'm guessing that it changes the resolution to a lower one, maybe? if it does that, then the low res change will show in vbox as a smaller screen.09:59
dylan_is it gonna do that no matter what?10:00
dylan_or is there a way to make it in full screen10:00
dylan_because i have a feeling that it is going to do that when i try to full screen atlantica online to10:00
d9500dylan: if the game itself will only show in say, 800x600 res, then the only way for the computer, physical or virtual, to make the game cover the whole computer screen is to reduce the res to the aforementioned 800x600. it depends on what the game itself supports.10:01
dylan_oh so i'll just lower the res in kubuntu to the same res the game is in10:02
d9500on your host kubuntu machine? sure, that could work. might make your screen look grainy, but it should do the trick10:03
dylan_i would put the game in the same res as my computer screen but my video card isnt that good10:03
dylan_it'll prolly get laggy10:04
d9500in the case of pinball, it may not be the video card. say the game itself only runs as 800x600. when you're on, say, a 1300x760 screen, the lower res on the game can show as a smaller window. but if the game's coding itself does not allow it to go over 800x600, for whatever reason (ask the people who coded it, IANAP), then regardless of your video card, when you fullscreen it, if the only way to show fullscreen game is to reduce screen to lower res, th10:06
d9500en the res will reduce.10:06
d9500your could be running two gtx 295s in sli and the game wouldnt care10:06
d9500(please bear in mind this is all theory based on my observations. i could be wrong of course.)10:06
d9500there's also pinball program/s you can download for your host kubuntu machine, via software center.10:11
abhinavhow can i connect to social chat rooms10:21
dylan_i can't get any sound of out my guest os in virtualbox?10:44
ayozealgun español?10:45
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.10:45
lukas__Hello, how long time does it usually take to upgrade to karmic? I try to upgrade, and it seems to download all the packages one hour approximately. Is that okay?10:48
dylan_what is your download speed?10:48
tsimpsonit took me about 10 hours to download everything, but that was on release day so it was slower than usual10:49
lukas__dylan_: I hve 8MBit connection, but the download speed from local mirror shows from 14 to 40 Kbit/s10:49
=== slade is now known as Guest79875
dylan_damn it only took me like half an hour o.O10:49
dylan_o i c so u got superfast internet lol10:49
dylan_i just downloaded mine from a torrent it was a lot faster but i was doing a clean install10:50
lukas__dylan_: well, here operators are fighting for new users, so it is quite affordable10:50
lukas__that is not my case10:50
dylan_do u have an intel wireless card10:51
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Hatlhi! i updated my kubuntu to 9.10. now it takes over two minutes until the startup is finished. i created a bootchart: http://h.imagehost.org/view/0687/gerhard-nb-karmic-20091108-111:03
Hatlcan anybody tell me whats wrong?11:03
Bios_I recieve the message that there is a package manager running ... so i cant install anything but i can see anyone running even in "top"11:12
Bios_brb reboot : P11:14
yofelHatl: bug 442132 maybe?11:19
yofelBios_: fixed?11:21
ubottuIf an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »11:21
coriummy external hd works fine on mint but not on karmic, it sucks11:24
Hatlyofel: no, not the same bug. the problem in my case is that it takes a very long time until the desktop is usable. i think its a problem with kded411:27
yofelhm, let me check the bootchart again...11:28
Hatli can see the desktop after about 80 seconds but it takes another minute until it is usable11:30
Hatljaunty was much faster11:30
Peace-looks like you video cards sucks11:30
Peace-or the driver11:30
yofelhm, why is there a cc1 and depmod run in there? dkms build?11:31
Bios_fixed yofel11:31
yofelBios_: :)11:32
Hatli made a standard install of jaunty and updated it recently to karmic11:32
Bios_Another problem this time with latex/kile: I am lacking a packaged called tocstyle... is there anything like miktex which installs missing packages?11:32
Hatlhmmm, strange, make is running every boot11:33
IdhanBios_: install sudo apt-get install texlive-full11:33
Idhanthat should do it..11:33
Bios_its already installed... i guess there is some dbproblem or so Idhan11:34
yofelHatl: depmod is a realy hdd I/O hogger, so it'll be always slow if it has to run on boot11:34
yadudocHi , I removed amarok nightly and installed amarok from the ubuntu repos... but now I'm getting these errors.. http://codepad.org/4U0v0i8A . Could someone please help me with this ?11:35
IdhanBios_: try texhash11:35
IdhanBios_: sudo texthash11:37
Bios_yeah recognized the writing permissions : D11:38
Bios_lets try...11:38
yofelyadudoc: tried 'sudo dpkg -r libqtscriptbindings1' ?11:38
Bios_still same problem Idhan11:38
Idhanperphaps you should try a sudo aptitude reinstall texlive-full11:39
Bios_Idhan: tried also i did a texhash after this.. no sucess11:43
IdhanBios_: are you using k9.10?11:44
IdhanBios_: are you sure that right package is right write it?11:44
IdhanBios_: i am using latex, kile with many funcy packages without problem11:45
Bios_well i tryed to compile with latex manually but same error11:45
Bios_uhm what do you mean with right package is right write? : P11:45
Bios_and its only this package11:46
Bios_without tocstyle.sty everything is working11:46
IdhanI can try to compile you head if you want..11:46
Idhanthe head of you latex file11:47
KingOfDoscan someone confirm this bug -> change the double click speed in the system prefs11:48
hrnahi, a question... after i updated my jaunty to karmic i've lost my automated updates, i have to run software updateter by hand and it's not checking any updates for me before i do it by myself11:48
hrnais it common that it kinda switches off ?11:48
KingOfDostested it with 2 kubuntu workstations, on both i can't set the doubleclick speed using the gui11:48
Bios_Idhan:  http://pastebin.com/d715fd34a11:49
IdhanKingOfDos: work without problem for me11:49
yadudocyofel, let me try that11:50
KingOfDosIdhan: strange. you'd enabled compiz?11:50
yadudocyofel, hmm.... What do I do next ? Does dpkg -r fix the package ? (it removes it right ?)11:51
Quintasanyadudoc: ping11:52
yofelyadudoc: yes it removes it, after that try apt-get again11:52
Quintasanyadudoc: did you remove libqtscriptbindings1 0:0.1.0-0ubuntu1~jaunty1neon1 ?11:52
yofelQuintasan: that's what i told him to do11:52
IdhanKingOfDos: yes..11:52
Quintasanyadudoc: ah, ok11:52
IdhanBios_: I have the same problem.. are you sure is a standart latex pacakge and not a special style package of you university or any conference?11:53
Quintasanyofel: oh, both nicks on begin on "y" :P11:53
Bios_uhm i thought so... maybe it is ... I used it only for some dots inside the table of contents ... well its not that important11:54
Bios_but there is no program for installing packages while they are needed (like miktex got )11:54
IdhanBios_: under linux I haven't that feature... but texlive-full install all the packages out there..(standart)11:55
yadudocQuintasan, yofel it did not work ... i get the same errors12:01
KingOfDosIdhan: hm, it looks that someone has the same problem with thunderbird. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=65737112:02
KingOfDosi'm now trying to search it in that direction :)12:02
Quintasanyadudoc: sudo apt-get -f install && sudo dpkg-reconfigure -a12:04
yadudocQuintasan, I get this error now --> ldconfig deferred processing now taking place This is not dpkg install-info anymore, but GNU install-info12:06
Quintasanyadudoc: sudo dpkg -L | grep neon12:07
Quintasanyadudoc: paste it to pastebin12:07
yadudocQuintasan, when i do dpkg -L  I am getting this -- > dpkg-query: --listfiles needs at least one package name argument12:08
Bios_Idhan: thats wiered it should be included inside the koma script which is included inside the texlive-full :/12:08
Quintasanyadudoc: sudo dpkg -l kde"*" | grep neon12:09
yadudocQuintasan, no output12:10
Quintasanyadudoc: sudo dpkg -l kde* | grep neon12:10
Quintasanyadudoc: it's just me using ZSH :P12:10
yadudocQuintasan, :P still no output ... now this is getting really weird12:11
yadudocQuintasan, i told na... I removed the amarok nightly.. there must have been some screwup there... just after that i install amarok12:11
Quintasanyadudoc: sudo aptitude12:12
Quintasanpress "/"12:12
Quintasantype amarok12:12
Quintasanpress "-" for each amarok related package and then press "g" two time12:12
Quintasanyadudoc: or just do it via KPackageKit12:13
