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leaf-sheepHi folks, I hope I'm in right channel.... I'm curious.  I have Dell Inspiron Mini 10, which contains Integrated Intel GMA 500 graphics. (In other word, Poulsbo). Is there a remedy for Karmic/Moblin? 03:00
rbelemleaf-sheep, did you read this link? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsVideoCardsPoulsbo/03:20
leaf-sheeprbelem: Hi! Yes I did. I'm facing this issue when I did that. Let me show you the pastebin.03:29
leaf-sheeprbelem: http://pastebin.com/m74190e92 03:29
leaf-sheepI read an article about "What a kick in the face" -- Intel to linux community. :(.03:29
rbelemleaf-sheep, it is not finding a package :-/03:31
* rbelem looking for the package03:31
rbelemleaf-sheep, they are there03:32
rbelemleaf-sheep, paste your sources.list and sources.list.d/* for me03:33
leaf-sheeprbelem: Okay. I'm booting up the netboot with ugly resolution. It'll be a minute.03:33
leaf-sheeprbelem: Well, I can't get in. The screen is jerking off... As if tty1 restarts itself repeatedly... (I had this happening earlier with gdm).03:36
leaf-sheepAs for /etc/apt/sources.d/ -- I used lucazade's script for that one.03:36
rbelemleaf-sheep, boot in single mode03:38
leaf-sheeprbelem: Be aware. I'm trying to install Ubuntu-Moblin-Remix (Karmic) on the netbook.03:39
rbelemleaf-sheep, ok, np03:39
leaf-sheepI'm not sure what you mean by single mode. I'm in the root console right now. (ESC at beginning of GRUB2).03:40
leaf-sheepThe screen is flickering. :\03:40
leaf-sheepI'm going to take my puppy outside for bathroom and whatnot. I'll be back in 20min-ish. Also, I'm going to do a clean karmic install quickly and try the script again (using regular karmic, not moblin) and see if the problem still exist.03:43
rbelemleaf-sheep, you can enter in single mode by choosing the "recovery mode"03:43
rbelemleaf-sheep, ok i will be here03:44
leaf-sheeprbelem: In your experiences, which arch is more suitable for netbooks? i386 or lpia04:01
rbelemleaf-sheep, well, lpia is specific for intel netbooks, but there is a blueprint about this https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/lpia-versus-i38604:14
leaf-sheep"The lpia architecture is a maintenance burden for Ubuntu" 04:16
leaf-sheepI'm going with i386 -- Packages are installing at the moment.04:16
leaf-sheepThis really suck to have a weak graphic card.04:17
* leaf-sheep installs Ubuntu-Netbook-Remix04:32
leaf-sheeprbelem: Done. I'm rebooting now.04:39
leaf-sheeprbelem: Want me to launch the script?04:39
leaf-sheepBasically -- Following https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsVideoCardsPoulsbo/ ?04:39
derekSis it possible to have UMR and UNR running from one installation? Just changing the DM?22:39

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