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pleia2sitting here with cprofitt :)01:42
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doctormoHey starcraftman20:02
doctormoAnd summerhome and airurando, lots of people I haven't seen before :-)20:03
airurandowith of course the ultimate hopeful goal of contributing to the learning project if I feel I can be of use.;-)20:40
doctormoairurando: What do you feel you want to contribute?20:44
airurandodoctormo: very early days for me yet.  certainly not technical.  Need to review the IRC sessions again and then delve into the wikis.  Most probably as a reviewer initially but I would be interested in seeing how links are developed between Ubuntu Learning and Ubuntu Documentation.  Even at this very early stage of understanding I feel strong symbiotic links should exist between these two ubuntu communities.20:57
starcraftmanah ha, airurando, we meet again! Decided to come peek into learning eh?21:01
nigel_nbstarcraftman: losing another? :D21:02
airurandostarcraftman: Yes indeed prompted by your good self infact.21:03
starcraftmannigel_nb: naw. I met him in the doc openweek session. airurando hehe, have fun. Lots of good folks. Just don't forget to do some wiki pages, or you'll make starcraftman sad!21:04
airurandostarcraftman: It is definately on my todo list.  Be patient I am very new to all this but i certainly wouldn't want to make you sad!21:07
nigel_nbstarcraftman: haha21:08
starcraftmanairurando: Oh I keed, I can let doctormo and bodhizazen steal ya away for their cool project. It's about what most interests ya :).21:09
starcraftmanairurando: I gave ya the wiki fg page if your interested eh?21:09
airurandostarcraftman: what is fg? Anyway please do as I'm trying to gain a better understanding of all this.21:13
starcraftmanfg = focus group, part of the beginners team. It's a separate group I'm part of. the wiki fg is a subsection (focus group) that works with doc-team. You'll find many of our members are well... everywhere. learning project for instance, forums, launchpad...21:15
starcraftmanairurando: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BeginnersTeam/FocusGroups/Wiki < wiki page.21:16
starcraftmanand https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BeginnersTeam < The home page of team. Just to be clear, ya don't need to join bt to be part of learning or doc-contributors, it's a separate group, we just happen to do work for many others.21:17
starcraftmanairurando: anyway, best get back on topic, this is learning channel anyhow hehe.21:18
airurandostarcraftman: Thanks for those21:20
starcraftmanno problemo21:20
airurandolinks (sorry)21:20
doctormoIt's cool to see people involved in multiple groups, the more doing both, the better the relationship will be.21:26
starcraftmandoctormo: I agree. now back to discrete math I guess.21:36
nigel_nbdoctormo: ping22:11
doctormonigel_nb: pong22:26
nigel_nbdoctormo: ah22:29
nigel_nbdoctormo: I wondering, should I write the bazaar module for an audience of new comers to our project or general?22:30
nigel_nbi'm working on it right now and got stumped by that22:30
doctormonigel_nb: Target it towards new people coming into our channel.22:31
doctormonigel_nb: I'm sure there will be a bazaar class that shares with this one in develop, but this one is sort of internal classes.22:32
nigel_nbdoctormo: okay...lemme get on then22:33
nigel_nbdoctormo: trying to finish it today... in a few hours22:33
doctormonigel_nb: Thank You! and good luck, I'm trying to motivate myself to keep going with the scripts.22:34
VantraxI have a draft done for the roles stuff, ill throw it on the wiki tonight22:42
doctormoVantrax: how are you?22:59
Vantraxgoing ok23:01
doctormoVantrax: Thanks for getting the rolls done, this is the one that shows where each contributor can be helpful right?23:04
Vantraxand how it all fits together23:04
doctormoVantrax: Did you read the archive for the ways in which moodle and asciidoc fit together when me and cprofit were talking about it?23:07
Vantraxnot really >.<23:09
doctormoAh, I just have to step out for a few, bbs.23:10
doctormoVantrax: It's not really important, but you might find it interesting.23:10
Vantraxwill find it23:12

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