yadudocQuintasan, does this need additional download ?12:13
Quintasanyadudoc: deleting? nope :P12:14
yadudocQuintasan, hey... now it says to install some packages ... gdesklets and some other packages12:14
Quintasanyadudoc: what? I belive I told you to search for amarok packages and remove them12:15
fox1111hi, I activated desktop effects from system settings, but compositing doesn't start by itself at startup, can anyone help?12:15
yadudocQuintasan, ah... *crap :(  now its installing some other packages for resolving dependencies...12:16
danielixhi to all!12:17
fox1111I have to start compositing by pressing alt + shift + f12 at startup12:17
fox1111don't know why this happens12:17
yadudocQuintasan, I think i'm better off without amarok... i'll just sudo apt-get remove amarok* ?12:17
Quintasanyadudoc: possible, it could work12:18
yadudocQuintasan, i can live with just rhythmbox12:18
fox1111 hi, I activated desktop effects from system settings, but compositing doesn't start by itself at startup, can anyone help?12:18
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danielixPlease, I can not send or recive files with kopete neither with pidgin. Do Kubuntu Karimic have some kind of firewall enabled by default?12:19
yadudocQuintasan, ... I'm doomed... its still there ... I'm leaving.. Thank you very much for your help...12:19
danielixplease help12:21
yadudocQuintasan, yay.... fixed it12:21
yadudocQuintasan, i removed the alternate disc from the sources list ... :)12:22
* yadudoc hi 5'ves Quintasan 12:22
danielixPlease, I can not send or recive files with kopete neither with pidgin. Do Kubuntu Karimic have some kind of firewall enabled by default? Please Help!12:24
chimp-champHi, how can I use emerald Themes in KDE?12:25
|moe|where do i find msttcorefonts for kubuntu karmic?12:28
|moe|i do not find it via packagekit though the repos are all activated12:29
faileasshould be in kubuntu-restricted-extras12:30
|moe|Peace-: the windows-fonts12:31
Peace-like said to faileas should be on kubuntu-restricted-extras12:31
fox1111 hi, I activated desktop effects from system settings, but compositing doesn't start by itself at startup, can anyone help?12:32
fox1111anyone knows something?12:32
|moe|Peace-: great, that worked!12:33
|moe|Peace-: thank you12:33
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danielixthe answer is: sudo /etc/init.d/apparmor stop12:50
FloodBotK3danielix: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.12:50
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=== thrz|away is now known as thrz
Omar87There's this question that I've been asking myself since the day I switched to Kubuntu:12:58
Omar87Where on Earth are the "Shutdown" and "Restart" options?12:58
chimp-champHow can I import emerald themes?12:59
yofelOmar87: press on the kmenu button -> Leave ;)13:00
Omar87yofel: I do that all the time. But only find "Logout, Lockscreen, Switch User, Sleep, and Hibernate"13:02
Omar87yofel: Not Shutdown, no Restart.13:02
yofelOmar87: what version of kubuntu do you use?13:03
Omar87yofel: 9.10 ( 4.3.1 )13:03
Schugyhave once again tried apt-get update && apt-get upgrade and still no working icewm-package13:04
yofelthat would be 4.3.2, but I have shutdown and restart here - no hibernate and sleep though, they're in the power management applet13:04
Omar87Ok, that's weird.13:05
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yofelOmar87: do you get 'shutdown the computer' when you search for 'shutdown' in krunner? (alt+f2 iirc)13:07
SchugyI really wonder why people add broken universe packages13:07
yofelSchugy: which one?13:08
yofeloh yeah, that one's broken ^^13:08
Schugybut it's stil my favourite13:08
Schugyi use fluxbox right now13:08
Schugybut I miss ots of wm functions in kdedesktop or fluxbux13:09
Mitch0815hallo und guten tag13:11
yofel!de | Mitch081513:11
ubottuMitch0815: In den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.13:11
yofelMitch0815: macht nix ;)13:12
Schugyespecially i need my alt+f3 to put windows into the background13:12
yofelSchugy: check here if you have one of the reported bugs: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/icewm13:12
Mitch0815zitat http://www.kubuntu.org/support/deutsch : "IRC Chat      * Der deutschsprachige Support Kanal ist #kubuntu-de auf Freenode."13:12
yofelMitch0815: eben :P13:13
Mitch0815da war ich wohl bind13:13
Mitch0815hello everybody13:13
Schugyhave submitted bug 458100 on my own yofel13:14
Mitch0815i tried to boot from the kubuntu live dvd (and even the cd), but i just get a black screen13:15
Mitch0815before i get the black screen there is an failure screen13:15
Mitch0815i found nothing therefor with google13:15
Mitch0815does someone has any clue?13:16
Schugymaybe some vga=xxx code helps13:17
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Mitch0815which code may be working? (i'm using a nvidia graphic adapter with a 26" tft [1920x1200px])13:20
Schugywonder where the vga code table was ^^13:21
Schugy791 was one13:21
Schugyadn turn off spash13:21
Mitch0815thank you. i'll be trying this13:22
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Guest12597hi kubuntu users, does anybody if kubuntu 9.10 is television "ready"? I have a USB WinTV Nova-T DVB-T, which seems to be supported and is supposed to run out-of-the-box under Ubuntu 9.10. I dont know how to start it under Kubuntu13:34
llutzGuest12597: try kaffeine13:34
Guest12597I am currently building v4l-dvb etc, but wonder whether all this is required if the card already works on ubuntu (I am using Kubuntu)13:35
llutzGuest12597: kaffeine has dvb-support, so no v4l needed13:35
Guest12597kaffeine doesnt build on top of v4l?13:36
llutzafaik no13:36
Guest12597btw: i have already tried kaffeine, but it doesnt recognize my usb-stick13:36
Matissesince upgrade to karmic, xchat doesnt beep anymore...13:37
Guest12597how can i check whether the system can connect a usb-device?13:37
llutzGuest12597: "ls -l /dev/dvb/adapter0"   to see if dvb is loaded13:37
=== zippy72_ is now known as zippy72
Guest12597/dev/dvb/adapter0 extists and has 4 entries:demux0  dvr0  frontend0  net013:39
llutzGuest12597: means dvd-driver is loaded and usually kaffeine should be able to use it13:40
llutzGuest12597: try "kaffeine -w"13:40
Guest12597kaffeine: Unbekannte Option „w“.13:41
llutzGuest12597: oh, new (sucking) kaffeine... try kaffeine --wizzard13:41
Guest12597just a second, in the meantime kaffeine detected a card...13:43
Guest12597ok, kaffeine has detected channels, but is not playing channels: Message: "No suitable device found" (Kein passendes Gerät gefunden)13:46
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spike_geis it a support channel?14:03
ubottuHi! Welcome to #kubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines. Enjoy your stay!14:04
Gustav_Hi guys!14:05
spike_gei've got a question. Upgraded to 9.10, at restart kdm does not work anylonger14:05
Gustav_Can anyone help me out? I just wanted to try kubuntu a little bit and worked fine so far, installed it and its up and running.14:05
yofel!anyone | Gustav_14:06
ubottuGustav_: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?14:06
Gustav_But I'm too dump to even mount my second hard disk drive, or I can't find it anywhere around. It is brand new and was plugged in during all the installation.14:06
yofelGustav_: internal or usb?14:06
Gustav_He found it during installation.14:07
Gustav_And I can still see it with fdisk -l14:07
|moe|did you install with LVM?14:07
yofelGustav_: does 'sudo fdisk -l' in a konsole find it?14:07
Gustav_It is /dev/sda, I made a primary partition to sda1, also worked fine.14:08
Gustav_In the web I just found, that ubuntu finds the hdd itselfs and mounts it, but where?14:09
yofelGustav_: /dev/sda should be your first drive and /dev/sdb your second (if they're both sata)14:09
Gustav_They are14:09
Gustav_I installed kubuntu on sdb14:09
Gustav_It made some partitions sdb1, sdb2 and sdb5, all fine for me, do whatever it likes.14:10
Gustav_In /media I have cdrom and floppy0 (even so I don't have a floppy connected, but that doesn't matter)14:10
yofelGustav_: those are always there14:11
yofelGustav_: does dolphin show your drive in the sidebar?14:11
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Gustav_And I found something in the web to change fstab, I did as recommended, but it didn't change anything (also did mount -a afterwards, sudo of course)14:11
yofelhm, if you have an entry in fstab it should work, did you use the correct fs type?14:13
Gustav_The hdd was brand new, I created the partition with fdisk (which I knew from Win), perhaps it doesn't like the fdisk stuff? Could it be, that I made a mistake there?14:13
Gustav_Just created a primary partition with all sectors in it.14:13
yofelGustav_: err... you DID format the partition after creating it?14:13
Gustav_I used, ext4, the sdb1 used the same14:13
Gustav_Not explicit, I closed fdisk with "w" which sad, that it writes the information and closes itself.14:14
yofelGustav_: you created the partition with fdisk and then run mkfs.ext4 /dev/sdb1 right?14:14
yofelGustav_: you can't mount a partition that has no file system on it14:14
Gustav_Ok, I think I didn't do the second point.14:15
Gustav_I didn't create that filesystem, how do I do that?14:15
Gustav_Sorry, for all the dumbness down here, is my first time with kubuntu.14:15
yofelGustav_: sudo mkfs.ext4 /dev/sdb1 should be fine - why didn't you use partitionmanager?14:15
Gustav_I didn't knew partitionmanager until a few minutes ago, but then it didn't start.14:16
yofelGustav_: wait, you said it's sda114:17
Gustav_right now (when you said "use it") it DID start, and now I'm formatting my sda1 with ext4 (which is in progress right now).14:17
yofelwell, gotta run, please ask somebody else for help if you need it14:17
Gustav_I think this did it... it's running now.14:17
Gustav_I will notify you, if it worked.14:17
Gustav_Thanks very much for the help!! :)14:17
Gustav_You're great!14:17
janjissHey guys! Is there something like softwere cener under KDE?14:19
Gustav_It worked! Thanks!14:33
ref_0Hello. I have a problem with kubuntu 9.10 (upgraded from 9.04) and I want to report it as a bug in launchpad but I don't know how do that, I do not know which files and info attach.14:40
ref_0The problem is that when I copy files (up to 50MB and tested from konsole or dolphin), the system becomes slow and unusable until the task is complete.14:40
Kubuntiac@ref_0 what happens when you go to the console and do ubuntu-bug dolphin ?14:41
Kubuntiac(ubuntu-bug is how you collect the basic needed system info for a bug report, along with a description)14:43
ref_0But it also occurs copying files from konsole14:44
Kubuntiacewww - that's something deeper then14:44
KubuntiacHmm... *thinks*14:44
ref_0I think it's a problem with the kernel. With 2.6.28 the problem does not occur in karmic. Only with 2.6.3114:45
KubuntiacNot sure. Maybe this should be filed on the kernel14:45
KubuntiacCan you try booting with a different version of the kernel in Karmic?14:46
KubuntiacIf you've had any kernel updates you could go back and try the older ones (if you've removed them you can use a live cd)14:47
KubuntiacOtherwise you can report a bug on it with ubuntu-bug linux14:48
mrnicehi all14:49
mrniceI have upgrade to kubuntu 9.1014:49
Kubuntiacmmice - congrats! :)14:50
XiXaQI tested Kubuntu 9.04. I'm using GNOME and have been since it became possible to use the menus without editing .desktop files manually. Can someone please convince me to download kubuntu 9.10 and try it out? :)15:07
Tm_TXiXaQ: why not to have both KDE and GNOME installed?15:08
JontheEchidnaright click on KMenu -> Menu editor15:09
XiXaQbecause I don't really like kde at all. :)15:09
XiXaQbut I dislike disliking it too, so I really would like to be sold into giving it a real chance.15:09
Tm_TXiXaQ: won't harm to try it, though, it's getting even better all the time15:09
Tm_Tcurrent version is much better than what was with 9.0415:10
eagles0513875JontheEchidna: want to say great work on karmic :) looking forward to lucid :) and the project time lord revamp of kubuntu15:10
=== remy__ is now known as Pims
XiXaQcan you mention some of the things that have happened since jaunty?15:10
eagles0513875XiXaQ: ext4 grub 2 are 2 of the many things15:10
Tm_Teagles0513875: has not much to do with KDE though (:15:10
eagles0513875Tm_T: project time lord?15:11
Tm_Teagles0513875: has not much to do with Karmic15:11
eagles0513875Tm_T: i meant project time lord revamp in regards to lucid15:12
Tm_Teagles0513875: yeah, but I believe XiXaQ asked what have changed from Jaunty to Karmic15:13
XiXaQI read about project time lord on kubuntu.com, but that didn't tell me much,.15:13
eagles0513875those are 2 things though from jaunty to karmic grub 2 and ext4 though Tm_T15:13
Tm_Teagles0513875: but those have nothing to do with KDE (:15:13
Tm_Teagles0513875: and that was part of his question, I believe15:14
XiXaQbut you're right. I have a fairly slow connection here, so I won't easily go into downloading kubuntu 9.10. I didn't like it much in jaunty.15:14
Tm_TXiXaQ: http://kde.org/announcements/4.3/index.php && http://kde.org/announcements/announce-4.3.3.php15:15
Tm_TXiXaQ: those are for starters, and should explain what has been improved better than I can15:15
XiXaQah, thanks :)15:15
XiXaQwhat version of kde4 is used in karmic?15:16
Tm_TXiXaQ: 4.3.2 in livecd and there's 4.3.3 upgrade available online15:16
Tm_Tgone ->15:16
XiXaQgreat. Thanks :)15:17
ghostcubekernel update fixes webcam driver problems here15:17
RodenskyHello ppl. Ubuntu 9.04 - How do I make the text under the icons in my folders' toolbars to go away? How do I make the icons smaller? I trued a few times in #ubuntu, no luck so far...15:20
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BluesKaj!ru | george_15:26
ubottugeorge_: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke15:26
sebsebseb!lol > luka15:38
ubottuluka, please see my private message15:38
ajd2k9hey i need some help i been through the volume properties and cant see anywhere how to get my hdmi working im using it as the default device so reli it should be simple anyone got any ideas?15:39
shadeslayerajd2k9: its the default device in the sound properties right?15:41
ajd2k9yeah its set to hdmi output ..15:41
shadeslayerajd2k9: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/HDMI15:42
ajd2k9cheers :)15:43
chiquiI want to modify how the cpu schedule process15:43
shadeslayerajd2k9: googling also turned up some results,have a look at them too :)15:45
sibahello, I just upgraded to kubuntu 9.10 and I have a big problem with gtk+ integration15:51
sibait doesn't safe the setting I set15:52
sibaand I can't find anywhere on interent what file manually modify15:52
sibaanybody can help me or suggest me some internet pages to check at?15:53
Ash-Foxsibe, it would be stuff in ~/.gtk2 probably16:04
sibaok, thanks. do you think that deleting the directory and rebooting kde will help me?16:05
Ash-FoxI think there is a good chance it would help.16:05
sibathank you very much16:06
Ash-FoxNo probs16:06
sibaI just checked and I don't have any .gtk2 directory in my home16:07
Guest12597llutz: my /dev/dvb directory has disappeared. how can that happen? I have not deleted it...16:08
sibaAsh-Fox: I'm searching in my filesystem but it seems I don't have any .gtk or .gtk2 directory16:12
Guest12597ok, my /dev/dvb dir is back again. dont know why. is it possible that the system removes the entries if the physical connection is unstable, ie. because a touched the usb device?16:14
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happyhessiani have to do a reinstall and i'm wondering if there's a way to create a new partition to install onto, transfer my files from the old partition to the new partition, then format the old partition and attach it to make one full sized partition.  anyone know if this is possible?16:26
adaptrI doubt the wisdom of using only one partition16:29
adaptrat the very minimum, put your /home on its own partition16:29
=== ben is now known as ZooK
llutzGuest21233: have a look into "dmesg", maybe it gives some hints why the driver is un-/reloaded (i.e. usb disconnect  ...)16:30
happyhessianreally, that's considered good policy?16:30
sibais there any channel I can ask for help about gtk+ settings in kde?16:30
happyhessiani guess it does make reinstalling a lot easier when those unfortunate days come around16:31
adaptrhappyhessian: that has been "good policy" for many years before ubuntu became a glint in Shuttleworths eyepatch16:32
happyhessianadaptr: yea i guess so.  what's considered the minimum reasonable sized partition for kubuntu 9.10?16:33
adaptrhappyhessian: for a root partition ? I wouldn't go with anything less than 16 or so16:34
adaptralthough you can install it safely on 8GB16:34
sorush20my sound system doesn't work across all applications.16:35
sorush20Ii started pidgin and the sound for connecting to irc network worked.. but youtube on firefox doesn't work, skype isn't detecting my sound devices..16:36
sorush20csan I get any help16:36
happyhessianadaptr: right, so i guess i should make a clean install on 16+G, then format my current partition and turn it into home.  for the short term i'll need more than that--i have a good 50GB of home that i want to salvage from my current partition so i'll have to make space for it, at least temporarily.  is there a simple way to repartition for home?16:39
adaptrif you have the space in your current partition, sure - boot up with a livecd, and shrink the FS, then shrink the partition, then make a new partition in the empty space, copy your files over to it, unmount, and shrink the old partition further16:41
adaptrsimple, no16:41
happyhessianadaptr:"shrinking the partition"--how do i do that? with gparted or the like?16:42
adaptrresize2fs for the FS, then parted for the partition16:43
adaptryou're much, much better off with using a second disk for this16:43
happyhessianand once a partition is made there isn't really any reason why i can't grow it or shrink it according to my whims (other than the obvious size constraints)16:43
DelvienIs there an easy way to install a KDE 4 theme? I see nothing in the UI to do this16:44
happyhessiani have one but it's full, that's the thing--in the past i would just copy home to my second disk, format entirely and then copy it back16:44
happyhessianif i'm willing to let go of some large files i could do it again now16:44
saurabhi have a problem while installing ns2 on kubuntu 9.1016:45
happyhessianbut if there was a way to dynamically allocate unallocate and reallocate partitions that wouldn't involve too much risk i'd much prefer it.16:45
adaptrhappyhessian: that's what LVM is for16:45
adaptrif you're willing to go that route, you can indeed do as you say16:45
saurabhplz  help16:46
saurabhi have a problem while installing ns2 on kubuntu 9.1016:46
adaptrsaurabh: provide useful info, or stop hammering16:46
happyhessianmmk, the functionality of resize2fs is included in lvm or needs to be done separately?16:46
saurabhadaptr: error: tk8.4.18 make failed16:47
adaptrhappyhessian: that will always be separate16:47
saurabhadaptr: error: tk8.4.18 make failed16:49
adaptrhappyhessian: with LVM, the separate partitions would not matter - just chain them together into one LV after you're done copying16:49
adaptrno need to resize16:49
saurabherror: tk8.4.18 make failed in installing ns216:50
rjlynnhey guys, any alsa geniuses here? I can't for the life of me get the S/PDIF out on my laptop to work (HP dv9720us). OSS4 WILL let it work, but I couldn't find a nice device switcher for it. I need to be able to use S/PDIF when docked, but the laptops speakers when not (it doesnt need to be automatic)16:52
happyhessianadaptr: so before i log off and start to get my hands dirty...i should boot live, run resize2fs on my old partition, then make a new partition to install to, install, and then work with lvm as you mentioned16:55
happyhessianadaptr: glad i checked then...16:56
adaptrboot a livecd, run resize2fs to make some space at the end of the drive, make an LVM partition there, one VG, one LV, mount, copy your data there, unmount all partitions, remove the old partition, make new system partition that's exactly the right size, install OS, make second LVM partition in th espace between the two new partitions, add it to the existing LV, and presto - all space used as you wanted16:57
happyhessianadaptr: can't thank you enough, seems like this is exactly the right way to do what i wanted to do17:00
happyhessianand now the fun begins...17:01
vic61hallo for all17:07
toreSera--- qualche italiano in linea?^?^17:07
VPfast start up17:13
VPcompare to openoffice17:13
hackndoes_can anyone help me setup my gtkpod to play music from my ipod?17:18
=== mari is now known as laimee
TZanderanyone here know why I'm getting bugreports for kubuntu where users use the alpa release of Qt?  How did people get those packages?17:20
TZanderbugreport says; KDE Version: 4.3.3 (KDE 4.3.3) Qt Version: 4.6.0-tp1    Distribution: Ubuntu 9.1017:22
bbigrasTZander: Is it possible that people who use kde from svn report those bugs?17:25
TZanderbbigras: unlikely, why would someone use a 1 month old distro with a 3 month old Qt17:29
TZanderif they self compile, that is.17:29
bbigrasTZander: you're right17:30
bbigrasit's weird17:30
Tm_TTZander: erm, I'm running Intrepid with Qt from git and KDE from svn (:17:31
Tm_TTZander: and I'm sure there's that Qt in some ppa17:32
dylan_hey i'm not getting any sound from my virtual box do i need to install drivers onto the guest system?17:33
TZandersomeone using 910 any idea how to get Qt46-tp ?  I got several bugreports in kde software in the last week which are all due to this version of Qt.17:33
=== pepe__ is now known as jgmora
Tm_TTZander: https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/experimental/17:35
dylan_how do u increase the size of a virtual hard drive??????17:41
dylan_i can't install something cus i dont have enough space17:41
=== promulo2 is now known as promulo
sebsebsebdylan_: which  vm software?17:55
dylan_virtualbox ose17:56
dylan_i'm trying to install a 1.9 gig file17:56
dylan_and i only have 1.8 gigs left17:56
sebsebsebdylan_: and you did fixed storage for the vm, rather than the default dynamically expanding?17:56
dylan_no i did the dynamically expanding17:56
sebsebsebdylan_: and put what for the size of the vm?17:56
Idhanwhere is save the log when kubuntu start???17:57
dylan_my drive for the vm was the default ten gigs17:57
sebsebsebdylan_: by the way when doing  dynamically expanding you can  basically put whatever size is available,  and  you don't need that amount of space in the psyical partition the vm is in.   It will be the size the  vm thinks it has, then if pysical  hard disk space is running out, it will tel you.17:57
dylan_well i'm running an installer for a program and it won't let me proceed through the install becuase  it say it need 1.9 gigs of space and only has 1.817:58
sebsebsebdylan_: ok uhmm I am not sure what your diong exactly and also #vbox is the offical channel for  Virtualbox18:03
varanusanyone got an MX1000 laser mouse on kubuntu?18:10
jussio1!anyone varanus18:12
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about anyone varanus18:12
jussio1!anyone | varanus18:12
ubottuvaranus: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?18:12
jussio1varanus: I do...18:12
varanussoddy guys for anyone, but as it been more than a month asking with my problem i haven't found a solution yet. anyway. jussio1 i'd like to ask if your back/forward buttons work with konquer/dolphin18:13
varanusdoh sorry18:14
jussio1varanus: I havent got it fully configured atm, but yes, they used to.18:15
jussio1varanus: are you using btnx?18:15
varanusjussio1: i have tried it and it messed up a bit with clicking. to explain bettrer i couldn't click in the popup menus using it18:16
varanusjussio1: and i didn't managed to configure the buttons either18:16
jussio1varanus: btnx is how I got it going. I agree there needs to be something easier, but keep trying....18:17
=== MBSTO is now known as D-coy
varanusjussio1: could you let me have a look at you xorg.conf to see maybe how yours' is?18:18
allenc<hopes this is working>18:19
jussio1varanus: as I said, I dont have it configured atm, just using it as a basic mouse. So you wont get anything out of my xorg...18:19
happyhessianadaptr: you still around?18:19
varanusjussio1: ok ty very much for letting me know that is possible to have it configured18:20
allencsoo, someone directed me here for advice on getting my laptop off the ground18:20
happyhessiani never played with lvms before so i'm trying to get the whole thing sorted out.  i'm on the livecd  resizing my fs as we speak.  once it resizes, i need to use fdisk to make a new partition for it to live on?18:21
iboui can't write on dvd with k3b. I have this message: mkisofs crashed. Can anyone help?18:21
allenc(minimal UNIX experience) okay, from what I can tell from tuts online, the native linux driver for my wireless card is 'almost' supported18:22
happyhessianthis is really cool--i can just tell fdisk which block to start and stop at and it will automatically contain all of my data because that's exactly what i shrunk it to with resize2fs!18:22
allencattaches to the hardware, but doesn't tell the system that it's a wireless ard18:22
happyhessianadaptr:(i did understand that correctly, didn't i?)18:23
adaptrI'm not sure I understand you18:23
fox001Hi, I can't get compositing enabled at startup, I have to press alt-shift-f12 twice to get it running again, anyone knows why?18:24
fox001Hi, I can't get compositing enabled at startup, I have to press alt-shift-f12 twice to get it running again, anyone knows why?18:26
happyhessiani've been following this guide, more or less: http://www.howtoforge.com/linux_resizing_ext3_partitions .  I was confused for a while about how i could keep my data if i delete the partition that it's on but then i realized that the whole point of resize2fs is that you shrink and record exactly where your fs starts and stops.  so you don't have to copy your data, you just clothe a partition upon the data that has just been shrunk.  the only thing18:26
happyhessian that i'm still a bit fuzzy about is how to make the lvm partitions.  i imagine that i would open fdisk and tell it to make a partition to complement my shrunken fs and then use the lvm tools to make the correct partitions there, more or less following http://www.tuxradar.com/content/lvm-made-easy18:26
FloodBotK3happyhessian: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.18:26
allencfound out which driver was attached to my wireless card, and know that it's the right one.  It just isn't letting the system interact with the card for some reason18:27
allenchardware shows up when I use lshw18:27
allencdriver is loaded (lsmod)18:27
fox001Hi, I can't get compositing enabled at startup, I have to press alt-shift-f12 twice to get it running again, anyone knows why?18:27
allencbut the wireless card doesn't show up when I use iwconfig18:27
FloodBotK3allenc: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.18:27
kavurtwhat's the best opensource pdf editor?18:27
fox001****************Hi, I can't get compositing enabled at startup, I have to press alt-shift-f12 twice to get it running again, anyone knows why?18:27
adaptrthat floodbot is broken18:28
fox001****************Hi, I can't get compositing enabled at startup, I have to press alt-shift-f12 twice to get it running again, anyone knows why?18:29
adaptrfox001: that's the 4th time. stop it18:29
happyhessiani don't quite see how you can not "flood" and not "use enter as punctuation"  they seem to be quite simply mutually exclusive18:29
adaptrhappyhessian: agreed18:29
fox001does anyone get help here?18:30
happyhessianadaptr: bottom line, though, i think i've got this mostly figured out: in a few minutes, when resize2fs finally finishes, i'll make two partitions with fdisk: a shrunken one according to the new fs size and a complementary one with all the rest of the space.  in the complementary one i want to make logical volumes.  do i have to start with pvcreate on the whole partition?18:32
allencdunno if my last messeges got through, but I'm having trouble getting my wireless working18:32
adaptryou have to start with creating pvs, yes18:32
fox001I can't get compositing enabled at startup, I have to press alt-shift-f12 twice to get it running again, can anyone help?18:32
developer-siHey all! Could someone please tell me what does setting KBUILD_NOPEDANTIC=1 and then runing make for a application to start. I found this as a solution on web when you get this output by runing make: CFLAGS was changed in "<path_to_make>". Fix it to use EXTRA_CFLAGS. Stop.18:36
=== BlouBlou is now known as xD
happyhessianadaptr:ok, so i create a pv and a vg and turn all the space i have left into one lv (this will ultimately be my home partition which i want to be much larger than my system partition).  then i copy my current home files from the old (now shrunken) partition.  then i reformat the old partition and split it between an lv that i will ultimately attach to my large lv and an lv (or should it just be its own separate ext3 partition that will be my system18:43
happyhessian partition?).  then i concatenate the two lvs? or i just make the new lv part of the first vg?18:43
velhohelp! How to install azureus and firefox in kubuntu? thanks18:43
happyhessiansorry to be so pedantic about this, i just know that if i mess it up i could end up really really sorry18:44
adaptrno, that's about it18:44
russlarvelho: there's an installer for firefox18:44
happyhessianvelho: firefox installs almost automatically18:44
velhoin the official site?18:44
adaptrwhether you want to use an LVM partition for your system is up to you - perhaps you need to expand it in the future....18:44
russlarvelho: no18:44
happyhessianvelho: click on the little k in the left corner18:44
developer-sivelho: open KPackageKit and search for azureus18:44
adaptrvelho: it's already installed18:44
happyhessianvelho: then type "firefox" and you'll see it18:44
happyhessianvelho: and consider using ktorrent, it's a delightful little program18:45
adaptrazureus is shit, use ktorrent18:45
velhoi prefer azureus, since is closs platform18:45
velhosorry, but firefox is not installed18:45
* adaptr nonplusses18:45
adaptrvelho: that is not possible.18:45
happyhessianadaptr: it does seem to be superior... so i just add the new lv to the vg and it will behave as if it is in the same partition as the initial lv?18:46
adaptrvelho: you screwed up an Ubuntu installation; I will alert the Guiness people.18:46
happyhessianvelho: that's probably the installer, click on it and see what happens18:46
jussio1adaptr: please watch the language ;)18:46
adaptrhappyhessian: no.. add the PV to the VG18:46
velhoI thought also... I'm coming to linux again after serveral years, and as I recall, firefox was installed automaticaly18:46
happyhessianahh, ok18:46
russlarvelho: open up a terminal, and run sudo apt-get install firefox18:47
adaptrjussio1: well, compared to ktorrent, azureus IS pretty crappy18:47
developer-siI tried ktorrent and I like it.18:48
jussio1adaptr: maybe, however we need to keep it family friendly in here, so please be careful with your language.18:48
adaptrjussio1: I know, I know18:48
=== kb is now known as Guest45810
adaptralthough I laugh at the assertion that the 7 words are bad. George Carlin for president!18:49
velhorusslar: it shows a message about dependencies, and cannot install- isn't there an easy way to install any program?18:50
velhohow can one install any program without using the terminal?18:50
russlarvelho: run sudo apt-get update, then install firefox18:50
russlar!kpackagekit | velho18:51
ubottuvelho: KPackageKit is the !Kubuntu package manager that uses PackageKit18:51
russlarvelho: kpackagekit is a gui app you can use to install software18:51
velhoi run the update, it shows the same dependencies18:51
happyhessianr: 9.10 has a cute little "Mozilla Firefox Browser Installer"18:52
velhoubottu: can i use it co install bz2 files?18:52
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)18:52
happyhessianvelho: i'm running a livecd right now and it was fast and fully automated to install firefox18:52
russlarvelho: it shouldn't fail to install, unless you tell it not to install the dependancies18:52
xDD-coy: :P18:52
velhowell, i don't have firefox, don't know why it didn't installed automaticaly... already said that... I relly apreciate some help to install firefox and azureus in a easy way18:53
velhoby the way, thanks for the help being given...18:54
happyhessianadaptr: now i'm a little bit confused.  after i format my old partition, i'm going to repartition it with fdisk.  i'll then turn that into a pv.  now, i want to attach part of this pv to my already made lv and part of it i want to be treated as its own partition.  should i make two pvs then?18:54
russlarvelho: we've given it. use the kpackagekit application18:54
adaptrhappyhessian: there is no part of.18:54
velhorusslar: oh! sorry! donna try it ;)18:55
=== xD is now known as BlouBlou
happyhessianright, so how do i split the partition then? should i partition it with fdisk and then just treat it as two pvs?18:56
developer-siDid someone use Cisco VPN client in Kubuntu 9.10 64 bit?18:56
happyhessiandeveloper-si: ooo me me, pick me!18:56
velhoA problem that we were not expecting has occurred.18:56
velhoPlease report this bug with the error description.18:56
velhoMessage did not receive a reply (timeout by message bus)18:56
velhowhat is this»18:56
developer-sihappyhessian: Oh cool ... can we go private please?18:56
velhoit shows in the kpackagekit18:56
luis_hello, if i grab an old (maybe from 2000-2003, dont remember) HP pavilion a1720n, what i need to modify for it to be able to use at full capabilities with speed MythTV and reproduces HD and do all things new desktop computers do? like changing RAM? can u help me?18:57
russlardeveloper-si: you guys miind if I join you?18:57
developer-sino problem18:57
happyhessianwhy not use the channel then?18:57
happyhessiannot that i really care...18:57
developer-sijoin chan ciscovpn18:57
velhowhen i !Aplly all available updates18:57
velhowhen i "Aplly all available updates"18:57
developer-sirusslar, happyhessian: join chan ciscovpn18:57
freeridedoes anybody use Gimp?18:59
velhoseems like this install is a little bit wacky :S18:59
velhoi remember one can update everything, and there were 2 or more commands.19:00
velhocan you guys help me? what are these commands?19:00
BluesKajvelho, you still can , sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade19:01
BluesKajor aptitude19:01
ubitsaguys help19:02
ubitsahow can i see in what dev are connected some drives?19:02
velhoThanks BluesKaj!19:05
happyhessianubitsa: try typing mount19:06
happyhessianwith no args19:06
BluesKajubitsa, sudo fdisk -l19:06
velhogo,so many errors!19:07
ubitsathe mount command is only for drives19:07
ubitsai want and for usb19:07
velhoI guess I will install kubuntu again...19:07
BluesKajubitsa, lsusb19:07
velhoKubuntu is behaving like windows!! lololol19:07
jschalldragon player "closes unexpectedly" if i try to play a dvd.19:08
ubitsawith i lsusb i cant see in what /dev/ its mounted one usb device19:08
velhoI'm having problems with portuguese language packs19:10
BluesKajubitsa, install procinfo , then do lsdev19:10
velhocan i upgrade from Kubuntu 9.04 to 9.10 without the cd?19:11
ubitsathank you blueskaj19:11
luis_Ben64: specifications: http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/document?docname=c00837320&lc=en&dlc=en&cc=us&product=334022819:12
weegifirst time using kde, its REALLY different from gnome...19:13
macovelho: yes over the internet19:13
luis_hello, if i grab an old (maybe from 2000-2003, dont remember) HP pavilion a1720n, what i need to modify for it to be able to use at full capabilities with speed MythTV and reproduces HD and do all things new desktop computers do? like changing RAM? can u help me?19:13
velhomaco: how?19:13
macoluis_: with speed? lots of RAM and a new CPU...though new CPU probably requires new motherboard...19:14
macovelho: the updater should offer it19:14
ratasonghi...does anyone know how to force empty trash content by command line way.19:14
velhomaco: what "updater"?19:14
ubitsaBus 001 Device 005: ID 066f:4210 SigmaTel, Inc. STIr4210 IrDA Bridge19:14
macovelho: the thing you use to install updates. it should have a button to install the new version19:14
ubitsai have this device19:14
luis_maco: what that means? no way to update it? cause the PC is there, without use, and i dont wanna buy another pc for HTPC19:14
velhomaco: where is it?19:15
macoluis_: a 6-10 year old machine will probably not work well for HD encoding19:15
ubitsai have this device in usb and i want to see in what /dev is mounted19:15
velhomaco: i never installed updates...19:15
luis_maco: so i will have to buy a new 1 without no possible way of "recycling" my dear HP...19:16
macovelho: open the menu, go to the Computer section, and choose KPackageKit Software Manager19:16
macoluis_: its probably not well-suited to that purpose. im sure you can find something else it can do19:16
macoluis_: try starting with adding more RAM.....if you dont intend it to do on the fly encoding, it might work19:17
macovelho: theres a button on the left for Software Updates19:17
luis_maco: u have something in mind? i am not expert in thinking what can be a good PC with good specifications for using MythTV for a HTPC19:17
macovelho: thats how you get normal updates19:17
velhomaco: thanks ;)19:18
macoluis_: ask in #mythbuntu19:18
bbigrasis there a better way to use quicktime beside usiing the vlc or kaffeine plugin with Firefox?19:18
velhoKPackageKit Software Manager is giving me errors... :(19:19
macooh fun19:19
macovelho: ok how about this, open a Konsole and put in: sudo apt-get update && sudo aptitude full-upgrade19:19
macovelho: thatll bring your 9.04 up to date19:19
macovelho: then: sudo do-release-upgrade19:19
velhothanks maco!! sudo apt-get update && sudo aptitude full-upgrade seems to work :D19:21
velhomaco: i had a problem with a packege that was refusing to correct, but I think it's corrected now19:21
ubsafderdoes rsync support been restarted if the network fails19:23
macoubsafder: yep19:26
drcodehi all19:26
macoubsafder: itll just check what its done so far, then keep going19:26
DelvienMy facebook widget doesnt like to work, i hit reload and nothing happens, i log into konq, and firefox, and it still just sits there blank.. Am i missing something?19:26
drcodehow can I use ubuntu 9.10 with extranel vga screen?19:26
ubsafderis there any scripts that could continiously check the connections a continue rsync ?19:27
ubsafderor rsync will try and reconect to the server by it self19:28
jschalli installed libdvdcss and dragon player crashes when i try to play dvds19:29
macoubsafder: no idea19:29
fungosanyone upgraded to 9.10 and got no sound ?19:29
fungosi get this >> alsamixer: function snd_ctl_open failed for default: No such file or directory19:30
fungosomg... that sux. any solution?19:30
Delvienfungos check the mixer, and make sure nothing is muted19:30
fungosfront, pcm2 are not muted. line, mic, igain, digital1 are muted and cant be unmuted19:31
macofungos: what kernel are you running19:31
macofungos: uname -r19:31
fungosLinux darkbrain 2.6.28-15-generic #52-Ubuntu SMP Wed Sep 9 10:48:52 UTC 2009 x86_64 GNU/Linux19:31
macorun 9.10's kernel19:31
macoyou're on 9.04's19:31
fungosit wont update my grub?19:32
macoshould be 2.6.31-14-generic19:32
macosudo update-grub19:32
fungosnice, thanks maco. rebooting to test. brb19:32
jschalli had to put a script in .kde/Autostart that set PCM to 100%. it kept going to 0% on boot.19:34
seige36hey all would someone mind helping me with simplify media(daap)?19:36
lorecasterWith two linux computers on my network, would sharing be as easy as offering a folder for share?19:38
maximilian_Good evening19:38
lorecastergood evening max :)19:38
seige36hey all would someone mind helping me with simplify media(daap)?19:39
fungosmaco: worked. thanks.19:55
=== ubuntu_ is now known as Tizzo
fungoswhat I dont get is how they missed this problem. I update my kubuntu since 7.04 and never had any problems with it.. shame19:56
macofungos: it hit a few people before release, but not enough that a trend was noticed19:59
macoit was *on release day* when 200 bugs were filed for "no sound" and it was the wrong kernel that we figured out what was up20:00
macothe percentage hitting it is *very* small, so it took until thousands of people installed it for a trend to show up20:00
macomy roommate and i both tried to reproduce it...ours updated no problems.  some devs seem to have figured out *what* causes it, like 4 days ago, but we still dont know how 9.04 got into the bad state for those people where it then broke this20:01
anasseany help for huawei e22020:03
fungosmaco: another problem. update-grub wont work. it says it updated, but it wont update. I had to edit menu.lst by hand to add 9.10 kernel20:03
callnetthello, is anyone here who can help me how can i re install ubuntu with terminal?20:05
macofungos: did it update the vmlinuz line and not the initrd line? if so, you're the 2nd person to say that20:05
fungosmaco: no, it wont update any line. just seems do not touch my .lst file20:08
freaky[t]is there any admin gui for samba in kubuntu?20:10
fungosmaco: yeah, something is wrong. I removed my menu.lst and created a empty with touch menu.lst, then ran update-grub20:11
fungosthe only thing it adds to menu.lst is a bunch of commented things20:12
macothe commented section tells it settings20:12
fungosyeah, but no kernels ;S20:12
macoplease file a bug20:13
macoubuntu-bug grub20:13
fungosanything else to help catch the problem?20:13
vltHello. I tried to add a list of recipients from the address book to an email in K-Mail. But K-Mail didn't send the mail to the addresses on the list but to listname@standard-domain. Any idea what I did wrong?20:13
callnetthello, is anyone here who can help me how can i re install ubuntu with terminal? please20:15
callnetthello, is anyone here who can help me how can i re install ubuntu with terminal? please20:15
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vltcallnett: What's the problem?20:21
masoodhi everyone20:21
masoodI'm new at IRC:-)20:21
K350What is the name of Kubuntu 9.10 ?20:33
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chris____is this a german irc or english???20:38
chris____i cannot activate the desktop effects20:39
chris____it says that it is not possible to run composit20:39
chris____fglrx is installed20:40
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chris____can somebody help me?20:41
capcomchris____: this channel is actually english.. for german help join #kubuntu-de20:43
chris____ok, thank you20:43
callnettvlt: i tried to use ubuntu with kubuntu and now i have somthing mixt, and i want to reinstall all20:44
callnettvlt: sorry for late answer20:44
capcomare there some changes in karmic according the devices shown in /dev ? i have here the strange thing that i don't see my eth* or wlan* devices under /dev, but they are there when i check ifconfig / iwconfig and i also actually can use them20:45
vltcallnett: The only difference between Kubuntu and Ubuntu is the _default_ desktop environment. So "something mixed" shouldn't be a problem at all.20:51
kristian1Torchlight is a great new game made by Runic Games. Some of the developers behind Torchlight were also behind Diablo 1 and 2. The game is currently Windows only, but they might make a Linux version. Here is some game info: http://www.gamespot.com/pc/rpg/torchlight/review.html?part=rss&subj=6238401 If you like what you see, register and make your voice heard here: http://forums.runicgames.com/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=90120:53
callnettok thanks, but when i start my computer is a long prosess to start20:53
callnettvlt: ok thanks, but when i start my computer is a long prosess to start20:54
capcomwill there be in the next time a patch or a fix that makes the gtk+ font settings look like the kde settings? until now this doesn't work here.. i set kde fonts to size 8, but e.g. the firefox menu or other gtk based gui use a font size 9 anyway20:56
lorecasterWhat's the best way to allow file and printer sharing between two ubuntu computers across a local area network?20:58
vltlorecaster: For printing CUPS, for files either sshfs or nfs20:59
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jhutchinsAnybody care to recommend a US mirror for the ISO?21:17
kavurtjhutchins: why don't you use torrent?21:19
bbigrasyou can pick any, if the speed is low try another21:19
jhutchinskavurt: 'cause it's always slower for me.21:19
kavurtI see21:20
callnettvlt: but anyway can u tell me the secret how can i reinstall the ubuntu with the terminal ,please21:20
callnettvlt: u know these keyword please?21:21
MatisseSince Kde 4.3 (= since Karmic) windows are maximized til under the taskbar. Is it possible to change like it was before (maximized windows "stopped" before the taskbar)21:22
russlarjhutchins: I've found the anl.gov to be fast21:23
russlarjhutchins: mit is also fairly quick for me21:24
Matisseyeah... got it :)21:24
yofelcallnett: what do you mean with 'reinstall with the terminal' the only ways you can install ubuntu are with the live/alternate/minimal cd's21:25
jhutchinsKtorrent is claiming it can't write to the cache, permission denied.21:25
lorecasterstruggling with NFS... keep getting "mount.nfs: access denied by server while mounting" when i try to "sudo mount /media/STORAGE"... used "http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=249889" as a tutorial. Any good samaritans willing to hold my hand a while?21:26
russlarjhutchins: check where its trying to save teh file, and make sure you ahve write perms to that folder21:26
lorecasterKarmic ubuntu client AND server21:26
russlarlorecaster: can you post the /etc/exports from teh server21:27
jhutchinsThanks, MIT's giving me about 500k, which is better than torrent.21:27
kavurtI lost "menu toolbar" in okular. how can I bring it back?21:27
jhutchinsrusslar: Yep, it's the cache file for ktorrent, it's just lost it's fuzzy little mind.21:27
lorecasterboth share folders are shared in gui and have 777 file permissions...21:28
lorecastersure things russlar21:28
Riding-HighJust wondering, I'm running Kubuntu on my Asus EEE and can't get things to install without a real struggle - I heard it might have something to do with setting permissions for the SSD?21:28
russlarlorecaster: your shares are commented out21:29
lorecaster:| seriously21:29
lorecasterhow could i have missed that?!21:29
callnettyofel: ok, so can i do live great , because i dont have cd21:29
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callnettyofel: can u tell me how please21:30
lorecasterstill have permission denied21:30
russlarlorecaster: dunno, but cd kitchen && more coffee usually fixes those sorts of things for me ;)21:30
yofelcallnett: create yourself a usb live flashdrive?21:30
yofelcallnett: I don't know how to reinstall ubuntu from the command line (is that even possible?)21:31
lorecastergreat minds think alike ;) I can hear my expresso machine and my chocolate-flavoured beans whispering sweet nothings from my prep-station ;)21:31
russlaryofel: sudo dpkg-reconfigure -a21:31
russlarlorecaster: did you restat nfs on teh server once you fixed /etc/exports?21:32
lorecasterrusslar: rubs temples... i'll be alright21:32
callnettyes thet i want to ask21:32
russlarlorecaster: I'll take that as a no21:32
callnettyofel: yes thet i want to ask21:33
yofelrusslar: and if you corrupted or deleted some files?21:33
lorecasterrusslar: sudo /etc/init.d/nfs-kernel-server restart yeah?21:33
russlarlorecaster: yes21:33
russlaryofel: you have backups, right?21:33
lorecasterrusslar: alright, that much is done.21:33
yofelrusslar: well *I* do, but it's callnett that want's to know this21:33
russlarcallnett: you have backups, right?21:33
lorecasterYAY! i am not denied permissions now!21:34
russlarlorecaster: cd into your nfs mount, and touch something21:34
lorecasterrusslar: from the host?21:35
russlarfrom teh client, yes21:35
russlarjust to make sure you can write to teh share from teh client21:35
callnettyofel: sorry first i need a flashdrive, i have it. from where can i download a flashdrive version?21:35
lorecasterrusslar: it works flawlessly... i'm a duphus :P21:36
russlarlorecaster: glad I could help21:36
lorecasterbless you, have a beer on me :)21:36
yofelcallnett: if you still have kubuntu running, download the cd image and use usb-creator to get it on the flash drive21:36
yofel(if your version of kubuntu is new enough to have usb-creator)21:37
callnettyofel: o is hard21:37
callnettyofel: CD image for ubuntu?21:38
russlarcallnett: yes, the .iso you'd normally burn to a cd21:38
yofelcallnett: yes, the image for x/k/ubuntu - whichever you want to use21:39
callnettok, but easyer to download a ubuntu version for usb for me, sorry21:40
callnettyofel: ok, but easyer to download a ubuntu version for usb for me, sorry21:40
yofelcallnett: well, I don't know which  ones are for usb drives, I always use the cd .iso and use usb-creator21:41
gazraI have a big problem with kwallet, apparently there was an error and now I cannot access my wallet of passwords21:41
russlaryofel: callnett: I think that is teh USB version21:43
russlarthere's isn't one specificaly for USB, you make them, based off the ISO21:43
ubuntu_how can i install kubuntu restricted extras?21:43
russlarubuntu_: aptitude isntall kibuntu-restricted-extras21:43
gazraThe problem is that this is happening in the computer from my mother and she lives far away, i only have remote access and krfb is not working21:43
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varanushi all, i'm getting this error when trying to boot unable to find suitable fs in /proc/mounts   use --subdomainsfs to override and here is my /proc/mounts http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/d7894d29d   any idea of what could be the problem?21:44
mianmarrusslar: it doenst find it? maybe the repo is not enabled21:44
russlarmianmar: probably21:44
russlarmianmar: amke sure you have universe and multiverse enabled21:44
russlarand run aptitude update21:44
russlarmianmar: edit /etc/apt/sources.list21:45
russlarmianmar: or use the gui21:45
yofelrusslar: there were some .bin files for the jaunty UNR version iirc, dunno if there are any for karmic21:45
yofelbut using the iso's is usually what you want21:45
freaky[t]what is a good IDE for kubuntu?21:48
mianmarthanks russlar21:48
gazraCan someone please tell me how to disable kwallet remotely only through ssh?21:48
yofelfreaky[t]: well, that depends on the language, the better one's I know are: kdevelop, qt-creator and eclipse21:51
yofel!ide | freaky[t]21:51
ubottufreaky[t]: Programming editors/suites: Terminal-based: vi/vim, emacs - KDE: Kate, KDevelop, Quanta+, Umbrello - GNOME: gvim, gedit, anjuta, pida, monodevelop, geany - Others: eclipse, netbeans, QtCreator21:51
freaky[t]doesnt kdevelop support kde4 yet?21:52
freaky[t]oh i mean quanta21:54
capcomquanta is in the repos of karmic, so it seems to support kde422:02
gazraPlease, i need to disable kwallet from an ssh terminal, can someone please tell me how22:09
yofelgazra: tried asking in #kde since nobody seems to know how to do that here right now?22:11
kaddihi, for 3 days kopete has been multiplying empty entries in my friendlist. It has also undone all my metacontacts into single contacts for every chat protocol.22:14
kaddiHow can I stop new entries to be added to that list22:15
Ev0luti0n_i never had any problems with kopete22:16
Ev0luti0n_can't help you22:16
lovrehi all. How come /etc/rc.local is not run at startup anymore in 9.10?22:16
vltcallnett: `sudo aptitude install ubuntu-desktop`22:18
dylan_why does opengl seem to run slower than directx?22:23
happyhessianadaptr:you still hangin around?22:24
* adaptr hangs22:24
happyhessianthese vm things are really cool.  i've successfully copied my home into a new partition, formatted the old one and repartitioned it into two: 20G for the system and 38G to be rejoined with home.22:25
happyhessianbut i'm having some trouble allocating the space to the 38G partition22:25
kaddiis there a way to backup my friendslist on kopete? so that I can just restore the "normal" one, when kopete acts up the next time?22:26
happyhessiani made it part of the same vg as the first partition but then when i tried to extend it to its full size, i got22:27
happyhessian# lvextend -L3000000K /dev/homevg/secondlv    Rounding up size to full physical extent 2.86 GB   Extending logical volume secondlv to 2.86 GB22:27
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happyhessianadaptr: or actually, here's more output: http://pastebin.com/f3a4566ac22:30
adaptrhappyhessian: this implies you are using two LVs for your home partition - how would that work ?22:31
adaptras I said before - two PVs, one VG, one LV22:31
happyhessianok, how do i make one lv over two pvs?22:31
adaptrhappyhessian: it did exactly what you told it to do. count your zeroes.22:33
happyhessianadaptr: yea, i was an order of magnitude off--but i understand from you now that that whole approach is wrong. also, even though i was an order of magnitude off, it still gave me "insufficient free space."  what is the right way to do this?22:35
adaptrthe Right way would be to follow the manual - this situation is undoubtedly documented22:35
adaptra PV is an ordinary partition - you can have as many as your disk layout supports22:36
adaptra VG is agrouping of PVs that are handled as a "pool" of disk space22:36
adaptrLVs are created out of this pool, in any combination you need22:36
happyhessianmmmm, i'm beginning to understand22:36
adaptrthe value of this abstraction is that you can make, destroy, extend, and shrink Lvs however you see fit, without changing a single byte on disk22:37
yofellovre: it's not that rc.local isn't run at startup, but the upstart transition seems to have messed up the timings :/22:38
lovreyofel: so its getting called at a wrong time?22:39
happyhessianadaptr: so once i connect a PV to a LG a LV which is already in that group can extend to the newly connected PV?22:39
yofellovre: seems like it to me, since my rc.local *does* run, but a timing sensitive command doesn't work like it did in jaunty22:40
adaptrhappyhessian: should be, yes22:40
lovreyofel: you can tell that it runs because some commands execute? That makes sense..22:40
happyhessianso now i just have to figure out the syntax and everything22:40
adaptrhappyhessian: the VG pool has "grown" in size, which can then be used by any LV on that VG22:40
lovreyofel: what do you think can i use in exchange for rc.local? i need a command to be run at startup with root privileges22:41
happyhessianadaptr: even though it's almost 1am and i've been working on this for hours, i have to say that is really cool.22:41
yofellovre: no idea sry, I'm still trying to figure that out myself22:41
lovreyofel: :( ok thanx22:42
adaptrhappyhessian: it is, ye s- and you could go one step further, by including the root partition PV in the VG and cutting it up any which way22:42
happyhessianand give it its own LV?22:43
Riding-HighJust wondering, I'm running Kubuntu on my Asus EEE and can't get things to install without a real struggle - I heard it might have something to do with setting permissions for the SSD? Does anyone know how to change them?22:43
adaptrhappyhessian: exactly22:44
velhogood night kubuntu comunity, thanks for ALL the help! Great things to all ;-)22:45
adaptrhappyhessian: I think we're done :)22:45
adaptrLVM cram 10122:45
happyhessiani hope so... i still have to figure out the syntax for adding the pv to the lg.  but thanks a lot, this is obviously a superior way to manage hdds.22:45
adaptrit has its moments22:46
adaptrif you want to scale up, move to EVMS2 - it'll blow your mind further22:46
happyhessianmaybe i'll save that for tomorrow night at 1am :)22:47
adaptrbut it's very not useful for home deployments22:47
adaptr*not very22:47
happyhessianbtw, vgextend22:47
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v1ttu_is there anyway to enable webcam in kopete anymore?22:57
catamarquencehey guys, im trying tu use usb creator but when i select the image it doesnt charge it23:08
catamarquenceyeah it doesnt show it on the field as mounted or whatever23:09
v1ttu_iso version?23:09
catamarquenceits a remaster copy23:10
v1ttu_dunno bout that soz23:10
v1ttu_you sure the ISO is ok?23:10
skunchis someone smart when it come to Force Mount commands?23:13
russlarskunch: what's goign on?>23:15
rfoneyhow is your day?23:20
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v1ttu_black with stars23:20
rfoneyone love?23:26
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v1ttu_one nation?23:29
v1ttu_the black waltz?23:30
rfoneywho knows the word, and who knows the spirit?23:30
russlarHe who is known as I am.23:31
bugmanopen for questions?23:39
nomopofomohad a question regarding bittorrent and ed2k... why is it that peers can connect to me when i use utorrent in windows but not ktorrent in linux? my ports are forwarded and i'm even using the upnp plugin for ktorrent... and in mldonkey i can never get a highid no matter what i try... is there something i'm missing? and no, i'm not using iptables or any firewall software that i'm aware of unless ubuntu snuck something in...23:39
faileashmm is protocol encryption on in ktorrent?23:39
* faileas notes some ISPs tend to mess up torrents without it23:40
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yofel!ask | bugman23:41
ubottubugman: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)23:41
developer-siDid anyone tried to configure Cisco VPN client on 2.6.31 kenrel?23:45
rfoneyhello, does anyone know about gps?23:45
rfoneyor have any good computer programs for my pc?23:45
rfoneyI would like to begin gps23:45
macodeveloper-si: vpnc you mean? works fine in karmic23:47
russlarmaco: no, he means teh actual Cisco vpnclient23:47
russlarmaco: http://ilapstech.blogspot.com/2009/09/cisco-vpn-client-on-karmic-koala.html23:47
macooh. no idea then23:48
developer-simaco: I can't successfully patch the interceptor.c file23:48
nomopofomowhere can i get a firewall for kde4?23:48
developer-sivpnc is a vpn client?23:48
macovpnc is a command line client for cisco vpn23:49
nomopofomov1ttu_: is there anything more recent for kde4?23:49
developer-simaco: cool, thanks .. I'll try it out23:50
nomopofomov1ttu_: also heard that ubuntu by default denies all incoming connections, that true?23:50
nomopofomov1ttu_: how can i disable that?23:50
maconomopofomo: by default the firewall (iptables) is not configured. since no services are listening on any external ports, this is effectively like deny23:50
v1ttu_li nux has a secure built in firewall23:50
v1ttu_and no23:50
v1ttu_no more recent version than the repos i dont think23:51
nomopofomov1ttu_: ok so i need to open it up myself23:51
v1ttu_open what?23:51
v1ttu_the firewall?23:51
nomopofomov1ttu_: the ports23:51
maconomopofomo: if you start a service that listens on an external port, it will show up as open when you port scan it23:51
maconomopofomo: the firewall is NOT configured by default23:52
macoit just *looks* like deny-all when you port scan because nothing is listening23:52
v1ttu_still works23:52
macoif you start a service listening, then itll show that port as open when you port scan23:52
macoas long as nothing is listening, it doesnt matter what your firewall settings are23:53
v1ttu_which version of kbuntu are you using ?23:53
nomopofomomaco: i'm confused here, basically what i'm trying to figure out is why people can't connect to me when i'm seeding torrents... and it works fine in windows... if i open up iptables (or use a firewall gui) and make an entry that allows whichever port, will it start working? everything is properly forwarded in my router but uploads are very shoddy23:53
nomopofomov1ttu_: 9.1023:53
v1ttu_i have no problem seeding on 9.1023:54
v1ttu_which isp do you have?23:54
maconomopofomo: the firewall isnt blocking anything by default23:54
nomopofomov1ttu_: time warner/roadrunner but utorrent works fine in windows23:54
v1ttu_which ri=outer do you have?23:55
nomopofomodlink dir-655...23:55
v1ttu_lemme see if i can ping you23:56
v1ttu_i get a response23:58
v1ttu_is ktorrent open now?23:58
v1ttu_then you have an open port23:59
v1ttu_have you tried to modify the firewall already with anything?23:59
russlaryou can use telnet port_number_here to test for open ports23:59
nomopofomov1ttu_: what do you mean modify? program for iptables or like custom firmware for router?23:59

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